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3 days ago
Current Reminder to take as many RPs as you could because most of them are going to die after all.
4 days ago
Feels bad that the only guy here with YGO interest check has a shit taste in the series.
12 days ago
Not to mention my contradicting desire for a specific type of plot while not wanting to be the gm because I want to be surprised.
12 days ago
So hard to find an isekai that I can self insert to. As an RP, it's already hard to find one where you're the main male lead.
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14 days ago Best video on the internet.


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Bump. Suddenly in the mood to try this idea again.
Christine did indeed receive all the messages Bak (and Celestine) had sent to her. However, she still felt that she wasn’t ready to return to school yet, so she didn’t. She trusted Bak, thinking that she was just being overdramatic, as usual.

As for Rurik, well, he’ll continue being Rurik. He’ll be fine without her as well.

The invitation papers though… that changed everything.


"Kath, Kath, look at this!" Christine shouted as she barged into the living room, holding one of the leaflets in her hand. "An invitation for a party! Even us Mephistos are invited!"

She walked over in front of her, thrusting the leaflet onto her lap.

"I think this is the perfect opportunity to make our comeback!" She clapped her hands with a smile. "Though it's supposed to be a masquerade, and I don't know what kind of outfit I should go with…"

Yeah, you know the stuff. Born anew in a fantasy world with cheat skills, getting a harem of cute girls and having ecchi moments with them. You'll act as a GM while I play the main character.

Must also have a high power level and influential mc. Possibly one with a kingdom or territory to rule, with loyal subjects and subordinates.
PM me your character ideas.
Alright. PM me with your character idea.
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