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Current Phew, coronavirus took a number on me, I've been kicked from all my RPs and I haven't written anything in 3 months but it's good to be back
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while(inDream=true) {otaku.salary()+=}
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I don't know who this Boltzmann fella is but he owes me a physics test and a whole lotta trouble
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Can someone please explain why my discords are on fire about this forum right now? I just woke up and I don't have enough coffee to read a bazillion status updates
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Life is soup, and I am a fork


Name: PigeonOfAstora (alias: LucidRain)
Age: Eldritch Horror
Gender: Eldritch Horror
Species: Human...probably?

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Looks good, I'll have a character sheet up in a few days.
How many characters are we expecting to have in our group?
A tentative interest
Soooo I am assuming there's no more room for a late join?

*Expressing interest
Ciel fidgetted nervously next to Annabelle, having returned from his outpost with nothing to report. It turns out that the inside of the tower had much more to note, namely the, Ciel hesitated to call her a human, lady that was seemingly trapped within the crystal. He didn't know to act otherwise, other than to stare confoundedly at the figure with the crystal. Was she even alive? Ciel had never tried being encased in crystal before, but surely it would stifle one's breath at length?

The horns reminded Ciel of the crude depictions of feykind he had found along his travels. There was an undeniable glint of a gemstone that Ciel could discern through the cloudedness of the crystal, as well as even more lavish riches that lined her clothing, something that made Ciel feel strangely misplaced. Was this how goddesses looked like? Ciel didn't have an answer apart from vague memories of some sky god he had been told of, so Ciel instead silently agreed with Annabelle's suggestion. Although what that even implicated, Ciel was still in the process of comprehending.

Before Ciel investigate further, he perked up and froze still. It was faint, but Ciel could hear it; the crumbling of a nearby building, a dozen horse's gallops away and back towards the ground. It didn't sound like the tower itself was collapsing, and far enough out of their immediate concern. With a few brisk but light steps, he pressed himself against the crystallized remains of the wall, feeling the gust of wind that still blew in from the gaping hole in the side of the building and peered over. No Mark to staccato outlines from this range, but the movement of unnatural streaks of purple-black and yellow through the haze of billowing dust soon defined the answers to his query.

Two people. One large purple, one smaller blonde. They didn't look necessarily hostile, but considering that they had just climbed out of the collapsed wreckage of another, probably more sturdier building, and that Ciel's climbing skills were probably not going to be very useful if said tower was going to collapse, Ciel decided to pull back out of line of sight.

"M-ma'am? T-two people approaching." Ciel reported back to the two spellblades who were still looking toward the crystal. A peon like him was unfit to discuss matters of divinity or even simply ancient curses. He felt much more fitting doing his own job, scouting and notifying. "Swordsman a-nd mage."
That doesn't sound cryptic at all. Gael thought as she waved her goodbye to Olas. Out of politeness, Gael withheld her tongue at the brief hint of recognition in Olas' eyes. Had they met before? And why did Gael feel so uneasy leaving Olas behind in the woods? Gael's mind was a frustratingly cryptic and stubborn, seemingly dropping occassional hints from a broth of confusing rememberance like a drunk storyteller. Deciding that overthinking about her past was not her forte, she marched through the woods.

It wasn't long before she was stumbling through a thicket and out into a clearing with...two other entities? They were both humanoid like herself and each wielding a weapon of their own. One horned, the other with a wolf's ears and tail. Gael wasn't sure what her ears and tail were from, since her examination concluded little more than that they were pointy and heard far more noise than Gael cared to pay attention to. Her best guesses were cat or fox, both meaning that the man with the wolf's ears was not 'her race' per se. Neither of them looked particularily hostile, and they looked just as surprised as she was to discover each other, which was a good sign. Perhaps they could point her to where this puppy was, or whatever that was supposed to represent.

"Hey! Any of you seen a puppy somewhere-" Gael started before being cut off by a giant insect that screamed past just a hair length above her ears, before circling tightly above their heads. Her ears rang from the buzz, the extra sensitive ears aching from the sudden noise.
Rude. She thought, as she properly identified the assaultor. A dragonfly, about 5 meters long and 1 meter wide, with angry clicking mandibles and eyes that seemed like it could use some arrows through it. It didn't look like a puppy for sure - but considering how riddles often twisted its subject and iconography, Gael wasn't crossing out anything.

The two strangers did seem to have the same idea, flinging bolts of fire and lightning against the dragonfly, which responded by quick aerial dives and maneauvers. Close, but they were missing their mark. The bigger plus side though, was the confirmation that at least for now, she wasn't going to be jumped on by the either of them.
Gael attentively tracked the dragonfly, careful not to let her own bolts loose too fast. It was clear that this foe was gonna need some more thinking. And that thinking came in the form of dark chains that wrapped itself around the insect as it was diving back down, anchoring it to the ground. No time to be impressed, though! "Got it!" Gael replied to the call for help from the staff wielding woman as she moved in, bow ready.

Instead of knocking an arrow, however, the ranger rounded to face the confined insect, holding her longbow by the limb with both hands like a club above her head. "Sit!" She brought down the bow with all the fury of a grumpy huntress who didn't want to spend her first concious hours fighting an annoying flying insect, giving a satisfying thwack and a squelch as the bow cracked through one of its bulging eyes and brought up thick green blood. The dragonfly gave an insect analogue of a pained howl, crashing into the ground from the attack. Losing little time, she raised a fist to punch out the other eye and completely blind the insect. The bug screeched in pain and skittered back to flight, batting Gael away with its giant wings. Tch - she should have gone for the wings! But even as it struggled at the last vestiges of the chains, the insect was noticeably swaying and unable to steer itself properly.

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