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Is the rioting and BLM brought up yet?
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Honestly, I don't get the grief given to SAO when there's stuff like Mushoku Tensei where the MC actively lusts for underaged girls. And it's the most popular isekai in Japan.
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Reminder that the Pentagon just confirmed UFOs are real.
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Also, it's kinda annoying going back and forth writing short replies since I got other stuff to do and that just interrupts my rythm.


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Mentions: @PaulHaynek

"Oh, now you're embarrassed with having your underwear seen?" Takeshi sighed.

"N-no! It's not just my underwear!" She yelled with a blush, her ears twitching back and forth. "It's the rest of my body as well! T-this is the first time I'm completely naked like this in front of a guy, you know!" Showing panties is one thing but showing her bare chest is something completely different!

Not that she had any chest to show off.

"Come if you wish, but I can't make any promises of protection if your body gives in to exhaustion, okay?"

She nodded. "I know. Still, I can't ignore the others if they're in danger as well. I'm part of the Taskforce as well and I will fight to the best of my ability."

"B-but, do you mind if I wear your kimono for a while? I-I can't fight without any clothes!"

Thankfully, when they returned, the others had already finished their fight against the humans, with Takeshi landing the killing blow on the last warrior.

Unfortunately, Hinami had gone out of control once again. And there would be no rest for them before they subdued her first.

"Hinami! Wake up!" She yelled, even though she knew full well it wouldn't be that easy to turn her back to normal. She was looking at him and the wererabbit was ready to cast her tornado to immobilize her the moment she lunged towards him.

Only, it never happened. She decided to lunge after Alice instead.

"Watch out!"

Unfortunately, she was far too much away to help Alice with her problem.
Oof, actually made a mistake with Lunatea there. She was supposed to be embarrassed about her naked body, not just her panties.

Oh well, I can fix it on the next post.
Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily
Interactions: @AzureKnight

"No problem," Renee replied, glancing at the magus. "You can keep casting and we'll back you up." She fired another one of her arrows, deleting one more unfortunate abomination with the explosion.

Suddenly, the ground underneath her shook. Terribly. She let out a yelp, quickly balancing herself on the spot by shifting the weight of her body. It was a skill most fey would have from growing up as keeping your balance while navigating through tree tops was something that was absolutely necessary if you didn't want to humiliate yourself by falling off.

Before she could let out a sigh of relief, a giant skeletal hand erupted from the ground. She let out another yelp before gritting her teeth, jumping away from it as she aimed her bow towards it.

And, to her horror, it wasn't just a skeletal hand.

The full set of bones now stood in front of her. It called upon its abhorrent brethren, summoning more and more of the creatures from before.

"Stand back!" Lanus yelled to Renee. "Let me handle the small fries! You focus on taking out the big guy!"

The female fae nodded, a panicked look displayed on her face. She jumped backwards, flashing her panties as her skirt flipped upwards. Lanus' perverted eyes didn't miss the show for he was all too familiar with the many in combat pantyshots she would give, being her partner at all. Still, even as he ogled her, he wasn't distracted in the slightest. One of the creatures tried to ambush him, only to receive an upward slash from his sword that sliced it into two. And he did it without even looking at it.

"Nymph! Don't let them surround us!"

"On it, Master!"

The summoned spirit would then aid the group by creating a defensive line that the abominations couldn't pass. If they did, they would be erased by her water in an instant.

However, it was clear as day that they were slowly but surely being overwhelmed. The wave of abominations wouldn't stop. Not to mention Rose with her wound, a terrible thing to have in a miasma-infested place like this.

”Funny, pretty sure this fucker wasn’t in the report that we received.” Ruecian spat at Rana. ”I-I’m sorry! I swear to you, that thing wasn’t here before. I have no idea what that thing even is!!” She exclaimed.

"Ladies, don't fret!" Lanus flashed them a grin. "We'll make it out of here for sure!"

He knew that this was the exact situation he warned of before they got here. But there was no point in saying "See, I was right!". It wouldn't make their situation any better.

Thankfully, he did have a plan for this. Though it seemed Rue had his own plan on the ready.

"A combined attack. I like it!" He smiled at him. "Rana, need any assistance in healing her?" He switched his glance towards the two. "My Nymph can heal wounds too, you know."

Channeling azure mana around him, Rue began to conjure a shape beside him. The shape then became a large, blue serpent that was larger than the summon that Roze had called forth. ”Mizuchi to me!” He called out. ”Sublimate them.” He coldly said. His summon began blasting a large volley of icy breath at the skeletal beast and its disgusting minions, signaling for the couple to join in. Hopefully, their efforts would be enough to give Rana time to treat Roze’s wounds.

Nymph quickly joined in the assault, firing off high pressure water towards the skeletal beast. It pierced through its minions before hitting the big guy himself.

Renee, on the other hand, fired her arrow on an overhead trajectory, skipping past the minions, landing right on top of the giant skeleton with a loud boom.
I approve that song for Luna. 🤣
Mentions: @PaulHaynek


Lunatea's eyes fluttered open. W-what happened? I beat up all the samurai and then I… blacked out?

These clothes… they're Takeshi's, aren't they?

Her eyes traveled upwards, to the now bare-chested young lord who was now watching over the fogless cemetery. Her ears twitched, listening to the sounds of fighting coming from somewhere else nearby. The others… they're being attacked too!

"Oh, you're awake!" Takeshi glanced back and noticed the Wererabbit was finally conscious. "Lunatea, are you alright? How are you feeling?" He asked as he kneeled over to her.

"I-I'm fine. Just… feeling aches all over my body. That technique really took a lot out of me."

"I-I can come with you. I can still fight," she declared as she slowly stood up. "Oh!" She quickly covered her exposed panties with her hands. "Well, this is… embarrassing…" She blushed, looking up at the young lord.
Mentions: @PaulHaynek

"Haa… haa… haa… haa…"

The moment the samurai were all dead, Lunatea reverted back to her old self. Her panties decided that there was no need for it to turbocharge her strength anymore. As such, it stopped pumping the monsterkin with mana, making her lose all the strength she possessed in an instant.

She panted, kneeling down on the ground, sweat covering her naked light brown skin from top to bottom. Now, it took all her strength just to keep herself from falling unconscious.

However, the moment she looked at Takeshi to answer his question, her vision blacked out.

She fell to the ground, her naked behind fully visible to the young lord.

Another negative of the technique—she would be unconscious after using it as her strength was completely spent.

It seemed the young lord would have to carry her back to the others.
Lunatea's Super Lewd Mode!

Mentions: @PaulHaynek

Wait, that was their plan all along?!

Lunatea glared at the humans, her eyes filled with disbelief, her fists shaking in furious anger.

"How dare you?! You're trying to frame me for his death?! We're here to save you and this is how you repay us?!"

She had enough. They deserve what's coming to them!

She aimed her right middle and index fingers at the nearest samurai. Lightning crackled inside the air around her as she channeled her mana into her fingertips, her dress flipped upwards by the sheer power her magic panties were emitting

"Chain Lightning!"

Thunder burst forth from her fingers, striking the samurai on his chest, knocking him out in an instant. However, her spell didn't stop there. It leapt to the next samurai. And another. And another. Until five of them fell in one swoop.

"You youkai bitch!"

Now realizing the threat the monster girl possessed, some of the samurai switched their attention to her. One man dashed forward with his blade brandished, an attack she barely dodged. Another threw a knife at her, an attack she blocked by her wind magic.

Then, she noticed it at the corner of the eyes—a samurai landing a blow at the young master.

"Takeshi, gyahhh!"

It was the distraction that led to her receiving an arrow right on her back.

She blasted the archer using her wind magic before kneeling down, panting from the wound she just received.

Please, Lady Sylph! I need your blessing right now! Just like that time!

She remembered that one time she triggered a trap in a ruin and ended up fighting against five golems at once. She wouldn't have made it if not for her panties overcharging her strength. Sure, there were drawbacks associated with the magic but it’d be a far better alternative than dying here to these bunch of imbeciles.

Another samurai ran in, swinging his blade in a downwards direction. She reacted by rolling to the side, only for another samurai to use the opportunity to drive his blade down towards her head. She barely blocked it with a wind barrier.

Nonono, not like this!

They got her pinned! And Takeshi’s busy with his own opponents!

“It’s over for you, filthy youkai!”

Right before her wind barrier broke, she was saved.

Not by Takeshi or the others.

But by the explosion of mana caused by her magic panties.

“W-what? What foul sorcery is this?!” One of the samurai said after being knocked away by the explosion.

She stood up, her body enveloped in a harsh windy surge. It was as if she had a miniature tornado surrounding her. Her dress was slowly going away as every second the wind shredded more and more fabric off her body. Not to mention it flipping upwards violently, showing off her panties to everyone present.

It was one of the weaknesses of this “Overdrive” technique of hers. She would end up naked after she used it.

However, considering the power boost it gave…

It was all worth it.

She dashed forward, far faster than the samurai could react. She landed a roundhouse kick right at the man’s chest, sending him flying several feets away, knocking him out. Like a deadly blur, she moved instantly to the man beside him, landing her palm on his chest, stopping his heart as said palm was imbued with electricity.

She glanced at the remaining samurai, her expression as cold as ice.

Death. It was inevitable for them. Even if they tried to escape, she wouldn’t let them. With her inhuman speed, she would simply chase them down and end their lives one by one.

They thought of her as a monster. Now, they got one.
Mentions: @PaulHaynek

Lunatea raised an eyebrow at his reaction. Was that a hint of jealousy she just saw?

When they arrived at the field of flowers, the wererabbit couldn't help but be awed by the beautiful sight. So many flowers… and they're all red like that… Beautiful, yet eerie at the same time…

Lunatea nodded at Takeshi's instruction. She bent over and plucked the flowers, storing them inside the small handbag she carried. As the bag was enchanted with magic, it could carry a lot more than its puny size would suggest.

Little did she realize that by bending over like that instead of crouching down, she was flashing her panties to the young lord everytime his gaze went to her.

Unfortunately, their peaceful gathering didn't last long as soon after they began, a group of warriors arrived.

And to her surprise, even though they looked Shizuyaman, they were hostile to them.

All thanks to her "filthy" youkai presence.

Before she could open her mouth, the young lord already put himself between them.

"No need to protect me," she whispered. "I can handle a few bigoted humans, thank you very much."

When they insinuated that she would betray him, naturally, the wererabbit took offense to it.  "Betray him?!" Lunatea raised her voice so they could hear. "How dare you even suggest that?! I'm no traitor! I don't have anything to gain from betraying him!"

Takeshi, however, responded completely differently. Instead of saying something back, he opted to reach down for his sword instead. Lunatea soon realized that he only did so because the men also put their hands on the handles of their blades.

Before she could say anything, Takeshi already made the first move, slicing the head off one of the men.

Lunatea gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. "W-why? Why did you do that?!" Weren't they on the same side?!

"I don't want to hurt any of you! Stop!"

"He's right! I don't want to hurt any of you either!"

But if it came to a fight then she'd defend herself of course!
Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily
Interactions: @AzureKnight

"Well, if you say so…" Lanus replied, his face still expressing doubt. He glanced at Renee, his eyes telling her to be ready to make a run for it if the monster were to appear. She was nowhere near ready to take on such a foe, at least according to his humble opinion.

After the group departed, it didn't take long until the effect of the miasma started to take toll on them. Renee felt her stomach churn as the detestable yet familiar feeling washed over her. It was the very same feeling she had that terrible day when the miasma took everything she had ever known from her.

"You alright, my dear?" She felt a hand gently perching itself on her shoulder. She looked behind her, finding it to be Lanus' hand.

"I'm fine," she replied, a slight edge coloring her voice. "Just… you know."

"You can never get used to it." He smiled. "It's a horrible feeling that makes you "That terrible feeling… It's a warning to all living beings. For the miasma is antithesis to life itself."

When they arrived at the terrible scene, Renee gritted her teeth. It was the same exact sight she saw all those years ago, with all the rotting vegetation and foliage with no natural life to be seen. She took out her bow, readying herself for the abominations that would surely follow. Lanus did the same, drawing his silver sword from its sheath.

Their caution quickly paid off, as soon after, hideous figures came out from the earth, ambushing the group.

"Come forward, my elegant Nymph!' Lanus yelled.

A torrent of water gushed forth from the barren ground, hitting Renee right from beneath her.

"Kyaaahh!" The fae screamed, pushing her skirt down with her wrists as her hands were busy holding her bow.

"Nymph!" Lanus yelled. "How many times must I tell you not to do that?!"

The water swirled together in mid-air before forming the figure of a beautiful girl, who had her arms folded under her chest, her mouth pouting towards her summoner.

"Hmph! You're still with her! And here I thought you promised to break up with her!"

"I never said that! And this is no time to be talking about that! The enemy's here!"

"Hmph! Chumps like them are no match for the great Nymph!"

The girl snapped her watery fingers, commanding geysers of boiling waters at three of the creatures to burst forth from where they stood. They weren't fast enough to dodge them, resulting in them melting on the spot.

Renee could only send a silent glare towards the girl. Thanks to her, she was now soaking wet from top to bottom.

She knew the spirit was never fond of her and that she had her own desire to make Lanus hers. But she should know better than to do immature pranks like this, especially in the middle of combat!

The fae took an arrow from her quiver, drew her bow, and aimed it towards the creatures closest to Rana. The girl looked like she needed more time to cast her spell, and so, she would give her the time she needed.

"Fly, my little fire bird!"

She fired her arrow and as it flew, it transformed into a little wooden bird, which promptly ignited. It proceeded to pierce through the creatures' body, causing a miniature explosion as it did, obliterating them completely. Four of the creatures were taken out this way.
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