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Digimon is such an intriguing franchise.
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Y'know with all the new Isekai concepts coming out, I wonder if there is an isekai concept for "Reincarnated as a Truck that sends people to other worlds"
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Draw 2 Cards
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When your bored but don't really know why.
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That moment when you have a billion ideas and can't write them all down
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To be fair I did make it at the tail-end of an insomnia stint. I knew I forgot something. No need to remind me twice at least.

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~~IC is up~~ (Late notification)
Two domain locations, decide then master and servant pairs what location you wish to show up to.

Nakano Broadway Basement -
Sukiyabashi Crossing -

And also enjoy having your first IC post be a recap then of your first few days spent with your servants prior to the messages arrival. How did they fit in to your suddenly bustling schedule. For all wars have a small lull before the fray.

Plus.. this obviously not a trap would cause some meetups to occur at least in one location no?

The Strangest Odyssey

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Somewhere in Nakano Station

The scratching of an pen upon paper, the scribbled notes of a person who took pride in their work, That is to say, a pride of an individual whom had a lot to lose if they upset any of their superiors. "Tch" It was a scowl of inconvenience. Usually an Overseer would be appointed with knowledge of what on earth was going on. But she had been deployed here with not even so much as any additional command seals and was told to simply ascertain if there was a 'holy grail' involved so they could properly send the 'real' overseer for the grail war. Semantics and Drivel, but what would one expect from the political side of the hidden face of the world.

She finished penning the letter, sealing it with the symbol of the eighth sacrament as the first of the report she would need to send in regularly. Less the church dictated that she had become rogue and send an enforcer or god knows what. Similarly she needed to pen a letter to the mages association of anything notable going on. Especially if there was an additional presence of other organisations.

It was a lot of pressure and as she would whittle down the point of her feathered quill, she'd cut her finger on the knife due to her loss of concentrating on such a thing. she placed the bloodied finger between her lips to stem the gentle blood flow, Her command seals glistening in the candlelit gloom, She hoped the masters would have gotten her memo... and would begin to approach here shortly. It wasn't normal for a overseer to provide a curt invite. But this 'war' was anything but normal given the nature of those forsaken schisms.

She would return to writing, wondering then if any of the masters had fallen into one of the schisms by pure accident. She chuckled quietly at the macabre thought, it wouldn't be unlikely given how curious people could be... Now then who would be the first to arrive to the locations she had gave, curious as she was to see what would happen if a properly elected master was to enter such a schism, her servant would report the findings and then if her praxis was successful... Her servant should bring those back to her for her to brief them further no? Simple.

The Events that have transpired thusly

A strange summoning

For what should have been a standard summoning it was truely anything but, Though the minds of the servants had been filled with the important knowledge of the common era as the grail had always done, to prevent servants feeling out of time and place. They had been left with a distinct void on what their purpose for summoning was, All that the servants would know is that they had manifested before their masters without a conventional summoning ritual having occured...

In an interval spanning two days, Masters and servants would have been free to at least try to adapt to eachother to understand their new dynamic or perhaps to understand each other somewhat as no news had been given to them up to this point. During this interval you new prospective masters would find a message, be it attached to a familiars foot hovering near you like some annoying nuisance or shoved hastily inside the partition of your car door. The seeking familiars had with some difficulty found you, by using the distinct magical trace of the command seals upon your body.

The attached message simply said.
"Nakano Broadway Basement, Sukiyabashi Crossing, May 5th, The Witching Hour until 4am" Two distinct locations and a specific date and time to reach them. A cryptic message to be sure but it was the message given to each master. It was then left to the digression of the masters to decided where they went. For it didn't matter to the message sender.



And with that, its time to start the IC
Alrighty then, with everyone paired up, is there any last questions of importance/Any sheets people are working on
Indeed Pairing up should start to occur. At this stage due to the even numbers as it would allow a smooth transistion for when the rp starts.

<Snipped quote by 1Charak2>

The smell of blood thing was because I thought it was cool. So if you don't want me to have it or reduce it I think that is fine.

The intent of the car was to be a mobile base/somewhere for him to live as I think that's really cool.

Alright well, if you remove the blood thing I suppose hes accepted yeah, Since the intent of the car is more or less somewhere for him to live in.



I'll say a good thing first, it is a very detailed sheet. I just have some worries.

Firstly, His sense of smell is much too good if he can smell blood that well. If it was magus-enhanced that is one thing, but he is for the most part a normal guy so it seems a little off. Especially since its just 'the smell of blood'.

Secondly, I need to ask why he needs a car of all things inside of one of the most optimised (for trains) metropolis. Especially since the premise of the rp is going into different 'domains' as well as having to navigate the city to find them, A car just isn't the most optimal thing for this, Unless of course your implying its effectively also his 'mobile base/he lives in it' then that's fine. Im just curious what the intent is behind the car is all.
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