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11 mos ago
OOC is up for my BNH RP
1 yr ago
If anyone is interested I have a Yugioh RP in the casual interest check in need of players. If anyone would like to join.
1 yr ago
Kiyohime has quite a few interesting comics about her huh.
2 yrs ago
When your bored but don't really know why.
3 yrs ago
This is an Invasion a war on man by the machines. It is only a matter of time before roleplaying society collapses as we know it. We need a hero to destroy these bots (or a very large EMP).


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Tentatively hoping The GM is just busy.
So how is everyone.
@Protean Pair

Hows my sheet?
Just gonna drop a small *interested* flag
Alright girls n' boys Lets do this

Sorry for short and crisp backstory, simply wanted to get it out.
@Protean Pair

Should Vampirism be either a transmitted disease (IE the bite creates vampires) Or a species in of itself? Or both?

@Protean Pair

So that means I can do so also for the undead species? *Asks tentatively from the sidelines about the perks*

Alright Reserve that Berserker for me.
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