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21 days ago
Current I wasn't here when that party girl talk started, but I don't get it. Traps are far superior. You all should check yourself.
2 mos ago
Making an Inchling character for a DnD campaign. Gonna just be hiding in Large character's pockets and picking tons of locks and spotting traps.
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7 mos ago
Friends and I are going to play the Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop. . . I'm making an elf character just so I can call everyone "Lumberfoot"
7 mos ago
I'll think of something that'll make people want to like this. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Astolfo.
10 mos ago
I hate Persona 5 right now. Not because it's bad or anything, I just want to finish it and I can't stay awake long enough.


Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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Astrid Dokkalfar

"Enjoy your day, girl." Astrid said as Otille left. She turned to the Headmistress now that it was just the two of them. "Greetings, Livia Fiore, Headmistress of the Academy of Sappho. My name is Astrid Dokkalfar. I am an accomplished mage of the Dark Elves in the north. I've come here to give you the honor of being my teacher. I've heard word of you being one of... If not the most accomplished... Human mage. Would you not be interested in teaching the most accomplished pupil of the Dark Elves?" The girl seemed quite confident.

Kozue Komichi

Kozue's eyes widened a bit as Chione flopped into the branch and then fell to the ground. She blinked a few times but then jumped down next to the priestess and picked her up, princess style. "The lake isn't far. We can just head back there. Don't over exert yourself. It's an easy way to make your body disagree with you. Just take it easy and build up your muscle.

Katherine Lindall

The two had a fairly quick walk to the classroom and Selvina was there, just as asked. "Ahh, Selvina. Good, you've already arrived. I have my first task for you, did you know? A fun one with a cute little objective." The Puppeteer said as she patted Meowka's head. Students can be very disruptive and I want to see what social skills you possess. You are to teach my familiar the alphabet and how to read. The more languages the better." The teacher said, before moving behind her desk to make sure her plans for the day was correct.

Lunalel and Solana Lightsword

"Yay! Do you want to do that Arachne? That'll be fun right? We can talk and do other things." She really wanted to nuzzle her cheek to the spider, but that seemed a bad idea with the spider's size. Instead, she put the spider on her head as a show of trust. "I'm ready for the move." She exclaimed excitedly.

Luna had a small look of concern in her face, but that quickly disappeared as she looked back to Sorcha and giggled a bit. Sol seemed pretty excited about that. "Well, I'd love to sit here longer, but it's soon time for class. I need to prepare and go." Luna said as she stretched before going to get ready really quickly.
:( But Alice wants to hang with her. Screw it, she's gonna drag the woman off anyhow!
"Yes, we've returned. I believe everything went well. Well enough at least." Himeko said as she entered right behind Livia. The place was glamorous as always. For humans at least. They had a thousand years before they could match the aesthetic eye of the Tengu. "We've made a new friend I think. In addition, now it's your turn to help us, Livia. We had a deal of course. Tell us what you know of Harena and... Or take us to someone who does." She seemed her usual demanding self.
@Flamelord I think Vivian misunderstood Alice's words. She's not saying "Pay for it" she's saying, "Help me find another one." It may or may not be an attempt to get in her pants, but it is definitely an invitation to hang out :)
@Flamelord Uh-oh. Watch out Vivian
Alice Augustine

Quitting Time

Alice finished her little performance and came to the ground where everyone was gathering. Well, perhaps more importantly, where her couch and other items were in pieces... Her heart cried out for the missing pieces... But most of all that couch... How many memories of messing with Isana did she have on that thing? How many woman had she seduced there? How many times did she have 'fun' with a multitude of her... Well... Perhaps it WAS time for a new couch... It was... Justice Verdant that did this, yes?

Before she changed back, it'd probably be a good idea to make people disperse right? She put her microphone-staff close to her mouth and spoke. "Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Justice Heart reunion concert! As you can see, we're all done here so go about your way on your normal day! Thanks for joining us!" She exclaimed, acting as if it were some pop-up concert. Hopefully, her power would make it so normal people would stop paying attention to them. "OH! And don't forget to pick up your own copy of the new anime 'Orange', or even watch it on 'CrispyRoll'! Thank you!" She was shameless as always.

With that, she made her way over to the one who destroyed her couch and changed back to normal once she was sure that no normal people were watching. She walked her way over to Vivian (if the woman were on the ground) and linked arms. "Heeeyyyy.... Vivian. Since you destroyed my couch, you get to have the honor of helping me pick a new one out." She tried her best to use that cutesy voice she used in some anime she was in.
Astrid Dokkalfar

"Oh, you could tell I was an Elf? Did the ears give it away, miss?" Astrid said, jokingly. Of course she expect someone of this woman's magnitude to know. It was hard for most in the magical community to not know the name of Livia Fiore. When asked what an elf was doing there though... "Is it any more odd for me to be here than you?" Astrid mentioned, almost insinuating something. "Rather, I can wait. It seems the girl here has some rather important business, though I hope the honored Headmistress doesn't give her any sort of 'dirty' work."

Kozue Komichi

"Oh? So this is child's play?" Kozue questioned with a smirk. It was never good to bite off more than one could chew. She was sure the priestess was putting up a front, so she decided to make it a bit more of a challenge. "Very well." From there she disappeared from Chione's sight, only to reappear on the branch of a nearby tree. "If it is, follow me." The Shrine Maiden said with a slight smile.

Katherine Lindall

"Loyalty is it's own reward, Meowka. For both the owner and the subservient" Katherine said, casually walking towards the class she wanted to set up for. "Tell you what. You want to help out more? Stop causing me problems and all that? I can think of a good place to start for you. It'll work out for you and my new apprentice I think. I want you to learn the alphabet and how to read. My new apprentice is going to teach you. You're physical skills are fine but... Take no offense, but your mental prowess is a bit lack, but it's nothing we can't fix dear. We'll make you ready to take her on, though it'll take some work on your part."

The teacher didn't really say much more than that, though she pet Meowka on the head a bit.

Lunalel and Solana Lightsword

"Maoin, I understand your point of view, but understand mine as well. I'm more soldier than I am noble. Just a soldier that has to act with a bit more honor than the normal one. That's just how we Lightswords are." Luna told Maoin. There were a sort of wargames back home that was in the vein of that. "I know you think I'm such a noble, but I'm not really. It's more a bother to me that you think you're bothering me, right?" Luna asked.

Sol meanwhile picked up her spider friend and held it in her hand. "Hey there girl. Did the mean Miss Kitty destroy you work again?" She asked, using her free hand to very gently pet the spider. She was a good spider with a good name. She tried to stay out of the way... Mostly. She just needed to find a way to keep the kitty from doing anything bad to Arachne... "Oh! I know. Dragon Lady! Luna! Can I do that thing that Luna did with Avaline with my spider friend?!"

The question caught Luna off guard. That... Wasn't a thought that crossed her mind. Hell, she didn't know the specifics of that either. "Uhhh, I mean... Maybe? I guess so." She just blankly blinked a few times before looking at Sorcha questioningly as if saying "How do I even respond to this?" Sol had a connection to magic, not that Luna had seen it in person, so it was quite possible for her to do so.
"Think you're the most attractive person here?" Himeko questioned. Not that she wasn't, Himeko just didn't have such a sense for aesthetics. "I don't really care I guess. Looks hardly matter I think. Anyhow, we're returning? Hmm, well, if we've finished with this here I guess it would probably be a good idea. I'd hate to leave that Artifact by itself for too long. The sooner we find that dangerous object the better." She muttered to herself as she thought about the worst case possible. "This is your home, Odette? Yes? In the assumption you won't be joining us, I'm glad you're safe. Take care of yourself."
Astrid Dokkalfar

"It's arguable." Astrid said. It was a subject she had little caring for. "I've not seen much of their interactions, considering we live underground. You've seen my skin, yes? I'm a Dark Elf, not a Light Elf." She tried keeping her happy face, though she started to look a bit more grim. Just slightly. "Our people were feared in ages past, you know? Powerful spellcasters? Not to say you should fear me. Mostly harmless, we are. Back to your question though, I'm of the opinion that Ragnarok has yet to happen, but I've no evidence either way as I've yet to meet a god."

Kozue Komichi

"Yes. She is." Kozue considered the spirit's words. She didn't know for sure what Celine meant. For now, she'd let it sit in the back of her head. "And yes, Fox. Just someone I'm trying to take care of." She answered, turning. "Well, let's get back into shape. Let's get jogging again." She started jogging, expecting Chione to follow behind her. She started running to the academy now, wanting to take a peak around there.

Katherine Lindall

"They're just stopping you from going around breaking things needlessly of one of the few women I could say without a doubt are more powerful than me. I've told you before there are people that have more power than me, haven't I?" Katherine said. She hadn't left the room yet of course. "We're not savages, Meowka. She'd probably not even get slightly irritated by this. The woman has nerves of steel. The best way to get back at her is to not react. Trust me." The teacher walked over and helped pull the cat up. "Well, help me prepare materials for class, would you?"

Lunalel and Solana Lightsword

"Just sit at the table, Maoin. Food's just about ready. A couple of things left we'll have a small breakfast." Though it was small because she knew how much Avaline and Sorcha would eat. "I planned to have this cooked for you all by time you all got back, but I got a little distracted by someone." Luna added, taking a glance at Sorcha.

Sol looked a bit upset when Maoin messed with Arachne's webs. The spider was fine at least. After smiling at that fact, Sol took a seat at the table. Luna had made a lot of food. Mostly what they had left in the pantry. Carrots that were boiled in water so they are soft, bread freshly cut, the ham of course which was cooked well... Some seasoned well, some not so. She just hoped everyone could try getting together a bit over food. "You cooked the ham better this time, Luna." Sol said, able to tell with just a look.

"As long as it's simple stuff I can cook. Just don't ask me to make one of those complicated things that seem a bit outlandish." Luna giggled to herself. She looked to the ones that took a trip around the school. She made a motion to the wide array of foods she had prepared for them as she finished up the last bits of ham. "Dig in! I made it for you all for a job well done in not killing each other. I figured Maoin could use a small break from cooking after waking up that early."
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