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Current If anyone is interested I have a Yugioh RP in the casual interest check in need of players. If anyone would like to join.
3 mos ago
When your Fate RP your in is missing a caster.
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4 mos ago
Kiyohime has quite a few interesting comics about her huh.
5 mos ago
Jhoira of the Ghitu Reprint... Hell yea!
9 mos ago
testing YGOPRO 2.


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15 it is.


What is the youngest possible age someone at the Clocktower can have.

Cause its not like Turbo would allow a 9 year old girl lol.


It's not just time. I'm in a few other roleplays right now, and even then, I wasn't interested in doubling up at the start. I think what makes Fate-based roleplays fun is that interaction between two people. It wouldn't be as fun, for me, if it was just me and myself. And I'd rather have everyone, including myself, have fun.

If @WanderingSpirit thinks up of a new character, or someone else comes through, then perhaps, but right now, things aren't looking great.

Dude If necessary I can double up for you, (that is, if their is a master slot free) Since I am currently only playing a servant and this is the one of 2 roleplays I am currently in.

Plus I'm doing it for Tabitha, who died before her time

@Cu Chulainn

I think with the two post waiting time, you'll actually probably have time to squeeze something out.

But I do believe Pedro was accepted, though he needed some really low Divinity, Like E-- (so as in its basically near to nothing due to age of man). I do believe thats what was asked for pedro.
Might have to drop this. Looks like all the Masters already have their Servants, and I don't have room on making another character, especially after the time spent writing up two sheets. It's hard to make everyone happy, after all.

I am completely fine with Benkai.
@1Charak2 Locusta X GLaDOS's supply of Neurotoxins. OTP

Hint. Locusta is GLaDOS,

They both have an obsession with deadly Neurotoxin after all.

It only makes sense!

Side note: Her favorite comedy is Romeo and Juliet.

Locusta x Poisons OTP

Locusta x Science Lab full of chemicals. OTP
"They make good chemistry."
For anyone interested, Locusta's Sickle is on par with a D Rank Noble Phantasm.
<Snipped quote by Grey>

Obviously, since Genghis Khan is a Rider, if we go with him having the whip, this should be his main Noble Phantasm...

A car is too weak for a rider.

Truely this is the only option for a mount.
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