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Kathrine Vail
UNSC Celestian Bridge

"Right behind ya, big guy~" came a cheery, albeit filtered response. The voice in question belonged to one Kathrine Vail, clad in her own suit of the eponymous MJOLNIR armor. Intruder class. A classic look with some nice tech under the hood. Kat had gravitated to the angular suit as soon as she'd seen one, and had painted it and her helmet a striking crimson with grey accents. Speaking of her helmet, it too was an iconic design. Mark V, with all the latest firmware and software patches to keep it functioning smoothly with the Gen2 BIOS. Even the VISR had been brought up to modern standards, it's gold-orange sheen a striking contrast to the red of the Titanium armor. Some thought it an archaic design, but most agreed that it was hard to argue with a helmet that had so successfully served in the most grueling of conditions and kept on ticking.

Across her back rested an M395 DMR. A powerful mid to long range rifle, it struck a balance somewhere between the BR-85 and the SRS99-S5. A bit of an unusual weapon for someone who specialised in CQC but ever since Requiem the youthful Spartan-IV had been a bit leery of getting too close to anything forerunner. Not to mention she was still getting fully adjusted to her Dominant hand prosthetic. The advanced robotic limb was practically the most advanced one could get, but it still wasn't -hers-. On her left thigh, held in place by mag strips built into the armor, was an M20 PDW submachine gun. This had been her preferred weapon before her arm had been amputated, and she was still deadly with it. Up close it chewed through shields, armor, and flesh with impunity, and unlike the older M7, was even fairly accurate at range.

She gave Nikolai a subtle nudge to the shoulder as she came up from behind the taller Spartan.
IIRC the Spartan IIs maintained their ranks but the IIIs were swept into the Spartan IV program, and so have their ranks but might unofficially hold other ranks.

@Andromedai Kat's profile is fully complete with a rank.
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Name: Kathrine Vail

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Appearance: A modest(for a Spartan) 6' 5", Kathrine hardly stands out in physicality from her fellow Spartans. Beneath the armor she is striking, with graceful features that have gotten her remarks about being "too pretty to be Spartan" her red hair is cropped close, being a mere two centimeters in length. While technically female Spartans are allowed longer hair, Kathrine dislikes the staticky feeling from the neural interface. Also, known only to a few who have seen her completely out of armor, her left arm is a robotic prosthetic. Unlike older models, this arm fits inside the skinsuit of her MJOLNIR armor, such that most would never know the difference.

Rank: Spartan

Armor: MJOLNIR GEN2 Intruder-Class armor, Mark V helmet, right arm mounted TACPAD. Armor is dark red, with light grey markings

Weapons: (Please do not use any heavy weapons, like rocket launchers and the such.)

Primary: M395 Designated Marksman Rifle

Secondary: M20/PDW SMG

Personality: Spartan Vail is relatively easy-going eager to please, and shows a dedication to the lives of her fellow soldiers rivaled by few. Despite her aptitude for combat, Spartan Vail retains a naivete about her that can occasionally grate on her fellows. This has yet to affect her, however as she has a sense of optimism that is rarely dulled. Notable flaws include a deep seated fear of open space, as well as a tendency to overextend recklessly in ground combat.

History: Born in 2534, Kathrine Vail lived a typical life at the heart of human space, an Earth girl through and through. Nestled safely at the center of humanity, she thought little of the ongoing Human-Covenant war, until late 2552, when the war forced its way to Earth. Now impossible to ignore, Vail witnessed first hand the effects of the war and made a choice. She applied and was accepted into the UNSC Army. she took to military life like a fish to water, and in 2556, Kathrine was recruited into the Spartan-IV program shortly before the events on the forerunner construct world of Requiem. Though she saw little action during the initial encounters on Requiem due to still being in recovery from the Spartan-IV augmentations, she took part in a number of Spartan Ops the following months. During this time, she took on a close combat role due to her innate talents in that area. However, on one operation, she became separated from her Spartan Fireteam with a group of ODSTs. Cut off and behind enemy lines, Vail led them back toward friendly territory, but the group was ambushed by Prometheans. Though the ODSTs were more than capable of handling Crawlers, Knights were out of their class. Vail lost her arm keeping a Knight from bisecting one of the Troopers and had to be carried out.
She holds new respect for the elite troopers, but has since taken to mid range combat due to a lack of confidence in her CQC abilities.

Extras: Experiences phantom limb pain occasionally.
Kathrine Vale:

With a stretch and slight yawn, one Kathrine Vale set down her pencil and leaned back in her chair. She'd been poring over mission reports of past graduates, taking notes on their abilities and how they used them to complete their objectives. She felt it was important to learn about those who'd come before so she could apply those lessons to her own work.

She'd never admit it out loud, but part of her unerring work ethic was in part due to a fear that she wouldn't be enough in some far off scenario. That when the chips were down and she had to lay it all on the line.... she'd come up short.

It was for this very reason she'd ended up not signing on to the Capture the Flag event, at least in part. Her studies took precedence to what she'd assumed was a simple game.

As it had turned out, it was more of a large group exercise and much to her chagrin probably would have been very useful in getting practice in using her abilities in unorthodox ways. With no way to sign up now, however, she'd opted to double down on her studies and to at least go and watch the others. To that end she stood and snagged her leather jacket as she headed out for the day, making sure to lock the dorm behind her as she went.
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