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"Going straight to our first assignment, huh? Well, I guess it could be a good chance for me to study other universes closely. I'm not the expert on the matter, mind you. My friend Elie is. Oh, if only she could be here."

Elie was another alchemist from a different family, and she was currently researching the existence of other universes and the possible methods to travel between them.

Elune then listened to Praxis' explanation on where and what their first mission would be.

"The Endedverse, hmm? A universe that is destroyed by war... that is a sad thing indeed..."

"And our goal is to get their notes and subdue them... I understand their desire to obtain more knowledge and wisdom but I suppose the stability of the multiverse is more important," she pondered with closed eyes.

At Praxis' suggestion of being acquainted with her teammates, she announced to the others her name and occupation.

"Hello, everyone! My name is Elune Terminus! And I am an alchemist!" she said with a bright smile as she curtsied, lifting the hem of her white dress a little.

"I could handle both healing and offense, though I'm not that great in melee combat, since I mostly attack with explosives and the like."

She looked at the other people in the room. She was surprised by just how many there were that didn't look like humans. Were the other universes just populated by mostly non-humans? Or was it just pure chance? It was another thing to investigate for sure. She would ask more about the other universes from them but she didn't believe there would be time for that before they would be thrown to their first mission.

"Hmm, sounds acceptable enough," Elune replied, "An exchange of knowledge between universes could be really useful but at the same time it could risk throwing the world into chaos. Returning home, there's no doubt us council members would have to think really carefully on the knowledge of other universes actually existing. Nevertheless, I'm sure this would hasten our development on our own trans-dimensional travel system."

"Protection of our universe from others though, I would have to discuss that with the others as well. I would have to tell them about this organization of yours at the very least."

"If you can agree with all that, then I would be glad to join," she said with a smile.

Andras didn't stand a chance.

When Christine's Soul Fire connected with her, it knocked her out of commission in one hit. Christine almost felt bad for her.

But this was a battlefield after all so she wouldn't.

"One down!" Christine cheerfully declared. "Now there should only be two left. Hmm, I think Bak and Rurik are taking them on."

Even from her distanced position, she could hear all the havoc and destruction the two were doing.

"Seems like they're having a lot of fun. Maybe I shouldn't butt in..." she pondered.

But when one of the Vigilantes came near her, while not noticing that there was another member of St. Mephisto just out of his line of sight, Christine couldn't resist.

She had to take this one on too.

Let's take him by surprise!

She put her hand on the nearby wall; the same wall that her opponent was leaning on. And then, focusing her power of ice and winter, in a flash, she made ice creep towards his location. If he didn't immediately detach himself from it, he would find his body being stuck frozen to it.

She wasn't finished however.

She still had more cards to play after all.

"Earwig Squad!" she announced.

A bunch of goblins appeared in front of her, all itching for a fight.

"Alright everyone, attack that man over there!" she ordered, pointing towards Aram.

She too would join in on the fight as the support role. She would try to immobilize Aram with her ice as much as she could so that her goblins could get a lot of good hits in. And if he ran back where he came from, there would surely be Bak and Rurik waiting readily for him. And if he tried to just rush in to her position, well, there was her winter storm for that.

"Another checkmate, I suppose!"

"I see... I see... Unfortunate that this world had been ravaged by conflict. This kind of thing is why only those with knowledge and wisdom should seat on the throne of power," Elune replied as she put on her thinking pose, one arm supporting the other as she played with her chin. "This is all so hard to believe but with further examination, I'm sure I can prove the truth of it all without a doubt. Ooh, wait until the others hear about this!"

Then she realized something.

"Hey, are we supposed to keep this place a secret? Or even the existence of a multiverse in the first place?" she asked again. "I warn you though. No matter if I accept or not, I would still deliver this knowledge to my world. You have to erase my memories first before sending me back."

She then looked at the frightened, mechanical-looking thing near her. She was far more panicky than her, it seemed. She had no idea what she was speaking about but at the very least, their host was comforting her.

I might be interested.

Alicia watched Nidgardt carefully as she walked behind him. She wanted to see the effect of her curse, but so far, they hadn't met any girls yet.

They were both going to the dorms anyway, so there was no reason to separate from him.

Once there, she left him to go to the female side of the dorms, saying, "I have no interest in your tournament, especially after what you just did." She clearly didn't accept his apology.

Back at her room, she took off her uniform, going straight to the bathtub for a long, warm bath. Her room was a premium one. She paid extra to have the privilege.

She just wanted to forget everything that just happened.
Regina Meredith

When she arrived there, dressed in her usual short coat over micro dress getup, to her displeasure, there were already other people there, wanting a cup of coffee of their own.

First there was Hazel. Thankfully, she already got her coffee so she wouldn't have to line up behind her.

And then, there was Corinne bugging her.

She never liked her much. Too loud and rambunctious for her taste.

So she decided to ignore the two, only giving them a glance before going straight to the coffee machine.

No cream. Great.

I think I'm just going to drink it back at a lab, regulations be damned. I'm not a child who'll spill coffee on highly expensive equipment.
Regina Meredith

Another day, another fallen monster to analyze. And it just had to appear real early in the morning, nicely disturbing her beauty sleep.


She groggily looked at the display in front of them. All complicated, sciency stuff that the average joe wouldn't be able to comprehend. Of course, as a genius, she understood all of it, even in a half-awake state like this.

But her brain still refused to really "turn on", so to speak, which added to her grumpiness.

"I need coffee. Now."

She looked around the lab. No one else was there except for her, naturally, as it hadn't entered official work hours yet for the rest of the lab researchers and staff. She had come here early on her own volition.

"Bah, what a lazy bunch."

She now had to walk to the break room's espresso machine. What a waste of her time.

This was going to be a long day.


"Aaand... done. Now, to wait for the reaction. If it happens, that is."

Elune was in her laboratory, testing a certain theory she had. Something involving the moon's core. She was actually located in her lunar research facility right now.

She was floating above a giant-sized beaker, holding her own normal beakers in her hands. As this was the Moon, she could easily jump upwards and hover downwards, thanks to the low gravity. She could set the facility to be in normal gravity, as it was embedded with gravity stones that would make everything heavier, but the experiment required a low gravity environment.

"Master, please be careful."

From below watching her was her personal assistant, a male homunculus by the name of Tiberius. He looked young, about 15 years old or so. His outfit was that of a butler, though he wore knee-length shorts instead of trousers. He had purple short hair, with the usual red eyes and long ears all homunculi had.

Elune landed in front of him with a smile.

"Oh, you're such a worrywart, Tiberius. Here. Store these at the usual place."

He took the beakers from her.

"I'm finished right now. Time to take a break!"

She did an upwards stretch, relaxing all the muscles of her body.

As Tiberius stored the lab equipments, Elune went to the dining room where there were a group of homonculi servants all ready to serve her. One pulled the chair, one helped her with the napkin, one served the dishes, and there was even one acting as a tableside cook.

Every day she lived lavishly like this. She could eat as much delicious food as she wanted without worrying about her figure, thanks to the food being created through alchemy, designed by her homunculus cooks to never make her fat no matter how much she ate.

Such a lavish life with many servants tend to be only for alchemists, as the cost of ordering a servant homunculus wasn't exactly cheap. Only the most skilled alchemists could create them. Thankfully, Elune was one of them.

As she drank her wine however, a blue light appeared out of nowhere and enveloped her. Before she could do anything, it activated, causing her chair to disappear, making her fall to the ground.

Her servants could only watch in surprise as their master disappeared right in front of their eyes.


A new environment suddenly appeared in front of her. An environment she was entirely unfamiliar with.

"W-what...what just happened?"

She rose up and dusted her dress off. She looked around. In front of her was a strange-looking person-like being while all around her were even more people, looking as disoriented as she was.

"Do not be alarmed, I mean you all no harm," The strange being said with a near heavenly voice. "My name is Praxis, and I welcome you to the Initiative."

"What? Who?" she replied, still flabbergasted.

"Allow me to explain that there are more worlds out there than the universe you know, some of you are aware of that... some of you aren't," the being explained as tendrils came out of her (?) back and carried her down to the floor. It was enough to make her reach to her hairpin, readying herself for defense.

"Ages ago there was an event that threw the balance of the multiverse off and created portals and other such disruptions. The Initiative's goal is to find worthy champions and send them across the multiverse to correct these disruptions. You all have been chosen as the newest team... Team G7."

M-mutiple universes? B-but that's a yet to be proven hypothesis! So it was right all along!

It was all that she focused upon. The rest she was still too shocked to receive to her brain.

"Now, allow me to get across that you all will not be forced to participate in the Initiative, simply chose to and we will return you to your home dimension. But, if you want to participate, ask any and all questions now before we proceed."

"Q-question, please!" She raised her hand immediately. "Is this really a different universe? I-if it is, then may I go around to examine it?"
My character probably would do that since she would want to examine the battle for sure.
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