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— Border —

Indrau rode near the front of the column, his left leg hanging loose from the stirrup and with an unpleasant look upon his face. he'd only just returned from his solo investigation before being pulled away on a pair of extra expeditions.

He was unhappy.

It wasn't the weather, the food or the lack of sleep. Indrau hurt. The knight had taken a long time to finally get the knack for escaping from a fight unharmed and a hundred minor and major injuries had taken their toll.

Not only this but now he had his adopted sister to deal with. This was an issue that he was doing his best to ignore for the time being.

— Border —

With no horse large enough for her, she walked. It wasn't an issue and it wasn't difficult for her to keep up. Salz had walked from the Indrau estate and now she at least had others to travel with.

Though the one that she had come for, the reason she had joined the knights, was ignoring her.

Here we go.

— Italian Resturaunt —

She never even got a chance to answer before someone else who was very surely a magical girl walked in. Shizuri averted her eyes and they fell upon the girl from earlier who had run into her. She looked down at the table top.

And Shizuri had thought that being singled out by Risa had been bad. Things were rapidly getting worse and there seemed to be no clear avenue of escape. It wasn't as if she could simple leave, not after having already ordered. The only choice lay in simply weathering the mess that things had become.

— Mages College —

"I just don't trust the college to not have something to do with all of this. If not all then at least some of them."

He followed her out to the main gates.

"Maybe, in my own way, I was hoping that a couple of knights poking around would force somebodies hand. A spooked conspirator would be that much easier to find."

— Candaeln —

Salz found the presence of the rope in the cart a little bit odd. But she had other things on her mind and the lack of any bodies or blood anywhere helped to ease her mind. As things were, there was little she could do, not knowing the city. All she could do was return to Candaeln and wait. At least she had finally reached Candaeln to join her adoptive brother.

— Mages College —

The knight straightened up his posture with the help of his cane.

"Not following you. I trust these mages about as far as I could kick their asses. I'm here to check out that skeleton that was brought in."

He didn't trust the mages in any other capacity either but Tyeathe was already seeing to the other main point of interest. His own, private thoughts were of a more sinister nature. When Tiral had explained the nature of the shard he had mentioned that the barriers around it had been eroded suddenly, even though the shard had been held for decades. It sounded like sabotage.

"If anything unfortunate were to happen it would be nice to be on hand."

@Raineh Daze


Ren caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and turned without a break. The pink clad Emiri had sent anhe unfortunately large student sailing across the courtyard.

And even before the dust from that confrontation had ended it looked like an actual fight was breaking out. Ren dropped the remains of the sandwich into his bag and took out his phone, opening the camera app as he kicked off towards the impending battle. Maybe this time he would be able to get something usable.

— Modern Fantasy, School —

"Tamas. Field... Inspector Tamas."

That was almost a slip up. At least he hoped that his confident tone would be convincing enough.

"I would appreciate it if you came to me with anything you might find. I don't think that it would be too had, I'm afraid that I stand out a bit. So who is this friend that might know something about the Drexler Institute? I'd like to speak to them if possible."


— Italian Resturaunt —

Shizuri looked at her water glass for a few moments.

"It's the first I've heard of this girl here or anywhere else. Is she new? There's not a lot of Magical Girls out there that I haven't heard of. The chances that a new girl would show up for the first time in an area that wasn't her own sound pretty slim to me."

She ignored the soft, pulsed vibration of her phone in her pocket with a carefully neutral expression. The two that would mean it was a message for Kuroe. At least the reply was somewhat expected.

— Hollow Space —

All at once she took a couple of steps forward and cuffed Keita on the back of the head.

"Nobody goes to jail for a little shoplifting."

Haruko paused for a second, thinking.

"If you get arrested they might kick you out of school though. Then you'd have all the time you need to sort this out."

She mulled over the other things that were said. There was no telling what form these powers might take or what kind of opposition they might have to face.

"So is this an all or nothing deal? I can't see you bringing all of us here if only a few will do."
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