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Current Status updates, huh? Who needs those anyways, pfft
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Nothing brings more tear to my eyes tham coming back to the site after MONTHS and seeing my post/day gone below 3, even below 2.5! And to think it was above 4 at points in my life T_T
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University began today, and all my sumemr hopes and dreams shattered in one quick cacaphony of broken glass. My mondays will always kill me inside, I can already see it...
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I am completely ruining my PPD, but I am just too absorbed with Dicord RPs to start something real slow on the forums. Someone help me, this hurts.
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I figured I should update my status. Tada!
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Mое описание

Loves Teddy Bears|Twenty Something|Can't Speak Russian|Is Potat


Let me properly introduce myself. I am Sir Spud the Fourth, and I have been a potato for the longest time ever. I never denied it to be completely honest, but it is only recently that I embraced it. Now I have evolved from a simple couch potato to a fully grown royal potato. A dapper kawaii potato. And I dare say, knowing that you are a spud, makes life a lot easier. Just chill and let everyone else care about all their meaningless things because at the end of the day you'll know: chilling is the way to go.

I try to spend minimal effort on things that I don't care about, and procrastination might as well be my middle name. But that doesn't mean I ONLY rest. Sometimes a 'tato gotta do what a 'tato gotta do. And if that something happens to be things I like, then you cannot find anyone better than me. I am an omnipotent being capable of virtually any task to a limited degree, and I am not shy to admit it. I may not be the MOST AWESOMEST in a thing, but I am sure as hell MORE AWESOMEST than most people are at everything. But hey, I'm not here to brag, even if I am probabaly better at it than you


All those nights laying in my couch, I thought about the cool shit that I cannot do. That I cannot see. But I pictured them in front of myself like they were real, and that infuraited me. Then I found the Guild, and I lived happily after. I have been on the site for 2 years now, and I have seen many RPs, and played with many people. I wish I have found the site earlier, but I am glad that I've even found it. Now all those fantasies can be written down and my mind can rest at ease at night, without being constantly troubled by ideas.

When I RP, I love myself some good Sci-Fi or Fantasy. But hey I am filthy casual, I can go for anything with an interesting setting. I don't trouble myself on small details if the plot is good, but if you get somwthing wrong you can expect me to tell you about it. Some even go as far as to think that I am angry or something, but I am too chill for that. If anything I'm more of the funny type, so you can expect me to try and write some shitty jokes or post memes I found on the internet. Anyways, you'll see what I mean when we RP together.


Used to be something else here, but I'm happy to say that it's replaced because of a positive change. I now work as a full-time 3D artist in the animation industry, churning out shot after shot for some of your favorite game intros and trailers. Can't say anything about them before you even ask, and even though I'm still new to the industry I love it and I already know that this will be my passion for a long time. So hopefully in a few years I'll have a proud portfolio of animations that were done by yours truly that I can show off to all the lovely people of the guild.


Now I may have hobbies like the above mentioned, but there are some more things that I love in life. Here is a handy list of things you can always talk about with me:

  • Gaming: This one I am quite proud of, I'm a serious gamer with capital G. Not as much time for it nowadays, but still true.
  • Music: All kinds of electronic music, but I am a sucker for Queen and Powerwolf. Or Breakbot... anything music.
  • Anime: We all have an Otaku in us, but it's bigger for some people. For me it's just big enough.


Be chill folks, getting fed up about stuff is a recipe for disaster. You gotta learn to be patient and let things go, or you'll end up a wrinkly old man/woman with only bad memories about life. Even if you do fuck-all every day, you can live a content life by taking things easy. With that said, as always, stay safe and stay classy.

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The Merdhrai's Menace

Day ???, Week ???, Cycle ???
Springtime, Bay Entrance

Bits and pieces of wood, fabric and rope. They were all intricately crafted, much more sophisticated than what the Merdhrai could ever hope to produce. They were all the signs that were so obvious to those who knew what it belonged to, but for most of the otterfolk it was still a mystery as to what their true origin was. But as with all things, soon the secrets of these objects would reveal themselves in the most spectacular fashion.

Dashing across the water of the shielded natural harbor, the greater area of which a part the Merdhrai had called home, it wasn't long until the quick and agile otters finally bumped into what they were searching. To the northeast of their village, dashed up on the rocks near the entrance to the large bay, was a ship of a large size that had been clearly caught in a storm and then lost to it's rage as it was caught on the wave breakers. It's imposing wooden hull relatively intact, though showing signs of age already that seemed to go against the common wisdom of ships that were recently shipwrecked.

The sails hung loose in the wind, the soft breeze fluttering and puffing them up and sending rippled through their surface. One of the wooden beams in the middle that supported a small crow's nest was cracked and hanging off to the side, supported only by ropes that have seen better days. A piece of cloth, a flag of unknown origin was still hanging loosely from atop said beam, fluttering in the wind. It's colors White, with a pair of red and blue animals that the Merdhrai couldn't tell the origin of holding what seemed like sticks. The details on it were intricate, but the weather has worn out the colors and made them bleed into the white of the background a bit.

Approaching further to the wreck, the Merdhrai could see that the hull had been cracked open at the bottom where the ship hit the rocks, but despite the high waves that sometimes splashed against it, it seemed like the wreck wasn't intent on moving from it's final resting place. Smashed pieces of wood and a few barrels floated in the water the opening, the inside dark and shielded from the outside world.

On the inside the ship was dank with the smell of weathered wood and wet fur. Crates and barells, some still sealed, laid strewn about what seemed like the cargo hold of the ship. A ladder leading up to the surface was still attached to the beam in the middle, a trapdoor in the middle leading up to the the deck, while another trapdoor lead down into what seemed like a compartment below the one they were in, but the door seemed stuck at first glance, perhaps indicating that the compartment below was not yet flooded. Up on the deck, a few buckets and spare ropes laid in the far corner, caught by the railing of the ship. Seagulls watched intently from the railings and other elevated positions, flocks of them already claiming the wreck as their home. The craftsmanship here was even more clear than before, the angles of the carved wood and the thickness of beams and logs showing the Merdhrai a glimpse of what can be possible. On the far end of the ship, sitting slightly above that water level was what seemed like a cabin that was still not submerged.

Inside the Merdhrai could find ornate furniture, maps that have been soaked and faded by the water that rushed in through the broken windows with every tide, as well as a few personal belongings that seemed to have been left behind. It was clear that whoever was on this ship had left in a haste, a moldy plate of food still laying on a platter that was kept in place on a cabinet, whilst various other instruments the Merdhrai couldn't identify were on the walls and cabinets that laid the walls. A few books and notes were thrown about the floor of the currently dry cabin, but whatever their ink once held had been washed away by rising tides. Signs of struggle were visible upon closer investigation, a few scratch and cut marks visible on the large wooden desk sitting in the middle of the cabin.

It was a treasure trove of knowledge and discovery, even if a lot has already been lost to the elements. But perhaps the biggest mystery was one that the wood and cloth could not make up for: the seemingly missing occupants of the ship that were nowhere to be found. Perhaps the only clue as to what this ship was here for, where it came from and who used it. All questions the Merdhrai would have to answer on their own with time...


Amy x Iris

Galactic Bazaar, 6 hours before current events

It was obvious to Amy after the first moment that Iris knew far more about clothes and shopping than she did. After all, she wore basically the same dress all the time, and she used to only visit shops to get the rations she needed to survive or in case she needed some repairs done. So the thought of going to a place full of people all going on with their business and dozens if not hundreds of merchants all wanting to sell their products… well, that was something that both amazed Amy and made her anxious. Still, with Iris by her side she was sure she could enjoy it and actually get some things for herself to wear! Yeah, that’s the best way to look forward to just about anything in life, but even more so when one is going out on a not-date with someone they like the company of.

Amy was having a pleasant time even just listening to Iris speak, the voice of the girl helping her calm her nerves down after a day of ups and downs when it came to her emotions. Sadly, such a moment cannot last forever, and the buzzing of the omni-tool cut their talk short as it called the other girl away. “It’s okay, go take care of the things you need to take care of! I’ll get ready too!” Amy called out to Iris as the girl left her room, leaving the blue skinned alien alone in her room once more.

The more time she spent here, the less she liked it. Surrounded by the voices and thoughts of her crewmates, Amy was faced with the crippling reality of her dangerously self-isolating behavior before she joined the ship’s crew to help them on a mission she honestly didn’t take to heart at the time. Just one more reason she felt even worse about herself. Still, it made her feel better knowing that everyone was safe and that she could now reliably help everyone else out as well. Not to mention that she had bonded with the kids of the crew so much already, she really felt much better about the current state of her own affairs. Either way, meditation always helped her calm down her nerves, so that is what she did once more to pass the time.

Hours have passed before she finally opened her eyes once again, her head still full of the same worries as before. Oh well, surely some free time with Iris would help with that. With those moody but overall positive thoughts in her mind, Amy put on her usual smile as she stopped in front of the mirror built into her locker and took a good long look at her own reflection. Staring at her own clothing, she knew it looked good, but… did it look good enough? She didn’t want to embarrass herself next to Iris. Flicking her wrist she whisked away the false appearance of her dress to reveal the simplistic, plain white dress that laid underneath and hid her skin from the outside world. “I can do better than this…” Squinting a bit she began to form a mental image of the dress she wanted to wear. Something that would make her stand out just a little more. After a few moments her attire began to shine as a new one slowly took its place. The plain white dress slowly morphed into a long white dress that went past Amy’s knees, with a few crossing stripes going up it’s length to a relatively simple but elegant grey blouse with puffy shoulders. Looking at herself in the mirror for a bit she smiled at her own creation, spinning around for a moment to make sure that there were no mistakes in her attire. Once she was sure that she wouldn’t be embarrassed by some oversight on her part she left her room and walked over to the docking area to wait for Iris’s arrival. Soon enough she spotted the approaching girl and waved at her happily, flashing a wide smile towards Iris. “Yup, I’m all set! Let’s go and buy some nice clothes, shall we?”

Iris gave Amy a quick look and down when they met. Much to her surprise, she was wearing a new dress. Iris smiled back and offered a joking elbow for Amy to grab hold of. Taking a look at her dress again, it looked stunning on her especially when you consider her figure. Iris had an idea pop into her head as they walked. She turned to Amy, "Ooh, we should go to a dress store first! I don't own a dress and well who better to get a dress with than the queen of dresses." Iris seemed excited as she showed Amy her Omni-tool some of the boutiques nearby.

“You’re the queen of dresses, right?” Amy asked with a little giggle and looked at Iris for a moment before she took the girl’s elbow and clung to it. For as confident as she was in her people skills, going to a place with so many people made her head hurt from all the thoughts and emotions, which in turn made it much harder to focus on whatever she was doing. Having Iris with her to rely on helped with that a great deal. Leaning over to look at the screen of the omni-tool she nodded and smiled at Iris happily. “Alright, lead the way Iris! I’m excited to try on some new clothes! I’m sure the others will be surprised about it too, haha~”

Iris laughs as well as they went to a boutique that seems to have some nice dresses, at least from the photos provided by the search engine. Iris offered the elbow as a joke but Amy appears to have taken a liking to it. Iris felt kinda cool having a cute girl on her arm, she doesn't know why but whatever the case she was enjoying the time.

As they entered the boutique, they were greeted by an array of hard light mannequins, all wearing designed outfits. This store seemed to focus on anything even dress-like. From sundresses to ball gowns the store had them all. This was nothing like what Iris has been to. You could kill a few hours just wandering through the store just trying on dresses. Iris looks towards Amy and says, "I think we found the dress store!"

Amy smiles happily as they walk through the bazaar, her eyes glistening with the sea of lights all around them as she looks around with an amazed gasp. Once they entered the large store it only made her smile even more, as all the clothing options made her excited to start trying them on. “Hmmm… what should we even try to get first?” She asked quietly as she gently pulled on Iris’s hand and led the girl over to one of the walls where a long line of nightgowns and dresses were set up for view. There were some many options that it took Amy a moment to comprehend it all, but it made her smile nevertheless. Some of the dresses were plain and simple, while others were far more “frisky” in their appearance. Honestly she was mostly interested in whatever looked the comfiest, and she would let go of Iris’s arm as she walked up to a relatively thick, but loose-fitting black dress that caught her eyes. “Hmmm, I think this would be really cozy to sleep in… what do you think Iris? Did you find something you’d like to wear tonight?”

As Amy lightly tugged Iris towards the nightgowns, Iris adjusted herself to follow her to the wall. As they looked at the wall together many gowns stood out to her the heavier ones looked very warm and cozy but honestly, they just didn't think she would look too good in them. On the other hand, the nightgown Amy had removed from the rack just seemed to fit her. The black gown wasn't very bold but the simple nature of it combined with the high quality gave off a certain elegance to it. All that could also be that the person who is wearing it has eyes for her. Iris walks closer to the friskier side of the wall as she turns to Amy and says, "it would look lovely on you! And I think I found something, let me grab it." Iris stretches her arms to the higher rack as she pulls out a shorter nightgown that only goes maybe mid-thigh. It is of a pearl or off-white color with multiple layers of see-through mesh that when layered obscure her body. Some light frill at the bottom as an accent. "I like this one! It's super pretty to me." As she plays with a handful of the thin layers.

Amy looked at Iris with the dress in her hand, tilting her head to the side ever so slightly as she watched the other girl look through the selection as well. She had expected Iris to go look at the more frilly dresses, yet it still caught her by surprise for some reason after she had previously said that the simple one she picked was also one she liked. Further observing the gown in the girl’s hand she realized just how short it was compared to hers, and it made her grip onto the cloth a little more tightly. Was she just being weird with such a long and uninteresting piece of clothing, or was it Iris who had a more risque taste in clothing? It was hard to decide for her if it was any one reason or both, but she kept her smile as she admired the dress. “I think that would look really nice on you Iris! Of course, I think anything would, but then again I am no expert in fashion, haha~” Amy giggled a bit as she stared at Iris for a little longer before she turns back to the racks to look through them, picking out a few more simpler dresses for herself: mostly things she could change or conceal with her magic in a pinch. Of course, there were far more she could afford with all the money they got, but there wasn’t really anything she wanted to spend that money on. And the things she did want to spend it on, well, those things couldn’t be bought. So for now, getting dresses with Iris would have to do.

Iris was quite happy that Amy liked her dress. She was a bit nervous picking it since she has never owned something so girly. Iris confesses to Amy that she is less of a fashion expert and rather an enthusiast. "Back on my homeworld, I was considered the sports star and a bit of a tomboy. So when I tried pretty clothes on before I always got some push back on it. Like 'they look cute but not for you' or 'you would look better in this'. I always loved fashion, it just wasn't available to me before." With that Iris went on a bit off of a spree, getting a nice long dress, a few sundresses, more than a few skirts. And finally, a simple long red nightgown.

After their shopping trip at the boutique, Iris and Amy went to hit a few more shops. A few more clothing stores were broken up by an occasional stop at cafes just trying things out. The Galactic Bazaar had rather a unique mixture of cuisine and pockets of culture that you couldn't possibly fully explore with the sheer size of it. Iris felt the need to grab any kind of fine candy. Or rather what Iris could infer was fine candy. As promised they grabbed more than just confectionery, baked goods, chips, and every manner of snackage. As their day came to an end they took a shuttle back to the ship to start the sleepover.

Amy was really happy to spend some time away from the ship and in the winding hallways of the bazaar with Iris at her side. It was a nice break from the constant worry for the safety of everyone else during operations, and it made her quite happy that she was able to put those dark thoughts into the back of her mind for the time being. Truly, despite how much she enjoyed spending time with the kids (or maybe because of that), she just now realized how tired she was mentally. With this little trip however, she once more began to feel her cheery self as the two of them explored various shops and finally got on the shuttle with all the things they had bought: essential supplies for a sleepover, she was sure.


Back on the Xuanzang, ~3 hours before current events

Once they were back on the ship, Amy let out a happy sigh as she grabbed onto Iris’s hand and went back to her room, opening the door with a small chuckle, revealing the very modest living quarter that laid behind it. “Tada! Not much to look at, I know you’re used to more space with the room you and your brother have, but this should be enough for the two of us!” With that she placed down the bags she was carrying besides the bed and let go of Iris’s hand as she sat down on the cushion and smiled at the other girl. “So what now? Do we just talk until we feel tired and go to sleep? Or is there some kind of a weird ritual you do during sleepovers that I don’t know about, haha~” Amy asked with a small giggle as she looked down at all the things they had bought. “Maybe I should switch into the dress I got for the night first, hmmm…”

Once they had finally made their way back to the ship, Iris realized that she forgot to inform Samuel that she was going out. And also to make sure he knew she was spending the night. Iris waved it off for now as Amy led her toward her bedroom. Her eyes wandered across the room as Amy presented it. Iris looked towards Amy as she commented on the size. "Me and Samuel's room is a bit bigger but it is taken up by both of our stuff. Not to mention most of our room is just space for our workstations. I got my whole enchanting thingy and he has his techy stuff." As they sat down the bags Iris realized how much she bought. She responded to Amy's inquiry into the mysterious sleepover, "Well from what I know a sleepover is just us hanging out, talking, and just doing other fun things. But in our pajamas. So with that, let's get changed." Iris grabs the frilly nightgown she first picked and asks Amy if she can borrow her closet for a bit.

“Sounds good! Go ahead.” Amy explained happily as she beckoned towards the bathroom with her head where Iris could comfortably change into something else. Sitting on the bed she looked over the nightgown that Iris had picked up and smiled a bit at the simplicity of it. Not in the design, that was far more complicated than what Amy had, but in the use of it. It represented more than just something to wear, it represented the night they were going to spend together getting to know each other. Iris had her attention ever since they first talked in the control room during their first mission, and now she was excited to learn much more about her and also about what she and hopefully the others liked to do. She had always been a bit stiff despite her cheerful attitude, so experiencing new things would surely help her fit in more with the others. Humming quietly to herself as she waited for the girl to change, Amy reached into the bag to grab onto her own dress for the night and run her fingers over the soft surface. It wasn’t anything special, but to her any clothing was something out of the ordinary. Her heart fluttered just thinking about trying it on and actually appearing to others as she really was, at least regarding her clothing items.

Iris entered the bathroom and just took a small look around before unrobing her clothes. Iris stared into the mirror for a moment, taking in how she looks and reconciling her feelings toward her appearance. She runs her hands up and down her arms, flexing them to accentuate how toned and strong she is. She isn't packing a bodybuilder physique or anything but before their capture, she was what they would call shredded. She was way under a healthy fat ratio for girls her age and honestly, it made it hard to be confident in more cutesy outfits. When the You've captured them, she started to put on weight very quickly and before she knew it, she looked completely different. She definitely thinks that this body looks better but at the same time she hasn't completely taken in that this is her. Iris stops spacing out and puts on her nightgown, gives herself a quick check to make sure it looks nice, and leaves the bathroom. She steps out and gives a quick twirl for Amy, saying tada with a big smile.

As the girl stepped out and spun around, Amy would smile happily as she examined the clothing Iris was wearing and she smiled happily at the other girl. “That looks fantastic on you! I’m glad we went shopping.” She explained with a cheerful tone as she got up from the bed with her own dress in hand and walked up to the bathroom for her own turn to change. Closing the door behind her with a smile, she would quickly change the dress she was wearing for the one that they had bought together for the sleepover. It wasn’t anything special, just a simple, comfy black dress with short arms and a long skirt, but to her it was nice to be wearing something unique. Looking at herself in the mirror for a bit she thought about sprucing up the look a bit, but then realized that would go against the whole reason she had it in the first place. Shaking her head with a small smile she opened the bathroom door as she walked out in front of Iris and did the same routine as the other girl: making a little spin to show off her new dress. “So? Do you think it fits me?” Amy asked with a small pink blush as she fidgeted around with the sides of her skirt as she waited for a reply from Iris.

Iris clapped her hands together in excitement as she smiled at Amy, "It looks lovely on you. It gives you such an elegance." Iris stood up to start setting up the snacks as she looked back at Amy, "I had a lot of fun shopping with you. We should definitely go out again when we can." After sitting down once more she looks back up towards Amy and checks her out again. Simple dresses can only really accentuate Amy's natural features and Iris was already thinking Amy was hot. Iris offered a hand to Amy to sit down next to her. Admittedly, Iris was trying to get her to sit a bit closer in an attempt to see if Amy would be okay with getting a little more intimate. Iris waited for this crucial response before going further.

Amy would blush slightly at the compliment. Elegant. That’s a praise she’s not heard in a long, long time from someone, and she did not expect to hear it after putting on a simple dress like this. But it made her happy to know that Iris didn’t really care about whether or not she was wearing some fancy dress, something which had always haunted her through her whole life. Being accepted, and accepting herself. “Thank you Iris, that’s very kind of you!” She explained with a small smile as she took the offered hand and slowly stepped over to the bed before she sat down next to the girl. Amy would quickly turn towards Iris once next to her, and wrapped her arms around her in a hug. “I had a lot of fun going out shopping with you as well! It was a nice change of pace, very relaxing…” Amy admitted quietly as she closed her eyes and quietly enjoyed the hug for a few more seconds before letting Iris go with a silent chuckle.

Iris blushed as Amy went in for the hug, being surprised by it at first but she followed her initiative and held Amy. The blush shifted from a light rosiness to a more solid shade of red as Amy once again let Iris know how much she enjoyed her time out. Her glee had Iris smiling wide as they held each other. Amy's joy was radiating, and it just made every moment with Amy that much better. As they pulled away from one another, Iris was still blushed and giving a warm smile. Iris looked into Amy's eyes and sleet from her chest, "I don't think I been this happy in a long time and I know it's because of you." Iris glides her hand to interlock with Amy's, "I find my thoughts have been filled with you as of late." Iris looks away from Amy realizing how embarrassing that was for her.

Amy listened happily to Iris speak after their little hug, her own innocent smile soon getting tainted with a small blush as the other girl began to explain how happy she was with her. This was completely unexpected for Amy, as she seemed almost taken back when she felt Iris intertwine their fingers. It was all so much in that moment, her mind going wild over the situation as she tried to make heads or tails of it while that feeling in her chest from before was starting to grow, and she was all the more confused as to what it was. “I-I...Iris…” She mumbled quietly as she stared at the blushing face of the other girl, reaching out with her free hand to gently stroke her cheek and turn her gaze back with an affectionate smile. “I’m… not sure what I feel… but I know I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently as well, and… that’s exactly why I was so happy to spend some time with you. So I could make heads or tails of why I feel the way I do…” Amy admitted quietly and closed her eyes while smiling shyly, letting herself relax for a moment as she enjoyed the happiness of the moment as they held hands. “Y-you might have to help me with what that feeling really is…”

Iris felt her heart beating faster as it seemed Amy was going to reply to her somewhat convoluted way of saying I like like you. As she listened she felt the tension rise in her chest. The fear of rejection, no more the fear of opening oneself had Iris feel like she was at the edge of a crumbling cliff. But soon this tension broke as Iris took that Amy felt somewhat the same way and what followed was a rush of emotions. She felt unbelievably giddy, letting out a small giggle as she swayed just a tad as she let this feeling was over her. But this intense emotion had brought forth something stronger, trust. Iris looks towards Amy, not thinking of mush just filled with a new desire to be vulnerable with her. Iris starts speaking, "To hear that you have been feeling… similar was blissful. The only way I know how to help us know what this means is to lay things out. For me I like you, I never liked anybody, but I know I like you. Your smile, your laugh, the way you try so hard to comfort all of us. At first, I found it a bit hard to ration out why you cared so much, and it threw me off. But quickly I could find myself worrying about you, even when you weren't there and I…" Iris paused as she could feel her own heart stab her at the idea of letting someone know something so personal. But still, Iris turned to Amy, still smiling but her eyes could tell Amy that was a painful thought. "I have a hard time caring for people. Like a really hard time. Like I haven't cared for anyone new since before the war and even then it was a bit foggy what I felt for them. I worry sometimes that what if the war took my ability to care. It… scares me." Iris starts looking a bit sad talking about this but she changes it back to a smile as she focuses on Amy, "But you, you're special to me somehow. I know that I care for you," Iris goes into a whisper, "that I like you. So you know if you ever need me I'm there."

There was such a rush of emotions going through Amy that she felt like she was going to collapse while she listened to Iris. After a certain point she found it much easier to stop trying to make sense of the words and emotions and just peer into the girl’s mind to give her own brain a little pause. It was at this moment that she truly felt the butterflies in her stomach go wild as she experienced the love and affection that Iris had clearly felt for her. It made her blush madly and look up at Iris with a shy look while she listened to her story. It was… touching. Never had she felt these emotions and she didn’t know what it was, but with Iris’s help she now understood that it was normal. That they had both felt the same and the other girl neatly put it into words to help her understand. Of course, Amy didn’t need any of those words, she could feel what Iris could. Once silence fell down upon them, she found herself flushed and with her heart beating rapidly as she stared into the girl’s yellow eyes. “I…” She hummed before she bit her lips, unsure of what to say. The moment they were sharing was something more, something special… and she knew that she too cared and trusted in Iris so much more now that she knew they shared the same feelings for each other. “Iris, you don’t need to say anything…” She explained quietly as she moved a hand over to gently stroke the girl’s cheeks. “I can feel you… your emotions, your thoughts… it’s… pleasant. Warm. I like it. Your mind helps me relax, your touch makes me forget who I am.” Closing her eyes bashfully, Amy looked away for a moment as she collected her thoughts, her fingers squeezing Iris’s a little tighter as they held hands. “I like everyone on the ship… for as long as I can remember, that is the one thing I’ve always known. To care for and attend to others. Not many have ever cared about me before, but ever since I came here, I feel like I’m finally part of a family I never had… so I care for you all, maybe a bit too much at times… Hehe, I know some of you look at me like a mommy…” She explained shyly, her voice almost fading out as she had to wipe some tears away before she looked back into Iris’s eyes. “The truth is… you were there for me when I was at my lowest, and even now… I-I care for you immensely. I want you to be safe in this hellish fight you have decided to engage in. Because once it’s over… I want to spend more time with you, and the rest of the kids as equals…” Amy was visible holding something back as she looked over to the side, taking a moment to gather herself with a little sigh. If she were to really accept her own emotions, she needed to make sure Iris knew who exactly she was… and it scared her. The last time she wasn’t someone else, they had berated her and taken her for a fool… but she felt like she could truly trust Iris to keep her secret and not react badly. “C-close your eyes…” She explained as she placed her hand over Iris’s eyes just for good measure, blushing immensely. After taking a moment to make sure the girl wasn’t peeking, she would close her eyes and slowly let down her mental walls and let Iris into that protected space in her mind where one could truly gaze upon her. Then, she would shyly pull away her hand, a knot forming in her stomach as she revealed herself to the other girl. Enough so that others wouldn’t even recognize her. Iris could gaze upon the eerily snow white skin and hair of the other girl, the almost unnoticeable pink blush upon her cheeks that contrasted with the deep crimson eyes above it that looked at her way so anxiously. Her pair of curved horns around her head replaced with pure white ones that protruded out the front of her head. But more importantly, everything about her appearance had changed aside from her usual warm smile. She looked more young, more fragile, someone who fit much better into the same age group as most of the kids, rather than as their surrogate mom. “T-This… this is the real me… I-I understand if you think I’m a freak…” Amy explained in a quiet and shy tone before she looked off the the side with an anxious whine.

The silence was cut by Amy. Amy had moved her hands to Iris's cheek, they were warm to the touch. Iris landed into Amy's hand as she felt comforted by this gesture. As Amy explained how she could feel Iris's emotions, Iris once again felt comforted knowing she could just feel what was going on. In a way, it confirmed that these feelings are tangible that they are real. Iris began to just bask at this moment they were sharing. Just listening, riding the waves of emotion they were causing in each other. Once Amy went silent, Iris could tell she was holding something back. Normally Iris wouldn't try for more but this was different. Iris rubbed Amy's hand trying to get her a little more comfortable, got a little closer, and tried to match her eyes. Soon Amy asked her to close her eyes. Even after Iris closed them Amy still covered her eyes. Iris held in a little giggle as she thought it was a little cute. She was curious about what Amy was doing though. A part of Iris was hoping it would be a kiss but another part knew that wasn't happening right now. As Amy pulled away her hands, Iris waited for her hands to fully move away before she opened her eyes. As they opened the once beautiful purple alien she knew as Amy was replaced with another alien. Snow white skin, deep crimson eyes, and these large upward white horns on her forehead. That smile and general demeanor was all Iris needed to still know it was Amy. Iris couldn't look away, her eyes were enchanting, her smaller frame was freaking cute. The horns were large but honestly, they aren't that weird. Like sure it wasn't normal for Iris but Amy is obviously not Iris so the horns are just cool. Amy spoke that she thought it was okay if Iris saw her as a freak. Iris was peeved by this. Not at Amy, more at someone would call her a freak. Iris leaned in closer to Amy, closing the distance between them a bit more. Iris starts holding Amy's hand again. Looking straight into Amy's eyes, "Amy I thought you looked good before and I find you even more stunning now. Your eyes are alluring and makes me want to get closer. Your skin is beautiful. Your frame is cute as hell. And your horns are super cool. I don't think you're a freak. And more important than any of that, I like you for you." Iris goes extremely blushed realizing she essentially yelled hey Amy you are hot as fuck.

“Oh… I-I’m really glad you think that…” Amy explained with a blush that was even larger than before as she shyly looked back into Iris’s eyes, only to realize how close the girl had gotten to her as she let out a small little yelp. In this moment they were truly close, both in body and mind: her head was flooded with both her own emotions and those of the other girl. All those thoughts from before when Iris thought she was cute were now multiplied hearing that she found her beautiful in her normal form too. Part of her wondered if Iris would still want to see her in a bikini… maybe for their next shopping trip. For now she looked into the girl’s eyes with a small smile and gently squeezed her fingers. “I… I think you are gorgeous too Iris, much more so than me. But, I also like you much more for who you are. A little weird, but absolutely lovely, hehe~” She giggled at her little tease and blushed as she adjusted her hair a little bit before she fell silent and looked at Iris for a moment before looking away. “I… I hope it won’t be weird that I’m younger than I first seemed… all the others will still see me like they used to, but… I-I want us to be close like this. Like…” She hummed and gently placed a hand on Iris’s head and stroked her hair. “In body and mind…”

Watching Amy blush heavily brought a story of delight to Iris. But Amy squeezed Iris's hand and started complimenting Iris. It caught her off guard and couldn't stop a smile crawling across her face. She giggled with Amy at herself being called weird. Iris listened as Amy described her concern that she looks younger than she originally appeared. That fact barely registered as another idea kept her occupied. 'They will see her as the same? I mean it's fine but that is also just awesome. And she can choose who gets to see this hottie? Man that's cool.' But that thought was severed as Amy started to stroke her hair, somehow the intimacy had raised again. When she said in body and mind like that made Iris became fully aware of how close they were. Her heart was beating hard. She looked at her lips, she wanted to kiss Amy. Iris started to stroke Amy's hair again and said, "Yeah, body and mind…", as she closes the distance once more and goes for a kiss.

Listening to Iris’s thoughts and experiencing her feelings in that moment was like a torrent of blush-inducing feelings. This was the second time now that she was being called a hottie by Iris, and Amy wasn’t entirely sure what the best reaction to that was. It wasn’t distracting at all, in fact it made her feel very happy, but she had absolutely no idea what she was going to be doing with this information. She felt the faint urges that burned so hot inside of Iris, but she herself had no idea what she was doing… at all. So when she saw and felt Iris coming in for a kiss, she was completely dumbfounded. Thankfully Iris’s… graphic mind told her all she needed to know about what she was supposed to do. Closing her eyes she leaned in slowly as well, wrapping her arms anxiously around Iris’s shoulders until she felt their lips touch in a small kiss, and she let out a soft yelp as she enjoyed the feeling.

The kiss felt explosive for Iris, her lips were soft and Amy seemed to know it was happening and joined in the effort. Iris has never kissed anyone. So a part of her felt like she was floating on air. 'I did it! Not only did I give my first kiss away, but it was also to a cute girl! Woo!' her little celebration in her head was short-lived as she felt that dreadful question of what now? 'We both opened up to each other, we both admitted we liked each other, we even kissed. But we're both new to this.' Iris looked at Amy, "Want to lay down? Things got pretty intense," Iris said as gently led them to lay down. Iris didn't think such an intimate moment would leave her so wanting but also so tired. All she wanted to do at this point was to leisurely lay with Amy, talking about anything or nothing, just continuing to be so close. Some extra kisses would be nice but differently not needed at this point

Amy’s white cheeks have turned into a deep red as they shared their first little kiss with each other. It was a great feeling, like all this built up tension from being around Iris has all of a sudden vanished. She would smile shyly once the girl pulled away from her and laid down on the bed. Watching Iris with a gleeful expression she happily leaned down as well and nestled against the girl a bit, gently grabbing her hand with a small chuckle. “Intense is the right word… let’s just rest here for a bit… this feels nice…” Amy explained with a blushy smile on her face as she closed her eyes, the room around them seeming to disappear for a moment before it turned into a wonderful illusion of a much larger and cutely decorated bedroom, the soft sound of a morning breeze and birds chirping seeping in. “I could fall asleep like this… maybe I will, we had a long day…” She explained quietly as she leaned her head against Iris’s with a small blush and gently squeezed her fingers before she slowly slipped into a deep slumber that seemed to drag her in from all the excitement of the day before, and the safety of having someone she could truly trust in.

Iris adjusted herself as Amy nuzzled into her, offering her arm to lay on to get comfy. She lightly wrapped her arm around Amy's waist as they held hands with Iris's other arm. There was an air of tranquility that filled the room as they rested there. As they laid, the room shifted thanks to Amy and Iris looked on in wonder of Amy's power. The way the room changed was awe-inspiring. The breeze and sound of birds began to lull Iris to sleep. She looked down at Amy as she began to nuzzle once more before falling asleep. Iris just had a small relaxed smile, a smile that held nothing but her trust and comfort in Amy. Soon the serene illusion Amy had made out Iris to sleep as well.

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Changing Times - Part 2

When the tribes left us, we had nowhere to go. So we formed our own tribe, a band of outcasts with a common goal. Little did we know that only our names would be remembered for the eons at the time, and we set out with dread weighing heavy on us, but the spirit of freedom keeping us moving forward. None of us really knew what it was that we were searching, but that was soon about to change when we made the first, and perhaps most important discovery of our millennia long journey...

- Forgotten Mural Site

In the forests of the Adarnians~

One encounter with the Triachs was clearly not enough for fate. Laying in wait, pairs of eyes followed every movement that the hunting parties of the tall Adarnians made all over the forest. Waiting for the right moment to strike, a moment that came once the hunting parties had left the village for a day. Then suddenly, roars and thunderous battlecries emitted from the bushes around the perimeter of the shacks the Adarnians used as a home and about a dozen small creatures with an ugly face and a green skin rushed towards the Adarnians left in the village, carrying spears in their hands that they flailed around menacingly. Their eyes were bloodshot and their angry shouting and grunting was clearly a sign of their ill intent as they approached the village as fast as their tiny legs allowed. This would not be resolved peacefully...

On the plains of the humans~

The weather was fair, and a cool breeze from the mountains. Fish were plenty and the bushes were ripe with berries and nuts that the gatherers could pick. Game was easy to catch and fat in the forest, making for an efficient hunting for the inhabitants of the human villages. Herds of Striders were curiously watching the humans as they went about the daily business, sometime letting out a few loud "squawks" if someone got to close to them. But as the day progressed, more and more reports of shady figures began to appear from gatherers and hunters all over the region. Tall, mysterious figures that would disappear without a trace whenever people began to approach them. Most of these tales came from areas closer to the north-eastern side of their territory, but some have told about similar findings from all the way at the river's source. Whatever it was, the more and more people saw these figures from the distance, the less likely it was that people were just imagining things.

In the rivers of the Merdhrai~

The night of the fight came and went, the events living sharply in the memory of those who witnessed the duel between the leader of the tribe and his daughter. The youngling had much to learn still, but she had at least proven that she wasn't afraid to face someone stronger than her. However, the tales of their fight would start to fade as curious items began to appear after water retreated into the ocean after the tide: pieces of plank wood, washed up on shore along with rope and fabric that were of a much more fine quality than that of the Merdhrai. There was enough of this debris to make it more than just some strange occurance, but there was no culprit to be seen: no collapsed buildings, or Mordhrai that went out at sea to test their luck. Not to mention the apparent age of these materials, though water made it hard to estimate such a thing. Either way, whatever the source was, it was likely to be found within the bay the otters called a home.

Changing Times

It was a time before time, when the first of us woke from our slumber. It was a long, arduous sleep filled with living nightmares and a constant unease in our minds. But then, we felt that call, that touch that sent a shiver coursing through our bodies and made us open our eyes. It was a feeling we knew we shared but couldn't explain the best we tried: we just felt it. On that morning when we left our homes we knew that there was something out there that had beckoned to us and changed us so we would seek it out. We didn't know if it was good or bad, but we didn't hesitate to pursue it. Little did we know that it would be our undoing hundreds of years later...

- Forgotten Mural Site

Day ???, Week ???, Cycle ???

On the steppes of the Takhal~

The ground shakes and the air trembles. A rumbling sound accompanies the beating of the drums as Daarö sings his song and the younglings listen to his tale. Yet there is a certain calmness in the air that cannot be explained in face of the ever intensifying beating of drums that all can hear and feel, their blood boiling within their veins even as chills run down their spines. As the song draws near it's end, the fire roars to life and begins to dance in vibrant colors, forming shapes never before seen to the young Takhal. It's powerful and intense, but it's oddly soothing at the same time as it enchants the eye.

Then the song comes to an end, and the fire hisses one last time before it returns to the way it was, crackling away quietly into the wind. Now they start to notice it: the wind has picked up as it rushes past them, blowing air at the fire and making it roar to life once more. Then hisses began to fill the air, and soon enough the first droplets of rain began to appear on the arms and legs of the Takhal. The sky is shrouded with clouds that darken even though it was clear not long ago. As the rain began to fall, the fire begins to crackle and dwindle in brightness as the approaching storm begins to soak the logs. There will be no fire here for the night, but there will be moment to remember for the Takhal young who listened to the song of Daarö.

In the swamps of the Sobek~

Unbeknownst to the group bickering over the skull of a Krollan, one of the Sobek hunters had made a discovery that would prove to be most interesting to even the most stubborn of the elders. Returning from his hunt late, distracted by prey he now brings on his back, the young hunter speaks of a cave the shone through the mist and the bushes covering the marshy lands around it. Nestled under a large mangrove that rivalled the largest they had seen, within the upturned boulders was a gleaming surface of green and azure that blended in with the undergrowth under the shadow, but as the sun shone on it it would make even the sobek hunter squint. It was like they had seen before: boulders moved in front of a cave to obscure it, the hiding spot of many Koibras where they consume their prey and lay their eggs. But these boulders were different as they reflected the light, their green and blue colors mesmerizing even the wildlife.

Within it's murky and dark depths laid a cave of not a Koibra, but a pack of Stillios who have made it their home. An unfortunate turn of events for the Koibra who might return to the nest in the next rainy season, but great news for the young hunter: his prey a young lizard impaled by spears and bit by sharp teeth, to serve as both a warning to Stillio and a relief for the Sobek that a mighty beast was not the inhabitant of the cave so close to the border of their hunting grounds. Perhaps a place worth visiting once more with a party of hunters.

Over the skies of the Gannor expedition~

The night had passed and the feast was held in honor of the hunters who would leave the village of the Gannor to seek out new and prosperous lands for their kin to settle and call their new home. The party venturing West was making great strides, their path unhampered by the forests the team heading east would have to face. The air was thin on the plateau and the snow covered peak shone brightly in the sun behind them, while the pines along the spine of the hill they descended on yielded softly to the cold wind the blew over the land.

A shadow slowly passed over them, and none bat an eye as the morning had brought clouds along with them that would often obscure the sky. But as quickly as it came it disappeared, and before they had a chance to look at the sky a deafening screech filled the air and shook the ground below them. They now stood in the shadow of a giant winged figure that obscured the sun, it's wings so expansive that they might as well have extended from horizon to horizon. All the Gannor knew the tales of the birds who would snatch people and animals alike, but few have ventured far enough to warrant such an attention. But now, they were face to face with a mighty Ruh, as it bore it's sharp claws at them and then began it's steep dive to attack the intruders that have encroached upon it's lands.

Under the murky depths of the Thugal village~

The water below the elevated village of the Thugal laid dormant for now, but not all was well with the water. The surface covered in thick foliage, little fish swam near the village to be caught. Even some of the larger predators of these marshy areas avoided the village, including the mighty Koibras and serpents that would have no trouble dealing with the ill-armed defenders of the village. But it wasn't for the fact that the Thugal were such a nuisance that the waters were devoid of animals, but rather something that the mushrooms would find it very soon.

There was a deafening crack, like a bolt of lightning that had struck near the village, yet the skies were clear of any clouds. Then a moment later another one, and the wooden supports shook violently along the edge of the village. One of the houses began to slowly list before splinters flew everywhere and to the sound of one last deafening crack the entire thing fell into the water, creating an explosion of water that sent droplets across the entire village. The ripples in the water were quickly absorbed the nearby plants, but on the spot of the once-standing house was now a large pile of debris that was cleared of plants that the structure had brought under. But as the last of the bubbles began to disappear, something else began to rise: flakes of silvery material that floated on the surface of the water, clumping together slowly and forming a shining spectacle in the sunlight to those who were preparing to retrieve what could be retrieved from the building. Perhaps an error on their fault creating the house... perhaps something else worth investigating.

Carved into the rocks of the Guarni~

A tale as old as time, all the Guarni have heard the tales of Carnog a dozen times, but it always inspired them of what was and what could be. Of a time when they ruled nature and not get ruled by it, and of a time when they will once more rule over the lesser races like the gods that had created them and cast them down to this realm. But for hundreds of years those tales have been told with no-one bringing about a change, and the hopes of reclaiming their ancestral place above others were shadowed by the needs of food and shelter, even if the Guarni had come a long way since the eons they've spent on this earth.

But as the sun rose and began another day on the island, some of the Guarni had spotted something strange in the nearby hills whilst looking for animals to capture and domesticate for their stay: a formation of rocks that were out of place even in the rugged terrain of their home.

The trip to the formation was unpleasant at the very least, even the large bodies of the giants taking considerable time to reach the stone murial that laid nestled above a rocky outcrop a few hundred feet above their village. It was easy to miss due to the face of the rock hiding the murial and the sun setting on the other side of the mountain and casting shade of these parts of the cliffside, but here it now laid before the giants. A familiar sight to any Guarni, yet distinct in it's own way to make them question if it was one of theirs from so long ago even their oldest remembrancer couldn't recall. Upon the largest boulder that perched upon the top of a pile of smaller rocks, there was a carving of unmistakably giant origin that depicted what looked like people eerily similar to the Guarni, standing atop a large mountain and towering over a crowd of smaller, hooded figurines that were offering bowls of food, animals and other items to the central figures. Perhaps the creation of a Guarni from so many winters ago most didn't remember, the peculiar nature of this giant carving was certainly worth investigating by the wisest amongst them.

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As for @Crusader Lord race, well... I imagine they can keep growing forever, but a lot more like regrowing stuff and growing to a certain size, not necessarily forever forever haha. And those traits are also really handicapping people by their people being really slow, and the shroom people need to eat a lot. So I imagine they would be terrible fighters haha

Amy's connection with Iris lasted for a bit more after their brief exchange about spending some time together, getting cut short once the purple skinned girl's cheeks turned into a bright magenta hearing some of the thoughts the other girl had. I'm probably not meant to hear this... As flattering as it was to think that Iris would bring out her best clothes for their meeting, not to mention her underwear for reasons Amy couldn't quite comprehend, she knew very well that she should only listen to so much before her cheeks explode from her blush. She didn't imagine that Iris's mind would be such an emotionally charged place, at least for the purposes of her listening to her and "tagging along" in a sense. Now she just hoped the other girl didn't notice her leaving through the intense daydreaming she was clearly going through.

No, she decided to instead listen to the rest of the crew as they made their way back to the ship. It was a relief, really: she was just about getting mentally exhausted worrying herself sick about the others down on the planet. She didn't feel as useless as she felt before, though she really did wish she could've been there and help Iris and the others out. To prove to herself and the one who believed in her that she is far more useful than just being someone who wants to make sure everyone is in a happy mood. She also wanted to be someone that the others could rely on during a mission to get the job done. With a sigh she leaned back in her chair, her head falling back as she stared up at the ceiling of the room with an empty gaze in her iridescent eyes. "Next time..."

Some time later...

Once everyone was onboard, including some of the new crew members, Amy spent quite some time worriedly looking around and making sure from afar that everyone was alright. She also took the liberty of checking out these newcomers for herself both with her own two eyes and via her telepathic abilities. For the most part they seemed... okay, though for one of them she couldn't make heads or tails about how to approach them via any psychic powers. It seemed as if she was just completely sealed off from everyone else around her, and in a way that scared Amy. She was always so used to passively picking up everyone's mood and thoughts that it became a second nature she was barely even aware of anymore. But having a person onboard she couldn't read was like she had lost feeling in one of her fingers or something similar to that.

It was something she'd have to overcome, but for now she had things, or rather people, that she was far more interested in: namely Iris. She never thought she'd feel such a draw to someone as to give up on giving everyone a hug, but here she was, walking up to the room of the girl to see if she was alright. It was both really exciting and really bothersome: she had no idea what this feeling was and why it affected her the way it did, and so Iris became the center of her attention so that she could resolve this internal conflict and get back to her normal self. As she stopped in front of the door and lifted one hand up to knock, her long ear twitched for a moment and she leaned in closer to listen to a rumbling sound coming from inside: the sound of rushing water. It didn't take long for her to put two and two together, and she took a step back from the door with a small smile. Taking a deep breath, she turned around and walked back to her own room, leaving the door open as she closed her eyes and sat down on the bed the clear her mind a little.

She caught herself almost dozing off when Iris's voice snapped her out of her little daze. Opening her eyes with a small smile she looked up at the girl and listened, eventually making a small nod and smiling a little bit more at the request. "I would love to! I've never been shopping with someone else, but I'm sure we'll have a great time together!" She explained cheerfully, looking at Irish happily as her ears wiggled once more excitedly. She could see her own excited reactions and slightly flushed cheeks on Iris's face, just as if she was looking into a mirror. "It would be a great time for me to pick up some clothes for a sleepover... what do people usually wear for a sleepover? Or, sleep? I've always just worn my dress everywhere, but maybe I should use this chance to get myself something new..." Humming quietly she placed a finger against her lips, her eyes clearly reflecting that she was lost in thought for a few moments before she let out a small laugh and her gaze focused back on Iris. "Haha, I'm sorry, I know I sound like a little kid right now. I trust that I'm in the right hands when it comes to clothing, you always dress so pretty after all! Though I do fear how... compatible clothing will be for me. But I guess that's a bridge we cross when we get there." With a quiet hum her smile seemed to widen and Amy closed her eyes while she extended one hand towards Iris. "Would you like to stay and talk a bit while we are on the way? I know so little about you in the end, but I'd love to change that."

@rezay I have a super secret map with ore overlays for copper, tin and low quality iron ore. No coal, since historically charcoal has been used far more until the industrial revolution.

But generally speaking, I imagine that the first bit of metal people will get will be from smaller outcrops of metals or them being washed downstream and getting caught in strainers.
@rezay There's not really any tropical areas on the island itself, apart from a TINY little bit at the south-east tip, so anywhere is fair game I'd say haha.
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