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Vs Naoko

Sonya spun and dove to the side, lashing out with the articulated metal tail as she shouted. Not in surprise or in fear, but in rage.

“Rage of Angels!”

Arcs of destructive energy burst out of her body at intersecting angles, tearing at the street and buildings around them. Sonya hit the ground and rolled, bouncing back to her feet with another flick of the tail. Sonya aimed her weapon again and gave Naoko a grim smile.

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Just going to drop this in here.

Just going to drop this in here.

this looks like fun.
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Coastal, less philosophy, medium action, medium investigation.

— Sapporo —

Ben followed along at a discrete distance, not being inclined to introduce himself to the pair that had been fighting so recently. With the deepening snow he tapped Serc, calling up a wind that brushed the snow from their path.

“We should work quickly to resolve things.”

He stopped in the lobby, watching Fran curiously. The mage channeled a half dozen other warrens, looking around warilly. He sighed as the girl smashed down the door and frowned at her. He backed up out through the front door, looking upwards to the top of the tower. There was some sort of upper level up there. He ducked back for a second.

“The other two are already inside. Let’s start at the top.”

He held out his hand in invitation.

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The aim of the axe shifted slightly and a more tightly focused beam intercepted the rock, blasting it apart into a cloud of dust. Sonya followed up with another blast in the same direction, doubting it would hit unless her opponent was careless. If anything it might take the unconscious girl out of the fight for good instead.

No need to go easy on her then. But there was still no need to go all out. Not yet anyway. Even a defeated girl could tell others what went on. Sonya ran away from the edge and dropped down behind the building. She let loose another beam that cut through the structure, diffuse enough to blast the front wall out in a hail of shrapnel-like debris.

She continued to move back, attacking with additional destructive beams to make her opponent keep her distance.

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