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Is the rioting and BLM brought up yet?
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Honestly, I don't get the grief given to SAO when there's stuff like Mushoku Tensei where the MC actively lusts for underaged girls. And it's the most popular isekai in Japan.
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Reminder that the Pentagon just confirmed UFOs are real.
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Also, it's kinda annoying going back and forth writing short replies since I got other stuff to do and that just interrupts my rythm.


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Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily
Interactions: @AzureKnight

Renee and Lanus were naturally there, walking with the others towards the conference room. A certain tenseness was visible on the female fae's face, knowing that the Church representatives were coming to meet them. Lanus, on the other hand, was as relaxed as ever.

"Hey." He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Don't be so tense. They're gonna think you've done something wrong if you keep looking like that." He smirked.

"Oh, don't you say that now!" Renee retorted with a huff. "You're the one that's not taking this seriously enough. I swear, if you end up ogling any of their female members—"

"Now now, I may be a pervert but I'm not suicidal. I'll keep my eyes to you the entire meeting, how about that?"

"Don't do that either! If you dare to grope my thighs while we are in there, I'll refuse to sleep with you for a week!"

Yes, it actually happened. Multiple times in fact. Whenever Lanus got bored, his hand would start rubbing her exposed thighs shamelessly, not caring in the slightest that they were in public.

Normally, she wouldn't mind (though it was still an embarrassing affair for her) but this was a serious meeting with the Church folks. What would they say if she let out a moan from his caressing?

As the two got closer, they felt the presence of the Church members in the conference room even stronger. Chills assaulted Renee's body, making her link her hand with Lanus, who fared better as this wasn't his first time he met with people as powerful as them.

When they entered the room, they saw that there were three inquisitors in total — two women, one man. Lanus, as promised, averted his gaze from the females (though he could tell from a glance that they were indeed beauties).

The two kept their silence as the inquisitors had their attention towards the staffers. Only when they told them to introduce themselves that they spoke.

Though before they could do that, someone else made their entrance.

Asterope, the Thunder Witch. Renee was somewhat impressed by how confident she was in entering the room even though she was late. Lanus, on the other hand, merely took a note that she was yet another beauty he ought to mingle with. He swiftly responded to her smile with his own.

"Well, I suppose it's my turn to introduce myself now." Lanus turned to face the inquisitors. "Greetings, honored inquisitors. I am Lanus Retily. And this here-" He patted Renee on her shoulder. "-is Renee Terfiel. As you might have surmised, we came from the Great Ithaca Forest."

He opted not to mention his association with the fae queen. It was simply… unnecessary.
Sayu Takayomi

@Click This

“I’m not really sure what happened there,” she muttered, before looking around at the other girls, intending to pawn off the hot potatoes that were the rat parts to someone else. “Would anybody else like to carry the rat bits?”

"D-don't look at me!" Sayu quickly protested. "I'm… I'm not good at that kind of stuff!"

“Not necessarily. It’s possible there are smaller towns, establishments, or even a market outside the city walls,” Cecilia pointed out, drawing on her historical knowledge. “I’m sure there will be ample opportunities to get some kind of money or accommodation before the gates…”

"Hmm, I suppose that's true…" Sayu stroked her chin. "We can try looking for a village instead… But I doubt they would buy magical cores unless they had an alchemist that could use them… What, that's how it goes in this kind of setting, no?"

Sayu Takayomi

Sayu gave a questioning glance towards Cecilia at her insistence on splitting the proceeds between them and the adventurer girl. She wouldn't want to put off the adventurer from helping them. After all, they knew nothing about this world and having a local guide them would be a blessing beyond belief.

Thankfully, it seemed the adventurer girl wasn't offended at all by their change of mind, though she definitely noticed the sudden disappearance of her smile.

"Ah, well... You did kill them, so I suppose the mana gems are yours. Bu, wait... You said you guys were penniless? Do you mean that like, you don't have any money?" A slightly concerned look spread on Laynea's face and she looked at each of the girls. "Because, you know you'll have to pay the gate-toll before entering the city, right? I'm not sure how it works where you girls are from, but here you either need to be an adventurer, a registered citizen, a merchant or from nobility if you want to get into any big towns without paying." She paused, shuffled a bit of dirt with one foot before adding. "And you can't exchange the mana gems for money unless you actually get into the city and visit the trade post..."

"Uh…" Sayu awkwardly glanced at the others before answering. "Yes. We don't have any money. We have lost them all due to… uh… bandits.. Yes… bandits taking all our belongings… Luckily, they didn't know that these clothes were enchanted with magic so they let us go wearing them."

"Well… I suppose… we would have to rely on your kindness, Miss Laynea." She forced an awkward smile.

Why in the world do you need to pay to enter a city?! We're lucky we meet with her here or else we'll never be able to enter one without sneaking in!

Then again, with our superstrength, perhaps scaling the walls wouldn't be such an impossible feat…

But then again, do we really want to be criminals from the get go in this world?

Sayu wasn't afraid of breaking stupid rules like that. But being a criminal would be a really bothersome thing. They would be chased by guards and she would not want to hurt another human.

"Anyway, I'll at least help you harvest the materials from these guys before anything else, okay?" Laynea then said, with a smile as casual as if she was talking about picking apples.

"Thank you," Sayu nodded. She glanced at the others once more, telling them 'Guys, you better watch what she's doing!' only with her expression.

Of course, she herself watched as closely as she could at how the girl skinned the remains of the dead monster. Or rather, the process of simply gouging out their head for the gem that was embedded in them. It was gory, for sure, almost like a butcher carcassing his meat.

And yet, to her own surprise, she wasn't really that bothered with it.

"Anyway, sorry. But you can't really split these with me. I took a quest to hunt a specific number of the little rascals, after all. But if you want to head back to Krosana with me regardless, just head on out of the forest that-a-way!" She pointed in a direction. "I'll swing by and pick you up once I'm done hunting the last little vermin I need to fill my quota, alright? Bye for now, ladies~!"

And with that, before any of the other girls had a chance to protest, make a request or even reply, Laynea was off. Running at remarkable speed, seemingly heading deeper into the forest.


She was too late. The girl had already vanished behind the thick trees.

Sayu sighed, looking at the others. "I suppose we should take her advice…"

Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily

Interactions:  @AzureKnight

”Oh, I’m he will. In fact, I’d be more than willing to lend my aid with that matter as well, should you so need it…” Giselle said, joining Renee in piercing Lanus with their glares. She would shoot a small spark of light, aimed directly at Lanus’s face. To him, the spark would feel like his nose got punched. ”Don’t think I didn’t notice where your eyes were looking before, lecher!!” She snapped, referring to when he was eyeing her dress.

"Ouch! What was that for?!" Lanus staggered backwards, reeling from the pain. "It's not my fault you're wearing such a short— Gaah!" He never got to finish his sentence as Renee pinched his right ear.

"We'll talk about this later, got it?!" Renee's eyes flashed with murderous intent.

"Y-yes, Ma'am…" He squealed.

Secretly, however, Lanus smiled.

She really was back to her usual self.

The group returned to the Tower, where they met with Xashan, Scarlett, and Lupina. Renee was concerned by the explosion but Lanus told her that she got nothing to worry about, that it was just part of their "usual antics". Renee simply shook her head in response.

After some short chat, the group disbanded. The duo decided to return to the dorms to clean up. They had just been to the sewers after all.

However, right as they entered their room, Renee hugged Lanus from behind.

"Thank you…" she whispered. "For covering for me back there…"

Lanus, taken aback by her action, paused for a second, before placing his hands on top of hers.

"It's fine… I am your lover after all… it's my duty to protect you…"

Renee… never really got over the trauma from the attack at her village.

Instead, she blocked the memories, buried it deep within the recesses of her mind. Including the fact that her parents were corrupted by the miasma, just like that fallen fae.

They tried to attack her, and they would've killed her if not for Lanus coming to the rescue. It didn't matter how much she begged them to stop.

Every time her memory resurfaced, she would be paralyzed. Fear would act as poison, loosening her muscles while shaking her entire body. She wouldn't be able to think nor act.

She was ashamed and disgusted by this weakness of hers. But try as she might, even after all these years training under Lanus, she was still incapable of overcoming it.

Renee released her arms from his waist.

Before she pulled on his ear once again.

"You have some nerve! Looking up at another woman's skirt! Why do you think I wear this skirt in the first place, huh?" She yelled, all the while blushing from ear to ear.

Lanus couldn't help but grin through the pain. Indeed, ever since she learned about his affinity for short skirts, she decided to wear one. At first, it was quite the embarrassing ordeal, having to be aware at all times to not flash people her underwear, but now, she was completely comfortable with it.

"And just what's your relationship with her anyway?" Renee pouted.

"My old love interest," Lanus admitted without a pause. "Though it was quite a one-sided affair. I tried to woo her but she would never return my advances, no matter what I did. We were coworkers, you see, when I was still working in the court of the Fae Queen."

"I see…" Renee huffed, placing her hands on her hips. "Hmph, glad to hear it."

Lanus had to restrain himself from chuckling. Oh how cute she becomes whenever she gets jealous like that!

"Well, shall we take a bath? Together?" Her cheeks reddened.

"...Of course, my dear Renee."

An invitation to take the showers together. It can only mean one thing…

Mentions: @PaulHaynek

In the end, Lunatea decided to stay in the temple, nursing her wounds. She spent most of her days in her bed, either sleeping or staring off into the distance. Sometimes she would go out to interview the refugees to add to her notes of the island. Sometimes she would spend hours jotting down things in her notebook, ignoring any servants that brought her food and drinks.

Until one day, she just so happened to cross paths with Revuel, who proceeded to ask her a question.

"Yes, I am a scholar," the wererabbit answered, her eyebrows slightly raised as she didn't expect such a question to be sprung at her out of nowhere like this. "I investigate ancient ruins and make theories regarding how they came to be and what kind of people inhabited the place before they went extinct. I am very much not a warrior but I am capable of defending myself, all thanks to the monster physiology and the artifact I wore." Her Slyph-blessed magic panties. "What of it?" she asked back, her tone sounding a little defiant.

When he asked why she stayed in such a combat-intensive situation, she paused for a bit, trying to put her thoughts into words.

Unfortunately, before she could answer, Takeshi stormed into the courtyard on his horse, announcing that he could not find Alice. Ah, that troublemaker, Lunatea thought to herself. If she doesn't want to stay, then who are we to stop her?

Suddenly, a bright light crashed down from the sky into the teleportation pagoda. "A new arrival?!" Lunatea exclaimed. Another one? Don't we have enough people already?

"Yes, I'll come with Takeshi," she answered Revuel's question. "Might as well see who the new arrival is."
Sayu Takayomi

"What the… What was that for?!" Sayu's jaw fell in horror from Charlotte finishing off the ratman. "That wasn't necessary, was it?"

It wasn't like she was against killing the ratman. Far from it. But like she said, she didn't want to kill needlessly. The creature wasn't a threat anymore.

"Wh-whoa-huh!? You're telling me you guys could afford enchanted equipment? Wow... That's amazing, you all gotta bcome from wealthy families, huh?"

"Uh… well…" Sayu paused, unsure how to respond. Should she lie further and say that yes, they were actually rich folks? For some reason that didn't feel right with her.

"Actually, we found these clothes in a dungeon. We're not rich at all. Not in the slightest. In fact, we're pretty penniless right now, right guys?" She turned to the others to support her new lie.

Right... Well, uh... Yes, I was looking for these ratlings." The black-haired adventurer responded to Cecilia's question. "I'd accepted a quest to hunt some of them, and these were the last three I needed to finish the job. Ahhh, but now I'll need to find three more I guess." She sighed a bit and put a hand on her own forehead, apparently surrendering these kills to the group of girls without even raising a stink about it.

"Oh, they were your prey? I apologize for taking them then." She gave her a typical Japanese bow. Her tiny skirt would've exposed her panties in the process but thankfully the coat she wore over her dress barely covered the sensitive view from the sight of her teammates.

"Mana gems…" She placed her hand on her chin. "Hey, guys, how about we give the gems on those ratmen we just killed to her? In exchange for her taking us to the city? If we hadn't destroyed them with our attacks anyway.." She proposed to the others.

She felt pretty bad towards the adventurer girl. It seemed that she too was strapped for cash.

Mentions: @PaulHaynek

Takamori and Sorae were about to retort even more fiercely if it weren't for Ayu stepping in between the two groups, deciding to do something before the situation escalates. "R-Regardless, the Varjans have been beaten back and most of the refugees have been protected. That's all that matters, right?" She raised her hands to divert as much attention to her as she could.

"She's right," Lunatea nodded. "That's all that matters. The civilians are safe and the Varjans are driven back. What more could you ask?" She glared at Takamori and Sorae.

"Oh, look! Lord Takeshi seem to be planning something with the others! Why don't we go join them?" Ayu shifted the topic to something more important than this feud, leading the group towards Takeshi and the others. Sorae and Takamori gave a look at the yokai, but ultimately said nothing and followed Ayu.

"We should."

Without any more words, she followed Ayu, ignoring the look both of them gave towards her.

She listened in silence as members of the Taskforce argued what they should do next. Moving the villagers somewhere else safer was indeed a wise idea but like Takeshi said, there really didn't seem to be anywhere else safer than this place. Not to mention the logistics of moving that amount of people… Ultimately, it was an option they could not take.

"Hmm, should I stay here then?" The wererabbit offered. "I do still need to recover a little bit more, after using that technique…" Her body was still aching all over and it wouldn't go away until a few days had passed.

"Anti magic?" Lunatea furrowed her brows. "To think they would go that far… It makes sense though, knowing how most of us are youkai. Though obviously they wouldn't employ it where it would neuter their own magical capabilities…"

Some of the ruins she visited did have anti-magic traps. Thankfully, the traps didn't really neuter her own monster strength so she wasn't completely helpless against them. And yes, that included just destroying the anti-magic device with her kick. Normally though, she would seek for the deactivation switch first.

Sayu Takayomi

Before any of them could decide on what to do with the last ratman, another series of rustling sounds came from the nearby bushes.

"What? More of them?" Sayu took on a combat stance. "No… there's only one of them…"

"Jeez, this forest is so thick! I can't believe I lost sight of 'em...!"

"Eh? Was that a—"

Before she could finish her sentence, a girl popped out from said bushes.

"You're… you're not a ratman…" Sayu spoke, her mouth wide open. She didn't expect this at all! "You're a human, aren't you?"

She eyed her up and down. She looks like an adventurer of sorts… Damn it! If this is really a fantasy world then why can't I wear something sensible like her?! I'm stuck with this stupid costume if I want to keep that superhuman strength!

"Uh... Uhm... H-hello there." She then suddenly started speaking, after having examined each of the other ladies briefly. "W-what're you doing out here in the woods? Dressed like that, I mean? Uh, no! I didn't mean your clothes are strange or anything! They just don't look... Uh... Practical? for forest travel? Eheh~ I'I'm sorry, didn't expect to meet anyone all the way out here so I'm a bit frazzled." The girl sputtered out, trying to maintain a calm and polite appearance infront of these strangers.

"We…" She opened her mouth to answer, only to bite her tongue. Should she tell her the truth? Would she even believe her? Are people arriving from other worlds common in this place?

"We're wanderers. From a faraway land. And we just so happen to be lost." She quickly made up a lie on the spot. "As for our clothes, it's…" Sayu's cheeks reddened. "It's enchanted. We won't be able to fight if we don't wear them."

Technically it's not wrong after all.


Sayu Takayomi

"Haa… haa… haa… haa…"

Sayu panted as she witnessed the result of her attack. To her surprise, it went better than she had expected. The ratman put scarcely any resistance as her claws landed on its head. She intended to just tear into him on the spot but the extra force she put led to the ratman being thrown across the clearing instead. 

She retracted her claws, gazing in awe at her hands. This… this power… I really have superhuman strength…

She walked towards the wounded ratman, eyeing him from top to bottom, readying herself if it were to launch a surprise attack at her. She wouldn't care if it ran or surrendered but if it was going to just sit there doing nothing, she couldn't just let it be. Its wounds didn't seem to be grievous enough that it wouldn't still be able to attack them.

"What...should we do with it?"

Sayu stopped in her tracks, turning to face Aria.

"Isn't it obvious? We should finish the job. Unless it decides to run away or surrender, I say we should strike it down while it's weakened."

She turned back to face the ratman, placing her hands on her hips. "What will it be? Can you even understand our language?"

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