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Current Everything I learnt about NFTs have been non-consensual
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while(inDream=true) {otaku.salary()+=}
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I don't know who this Boltzmann fella is but he owes me a physics test and a whole lotta trouble
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Can someone please explain why my discords are on fire about this forum right now? I just woke up and I don't have enough coffee to read a bazillion status updates
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Life is soup, and I am a fork


Name: PigeonOfAstora (alias: LucidRain)
Age: Eldritch Horror
Gender: Eldritch Horror
Species: Human...probably?

Title: Professional Procrastinator, Board Member of Mediocre Existence Foundation
Region of Activity: Casual/Serious

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I'll be interested, but looks like there's a lot of interest; will there be a submission deadline when the OOC goes up?

Jay stared at the red number on her phone notifications bar go up. 27 unread emails from last week. 51 now. All from the same person. She hovered a finger over the reply button. "Auntie, please stop sending me... |". No, no. Not like that. The finger instead pressed firmly on the delete button. She grimaced and then elected to take another big swig from the jug of coffee.

The taxi driver gave a nervous flicker through his rear view mirror. "Haven't spilt any." She said, with a reassuring wave, cradling the jug tightly in her arms. Look, see. Secure. Totally in control.

The taxi driver was entirely unconvinced. Still, he had the courtesy enough to pretend to be convinced, proffering the non-sequitur, "You must be a big coffee drinker."

"Uh, yeah. I guess so." That was a lie. She didn't normally drink coffee. She didn't even like the stuff. Yet she had already went through several litres of the stuff ever since she picked up her first batch at the beginning of the trip, fingers drumming on the plastic lid incessantly as she felt it replace her blood stream twice over. It was probably better that way, since pounding headaches meant less time to think about - she reached for the word - disclosures. Disclosures that despite the world insisting on placing in her way, Jay would much rather ignore.

She opened her emails. 52. No, stop. She turned off her phone. Don't even go there.

Instead, Jay picked up the closest other thing by her side. The sleekly written letter that was written by the self-proclaimed "master of the mystic arts". All her basic intuition told her it was probably a cult - no, definitely a cult. Even with so many strange phenomena being rattled off on the media, even with her so called 'dreams' being unpleasantly...well, not dreams, her gut reaction slammed the verdict down. Magic, sure. Mystic arts? Delusional.
Whatever. I've already gone off the deep end. Jay thought drily, eyeing the creepiest looking driveway to have ever been conceived. Hope at least the cult robes are cool.

The gravel growled beneath her shoes as Jay slid out of the cab. Gnarled tangles of roots and dead branches clutched at the driveway up to the mansion, which itself was comprised of broken planks and moss-eaten stone. A sighing old thing, crumbling under the weight of its own history...and something else, half-ineffable. The cab driver threw another quick glance at down the overgrown mansion in the distance, at the weird white-haired lady with a suspected coffee addiction, and made a wise decision to simply continue on his way. And Jay made a questionable decision to simply watch the cab scarper its way back past the greying foliage.

I'm definitely fine. Jay thought, then threw back her head and downed the rest of the bitter caffeine.
"Shrewd, discerning and alacritous, this one intends to last."

Lenicivus ves Cteline, "Lein"
Former Helmsman of SSS Rochambeau
Estranged of the Shardlands

"Best Damned Helmsman" - Lein's good at steering those flying tubs; really good. His natural talents in astronautics, cultivated from early childhood in the wind tunnels of the Shardlands and most of his life spent behind the steering wheel all coalesce into an instinctual competence at any sort of vehicular navigation. Direct combat isn't necessarily his speciality, as his career as a smuggler has taught him to profit off running over mutineering. But when the chips are down and one needs an exit strategy, Lein will always be ready to fly.

Crossbow Marksman - Lein's primary role at hunting parties back in the Shardlands was the bait, but he was also trained in marksmanship to take down smaller enemies. By smaller enemies, it can either mean the occasional flying lizard, or the occasional raider foolish enough to appear down the iron sights.

Hardened Survivalist - Don't ask why he's taken up cooking or why he's good at finding food. He'll just going to laugh and say he'll never tell.

Arm prosthetic: A prosthetic of bone and rope, honed with a considerable amount of craftsmanship. It's not the prettiest around, but it makes up for the lack of polish with fine motor control as well as containing hidden compartments for a switch-blade and some poison pellets.
Yvelin scarf: An enchanted scarf with a series of bells attached to the end of it. Given to Lein as per Yvelin custom, it has natural cleansing wards that filters any air passed through it. The bells chime at the presence of significant wind in a distinct pattern attributable for each scarf.
Goggles: A goggle made of thick glass and leather. This one's well-worn but has since been a long time when it was last used.
Gale-ripper crossbow: A steel-reinforced crossbow with low weight but high draw power. Its steel ammunition is designed to cut through wind and thick armour, but the tensile strength has since been toned down by Lein so as to not puncture ship hulls.
Fancy tail brush: For the sophisticated and vain.

Arrogant and weak to flattery, he'll do much to prove himself as a competent pilot and take on dangerous tasks just to prove to himself that he could. Although his actual skill has kept up with his ego thus far, his constant compulsions for panache might just outlay his stakes...
He has much repressed guilt over failing his duties as helmsman in the Rochambeau, and his ego is a manifestation of deflecting blame. For if one is supposedly flawless at their work, how could they have possibly caused such a calamity?
Although he's also 'pardoned' for his crimes and he's so far only taken jobs outside the ire of the Navy, he's still on the hook for a number of charges. As long as he acts his part in being beholden to a nameless benefactor's beck and call, he's good in the eyes of the Navy. So long as he doesn't act out of order, that is...

Hailing from the flying islands of the Shardlands, Lein had long since understood the meaning of survival. He grew up watching his neighbors thrown into flesh-ripping wind-tunnels by local warlords, village islands being smashed to pieces by rampaging astral beasts, and entire tribes falling under the unfortunate vice of delisium abuse. His family was the few that kept to the old traditions, even if it meant being driven into the coldest, inhospitable parts of the Shardlands by ousting warlords that constantly fought for delisium geysers. The Yvelin have endured much suffering, Lein was taught, and they would endure as long as necessary. And it would be up to Lein to carry on the torch.

But Lein had different ideas. Ever since he had glimpsed at a stormless sky he dreamt of being taken up into the void and conquer the very edges of the horizons, travelling the world and seeing other worlds not filled with poisoned winds and screams in the distance. Although his carefree attitude and aptitude in gliding curried much favour with his tribe, he was always missing in important gatherings and celebrations. His aloofness conflicted with his family's priorities of preservation and tradition, and no amount of cajoling or berating could stop Lein from sneaking out from his storm-watching post to watch warships sailing to and fro. Such a friction came to a head when Lein became of age, when he rejected his rite of passage. He had seen what delisium did to others, and with delisium abuse slowly creeping into his own family, Lein instead chose to take his chances with a passing smuggling ship.

Thankfully, Lein's skills with the glider translated well into astral seafaring, quickly climbing up from a deckhand to helmsman. He never took to captaining ships and moved between ships and allegiances quickly. Nonetheless, he grew a small following of infamy from his navigational talents and tendancy to agree to the most dangerous heists. He eventually settled on The Rochambeau, which to his description, was the "dumbest bunch of hooligans saved by sheer luck".

Not much is known about Lein's last voyage on The Rochambeau - not the cargo, the objective, nor even its navigational history over the course of three months. All that is known is that a passing trading ship happened on The Rochambeau, run aground against a rocky cluster. Upon exploration, they found a dessicated corpse of a void Leviathan, entire crew emaciated from hunger and dead from delisium poisoning, and the arm bones of a Yvelin, picked clean. They also discovered an imprisoned Lein, clutching unto an empty vial of delisium in one arm and the other amputated and missing. Even under interrogation, Lein did not elaborate, simply stating that he had a "disagreement with the crew" and it "cost them more than it cost [him]". Afterwards, he was arrested for a rather staggering number or charges, but after a dubious bargaining plea and a couple smuggling runs under an unmarked banner, Lein was pardoned. What exactly he smuggled, Lein does not care to elaborate or even has cared to find out.

Lein disappeared from much of the smuggling scene, only to reappear with a prosthetic arm and acting as if nothing happened. Only, he ran mostly safe runs (still legally dubious but arguably deniable) and a motivation to accrue as much wealth as possible. After he heard of the blockade on the Shardlands, Lein asked around for a sponsor to break through the blockade and retrieve Yvelin refugees stuck inside, but with tensions running high between the militant forces within the Fragment, not much has come of it. Besides, he has shown a particular interest in delisium and a potential cure to its effects...

Haven't quite finished up yet but uploading here for review:

Count me as a pipetted interest!
Will be watching for more details here too.
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Hjello! I just saw the IC post and thought this would be mighty interesting. Is there a Discord channel for the RP?
Sounds neat, I'll be interested!

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