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My character would have a number of familiars of the same kind swarming around her, each having a networked mind of sorts that my character connects to with her own. That sounds good for a Virtuoso Tier 2, right?
I thought after you summon something, the creature stays linked to you.
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Talking more about their outfits and such. I know their appearance would be the same.
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Does the pic for our character have to be how they look in their previous life or could it be how they look now in the new world?

Luckily for him, Gilda didn't receive any major injuries. She was simply knocked out due to the impact.

The girl looked up towards him and said, "W-what happened? W-where's the-the monster? T-that wasn't any ordinary tornado. That was a wind spirit for sure!"

She then tried to stand up, only to wobble and fall towards Kaito, holding him for balance on his chest.

"O-our house... i-it's destroyed... O-oh no, what would I say to Pops?" she said to herself as she looked around.

She released her hold on Kaito before walking around to inspect the damages closer. The first big thing that took her attention was of course, the ice in the middle of the room.

"T-the spirit... it's in there?" She cautiosly touched the surface, feeling just how strong and tough it was.

"Magic! This must be ice magic!"

She then ran back towards Kaito and grabbed both of his hands.

"Sir Kaito, you're the one who did it, didn't you? Oh thank you so much for saving me and my house!" she said with a bright smile. She then released his hand and turned around. "Don't worry! All this can be fixed! I'll just have to ask for the help of the other villagers!" Her eyes then went back towards the frozen spirit. "Though we have to take care of this first. Sir Kaito, could you shatter the ice? It should shatter the wind spirit too. Here, in the land of wind, we used to have hostile wind spirits when the Demon Lord still ruled, so we knew how to deal with them. You just have to shatter their eyes for this particular spirit," she explained smoothly. The eyes were indeed physical objects; small oval-shaped red gems.
The figure watched as the monster did its work, tearing apart the feeble ceiling of a villager's house where he had been staying. When the ceiling tore open, and the inside of the house was revealed, she frowned when she saw that he was holding hand with a girl.

What is this? Why is he being close with another woman?

Her mistress had told her that the new hero was her old acquaintance and a "very precious friend", and that she was not to kill him. And looking from the softness on her mistress' eyes when she talked about him, she couldn't help but think that her mistress had some feelings towards him.

And now she saw him frolicking around with another girl.

Unforgivable! How dare he betray Milady's feelings!

She would've went down there herself if she had been a more hotblooded person. Instead, she took a deep breath to calm herself.

My mission is to test him. And it would be unfair to him if I fight him right away. Milady told me that he hasn't even awakened to his power yet.

She then saw how her monster knocked the girl unconscious, leaving only him and him alone to fight it.

Good. If he ran away, leaving her behind, then he would undoubtedly be unworthy of Milady.

To her surprise, he actually stood and fight.

What can you do without your power?

As ordered, she would not take his life. However, harming him was perfectly fine, as it was just another part of the trial. So she watched as her monster slowly approached towards him. She would only stop it once she was sure that he would not be able to last any further.

But to her second surprise, instead of kneeling over in front of her monster, he actually managed to kill it with what looked to be ice magic.

So, he finally awakened. Right on time while he's in a pinch. Hmph, what a drama queen.

The figure then vanished into thin air, satisfied of a job well done.
"A-A tornado?" Gilda shouted in horror.

The wind got stronger and stronger, until it was strong enough to blow the hay ceiling right off. As said ceiling were unraveling, Gilda quickly grabbed Kaito's hand and dragged him towards the door.

"W-we have to run! Now!"

However, before she could do so, the ceiling finally gave in, and the tornado monster landed right in the middle of the room. Naturally, it caused immediate chaos with all the furniture flying and swirling around; table included.

And said table crashed into Gilda, sending her flying to the brick wall, knocking her out instantly.

The tornado monster then looked towards Kaito, before floating towards him, intending to swallow him whole with its body. Its target was only Kaito. It paid no attention to GIlda.
Oh no, I think I didn't write my post quite properly back there. What I meant was that Lilia took only the gem while Gilda took (and shared later on) the rest of the treasure. I can see how it reads more like Gilda took the gem.


Also, the tornado monster is about as big as an adult human. Maybe slightly bigger, but not by much.
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