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Current You did good, McGregor. Made us proud.
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No offense intended. But there's a sweet spot on the sliding scale of realism, and most of the interest checks I usually see skew too far to the realism end for me.
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Can't describe how quickly I go from excited to sad when a mecha premise turns out to be realism wankery.


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Well ain't this grand.

"We've got kiosks and a desk. If there's time on the way out, bet they've got a computer to grab. We'll take one of 'em. Maybe there's some answers as to what this place was."

Because Ben had no idea. He was wracking his brain, but he had nothing. But this place had been something, it was clearly geared for guests too. And not that long ago, didn't seem like it at least. And no one had any idea. Or no one remembered. Didn't look like a struggle here, either, which was... A little chilling. Seeing as almost anything with any sort of identification had been ripped away or otherwise removed.

Shit was a little spooky.

Great for teasing Negasi about later though. He could hear chattering teeth. Like a cartoon. clackclackclackclack.

"If we take the elevator, we're trapped if something happens. Let's take the ramp. Unless your spidey senses say different, Amy?"

(District 19)

The monster's arrival was impossible to miss. The air was charged; it crackled, it flowed, and none of it felt right. Whatever this thing was, it didn't belong. Sieglinde watched it appear from her inverted position, frown deepening. That it had appeared here, near her, was more than a little suspect.

Granted, it also could be taken as a warning to be careful what one wished for. She wasn't bored now.

But, as her buzzing phone reminded her, there was a complicating factor. Her pizza was on the way. Setting aside for a moment that she was hungry and wanted her pizza, there was no way that Pizza-kun was suited for this sort of scene. He had no idea what he was walking into. Or, as her phone revealed, he hadn't.

>hey this is pizza guy

The creature screamed, an unnatural sensation. Not a sound, per se, though it gave the impression of one; it scattered the thoughts, like a migraine would. She pushed through it, in time to register the next series of texts.

>theres something that looks like a golem walking around here. screamed at me
>no sound felt it in my head
>stay inside and warn people around you
>call the police
>i'm gonna try and find a different route so i can get u yyour food
>Luigi's Pizza apologizes for the inconvenience in advance

He was still trying to deliver.

She couldn't help it, her head dropped back and she actually laughed. Gods bless that boy. When this was over, she'd tip extra. He'll have earned it. But for now there was work to do.

Rather than take the stairs, the blond girl tightened her abdominal muscles and returned from her sojourn over the abyss. There were a series of balconies on the buildings between her and where, in the distance, she could see the pizza boy trying to draw its attention. They made for a lovely set of stepping stones, one bound at a time. She applauded his gall in refusing to simply run, but the boy was out of his depth. And he was only in danger at all because of her, either because she had ordered the pizza or, as she was starting to suspect, because the creature had been drawn to her.

Either way, his safety was her responsibility.

"Sorry, Ryu-kun, I think this is a bit beyond the police." She called out, jumping from the last balcony, sailing over the delivery boy's head, and alighting on the ground just a pace behind him. She pivoted without missing a beat and placed the heel of her hand on his shoulder, glasses pinched in between thumb and forefinger. "Hi. Hold these, please?"

Her Eye was fixed on the monster already, ensuring her advance notices of direct hostility from it. But she still needed a weapon.


The Daughter of Athena stated her initial request simply; specifics were unnecessary. They had sparred often enough for him to know her preference. A rapier would suit her well, though if they had gotten that close already then she had failed in her responsibilities. Highwind's particular wishes for her involvement were unspoken, but clear anyway; he required her insight. Their martial abilities were complementary, but differed fundamentally in their nature. He looked at the littler picture. He was very, very good at it. There was a reason that she had yet to balance her wins with her losses against him, and that was because the Son of Ares, and his little sister, were dynamos on the battlefield. Bordering on unparalleled.

Rebekah looked at the larger one. It would fall to her to divine what these creatures were, and more vitally, their weak point. Strategy was her domain.

In a single fluid motion she had slipped off of Dana's lap, and wrapped her fingers around the handle of an empty keg. Aluminum, not suitable for any sustained fighting, But good enough for single use. The metal conformed to her will, reshaping according to her thoughts to provide her with a small handful of pointed javelins. Good enough for throwing, until she had something better. But she would need a better weapon for range. A bow? No, she didn't have the natural proficiency that Marston did. A firearm would do.

While her mind raced, the first javelin lanced through the air at inhuman speeds towards one of the creatures. Almost an afterthought, it was a probe more than anything. Jonas was working to scatter them. Her eyes were focused, observing and analyzing. Whatever the nature of these creatures, she would know it shortly. It was simply one of her abilities. She couldn't not.

"Dana, dear, I think it's time for your party favors." As an aside, after a moment more of thinking, she added; "And a shotgun, Jonas. With plenty of shells."

The daughter of Aphrodite wouldn't be very helpful in a fight. Hopefully she stayed down.

"Stand by for analysis."

(District 19)

"Afternoon already, Huginn?" A soft voice inquired of the black bird perched on her balcony, lilting in her native tongue. No one else spoke it, not here, and Sieglinde missed it a little. The caw could almost have been an answer, not that the question needed one. She knew what time it was, she had already spent the better part of the day roaming the city. She had only been home a little while before the corvid appeared on schedule. "I'm coming, I'm coming. Be patient."

Crossing her apartment was easy; there was almost nothing to obscure its hardwood floors or bar her path. She just walked from the kitchen to the sliding door, collecting the scraps of bread she'd left on the counter as she went. The bird hopped a little when she opened the door and stepped out, evidently more than ready for his habitual feeding. It had only taken a month for him to start appearing on time, and she hoped to coax him into eating out of her hand by the next. But for now she just scattered the scraps on the balcony floor, exchanging positions with Huginn to perch herself on the railing. With hours to go until sunset the celestial orb had passed its zenith and reached the western sky, radiating pleasantly onto her small abode. It was almost unbearably hot even in April when the weather had yet to reach its apex, but the sun... She enjoyed how the sun felt on her skin. It was so much brighter than home.

Fingers wrapped around the railing she leaned back, out over the street a few storeys below. Further, further, further until her spine lay almost parallel to the ground below and her head craned back to face the sun. Muscles taut, the light reflected dimly in her eye, she hung leisurely. The sun warmed her skin pleasantly, more tolerable in the waning heat of the air around her. She hoped that she moved on by summer, she wasn't sure how she would tolerate the oven the city would become.

"We are regretful to report that School district 11 had to report the murder of one of the workers at the district. A one 'Kevin' whom was found in pieces at the scene, showing signs of severe mutilation. We have reason to believe that foul play is involved due to the graphic nature of the scene."


"Next up on the news. A local radio group will be presenting their stage drama-"

The aging CRT TV atop the small stand continued to drone from inside, but Sigi had already stopped listening. A murder was horrific, an affront to all decency, but it was a small thing. No one could stop everyone from dying, though she resolved to roll through District 11 on tomorrow's expedition. But...

"I'm not sure why I'm here," She began again, ostensibly to the bird. The rest of the city was humming, especially at this hour, but District 19 was as silent as the grave. Not a soul could be seen on her block save herself, and suspended in the air she could almost believe she was the only person in the whole city. The quiet was nice, normally. No one asked too many questions, no one really bothered her. She could come and go as she pleased. But being alone save for one's thoughts wasn't always productive. "Only that I feel like I need to be. Does that make any sense?"

She cracked open an eye to glance at the bird, but he simply looked at her expectantly. He had joined her on the railing, clearly wishing for more.

"Thought not. Don't be greedy." The Nordic woman chided softly, closing her eyes again. "You'll get more tomorrow."

The fluttering of feathers told her that the bird had left, probably in a huff, before silence descended again. For her part, Sigi continued to recline. There wasn't anything else to do. She had already locked her bike up again for the day, though it was a formality more than anything. Someone had stolen it, once. It was Academy City, there were better things to steal, but someone had wandered through the district and elected to take it. She had found it again in a matter of hours and simply taken it back. No fuss since then.

Idly she flipped open her phone and glanced at the screen while the blood began to rush to her head. Twenty minutes since she called her order in. No doubt dinner would arrive soon. It was always very timely, seeing as any deliveries to District 19 tended to get foisted off on one particular student.

Still, she glanced at the time again. She was starting to get hungry.

I'm so bored.
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good faceclaim

Credit to @HereComesTheSnow for that. He helped me find it

A friend and I have a pair of students who study aerospace in Academy City that might fit in this RP. And as it happens we're in search of a Toaru game.


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