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Definitely interested.

One question, though: should I be worried about Mankind Divided spoilers? I'm playing it at the moment but not very far through.
[LOCATION: Hyperion Base, Hyperion, Solomon System]

Kyuzo didn't mind waiting. Patience was a virtue that came easily to AIs.

His robotic chassis was seated by a wide window on one of Hyperion Base's observation decks, basking in the sunlight as his optical sensors took in the vista. This level was high enough to provide a view beyond the lip of the crater in which the base was situated: green rolling hills, grey mountains, and the white spires and urban sprawls of Hyperion's megacities. It was all quite beautiful, even to a machine. Idly, he ran the mountains through his image analysis routines, calculating their similarity to those of other worlds in Collective survey records.

He'd received the notification from command hours ago:

[BEGIN PRELIMINARY BRIEF, recipient ARC-309]: operatives required for SPECIAL MISSIONS DIVISION. Potential deployment, COMBAT type. Directive: STAND BY for further instructions. [END BRIEF]

So here he was, awaiting further instructions, plugged into a power outlet to top up his batteries and letting his processors tick over by admiring the view.

Tranquility was perhaps not a quality you'd expect in a soldier awaiting combat deployment — or in a combat droid, for that matter. But that was Kyuzo for you.

I'm definitely in. I'll come up with a character concept when I can.
James Harrison — Jannah hangar

Harrison nodded.

"Captain's orders, and I'm certainly not complaining. Good to finally get off the bench."
@Letter Bee: Why don't you stick at it, at least for now? I expect the extra training with Lumen Team will be as much of a learning experience for you as for your character.
James Harrison — Jannah hangar

"That so?"

Harrison had indeed fought Bradleys during the war: in fact, they had been his first taste of mech-on-mech combat. Back then, the Bradley wasn't the rarity it had since become but the backbone of the secessionist army, and not so much a target for capture as one for wholesale destruction.

That's not to say he hadn't come across them since. Larger pirate gangs sometimes had a couple of the basic units, and his old MSS squadmate Hills had flown one back when they were guarding mining stations in the asteroid belt...until it took a railgun round to the backpack, which promptly went critical. That time, there wasn't anything left to repair.

"How long will you boys need to get her operational, then?"

James Harrison — Jannah hangar

"Duly noted," Harrison replied, matching Stronin's quick retreat. At a safe distance, he folded his arms and looked back up at the now-empty chassis standing in its bay, as the techs began hosing.

"Quite a prize Rising Star's brought back for us, eh?" he remarked. "I haven't seen a Bradley in years, let alone a command unit. Thought those'd all be in mothballs in some billionaire's collection by now."

Enter the Brit


It was a familiar name to the man standing in front of the spare repair bay, watching the techs crawl over the latest addition to the Jannah's mech collection. His eyes roved over the bulky backpack, the drone socket, the iconic visor (once bright electric blue, now dull and dark). Even with a big hole melted into the cockpit, it was easy to recognise the Mm C44 for what it was. The same could not be said for its previous pilot, most of whom was still inside.

James Harrison spared a small, brief grimace for the scorched and shredded remains.

"That's not gonna stain, is it?"

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