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>China now has headbands for students that could tell when they're distracted in their lessons. China, Black Mirror isn't a guide, you know?
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Kotoki Tanaka

Kotoki raised her eyebrows. "Are you really saying you can handle this place on your own? I expect multiple Digimon to swarm this place at any second. We wouldn't be able to help you if you are overwhelmed, you know."

She shrugged. "Well, whatever. Not my problem if your account gets deleted."

When Shion poked her cheeks, she once again slapped her hand away. "You. Are you an idiot or something? Or are you just trying to rile me up? I told you not to touch me." She glared at her.

"If you want a fight that badly, then Ogremon here will be perfectly happy to comply." She glanced at her Digimon.

"Woz the matter, Boss? She's bothering you, ain't it? I'll be happy to pummel her if you want."

The Digimon walked forward, his size looming over the smaller girl.
@The World@Pyromania99

Kotoki Tanaka

The moment Shion laid her hand on Kotoki's head, the girl retaliated by slapping said hand away. Hard. Enough that the sound could be heard by the others.

"Don't you dare ever touch me again like that."

She was utterly and absolutely furious, judging by her expression. It was obvious that she did not appreciate the physical contact, plus the belittlement she had just received.

"Honestly, are you all just simple cowards? Why bother negotiating when we can just beat the answer out of it? Come out, you two!"

With a flash of light as data converged and manifested, at last her Digimon made their entrance. An Ogremon and a Clockmon.

"Ay, boss, who's in need of a clobberin'?" The Ogremon spoke, swinging his bone club around.

"GIVE ME YOUR ORDER, MASTER," the Clockmon said with a robotic-sounding voice.

"Be ready. The enemy is coming," she told them sternly.

"De enemy? Where 'em at? Let me at 'em!" The Ogremon replied, smashing his bone to the floor, leaving a tiny crater on it.

"I told you, they're coming! They're not here yet, you idiot!" she snapped back. "Honestly, if it weren't for your brute strength, I would've dumped your brainless idiotic self a long time ago."

She then turned to Issei, arms crossed in a commanding voice. "Go. Chase after that Elecmon. You're the only guy here so climb up that rope and bring it back. We'll guard the fort here.

"Fort? What fort, boss? Eye don't see any-"

"Just shut your mouth and smash any Digimon coming here," she quickly interrupted with a snarl.

Now they waited. If that Elecmon didn't lie, hostiles should pop out anytime soon.
Might be interested in this.
"Oh Sis..."

The hug took Christine by surprise. Ignoring the fact that she was sorta kinda burning her by the act, it was certainly a pleasant act that she welcomed.

"You're welcome," she replied with a short giggle.

They soon arrived at their house. Stepping in, Christine could feel a mixture of strangeness and familiarity. She hadn't been there in a while, and the darkness from the lights being turned off certainly didn't help.

"Hmm..." Christine paused as she pondered, tilting her head with one finger pressed to her chin. "1 think you got a point, Sis. No point in going to school now. And we can certainly use the exercise."

She looked at the blinking phone. Yeah, she wasn't in the mood to listen to the tons of messages they had gotten over their absence.

"So yes. We can go to the gym for a short spar. Just don't overexert yourself, sis. I'll take it easy for you if you want," she added with a little teasing smirk.

I won't be able to reply often unfortunately since I've been busy lately. Maybe you should wait for one more guy.
I might be interested to participate once more with the same character from before.

Kotoki Tanaka

From her scowl, it was obvious that Kotoki was not happy with the Elecmon's attitude in the slightest. Ignoring the fact that it had looked under her skirt, it was being terribly uncooperative, asking questions back at them instead of answering their enquiries.

"Yes, that's right. We are no 'noobs'—whatever definition you gave to that word. We are from Jormungand, and we are here under the orders of our leader. So fess up, if you don't want to get hurt."

She continued staring at it with her arms folded. She didn't say anything back to Manaka—or the others for that matter—other than giving a quick glare at Shion for her laugh and her Digimon a little later on for stating its need to go to the bathroom in a time like this.

She was perfectly ready for combat, if it came to that. The moment the Elecmon did something suspicious, she would call them out at once.
"Hmm? What's funny, sis?" Christine asked, tilting her head.

Well, whatever it was, she was glad that her sister got to laugh. Frowning all the time never suited her.

The two continued their walk downtown, with Christine occasionally stopping to keep her coat down as cars went by, threatening to expose her underwear. She wasn't the only one, as there were other girls wearing short dresses and the like. As usual, the town was bustling with traffic, though thankfully not to the point of outright traffic jams.

"Yeah, sorry sis, but I couldn't just lie about that," Christine replied. "Clara had been good to me all this time. It was just recently that things ended up this way..."

Clara had allowed her to keep wearing her coat when she joined the student council. Unlike Bak, she didn't make a fuss about it. She allowed her to skip on the meetings whenever she wanted too as well, though she rarely utilized that privilege.

"I see..." Christine replied to her confession. "I suppose I should apologize as well, for goading you like that. I just... don't want the demon to have control over you," she confessed, her eyes shimmering with worry.

"Well, when that happens, I would surely be there to stop you for being too reckless," she said with an understanding smile. She knew perfectly well how temperamental her sister could be. It was futile to try to curb that completely. She just had to make sure she wouldn't hurt herself too badly doing it.

"Huh?" Christine replied, looking around behind her while she was still bending over.

She didn't get it at all.

The walk, at first, was pleasant to Christine. It had been a while since the two of them could walk together like this outside without any interference. Ignoring the looks some people were giving to her, as she was dressed so oddly in the weather, she cheerfully walked along beside her twin sister. She would've grabbed her arm, if not for the fact that due to their opposing elements, they would just end up hurting each other.

And then it was interrupted by the appearance of a missing people poster, bringing reality crashing back down to her.

"Hey? You guys weren' don't think maybe your boss had something to do with this cult thing, do you?" her sister asked.

"...No, a-at least, I don't think so..." she answered. "I... honestly never knew much about her and her businesses in the first place..."

Her tone was filled with doubt. Her hunch said that Clara shouldn't have anything to do with that cult, but who really knew after what just transpired between them?

"I'm ready!" Christine replied.

They had stayed in Tobias' place for around a week now, and Christine was more than ready to finally be able to return home. With her sister's wounds healed (with the exception of the scar, but there's nothing they could do about it), there was no reason for them to stay here any longer. Unfortunately, it seemed the houseowner himself wouldn't be there to see them off.

Christine then exited the bathrooom wearing a towel, having just finished what (hopefully) be the last shower she would have in the apartment. She never liked intruding on people, even if the person in question seemed to have no problem with it whatsoever.

"Going to change then we can go home, alright?" She said to her sister with a smile.

She went to the wardrobe in the room where she knew her clothes were kept. She opened it, taking out her usual white snow coat. She then bent forward, as she scrambled around looking for her pair of underwear. As her towel was short, all the while she was flashing her bare butt to her sister.

Not that she would mind, of course, with them being related and all.

"Ah, there you are!" She declared once she found her black pair. She took off her towel, put on the panties, then put on the coat afterwards.

As usual, she was not wearing a bra underneath.

"There!" She turned to Kath once she finished. "Now we can go home!"

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