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Current On this day my father died. 9th of september 2017. I will miss him greatly.
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Tech priests don't kill people... Skitarri kill people.
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If anyone is interested I have a Yugioh RP in the casual interest check in need of players. If anyone would like to join.
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When your Fate RP your in is missing a caster.
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Kiyohime has quite a few interesting comics about her huh.


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The Mysterious Master / Servant Pair

The pale woman smiled in excitement, oh she knew that glint in a persons eye. That was the will of an enemy to live, a face she was all to familiar with on the battlefield. He was gonna rise up and brandish his weapon and she'd finally get to flex her power without her little friend getting all annoyed because it would finally be necessary. "I don't think that is a good idea to get your hopes up..." The voice said as if trying to break bad news that the man wasn't going to fight.

The Pale woman looked over her target again still gripping her blade tightly, no. He wasn't giving up was he? He couldn't have. Why would you die so easily and drop everything. Wasn't he a murderer with a cause, was his conviction that weak? She had gone to town on her display of power and he was just giving up. She felt defeated. No insulted even, didn't he know how to give common courtesy to an enemy. At least let them have the gratitude of gloating. He was a vile good for nothing criminal not a anti-hero of any sort because all heroes had drive, perhaps she wouldn't kill something so pathetic... perhaps...

She stared off into the distance to contemplate just what she was going to do before she heard the click of a trigger being pulled and the bang. She tried to raise her sword to block it but she didn't have the speed nore the reaction time and with her arm barely above her waist, a bullet passed through the shoulder carrying her blade as she gripped the spill of fresh crimson coming from her shoulder as she tried to adjust to the new wound that she had so callously let occur. "Oh god it hurts!" The voice in her head yelled out from the pain they were experiencing. The greatest con of sharing a body was that all pain was shared too and yet even if the pale woman felt little but the most extreme pains... the person on the inside would be in agony.

She gritted her teeth, she had messed up in her own pettiness... Now her master was hurt. Her face betrayed a heavy murderous intent as she leaned down and picked up the blade with the same hand that just had its shoulder shot through as her form started to darken. As she moved forward dragging her blade across the ground leaving a sharp indent. Armour began to manifest, a metallic almost tiara like object above her head. Long flowing robes and armour, chains connecting the metal plates all as black as the Ebon blade she carried. Her wound began to become compensated by the power flowing through her, Her mere presence cause the air to feel devoid and empty of all hope as she held an almost unholy glow as a result of the rapid intake of mana her magical body craved for.

Perhaps every servant in the area felt her if but a little, that was usually what she'd expect when she would have dropped this form but an executioner must always show her face to instil fear. She politely let him finish talking on the radio as she took it, from him and began talking down to whomever was on the line in perfect french that he'll be going to hell shortly and for them to take their time before crushing the little device between her fingers. "Pity isn't it? That you had to try to be what I am and yet you are not, humbling really..." The pale woman said as she twisted her blade in her hand, her finger gently caressing the policeman's cheek, "However, you'll never be qualified as a Martyr or as a Murderer." She said as she plunged in the blade deep so deep in fact that it stuck out of the man's back having dealt catastrophic internal damage.. "When you get to hell... Reserve a seat for me. Jeanne D'arc." she said whispering quietly into his ear as she used her foot to push him off her blade, leaving him to have his last moments.

She just stood there for a few moments savouring the sight before she moved onto a more pressing matter. "Juliana are you okay?" She asked concerned. Something that was generally uncharacteristic for her, as she waited until the voice of her master in her head replied. "Jeanne... Why didn't you just transform to begin with." Juliana said with the same strain she had earlier still not getting over the throbbing pain in the shoulder. "Sorry Juliana, my mistake, I'll make it up to you." Jeanne replied with what seemed genuine emotion, it was never her intention to get her masters body hurt. They were in this mess together even in their strange form of existence. "Now I think its time for the whole reason we are here." Jeanne said with some excitement in her voice as she de-materialised her blade leaning down to where she felt the most mana on the mans person, flipping him over as she pulled out the assassin class card and giggled to herself. "Oh this should help us alot, its got a lot of blood on its hands..." Jeanne said as she opened wide and ate the class card.

She felt it's energy go down as it tried to connect to the class card at the core of her being, as it attempted to repair and then she grimaced as her body felt like it was trying to rip itself apart, as it convulsed and spasmed. "Jeanne stop please I beg it hurts!" Juliana screamed in her head. This ripshoddy method was going to end up killing them... and so Jeanne let it go... She vomited it back up onto the ground coughing and spluttering, her face made her look as if she had gone through the greatest hangover. "It almost worked, it just wasn't compatible enough." Jeanne said annoyed, wiping her lips as she dragged herself to her feet, hearing the sirens in the distance. She grabbed the class card and hide it somewhere where the police wouldn't find it, but anyone with any mana detection would find it instantly. Right between the cracks of the pavement.

She stumbled off trying to move as fast as she could given how much pain she was in. A scary thought as she could take a bullet wound like it was nothing... but trying to fix her damaged class card with such an incompatible thing had felt like she had tried to rip her very existence apart. She could hear Juliana's sobbing her in head, likely a result of the fact that her mind was less receptive to pain and thus was feeling it worse. "Hang in there Juliana." Jeanne said reassuringly as she picked up the groceries, any sass or vindictiveness in her voice replaced with pure concern for the well-being of her master. "It hurts so bad..." Juliana's voice said quietly as though speaking with great strain.

Jeanne then began to run with the enhanced speed of a servant so as to avoid any engagement... They just needed to get home as fast as possible. For Juliana's sake if not her own. Perhaps if anyone was monitoring her route they would see her move as away from the crime scene on a way to where she lived before after what seemed like a few moments her mana signature completely disappeared within about 800 meters or so of her home. She had continued to keep to herself and avoid camera's and prying eyes as she frustratingly pulled herself up the steps. The lack of her true form having caused her body to feel it injuries even more so for while she wasn't feeling the pain, her body was certain showing signs of some strain.

She stumble into her apartment as she tore off her coat, the shoulder of her shirt was stained with the blood but it appeared the mixture of a servant and a human gave ample regenerative properties, as it had already clotted, and neither did it feel like the lead remained however now she certainly felt lightheaded now because she wasn't accessing her full power. "Can you please promise me Jeanne, can we not do that again anytime soon." Juliana pleaded as Jeanne felt another convulsion as if their was still some lingering mana from the assassin class card. She leant over the sink and expunged the rest of the toxin from her body as she pulled back wiping her face, "I promise." Jeanne said flatly, annoyed at how sick she felt.

"I think we should have some sleep..." Juliana suggested as Jeanne responded wordless by limping to the bedroom and flopping on the comfy pillow in order to rest her head. "Vengeance can wait for a little while..." Jeanne mumbled as she closed her eyes and attempting to go to sleep without even bothering to change, the mana in the air being drawn in a little more then usual in order to help the recovery but did Jeanne care, she'd kill anyone that dared try to stop her in her goals.

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The Mysterious Master / Servant Pair

The pale woman sighed heavily to herself as she finished off the last of her roll. Having slumped so casually onto a bench back on the main street, she rested her legs. She wasn't tired mentally that was for certain, but her joints did certainly ache a little from her night-time adventure of climbing on things and running along rooftops and hiding from cameras and eyes because of the fact she was basically trespassing every five seconds but what was such a stupid thing as property rights to a girl like her? Nothing that's what, the law couldn't contain her not as she was.

Her eyes looked out towards the street staring at the passerby's as they moved by. Men, Women, Children. All of them were either ignorant or blind to the secret nature of the world, of its mysteries of its splendour they were so naive it pained her. "It pains me too." The voice in her head chimed in. "Well then, that means you understand me a little bit doesn't it." The pale woman mumbled to herself talking to the voice the expression on her face a mix of boredom and what seemed to be slight smile.

"When we get back I'll make you dinner and it'll b-" The voice began as it started to speak. What it was saying though was lost to the pale woman, whom had begun clutching her chest. A hot pain was running through the very core of her being, a hot pain that she had never felt before but she instinctively knew what it meant. It was a good type of pain, the pain that would inform her of a boatload of joy just waiting to arrive and it was getting hotter. "Class Card?" The voice asked having stopped whatever they had started having the same strain as if they too was feeling the same sharp burning sensation, a con of their particular existence. "It must to be them" The pale woman said with a hostile tone as she scanned the street standing up as she left her groceries on the bench.

The pain was ascending rapidly in her chest which meant whomever it was, was moving at speeds comparable to a runner. Likely a vehicle as nobody was running and the only vehicle was... "You have got to be kidding me." She laughed as the police bike came into view. Of course a member of the law had to be in possession of a class card. "What a cliche." The voice in her head mumbled as if this revelation was disappointing.

The voice didn't have time to make any more comments though because in a period of a few seconds the pale woman gripped at the air as she curled her fingers around the hilt of a blade as it began to manifest in her fingers. Thin, Sharp and covered in crimson runes that appeared almost demonic in nature, an idea of a weapon made to cut given form. To any that could detect mana it was as if she had come from nowhere.

Giving her target no time to react. She leaped forward to collide with the side of the motorbike with all the force her body could muster, slashing the blade across the front wheel causing it to buckle. The policeman having only just turned his head to look at where the sudden influx of mana had appeared from as she crashed into his side. Attacking a law enforcer? Oh she was going to be in so much trouble now. Good. Let them come.

The weight of her impact and the now unstable bike cause both her and the policeman to be thrown onto the curb as her momentum caused her to roll off of him, all of that having happened in only seconds. He had been a decent impact cushion for her, so she wasn't delayed in the slightest when she drew herself to her feet to the crowd of onlookers some of which were attempting to pull out their recording devices of preference. "Gens stupides." She roared at them threateningly raising her sword, the action of which caused the crowd to disperse and to run.

Pandemonium, people fleeing the street with their children, teenagers yelling about terrorist attacks. Oh how the world had grown so weak. Her lips curled into a smile as she stepped forward towards the police officer, whom was still on the ground, attempting to get on his feet, obviously he was winded. "I know you know why I am here" The pale woman said with a smile looking down at her little victim. "Be cautious" the voice in her mentioned as the pale woman cracked a smile at the police officer. "Stand up and fight me, or die a cowards death." She ordered, the ultimatum was clear and it was backed by the fact she was now pointing her ebony coloured blade directly at him, her eyes glistening with a hunger for bloodshed.
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I'm sorry to hear that. Is it bad? :(

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That should work. Either that or we can hand custody to @Grey, since we have reasonable assurance you'll be back once you're finished being laid up by your injury, @KawaiiKyouko

@1Charak2 Are you still with us? I believe that'll be everybody once we hear from you. Also, I will work on a next morning post, but anyone who wants to post first may feel free to do so. You'll just be waking up in the inn and meeting downstairs (or at a cafe, depending on Collins' mood) for breakfast and debriefing.

two words.

Funeral Tuesday
welp as you know my interest is here.

Glad to see you here.


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Chaldea Security Organisation, An organisation created for the purpose of preserving humanity's future. Recent advancements in rayshift technology have enabled time-travel to become possible via using a holy grail as a catalyst, said grail having been retrieved from Fuyuki before it attempted to host a fourth grail war. This magnificent cup gave off remarkable amounts of energy as if going against the equation of the world itself. Perfect for breaking such a fundamental law such as travelling through time and altering history in order to benefit the human race. Imagine a world without poverty or famine where each human was equal because time was manipulated to allow such things. such a future is what the director of Chaldeas, Aoi Tsuno, wishs to achieve by continuing her fathers wish's thus as the experiment begins to move into stage two she has made her invite known to magus family's that can be seen as trustworthy to her cause.

So perhaps you arrived at Chaldea via recommendation or perhaps you simply arrived by hearing the news and somehow got through the rigorous screening process for people without the family name to back them up, but that does not matter, you here now in attendance for Chaldea's first proper ray shift where they will bring an object from the past into the present in front of a live audience. They will also be showcasing their adapted method of summoning from the holy grail as a way to produce peacekeepers and to learn more about history by bringing the historical figures from the past to the present.

"So come now and lets make history together"

Greetings everyone, what you are seeing here is a roleplay inspired by the fate franchise. Notably Fate/Grand Order. Though it is inspired you do not need to have much fate knowledge of the existing plot as this rp aims to be its own thing in some ways.

Moving on.

On the topic of Masters and servants it is generally easier if you play both yourself and your servants, this is due to the fact that a master can have multiple servants. It cuts down on post time and the need to wait for people, letting the rp flow more smoothly even in the event of a drop out. That is not to say you can't pair with someone else. It is simply not something I recommend doing.

So the question is, is there any takers?
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