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Current Your eigenvectors are orthogonal.
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never forget the constant of integration
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The most striking divisions are between spiral and elliptical galaxies, which can be characteristically “red” or “blue”
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hermitian matrices are cursed
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No you cannot use club funds to buy yourself an action figure.
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Blossoming Relationships

"Excellent," said the inspector, and the poodle wagged its tail in agreement with its owner's declaration. "I look forward to seeing Vale's teachings in action."

There was little else to be said as the journey continued. All on board the Atlesian vessel knew their place and purpose, so few words were exchanged beyond what pertained directly to their business. Every once in a while, Thoúlē Aristeas would wander the bridge, her flats tapping quietly against the steel floor as she gave her canine companion a better view of the skies around them. She would also, from time to time, speak to the captain in private, but generally she was a neutral observer, for her role had yet to come.

However, the role of Team SVRT, after a long, long wait, had.

"We have a flock of Nevermores inbound," reported the man at the sensors. "Visuals confirm around sixty individuals. Your orders, captain?"

"Prepare the cannons," the captain said. "Sweep them all from our skies. Don't let a single one escape! And -"

She glanced over at Thoúlē, then at SVRT.

"Hunters," she continued. "You may take the elevator up onto the hull. We await your success."
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"The way I see it," began the cosplayer, adopting the wistful tone of Kanamin in her many self-reflective scenes in Integral. "if there's merchandise available and you have the power to acquire it ... there shouldn't be a doubt as to what you should do."

As much as his comrade appeared to enjoy quoting Magical Powered Kanamin, such childish activities were part of a realm that Gandharva was loathe to step into. His unfortunate presence at "Kanacon" had not arisen from any enjoyment of the franchise that Academy City's debauched denizens were celebrating in the Dianoid on this day, but rather due to a series of shameful situations that had lead him to a point where any attempts at escaping were too unlikely to succeed. It was utterly galling, as if the gods themselves were intent on manoeuvring him into such indignities. He had reluctantly subscribed to such a theory in recent days, and the customers he was forced to serve so professionally only confirmed the existence of this conspiracy against him.

"Two thousand seven hundred yen," said Gandharva politely and with as much dignity a man wearing Kanamin's face on a t-shirt could muster as he tapped away at the register. "Your Magi☆Mint Chip is here."

Elegantly, he held their distasteful purchase towards them.
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Oh no not ag-

Oh hello again!

"I'm the Super Mobile Girl of Love and Justice, Magical Powered Kanamin! In the name of the Consolamentum, I will give you a brain-freeze!"

Despite his costume hailing from the super-deformed line of Kanamin paraphernalia, the Cathar-cosplaying comrade delivered the order in the same motion that the franchise's protagonist used when declaring her intent to combat her foes, and both the voice and intonations were almost perfect replications of Iguchi's acting. There was nothing in his distorted voice that revealed his recognition of his two customers, though one could take his choice of opening catchphrase as one. Because when 'life gave you lemons', he was supposed to 'make lemonade', yes? Finding a good way to 'wing it' was exactly what the Americans meant, right?

With stubby costumed hands, he handed over a box to Gandharva to diligently and elegantly (for any outburst from him would only expose himself to the Euroweeb) fill with the takeaway pint.

Road from the Supermarket

Shion was correct. The intensity of men's passion towards one another could not be understated. When two warriors recognised each other, none could stop the flaring of their burning Japanese man spirits, twisting and turning within their souls in a powerful desire to envelop one another. Bang had likely recognised this. Though he may not have known it, the intimate yearning within his warrior body must have sought a worthy opponent. And Shuuji had arrived to give him one.

"En garde, Bang Constantine!"

And when Shuuji moved, his technique became apparent.

Hung ga of the southern Shaolin styles.

And his opener as the distance between them closed was no less famous.

Shuuji's feet had become a flurry of movement, his legs lashing out with blinding speed at Bang.

"Show me you are worthy of my Shadowless Kick!"
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Magical Powered Kanamin. The official English title of the multimedia franchise known more commonly in its native country by the name: 超機動少女カナミン (Chō Kidō Shōjo Kanamin). Its protagonist, the titular Kanamin, was a certain ordinary high school girl, except for the fact that she was actually a magician in disguise as a schoolgirl in order to avoid the Albigensian Crusaders of the Roman Catholic Church. This unique situation of hers was a never-ending source of trouble, and the misadventures she found herself wrapped up in were the focus of a TV anime (and its critically acclaimed sequel, Magical Powered Kanamin Integral). Every denizen of Academy City knew her name. How could they not? To many, Kanamin was their heroic idol, and thus it was no surprise to know that on this day, the Dianoid would be hosting the greatest Kanamin convention in the world.


Not only was it a place for fans, but the corporations and creators behind Magical Powered Kanamin's success were present too. Voice actress Yuka Iguchi, whose famous early roles included Nitros Oxide in Crash Twinsanity and Cow Girl in Goblin Slayer before she became Kanamin herself, had arrived early to greet the fans and promote the new song produced by her collaboration with the Orbit Portal Company: Shining Star ☆ LOVE Letter. The main scenario writer of Integral, supposed cyborg Kamachi.EXE, could be spotted near the artist stalls where he was buying every print of Kanamin he could find. And even BEGA had set up their own tent where convention-goers could play nearly-finalised builds of the highly-anticipated upcoming Kanamin fighting game: The Second Magical Powered Kanamin Fighting ☆ Climax!!.

Anything a Kana-lover wanted could be found within this floor of the Dianoid. All they had to do was look around.

But not all guests were Kana-lovers.

"I saw Cosplay Girl Olivia!"

"Really? Wow, did you get her autograph?"

"No, she was airborne. That jet engine of hers is just too sweet."

"Big mood."

Gandharva stared straight ahead, the inane chatter of his customers drifting into one ear and out the other. After the indignities he had suffered during a prior night, the young man had discovered that what once would incite his choler now seemed so paltry and insignificant to him. He could now tolerate the inelegant blubbering of the common man, though it tarnished his sense of elegance to admit so. However, it was also a situation of necessity: as disgustingly debilitating it was to debase himself through such dreadful deeds, it was his duty, and to approach it without any professionalism or subtlety would only bring greater shame.

"Your Magi☆Mint Chip is 900 yen," he declared, the register chiming beneath his skilled fingers before he handed over the customers' strange purchase. "Please, enjoy your day."

To his left, an individual wearing a deformed facsimile of the fictional protagonist turned to face him.

"My friend, you look like you want to 'blow off steam', yes?" asked his comrade from within the costume with unfettered joy, voice distorted by the technological wonders of Academy City to replicate Yuka Iguchi's role. "Do you want to 'take five'?"

"No. I am able to handle this," replied Gandharva stone-faced. "However, why are we here?"

Why were they at an anime convention in the first place? Why had they lowered themselves to sell Magi☆Mint Chips? He could not comprehend the reasoning behind their presence.

"When you feel a bit 'under the weather', as they say, it's hard to do things you like, right?" mused the costume lackadaisically. "I wouldn't know, but we can 'get a leg up' on our reputation if we can hold 'their feet to the fire', yes? That is the saying?"

"Again, I do not speak English."

The costume shrugged, as costumes were wont to do.

"Ah well," his comrade said. "We have been 'press-ganged' as volunteers, but we can still 'have a blast', right? And next time, she can 'pick up the tab' inst -"

The costume caught sight of more customers.

"- oh, welcome! Would you like some Magi☆Mint Chips?"
<Snipped quote by Crimmy>

What an ass.

I know right?

I have an entire childhood worth of ass moments that are recorded permanently on the Internet instead of being forgotten like most childhood ass moments.
<Snipped quote by Crimmy>

Did they let you stay though?

Nope, I just left.

Seven year old me didn't bother to stick around and disappeared with only that one post.
Back in uhhh, 2005 I made a post in a Star Wars RP without bothering to make a profile and the GMs were confused as to who I was and where I came from. I mean to be fair, I was seven years old at the time, but I was a rude seven year old.
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Gratia Mindaro - Civil War

Like her Faunus teammate, Gratia Mindaro had chosen to help herself to the confectionery that their supervisor had so generously provided to them. Unlike the other girl, however, she wasn't some slovenly animal who spoke with their mouth full, instead preferring to focus entirely on the free food than respond. If the cat's father was willing to offer, then she would a fucking idiot to refuse. That was why the basket was quickly emptied, every trace of sweets inhaled with lightning speed.

Yet when she spoke, there was absolutely no sign that she had ever been eating. Her expression was cool as usual, having changed not a single iota. "Ask Haven for help? That would be as fucking good as singing 'Veillons au salut de l'empire' again. None of those independently-minded towns would ever dare open their arses for an insertion from a pillar of l'Ancien Régime."

The Kingdom's authority was a fluid entity, and had been so even before the Great War severely crippled its hegemony over the polities outside of Mistral proper. Gratia could probably sketch a path between the increasing decentralisation and weakening of the state to the devastation of the Mistralese Civil War, but she had no interest in fucking around with historiography for a dying institution. She held no love for the ghoulish hedonists that made up the aristocracy of her city-state. They were nothing more than parasites in gaudy human clothing, merely rotting bags of lust and gluttony that sought to drain the citizenry dry for the sake of their useless, disgusting whims.

She despised them.

The ever-benevolent heroes of the land of harsh winds was their claim. It was almost laughable, if it wasn't so disgusting. What bullshit. Even the prats in the Praetorians were in some way capable of exerting their authority; Tzimiskes' irksome brethren wouldn't have been able to tell the fucking difference between their impotent little balls and the many tumours that dotted their flabby wastes of flesh.

How utterly surprising that Mistralese power was eroding. Even in their own orbit. Where were the Vigiles in her hometown? Where were the glorious tendrils of imperial authority? When would they give her family their money back? Hah, the cancerous scum promised their nation so much, yet all the citizenry could see were criminal insects.

On the bright side, it promised foreign investment! Setting up an international crime ring was incredibly easy to do in Mistral.


She would rather their eyesockets crushed and powdered into the same drugs they loved to peddle.

But that was irrelevant.

In the end, Gideon Blue's domain had sought to isolate itself from the Capital. That was one obvious reason for why it would rather ask for assistance from a institution an entire ocean away than seek out Haven's complement of Hunters. How ironic that his request had instead landed in the hands of a Havenite transfer team.

Just once, she would allow herself to be like the unwashed lesser beings in Mistral.

When the purse-strings were opened so widely, they would be fucking retarded not to exploit him for as much as he was worth.

"But it's fortunate he did find some local Hunters," a tinge of sarcasm dripping into her monotone voice as she continued. "It will be easier for us to identify what fuckery they're up to and how to permanently resolve it."

Shuai Taidan


Taidan blew upwards at his fringe, his single hair antenna twitching in thought.

"Don't really think so."
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