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Current I'm in a post GBF Guild War state. Happy it's over but overly tired.
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Muscle girls are great. That is all. Move along.
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I have a desire to play a witch of some sort in an RP now.
3 yrs ago
Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
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Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l


Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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Well, the troop was here now. Luna had handpicked some of the soldiers that she knew were competent, in fact, a couple of them were there the day she had met the Queen for the first time and that was a hellish day to be sure. But she picked them because she could trust them to clean up in a worst case scenario. She had already discussed their role with them in this. While it might not be the most honorable job, it was the one she had left the them.

She took a breath and took her steps forward. She needed to start this assault according to plan. This isn't the most dangerous thing she had done. No. With confidence she moved forward, sword at her side and shield at hand. As she came into sight of those on the palisades, she held a spear of light in her hand and threw it hard, aiming as she could past the gate. Though it didn't matter too much. There was more than enough time for her allies to position themselves. All Lady Lightsword needed to do was make an announcement. And she had no better way to do so than with that spear. As it eventually embedded itself and stopped it's movement, Luna caused it to explode into a bright and disorientating light. If one were outside, it would be hard to miss.

"Come fight me, bandit wretches! If you thought a full force of soldiers were needed to rid this land of your kind, you have thought wrong!" Luna said, beckoning them all to her. She reached to her sword and freed it from the confines of its sheath all whilst applying her light coating magic to it. "Come, I challenge each and every one of you to come win a battle you cannot!" There was a dread sense of confidence to the knight as she stood, ready for the arrows and foot soldiers to come charging.

Akyasha had walked into a trap of sorts. She recognized the corpse as dressed as a sort of doctor, one could say but she did not recognize thr creature that had wrapped it's unholy mitts on her. It squeezed her tightly so she couldnt escape before her vision faded and she came to wake somewhere. The cleric wasnt sure where though. It was familiar but alien.

The vampire had further questions as she was being pelted with words from a woman in similar garb as the corpse. She introduced heraelf as Est and even helped Akyasha to her feet, though her head was spinning as she tried to comprehend what exactly she had seen before. She put that thought to the back of her head for the moment.

"Greetings, Miss Est." The vampire said, looking at the woman as she continued to introduce herself. I am Akyasha, Devoted Servant of the Goddess Ichor. Though, I suppose you've deduced as such. Please call me Akyasha."

Akyasha looked around the cathedral and, specifically the rats before her. A light smiled turned into a light frown as she pondered her current situation. Several thoughts ran through her head but she decided to reserve judgement. "Apologies for my delayed response. I believe I've merely been attempting to comprehend my situation and my stark lack of blood has been clouding my judgement a small amount."

Akyasha looked around her surroundings a bit more, focusing on the bright light for some seconds before facing Est again. "I must say, I hardly believe I'm still in Alavaris. After all, it's much too bright to belong to the home of my kind. Rather, it feels like I've been spirited away by some mischievous rat that clings to ladies far too tightly." The Vampire said with a small smile crossing her lips as if she were talking about an adorable child. "Would you perhaps know of how I've come to be here, Miss Est?"
As far as her allies were concerned, there was a quiet intensity exuding from Shanil's person. Anyone could notice fairly easily the elf's reaction as her understanding of their targets changed from bandits to veteran rebels. All anyone really knew about the woman's past is that she was heavily engaged with the elimination of rebel forces before the official end and after the end of the war and that if she had a cheerful personality at any point, it was long gone by now.

Her biggest regret since learning from her teacher, was that she wasn't able to end the life of the rebellion's leader herself. Still, it was a small consolation that even five years after that dreadful conflict, she was able to cleanse the world of such filth yet again. Regardless, they were closing in on their target. If there were less of their adversaries, she'd ask to slip in under the cover of darkness and personally end every enemy, though she of course knew this wasn't quite as feasible as she would like to think it were. Most of the times during the war that she took action was while the armies fought each other. Silencing a commander here or there. Making a patrol go missing. Realistically though, she was only the muscle of the duo. Her master had planned everything meticulously and she needed only trust his words.

Things were vastly different now. Though he had never mentioned anything specific about the Order he had once belong to, he was an old and wise man. If she didn't know better, Shanil'd have thought him to be the leader of his Order back in the day before it all came crumbling down. Now, however, in her service to the Iron Rose, she was lead by an unproven youth even by human standards. She knew of the tradition of the order, however, it felt all too odd to her. Perhaps it was her upbringing in elven society that gave her a different common sense but she had pondered for a time how could one as young as Fanilly truly lead a Knightage. Time would tell, at least. The plan for the day was simple enough to work.

"It won't be much longer that we will need to proceed on-foot." Fanilly mentioned. It wasn't much longer before the force was dismounting from their horses. She moved forward, steering clear of that annoyance of a girl, Cecilia. In her attempt to distance from Cecilia, Shanil accidently bumped into someone's shoulder. She took a look to make sure whoever it was didn't fall over, but after making sure they were fine Shanil just kept moving.
Vammy was whistling a nice little tune as she was tying the woman up. When Lazhira walked in and mentioned something about the "torture" she was doing not being good, Vammy just looked at her housemate as she kept tying the prisoner up. "I'm just tying her up again because she somehow managed to get her hands on some cutting tools. No need to worry. The mutt knocked the wind out of her sails. I think that's the definition of 'good boy' right?" The demon mentioned happily as she finished up. "Anyhow, I think our friend here is back to her own person now. I can see her face now. Honestly, kinda cute. Delicious looking even." The demon licked her lips. "Anyhow, how did you want to score this? First to make her spill the beans wins and the other has be a servant for the rest of the day? You sure~ you don't mind listening to one of my requests~?" The demon teased, trying to make the other falter a small bit.

"Hey, wanna talk about that cult you were with before we force you to talk? Course, you might actually want me to touch you all over~" The demon teased their captive audience a small bit, hoping she'd score an easy win. "I don't bite, much. You might even like it." Vammy had to lick her lips at the thoughts of this dark-skinned beauty in front of her.
Luna thought on it and studied the map herself. "I agree with you here, Your Highness. With the gate destroyed we have an excellent place to assault. A perfect plan here for me... We take a few men to watch the gates whilst we assault to ensure none escape. First, I announce myself and get their attention at the destroyed gate. So long as that Fomorian doesn't show up again I'll be more than capable to fight. Fio, you stay out of sight and up high above if you can manage. Once enough of the enemies show their faces, I trust you know what to do. Niall, since you are able to overcome the walls easily, you wait until I start and drag their attention away and then you start to clean up from the other gate. Her Majesty has humbly requested that there be no survivors and I intend to show no mercy." The Knightess of Lightsword said, her face looking stern.

She made a soft sigh. "Of course, Niall, Fio... Should you have any objections or additions, I would very much like to hear them. We are equals after all, and I would love any input." Luna gave a small smile at the two.
Here she is. I think the sheet is correct now.

This will be fun :)
I'm quite possibly interested~
Vammy smiled as she saw the mutt jump through the window and plow over the escaping prisoner. As soon as she saw the dog sitting on her, Vammy walked over and removed the weapons from the woman's hands before stepping on her and holding the woman down with a foot. "Now, how did you escape little missy~?" Vammy asked with a smile. "And I can see you now too~ You're making me interested in you even more now. That said..." The demon looked toward the mutt that had saved her a lot of trouble. "It looks like I need to feed you even better for our next meal, eh, Mutt?" Vammy said with a smile. She seemed rather please that the dog had helped her out.

"Now then, I maybe I should tie you up again. Or I don't do that and choose to help myself to checking out your person for more weapons." The demon said, licking her lips with perverse thoughts obviously on her mind. She should probably wait to do anything unless Lazhira calls her a cheater of some sort. "Or, maybe I should just tie you up. Watch her mutt." Vammy said before going to grab some rope and coming back quickly to tie the girl up as she awaited Lazhira's return.
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