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Visiting the crime scene was something that he, as a bodyguard, was personally against. If his mistress had been taking this less seriously he might have suggested that she stay at home with Saturday while he made his own investigation.

So he held his tongue and straightened his posture and moved closer to the door. A thought crossed his mind after mulling over one of Grains earlier remarks.

"Could the killer be attempting some sort of divination of their own with the organs? I think there's little else we could discover through discussion, let's be on our way.

Saint leaned against the wall just inside the door, arms crossed as he stared around the room. Someone unfamiliar with him might confuse his constant focus with a brooding personality.

“I spoke with a friend on the police force, though they know depressingly little about what’s going on.”

He pulled out his phone to reference some notes.

“What he could confirm is that aside from the missing organs, none of the victims had any external injuries. Indeed, until the autopsies they didn’t even have a cause of death. None of the missing organs have turned up either.”

The bodyguard slipped his phone back into his pocket.

“This seems to point to a very high degree of precision in the magic used to remove the organs as well as some motive having to do with them. The police seem to be favouring some sort of satanic motive.”

He didn’t give this last part any intonation to show what he thought of that, but he glanced at Arinne very slightly raised an eyebrow.

Here's mine.

@TheFake: Demon children are complicated, because they're both pretty rare and always demons.

That was the plan. They converted to Christianity and do the work of an exorcist as penance for their heritage, seeing themselves as an abomination.
I think I have an idea for this if I can maker it work in a way that makes me happy. How does a child of a demon serving as a church Exorcist sound?

Either that or I'll use an old idea.

When the attack was sounded Indrau made little better than a fast walking pace. He wasn't a front line fighter by any means but neither were their opponents. Against a professional army he would have sat out the fight. Fighting simple bandits let him treat each opponent as a duel, defeating them before another could come to complicate things.

Most of them lasted a just a couple of moves before he landed a crippling or lethal blow. Some exemplars among them lasted half a dozen before being cut down. He paced himself to keep abreast of the front line and stop himself from getting cut off.

He watched with horror as the tree came down, powerless to do anything. He redoubled his efforts in fighting the bandits, taking more risks and using his bracers to parry as well as his blade.
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