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Current You did good, McGregor. Made us proud.
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No offense intended. But there's a sweet spot on the sliding scale of realism, and most of the interest checks I usually see skew too far to the realism end for me.
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Can't describe how quickly I go from excited to sad when a mecha premise turns out to be realism wankery.


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Finally got a first draft done, pending a little tweaking and revision.

Watch me, Shourichi.

I got this.

Her faith wasn’t misplaced. Anju and Summers pulled through, and drew their attention away from the Gespenst screaming through the air. She was past their lines before they even realized what had happened, a gunmetal comet streaking through the Irish sky. By the time the Crusaders realized, she was too far gone for them to act. They had their hands full with the rest of UTX, there was no time to chase down a single Gespenst. They would have to hope their vanguard could deal with it.

What worry, after all, was a single Gespie?

The Landlions didn’t miss a beat, one swiveling immediately to fire on the PT rocketing down from above. One of its comrades did the same, two sets of Railguns taking their shots. Their firing trajectories were on point; their paths would cross at exactly the right time for them to nail her machine. Could she take it? Probably, but that there was too much risk involved. She knew that they’d strike home a second before her computer did, and she’d decided on her course of action already. The Gespenst was already programmed with the movement data it needed, it was simply up to the pilot to act on it; that was Piloting 101. The TAC-OS took most of the fine tuning out of the equation, and let the pilot simply pick their course of action. Pilot education, even just the crash course, was then centered around knowing what decisions to make.

One of the big lessons, the very first they taught you if you took a Tesla-Drive-equipped machine, was that it didn’t take the enemy to kill you. If you made the wrong decision, your own machine could make you blackout and crash. Physics was a cruel mistress. The machine would try and warn you if you were pushing the limits, but it’d obey.

Lateral movement would be too slow. Odds were at least one of the rounds would hit if she tried to move aside.

So Hazel slammed on the thrusters in full reverse, and felt her harness snap tight around her torso while her stomach tried to force its way up her throat. The TT slashed its speed by two thirds in the span of a few heartstopping seconds, Hazel’s blood rushed to her head and she saw red. The little voice in the back of her head reminded her that this was redout; she was experiencing somewhere over four times the force of Earth’s gravity. It was pushing the blood away from her feet, increasing blood pressure inside her skull drastically. Its increasingly quiet commentary emphasized that if she maintained it, she would black out in a few more seconds. She didn’t really like that voice’s negativity, but fuzzily admitted to herself that yes, it had a point.

She just needed to hold it…. A second longer…

The rounds lanced by a couple of meters ahead and below her, and the color receded from her vision. It had been close. Really close. Her positioning was just right, or the negative g-forces would’ve kicked in too early and fucked up her brain. But it worked. It worked, and now she had her own angle.

Ignoring the wet feeling on the top of her lip, Hazel triggered the thrusters again and resumed her advance. She was keeping above the Landlions, almost lying flat on the Gespenst’s stomach in midair once she repositioned. The Landlion’s firing angle would be a lot more awkward if she could stay above, and it wouldn’t be able to use its body-mounted Machine Cannons at all. Better for her that way, she could strike just fine. Her lips curled back as if in a silent snarl, letting instinct take over and fire her Burst Railgun at the Landlion that fired first. She needed to make short work of these units, or they’d reach the Loch.

Better to strike from more than one angle.

Bidden more by her will than any mechanical command, a pair of bladed devices ejected from the TT’s frame and unfurled, flying towards the second Landlion at an angle. The pilot had never used them in real combat before, only in simulations, but she’d make it work. The devices didn’t need manual control. They were at her command. If she was fortunate, the Crusader wouldn’t expect them to come at him from the side.

”T-Link Ripper!”

@Krayzikk We deciding on Master's already? On that note: What is our dead Lancer gonna be?

Cojemo said it was fine if people were planning ahead with pairs when asked, and everyone else would probably be randomly assigned. Plank and I were just planning ahead. As for the Lancer, well, I'll let him showcase that when he's finished.
Quick check-in, sheet is about sixty percent done. Hadn't mentioned it before, but I'm making the master for @Plank Sinatra's Lancer.


The couch felt like sandpaper. ... No, actually, that was sandpaper. Pinned between her cheek and the couch. When did that...? Right, she'd fallen asleep building Exia. That explained the dreams... She'd have to make a mental note to revisit the potential of GN technology. One day. Once her current projects were done. Which would be forever, but maybe the tech'd be there by then. It was way too early for this anyway.

Slowly, Umeko cracked one eye open. Then the other. Something was still off. She hadn't been by herself when she fell asleep. So where did the Irish bastard go... A yawn, and the first stages of movement. She propped herself up enough to take a quick look around the apartment. No immediate signs. Her Exia was on the table, though, looked like she'd made some good progress there. But no sign of the Irishman. So she cocked her head a little, listening closer, and there was the answer; the shower was running. He hadn't taken one the night before, undoubtedly he'd gone to take one this morning instead. And he wasn't back yet, so she couldn't be too far behind in terms of waking up. Brennan'd be back when he was done. In the meantime, she really needed something to drink. Mouth felt as dry as the sandpaper. Milk should be in the fridge...

The Japanese girl stretched with another yawn, and slowly pushed herself to her feet. First, she glanced at the table; the pieces assembled looked good. The last couple were a little rough around the nub marks, she started to doze off while sanding she guessed, but nothing she couldn't fix up a little later. First she needed something to drink. Once upon a time she would've worried about making noise, but now she couldn't if she tried. Her bare feet padded silently across the apartment floor towards the kitchen, while Umeko tried to blink the sleep out of her eyes. Tea would be necessary, soon. Or coffee. Something caffeinated. But that would come after. She sleepily pulled the fridge open, grabbed her carton with the other hand, and idly poured a glass. Carton was getting light, she'd need to make a grocery run later. She had a headache, after last night. What a bizarre turn of events. Definitely something not to try and puzzle out before she finished waking up.

"Brennan," She called out, sipping from the glass and glancing towards the bathroom at the end of the hall. He could probably hear her. He had good hearing. "We're going to need a grocery run. More Musashino. And cereal."
Sure, but that only goes so far. You can have different aims. But if you're aiming for a character that can fight on par with a Servant, you're objectively looking in the wrong direction.
From the Wiki, which isn't the greatest source but the one I could access most easily;

For a human trying to apply pressure to a Servant, even one physically the size of a child, it feels like trying to bend a steel beam. Punches with all of their strength will not even cause a Servant to budge a millimeter, and even Souichirou Kuzuki, whose punch is potent enough to crush a human's skull, can only slightly move Archer's head from the impact. Stabbing them with a knife does nothing but bring about a "prickling irritation" that does not hurt at all.
Sooo... can we make a master that fights on par with servants? I remember that teacher in fate ubw who was boosted by caster and almost killed saber 1v1. Or even kid Emiya could 1v1 servants.

God, no. Obviously I'm not the GM, but barring some very, very special circumstances Masters just aren't anywhere near the same level as a Servant. Servants are powerful enough that outside of specialized circumstances like Grail Wars, a Master shouldn't even be able to summon one.

Master vs Master combat is one thing, but a Master vs a Servant is just going to get wrecked if they actually try to fight.
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