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When your bored but don't really know why.
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That moment when you have a billion ideas and can't write them all down
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I always win the coin flip... always...



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Yea! Sorry I missed you. There is still indeed a slot for you.

I believe that leaves us with one slot left.

Welcome aboard. Feel free to join the discord.

That'll make you the 6th out of the maximum 8 people

There is indeed still space.

There is no real limit on archetype due to being outside of established yugioh canon, but if you can make your archetype chosen fit your themee. E.g Gem knights from a mining family. That would be preferred yes.

for the other question, Yes card rarity should be sort of considered if by rarity you mean "Is this card a one of a card, or did I sacrifice my wife to the god in order to unlock this power.". In a way that some of your top end boss monsters would be better if they were earned. E.g lets imagine I was XYZ (the fusion monster series), Later on I'd unlock VW, and then later on from that through perhaps a really epic battle against it I'd unlock ABC,

Before finally culminating in the most epic summoning of A to Z

Generally speaking, if you feel like your story would benefit from you gaining cards then yes you can asssume card rarity to be a thing.

Limits to character backgrounds are minimal, As long as it isn't something mary sueish, You can be a washed up castaway on an island that grew up with nothing but trading cards and practicied his card draws in the woods until he was rescued if you so want (don't do this, this is just taking it to the logical extreme). But you can't be a Seto Kaiba (at least not ot the level of the actual seto kaiba) if you catch my drift.


there is indeed still space

Also a Discord~!
@King Cosmos

Depends on if their is a suitable hankering for one.

IF it makes it out of hte interest check phase.

Most likely if their is a need to communicate readily to the playerbase.

Accepted, a nice balanced deck (with notable exceptions to be earned later. Looking at you Master Diamond), a good personality.

I like it.

Sure, I'll just need alot of it paid to an undisclosee location.
@Darkmoon Angel
If it was a once per turn clause on the adding effect, to the point where multiple copies of the card face up would still only trigger on the 'first' activation of a kuri trigger.

Then yes that is a decent card for kuribohs and can be a continuous spell.

Again, though I need to see a decklist before I can accept the custom spell that is in it.

Ah you changed it.

That said to prevent thread clogging, please PM me further inquries about the custom.
@Darkmoon Angel

Would that not allow you to stack it for card draw due to it not being a 'once per turn' effect. Allowing you to go +1 on every kuriboh activation, while also letting you search Winged Kuriboh level 10?

I suggest keep it as a field spell to prevent that.

That said I would rather like to see the deck list you plan to slot it in.
@el spandito

Ok, I need to point out that while I said customs are allowed, I did specifically point out that "An entire archetype of purely customs" would not be allowed. Cool concept though. buuut its not applicable.
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