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Is the rioting and BLM brought up yet?
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Honestly, I don't get the grief given to SAO when there's stuff like Mushoku Tensei where the MC actively lusts for underaged girls. And it's the most popular isekai in Japan.
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Reminder that the Pentagon just confirmed UFOs are real.
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Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily
Interactions: @Enkryption@PaulHaynek

Listening to Scarlett's rant, Lanus had to stifle a laugh. Ah, what a frank little lady she was! For a moment there, I thought I was listening to my dear Renee! He stifled another laugh at Ruecian's reply. Clearly, he wasn't a stranger to a personality like her!

Renee, on the other hand, somewhat disagreed with Scarlett's statement. But she didn't think it was worth it to voice said disagreement. That woman clearly had made up her mind and there was nothing she could do to change it.

Beginner or not, a danger remains a danger. She doesn't understand just how terrible the miasma can be if she thinks we should just stand around not helping because we're new. The people there need our help and not helping is just a sign of cowardice.

Still, I don't think that's what she really believes. I think she's just the type that likes to criticize others without rhyme or reason.

But, I can certainly agree with her belief that men should be above beasts…

Lanus then heard Einer's reaction to her rant, which he quickly agreed with wholeheartedly. "Well said, my dear bard! Such a powerful spirit in a pretty lady—I have to say, I'm falling in love with her all over again!"

This, naturally, led to a cold glare from Renee.

The duo then followed Roze as part of the group going to the Necropolis, back to the lobby. When they arrived there, Rue asked them to make their preparations before they departed.

"But of course!" Lanus replied with a smile. "Come, Renee!" He glanced at his partner. "We have to make a visit to the alchemy labs of this place!"

Renee nodded. As a magus who specialized in alchemy, she could do a little shopping for sure. Mainly, the liquids she would coat her arrows in to transmute them into birds.
Lunatea gave a disapproving glare at Yuki's teasing. She seemed to have way too much fun seeing this forbidden romance develop, even though she knew it could lead to a disaster.

Still, what she said was right. If Alice were to keep up what she was doing, the humans would learn the truth sooner or later of course.

Only for Alice to start flirting with a completely different person instead.

W-w-what? What is she doing? Why is she—

Lunatea's jaw fell when she saw the girl rubbing her hands all over Gringor. How shameless! A monster is supposed to be loyal to her husband!

"You…" She narrowed her eyes. "You really are something, alright…" She whispered under her breath.

Kerry then offered to join their group. Good. I don't think I can handle being with her, she thought to herself.

When Gringor rejected her, however, the wererabbit let out a short laugh before smiling towards Alice, almost like a jealous ex-girlfriend would.

Still, she quickly regained her bearings, resuming her usual stoic look.

Hinami barely managed to notice Skarsneek whilst in the middle of gorging herself on tonight's dinner. She turned to him, still chewing on a fish bone. "Mmhhf, hhmmfgh! (It went well actually!)" In place of what she was actually saying, all Skarsneek would hear was muffled nonsense. That was fixed after she took a large swallow.

Lunatea ate as she normally would, with a proper table manner like her parents taught. As such, she gave a disapproving glance towards Hinami. Though she quickly let it go, focusing her attention on her tea instead. It was surprisingly delicious despite being prepared by the ways of this foreign island.

"Luna especially was a really big help! With hers and my sister's combination spells, the enemy never even saw it coming.

Hearing her brag about her accomplishments made the wererabbit smile a little. Even if she liked to think she wasn't a proud monster, being praised like that definitely gave a nice boost to her ego.

She put a finger to her chin, still processing thoughts. "Oh, and we recused this really plain looking woman from a barn. She was so scared of sister that her yell scared the birds away, so Luna had to carry her back!"

"Yes, unfortunately, it will take some time until she becomes more… cooperative." Lunatea chimed in.

Atsuha then made her way over to Skarsneek, after which she began rubbing his chest and placed her arm around his shoulder. "Dear lover, I do believe you mentioned earlier about feeding me tonight? I'm here now, and waiting~"

Lunatea glared at Atsuha for making such an obvious flirtation in front of her. Yet she said nothing, opting to grab a bite off her meat instead.

No, she wasn't jealous. She was just annoyed, that's all.

Her face turned sour as Kerry tried to promptly put a stop to Alice's flirting. "Kerry-san, I know you're a hornet or wasp, or whatever, but must you be such a buzz kill? From my understand that poor girls been through alot, so why not let birds and bees be free? Let her indulge herself for tonight." Atsuha then dawned a mischievous smile. "Or perhaps there's a bit of envy welling up inside of you?"

Her glare at the jorogumo only intensified hearing those words. Putting her hands on her hip, she then said, "Envy or not, it's unwise to indulge in such things freely, especially around these many humans. I'm not some prude who's averse to sexual advances but Alice's way on doing it was unnatural, even for us monsters. For starters, why would she chase after two men at the same time?"

"I saw a couple of Zombies outside the temple. Are they part of the taskforce too?"
"No, I heard they were the thralls of the Lich one. Made from Varjan corpses, or so Ayu says."
"Well if I die, she can have my body. That's probably the only way I can be useful against the Varjans..."
"Mmm, be careful what you wish for."

Her sharp ears picked up on the conversation the men were having. To think they would be willing to sacrifice their bodies for the sake of their nation… they're more open-minded than I believed…

Perhaps it's not that bad if they know that Alice is having a relationship with their leader…

As both mamono prepared to strike with the technique they had learned in their own ways, they would find that Shizuka had instantly appeared in between them.

"Infighting among taskforce members will not be tolerated. If you've disputes, take it up with me." He said in a solemn tone. He looked at both of the fighters for a moment, noticed the little bit of blood that was dripping from the high orc.

"Besides, neither of you look like you're in any condition to be fighting right now. Perhaps we could all talk this out in a more civilized manner?"

When Shizuka suddenly appeared amidst them, she let out a sigh. Finally! Someone with some sense! Approaching him, she gave him a greeting.

"He's right." She looked at the guilty party with a frown. "If we fight against each other, how can we expect to stand against the Varjans? If you wish for a duel, then don't do it now. Do it later when you're more in fighting shape."
Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily
Interactions: @Polaris North@FrogRFlowR@Blaze Gamma@AzureKnight

She turned towards Lanus, giving him a small shrug. "I never know what's going on in her head..." She paused, looking back up for a moment. "Probably thought the sunlight feels good up there."

"The sunlight?" Lanus raised his eyebrows, scratching his chin. He looked up the tower, cranking his neck so he could see the mage. "Hmm, interesting," he mumbled to himself. "Is it an effect of her alchemical curse or is it just a quirk of her personality?"

"Renee, was it? Don't worry a thing about it." she answered to her apologies on his behalf, then turned to Lanus himself. "How sweet, thank you - but don't think for a second that your own pretty eyes will protect you from the lightning of the gods if you try that with me again." she said with a smile and in a nonchalant tone. There was no bad blood, just a friendly warning that Asterope was not the kind of Lady to suffer unwanted advances.

Lanus shrugged, still keeping his charming smile. This wasn't the first time his advances were rejected. Or the hundredth for that matter.

"Just zap him if he annoys you again." Renee stated with folded arms, giving a glare at her boyfriend. "Don't worry. He can take it."

She wasn't lying. The man was far more capable than she was at fighting miasma abominations. A thunder or two wouldn't bother him.

"Oh, how cruel, Mademoiselle." Lanus replied to Asterope. "I am simply introducing myself, that's all. After all," He grabbed Renee with his arm, dragging her into a hug. " I already have her to warm my bed at night."

Renee could only respond with a blush.

He turned to Aldin first, as his concern was the most personal. “Ah, yes, of course. Aldin, you’ve my promise that your mother is being provided the best care the Tower has to offer. That being said, please do visit her in the infirmary before you set out. You’ll find it further down the hall on the west wing when you exit this chamber. Our apothecary is tending to her now.”

Renee raised her eyebrows. His mother is here? And she's being treated by the Tower? Is that the reason why he's willing to come here?

It reminded her of her own reason to come. Lanus. She just wanted to be of use to him. Even though he offered her a normal life, she rejected it, wanting to be by his side instead, as a fellow Reaver. She couldn't just leave him on his own as he fought those abominations.

No. It wasn't just that. She desired revenge as well. Against those creatures that had taken everything from her.

She gave Aldin a sympathetic look, giving a silent prayer that her mother would recover.

“As for what that man you passed in the hallway was alluding to…I’m afraid that’s a bit more complicated. We’ll go over that in a bit.”

Renee huffed. No one cares about him!

As for whether team assignments will be permanent or rotating, that’s something you’ll have to work out amongst yourselves. Within this group of fine magus, I understand that some of you know each other already, so perhaps more often than not you’ll want to sortie with them. Or maybe you’re the more outgoing and social type, and are enticed by building rapport with new people. Whatever the case may be, I’m hoping that you’ll make the best call when deciding which missions to take up.”

Well, I'll always be with Lanus, that's for sure.

Lanus, on the other hand, was already thinking about which pretty lady he would like to team up with, eyeing them one by one with his sharp, elven eyes. Particularly their… features, so to speak.

“Hmm, I was honestly expecting more questions out of all of you. But, I guess I should expect as much from a group as focused and resolute as the one before me.”

No need for unnecessary questions. We're here to do our job. Nothing more, Renee thought to herself.

Out of the options they were given, Renee only had one choice in mind.


The fae gritted her teeth. She would not let anymore people fell victim to the scourge of the abominations.

She looked up at Lanus, wanting to know what his choice was.

"Heh, you want that one, don't you?" He smiled, pointing at the image. "Well, I'd say we take it. They would need our expertise after all." He winked. He knew better than to go against his stubborn ladyfriend. When she decided on something, it's really unlikely she would change her mind on it.

Still, it would be difficult. He'd prefer her to do easier jobs but it would wound her pride if he were to leave her behind.

Well, he'd just have to protect her then.

It's a shame it would mean that they wouldn't be going with those two beautiful witches though.

"Once you've assembled your team for this 'Necropolis' assignment, call for me, I'll go along for it."

Hearing Aldin's words, Renee decided to tell him that they would be on the same team. But before she could do that, he was already on his way to the infirmary, almost as if he was in a rush to go there.

Of course he is. His mother is there after all.

She stopped herself from calling him out. There would be other opportunities for her to speak with him.
Lunatea scratched her head at Alice's sudden change of demeanor. She was just flirting with him yet all of a sudden she acted like she was scared? It didn't make sense!

Maybe she got some… condition that disturbed her mind or something?

"Please, don't be afraid. We meant you no harm." She said as gently as she could, bending over a little to look at her right in the eye. "We're just… concerned about your relationship with Takeshi, that's all."

Yes, concerned. That's the word. It wasn't because she was jealous or anything like that!

"It's not our business to question your relationship with him. However, we are simply worried that he will be in hot water if his people know what has transpired." She glanced at Takeshi. "These humans… they won't take it lightly that their leader has a relationship with our kind."
Lunatea's eyes widened when Alice decided to grope Takeshi's body when she woke up. Her jaws then dropped the moment she ended it with a kiss.

Such… boldness… she didn't expect to see it… not out in the open like this…

Her glare only intensified and now she aimed it towards Alice as well.

When Takeshi said that they had to keep it a secret, she gritted her teeth.

He was right. It would be unwise to reveal it immediately. Especially knowing the humans of this place.

And yet, hiding a loving relationship like this, it gave a bad taste in her mouth. She didn't like it. Not in the slightest.

And so, she remained silent, eyeing the young lord with a grumpy "you screwed up!" look before he left.

"Lord Takeshi..." Ayu had a bad feeling about this. But she returned her attention to the taskforce. "I heard you guys were hungry? Well, you're in luck 'cause we just got done cooking a fresh batch of rice and fish. I know they're not the top dishes of Shizuyama, but we're not exactly running a restaurant here."

The dinner would sound tempting for those whose stomachs were rumbling, but to pursue Takeshi and see what he would do next was also an option.

"I'll have your dinner, please," she replied to her. "I'm starving."

There was no need to pursue him. There was nothing to say to him after all.
Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily

The two fae's attention then switched to the newer arrivals. First, there was Taltrus, who actually looked like a bona fide magi by the way he dressed. Lanus didn't reply to his greeting, not interested in him since he wasn't a cute chick, while Renee gave a polite bow.

Next up was Einar, whom Lanus quickly mistook for a girl. As a result, he walked up to him and gave a bow, introducing himself with his charming smile, before Renee elbowed him, saying with a grumpy look that he was a boy.

It took him quite a while to recover.

Leon was next though only Renee noticed his presence. The hooded figure was definitely watching them in silence. And so, she decided to walk up to him and gave him a greeting.

"Hey, aren't you going to introduce yourself?" she asked him with an annoyed look.

After he answered, Scarlett happened.

Instead of chatting like a normal person, she decided it was a good idea to run on all fours before jumping up the tower, transforming her arm into a harpoon in the process.

Both Lanus and Renee's jaws fell. They didn't expect her to make such a move!

"Uh, Miss…" Lanus turned to face Shavis. "Is she… alright?" And by alright he meant alright in the head though of course he couldn't say that to her face.

Renee's eyes squinted. She could barely see her landing safely on top of the tower.

She shook her head. What an odd person.

After finishing his conversation with Shavis, Lanus's attention moved towards Asterope. As she was another beautiful lady, he quickly introduced himself to her as well. And not without giving her this cheesy line.

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Asterope. A thunder mage, I presume. Your beautiful eyes are shining just as bright as the lightning of the gods itself!"

Once again, Renee had to apologize for his… flirtations.

She herself was quite familiar with his sweet talk. After all, it was part of the reason why she fell for him in the first place. Most of it were a miss but when it hit, it hit, making her blush profusely.

A one-eyed man then introduced himself. Once again, only Renee responded to his greetings. The sharp-eyed fae quickly noted his snake familiar as well as the tired look on his face, taking the conclusion that he seemed to be someone who never cracked any jokes and would only speak if necessary.

As a fellow introvert, she could get by his attitude.

And then, Tilnak made his introduction.

Immediately he beat Scarlett as the most memorable magus so far. He was a Belua—an insect man. And for some reason, he brought with him a pair of cats under his cloak.

Renee's face said it all. She clearly was frightened by his looks and the way he looked at everyone, including her.

As for Lanus, well, he scratched his chin, examining him from top to bottom with great interest. What a rare specimen! He proclaimed to himself. Still, he preferred watching from afar instead of approaching him and giving him a greeting.

His attention soon switched towards the green hawk descending from the top of the tower, carrying with its talons the harpoon girl from before.

"Ah, a Galdr familiar!" He proclaimed. "I wonder who the mage might be."

He too had his own familiars. Though he rarely brought them out unless he needed to.

It didn't take long for him to get his answer. From a window, a woman jumped, landing right on top of the bird.

"Wonderful! Another beauty!" He exclaimed with a grin, readying himself to greet her the moment she landed.

"Well met, Lady Levina!" He gave a deep bow. "Lanus Retily, at your service." He smiled. "I have to say, that was quite the impressive show you just produced there. As a fellow Galdr mage, you have stolen my—Ouch! What was that for?" He pouted at his girlfriend, who just elbowed him. Again.

"Apologies for his rudeness. He simply can't help flirting with every woman he sees. Renee Elfiel, at your service." She bowed as well.

The two didn't have the chance to chat with her further as the front entrance opened, revealing the presence of a Belua.

Immediately both fae could feel the power emanating from him.

Damn! That's some magic, alright! A sweat traveled down Lanus's forehead.

What a dangerous person… Is this how a top-level magus is? Renee gulped.

When Lanus learned that he was Lapis's brother, he let out a small sigh. Welp, that's a woman I should never touch…

The two then followed him inside, along with the rest of the group.

Wow, this is impressive…

Renee looked around, her mouth slightly opened as she gawked at her surroundings.

So many magical artifacts…

Lanus chuckled at her reaction. He didn't think it was impressive in the slightest. He had been inside the Fae Queen's palace after all.

When they met with the ponytailed man, Renee gave him a glare. She could hear his words perfectly and she didn't appreciate being underestimated like that. Lanus, on the other hand, took it a lot more in stride. He simply shrugged. He didn't know what he was talking about. They'd just have to prove themselves to him.

They eventually ended up in front of a large ornamental door. And inside was the man that had invited them all.

"Well met, Master Irvin." Lanus bowed. "As you requested, my cute girlfriend and I are now here."

Renee's cheeks turned red as she too gave a bow. Flashing a glare at her boyfriend for a few moments, she returned her gaze forward and spoke to the older man. "I'm at your service, Master Irvin. Thank you for choosing us for this prestigious position. I swear, we will not disappoint you."

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Io can totally grope touch Lunatea's ears. 👍
Lunatea's jaws dropped at Kerry's question. What?! Where did that come from?! Since when did they have that kind of relationship?!

Her glare moved to Takeshi, who coughed before answering that he had no such relationship. Judging by his reaction though, and the smell, which her rabbit nose only detected now, there was no doubt about it. They really did it!

A pang of jealousy burned inside her bunny heart. She wanted to have a husband too!

Still, it would be unbecoming of her to show her jealousy. As a fellow monster, she couldn't act petty in front of her friend's fortune.

She watched the others tease the young human with a sour face as she tried to pretend she wasn't offended by it all—an act that obviously fell flat on its face.

It's not just the goblin. Now Takeshi is taken too!


Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily

"Nice… Nice nice nice nice nice! That color definitely suits her!!"

Lanus Retily whistled, his gaze locked at the two witches flying above him. Particularly the silver-haired one.

Beside him stood his ex-pupil and now-lover, Renee Terfiel, who had her arms folded under her chest, glaring at him.

She knew perfectly well what he was doing. He was looking up her skirt!

Only once the silver-haired witch was out of sight that he continued his walk.

Their destination? The one and only Eon Tower, of course! They had been called here to the beautiful city of Morgenrote for their capacity as Reavers. Apparently, their strength was needed urgently. As such, the two made their way here as fast as they could.

Still, it didn't stop the man from gawking at panties.

The female fae could only sigh. She had given up a long time ago in stopping his perverted tendencies.

The two made their way to the northern part of the city where the tower was. One could see it from everywhere in the city, owing to its massive size compared to the rest of the town.

Once they arrived, they found that the two witches they saw before were also there, as well as a number of others who they could only assume were reavers as well.

The witches ended up introducing themselves first, naming themselves Lapis Valeniquen and Evelyn Grace. Oh, and there was also the octopus familiar named Hachigan but he couldn't care less about that!

Once they finished, the man didn't hesitate. With a smile, he walked up to them and gave an elegant bow. "Greetings, Miss Valeniquen and Miss Grace! My name is Lanus Retily! And my companion over there—" He gestured towards Renee. "---is Renee Terfiel! It's a pleasure to meet you!"

Lifting his head, he began ogling the two girls. Hmm… hmm! The silver-haired one is definitely the cute type! Those lovely armpits and her sideboobs almost showing… what a lovely tease! But the other one isn't bad either! That leotard of hers leaves her crotch little to the imagination!

Renee then walked up as well. Elbowing Lanus on his sides, she gave a bow as well. "I'm Renee Terfiel. Apologies for the rudeness of my partner. He simply cannot help himself." She glared at Lanus.

Lanus' attention then moved to the other attractive woman that had arrived. He walked up to her and gave a bow as well, just like he did with the witches.

"Well met, Miss Namista. Miss Scarlett. My name is Lanus Retily, at your service."

He noticed the… unconventional features the latter possessed. But to him, it didn't matter. A beautiful woman was still a beautiful woman in his book even if she was a victim of some alchemical disaster.

"I'm Renee Terfiel, his companion." The girl fae followed with her own bow. "If you have any complaints regarding his attitude, please tell them to me. As his girlfriend, I'll make sure he hears it."

Afterwards, Lanus paid a short glance towards Aldin, causing him to raise his eyebrows. Surely he can't be a Reaver? He doesn't look like one…

He shrugged. He's a guy so it's not his business.

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"You're right, a fig leaf does increase the picture's beauty." He praised before quickly making his way forward.

Lunatea raised an eyebrow at his comment, not realizing he just made a lewd comment regarding her ass.

"We've not met. I'm Io." Io quickly threw out an introduction to those she had not talked to before in the group, while sneakily glancing at the goblin.

"Well met, Io." Lunatea replied with her usual nonplussed expression. Some might judge her harshly for being a lich but she knew that liches weren't necessarily bad. Still, it was the first time she saw one and she couldn't help but stare at her for a little bit longer than necessary.

She quickly picked up her glances at the goblin and wondered what it was that made her be attracted to him that much. Still, she didn't ask as it was not her business after all.
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