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IC: Iral Vijil (Tiger 1)

Stalker Judge split off from Brae, his quick and light frame making his way over to the other two mech pilots. "Tiger number One on the move, following Two and Five's position."
IC: Iral Vijil

Seeing Brae's situation, Iral stopped, moving his small mech closer to Praetorian and keeping watch. "With due respect Six, I'm going to stay by Tiger Three until she frees herself. This would literally be the worst time to get jumped, no?"

IC: Iral Vijil

"Yeah, but neither me or number Three can actually see the bastards." He muttered over the comms, closely monitoring the greenery. His claw fingered the button, ready to open fire.
IC: Iral Vijil

"I didn't think a bunch of degenerates like them were even capable of being so bloody quiet." He muttered, eyes locked on his sensors.
IC: Iral Vijil

The raptor didn't reply with a snarky comment to Brae, speaking in a more cautious tone. "Covering number Three." He said in confirmation.
IC: Iral Vijil

"Yare yare, who made you the boss, anyway?" Stalker Judge seemed to shake its "head". "Alright, Three, let's move. Today, preferably."

IC: Iral Vijil

"So what? We split up into small groups and move out? Duos, I suppose?"
IC: Iral Vijil

Another mech impacted the ground, quickly standing upright and pointing its autocannon experimentally. Iral spoke over the comms, sounding clearly more in the zone and focused than before. "Tiger number 1 dropped and operational. Stalker Judge ready for combat."

"They'd be expecting police forces, correct?" He asked, surveying the landscape.
IC: Iral Vijil

The Hihijli audibly sighed, rolling his avian eyes. "Do you ever talk about anything other than killing?". Juliana's observations stopped him from commenting further, though. It was somewhat worrying that a bunch of mercenaries were called in as opposed to highly trained police outfits.
IC: Iral Vijil

"Y-You-Nevermind! It's fine! I'm fine!" Iral tried his best to calm himself, muttering something to himself (not so quietly) about humans and how selfish they are. "Let's just get going."
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