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Welcome! If you're reading this, than you decided to drop by for a visit and check out my profile! If not, then why are you still reading this right now?

The name's Keldeo, Shiny Keldeo. I joined the Guild about a two years ago after my first forum fizzled out. I thought I knew what I was doing with Roleplay when I came on the scene, when in reality I had barely scratched the surface of what I had to learn.

My first few RPs went bust, but with each failure I gained valuable experience to learn from, and eventually I started up a fairly successful RP known as Digimon: As the Lights Fade. However, it eventually went bust as over half the RPers, including my Co-GM, poofed and dropped without much warning.

Then came two of my longest running RPs. Pokemon: Legendary Guardians and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past. Both were filled with great characters and I made a ton of new RP friends in them. Sadly, too many problems arose in both, and I was forced to shut them down.

I wasn't done with Legendary Guardians, however, and rebooted it to try my hand at it once more. So far, it's still going strong, thanks to dedicated people like Ninian and Light Lord, who've helped it stay alive through it all. I'm still not done yet, there's still more creative genius in me waiting to be tapped into!

Roleplay Information

I like to stick to Casual mostly. I've never tried anything in Advanced, but I just can't do anything in Free. I like to include way more dialog and information in my posts than I can post in Free.

I usually prefer to RP with Multiple Characters. It's easier for me to say more and do more, whether that being a Digidestined with a Digimon, a Pokemon Trainer with their Pokemon, or multiples of either.

Speaking of which, there are several subjects to which I usually work with in RP. The biggest being Pokemon. I'm up for (almost) anything, Mystery Dungeon, Ranger, or just being a normal Trainer is completely fine with me. Other interests include Digimon, Star Wars, and various other subjects that would be too numerous to name here.

Current Roleplays
Pokemon: Legendary Guardians [V2]
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads of Time
Digimon: Genesis [On Temporary Hiatus]
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past (2017)
Pokemon XD: Chasing Shadows

Past Roleplays
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past (2016)
Pokemon: Legendary Guardians
Digimon: As the Lights Fade
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Order 66 Rewritten
Star Wars the Clone Wars: The 286th Legion
Various Other Star Wars RPs I Can't Remember The Names Of

Most Recent Posts

@Lugia @Ridlins
Eira the Amaura
[Medburn Town - Central Plaza]

"A situation? What happened, Eira?" She'd ask as she got down some fruit and water from the kitchen. "O-oh, it wasn't anything big... just got a little banged up from the earthquake." She'd turn to Ember. "R-right, Ember?" She'd ask, giving a glint in her eyes trying to tell him to go along with it. She didn't want her mother to worry about what had happened to them.

"I'm just glad you're safe, that's what matters." The Froslass would reply as she brought what she had in her arms into the room, sitting on the table. "Help yourselves, there's more than enough to go around." She'd offer.

@Lugia @Evanist
Lachlan the Ralts
[Medburn Town - Medburn Guild]

Turning to the Togepi, Lachlan would give a thumbs up. "You're fine, we all get caught up in the moment sometimes." He'd reply with a smile. "Yeah, I think there's one here in the gui-" He'd start to reply to the Noibat, before turning and finding he'd vanished again. "We... really need to keep a closer eye on him..." He'd sigh and turn back to Celina. "Come on, let's go find him again..." He'd motion to her as he left the room.

Lachlan (and presumably Celina) headed over to the Medical Wing of the Guild, only to find that he wasn't there. "Why wouldn't he come here? I told you guys how dangerous it's going to be out there..." He was starting to really worry now. They could still be out there, just waiting for them to come out... "Come on, we've gotta go find him, quick!" He'd spurt out, making a beeline for the door.


Lurking off the side of one of the main streets, Mech would be watching the Guild from afar. With Mizu and Ignition off to Lively Town, he and his team were the only guys nearby. Seemed kind of dumb to him, but the boss has his reasons. His eyes would come upon a much welcomed sight, a lone Noibat leaving the Guild. He appeared to be injured, too. It was strange, like he didn't know where he was going or what he was doing...

If he had a mouth he would be smiling. "Must be my lucky day... I bet that's one of 'em." He'd look to his lackeys. "Once he's out of sight, go invite him for a 'chat'." He'd order, two Pawniard nodding as they ducked down the alley, eventually coming out behind the Noibat as they followed from a distance.

@Polaris North
Drip the Brionne
[Medburn Town - Kelly's Cafe]

Looking over to the side, she'd sigh. "He's... interesting. He's gotten into trouble with the wrong crowd, the guild's had to bail him out a few times even. And I think he's got a grudge against one of the Swords of Justice, Keldeo I think..." She'd explain, looking back to him. "It's a bit silly, but he always seems to be up to something around town. It's just worrying, joining the Guild could either fix his attitude or make it worse." She'd finish, just in time for Kelly to return with their meals.

"Order's up, here ya go." The Kangaskhan would speak before setting down the trays with food before the two. "Thanks, Kelly." Drip would say before beginning her meal.
Yeah, there were gonna be Shadow Pokemon like XD and stuff. Decided to can it again for now just due to no interest for two days now, Sorry...
Posted this late at night, so bumping it a little.
This is an RP that I initially started... I want to say two years ago known as Shadows of the Past. It went strong for a while but a ton of stuff went wrong (won't go into detail) and I just ended up axing it. That was when I was fairly new-ish to GMing. I tried restarting it not long after but with no interest in it, so I gave it some time. Now I think I'm ready to start it up again. Here's some basic Info:

  • The Story that takes place before the RP is set 5 Years after the events of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. It ignores Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and its plot, but many elements from it still exist.
    • Looplets and Emeras Still Exist. However, Mega Stones also Exist.
    • Mega Evolution Mechanics are Tweaked Slightly.
    • The Concept of Each Previous Game Occurring on a Different Continent in the Same World Still Exists, as do the Towns and Organizations from Super and Games Prior, though some may be changed to fit the RP.
  • The RP Itself Takes Place 10 Years Following the End of the Initial Story, Which Will Be Explained Later if Enough Interest is Generated.
  • The RP Will Not Feature Humans Prominently, If At All. Yes, strange for a Mystery Dungeon to not feature Humans, But this is for 2 Reasons:
    • I don't want the Human Character to take Center Stage, as can often happen in these RPs.
    • Not All Problems Can Be Solved By a Human Intervention. Sometimes the Pokemon World DOES have to sort out its own problems and mistakes.
  • Shadow Pokemon will Appear, Primarily as Antagonists.
  • The RP Will be HEAVILY Plot Driven, but the direction it takes will depend on your decisions.
  • While I'm all for "Deeper Relationships" between characters, Keep Things PG. I've had really bad run-ins with stuff like that in the past...
  • Multiple Characters per person are fine. I do encourage working with other people's characters as much as possible though when it comes to forming your own Teams and such.
  • I will not be allowing players to control antagonist characters. It's simpler, and unless you want your character to be basically a mindless, emotionless killing machine, No.

If this gets up enough interest I'll throw up some more info about the lore and story it's based off of and a CS to see what you guys can come up with. If you have any questions relating to the story/lore behind it, feel free to ask.
@Polaris North @Ridlins On you now.
I think the only other guy who can post right now then is Polaris. Just post when you can though, Lugia.
@Lugia @Ridlins
Eira the Amaura
[Medburn Town - Central Plaza]

Leading the group towards and eventually through the plaza, Eira listened astutely to Ember's speech about her parents. Turning her head to her new fiery companion, she'd reply. "Well... at least you have parents. I was raised up by Miss Chansey in Treasure Town, until she found a home for me here in Medburn." She'd turn back to the paths, taking one off the southern edge of the plaza. "D-don't get me wrong, the one who took me in is sweet and caring, but... I've still always wondered what it might be like to have a real family." She'd admit, eventually coming to a stop in front of a small but well kept house.

"Well, this is it." She'd state, walking forward and slowly bumping the door open. "I'm home, and I've got some people for you to meet." She'd call out, as a few moments later an aged Froslass would appear from around the corner. "Ah, I was worried after that tremor. I'm glad you're safe." She'd say as her gaze set upon the others. "And company? Had I known I would have made something for you. Come in, please." She'd motion for them to come in.

@Lugia @Evanist
Lachlan the Ralts
[Medburn Town - Medburn Guild]

After nodding to Celina and following Trevor back into the Training Room, he tried to relax. It seemed Trevor was a bit of a natural, shooting off attacks and abilities left and right. Celina herself had experienced some success, managing to use several moves as well. Lachlan was the only one now who had yet to use any kind of move. He'd been trying so hard, maybe too hard. Maybe that had been what was keeping him from pulling it off.

He took a deep breath, and concentrated. I tried to think about what abilities he could actually have. Ralts, Psychic Type. Maybe something like Confusion. Looking over at a few small boxes off to the side, he looked over at them and, as Psychic abilities normally could, tried to lift them with his mind. And, surprisingly, one of them lifted off in a soft blue glow. Setting it down gently, he smiled. "Got it!" He'd pronounce proudly, looking over to Trevor.

His smile quickly faded as he saw his limp wing. Not even thinking about it, he suddenly just appeared at his side, having used Teleport by accident in a rush to get to him. "Trevor, your wing does not look good at all. We gotta get that looked at, like, now. Don't you think, Celina?" He'd ask, turning to the Togepi.

@Polaris North
Drip the Brionne
[Medburn Town - Kelly's Cafe]

The Monferno's pleading gaze would not gain him any ground, unfortunately. "Sorry, Rick. Not today. I've been having no luck with money, lately. I've just got enough for this right now." She'd reply, the Kangaskhan chuckling. "You're fine, you two. I know how hard it is out there. I can just put it on a tab, you can pay it off when you can. And before you say anything, it's no trouble at all." She'd give a smile as she headed towards the back.

Breathing a sigh of relief after being saved from an awkward situation, she'd turn to the Fire Type. "Maybe if you stop getting yourself sent to the clinic every other mission and you'd make a decent role model." She'd tease, her gaze turning serious again. "But if you would, if they do end up making their own team with the guild, do keep an eye on them. That Vulpix, now that I think about it, has quite the reputation around here." She'd explain.
Sorry again. Got caught up with my job. Being a Pharmacy Tech in one of the worst Flu Seasons in years is not a fun thing. Plus with the Guild being screwy found it hard to get in, so thought I'd let it settle down a little.
Just waiting on @Polaris North now.
@Lugia @Ridlins
Eira the Amaura
[Medburn Town]

Eira was somewhat stunned by Ember's apology. Even though it wasn't the most sincere sounding, it was a step in the right direction from what she'd seen before. His actions and efforts continued to poke at her curiosity, as once more he was off once again before Eira could even get a word in otherwise. "S-sorry, he's always in a rush, some kind of plan or something... hey, wait up... again!" She'd call out before catching up to him and Hanna just beyond the guild entrance.

As she stopped just behind them, Ember posed an odd question, that he wanted to meet her parents. This left her with mixed feelings. On one side she was happy he was starting to show more interest in her as a kind of friend, but also nervous about what her Nana would think of him, given that Ember doesn't have the best track record. But if she was forming a team, she'd surely want to meet him, right?

"W-well, I guess that would be alright... maybe after that I can come meet your parents." She'd reply, heading towards the southern part of town. "My home is down that way, just off the Center Plaza." She'd direct, looking back at the group before beginning down the path.

@Lugia @Evanist
Lachlan the Ralts
[Medburn Town - Medburn Guild]

With the swift departure of the other Pokemon in the room, Lachlan grinned as he looked over at Trevor. "Of course you're not, you can't think so negative. Like Celina said, all we gotta do is work together and we'll make it though this no problem." He'd say as he looked back to the door they had come from, now closed. "But... I think it's going to be a bit before we can talk with the Guidlmaster again... he's a really busy guy I guess."

He took a few steps back towards where they all were previously. "Why don't we keep practicing with our moves? Imagine the look on that guys's face if he comes back and we're using them like we knew them all our lives." He'd say with a big smile towards his teammates, waving them onward.

@Polaris North
Drip the Brionne
[Medburn Town - Kelly's Cafe]

She turned back to Rick as she opened up the door. "Maybe... he just feels like a kid who'd manipulate a sweet girl like her into doing his dirty work, I don't know..." She'd say as she headed to a nearby table. With Medburn back in full swing, the Cafe was alive with customers and passers by. "Welcome back, Drip honey. And hey there to you, too, Rick. Got banged up again I see." The Kanghaskan would say as she came over.

"We know him too well, Kelly... the usual this time, Pecha Berry Salad for me." She'd order, Kelly nodding and smirking. "And what'll it be for you, this time. Tomato Berry Soup? Iapappa Sandwich? If you need time to think it over, I can come back." She'd offer.
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