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Current Sometimes I can't tell when I've done too much in a character's background.
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I wasn't here when that party girl talk started, but I don't get it. Traps are far superior. You all should check yourself.
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Making an Inchling character for a DnD campaign. Gonna just be hiding in Large character's pockets and picking tons of locks and spotting traps.
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Friends and I are going to play the Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop. . . I'm making an elf character just so I can call everyone "Lumberfoot"
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I'll think of something that'll make people want to like this. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Astolfo.


Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

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@Pyromania99 Damn! Someone scored! Or did she...

@Lucius Cypher Would you permit me a History check to see if Shem'et would know that butcher lady?

From what I can tell at this point, it's nothing but bad.

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

Geh! Must this boy cling to her as such? Katherine was bothered a bit. By the boy's words and his current actions. Well, bothered about why a boy would be hunted down by the people on the upper side. She had doubts that it was based on looks alone. Aasimar like herself and what she assumed the boy to be were natural fair to look at and aside his wing, he was fairly human. Unless he did something really nasty, she couldn't imagine the people up there doing anything. If she assumed that the tavern's entrance was the closest, then it was likely that he was tossed down that direction... Otherwise, barring the idea that there was another entrance to this underground place, he would have entered through the town hall.

She didn't know the factions of this town yet, but she couldn't imagine any of them being that disgusting. She sighed internally and patted the boy's head. "Yes, yes. Bad people and all." Katherine added giving a small hug to the boy before trying to gently pry his fingers off her skirt. "If you refuse to go above ground, then I've nothing to offer. I'm not responsible for you all in all. I'm going to the Underhaven though, if you wish to accompany me." She offered, failing to get the boy off. She was letting the boy do what he wanted or thought was best, though she wished he'd let go.

"Tell me your name if you're just going to cry into my clothes, at least. You've not given me it yet."

"Say what you will. The Jerim will return this way soon I believe, so it'll be wonderful cover." The elf woman said, leading the group through the forest. Soon enough, the sounds from overhead died down. It seemed, if they were ships, that they landed on the other side of that small camp. After being far enough away to consider they were safe, the woman spoke. "Now that we have the leisure to talk... What even brought you down here? Obviously, you're from off planet. Well, you came at a horrible time either way. Just be glad it was me or one of my kin you ran into instead of the others." While talking, the group came upon a tangle of roots coming out of the ground. The elf simply touched them and they opened a path for the group.

Jess watched in awe, but kept quite. She got them into trouble by talking before. "Quickly, this way. These roots will return to their original form soon enough." The elf urged everyone to walk through. There was no obvious trick here. Jess went without hesitation. If this woman was going to hurt them, she'd do it by now. There were plenty of chances.

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

"I'm no one special really and definitely not your mother. I've never seen another Aasimar before, so I found it would probably be distasteful to let you rot here." Katherine said, attempting to sound disinterested. She looked over the boy for a bit to make sure she wouldn't dirty herself too badly with blood. Figuring it be annoying to not have a name for him she decided to speak to that.

"My name is Katherine Lindall." No reason to have Fiore on her name right now. "What is your name? If I helped you and got you to the surface, would I be able to drop you off with a healer? I have something I need down here, though your situation makes me have a slight unease about it." She rather hoped she wouldn't end up like this kid. Perhaps she's let her demonic heritage speak for itself whilst down here... Supposing they didn't like Aasimar.

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

Katherine had no problems for the most part. Her natural ability to see in the dark was a boon in this case. Well, should be. She was use to the life of dirt, grime and squalor but times have changed greatly. She'd been living the noble life for the better part of eight years. Still though, the dirt walls didn't seem to be... What one might consider stable. She was no engineer, but she had learned quite a few thing over the years. It didn't matter too much to her as long as she didn't get squished under them. Soon enough, she came upon an interesting sight. It was a boy. "What a sad little piece of history." The idea of wings, well with this case wing, seemed to clash with what she would have expected in this place. At first she would have considered that only she'd have seen things like Tieflings or kobolds down here, but this was outside of her expectations. "Guess she wasn't wrong when she said it was a bit rough down here."

Her initial thought was to walk past the body but she stopped in front of the boy for some reason as she was about to pass to the rightward passage. Her body was telling her that he was similar to her. An Aasimar, if she had to gander a guess at it. She had a rather annoying feeling in her gut. One that told her to just keep walking and contradictory also told her to try and help the little unfortunate being. Perhaps she felt a bit of kinship for the as, aside herself, he was the first of her kind she had encountered though by her account, he seemed to lack some of the... Dreaded fiendish hints she had but, nonetheless, she moved to get a closer look at the boy. "I would say you've lived the charmed life, but you current circumstances lead me to believe otherwise."

He was pinned to the wall good, but nothing Katherine couldn't remove with a measily amount of her flimsy strength. She struggled a bit with him as she set him in a sitting position on the floor. He seemed damaged. Luckily she had since childhood been able to heal small wounds. Paper cuts and the like. She placed her hand against the boy's chest and channeled some of her innate power, slightly healing him. After she used whatever power she had, she checked on the boy's condition of whether he was alive or not. He seemed dead enough earlier... Still, she might just carry him back to town either way. "What sort of messes do I involve myself in? I should have just walked on by, but here I am. Such an annoying whim I feel today." She muttered to herself.

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

Katherine sighed as Livia divided the tasks. She supposed she shouldn't be too down as she watched her sister leave the building. "Very well then." She leaned back on the counter rolled her head a bit. "So, I guess that leaves me with the Underhaven. Well, that's fine with me. Town Hall or the tavern... I think I remember where it was in the tavern." With a slight sigh, she pulled herself up from leaning on the counter and turned to Barthen. "Many thanks again, my good man. I suppose I shall be seeing you again in the future." Katherine told him before turning and leaving.

She headed to the tavern where she vaguely remembered seeing staircase or something that went down. After arriving, she asked some people and confirmed her thoughts. There was the entrance... Gathering her courage, she decided to take the descent into the darkness. Luckily she wasn't fully human. Her heritage allowed her to see about sixty feet into the darkness so she wasn't blind down here at least.
Jess followed in to the area, curious about what was going on. She mostly studied the area and looked to the helmet laying on what she assumed to be a grave. She wanted to ask the elf girl, but of course Kriev was working on it. She looked to the translator and it came up with an answer... A very... "Shoe Elf... shoe... What in the actual hell is that answer?" She asked Kriev. It was an obvious non-answer. To be fair, they had no Rosetta Stone for them to work off of...

The elf girl, on the other hand, seemed a bit frustrated that no one was trying to listen to her... Well, to be more correct, no one understood her. Out of apparent frustration, she took both of her gloves off and threw them on the ground and walked up to Jess who had the most skin showing. "Jona... Jona." She put her hands up in an attempt to show she was being gentle.

Jess took a minor step back and gave her a curious look. At first she was ready to run... But her curiosity took over and just stood her ground. The elf's bare hands touched Jess' neck where the most skin was showing and a minor glow flew between the two of them. The elf girl closed her eyes and she started to glow slightly brighter as the roar continued overhead. A bit off in the distance, the sounds of explosions could be heard. Bombs of some sort. The animals cried out. The lemurs that still followed them stayed around them though, but took refuge in the bushes. The elf eventually stopped glowing and removed her hands from the human's neck. Jess felt light headed and took a step back, catching onto the captain. "That was exhilarating." She noted.

The elf sighed, "Such a barbaric language. Well, so I thought. Your shared Terran language is... Frustrating. So many unnecessary tenses and forms..." She stated, in the shared common language. "My apologies, but if you don't wish to be eliminated, I suggest moving with me. Earless elf, Greater Opehl, Suited. There is a cave some distance from here. The Hierars will be here as soon as they can land."

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

Katherine listened to Livia... It didn't seem like she believed her. Well, it was a bit crazy. "No, I'm not going to follow you all the way. While you went to get the Auroch, I was planning on checking the other places out. After this I planned on checking the Underhaven, though I wouldn't complain if you wanted to come with me really quick. In case this place doesn't have the Resin, I can go check the mines." At about that time, they arrived at the store and Livia initiated the conversation.

Ten gold for the bag of seeds? Well, she had less than that on her person. If her and Livia could split it halfway, they'd get paid back later anyway. "Well, Livia, what say we split the cost of the seeds since Maeda mentioned she'd pay use back later." She took out five gold from her repurposed component bag and held them out to Livia and then placing them on the counter top. "Ten gold, right, my good man?"

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

Katherine smiled at Livia's jab back. "Oh, you. You know as well as I that I'm more celestial than fiend." A small quip that went largely ignored, of course. So, she just watched as the Arachne and her sister talked. So, Livia was tasked with going to kill an old auroch. Well, that should suffice as energy, though Katherine had a weird feeling about powering something with a creature's soul. It seemed a bit... Dark. Well, she had of course heard of this before in her studies... But she never really thought to witness this.

As Livia left, Katherine was ready to do her own part of the task. Before she left though, she walked over to Maeda, grabbed her hand, and gave it a kiss. "Perhaps I could take of your private lessons later, for now though, goodbye." With a slight curtsy, she turned and walked out, practically chasing Livia.

It didn't take long to catch up to Livia. "Hello again, sister dearest." The Aasimar said as she started to walk towards her "younger" sister. "Now, before you assume I followed you to this "gods-forsaken frontier" as someone so elegantly put it once... I didn't plan on it." In as short a time as she could, she described to Livia her situation. Of the voice that seemed to inhabit her head and how it was connected to the headaches she had for years, though she cut out the "my favored" portion of the conversations. Livia still had that inferiority complex for some reason. She always was able to grasp thing better so this confused Katherine.

"Anyway, I only came here because I was forced to, though you being here is a bonus. While our sister is quite the beaut, I only ever felt... 'kinship' while I was with you. I sort of went to that school cause I thought you'd be there." She continued. Her little monologue was over rather quickly, and she looked to Livia for a reply. Hopefully not a depressed one this time.
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