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Digimon is such an intriguing franchise.
1 yr ago
Y'know with all the new Isekai concepts coming out, I wonder if there is an isekai concept for "Reincarnated as a Truck that sends people to other worlds"
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Draw 2 Cards
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When your bored but don't really know why.
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That moment when you have a billion ideas and can't write them all down
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"Oi Oi, Liz don't complain so much about this just yet" Orion would say his hulking frame looking over the edge of the large building to ascertain a look at what he was dealing with. He simply wanted to know each and every turn and bend of the city. Each potential point from which prey could be cornered or to which he could run from fish that were potentially too big for him. If this was a battle with legendary heroes after all, he could end up fighting heros that were way out of his element.

"A hunter must hunt right? So once I've gotten a good look at this city, We'll run to the church right away Liz, if Master agrees." The Archer would say taking in the night air. The atmosphere of the modern world was much different to that from his own time. He wouldn't exactly call it an improvement, but it was a wonder how far humanity was getting without help from the gods.

That and he had already spotted a couple of pretty girls. His master and her friend non-withstanding. On the way here. Even in this day and age, there were pretty women and that was enough for him to keep picking up his bow and go on hunts. Even if there wasn't much dangerous wildlife in a city. He was hunting the most dangerous game of them all. Still. It was kind of fun to be able to be out and going again. He would stretch upwards flexing those oversized muscles of his as he leant back, looking up at the moon for a half moment before turning back to his own master.

"Alright I got what I wanted. Now do you both need a lift back down?" The bear-faced man would grin a bit more motivated now he knew the layout of the city better. Happy to carry his master and her friend all the way to the overseer if need be. "Or do you want to stay up here a bit and enjoy the coldness of the night air" He'd say looking over at Elizabeth, already guessing she wouldn't want to do such a casual thing, even if they had some respite before the fighting started

another Posidon reference.
After consideration and thought I am sorry but i will have to put this rp on hold indefinitely. Simply because I reached a point where i could not resolve something. As well as the fact that as a result of hittign that point my interest to GM this particular rp has faded somewhat.



Well, damn, that's a bummer. Seeing as how I got a Master/Servant pair in another RP, I'll leave it to you to give Fran a new Master.

After consideration, I cannot think of a potential master for Fran as of the moment. As such for your own ease for the time being until I can write them out of the story (via an untimely death) consider your master to be a sorta-voiceless observer. Sending you on ahead. Is that ok?

It has been over well well well over 2 weeks, and @Th3King0fChaos has neglected to post. As such Ismael will likely to have to be retconned. @Rezod92 As this relates to your master, would you prefer a GM given master, or would you like to self pair fran with someone of your own creation?
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