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Ashelia Ventuseri

Roughly two weeks passed since Ashelia left her Fortuna life behind. Despite planning months in advance, it would seem she severely underestimated the living costs for her stay in Metropolis. Not surprising, she practically lived rent free for as long as she could remember. Basic services were provided to her, and food was delivered on schedule with her work. One of the perks for serving under a prestigious family.

Those luxurious days were gone now, and she needed secure a steady income to at least keep her belly full. Hopefully, this new agent gig would suffice to solve her financial problems. If not, its back to playing on the streets for spare change until she could lock down a better way to make money. No way she's crawling back to Fortuna.

Ashelia kept to herself throughout the entire trip, trying to put her mind at ease by making up a lovely tune in her head. A wordless melody, to which she quietly hummed with her eyes closed. This could very well be the foundation of her new song, but what could it be about, she wondered. Before she could settle on a topic, her thoughts were interrupted by the intercom's announcement of their arrival.

Remaining seated as she watched others passed by, it reminded her that she knew nobody here. The previous bonds she forged were built on lies and deceit, which withered her attachments over time. She held selfsame concerns about her new superiors, would they also betray her trust?

She'd have to meet them in person to find out. Collecting her belongings, Ashelia rose from her seat and exited the terminal, making her way towards the tower. There wasn't much she carried on her, only a separate case that she kept her Anima in, and a duffle bag containing her spare clothes, among with minor necessities to keep her occupied during downtime.

The security checkpoint wasn't much of a hassle, only things she really kept in her pockets were her keys and wallet. One of the guards remarked how Ashelia didn't carry any electronics on her. She casually brushed it off with a shrug and stated that she couldn't afford one. In reality, all of her electronics were left behind in Fortuna, fearing they may have been tampered with.

After she was cleared to leave, her next stop is reception.

“IXth SU δ Division, please.”

The receptionist gave her specific instructions on how to proceed, noticing she may be one of the last arrivals. Not exactly a good first impression, but at least she wasn't late. Ashelia thanked the receptionist for the guidance and made her way towards the elevator. First day on the job anxiety started to make her skin crawl, literally, but she managed to stay composed enough for it to remain unnoticeable.

'I wonder...if anyone else here is a fogborn as well?'

She stepped out of the elevator with those parting thoughts and reached the meeting area where all the new agents gathered.
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