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Is the rioting and BLM brought up yet?
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Honestly, I don't get the grief given to SAO when there's stuff like Mushoku Tensei where the MC actively lusts for underaged girls. And it's the most popular isekai in Japan.
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Reminder that the Pentagon just confirmed UFOs are real.
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Also, it's kinda annoying going back and forth writing short replies since I got other stuff to do and that just interrupts my rythm.


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"Please don't be too stern with Sorae-san, she's been through alot. We worry about her quite a bit.." She muttered to Luna.

"I know." Luna replied. "Still, no matter how much she wishes for revenge, it is in her best interest to practice patience."

To always be calm and collected, even when in a dire situation. That was what her teachers taught her back at the academy. For a scholar that had to traverse dangerous ruins, she would have perished if she hadn't exercised what they taught her.

She believed it was the same for Sorae. "Let the flame of revenge burn inside your heart but never let it cloud your mind". She remembered a poetry about revenge to that effect.


"..." Takeshi wanted to go with Lunatea and the Hangai sisters. But he could not stop thinking about Gringor and Alice, less so for their wellbeing and more of the damage they might cause. It would be fine if their wraths were unleashed upon the wicked Varjans, but there were still innocent Shizuyamans out there.

"I'll go with them. Make sure they don't cause too much trouble." The young Oja decided. His honest talk with the spider yokai would have to wait for now. "I'll... ask Ayu to clean, or have someone else clean, this mess later. Take care of yourselves." Nodding at the girls, Takeshi went off.

"Well, suit yourself." Lunatea told him with a firm look. "Just don't expect them to act reasonable."

Meeting up with Sorae, the last Tokinomiya was unamused at the sight of her Lord Takeshi chasing after the two taskforce members. "Is there a problem with your little taskforce, yokai?" She immediately inquired, quite aggressively. "You had better not be abusing the young master's trust, lest his disappointment be the least of your worries."

Lunatea sent a glare towards Sorae before letting out a defeated sigh. "Some of us can be... hot-tempered, I'm afraid. I don't believe it will be a problem but you have to give them space to let out steam."

"Umm. We apologize on behalf of our teammates, Sorae-san. Some of our members have very 'strong' personalities, we'll say, but we actually all work well as a team. I promise it's nothing to worry about, honest!" Hinami said in an upbeat tone, attempting to ease Sorae's ire.

Lunatea nodded in agreement at Hinami's statement. "Very aptly put, Miss Hinami."

"Anyway, I found a letter in that inn we attacked. Came from a name, 'Sogen'." Sorae spat the name out with absolute disdain. "He's the head of Ruko Farmstead. And... a servant of Clan Tokinomiya." She calmed her rage by shaking her head and pinching the bridge of her nose. "Ungrateful traitor..."

Lunatea raised an eyebrow at her hostile tone but opted not to say anything. Human relationships can be complicated and she would rather not touch that bee hive with a ten-foot stick.

"Indeed." Atsuha chimed in. "As we aided you in the last excursion, we will of course lend it again for this one. All three of us are ready to depart whenever you are. We will find this Sogen character and ensure that he answers for his crimes."

Answer for his crimes, huh? Since when a scholar like me is responsible for that kind of thing? I'm no judge...

Oh well... it can't be helped, I suppose... And he did do something terrible in any monster's standards...

Sorae said nothing more about Takeshi and the two other yokai, immediately focusing on the business at hand. "Sogen is competent. He knows how to hide his tracks well, but his brother Dosan... not so much. I just saw him cart food for the refugees here." The woman then sported the most unsettling smile. "We will take what I need from him."

Sheesh, what an unsettling smile... humans really can be scary creatures, even more than us demons...


"He's completely oblivious to us. Once we get near enough, jump him." Sorae said to the taskforce trio.

Although, the taskforce could suggest something else to the vengeful woman. Maybe they need not ambush Dosan, considering his route might lead them to a hideout. And they should also consider that Sorae might... lose control again.

"Do we have to ambush him right away?" Lunatea argued. "We can just follow him to his hideout, no?"

"And please refrain yourself from killing him before we get the information we need."
Lunatea just can't be bothered to deal with that shit.

All of a sudden, Alice woke up. 

And began to blabber on and on in some antiquated formal language, all the while her axe grew armor to cover her body. 

Lunatea blinked, looking at her in confusion. This was not what she expected to happen. Not in the slightest. 

"I didn't cast any strange magic on you," she replied. "I was just healing your wounds. And the very least you can do is thank me for it, you know." 

And the axe, or rather, the Cursed Sword that was shaped like an axe, began to speak as well. 

She wasn't surprised in the slightest. She had learned about their kind in the academy once after all and how dangerous they could be. She didn't tell her to throw the sword away though. She knew it would just be a waste of time, especially coming from a stranger like her. If she got consumed by it, then so be it. It would be her own fault. 

Takeshi then stepped in between them, readying his hand on his sword. Folding her arms under her chest, Lunatea followed his words. "That's right. You two should apologize." She, of course, was referring to both the girl and the Cursed Sword. She was then continued by Atsuha who chastised the girl as well. 

And then, before she knew it, she and Gringor ended up in a fight. 

Really? Really now? She rolled her eyes. This is why I prefer working alone. 

And then, the girl coughed up a mouthful of blood to the floor, with some landing on Gringor, (and not her, thankfully enough) followed by a series of bloodless hacking coughs. Not to mention the Sword had reverted back to its normal form. 

Well, that can't be good... 

Before she could say anything, however, the girl already declared that she was going to leave, though not before thanking her and the others for healing her, which Lunatea certainly appreciated. 

"H-hey, wait!" 

Too late. Or rather, she wasn't listening to her at all. 

Well, at the very least, she got Grigor to watch over her. 

"I'm ready." She told Atsuha. "We can depart at any moment." 

Luna turned, facing the newcomer to the scene. Before she could explain the situation, Atsuha already took out her talisman and used it to heal the wounded girl. “Hmm… so she can use healing magic as well…” the wererabbit mumbled under her breath.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll help you with the healing.” She told the spider girl before reaching forward with her hands, letting them hover over the girl. She then whispered under her breath, the skirt of her dress fluttering as the panties underneath channeled its power into her.

“Sorae, huh… I suppose I could go with you…” She gave the jorogumo an affirmative look. “Someone needs to make sure that Sorae person doesn’t do anything stupid in the name of her vengeance…”
Don't worry. My IRL job has been really busy as well.
Once their conversation was over, Lunatea, still unable to sleep, made her way to the outside. She used her monster strength to jump up the largest tree in the courtyard, scaling her way upwards one branch to the next. The tree’s trunk ended in such a way that she could use it as a makeshift seat, which she proceeded to do only after she stood on it—her gaze sweeping through the forest that surrounded the temple.

Nothing seems to be amiss…

Her dress fluttered in the night wind, flashing her panties to the world yet again. However, it was a completely natural event, not created by the panty’s power. After all, no one was there to look at her.

She sat down, letting her legs dangle to the side. Closing her eyes, she let the breeze caress her skin as her mind traveled elsewhere, back to her homeland. Her family.

Mother… Father… Do not worry. I’m safe here. I’ll make you proud by becoming the scholar you always wanted me to be…

The truth was—she never really told them where she was going. The only letter she gave them said that she wouldn’t be home for a while as she would be joining a long-term research group that would take her to foreign lands. If she had told them where she was going, they might just tell her not to go. And she wasn’t sure if she could spit on their concern. Especially her mother. She had always been really good at playing the innocent, defenseless wife that just wanted the best for her children. If she had to see her teary puppy eyes, her resolve to go would be broken. She was sure of it.

As such, here she was, embroiled in a conflict without them knowing.

I’ll apologize once I get back.

Hmm? What’s that?

Something on the ground caught her attention. She narrowed her eyes, trying to make out what it was better in the dark.

That’s… that’s a person! And they’re injured!

Without hesitating, she jumped down the tree, landing on her two feet flawlessly before making her way to said person.

It was Alice.

She watched as Takeshi dressed up her wounds. She was never good at that kind of thing. Any wounds she sustained she would just heal with her magic.


“Hey, do you want me to heal her with my magic?” She offered to the young lord.

The wererabbit raised her eyebrows at him freezing. “What are you doing? Are you not going to take off her clothes?” She sighed. “Seriously? This is not the time to be shy, you know. Her life is in mortal danger.”

“Do you want me to take over?”
"Evening, Takeshi-dono, you and Luna-chan seem to have gotten a bit banged up on your quest today. Thankfully, it doesn't seem as bad as it was on the beach!" She said. "I also hope that everything's fine with Shizuka=san, I thought he'd be hear to meet with everyone. I imagine he's out on another mission?" She inquired.

“It wasn’t that bad,” the wererabbit replied. “Takeshi did take quite a bit of damage but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t heal.”

“As for Shizuka, I’m not sure. You’d have to ask the others. I have been sleeping for the whole afternoon, you see.”
Takeshi could only let out an amused chuckle at Lunatea's efforts in wielding the eastern eating implements. "Hey, look on the bright side. You can't get worse than this so you can only improve from here."

"I'm not so sure about that," the wererabbit replied, her expression one of disbelief. “I believe I simply do not have the required dexterity needed to use such an utensil.”

Now turning to face Lunatea giving her a bow of her head in return for her greeting. “A Wererabbit huh? I don’t think I’ve come across a Wererabbit before, so it has been a pretty exciting day already, it is not often I come across those that belong to groups that I haven’t met before, you and Kerry are definitely very unique to any that I have met before, then again I guess I really do only hang out with Oni if anyone at all” Letting out a small little laugh at the end. Before having a thought come to mind now, now that she had met a few of the others within Lady Kyouko’s group.

Lunatea cocked her head to the side. She never saw a wererabbit? That's odd. It's not like our kind is particularly rare or anything…

Still, the girl seems polite… we should get along perfectly fine… which is something I didn't anticipate from an Oni…

The wererabbit then noticed Samael's arrival. It seemed she wouldn't have to seek him out after all. Still, she waited until he finished speaking to the Oni before approaching him.

"Glad to see that you can handle yourself," she said to him with her usual emotionless expression. "I see now that my worries were unfounded. If you had come here with bruises or wounds all over your body, I'd have to write to Ms. Kyouko that you are not up to the task and that she should evacuate you as soon as she can."

Skarsneek of the Red Hill

Then afterward, he turned to Kerry, Lunatea and Takeshi.

"Right, I got to see a man about his dog. See ya for the night!" He announced to the rest of them, intent on retiring for the night but not before doing one little thing.

Lunatea raised an eyebrow at his abrupt exit. Just what was he planning? She herself already had her sleep so she was in no rush to do so again.

Listening to Kerry's remark regarding Takemori made her give her own advice to their de facto leader.

"He never mentioned her, huh? Then perhaps her betrayal stemmed from her sense of inferiority? That she was never accepted fully as his child?"
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All of a sudden, an uninvited guest butted in on their conversation.

"Yo! Snatched one already? Man, you sure work fast!"

Lunatea looked up and immediately her small smile turned into a frown.

"It's you. The goblin."

To be honest, she had entirely forgotten his name. Even his gender no longer surprised her.

"What do you want?" She narrowed her eyes. "And just so you know, Takeshi here already has a lover. Who is not me."

When the goblin bent down and whispered to Takeshi, Lunatea could hear every single word he said, owing to her rabbit ears.

"I can hear you, you know."

He wasn't exactly wrong though. Her species indeed suffered through heat cycles every year. And when it happened… well, let's just say that she had trouble keeping her panties dry.

"And I would never fgobline my partner to perform intercourse if he doesn't desire to, " she quickly added.

She then listened to his report. When he finished, her frown had only deepened.

"That's not good… I think we should fetch her immediately." She gave Takeshi a concerned look.

Before they could continue their conversation, however, another person arrived. This time, it was the bee mamono. And unlike with the goblin, Lunatea's expression remained neutral at her appearance.

She gave him her report as well though not without mentioning Sam and how she might want to check on him.

"I suppose I could…" She mumbled to herself. It had been a while since she last saw the boy after all.

"Still, to think someone native here would side with their invaders… quite curious, if you ask me." She told Kerry once she finished.

The bee girl then asked who was the person coming to them.

"Hmm?" Lunatea clocked her head to the side. "Her? She's a newcomer. You'll have to ask her for her name because I certainly don't remember."

Once she arrived and introduced herself, Luna stood up and did the same in kind.

"Greetings. I am Lunatea Vern Farnsworth, a Wererabbit. It's a pleasure to meet you." She gave a bow, flashing her panties to anyone standing behind her as usual.

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