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Current I'm in a post GBF Guild War state. Happy it's over but overly tired.
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Muscle girls are great. That is all. Move along.
3 yrs ago
I have a desire to play a witch of some sort in an RP now.
3 yrs ago
Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
3 yrs ago
Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l


Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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Serrica had waited for Noctis to say something but he was rather quiet. "Well, fine, the boy seems shell-shocked. If you feel better, do follow. Otherwise, girl, I'm going to borrow you for a small bit so the patient can rest." With that, Serrica kept hold of Anne's hand and walked out the door with her, leading her to somewhere that wasn't the infirmary. They got out of the building for some fresh air before Serrica stopped and released Anne. She took a breath before she opened her mouth again.

"Alright then. Now that we can get out from that sterile smelling air, do you not want to work for the quite rich Serrica Francesca Haldblum? I can pay you a potent salary... Hmm..." She went silent for some seconds as she contemplated something. "I suppose I have yet to properly introduce myself..." The noble girl cleared her throat before speaking once more. "I am the eldest daughter of the Haldblum Duchy, Serrica Francesca Haldblum. May I ask your name and house? Or, lack thereof. Take no offence, but if you are of a noble house I've yet to see you attend to high society functions."
As Akyasha miraculously dodged the cannon blast, she heard and saw the impact from gunnery. A feat that could only truly be achieved in this area by Giselle. The creature, from the last hit and the gunfire, did not attempt to stand from it's fall. Akyasha sighed lightly as she heard the inside of the shack start to crumble and some part collapsed. It was on fire and the crash left her feeling ill at ease.

Giselle was around and in fact, she came up to her from somewhere. "Giselle. A human girl. Smart though..." The cleric went silent for some seconds before looking over the building before then nodding for Giselle to follow. She lead her vampire sister over to a small hole she spyed in the wall, peering inside. "Girl. Batty?" It was easy enough to notice them as she saw the two trying to check where the door had been! "Over here Girl, Batty!" The cleric said, swinging her blood-axe at the hole to make a bit more space so an adult could just run out. Not enough to make the structure unstable though. "Hurry up you two! We gotta get clear!" She was worried that beast was going to stand again, soon.
Luna found herself on her back and Sarah on top of her. She was about to struggle more when her head throbbed... Despite whatever was telling her to win... Well, she could accept a draw... for now. Luna clenched her teeth for some few seconds before relaxing, "A draw sounds... Fine to me." She looked up at Sarah and remembered just how many times she had slammed her head into hers. Not that she looked exceptionally frail, but Luna had wondered as she set her hand up to the elf's head. She used her healing magic to heal any head injuries that Sarah seemed to have before she seemed to realize the situation that she was in now. She quickly retracted her hand and her face turned bright red.

"I-I... Umm, Lady Sarah... Would you mind... Standing? This position is a small bit embar-- Ugh..." Luna cut off her request as her head started to hurt a small bit. Well, that's what one would expect when they repeatedly slammed their hand into another person. Luna moved her hand up to her head and started to apply some healing magics to it. "But, uhh... Y-yea." The red faced human woman said after she started to heal her head up. She couldn't manage to look Sarah in the eyes.
As suspicious as this Sir S was, there was little reason to try and keep him down. He didn't ostensibly seem like a demon or anything of the sort. It seemed that, despite causing quite the ruckus on landing, Polina managed to get two girls attached to her. She looked between the small girl she found and the maid she and the other rescued. Well, whatever worked. For the moment, she just stood on deck ready for a debrief more than what they got. "Looks like mommy has her daughter to hug again~" She teased a small bit, trying not to be thrown overboard this time.

Then she asked about drawing the entirety of the demons to the Landing Zone? "As if it were me. I already had my hands full with bringing myself to the ground safely without being squished on the streets below. I am glad Leoniya came as support or I think my "squad" and I would have been ripped apart like some fluffy cake." Katherine shrugged with a sigh. "We did take care of it in the end, however."

Meanwhile, off to the side, the dolls were looking at each other and studying the damage done to each individual. One of them had managed to put on a hat that seemed like it'd belong on a combat medic of sorts and seemed to help bandage the others up. One an eyepatch and another a splint.
"Gah!" Akyasha screamed as her body was crushed, bones breaking and then almost just as quickly she was thrown to the ground. Well, she was at least distracting this thing enough for that human to get free, hopefully. If only she were stronger again. This would be trivial in that case. "Geh...." She groaned as she saw the cannon aiming at her. At first, she felt relief that it was merely aiming the cannon at her... And then she felt the magic building in the weapon. "Need to.."

Her body ached. The broken bones were frustrating but she had to move regardless. She had lost her grip on her axe when she was crushed and it now laid next to her. So she grabbed the shaft and pushed her body to hop to its feet. Her body was damaged a bit so her ability to move was slightly difficult, but she needed to do something. She moved around the creature so that if it turned toward her it's back would be toward the house.

Akyasha just needed to dodge it's magic cannon and hopefully, at the same time as the cannon fired, deliver yet another blow to it to throw it off balance and make it fall towards the soon exploding house. Once she found herself a good position from the creature, she turned toward it. She wasn't fully sure how much magic it would charge up, but she had to guess that she had to keep moving so she dashed in. She took a leap to slam her weapon in the creature's face once more. Her bones were aching with her movements, but she needed to fight through them for now until at least this thing was no longer a threat.
It was a wild ride but in the end they were, indeed, alive if maybe not a small bit worse for wear. For Vammy though, how she ended up was quite delightful. Face first in Yuisa's chest? This was great. "Hey sexy, get around here often?" She asked, being an absolute gremlin about it before relaxing a small bit despite the human's complaint. After a couple of good seconds, she leaned up toward the human's face and gave her a small peck on the cheek. "We'll have to do this again, babe." The demon continued to tease before pushing herself up quickly and grabbing the human's hand, helping her to her feet.

"Well, that was... A thing." She mentioned, looking around the area. "There's a lot of random stuff around here." The demon mentioned, noting all the random boxes and stuff. "It's a weird looking place. Do humans have places like this around?" She questioned Yuisa before noticing a small, odd thing. "W-wait. What's that thing?" It was a small creature with an orange coat, a wide grin, rabbit ears and.... No eyes? "It's cute in an odd kind of way." But as quickly as she noticed it, it ran away. "H-hey, wait a second!" She yelled at it, running to the place it ran down. She didn't continue the chase, not knowing the layout of this place. "Hey, uhh, that was a weird thing. What's your thoughts on this place, Yuisa?"
Luna smirked slightly as she managed to bash her shield into Sarah's midsection, only to have her own wrist grabbed by the elf and pulled in just as she had done earlier. Sarah brought the pummel of her sword forward to bash her forehead. Luna calculated her options as quick as she could as she attempted to pull her head to the side of the pummel. She couldn't bring her sword forward in time to parry or attempt an attack to make the elf back off... So instead, she jerked the wrist that Sarah was holding toward her person to throw her aim off and bring her closer. After that, she purposefully took a glancing blow to the side of her head. It hurt a hell of a lot, but she had to fight through for now.

Luna then, with a new welt to the side of her head, would bring her head forward to headbutt the elf to make sure the elf lost grip on her wrist and, if successful on that front push Sarah back a small bit before taking the small bit of distance she created to try tackling the elf to the ground. She hoped that her stubborness in taking pain could out-do the elf's. Willpower starting to dwindle as her head continued to ache.
As she thought on the situation, Serrica was quite sure that nothing like this happened in game. A closer look at the now conscious boy's face revealed him to be that helper NPC right? How strange. "Well, regardless of what's happening, Nurse, would you be so kind as to assist this girl's scrapes on her palm? It was an unfortunate situation where some quite rude boys knocked her down." She patted the girl's shoulder and pulled in somewhat close to her ear, "And if you need assistance with anything, feel free to ask for me, Serrica Francesca Haldblum."

Finishing her sentence, she pulled away and turned her attention to Anne and Noctis. The boy had just mentioned something about not wanting to start the year like this. Well, that much was understandable. "It's understandable, boy. Not many can boast of being stuck in an infirmary immediately after the start of year speech. Truly, we should all be glad to not have been afflicted in such a way from it." She teased, poking some small bit of fun at him. "I'm sure none would fault you for needed to rest longer if needs be."

"With that said, girl there, were you on your way out?" Serrica asked, though she had not given the girl time to truly reply. "I cannot say I recognize you with these eyes of mine but I can feel you are quite talented." It was at least true. Serrica's eyes had never seen the girl, though it could be said otherwise for her time as Serika. She was almost certainly sure this girl was the protagonist of that game. "Are you a commoner? No, a lower ranked noble that integrated rather poorly into high society." If this girl was the protagonist as she had thought, she was capable of legitimately anything she put her mind to. That was a boon to any investor. "Tell me, would you like to come work for the daughter of a Duke? I can pay you better than even that unpleasant von Afah brat." Serrica mentioned, taking Anne's hands in her own.

"I would even offer to put you up as the queen of high society but, well, it would be difficult to train you to out-do myself. If you would come and work for me." Serrica said in a way that it made it difficult for Anne and Noctis to tell if it was confidence or arrogance. Anne made Serrica crave bringing the girl in under her wing... And then she turned to Noctis. He was to be a powerful mage too, wasn't he? Well, perhaps she would watch his progress and see how he would go. If she tried snatching him up too soon, he might divert from his path too much. "Can you sense the raw potential this girl has, boy?" She asked calling him boy once again.
Sir S? What a name. Katherine wondered a small bit about the secrecy and if it was really necessary. She merely shrugged at the thought as her continued to mention he already confirmed about them. She really wondered when he managed that. "Hmm, yes, sorry to hear." Katherine mentioned, giving her condolences in her own way. That said, everything about this man still felt off. The Firbolg wasn't really sure what she should say to the man, really. It was fairly obvious that he was no ordinary man if he could come here with nary a speck of dirt on his person. If they tried to detain him, Katherine wasn't sure exactly what he would do. "Very well then, Sir S. Do try to not get eaten yourself on your escape from this ruin. I would hate for us not have the chance to meet again."

Katherine looked to Leoniya and shrugged. "I doubt if we even managed to take him in somehow that he would tell us anything without being really cryptic anyway. And that is assuming, again, that we even manage it. You can just blame me when we do our report, if you want." The Firbolg said, shrugging towards the rat and shaking her head. "We'll have more pressing matters anyway. Like wondering when our other recruits show up."
That house was filled with barrels that were primed to explode any moment now right? Well, this fleshy mass was the most frustrating part of fighting this creature for the moment. It would be quite easy to break this creature apart once that fleshiness was gone. With this in mind, Akyasha jump up on the mast as the creature swung it at her. From there, she used it as a jumping point to slam her axe into the creature's face, bracing herself on it's shoulder and trying to force it back toward the building that was soon going to explode and seeing what damage she could do to it with one more heft back of her before slamming the sharp end back into its face. Looking over toward the blacksmith girl, Akyasha would notice she was having a bit of trouble with the local undead population despite saying she had things under control earlier.

She gave out a whistle, calling out to the Gorebat that lead her here. It should have still been around as she didn't order it away. "Help the girl out and ensure you both get out of that explosion unscathed, try not to get noticed but so be if so." She ordered the creature. At this point, she had somewhat revealed her hand, or it was going to be revealed regardless. She planned to make this girl a thrall so goodwill never hurt to have.
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