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Current University began today, and all my sumemr hopes and dreams shattered in one quick cacaphony of broken glass. My mondays will always kill me inside, I can already see it...
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I am completely ruining my PPD, but I am just too absorbed with Dicord RPs to start something real slow on the forums. Someone help me, this hurts.
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I figured I should update my status. Tada!
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Aw yeahhh, sweet new animated profile picture. The only true evolutionary step forward!
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What IS on my mind?


Mое описание

Male|Twenty|Not Actually Russian


Let me properly introduce myself. I am Sir Spud the Fourth, and I have been a potato for the longest time ever. I never denied it to be completely honest, but it is only recently that I embraced it. Now I have evolved from a simple couch potato to a fully grown royal potato. A dapper kawaii potato. And I dare say, knowing that you are a spud, makes life a lot easier. Just chill and let everyone else care about all their meaningless things because at the end of the day you'll know: chilling is the way to go.

I try to spend minimal effort on things that I don't care about, and procrastination might as well be my middle name. But that doesn't mean I ONLY rest. Sometimes a 'tato gotta do what a 'tato gotta do. And if that something happens to be things I like, then you cannot find anyone better than me. I am an omnipotent being capable of virtually any task to a limited degree, and I am not shy to admit it. I may not be the MOST AWESOMEST in a thing, but I am sure as hell MORE AWESOMEST than most people are at everything. But hey, I'm not here to brag, even if I am probabaly better at it than you


All those nights laying in my couch, I thought about the cool shit that I cannot do. That I cannot see. But I pictured them in front of myself like they were real, and that infuraited me. Then I found the Guild, and I lived happily after. I have been on the site for 2 years now, and I have seen many RPs, and played with many people. I wish I have found the site earlier, but I am glad that I've even found it. Now all those fantasies can be written down and my mind can rest at ease at night, without being constantly troubled by ideas.

When I RP, I love myself some good Sci-Fi or Fantasy. But hey I am filthy casual, I can go for anything with an interesting setting. I don't trouble myself on small details if the plot is good, but if you get somwthing wrong you can expect me to tell you about it. Some even go as far as to think that I am angry or something, but I am too chill for that. If anything I'm more of the funny type, so you can expect me to try and write some shitty jokes or post memes I found on the internet. Anyways, you'll see what I mean when we RP together.


I won't lie when I say that alongside RPing, I have one more serious hobby. I fell in love with 3D art the moment I learned about it. At first, I tried to convey my amazing ideas onto paper, but they never really worked out. So instead I turned towards modelling stuff on the PC. I began learning the fundamentals of 3D art in the summer fo 2017, and I've been doing things related to it almost every now and then. You can never learn enough about these things, and despite the school sapping me fo determination, I have hopes that I'll be able to improve my abilities.

I like to test my limits, so if you have any suggestions for a 3D artwork that I should work on next, feel free to PM me your idea! If you also happen to be a struggling hobby artist who uses Photoshop and a drawing board, I am sure we could work together to make some cool things. But enough advertising, that's enough about my hobbies.


Now I may have hobbies like the above mentioned, but there are some more things that I love in life. Here is a handy list of things you can always talk about with me:

  • Gaming: This one I am quite proud of, I'm a serious gamer with capital G.
  • Music: All kinds of electronic music, but I am a sucker for Queen.
  • Airsoft: Jumping into military uniforms and shooting other people with small plastic bullets is really fun.
  • Anime: We all have an Otaku in us, but it's bigger for some people.


Be chill folks, getting fed up about stuff is a recipe for disaster. You gotta learn to be patient and let things go, or you'll end up a wrinkly old man/woman with only bad memories about life. Even if you do fuck-all every day, you can live a content life by taking things easy. With that said, as always, stay safe and stay classy.

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"Engine room, 3/4 ahead. Stay on course." Antonovich spoke into the intercomms under his white mustache and then waited as the ship slowly responded to his order. "Risso, Dusky, trail behind at half speed in our engine wake. Prep the Orca for landing and undock it as soon as possible." The comms stayed silent for a bit before the captains of the other ships responded, and the two unarmed vessels on either side of the Jack broke off and formed up slowly behind the Jack. Antonovich watched with a small smile as the fleet performed in such an orderly fashion. The month they spent repairing the Jack back at port in the Old World took the toll on the crew's morale, but they were finally sailing the azure seas again. On the starboard side of of the group the green treetops waved from the wind in the distance. The few crew members in the bridge kept their eyes on the radars and comms as they sailed towards the co-ordinates given to them. Finally, the Jack picked up a signal from a nearby fjord. That must be the port of those Russians. Antonovich couldn't believe he would be working again for the Russian government. Or, what remained of it. It filled him both with joy and fear: after all, he was probably listed KIA after his ship sank all those years ago. How would they react now that he was leading a mercenary group? He clutched the comms device with his hands before making up his mind and opening up a channel, revealing their location. "This is Admiral Leskov Antonovich speaking of the MD Pelorous Jack." He hesitated a few seconds before continuing. "Former captain of the Admiral Kuznetsov. I believe you were expecting us."

"Admiral Antonovich, we are transferring you, please hold." On the other side of the line, the operators quickly placed the line directly in the Colonel General's office, but there was a wait. Was it because they didn't have their shit together or because they didn't think he was important enough to contact ASAP? The answer was of course that Veronika Tolstoï, the woman on the other side of the line, knew she shouldn't give the impression that she expected that call too much, else this Antonovich might get a sense that he is more important than he really was. Just as the wait could begin to get frustrating however, there was an answer, along with a request for a visual feed showing the General sitting with a wall of polished marble behind her. "Mister Antonovich. This is Colonel General Veronika Tolstoï of the G.R.U. speaking. Welcome to the new world. I trust you had no difficulties crossing the UN line and finding us?"

The Jack however, had no cameras or equipment that would transfer visual feed. This Veronika would only hear Antonovich, but not see him. What a cyka Antonovich thought as he returned answer in his usual, calm and collected demeanor. "The co-ordinates you gave us were quite precise." He nod, even though the woman couldn't see him. "General, we are distinguished officers off the Russian military, chit-chat is none of my concern." He pressed the words at the end. "We have wasted fuel and supplies reaching your location. I assume you brought us here to strike a deal, and not for tea time. In case you did, I am afraid to say that our Samovar is broken."

"Ex-officers. With distinguished services but a murky end to said service, working for as you say, 'The Russian Federation' which made way to the Pan-Slavic Union. But as you say, enough chit chat." The woman leaned into the table. "The deal, mister Antonovich, is the same as the one that was struck back on Earth." The one that was talked about in a private place with no recording equipment and thus no proof of which existed. To sink the ships of the other nations present here, to be corsairs working for the G.R.U. in exchange for safe harbor and a buyer for whatever stolen good they pillaged. "But I have to admit, I would be interested in extending the terms of this deal. Re-enlist Captain, put your resources at the service of your nation and you'll receive title of Admiral you've given yourself, along with the advantages of this position. For you and your crew of course."

Antonovich scoffed and turned off the comms for a bit to curse the name of this woman. He didn't like her at all, but a deal was a deal and he honored it. Besides, the Azure Fleet needed the supplies more than ever, and he wasn't going to abandon the needs of his crew because of his personal experiences with this woman. "I am an elected Admiral of my people. Can you say the same?" He remarked as he knew very well he was chosen by all those who now serve under him to be the captain of the flottila. But he had a hunch that wasn't the case for this unbearable woman. "The Mare Delfino belongs only to the highest bidder. I will fulfill my end of the contract, and I expect you to fulfill yours." He stayed silent for some time, almost luring the other party to an answer before continuing. "I will give thought to your offer General. It would be a sad end to our distinguished track record if I chose to pledge loyalty only because of my old title. I am afraid you will have to earn the trust of my crew if you wish to see us frequent your ports on more official terms."

"No." She flatly answered, knowing that to respond either by the lie 'I was chosen based on my personal competences by my superiors who got their position the same way' or the truth 'I killed, tortured, seduced and charmed my way to the top' would both be unwelcomed answers. Ultimately she listened in silence before nodding. "Good. You have your orders and a packet of data containing informations relevant to your mission has been sent to you. Upon your return, we should be able to accomodate you for your resupply needs. I will trust you to manage your operations so the finances balance. Good luck." Nobody wanted this conversation to last any longer than it needed to. The data sent contained any information the G.R.U. had about the other ships that had crossed the gateway, mostly dates and satellite pictures along with suspected bases. In addition, the IFF of the Myr, who had just been sent back to Earth so if they encountered it, the cargo could share any new information it got.

Antonovich wasn't sent out there blindly, it seemed the G.R.U. was hopeful on the amount of damages he could make.

"Antonovich over and out." The captain cut comms and returned to his station. "I can't believe someone like here is in control. And they say Stalin was bad..." He shook his head and then waved for the bridge crew. "Everyone, set sail towards the new co-ordinates. Make sure your stations are ready for engagement." Then he picked up the intercomm and relayed the info throughout the fleet as well. "Engine room, flank ahead, work those engines." After this, waved for his XO to take command and he left the bridge.

15 minutes later, the fleet made a complete turnaround and were already several nautical miles from the GRU base. The Orca had been towed back into place behind the Russo, and Lisa Ruffolo was waiting on the flight deck of the Jack. "Admiral!" She saluted. "I received your message. The Jack and the Orca are combat ready. Groigar made sure everything was okay in engineering, and just for good measures, we are readying Liu's craft for flight below deck. Hopefully, we won't need to employ her, but it's better to be safe than sorry. We also prepped Ripley for reconnaissance." Antonovich raised and eyebrow after the report. "Sorry sir, Ripley is the name the crew gave for the drone." Finally, Antonovich broke out in a charismatic laugh and patted Lisa's shoulder. "At ease Sarge, no need to be so uptight. I know this is how you keep the crew in shape, but you can spare me the salute. Now how about a drink to celebrate our first contract?" Lisa nod in reply, and the two left towards the makeshift bar housed inside the hangar deck.
Misha eyed as the two bounty hunters made their way into the bowels of the airship. He especially eyed Reva cautiously, almost bumping into her as she passed by. But he urged gimself not to for the sake of the captain and upholding an image of himself. For now. He returmed the Maurice's nod with less caution, though he took a good look at the man too. He didn't like the captaon hiring more guns, but he really didn't have a choice in the matter. With options not in his hand, Misha diligently admitted himself to guard duty and took place in front of the walkway to the ship.

"It's alright now little girl, you are safe from bad pirates." His voice boomed as he looked over to Charlotte to give her a reassuring smile. "Misha will protect you!" He laughed whole heartedly and pat Charlotte's back several times. Poor girl.

He was distracted however as a man came up to him in introduction. Appereantly he was named Booker Laverne. Not that Misha cared much for that, he could've been named John Sparrow for all he cared. He was about to give a crass response to the man, but clearly he didn't want to wait around. He just fixed a gas mask and jumped off the platform and onto their ship, much to Misha's amusement and anger. "Get off my girl you imbecile!" He shouted, but before he could tale actions a couple of weird individuals approached the ship as well. Clearly, they all wanted to talk, and he couldn't quite send them away without the captain. Misha cursed his predicament, and turned over to the priest.

"We don't need crazy folk around here like you, star man!" He exclaimed and looked over at the pirates. He had a murderous glint in his eyes, and they all turned away from him in an instant. "You can do whatever you want with those three, but you are not setting a foot on the ship until the captain comes back!" Misha crossed his arms intimidatingly. He couldn't care less what the priest did with those traitorous pirates, but he positiviely didn't want a crazy priest on board. He just hoped the caltai would be of a similar mind too.

"And you, weapons lady!" He adressed Sarah and glanced over at the weapon she was carrying. "This isn't a transport ship! Do you not see?!" He was getting upset at all the people gathering around. Misha never liked to talk with strangers, he knew he sucked at it. He just cursed the captain for leaving him alone like that, they always get hogged by recruits at ports. It should've been him to stay out here, while Misha could give the mercenaries their money. "All of you, stand back!" He shouted with a deep bellow. The air rang still after his voice had seemingly calmed the crowd. "Misha is in good mood, so he will not punch all of you! But you will all stay there until captain comes back! Amd you!" He turned over to Booker. "Get off before I hurt you!"

Meanwhile, Oliver has lead Reva and Mazrice inside the small cabin area. It was just spacious enough for the three of them clearly it was the cockpit judging by the steering wheel and equipment in the front of it, and a stray ladder going upwards indicated that the ship was bigger than it first seemed.

He had just finished listenining to their proposals. "Lady, Gent, I am happy to hear of your steadfast spirit!" He smiled and sat down on the edge of the only table in the room. "And yes, we do need new crew members. You two made quick work of the previous ones. Those treacherous bastards..." He shook his head and took a good look at the two.

The girl, Reva, she seemed like a powderkeg ready to explode. But if she exploded at the right time, it would prove to be quite useful for the crew. The man, Maurice, he was somethibg else. He was well mannered, perhaps too much for the world around him. Still, he seemed like he wouldn't stray from dirty work. Something that is a highly appreciated skill among crews.

Misha's voice made the glasses resonate as it almost passed through them unfiltered. It seems like he was causing trouble again. Oliver took a qzick peek outside before adressing the mercenaries. "Fine, I gave it a quick think. I'll hire you both, because I am afraid Misha might kill all other applicants." He pat the table he was sitting on. "But if you want the Magnificent to be your new home, you'll let go of the blood money. You take either the creds or the job. I don't want a crew who hungers only for my money."
All hell broke loose on the platform. When the first shot rang, many of the more timid members in the crowd began to run away, and most of the people backed away. But the few who did act instantly upon the bounty did incredibly fast. Notably the mercenary named Reva, who took the first shot, and already rushed to the first hostage to untie him.

The man offered his hands to be cut, and sighed in relief as he was finally free of the rope's bond. He looked over at the dead captain before leaning down and picking up the hat that the corspe had no use for anymore. It fit him perfectly. "Don't worry about that lass. Captain Oliver is as good as his word!" He exclaimed before turning around to take a look at the mayhem.

The bright pink haired girl took out her own captor with a large monkey wrench that echoed pleasantly over the sound of gunfire. She ducked behind Misha for cover, which proved to be a great decision once one of the large man's captors was shot. With a thundering laugh, Misha silenced the gunfire for a moment. "HAHAHAHA! Chains can't hold me! You puny man are no match for Misha!" His bellowing words stuck fear into the hearts of the last three crew members who promptly decided it wasn't worth dying for a captain who was the first casualty in the heat of the battle. They dropped their guns and surrendered in a heartbeat.

It was all over as quick as it started. Gunshits rang, the fake captain died and all eyes focused on the thundering Misha who stood above the surrendering crewmates imposingly. The rest of the crowd didn't even have time to properly draw their guns and engage.

"Thanks for the rescue laddies! This is the last time I hire these pirate scum for anything!" He said non chalantly as he adjusted his hat and looted the captain for a pair of keys dangling from his waist. "As promised, those who helped will get their hundred Dits. And seeing how that was supposed to be my crew-" He gave a vicious glance at the three man who had their hands in the air while he walked over and removed Misha's handcuffs. "The Magnificent will be parked here for the rest of the day. She is a tad bit short of hands now, so don't be afraid to try your luck." He finished and pat Misha's arms and looked over to Charlotte to make sure she was OK. He then turned back to the ship and walked back inside, quickly disappearing into the small cockpit. "You two!" Misha boomed and looked at Reva and Maurice. "Come!" He gestured towards the ship in a way that didn't take no for an answer. Of course, why would they refuse getting paid?

A large majority of the crowd dispersed as the fight began, and only a small amount of them dwindled back when it was finally over. But seeing the imposing Misha stand guard in front of the ship, and the dead pirates, a lot of them decided this was too dangerous for them. Only a handful of souls remained on the paltform now, along with the utterly terrified port officer, and the man in the whit suit who stood out like a shining beacon.
The Beginning of a Journey

Melin. A quiet town some 200 miles from Tholmhaven, built by the foot of a large rocky plateau that crops out of the ground like some rock monster. Many others like it dot the landscape around, all housing some form of a settlement. But by far, Melin is the biggest one around. The first settlers have made good use of the rock face, and carved into the stone to make landing pads and facilities to dock, house and repair airships and blimps. Here, in the relative safety of a thin shadowed area the first houses were made from the rocks excavated during the building of the docks. The farther you get away from the rock, the more you advance in time, and decrease in wealth. Most houses are built from the abundant rock the cliff provided, but as you exit into the shadow area into the blazing sun, the slums emerge with their rickety houses made from less stone, and more junk metal. This urban sprawl lasts for a good hundred meters or so, dotted with the occasional larger stone building. Melin is known to be an oasis to the weary travelers: it houses nothing of importance for a trading man, but it has a natural spring, and as such, many bars and entertainment facilities. Even a bath that costs a hefty sum to enter, but it's a luxury not many towns can afford. Windmills loom above the bustling town, far above even the airships to generate electricity for everyone below.

It enjoys a steady stream of traffic during the early and late hours, with practically still air between 9 AM and 16 PM. In the morning, mercenaries and traders arrive to bring their goods. They spend the hot day in town, before leaving to other settlements come the night hours. This way they can avoid the blazing sun making their water supplies boil away, and damage their machinery. The few ships that do come around noon are usually the interesting ones: they are either in a distress or a hurry, or they don't have to struggle with overheating. Either way, they are usually what prospectors look for in the rare case they appear.

Indeed, this time wasn't different either. The watchmen saw the ship approaching from nearly 20 miles away with their scopes as they sun's light beamed off the metal bits. About an an hour ago, most decent folk could spot this second sun in the sky steadily growing as it approached. It took another 30 minutes for the wind to carry the first musical tones of an engine's rumble to the town, by which time the main docking station was already filled with all kinds of people, looking for work. The ship didn't smoke, and the watchers told them it didn't look like it was damaged either. That meant someone or something important was arriving.

But as the ship drew close, it was becoming quite obvious just how much people were wrong. From the size of the light, most people expected a B, heck even an A rank blimp. But as it approached, and sense could be made of it's shape, it was clear that it was much smaller. It was a large C sized ship, pushing the limits into B maybe, but it wasn't as impressive by size as people thought. What was impressing however, was the myriad brass plates that covered it's slender airframe, reflecting the light like angry laser beams. An engraved bracing run along the top and bottom along the ship, connecting in the back into the engine cover, and in the front into an elegant spike. Engravings ran along this large metal piece, thought they were hard to make out. A tiny cupola hung below this majestic body, made out of wood and similar brass. It wasn't that impressive, and it tempted the question where a lot of the things were housed.

A few people left in disappointment, but most of the crowd stayed to see how things were going to go down. A large mirror built into the front spike gleamed towards the dock watchers, and they began moving the cranes and ropes into position to fix the ship. The sound of the engines died out as the ship made the last dozen meters while gently floating into place. Workers threw ropes over to the railings of the ship to pull it closer, and the crane was readied inc ase it carried cargo. Silently, the ship came to a full halt in the shadow of the rocky above, and a name could be read on one of the larger plates in beautifully engraved letters "Magnificent". Indeed, the ship was a true beauty, but beauty is often traded for utility purposes on most ships.

You all watch from the crowd with high expectations. All of you are here looking for a way outta town on a decent vessel, and this might be your chance. Soon enough, those waiting around eagerly could spot the crew leaving the ship. A ramp lowered from the cabin to the port, and a group walked out onto the rocky port. In front walked a man who was obviously the one driving the ship, judging by his feathered leather cap, though his clothes were rather ragged. Behind him, a crew member was leading a prisoner bound by simple ropes. Despite his clearly grave status, he carried himself like the true boss of the group, and even smiled at the crowd that has gathered. Then another prisoner was lead out by a crew member, this time a girl with a vivid pink hair. Unlike the first one, her hands were cuffed behind her and she was led like that. She carried herself with less of an attitude than the other one, but she was suspiciously calm apart from a few glances traded with her captors. Was she not afraid or angry?

Thought the first two drew attention as they were loud, they stopped as the captain in front began to talk with the harbormaster. But the crowd's attention quickly shifted back to the ship, as it gently rocked while two of the crew crept down the ramp, pulling something via chain. After a lot of effort, a beast of a man finally emerged from the cramped doorway, the chains connecting to shackles around his neck. His hands were tied with not one, but three handcuffs. He was a hulking abomination, standing over 2 meters with forearms the size of his captor's legs, a bald head made magnificent by a strong beard. "You puny man cannot contain Misha! I will break free!" He shouted with a russian accent so thick you could cut it with a knife. He struggled against his chains, but he was finally brought off the ramp as a final crew member exited the ship behind him, and helped the other two pull this "Misha" person. "Chains cannot hold me! Don't worry captain, I'll get us out of here in no time!" The prisoner in the front chuckled silently, almost unnoticeably.

The captain of the ship only took a glance back as he spoke privately with the portmaster, handing him a small sack of what must've been Dim for the port services. Then he motioned for his crew to follow and he made his way towards the crowd gathered around. "Aye, what are ye lookin at? Mind yer own business, we ain't hiring!" He shouted, and waved around with his hands to clear himself a way through the gathered crowd.

The amusement of the crowd lasts for a few second as they are told to disperse. Have you come this far only to be told to fuck right off? Most of the people gathered clearly think the same as they began to slowly disperse. "Excuse me gentleman! Who is looking for some quick Dim?" All eyes turn towards the prisoner in the front. The captain in front turns back to punch him, but he misses as the prisoner ducks out of the way swiftly. "A 100 Dits for every one of these dead posers!" He exclaims while ducking out of the way from another punch. The crewman are getting weary and anxious: they clearly didn't plan for this.
Information Boot

Below is the information board that will undoubtedly be the first thing you see when you join. For newcomers and members alike, I willw rite any info here I want you to see.

>As much as I am glad that we started, I must announce that the first wave of applications are closed. If you've written to any of the interest checks before then I may consider including you at start if you submit a CS in a timely manner. For the others, don't think you are late. If you want to join feel free to post in the ooc or PM me here on the site. Heck, even join the Discord. Once we have the ability to deal with even more players, or fill in the holes, I will be sure to inform you. Also, this 0th post will always be updated with the current recruitment status.
“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
-Dr Seuss

Today is the 5th day of the second trimester of the 247th year. The skies above the capital of Tholmhaven are clear as the bustling city sparwls with life, even under the heat of the scorching noon sun. Airships come and go with cargo, ferrying supplies from one end of the city to the other. The walls to keep the mighty city protected from pirates and dust storms are almost complete, and every citizen has their minds at ease from the worries of the outside. Most of them were born within the safety of the walls that were still being constructed at the time, but even the old generations shed a tear over the accomplishment of this mighty task.

The clock hits thirteen and the construction crews go to rest as the sound of the loudspeakers announce that the workday is halted until the heat disspiates. At these times, nobody is allowed on the streets in fear of dehydration. But the loudspeakers don't stop, and are soon broadcasting the sound of sirens. Eyes turn towards the skies in confusion to see the cause of this alarm. They can already hear the first shots and see the long shadows crawling closer as the mighty airships inch over the walls. The AA guns fire at the intruders, but most of the guards went to take a break. After all, there hasn't been an attack in forever.

The gunfire lasts for hours and explosions fill the skies, both from the flak guns and the airships. But in the end, the flagship of the enemy fleet and it's escorts come out of the battle wounded, but not downed. Banners of an unknown authority hang over them as they make their way towards the central airship docks. Eyes filled with fear and anxiety follow these unknown invaders as they make their way through the skies above. In a matter of minutes, the city that was thought impervious was taken by ships never before seen.

A new era of human civilization. Not one of futuristic advances and the conquering of the solar system, but one of reclamation. It has been 247 years since an event nobody can remember anymore turned our world into a wasteland. Yet, civilization prevailed in protected pockets of cities and settlements. And with them, our greed and ambition for power prevailed too.

The mistakes of the old world haunt us to this day. We extract the salt from the old seafloor and sell it for various uses. We bore deep below the crust of the earth to get some much needed drinking water. Vast fields of oil drills darken the skies with their fumes as they pump out crude oil in vast quantities to fuel the machines of war that roam the skies. Well, not all of them are meant for war, but when every border we once had has been erased and no central authority governs over country sized areas, who will refuse the temptation to take things by force?

Still, we endure. Under the protective gaze of cities like Tolmhaven that organize trade, construct airships and connect to the smaller settlements together, we strive to make our lives better and protect ourselves from the lunatics who still believe that they can take everything by force. To this end, the busy skies are always filled with mercenaries who tend to jobs of various kinds. They tend to the rogue pirates and get paid by the city's authority, or carry precious supplies from various points and get a fat reward from merchant guilds. Some even set out to explore the wastes and hope to uncover riches from our past that would make them rich. Though as Tolmhaven grew and took many of these responsibilities in it's own hand, with it's fall the age of mercenaries once again returns to our lands.

Goodie! What a long introduction! My fingers run fast from the long hiatus where I strayed from making RPs. In case you didn't want to or couldn't decipher the Intro, I am here to give you teh full details now that the context is set.

In this RP, you and I will play as the crew of a mercenary ship, commanded by yours truly. Thought we have established the town of Tholmhaven already, that won't be our starting location. That will be kept secret until the OC to make it interesting and keep you curious. (though you may ask me in a DM if you need it for the character. We will take on various missions to fill our pockets with money and make a living in the harsh lands. And if by chacne our lust for gold is quenched, and we find ourselves listening to our conscience wanting to deal with the main story, we might even help the folks of the land troubled by this unknown menace and the well-known pirates. But I can guarantee you one thing: along the way we will find a vast variety of wonders and weird encounters that will never leave you bored.

This isn't a wargame RP! I play my RPs like I play my DnD sessions: player creativity is everything, so I enjoy weird and wacky impromptu situations more than well laid out plans executed perfectly. Now, if you like the latter, that doesn't mean this RP isn't for you. Quite the contrary! I'm sure you'll find much amusement in the fact that I usually put several hours planning out my RPs before I write even a single character into a post.

As always, I am looking for people who have dedication. As long as the RP keeps rolling, even if slow, you won't hear a grumble from me about being active (Alright, maybe a bit). The crew will be around 3-5 people with decent writing skills. I won't tell you how many paragraphs you will need to write, since that seems like a stupid rule when everyone in advanced will surely write me half a novel if they are enjoying themselves. In case of more players applying than that, we will come to a resolution that is good for everyone, so don't eb afraid that you might get left out.

And that's it. What is it you ask? "Is that really it?" Well, what else do you need to know? You already know the main plot and what your character will do, and I'm sure you'll ask all your burning questions in the OOC anyways! Let's not tarry any longer then, and get to making your character, so we can talk that much faster!

No, wait, I beg your pardon. The rules! We forgot about those damnable rules. Who needs them anyways, right? Not me, that's for sure. But still, we must uphold some manner of professionalism when writing a post. So here is my self proclaimed "List of The Awesomely Self Explanatory Dos and Don'ts" tm.

Rule One: No Godmodding. Don't control otehr characters unless they are NPCs made by you, or you have explicit permission.
Rule Duo: No Metagaming. Same sin as Godmodding in my book.
Rule Tres: As laid back as I am and allow player freedom, I am still the GM. Hopefully I will never have to refer to this during the entire campaign.
Rule четыре: I am chill. Very chill. So if you manage to upset me somehow, know that you probably did something horribly wrong. Like breaking one of the previous rules.

Alright, I just remembered something new actually! My bad. But it's appropriate for characters so let's put it here!

We all love the tought and grumpy war eveteran or mercenary who was neevr done anything their lives but fight, the outcast kid who is the master of martial arts or the shy girl with amazing talents, and while they certainly aren't bad character archetypes, in this RP they will find little love from me. I am looknig for believable human beings that aren't just fabricated depth with "stern exterior, but soft inside", but beings with feeling, preferences and backstories that make you cry rivers at times. Anything goes, you can even put yourself into the RP. The job of a mercenary might be dangerous, but the fat monetary rewards attract all sorts of folk to crew the ships.

Alright, let's begin.

Full name: Your characters name. Take your time making something authentic or exotic sounding.
Gender: I swear, if you write Apache Attack Helicopter I will roll my "D20 of Malicious Surpises". Not to be mistaken with my "D20 of Malicious Intents" or "D20 of Rolling D20".
Age: duh
Physical description: Height, weight, visible scars, that one spot of skin that you keep scratching but you can never quite releive the urge. If you have a picture, even better. But anything you can't see on the picture should still be written down.
Personality: This is a finnicky subject I always find to be either broken, or abided by to an extent that sorta ruins the feel for the RP. So how about we keep it very simple, and write down only things others will be able to see. If your character always sounds means, has some weird quirk when talking, or just simply frowns even when happy, write it down. Your inner demons can be discovered when we are doing the RP.
Backstory: Similar to Personality, you can decide if you want to detail the entire life of your character, or keep it relatively simple until you fill out the details on the fly. Get it? Fly?
Description: "Hey GM, what is this?" You may ask, so let me enlighten you. Your occupation, a general description to act as a cheat sheet, and details, hobbies or misc stuff comes here. This is the page I will undoubtedly look to when I am confused about your character, so write anything here as lnog as it is informative.
Skills: Much like the Description, this is here to allow you to expand upon your character. What is he/she good at? Doesn't need to be all that relevant, if you can make one hell of a curry I will appreciate it too.
Quirks: The opposite of skills. Anything you wish for others to know that your character sucks at.
Other: If somehow the Description wasn't enough for a quirk of your character, or you want to write down your family tree, the breakfast you had this morning in case you want people to make a joke about how you smell, or your favourite Ed Sheeran music (Shape of you) then it can come here. Otherwise, you can delete this.

And here it is in BBcode formatting without my weird and desperately trying to be entertaining explanations:

[b]Full name:[/b]
[b]Physical description:[/b]

Or if you are extremely fancy and want to be the GM's little favourite even before we start, you can try my personal format:

[h1]//name here//[/h1]
[img]//image here//[/img]
[b]FULL NAME:[/b]

That is all my friends! I hope you had at least a few laughs as I tried my best to brighten the mood. One more thing before you type away below. As usual, I made a Discord for the RP, which you can join if you click the image I attached below.

That is all! I hope I'll see you around and have a good day!

@RumikoOhara Well then! That is just bloody fantastic, I do too! You'll feel right at home in the RP if you so wish to join. You still have today to apply in full quality
@Zoey White Inspired by it. But yes, Thunderdome (kinda) will be a real thing. Thank one of our members for that. You could also say Borderlands inspired if we are being honest. Either way, swap cars for airships in your mind.
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