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Here with my tail between my legs, how far fetched would it be for me to return with Sergio back from a smoke break? I think I've figured the problem out.
Sergio della Gherardesca

Sergio breathed in as Gerard lifted the scarf, glancing to Tyaethe with an annoyed look as she tapped him. He'd been too quick on the draw. Unbefitting.

He slowly let the Nem down, twirling his dagger in his other hand as he looked to Dame Serenity, suggesting they hand her over. He quietly nodded, eyes softened as they moved to the Knight-Captain.

"May I take a moment?" He asked of Fanilly, tone of voice lowered considerably.

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Sergio della Gherardesca

His head twisted in confoundment at Tyaethe, disregarding it once it had finished by taking the initiative and simply grabbing the Nem by the scarf on her neck, raising her up as he held his blade firm in icepick grip in his other hand. His fiery eyes burning right at her, two blood moons in the sky.

"You understand us talking? Eh?" Words angled to be delivered as clearly as he could manage, with enough sharpness to them to cut through any language barrier in the way.

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Sergio della Gherardesca

Sergio found himself envious that Gerard had brought his battle weapon with him.

Instincts smashed gears together in his machine of a brain, moving into overdrive, he silently disobeyed Serenity's suggestion in favour of Tyaethe's. The Knight's concealed dagger dropped from his sleeve into his hand as he sprinted, not too far behind Ser Renar, after the assassin. His eyes flashed as the threat came close.

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Sergio della Gherardesca

Although Ser Sergio had yet to be formally introduced to Renar's half-brother, were he a betting man he'd have put good stock in Renar mopping the floor with about 70% of a lot of the noble stock roaming around, especially around at the ball. Truthfully he could have made that bet about any of the Iron Roses (Gerard sprung to mind) but Renar's ferocity and disregard for acting in "good form" for an enemy built him as a dangerous adversary for old-guard style Knights. He allowed himself an impressed grin at the defeat of Felix, and raised his glass to Renar.

"Ser Renar likes to make his, your highness." Sergio chuckled, glancing briefly to Dame Serenity as the First Princess walked away.

"If we're not careful, the Crown Knights will start poaching our stock." The redhead grinned to his compatriot, quietly, nodding again to the victorious Iron Rose.

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Sergio della Gherardesca

“The respect is a grace, your highness. I thank you for your gratitude. It isn’t, ah, expected, but it is appreciated, hmm. Dame Serenity will agree.” He smiled.

The respect was more appreciated than his performative manner let on, of course. Those who would wield power often would often find themselves taking those with loyalty for granted, maybe not even out of outright maliciousness all of the time. But the power can disconnect you - and those who rule well tended to circumvent that - they tended to keep themselves tethered to those under them.

This was knowledge not only gained from social insight - but just as much from blood spilled.

Sergio glanced to Serenity - his job was not to dominate the conversation as much as help make a memorable impression. The younger Knight should have her say.

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Sergio della Gherardesca

Admittedly, Sergio was more entertaining the girls than he was particularly interested in the tales of folk lore, although he noted Gerard's openness in knowing the Captain probably saved his life. The humility was perhaps, again, something Lucas could learn from, even if the frankness worried him, ever so slight.

And then, as the story concluded, the moment of the night occurred. The two princesses arrived, notably without the prince in tow - perhaps he was of ill health? And yet the absence, by his view, was negligible, as the two's presence drew the attention of most everybody in the room (besides a few straggling Knights he'd been paying little notice to). The elder's shimmering dress was magnificent - he'd heard previous of its rumoured Elven origins but to see it in the stitch was something else. His thoughts aligned with Gerard's - it was unlikely there was anyone in the room whose attitude was more suited to their role.

As Gerard glanced to him, he grinned back. He was remiss not to avoid being too brash, but his duty as a landed Knight was to make a strong, warm impression - the others certainly weren't doing so. The Knight of the Harvest Moon warmly and politely nodded without word to the girls they'd been conjugating with prior - he'd have offered a kiss on the hand but to keep the princesses waiting would be poor form. He strode across the hall, somewhat boldly, past the others, though not so close as to be tackled by a royal guard (that would be the metric for "too bold")

He brushed a strand of hair out of his face with his hand, making eye contact with the elder princess.

"With respect...ah...your grace, our eagerness likely outweighs your own. It is a priceless honour - and a pleasure - to see and speak to you both, I'm sure my comrades would agree." His words came out like smooth honey - secretly practiced for days.

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Sergio della Gherardesca

Sergio sipped his drink almost in parallel to Violette, humbly smiling as the other two complimented their bravery. It was superficial, but it was still a gentle reminder that he was doing what he'd intended to do since joining.

"The Witch-Queen? Perhaps you should regale me, eh? Not a tale I'm familiar with."

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Sergio della Gherardesca

He did sort of deserve that, really.

Sergio smiled politely, reluctantly nodding in confirmation. He’d tell his tale, he didn’t quite have the heart to disappoint the girls.

“Well…eh, my side of the skirmish was bloody in itself.” He closed his eyes, for dramatic effect. “Many men had gathered in an attempt to protect the giant that Ser Gerard and the Captain were preoccupied with - I…was unlikely to let that happen. Amateurs though they were - it was perilous!”

His eyes were open again, gesticulating his arms as he told his story.

“But me and the others held the line. As is our duty, eh?” That signature shine in his pupils.

Sergio della Gherardesca

Gerard’s response had been cut short by a trio of teenagers, 2/3 over enthusiastic.

A shame. Sergio made a mental note to take Gerard aside properly later in the night, perhaps after more of the wine had been consumed. For now, though, the Knight greeted the girls with an extra charming smile - playing the part up. His arms spread as he bowed dramatically for them.

Signore, would it not be rude to not ask of your names before we regale you of our stories?” He glanced to Gerard. “Like that of the mighty bandit lord, eh?”

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