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Current Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
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Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l
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I am in fact, not from the UK nor do I think my ancestors were either, but I can say that these pokemon things are factual stereotypes and should be respected as truth....
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Sometimes I can't tell when I've done too much in a character's background.
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I wasn't here when that party girl talk started, but I don't get it. Traps are far superior. You all should check yourself.


Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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Lady Ashewell Silkweb

The forest was about what one could expect. Drab, boring and big. She hadn't run into anything of interest, though the journey was a good test of her new body. Still, it felt like she had a good grasp of the forest for some reason. Perhaps she was better at traversing forests than imagined. "Hmm, this body's taking some getting used to. If I remember what Ashewell could do in the game... In Janna's route, she's part of the group that gets kidnapped by the Hell organization... She has a paralyzing spittle doesn't she?!" The spider exclaimed.

As she paraded around the forest, crunching plant life and leaves underneath, she tried doing the paralyzing spit thing that Ashewell had shown in game. "Hmmm... Well... Maybe it'll come to me when I face real danger or something. I mostly have this web thing down at least." She muttered to herself. Soon enough she came upon something interesting. A nice rock formation. This would be easy to make into a temporary home of sorts. A bit of shelter and easy to set up a lookout.

That was nice and all, but there was one little problem. "Oh boy. Look at that thing. Looks like it took that one American "right to BEAR arms" really seriously." She looked around. This seemed the only thing to have to worry about. If she was quiet, she could set up a number of webs about. Spidersilk was suppose to be stronger than steel so if she could wrap it up in webbing then it would be easy to dispose of it one way or another.

So that's what she did. She set up webbing traps between the trees. All it really required at that point was to lure it and... Ensnare it? "Hmm..." How would she make this thing unalive? She had no weapons like that one person from earlier had. "Wait." Ashewell took a look at her hands. "Drider nails?" They were sharp enough they could probably do something. Well, there was a considerable amount of webbing in the forest in case she needed to retreat. Then, the last thing she needed to do was set it up at the entrance and try to lure the bear into it's demise.

Ashewell watched over the flock of sheep before her. They were her charge weren't they? Well, obviously she couldn't let anything happen to them. Aside the doll and the robot, everyone else would need to eat. Glaive suggested she make shelter. Not a bad idea, though she considered it might be better to hunt for food. Ashewell thought that she might have an extra easy time preparing traps for that. "I don't mind hunting. I'm starting to feel hungry. Might have to do with not having ate for some time before I died." She looked around. "Alright. I should go get a lay of the land. Anyone want to go with me? I have room on my back still."

If she hadn't hopped off of Ashewell's Abdomen yet, Ashewell would set down Ravy. "If you want to join, come along, else-wise I'm going this way! I'll be back soon. I have a good sense of direction." She figured that there would be enough with some of them trying to figure out how to make shelter... Not that much was needed for a nights rest. The area was temperate so some leaves for a bed and a fire at night should be enough. Food was more important in her opinion... But that could be the building feeling in her stomach.
Aoife De Chuid Mag Mell

How long has it been since she left home? Last time she visited? Many, many years for either. "Hah... Perhaps I should visit home soon. I'm sure sister wouldn't mind me staying with her for a bit. Isn't that right, Adhahm!?" She asked the spectral horse she rode on. The creature gave a whiney in response, but that was about it. The creature itself did seem to care one way or the other. "I am."

Still, that wouldn't be for a while still. She was just about to start a chapter of her journey. Never has she visited Silver Sun before. A land that one couldn't but help want to call a wasteland having just heard about it. The land was infertile and Aoife could only assume that the people have suffered much because of it. Still, that wasn't quite why she was there though. It was the dead. The spirits of the dead that is. With the infertility of the land as it were, there was a high chance that many were... Deceased. Of course a Dullahan would be attracted here with that in mind.

It didn't help that there was a sudden urge to head here, perhaps a subconcious message from her Queen set off the urge, or something else of the sort, but she was here now. It might be a stretch to say she was here to help, but if she had an idea about dead spirit's last wish, she might have the chance to do so regardless.

Whatever would happen in the future though, she was about to witness something strange. As she rode Adhahm on the road towards what should be Silver Sun, she studied the terrain. Whatever Aoife might think when she heard "Silver Sun" this didn't seem like it. Sure, it was a fallen kingdom, but she was expecting something like an actual silver sun hanging in the sky. Or perhaps a number of silver decorations on the road. None of it, sadly. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something odd.

The Dullahan grabbed her head and lifted it as high as she could. "Ehh!? Is that... People falling?! As if they could survive a fall like that! Come, Adhahm! Let us collect their spirits." She hardly expected the first souls she would collect in Silver Sun would be fresh. Adhahm galloped until they came to the clearing before the lake. Yes, there were people. They were alive still, however. "Huh, well, guess this wasn't a death fall." She looked around at everyone there. Five humans, a snake... A dragon? "Huh... Dragon. Nobility?"

Many things have been seen in Aoife's lifetime, but this was the first time she'd seen this. A summoning of sorts? Hmm, well, this was interesting enough to stand around and watch with a somewhat confused face. She set her head atop a specially made spot on her horse's saddle and leaned against the creature. It didn't move at least, as she watched on. If someone noticed her, she'd say something at least. She didn't want to interrupt the flow of conversation. For now.
Ashewell looked down at the Warforged in her arms. "Name? OH, yes. Name. You may call me Ashewell, if you would please." The Drider was wondering at this point if this Glaive girl had heard of Yuri Monmusu before. Well, that much was fine. "Worry not, we are all friends here." With a smile, she paid attention to Aries.

The sheep girl wanted to go, understandable... Well, maybe. Ashewell herself had no desire at the moment. Well, unless it turned out to be a village of monster girls or something. She let go of Glaive to set the sheep girl down on the ground.

"Let me tell you this. I am, without a doubt... Most likely a monster." The spider said. "On the outside at least. That said, what really makes you a monster is the inside." She poked at the sheep girl's chest. "Regardless of that outside appearance may say... The inside of you is still human. As long as you don't let that much change, you're still you. You're not a monster." She gave a slight sigh at this though. "Well, keep heart in that. We don't know much about this world." She recited a... Mostly word for word speech from a heroine from Yuri Monmusu. Then a thought fell upon her. "One think to think though, friends. What if this world isn't run by humans but rather by monsters? Could be nothing but food for thought though."

"Regardless, I shall stay here and watch over those who would stay behind." One way or the other, she stuck out like a sore thumb. "Maybe make the place more pretty."
Yay~ Put Aoife in the character tab!
Mainstage Muse Headquarters

"DAMN IT ALL!" Siren screamed into the mic. The warning alarm was blaring and Siren was pretty sure she told that damned Elecmon to only activate the alarm if it was an attack from that one defunct group Thor had taken care of back then. "ALRIGHT! FIND THAT ELECMON! FIND WHOEVER HE SET THE ALARM OFF FOR!" Everyone in the room looked at her for a bit, worried about leaving the room. "GO!" She yelled. All the Muse Hackers in the room dispersed and started to leave. The majority of them went towards the entrance area, where the most enemies would be expected. Others headed toward the where the Elecmon had set up his little monitering station.

Hackers from other groups opted to help Muse hackers with the intruders, if nothing else than to get the show on the roll again. There were a few others that stayed around to watch the area. With most of them gone, Siren dropped to her knees. "Damn it all. First that thing from earlier, the girl interrupting me and now this." She complained to herself as Etemon walked over to her.

"Now, now, Darlin'. At least it ain't Thor coming back here." The Etemon said as he kneeled next to the musician. "They've not asked much of us yet. Just watching over that list."

Siren looked up to Etemon with a couple of tears in her eyes. "Don't remind me of that. That's whole reason for... THIS!" She added, opening her arms up to direct attention to the whole room and stage.

Etemon just went silent and patted the girl on the head.......


As Issei crawled into the ducts he'd notice that they were definitely not intended to be crawled in, at least by someone or something his size. Manaka was silent in his ear so he had to make the choices by himself. Ahead was an open panel that lead out to a room along with the continuation of the vent. As he peeked by he'd see the room was a sort of... Locker room. Not something like a girl's or boy's locker room but one you'd be more likely to see at a workplace so employees could keep their things. That said, he'd hear the sounds of scampering further down the vent and see a figure ram through another vent and fall into a room. As he turned back to the locker room however, he spotted something... Interesting? Among the lockers was a table, perhaps a break room table if the assumption could be made that this was one. On that table was a couple of pieces of paper that looked like documents of sorts and a small laptop or terminal of sorts right next to it.

He could investigate this room and see if that was something of import or continue chasing the Elecmon.

@The World@Hammerman

"Stop it you two!" Manaka ordered. She seemed used to this kind of thing at least. She mumbled on her side of the voice chat as her fingers rapidly typed. "The typical Hacker in Muse has at least a Champion type with them. A few oddballs among them have an Ultimate though most of them are fairly new and shouldn't be too much stronger than a Champion... You just need to be worried about meeting up with Siren. She's obviously the biggest danger in this band of misfits."

The woman went silent. She finally spoke up again. "You'll lose if you stay here. Following Issei is a good choice, so is just making yourself scarce. You might be able to find Muse hoodies about. Lose yourself into the crowd, though the preferable option was looking around while 95% of the place was watching her concert. Too late for that now." The option was up to Shion and Kotoki.

They still had time however. They haven't reached this place yet, but there were sure to be people coming here.

@King Cosmos@PsyBlade

"To be honest? I'm not sure at the moment whether you should split up or not." Manaka said, sounding rather irritated. "I had many suggestions and plans for you all if you asked... But none of them really were covering ONE OF YOU causing the alarm to go off." They heard typing coming from Manaka's side. Rapid typing. "Let me know if you need anything." Manaka's line went silent

As the two got close to Siren's room, they'd notice the door was wide open and it was a heck of a lot more girly than whatever it was she was doing on stage on the inside. There were stuffed animals lining the wall on shelves and one part of it was a recording booth one might see at studio. Still, they might be able to get away with looking around with those hoodies on.

There were plenty of places to look in here. Dressers, cabinets, a chest like from a video game and a safe on the wall. It would take them a bit but there was definitely some stuff to do.

They could sneak in here or they could check the other place.


the Arukenimon jumped as she heard the alarm go off. She certainly wasn't expecting it. She scratched her head as she thought about her next move. "Hmm... No, I think I'll stay here for now. Those idiots will run me over in the hall if I step out now." The spider said aloud. Without turning her head, she asked Ruruka a question. "Is this suppose to be your friends here to rescue you?" It was more a joke than anything else.
Well, I'm here to put a character up! Tell me if anything needs changed, I'm open to it.

Name: Aoife De Chuid Mag Mell

Age: Three hundred and some years

Gender: Female

Race: Dullahan (Fae)



On the surface, Aoife is somewhat aggressive person who is ready to fight anyone that challenges her. Her expressions are rather aggressive as well. Otherwise, she’s a rather kind person. When she encounters a lost person, she offers to lead them to safety. When she encounters a lost soul, she helps it with last requests within her ability before sending them off to Mag Mell.


Dullahan Anatomy: Dullahan have their head separated from their bodies. They can slightly move their head through a small amount of magic but they need to hold them to move it best of course. Their bodies can move independently of their head of course. When separated by a large distance, they can sense the head and move towards it. Luckily, it has a sort of radar to not bump into every little thing along the way.

Summon Spectral Horse: Dullahans have the ability to summon a spectral horse to ride around on.

Spirit Magic: Dullahans have the ability to collect souls of the dead or dying and therein communicate with them. That said, Dullahans have a reputation in that there are spells that these souls are used for which may or may not be true. People are wary of them for this.

Gold Burn: Dullahans have an innate weakness to gold, causing them to burn when exposed to it.


Martial Weapons Proficiency: Aoife has practiced with weapons for many years for fun, for the most part as she has traveled Nova Terra. She has fought a number of skilled individuals and has become a rather infamous person in many circles not to mention the dungeons.

Smithing: Weapon wear is bad on someone that uses their weapons a lot much as Aoife does. She took a year or so of time to learn to smith from a dwarven smith since she heard they were the best in the industry. She learned that from another dwarf, of course.

In addition, she has some lesser skills. Riding, cooking, woodworking.

Backstory: Aoife is a Dullahan from the land of Mag Mall, a place that is considered a paradise. In truth, it is a land that houses the souls of the dead though it is true that the actual citizens of this land are treated well. Dullahan are those that collect spirits and souls and bring them to Mag Mell.

They are “born” fully grown or created through odd magics. Aoife was born a Dullahan. When they are born as such, they are required by the Royal Family to serve as soul collectors for one hundred years. After such service is over, they are allowed to do as the please within the borders. Most become nobles of sorts and are granted land to become knights of sorts.

Aoife, for her part, disliked that idea. As much as she loves her land of Mag Mell, she loves exploring the world outside her island more. She requested leave to the lands of Mag Mell to explore the rest of Nova Terra. She was granted it, as long as she delivered lost souls she found to Mag Mell. It was a sort of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” deal to which Aoife agreed. Mag Mell was a better fate than being lost on the roadside, so there should be little issue here.

Now she travels the lands of Nova Terra as Adventurer and Soul Keeper. She travels on her spectral horse across the land, exploring and sightseeing. She also enjoys dungeon-diving for treasures, helping failing adventurers and recovering souls of the lost while she’s at it. This is what her life has mostly revolved around for the last 200 and some years.

She’s made some friends over this time and had even more people distrust her because of rumors of Dullahans, though she never lets this keep her down. While it’s not everyone who believes baseless rumors, it’s enough.

Origin: Nova Terra

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