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2 mos ago
Current OOC is up for my BNH RP
4 mos ago
On this day my father died. 9th of september 2017. I will miss him greatly.
5 mos ago
Tech priests don't kill people... Skitarri kill people.
6 mos ago
If anyone is interested I have a Yugioh RP in the casual interest check in need of players. If anyone would like to join.
9 mos ago
When your Fate RP your in is missing a caster.
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Welp I have been requested to return to fill out slots. So why not. Charak is here again. Working on a char.
S'all good

Eh. It's not like this is a stat game, this is going more by flat-out anime rules from what I can tell from the OP.

Going to be more based on writing out some interesting combat rather than thinking on it too deeply.

Also character interaction. That matters a lot more when forming the party than anything else IMO

I was actually treating it like anime rules- (since if they aqua jetted it would be useless as it would be before drum but never mind-) but as much as I Say about 4x attack. Its more of the fact that they show an immense power boost but thats not to say their attacks are survivable just that they start hitting like a truck.


I'll be reserving Typhlosion and Toxapex, if no one has already.

*Toxapex is great*

*Stupidly powerful tank*

<Snipped quote by 1Charak2>

God The GM probably ain't gonna like people walking around one shotting though.

Not enjoyable to write, either. Though occasionally necessary in story telling to portray power differences.

*Tbf the true monstrous pokemon would be even the super tanks (sturdy) or this thing...*

*Just aqua jets before the charizard can be healed (plus it can also learn belly drum*
<Snipped quote by 1Charak2>

She's less likely to get overwhelmed if I use my intense godmodding powers /s

point taken tho

Well, Marcos isn't a Mega Ampharos, so he's neutral for now. I thought the design was cool so I had to use it regardless

Fairy-types tend to eat -everything- alive tho. Fairy types don't give a shit.

*shudders at the thought of Clefable*

Its fine, no Fairy Type has sturdy and thus they all die to 4x attack Flare blitz
<Snipped quote by 1Charak2>

While Sally isn't overly tanky, she can sure draw in the aggro with her aggressive nature. Would probably have to worry about her getting overwhelmed in some situations without any proper backup, though. Obvious monk status.


Shes less likely to get overwhelemed if shes getting healed and buffed while also fighting alongside TactNuke.mon

*Shame fairys would eat all of them alive*

Speaking of coming up with things.

Since this is partys type RP ('Chasers generally travel in groups of three, four, or five') I wonder whos partnering with who

White Mage and Black Mage wishing to partner up with a tanky individual to draw Aggro

I believe that is evolution is still a thing so yea I think they can evolve

*you can get your split personality Doublade*
Second Pokemon~

1 of two pokemon~

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