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Current Is the rioting and BLM brought up yet?
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Honestly, I don't get the grief given to SAO when there's stuff like Mushoku Tensei where the MC actively lusts for underaged girls. And it's the most popular isekai in Japan.
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Reminder that the Pentagon just confirmed UFOs are real.
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Also, it's kinda annoying going back and forth writing short replies since I got other stuff to do and that just interrupts my rythm.
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Casual RPs here, I just cruise along whatever the GM has in mind.


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The shrill laugh Lise gave only confused Christine even more. "Stealing me away?" She tilted her head. "But we're both girls, right? So that can't happen." She smiled. "Not to mention that he's my—oops, you're not supposed to mention that, are you?" She giggled.


She let out a yelp when Rurik snatched her off her feet. The man had decided to take the initiative, taking her away from the noble girl before she could react.

Christine's face immediately reddened. Ooh, this is so romantic of him! "D-don't worry! I'm not that great at dancing either! So we can just take it easy, alright!"

Even so, Christine was skilled enough to guide Rurik decently in their dance. With a smile, she swayed her hips to the left and right, not caring in the slightest how her short dress flew upwards every time she did. After all, why would she care about such a trivial thing when she was having the time of her life dancing with Rurik?

I didn’t expect him to be willing to dance with me like this! Usually, he would be too lazy to do something tiresome like this. Then again, him showing up at the party like this is already an unusual occurrence at itself!

As the music picked up, she did a little twirl. She nearly messed it up, but thankfully, she made it unscathed.

“Hehe, this is pretty fun, isn’t it?” She giggled to her boyfriend.
Of course, Christine, being Christine, didn’t really catch on to Rurik's deadpan delivery. And so she responded by clasping her hands and saying, “Hehe! I’m glad you like it! I spent hours designing this dress on my own, you know! Though I wasn’t the one who made it of course. I simply sent the specifications to my personal tailor and she made it for me!”

It was now clear to him that the shortness of her dress was no accident. She was the one who sent the specification for the length after all. Well, that, or she was so clumsy that she miscounted it, leading to the fashion disaster she was currently easier. Well, it’s not exactly a disaster per-say. It might be if you’re a prude who can’t stand a little sight of panties, but to most people, it did exactly what she wanted—to draw attention to her.

“So, Rurik, since we’re here and all, why don’t we have a d—”

“Masked maiden of Rhea, shall we have a dance together?"

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted. By a girl asking her for a dance. She had no idea who this girl could be behind the mask.

“Umm, excuse me?” She turned to face her with a confused expression, tilting her head slightly. “Did you just say that you want a dance with me?” She grew into a smile. “That would be delightful!” She clapped her hands again. “Though I’ll have to ask Rurik first whether or not he wants to dance with me first or later.”

Only after Rurik’s banter with her that she realized it was Lise, the person who had set up the ball in the first place.

“H-hey, don’t fight! I’ll dance with both of you! Don’t worry!”
Guess I'll wait until Rurik's response.
At first, Christine didn't recognize Bak and Rurik in the crowd. She was still too preoccupied with her immediate surroundings. As people took notice of her outfit, they started commenting on how revealing it was, which made her feel just a tad self-conscious.

I-it's fine. I'm wearing a mask after all. Not to mention that they're my Confidence Panties.

Confidence Panties was a term Christine gave to a pair of old black panties she had worn over the years. She had grown so attached to it that whenever she wore it, she would feel a boost in her confidence. Of course, it was all placebo, but it worked nonetheless, allowing her to be a little bit more daring on this occasion.

Still, she pulled the hem of her dress. Now they covered her undergarments just barely, but the moment she released it, the slight hint of black was revealed once again.

You know, come to think of it, I haven’t seen the others. Would Bak be here? Or Rurik?

“Sis, I’m going to go look for my friends for a bit,” she told Kath, before finally separating from her.

Due to that realization, she started to wander around the ballroom, attracting more glances and gasps as people noticed the scandalous shortness of her dress. Eventually however, she bumped to Bak and Rurik. She didn't recognize Bak right away, but Rurik? As his girlfriend, there was no escape.

"Rurik! You're Rurik, right?" She clapped her hands together with a big smile on her face. "I'm Christine! So, what do you think? Is my costume eye-catching enough? It's a custom order dress, you know!" She then did a little twirl, and in the process, exposing her black panties fully. They were clearly two sizes too small for her measurements.

"Kath is here too, by the way!" She continued. "And she has made full recovery!"
“Oh my!” Christine exclaimed with sparkling eyes and clasped hands as she stood watching the fireworks explode in a cacophony of colors and sparks that danced across the sky. She had expected the event to be run in a more, well, subdued manner. But it seemed their host had decided to run away in the other direction instead.

She wouldn’t complain though. For her, who always preferred excitement over the mundane, this was certainly the better option.

“Isn’t this so wonderful, Sis?” She turned to ask her twin with a big smile on her face. “It’s like when you go all out with your flames! They’re really pretty and impressive, you know!”

Whether Katherine would agree with her or not, it didn’t matter. To the ice princess, it was already settled in her mind that this was the best party she had ever attended in her entire life.

Speaking of being an ice princess, following the idea of her sister, she had dressed with the opposing element in mind. Fire, to be exact. She was dressed almost like a phoenix, with a deep crimson red dress under a small red fur coat, complete with trailing fabrics that gave the impression of wings. She also wore a ruby crown on her head while carrying a similar-colored crimson staff with her. And of course, her mask had the head of a phoenix protruding upwards.

She went all out with this costume. This could be considered Kath's return party after all.

And, as usual for her, the dress' length was awfully scandalous. In fact, if one were to measure the length, it was just slightly shorter than her butt, meaning, not only it hugged her bottom nicely, it showed off a glimpse of her black panties even when she was standing.

Thanks to that, as well as her beauty and the lavishness of her outfit, she immediately drew the attention of the room the moment she entered, just like her sister wanted them to.

“Okay, Sis! I’ll try!” she replied to her with another smile. What an odd thing to use as a comparison though… Unlike Lise however, she didn’t really know how she was supposed to make an impressive entrance. So she just simply walked into the room while staying close to her sister, feeling somewhat afraid of being separated from her by the crowd. She tried to reassure herself that she simply was just concerned about her sister, but we all know the truth.

“Miss? A drink?”

Suddenly, she was snapped out of her wandering mind by one of the servant maids in the room. With the utmost elegance, she had been carrying a tray of wine glasses on her left hand like it was nothing.

“Ah, yes please,” was her answer. She suddenly felt the familiar sensation of thirst on her throat, and what better way to quench it with the clear wine the maid was offering.

With her free hand, the maid took one glass and gave it to her. It was a tall and thin glass, with the actual part where the liquid was stored being small in volume. She took a sip of it, before telling Kath that she should try it out as well as the drink was delicious to her tongue.
Wow, I thought this is dead. Haven't been around in the site for months.

Hopefully, I'll be able to respond for Christine.
Slowing down massively
Might as well make a World Legacy RP.
"I-I suppose so..." Christine answered. Now that Kath put it that way, she was beginning to question her policy on boys looking up her coat. Maybe she should be stricter in that department.

But I don't want to blame anyone for having perverted accidents if they don't really mean for it...

"W-well, i-if it's Rurik, t-then maybe... W-wait, no! That would only make it worse!" She covered her face with her hands, blushing furiously. "S-stupid Kath, stop asking perverted questions like that!" She pouted.

Even though she might (or might not) be a perverted exhibitionist, she was still as innocent as Bak if it's perverted stuff involving boys.

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