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Oh yeah, I just realized that your character could be blackmailing my character with photos of her pantyshots (approved by the club leader, of course). Would you like that to be a thing? Would kinda impact our character's relationship though.

Or you can just make the president take all the blame and pretend you know nothing. @Three
Here's my CS at last.
Some good characters here. I think I'm beginning to have an idea what mine would be.
You can make non-student characters?
Looks interesting. Haven't got an idea for a character I want to play with though.
Teacher slot still open?
Added her appearance pic, if you two are interested.
Here it is. Don't blame me if it's too lewd.

I have an idea for a character and a relic pair but they're quite lewd so I'm not sure if they're a good idea or not.
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