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Current If we showed somebody who never watched or consumed Hitchcock in any way and showed them the Psycho remake, would they still consider it good?
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Your eigenvectors are orthogonal.
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never forget the constant of integration
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The most striking divisions are between spiral and elliptical galaxies, which can be characteristically “red” or “blue”
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hermitian matrices are cursed


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@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra
Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream - Dianoid, District 15

Kanacon, the twisted nexus of greed and lust, was rapidly rising at a record rate to the upper rungs of what his comrade would have foully described in limited English as a 'shitlist'. The very fact that he had been conscripted into volunteering as a grunt worker already granted the convention immortality as one of his greatest indignities, but with every passing moment, the young man was becoming utterly certain that it and the events of the past day could possibly become the absolute worst time of his life. Not only had he been shamed by his failures, the monstrous miscegenationist responsible had, in the way of an animal that shunned humanity, chosen to purchase from the Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream stall attended by him and his comrade in a coincidence that could almost be a conspiracy.

Many would have descended into inelegant blubbering at such a realisation, but he had not been laid so low that he would so easily forget his dignity. To debase himself so by entertaining the very thought that the very machinations of fate itself were arrayed against him was disgusting, and the mere idea so repulsive that his choler could almost overflow. But he refused to. No matter how much he despised contact with the Euroweeb, his sense of professionalism allowed him to perform his assigned duty elegantly and with dignity. And though he was very much aware that the animal recognised him (the sniffing could not be mistaken for anything else), he could not so publicly rid himself of its desire to mockingly meddle with him.

But when the lights snapped out of existence and the pall of black fell over every single despicable guest, the young man who acted in accordance with the name of Gandharva took his opportunity to act.

The pistol slipped into his hand.

He raised it.

And -

@DarkwolfX37@Crusader Lord@Williwaw@Duoya@ERode
Kanacon, Dianoid, District 15

There were ten of them. Before the lights had suddenly been extinguished, they had surreptitiously spread out across the convention centre, establishing points everywhere but the separate hall that contained the stage area. From appearances only, they appeared to be little more than regular con-goers, fellow Kanamin fans who had come to enjoy in all that Kanacon had to offer. However, they were but wolves amongst the flock, and when the entire floor turned pitch-black, their true nature emerged.

Even amongst the noises of confusion and surprise, the sound of weapons being armed were still very, very distinct.

But before any one of them could speak, to declare their objectives to those on the main floor, the doors to the concert hall slammed shut, one by one, each with an almighty bang.

And the gunshot rang out.

Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream - Dianoid, District 15

- the phone in Brennan's hand shattered.

He had changed his mind.

Gandharva grabbed his comrade and started running, their bodies shimmering only for a moment before they disappeared from view. Behind them, at the stall they had abandoned, nearby customers were screaming, absolutely unprepared for the prospect of an active shooter situation. And the chaos spread from there, filling the entire convention floor with even more panic. It was an inelegant and crude consequence to his choice of action, but there was nothing else he could do but extract them from the situation as quickly as possible.

Any initial goal of theirs had been thrown into confusion. As loathe as he was to admit it, he had no idea on what to do.

Who were these barbaric, bumbling men, and how had he failed to notice them?

Kanacon, Dianoid, District 15

The situation was quickly developing out of hand.

There needed to be order.

"Quiet!" shouted one of said armed individuals into a megaphone, the one that had taken point near the Kanamobile (the Kanamin-themed, solar-powered car that was the grand prize for the lottery) finally speaking up (although not before directing a colleague via headpiece somewhere). "All of you should play nice and shut up!"

His statement was punctuated by his holding up of a torch, its light cutting through the black.

"Now that I have all of you listening," he continued. "We'll keep it simple. None of you make another fucking sound, or try to call the cops, or try and play with a gun like whoever that smart fucking aleck and we'll find you, else we'll blow this place sky-high. Capiche? You dig?"
@DarkwolfX37@Crusader Lord@Williwaw@Duoya@ERode@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra
Stage - Dianoid, District 15

"Hey, do you really think Iguchi can still do the voice?"

"Of course she can! Don't tell me you've fallen for that stupid net rumour?"

"I'm just saying, those posts gotta have a bit of truth to 'em ..."

"This shindig is the bomb diggity."

"Word, brother. Kanacon is the rush."

"Security's beefed up since last year, if you know what I mean."

"Of course. It's only natural with the Orbital Portal Company representing themselves. Their executives are likely to have rented VIP suites and thus have the same treatment. And that their partnership with Kanamin may be to attract more angel investors. I personally think that it's a great business-"

"Shush. I meant security's beefed up. Look, isn't that man in black just a snack?"

"...I could create a Gekota AI to help manage your devices, if you so wish."

"What's the catch?"

"Sorry I'm late! Got caught in the elevators."

"Sheesh, those are still buggy? Well, at least you're here. No way was I gonna line up at the booths to buy you a recording if you couldn't come."

"But you'd line up for limited edition Kanamin costumes?"

"Duh, I love Kanamin more than you."

"It's weird seeing myself reflected all the way over there."

"That's the Dianoid for ya. Can see everywhere with that camera magickery."

"Wow, do you think security can see me waving?"

The answer to that last question was a "no", although there was somebody above the stage who could see the waving on camera. Of course, that somebody wasn't security, nor was she particularly interested in the chatter blasting through the speakers. The thoughts and opinions of those attending that Iguchi woman's concert were utterly irrelevant to her; for what reason would she want to listen to those fans?

No, the field of Kanamin stans beneath the concert security booth wasn't important at all. The important part was making sure that her vengeance could be wrought upon those who had dared to wrong her. The stage would not be that Iguchi woman's today; it would be hers, and thus her victory would arrive before even the setting of the sun.

She stood up from the unconscious body of an actual security guard, slipping his ID out from his pocket and into her scarred hands. He would not wake for quite a time, but for the sake of her revenge, she could not allow any concern for his wage slave career. Today, only she had power over her destiny.

Only she, through the card, had power over the cameras.

Only she, through the card, had power over the stage.

Only she, through the card, had power of the lives of all the concert-goers, and even that Iguchi woman: Kanamin herself.

The dim red glow of the console turned green. Access had been granted to her. The wicked smile she wore only grew at the beautiful sight. After the struggles she had faced to even place herself in a condition where the concert was her plaything, triumphing so easily over such a barrier was soothing for her soul.

Her fingers danced across the keys.

Sirens blared within the concert hall as the doors began to rapidly slam shut. They were too be trapped in here, in the hall.

And with her.

"Friends of Iguchi!" her voice rang out. "Do not panic! Your lives will be safe as long as you listen to what I have to say!"

Everything was going to plan.

And nothing was allowed to interfere.

Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth - Dianoid, District 15

Kyuuichiro Idemitsu was a man of few expressions. The rather blase manner with which he conducted his business with the two teenagers was testament to that. Despite the email addresses given to him by Aya being filled with the quintessence expected of a "middle schooler" (see: somebody who still purchases SmiggleTM. products), and though Haruma appeared to be wishing to be anywhere but in front of a Orbit Portal Company representative, the one known as Mr Idemitsu was really just focusing on getting his job done.

The teenagers wanted to invest, so he would help them.

"There is no problem," he replied.

He wasn't someone who let things like teenage quirks interfere with his job.

It usually took something bigger than that to get his attention, and that something would be the lights flickering off, plunging the entirety of Kanacon into darkness.

"What was that?"
MgRonald's, District 7


The one they called 'Chief' appeared to be deep in thought.

The sirens were mere buildings away.

"This is one of them breakdown in negoti-ne-negotiat-nego-fuck Isami hit it!"

Multiple things proceeded to happen all at once.

The windows of the MgRonald's shattered into a million shards of glass (much to the loud consternation of the hat-wearing girl at the counter, who had only just managed to turn on the aircon) as a metallic white three-wheeled scooter (and its sidecar) roughly backed straight into the restaurant, called by the power of Isami's smartphone app. The mulleted individual's hair underwent stylistic changes, morphing into a pompadour (and thus becoming a pompadour'd individual) that thrust forth like a lance in the hope of plugging shut the bazooka. The chief grabbed the MgChickens from the other leather jacket-clad man, and ran straight for the sidecar without any care for the glass digging into him with each step.

"Meet at T.A.F.!" he shouted at the pompadour'd fellow, all while Isami started up the scooter. "Your MgChicken isn't goin' to be patient!"

"Whatever, chief." The man with the powerful hair was already focused on holding back the do-gooders. "You ain't hitting them until you get past me!"
Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth - Dianoid, District 15

"He's around yay tall," said the woman, gesturing above her head with her right hand to mark the height of the aforementioned executive. Megumi herself was not in any way short for a local of Academy City, given that she stood at a height of a metre seventy, but it appeared that the executive was in fact almost a span taller! "You shouldn't miss him if you look around for a tall foreign man. I think he said he was from a place called Rajasthan?"


"I would prefer to use email," said Mr Idemitsu, though he did accept Haruma's card to write on. The representative had appeared to zone out during the rather exuberant exchange between the two teenagers, but the moment their attentions had shifted to him, he was already returning their questions.

As a citizen of Academy City, he was used to the strange habits of the children that kept crawling around, whether it be at his workplace or during his morning commutes. Dealing with their inquiries was of no issue to him, and even if it did, he wasn't particularly trying to emote so (the Orbit Portal Company paid far too well).

"The role given to me is to liaise with any potential investors," he replied to Aya's question as he handed the card back to Haruma. "As I was about to say earlier, I can direct you to the brokers and give any information within reason."

@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra
Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream - Dianoid, District 15

"The way I see it," began the cosplayer, adopting the wistful tone of Kanamin in her many self-reflective scenes in Integral. "if there's merchandise available and you have the power to acquire it ... there shouldn't be a doubt as to what you should do."

As much as his comrade appeared to enjoy quoting Magical Powered Kanamin, such childish activities were part of a realm that the young man was loathe to step into. His unfortunate presence at "Kanacon" had not arisen from any enjoyment of the franchise that Academy City's debauched denizens were celebrating in the Dianoid on this day, but rather due to a series of shameful situations that had lead him to a point where any attempts at escaping were too unlikely to succeed. It was utterly galling, as if the gods themselves were intent on manoeuvring him into such indignities. He had reluctantly subscribed to such a theory in recent days, and the customers he was forced to serve so professionally only confirmed the existence of this conspiracy against him.

"Two thousand seven hundred yen," said the young man politely and with as much dignity a man wearing Kanamin's face on a t-shirt could muster as he tapped away at the register. "Your Magi☆Mint Chip is here."

With as much elegance and subdued dignity as he could muster, he silently took the money proffered by the foreigner before him. It was deposited safely within the confines of the register, returning to the civilisation of humans to which it belonged. And once more, he gracefully held the duo's purchase towards them, a distasteful sacrifice to the wild.
MgRonald's, District 7

"These MgChickens are legal!" protested the mullet-wearing individual, at the same time as Isami's "Is this dweeby otaku girl calling me a weirdo?"

"Nah nah nah," interrupted 'Chief', raising his hands in a conciliatory manner (the bag. "Calm down folks, let's not let nobody be too impet-imp-impetu-sonuva-impetuous."

There was an uneasy grin on his face as he tried to placate the two good-doers before him. He was definitely aware that Hisui had managed to score the bazooka right off him with that dangerous spin. One could immediately tell from the beads of sweat that were beginning to form on his skin. Or maybe that was just 'cos of the strange rise in temperature.

Back at the counter, the hat-wearing cashier was struggling to reach the aircon.

"We just be havin' lunch, ya see? There's none need for anything crazy."

The one with the mullet lightly shook the paper bags. Isami on the other hand, was surreptitiously looking around the room.

And the sirens continued to grow closer.

Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth - Dianoid, District 15

"Iguchi-san will be making the announcement for both of us. In the original Kanamin voice too, I hear!"

"One of our higher-ups will be involved, but we here at the investor booth are not very in-the-know," said Megumi with a sigh, her faux-hawk flopping sadly. "I saw him around today though, if you want to find him and get an interview."

She gave the middle schooler a thumbs-up. One had to foster the sense of investigation in the youth
All g.

Oh yeah, from tomorrow night to Sunday morn (AEST/CST), I'll be on a plane and lacking Internet so I won't be able to do anything or answer queries then.
MgRonald's, District 7

In every young adult's life, there would always be a time when they would have to debate whether or not it was a good idea to get arrested. On one hand, to face justice as was proper after violating the laws that held together society was the correct thing to do; the world of adulthood was one where it was necessary to take responsibility for one's actions, and thus to do a crime was to do the time. On the other hand, handcuffs chafed.

And for the one referred to as 'Chief', the latter was a more important consideration. You couldn't eat a burger with cuffs on.

Also he had sensitive wrists.

"Well ain't this spectac-spec-spect-fuck it This just ain't our day," he muttered under his breath. The cops were on their tail, but they still hadn't eaten lunch. "Hey lass, how long's them MgChickens be takin'?"

The cashier was unfazed despite the sirens. "It'll be a minute," she said, casually waving at the boy who'd just walked out of the restroom. "Do you want to add anything?"

"Nah, we're good thanks lass."

"Sounds like the pigs gonna be here soon, chief. Still gonna wait for the burgers?"

"Already paid, ya see?" The bazooka-wearing one of the duo produced his debit card once more. "Buyin' lunch means none if you ain't got Ronnie's."

"Kinda cutting it close, chief."

"And what about toilet boy there?" interjected Isami once again, though she wasn't looking up from her phone. "He looks like he wants to do something American."

The duo looked as if they had just seen Karasawa.

"Hey lad."


"We'll be done in a bit."

"Don't look at chief's bazooka."

"It's a toy from a Ronnie's Cheery Lunch. In Rakkoshima."

"Your two MgChicken meals," declared the cashier, handing over the paper bags.

'Chief' took them gratefully and handed them to his mulleted companion. "Thanks lass, hope you have a nice one."

Then a: "Isami! Get the bike!" before the trio of suspicious young adults made a break for the door.

Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth - Dianoid, District 15

"Oh, that I can certainly answer!"

Megumi Motome paused, as if to allow light reflecting off the Dianoid's carbon structure to reflect off her own shades.

"After we were able to shenangle the collaboration with Iguchi-san for a promotional single," she began, "we thought it would be a good idea to involve her most famous role as well. To let Kanamin herself extol the magic of space travel. She has many fans who we think would love our work too."

She glanced around, before lowering her visors in a conspiratorial manner.

"And this will be a scoop for your club," she whispered, leaning down towards the middle schooler, "because tomorrow there will be an announcement for another Kanamin show that deals exactly with those themes. The new season hints were not just for show."

@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra
Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream - Dianoid, District 15

"I'm the Super Mobile Girl of Love and Justice, Magical Powered Kanamin! In the name of the Consolamentum, I will give you a brain-freeze!"

Despite the costume being one that hailed from the super-deformed line of Kanamin paraphernalia, the Cathar-cosplaying comrade delivered the order in the same motion that the franchise's protagonist used when declaring her intent to combat her foes, and both the voice and intonations were almost perfect replications of Iguchi's acting. There was nothing in the distorted voice that revealed any recognition or approval of the two customers and their costumes, though one could consider the choice of opening catchphrase as being one. Because when 'life gave you lemons', the supposed thing to do was to 'make lemonade', yes? Finding a good way to 'wing it' was exactly what the Americans meant, right?

With surprising dexterity for stubby costumed hands, a box was handed over to the young man to diligently and gracefully fill with the takeaway pint of Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream.
Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth - Dianoid, District 15

Had it been anywhere but at Kanacon, the representative flagged down by Yu-ri would likely have been just another suit, a faceless man or woman who would have been utterly forgettable beyond the details of the company they had been hired to shill for. That was the nature of the investor booth, where many businesses failed to produce even a single individual with any form of charisma to reassure existing and potential shareholders that they would be profitable.

However, this booth was at Kanacon. And the Orbit Portal Company was not a business that lacked in interesting individuals. As expected of a company that called the walking, asymmetrical fashion disaster known to the world as "Ladylee Tangleroad" their Chief Executive Officer, the representative answering Yu-ri's questions had also strayed from what society deemed to be correct fashion, albeit to a far lesser extent that her employer. Her black suit and white dress shirt were akin to those worn by employees of other, less space-focused companies, but the blue necktie snugly hanging from her neck was covered in five-pointed stars (an inaccurate but easily recognisable depiction of the actual astronomical objects). A fashion faux-pas, but one that could be considered "eccentric" rather than disastrous.

But the real "ugh, no honey" was above the neck. The combination of a dyed-pink faux-hawk, plus the visor made to replicate the famous shades worn by Kanamin's rival in Integral, was a mistake that could only be made by the youth. In the past, this would one day go unacknowledged, but the prevalence of social media meant that Megumi Motome, age twenty-six, would have to deal with the consequences of her fashion indiscretions for the remainder of her adult life.

Of course, given her choice of employment, she was at least surrounded by fellow deficient individuals.

"I certainly have a minute," she said warmly to the middle schooler who had called her over. "What burning questions do Sakugawa have for our company?"


Haruma's chosen representative was less of a weirdo.

Kyuuichiro Idemitsu (twenty-nine, twice divorced, father of two) also wore a suit (though both jacket and trousers were navy), but his was far plainer, having chosen not to pursue a childish necktie design like his fellow Orbit Portal Company employee. The only major standouts were that he had chosen to wear a light blue plaid waistcoat (the colour of which was shared with his tie), and that around his waist was an utility belt containing Kanamin's wand, a Bible that had clearly been stolen from an American hotel somewhere, and a walkie-talkie.

He did have a shock of black hair too, but that was less a lack of fashion and more a lack of morning self-grooming (he had chosen not to brush his hair before leaving for the convention).

"I am Kyuuichiro Idemitsu."

That was the response given to Haruma as he politely, but tersely, accepted the teenager's business card. There was no acknowledgement of the minor faux-pas in business card exchange etiquette, because he was willing to produce his own, personal card as well (plus the company's) to provide to the Noriaki student.

"That isn't something I would mind," the representative continued. "We have brokers who can assist you. If you're interested, I can -"

He trailed off at Beppu's arrival.

"I can ... wait for you two to finish."

Stage - Dianoid, District 15

All concerts needed security personnel, and Iguchi's upcoming performance was no different. If Shion were to look around the stage area (which still wasn't fully filled given that the concert had yet to begin), she would notice a black-clad individual not too far from her standing in the shadow of a balcony overhang. An armband with the word "SECURITY" could be easily distinguished, but the rest of the garb wasn't exactly that of a normal security guard. Particularly the helmet hiding their identity.

In fact, they seemed to be separate from the rest of the guards.

Catching sight of Shion already present, however, the black-clad individual waved.

@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra
Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream - Dianoid, District 15

Before the dawn of the Anthropocene, primates had already been enslaved to the divine ambrosia known as sugar.

Orangutan and chimpanzee would spend their days in the glades searching for ripe fruit and sweet nectar, to give worship to the sweetness that sustained their monkey brains. For sweetness was a signature of more sugar, and with more of that heavenly hydrocarbon, the greater the edge primate could possess over their rivals, whether they be predator or fellow ape. So the primate palate honed itself. It refined itself. Sugar was strength, so it selected for sweeter. If the monkey that loved fruit was the monkey that would be king, then the monkey tongue would develop a taste for those children of their home trees.

Even when ape left the forest, their worship did not change. In fact, that preference extended beyond mere fruit. From the honey of the bees to the saps of the maple, the primate chose to embrace sugar in all forms. It allowed its sweet tooth to guide its path into the light.

And today, that light had become ice cream.

With regards to sugar, no difference existed between the nerd and the ape. Had one dressed a gorilla in the garb of Magical Powered Kanamin, it was inevitable that they too would seek out Magi☆Mint Chip. The special edition, limited time ice cream recipe that could only be found in the halls of the Dianoid. None could resist it. Nerd, monkey or some hybrid of both were united in their quest for the creamy, sweet wealth in the ice cream.

If there was one difference, then it would be that apes were infinitely more tolerable.

They could not speak, and thus were far less inane.

"I saw Cosplay Girl Olivia!"

"Really? Wow, did you get her autograph?"

"No, she was airborne. That jet engine of hers is just too sweet."

"Big mood."

The young man stared straight ahead, the inane chatter of his customers drifting into one ear and out the other. After the indignities he had suffered during a prior night, he had discovered that what once would incite his choler now seemed so paltry and insignificant to him. He could now tolerate the inelegant blubbering of the common man, though it tarnished his sense of elegance to admit so. However, it was also a situation of necessity: as disgustingly debilitating it was to debase himself through such dreadful deeds, it was his duty, and to approach it without any professionalism or subtlety would only bring greater shame.

"Your Magi☆Mint Chip is 900 yen," he declared, the register chiming beneath his skilled fingers before he handed over the customers' strange purchase. "Please, enjoy your day."

To his left, an individual wearing a deformed facsimile of the fictional protagonist turned to face him.

"My friend, you look like you want to 'blow off steam', yes?" asked his comrade from within the costume with unfettered joy, voice distorted by the technological wonders of Academy City to replicate Yuka Iguchi's role. "Do you want to 'take five'?"

"No. I am able to handle this," replied the young man stone-faced. "However, why are we here?"

Why were they at an anime convention in the first place? Why had they lowered themselves to sell Magi☆Mint Chips? He could not comprehend the reasoning behind their presence.

"When you feel a bit 'under the weather', as they say, it's hard to do things you like, right?" mused the costume lackadaisically. "I wouldn't know, but we can 'get a leg up' on our reputation if we can hold 'their feet to the fire', yes? That is the saying?"

"Again, I do not speak English."

The costume shrugged, as costumes were wont to do.

"Ah well," his comrade said. "We have been 'press-ganged' as volunteers, but we can still 'have a blast', right? And next time, she can 'pick up the tab' inst -"

The costume caught sight of more customers.

"- oh, welcome! Would you like some Magi☆Mint Chips?"
@Enkryption@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra

Big Mama Jin - Number One Woman in Japan

Strive for quiescence of body, mind and intention.

Energy was pumping through Ryou's open circuits before Lia's question had even been asked. The delinquent girl was already in action, the od circulating through her body reinforcing her physical capabilities to clearly superhuman levels as she closed the distance between her and whatever she was supposed to call that terracotta bullshit piggybacking off wimpass Morimoto. Maybe "dead meat", because she was gonna rip its ceramic ass a new one before it could recover from that halberd thrust. She'd never fought an actual ji-wielder before, but she'd taken on her fair share of dumbasses who thought street signs worked on her. And like, that was the same fucking thing anyway.

It wasn't like she had a pony under her ass or whatever, so closing the gap was absolutely a legit strat for her to go for, you know? And because "Deadassmoto" had so kindly given her an opening (she'd like, give Morimoto some "fave teacher" flowers on his gravestone when she got rid of this stupid fucking parasite), she was already in close to lay the beatdown on.

A ji was like, what, seven-eight feet? Once she was inside that, there was no way she was gonna get stabbed.

Flicking her nose with a thumb, Ryou felt the power build inside her with each controlled breath. The "inner alchemy" arts of her family translated into the martial arts that had whooped so many others' asses. And as she dashed in with frightening, reinforced speed, her movements flowed naturally into the Quanzhen Sect style, right palm striking out at the terracotta warrior's chest.

@Guess Who@NaraK@HereComesTheSnow

HTTS - Shipment Protection

"Hey, walrus fat burns really well, right?"
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