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Current Helios is a good dude who didn't deserve to get his job taken by a pretty boy.
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Congratulations to any Aussie kids who got course offers and won't have to ever think of the word ATAR ever again. Seriously, you'll never see it again.
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I forgot where all my USB cables went.
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Guess I'll relearn French.
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So what do you want to do today, Crimmy? Steal soda from my sister's fridge, I guess.


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EFA Connacht Base, Ireland, Earth

"S'pose that means you won't be needing your beds," said an approaching young man, his voice flat as his eyes flickered towards Corinne's form. It was clear that he had arrived in time to hear their strange conversation, and the contents didn't exactly seem to endear him too much, not that the thin crease of his lips was suggesting anything else already. He dropped his hands stiffly into the pockets of his brown jacket, the sudden movement shifting the light of the Sun upon the LTR emblem emblazoned upon it.

"W'lcome to Connacht Base, UTX Team," he said, nodding a greeting. "I'm Avenida. Crane Avenida. The Prof told me to greet y'all and getcha things sorted so we can ..."

There was a slight pause. He seemed a bit disgruntled.

"... get some Feddie presence up north at the site."

The change in jurisdiction likely was colouring his interactions with the team.

"Not that we ne-"

The base alarms began to blare.




"All prepared, then?"

The muscled masculine ideal lead his flock to the centre of the field, his powerful hands gripping the ball between the two sides that had formed in their colour-coded teams.

"Trad, Benjamin, you two shall serve as the ruckmen. When I throw this ball into the air, your jobs shall be to hit the ball back towards your teams in order to obtain possession."

A nod, and then a few seconds later, the ball was airborne.

Ready for one of the two to hit towards their teams.
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Interior, Stephansplatz, Vienna

The likelihood of any information obtained from either the Church records or Sister Ortensia being either inaccurate or incomplete was rather high, but as Philia lacked many leads that could be capitalised upon, she deemed that even tenuous intelligence could be of limited use, as long as she were to take into consideration the risks involved in doing so. Although the Church mediators claimed to be neutral in its dealings with participants of the Heaven's Feel ritual, she was aware from both her own experiences and accumulated Einzbern knowledge that the Romans would place their own ambitions first, and if assisting one faction was in their interest, they would be quick to discard any pretense of neutrality. She was aware that magi were little more than heretics to the Church, and the very activation of the ritual was something that they only tolerated it to an extent due to the presence of the Greater Grail.

The Church as a greater entity sought to prevent the misuse of a powerful magical artefact like the Holy Grail by magi, and while she could not certainly assign such a motive to the Sister in front of her, it was something to remain aware of when taking action over the course of the ritual's duration. With only limited resources in her possession, Philia determined that establishing a working relationship with the Church would be of greater benefit to her and Archer's activities. It would at least reduce the chances of conflict breaking out between them.

"What issues?" she asked simply, seeking elaboration from the member of the cloth. While she did not plan on acting out as enforcers of the Church's will, being aware of any situations that the Church sought to resolve was important. A better understanding of the ritual's environment would contribute to their success, and exchanging favours could give her more leads to the Lesser Grail candidate.

It was also possible that the Church's goals could coincide with theirs.
@Crimmy I just finished reading all of the IC, and I'm thinking adding another character into the mix would create a nasty swivel of narrative pollution. So I'll wait it out. Would you still be accepting more people for later on? Or is this already too much? I'm asking because I don't know how much is 'too much' for you. And there is no statement of a cast limit in the OP. All GMs are different, so I don't want to assume. Again, thanks in advance.

In short, I'm asking if I can make a character and leave it here for later?

It's so hard to find something interesting to join that isn't hundreds of posts in... x . x

Anyway, how many people does this currently have? I'm aware it's a bit cluttered right now. But I don't mind waiting for things to settle down, or jumping in to fill leftover spots after the fact. Thanks in advance!

Ten folks.
Yo, to confirm, Gemstone kiddos are ok or naw?

If you want to, sure.
is football guys ready to play ball
Watch out for explosions.
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Night, School District 15

There was a tiny hiss of static through the speaker of Bang's flip-phone, accompanied by what sounded like something being shuffled around on the other end of the line. Another second of pause was what followed (with the operator giving an apologetic "please wait" before the brief interlude), but there was no extended wait for the young man, as the slight voice returned as soon as it had disappeared, this time with firm confidence.

"Antiskill is enroute," she said. "Don't tamper with the scene. If a suspect's around, don't engage. Keep clear and be careful. Stay safe."

An eruption of sound.

This time, on Bang's end of the call.

The air crackled and thundered with heat and noise and force as it exploded.


Not that too long ago, Night, School District 15, Nearby Rooftop

It was unprofessional. In every sense of the word, the conduct and approach of what had been undertaken was undeniably and utterly unprofessional. For somebody who supposedly prided themselves on subtlety, there was absolutely none to be found in their handling of the unfortunate situation that had been left to him to clean up. What an undignified scene it was; from his vantage point on the chilly rooftop of a two storey building opposite, illuminated only by the dull glow of the lampposts on the street below and the lights of nearby windows, he could see very clearly how much of a mess the disposal had become.

The proper methods had not been observed. And knowing that, there was a failure to rectify that mistake.


A body openly left on the street to rot. It would draw undue attention. Too much attention. Attention that would get in the way of everything they were trying to do. Attention that, from the growing size of the crowd in front of that aging building and the growing size of the dread in his stomach, was already beginning to intensify. There was no way to avoid it. Nothing he could do by himself could stop it.

"I think we have to 'cut our losses'," noted a voice in his ear. Dhṛtarāṣṭra was speaking. His comrade was beside him, watching the street and people and the scene of the body. "That is the English expression, yes, no?"

"What do you mean?" he asked. He did not know English expressions. He did not know English at all.

The other male pointed towards the figure of a young man with a flip-phone in hand. "That call is prolly for Antiskill," explained Dhṛtarāṣṭra, thumb stretched upwards in the facsimile of a finger gun. "They will get leads 'like cat on mice', easy. There is no way we can sneakily put a stop to that."


"We need to give up the secrecy. We simply cannot have success without blowing it out into the open. So, we have to 'cut our losses', right?"

There were loud outbursts from the small assembled group on the street below. They were either arguing or expressing shock over the body's discovery, depending on whichever one of them was speaking. It did not particularly matter to him. However, it was giving him more time to hear out the plan Dhṛtarāṣṭra was likely to bring out.

"What will you do?"

The response was marked by a jocund smile. "Blow myself out into the open," said the boy casually, jovially, outstretched pointer finger shifting, the tip seemingly aimed in a direct line towards the phone. "I should make a distraction, you see? While they focus on me, you can go invisible and jump down, run for the body to nab it. This is called 'taking one for the team'."

"That is risky."

"No need to worry, I have this 'in the bag'. Antiskill chasing after me is the best we can get from this bad situation, so you go straight for the cleanup while I play distraction."

A second of thought. There were no better options.

It did not mean he liked the plan.

He nodded. His body shimmered away from view, the twisting and turning of light disappearing him from sight.

"Good luck."

"No need for thanks."

He went for the emergency stairs as quickly as possible. Behind him, Dhṛtarāṣṭra stood tall, stood visible, on the edge of that rooftop.

"Catalyse," whispered his comrade.

His feet rapidly clanged against the steel steps, and halfway down he jumped down.

There was no elegance to his movements.

There was no need, for there was an immense explosion of air localised around the caller.

A distraction, to be precise.
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Gratia Mindaro - Survival

Gratia descended from her leader's mount, boot-clad feet landing upon the golden-white sand with a quiet crunch. Her onyx eyes swept across the beach, halting only upon sighting the source of the earlier call. Lorena Negasi of BASL. One of Schwarz's many friends and acquaintances. A fellow member of Chatsworth's half-arsed Armoury class. Her mind was rapidly exhausted of all the knowledge regarding the other huntress that she could actually claim to possess. Lorena Negasi was nothing more than a stranger to her, another vague face in the unwashed masses that she cared naught for.

In most circumstances, she would never have actively engaged her classmate, and it was likely that the reverse was true for Lorena as well. However, their current situation was one that demanded teamwork in order to achieve any semblance of success, so it was no surprise that she would eventually be working with another trainee hunter. Her escape from the sinking ship had been assisted by Venetia's abhorrent ambulant amphibian, after all; if she were to consider that ensuring a way off this island wasteland was essentially a more difficult version of leaving the ship (except this time the water would be fucking them over from above instead of from below), then supposedly a larger number of hunters would be needed to facilitate victory.

The Mistralese huntress couldn't care less if there was one hunter or a thousand. It was pointless to draw a correlation when all that mattered was the successful result. Whether it was Estelle Nuit's desire for all the students to work together or not was irrelevant to the situation. Psychoanalysing the motivations and methods behind the class was bullshit for another time. What was key was ensuring that victory was absolutely certain.

And when taking into account the limited timeframe, and given the potential assistance that other hunters could provide, Gratia would have needed to be the most braindead fuckwit, dead or alive, to shy away from the resources at her disposal.

"Negasi," she replied, approaching the other girl. "What do you have planned?"
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