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Current All my GMs were not pushy enough. So people just start leaving.
3 days ago
>Critical Drinker. Urgh, I hate his voice. That has to be a made-up voice, right?
3 days ago
Can't wait for the upcoming Pathfinder game.
3 days ago
>that good feeling when a manga uses DnD rules and terms for its magic
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4 days ago
Just realized Bastion from GX's card waifu is a loli. What a guy.
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Slowing down massively
Might as well make a World Legacy RP.
"I-I suppose so..." Christine answered. Now that Kath put it that way, she was beginning to question her policy on boys looking up her coat. Maybe she should be stricter in that department.

But I don't want to blame anyone for having perverted accidents if they don't really mean for it...

"W-well, i-if it's Rurik, t-then maybe... W-wait, no! That would only make it worse!" She covered her face with her hands, blushing furiously. "S-stupid Kath, stop asking perverted questions like that!" She pouted.

Even though she might (or might not) be a perverted exhibitionist, she was still as innocent as Bak if it's perverted stuff involving boys.

I'm currently looking at the Github one and it's really cool how it can generate a decently complex map for you right away.

I don't know how to edit the terrains though. I want to start my map just small because I'm not worldbuilding an entire world right away from the start. I want to just delete and add the continents as I wish.
Need to use it to keep tracks on my RP's worldbuilding.

Title might say wish fulfillment but I also fucking crave a long, detailed plot and worldbuilding with many character developments, for my character and the harem, even side characters as well. Good example would be like Mushoku Tensei.
I'm interested in this! Would be willing to play a loli mage to your big burly familiar. Got some non loli mages as well.
I'm interested in this. Might reuse my wacky upskirt-giving overly enthusiastic half-mad scientist mage from another magic academy to that got abandoned.
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