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See, Narcissa solves the problem by just making sure all the bandits she fights are dead, or otherwise corrects that issue.

Save the magistrates the cost of a trial.

Indrau rode along with the lead knights, a grim look on his face. He had a special, deeply rooted hatred for bandits. There would be no mercy from those that exploit those weaker than them, no matter the excuse. Strength of arms should be used in a virtuous manner and if he had his way the knights would express their strength most virtuously by charging straight down the bandits throats.

But all of this talk of scouting bothered him. They would be dismounting to go on foot anyway and sending a smaller scouting force would be just asking for the knights involved to get rolled up in an ambush if there was one. Better to forge ahead in force and strike all at once with overwhelming numbers.

They came upon the wagon and they were already well past the point when cavalry stopped being a help so he was already dismounting when the Captain sounded the call to arms.

Indrau didn’t rush in, but strode purposefully forward with the point of his blade leading the way and a slender, steel clad walking stick aiding his steps. The slow advance gave the bandits time to raise their weapons against him but this didn’t grant them any special advantage. Even before his injuries He was a gifted fencer and now he was only better. Indrau batted aside the first sword he came up against and disemboweled his target with the backstroke.

He made his way to where Tyeathe was, not quite agreeing with her priorities in first aiding the farmer but not quite as disapproving as Elodie had been either. Peasants turned into bandits were little more than a momentary resistance to the knights. Doubtlessly there would be a harder force holding the main camp. Along the way he downed a handful of others, none lasting more than a couple of swings before he landed either a mortal blow or a crippling wound.

"This felt like only a token force. I foresee more hardened opposition in the main camp. Perhaps some deserters as well."

His expression made it plain to see that this last part was distasteful to even consider.

“Edison Wright, and I’m here now so I guess you’re stuck with me. I don’t think it will ever hurt to have another experienced rift diver on board anyway..”

He ran his hands down the front of the vest, ensuring everything was secured in place. Out of the much depleted bag he loaded the weapon with a handful of shells and racked one into the chamber. The empty bag went over a shoulder, ready for any loot he may find.

Outside again he adjusted his body to keep more blood flowing through his extremities, keeping them warm without the need of any extra clothing. He looked up at the castle with a genuine smile. All he could think about was telling his daughter about iot. He had heard that she was obsessed with being a princess right now.

“How stereotypical. I love it.”

Inside he took the position just behind Marxion. In his experience an ambush usually let the point man past and took the second down first, splitting the formation. But that was in the mountains and streets of the middle east and enemies in the Rifts didn’t have to play by human rules.


Somehow, though some inhuman force of will Sonya managed to drag herself out of bed and go to school. The fight itself had lasted until they had both mutually decided to leave. The end result was that she was exhausted but managed to stay awake through her morning classes.

She hadn’t thought to check her phone until lunch time.

***Private Message TO User:[MEGA_GENIUS]
FROM User:[Destroyer]***

Caught up to them but neither of us had an edge over the other. They girl with the club was tougher than I expected a coward like that to be. Watch your back.


Maybe she should check into the infirmary… or better yet, just go home. But she didn’t want to miss any classes and she knew that to sleeping through lunch was a terrible idea. Half dazed, she wandered up to the roof, certain that a few minutes after she finished eating couldn’t possibly hurt.

Sitting in the shade, she checked her phone again and saw a new user name asnd opened a private message with them.

Hoshino? This is Sonya. Hope you made it home alright. I’m on the roof if you wanted to chat in person.

I still need to post, sorry for the hiatus

Saint had been leaning against the wall with his typical crossed arms posture. He was only a handful of paces from his master. He was in motion as soon as his senses picked up the movement of metal nearby that didn’t belong to any of the group. It only took a heartbeat to move the distance, placing himself between Arinne and the nearest assailant with his weapons drawn.

He almost laughed, but that would have been terribly unprofessional of him so he set his face in a calmly reserved expression instead. Metal weapons were once easily dealt with matter but these should pose little enough of a threat. Saint calmly slid his daggers back into their sheaths, rolled up his sleeves, and then went on the attack.

He took several strides forward and caught a blow with his bare hand. The blade struck sparks off of the suddenly metallic skin and grasped it, fingers sinking into the metal to hold it hirm. With his other hand he punched through torso of the doll, shattering the suddenly brittle material like glass. He struck something suddenly more yielding inside and his fist came out the other side covered in gore.

The rest of the automaton shattered as well into minuscule pieces.

@Rin@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze

Mostly the same as before.

Mostly the same as before.

Edison had been quiet throughout the conversations at the lodge, listening more than anything to discussions about powers and reasons for being there. They seemed to have a good mix and he could see himself working well with them. More or less. The spoiled rich girl might soon get on his nerves and the man with the appalling dental accessories seemed to lack any sort of subtlety.

Their abilities gave him some ideas and he was about to open his mouth to speak when the atmosphere in the room changed suddenly. He stood and shouldered a bag, lifting it easily even though it could have weighed seventy or eighty pounds with all of his combat gear. The other would be taken care of by his two guards and held safely for his return.

As people started moving he mirrored Marxion’s approach, shouldering people out of the way on the way to the exit. At the vehicle he threw his bag inside and climbed in, locking the other door and blocking the remaining one with his body. He pushed people out of the way except for those he had been sitting with. A lighter machine would be quicker and more people for the others would slow them even more.

Once their vehicle set off he unzipped the bag, pulling out pieces of gear and putting them on over his suit. There was a lightweight tactical vest that he added extra ammunition pouches to and a backpack. He put a tactical shotgun on a sling that attached to the shoulder straps of his vest.

“I guess I never got to mention my own ability. I can modify my own physiology at will. I hope we can all be able to work well together.”


Edison strolled into the lobby trailed by his two ‘babysitters’ in their black suits similar to his. At least they didn’t put him in an orange jumpsuit and walk him out in cuffs and ankle shackles any more. Not being shepherded in by armed guards like a reject from Suicide Squad made him look a lot more respectable, though by now mostly everyone who regularly worked with Rifts knew who he was.

"Hey Dave, this is a bit nicer than we usually get, isn't it?"

The man at his right shoulder nodded and looked around at the other groups around the room. "It is. I doubt there was much choice this far out of the way."

"Maybe we'll get a cabin since there's three of us with my gear."

"That would be nice."

Flanked by the guards who had been practically attached to him at the hip for the last several years, Edison walked over to some seating that already had a couple of chairs occupied and set down the pair of duffel bags he was carrying. Edison dropped down into a chair, crossing his legs in a way that lifted one pant leg and revealed the ankle monitor beneath one of them. The company was taking care of travel and accommodations so one of the two men with him would be taking care of everything.

He turned to the guard on his left and spoke softly, but loud enough for those nearby to overhear. “Do we have assigned groups or are we finding our own like last month in New Mexico?”

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