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Current Muscle girls are great. That is all. Move along.
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I have a desire to play a witch of some sort in an RP now.
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Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
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Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l
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I am in fact, not from the UK nor do I think my ancestors were either, but I can say that these pokemon things are factual stereotypes and should be respected as truth....
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Unsure of how long they would be stuck in this small area with only the four of them for company, Augusta settled herself as quick as she could, taking special care to keep this young elf girl warm. Perhaps it was just the shared ears they both had, but she felt a need to protect her. She also listened to all the stories the girl told. Making note of everything she mentioned, the woman smiled and nodded at the girl. When that was all said and done though, and it was time to sleep... Augusta found sleep hard to come by. A good portion of it was spent keeping an eye out in case the Apostles or those dwarves found them. Eventually, she fell into the clutches of the night and her eyes closed.

She found herself wake up to Isidore making noise and forced herself to wake up. She'd love to have just went back to sleep at that moment and pull the covers over her shoulders, but that seemed an impossibility at this point. As they went about their morning, Augusta thought some on the previous night and encounters. Firebeard. He was a threat to them on this mountain as were the Apostles apparently. She really should work on some magic aside fire. Perhaps thunder as she had previously considered. If someone were wearing metal armor, it only helped the magic. Perhaps she'd ponder that for the day as they traveled to keep her mind off the snow.

She made sure Leuca woke up and had her rations, as well as Octavia. She felt responsible for them, though it was Isidore that secured the provisions from the dead Apostles. Perhaps they would make it to Gloomhallow and the "Shadow Elves" would assist them. Perhaps... Nothing seemed right on this mountain at this point so she had her doubts. After eating her rations, she stepped outside the small shelter and took a look around with Isidore. The clouds in the sky were not the best looking and seemed to threaten them just by existing. With a frown she agreed with him. "Yes, we should move." She caught the cloak and was thankful for it. The cold was getting to her ears. "Octavia, how are you feeling? Still cold?" She asked, petting the demon dog.
If this had been yesterday when she was still in Italy... The sight of these two corpses might have left her a little queasy. Now, though, well... Perhaps it was the gift of the goddess, or perhaps her experience in the dungeon. She didn't feel much about seeing these bodies. Pity, perhaps, that they were killed by a small girl. Hmm. She needed this girl to rest. "Octavia, dear, go rest in warmth, I'd rather you not get frost-bitten." She told her demon dog companion.

With her pup otherwise distracted, she started to walk closer to the small elf girl in front of her. "Now, Isidore here is right. You're injured and I can help care for you." The woman said, bringing her healing fire to her hand again. To show that she wouldn't catch fire, she put it up to her face and noticeably didn't catch on fire or burn to a crisp.

"See, it's safe. Please, let me heal you. It'll be slow but it will only get worse if you don't let me patch you up. I can see many things about you and one thing is your injuries. Your wrist and rib is especially bad." Augusta mentioned, taking a step closer to the girl wit her hands up as if she were being held at knife-point, though it likely occured to everyone present that the girl wouldn't be able to win a fight here.
Augusta squinted her eyes as Donovan had spoke, but offered no words to the man as he left. There was a small bit of disappointment that showed on her face as Nick parted with them. "Farewell, Nick. Until the next we meet. Don't mention my power!" She wasn't sure if the guy heard her, but with that, she turned north herself, satisfied that they kept the seed and Octavia safe. "It's good to have you along for this second ride into hell, Isidore." She mentioned as the three moved on in silence. As they trudged along their path, Augusta worked on a spell that would provide warmth with the explicit thought that she might not quite find a great source of warmth for everyone. And Octavia seemed to be rather cold, the longer they moved until the sun started to descend over the mountain.

"It's becoming a bit colder now." Augusta mentioned as the came towards the base of the mountain. Still, Octavia seemed quite uncomfortable with the temperature at the moment. The hound seemed to be... Plant-like so hopefully, the healing fire she held wouldn't be terrible bad for her. She cast it in her hand. It was definitely warm. More comfortable than the winds around them all at the moment. "Alright, here my darling, this should be warmer." Her hand that held the flame lowered slightly so it could radiate to the dog better. As they started up the animal trail, they noticed a light and the smell of cooked meat. A god-send it would seem. Or perhaps a curse on their way up the mountain. Either way, the would know soon. Perhaps it would be someone they could negotiate with. Regardless, they needed to press on.

Isidore passed the boar skin to her so he was free to move. Understandable, but still. "Let's hope it's someone we can negotiate with." The elven woman mentioned as the moved up to the camp. "I'm all eyes." She made sure her hand that wasn't holding the healing fire was free just in case she needed to sling a spell.
The morning was rather slow. Really. After a bit of practice the night before she went right to bed and woke up for her shift of night watch which also happened to be last one. Augusta was awake when the loud crack of thunder sounded through the air. Oddly, it was somewhat refreshing. Perhaps amongst everything here that seemed so surreal, thunder and lightning was a nostalgic sound. Well, it was nostalgic until... Well, the storm there... Across the plain. It was unnatural. Still, something about it seemed... Telling. Interesting? "Hmm. What do you think Octavia? Seems interesting, doesn't it?"

Hmm, well, the others seemed awake now. Good. It meant that they could get a move on early. The elf went about feeding herself and hydrating herself, following Donovan's example. She watched Donovan after eating, keeping the words Isidore told her in mind the whole while. His religious fervor was... Distasteful. She was truly starting to wonder if his religion would be a pain in her side. Then, the holy man started speaking of their course. At first, he made some sense. If there was a storm, perhaps they needed to gather some supplies first. It was cold. "Hmmm. Fair points."

Then, he made a suggestion that Augusta was not a fan of. Destroying the seed. "No, we cannot damage that. First, I wish to know it's nature through study. How can one fight a force one has no understanding of?" She had to ask. Of course, she had no plans for this to cause harm. At least, not outside a controlled environment. Nor did she particular care to learn the weaknesses of such a thing. Rather, she wondered if there was a use that she might be able to control this. Either way, she did technically promise an giant almost eldritch being that they would take care of this, and she for one was not going to irritate an eldritch being. Perhaps she should mention it... "And besides, should you 'purify' it, who knows what backlash that might have on us."

Still, she really didn't think she wanted to stay with Donovan. If he felt that way about the seed, perhaps he'd do the same to Octavia. No, if Donovan was heading north, perhaps she should take her demon dog and head the opposite direction. "No, rather, I believe I should say... I'm heading south still even if it's just with Octavia. There doesn't seem to be rain there so it should be mostly fine. I won't let the cold dissuade me. The lightning feels like a sign to me. Plus, I'm interested in non-human races as well."

Collab with @ERode

“I’m fine,” Isidore said as Augusta busied herself with using that healing flame of hers again. He didn’t offer too much protest after those words, however, focusing instead on the continued dissection of the creature. It stank, but the snow was plentiful, and after doing a fine enough job with butchering the hog, he stood up, kicking around the snow until he uncovered a large enough stone to use for less-direct cooking. Uprooting it carefully, the man scrubbed the surface of it with snow, before setting it close enough to the fire to begin soaking up heat. With that, he set the organs onto. The liver was slippery, but it’d be most important for himself, while the heart, pierced by a sword as it was, promised to be a hearty treat as well. Some fat from the boar’s stomach was placed on top as well, releasing a heavy oil as it began to cook. The fire occasionally spat and sputtered when the juices flowed off the rock, but everything was looking alright, and soon enough, Isidore’s task was done.

Abruptly, he spoke. “Octavia, grown up, will be dangerous. More dangerous than the deer that guards this place.” His eyes lifted to meet Augusta’s. “Do you think we can tame her?”

Augusta had finished up with Isidore’s healing when he started to speak about Octavia. It seemed fine so she gave a test tap to see if he reacted… Surprised. “Octavia, dangerous?” If the deer was smart enough to tell him and Donovan about the nearby settlements and to not let the mutt into the forest, it should be guessed that it might have told other things about her. How much did he actually know? That was to be determined. The elf woman met Isidore’s eyes and let her special one glow. “Yes, well. I can see things others can’t. I’m aware of what special little secret that plant left us. That said, if I can apply magic as I have been, I’m quite sure that I can do something. There are many things I would love to try. For example, perhaps there’s something akin to a familiar contract. I just need to be careful of any other surprises that might arise.”

There was a grand sense of confidence exuding from Augusta, though it might be hard to tell if it were truly an attitude of surety in herself to do as she said, or bluster. “Worst case, we get that man to cast his purification stuff on Octavia, though I’d be loath to do so. I very much do love that beast, despite her… Darker nature.”

“If you’re confident, that’s fine. I trust you.” No he didn’t. But the former statement was true, at least, and Isidore had his own form of confidence too. When everything else was equal, it was the physical range that he had that would grant him a deadly advantage over the dog, if Octavia ever bore her fangs towards them. “If you see so deep, we’ve got a demon seed. The nature of their bondage may be reproducible through our powers too.”

A tendril of fire licked out from his finger, before slowly weaving itself into a chain. “And from there, this ‘familiar contract’ is made. If Octavia is not of concern then...” Isidore pulled the ribs out from the fire. He blew off the ashes, then tore half of it off to hand it to Augusta. “...Donovan is.”

“Yes, I was considering what to do about the demon seed inside. I thought I may be able to study it and repurpose it if possible but…” She took the food Isidore handed her and gave a testing bite. It was about as one expected. Not the most flavorful thing that she was use to with their lack of seasoning, ashes aside. “Donovan?” She asked, curious as to the man’s meaning. Realistically, she should only trust these men as far as one could throw them, but desperate times. “Please, explain. Or, are you perhaps talking of that amulet he found?” She can barely remember if she even looked at his status lately and she would do it now except for him going back into the woods.

“He’s a good person,” Isidore said, taking a bite out of his own rib. It was hot and greasy, and that was all the comfort he needed. “But too much. He’s self-sacrificing to self-destructive ends. During the encounter with the deer, he charged and attacked first, when it had nothing to do with him. After, when I told him to run, he prostrated instead, and begged for mercy.” The man grasped the rib bone, and snapped it in half to slurp at the marrow inside. “Don’s a religious man, willing to do what he believes is right regardless of what others say. I’ve never seen someone like that. But Octavia is a devil in the making.”

“Nick’s normal. You’re selfish. Both are easy to understand and work with. Don though? Righteous, driven, and inconsistent.” He tossed those bones into the flames. “Makes one wonder, where he lived his past life.”

“I’d rather not think of me as selfish, just… looking out for my own self interest.” Augusta teased before taking a bite of her food. “And if you think Don’s anything strange, you’ve not spent much time in politics. Regardless, I think you speak the truth of it.” The woman mentioned. If what she said was true… He might not fit well into her future plans, pawn or collaborator. A pawn that can surprise you is worthless. A collaborator… Well, nothing would work out. She ate as she thought on the matter.

Soon enough, she spoke up. “Do you have thoughts on what you want to do about Don?” She was going to let the question float until she thought about how that sounded. “Or, rather perhaps I should say… Do you plan to split from him? Eventually, and not in the short term. I think you’re trustworthy enough for now, so I’m willing to go along with your ideas so long as they aren’t…” She gave a shrug, “Bad?”

“Bad?” Isidore smiled, or was that just a trick of the shadows? “Unlawful, or irrational?” He wiped his hands on the snow, before drawing out his sword and slicing the boar’s liver into small cubes. It parted easily, and he popped the first one into his mouth, mashing it against his palate. Warm, soft, and full of iron. It’d do well, considering the blood he lost. “Eat up, Augusta. For your lost blood.”

He chewed on liver for a bit longer, staring into the flames. The meat was beginning to warm his body up again, an internal furnace that raced through his veins, from his heart to the tips of his fingers. His clothing, at least what remained after the shredding it received from the monolithic deer, began to steam, finally shedding the damp it had absorbed during the day’s work.

“I’ve no intention on letting Donovan die on my behalf.” Something was stuck between his teeth, and he sucked at it before continuing. “It would be ideal if we could part amiably.”

Isidore, though, was accustomed to settling for the unideal.

It had almost slipped her mind that she took a stab earlier in the day. If Isidore didn’t mention it, Augusta wouldn’t have thought of it. She shook her head at Isidore’s words encouraging her to eat but took his advice anyhow, biting into the hunk of meat. Eating was good. As she did so, she thought on Isidore’s words as he spoke, what few there were. “Ideals are good and fine, but ideals get you a knife in the back.” Those words seem to be from experience especially with the biting sting that seemed to be on the woman’s tongue. “Of course, not being aware of those closest to you has the same result.”

The elf went silent as she bit into the meat again. She broke off a piece and chewed it, finally swallowing it some seconds later. “As for my thoughts, if he wants to die on my behalf, I shan’t say no. Perhaps, if that happens, I’ll make a monument for him.” Her tone indicated a joke, though it would be obvious that her real thoughts were soaking through.

“Unless the men of this world are blind, there’ll be many eager to,” Isidore replied. “Good for employment though.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” Augusta questioned. “What about the men of this world?”

“Beauty inspires self-sacrifice. More so when it’s as transcendent as yours.”

“Ehh?” This took Augusta by surprise. Perhaps more the deadpan look that was alway on his face while saying it. “Transcendent beauty? That’s a new one.” She hadn’t seen her face since coming here, so her only real thought was on her slightly above average looks from back on Earth. She could only laugh. And so she did. “Couldn’t you at least say that with a look of sincerity?”

Isidore raised a brow. “And what does sincerity look like?”

“I’ve been working in politics too long, so I don’t think I can say for sure.” Augusta smirked with a giggle. “Certainly not what you do with your face.” She teased, taking a bit more of a bite from her food.

He reached for his jaw, feeling for how his own expressions have been changed by this new body he inhabited. Indeed, one could only see others’ faults easily. “Close your eyes then,” was Isidore’s suggestion. Can’t be affected by expressions that you couldn’t see, after all.
“That just sounds dangerous.” Augusta mentioned. “But I’ll consider something of the sort for the future.”

“And our direction of travel tomorrow?”

“You mentioned non-humans.” Augusta reminded the man of what he told her earlier. “I was thinking that maybe that might be our best course of action. Mostly because I’m curious about what is out here.”

“Should set off early then.” Perhaps the question was a bit silly, now that Isidore thought about it. Both forms of civilization were southwards, after all. They’d encounter both in time. “Goddess didn’t grant us resistance to frostbite, did she?”

Augusta’s eye started to glow and she seemed to stare into empty space. Her eyes wandered like she was reading a novel. “Yes, I can guarantee that you don’t have it, at least.”

“Unfortunate. Suppose self-immolation will be the way.”

Augusta gave a soft laugh as she finished off her food. “Yes, well. You can get on that if you desire. Though, this may be one of those bad ideas I mentioned earlier.” She took it as a joke, regardless of what Isidore’s face would have said. “Now, I’m fed and you’re healed and we have a plan of action. I think I’ll practice my magic a bit more. Hopefully, make my firebolts hurt a little bit more.”

“Practice on that pile of wood then,” Isidore said, tilting his head in the direction of the damp firewood. “Don’t knock yourself out.”

They had a long day tomorrow, after all.
Augusta was sitting around camp, waiting for Isidore and Donovan to come back. Eventually, they did. It felt longer than it probably took since she was just sitting there waiting. When they did come back, though, she was excited to have food. Though something caught her eye a bit more than the food. Her vision stayed on Isidore as she gave him an almost tired look. He was going about things rather casually, cutting a leg of the boar for Octavia and then starting to cut it up. "Umm... Isidore. You look injured." He seemed to ignore that, focused on his work or perhaps thoughts and started speaking some time later. A deer? People in mountains? Non-human village? "Non-human is probably more interesting anyway. No, no." She pushed such thoughts from her mind.

"Isidore, you're injury. Let me..." The elf woman cut herself off and cast a healing flame on Isidore's wound. "Seriously, did that deer give you these wounds or was it the boar?" She asked. The man should be able to continue working on the food if he so wished, though he might get a couple of irritated elf complaints. "Stop moving." or "Hey". Still, soon enough she finished when at least a number of his wounds seemed to be much better. With a sigh, she turned to Donovan. "And you, how are you? Any wounds?" She asked, trying to look the man over for injuries.

Octavia was overly eager to play fetch with Nick. Not only did she steal a stick from Augusta, but she also knocked all the others out of the pit she dug. The elven beauty sighed and hung her head a small bit. "Yes, yes. Have fun while I prepare camp so you don't freeze at night." She mentioned, only slightly irritated at it. Octavia was still technically a puppy she supposed, so there was much energy to be had. "Nick, please just keep her entertained for a bit."

The woman continued with her preparing. She set the sticks in a way that would easily allow the fire to breath and brought a small flick of fire to her finger, tossing it into the pit and catching one of the sticks. Luckily, they seemed to be mostly dry. She went about to gather up some logs using her previously considered "blasting a small tree apart" strategy. Luckily, a good target was nearby so it didn't take too long to gather up a couple of logs quickly. She set them near enough the pit it was easy to add, but not near enough to let them accidently catch fire. The last thing she did.... She found some fairly straight sticks and a sharp rock. They needed to cook the food if Isidore and Donovan found meat. A stick should serve just fine for now. It's not like that had a pot or anything. She just needed to sharpen some sticks so they could cook over the fire.

Now, she just needed those two to come back with the food... "Where the hell are they?" Did they fall to some forest beasts? No. Neither of those two seemed like they'd fail to fight a couple of beasts from the forest. She sat on the nearby rock, tending the fire.
Augusta giggled at how unamused Nick seemed about her comment. It was worth seeing how people reacted to her saying that. Still though, perhaps she should figure out how to drain others of mana or whatever it was that the stone had done to her. Nick seemed like a fairly genuine guy and it'd be better to have more firepower than less in the situation they were in. Perhaps he would more easily understand how to manipulate the forces of magic if he truly felt it.

Also, however, that could wait. There were more important things to do for the moment. She was sure Donovan and Isidore would bring food of some sort back so they needed a fire of sorts. She just needed some logs and sticks. First thing first though. A small dirt pit. She thought on the issue for a second. What would be the best solution. There was no shovel among them and she wasn't sure quite what to do with magic to turn the soil. She put a hand to her chin and thought for a second before looking over at Nick and Octavia. Wait, Octavia! A smirk crossed her face as she walked the small distance to Nick and Octavia.

"If you both want to play, that's fine. But I ask one thing of Octavia first!" The elfen woman looked down at the demon dog and pet her. "Octavia, can I have you dig a small dirt hole for me? Since those two are out there getting food, I figured we should get a fire to cook said food ready. And prepare a watch schedule. Anyhow, I'm going to collect some sticks and other things. I'll be back in a little bit. Shouldn't take long at all." She mentioned. Sticks shouldn't be a problem. If she needed logs, she could probably blast a small tree with her Magic Missle to break it well enough. Then, after her collection, if Octavia had made a fire pit, she could easily toss in the sticks and logs, maybe some leaves and start a fire with her magic. She had a plan, if nothing else.
Augusta spent a good minute looking at Octavia's status. Seed Carrier? Hmm. This was nothing to tell Isidore nor Donovan at the moment. Nick... Not him either, really, but the most he could do is mention something to the other two. Isidore didn't seem to like things that would put him in danger and Donovan had that purification magic. She could always lie, if need be. She was particularly adept at that from her prior life. For now, perhaps her best measure was finding a way to remove the seed from Octavia without hurting her more than necessary. If that plant thought it could one up her, then it had another thing coming!

Still, she had realized that Nick was talking to her. Oh, what did he mention? What should they do next? Did she have any tips? She gave a small, yet somewhat concerned looking smile. "What next? I would propose to find what civilization we can and hope we don't look too different from those native to the land here. And, umm, I suggest staying quiet about the giant plant thing until we know more about the local culture. Hell, I might have to find a way to make Octavia here a bit more... Natural?" She mentioned, struggling to find the words. "Perhaps there's magic to transmogrify a creature." She mused for a minute more and put a hand on Octavia's back to pet her some until she came back to... Whatever world it was they were on.

"And tips. Right. Hmm." The elf woman thought to herself. She gave him most of the information that she knew already. "Most of what I know came from experiencing the draining effect from that slab first hand. It's not too difficult to figure out the barest of ideas when you feel the energy being forced out of you." She pet Octavia, who was what she assumed was the one draining energy from her at the time. "It wasn't pleasant but I felt I had to overcome it. Perhaps I should try and drain all your magical energy and see if you can overcome me?" She teased. Augusta didn't feel confident doing that at all. She would be worried of accidently kill this young man. She wasn't so heartless she could actually kill someone.

About that time, however... She heard a call of sorts. From the direction that Isidore and Donovan went. Should she go to them? She stood and pondered. From her experience so far... Wouldn't she be more a hinderance than a help? "Hmm. For now, I suppose we'll hold down the camp." She mentioned to herself as she stared in the direction the call came from. "Perhaps you should try to practice your magic more, young man." She wasn't sure of his age, but she seemed like one of those long lived elves so it only felt fitting.
Elma gave a nod of acknowledgement towards the village elder with his allowance of her dancing. Good. Now she just needed to plan a small bit and get everyone's attention later. Perhaps she could use Pyra's assistance later. It would be wonderful experience for them both and the town itself. How she wished it would cause them to have an annual festival where they all dance! Ahh, but perhaps she was getting ahead of herself there. The Elder seemed like Pyra's... enthusiasm has made an impression on him. Better than most of the other people they ran into atleast. He didn't seem to give her an odd glance or anything.

When they elder started speaking to someone behind them, Elma turned to see who he was speaking to. A woman. Nothing Elma really felt like mentioning specific about her. A traveler just like them? Well, it wasn't like she really had anything to say to this woman. After studying her for a small amount of time, she turned to her partner. "Well, Pyra. Did you want to ask around town? I'll go along with you if you want. I still need to figure out what I want to do for my performance. Of course, you're going to help with that too." The elf woman seemed very confident with that.

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