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4 hrs ago
Current Starting to think I should try writing some original fiction on my own. Dunno where to post them though.
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13 hrs ago
That money goes to new, aspiring stuff that could become cash cows in the future.
13 hrs ago
Learning about corporate strategies makes me realize why long running popular franchises tend to become stale. Companies should only spend resources to maintain cash cows, not to improve them.
1 day ago
So apparently the new Star Trek is full of forced references to current politics. Joy.
3 days ago
Reading actual Victorian era porn is certainly an... experience. Best way to learn how to write period-appropriate smut though.


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FilthyWeeb 3 days ago
So where would one find this Victorian-era pron? For academic purposes.
PsyBlade 8 days ago
KatherinWinter 15 days ago
I know what you. I gave up group RPs for a year because I was tired of trying to build stories and seeing them die because people lost interest.
Angel Vicky 15 days ago
I feel your pain. :( It happens a lot to all of us. It's a shame because you're a damn good writer so it's their loss!
Spambot 15 days ago
I've long shifted to worldbuilding and the like altogether, but when I was doing more roleplay (here in particular) it was pretty standard to just bake the story that would never be and its characters into some subset of my lore, with adjustments. No waste if it's reused material for a greater good.
Idea 16 days ago
Response to your status: many.
AlternateMan 21 days ago
The Alty Man is here
With anger

TheFake 2 yrs ago
It's to the point now where I'm disappointed if you don't 'like' one of my posts
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