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Nαɳαƈα Dαιɱσʂ

All Nanaca could think off in the moment was...


Why must this happen to me now?

Right when I'm making my cool introduction to them...

My skirt drops and my panties are exposed...

Uuu, it's all ruined now...

She now wished for the ground to swallow her. Suddenly, the thought of having a power that allowed her to sink into the ground became extremely appealing, even though it was the very opposite of her personality.

I-I must leave. I-I can't go out in public without a skirt on!

The embarrassment was too much for her, and thinking logically, she didn't know why. When she wore a skirt, she was just fine giving flashes of her panties to any lucky onlookers. But now, she felt so terribly exposed that she wanted to cower under a rock away from everyone's staring eyes.

Just before she was about to take off with her power however, one of the other students threw a shirt at her, telling her to wear it at once.

"T-the TV? W-we're gonna be on TV?"

With panic, she quickly put on the ruined shirt to cover her underwear, wearing it like a sarong. She tied it as tightly as possible. She might just die of shock and embarrassment if the shirt fell while the TV was recording her, thus showing her panties to the entire nation. No, the world even.

"Oh, thank you so much!" She quickly thanked the girl that helped cover her shame. "Though I really would prefer wearing a real skirt over this makeshift thing."

She picked up her fallen skirt. Sure enough, the waistband had snapped, causing it to be too loose to be worn by her slim waist properly.

At least my panties' waistband didn't snap as well... That would be even more disastrous...
Nαɳαƈα Dαιɱσʂ

Nanaca could only watch as the rest of the group fought off the big bad cultist. His electricity had taken a lot out of her, and it triggered her body's sensitive organs. She continued to cough and wheeze as she slowly brought herself up into a standing position. She held her chest with her right hand thanks to the pain she was experiencing.

U-ugh, this is bad... I-I don't think they would be able to win on their own...

But somehow, she felt she was at ease. She didn't know where this feeling of hers came from but it wasn't bad. Not in the slightest.

Maybe this came from those missiles that stroke the cultist right when I hit him? I don't think they carried explosives in them. I think they actually carried... a warm light? I-I don't get it...

Well, that girl might be finished now. What with those black biles coming from its tubes.

One man continued to fight the cultist, but he was clearly taking on someone out of his league. But somehow, he eventually managed to land a significant blow, with him blowing off the cultist's mask. Unfortunately, she didn't manage to see the cultist's face before the mask regenerated itself.

And then, the cavalry appeared.

"About time, you idiots..." Nanaca thought with a smile. She noticed King was among them. Ah, the head of the Vigilantes. She never really got to speak with him but she had seen him before from a distance.

It seemed to only enrage the cultist more though but before he could strike back, a portal beside him appeared, and another masked man appeared from it. From their dialogue, it seemed he was his subordinate. And he managed to convince him to leave the battlefield.

Nanaca sighed with relief as they did, following by another series of coughs. Maybe the cavalry could beat him. But that's one big maybe. For once, she preferred to avoid conflict.

She then decided to stand up and do a little greet and meet with all of them.

"Well, that was close," she said to them as she approached. "Name's Nanaca. Nanaca Daimos. Affiliation? Vigilante. Ask King there if you don't believe me." She gave a grin towards whom was technically her boss. "Also, you're welcome. First time I got hit by a lightning like that. Felt like my heart was about to stop."

And then, without any rhyme or reason, her skirt fell down to her feet, exposing her frilly baby blue panties she was wearing to the world.

Unbeknownst to her, her skirt's waistband had been damaged on the fight. And only now, in front of everyone, that it decided to snap.

She could feel fabric falling down her legs, making her look downwards.

And what she saw make her release the most girlish shriek she had ever released in her entire life. She quickly bent over and covered her undergarments with both of her hands to no avail.

Letting people saw your panties was one thing. But for her to be humiliated like this without her control was another.
Heya, putting up my interest for this RP!
I'm interested in both The Queen and her Mage and World Domination! Not sure which one I want to do.

Helena raised her eyebrows; her arms wrapped around each other below her chest. "Seriously? You're giving us a test? And such a pointless one at that? You know I could just leave right now and there would be nothing you can do to stop me, right?"

She sighed. "Fine. I'll play your little game. But if it becomes too troublesome, I would just stop and leave."

She then gathered her fog back to her body, forming back her undergarments and her pantyhose. He said no magic, and she intended to follow that rule, at least for now.

She then looked at the others and said, "So I suppose we have to travel together? Then let's get moving and get this over with."
Due to declining interest, I have to state that I've decided to withdrew from this RP. Apologies.

Alexandria slept like a log, only having sweet dreams in her mind as she slumbered. And so it was only making her more displeased when the TV alarm woke her up earlier than she wanted.

"W-wha... What is that noise?" She sat up on her bed, groggily looking around while rubbing her right eye. She soon found out that the TV in her room was flashing, and it was proudly displaying the text announcing that yes, it was indeed the one who was making the loud alarm noise.

She yawned, raising both of her arms upwards for a stretch. She got off her bed, turned off the alarm with the TV remote, and then undressed herself as she was going to take a shower.

"Aaah...." She smiled in delight with closed eyes as she enjoyed the warm water the shower was giving to her. Not only that it cleaned up her skin, but she also felt that it was relaxing some of her tense muscles from the long journey the day before.

Finished, she dried herself off with the towel available. She dressed herself back with all new and fresh clothes, finding her old one starting to smell a little. Being clean was part of keeping the good name of Lionheart after all. The clothes themselves looked exactly the same like the old one however. She had a couple all similar to each other.

After she put on her shoes and did her hair, she went downstairs, finding that there were already a couple of students there.

"Good morning everyone." She greeted them as she joined in their partake of bread. She chose to have strawberry jam with said bread.
Yeah, we could do a collab.

Alexandria heard Drakus' "retort" to her words. But she decided not to grace him with another answer. Hmph, I have nothing to say to a rabble who doesn't care about his family legacy.

She then listened to Torok's explanation on why he still hadn't manifested any magic. To her surprise, it wasn't because of some mistraining or anything. His family had tried to teach him on the subject, but he simply could not do it. "I-it doesn't make sense!" She blurted out once again. "No Legacy Reaper should be like that!"

She quickly realized that she might have been rude once more. And so she quickly added, "N-nevermind. It's not your fault after all. It's just..." she trailed off. It's just my own incorrect assumption... She finished the thought in her head.

Mel then brought up how some Reaper didn't really much on magic. Thinking logically however, she couldn't agree that it was ideal to be a magicless Reaper. "Magic is a significant part of the arsenal of a Reaper," she replied to her. "Without it, you might get by if you could compensate through your raw physical capabilities but you would still be much stronger with it than without it."

She then heard Torok trying to defend the terribly insolent boy from before. "Very good at making tough decisions? I only see him running away at the first sign of trouble," she replied, blatantly insinuating that he was a coward. "Those kinds of guys are selfish loners, not team players. He would definitely prioritize himself over the others." She then looked up straight to Torok's eyes. "I don't think taking a risk in trying to save everyone is a bad thing. In fact, that is how you should act as a Reaper. Never take the easy path. That's what my father always says. Taking risks is necessary for your growth, even if it means giving yourself more hardship as a result."

She finished her little speech with a remembrance of how harsh her training had been. Her parents would have her thrown into dangerous situations on her own without any backup. And she had to get out of there with her own strength, no matter what. She knew that they were probably watching over her from the shadows, but even when she sustained quite the injury that made her bleed, they still didn't come. The pain was enough to make her cry. But in the end, she had to bear it and finish the training, even with said wound. That's why they had taught her self-aid, so that she could sterilize, suture, and bandage her own wounds.

After hearing how some students were onboard with Luke's plan on seeing the kappa, she could only let out a sigh of defeat in response. "Fine. I'll go," she told him. "But like you said, not to swim. Just to sightsee," she emphasized. She was surprised though by how Mei reacted. She took her to be the timid type. But then, she said she was in, even though right before that she said it was dangerous, and how a cousin of hers was killed by one of them.

I guess she is less timid than I thought she was...

"S-sorry for your loss..." she said to her, referring to her cousin. She was fortunate that she had never experienced a tragedy like that in her family.

She could see how Deborah was the type to be interested though. And her words piqued her interests as well. Magical properties in the water? If they could help her in her duties as a Reaper, she would certainly love to take a dip in it for sure.

As long as there weren't any kappas.

The heiress then suddenly left. Something about the water? Was she cooking something in the kitchen?

She then returned holding a bowl of some strange dish she had never seen before. With a smile, she offered a spoonful of it to her.

"E-eh, w-what is this?" Alexandria said to her, flustered by the suddenness of the offer. "Some kind of food? W-well, I guess one spoonful couldn't hurt..."

She took the entire spoon in one gulp. She paused a little, assessing the strange, unfamiliar taste spreading in her mouth, until she exclaimed, "Mmm, that was delicious! I've never eaten anything like this before!"

She then blushed, realizing that she was embarrassingly being excited over food. Coughing, she added, "Y-yes, that was very delicious indeed."

"Good. Then it's a deal!" she replied to Alexander. Hunting had definitely become a hobby of hers, not just part of her needed knowledge as a Reaper.

"Going for a walk to the woods? At this hour?" She raised her eyebrows. "Are you sure that's a good idea? Aren't you tired?" she asked him with her arms crossed.

However, she didn't say no. With a sigh, she replied, "Fine. I'll go with you. I'm not that tired myself as well. Got a lot of rest on the ship." Boring rest, she added in her mind with annoyance.

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