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Current Terribly bored. I keep refreshing the site, waiting for replies to my RPs. All the slow and long wait for RPs seem to kill my interest for them slowly.


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Here's my CS for the new kid slot.

Here it is! My CS!

I am curious as to how she managed to take down an entire PKer guild by herself though

Basically through her hexes as they had no sufficient resistance to them. They all underestimated her.
Do you get to share a bedroom with another student? Share a bed even?
My partner has disappeared, I think.
Lewd questions incoming.
1. Does the skirt have to be a long one?
2. Does the skirt have a zipper on the back or is it just tied by the ribbon?
3. Do the girls wear modern-style panties or period-appropriate bloomers?
Real important because I'm thinking of making a perverted character. 😋
Goddamn, I'm surprisingly having trouble deciding what kind of character I want to play as.
>Does this mean that the Leviathan have several heads?


>And how would one go about possibly defeating something which can regenerate their head?

He doesn't have infinite mana. It takes a lot to do it. With his current strength, he can only do it once before having to hibernate. And a dragon's core is its heart, buried deep beneath its scales, bones, and meat.

>Oh and also for the transformation itself how big the Leviathan actually is and if it has more limbs, heads than the common dragon.

It looks just like your ordinary dragon, only all of its body are covered in spiky dark red scales. Its size is around 10 meters tall and 20 meters wide.
Ah, long skirt, huh?
Here it is.

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