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Y'know with all the new Isekai concepts coming out, I wonder if there is an isekai concept for "Reincarnated as a Truck that sends people to other worlds"
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When your bored but don't really know why.
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That moment when you have a billion ideas and can't write them all down
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I always win the coin flip... always...



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I will have to polity decline, due to both Mellifleur's role as a healer making it highly unlikely she'd even let him get to the point of needing to be raised, coupled with the logistical issue of the fact that one can't just gurantee "sentient undead" as an outcome of raising the dead.

Otherwise do you really think her companion would be mindless?

Your immortal soul vacates your body on death! surely you must understand the sweperation of body and soul. I merely require the discarded husk you leave behind. RECYCLE ok!
The Necromancer is in. Please fill out the consent form saying she can use your corpse after you die

Death is just the next big adventure!

Name: Mellifleur Lily Alexandria
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Rank: 6 of cups
Appearance: Her appearance in regards to her clothing is incredibly asymmetrical. Stockings of varying lengths, Gold bands on one side, absent on the earth. Gems of various size or cut. Different Material texture. If she wears a belt it is always at an angle. She wears shorts under all her long cut dresses.
At first note Mellifleur gives off the aura of a very normal girl. That is to say she does not act in anyway one would regard as strange. She wakes up, she does her daily duties dutifully, she eats with the rest of the guild and she sleeps soundly at the same time each day. She even parties with anyone that needs her aid on the clause she can bring her silent armoured companion.

However if one were to pay more attention, They'd notice a bit of peculiarity about herself. She goes out of her way to visit any cemetery she might come across. Usually with a full bouquet of flowers. For this links to another important tenet of herself. She holds the dead in the highest regard and as such she responds with blatant anger towards those that treat the dead as nothing more then means to an end.

As a result of this tenet she takes a particular interest towards the sentient undead finding each one to be likely be a repertoire of the most fascinating of tales. For they have likely lived longer then anyone else!

However it must be stressed that just because she holds the dead in the highest regard she isn't just going to let anyone die in her presence. In fact she will paradoxically work against death as much as possible to keep someone alive. As her inaction would rob someone of their proper time to die and thus disgrace their death. A strange ideology to be sure but one that she adheres to.

In regards to her own companion and her friends in general, she will work extra hard for them. Even though she is from a noble house. She will not complain about how manual a labour may seem. In fact it is not uncommon for one to see her tirelessly cleaning and polishing the armour of her companion. She also Highly dislikes those that discriminate against a person for company they keep.

Born the daughter of a Merchant and a Magician of the sect of Rennah. She could of lived a completely uneventful life, save for the fact that at age six. she was already the centre of a vortex of weird. Said vortex being the fact that the imaginary friends she had frequently talked to turned out to not be as imaginary as she first thought, given the fact that when she was communing with a bunch of them. Her mother walked in.

Well. That was the fastest way for her Mother to take her directly to the minor sect of Rennah, and well the rest is more or less history. She took well to her studies. Learning that she had a particular flare for magic of the dead sort. That is to say. She only really showed particular flare for necromancy. In fact her casting of other spells left much to be desired.

At some point a year prior, perhaps as a result of a particular encounter that caused her to pick up her companion. She would set her eyes on a much more risky lifestyle. The lifestyle of a Adventurer. Indeed this is what lead to her turning up one day and never having left since.

A stuffed animal toy with shoddy stitching keeping it together as a result of its frequent wear and tear.
Necromancy, Yes the act of raising the dead. Something she has shown a great prodigal flair for, in fact her skills with the art are alarming. Interacting with and manipulating facets of the dead comes as naturally to her as walking. However she has been lectured since her youth on the rights and wrongs of the art. She is not the type to raise the dead willy-nilly, or use her potent ability to spread blight and rot. In fact she is a very reserved type of necromancer that through the art of spirit communion will ask the dead for consent first or resort to dead animals instead as she holds the dead in incredibly high regards. Case in point in her companion, A skeleton of which she pours much of her power into, elevating it well above the status of a mere lackey.

She is also well versed in using Necromancy as a healing aid, Able to keep a body/organ functioning well past its natural point of death, able to offset organ failure by up to a full day, and total system failure by an hour.

Necromancy is not a common art, and finding trained non-heretical practitioners in it is highly difficult. However as a member of the sect of the goddess Rennah, the stance on necromancy is lax only in the circumstance that the bodies given are done so willingly.

Well, My Sheet is almost done! Just having it reviewed in the PM's to clarify stuff.

Hope your all having a wonderful day.

Aight this is good! Accepted.



Going to need a bit of clarification on the limits of the calming effect and on the range of it. Likewise explain the greatest possible Weather phenomenon she can create
Here please…

Can someone please delete the post by the user 'Cook' under the char tab. They did not go through the proper acceptance process at all.
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