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Kiyohime has quite a few interesting comics about her huh.
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Jhoira of the Ghitu Reprint... Hell yea!
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testing YGOPRO 2.
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When your bored but don't really know why.


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Meren, The Shieldmaiden

Meren was still in her own protective corner observing the situation, trying to calm it down when... This dumb assassin player walks right out into the clearing and messes up anything she could have even done to calm down the situation. Sure, tell them to fight. She was trying to advocate a peaceful solution... even though she had accidently crashed into the presumed victim of the attack. Something she would have to apologise for once this situation calmed down.

She hoisted up her shield about to go back into to block both shields from fighting and- She was prevented by the scythe wielding Assassin. Who the hell did he think he was? Meren was scowled at him with a large look of disappointment as a fight unfolded in front of her. She wasn't powerless to stop it but she couldn't prove anything by smashing the Assassin out of the way. This was a complete and utter bother. It was only a few more moments before an outcome had been reached, the likely one. The guardian was obliterated into a shower of blueish golden particles. Another person forced to reincarnate at the Cathedral because people just couldn't see sense.

At least the Kannagi was smart to run away before Matsuko stabbed him in the face and speaking of Matsuko, once the fight had ended Meren had casually brushed the Assassin aside so she could walk over. Its not like he could do anything threatening to her right now, any backstabbing he could do would be met with immediate response from her and she could likely enlist the aid of Matsuko to help her. Even though Matsuko had said her help was unnecessary it didn't matter.

"Just what in the world were you thinking!" Meren cried flustered as she looked at Matsuko with a rather peeved look. "You're obviously a higher level then them, you just had to scare them off, you already had them on the ropes..." Meren paused suddenly as she was interrupted by the scythe wielding assassin referred to as, she quickly glanced at his username, Aries.

"Although I must say, you took them out a lot easier than I expected you to. Sorry for intervening in your duel, but I don't believe idiocy like that should be taught with a get out of jail card. It should be punished. I sincerely doubt that the pair of PK'ers will try that again, at least on a foe that has this much of a level discrepancy." He said. Meren almost choked on the air, she hadn't seen that level of coldness since she last looked into a freezer. This type of thinking is why Player killers existed in the first place. Nobody needed to die. Respawning existed certainly but she didn't know how death felt like and even so she didn't want to wish that upon anyone unless they had stopped listening to all reason... Which wasn't the case here and this Scythe guy was therefore grating on her nerves more then a cheese grater on cheese.

Meren sighed heavily. She didn't want to fight and she wasn't going to. Now she was done with her chewing out she had to fix something, placing her shield down she used her <heal> on Matsuko in order to speed up the process and top off her health again. [color=Violet]"Sorry for smashing into you, that was my bad." Meren said with a smile that showed no ill will or hate towards the samurai because at the end of the day they were acting in self defence. "There, all done." Meren smiled before pulling away from Matsuko before picking back up the large full body shield that she owned and also the reason for the shield-maiden naming.

Aries was still going on though and Meren listened til he finished. The tid bit about combat was a nice compliment but it also painted a pretty detailed picture about what Aries was into. She would be in half the mind to forgive him on the spot but the way he spoke and the way he looked like he was detesting even saying sorry just didn't sit right with her. "How about we all head back to town and share a round of drinks and food?" Meren suggested, obviously just wanting to get out of the woods. She had already collected more then enough <Fairy Grass> and <Yew Branches> for the day. "To make it more appealing, I'll be paying..." She said leaving it open in the air while making her offer very tempting. "Or you know we could do something else, just trying to be friendly." She finished with a slight hint of timidity as if trying to appeal to a tough crowd. Her Plate Armour suddenly felt very hot.

Meren, The Shieldmaiden

Interacting with:@Rekaigan

Clink, Clink, Clink. The sound of metal against at hammer that was what Meren herself was found off. There was not a day she didn't dislike being in the forge working her craft in order to produce such splendid and in her honest opinion, varied, pieces of art. Honestly the sound of metal on metal was as riveting to her ears as the finished product itself. The sound of the forge. Honestly she had to take some shelter in something its not like she could go back to her previous life as a shut-in losing track of where one day ends and another begins. Still its not like she was in the forge now.

Meren brushed away some of the undergrowth in front of her. She was in the forest outside of town trying to get some of the necessary low quality goods in order to be stocked up in case any requests came through. She thought back to her small shop in the side alley. The guilds always took the prime spot in the town centre and she was effectively guildless currently, not that it was a bad way to live. The inn had some hospitality to adventurers even if it was run by Lander's. Meren liked to chalk this up to the whole 'the customer is always right' motif. Still she hoped that she wasn't bothering them too much. She didn't want to be a complete nuisance. She had to make sure she was supporting everyone and that was why she was here. She had to get some <Yew Branches> and some <Fairy Grass> in order to be able to produce some higher quality bows for people if they needed them.

Meren picked up another clump of <Fairy Grass> adding it to her slowly filling inventory. She was almost done just a few more and then- Meren heard a sound she knew better then anyone, the sound of metal sliding against a surface nearby. Just beyond the treeline. It seemed there was someone getting into a fight on the other side...
She stood up straight and stretched her arms. Her dark purple and black coloured armour reflecting slightly in the light as it made the gentle clicking of metal moving as she drew herself up to her full height. She had to check this out, they might be interested in healing. Their was an obvious sound of a commotion, was the group fighting in a particularly difficult scenario or was it... Meren gasped to herself. If it was PK's she had to act fast no time for thinking. Her hand reached out and gripped her now manifested shield the weight of which already appeared as she heaved it in front of her.

Clink, clink, clink. She reminded herself to think of the nice peaceful forge in the backally as she moved herself forward. She braced herself, right foot behind the left. Body tensed and... <Shield Charge>. The Skill activated with a slight hum as she lurched forward like a cannonball crashed through the treeline and colliding with some sort of samurai pushing them to the far end of the opening with an audible crack as she made the collision. She hoped she didn't hurt the person too badly.

She backed away to her own corner with the three people before her untimely introduction. "Salutations, how are you all doing and is there for this commotion?" She said getting her question out as fast as possible before this escalated further. She was in her own corner cause she didn't know who to trust. Was the high level bullying the lower levels or were the lower levels getting too greedy and trying to take on a high level player.

Clink, Clink, Clink. The sound of the hammer against metal was really sounding appealing right now...


The World of Theldesia: Elder Tale • Servers • Overskills
Character Creation: Classes • Subclasses • Races • Equipment

Go to these parts and your gonna be fine.
If she can get Meren the items of course she'd be happy to craft her the things she need~ maybe Meren would even add a few personal touches to the finished product as payment...

Side note:

She can function as a more defensive guardian, one less likely to deal the damage but very much capable of taking the hits.

So sidenote. How does everyone feel about my cleric?

*gotta support those front lines*
Redid my character from scratch

Side note I am actually rebuilding my character as a new one from teh ground up as a cleric healer, in order to better suit frontline support.

"GOnna heal all these tanks!"


Secondary side note. @Ryteb Pymeroce

Spice robes is a little busted mind you, and the staff needs alot more detail on what its actual final perimeters are.

Also, This foxtail character doesn't seem to actually have lost anything. Instead they seem to be wholly benefiting from their race. Thats my only tidbit.

gonna go on a whim here and say yes. Considering the size of players so far. I believe so.

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