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Current STEAM SUMMER SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't know what he's saying, but its dope AF…
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Life has been hectic, and I suffer now, after the finals have passed. Expect less activity from me in the coming week or two.
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*insert status*
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>Under Planning. Come back when it looks really sexy and when I can finally get friends to mention.<

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Uncharted Sector

"If you are the best diplomat that the Gargans could muster, then it is no wonder you live alone in a nebula fighting the EOM by yourselves." The captain shook his head in a humanly fashion and sighed with disstatisfaction. He signaled for his officers who began silently working in teh background on their terminals. Then he turned towards the side, looking at something out of the camera's perspective. He looked back into the camera for a second, before turning back to this unknown source once again. About half a minute later, he focused his attention on the broadcast once again. "You are one lucky captain. If it was up to me, I'd transmit the location of the Gargan fleet to the nearest EOM commander for your way of talking to me. However, your answer is not entirely wrong and the Council decided to give you chance. Show us that you can rally the other races behind your cause by getting some of the other xenos to help you. You are weak alone, but you may stand a chance united. Perhaps revisiting the idea of the Free Planets Alliance will prove useful. Until then, the Mekhar will be monitoring your actions and preparing the final decision."

The small ship began powering up it's warp drives and getting ready for the jump. It activated it's cloaking devices to mask it's jump coordination and destination from the Gargans and other parties who may be spying on them. To stay virtually invisible, it would start to rapidly cool itself down to the baseline temperature of the vacuum around it to stay hidden from the thermal sensors. It's ablative coating absorbs most frequencies, and returns a wavelenght indistingushable from cosmic radiation. In a matter of seconds, the ship disappears from every passive sensor, and only the more sophisticated active sensors can pick up it's presence. But before jumping away, the captain sends one last message to the Gargan ship. "Make sure to log the coordinates of this location. We will meet here once you've completed your task. Until then, try not to get yourselves killed."
@Wildman13 Sounds good to me. No need to let your named characters die.

@Legion02 I've not forgotten about you. Do you want me to post something, or do you want to do anything with the Pirates who escaped the blockade before I make my move?


I actually thought SSD meant Slip-Space-Drive due to my experience with Halo I have somewhat of an idea how it works, and for me would be the best method of FTL though understandably it's far beyond our tech.

LOLOL haha

No Slip Space Drive for you >:)
@Liotrent Just to clarify: an SDD stands for Short Distance Drive, and by no means would your ships have it. It's currently the experimental technology allowing the Praetor's fleet to stay almost completely hidden, as it leaves no traces after a jumo like Warp or Jump drives. It's the whole reason I could do the post. Otherwise you would've seen the fleet coming from quadrants away. But I can see the warp drives of the ships farther away having more than enough time to jump away seeing as they were already being charged.

@Wildman13 Yeah, your call.
@Liotrent I must've read your posts wrong. But I also doubt teh speed your transports could load up with people. You enver even mentioned it in your post, and that's why I assumed your ships were getting ready to move as fast as the Red Mist was taken out.

I wanted to do the same with the Red Mist, but since you two posted before I could, I had to reach for one of my resources that I wanted to utilise later. I think we should come to a compromise about the casualties, where it is a grave loss of Rarian lives, but little damage in your fleet apart from the fighters/bombers and some transport.
@6slyboy6 And I get the feeling that you don't like my race expanding XD

Pfft, where do you get your stupid ideas
@Sophrus You speak the truth. However, I still think that losing their tech would just lead to an even faster defeat. You'll just ahve to wait until I make my post to see how the Mekhar decides.
@Sophrus They already said it, but if you steal their tech and you lose it, the EOM will get their hands on it, and they will get immensive advantage. They also said this is teh reason they don't want to take the offensive.

The Gargans are really thick XD
@Sophrus I love how the Gargans be like "We can take on them Mekhars. Not like we'd be fighting the only power that could hold out against the EOM for so long."
@NecroKnight If you swing a sword, you are still going backwards. You push the sword forward, and you get pushed back in response. But I don't really care, because you'd use recoilless guns anyways XD
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