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Current I'm in a post GBF Guild War state. Happy it's over but overly tired.
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Muscle girls are great. That is all. Move along.
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I have a desire to play a witch of some sort in an RP now.
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Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
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Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l


Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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"My, that thing isn't the looker is it?" Akyasha mentioned after the ten new Gorebats she just summoned sprang forth. "Go, gather and rreturn. Leave the living humans be." Akyasha said, giving vague commands the bats would understand pointing at the odd monster in front of them. The cleric scooped the human blacksmith up and moved her away quickly. "Julene, how useful do you think you'll be fighting this thing? I think it might be a bit beyond the current you." The vampire asked as she gripped her axe. Akyasha then continued with a shrug. "But if you try to fight it, I won't stop you."

The Cleric then jumped forward to meet the beast with this other vampire dressed as a sailor. Akyasha swung her axe at the creature's arm, hoping to drive a wound into it. "Greetings brother. A pleasure. To meet you, not fight this thing." The cleric mentioned, wondering what Julene was going to do. If she were to be wounded in battle, it might be easier to turn her into a thrall. She was strong and smart. For a human. She would make a good servant for Ichor. "When the batties have collected their fill, I plan on bringing forward a bit more help." Akyasha shared the little plan she did have at this point.
As Luna and Sucaria finished up the tent, Luna gave a happy little nod. "Alright. We'll use the tent together. I'll have to stay close to make sure you don't wander off again." The knightess joked remembering the fright she had about waking up to a missing Sucaria the last time. Luna looked over to Elnith, checking on her companions progress. "You're doing fine for your tent? Need help?"

All the while, Luna kept her ears open to what Fio was talking to their giant friend about. "What's this? Helping hunt down an old heirloom from some bandits? We could manage this, easy." The knightess added. Giving her thoughts on the matter. She would ask some questions but she let Fio handle that as leader. After that, the knightess looked toward Elnith and Sucaria. "Guess we're going to be busy."
Katherine's face went from amazement and glee to shock and disappointment. She took a step back as if she had been directly hit with sharp words in a physical sense. "Suited toward.... another endeavour? But I wanted a pretty dress....." The Firbolg uttered, taken aback by being put on the other team. The team where she continued her existence as a maid. She clung to one of her teammates, Lyssa as she were the closest and put on a show. "Lyssaaaaaa... I wanted to wear a pretty dress..." She cried, though it seemed a small bit fake. There weren't many questions to ask from the Firbolg. She was much too busy pitying herself for not being able to wear the dress she had already planned in her head. "Woe is me...." She complained again as she hugged Lyssa.
Akyasha made a mental note of the new vampire on the scene. One that she had no memory of prior to this day at the least. She whistled, calling back many of the already full Gorebats. There were many enemies and for the most part, more numbers helped counteract other numbers. Outside the case of her and her kin, the was most cases. So, the more numbers they had against these beasts, the better. As soon as the Gorebats would return, she would use them as fuel to summon even more to suck the blood from more beasts. Weaken the enemy and strengthen oneself. "Julene, shall I call upon more of these poor batties? We could use more numbers after all. I might even get to show you a special treat a small time from now should the need arise. I just need more." Akyasha asked her human companion, defending herself from the beasts at hand as necessary until the bats arrived. A swipe here, a parry here.
"Owie!" Katherine complained as she was bonked on the head for bad behavior. "It's probably the same heavy-handed punishment either way." Katherine groaned as Mari threatened to tell the Mistress on her. That is, right before the very same maid almost tripped over herself, purchasing a small snicker from Katherine after she turned around again. After they were on their way again, she pulled a little close to Eliz smiling a small bit. "No hard feelings, I hope. Oh, and nice butt. Ten out of ten." The firbolg teased before heading along her way.

The meeting they made it to was about as expected. The next meeting was of course about the next mission they'd be sent on. Someone got their hands on a dangerous demon weapon it would seem. And holding a ball to show it off it would seem. Katherine's eyes lit up and she seemed to be day-dreaming a small bit. After Lucrecia finished her dangerous statement, she added her own point. "I too look forward to this! A ball! How glamourous! Let me join the ball in a pretty dress. I'm really good at fitting in with these types of people." She excitedly requested with stars in her eyes.
"Batties, do not harm any of the humans. Collect blood from beasts and the dead residents if you can do so without getting hurt. Our goal is the survival of these humans, after all." Akyasha whispered to her Gorebats as she exited Julene's house with her Blood Weapon axe in hand. "What an odd sort of enemy." The Cleric told herself as she jumped at the enemy Julene faced, bringing her axe to cleave the creature in twain. "I'm ponderous as to what happened to my compatriots if these beasts are all here."

The good news was that with all these dead humans and the beasts about, she might be able to summon the stronger of creatures she could summon of her Goddess' minions. The bad news was that she was afraid of all the humans dying. If they could come to an agreement they could have had a limited blood supply but.... Now, that might not be the best option.

The Vampire looked around to see just how many enemies made it into the village and kept her ears open to hear which buildings the beast had made it in already. The more humans that survived, the more possible blood there was to take later.
Luna gave Sucaria a questioning look when the maid mentioned she must sleep because of the travel. She wanted to question it a bit more directly as she only meant it as a joke about not being able to sleep at night. "Yes, well, I understand. Sleep is rather important." Luna mentioned as she and Sucaria started to work together on a tent, working fast as if the two were use to such things.

That was when Elnith mentioned missing her bed. A thought Luna could only relate to. "I understand what you mean. I've spent so much time on the road myself that a nice bed feels like a barely tangible dream at times. Enclosed by walls that keep you safe and warm and not having to concern yourself with what bandit or wild monster is going to creep up on you at night." Tents weren't too difficult if you had multiple people working on them at least.

After listening in on what Fio mentioned to their new giant friend, Luna spoke up herself. "Ancient smithing techniques, impressive as I would expect from a giant smith." Luna mentioned, "I've read on it some small bit so you must be very well trained." The Knightess continued, complementing the giantess. "If my understanding is correct at least."

After mentioning that compliment, Luna turned back to Sucaria, "Did you want to share a tent with me again, Sucaria? I wanna make sure you don't go wandering off at night again." The Knightess teased her maid about their last little journey. "There's nothing to compel you like last time I suppose but I don't want my dear maid to wander off without me again."
In response to Eliz's response, Katherine smirked. "Yes, but it's not often you seen a Demon joining a Demon Hunting group formed by non-demons. Wars aren't necessarily fought because of the hatred from man to man. Bounty hunters are in it for the money. But, who knows." The Firbolg mentioned as the fitting was finished up. It didn't take Tiki too long to finish up her craft since a lot of the fabric was ready as it were. "Well, you're looking like a cute proper maid now, Eliz." Katherine mentioned as they were collectively ushered out of the dressing room. She'd have to keep that in mind for later, but for now.

"Right, we're going to go talk to that impatient g-- I mean, kind and understanding Mistress of ours." Katherine corrected herself, clearing her throat. "I'm all ready to go. No questions here." Though she did have one thing to do. She took a small pacing around as they readied to go, finding herself pacing somewhere behind Eliz. With a motion, she swung her hand delivering what felt like the 3rd smacking of some poor sentient creature's rear end. It was not a rough slap of any sort. She didn't wish to start some horrid incident with the demon girl that had just finished fighting with one of the instructors.

After the slap was delivered, Katherine swiftly made some distance in case the demon decided to try and beat her within an inch of her life. "Now you're officially a maid here, Eliz~" Katherine teased, hoping not to be brutally torn apart by a demon in their own demon hunter's headquarters.
"You give such boring answers, you know?" Akyasha mentioned to the ever stubborn Julene. She was hoping for a more interesting answer but all she got was, "I'll never change for any reason." Truly there was no possibility of that being a truth so Akyasha sat there, pondering what next to say to Julene. That is until she felt a surge of vampiric power. The Cleric frowned. "What did they manage to do?" She questioned herself. "Julene, I think it's best we prepare for the worst."

"Batty, come here." The Cleric commanded the Gorebat to her before turning it's blood-bloated body to fuel for her casting to summon more. She needed more eyes and ears now in case something happened to the village. While realistically she didn't care much if the humans lived or died, it was nice to have a source of blood if needed. Besides, having a place that was safe enough to rest at was nice. "I recommend you prepare in the worst of cases, Julene. It wouldn't be good if something happened to this village. I'm going to bring forth more of these useful little batties." Akyasha mentioned as started using the Gorebat's blood to summon forth more of its kin. "My little bats are adorable but also quite useful."

Luna giggled a little at the interaction with Gunnrun before her attention was turned back to Sucaria. "Ahh. The drink? Well, perhaps a small bit bitter but I think I can feel myself being energized by it!" It didn't taste very good, truthfully. Coppery, perhaps, though it was difficult to say as such to someone that already looked hurt. "Much appreciated for the drink." Luna mentioned before looking toward where Sucaria had looked earlier, Fio. "And, don't worry about anything Fio has to say, if she said something to insult you. She's a bit of a grouch isn't she?" Luna whispered to the maid before looking toward Elnith putting the tents up.

The other warrior mentioned going to get the tents together. "For now, shall we help Elnith? It'll be nice to have a place to sleep for the night after all." Luna mentioned. "Course, I wonder if I'll be able to sleep after downing a bit of that drink you gave me." The knightess teased her maid.
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