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Indrau had elected to stay at the palace to watch over the princess, along with Captain Balsung and his Crown Knights. He was growing to like the old mans no-nonsense approach. They had moved the princess to an inner room with only a single door offering the only approach that a potential assassin might use. He stood just behind where the door would open, sword drawn with it's tip resting on the floor to nullify any potential magical attack.

He doubted a necromancer and some mercenaries would provide much difficulty to his colleagues, even as ill prepared as they might be. A thought struck him, remembering that the knights were requested to arrive with their weapons. Perhaps the party wasn't merely what it appeared on the surface.

"I am hoping that the assassins hideout in the Cal mausoleum is merely a coincidence." He turned to the Crown Knight's Captain. "Has the Crown heard any rumors of Phoran Cal's associates reappearing?"

There was a thump from the doorway of Ifrit's shop. A tall Demon ducked even more as he entered, standing head and shoulders above the rest of the room.He grunted and muttered under his breath. "Why are these lesser races always so short..."

Ignacio looked around as he straightened up, looking around the shop. "Ifrit! I was wondering if you had any odd materials leftover. My current project is at a bit of a standstill so I'm looking for some fresh ideas."

That project, the production of magic homing bullets, was proving to be more problematic than he expected. Either there was an alchemical material he had yet to discover or a he required the help of a mage of some sort. Something to distract him might give him some new insight to the problem.

Yuki looked uncomfortable standing outside of the hospital. Her ears twitched fitfully under her hood and it was obvious that she didn't want to be here. THey could have met the girl at school or at home. Why did it have to be at a hospital, why this hospital?

She cast a disapproving look at Kaori in the nurses uniform. Well, it looked less to Yuki like a uniform and more like a costume that catered to certain tastes. With any luck perhaps they would never have to meet outside of a police station... or a school.

Maybe Yuki could arrest her for public indecency?

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Shir made a more conservative bet, still slowly wrapping her head around the difference in card ranking with this version of the game. Maybe later in the evening she could simply win some money off of the pair. Her elbows rested on the table as she relaxed her posture.

"And what kind of quests do you two usually partake in? I personally try to stick to those that take me out at night, crypts and undead are also likely options."

Her shadow walked around to the other side of the table, making a show of glancing at the cards held by Liliane. Even if she couldn't see what they were, the knife fighters reaction could be very telling.

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His sword sang as it sprang from it's sheath, moving instantly to a guard position. The immediate threat was taken care of but there was still the possibility of additional assailants. THe tip ofd the weapon wandered, lingering momentarilly on one guest or another as he sized them up.

"Stay vigilant!"

He kept his guard up and moved closer to the captain. Indrau paid little attention to the already subdued assassin outside of the breifest of glances. This one, at least, was no longer a threat. His eyes scanned the room carefuly.

"Should we move the princess to another room? We don't know if there are other assassins."
Name: Fukuyama Yuki (Fuyuko)
Age: 212
Gender: Female
Race: Kitsune

Her true self takes the form of a light grey, verging on white arctic fox. She can hide her ears and tail in her human form but it becomes uncomfortable after some time.
Fuyuko has been unfortunately influenced by too much time spent watching American crime dramas. The result is that she is crude, sarcastic, and has a dark sense of humor. Even having her attitude skewed in such a way she takes her job seriously. Yuki is driven by a need to fulfill a promise to help people wherever she can. Even though she is old by humans standards, from a foxes point of view she is still younger than many and quite naive but very honest. Yuki can slip into a melancholic mood if a remark stirs the wrong memory.
Yuki retains the standard set of Kitsune powers, first among those is the ability to shapeshift between human and fox forms, even taking the form of another human for a time. She can also conjure foxfire and create illusions like the one that disguises the abandoned house that she calls home.
Despite her lax attitude, Yuki is a very skilled investigator. Her kitsune nature means that she has a very high intelligence. Yuki excels at police procedures and crime solving. She caught on quickly to most human technologies like cell phones and the internet. Unfortunately driving is still beyond her grasp.
Nothing but her skills, personality and authority.
Brief Backstory:
As many tales go a person out late at night encountered a beautiful woman out late at night, fell in love and married them. The human in this case was a young police officer, Fukuyama Yuki, who fell in love with the fox spirit Fuyuko. They lived happily and soon the police officer was made a detective, enjoying a successful career and a happy marriage.

The story diverges from the tradition here, however. The kitsune stayed with her lover for years until the human grew ill and no wisdom of the fox could save her. The fox confessed her identity at the side of her lovers deathbed and made a promise to help people where she could and uphold the law.

Taking her beloved's name and appearance, the fox took over her lovers life where it was cut short. Fuyuko, under the guise of Fukuyama Yuki continued to uphold the laws of man and help out wherever she could.

all done!

"I am Shir Anders, summoner of shadows and Four of Wands."

Shir shrugged as Roan left. He hadn't been terribly interested in a game with him or in taking on a quest. She eyed the cards on the table.

"Tarot?" Shir tapped her finger on the table. "And a Ithillin styled deck, isn't it more common to play with three? We use a slightly different set of rules and even a different deck in Thaln. You may have me at a disadvantage."

Shir picked up her hand and examined the cards. She rearranged them slightly.

"Have you two found any of the posted requests to be to your liking?"

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