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Gratia Mindaro and Vega Venetia

The air was choking with paranoia. Emotions were running high all around her, with even the slightest sudden move liable to trigger the guards into going completely postal. They were nervous, twitching wrecks, reacting to every little sound as if they were fucking meth heads after a long night of poisoning themselves like brain-damaged cretins. Or did that come after the druggo experience? Gratia Mindaro did not care a single iota for the specifics, but in any case, their caution wasn't entirely alien to her. Given how much of an utter shithole Gallia had transformed into, only a complete fool would think there was no need to be cautious, but this Gideon individual's guards were still unable to crawl out of the pond of prokaryotes where their fellow fools resided by "virtue" of having even entertained the thought of fighting her team.

Her onyx eyes danced across their surroundings. It was a gaudy mansion, a loathsome testament to the Mayor's wealth and power that disgusted her in its excess. No wonder the guards thought they could fucking take her - the hellish environment must have distorted their perspective. How pitiful. If they had any actual ability whatsoever, rather than serving as little more than mid-sized fish in a shitty little sewage drain, then somebody would have managed to bring an end to Gallia's woes by now.

Instead, they called in a team of trainee Hunters.

"Don't take us for amateurs, Felicia," she replied flatly.

Next to her, Vega Venetia was joyfully taking a panorama picture of the hallways on her Google Glass. A quick motion in the direction of one of her teammate's immediately drew her attention.

"I like your shades!" the leader of Vignoble declared as she watched Silver play with his spectacles.
<Snipped quote by Crimmy>

What's the best way to get started?

There's a commotion at MgRonalds.
@Enkryption@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra

Big Mama Jin - Number One Woman in Japan

Morimoto was dead, done and dusted. Like a shitty class art project that got smashed cos some clumsy oaf tripped over a chair and went like all "strike-out!" on the thing. Always kinda funny to watch, but not if you'd been the one to make it, you know? Like her deceased teach's parents definitely weren't gonna be happy. It wasn't like they could blame his death on the misfortune of his birth, not when some asshole magus that wasn't her or Dor or Lia or wow there were a lotta fucking wizards around today was responsible, but in any case, Morimoto was dead and it was all the fault of a bastard who was infecting people with terracotta-itis like someone playing that Pandemic web game or whatever. A fucking bummer, you know? Like yeah, Ryou always thought he was a spineless dweeb, but it still was pretty shitty that he got ganked and parasited by some crazy Chinese wizardry.

"So long, Morimoto," she said, glancing at the terracotta remains. "Gimme a good word with Yanwang, yeah? Wanna get as much good karma, h-"

The terracotta remains were alive.


What the fuck, they weren't even dead yet? Even when she'd killed their asses literally stone dead? Zombies were like supposed to be squeezed totally dry as a genre, but Bingmayong thought it was cool getting on that kinda game right now? Ryou was feeling like she'd walked in on the Dragon Quest creative process here. Like what the hell? There was no need in our land for worthless drivel! Fengxian was always pretty cool with folks sticking to their guns, real ballsy of them you know, but sticking super hard was just some nincompoop thinking. Look at Kongming! She wasn't some strats whiz like that lazy asshole'd been, but even she knew (and that was without her fortune telling) that gluing so hard to the Longzhong Plan meant fucking jackshit.

Xuande should've stuck with her.

Not some small fry.

Not like the terracotta fodder.

Magical Girl Romantico ☆ Lia wanted her to clear them out while she looked for the mage responsible?

"You are going to make it worth my time, right?" Fengxian asked, voice low. There was a grin across her face. "Do what you will. I just need someone to fight!"

She was pissed off. He was itching for a fight. Their goals coincided.

So this was what it was like to channel a Heroic Spirit. Her ancestors would be proud.

"Come on fuckers, show me your game face!"


GOD FORCE was manifest. The mechanical armoured hero known as Fengxian swung, the mighty halberd sweeping away at its foes. The terracotta would fall again. And again. And again. That was the vow of their TAMASHIIIII!!
There was a phone call. Priority.

The woman on duty, the sole operative present in the morning, answered.

"Vaucanson here, what happened?" she asked.

It was an emergency, the other end replied.

"Shionomisaki?" she repeated.

Where it had happened, the other end explained.

"On its way here?" she said, horrified.

Long before even dawn, the other end confirmed.

Another calamity was coming. The woman frantically sought the last known sightings. Her face grew weary with each piece of news. The fax to headquarters was made. An answer returned minutes later. She scurried for the intercom. And her voice, urgent but clear, rang out across every inch of the Great Fortress of Vaucanson.

"This is Piloqutinnguaq! We have a Code Red! A monster is currently on its way to Tokyo! I repeat, a monster is on its way to Tokyo! Its arrival time is very soon! All MAX FIRE operatives must attend to their stations! Deployment has been approved! Command has been transferred to Drs Meredith and Kougami! All MAX FIRE operatives must attend to their stations!"

The waters of the inner sea were foaming.

Long ago, in a more naive time, those who made their living off the shores of Edo would have found such an occurrence merely strange. The rippling of the great blue bay could have been chalked up to the sunlight, an illusion brought about by interactions between the life-giving rays and the water. The frothing nothing but the migratory birds, the churning of the water a result of their wingbeats as they hunted for food. The bubbling would not have been noticeable, not by vessels on the surface of such a large gulf. But together, in this terrible time for humans, it was clear what their presence spelled.

A disaster.

From the surface of the cold sea came a head - large, dark-coloured and with immense, reptile eyes - and then a neck, dripping with streams of saltwater. And then, not a body, but more neck. And more! The head rose and rose and rose, ascending towards the Japanese sky on a slender, beautiful neck. Only at a full forty feet did it stop, and only then did the body, a great island of obsidian scales, dead white coral and shells and rotting fish, burst free of its subterranean home. Its tail thrashed. The seas were parted. Vessels were crushed and sunk beneath its weight.

From tip to tail, swimming slowly through the bay with the bearing of a king, it measured two hundred feet and more.

And like a king, its monster eyes bore upon the Capital. A silent, dinosaur-like beast from the tribes that lived in a time immemorial. A creature from the Deeps, hidden deep down in the coldest, darkest parts of the world. A king of the dead, called by Gaia to judge her wayward children.

They met it with planes.

And the king answered.

A scream that crossed millennia of fog and darkness. A violent, furious scream that shuddered across all of Kanto. It screamed at the planes. The planes fired. The beast screamed again. The planes fired. The king opened its gaping maw, the weapons of the planes plinking uselessly off its forest of great teeth. And it screamed again.

It was the sound of the ocean depths. Of twenty thousand fathoms of water weighing upon its shoulders for eternity.

Not only the sea, but the air churned.

And the planes churned with it.

With eyes of fire and ice, the king had made its verdict.

It proclaimed us guilty.
@Legend Begins Go for it.
@Williwaw@Duoya@Plank Sinatra@Krayzikk
Convention Floor - Dianoid, District 15

The duo of money-makers, upon hiding themselves in the booth, found themselves squished up next to Mr Idemitsu, who as a non-powered person living in Academy City, had decided that discretion was the better part of valour. Particularly when he wasn't entirely sure as to the armed individuals' motives for this attack. Though if he could make a guess, given the involvement of his employers in the running of the convention, it probably had something to do with the Orbit Portal Company, like the trailer footage for the new Kanamin season. Not that he was paid for such musings, but it was a possible explanation.

In any case, he was sitting right next to the two Esper children, alongside his fashion disaster and colleague Megumi Motome.

"They must have burning questions for us," whispered the aforementioned woman across from them (though not by much, given that they were all squished up behind a booth). "I don't think answering them was in the job description for today."

"It wasn't."

"That's a joke, Idemitsu. 'Not negotiating with terrorists' is merely basic company policy."

Megumi Motome took off her sunglasses. In the darkness of the convention floor, they weren't very helpful. Nor stylish.

"Anyway," she continued, voice quiet and low. "I don't know what precautions they have taken with regards to the police, but I do know one thing: anyone on the outside just will not have good information on what happens in here."

The Dianoid was riddled with screens that showed off the happenings in other areas of the building, but given the loss of power on the convention floor, they were essentially isolated from the outside world, and vice versa.

"Unless we get back into the system downstairs."

Megumi shuffled into a crouching position, inching her faux-hawked head up like a periscope to peek over the booth. Two of the armed con-jackers were not too far from them, having taken up positions that when taking the booth into consideration, was akin to a triangle. One was on her walkie-talkie, but it was difficult to hear what she was saying from where they were. However, there was one thing that was clear. That armed woman was looking right in the direction of the Orbit Portal Company booth.

"I would certainly love to do that," replied the woman quietly and hurriedly as she dropped back down and out of view. "But it doesn't look like we can."

"They want us, then?" asked Idemitsu.

"Bingo, ding ding."

That was a problem. Kyuuichiro Idemitsu thought over their options. Neither he nor his colleague were Espers, making a direct confrontation very moot. However, the two children next to them did appear to be students, and given the circumstances, they were more likely to find success in actually escaping the convention floor. The company was unlikely to pay them, but Idemitsu decided that it was still the most ideal way out of their mess.

"If we caught their attention," he began, glancing over at Beppu and Haruma. "How willing would you two be to sneak to the elevators and restart the systems? And if possible, retrieve ... Kanamin trailer footage."

He decided to add one more thing.

"You will both be rewarded."

@DarkwolfX37@Crusader Lord@ERode
Stage - Dianoid, District 15

Akari's modified watch would discover that there were many signals propagating throughout the stage area, mostly resulting from the many mobile phones present. However, if she was able to dig through the noise, it would become apparent to her that there was a secure link between the concert security booth where their hostage-taker was holed up in and the entertainment drones that were buzzing around above them, with the one that had tried (and failed) to crush Yu-ri rising, battered, back into the air. None of the trapped Iguchi fans had been prevented from contacting the outside world, but actual escape seemed quite difficult to pull off. The hole that Yu-ri had cut into the door was still present, and was large enough to convey a small someone like its creator through, but the drone that had tried to kill her earlier was already moving to block it.

Elsewhere in the crowd, the black-clad figure wearing a SECURITY armband that Shion had seen earlier was escorting a tall South Asian man closer to the wall, hopefully to find blind spots in the security booth's cameras.
Feel free to start posting at the Great Fortress (Which is located around Tokyo-Yokohama).
At the southernmost tip of Honshu, off Cape Shionomisaki, stood a great tower of concrete and stone. The Kashinozaki Lighthouse loomed tall even in the cold mists above the water, a vigilant guardian who eyed the lonely ships off the coast of Kii Ōshima, both to warn them of the dangerous rocks ahead in their journey, and to reassure them. To reassure them that they, so far from land, had not been abandoned. That the cool light of the great lantern would always be there for those who lived upon the sea.

And if the light could not pierce the thick mists, then the throaty cries that belief forth from the tower stomach would. The great voice of Kashinozaki, its fog horn, shuddered through the rags of mist, startling and scattering the gulls that flocked too near and turning the waves to foam. As long as its lantern remained, its voice unceasing, then it would allow no vessel to sail into danger. The tragedy of the Ertuğrul would not be repeated, and in the years since the tower arose from the devastation of Nankai, no ship had ever been lost to the rocks.

On this misty November night, the horizon blotted by endless grey, the tail of Kashinozaki flickered to and fro, in two hundred directions. Every once in a while, the tower would cry, its horn bumbling free of its great maw. It was a lonesome task. The people of Kii Ōshima, in their two thousand-fold, were deep in slumber. Rare few ships floated out in that long stretch of cold water. Only the fish lying on the bay, trembling and staring up at the light of the tower with their funny, freakish eyes, were there to witness the lonely watch of Kashinozaki, to listen to the mournful, monstrous voice of its horn.

And when the morning came, they were gone.

When the sun's rays cut through the mist, Kashinozaki itself was rubble.

Its horn had been silenced.

But here, at Honshu's lonely southern tip, there were none to witness its passing.
Well, yeah, but I'm sure there's enough room on the bridge crew for everyone! It's just that you'd be concentrating on stuff to do with the monsters themselves, and I'd be focusing on being the most lovable piece of shit anyone in MAX FIRE has ever seen.

In fact, I reckon my guy and Reggie would be bestest best friends! Even if she'd pretend to hate him...

More bridge crew is always welcome. Even Mazinger had the three weirdo professors until one of them bit it.
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