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Current Man, it's been a while since I've been here last. Been cooking up some ideas so I might be comin' back with something. Dunno yet.
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[Shiny Keldeo]

Welcome! If you're reading this, than you decided to drop by for a visit and check out my profile! If not, then why are you still reading this right now?

The name's Keldeo, Shiny Keldeo. I joined the Guild about a two years ago after my first forum fizzled out. I thought I knew what I was doing with Roleplay when I came on the scene, when in reality I had barely scratched the surface of what I had to learn.

My first few RPs went bust, but with each failure I gained valuable experience to learn from, and eventually I started up a fairly successful RP known as Digimon: As the Lights Fade. However, it eventually went bust as over half the RPers, including my Co-GM, poofed and dropped without much warning.

Then came two of my longest running RPs. Pokemon: Legendary Guardians and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past. Both were filled with great characters and I made a ton of new RP friends in them. Sadly, too many problems arose in both, and I was forced to shut them down.

I wasn't done with Legendary Guardians, however, and rebooted it to try my hand at it once more. So far, it's still going strong, thanks to dedicated people like Ninian and Light Lord, who've helped it stay alive through it all. I'm still not done yet, there's still more creative genius in me waiting to be tapped into!

Roleplay Information

I like to stick to Casual mostly. I've never tried anything in Advanced, but I just can't do anything in Free. I like to include way more dialog and information in my posts than I can post in Free.

I usually prefer to RP with Multiple Characters. It's easier for me to say more and do more, whether that being a Digidestined with a Digimon, a Pokemon Trainer with their Pokemon, or multiples of either.

Speaking of which, there are several subjects to which I usually work with in RP. The biggest being Pokemon. I'm up for (almost) anything, Mystery Dungeon, Ranger, or just being a normal Trainer is completely fine with me. Other interests include Digimon, Star Wars, and various other subjects that would be too numerous to name here.

Current Roleplays
Pokemon: Legendary Guardians [V2]
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads of Time
Digimon: Genesis [On Temporary Hiatus]
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past (2017)
Pokemon XD: Chasing Shadows

Past Roleplays
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past (2016)
Pokemon: Legendary Guardians
Digimon: As the Lights Fade
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Order 66 Rewritten
Star Wars the Clone Wars: The 286th Legion
Various Other Star Wars RPs I Can't Remember The Names Of

Most Recent Posts

With Jules, no I figured that would've been a breaking point but I just didn't see it working out. Just felt like you missed the entire point of taking the Legacy Characters and concepts and adapting them into new work. They don't stay exactly the same as they were, but they keep the core character that makes them who they are.

Just the way you sounded like you dropped it all at the very mention of Underground stuff was rather out of nowhere even after explaining that it wouldn't just be Underground in the Modern-verse.

Either way, not seeing enough interest in the idea to keep this going so I'm just gonna cut it here. Was worth a shot I suppose.
That is... certainly a take. Feel like a lot of what I said just got ignored but you do you. Good luck in your thing too.
I just find it the biggest well in the canon adventures for new characters and stories to take place given the 6 Month Gap that we are never told what happens in, and Forces big selling point was... original characters XD

If ya have an idea for a better point in time for the story to take place, I'm open to it. Just would take a bit of reworking of what I've got since I planned a lot of things around it already.

And yeah, a big point in the AU is implementing Legacy Characters with changes that work with the story while trying to keep their core characters intact.
So... this is gonna be my first hard no. As far as the story goes, as this is starting shortly before the Forces Arc, Sonic's family is honestly pretty well established at this point.

His mother is a non-royal lineage Aleena who lives in Central City with his older sister and younger brother, Sonia and Manic respectively. Sonic, on the other hand, lives with Aleena's brother Charles on South Island. All three siblings inherited their speed from their mother, some more than others.

His father I don't believe I've ever even thought to mention, as it never was important to the story being told or the plot but it's pretty clear that he is out of the picture for one reason or another. And this late into the story it would seem rather... out of place to suddenly introduce him. Nothing against his character from the comics or anything, he just... doesn't fit.

Also the God Powers... no. XD
There we are, the first few major events in the timeline proper. Obviously S1, CD, and S2 are missing. The story began with S3&K's arc with the gaps filled in later for Sonic, Amy, and Tails' stories. To keep things short for that here though, Sonic brought them both back to South Island to live with him and Uncle Chuck cause they needed help and had no one else to turn to when he met them, they're essentially family now.
Not much unless you're looking to make a character extremely specific with certain things, like G.U.N. and such.

Obviously with the core changing event allowing the Echidna to live into the modern day, their species is on the table though they aren't a very common sight off of Angel Island aside from Knuckles and, in this universe he gains a little sister with his family named Onyx.

Thinking on it a bit though, the early events did differ pretty widely so I may add a few examples in a bit-
Yep. All the typical crew and a few non-typical are still very much around and kicking. When there's no adventures going on, he's usually around South Island with Uncle Chuck, Amy, and Tails, the latter two forming with him this universe's Team Sonic.
Oh for sure. And yeah, I didn't want to jump full into it unless there was enough interest drummed up, hence less detailed info. I've been working on the story alone for about a year and a half now. Got a bit down on paper but most of it is still in concept stages because of my perfectionism with the project.

That being said, if there's any details involving characters or story in particular that anyone's curious about, I can definitely go into a bit more detail. Just didn't want to write the entire thing down here this early.
Oh yeah, I do take a few cues from the old comics, but mostly only character names and personalities that didn't quite work for characters that already existed.

I actually placed a restriction on this AU to not use stuff from the Archie Comics, despite them having a lot of my favorite characters. Nothing from IDW yet either, though I may partially lift it once we get into the main arc. Not sure yet. Only thing I do know, as much as I love 'em, is no Freedom Fighters. They just don't work in this AU.
Huh, not too familiar with those myself so I can say I wasn't exactly influenced by them XD

I tried to keep it consistent with the game arcs as much as I can, though there is definitely some heavy differences... aside from the Chaotix. They are... pretty much the same as they always were-
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