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Current You did good, McGregor. Made us proud.
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No offense intended. But there's a sweet spot on the sliding scale of realism, and most of the interest checks I usually see skew too far to the realism end for me.
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Can't describe how quickly I go from excited to sad when a mecha premise turns out to be realism wankery.


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Goddamn bush.

Surreal though it was, reality had long since left the building. Adrenaline was in charge now. Higher brain functions were in the passenger seat, hands off the wheel, which is why they could remark on petty little things like the bush that tore her uniform. Not that she cared too much about it, but it was the principle of the thing. She hated her clothes getting damaged.

Still, it was better than her getting damaged. She'd landed without much incident, a couple of small scratches aside. And short of Dorian, Jin was the person she felt safest having around. Between them, she was pretty sure they could take on anything. Unlike Morimoto Lia wasn't concerned that these things were possible; despite her lack of education, she was still plenty aware that the magical was indeed alive and well in the world.

What bothered her was not knowing why. Why were these things happening? What was causing this plant growth? What was behind the stone soldiers? How could it be stopped? From the passenger's seat, the student's higher brain functions had plenty of time to ruminate.

"Alright, Jin, what next? Morimoto will be down in a minute."

The words had barely left her mouth, as she glanced back up towards the window, when the arrow struck him. And before her eyes, her homeroom teacher turned into one of those stone assailants. And landed on the ground. Quite close to her.

Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me.

The lizard brain was in charge, though, and understood readily that the fastest way out of danger was to the side. So the thought hadn't even left her mind before, instead of standing up and running, she dove to the side and rolled. Sure got her away from the charge fast enough. Then she popped to her feet, closer to Jin than she had been, and reflexively chucked one of her shoes with unerring aim at the statue's head.

"Hey, anything in the banchou manual for animated statues?"

Elevated heart-rate, dilation of the eyes, increased bantering.

Yup, Lia noted of herself with clinical detachment, reality had definitely checked out.

When standing in a hall of mirrors, how do you know which of the images is the real you? In a sea of facsimiles of varying quality, who is the original? The best? How are you supposed to know, surrounded by imitations, that you are the best? The mold from which all of these impersonations have been cast?

You know. You believe. It's a certainty, an unshakable belief, that you are the prime. In this vast sea of knockoffs, Kawaguchi Umeko was the best.

Except for the girl with the rocket engine.

That was fucking cheating.

It had been a long, long week. An unreasonable amount of inconveniences had come to pass in a time that should have been filled with marveling at the wonderful engineering of a 1/60 scale Perfect Grade GN-001 masterpiece. But despite these setbacks, nothing was hindering her excitement. For today, Kawaguchi Umeko had become the Super Mobile Girl of Love and Justice, Magical Powered Kanamin. Every stitch of her outfit done by hand, painstakingly researched frame by frame from the TV show. Her staff meticulously fabricated with the same care that she created components for the space probe, or her personal engineering projects. Nothing was missed. No seam or mark out of place. But the outfit was only as good as the person wearing it, and she was more than up to the task.

After poring over the show frame by frame, it was nothing to meticulously practice Yuka Iguchi's tone, delivery, and inflection for every catchphrase.

And now her preparations had come to fruition, even if her plan of attack had not yet.

The dealer room would be very important, and had to be hit quickly in order to ensure that the best finds were not sold already. Rare merchandise only came out of the woodwork so often, and others would be seeking it. She had to get there first. But equally important was the Magi☆Mint Chip. It was only being sold here. She would need to obtain it for immediate consumption, and to take home. But how?

This called for a certain, ruthless cunning if her goals were to be met.

"Brennan," She began, elbowing her captive slightly and stretching out the first syllable in a way that was uniquely Kawaguchi Umeko, and not Yuka Iguchi for the first time since they had boarded the train. "We need a plan, Brennan, or we shall be beaten to the spoils. What do you suggest?"

<Snipped quote by ERode>

she'd probably know brennan's girlfriend.

@Krayzikk discuss.

This is very justice.
@Plank Sinatra @Crimmy @Enkryption

On the list of problems Lia Icecolle had planned for, attacking statues didn't really factor in. How to charm her way into an extension on the essay she didn't really bother doing, because it was boring. Or how to get it done before sixth period. One or the other. Whether or not her latest piece was up to snuff for an impromptu recital after school. Her favorite shop in town had received the latest collection from Europe, and she needed to make sure she got there before anything in her size was gone. How to avoid rolling her eyes at the homeroom teacher.

But no, attack of the art student's revenge didn't seem like it'd come up.

Yet here she was.

It wasn't a question of whether or not what she was seeing was possible, she had no problem with that. Terracotta soldiers wasn't that weird. What caught her off guard was the weird happening here and happening now.

Not that it delayed her reactions. She hit the ground fast. All it took was one dive out of her chair to hit the floor on her stomach, low and theoretically below any imminent danger. The other homeroom teacher, Dorian, was reacting with a haste that pretty definitively indicated that some of the rumors were true. Whatever he did, whoever he was, before he came to their school, he'd seen some action. And he was accepting the whole terracotta soldier thing pretty quickly. Something to dwell on a little later.

"Don't suppose you'd give that here, sensei," The pianist commented cheerfully, having raised herself to her hands and knees to move a little quicker than commando crawling. Imminent danger hadn't switched off her sense of humor. For the moment, being closer to the teacher was safer. Well. Closer to one of them. Jumping out the window, though...

For half a second, she had the image of her skirt catching the air like a parachute and floating daintily to the ground.

Alright, maybe the danger had done the opposite to her sense of humor...

"Easy enough, just don't keep your legs rigid. Drop and roll." The student drew her knees up towards her chest so she could reach her feet without getting off the ground, where the enemy could see her easier. Heels, even mild enough ones to wear with a school uniform, were not things to try and land on. So she slipped them off quickly, and held them both with her left hand. Off with her glasses with the right, tucking one of the arms down her collar to keep them secured.

"Clear the window, Jin, or I'm gonna take you down with me!" Lia hollered, making sure her bag was secured across her torso. "Don't need you trying to kill me today, too!"
I'm totally interested.

As am I.
Plank just got back from being displaced by weather, Raptors are usually his thing. I'll be going over the Walker with him.

Post to follow soon.

"Depends on how lonely they are, Lauren. Watch out for the pines. Monsters 'round here never had dark meat before."

Ben couldn't actually keep the grin off his face, but as long as he kept facing forward then Lauren couldn't see it. He clapped Jan lightly on the shoulder, satisfied that the other Hunter was on board. Not much too soon, either. The group was coming up on the clearing.

Out in the woods, you learned to trust your gut. Humanity survived against the Grimm, without the technology, equipment, or training that they all had now for generations. Thousands of years of survival instinct go into what people called their gut, and those instincts are right more than they're wrong. Especially in the woods. In the wilderness, where society has yet to encroach, if you feel like you're being watched... You probably are. You're not paranoid. You just don't have the words to describe why you feel what you're feeling.

The clearing made the hairs on Ben's neck stand on end.

The building looked old. Ben was no expert on Atlesian architecture, but... Atlas would've known about it, if it was recent. His team wouldn't be walking in blind. And the Grimm? A half hour hike through the woods, these woods, with no sign?

Something was very, very wrong.

He shrugged Joyous Guard off of his back in a fluid motion and slipped it onto his forearm. The mass, more than the absence of its weight, was a comfort. Everything he had, his resolve, he'd forged into that shield. It wouldn't waver, not against anything this place had. Not so long as it stood between him and his team.

"Well," He began, drawing out the word a little. With a practiced flick, he rotated the shield until it locked parallel to his arm. Perfect orientation to be a nice, weighty battering ram. "Amy, unless you've got something to report, I'm gonna break down that door. Quicker we find out what's up, quicker we go home. Everyone ready to rock?"
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