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8 mos ago
Current Terribly bored. I keep refreshing the site, waiting for replies to my RPs. All the slow and long wait for RPs seem to kill my interest for them slowly.


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Added Christine's impression on Sidney and Gilliam.
Ha, I like that idea for Christine!
So there are two possible paths of the Wind and Light course?
Posted my CS at last.
Oh Bak. Just try not to look at Christine when she bends over if she doesn't want to see any forbidden sight. 😉
So, I've decided to make Christine join Mephisto. She would be in the Student Committee also and she would do her job well enough there, unlike Rurik. However, she refused to wear the official school uniform, wearing her usual pantsless winter coat instead. Not sure how Clara would react to that.
Here's my CS. Still haven't chosen my faction yet since I'm still waiting if anyone wants to form relationships with my character. Friends, rivals, even lovers are welcome.

Kanako is ready!
Ooh, harem! I'm definitely interested! I've been having a craving for a quick ecchi roleplay.

I'm most interested in the Dojo scenario, I think, though I've also been craving for a school setting, or even a magical school one. I'd be willing to play male or female protagonists, though I think I'm more in a yuri mood right now, so I would choose a female protag and a female harem. Also, short form, since these days I sadly don't have much time for roleplays.

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