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22 May 2017 13:41
Current Life has been hectic, and I suffer now, after the finals have passed. Expect less activity from me in the coming week or two.
3 May 2017 19:30
24 Apr 2017 1:06
*insert status*
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15 Mar 2017 17:17
I thought I give way more kudos to people than I get, BUT WOULD YA LOOK AT DAT.
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19 Sep 2016 5:50
You know you'r past your expiration date when you can say "I hate my life" whilst laughing


>Under Planning. Come back when it looks really sexy and when I can finally get friends to mention.<

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20 days later, still waiting for reply.

Day 323

Necrokinght is still waiting for a reply. Everything is going according to plan.
<Snipped quote by 71452K>

"mark 78"
Yeah, I think you do

<Snipped quote by 71452K>

"In Space, nobody can hear you suck at choir, Bob"

You make me cry inside

Yeah, you are definetly accepted.
I was planning on posting a reply to the older transmission, is it alright if I make Macer do experiments and tests for new equipment based on data from previous engagements with Xeno races? Such as the Mekhar for an example? Like use of plasma, missile and torpedo countermeasures, EMP's and other such things?

Anti-Mekhar weapons are practically non-existent in offical records. The Mekhar frontier is a closely kept secret, and it even has it's own chain of command.

But if you can make something up, I will be happy to read it. Maybe you can detail weapons against other xenos, like the ones inside the EOM.

pyro and i are still working on our colab

@Jeyma I see! It really sounds like something a modern priest would do.

Does it tho
Who is this that invades our thread without warning or introduction? Who are you! What be your purpose? Did Mahz finally notice us and send you to shut down our...operations? HE'LL NEVER SUCCEED! WE'RE INVINCI-

*Proceeds to pull the plug on the thread and IP ban everyone in it*

Pfffft, naaaaah

I'm just lurking around like the sneaky potato I am. Checking if I wanna apply or naw. Then again, the fuck is gonna read hundreds of pages XD
<Snipped quote by 6slyboy6>

I smell.....Potatoes.

Your smelling has not failed you, I see.

@Vecee Splendid.

@Sophrus I'll see to making that post for you when I get my shit together IRL.

Hopefully I can answer Vecee and Necroknight as well.
This is unorthodox, so I'd like to gauge the waters:

My robot was previously used in a Christian church: he was not anything more than a basic servant/worker bot, but he was just barely smart enough to pick up on and understand the religious ceremonies going on around him. He gradually adapted Protestant teachings into his programming, with some encouragement from the Preacher.

I think it'll be interesting to have a (otherwise simple, very primitive) robot who suddenly throws spiritual comparisons into things, and still tries to understand his world through those eyes.

Buuut I know that's non-typical for robots, so I wanted to get other opinions first. What does everyone think?

I definetly dig the idea. Imagine the robot thinking that it was his fate to be abandoned here. A lot of cool extra bits you can add to the RP with religion.

On the sidenote (sorta), I will be ditching my character fairly quickly in the RP, so don't expect to get on good terms with him. He'll give you the philosopical kickstarter, but even after I'll find a way to interact. The idea is not solid yet, but you'll just have to see :D

On a not-so sidenote, I will be making the RP as soon as possible. Likely today, but tomorrow is my self set deadline for it. Fire up your servos and boot your OS.
@Jeyma Good thing you found us.
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