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The next morning, the lessons would be going ahead as planned, Lucky for all the students doing turbo dueling on the open-topped track, the weather was clear, not too bright either, perfect for the track. The weather wouldn't really matter as much for those doing action dueling as it was an internal stadium.

For those doing Turbo Dueling

For those doing Action Dueling
"What a round of spectacular duels!"

The Headmaster would say with a clap of applause as the duels for the day would come to a solid conclusion after an albeit lengthy process of duels. There was after all only 4 teachers to manage so many new arrivals The Headmaster would have to make notes to include more teachers for the next entrance examination. Indeed, this took too long for his liking that it would cut into his speech, he'd have to keep it short then, as keeping the students that passed here for too long would be foolish.

"Now, as for those that finished their duels early and for those that have just finished their placement duels, while the teachers you duelled review the duels today, I want to talk to you all about dreams. Perhaps you have a dream or aspiration that drives you, or perhaps you are one the many that are still trying to find their dream to follow, but take it from an old man like me. Once you find what you want. Strive for it! Push harder and push through until you can grasp it." The elderly headmaster said with eccentric movements before he pulled a muscle causing him to stop with a wince. "And" he said slowly straightening up. "Make sure to have fun on the way to achieving it too." he said with a wise old smile.

A few minutes later, the reviews would be finished, and the headmaster would be listing out names. "For those that have particular impressed their interviewers through raw power and a potential to be the greatest of the great. The highest dorm, Raviel Royal Blue. The students in this dorm include..." He listed off a bunch of names. None one of importance would be heard

"Now, Those that have showed Great potential, but were just shy of the highest dorm, Hamon Gold." The Head would say with his cheerful tone as he listed of the names, Kaito, William and Thomas would hear their names here. Which of course meant that meant the ones left would have either passed by the skin of their teeth (or had a really strict reviewer) or would have to try at another academy.

"Ah, and now for those students that have perhaps the greatest potential of them all, but are held back by some sort of character flaw that their examiners picked up upon. Or perhaps their duelling simply needs work." The Headmaster would say as he read out the names. Miku and Yukata was listed.

There would be a great flurry of steps as what was once a packed stadium fit to the bursting would slowly ease up to be a nice well filled out stadium, no cramped spaces anymore as the schools dueling room was returned to its expected capacity, Of course it was soon going to be empty considering the next port of call.

"Now that everyone is aware of their placements, uniforms will be given to you in the size you filled out on the application form in time hopefully for tomorrows round of lessons. The key to your individual dorm rooms is a keycard, This keycard is also used at the cafeteria and card shop as identity verification, as well as to stop the any one student from buying out all the card packs." He chuckled. "With that being said, I wish you all luck moving into your dormatories."

Da-Vinci Chan~!

@Raineh Daze@DocRock

Da Vinci's face which had once been the shining example of joyful optimism suddenly gave out in a curt frown upon hearing the words of the Einzbern inheritor. "Tampering you say?" Her words were both one of curiosity and yet you could also her the tone of concern in her voice. "In what way are they being tampered? is someone hijacking the control of servants? If so that could completely disrupt the islands state of peace if someone exceptional was brought under the thrall of dark powers would it not? Or do you mean that someone is forcefully cancelling contracts, Equally worth merit but a lot less dangerous to everyones lively-hood? Perhaps they are using a caster servant? I need as much info as you can give Lady Einzbern" She said her mind focusing on the task portrayed. She was no detective but a mystery was always fun to solve.
Da-Vinci Chan~!

Current Location? Her Masters Room


"So if I just make sure the geometry is correct, then you should fly perfectly steady" Da Vinci would muse to herself as she slowly and carefully using a pair of tweezers slowly moved the small metallic feathers into position. She'd lightly raise the wing of the hummingbird sized construct as she slowly finished one spectacularly coloured metal wing. It was a literal 'pet project' Since the idea of the bird was for a gift for her master as well as serving as a familiar for scouting. She certainly had the time to be eloquent in her construction, this wouldn't really be possible in a true grail war scenario, and as she slotted the last bit of the construct into place and began to run mana through its frame, the small constructs wings began to beat and it soon slowly rose into the air.

"Mm...what the hell happened while I was sleep?"

Da Vinci turned around briskly at the sound of her master being awake, mouth open to begin an explanation. She almost half-mindedly hit her newly-made construct during her turn-around. But it had better spacial awareness and so managed to barely move out of the way of the metallic gauntlet. "Well my dear pupil, you ended up falling asleep if I recall, to which I put you on that couch and spent that time personally producing..." She turned around, putting the newly made hummingbird construct on her palm. "A familiar of etiquette design for you." The expression on Da Vinci's face was one of pride as if to say. 'Yes, this is the Da Vinci brand beauty that you should expect' However her smile would turn into a raised eyebrow as the phone began to ring.

"You should probably pick that up." She tilting her head to the side annoyed at the sudden intrusion as she was almost bursting with wanting to explain the process of making the construct in the first place!

Nevermind this. Probably not a good idea to stack more on for me
A͆͋̄͛͐̔͗ G̮̭ͮ͗̚l̵͉̯̬͕͊͂ͧͥi͔ͦ͂ͥt͕̙̞͉̖͙c̹̣̖͡ḧ̟͚̱̗̀̓ͦ́̊ ̴̯͓͙̳̺ͯ͋͊̉ͅin Reality


The creature continued to move forward, reason begone from its ephemeral state. Yes of course it would continue to move Sieglinde, Its body quite purposefully moving against the metal spear. Pushing through, letting it pass through itself, as if a ghost, and the screams painful as they were, would intensify to an agonising degree. However harm to their bodies? None. It was like a ghost walking.

Its essence would disperse upon passing through Sieglinde, leaving in her mind and imprint of a lab room. Nothing more. No location details. Just the room of a lab. Tubes broken, jar fluids everywhere. a place worth checking out probably. If she could find it. But for now it would seem this harmful encounter would end without more then bleeding eardrums due to head pressure.
Rosea Nyx

The Cafe

A dark figure reaching out to and holding your hand, embracing it, its the only warmth you ever know so intimately and yet all it does is make you feel sad, and yet you cling to it like it is your sister and it will take away all the pain you have felt. All the sorrow. And leave you nought but the brightest you could be.

The dream caused Rosea to rock back and forth, Her mind plagued by the same dream, the same nightmare, and the same thought. Why couldn't she feel sad even when she wanted to? Was that a good thing for her to even fathom inside her mind. Or was that a concept that she really shouldn't dwell on too much lest the thought consumed her. Her dream dying down, coming to its cliff-hanging conclusion. She would awake, her eyes blinking twice as she adjusted to the strange light of the room she was within.

Where was she.

And better yet where was anyone else! "Gosh dammit!" She said in an annoyance. "I fell asleep before I could make any friends, how on earth am I supposed to do that if I keep sleeping." She said getting to her feet. Brushing herself off, and surveying her new locale...
Da-Vinci Chan~!

The Zoo


Da Vinci would be working tirelessly through the night, perhaps on fruitful or fruitless efforts, anything that so pleased her was up to her digression after all. But She would indeed take pause when she found her master sprawled out on the floor like some nobody! and that simply would not stand, and so Da Vinci would carry her master to a special made Da-Vinci brand couch. Which in reality was just a leather couch she found.

At least then her master would be somewhere comfy in her sleep. Which was good enough for Da Vinci. This would be the modus operandi until her master woke.

Technically to allow the transformation to occur, one soul is consumed. And to maintain it, one soul is required for every 20 seconds in combat.

Out of combat 1 soul equates to 1 hour of transformation tine

The mirror facilitates the transformation singularly. If perhaps I were to add something it would be that it deflects projectile attacks in both states.

Her overdrive forms are very stamina draining Rosea for instance will quickly tire physically. While Caligos Soul consumption increases to a single soul every five seconds.
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