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Kathrine Vale:

With a stretch and slight yawn, one Kathrine Vale set down her pencil and leaned back in her chair. She'd been poring over mission reports of past graduates, taking notes on their abilities and how they used them to complete their objectives. She felt it was important to learn about those who'd come before so she could apply those lessons to her own work.

She'd never admit it out loud, but part of her unerring work ethic was in part due to a fear that she wouldn't be enough in some far off scenario. That when the chips were down and she had to lay it all on the line.... she'd come up short.

It was for this very reason she'd ended up not signing on to the Capture the Flag event, at least in part. Her studies took precedence to what she'd assumed was a simple game.

As it had turned out, it was more of a large group exercise and much to her chagrin probably would have been very useful in getting practice in using her abilities in unorthodox ways. With no way to sign up now, however, she'd opted to double down on her studies and to at least go and watch the others. To that end she stood and snagged her leather jacket as she headed out for the day, making sure to lock the dorm behind her as she went.
Sadly I'm not much of a Warhammer guy. Little too much 'everything is pretty terrible for everyone's for my tastes.

Sad to see this go, but I can lurk until another Halo RP pops up. And wish you luck in your future GMing ventures.
D: nooooo
I hope it's Shaxx, I want to meet the other Alpha Company Spartan-III!
Cassie will personally kill at least one Jackal with a rocket before I let this game go!
UNSC Celestian Observation Deck

Cassie's eyes flicked to the clock mounted in the wall of the Observation Deck and noted that it was only 7:02. She let out a relieved sigh, and a sheepish grin crept over her face.

"0900, huh? These new Spartans sure take their time getting suited up... Well, I suppose I'd better get moving, I'd hate to make a poor impression for my successors. Let the Commander know that she can absolutely expect me on the bridge on time, could you?"

With a short laugh, she exited the Observation Deck, headed for the Armory. The Celestian didn't have a dedicated S-Deck like Infinity or her previous posting aboard the Molon Labe, but several BROKKR Armor Mechanisms had been installed, allowing Spartan operatives to be suited up far more quickly than in years past. Cassie grinned again, thinking to the days when it took up to an hour and a team of technicians to suit up a single Spartan in the eponymous MJOLNIR.

Upon entry to the Armory, Cassie moved quickly to her locker, where she quickly stripped off and stuffed the fatigues that covered the Techsuit she wore, the base of MJOLNIR. The suit was more or less skintight, an inner layer formed to her skin and kept the temperature comfortable. Next was a layer of liquid circuitry and hydrostatic gel that both allowed for a ship grade AI to be used in the armor system, and adjusted pressure in the suit according to the needs of its user. Over this was the outer plating, a dense Titanium-based woven material that provided moderate protection on its own, and was even made with biofoam injection ports built in. What was truly incredible, however, was the force-amplifying circuits and shield dispersion channels and webbing that amplified a wearers abilities and allowed for a powered energy shield to be projected across the armor when it was fully constructed on her body.

Her non-essential gear stowed, Cassie stepped up into one of the BROKKR Armor Mechanisms and activated the automated process. It took a moment to scan before beginning to assemble the various pieces that comprised the main outer plating of the armor onto the Techsuit. In mere minutes, Cassie stepped off of the machine, clad head to toe in an eye-catching yellow and black set of MJOLNIR Gen2 Explosives Ordinance Disposal Powered Assault Armor. MJOLNIR came in many variants, for every imaginable need on the battlefield, and Cassie's, in particular, assisted her in dealing with the explosive ordinance she handled regularly. Every part was designed to funnel shockwaves and shrapnel away from her body, and although she'd never had an explosive she was working on go off unexpectedly on her, it was a risk she understood well enough. A few of her fellow trainees had spent days in the infirmary for explosives-related accidents during training.

With a thought, she set one of the several micro AI in the suit's firmware to do a diagnostic, on all the various systems, something she did every time she suited up, even knowing it was done automatically upon bootup. it never hurt to doublecheck. Her old CO, Kurt Ambrose had drilled all the Alpha's that while machines could always fail, with enough due diligence, a person could not. It was something Cassie had never quite agreed with herself but had taken to heart anyway.

All suited up, she made her way past the others to leave the Armory.
February 21st, 2558
UNSC Fortitude South Hanger

Her head turned, the blank eyes of her helmet meeting the Brute's and holding there while he spoke.

And she had to concede that it was a potential solution to the problem.

But it didn't make it the right one, or even a feasible one given the circumstances.

The four of them, a Spartan, Brute, human, and Jackal, offering to buy the matriarch? The pirates would never buy it. It might be done were it just Cassie, Greene and the Marines, but such a strange group as theirs would rouse suspicion in even the most idiotic of pirates.

"It's true that if they were under the impression we were interested buyers, they might bring us to theme Matriarch. It's far more likely they'd bring us to a separate location to make the trade. We'd never see the Matriarch until we'd shown we were serious about buying. And even then, it's just as likely we'd be killed on the spot or simply led right out again with the Matriarch never crossing paths with us. Jackals are greedy, yes, but they aren't stupid. We don't have the luxury of subterfuge here.

If you want to try and swindle a gang of pirates I suggest you do it on your own time, in the meantime, I will do my very best to ensure you get to break a lot of frail hollow bones today and that your armor requires very little polishing when we return."

She held the gaze a few seconds longer, then turned her head back to the rest of the group.

"If there are no other questions, then I suggest you all get ready. We have a very exciting day ahead of us, and I'm eager to get started."
[DATA CORRUPTION] 7:00am UTC, 2558
UNSC Celestian Observation Deck

"All crew, prepare for Slipspace jump. Repeat, all crew prepare for Slipspace jump."

The cool voice of the Celestian's automated alert system broke the relative silence of the Observation Deck, but it went unheard by the Spartan-III who sat staring at the star-dotted void of space. She'd been there for nearly an hour and a half now. A pair of headphones sat comfortably over her head, playing some 21st century noise that had been obscure when it had been released. Making noise cancelling tech that allowed a Spartan to isolate themselves had been challenging, moreso was getting that tech put into a set of Commercial headphones. One of the perks of being a Spartan was getting unorthodox requisitions filled.

It was the slight tug of acceleration that pulled Cassie from her thoughts, the minute changes in the pull of gravity not able to be felt by ordinary crewmen. Under normal circumstances, she might have checked any shipwide notifications through her MJOLNIR armor's link to the ships network. This morning however, she wasn't in armor, a fact that caused some mild irritation to the super-soldier. She by no means needed the armor to function but there was no denying she preferred being in armor than out. She stood, pulling the headphones down around her neck as a frown crossed her face.

"Solares, why is the ship changing course?" She asked to the apparently empty room, knowing the AI would hear her regardless.

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