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Victoria had smiled cutely at the sight of Diana's flustered little blush, the teeny tiny soldier somehow managing to make herself look even cuter than she already was. Victoria was enjoying her interactions with the loser of the bet immensely, loving how easily she was able to make her new squadmate and temporary slave squirm and wiggle. What she didn't love was hearing the poor girl break into tears and confess that the foul-mouthed Oceanic was the first person to ever tell her that. "Hey, don't cry. I might have been the first cunt to talk about how much of a beaut you are, but I promise you I won't be the last. the gentle giant whispered softly, a hand brushing away her lover's tears. Was her squadmate truly that deprived of kind words? Or was she just being dramatic thanks to all the alcohol? Either way Victoria was putting an end to it, an arm curled around the girl's back as she slid into bed with her. Now it was her turn to blush as the smaller soldier entrusted her to take the lead. This whole scenario wasn't exactly true love or anything sappy and romantic like that but the Oceanic would be damned before she violated that trust that was placed in her, even if it was only for a night.

"I'll give you a few choice words." Slasher purred before tugging the covers over them.


After it was all said and done she hadn't gotten much sleep at all, perhaps or an hour or two in total. The rest of them she had spent quietly resting her with Diana's limb intertwined with hers, flicking open the clasp of the cold brass necklace hanging against her bare chest. With each flick of the metal lid she could catch just a glimpse of little Elizabeth, her pride and joy, the reason she had exchanged the tick infested beds of Prairie for a tick infested bed in some war torn city an ocean away. What time was it back home? Was her daughter getting dressed for bed by the woman who she had been named after? Did she even really know what her mother looked liked? Would Elizabeth grow up only knowing her as some mysterious woman who sent money through the mail but never came around to see her? If the war went on long enough, that's all their relationship would be.

If the war went on long enough, that's all there relationship would be. But it would be so much worse if Victoria died. While alive and stuck in muddy, rat infested trenches she could at least send envelopes with cash stuffed inside next to letters that Elizabeth could read when she was old enough. As soon as she died that tap would run dry and her baby would only know her as a perpetual drunk who had shipped herself off to die in service of a Federation that cared nothing for her since it was all she could do. And as much as it hurt to think that that's how Elizabeth would know her, it was the truth. At the end of the day, she was just a murderous drunk who's one chance for a normal life had left her.

The Oceanic was so absorbed in her own worries that she didn't notice Diana had woken up until she complained about hr hangover. ""G'morning, beautiful. " she purred, hiding her fears beneath a playful grin. "Don't mind the headache, you keep drinking like we did last nigh 'n' you'll get used to 'em right quick." She nodded absentmindedly at Diana's talk of getting dressed, sitting up on the edge of the bed and watching her cover herself back up. "You're a whip smart student when it comes to this. I almost don't believe this was your first time fucking a chick! Anytime you want come yarn to me 'n' I'll make you even louder." It was a genuine offer of course, but it served another purpose. Slipping back into her brash, "who gives a fuck" attitude was like wrapping herself in a protective blanket. No matter how scared she was Victoria wasn't going to let anyone see it. Showing weakness meant that you were vulnerable, that you could be taken advantage of.

Throwing back on her uniform she went downstairs just in time to see going off about his mom or some other bullshit on poor little Diana. Her eyes narrowed as the scene unfolded, hanging back as the Corporal got himself involved. And for the second time in a single day she had to see her favorite member of the unit (tied with Marathon) break down into tears again. All six feet and three inches of lean Oceanic muscle was tensing for a fight, fists clenching and unclenching as she waited for Jean to leave. Memories of Marathon asking her to keep an eye for her fellow soldiers mixed with those of the night she shared with Diana and how sweet the girl was.

She was going to kick Luke's ass for hurting her.

Potential Activated: Mother Bear

When Luke left the bar she was immediately tailing him, blinking in pain as her eyes adjusted to the light of the outdoors. "Oi, cunt!" she hissed, leaning against the wall next to him. "Just what is your fucking problem? You were starting shit with Diana all last night 'n' now you make her cry? Are you really so up your own ass you throw a fit like an ankle-biter that can't wipe his own ass yet?"

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Victoria had waited around for a few moments after giving her "slave" an order, a predatory grin forming on her scarred visage in sharp contrast to the look of shocked realization on Diana's face. "Damn you're right cute when you're all flustered 'n' embarrassed! the Oceanic purred. "Don't you worry your tidy little rear about a thing, just head on up 'n' I'll be with you fast as lightning!" Her bandaged arms wrapped around the 5'4" fighter's waist as she whispered into her temporary underling's ear, the much taller young woman snickering at Diana's distaste for Luke. "A prissy little bitch he is, huh? He did strike me as bit too proud for his own damn good, guess we he'll just have to imagine the scene won't he?" She hadn't meant only Luke when she said "bring a friend" but it was fine with her either way. Probably best for Diana to learn to walk with one other person before she started running in a group.

But then Victoria's slave talked about some Darscen named Anna and it was her turn to be taken by surprise. So she had fooled around at least a little bit with another girl? That was interesting, very interesting indeed. That might make the transition a little bit smoother. "Diana, Diana, Diana." the habitual drinker cooed, voice dripping with approval as her fingers drummed against the girl's belly. I never would have thought that a sweet, precious little thing like you would have "experimented" with another girl. Looks like you'll be a quick student." She nipped at the girl's ear playfully before giving her another swat on the ass, a preview of what was to come. "You go ahead 'n' head on up, but don't expect to be getting much shut-eye. I'll be putting you through your paces like a fucking racehorse."


Victoria had known of course that "Marathon" (she couldn't bring herself to refer to him by his real name) was badly injured, Jean had told her that he had gotten shot or stabbed six times in the last engagement. But knowing something was different than seeing it for yourself, and she was shaken. She had seen her fair share of injuries both as a youth scrapping with pocket knives and rusty pipes and as a professional solider firing wildly at impenetrable armored cars, but this was different. It was so strange to see the hero of the hell that had been Operation Breached Gates lying covered in bandages like a common burn victim. It sullied the aura of myth surrounding him, showed that he wasn't some invulnerable superman. It was unnerving, to say the least.

It took all her self-control to not avert her eyes when Carter laughed and matched her gaze, approaching gingerly as if on eggshells. She giggled nervously at the compliment, a far cry from the confidence and bravado she usually exhibited. A hand brushed at her hair in a bout of self-conscious shame, rearranging it to better hide her damaged ear. But there was no hiding the ugly scar that trailed over her eye, a reminder of her days as a brutal thug. Her injuries were shameful to hear, blemishes on what could've been an attractive face. Usually she was able to compensate with overwhelming confidence but that wasn't going to work here. All she could do was hope that her hero didn't find her too grotesque. Who knew, maybe that's why Charles had left her? She couldn't blame him for running out on a giant, drunken knife-fighter that was all cut up.

You're too kind, 'n' I appreciate the lie. I don't get much in the way of compliments thanks to the slices and scars." Victoria gratefully took the offered space on the bed, being very careful not to bump the pride of Oceania as she settled in. Her heart was beating so loud she was almost scared that Thomas could hear it! "What the hell is wrong with you, girl?" she scolded herself silently. "He's just another boy, get the fuck over yourself!

She wanted to swoon right then and then when he patted her back but managed to get out a weak laugh instead, shaking her head. "It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than bullets to put us cunts in the ground." Victoria agreed. "Yes, I'm with Jean. Or at least I am now. My first unit was destroyed by the Imps and their armored car so I ended up attaching myself to this one. I didn't yarn much with him, but he seems fine enough." She managed to keep speaking for a bit as he messed with her hair, only breaking concentration to hastily cover her injured ear back up when it was exposed.

She froze in shock as Thomas winced and grimaced in pain, completely unsure of what to do. A trembling hand reached into her satchel and removed the always present metal flask, wordlessly offering it to dull the pain. Had anyone else tried to call her Vicky they would have been sharply reprimanded but with Thomas she let it slide, not wanting to make a fuss. Her eyes widened when Marathon explained how inexperienced her new commanding officer was. Only a month in the field? How had he ended up leading a unit this early? Her head cocked and she smiled despite herself when her hero called her "capable", glad he didn't know about the times she had woken up in an alley somewhere or how she had spent nights bawling her eyes out after Charles had left. She had no idea what conversation he was talking about but if Marathon wanted her to stick by Jean she would.

"I'll keep an eye on him." she promised, falling silent for a few moments. Eventually she spoke up again, idly scratching her thigh. "How long do you think this is gonna last? The war I mean."


After her conversation with Marathon Victoria quietly made her way back to her room, undoing her pants before she even got in the door. She was greeted by the sight of Diana naked and sprawled on top of her bed, heavy breasts exposed to the stuffy air of the room. Victoria was quite frankly amazed at their size, if she had to guess they were the same size as her own but looked much bigger on the tiny girl. "Hey, sorry I kept you waiting." she said sheepishly, kicking off her boots and dropping her bag before closing the door behind her. "Goddamn, has anyone told you how beautiful you look?"

She meant it. Victoria had lost the hungry, predatory tone of voice from earlier and replaced it with a softer, gentler one of quiet lust. She didn't want to screw this up and scare her off. The tall mother stripped off her own clothes and climbed in next to Diana, still bandaged arms wrapping around the smaller female and turning her to look in her eyes. "We're going to go as fast or slow as you want. You can leave at anytime and I'll never mention it again." A hand smoothed back Diana's hair before Victoria went in for a deep kiss, no doubt showing just how much more practiced she was than Luke.

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Gracefully dismounting the table Ellie got back into her seat, raising an eyebrow at the klutz's words "Anytime you wanna go, I'm game. Your friends seem better suited for running a train on you than fighting, I'll gun you all down before you can blink!" It was a good natured threat, the American grinning as she offered the challenge."Ellie Vuković, rank 501."The smile turned into a smirk at Charle's eyeroll. He could act like he didn't care but she had gotten a reaction out of him and that was all she wanted. He struck her as a pompous jackass, albiet a pompous jackass with a good point. If Carsi and Pablo were guarding El President or Her Royal Majesty or whatever the Filipinos called her, wouldn't it make more sense to keep that under wraps? And using students to guard her? When was that ever a good idea? If the Disablers were really planning an attack, it seemed ill-advised to have literal children guarding her.

But ill-advised ideas were a specialty of hers, so of course she was going to seize the chance. "Oh what the hell, I'm game. The Disablers ain't as bad as the Hammmers, but they're still assholes."

Victoria snorted when Diana spoke about "quiting while she was ahead. "The only thing you're ahead of me on is hitting the fucking floor like the blotto sod you are, tiny chick." The Oceanic snorted, tossing he rmane of raven black hair like an arrogant horse so that it exposed her damaged ear. "With how small you are your blood must be 90% crappy liquid-gold! Feeling weak? need someone to tuck you in like a tyke 'n' give you a pash so you can crash like the other naked idiot?" She barely payed any mind to the onlooker at first,, focused on celebrating her victory, but fixed the soldier with a glare at the mention of 'dirthairs.' "Oi cunt! Stop with the racist yarn, yeah? You look like a jackass. If you say it again I'm going to stub out that smoke on your tongue before taking you out back and using your whore face to shovel horse shit. 'N' then we'll see whose's a fucking 'dirthair', won't we?" the tall teen hissed, spitting directly on Ines's shoes.

She was laying it on a little thick there perhaps but this "Ines" broad was lucky her head wasn't already under Victoria's boot heel. She was well aware of the fact that Darscens were a punching bag and it would have been easy for her to take out her anger over her poor life on them, but she refused. A cigarete in her mouth she could stand, but there was no room for racism or discrimination in her life and she had put her foot up someone's ass before for such language. Confident that the point was made she turned back towards Diana, wolfish smile etched onto her face as she looked the tiny girl up and down hungrily.

She snickered as Diana splashed Luke with water, already clapping her hands as she began to chant. "Take them off!" she crowed, her devious expression making it clear what "them" meant exactly. An eyebrow raised in appreciation as Diana obeyed, not even bothering to hide her leering. "Wow, so maybe the girl is a woman after all!" Victoria noted wryly. "First order: Drop your arms."

Victoria had to admit, "Mistress" sounded quit nice coming out of Diana's mouth. She snickered as the 5'4" female talked to her titties, motion for her and Luke to get on with it. She saw right through the boy's false bravado, it was cute really. "You don't look so comfortable yourself, stud. Never kissed a chick before? She scooted out from her chair and stood behind the pair, both of them earning a "friendly" swat on the ass with just a hint of groping. "Well? Get to it you two!"

And then finally they did, Victoria whooping and hollering as the pair kissed. It was adorable, the embarrassed couple in clear view of literally everyone in the bar. That would hopefully be enough for them to know who was in charge in the unit! When Diana and Luke parted ways the Oceanic trooper rested an arm on the girl's shoulder, leaning in to whisper in her ear. "Second order: Tonight you're going to head up to my room and strip again. We'll see where it goes from there. Oh, and feel free to bring a friend."

It was technically her right to command this, but Victoria wasn't going to make a fuss if the girl refused. Not everyone was as "romantically inclined" as herself. In a way, this was a test. Would Diana rise to the occasion? Or would she slink away and hide?


Before she could jump into the pits of drunken debauchery Victoria had to pay her respects to the patron saint of Oceania's soldiers. She hadn't forgotten that Thomas "Marathon" Carter, Oceania's own legendary warrior, was in the White Hart as well. Quietly she slipped out of the bar and back upstairs, peering into every open door until she found the one she was looking for. As soon as she saw him her whole demeanor changed, she straightened up to her full height and took her hat off in respect, twisting it in her hands nervously. Carefully she crossed the threshold with the reverent manner of a worshiper in a church. "Mr. Carter, sir? My name is Victoria White. It's an honor to meet you."

She rarely went by her actual name, and referred to people as "Mr" even less often. But this wasn't some normal dude, this was Marathon! Really she wanted to kneel at his bedside and grovel, but managed to keep some level of dignity still.

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Victoria watched Luke and Diana take their turns and give their counter-challenges with an air of amusement, completely confident in her odds as she brushed off being turned down. She had been drinking past the point of excess for nearly a fifth of her life at this point, she could almost guarantee she had more practice than either of the other drinkers. Not to mention the other advantages the scarred Oceanic had over them. Luke was very clearly wasted already, it looked like just a whiff of whiskey would be enough to send him right to sleep. Diana was a positively tiny little cunt, even compared to her own freakish height. There was no way that the tyke's little body could hold enough alcohol to keep up with an Oceanic's need for booze!Or so Victoria hoped. It was going to be very embarrassing her if she lost. Not because of the punishments (as good as they admittedly where.) She had certainly done weirder things than strip naked and call people "Master" while drunk. No the embarrassment would be that she had been defeated at her own game. It was truly her match to lose, she wouldn't allow herself to be bested!

"I'll take your bets, you gumby idiots. Hope you like crawling around on all fours like a dog 'n' serving me in the nuddy, cuz that's how you're going to be for the rest of the day. It's going to be absolutely amazing 'n' I'm going to be laughing for every single minute of it " She gulped down her next drink and wiped away a bit of spare foam, slamming the glass back down.

Diana's burst of rage caught her entirely by surprise, Victoria snickering at the way she shook and sloshed beer all over the place. "Calm down, you utterly minuscule cunt!" she barked uproariously. "You're wasting perfectly drinkable booze!" Apparently Diana was touchy about her height, which made sense to Victoria. She'd be a little peeved too if she was so comically small she needed help reaching high shelves. That's not fair, you dropped most of it! You should have to take another one.

The wide eyed look of shock earned Diana another giggle. "What's a matter? You heard me tell you you're going to have to strip naked 'n' you thought it was going to be crushie? sorry to disappoint you but you'd best get used to it. In fact, I'm looking most forward to you two lovebirds kissing 'n' making up! And no dry kissing shit, I want tongue!" Clearly the two had some bad blood, it was going to be funny to see them mash face. They were both much better at talking shit than they were drinking and there was little in life more enjoyable than watching two naked teens debase themselves because of a lost bet. Three lost bets in this case.

When the smallest of the trio called out to someone else Victoria turned her attention to them, lazily waving a hand in greeting. "Bonza to meet you! Most people called me slasher back home, but Victoria's fine too. Heads up, call me Vicky 'n' i'll slit your fucking throat ear to ear!" Her lopsided grin stayed etched into her face as a sign that she was joking about the threat. Mostly.

When she turned back to Luke she was suprised to see him tossing back drinks like a madman, her smile wavering for a split second as she watched the soldier knock out two beers at once. She had underestimated him, maybe this one wasn't as guaranteed as she thought.

"Or maybe it is." Slasher thought to herself disappointingly as the man slumped to the floor in a heap. For a brief moment he had shown that he had the chops to roll with her, a rare feat indeed. But the candle that burned the brightest burned the shortest, leaving only two of them left. Oh well, time for him to take his lumps. Victoria crouched down next to the unconscious drunk, undoing his fatigues with practiced hands. First the boots and socks, then the pants followed by his top, and then the underwear. He was completely exposed for all to see as he was propped back up in his chair, Victoria tugging it away from the table so it didn't block anyone's view of his manhood.

"The so-called 'champion' is down!" she announced triumphantly to the bar. "Now the old cunt of a King is dead, long live the bloody Queen!"

She picked up another mug and took a drink, eyes boring directly into Diana's. " 'N' there's still one stupid peasant left to fucking CRUSH."

Ellie was up long before her alarm, already dressed in a white tank top and jeans. She had woken up somewhere between 3 and 4 in the morning and hadn't even bothered to try and fall back asleep. There was no reason to be up that early, she didn't have any classes until 6 but there was no way she was going to be able to sleep again. Some days her sleep cycle just refused to cooperate and she would have to pass the time pacing her room with pencil in hand, stopping every now and again to scribble out a rough sketch of a bird or something. She would have preferred to practice with her Noble Arms of course, but she doubted that her fellow students and faculty would appreciate gunshots going off before the sun was up. It was incredibly boring but at least she wouldn't be late to homeroom. She had managed to get her raven black hair in order without issue, the long strands pulled up into a tight and functional bun.

The next order of business was clothing. The white undershirt was covered by her signature Air Cav jacket, the functional canvas garment hanging loosely off her frame. It was too big for her but it was totally kickass which was a good a reason as any to wear it. The young woman dug around the papers scattered around her desk and retrieved a half empty can of chewing tobacco and dropped it into her breast pocket for later but not before tucking a small pinch in her lip, gum cancer be damned. She was aware of course of the health concerns surrounding tobacco and she was barraged by images of cancerous throats and lungs when she went to buy more but didn't especially care. She enjoyed her habit, despite the fact it was shortening her lifespan.

Ellie grabbed the messenger bad that held her books and supplies before heading for the door, listening with a sort of half-interest to the Filipino students singing their anthem. It meant nothing to her, she owed no allegiance to the country she was currently in. There was not a doubt in her mind that she would be returning to the US in the future to protect her people and their ideals from the bastard Hammer of Masters or anyone else that would harm them. She planned on spending as little time away as possible.

She got to homeroom with a few minutes to spare and took a seat just in time to see a pale, white haired boy nearly break his neck on his skateboard, snickering quietly to herself before listening to Pablo make his introduction. The mention of the Disablers was enough for her to scoot her chair closer to the group, eyeing the three curiously. They were all younger than her if she had to guess, something that wasn't too suppressing. At 18 years of age she was a little bit on the higher end of Trinidad Academy's age range. And just like the bunch of teen boys they were, they were already verbally jerking themselves off over how cool they were. That was fine by her, she was no stranger to bragging about herself.

Drake was either trying to establish himself as top dog of the class or was just a complete tool, or possibly a combination of the two. Pablo seemed nice enough, a bit naive maybe but mostly fine. The white haired klutz was really full of himself, making illusions of himself appear with an air that reminded her of a stage magician.

"Name's Ellie, I'm going to be one of your classmates." she introduced herself lazily, bottom lip bulging with tobacco. "You seem pretty full of yourself, Drake. Teen kids still in high school usually aren't considered very good 'heroes.' She drew the word out mockingly, snorting like an arrogant horse at his bravado. "Can you actually back it all up? My guess is that it's all just talk."

Her attention shifted to Xris, dropping her hand on his table. "Your Arm isn't too impressive either, kid. A fancy stick and some clones aren't much compared to cold steel." Her other arm made a sudden movement as if drawing from an invisible holster, producing the garishly engraved pistol form of her Noble Arm and pointing it skyward. "I can put rounds in anyone or anything that rushes me with some sort of melee weapon. I call this one Liberty."

The 1911 began to melt into a silvery haze, changing colors and solidifying into it's long barreled form. "And this one is is Life. Seven rounds in each one, a total of fourteen problems I can solve without stopping." Ellie dismissed the gun with a flick of her fingers and spread her arms. A familiar feeling of warm, crackling energy began to course through her as a field of indigo blue and emerald green plasma surrounded her and took the shape of a massive eagle. The feathers of the mighty hunter were outlined with pulsing electricity, the bird of prey flapping its great wings and launching Ellie into the air. She was high enough that her head nearly scraped the ceiling, ensuring that anyone who hadn't noticed her before definitely would now.

"From up here friend, all your doubles look pretty small to me."

Her impromptu exhibition finished Ellie easily drifted back down, landing solidly on Pablo's table. The ethereal eagle dissipated in an electrically charged mist, the young woman making an over dramatic bow. She was grinning widely, always one to enjoy showing off her skills.
The Oceanic watched the pair exchange apologies over something spat they had that she neither knew or cared about, pale blue eyes flicking between Luke and Diana as she adjusted the bandages wrapped around her wrists. She noticed the man's raised eyebrow, was Diana known for being rude or something? Or maybe he was expecting more of an apology for whatever happened. It didn't matter to Victoria, she just wanted to see the positively tiny female slap the taller male. She laughed at Luke's reaction to her nickname, jokingly making stabbing motions with her bayonet.

Victoria managed to suppress her amusement at Diana's reaction, sizing the tiny girl up as she shivered in fear and looked away. "Exactly how much combat has this girl seen?" she thought to herself. She would have expected a veteran to hide their fright better than the cute little blonde was. It was unbecoming of a soldier, they were supposed to be fearless! Although to be fair the armored car was pretty damn terrifying, Victoria could personally attest to that. It was something no one had ever seen before in battle and so far they had no reliable way of defeating it. All they could was pray.

Maybe a showing a bit of emotion was acceptable, under the circumstances.

Slasher snickered as Luke bragged about his drinking prowess, wiping away a bit of stray foam from her mouth. "I didn't say you're a lightweight but compared to me you may as well be a tiny rugrat, you wanker! What should the stakes be? It's no beaut if I can't take things from you cowards when you lose. Her ostensibly offensive words were offset by that crooked grin, her tone making it clear that it was all in good fun. She was dead serious about the bet however, she had picked up Charles' love of gambling before the useless bastard ran out on her. "Tell you what: When I beat you two idiots you're both gonna strip down past your undies 'n' run around this bar naked, clear?"

She waved a hand for them to spit out their counteroffers, it wouldn't be fun if there wasn't any risk for her! Hopefully the pair would each spit out a challenge, that way the two losers would have to embarrass themselves three times in a row. Victoria gave a grateful wave to the old bartender and a cheeky grin to the waitress, noticing how Luke stared at her like a witless idiot. She was definitely cute and was Victoria's type (really, who wasn't?) but White was really interested because Luke was. She was going to make this drunken doofus pass out in his seat and then cockblock him in a single night. "Listen, maybe after I trounce these two morons you 'n' I can go somewhere private? i'd love to yarn with such a beaut chick as yourself. the lecherous soldier asked the young waitress in her trademark accent.

As Luke drank down his first glass he she shrugged dismissively, reaching for another mug and draining it with practiced ease. "You should give up now, dipsticks! I've been drinking backwoods turpentine 'n' bogan made moonshine for years! I'm up one above Luke 'n' got two on the little ankle-biter."

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