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7 May 2017 16:24
Current When your Fate RP your in is missing a caster.
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29 Apr 2017 11:52
Kiyohime has quite a few interesting comics about her huh.
11 Mar 2017 19:01
Jhoira of the Ghitu Reprint... Hell yea!
29 Nov 2016 21:57
testing YGOPRO 2.
25 Aug 2016 23:51
When your bored but don't really know why.


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@1Charak2you still have an entirely different character you need to post for.

I am gonna do that after I get Tabitha going. That's why I haven't been posting.

thats the second noibat.

we have 2 noibats

"I don't want to be special. I want to be normal just like you."

Name: Snow

Species: Eevee

Gender: Female

Ability: Adaptability

  • Trump Card
  • Quick Attack
  • Bite
  • Last Resort

History: Everyone praised her for being 'special' everyone she met wanted to be her mate, people wanted to protect her, she couldn't walk two steps without someone telling her how special she was or how beautiful she was. She didn't want to be special, she wanted to be normal. She moved to Valiant Village hoping to find peace but when she arrived the same thing happened like every time. Eventually she decided to make a team. She wanted to be normal and until she found someone who could see her as her and not through her specialty, she wouldn't make a team. It needed to be someone where she could be normal around.

Personality: Snow is a friendly eevee but she often avoids people whenever she can. She hates herself, she hates that she is 'special' and wishes to be normal like everyone else. She will immediately ignore someone if they call her special, cutting all ties with them.

Important Items: (Only If Applicable)

Notes: Shiny Eevee


"Please, don't use any stupid bug puns."

Name: Scolip

Species: Venipede

Gender: Male

Ability: Swarm

  • Toxic
  • Steamroller
  • Venoshock
  • Bug Bite

History: If you are expecting something exciting and fun, you might as well stop reading. Scolip has always been the dul and serious veneipede he has ever been. He went through life with a 'I don't care' attitude and has kept it ever since. He never cared about appearances, he didn't care about birthdays. He didn't care about the wars who pokemon that had died. If he wasn't involved he didn't really cared. If he was involved but wasn't life threatening he generally didn't care, and even if it was life threatening he wasn't afraid of death. Pokemon found him boring and dull.

Personality: Scolip is extremely serious and doesn't tend to joke around. Even when people try to make him laugh they usually fail. He isn't one to be scared easily. Normally Scolip is seen as dull and boring and honestly that is exactly what he is. He isn't anything special, just a everyday, average venipede.

Important Items: (Only If Applicable)

Notes: I'll probably have them form teams in the Rp. Don't know who with though.

More insects the merrier
@1Charak2 Yea I'm also making a venipede and a cyndaquil. As well as a fletchling.

Might I suggest a Blissey for that softboiled and medical aid.
@1Charak2 Haha. So what do you think of the Pokemon I'm going to make?

Its too big to get a free ride even if Prometheus is big for his species, he won't be able to carry a Eevee/zorua around.

but in all Honest, A zorua is a better teammate then an Eevee, Illusions are powerful.

@1Charak2 I'm probably going to have my Zorua or eevee join the team for the final fourth member.

Btw you don't mind your two characters being in a team with Grace right?

Just more people hitching a ride on prometheus's body.
@The One Pretty good. Pretty good.
@Cu Chulainn@1Charak2need to post.

Well we are trying to figure out what the chirch did with tabitha in those three days prior to the meeting.
@The One

If you didn't see it. I offered to have my pair join the Shaymin guild.
Alistair Glas

The conversation had been pretty normal until the pretty boy had decided to let slip that he knew what the scribbles were. Alistair instant got into a defensive pose but quickly put his arms down again. There wasn't anything to worry about... The kid wasn't going to rip him a new one. It seemed he only wanted to have information but still, he didn't like to be just a piece of the puzzle, no. He'd be half the whole damned thing before he'd settle for a compromise but that was just him besides, the way the boy acted was piking his interest greatly. "10 percent eh? That little? well, I am not in need of any money compensation so. Maybe the other 90 percent will suffice, knowledge for knowledge, a fair and equal trade." Alistair said as he shrugged "but as a measure of good faith. I have heard some rumours yes. From what I've seen during my late stays at the school to write up runes, I have seen instances of demons in the school. Let me guess are you referring to the idea of the Rating games. Well I have a hunch that the king of the school in that scenario is -" he began almost about to finish as he dozed off where he stood. The world turning into a black pool of nothingness where nothing but thoughts and ideas floated around. It was a place of rest, respite and usually where he stayed because of his terrible infliction.

He was out for a good five minutes before he came too again with a loud yawn. "Oh sorry where was I, I have reason to believe the king is likely the Tsumiki kid, considering how much he frequents the area where I've seen the most of that... other side stuff but why do you want to know so badly?" He said with a slight fumble. Their face was getting to him something about the way the eyes were positioned seem a little off though. Now that he thought about it. No. He wouldn't ask. "what does the freshman want to do to a demonic peerage?" He continued further "Starting a fight are you? Suicidal." Alistair finished with an audible 'tsk' as he had move over toward the yellow car standing with his back to it.

It wasn't the yellow car that really interested him. Its what he had written on the paved road beneath it. Just in case, Mr Green Bean wanted to mulch him. Just in case.
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