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Hina whined stupidly as Kaori carried her off, and then when Kaori webbed her mouth shut, she whined stupidly except muffled, which ironically seemed like it would be more suspicious. The Bystander Effect, however, was in full swing and no one seemed interested in inquiring about this whining girl. Seeing as the two looked, to these Humans, to be completely normal young women, they probably assumed that Hina was Kaori's little sister or something.

Hina quietly hoped that the Spider would not make Hina refer to her as 'big sis', only to find out later that Kaori referred to herself as 'big sis', which was almost just as bad.

As Hina was tossed into a random room in the Spider's admittedly nice residence, and the door was immediately locked, she knew that her life was probably in jeopardy.

Then Kaori said she'd give Hina as many cookies as she wanted later and, dumb snack-Goblin that she was, Hina immediately felt a little better. She liked cookies, after all, and so why would someone offer her cookies if they wanted to hurt her? With this flawless logic, Hina concluded that this would probably be a (slightly) positive experience with the promise of sweets. She stopped whining a little, and started putting on all sorts of outfits. Hina knew and liked most of the things the cosplays were from (except the rope ones, which she was pretty sure were just for Kaori's enjoyment, which sent a shiver down her spine), but all-in-all, it wasn't so bad. She liked cosplay, after all, and they were good quality outfits. It's just that Kaori was weird.

Then Kaori snapped a picture of her in the gradeschooler uniform, and Hina frowned.

"Eh? If you were gonna dress me up like this anyways, then what was with dressing me up in all that other stuff? I mean, the cosplay was fun, but still! But still!"

Hina stomped her little feet demandingly, puffing out her cheeks.

"You must be pretty lonely, taking all the time you can with me. Well, as reparations for dressing me up in all that weird stuff, I demand cookies! Infinity cookies, or else I'll never play with you again! Also video games! And figures of pretty anime girls! Gimme a Madoka! And, uh, uh, I want a Holo! And Abigail Williams! I want two!"

Hina was pretty sure, despite being very childish, that Kaori would give her whatever she wanted right now. And Hina wanted things.

"Also also! Say I'm the cutest! Cuter than Tomoko, that smug Human! Say it and mean it, and I might be happy with you! It's your best deal, because you got to have a lot of fun already!"
Hina was unconcerned with Shina's teasing and Kaori's request. Of course Tomoko wouldn't allow that pervy spider to take her home and dress her up and let her serve as bait. As a detective, Tomoko would be willing to dress up herself. What self-respecting investigator would expect a Watson to do what they wouldn't? It was a sort of code of honor among detectives, Hina understood from stories. Knowing this to be true in the depths of her soul, Hina smugly listened as Tomoko explained the situation. The girl never could resist a good monologue, but this was something Hina respected as an artist herself.

"...Wait, what?"

Surely Tomoko misspoke. Hina had never volunteered to be bait. She volunteered Tomoko to be bait.

"T-tomocchi," Hina called the girl by a cutesy over-familiar nickname to re-establish their close friendship, "Tomo-tan... Tomo-tama...!"

Kaori gave Tomoko a tight hug before rounding on Hina.

"T-TOMO-DACHI," Hina whined as Kaori scooped her up and bound her with webbing, "TOMO-TOMO, PLEASE."

Hina squirmed and whined, flailing around like an unmanned fire hose but with the strength of a particularly agitated shrimp cracker. Her blubbering and squealing only proved how effective she would be at roleplaying a literal child.


And like that, Hina was easily carried off like a princess. Only whinier.
Before Hina could start drawing, Kaori drew her into a hug and immediately alarm bells went off. Hina groaned and kicked her little feet ineffectually, whining and flopping against the spider like a suffocating tuna. As the ghost explained what she wanted drawn, Hina slowly realized that Kaori couldn't really do anything to her in front of Tomoko if she didn't want to be punished, and calmed down somewhat. She shot Kaori a glare and puffed up her cheeks, giving the spider a saucy 'HMPH' before shaking her head and looking down at her sketch pad. Even trapped in Kaori's arms, she could draw. Hina was a true professional in the end.

If Hina assumed that the ghost enjoyed karuta as much in life as she did now, she was probably from the mid 1500s at the earliest. This meant that the samurai armor she might be familiar with would be of a full plate style that had been adapted from European armor at that time, which was a better defense against arquebusiers than the previous lamellar style. This was just as well, because drawing the individual scales would be a hassle. In order to save even more time, she would give the ghost samurai a ghost tail instead of legs. This would also signal that this samurai was, indeed, a ghost, because it would be hard to make that clear otherwise. Why was a ghost wearing armor at all? Because it's cool, alright? It's a ghost samurai.

The details were largely left up to Hina, but given the description, she assumed it was something of a self-insert. Hina would sketch a girl much like this ghost in a semi-realistic style, because the ghost didn't seem to be up on modern trends. A manga-like style might just confuse her. Creating such a quality sketch was possible with the time she saved in other areas. Given that the symbol of a samurai is their sword, she opted to make it special and cover it in cool ghost flames. To finish it off, she created a stylized flower mon to represent the family this samurai belonged to. Hina based it off of a hibiscus, like the flowers on the girl's kimono, and zonked back to reality when Tomoko announced the culprit.

"Ah... I thought it might be her. Hachishaku-sama, right? She's really evolved from the old 2chan thread and become her own thing nowadays, huh? Originally she'd just possess and kill you, but due to memetic mutation..."

Hina trailed off as she handed the sketch to the ghost and winked.

"Don't spend it all in one place~"

She turned back to the rest of the club members.

"So... Foxboy locates her, then we set up the bait to get her to appear," Hina said thoughtfully, "hmmm... but who could we use that would be relatively safe, and might be able to get out of trouble if things get dicey?"

Hina casually went incorporeal to escape Kaori's clutches and paced around a little.

"Someone who looks like a little kid, but is experienced enough to take care of themselves. Hmmm..."

Then, she locked eyes with Tomoko, the light of mutual understanding flashing in her pupils, and approached the boss.

"No need to say anything. I get it... I definitely get it... I'll help you pick out a cute randoseru so you can serve as bait! I even have an elementary school uniform in my treasure room you can use! I know it fits me, so it will probably fit you."
Hina removed a sketchbook from the backpack she carried around as a pretend student, and deftly flipped it to a blank page with fingers as fast as lightning. She pressed a fingertip to the edge of her pencil to check its sharpness, nodded to herself, and sidled up next to the ghost. It was just a sketch, so no need to do an outline or anything. She just needed some basic information.

"Alright, so what are we looking at here? Half Angel half Demons are popular. A Vampire, maybe? I also draw kemono if you're into that. Are they from a certain property like Fate or One Piece? Just tell me whatever you're comfortable with and I'll start drawing, the more info the better."

She leaned in closer to the ghost girl and added conspiratorially into her ear, "speaking of the not good kind of adult, don't get too close to that Spider. She's already thinking about lewding you up. Fair warning."

As she awaited the ghost's input, Hina looked back to Homura.

"Well, if we consider that it's an urban legend, and we assume it's that woman our friendly ghost saw, along with its penchant for taking children, it's no wonder it would come by here. We can use these pieces of information to build a profile. But your question does have me wondering: why here and now? Either way..."

Hina scrunched her face up in mock anguish, puffing her cheeks and pouting.

"It's probably not a funny Nurikabe! And if it's some sort of phantom, it's not a crappy Human," she complained, stomping her little feet in the world's least threatening tantrum, "I swear it's gonna be one of those some day!"
Hina couldn't help but smile when Homura chuckled at her joke. She had thought it was a good one, albeit obvious, but it was always nice to get recognition, even from a Human. After being scared by Shina (but not that much because she knew it was the Tanuki and only cowered and whimpered a little bit) and insulted by Shu (to which she replied that his mom was, in fact, the dullard) the group was off to the playground. Hina would have to take extra special care not to just play on the swings and instead get to work on this important case.

Solidifying her resolve in the pouring rain (how she hated the rain. The gleam of the knife in the pale moonlight. Screams drowned in the oncoming torrent of-), they eventually arrived at the playground, Hina profoundly unwettened due to her ability to incorporealize. The little Zashiki clapped as Tomko performed her far-too-elaborate summoning, whistling and cheering, saying "that's my chuuni boss for you~"

A ghost did, indeed, appear. It was, indeed, very scary. The gushing slit in her throat reminded Hina of some not-so-fun times in her past, but she shook her head. No time for the past. She was on a fun adventure with people that probably cared about her.


The ghost took a slightly more pleasing form, and Hina approached her with notepad in hand. Hina would start out good cop, but she could do bad cop too if the situation called for it.

"Hey~ I'm Hina, our group's lovable mascot character, and I wanted to ask you a few questions about a recent disappearance in the area. This playground, specifically. I'm all business, you know, so I'm definitely not tempted to play on those slides right now," Hina said, as stone-faced as she could make herself (which wasn't much), "so tell me... did you see anything unusual around the time the Makishima kid vanished? If you give me any good information..."

Hina leaned in and whispered into the ghost's ear, "I can give you a tip on beating Tomoko. Or alternately, if you want to do it without my help... I'll draw your OC. Don't worry about being cringe, I don't judge. All OCs are someone's baby, and I respect that."
Hina, beautiful, talented, and without a doubt the coolest and most popular girl in the room, immediately took some paper and a pencil out and began drawing. She needed to express herself, to get the others to understand her genius.

"I'm not a glutton," she shot at the fox boy, cookie crumbs all over her face.

"I don't even need food, I just eat it because it's there," she exclaimed, unaware that this made her sound even more gluttonous and very insensitive to everyone who actually needed food to survive.

Her line art was coming along quite nicely. It was only a sketch, but she was, despite her idiotic posturing, both quick and talented as an artist. Of course, she was still listening to Tomoko, but this picture could be important to the investigation later.

"Hm... hm... urban legends, you say... maybe if it turns out they all went missing in the bathroom, it'll be Hanako the toilet ghost. Big fan of her work, scaring Humans all the time," Hina said, nodding, "but... yeah~ it might be good to speak to a ghost. They don't have much better to do than hang around watching people, and they're- hey!"

Hina scowled at the spider, attempting to screw her face into something scary, but only succeeded at making herself look like a child about to throw a tantrum for a cool toy.

"Don't compare yourself with me, granny. It makes me sound old. I'm only older than everyone when it benefits me, but otherwise I'm young and adorable and everyone should give me stuff."

Hina put the finishing touches on her picture, and proudly presented it to everyone. It was a picture of a Nurikabe with sunglasses and a skateboard, and it had its hand on a wall behind a blushing Tomoko. The picture was titled 'Nurikabedon' and Hina smiled proudly. It was a rough sketch, but well done. She would pin it to the investigation board later, with all her other cool pictures, most of which involved other club members in swimsuits.

"See? You could definitely get kidnapped by something like this. It's so cool, but also funny..."

Then, Akari said something that turned on some alarm bells. Ghosts were borderline unpunchable. That could be a problem, in case the ghost wanted to do something scary. Hina's eyes widened.

"Ghosts are scary and unpunchable," Hina, the unpunchable kinda-half-ghost exclaimed, "h-how are we gonna deal with something that terrifying?"
Hina tumbled out of her secret treasure room with a melon soda and a box of animal crackers in hand. She sipped the soda like some sweet elixir, and it replenished her not at all. All the money she spent on snacks could have been donated to a worthy cause, and might have gone on to help groupings of Humans in need. But the only cause she cared about... was the state of this soda coursing through her Youkai body. And also finding the secret penguin animal cracker. It had been a long night of owning scrubs online at UMvC3, but someone had to do it. Humans had to learn that all their practice, dedication, and devotion comes to naught in the face of the infinity that is a Youkai as immortal and long-lived as her. And also, Soul Fist spam is bullshit.

Hina looked vaguely around the clubhouse, and noticed that pretty much everyone was here today. It was probably a super fun new case. She put her box of animal crackers down and crawled to the table where Tomoko had presented the newspaper article. She nodded as she read the paper, and soon would give her valuable and probably correct opinion.

"Alright, I see everyone is just huddled up in my house without asking," she muttered, looking around at the other club members (it was a club room and not her house). Especially the Humans, "that's cool. Uh... paper says there's a sale at Don Quijote. That is indeed very suspicious because all their prices are rock bottom already. There's also, ah... kidnappings. Oh."

Hina scratched her head, slightly embarrassed that she'd caught onto the wrong thing, but if it turned out that sale is also a Youkai's doing, she knew that she would look super smart.

"Uuuhhh Nurikabe," she said, going directly to her default answer, "one of these days it's gonna be one of those funny wall guys, and everyone will praise my genius~ do we know what time of day these kids disappeared? All at night? Some during the day? Were they being naughty? Maybe it's a Human after all. I think you underestimate them, sometimes."

Hina climbed up on the table on her hands and knees like a cat, and swiped up as many Spider Cookies as her tiny hands could hold, getting crumbs all over herself and the table.
Fantastic. I'll probably post something tomorrow.
@VitaVitaARI have in mind that they can get pretty powerful with a large enough offering, but without an offering, it's basic stuff like "small misfortune: clumsiness" or "small fortune: fast recovery". Mundane things within the realm of possibility, percentage chances turned into near certainty depending on the size of the ask.

The power of an "offering" depends on various factors, such as the spiritual power of the offerer (when you make an offering with your soul, some of your energy goes with it. This powers her blessings and curses). The size of the offering is also important, but only relatively. If a poor child gave her their last cookie hoping for fortune, they may receive some moderate luck. If a rich kid with an abundance of sweets gave her ten cookies, he may only receive small fortune. Similarly, if one of her friends gives her all of their money with the expectation that Hina will work a miracle and then give it back, they'll receive only the minimal amount of fortune. They have to give with the expectation that they will never see that thing again.

Her fortunes become truly supernaturally powerful when a large enough offering is given by someone with an abundance of power with all of their heart. For instance, if a strong medium gave her a beloved keepsake from their now-deceased grandmother, she could grant that person immense luck for a long time, or curse an enemy powerfully.

Another factor is household. If she occupies a house, whether or not she gets offerings, she passively gains power from the daily lives of the household members (the more the better) and can routinely give them more powerful fortunes (but only them). A special effect of this method is that, if she then leaves that household, the occupants will be afflicted by severe misfortune proportional to the fortune they previously received.

I wanted to kind of simplify it for the sheet because it was already verbose, but this is how I envision the power working.

As for how intense exactly a blessing or a curse can be (if we consider that the client is powerful and sacrifices their most beloved pet or something equally immense) it should be something strong enough that the client couldn't do it on their own, or they'd just do the thing themselves. Largely, if an offering is given, the client tells her what they want and she'll put everything she's gotten from them towards making that thing happen. For immense curses or blessings, I don't mind if you just tell me how far I can go with it and that thing happens. These are just the guidelines, and Hina is mostly supporting.

@Rune_Alchemist I'm sure I've already learned that giving her attention is exactly what she wants.
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