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It wasn't hard to spot her targets and she landed lightly on a rooftop adjuvant to theirs. Sonya wanted no time with pointless banter and raised the Key to drive it into the rooftop. A wave of darkness crashed outwards to draw the trio into an apocalyptic city, inside the Gate of Abaddon.

Ash fell like snow from a roiled grey sky and red lightning lit the clouds from inside. It was cold enough for their breaths to condense in the air and silent aside from the muted rumbles above. The city mirrored the real world, but every building was damaged in some cataclysmic conflict and rubble was strewn across the streets.

Sonya leveled Apollyon at the pair, smiling down the length of the oversized axe towards them. “I don't suppose you want to surrender?


— Sapporo —

“I usually have friends to swing the swords for me, but even they would not fight a stranger they had just met.”

That was true, though Kallam would have no compunctions about sticking a knife in a stranger's back being the assassin that he was. He and Ben had worked well together from the very start. It would be nice to find someone to do the neccessary dirty work so that the mage could focus on more cerebral pursuits.

He looked at the girl thoughtfully. On first glance she didn't seem to be a fight, but he knew well that looms were very often deceiving. Sometimes intentionally so. Ben suppressed a shudder at the thought of the Bridgeburners’s last recruit.

“I intend to follow and see where his path takes us. At there very least we could make the weather milder.”

@Crusader Lord@VitaVitaAR@PKMNB0Y

Jared Kincaid

— Akihabara —

He dropped the empty magazine from the pistol and calmly reloaded with a spare from behind his back. Kincaid picked up the empty after a cautious look around and then holstered both it and the sidearm.

Then this gas went from strange to worse. Worse in that all of the destruction caused in the fight disappeared after the girl picked up the crystal left over from whatever had been killing people.

Worse again was that it wasn't going to be so easy to slip away. As if he had ever expected to be able to. A gun toting westerner would certainly stand out and people would doubtlessly remember him.

With nothing better to do than wait to get arrested when the police showed up, kincaid strolled over to the strange girl.

“I'm hoping you have a better idea of what's going on than I do.”


She smiled and nodded her head in thanks. Those two? One had a spear and the other had a… mace? No, it was a club. That made sense to gang up on someone but they made a mistake when they involved the mad scientist girl with her pet monster. The addition of the new girl must have certainly tilted the scales against the attacking pair. Sonya had heard rumors of them but had met few firsthand. Her own abilities by their very nature didn't give much opportunity to meet other magical girls.

“Got it, this should be a good warmup for everything.”

Sonya jumped up onto a rooftop, landing lightly on her feet. She turned and gave a wave.

“And be nice to the new girl. I might get upset if you let anything happen to her.”

The second half of that was delivered with a cold certainty entirely unlike the cheerfully confident Sonya that had carried the rest of the conversation. Then she jumped away, swiftly traversing rooftops in pursuit of her quarry. If they had a reputation for ambush then it became more likely that Hanako might become a target.

“Hoshino? I think you’re in the year below mine. I’m Sonya.”

Her grip on the Key tightened slightly but she retained the confident posture and expression. Is the real world she would be at a slight disadvantage against just one of them. The potential for collateral damage there would seriously limit how much firepower should could throw around.

“I was actually looking for a friend but came across you guys instead. Who were you fighting anyway?”

She was honestly worried about Hanako at this point, especially if there was a pair low enough to attack a brand new magical girl prowling around.

“And which way did they go? You look winded but I should be able to finish them off.”


— Old Falthier —

He hadn’t managed to entirely block her from channeling any spells but Tyeathe’s blow had managed to crack the shield. If he could weaken it a little bit more she might be able to get through to the witch. Indrau lunged as far as he could, driving the point of the blade into the center of the cracked portion of the shield.

Kaede came to standing in a room that only looked vaguely familiar in the most basic sense. And that is what made the least sense. The room that she found herself in was an exact replica of the bedroom in the house she had constructed herself in Emerald Odyssey, which was of course impossible.

The second thing she noticed was the weighty helmet on her head and the weight of armour on her shoulders. A look down revealed the armour of Blood knight Kallahar, her avatar in that same game that she had spent a possibly unwise amount of money buying cosmetic items for to get just right. Also impossible.

The third, and most alarming thing that she noticed was the door to the bedroom being smashed in by a familiar looking man in shining steel armour wielding a longsword that he was pulling from the wreckage of the door.

“Murderess Kallahar, this time I will have your head!”

Shit. She forgot that she had left the NPC idle in the outer room. It was also unfortunate that the bio she had set for him had made them very antagonistic towards her. That he was currently trying to kill her made this the most alarming impossible thing to be happening so far. Kaede reached for her revolver on her hip, instead finding the grip of Kallahar’s longsword.

“There will be no escape from the righteous justice that you deserve!”

She held up the sword to fend off his attack, somehow strong enough to handle its weight. The blows fell, driving her to one knee. Kaede rolled to the side as the next came down towards her, embedding the paladins sword into the floor. She rose, looked over her shoulder, and turned to dive out of the nearest window.

— Sapporo —

He watched the two combattants with a skeptical eye. The pair didn’t seem to have any interest at all in him or his the girl with him. Whatever he had used didn’t feel like any magic he knew of, and even if the ice was Omtose Phellack, no humans should have access to that. Regardless of the source, the mage was loathe to be close to such unknown magic. Quick Ben started to follow the stranger but stopped at one of the trees in the park to break off a small branch.

He took the stick and muttered under his breath as he stripped it. Imbued with a small bit of Meanas, it left visible trail of shadow that hung in the air like a strangely heavy smoke. He handed it to the girl with a bit of a smile.

“It’s not a permanent solution by any means, but I saw that you could write”

Jared Kincaid

— Akihabara —

The mercenary had rolled out of the car before the last car had finished settling after the collision.

“Fuck me.”

He drew his pistol and looked around to gauge how things stood. The enemy was wounded and the girl was pushing the offensive. Kincaid moved to give himself more distance, watching the tendrils that the girl seemed to be unleashing. He adjusted his aim slightly and began to fire in a steady but quick cadence, putting some rounds into where the swordswoman was and several others where she might end up if she decided to doge the attack instead of just blocking it.

not so much, he was jusut an NPC she made because she was bored and could do so
Finished a quick bio for my NPC

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