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Current Y'know with all the new Isekai concepts coming out, I wonder if there is an isekai concept for "Reincarnated as a Truck that sends people to other worlds"
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When your bored but don't really know why.
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That moment when you have a billion ideas and can't write them all down
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I always win the coin flip... always...



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The water trainer splashs in!


"Nie Nie!"

The water/poison pokemon would yell as it tried to catch up with a rather jolly pink-coral pokemon. Both were out of their pokeballs because both wanted to see Foliare town in full. That and they couldn't hang out together inside their balls could they? Still, if they were running around so haphazardly accidents were bound to happen if their trainer let the two pokemon get too wild.

"Now now you two your gonna trip someone up." Europa said as she held onto her straw hat, gently swerving around a trainer and their vulpix, following her two water-type pokemon. She was already missing the unique air that water vapour gave and thus it was making her a bit grumpy to be stuck inside a town that didn't even have a lake or something for her to be able to put her Wailmer and Wishiwashi in!

It was then all three of this ragtag group heard that resounding crash as a trainer bumped into another spilling a mess of food. Of which both of her pokemon stopped and sniffed due to their own curiosity. Europa of course was walking over to them, for one she didn't want any trouble so she was probably going to pull them away... but there was also that inborne curiosity, like a diver exploring the depths of the ocean. So she soon she was just standing and watching rather close, obviously her stares wouldn't be very subtle at all, as her own pokemon would be making noise around the feet of the two trainers... that and well.

"La?" "Mar?" The two pokemon both said in confusion at the Unown.

Neophyte of the Mountain

Hassans Present: Asako, Inaya, Zayd, Gozour, Macour

The Assassins descend upon the battlefield

The fight had been quite remarkable for what it was. It was quite spectacular to see servants going at it, watching as each one tried to outmatch the other in combat. It was also vital info in order to garner a measure of potential targets of interest. "Woah!" Inaya, the young Hassan would say in amazement as she watched the fighting. Much to the happiness of both Asako and the White Haired Homonculus whom were both smiling content at both the relaxation of the scenario and the fact that the innocent child Hassan was still having fun.

Looking at to the stands at the two other hassans present, Gozour and Macour, They were both concealing themselves in a thick trenchcoat and hat combination, it wasn't the best of disguises but the neophyte had came to the conclusion that at least some sort of normal outfit would be better for making the people around them less uncomfortable...

Then of course everything had to turn for the worse...

The Shadows spilling over from the stadiums roof would of caught many of guard, In fact it did. The Neophyte was completely unaware until Asako would stand, Mask on, and block the first strike, becoming almost immediately preoccupied with dealing with this first attacker. The other two Hassans would tied up for the moment but were trying to fight their way over. Black coats against black shadows. Inaya would be scared of the sudden bloodshed.

"Macour! Get over here immediately, Get Inaya to safety and call for help!" The Neophyte would yell at the top of her lungs. Hoping her voice would carry over to the hassan amidst all the fighting. Turning quickly she barked a second perhaps more important order. "Gozour! Get over here and clear a path!". Wait where was Zayd.

Woosh The flicker of steel deflected by another similar flicker as the two thrown projectiles clammered to the floor beside her, as Zayd leapt over to join Ayako in protecting his master. His accuracy with his rocks unparreled, He'd prevent any stray projectiles from finding their mark.

"Master! Focus!" Ayako would say as she went to deal with the projectile wielding wrath. Inaya still clutching to her side scared of the fighting. Gozour forcing his way over through powerful punch after powerful punch, Leaping powerfully over and hammer-punching any beneath him as he punched away a large Shadow from his masters flank before it had a moment to charge, leaping at the next shadow immediately in a combat-frenzy.

Macour meanwhile was leaping across, dodging all the fighting and commotion as much as he could, before leaping in to pick up Inaya, Continuing his mad-dash with the child hassan. Leaping up and over. If any Hassan could make it safely by just running as fast as possible, it was Macour the Quick, the fastest Hassan personality.

The neophyte took a long breath and throw off her mystic eye killers. At once her senses would be assaulted with information, each movement, each subtle flick of the wrist. Each fast moving projectile as if moving like still-frames as the information poured into her mind like a clear-set of photographs. She didn't know if she could fight these shadows herself. Let alone kill them herself, but with her eyes she could monitor the flow of the fight better then anyone, and hopefully with that she could secure time enough to get to the exit... Or at least until the rest of her 'family' came

She hoped they would be here quick...

@PKMNB0Y@Rune_Alchemist@GhastlyInc@Raineh Daze@VitaVitaAR@RoleplayerRoxas

*Points at regi*

That belongs in a meseum!
Approaching the Village

The path towards the village was at first uneven, The ground itself was very lumpy as a result of complex root systems that spread across the forest floor. The root ls which connected to each other tree, like a great organic network... the focus point would be in the center. But that didn't mean the information passed through could not be monitored.

As the village comes further into view the first thing you band of folks would notice was that the village gates had been shut, and given the very recently disturbed leaves it was obvious it had been shut just prior to your appearance there.

Particularly peculair is that the parameter surrounding the village had no noticable garrison, however, the trees that encircled this space appeared to be much more twisted and warped then the trees from just a moment prior. Long thick root structures extended from these trees towards the wall creating a conplex lattice of above ground roots that further connected the village to the forest at large.

Inside the village it was almost dead quiet. As if it was a ghost town. But the door movement before had proven otherwise and yet a most eerie silence had taken ahold of the air.

Indeed given where you were standing, able to see the entrance but not quite at it yet, perhaps it might be best to proceed cautiously.

For those that remain in the forest

Those of you that had chosen to remain in the forest, perhaps out of fear, or perhaps out of the fact that you were just too monstrous to even consider the possiblity of being envoys certainly had a task ahead of you. Obviously you'd need to set up shelter, collect food and water, and perhaps a source of heat may be worth the effort.

Indeed the local flora was wildberry bushs and strange mushrooms not native to earth, given that they had soaked in the rooted soil, rich in manner and blood, both the berries and the mushrooms were all a shade of red to yellow. Scavaging these may prove fruitful.

The local fauna on the other hand, Indeed deer would populated this wood, alongside the more infestative population of wild rat, and common slime. All could be a tasty morsel given enough effort.


Basic Sharpening
You have shown aptitude with sharpening rocks, now you things are less likely to break when you sharpen them, but only by a marginal amount.

Edit: Also you could also have made her a native to the place so she could have that amazing growth arc too! >-> just in case isekai growth is a little much
Ok so I've gone through each of your sheets before so I could bring up the issues as of current as I see and as how I think Vita is interpretating them. But firstly please understand that using characters from other RP's is really not a "Good Idea" for this rp, and while it may fly in other rps you've been in, It is down to the GM's discretion if they are allowed.

Your first character was denied as a result of it simply falling completely outside of what the GM would allow for in-universe powers. Having a world hopping character simply didn't fit the concept of the roleplay, His entire concept was simple not a healthy thing for the continued life of the rp.

Your Second Character to put this simply, would be an obstrusion to rp flow, The point is allowing key RP interactions to occur as a result of magical methods, if you yourself are completely immune to such things in a sealed suit of armor, this forces the GM to have to work around your 'placed' obstruction. Things such as a widespread illusion do not work. What if a enemy wanted to play chess with you and it was through an illusion that the chessboard was playable. You yourself unaffected by illusion magic would be unable to participate, creating more problems then you solve.

Your Third Character was simply too simplified for the RP, As Isekai'd characters need to have a certain degree of power. If you had taken the GM's advice, you could of had some fun amping it up a little. But you moved on from that. You could of had cool energy blasters or an inbuilt reactor powering your almost 'super robot' level stuff. The issue with him was that he was too 'weak' for hero status.

Your Fourth Character infringed onto the boundaries of the overseers of the game (Due to his rule related abilities), but also nerfed himself to the point where he fell into the trap of the third character. He is simultanously too overpowered (if you remove the limits) and too weak (if you kept the limits as is), as his 'rules' can make or break an engagement.

Your Fifth Character, The Treehugger fellow. Would likely be denied for completely invalidating the reason for the games to occur, as he himself is able ot quite literally solve the 'infertile land for harvest' crisis by his mere existence, Which takes out one of the original hooks for the rp quite quickly.

All of your characters had issues you could of addressed without fully changing your sheet! So If I was you, I would of taken the character closest to working (Three) and amp'd him up a bit.


Not to butt in but a point I would like to bring up is... Why do you keep changing character? I feel like you could of gotten in at this point if you keep with just one concept and refine it into a more workable state. It would be a lot less of a headache for the GM who has to read a fresh sheet whenever you change. As well as a lot less headache for you to have to get a new sheet together every time.

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