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Does the spirit have to be of the same element/type with the vessel? So Esther would have a wind spirit?
Suwako Makiyoshi

Suwako watched as their battle continued from a safe distance. She noticed that Alicia was one of the fighters. That meant whoever that gothic-looking girl was, she must be an enemy of the Beacon. Knowing Alicia was in there, she was terribly tempted to join in on the fight right away. She decided against it however, realizing that she could strike at an opportune moment when the enemy was open. If she was lucky, the girl wouldn't have noticed her presence, thus she wouldn't account on a surprise attack by another magical girl she knew nothing about.

The moment the magical guy erected that huge barrier of his, she quickly backed away, not wanting to be caught inside of it. Of course, this meant she was left outside without any means of joining the battle. What was he thinking, she scolded him in her mind. There was no need to make a barrier that big if you just wanted to keep her from getting away. Though, from the way he shouted, he clearly wasn't thinking that well to begin with.

The battle continued, and with careful observation, Suwako noticed how the girl was able to manipulate time in addition to her dolls. She now understood why it took this many people to bring her down. That kind of ability was simply too strong and versatile to be fought alone.

The girl created her own barrier using her dolls and puppets. But it stood no chance against the combined might of her opponents. And it was all over the moment the magical boy's barrier drill connected with her stomach. She had to admit, it was quite the gruesome end.

When the boy's barrier vanished, Suwako immediately approached the victorious group. Just so she wouldn't alarm them, she dismissed Agape and her bow and landed without any weaponry near Alicia.

"You alright?" she asked her friend. "Who was that? She was too strong to be just an ordinary magical girl."

"Oh, and I suppose I should apologize for arriving late."

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Oh boy, timeskip. I have to think up Esther's contract being first.
Thank you for the notice!
Suwako finally arrived. Sorry for not posting for so long. Work has been real busy lately.

Yeah, she's chilling above her giant eagle familiar for now. The people on the ship should be able to see her.
Suwako Makiyoshi

"Lilly's in trouble! You've gotta help that magical girl." so said the familiar that just landed on her shoulders.

Suwako was caught off guard by this sudden request. She didn't expect to be asked help so bluntly right away. Seeing how she had sent her familiar instead of asking herself, perhaps she really was in trouble.

The familiar left before receiving her answer. Guess it really was an urgent situation.

Well, let's see what's going on.

"Agape, fly towards the direction that familiar told us," she ordered to her own familiar. He gave her a little questioning glance but decided to obey her order anyways. That's what she liked about Agape. He didn't question her orders in the middle of battle.

What she found however was more than just a couple of crazed horses ganging up on an exposed magical girl like she had imagined. It was an outright battle between magical girls. No, to be more exact, it was a bunch of magical girls (and one boy) ganging up on one other girl.

So that girl was the problem? But surely, with this enough people, it shouldn't be a problem to take her down.

She saw the boy charging angrily at the girl, who she would dub "the gothic lolita girl" thanks to her outfit from now on. He was assaulting her with barriers, by trapping her inside them, creating a spiked barrier, and then using it to gore her.

Suwako decided to wait before making her move. This would be a good chance to see what the girl was really capable of. She must be quite strong if she could give all these people so much trouble.

@Stern Algorithm
Kanako accepted Catherine's hug, even though she felt awkward doing so. No teacher of her had ever acted this... warmly towards her.

"T-thank you, Miss..." Kanako said as she accepted Catherine's jacket, tying it on her waist to cover her exposed underwear. Her thought immediately went to the fact that she had to return to her dorm room at this state. From a glance, people probably wouldn't suspect anything, thinking that there would be a skirt underneath the jacket since wrapping your jacket this time was quite a trendy thing to do. But who knew what accidents could occur? The jacket could fall down and her panties would be exposed to the world.
I'm still around. But work has been really busy lately.
@Stern Algorithm
Kanako listened to Catherine's explanation just as intently as before. When she said to prepare herself and to burn what would happen next in her mind, she became nervous. What was going to happen? She was going to say something that would make her lose control. What could that be? She wouldn't lose control, no matter what happened.

"Your skirt is ripped up and your panties are showing."

Like a comical scene from an anime, Kanako's face slowly turned red as she froze in place. She looked down and saw that her skirt was nowhere to be found. Just to be sure, she patted her butt, finding that she was touching her pantyhose and the panties underneath directly.

It was true.

She had no idea how it could be true but it was true for sure.

C-calm down, Kanako, c-calm down... T-take a deep breath... D-don't scream... N-no one else is here... T-there's only Catherine and she's a woman, not a man... Come on Kanako... calm down!!!

Kanako began taking her deep breaths. Slowly but surely however, her breath became shorter and shorter, and eventually, she buried her face inside her palms, sobbing, mumbling, "Uuu, this is so embarrassing... I-I'm so sorry, Miss..."
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