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Be cool; stay in school.
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Learn time management, kids. Then you don't have to suffer the realisation that you're going to be spending an entire day working on your Engineering project right before the due date.
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Forgive irregular responses and general lack of consistency while I try and get my work-life cycle back on track.
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Apartment, Innere Stadt, Vienna

Lugal-e ud me-lám-bi nir-ğál.

Every line of the poem was known to her. The epic that told the tale of Ninurta's exploits, of the great Assyrian hero-king's victory over the terrible demon Asag. The warrior with unparalleled strength and might from a time when the Age of the Gods had still yet to end. That was the Heroic Spirit she determined would possess one of the highest probabilities of bringing about success in this aberrant Heaven's Feel ritual. And the catalyst she had acquired to summon him was the tablet sat on the altar before her, a fragment of a clay tablet found in the ruins of Nineveh. It was a tiny thing, almost unidentifiable amongst mere rubble.

You, Antelope of Heaven, must trample the Mountains beneath your hooves, Ninurta, Lord, son of Enlil ...

Yet one difference was present in the fragment. Cuneiform script had been marked into its surface, and the Akkadian words that it had preserved on its surface for many millennia was immediately recognisable.

Lugal-e ud me-lám-bi nir-ğál.

Once, in ancient ages, the complete fragment had told the tale of Ninurta in its entirety.

The original owner of the catalyst had claimed that it was one of the oldest fragments to have been discovered in Mesopotamia. However, whether or not it truly hailed from the Age of the Gods was unknown to both of them. There was a risk to its use as a catalyst for the summoning ritual, but Philia had not been given a suitable timeframe to prepare one that possessed a greater probability of success. Thus, she considered the risk to be acceptable.

Even if the great Ninurta failed to manifest, the possibility of another Servant related to the catalyst appearing was still incredibly high, simply based on the age of the artefact. Her contingencies for such an occurrence were not entirely foolproof, however, so her goal of summoning the hero-king was still the most optimal.

The clock ticked quietly in the darkness of her apartment.

It was time to begin the ritual.

In the pale moonlight, Philia von Einzbern engraved her circle. She admired her handiwork, checking for mistakes that would reduce the success rate of her summoning. There were none. She moved onto the next step.

Ye first, O silver, O iron.
O stone of the foundation, O Archduke of the Contract.
Hear me in the name of our great teacher, the Archmagus Schweinorg.
Let the descending winds be as a wall.
Let the gates in all directions be shut, rising above the crown, and let the three-forked roads to the Kingdom revolve.

Red liquid flowed rapidly through the grooves in the floor. The powerful lifeblood of an Einzbern homunculus, drawn from her own veins over the course of a week, filled the carving full, taking on the form of the summoning circle. Philia watched impassively as it completed itself. She moved onto the next step.

Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut.
Five perfections for each repetition.
And now, let the filled sigils be annihilated in my stead!

Philia von Einzbern was no longer an individual. Her circuits, her very body itself, had become nothing more than an extension of the ritual. She had returned to her origin, a mere tool for the completion of the summoning. The mana in the air was absorbed into the tool, transforming into the od that would fuel the circle within that which had once been nerves.


The tool can be damaged. But the tool does not comprehend pain. It has no need to comprehend pain.

It will not be stopped by its slow self-destruction.

Even as it degraded from the inside, it would continue. The mana drawn from the atmosphere shall be converted into the fuel for the circle, the engine that drives the summoning of the Heroic Spirit. Once enough has been collected, it will move onto the next step.

Let thy body rest under my dominion, let my fate rest in thy blade.
If thou submitteth to the call of the Holy Grail, and if thou wilt obey this mind, this reason, then thou shalt respond.

The circle begins to respond.

The summoning is nigh.

I make my oath here.
I am that person who is become the virtue of all Heaven.
I am that person who is covered with the evil of all Hades.
Thou seven heavens, clad in a trinity of words,
come past thy restraining rings, and be thou the hands that protect the balance-!

From the Throne, the hero arrives.

Have fun, team captains.
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"You are forgiven," declared the priest of gains, absolving the tardy feline child of his failure to arrive at the time designated for the beginnings of their daily quest to achieve peak physical form. Though discipline was necessary if the flock sought to hone their bodies into the great, robust ideal, the large, shirtless man knew that mere seconds of time lost was not worthy of prostrating oneself before the altar of Muscle Heaven.

There was no gallantry in being such a stickler.

However! The member of his flock had still been bereft of timeliness! It would be noted, so that if it were to repeat again and the boy found himself adrift from the righteous path, he could shepherd him back towards the gains. Without discipline, Muscle Heaven would be no more than a far away dream.

"AWAKEN, YOUNG MAN THERE," he suddenly spoke, voice booming as a powerful, muscled arm was thrust in the direction of the sleeping boy amongst the flock. "Football is afoot!"

Yet he could see the confusion and hesitation amongst the students. An unfamiliarity with football was evidently present. Thus, it was his duty, his task, to enlighten them upon its rules. Upon his grand shoulders was the burden to spread knowledge to the youthful flock. One who sought the gains must not abandon the pursuit of learning either.

In an instant, an ovular ball was within his grasp. He held it aloft, rippling frame clear to all as he directed their attentions to the object in his hands.

"This is a football," was his declaration. "Today, you all shall play a match against one another with this. Seven shall each team be, lead by the individuals Benjamin and Trad, and your task -"

Four posts were on each side of the gym. The outer two were shorter than the inner two.

"- is to score as many points for your team."

They needed to know the rules.

"Goals are scored through the centre of the two tall goalposts. Each goal is worth six points. If the ball hits the post or passes between the goalpost and shorter behind post, only a point is gained. The ball can be passed by kicking, in which the receiver shall be granted a free kick if they catch it on the full (a mark), or passing by punching the ball to one another, which grants no benefit to the receiver. To dispossess a foe of their ball, you must tackle them by wrestling them to the ground. If this is successful, you will be granted the football."

And if they were still confused, pamphlets were provided.

Strength: B
Agility: B
Endurance: A
Mana: A++
Magecraft: B
Einzbern Knowledge: As one of the last homunculi of the Einzbern Family, Philia is one of the few remaining possessors of Einzbern’s two thousand years’ worth of knowledge and improvements. As a result, she possesses an incredible repertoire of information that she can apply to numerous situations, but its true purpose is to serve as the basis of the recovery of the Einzbern’s ultimate goal.

Swordsmanship: Over her journeys, Philia managed to obtain a longsword made of Rhenium. She is particularly skilled in its usage, and when coupled with her strength as a homunculus, is a very frightening foe in close quarters for even the strongest of magi (and even against a Servant not of the Knight classes).

Driving (Rank EX): In her twenty years of travel in search of the Vessel, it has been necessary for Philia to grow familiar with all sorts of vehicles. As a result, there are few vehicles she is incapable of operation, although she is most familiar with a car, having been made with the purpose of driving the Einzbern caretaker around in her earliest days.

Firearms: Although not somebody who uses firearms on a frequent basis, Philia is at least familiar with their usage.
As an Einzbern homunculus, Philia was created with the ability to make use of the factory’s specialty: alchemy, the manipulation of the flow of matter. It was through this magecraft that the Einzbern were to produce homunculi and construct the Grail, but it can be turned to combat uses via the field of Transmutation. Philia can fluidly transform materials for her own purposes with ease, such as forming weapons from even a random branch.

While not her main specialty, Philia is also familiar with the usage of Healing Magecraft, especially due to her knowledge of the inner workings of the human body.
A creation of the Einzberns. The homunculus named Philia was one of the many homunculi birthed for the sake of reproducing the Third, and while a result of the advances made in the process of creating Lesser Grails, she herself was not a Justeaze-model. Instead, she was a liaison, a being whose purpose was to obtain knowledge and resources from those outside the Einzberns.

And it was due to this role that she was able to survive the factory’s destruction.

When the Einzberns fell, Philia had been far from the castle, buying reagents from a magi contact. She felt the loss of her creators immediately, and rapidly returned to home to find all she knew in rubble. Bereft of her primary purpose, Philia shifted her priorities towards reviving the Einzberns, scouring the ruins for anything that remained of the Terminal and taking them into herself. She knew not the specifics of any other survivors besides her, but there was one thing she could feel:

That there was a Lesser Grail still alive.

For the next twenty years, Philia scoured the globe in search the Justeaze-model she knew would assist her in the revival of the Einzberns, all the while gathering as much information and resources as possible on any remnant of the Fuyuki Grail’s location. Her recent creation before the Einzberns’ destruction and given purpose had allowed her to live longer than most of her ilk, and thus she found herself doing odd jobs here and there during her long search.

It was in those long years that Philia worked as a spellcaster, a career that contributed greatly to her familiarity with combat. She logically assumed that by choosing a position that would allow her to meet magic users all across the globe, the likelihood of finding any sign of the Lesser Grail would be far greater. Indeed, it would be when she was serving as a bodyguard for a Clock Tower archaeology expedition that she heard rumours of a Grail ritual being held, and after several weeks of research was able to confirm its existence in Austria. Any other information, however, was beyond her abilities to obtain.

Yet knowing the power behind the Grail, and the fact that its presence would mean that the Lesser Grail could possibly be near, Philia made the decision to leave her work and participate in the Grail War. The risk was great, but the probability of being able to successfully activate the Third for human salvation was higher than it had ever been before. By handing over Einzbern homunculus creation techniques to members of the archaeology expedition, she was able to acquire a catalyst for a powerful Servant, an Assyrian king, for the sake of the war.

Her purpose was clear: bring back the Einzberns and achieve salvation via the Third.
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After much debating with myself over whether or not, I've decided that it's for the best that I drop out.

A lotta my enthusiasm and energy was drained hard by the exams and whatnot, which I apologise for. My activity's been ebbing pretty hard too, so I guess this is just confirming what's been the status quo for me for a while.

Sorry about that, guys. It was fun RPing with you all.
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Good to be back, chief.
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Sorry for the wait. Exams were pretty hellish. I'm back.
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Imagine, for a second, that your name is Tzi Ti'amtum. Imagine, for a second, that you are a reasonably well-dispositioned, rarely flappable young man who usually takes most situations in stride. Imagine, for a second, that on what had first appeared to be a rather routine (had it not been for the presence of royalty) mission, things escalated to the point where you had come face to face with a dragon.

Now imagine what you, as the known foodie Tzi Ti'amtum, would do upon seeing such a vast and awe-inspiring creature.

A casual joke about eating it, right?

Unfortunately, you're off the mark there.

Completely and utterly off the mark.

Tzi Ti'amtum's face was blank, mouth agape at the sudden revelation of the girl's status as a great dragon. No life seemed to emanate from his large form. He stood ramrod still, like a boulder that had stayed in position and done nothing for over a millennia. His visible eye was focused entirely upon the dragon. He didn't say a single word. He only stared. Frozen by the rather awe-inspiring sight.

Even when Diana returned to her human form, he still stood there, frozen.

A two metre statue of flesh rather than a human.

Not every day a fisher boy saw a dragon, after all.

It looked like somebody needed to give him a poke.
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Beauty and brawn incarnate stepped through the doors to the gym, his rippling frame of masculine dreams shining with a light that could only befit an avatar of Charles Atlas himself. Heads and shoulders above the students, the man was, and indeed, his shirtless enthusiasm loomed large above all who had prostrated themselves within the room of physicality. A auburn-haired pinnacle of gains, a disciple of Muscle Heaven who had come to teach his flock the ways of his Lord.

None knew what spiritual journey his comrade in physical conditioning, Agesander, had left on.

But all knew that it was upon his grand, powerful shoulders that the duty of enlightening the students had fallen.

His name was Roy.

Roi Roy FitzRoy.

And with his arrival, he sought one thing.

How much had the flock already achieved?

They're all 正義の味方 anyway.
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