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6 mos ago
Current Nothing brings more tear to my eyes tham coming back to the site after MONTHS and seeing my post/day gone below 3, even below 2.5! And to think it was above 4 at points in my life T_T
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10 mos ago
University began today, and all my sumemr hopes and dreams shattered in one quick cacaphony of broken glass. My mondays will always kill me inside, I can already see it...
10 mos ago
I am completely ruining my PPD, but I am just too absorbed with Dicord RPs to start something real slow on the forums. Someone help me, this hurts.
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1 yr ago
I figured I should update my status. Tada!
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Aw yeahhh, sweet new animated profile picture. The only true evolutionary step forward!
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Mое описание

Male|Twenty|Not Actually Russian


Let me properly introduce myself. I am Sir Spud the Fourth, and I have been a potato for the longest time ever. I never denied it to be completely honest, but it is only recently that I embraced it. Now I have evolved from a simple couch potato to a fully grown royal potato. A dapper kawaii potato. And I dare say, knowing that you are a spud, makes life a lot easier. Just chill and let everyone else care about all their meaningless things because at the end of the day you'll know: chilling is the way to go.

I try to spend minimal effort on things that I don't care about, and procrastination might as well be my middle name. But that doesn't mean I ONLY rest. Sometimes a 'tato gotta do what a 'tato gotta do. And if that something happens to be things I like, then you cannot find anyone better than me. I am an omnipotent being capable of virtually any task to a limited degree, and I am not shy to admit it. I may not be the MOST AWESOMEST in a thing, but I am sure as hell MORE AWESOMEST than most people are at everything. But hey, I'm not here to brag, even if I am probabaly better at it than you


All those nights laying in my couch, I thought about the cool shit that I cannot do. That I cannot see. But I pictured them in front of myself like they were real, and that infuraited me. Then I found the Guild, and I lived happily after. I have been on the site for 2 years now, and I have seen many RPs, and played with many people. I wish I have found the site earlier, but I am glad that I've even found it. Now all those fantasies can be written down and my mind can rest at ease at night, without being constantly troubled by ideas.

When I RP, I love myself some good Sci-Fi or Fantasy. But hey I am filthy casual, I can go for anything with an interesting setting. I don't trouble myself on small details if the plot is good, but if you get somwthing wrong you can expect me to tell you about it. Some even go as far as to think that I am angry or something, but I am too chill for that. If anything I'm more of the funny type, so you can expect me to try and write some shitty jokes or post memes I found on the internet. Anyways, you'll see what I mean when we RP together.


I won't lie when I say that alongside RPing, I have one more serious hobby. I fell in love with 3D art the moment I learned about it. At first, I tried to convey my amazing ideas onto paper, but they never really worked out. So instead I turned towards modelling stuff on the PC. I began learning the fundamentals of 3D art in the summer fo 2017, and I've been doing things related to it almost every now and then. You can never learn enough about these things, and despite the school sapping me fo determination, I have hopes that I'll be able to improve my abilities.

I like to test my limits, so if you have any suggestions for a 3D artwork that I should work on next, feel free to PM me your idea! If you also happen to be a struggling hobby artist who uses Photoshop and a drawing board, I am sure we could work together to make some cool things. But enough advertising, that's enough about my hobbies.


Now I may have hobbies like the above mentioned, but there are some more things that I love in life. Here is a handy list of things you can always talk about with me:

  • Gaming: This one I am quite proud of, I'm a serious gamer with capital G.
  • Music: All kinds of electronic music, but I am a sucker for Queen.
  • Airsoft: Jumping into military uniforms and shooting other people with small plastic bullets is really fun.
  • Anime: We all have an Otaku in us, but it's bigger for some people.


Be chill folks, getting fed up about stuff is a recipe for disaster. You gotta learn to be patient and let things go, or you'll end up a wrinkly old man/woman with only bad memories about life. Even if you do fuck-all every day, you can live a content life by taking things easy. With that said, as always, stay safe and stay classy.

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Gotchu fam! No worries, I don't mind it or anything I just found it so random haha. I guess that is certainly one way to make yourself stand out amongst the rest!
Oh well, in that case, time to fuck everyone over as the OS. A ship can run without any trained medical professionals on board, but the party must make sure their credits are not wasted!

Also, any particular reason you keep using "motherfucking" every time you try to emphasize something but put it between commas? :
It just feels so random and out of place haha
So, I've been having ideas of a few new space races recently, mostly inspired by Stellaris. But whereeas I can live out my murder fantasies in that game, the more intricate matters simply escape the grasp of the game. So, here I am, writing it down for later usage.

Name: The Kiendramaat

Born on the continent sized coral reefs of their tiny charred homeworld the Shaen Tik, the Kiendramaat are a race of large humanoid amphibians who deeply despise their galactic neighbours. Their society has evovled over the past several thousands of years to be incredibly martial, yet they frown upon conflict and stay within the confines of their little segment of space and rarely interact with the other races of the galaxy. Their society is managed by a complex system of couriers that are tasked with delivering messages between the smaller entities of the Kiendramaat and relaying requests and offers. This is all in favor of their egalitarian society where every member of the race works towards the higher goal of terraforming their home planet or maintaining their ramshackle fleet and warding off intruders.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's go further into depth for these xenophobic isolationists and why exactly they are the way they are. Perhaps the best way to explain that is by taking a glance at their history and work our way up from there once we understand how their star domain came to be.

History: In the beginning, Shaen Tik was a beautiful world that would've been envied by any other race who would breathe the same nitrogen and carbon-dioxide rich atmosphere as they did. And chances are that they would've been welcomed by the locals, ancestors of the Kiendramaat who were simple people with simple goals. Inhabiting the single continent just south of their planet's equator and the many small atolls created by the violent volcanic nature of their planet, they lived off of hunting and gathering. For thousands of years, their society had made great strifes in communication and culture, and all but neglected technological advancements. Never particularly curious and always benevolent, the Kiendramaat lived in an extremely decentralized society where no individual held any power above the others, and more complex tasks were compelted with individuals working together in a anturall cohesive way. This way, even the dangerous predators of their home planet who resides in the marshy areas of their continent were hunted and tamed. Had it not been for a fateful day, the Kiendramaat would probably be a footnote of history, a race still living on their planet in peace until their sun burned out, perhaps never discovered in the chaos of the galactic nebula they inhabit. However, that destiny, was not to be.

On the very first day of teh very first year of the Kiendermaat calendar, the heavens cracked with a holy lightning, and blaze filled the skies. Millions of their kin gazed upon the sky as the stars flickered and faded, as if the sky was going to fall on them. And indeed, it soon did. Hours after the first of the lights were observed by the people, a lightshow enveloped the sky. Hundreds of thousands of shooting stars blazed across the sky, drowning out the sun as they burnt up in the atmosphere. It took exactly an hour before those that didn't arrived. The locals stared into the sky as a deafening explosions shook the air and a fireball descended towards them. Then a dozen more followed as they raced towards the surface. Within the minutes the first one landed and the ground shook all over the planet. The water receeded before a series of tsunamis laid waste to the low lying beaches of the planet. In two hours, half of the population had been either completely wiped out, or were left to search for survivors amongst the ruins of what once were their primitive villages. As time passed, a series of other firbealls descended from the sky and the Kiendramaat all gathered inland. So far, not one ahd hit their continent, but the effects were still devastating.

It was around nightfall that the fate of their people had been sealed. An explosion that brought day to the night lit up the sky a boom boom that travelled several times around the planet echoed as the people watched in fear while a gigantic object seemingly piereced the heavens and feel towards their planet. Minutes crawled by like seconds, and seconds came to a halt as the giant object finally collided several thousand miles off the western coast. Most of the Kiendramaat who saw this event from the high grounds of the continent didn't live to see the next hour. A tsunami sveral miles tall formed and a shockwave that flattened entire rainforests hit the continent. Hundreds of thousands died from it alone, while a second, even brighter explosion filled the the sky until it faded away into a cloud reaching so far out into the sky that it seemed to touch the stars themselves. The Kiendramaat who were still alive could only huddle close to each other as they took refugee wherever they could and waited for the waves to hit.

Not an hour later, most of the low lying areas were flooded completely, and except the higher mountains the water had swept away everything. Hours later, the eart itself began to crack and gases erupted, the massive volcanic fault line along which the continent was formed began to open up again as the tectonic plates shifted violently. Volcanoes erupted where ebfore thwere were forests or grasslands, and the muntains exploded with a thunderous roar, sending rubble and ash high into the atmosphere. As the night went by, the ground shook constantly and as the water receeded it would travel thousands of miles off the beaches until it would come to a halt. Shaen Tik was no more as it used to be, and neither were the Kiendramaat.

As the night rolled by and day came along, the survivors of this cataclysm crawled out of whatever hole they were hiding in, only to find what was once a lush landscape as far as they eye could see devastated. The forests still standing burned with an orange fever and smoke billowed from teh ground in every direction the eye could see. The sea was not to be seen, instead the giant object that fell now domianted the horizon as it's metallic frame stretched high into the sky, it's gargantuan size hidden by the thick black clouds that now covered the skies. Every Kiendramaat alive knew that their world as they remembered was gone and it would never be the same again.

@ScreenAcne Mmmm, we live in a world where WW2 is forgotten. This is truly a dark time. Looking over the things, isn't Voltus our OS? If not, I'll gladly take over that role. If yes, I'll be the medic, because I'm inclined to play as a role I always play. Every fukken time. I swear I'm the only medic on this goddamn site Yes, watching people bleed out can be glorious. But hey, not my problem if they can't keep their guts in their body.
@ScreenAcne Mmm, nothing rustles my jimmies more than some gritty space opera about our glorious coroprate overlords and the dreams of people getting crushed under the mad-max style steel boot of reality.

I hope I am not too late to the party to fire up some les miserables who will suffer for my and others's enjoyment >:D

Edit: quick aprse through the OOC, DID SOMEONE SAY AI? *brings out the copies of Martha Well's Murderbot Diaries* My body is so ready :

@Voltus_Ventus I see a Voltus Ventus. it has been ages my dude. I hope you're holding up fine!
I read the first 2 paragraphs and I'm already interested. In fact, I've been making a near identical RP setting in my head, which I'll put on a halt to see how this works out! Lemme just read the rest quickly, but you already have my itnerest!

EDIT: Okay, after reading this I'm even more hyped than before! I really hope this RP takes off, because there is nothing more interesting than an Expanse style conflict.
Yeeee, I loved this idea so much but then you were too busy to actually GM this for us. In case this time you actually put effort into starting when everybody is on their heels to start, then I'd love to join. Otherwise, wasted effort.
I hate to be necroing old posts, but it's still better than fetching a large group PM and I'll only message those of you who are semi active.
If you are interested in a similar style of RP, thought this time about an internal strife within the empire I brought to the rp, head over to this link and check for yourself if you like what you see. Hardy men always needed!

With that, I'll quickly get away before I get pnwed for necroing >.>'
Have a great day and sorry for the ping
Here is the link to the lore of Saqquar and related articles:

And here is teh link to the discord server!
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