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Going to post her on the character tab then.
Thanks for the idea! I decided to incorporate that to her backstory.

Added to her bio on how she got her ship.
Alright, I'll think up on something.
Do you have to already have a ship before taking the entrance test?
Do the Riders provide ships to their members?
Name: Tanya Gorbechik
Race: Human

Age: 17

Born as a daughter of a minor noble in a backward planet of the Golden Empire, she could have lived a comfortable life far away from any conflict and violence.

Alas, such a life was simply not for her.

She had always been fascinated by the Wind Riders ever since she was little. And she eventually decided that she would join them once she grew up, an oath she ended up keeping.

Even if it meant running away from her home, moving into a different planet entirely just to have the chance of taking their test. She became a stowaway on a cargo ship, using what credits she had under her name to rent the smallest and cheapest apartment in said planet for her new home.

Naturally, it was a far cry from her comfortable home. Not to mention the fact that she had to take a part time job as a mechanic, to support herself.

Not to mention the fact that she needed to have her own spaceship before she would even be allowed to take the entrance test.

And predictably, a spaceship wasn't cheap in the slightest, even the smallest and cheapest one. She couldn't just walk in to the nearest spaceport and buy one. Not with her own credits anyway.

Of course, she had no intention to beg to her parents for it. Especially since she knew very well they would never approve of it, and would just end up sending their servants to this planet to fetch her.

And so her option was only one. To somehow construct her own spaceship, using parts she could get at little to no cost.

Thankfully, she had quite the knowledge on repairing and salvaging abandoned spaceships. At first, it was just textbook knowledge, obtained by her reading all the spaceship-related books that she could get her hands on back when she was still the daughter of a noble. But then, thanks to the guidance and hospitality of the other mechanics of the shop she worked part-time on, that knowledge turned into a practical one. It didn't take long until she was just as good as any of them, and she was able to identify the parts she could use out of the electronics garbage dump located just right behind the shop.

Yes, she picked the shop exactly for that purpose, after she learned no one really cared if anyone would to steal anything from said garbage dump. It was all trash anyways, things the original owners no longer needed.

It was rough, but after six months of hard work, along with some help from the other mechanics who were symphatetic to her goal, she made it nonetheless. Her very own spaceship.

It was really small and tiny. And it could fly. And travel through space as well. No warp capabilities yet though. No one would be dump enough to just throw a really expensive warp device to a garbage dump, even a broken one. They would all be refurbished to be re-sold later.

But it was good enough for her to take the test. And so she did.

And miraculously, she made it in right at her first try.

It turned out that she had quite the talent in her blood for controlling tiny, single person spaceships. Perfect for how the Wind Riders rolled.

And now, after she graduated, she was ready to get into action immediately, as a new heroic member of the Wind Riders.

Only to find out that she had been assigned to a dull patrol mission out of nowhere.

Her disappointment was simply immeasurable.

At the very least, with her new job, she could purchase proper spaceship parts. Her ship was now much better than before, and it could actually warp, which was obviously required for her job (she asked for a front payment to her first job for that very reason, which, thankfully, her superior approved).

She is a reserved and quiet person, preferring to keep to herself than mingling with others. She rarely ever smiled, only displaying that look of boredom that was constantly plastered on her face (it only got worse after she was assigned her patrol mission). She had an analytical mind, preferring to assess the situation before jumping into action. She was quite the stubborn person, never wanting to compromise her own personal goals.

Core Belief:
She looked up to the Wind Rider as heroes. She had a strong belief of punishing evildoers and promoting good. She believed in a universal tenet of morality that everyone, no matter where they were from, should follow.

Naturally, said morality came from what her parents taught her over the years.

Her preferred choice for weaponry was a simple laser handgun and a laser knife. As for her armor, she wore a miniature energy shield generator under her clothes, giving her protection while allowing ease of movement at the same time.

Her ship was terribly small, as it was literally just a one cockpit vehicle. And it was terribly cramped, with the control stick located right between her legs. The panels, screens, and, buttons were located above her, easily reachable by her hands. Indeed, she drove the ship while somewhat in a lying down position.

All that was necessary to make the most compact one-man ship possible.

On the outside, the ship was painted dark red, and it was equipped with laser guns to the sides, missiles from below, and even a main laser cannon coming out from the pointed front. It was also equipped with the state-of-the-art stealth capability, and its maneuveribility was simply superior to any other ships out there.

Unfortunately, defense-wise, the shield generator was terribly weak. It would go offline in just one or two minor hits. Clearly, you were not supposed to get hit in the first place.

She was capable of using some stealth magic, mainly invisibility and muffle sound. She could combine it with her ship's stealth capability, allowing her ship to not show up in any conventional radar while being actually invisible and absolutely silent in the real world.

"A wise decision," Myrila commented with a smile. "It indeed would be wise for you to equip yourself first and gain some levels afterwards. With me, a level 10 around, we can take on stronger monsters right away, meaning you would gain experience much more quicker as well." Her smile turned into a proud one. She was clearly really confident in her own abilities.

"I am ready if you are," she answered his enquiry.

Putting up my tentative interest.
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Putting my tentative interest.
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