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UGH, I need a better GPU, rendering takes FOREVER.
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Working on your body is one thing. Working on your skills is SOOOO much harder.
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STEAM SUMMER SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't know what he's saying, but its dope AF…


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Male|Twenty|Not Actually Russian


Let me properly introduce myself. I am Sir Spud the Fourth, and I have been a potato for the longest time ever. I never denied it to be completely honest, but it is only recently that I embraced it. Now I have evolved from a simple couch potato to a fully grown royal potato. A dapper kawaii potato. And I dare say, knowing that you are a spud, makes life a lot easier. Just chill and let everyone else care about all their meaningless things because at the end of the day you'll know: you don't care.

I try to spend minimal effort on things that I don't care about, and procrastination is my middle name. But that doesn't mean I ONLY rest. Sometimes a 'tato gotta do what a 'tato gotta do. And if that something happens to be things I like, then you cannot find anyone better than me. I am an omnipotent being capable of virtually any task to a limited degree, and I am not shy to admit it. I may not be the MOST AWESOMEST in a thing, but I am sure as hell MORE AWESOMEST than most people are at everything. But hey, I'm not here to brag, even if I am probabaly better at it than you


All those nights laying in my couch, I thought about the cool shit that I cannot do. That I cannot see. But I pictured them in front of myself like they were real, and that infuraited me. Then I found the Guild, and I lived happily after. I have been on the site for 2 years now, and I have seen many RPs, and played with many people. I wish I have found the site earlier, but I am glad that I've even found it. Now all those fantasies can be written down and my mind can rest at ease at night, without being constantly troubled by ideas.

When I RP, I love myself some good Sci-Fi or Fantasy. But hey I am filthy casual, I can go for anything with an interesting setting. I don't trouble myself on small details if the plot is good, but if you get somwthing wrong you can expect me to tell you about it. Some even go as far as to think that I am angry or something, but I am too chill for that. If anything I'm more of the funny type, so you can expect me to try and write some shitty jokes or post memes I found on the internet. Anyways, you'll see what I mean when we RP together.


I won't lie when I say that alongside RPing, I have one more serious hobby. I fell in love with 3D art the moment I learned about it. At first, I tried to convey my amazing ideas onto paper, but they never really worked out. So instead I turned towards modelling stuff on the PC. I began learning the fundamentals of 3D art about 2 motnhs ago, and I've been doing things related to it almost every day. You can never learn enough about these things, and I aspire to be a professional 3D artist.

I like to test my limits, so if you have any suggestions for a 3D artwork that I should work on next, feel free to PM me your idea! If you also happen to be a struggling hobby artist who uses Photoshop and a drawing board, I am sure we could work together to make some cool things. But enough advertising, that's enough about my hobbies.


Now I amy have hobbies like the above mentioned, but there are some more things that I love in life. Here is a handy list of things you can always talk about with me:

  • Gaming: This one I am quite proud of, I'm a seriously good player
  • Music: Electronic, Glitch Hop, Chiptune, Dubstep
  • Airsoft: Jumping into military uniforms and shooting other people with small plastic bullets is really fun
  • Anime: We all have an Otaku in us


Be chill folks, getting fed up about stuff is a recipe for disaster. You gotta learn to be patient and let things go, or you'll end up a wrinkly old man/woman with only bad memories about life. Even if you do fuck-all every day, you can live a content life by taking things easy. With that said, as always, stay safe and stay classy.

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Location: Devil's Runners HQ
Time: Few minutes before dawn

The rats angrily screeched and ran away from Loki as she made her way through the sewage tunnels with a large tube on her back, clanking with every step. The place still stinked of decay, but at least the sewage itself was nowhere to be found. Piles of trash resided in the deeper parts of the tunnel and the colonies of rats an bugs made their homes in them. Tiny eyes gazed at her every step, as she approached a massive flood gate that stood open like a gaping maw in the darkness of the tunnels. On the other side lied an enormous, dimly lit hole that would channel the excess sewage into treatement facilites hundreds of floors below. But she didn't go beyond the gate and instead stopped a few dozen meters away from it. On the left side of the wall was a hardly noticable round metal door that blended in with the darkness around it. Loki stepped closer and turned the handle on it sideways.

The hinges screamed as the door slowly opened and revealed what lied on it's other side. The light from inside hit Loki's eyes and she had to squint as her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room. She closed the door behind her, and then took off the gas mask but left the goggles on to filter some of the light. Her implant was still a bit sensitive to light changes, but the eye protection helped slightly. She took a deep breath from the air inside which was only slightly less smelly than that in the sewers, and smiled with pleasure at the scent. It may be sour, but it was the smell of something else that was much sweeter. It was the smell of home.

Most settlers live in the safety of settlements where they live in small shacks that can barely fit a sleeping shack, but Runners rarely have to put up with those conditions. The room was spacious and decoared with furniture and accessories brought down from the topside. It gave a cozy feel to the concrete living space that was only separated by wooden shelves, curtains and the occasional concrete pillar. In the middle of the room stood a large table with papers and empty bottles dotting it's surface, but the worn map could still be seen under all the mess. Looked around to see where the others are at, but she could only see the faint light of reading lamps and hear quiet snoring. She carefully walked to the tabble in the middle and grabbed the large metal tube on her back. She used one hand to make some free space on the table by removing a few stacks of paper and pushing them aside. Then she made sure to make the most possible noise by placing the heavy tube on the metal part of the table.

The sound of steel clashing with steel echoed multiple times throughout the room, relentless assaulting the ears of those inside it. The sweet clanking sound finally quelled as the sound of people waking up canclled it out. Loki smiled in pleasure as she inspected the surprised faces that looked at her with dreamy eyes from behind the curtains and walls. "Wake up you lazy bunch. We've got work to do! You have 5 minutes to get ready for briefing." To give weight to her words she started the timer on her wristwatch, making sure that everyone can see the motion clearly.
I have an announcement! As we will be starting the RP soon, and I know just how infuriating this waiting time can be, Inertia kindly pointed it out to me that I should re-use the initial impression system.

If you don't know what it is, let me explain. You write a single sentence about the other character in the IC from the perspective of your own character. Just a simple first impression from the eyes of the guy you will be playing. This speeds up the early game by eliminating the unuseful posts about getting friendly, and we can already start with established relations and opinions. If you want to establish a relation with any character before having to do it in the RP, now is the time to talk with other players.

[your character's name]
[name of other character] - "Opinion of your character about the other person, hopefully in a tone/manner your own character would phrase it."

Once you have it written, please post it into your character's CS sheet under the category of Relationships.
@BurningCold We have a chamber down in the tunnels in a backwater area. It is as good as bases get.
@Tala Avana She looks awesome. I mean, the CS itself is not as dancy as the others, but the content is what matters, and it is well done.

And damn, we have a lot of dudes now. I will post the IC in the next 24 hours.
@Tala Avana Yes, that is prefectly fine.
@BurningCold If he did come, it would have been before. At this point travel between the planets is done via wormholes and warpgates, but since a warpgate can only be built to harness the wormhole, and in this case the wormhole itself collapsed, you would have to use conventional engines to get around.

So no they couldn't have arrived. If they have, it would render the plot of the RP essentially useless, with dozens of ships from offworld coming to help the surviviors and provide humanitarian aid.
@Eodwyn Aether "Claustrophobic: Liam has a deep hatred of small places. The mere thought of really small places scares the living shit out of him."

RIP so hard there aren't enough RIPs in the whole world. Half the RP plays underground, I cannot wait to see how he reacts to it.

Remember that most electronics were fried. Almost no surface dwellers or shallow settlements have access to good quality pre-apocalypse electronic gear. I would ditch the EMP emitter and perhaps the thermal vision. I would say that the thremal vision could ebr estored if we found materials, and maybe even the EMP, but they are definetly not accessible. Especially considering that I will let you have dual plasma pistols. Which require electricity to run. And expensive ass ammo.
@BurningCold I mean, I feel like this RP is garnering more attention than I can handle alone, but so far I haven't regretted inviting anyone. So yeah, welcome aboard. Just give us a CS and we shall evaluate it.

Also, I need Co-GMs. We have a lot of people nao, and I having a Co-GM would help a lot. So if you feel like you are qualified enough, you should PM me if you want to apply. Yay.
Before I fall asleep again, Extra Infos issue 3! I know you all want it, so have it.

Well then, here is the link to the Discord server. Hope to see you there.
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