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When your bored but don't really know why.
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That moment when you have a billion ideas and can't write them all down
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I always win the coin flip... always...



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Nevermind this. Probably not a good idea to stack more on for me
A͆͋̄͛͐̔͗ G̮̭ͮ͗̚l̵͉̯̬͕͊͂ͧͥi͔ͦ͂ͥt͕̙̞͉̖͙c̹̣̖͡ḧ̟͚̱̗̀̓ͦ́̊ ̴̯͓͙̳̺ͯ͋͊̉ͅin Reality


The creature continued to move forward, reason begone from its ephemeral state. Yes of course it would continue to move Sieglinde, Its body quite purposefully moving against the metal spear. Pushing through, letting it pass through itself, as if a ghost, and the screams painful as they were, would intensify to an agonising degree. However harm to their bodies? None. It was like a ghost walking.

Its essence would disperse upon passing through Sieglinde, leaving in her mind and imprint of a lab room. Nothing more. No location details. Just the room of a lab. Tubes broken, jar fluids everywhere. a place worth checking out probably. If she could find it. But for now it would seem this harmful encounter would end without more then bleeding eardrums due to head pressure.
Rosea Nyx

The Cafe

A dark figure reaching out to and holding your hand, embracing it, its the only warmth you ever know so intimately and yet all it does is make you feel sad, and yet you cling to it like it is your sister and it will take away all the pain you have felt. All the sorrow. And leave you nought but the brightest you could be.

The dream caused Rosea to rock back and forth, Her mind plagued by the same dream, the same nightmare, and the same thought. Why couldn't she feel sad even when she wanted to? Was that a good thing for her to even fathom inside her mind. Or was that a concept that she really shouldn't dwell on too much lest the thought consumed her. Her dream dying down, coming to its cliff-hanging conclusion. She would awake, her eyes blinking twice as she adjusted to the strange light of the room she was within.

Where was she.

And better yet where was anyone else! "Gosh dammit!" She said in an annoyance. "I fell asleep before I could make any friends, how on earth am I supposed to do that if I keep sleeping." She said getting to her feet. Brushing herself off, and surveying her new locale...
Da-Vinci Chan~!

The Zoo


Da Vinci would be working tirelessly through the night, perhaps on fruitful or fruitless efforts, anything that so pleased her was up to her digression after all. But She would indeed take pause when she found her master sprawled out on the floor like some nobody! and that simply would not stand, and so Da Vinci would carry her master to a special made Da-Vinci brand couch. Which in reality was just a leather couch she found.

At least then her master would be somewhere comfy in her sleep. Which was good enough for Da Vinci. This would be the modus operandi until her master woke.
In Tower of Fable 15 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
In Tower of Fable 15 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

Technically to allow the transformation to occur, one soul is consumed. And to maintain it, one soul is required for every 20 seconds in combat.

Out of combat 1 soul equates to 1 hour of transformation tine

The mirror facilitates the transformation singularly. If perhaps I were to add something it would be that it deflects projectile attacks in both states.

Her overdrive forms are very stamina draining Rosea for instance will quickly tire physically. While Caligos Soul consumption increases to a single soul every five seconds.
In Tower of Fable 15 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
A͆͋̄͛͐̔͗ G̮̭ͮ͗̚l̵͉̯̬͕͊͂ͧͥi͔ͦ͂ͥt͕̙̞͉̖͙c̹̣̖͡ḧ̟͚̱̗̀̓ͦ́̊ ̴̯͓͙̳̺ͯ͋͊̉ͅin Reality


The way the creature moved was inhuman, perhaps it was due to the way its mass was shifting, arms elongating, legs shrinking, torso expanding and contracting. It pained the eyes to look at. Erratic in the way it moved that even its movements through time were random, the only certainity was that it was moving towards the pair.

Another scream erupted from it, Truly whatever it was, the natural rules of reality were struggling to try to apply themselves to it as on contact with air particles there would be a fizzing and pop as the air particles would just be displaced somewhere else, as if they were afraid to maintain contact with the creature that played on the senses like a living illusion. How terrifying was it that it would break into run, and begin to run full speed towards Sieglinde, arms flailing, Mouth screaming.

Going to beat the hell outta ya' Collapses


This woman was insane! A gorilla pretending to be a shrine maiden for sure! This was the thoughts moving through the wolves intelligent (compared to other wolves) brain. The mangy mutt was indeed slowed by the protections placed upon the shrine, albeit it was showing ample resistance to them at the same time, perhaps it was due to the amalgamated form of its soul or perhaps it was due to the inheritent magic resisting properties of wolf-skin.

That said, said skin was doing little to shield the wolf from the concussive blows from this stupid gorilla, in fact, during the gorilla's punching session, the wolf even yipped in pain. A dishonour to their pride to be sure. But they weren't at full strength either.

The wolf got in a ready stance, Ready to give the woman what for, Ready to bite her neck and take them down. Yes, most certainly this was the method that would work right, They would tense up, their muscles, even while malnourished were bigger then the average wolf, denoting the presence of an apex canine. Muscles would pop and sinews would shift as the wolf would slowly pick itself up on its hind legs, its mass increasing to reach the depection of the beastman-werewolf, Their muscles would be inhumanly large even in a malnourished state. The form looked like some sort of fluffy hulk. Yes, this would be the form in which they bested this human. They felt strong, they-oh, a single step forward and they fell on their side with a pained whimper.

The Gorilla had done more damage then they thought. Stupid gorilla, and as the world around the wolf faded to black they'd just let out a whimper of protest at being bested, And when the wolf fully metted into unconsciousness. The presence of the moon lost all effect upon the creature. Leaving a Malnourished, skinny, and pained woman. This denoted her as a second-generation werewolf. No wonder she was so easy to best.

Of course now it would be a test of the shrine maidens morales, to let the woman die or to feed her and risk fighting a healthier werewolf.

Da-Vinci Chan~!

The Zoo

@Raineh Daze@DocRock

Da vinci who nodded at the affirmatory nature of the little einzbern head, would soon turn away from her to look at the red pandas once more. It wasn't to her taste to look at land-based creatures. Preferring those of the avian variety But it was nice to be hanging out with her master at least. That was the type of thing that made her happy regardless of what they were doing and she was most certainly grateful they weren't in a large scale grail war.

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