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6 days ago
Current Activity will be low for two weeks. Family issues. Feel free to continue to pester me for replies.
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16 days ago
Oh man Nintendo, giving us Superstar Saga again.
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16 days ago
16 days ago
I should remember that co-GMs exist instead of trying to do everything by myself.
17 days ago
let's talk about direction cosines


[10:48:50 PM] Baron Samedi: If hitler Stalin and Crimmy's mullet were in the room and I had 2 bullets in a gun
[10:48:57 PM] Baron Samedi: I'd shoot Crimmy's mullet
[10:49:00 PM] Baron Samedi: Twice

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who wants to run next contest
Lawyer-Friendly-Kyoko's Shadowrender's alleyway is in the area where all the shops are, yeah?
@Mistress Dizzy@Bornlucky

Uchima Senior High - A Hallway, 2nd Floor, Classroom Building???

"Um, so both of you have a ... Persona ..."

Ai trailed off, looking down at her hands quietly. For a split second, she wasn't doing anything, only staring at them, but then she immediately squinted, and her hands clenched, squeezing tightly. Her face was scrunched up cutely in exertion, but nothing was happening. A moment later, she stopped, and sighed almost dramatically.

"Looks like I haven't gotten powers mysteriously," she mock-lamented with an exaggerated huff, pouting. "If I did, I could help Ryo-kun and Takahashi-san against ..."

She quickly paused, eyes going unfocused for a second, before quickly moving her gaze in the direction of where she and Ryoma had come from.

"Ah, um," the third-year began, her tone somewhat squeaking as fear creeped back into her voice. "There's uh, um, this ice monster hunting us, so we need to find the exit before .... before ..."

"It finds us," she finished lamely.
@Crimmy An Ai response will be good for now, I will be busy for a couple hours but I will respond once I have free time tonight and I don't want to make you wait!

That's fine. I'll get something up and you can respond when you get the chance.
@Crimmy How are you feeling, Crimmy?

My emotional health remains in a healthy state, and none of my negative feelings are greatly detrimental to my functions as a game master.
Oh snap, this is a thing? This is a thing that is happening? Sweet. Of course now I feel kinda obligated to offer up my own lover of drink to the situation; even though I know full well no such obligation exists. I am way too easily excited...

It wouldn't be considered poor form if I posted again soon, right? Since Skye has snared a part of poor Luke's already taxed attention..

just post again, i'm not going to be able to get anything in for the half of the mindaro family hanging around there, and luke has a habit of getting lost in conversations with standoffish seeming girls
@Mistress Dizzy

It's fine.

Also, you and @Bornlucky, do you want me to post first as Ai or Bornlucky to get a Ryoma post in first?

@vancexentan Choices are there for you to pick.

@Melpaws@Zelosse@liferusher Not sure what's going on over at that end, but I'm wanting to get some stuff moving so something's coming your way like, pretty much next GM post.

@AdmrlStalfos19 Yo, how's it hanging there? Any posts incoming?

A few blocks away from the park

"Hah, integrity of a man huh?"

The phrasing seemed to amuse her.

"Yeah, that's good enough," she conceded with a firm nod. "No need to tell nobody that I'm here or -"

There was a quiet thudding sound somewhere further beyond them, one that was so faint that only those with good ears could hear. The woman, likely somebody with good ears, stopped abruptly, taking her shades off and squinting into the distance to see what was going on. If Hans were to follow her gaze, he would see nothing of note, yet there was a strange haze, an unfitting golden tinge to the air that seemed to waver in and out of existence. One that was ... somehow approaching them. Rapidly. Displacing the air. The tar of the road seemed to shudder.

Then a gust of wind, light yet clearly unnatural, blasted past them. Down the road. Towards the park.

A haze of air that rumbled away.

The woman adjusted her sunglasses, placing them back on.

"Huh," she said in an incredibly flat tone, turning around. "What was that?"

If Hans was still looking ahead rather than turning back as she did, he would be able to notice a tiny pink, glinting light also in the distance that pulsed too regularly to be anything but artificial. Situated right in front of a house, in fact.
18? Damn... looks like I have some catching up to do, heh. By the way how are you doing, crimmy?

Alright, I guess.

Mostly trying to get back to posting.
Speaking of credits though, we running a new contest or nah?

I should splurge all these 18 credits I already have at some point though.
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