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Using the definitions for hyperbolic functions, obtain an equation for sinh(3x) in terms of cosh(x) and sinh(x).
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Posts first, then a marathon of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.
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@chukklehed@Sarcelle Renard@SMS

Uchima Senior High - AV Clubroom?

The 'plan' was a boar.

A hulking beast, though almost utterly mundane in comparison to the last creature the trio had combated, that pawed at the floor in the middle of the clubroom, its weight causing the floor to creak with each, jerky, bloody motion. An almost utterly mundane monster, yet its strangely green-furred mass was emaciated in the legs, and bones jutted out of the crushed skull around a single, wildly-moving golden eye, skin having peeled away to reveal the innards of its head.

And it slowly ...

Surely ...

Turned its gaze upon the teenagers.

And it was clearly hostile.

The Park

The loss of another of its captives only intensified the beast's shock, its ugly sinews tautening in anger as another monstrous growl escaped its throat. The rippling wave of sheer force it had launched at Blair had been stopped, instead striking the well-muscled gains of the armoured, yet ethereal Dentatus. An impact that would, no matter how buff the Persona summoned by Jack could be, likely give a good shock to his system. It protected Blair, but at the cost of harm to himself.

Yet the monster cared naught for these things.

It had been denied. Twice now.

By its prey.

Those demonic eyes shone with sheer rage.

And it jerked forward, spinning its powerful arms as it attempted to crush Jack's body beneath its limbs.

It had its target now. The enemy that seemed so similar to it.

Meanwhile, the magic holding Enju down was beginning to weaken ...
@Mistress Dizzy@Bornlucky

Uchima Senior High - Barricaded Classroom, 1st Floor, Classroom Building???

"Eh, Ryo-kun, that's super forward of a question!"

Any follow-up to her comment however, paused, her eyes immediately turning towards the speaking Jin.

Ai shook her head as the younger student finished, the hint of a frown immediately being subsumed under her measured, comforting smile. It seemed as if she had heard that bitterness. "This isn't scary at all, T-Money," she said in reply. It was casual, but there was a firmness to her tone. "It can't be too dangerous or dark and scary or errant if you've been here."

She nudged Ryouma softly.

"I bet Ryo-kun would agree."

Her words were honest. Her eyes were too. She did not appear to consider the place something to avoid. It wasn't as if she had written anything about cute but troubled youths who after being rejected by society can only find fulfilment and meaning in one another through the fighting and sweating of their fit bodies before, but the room held no negative feelings for her.

Meanwhile, the girl deemed 'Detention-chan' quirked her brows up, the munching of the Pocky slowing down to a halt at the name.

"It's ... Matsunaga?" she replied almost hesitantly (she didn't know what to think of the name 'Detention-chan'), swallowing the rest of her confectionery and crossing her arms across her chest. "No Persona. But ... you have one?"

The newly-proclaimed Matsunaga glanced over towards the door. Then back at the teens.


"Wait, you have one."

Her eyes landed on the hardcover on the table.

"Did you see Drama guy? How did you get it? Did anything follow you?"

Slight fear.

"Ack, they can smell you!"

A few blocks away from the park? bGuREjBEyQ qhATrbA

Ishido's descent into the depths of the dark hallway seemed to yield no answers to the predicament of him and his erstwhile companion, yet there was a strange aura in the air, a feeling somewhat akin to the quiet breathing - someone else's breathing - upon one's exposed skin. It came and went irregularly, a presence in the black building that was unsettling, yet like the foggy, indistinct world that it sat within, also slightly unreal.

Even in the darkness however, his steps could still retrace the faint marks against the wooden floor, light scuffing and dirt-tracked crumbs that, despite the low-light, was still present as there. No matter how miniscule and insignificant they seem, they were dirt that looked real. Distinct shapes in an indistinct realm. Dirt unlike that which had been in the grass outside.

Someone was here.

And that path seemed to lead into another room, with its door ajar. The kitchen laid beyond, but it was the door to a room, one jutting out into the hall, that was clearly open. And where the dirt lead.
I want to start this thing off by Sunday, so @GarlandDaHero, try and get in your profile.

And everyone come up with what Promethion'd look like.
Isn't this pretty much one of those Fire Emblem recruitment stages?
@Sarcelle Renard Something's going to happen.

When it's not 5am and I'm working on assignments.

That's an apology to everyone for my lack of posting for the time being.


Given your characters are near each other, feel free to have them interact.
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