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Current Well it's been a while. Saw PMD Talk, used to run some here a while back. Kinda moved on though. Nothin's really peaked my interest here in a while either.


[Shiny Keldeo]

Welcome! If you're reading this, than you decided to drop by for a visit and check out my profile! If not, then why are you still reading this right now?

The name's Keldeo, Shiny Keldeo. I joined the Guild about a two years ago after my first forum fizzled out. I thought I knew what I was doing with Roleplay when I came on the scene, when in reality I had barely scratched the surface of what I had to learn.

My first few RPs went bust, but with each failure I gained valuable experience to learn from, and eventually I started up a fairly successful RP known as Digimon: As the Lights Fade. However, it eventually went bust as over half the RPers, including my Co-GM, poofed and dropped without much warning.

Then came two of my longest running RPs. Pokemon: Legendary Guardians and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past. Both were filled with great characters and I made a ton of new RP friends in them. Sadly, too many problems arose in both, and I was forced to shut them down.

I wasn't done with Legendary Guardians, however, and rebooted it to try my hand at it once more. So far, it's still going strong, thanks to dedicated people like Ninian and Light Lord, who've helped it stay alive through it all. I'm still not done yet, there's still more creative genius in me waiting to be tapped into!

Roleplay Information

I like to stick to Casual mostly. I've never tried anything in Advanced, but I just can't do anything in Free. I like to include way more dialog and information in my posts than I can post in Free.

I usually prefer to RP with Multiple Characters. It's easier for me to say more and do more, whether that being a Digidestined with a Digimon, a Pokemon Trainer with their Pokemon, or multiples of either.

Speaking of which, there are several subjects to which I usually work with in RP. The biggest being Pokemon. I'm up for (almost) anything, Mystery Dungeon, Ranger, or just being a normal Trainer is completely fine with me. Other interests include Digimon, Star Wars, and various other subjects that would be too numerous to name here.

Current Roleplays
Pokemon: Legendary Guardians [V2]
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads of Time
Digimon: Genesis [On Temporary Hiatus]
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past (2017)
Pokemon XD: Chasing Shadows

Past Roleplays
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past (2016)
Pokemon: Legendary Guardians
Digimon: As the Lights Fade
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Order 66 Rewritten
Star Wars the Clone Wars: The 286th Legion
Various Other Star Wars RPs I Can't Remember The Names Of

Most Recent Posts

Alright, though I still have somewhat of an idea for it. Possibly not a game starter, but more of an end goal. Could have gotten designs for it from Kuat, and brought it to them as one of those "This could turn the tide" kind of macguffins. If not, I can leave that out altogether.

Anyways, I'm a guy who likes to use a lot of characters. Will likely make CS's for the major ones later down the line, but here's a short blurb of what I have in mind in that area:

- Jedi Master Kellyn Rolin
Kellyn was a Corellian born male who served in the Clone Wars as part of a small Jedi Strike Team (somewhat like the Shadows, but focused on the War Effort rather than Ancient Dark Artifacts and Relics) that was almost completely wiped out a few months into the war. He was then assigned to the 117th Attack Battalion as their Jedi General, a unit he continues to serve with to this day.

- Jedi Knight Teela Kamara
Teela was a Twilek Jedi and former Padawan to Kellyn Rolin. She was taken under his wing shortly before their eventual assignment to the 117th. Before the Fall of Coruscant, she underwent her trials to become a Knight of the Jedi Order. Following Knightfall, she and her Master, with their unit, regrouped with survivors and eventually joined those who took refuge on Mandalore. She eventually took on a Padawan of her own. She was trained in many of the skills her Master had been in his time as part of his squad.

- Jedi Padawan Ashira Kena
A Togruta female and Padawan Learner to Teela Kamara. She has not been with her master for very long, but in this era you learn quick or fall quicker.

- Senior Clone Commander CC-7501 "Bronze"
A survivor from the Clone Wars, he was and still serves as the commanding officer of the 117th Clone Battalion. A veteran of Geonosis, he's seasoned in the tactics of what was formerly the CIS and now the Empire. His preferred weapon of choice is the Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon. As well, he's the head of a small strike team of his best men, nicknamed "Hailfire Squad".

- Admiral Edward Millon
Serving as a Naval Officer during the Clone Wars, Millon's Fleet was stationed along the edge of the Unknown Regions when Coruscant fell. At the discretion of the Jedi General he served alongside, his fleet known as the Excalibur Battlegroup linked up with surviving forces at Mandalore. They've served as a defensive force and offensive battle fleet since that time.

- 117th Attack Battalion
A holdout from the Clone Wars, this unit is made up of veterans of the War and fresh troopers created by the Kaminoans and other various cloning facilites at Mandalore's discretion.
@Alfhedil Alright. One more question, what's the status of the Kuat Shipyards? As in what allegiance?

My idea is having a unit of clones serving as an active battlegroup with their Jedi General, with a large percentage of them having survived due to them having been assigned near the border of the Unknown Regions.

Their Command Ship is somewhat of a prototype that would have come before the Imperial Super Star Destroyers had things gone as they would have in the main continuity. The "Verigator" Class Republic Battleship.

Hmm... I haven't been in a SWRP like this in a long time. Nor have I been here in a long time. Would you say there might still be active Clone Military Units under the direction of certain Jedi at this point? I've got an old one I could bring in with some new additions.
Figured I should at least say this so I don't just leave you guys without a word.

I'm gonna pronounce this one dead, for a multitude of reasons.

Abysmal didn't leave me with enough of an idea of the plot to actually progress the story if he were to disappear (which I did ask him to but he never got around to it fully).

While I'm comfortable playing my own Original Characters and Canon Characters, I'm not confident in my ability to effectively take over someone else's Original Character. They may play them a specific way or have a specific idea for them in the case that they were to return.

My time was too divided between here, another big RP Group that I became a part of, games, work, etc... and I had to cut something loose. At that time, this was the only thing I was still here for full time.

While I do have a bit more time on my hands now, I'm still not confident that I can fully continue this RP the way it was originally intended, with not even the basic knowledge of a majority of the needed characters.

I'm sorry to you all for the lateness of this, and that I wasn't able to continue it. I do hope you had fun for the time I was able to keep it running.
And... figures I say that and life just gets in my face, laughs, and goes "No." *Sigh* I might have some time coming up in the next week, I'll try to get something out then.
So... life beat me up and left me in a dark alley... anyone still around and interested? Should have time to keep going now.
Just a tad... been focusing a lot on work at the moment. I haven't given up on this yet though. I'll try and get out a post somewhere in the next few days... gah life.
Yeah, that's my bad. I just haven't had the time recently to focus on posts. Hopefully I'll have some time coming up.
Really sorry that took so long. Hopefully now that summer's rolled around, I'll have a bit more free time to post and such.
@Lugia @Evanist
Lachlan the Ralts
[Medburn Town - Medburn Guild]

As the group finally reached the clinic inside, Lachlan stopped for a moment as he felt... odd. Nervous was the better term. It wasn't him though, he felt fine himself. Unsure of what the feeling meant, he looked to Celina. "I don't know... we've barely even started using our moves yet... not sure going out there is the best thing right now... especially with everything that's happened since we woke up..." He'd respond, focusing back to their task at hand. "First, though, let's get you patched up Trevor."

Heading through the doorway, a Chansey would be simply tidying up the smaller room as she spotted him. "Hello dear, something I can help you with?" She'd ask, the Ralts looking over his shoulder. "My friend's wing here is in bad shape, we were hoping you could take a look." He'd ask. "Of course! Come in, take a seat! I'll have you back and healthy in no time." She'd state, looking over to the Fairy Type that had followed them. "Ah, Nene, perfect timing as usual. Aki had to run into town, I'll need your help here." The Chansey would call over, the Floette nodding. "Right, Kim. I saw him coming this way, figured you might need a hand. It's banged up pretty bad, it looks like." She'd reply as she moved to Kim's side.

@Lugia @Ridlins
Eira the Amaura
[Medburn Town - Ember's House]

After another of Ember's hasty departures, the prehistoric Ice Type found it difficult to keep up with her more nimble friend as they headed into the outskirts, coming before the tree Ember stated as her home. She wasn't sure what kind of tree it was to resist fire, but it sounded like a large Chestnut Tree to her. "Well... I'm ready when you are... it can't be that bad, can it?" She'd ask, admittedly slightly curious as to why the Vulpix seemed to be slightly stalling.

@Polaris North
Drip the Brionne
[Medburn Town - Kelly's Cafe]

"Oh, really? I thought they were just here to give a message." She'd respond, finishing the last piece of her salad as she looked back up. "You could hear their voices clear across the Guild earlier, sounded really intense." She'd mention. "Whatever it is, I really doubt they're here for long. They never stick around in one place for long, from what I've heard." She'd finish.
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