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Current Status updates, huh? Who needs those anyways, pfft
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11 mos ago
Nothing brings more tear to my eyes tham coming back to the site after MONTHS and seeing my post/day gone below 3, even below 2.5! And to think it was above 4 at points in my life T_T
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1 yr ago
University began today, and all my sumemr hopes and dreams shattered in one quick cacaphony of broken glass. My mondays will always kill me inside, I can already see it...
1 yr ago
I am completely ruining my PPD, but I am just too absorbed with Dicord RPs to start something real slow on the forums. Someone help me, this hurts.
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I figured I should update my status. Tada!
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Mое описание

Male|Twenty|Not Actually Russian


Let me properly introduce myself. I am Sir Spud the Fourth, and I have been a potato for the longest time ever. I never denied it to be completely honest, but it is only recently that I embraced it. Now I have evolved from a simple couch potato to a fully grown royal potato. A dapper kawaii potato. And I dare say, knowing that you are a spud, makes life a lot easier. Just chill and let everyone else care about all their meaningless things because at the end of the day you'll know: chilling is the way to go.

I try to spend minimal effort on things that I don't care about, and procrastination might as well be my middle name. But that doesn't mean I ONLY rest. Sometimes a 'tato gotta do what a 'tato gotta do. And if that something happens to be things I like, then you cannot find anyone better than me. I am an omnipotent being capable of virtually any task to a limited degree, and I am not shy to admit it. I may not be the MOST AWESOMEST in a thing, but I am sure as hell MORE AWESOMEST than most people are at everything. But hey, I'm not here to brag, even if I am probabaly better at it than you


All those nights laying in my couch, I thought about the cool shit that I cannot do. That I cannot see. But I pictured them in front of myself like they were real, and that infuraited me. Then I found the Guild, and I lived happily after. I have been on the site for 2 years now, and I have seen many RPs, and played with many people. I wish I have found the site earlier, but I am glad that I've even found it. Now all those fantasies can be written down and my mind can rest at ease at night, without being constantly troubled by ideas.

When I RP, I love myself some good Sci-Fi or Fantasy. But hey I am filthy casual, I can go for anything with an interesting setting. I don't trouble myself on small details if the plot is good, but if you get somwthing wrong you can expect me to tell you about it. Some even go as far as to think that I am angry or something, but I am too chill for that. If anything I'm more of the funny type, so you can expect me to try and write some shitty jokes or post memes I found on the internet. Anyways, you'll see what I mean when we RP together.


I won't lie when I say that alongside RPing, I have one more serious hobby. I fell in love with 3D art the moment I learned about it. At first, I tried to convey my amazing ideas onto paper, but they never really worked out. So instead I turned towards modelling stuff on the PC. I began learning the fundamentals of 3D art in the summer fo 2017, and I've been doing things related to it almost every now and then. You can never learn enough about these things, and despite the school sapping me fo determination, I have hopes that I'll be able to improve my abilities.

I like to test my limits, so if you have any suggestions for a 3D artwork that I should work on next, feel free to PM me your idea! If you also happen to be a struggling hobby artist who uses Photoshop and a drawing board, I am sure we could work together to make some cool things. But enough advertising, that's enough about my hobbies.


Now I may have hobbies like the above mentioned, but there are some more things that I love in life. Here is a handy list of things you can always talk about with me:

  • Gaming: This one I am quite proud of, I'm a serious gamer with capital G.
  • Music: All kinds of electronic music, but I am a sucker for Queen.
  • Airsoft: Jumping into military uniforms and shooting other people with small plastic bullets is really fun.
  • Anime: We all have an Otaku in us, but it's bigger for some people.


Be chill folks, getting fed up about stuff is a recipe for disaster. You gotta learn to be patient and let things go, or you'll end up a wrinkly old man/woman with only bad memories about life. Even if you do fuck-all every day, you can live a content life by taking things easy. With that said, as always, stay safe and stay classy.

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Seeing how everybody is absent or leaving, and with my real life kicking me down on the ground with some shit, I don't think I can keep the RP running. It's been a lnog time coming, without constant hype people usually lose interest, and that's why I do prefer Discord. But this was just so many more things, and I'm sad to say that I simply don't have the power to run the RP right now. I have many ideas still, but trying to wrestle my life with the forums and delaing with the other people's rl issues is just too much for me to handle now.

I hope you will all take care of yoruselves and have some fun elsewhere. It was fun playing with you while we did, and I'm sorry for the people who joined too late. I wish the best of luck to you all, and have a great day.
@Nate1008 Alright, well, the race itself is nice, but I doubt yoU've read much of teh IC or even the opening before making that sheet.

Nobody starts with anything more than extremely rudamentary language, but that one is the least of the issues because by now most people can at least do grunts and the like to communicate.

Really, it comes down to Culture. The whole thing is supposed to be filled in as your savages make a culture, as is the premise of the RP. Not only that, but dragons do not exist in this world, and I feel like there would be hardly a reason for your race who bear no resemblence or have anything in common with dragons/lizards to revere them. Like I said at the start, blank sheet and all that.

That and the tech panel. I did say what you start with, nothing more, nothing less, except for specific occasions.

@Darkod974 Certainly very interesting. But viable? Well...I guess they are humanoid. I honestly don't really mind them, apart from the fact that their blood is toxic. That would just make them completely ridicolous killing machines lol.

@Crusader Lord Great post as ususal! Gotta love the Crowe I feel like a religion is in the brewing! And also kudos for those names, I like that touch very much haha

@Nate1008 It was said in the first post that all races must be humanoid. For the sake of, well, everyone, the more human-like the better, at least in basic functions. Probably a good example are the main races in DnD, which are all distinct, but have similar biological functions and ways they work. Religion is something we don't really have yet, so that will have to be developed, like everything in the culture. And lastly yes, magic is coming soontm to the mix. Not yet, but it isn't far away!

@BigDickChima Sure thing buddy! Show me a nice race and we'll get you slotted in right away!

@Ascendant Splendid! I will read your post alter tonight, I have a few things to handle right now! But I'm sure it's great!

@Crusader Lord Can't wait!
I know I said that I would make that fricking map already, but halfway into trying to render it for like the 15th time (and the app crashing), I finally found something that I really enjoyed working on and gave me a great deal of experience that I will no doubt use for ACTUALLY finishing the map. Here it is, a lowkey much better version of the RP's title image

Hey gang, sleep deprived GM here, who has been working on that stupid map for like 7 hours now. I don't know what else to say, I really want to put that sucker up because I've invested all this time into clearing out those artefacts. You can cheer this sod up and bring a smile to their face if you make an IC post today!

Seriously tho, I'm trying my best to make interesting things for the RP. Hope this map won't consume the rest of my natural lifespan lol
@Raylah@Caelum@Schylerwalker@Ascendant@Odin@Tal@Crusader Lord

Beep, boop, new post is up! Sorry for the wait, but things should start speeding up, believe it or not. As the people with little time/mood for the RP start to leave, we can all start posting more frequently until we reach a nice and comfy equilibrium of post frequence/turn length/IRL time. I have a lot of exciting things planned for the next two turns as the RP starts shaping up to be more like it's intended form while we get out of this little "intro" period :D

Day 1, Week 6, Cycle 1
Springtime - Beginning of Monsoon Season, 15 C°, Thunderstorm

As the days pass and the rain becomes more and more incessant, greeting the inhabitants of the Continent all the more often, the winds of change began to show their true fangs as the day of the second week rolled around. It was a thunderous crack, as if the sky was about to split in half, that woke up the inhabitants of the islands. Then another followed in it's wake, and the sky lit up with a brilliant white light as an arc of lightning split the horizon in half. In it's wake, the worried screams and noises of animals could be heard as they fled from the palce that was struck by lightning. The rain fell from the sky with such intensity that smaller rivers had already begun forming from just the water falling from the sky and pools of water began to swamp and bog down the grasslands. The wind howled with in an eerie tone as it grasped at the trees, violently shaking them and sending leaves and branches flying off into the distance. The great monsoon has finally arrived.

It was a great and violent storm that encompassed the entire Continent in mere hours. Those animals that had shelters made sure to hide in them well. Those that couldn't carried on, paying mindful attention to their rainy surroundings. The ground began to move in thick flows of mud and water, and the landscape was covered in a dreary gloom as the sun failed to pierce through the thick black clouds above and provide the land with it's life giving sunshine. It would surely be a tough time for everyone and everything on the Continent, and no doubt the landscape they had just begun exploring would change by the time the monsoon finally dissipates and seeps away. But until then, the storm would not relent, and it would test if those living on the Continet were truly worthy of their newfound sentience.

On the isle of the Feighd, this could not have come at a worse time. Their queen lay injured on her flowery throne, burned by her own ambition as she tried to tame the raw and wild magic that lay within her, foreign to the world around herself. Now the petals flow in the wind from a nearby tree, it's curious blossoms thrown into the distance as the storm ravages the forest. Yet through the rain and the crashing waves that eat away at the shorelines of their island, all hope is not lost. The queen draws breath, and though her state is not dire, it is certainly worrysome. She lays in a coma, not responding to anyone or anything, and her pulse is faint, but still there. Her beautiful wings and hair are charred, but even injured and helpless like this the air seems to fizzle with magical energy around her, even more so than usual. Could it be her own latent powers, or is something else at work...

Far to the west, deep within the homelands of many races, the Heidevolk gather under their great tree once again. The ground upon which they had built their houses is muddy and pools of water don the grasslands, some as big as smaller lakes. Their simple houses offer protection from the wind for a while, but as the rain begins to eat away at the mud that once bound their homes together, the rain and the wind begins to seep inside, and with time it is fearful that the simple houses will be blown away or simply collapse in the weather. Yet, they have held together for longer than the last ones they made. Yet as the wind howls and tears away at their great Yggdrasil, a different howl joins the mix. Above the nearby dunes, a pack of wolves appear, numbering perhaps a dozen, or less. Their ragged and wet fur is covered with mud, but they seem to pay no attention as they approach the Heidelvolk settlment. One of them seems more eager than the others: a great black wolf, the same one who Egein had once fed in the forest. Now it leads the pack as the stop a distance away from the settlement, making circles around it and watching carefully from a distance what the Heidelvolk are doing. They seemed tame for now, but who knew what they would do if they got hungry...

In the mountains of the east, the rains bring with themselves the smell of salt for the first time, the wind howling in a deep tone as it pierces the rocky outcrops of the Crowe. Though the wind falls and the storm rages, their rudimentary stone buildings hold up well against the wind, even if they seem to leak with water, as the sound of a thousand drips echo through their basic settlement. The past days they have been able to gather many pelts and meat from fleeing animals that fell into their traps, and they were able to stockpile an abundance of various mushrooms that sprouted from their humid hideouts with the coming of the rain. Yet they could no longer traverse the land so easily: massive flows of mud descended from the mountain, down the steep slopes of their home, cutting off routes that they ahd previously traversed. Deep mud made it nearly impossible to make progress through the areas of the mountain that they could still traverse, and the forest was reduced to a dark maze of howling woods that seemed to shift with every breath of the wind. Prey would surely be hard to come by...

The Artias had split up, and now their small groups traveled the lands by their lonesome. The three tribes have made much progress exploring the land and adapting to it, but as the thunder cracks and the flash fills the sky, they too are faced with the hrash reality of the monsoon. The Red Group has not seen big game for two days now, and the meat from their last hunt is starting to run low. All the animals they have seen have been even morecautious than before, and ran away before they could get close. The Blue Group had fared somewhat better, the rare fruit of the spring blossom giving them enough food to get through the day, and their wooden huts faring relatively well against the weather, and though they were neither dry nor warm, they were still far better than standing out in the rain. And the Green Group has had perhaps the most luck, their fish traps abundant with fish trapped in them, unable to escape because of the river's stronger flow, even if they began getting buried in the mude and debris that the rivers carried along with them. Indeed, retrieving these fish have become quite the task for the Artias who now had to go deep into the raging river to clena and maintain these traps if they wanted to capture more than just mud and branches...

The Mordukai were having a feast in their cozy homes far in the western hills, yet they faced similar problems to everyone else. While they wind bothered them not, and they still had some food left, the incessant rain began to eat away at their mound. Their water traps starting to fill up more and more, leaking away less water as the ground around them became increasingly more humid. Eventually the hard ground began to show signs of erosion even underground by the afternoon of the first day, the water seeping between the cracks down to their homes and dripping inside the tunnels. With no sign of the rain stopping soon, this could become a problem for the hive that they have not had to face for many generations in the arid grasslands of the north. Uncomfortable for most, the rain began to threaten their home and existence...

Thank you all for patiently waiting! Today I'll get the next post up and the storm will begin in earnest! Schyler will be notified (as usual) and hopefully he'll produce a post for this next turn! I hope you're all interested in the story progressing, because some technologies might be encouraged or simply easier to do during this monsoon! And with that, I'm off to making a post for you all!

And then maybe fix the weird glitches on the map, because otherwise it looks really good

Anyways... time to get typing for you all and get this thing rolling again!
@Raylah@Caelum@Schylerwalker@Ascendant@Odin@Tal@Crusader Lord


MonkeyBusiness is dropping out for the moment. So don't expect much of them, but they did say they will try to return alter, so there is hope. In about 30 mintues I'm going on a 2 day trip to London, so I'll be back at my PC late into Saturday. Like very late, maybe early Sunday. You have 2 days to finish your psots if you haven't, or make more interesting things for your race. If you have to or want to update your CS, now is the time. Finally, I did make some progress on the 3D map, but it still has many issues I'm trying to fix. But it looks great, and helps visualize the environment for all of you ^^

Take care people, when I'm back we're switching gears if we can and get this show on the road
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