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Current Terribly bored. I keep refreshing the site, waiting for replies to my RPs. All the slow and long wait for RPs seem to kill my interest for them slowly.


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Same here.
We're kinda panicking here with the attack happening.
I'm waiting for the angel faction response.
Haha, he could be a good match with my character. He could keep falling into ecchi situations with her over and over again, but seeing how he's so nice and he's not perverted at all, my character couldn't even get angry and will just feel annoyed that the universe just loves to make her have perverted accidents with him.
Tilia Fitzregald

Tilia listened excitedly to Nadalena's reply, still oblivious to the gothic girl's distaste of her. Tilia was never that good at reading subtle social cues. She was always a bolsterous one so she was never good at social gatherings of upper class ladies that could insult others without actually insulting them. That was why her companion ended up being mostly of the middle and lower class back at home.

“But if you wish to know, I enjoy literature, scripture, logistics, economics, and musical theory. I’ve also found some interest in orthodox fencing on occasion. Not really exciting interests to many.”

...Crap, I'm bad at all of those, Tilia thought to herself. What should I do? Should I just pretend I'm good at them? The literature, music, and fencing clubs should still be recruiting...

Before she could answer, Seyrun suddenly interrupted, saying her interest in fencing also. So there was a tournament in her country, and she invited Nadalina to join. Oh, if only she could fence. She had a fantasy of "accidentally" slicing open the opponent's clothes, exposing her bra and panties. But she knew that was just a fantasy. She was pretty sure that fencing swords were dull since it was just a sport after all.

"A-ah, I see... that's great!" Tilia nervously replied to Nadalena. "Unfortunately, I am not that good at any of those..." she said while scratching her head.

At Seyrun's reply to her, she said, "Glad to hear that, Seyrun-senpai!" as she shook her hands. "I'll make sure to be your good friend! If you need anything, feel free to ask!

Esther von Degraff

As the fight continued, Esther noticed that their attacks, even when there were so many of them, were barely effective against the monster. The wounds she cut with her air blades, they all had closed on their own. This beast, it had amazing regenerative ability for sure. Somehow, they had to strike it with enough force so that its regeneration couldn't keep up. Perhaps it also had some sort of core that controlled the regeneration. If they could strike at that core, then they could stop the regeneration from happening.

"Esther, where are the officers?! Tell them to take command of this rabble and there is a collapsing building, but we don't have the explosives to collapse it onto the thing! Cover me!"

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Regina shouting at her. Quickly, she shouted back.

"The princess had fainted for some reason and Viola is taking care of her! Gradon is heading here right now!"

Regina then shouted that she was throwing explosives at the creature and that they should keep their distance. Esther was not worried about her own distance as she had been fighting from a distance all this time, but there were some melee fighters who were uncomfortably close to the beast. So Esther readied herself, changing her vessel back to its speed form so she could drag anyone lagging behind to run away from the explosions' radius.

Suwako Makiyoshi

When they returned back to the Beacon headquarter, they had no time to rest as they had to explain to the higher-ups on what just happened right away. Alicia's explanation also filled Suwako up on some things she didn't know, like the existence of this girl named Justine who were supposedly the girl behind it all, hiding in the Overcity, who was this alternate dimension some magical girls could access.

And then, they got the news from their superiors that the Beacon had fought someone with the same name hundreds of years ago. If it were true, and this Justine was the same one as the Justine from way back then, then they were facing an even greater foe that they had thought. Supposedly she had been destroyed but if she came back, that meant she was the kind of magical girl with amazing survivability ability. Or she was just that good at deceiving the Beacon.

The meeting adjourned with them being ordered to investigate whether or not the rumours were true. Well, Suwako decided she would think about her new assignment later, as she was now absolutely tired and in a dire need to sleep.

...Only to wake up early in the next morning with a message saying the city was under attack, and that Janet had vanished and they were ordered to find her.


She actually had planned to skip school today. But now, she had to work right away instead of sleeping peacefully in her soft and fluffy bed.

Grumpliy, she transformed back into her magical girl outfit. She hadn't even taken her morning bath yet. Her maid would certainly be panicking with her disappearing like this.

And so before she went, she wrote a short message on her table, saying that she was perfectly fine and she was just going out with a friend to an excursion to the mountains. She would probably be back before sunset, and if not, that meant she would be staying in said friend's house.

With that's done, she leaped out of her balcony, heading straight to the train station where the attack occured. She readied her bow, knowing that there would be a fight there for sure.

Here's my CS. My character is obviously the girl in the pic.
A ridiculous ecchi harem RP? Count me in!
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