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Indrau glanced over his shoulder at the altercation and shrugged. "She may be but I admire her restraint." He lowered his voice a fraction. "Had I been in her position and vexed so, I might have called the man out and shown either his cowardice or his blood to the world."

He turned to face the front of the room as the princess was announced. Indrau tossed back the last mouthful of the drink, slightly disappointed by the small size of the glass before placing it onto a table for a servant to collect.

"I suppose I should put in my appearance sooner instead of later."

He glanced towards the princess again and reached into his shirt, pulling out a Mayonite symbol on a fine silver chain. It matched well with his blue and white outfit. He switched his cane into his left hand, anticipating the need to shake hands and started off in that direction.


Rook absentmindedly pulled a deck of cards from his pocket, shuffling through the pack. Two of them he tucked back into his pocket and the rest he pulled out one by one and snapped in half. Lord of Red, White King, Queen in Chains, Castle of Four Waters... and many others, none of which he would be needing again.

He felt slightly bad for the scaled girl, she seemed to be putting in a lot of effort here. He watched her as he snapped the rest of the useless cards and dropped them around his feet. He laid and hand on the pommel of his sheathed sword and inclined his head.

"A challenge? I accept, if only for the sake of demonstration."

Indrau dismounted from his carriage, his brow creasing at his left leg took his weight alone on the step for a moment. His formal attire matched a dark shirt and trousers with a long white and blue leather coat cut similarly to what he wore the day before, but lacking the metal plates and chain to armour it. Instead it was lined with blue silk. His eye patch was similarly replaced with a lion embossed black leather version.

He tightened his grip on his cane, leaning on the ivory and rosewood walking stick that hid a three foot blade of pattern welded steel. Despite the request that the knights come armed, he couldn't justify carrying a sword as long as Silence in a possibly crowded room. Instead he carried the cane sword, which while smaller was no less formidable and equally endowed.

He was only slightly late as he made his way into the castle, pausing slightly as her was announced. The iron shod cap of his cane tapped out his pace on the floor. He looked about for the captain, confidently waving a servant over for a drink.

He turned to glance at a dragonlike girl who had emerge from a bush only to summarily fall on her face. He was about to restate his question in a more pointed manner to her when his attention was stolen from the appallingly clumsy girl.

He turned to see the most doomed attempt to look down on someone from such a low height he had ever seen. He had his fair share of dealing with nobles and heads of state, many of them paying him to wage war on the lands of other nobles and states. With this one he had great difficulty in not asking her where her parents were, despite the fact that she had dropped out of the sky along with him and the others.

In fact, the difficulty was so great that he failed. Rook got down on one knee, bringing himself more at a height with the girl. "Hi, are you lost? Where are your parents?"


Indrau stood watching the maids interactions with eachother for a moment before straightening and grabbing his cane. Instead of approaching to help, which usually leads to tears from the blue haired girl, he took a couple of steps to the door that Alaree had just exited through and slid his cane through the handle, effectively locking her inside.

He glanced back to the other two maids and smiled.


It wasn't the first time he'd fallen. He had been thrown from fortress walls, cliffs, and once from a waterfall. This was his first time falling from such an extreme height however, but he treated it just the same by drawing his blade and calling forth his armour of ice and encasing himself in ever increasing layers to hopefully protect him from the approaching ground.

Suddenly his entire view was filled with scales, too smooth for a dragon and brilliantly white. As he fell the extreme cold of his armour condensed the air around him, leaving a trail of mist to mark his descent. And then the wall of scales suddenly stopped and he bounced off of it, tumbling to the ground.

He climbed to his feet, wreathed in fog as his armour of ice sublimated away.

"I hope that wasn't intentional!"
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