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Current You did good, McGregor. Made us proud.
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No offense intended. But there's a sweet spot on the sliding scale of realism, and most of the interest checks I usually see skew too far to the realism end for me.
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Can't describe how quickly I go from excited to sad when a mecha premise turns out to be realism wankery.


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After some consideration, tentatively approved. Bear in mind that the Einherjar is probably still only about as fast as an average Warrior. Faster than Gunners, but it's still a very heavy frame.
Benjamin Armbruster

@Crimmy @Norik @Selvariabell

"Leutnant Benjamin Armbruster." The engineer's eyes flicked briefly back to the woman, now identified as Captain Steinbach. Ben smiled and nodded to her, then inclined his head towards Hassan. "But I'll stick to English, for the old man's sake. Good to meet you, too."

"The swords, for sure, but I think those fists are reinforced."
The German cocked his head, pointing towards the Chinese Walker's hands. "Don't look like any manipulators I've seen. Not sure what the function could be, except reinforcement. Maybe I can take a look when it goes back to its bay, if I ask nicely. Or if I'm sneaky enough."

"Speaking of, how's the Jinn checking out, Hassan?"

Umeko's sheepish smile reflected, at least, the decency to look a little apologetic about having been caught scheming. Not her subtlest scheme, but it had been worth a shot.

Her companion, however, wasn't seeming nearly as cheerful. The Irishman regularly seemed a little grumpy, even when he wasn't, but this wasn't quite that. The fact was becoming readily apparent as they progressed through the store. Their shopping list wasn't extensive, but even a few minutes in the store seemed to set Brennan to watching the exits like a prisoner anticipating an escape attempt. Not that the European would be anywhere near that subtle in a prison break, but time clearly was passing much more slowly for him than for her. So he was relieved, gently but insistently, of the hand basket and Umeko bumped his side lightly with her shoulder.

"Burennan," The Japanese girl began, bumping him one more time to ensure he was meeting her gaze. She smiled a little, when he did. "Relax. It'll take five more minutes. It's summer, we can handle a slower pace. We're already miles ahead of the other projects, right?"

"How about coffee? You like that place near the hardware store, right? We can get coffee after the bank."

The Japanese pilot tilted her head, just a few degrees, to regard the trio above her.

"Sure," Ayane answered, after considering a moment. More likely than not these three would have a better idea of where she could find White, and the balcony seemed like a better place to watch the parade from than the street level. She didn't especially feel like going to find the stairs, though; she hadn't technically been invited by the owner of the establishment, at least she suspected not, and getting past the door with her duffel might raise a few eyebrows from the other occupants. Better, then, to raise the eyebrows on the street where there were other spectacles to watch. "One moment."

Ayane let go of the end of her duffel, and instead swung the strap over her head so its weight was borne across her shoulders and freed up her hands. The balcony was only a story up, and clearly robust enough to support a person thanks to the sandal-wearing-one. She planted a foot on the low concrete ledge that indicated the edge of the property, taking care not to step in the planter set into it, and stepped the other up; the Japanese girl wasn't exactly tall, but the bottom of the balcony was aaalmost within reach. A few seconds to gauge the distance, confirm her estimates, and she sunk halfway into a crouch. Leg muscles coiled, and released. Little lower than she would have liked, considering the duffel, but it was enough for her hands to catch around two of the railing's bars. Bars that, thankfully, did not give out under her weight. Another on target guess.

The easy part was pulling herself up enough to plant a foot on the balcony's edge, and use it to push herself level with the others. She swung the other leg over the railing, taking care not to accidentally kick anyone, and stepped onto the balcony proper. A faint smile played at the edges of her mouth, and after a breath she inclined her waist a few degrees in greeting.

"Lieutenant Inoue Ayane, formally. On leave for the moment. Good to make your acquaintance, Ms. Harken."


Ayane pivoted, tearing her gaze away from the Walkers and searching for the speaker. It took a moment to find her; the cheerful young woman seemed to be with the one dangling sandals above her head. Looking for a shop to get one from, maybe? That seemed unlikely. Horizon had a large enough garrison that such garments were probably easily identified as being of military issue, in some form or another. Perhaps a servicewoman herself, then. Still, she seemed a friendly sort. Energetic in the way she held herself, an unmistakable sign of emotional buoyancy. Still, no matter what it would do no harm to answer her question. She turned her shoulder a little to better show the emblem to the balcony, pointing at it with one finger.

"Federation Far East Brigade," She began, endeavoring to keep her accent out of the words. She hadn't conversed entirely in English in a couple years. Still fluent, of course, but her pronunciation was a little rusty. "Out of Tokyo. My previous posting. Inoue Ayane, ma'am. You are...?"

Benjamin Armbruster

@Crimmy @Norik @Selvariabell

"Yankee? God, no. Ich bin aus Deutschland." Ben may have laid on the accent a little thick, but it wasn't often he indulged in his native tongue around others. Especially not for such an entertaining purpose. He shook Hassan's hand cheerfully, half the fun of having the old man about was using his last name. He was a good-natured sort, he took it in stride. The other woman still didn't seem familiar. The uniform she wore wasn't quite standard, but it did identify her as a Captain. Not that he cared overmuch. The other old man was the only one that got much deference due to rank. "I tell you, Hassan, it's a crime. Kebabs would go over great."

He began, looking the same way as the other Captain. "Is a Chinese Walker. Jiangnan Arsenal, I think. No disrespect, Ms. Winston, but we know plenty about 'em. I'd heard we had one on base, hadn't gotten to take a look. Under the hood they're pretty much the same as what I'm used to, it's the gear that's different. I could pull up specs on most of 'em, but I don't want to get any screens greasy."

"Pilot's real good. Looks like maybe a parade-spec unit? Close combat, for sure, don't see anything except the vulcans. Whatcha think, Hassan, those hands look like melee weapons to you?"

Horizon really was quite nice.

The climate was comfortable, the sun felt nice beating down on her head and shoulders. It was a little warm, she still had her jacket from the Far East Brigade on and her duffel tossed over her shoulder, but pleasant. A cab would probably have gotten her to the base quicker, but the traffic would have been killer. And walking through the city seemed like a nice idea. Aya could catch a cab when she got to the other edge of the hubbub. She'd be back once she dropped off her bag, anyway, she didn't want to miss the air show. If she had to guess where White was, it'd probably be in that show. Someone at the base would know.

Still, it was strange being off duty. She was a tourist for the moment, or at least close to it. No work to be done.

The parade was kicking into gear, and she found that she happened to be picking her way along its route. A little slower, slow enough that she could feel the Walkers approaching. Steps that shook the earth, heralding the parade's honor guard. They never failed to bring a smile to her face. They were marvelous, and Ayane would never get tired of seeing them. So she settled into a shady spot, for a moment, to watch them approach. Somewhere above her head someone was clambering over a railing to perch, and for a moment she idly hoped that they wouldn't drop a sandal on her head (or worse, fall) but the mood was irrepressible. Such concerns only bothered her for a moment.

The Warriors simply looked too good to care. They weren't for field-use, it was easy to tell. They were too clean. Unmarred. Their weapons were ceremonial, their paint schemes uniform. The garrison's markings were freshly painted on their shoulders, and she wondered for a second if her own machine would get the same markings. Something about removing the Brigade insignia just didn't feel right.

But those were questions for duty. She could ask them then.
Benjamin Armbruster

@Norik @Selvariabell

"Come on, now."

The sentence, half plea and half growl, wasn't directed at another person. Not that you would guess, since the man in question seemed to expect an answer. Ben had the day off, actually, but work was play in his mind. He planned to go out and catch the parade, but his morning diagnostics were throwing some wonky errors. What should have been a quick fix turned into full scans, taking off panels, getting elbow deep in wires and cursing. He wasn't going to make the parade. But that was kind of liberating. Meant he could just focus on actually fixing the issue. The festivities could wait til later, there'd be plenty of things to see in the afternoon. Vernichten needed him now.

After about an hour of digging through power couplings and software diagnostics, he finally narrowed the issue down to a fault within a single meter-long section of cabling. Could he patch it? Probably. But it'd be quicker just to replace it. He pulled his arms back out of the cramped space he's been fishing around in, and glanced at his hands. Absolutely covered in grease. Somewhere along the lines he'd gotten it in his hair, too. Probably ran a hand through it when he was thinking. Whoops. Not really any point in cleaning off, not until he was done. Ben was glad he rolled up his sleeves, though; the gunk that got worked into Walker components was a pain in the ass to get out of fabric. Didn't want to have to clean off another work shirt.

He clambered down off the catwalk two steps at a time, leaving his jacket hanging on his work station. Activity in the hangar was pretty much at a minimum, so he was honestly content. No one to bug him about keeping his workspace clean, or ask why he was talking to himself. Nothing of the sort. He'd have to make a note of the components he grabbed out of storage, but that was easy enough. Vernichten's bay was closer to the testing fields than the main complement. Made for a bit of a hike towards the parts he needed, but a little exercise did the body good so he took off at a jog towards the other end of the hangar. Something else the boss wasn't around to lecture him for.

There were a couple other officers in the hangar, though. Whoops.

"Hey, Ahmad!" He called out, slowing down to a walk on his way over. The bigger man was a familiar enough site on base, though for the life of him he didn't know why he wasn't at a barbecue or something. He was always looking for an excuse to fire up the grill. Protocol might've been a salute, but when did he ever pay much attention? The little wave'd do. He didn't have any idea who the young-looking girl with him was, but that didn't say a lot. Took him a while to learn about the new pilots. "Don't you have a grill to man somewhere? Isn't that usually your thing?"

"They got you working today?"

@Crimmy @Norik, both good to go.

@Silvan Haven, I'd appreciate a little more detail regarding how effective the additional thrusters are for Stream. And in the vein of experimental technology, I'd request a flaw within the tracking software. My personal suggestion would be that too many enemies or weapons tends to bog it down, but considering the potential efficacy combined with the thrusters, I do think it needs some kind of drawback. I'm open to talking about what, these are just my suggestions.

My own personal CSes are in the Char tab, now, approved by @Plank Sinatra to ensure I'm following my own rules. Had a bit of writer's block for the past couple weeks, but we're starting to get back into gear now.
@Selvariabell Eun is good to go, for the moment. I have some reservations, but we'll handle anything that comes up if it comes up.
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