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Current Muscle girls are great. That is all. Move along.
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I have a desire to play a witch of some sort in an RP now.
2 yrs ago
Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
2 yrs ago
Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l
2 yrs ago
I am in fact, not from the UK nor do I think my ancestors were either, but I can say that these pokemon things are factual stereotypes and should be respected as truth....
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Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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"Me? Hmm, I suppose. You're suppose to be looking at fresh blood though." Scylla mentioned, slightly frustrated. She sighed, pushing it off to the side. She tried to not let every little thing her master said affect her since that would just turn her into that again.

There food had arrived in the meantime though! Hurrah! Her five or so meals were sitting right in front of her. There was a loud noise and rumbling all around them but she didn't really care too much about that. Food! She unwrapped the first burger and practically inhaled it. She had to chew a few times but it quickly disappeared into her stomach. She then shoveled a mouthful of fries into her mouth and those too followed after the burger. Then she started to wrap the second when her master spoke up.

"Stage? What are you talking about?" Scylla asked with a raised eyebrow. It was at this time she finally raised her head and looked around. When was this play destroyed like this? Oh, right. There was an explosion-like sound and rumbling and loud noises around. "You want to do something about this?" The servant questioned, taking a more relaxed bite into the hamburger, a bit of ketchup smearing on the corner of her mouth. "Seems boring." She stated before shoving the rest of the hamburger in her mouth, making her look like a chipmunk with its mouth full.
Such a busy day! Boy, was Trina sure she heard that phrase plenty before. Well, it's what your heard in the Guild Hall when you frequented it every day. The fairy was more than happy to have something to do. "Neffy! Come on, hurry slowass!" She mentioned to her partner in crime as she bursted ahead to the Adventurer's guild. As she came to the door, she saw a familiar sight. The High Elf adventurer! If memory served, she had a boing behind. So, as a matter of fairy principle, she needed to mess with the girl. A quick little fairy slap would do. And so she did it. Quickly. Decisively. She caught the elf's eye and stuck her tongue out at her as she ducked inside before the door closed in on her after a large Ingvarr man opened the door for himself.

Now, this was a place! Drunkards! Adventurers! Drunkard Adventurers! What wasn't there to enjoy? In fact, there was one drunkard adventurer that stood out more than the others. She proudly declared something about others taking the easy jobs and that leaving her with the worthwhile ones. "Yeesh." Trina muttered to herself. "Talk about self involved..." She mentioned as she hovered for a bit, considering what to do. She smirked as a bright idea came to mind. She flew over to the Drunkard Adventurer woman who had just pushed past the Ingvarr that Trina had followed in. Quickly, quietly as she could, she attempted to swipe the woman's hood down with one good pull before fleeing towards the Guild Counter with a small giggle.

As she approached the counter, she found the guild girl she liked to flirt work with the most who just so happened to be free at the moment. As she got close, she slowed her speed and eventually stopped, sliding in with what she thought was a eye catching pose but really just seemed obnoxious. "Hey there, Diane. How's your day been? Got anything for me and Neffy today?" She asked as if they were hand-picked for quests quite often.

Now, if one were to ask why Diane was Trina's target of flirtation rather than any of the other girls, the fairy would answer, "Well, it's cause she's the most... Like... Boing! You know?" Plus, the fairy just tended to like pretty things in general like other fairies. Regardless, she sat there, expecting an affirmative answer despite knowing that they never really got handpicked for anything from the pretty lady in front of her.

Alright, got the fairy done I think.

I'll get working on my fairy sometime soon
Augusta was visibly disappointed that Leuca decided to go with Isidore instead, though she made sure the elf girl didn't see it. She wondered if Isidore caught sight of it though. It was only for a couple of seconds before she turned to go towards the tower but, it was what it was. "Dug my own grave there didn't I?" She mentioned as she turned and headed toward the tower.

She tried to keep her chin up, however. And she didn't let the stares get her down. In fact, she was taking it in stride. Yes. She would allow these subterranean elves the chance to gaze upon her as she walked. Though, the slightly ripped dress she was wearing might have been part of it. Still, she gave a smile to those that quite obviously looked at her. Then, she finally came closer to the tower and it loomed over her. She started to get cold feet about talking to anyone that might have inhabited here. Perhaps they lived in an ivory tower and had little idea of the outside. Well, perhaps. Though if she could share in their knowledge that would be wonderful.

Her expectations, however, were correct at first. As the guard of the place basically told her to scram. Of course, to this provocation, Augusta scowled and was about to say something rather rude right back, but then another voice spoke up. Her scowl faded into a look that clearly said she wasn't entertained with what was going on. A general confusion would do that to an individual.

This other voice belong to a fairly beautiful elven woman with an outfit almost skimpy enough to think she belonged across the street at the brothel. Though, she had to wonder if beauty was a good metric to measure for elves since they all seemed to be so. Perhaps she was biased. Either way, the woman had told the guard to stand down with... A fairly dangerous threat. And she believed her when she said it too. How bizarre this world was.

She looked the guard in the eye before heading in after who she assumed was the master of this tower. She pondered the term "milk-skin" as she entered. Well, she shouldn't be surprised about any slur or things of the sort. The place was quite amazing. An odd cross between what she had thought reading Harry Potter and some warlock's abode in any fantasy material. She couldn't hide her amazement as she looked around. As the woman suggested starting with names and low-key threatening her, Augusta quickly looked at her for her information. Of course, yet another lack of information. Perhaps it was dealing with Sorcha, but she felt a lot more composed. Perhaps, it was due to the fact that her information told her there was something blocking her from getting more information. Might as well start talking with her.

"Yes, well, I didn't feel you were going to harm me or else you would have just nabbed me off the street and done what you would." Of course, the woman saying that meant to imply that she was either just that powerful or that she had a great handle on this place. Either way, it meant not poking the bear. She might as well start.

"Regardless, you are right. My name is Augusta.." She paused for a second. She had never gave this persona of hers a surname. Was it necessary? Railey nor Sorcha had one. Still, it was better to have one than not. "...Aquilonia." She considered using just the word Aquila. Eagle. But that alone with Augusta felt odd to hear. So rather, she went with Aquilonia, based from a battle of the same name during the ending years of the Third Samnite War.

"Augusta Aquilonia, yes. Just Augusta is fine." The Sirithen looking woman mentioned, trying to give a show of being friendly. "My companion here is Octavia." She added, motioning to her demon pup before her. "It is a pleasure to meet you..." She didn't have a name to fill the gap with so her voice trailed off, hoping to be filled in from there.
Erika Frost

Erika looked onward and considered what might be, when she heard someone speak up behind her. She turned to see a rather slender woman with what one would definitely consider a pretty face. To be honest, Erika hadn't expected anyone to follow them this way. With that loud guy and what looked like everyone else heading the other way, she wasn't expecting someone this way. Or, perhaps, she was hoping no one else would. Not that she minded people or anything, but she was wanting to get a good feel on exploration with just her and Tanja.

Still, just because she didn't want anyone else coming this way it didn't mean she should be rude. The girl gave a cheeky smile and her hand moved up to her brow as if to give a lazy salute, but instead of anything of the sort the tip of her fingers met with her palms facing forward before moving away as if bouncing off and making a finger gun pointed toward the side. "It's 'totes nice to meet ya', Aerynne. Name's Erika Frost. If I'm being honest with 'ya I was kinda' hoping we'd be the only ones going down this way, but hey, the more the merrier!" She said before turning around and looking down at the edge. She studied the canteen and wondered if it belonged to the dead one.

"Hmm. Makes you wonder where the one who did that went with this water here. Like, something amphibious maybe?" Putting that aside for now, she looked down at the water and she could swear she made out the shape of Shimmerfish. "Oh! Shimmerfish, huh? Awesome~." She gave a smile and gave a big grin at Aerynne and Tanja. "Those little guys mean it's 'totes safe to continue." She stood up and stretched a little. "Wanna go for a dip with me? My bag is, like, waterproof if you want me to hold on to your notebook." She offered to Aerynne and then turned to Tanja. "The water's, like, 'totes harmless Tanja. Nothing to be scared about!"
Augusta listened to Sorcha, though her interest didn't lie beyond the information on Lord Firebeard for the most part. It didn't stop her from soaking up the information the woman gave them. "It may be good to visit them, though I wonder how much my ears would prove problematic in the situation." She responded to Isidore's thoughts with her own musings. If they were looking for an elf than there may be some more problems than meets the eye.

Regardless, she was highly intrigued by the layout of this elven city called Gloomhaven. Everything seemed so alien to her with these giant mushrooms growing everywhere. Sure the zombie-like wretches and her ever-faithful demon dog were fantastical in their own right, but this mushroom filled cave inhabited by elves was beyond what she could have expected.

She felt comfortable moving about here with her hood down since there likely wouldn't be members of the Apostles around and while these elves were allowing them here at the moment, it felt more like they had a neutral opinion of them than a friendly one if the gaze of the guards were anything to go by.

After Sorcha spoke of leaving Leuca in their ever so capable hands while she went and spoke with "her majesty" Augusta watched her walk off before grabbing the small elf girl's hand and looking around at the nearby buildings of interest. There was an odd tower that reminded Augusta of something in a game once. There was also what she assumed was a blacksmith or something of the sorts. Then, there was this overly ornate and quite possibly gaudy building with lanterns and other goods that made it look interesting to look at. At first, started to walk that way until she noticed that there were some rather skimpily clad women moving about. "A broth-" She cut herself off, not really wanting to give this child holding hands with her a thought about it.

Instead, she turned to Isidore who had mentioned selling the chunk of silver to the smithy. "Ahh, yes. A good idea. While you do that, I'm going to go check out the odd tower over there. Leuca, would you like to join me?" She was curious if the girl would rather join her to the tower or Isidore to the smithy, though she was hoping the girl would join her.
"Now, now. Octavia. We've fought many things in the day or so together. Despite.... Well, how she is..." Augusta started off. Octavia was scared from a mere glance. She would question it more if she didn't have some insider knowledge. "She's very strong but she doesn't mean us any harm." She knelt down and scratched the pup behind the ears before standing back up to listen to Sorcha.

After the woman was done talking about an intended path, Augusta opened her mouth. "I'm not very knowledgeable of the dwarves of the mountains here, but that might not be so wise. A certain Lord Firebeard seems to have a want for an elven girl and sent some goons out. A hostage, maybe? Regardless, we refused to hand Leuca to them and they attacked. Though, you can guess the result."

The elven woman gave a sigh. "Those dwarves weren't exactly what I'd call friendly. It might be dangerous getting near the Dwarven gate unless he's just leading a small faction of Dwarves. Things might be different then. Or perhaps, there's another way to get there? I don't know these mountains or the people that inhabit them well, so it's hard for me to say." The woman was obviously fishing for information and hoping that Sorcha could give her some answers.

"Oh, but the children of the Stieneter and the Apostles have been a bit of a nuisance." She added, considering that aloud. Truthfully, she wasn't too concerned about them with Sorcha around but she wanted Sorcha's reaction to the Stieneter being mentioned.
Erika Frost investigates

This wasn't the first time Erika had seen a gruesome sight like this. Didn't mean she liked it any more. She winced at first seeing the sight of the mushrooms growing from the creature. She got a closer look at it. "It's missing quite a bit of, well, everything. Either something ate it or gutted it for later. There was a saddle here so... Hmmm. Maybe it did get killed by some killer mushroom monsters down here." She teased as her eyes flow over the scene a last time before standing up. "Who knows. Perhaps there are some underground wolves. Maybe a wolfman or something of the sort."

She looked at Tanja and shrugged at her last words. "If there's anything I've learned from my travels, there's not really any normal. You'll get eyes on you as long as you're not someone people know." She took her weapon out of its sheath and kept moving down the path. "Regardless, we should keep moving. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you notice anything, let me know."
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