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Christine Abigail

"Hmm, offense, huh?" Christine remarked. "I'll be fine with that role. My power is quite versatile after all. It can do offense and defense pretty well equally, although if you compare it to Kath's power, I guess I take the more defensive role. Kath can't create ice walls like I can after all. On the other hand, I don't have the raw burst power that she has so I have to rely more on projectiles and freezing the opponents in place before I come in with my ice kick," Christine explained. She just wanted to make sure that her team really knew her strengths and weaknesses, especially Vernon since he would be doing the leading after all.

"If you two are alright with that, then I'll happily participate," Christine said with a smile. "Although only for the combat. I really don't want to do push-ups or anything like that."
Christine Abigail

"Oh Christine!"


Christine looked up from her book to see who had just called her. Oh, it was Vernon. She wondered what he wanted with her.

"Rurik here can't seem to decide if he wants to join us for training or not. Care to weigh in? You do have so much more influence over him than I," he said to her.

Hmm, that's odd. Usually Rurik wouldn't even bother joining any events like this.

Christine stood up and left her book behind, approaching Vernon and Rurik's location. She then looked at Rurik and said, "You're interested in joining in, Rurik? Well, I won't stop you if you want to. I myself would be okay with participating but only for the fighting parts. I don't really like training, you see."

Christine Abigail

After Kath was discharged from the clinic, it didn't take long for Christine to return back to her normal activities. Christine was not the type to worry for long, especially when it involved her sister. It wasn't the first time she had gotten into scraps after all, and it certainly wouldn't be the last. As long as her sister was back up and healthy, she wouldn't dwell on it.

Her normal daily life in Mephisto was like this. First, she had to attend her classes, obviously, and she would usually be the one to help the teachers in their tasks, like carrying test papers and spreading them around to the class. And as this was Mephisto, she also would have to "straighten up" some of the more unruly students. As a council student member, she had the authority of using her powers in the school grounds. And she wasn't shy at all in using it, especially when those students started being cheeky towards her. Some perverts even blatantly tried to flip up her coat just to see whether the rumors were true or not, only to find that their hands froze the moment they grabbed the hem of her coat.

This was why she preferred Mephisto over St. Laurel, among other things. You just had more freedom here.

Speaking of perverts, some boys would choose a more sneaky way in satisfying their curiosity, like trying to peek at her from below when she climbed the stairs. Those people would also get the cold treatment if she noticed them, leading to the frequent sight of frozen students on the stairs.

And then there were the lucky perverts, who just happened to be in the perfect spot to look up her coat, like when she bent over to pick up a fallen paper for example. Normally, she wouldn't notice but even if she did, she would just blush and pull down her coat, giving a shy smile to their direction. Unlike your classic violent tsunderes in those romcom anime and manga, she would only punish intentional perverts.

After school was over, she would go to the student council room. Even if there weren't to be a meeting that day, she usually would have some paperwork to do. She usually went home right as the sun went down.

Today, however, her schedule changed a little. Instead of going to the student council room after class, she instead went to Teacher Maskono's training lesson. As a member of the student council, she had to make sure everything went smoothly and according to protocols after all, especially since this was something that the teacher just recently started. She would watch for a couple of sessions before she could be sure that everything was fine. Naturally, as an observer, she didn't really join in.

So far, everything seemed to be in order, even though Miss Maskono could be really quite spartan at times.

Today, she participated as an observer once more, sitting on a nearby bench with her legs crossed and a book on her hand. She saw Bak eagerly participating. Well, there was no rule that a student council member couldn't join in.

Christine Abigail

"Sorry, Rurik, but I'm going to stay with Kath for the time being," Christine replied to her boyfriend, her expression looking apologetic. "I think I might take her to the local clinic."

Cassius ended up tagging along with her. Even though he was a student of St. Laurel, it really wasn't the time to pick more fights, and Christine was perfectly amicable with him. She also expressed her thanks to him for looking after her sister.

Christine visited the clinic daily like a good sister would. She even arranged Kath's transfer to a private clinic just so she wouldn't stay bored being cooped in a place like this without any entertainment whatsoever. With the amount of money she possessed, it really was not a problem at all.

Cassius often visited as well and sometimes Christine would visit at the same time as him. He always brought flowers with him which Christine thought was a really nice gesture from him. She too brought flowers of her own so she started to wonder if they weren't giving Kath too many flowers. Kath said it was fine however so Christine continued bringing her flowers every day.

One week soon passed and the day that Kath was free to go finally arrived. Unfortunately, she was busy with her Student Council duties back at school so she couldn't be the one to pick Kath up. Cassius already said he would though so she didn't worry at all about that.

When Kath arrived back home, Christine was already there, waiting for her.

"Oh, Kath! You're finally back! That took longer than I thought it would!" Christine said with a smile as she ran towards her. "Welcome back, Sis!"

It seemed Christine had no idea whatsoever on what was going on between Kath and Cassius.


Christine Abigail

Christine soon realized that her power was not enough to combat the hellfire flames the demon had created. Tried as she might, her cold was just simply not cold enough to overwhelm it. Those flames were no ordinary flames for sure.

Even so, she refused to give up. If she could at least weaken the demon, it would be good enough for her. She couldn't really see it as she was concentrating her entire strength on her blizzard, but she knew that her sister Katherine was fighting the demon right now, so she had to try her best as well.

Eventually however, the burning flames suddenly died down, and not because of her own ability. It was as if it just lost its strength all of a sudden.

Just in time before she exhausted every inch of her power.

Christine fell on her knees as she panted. Her heart was beating rapidly and she could feel sweat all over her body.

"It has been a long time since I went all out like this..." she said to herself. Even in her mock fights with her sister, she wouldn't go all out as she could end up freezing the surrounding forest near their home, though most of the time, she ended up using her cooling power in a wide area anyways since Kath would burn the trees and bushes with her power.

She then remembered something. She had to go look for Kath! She had won against the demoness, right?

She quickly rose up though her feet still wobbled, and searched for her surroundings for any signs of her sister. The fighting seemed to have died down indeed.

Thankfully, she managed to find her sister lying amidst the rubble in the battlefield. She quickly went to her location, along with Cassius, and crouched down to check on her condition.

"Oh, you're alright, sis!" she said with a relieved smile as she saw Kath regaining her consciousness. She began to sniffle a bit as the relief nearly made her cry in happiness.

"O-oh no!" Christine said when Kath suddenly fell down again. "Sis! Sis!" she said as she shook her body, ignoring her still hot skin as her own cooling ability counteracted it. She soon realized she had fallen unconscious once again.

"A-ah, right," Christine said to Thobias who reminded them of Kath's lack of clothes. She was currently looking like a flaming fire demon which covered all her naughty bits but the fire was dimming away and soon enough, everyone would be able to see that her clothes had burned into nothingness entirely.

"I-I'll use my coat to cover her up!" Christine quickly declared as she began lifting her winter coat. Thankfully, Cassius got there first as he threw his charred and filthy jacket on top of Kath's body, though Christine had already lifted her clothes far enough to reveal her panties and a little of her underboobs. Indeed, she wasn't wearing any bra underneath her coat. She felt her coat was already soft enough not to irritate her two sensitive spot.

She quickly pulled her coat back down, blushing as she realized her action wasn't needed at all.

Thobias soon returned, bringing what looked like the female uniform of St Laurels, complete with a pair of panties and bras. Christine looked at him in suspicion but he quickly prevented any misunderstandings by telling her to dress up her sister for it. Christine still didn't like how he might have gotten it from her own wardrobe (giving a suspicious glare at the boy) but it really was better than her being naked.

"Alright. You two, look away please," she said to Cassius and Thobias. She then immediately began her work. She started by cooling down any remaining heat on her body, before sliding her panties up her legs and fastening her bra (Hmm, have she gotten bigger?). After that, the skirt and the shirt.

"All done!" Christine declared when she finished. Now Kath wouldn't have to suffer embarrassment from waking up while naked anymore.
Suwako Makiyoshi

Suwako did not see the punch coming at all.

If only she had did, she probably could have dodged out of the way in time.

As someone who specialized more in evasion than outright defense in combat, she could not really take a hit well.

And so with just a single punch, she was knocked out, down for the count. Her bow disappeared once she did, as long as the plants she had created.

Thankfully, there weren't any permanent damage caused by the punch, so when Shade shook her small body to wake her up, she did wake up, though with quite the major headache accompanying it.

"Uurgh, that hurts..." she groggily said as she sat up, her right hand holding her head and her left rubbing the spot where she had been punched. She looked up at Shade and said, "That really hurts you know..." It was the only complain she gave however as afterwards, she slowly rose up back to a standing position.

"So, what happened when I was knocked out?"

Christine Abigail

Christine smiled back at Clara, happy to be at her service. She quickly put her attention back to the greater demon however, knowing that the fight was far from over.

"Oh, she's duplicating!" she noted as if she just found a rare curiosity on a shop. But when those duplicates suddenly warped towards their position, Christine rose her guard up once more. She quickly defended herself with her ability, creating a short range cold field around her that slowed down the movements of any clones that decided to attack her. One landed towards her and thanks to the cold aura, Christine easily dodged its punch, before countering with her own kick.

"Hey Chris, Rurik sent me to pick you up. Need a hand or a lift?"

Suddenly Thobias arrived, offering to Christine to pick her up. Before Christine could reply however, another clone decided to attack her. This time, Christine blocked its claw swing with her ice-covered arms. She quickly countered by grabbing the arm that had attacked her and from it, spreading her cold all through its body, freezing it solid as a result. And she finished it off by another kick to the torso, shattering it to pieces as a result. Naturally, she flashed her panties to Thobias in the process.

"Mmm, I'm fine, I think!" Christine replied to the boy with a smile. "These duplicates... they're definitely weaker than the actual deal."

The attacks had made Christine become separated from Clara and the others, which ended up a blessing as right afterwards, the leader trio was trapped inside a burning dome made of flames created by the demon.

"Clara!" Christine shouted, a worried look visible on her face. She tried using her power to cool down the flames but it wasn't enough. She tried firing off icicles and blew cold air towards it but the flames roared all the same.

She looked back at Thobias and said to him, "I'll try to use my full strength to douse this flame dome. I'll need you to cover me in the meantime. I'll need to focus, you see." Christine's face looked really serious, a rarity for a carefree girl like her.

Without waiting for his answer, she clapped her hands together on the front of her chest as she began to pray. Cold wind began to swirl around her, getting stronger and colder as the seconds went on. The wind made her coat flap wildly, freely revealing her black panties to the world. But she did not care in the slightest. She was praying as if she was the high priestess of the Goddess of Cold herself.

Indeed, she would create an arctic blizzard to erase said flames.


I never played Bayonetta so I wouldn't know about that. Just thinking to combine fancy ice-skating moves with Christine's attack.
Yeah, I don't really frequent Discord in general much these days. Thanks for notifying me here.

And there's my reply. Originally I didn't plan Christine to fight in such a physical way, but this is just so fun I couldn't resist. Spinning ballerina ice-skater Christine is just such a fun imagery.
Christine Abigail

Christine was taken aback when Kath suddenly hugged her when she woke up. But she quickly smiled and hugged her tightly back, patting her on her head as well. She could feel the warmth of her body contrasting with her own cold skin. Something she sometimes disliked about her power was that it always made her entire body cold. She couldn't turn it down to the point that she had the body temperature of a normal person. So she knew if someone hugged her, they would feel her cold instead of her body warmth.

"That's wonderful!" Christine replied to Kath agreeing for a ceasefire. She rose up as well when Kath stood up. And when Thobias said for everyone to grab onto him, she did as she was told, landing her hand on Thobias' shoulder.

When they landed, Christine once again showed her resistance against the disorientation caused by Thobias' power, as she was among the first that discovered how the three school leaders had gathered, and how they were seemingly fighting against what looked to be a bunch of demons.

"Clara! We're here to help you!" Christine shouted.

Before she could do anything however, Bak had engaged against one of the demons. And the result wasn't that pretty as the metal girl ended up being thrown right towards Christine and the others. Thobias teleported away, but Christine and Kath remained behind. Thankfully, Kath managed to throw back the 300 pounds metal girl right at the demon, by boosting her own strength with her power. Christine could only watch in awe as Kath turned luminous with heat and power, even though it was burning her clothes.

Wow, I could never do something like that... Probably...

Christine's cold power couldn't really enhance her strength. If she were the one to deal with that, she would probably have to freeze Bak mid-air before she crashed into her. Cold could kill momentum after all.

"Whew, that was close!" she said to Kath afterwards. "Though I guess I should really get going and get my own demon to fight."

Christine looked around the chaotic scene. Now which demon should she take on?

She then saw Clara fighting against one.

"Oh, I know! i'm going to help Clara!" she declared, before running right towards her new target. As she ran, she began manifesting her power, surrounding herself with coldness as the floor under her froze. Instead of making her steps slippery however, it just enhanced her speed as she could slide down the frozen path with great dexterity. Being the master of cold, she had taught herself to do this ever since she was a kid. This was also why she was a really skilled ice skater.

And with said momentum, she did multiple rapid spins with her right leg raised like a ballerina as she sled right at the demoness. She didn't care if this technique exposed her panties. Her spin would be too fast for anyone to look after all.

And with a crash, she landed a kick right at the demoness' head.

The kick wasn't just powerful as Christine had added extra mass to her right feet with her power, covering it in a thick block of ice, which shattered the moment it received the impact, it would also transfer the cold into the demoness. This was why fighting Christine at close range might be unwise, as if she grabbed, or even just touched, any parts of your body, she could end up turning you into an ice statue right then and there.

The demoness was thrown back, and Christine quickly stopped on her tracks. She said to Clara, "Christine here to the rescue!"


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