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Let me properly introduce myself. I am Sir Spud the Fourth, and I have been a potato for the longest time ever. I never denied it to be completely honest, but it is only recently that I embraced it. Now I have evolved from a simple couch potato to a fully grown royal potato. A dapper kawaii potato. And I dare say, knowing that you are a spud, makes life a lot easier. Just chill and let everyone else care about all their meaningless things because at the end of the day you'll know: chilling is the way to go.

I try to spend minimal effort on things that I don't care about, and procrastination might as well be my middle name. But that doesn't mean I ONLY rest. Sometimes a 'tato gotta do what a 'tato gotta do. And if that something happens to be things I like, then you cannot find anyone better than me. I am an omnipotent being capable of virtually any task to a limited degree, and I am not shy to admit it. I may not be the MOST AWESOMEST in a thing, but I am sure as hell MORE AWESOMEST than most people are at everything. But hey, I'm not here to brag, even if I am probabaly better at it than you


All those nights laying in my couch, I thought about the cool shit that I cannot do. That I cannot see. But I pictured them in front of myself like they were real, and that infuraited me. Then I found the Guild, and I lived happily after. I have been on the site for 2 years now, and I have seen many RPs, and played with many people. I wish I have found the site earlier, but I am glad that I've even found it. Now all those fantasies can be written down and my mind can rest at ease at night, without being constantly troubled by ideas.

When I RP, I love myself some good Sci-Fi or Fantasy. But hey I am filthy casual, I can go for anything with an interesting setting. I don't trouble myself on small details if the plot is good, but if you get somwthing wrong you can expect me to tell you about it. Some even go as far as to think that I am angry or something, but I am too chill for that. If anything I'm more of the funny type, so you can expect me to try and write some shitty jokes or post memes I found on the internet. Anyways, you'll see what I mean when we RP together.


Used to be something else here, but I'm happy to say that it's replaced because of a positive change. I now work as a full-time 3D artist in the animation industry, churning out shot after shot for some of your favorite game intros and trailers. Can't say anything about them before you even ask, and even though I'm still new to the industry I love it and I already know that this will be my passion for a long time. So hopefully in a few years I'll have a proud portfolio of animations that were done by yours truly that I can show off to all the lovely people of the guild.


Now I may have hobbies like the above mentioned, but there are some more things that I love in life. Here is a handy list of things you can always talk about with me:

  • Gaming: This one I am quite proud of, I'm a serious gamer with capital G. Not as much time for it nowadays, but still true.
  • Music: All kinds of electronic music, but I am a sucker for Queen and Powerwolf. Or Breakbot... anything music.
  • Anime: We all have an Otaku in us, but it's bigger for some people. For me it's just big enough.


Be chill folks, getting fed up about stuff is a recipe for disaster. You gotta learn to be patient and let things go, or you'll end up a wrinkly old man/woman with only bad memories about life. Even if you do fuck-all every day, you can live a content life by taking things easy. With that said, as always, stay safe and stay classy.

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Chapter 3:

For an ambush, things were going well. Suspiciously well. Trained by paranoid officers and forged in the lames of the 4th Succession War, Ulrik was no stranger to an ambush, and yet the hairs on his arm stood up as he watched the Hunchback get scorched by weapon fire from just about every member of his team, and despite that keep charging towards them as if it was nothing. Kept charging towards him, having already positioned himself between Fuka's injured Dragon and the menacing Hunchback. "Stupid idea Ulrik..." He muttered to himself, but the fact of the matter was that he didn't want to lose a Dragon, or worse, a pilot in the first mission. He made sure to read everyone's reports several times before they boarded the Ankhanne, and he knew Fuka was a great shot, but a terrible pilot. If the Hunchback got to him, chances are she'd be ripped to shreds before the rest of the lance could get through it's armor to save her.

No, that's why he was up in the front. The Gladiator was an equally menacing brawler in the same weight class as the Hunchback, and as long as he could keep it tied down without taking an AC 20 to the cockpit, the rest of his lance should melt the enemy before it could do too much damage.

His eyes darted across his scenner as the Huncback approach: 100 meters. Then 80. 60. A slow mech or not, it had waited until they were close enough to where it could reliably immobilize someone and then charge them. Smart. Too bad they targeted the Dragon: they would hopefully soon find out how big of a mistake they've made. Squeezing the trigger to unleash a bolt of bright blue laser fire towards the Hunchback, the Large Laser hummed angrily and managed to strike exactly where he had wanted: like a scalpel it had cut a gaping hole through the armor plates of the Left Torso on the Hunchback, exposing the internals where the armor for it's monstrous gun was located.

Clearly not impressed by this, the enemy Hunchback returned fire, and it's AC/20 once more threw up a cloud of dust all around the mech, as the muzzle flash temporarily blinded Ulrik's scanner. A moment later his mech jolted and shook, as warning lights began to flash and his VA babbled warnings about a hull breach. "Fuck..." The impact was enough to give him a small whiplash, and it took a few seconds for him to assess the damage: the shell had torn right through his Centurion's Right Torso, leaving a nasty wound on it. Thankfully, there wasn't anything too important there: only Heat Sinks, which whilst annoying when lost in battle for an energy boat like his mech, weren't too hard or expensive to replace in a mechbay. Far too close for an LRM return fire now, all Ulrik could do was attempt to land a salvo of Medium Lasers on the Hunchback before it crashed into him. With a green flash, Ulrik aimed to finish off the mech once and for all, but with the damage he had just suffered still straining his Gyro, they just barely missed: instead tearing up the Center Torso of the Hunchback. For a moment the damage wasn't obvious to Ulrik, but then a bright blue flash emerged from the hole he had just torn, telling him that he had managed to hit something important. The Hunchback's stride faltered, but at this point it was so close already that it didn't really matter.

Moments later the metal beasts clashed, arms locked as the two brawlers tried to gain the upper hand and blast each other in the process. There was precious little time before the AC/20 would fire again, and Ulrik tried his best to stay away from the barrel of the weapon. "Quick, shoot him now! I'll keep him in place!" He shouted into his comms, focused on trying to keep the Hunchback in the same position so that the rest of his lance could take potshots at it.

At the same time, the remaining transport that had witnessed their squadronmates get ripped apart by laser and SRM fire decided that their lives were not worth it, and made a hasty retreat towards the base, dipping below the edge of the crater to break line of sights. The remaining jump troopers weren't so frightened however: if anything, witnessing their allies get turned into fine red mist and crispy chunks by the Firestarter made them much, much more angry. Now that they had time to assess the battlefield, they began to zip across the battlefield with their jetpacks, hitting them nearly impossible as they targeted the lance below them: before long, a good number of them had clung onto the Firestarter's back, and began to use Remi's machine as a firing platform as they peppered the other mechs with laser fire. At the same time, they began to plant explosive charges on it's back: soon enough, they could blow a hole right through the machine if they weren't stopped.

The rest, realizing that their Hunchback was their only real shot at winning, swarmed Alvin and Jaromir's mech: taking out the guns would do them good. 3 Troopers landed on Alvin, and 4 on Jaromir's, one clinging to their cockpits to obscure their vising, laser rifles unloading into the thick glass window for more confusion. At the same time, the rest of the soldiers began to plant charges of their own onto the backs and head of the mechs: though not swarmed nearly as much as the Firestarter, they would surely do a great deal of damage, or even cripple the respective mechs if they weren't dealt with in time.

Combat Info Panel

Enemy Mech:Distance (Hex):Difficulty To Hit:Other Modifiers:
HBK-4G15In A Brawl

The long awaited GM post of 2024 :)

There are two important gimmicks for this encounter: When rolling to hit either the Hunchie, or any of the troopers, rolling ANYTHING below their to-hit, except for a crit, causes you to hit the mech they are attached to. This means back armor for most, but in case you attempt to hit the ones clinging to Jaromir or Alvin's cockpit, it would be a Head hit, so watch out.

These two can attempt to swat them off, which means spending your "attacks" on removing them. Alternatively, you can shoot at anything else, but you'll take 2 damage to your head, and you have a -3 to hit any other target.

As a qiqck recap, the Hunchie has both the CT and ammo exposed, and both legs are below half armor: there's a chance it goes critical and you get no salvage, but it might be worth fishing for a Gyro hit too, if you're feeling lucky.

Sorry for the wait once more, I feel like I say this every time, but I think we've really just become a slow burner RP haha

@Letter Bee@Psyker Landshark@AndyC@Smike@Abstract Proxy@QJT@Starlance

"A two way street indeed~ I've asked you about your sister, and yet I must bear your insults despite you never making the same attempt to inquire about my abilities. Am I healer? A cleric? A wizard or mage? Maybe a witch?" A teasing chuckle left the half demon's lips, her fingers crossing behind her back as she returned Gertrude's gaze. With a hum and a hop, she'd position herself next to Gertrude, examining the girl's changing aura and tempest of negativity with a somewhat amused expression on her face. A challenge was always something she was happy to take on, as long as it proved to be entertaining. And Gertrude, well, she was anything but boring, despite her dreary attitude.

But before Amy could take advantage of the girl's outburst and expose her weakness, the mystery guest decided to step in. Finally.

She'd been keenly aware of Lilette's presence ever since they first stepped foot in the Garden, and counted on Gertrude's pride and the mage's quietness to let her escalate things without an issue until she could hopefully rely on the girl for assistance. It seemed that her gamble had paid off; other than a little scold she was more than happy to pretend like she deserved, Amy was met with a response that absolved her from all responsibility. Figuratively washing her hands clean in the mage's words, she'd offer Lilette a polite bow before nodding thoughtfully in response to her small speech.

"Ah, as expected of Miss Lilette, no magic can be obscured from your vast knowledge~" She explained cheerfully and playfully clapped her hands together in front of her chest. "Alas, I must come clean Miss. I had stopped here precisely so I could rely on your guidance and protection." She then turned to Gertrude and offered an apologetic bow. "I'm sorry, perhaps I should've told you about it beforehands, but as I'm not much of an battle mage, I didn't want to risk confronting you alone."

The stage was set, the actors in place and the audience in attendance. Now it was time to finally pull back the curtain and deliver the lines she'd been preparing for.

"A witch brought you here, one who trapped us all in this... realm. We all know this isn't just a dream like it was the last time this trick had been played on the Roses. Everything feels too... off about it. I wanted to make sure you weren't a part of this world, a trick to deceive us. I hope you can forgive me, but your unique signature made it quite hard to decide if I can trust you. But clearly, I was wrong." Taking a step back she smiled at Gertrude softly before she reached into her bag to pull out her flute. "A deal's a deal. A truth for a truth, I'll show you just what I can do."

Taking a deep breath and lifting the flute to her lips, Amy began to play a mellow tune; quietly at first, but soon increasing in volume and tempo. As she did, their surroundings began to slowly change in small but noticeable ways: flowers bloomed and burst from vines on the walls. Clouds cleared from the sky, and small critters and birds began to gather around the garden as if listening to her tune. With the arch of a rainbow and yet another set of flower wreathes for the three of them, the illusion was complete.

She opened her eyes and extended one hand, a small bluebird landed on her fingers and chirped a happy tune before flying away once more. "As a half-demon, I'm afforded some abilities that are unusual to most mages... I can't blame you for not knowing what to make of it, but I hope you can now see what kind of a mage I am. I deal in illusions and trickery, making sure I keep people's spirits high and devout~" With a flick of the wrist and a little bow, Amy would disappear from Gertrude's sight, but funnily Lilette could see her the whole time as she skulked around to behind the mage. Placing her hands on Gertrude's shoulders as she appeared once more for the girl, Amy chuckled softly and adjusted the wreath on the mage's head. "Incidentally, those same powers allow me to read people's feelings... and thought. Worry not, I can't pry your secrets from your head, but if you're aching for a warm shower, I'll know before anyone else~" With polite smile she stepped back to give Gertrude some space, and spun around in a shower of flower petals before bowing deeply.

Soon the illusion faded, and the garden returned to it's mundane, above average beauty. "All I ask is that you're honest with me and your fellow knights. We need to trust each other when the darkness that lurks in every corner decides to step out into the light and confront us. And when that time comes, we cannot hesitate if we want to protect each other. I know some of them are a bit rough around the edges, but they will each stay by your side and protect you as long as they know you're willing to do the same. If you're searching for enemies in them, you're looking in the wrong place. If you're going to believe anyone, then let it be the half-demon cleric who messes with people's minds; I call them my comrades and friends, and so should you."

"The only prank here is the face you'll make when you realize there's no trick! But don't worry, if you require some persuasion to prove to you that I'm not lying, I'm more than happy to offer my assistance!" Holding the wreath up in one hand and making the jazz hands with the other, she quickly swiped her free hand in front of the wreath, making it disappear as the arm passed in front of it. She proceeded to do a little pantomime act of trying to find where the item disappeared to, before she eventually slapped herself on the forehead lightly and clicked her fingers as the wreath appeared right on top of Gertrude's head.

"Thank you, thank you, I'm here all day ladies and gentleman~" With a small chuckle she made a bow and then waited before looking back at Gertrude with her usual smile. Truly, she wasn't surprised about how the mage didn't trust her or any of her little tricks, but that was not going to stop her from trying to prove to the girl that she was indeed harmless and didn't mean to make too much fun of her. Not more than the rest of the Roses, anyways. As for her belittling the church, well.. she was used to it. Not everyone had the same conviction as her, but that didn't mean she shouldn't accept them for who they were. Even if they were hard to deal with, like Gertrude.

"I think you need to broaden your horizons a little Gertrude, we have some beautiful flowers blooming this time of year! Well... whatever time of year it is in this weird realm anyways..." Humming quietly, Amy looked around the garden with a finger on her lips as she tried to figure out what she was looking at. She wasn't exactly a botanical expert, so she couldn't really name any of the flowers she saw, but that hardly mattered when most of the ones she currently saw weren't even the same as they had in the real Candaeln. Oh well, it was worth a try. "Er... what I meant to say is, try to enjoy the little things! You said our boorish comrades got on your nerves, so no place is better to relax than a quiet garden on a pleasant day!" The irony of that statement wasn't lost on her, as the garden was anything but quiet with her in it. Of course, that couldn't possibly stop her from acting the way she always did.

Well... that couldn't, but in reality, she did have something she wanted to ask Gertrude, a question she felt uniquely equipped to answer. "In truth, there is ooooooone thing that I wanted to ask you. Maybe two. And I didn't want you to have to spill your secrets in front of the whole group, so I brought you to a place where I knew we could be alone." Her smile faded a little as her voice took on a more serious tone and she took a single deliberate step towards Gertrude. "Who exactly is the person you call your sister? And don't lie to me, because I know they are not who you say they are. You needn't know how I figured it out, only that I know you're not telling the truth... or not all of it. Is she some kind of an elaborate illusion? Some kind of a mimicry spell, or a duplicate of yourself?" She had so many more tantalizing possibilities that she wanted to ask about, but she quickly realized she was getting far too excited and serious compared to how she'd usually behave. Clearing her throat a little, she took a step back and offered an apologetic smile to the girl. "Sorry... I'm not trying to accuse you, but if we are to be members of the same team, I should know I can trust you, and even though the others might not realize it, I know you're lying about her. All I ask is that you tell me the truth, and I'll keep it our secret. Of course, you can choose not to do that... but that may or may not impact our chances of becoming friends in the future, and I'd much prefer we were good friends~"

Amy offered the warmest smile she could muster, and stared at the girl to try and figure out her reaction. At the same time, her senses were all tuned towards the girl, trying her best to pick up any thought or emotion fragment that came from the otherwise very closed-off girl, so she could gain a glimpse into the inner workings of the new mage in their party.


"You see, that's where you're wrong! I AM pleasant~" Amy explained with a bright smile once she had finished listening to Gertrude, and used the closeness of the mage to tiptoe up towards her, then with an extended index finger she poked the girl's nose. "I'm sure you'll grow to appreciate it with time, the rest of this bunch is way too serious for their own good. If you already don't like Renar, just wait until there's fighting and they all become grumpy. I suppose I can't blame them though, I bet I'd be gloomy and serious if I had to wear armor all day and swing a sword."

Taking a few steps back, Amy once again offered a cheery smile as she examined Gertrude with a curious glint in her eyes. She'd anticipated a much more hostile response at first, but she was glad to see the most the mage could muster was to crouch for her, a gesture she didn't really mind. She knew she was short, and it didn't bother her in the slightest. It was good to see that it wasn't impossible to work with their new... recruit.

"Now, follow me, let's go take a look around this place, I'm sure there's things even I haven't seen!" With a quick click of the heels and a spin, Amy turned around to go and explore Candaeln with the mage. She would've loved to take her to the kitchen or the library, but there were already other knights in those places, so the best bet for now was to explore other parts of the fort where Amy suspected nobody would be: first the chapel, then the gardens and personal quarters. Maybe check the armory out for fun too, though she knew little about weapons and armor.

"So, what brings you to us?" Amy asked between short hops, looking back at the girl over her shoulders. "Other than magically appearing in the sky, I mean? Or do you prefer to keep that a secret? Maybe as mysterious as that... sister of yours, hmmmm? If she's your sister at all~" She shook her head and smiled softly before stopping in front of the tiny chapel's doors, where she'd do a little bow and gesture at the wooden doors playfully. "Either way, welcome to your first stop! Candaeln's very own little chapel, perfect if you have a sin to confess, or want to say a prayer with to Mayon with the best cleric of all the Roses, yours truly~" Tiny sparkles emerged from her fingertips as Amy shook her hands playfully and offered a bright smile at Gertrude, just long enough for the silence to grow old and give the mage a chance to look around. She doubted Gertrude really wanted to take a look at the Chapel, or really any part of Candaeln other than her personal quarters, and places where she could be alone. In that, she felt a strange connection to the mage, even if they were barely anything alike.

"Ah, I almost forgot!" As she clicked her fingers, another little wreath made of flowers appeared in her hands, and she'd hold it out in front of herself towards Gertrude. "Take this~ I know it's not the most interesting welcome gift, but it's better than... how did you put it?" Amy put one finger to her lips as she hummed quietly, thinking back on what Gertrude had said about the others before she used her magic to do her best impression of the girl. "Manhandled by an oaf, glowered at by a boor, and threatened with a lynching. Haha, glowered, funny word that one~ You don't hear it often, but it almost rhymes with flowers, just what I'm offering~ Hopefully opposites cancel each other out in this case, and you'll forgive my fellow knights for being so distant; finding oneself in a strange world tends to do that~" Her smile was as genuine as it could be, a part of her whimsical personality, even if the flower wreath would only exist until she focused on conjuring it. An insignificant gift, perhaps, but if her hunch was right about Gertrude, surely the girl would appreciate the gesture. Besides, it really was ill-mannered of the other Roses not to greet a new recruit with a little gift or speech at the very least.

Chapter 3:

Shots rang out all around Ulrik, the organized chaos of the battle unfolding in the blink of an eye. One lucky shot after the next, the ragged lance of light mechs that came to greet them stood no chance against the firepower of their small, but otherwise swift lance. With the Thumper and Javelin out of the equation, indirect fire was no longer a threat to them or the Ankhanne, and neither would they turn any of his new pilots into a fine pink mist with a lucky salvo. So far so good.

Leaning forward in his seat, Ulrik pressed his Centurion forward as he began to gather speed on the 55 ton brawler, taking steady steps through the labyrinth of burnt out husks that remained of the enemy tanks. They should've known better that to send vehicles out into a narrow shooting gallery against almost two lance's worth of mechs, whatever the weight class. Chances are, the enemy wasn't expecting a rustbucket dropship like theirs to unload 'Mechs, much less any force they couldn't deal with. But now that the gunfire had died down and only the crackling of ammunition fires remained on the battlefield to cover up the sound of their Mech's mechanical thumping, it was evident that the enemy severely underestimated their firepower. Any infantry that remained after Remy's stunt had either fled already or curled up under their thermal blankets and probably hoped they wouldn't accidentally get stepped on by a rouge mech.

A quick glance through the ferroglass cockpit window to the left and right, Ulrik made a mental note about the location of all his squad members, before he adjusted his neurohelm and updated his scanners with the newest data from the Ankhanne. The straggling scout mechs they've picked up earlier halted their advance on their position, and seemed to be taking a detour as they headed towards their compound, likely trying to avoid the same fate as the lance that met them head-on. Good, if they pushed the advantage now, they could get to the facility before the enemy and capture it before this battle escalates any more.

"Good job everyone, excellent shooting. Let's keep the momentum and push forward. Keep an eye out on the flanks, the valley's coming to and end in 500 meters, and then its a straight climb to the top. Regroup at point Delta-2 once you're through the valley." With that, Ulrik adjusted his terminal and sent a ping to his squadron's mechs to highlight the desired coordiantes on the map. With Fuka already pulling ahead and Alvin not far behind, he pushed his throttle to the max, sending the Centurion running forward at a blazing 64 kph. Better get there later than never.

The route up the valley seemed longer than it really was, several twists and turns making the journey take longer than it really should've, but Ulrik preferred not getting shot the moment his mech was poking out from behind cover. Still, the high walls eventually flattened to a point where he could see his lance on either side on the high ridge, the difference in elevation becoming less and less as they approached their destination. At the same time, visibility began to worsen as they climbed up the hillside: snow had begun to fall, large white crystals that quickly started to eat away at his visuals. At least the sensors were working, but if something was waiting for them up at the top, they wouldn't know until it had already fired on them.

First thing he noticed of the enemy compound were the blinking lights perching atop its antennas and towers, flashes of light that penetrated the slowly brewing storm. Warnings began to sound in his cockpit by now: the weather was turning for the worst and a storm was quickly brewing that promised to worsen the already questionable visibility to essentially stumbling around in the dark. He forwarded the information to the lance, his leg fidgeting as he leaned forward in the cockpit. "Come on baby, give me a little more..." Mumbling under his breath to his machine, and eyes squinting as the first buildings of the enemy compound appeared, he finally regrouped with the rest of lance. He loved the Centurion for many reasons, but at times he wished it wasn't so damn slow. Even the Fuka had managed to outrun him, despite riding in a Dragon and being one of the least experienced pilots on his team. Nevertheless, he was glad that nobody tripped over or got ambushed.

"Take point Fuka. Move as a team now, we don't know what to expect. If we're lucky, they don't have any more surprises."

Pushing up as a team, the first buildings of the compounds finally came into view: four large mechbays with doors open on all but one, warning lights flashing inside and the sound of distant sirens absorbed by the snow. The rest of the reinforced concrete buildings lined the hillsides behind them, a few dozen grey faces that poked out from their underground foundations. No turrets in sight, or any signs of a welcoming party. The sort of silence that made any mechwarrior anxious. Last time he barely had time to leave the dropship before getting shot, but this was making him much more anxious.

A quick glance at his rangefinder gave him the distance to the compound: 720 meters. "Eyes open everyone. Alvin, Jaromir, keep check on that mechbay. If the doors open and it is anything other than a bunch of pirates waving a 'Mech sized white flag, don't stop shooting until its slag." He too trained his guns on the 'Mechbay doors, but so far sensors didn't indicate anything to be worried about, and they continued to push up without opposition.

640 meters. The quiet whirring of the myomer bundles and fusion engines from his lance pierced the sound-absorbing blanket of snow falling from the sky.

500 meters. The faint blaring of klaxons could now be heard, small windows and details on the compound becoming visible to the naked eye through the snow.

420 meters. The ever increasing snowfall was starting to leave their mechs steaming as their fusion cores were evaporating the water on their vehicles.

280 meters. A faint buzzing sound began to fill the air as they approached the base, but the sensors still didn't read anything. Then again, Ulrik wasn't sure if they were designed to be all-weather, or if they were supposed to work in temperatures so far below freezing.

They were less than 200 meters from the base now, and Ulrik was starting to think that the job was as simple as they had expected it to be, when all of a sudden a sound that would terrify any mechwarrior sounded in his cockpit. MECH POWER UP DETECTED.

"Open fire, open fire!" Ulrik shouted, but before he could even squeeze the trigger on the stick, a thunderous boom echoed through the snowy landscape as a brilliant orange light appeared in place of where the mechbay's doors stood just a second ago, as it was blown into pieces by the AC/20 firing straight through it. Whirring through the air with a ghostly whine, the 203mm shell tore through the right leg of Fuka's Dragon, taking half the damn structure and all the armor with it as a deadly cloud of shrapnel covered the snow behind them for at least a hundred meters.

Through newly formed hole in the mechbay's doors, the smoking barrel of a Hunchback slowly appeared as all the snow it kicked up finally settled down. The mech was painted in a simple off-white color, a single red stripe running down across its left torso as the only identifiable marking. Several extra pieces of armor were welded all over the mech's torso and arms. Taking use of the confusing, the enemy mech pilot quickly pressed his mech into full speed, the Hunchback running out of the bay at full speed towards Ulrik's lance.

Seconds later, the Hunchback was illuminated by gunfire, and Ulrik squeezed the trigger to join the onslaught and unleash a beam of blue light that cut into the Hunchback's center torso with a shower of sparks, melting through the additional armor plates and digging into the enemy mech. "Take that you bastard!" Squeezing the trigger again, his Medium Lasers impacted the enemy's left torso, and he cursed under his breath he had missed the same location with his other attack: cooking the ammo of the Hunchback was a quick way to get a dangerous foe out of the equation.

At the same time, the buzzing sound from earlier intensified and grew louder, and just when Ulrik had thought a sneaky Hunchback was their only problem, a flight of fourp Ripper VTOL's emerged from beyond the crater's edge, unleashing a volley of Medium Lasers that kicked up snow all around Ulrik's lance but scored no direct hits. Tilting forward as the began their advance, Ulrik caught a glimpse of the infantry bays opening, before bright sparks of light appeared in the sky like shining stars: the light of jump packs as their owners jumped out of their transports and headed towards Ulrik's lance, small beams already cutting across the air as their rifles began to fire on them.

"Fuck!" Ulrik cursed as the situation went from bad to worse, the transport VTOL's starting to circle around now that they ahd dropped their troops for an attack run. It would seem that their opponents weren't out of ideas just yet. "Spread out, don't let them board your mech! Focus your fire on the Hunchback, we have to silence that AC/20 before it tears us to shreds!" Groaning angrily, his Centurion tilted to the left as she jumped in front of Fuka, taking up ground between her injured Dragon and the charging Hunchback. He readied his Centurion like a Solaris Gladiator or an old-earth boxer, waiting for the imminent clash between the 55 ton mechs. If the enemy pilot wanted a brawl, he'd give them one.

Combat Info Panel

Enemy Mech:Distance (Hex):Difficulty To Hit:Other Modifiers:

I know you all love the Hunchback, so here it :)

Maybe if you don't turn it into slag, we can have another medium mech that can barely keep up with the rest of the lance.

For this round, there's a few simple rules to keep in mind: Hunchback can be targeted as normal, but if you want to melee it, it will also get a free guaranteed charge hit on you, since its already charging. I didn't want to list the VTOLs in the table to keep it clean, but to hit them you'll still need to roll an 8. Any damage will kill them instantly. The troopers won't land or make attacks until the next turn, but you can only make attacks against individual ones unless you have specialized anti-infantry weapons: flamers, machine guns and small lasers. A cumbersome AC or SRM is not going to do much against a mobile floating target that can change its movement rapidly after all.

That's it, if you have any questions, ask them on the Discord as usual.

Also, Merry Christmas for everyone, hope you have great time during the holidays :)

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At the Chapel

Amy watched quietly as Sergio slowly unwrapped the fabric covering the delicious treat, revealing to the sweet-toothed half-demon a tasty looking brick of tiramisu. Her eyes lit up immediately, thoughts ablaze with the delicious flavors she'd experience if she took a bite of it. A soft blush slowly formed on her cheeks as she looked back up at Sergio and his half-brother, feeling just a tiny bit uncomfortable as she was presented such a gift in front of a Knight she'd just met, and her grumpy vampire superior/bestie. For a moment the thought of refusing the gift formulated in her mind, but she quickly dismissed it as she found herself too attracted to the sweet smell of the fresh pastry to say no.

"Ah! F-for me?" With a shy smile she'd tilt her head to the side a little and gently put her hands together. "Thank you Sergio, you really shouldn't have. It wasn't that long ago that I ate some, uh..." Maybe admitting to her "crime" of stealing pastries in front of Tyaethe wasn't the best idea, even if she doubted the girl would care. She wasn't that hungry, but that Tiramisu was looking reeeeaaaalllly good. "Nevermind~ If you and your brother, sorry, half-brother, baked it for me, I can't refuse, now can I?"

Smooth going Amy. Now they DEFINITELY won't figure out that in fact you are dying to give it a taste. With an almost invisible smug smirk on her lips, Amy grabbed a little piece of the tiramisu, and mumbled a quiet excuse me as she tasted the creamy dessert.

Suffice to say, it was enough for Sergio to score a point with Amy. Anything even remotely sweet was a surefire way to earn the half-demon's goodwill, and something as delicious and soothing as tiramisu would go a long way to impress her. Cleric or not, Amy wasn't above worldly delights, especially not this one. As she got a good taste of the sweet dessert, she let out a happy little moan before clapping her hands politely as a smile flashed across her lips. "Wow, that was really delicious! Hope you don't mind if I taste-test the rest of it, haha~" She put her hands lightly on Sergio's shoulders as she giggled a little at her own joke, before she stared into the Knight's eyes for a brief moment. "Thank you Sergio, that's a very sweet gift! I appreciate it! If you keep baking delicious sweets like this, I can tell you and I will be on great terms~"

With the rest of the knights leaving the chapel, Amy sat on one of the pews beside Sergio, and spent the next few minutes making some small-talk with him. Certainly, the tiramisu was the highlight of the day for her, but she definitely appreciated the time she spent with her fellow knights and getting to know them, especially the ones who made her tasty treats. Perhaps Tyaethe was right, she was still young and new to the knights; with time she'd make plenty of friends with her fellow knights.

In the Dreamscape

A dusty plateau under a pale blue sky. She didn't recognize this place. It felt... off somehow. Like when she was projecting in a dream. Or when she tried to take a deep dive into someone's mind. A sensation akin to floating in water, senses dulled even if the mind was sharp. Or maybe the other way around? Whatever it was, something weighed on her, like a heavy hand on a shoulder as it made itself known without outright trying to suffocate her.

Maybe she was just finally getting used to overbearing emotions and thoughts after the last two massacres she was a witness to, but this time there wasn't any blood. Or even hostility. Just serene, peaceful... choking silence. Amy had plenty of questions, but she found herself unable to speak as she finally got up on her feet and spotted the rest of the knights. All familiar faces, those she'd spent her last few weeks with in and out of missions. She expected them to seem equally confused and disoriented, but it became immediately clear that none of them seemed too bothered by their predicament. Clearly she was the only one truly surprised, and most infuriatingly, she couldn't ask questions. Even her mental powers were obfuscated by whatever was in the air around them, though slowly she was able to tune that out and start making sense of what was going on.

But then, a woman appeared, and the mystery of their current predicament became a little less confusing. Whatever she was feeling until now, it was linked directly to the aura of this woman. With a clear source in sight, and a pattern of sorts that she could identify, it was much easier to drown out the almost static-like noise of emotions and thoughts that she was feeling before. Like surfacing from a lake, she finally felt free, her mind focused and her own again.

Giving her newfound attention to the Witch, Amy didn't learn nearly as much as she had hoped. Indeed, she found herself having many, many more questions. She realized that she knew woefully little about the history of the knights and about the name being mentioned, though a few rang bells in her mind. Maybe she should've listened more when these things were explained to her, but she never was a fan of memorizing people she hasn't met before: the emotions of people made for a far easier method of remembering them than their name and who they were (as told by others).

In the end, all that she could surmise was that they were brought here to get stronger... and to babysit a surprise guest. Er... two of them. Forgetting the part about potentially dying several times and having to face tough challenges, allegations Amy found to be a bit overly dramatic, she was extremely confused as she tried to approach the two girls. She was hoping she could make friends with these... twins, but as she approached there was something weird with them. They felt like the exact same person, down to the very last detail of their auras that she could detect. Their emotions were in constant flux all the time though, and they didn't match up like they should've if this was some sort of powerful illusion magic. It's like she was faced with a single personality, but two distinct bodies with their own emotions. Or maybe it really was twins who were incredibly similar? No, that couldn't be...

"... what in Mayon's name is going on?" A quiet mutter under her breath, Amy decided that this mystery was one she'd better look into once they were in a safe space, and for now assumed that there was some magical trickery going on that was connected to the dreamscape. If the Witch could take all of them into this weird dreamscape built from memories, then maybe she could just as easily obfuscate the magic around people two make them appear like the same person. If she did her research, then the Witch would've known about her powers after all. And even if that wasn't the case, whatever magic was the cause of the uncanny similarity between the twins, it didn't change the fact that it made her job somewhat easier if she wanted to find them, as she only had one signature to look for and she'd find them both. Awkward as it was to get used to constantly sensing two of the same person, by the time they had reached Candaeln, she had gotten somewhat used to it.

Which was great, because everything felt off about this place. It was simultaneously just like the place she was used to, but it carried an entirely different atmosphere with it. If this was built from memories, then Candaeln used to be a VERY different place in the past. Hard to decide if that was for the better or worse, but perhaps she was a bit biased towards what she was familiar with.

For the best part of the conversation Amy was spacing off, trying to make sense of their current predicament, and looking out for any trouble. But she couldn't sense anything just yet, the knights of old seemed as genuine and helpful as they claimed themselves to be. However, what wasn't helpful was the incessant ramblings of the new girl. By now, Amy had dashed any hopes of making friends with her... them, and she uttered a silent prayer to Mayon, hoping she wasn't this annoying when she first joined the Knights.

She was content with observing from afar for the most part, but even she got upset when Gertrude spoke to Fanilly the way she did. More disrespect than even she could tolerate with her whimsical personality. Seeing Fion seethe with rage and Renar trying take the girl to the side to talk some sense into her (and failing), it made her realize that she can't exactly stand by idly. It wasn't exactly her responsibility to teach people manners, and she also didn't expect her words to change the behavior of this bratty girl, but at the very least she could keep her fellow knights from possibly murdering this person within a short timeframe.

Sliding beside Fionn, she waited until the knight was done talking with Cyrus (who's imposing stature definitely scared Amy despite his calm demeanor), and placed a hand on his fellow Rose's shoulder. "Sir Fionn, I sense a terrible pressure inside of you. I know you feel strongly about discipline and manners, I've seen it last time, but I suggest you avert your mind from Gertrude's rude behavior. People like her thrive on interaction. Starve her of words she can cut into, and you'll find her a manageable nuisance, rather than a babbling menace." Amy offered her kindest smile to Fionn, doing her best to lift his spirits and make him forget about his previous annoyance before lightly patting his arm and taking a step back. "I'll see what I can do about her with Renar. But if you ever feel your heart fill with anger, don't be afraid about coming to me. I know a few quick prayers that will clear your mind and cleanse the hate, just like that~" She explained and snapped her fingers, and a delicate flower wreath appeared on top of Fionn's head. Simple and unobtrusive by design, it had just enough flair to it so that the knight wouldn't immediately discard it. Of course, not like she could, or would, try to stop him if he did.

Waving a quick goodbye to Fionn, she turned her attention to Renar and Gertrude, biting her lips in anxiety as she approached the two. It only lasts but a moment, before she put on her best smile once more, humming quietly as she stops beside Renar. She mused over placing her hand on his shoulders too, to show Gertrude that she was standing against the whole team with her rude behavior, but Amy honestly couldn't decide if she was more afraid of Renar, or failing to do anything in the situation.

"A new member, I see~ And already fitting in quite nicely to boot!" Amy teased lightly as she politely bowed towards Gerturde before she looked up at Renar. "Sir Renar, there's no need to try and scare our newest member on her first mission, especially in such a weird dreamscape as this one. I'm sure that she is merely unaware of our etiquette, and feels out of place with so many armed knights who seem out to get her at the slightest slip of the tongue." Whether or not she was doing it on purpose, it wasn't clear whether or not Amy's words were meant to be sarcasm, or a genuine concern for the other girl. "I think it's best we forgive and forget, and have a fresh new start without all this unnecessary..." She stopped for a second as she looked off to the side, and waved her hand in a circle as she was trying to find the words. "Let's call it spite. Hostility is such a strong word for a friendly spat like this, right Renar?" She asked, looking once more up at the knight for support, though she very much expected him to counter with much stronger words. She never took Renar for the type to say more than he needed to, much less try to obfuscate the true meaning of his words. She respected that, but at the same time, she knew some situations required a more... delicate touch.

"Anyways, I think everyone should forget about leashes and orders, and just focus on the task at hand." Amy clasped her hands together and smiled brightly at Gertrude. "Do you want me to show you around? I might not be a veteran like the others, but I know my way around Candaeln, even if this version is a bit different. Plus, I doubt anyone wants a guided tour from Renar, he's much too..." Amy stopped for a moment as she looked back at Renar, sizing him up for a second as she deliberately made a concerned expression before turning back to Gertrude. "Tense. Of course, I'm sure that a capable wizard like you who's trusted to be able to keep up with the Roses doesn't need guidance, but it never hurts to ask. Part of being a knight, and all~"

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Amy seemingly ignored Tyaethe's protest, as well as Rolan's quips about a prayer, her fingers already clutched together as she began to think about what prayer would suit their little party the best in the moment. As a Mayonite cleric, she knew plenty of sermons by heart, but she also knew that the best prayers were those that were spontaneous and came from the heart. As such, she took a deep breath and waited until both of the other knights had quieted down and joined her on the pew before she'd beg-


The sound of even more boots hitting the hard stone floor of the chapel. Truly this was the day of the devout, as Amy could swear she's never seen this many people inside of this chapel. Of course, after Tyaethe and Esienhorn, she'd already dashed her hopes of seeing a fellow cleric or devout, and her suspicion was confirmed as she saw Sergio standing with something in his hand, an unknown face right behind him.

"Ah, Sir Sergio! Just in time!" She smiled softly as she scooted to the side on the pew and waved for the two newcomers to come closer, before patting the wooden seating. "Have a seat! It is good to see you in good health after the last battle. Let us have a quick prayer, and then Miss Tyaethe and Sir Rolan can be left to discuss their important... things." She wasn't sure what the best word to use was, all the high and mighty knightly duties of her fellow Roses seeming like a distant mirage. She knew she'd never get used to all the fighting like they did, nor ever wield a sword and shield, but every moment she felt more at home amongst them. The strangest devouts of Mayon and Reon for sure, but a likable bunch when they weren't covered in blood. Certainly a cacaphony of emotions and thoughts, even inside this little chapel.

Clearing her throat, Amy waited until everyone was finally seated before she closed her eyes and began to murmur a quiet prayer.

"Hear us, oh Mayon, and all those devout to your light. We celebrate all the bounty thy have given us, the good fortune and health so we may be here amongst friends today. We celebrate those who are here, and mourn those we lost, and pray for your guidance on future endeavors. May your guiding light always shine on us in the darkest of nights, and illuminate the path we shall never stray from. We thank your grace, and pray for your blessing."

Waiting in silence for a few long seconds, Amy let out a soft sigh as she finally looked up and smiled at her fellow knights. "Thank you all for praying with me, I appreciate it. I shall hold you no longer. Except for Sergio and his friend, it seems they were looking for me, rather than Mayon~" She explains and offers a small bow as she stands up from the pew. Her eyes then slowly shifted over to the mysterious item under wraps that Sergio was holding, a somewhat confused expression on her face as she was clearly sensing how flustered the knight was. What could this item be?

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There was a long pause as she waited for Tyaethe to respond to her question, but the closer she leaned towards the short vampire in anticipation, the longer the silence was held. The knight was giving her an unmistakable look of confusion, one which Amy would not accept in place of an answer, not this time. As moments passed and turned into seconds, Amy was afraid she'd have to resort to other means to convince Tyaethe, but then a new figure caught her attention who had just entered the chapel. A servant? No, a fellow knight it seemed, one whose eyes were filled with a single-minded focus as he stared at Tyaethe. Probably not here for a prayer, Amy figured. Leaning back and giving her superior some space, she made sure to smile at the newcomer and take a good long look at him. She'd do well remembering the faces and emotional auras of her fellow knights, just in case she ever lost control again.

Listening in silence as the man saluted Tyaethe and reported to her, his words made her soft smile much wider. Nodding enthusiastically once he finished, she'd stand up and offer a small bow towards the knight before reaching out to shake hands with him using both arms. "It's great to meet you, my name is Amy! And why indeed you are quite observant! Me and Tyaethe are toooooootally friends, one could argue the best of friends! Isn't that right, bestie?" She asked with a mischievous grin as she looked at the vampire, a happy glint in her eyes as she enjoyed her little teasing. This fellow knight was precisely what she needed to break the metaphorical ice between her and Tyaethe, and a chance to change the somber mood into something she felt more comfortable with, more playful and cheery.

"I was just finishing teaching Tyaethe some Mayonite prayers, so maybe the moon goddess can bless her with a personal raincloud during the day and save her from a tan." She exclaimed, needing considerable effort to save herself from a laugh as she twirled her fingers and summoned a miniature cloud right above Tyaethe's head with her magic, complete with tiny raindrops and the occasional thunder. Now that she looked at it, it seemed to perfectly match the bored look of the vampire that she was used to. "Maybe you'd like to join us in a silent prayer and receive the blessing of Mayon too? A job well done deserves the praise of the moon goddess after all." Though she was a knight, for the longest time she was training to become a priest. Even if she was an unusual cleric with her antics, she was very much devoted to her faith, and a prayer with her fellow knights would surely tighten her bond with them AND her goddess at the same time. A few more prayers and friends, and she'd have no reason to worry about her powers anymore. "So what do you say, friend? A quick prayer never hurt anyone."

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Amy found comfort in Tyaethe's words, but she did wonder about all the unspoken words during the knight's silent moments. As curious as she was to uncover more of the ancient vampire's history, she decided that now wasn't the best time to ask personal questions like that. Not that she knew when it would be a good time: she knew painfully little about her companions to form any sort of a plan on how to get them talking. Still, that wasn't the most important thing on her mind, and she reached out to gently place a hand on Tyaethe's shoulder.

"Thank you, sincerely. I've already talked a little with Sir Fionn, but I must admit that some of the people you named scare me a little... very loud, seem like they always want to punch things. But that might be because I've only really seen then in combat, haha." Letting loose a small chuckle, she pulled her hand back. "I must admit though, I think that being a half-demon is precisely why it's so hard for me to control the powers. I don't have the powers of a full demon, or the lack of senses of a normal human. I can pick up emotions very well, but it's much harder to control them."

She'd look up at the ceiling for a little bit as she contemplated what to say next, or if to even say anything, her leg starting to dangle much like the short vampire's. "I guess that's just an excuse though, isn't it? Everyone has to learn to deal with their problems, and so will I. Just wanted to know whether or not people will look at me wrong if I can't always be on top." With a little shrug Amy hopped off the pew, and then proceeded to stretch her arms and backs with a happy sigh. "Enough sitting!" Turning around on her heels she offered a warm smile to Tyaethe. It was genuine and lively, the sort that she'd regularly flash back when she lived at the monastery. "Would you consider yourself either too friendly, or too obtuse to turn away, Lady Tyaethe? I just so happen to have an opening on my list of friends for someone who can turn away a few bigots, haha~"

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"Huh?" Amy looked up as the sound of scraping metal invaded her ears, and she'd spot Tyaethe as the short vampire stopped just short of the row she was sitting in. "Oh, it's you Tyaethe~" Taking a moment to wipe her cheeks off so it wouldn't be obvious that she'd been crying not that long ago, she'd lean back in the pew and offer a smile to the girl. "Alas, I am a cleric of Mayon, so praying is not something I'm unfamiliar with. But you're right, I hardly come to the chapel as often as I should. I just had some... questions to ask of the divine lady. And confessions to make." Amy scooted over to the edge of her eat and turned with her fully body towards Tyaethe now, leaning with her arms on the backrest of the pews as a mischievous smile crossed her face.

"And what about you? I never took you for the religious type, more the 'doom and gloom, woe is me' sort of person, haha." Her voice as playful as ever, Amy tilted her head a little as she looked down at the swords carried by the vampire and beckoned at them with a single finger as she laid her head down on her arms. "I'm just joking, of course. But what do you need those swords for? Awfully inconvenient for silent prayer if you keep dragging them against the stone. Maybe you should try some padding?" With a flick of the wrist and the twirl of a finger, Amy giggled as the two swords turned into large, colorful foam cutouts of themselves, the illusion perfectly covering the original. "Much better. Now people will be even more confused~"

A moment of silence fell across the small chapel as Amy's smile slowly disappeared, and the same blanks tare from her bedroom reappeared. It seemed like the joy of casting the illusion had run it's course, and she was left with an ambivalent mix of emotions. Looking over Tyaethe and feeling her emotions, it was clear the small girl wasn't the greatest of empaths, but perhaps that was exactly what she needed right now. That, and the fact that she was the only other half-human on the team certainly helped.

With a small sigh she sat up properly and rested her hands in her lap, her fingers fidgeting anxiously as she tried to find the right words to say. "Tyaethe... do you ever feel like... an outsider? I know you've been with the Roses for a lifetime and I'm still new here, but... I dunno. Everyone is welcoming, or at the very least doesn't seem toc are about, well... these-" She explains and gently runs her fingers along the small horns on her head. "But I worry that after what happened at Cae Mayl, people will look wrong at me. I doubt anyone noticed in the heat of battle, but what if I lose control of my powers when it really matters? If not in a battle, then when tensions run high. I made a fool of myself back at the fort when we were talking with the mercenaries too. I'm just afraid that people will look at me wrong for being a half-demon and ignore everything else that I am. The church is the only family I've ever had, and I don't want to lose it." Amy stopped for a moment as she took a deep breath , and pulled out the small pendant from her dress, flicking the metal cover open as she looked down at the tiny painting of Mayon.

"I was hoping that by now I'd have more friends with the knights, but outside of the last mission I haven't really talked with anyone. I'm afraid that people are avoiding me because they think I'm always trying to read their thoughts and emotions, or trying to manipulate them just because of my powers. I'm sure you must know what sort of demonic blood runs in my veins, and I don't want people getting the wrong idea." Running her thumb gently over the pendant, she'd eventually close it up and stash it away, looking back at Tyaethe with the faintest hint of desperation in her soft smile. "What did you do when you first arrived? Surely people were afraid of living with a vampire... maybe you have some tips for me?"

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