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Current That money goes to new, aspiring stuff that could become cash cows in the future.
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Learning about corporate strategies makes me realize why long running popular franchises tend to become stale. Companies should only spend resources to maintain cash cows, not to improve them.
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So apparently the new Star Trek is full of forced references to current politics. Joy.
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Reading actual Victorian era porn is certainly an... experience. Best way to learn how to write period-appropriate smut though.
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Remember Youkai Watch?


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Bump. I'm now fine with the homunculus being a young adult.
Bump. Might as well try this idea again since no one seems to be picking the other one.
OK boomer
Hmm, this place is certainly quite fancy…

Alicia had to admit, begrudgingly, that the place might be just a little nicer than her own. It looked to be recently renovated, as opposed to her mansion which was clearly old and weathered. Sure, she could spend a Crown or two to make it look nicer, but truthfully, she didn’t really care. She’d rather save the money, or give it to the orphanage she was funding. She wanted the orphanage to be as nice as possible after all, not like those other sorry, pathetic excuses of orphanages that she had visited, where they would only feed the children grue and give them thin dresses while having a constantly leaking and windy roofs.

Keep them humble, they say? Hah! While they themselves wore gaudy jewelry on their necks and fingers, she thought angrily to herself, thinking of the proprietors and benefactors of said places. That was one of the reasons why she wanted to make an orphanage of her own, just so for once, England could have one decent orphanage around.

She gave a short and respectful nod to the butlers who opened the door. She always tried to be polite to the servants whenever they performed a service for her. She did the same to the maid that poured her tea for her.

"I see…" she replied to Amarantha, who seemed to be reluctant to share more with the group. Understandable, she thought. They were strangers after all. She too felt the same.

She didn't know what Ms. Crewe meant when she might have seen her in the papers. Well, she certainly could not remember such a recollection.

The detective-looking girl then introduced herself as a detective. Well, big surprise there. She almost huffed, only stopping herself out of politeness.

"Since five? Wow, that's really young!" Aether covered her little mouth in surprise, responding to Marilyn. "So you must be really good at it then!" She brightfully smiled at her.

When Jacqueline spoke, Alicia couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows. So young. Is a girl that young suitable to be a witch? Or maybe she just looks young? Hmm…

Didn't look much like a fighter either. Maybe her magic is more about supporting other witches.

That would be a bother. That means her strength would be limited if she were to hunt alone.

As she pondered about the young lady, the door behind them suddenly opened, to a group of young children from 4 to 8, followed by whom she immediately assumed to be the hostess of the place, the one that had called them here.

She told them to go to their beds, which they seemed to readily reply, though they were accompanied by some butlers in the process. It was clear to Alicia that the younglings were fond of her, calling her Sister or Mother.

Well, she certainly has the looks and temperaments for that, she commented.

She then proceeded to greet everyone present, including her, noting her owning an orphanage of her own.

"Well, I certainly don't keep them in my own mansion," she replied in a somewhat dismissive tone. "Too noisy. I'm already tired enough from my monthly visits to them."

Aether giggled. "They love her so much everytime she comes they would be all over her like cute little bees. In fact, once, they were all over her so much they accidentally pulled down the front of her dress! You can just imagine how embarrassed Ali—"


"—Oww, what was that for?" The fairy rubbed her head once more, little tears coming out from her eyes.

"Don't say anything unnecessary," Alicia replied, her cheeks burning red.

With a cough, she looked back to the hostess. "I am grateful for your invitation tonight." She bowed on her seat as well.

She then introduced herself as Sophia Marjorie Wright, and told the group to ask any questions they might have in their mind.

"Alright then," Alicia quickly answered with a stern look on her face. "I'll ask the first question. Why are we here? Why do you need so many witches in one group like this? We can hunt the Hydes individually just fine."

She wanted an honest and straight answer. She was not interested in joining an aimless, purposeless group after all.

"And then, second question. Are we expected to tell everything about our power immediately?"
Bump for fresh new plot in the OP.
Alicia was one of the girls there, walking behind Veronica to their destination; a coven that they would use as a base for their hunts together.

She had been recruited to join them via a letter, which didn't really surprise her as she already knew there were other witches out there other than her, thanks to her pixie. To be honest, at first she wasn't sure if she would like doing her job with others, being the introvert that she was. But she figured that it couldn't hurt to try. If she ended up not liking it, she could always leave after all.

So this is the place… She looked at the mansion beyond the gate. Not bad… not bad at all…

She followed the group inside, taking her seat once the opportunity allowed itself. She took the cup of tea offered, drinking it just like a lady would.

Come on now, introduce yourself, she heard her pixie whisper.

Oh, shut it, she replied. I'll wait for the others first.

Don't be shy, the pixie replied with a giggle. They're going to be your new friends after all.

With a huff, she ignored her, opting instead to take another sip of her tea.

The first girl to introduce herself was this girl named Mary Anne. Cute girl, she thought to herself. Probably the constantly ongoing and cheerful type. Perhaps we could get along swimmingly.

The next one to introduce herself was the girl who called herself Marilyn. She didn't know about this one. Seemed like the cheeky, rulebreaker type that she might not be able to get along with.

With a nervous sigh, she decided it would be time for her to make her introduction.

"My name is Alicia Ferdinand." She put her right hand above her chest, giving the most elegant smile she could muster. "And here is my pixie, Aether."

The pixie, who had been standing on her left shoulder, gave a curtsy. "It's a pleasure to meet you all," she said with a smile. “I do hope you will get along with Alicia. She might be awkward and shy at times, but rest assured that she always means the best in her heart.”

Alicia shot a glare to the pixie in response, a small blush appearing on her face. That was completely unnecessary.

Really? I’m not too sure about that, the pixie replied in a cheeky manner.

Not tolerating her disobedience, Alicia flicked a finger at the pixie’s forehead, earning an “Oww…” from the tinier girl.

Such was the interaction the two usually had.

She then waited until everyone else had made their introductions, looking around slightly for any signs of this “host” that had called them here. She wondered what kind of missions they would have, to necessitate gathering this many witches in one place. So far, she had no problem exorcising all the Hydes she had found.

“So, how long have all of you been witches?” Her pixie asked cheerfully once they finished their introductions. “Alicia here had been doing it for around a year or so, and I have to say, she’s already pretty good at it.”

The pixie was now casually sitting on top of Alicia’s cup of tea, with her occasionally taking sips of the liquid as well. Alicia, of course, had taken a different cup of tea for herself.

Alicia scanned the girls out of the corner of her eyes as she took another sip of her tea. Now that her pixie brought the subject up, she too wondered which amongst them were the veterans, and which amongst them were the beginners in their line of work?
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