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Current Sometimes I can't tell when I've done too much in a character's background.
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I wasn't here when that party girl talk started, but I don't get it. Traps are far superior. You all should check yourself.
11 mos ago
Making an Inchling character for a DnD campaign. Gonna just be hiding in Large character's pockets and picking tons of locks and spotting traps.
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1 yr ago
Friends and I are going to play the Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop. . . I'm making an elf character just so I can call everyone "Lumberfoot"
1 yr ago
I'll think of something that'll make people want to like this. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Astolfo.


Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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Katherine Lindall-Fiore

Katherine smiled as she was served her drink. Sharing alcohol with her sister like this? Pretty great. For the most part at least. The woman took a sip of her drink and noticed the room around her... Felt so distant. In fact, she was use to catching eyes whether it be people disgusted with her or enamored. Doubly so, she felt... An oddity flowing through her. An unconscious need. She also felt one specifically sharp stare. An... Elf? Perhaps. It bothered her, but not more than this feeling going through her body. She took another sip of alcohol before noticing the man talking to Livia. She chugged down... Whatever amount was there.

It felt like it hit her hard. A lot harder than it should have. Maybe it was because she was feel hot already? Whatever. She slurred slightly. "You're hitting on her?" She mentioned over to Petr. "Well, too bad. She's my woman already." With a smile, she turned Livia's head towards her own and gave her a good kiss "on the lips." After a couple of seconds of good work, she stopped, wiped her mouth and continued. "And all the woman will be. In time." After declaring her intentions... Real or just making stuff up, she stood up. She stood fine enough, probably. "I feel like there's somewhere I must go." With that, she started to walk toward the nearest entrance to the underground section of the city.

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

"I'll keep it in mind." Katherine answered. Really now... She didn't want to go back to that accursed place. She needed to meet with the woman she made a promise with though... Well, it wasn't too amazingly late. Maybe a drink, rest her legs and play it by ear. She joined Livia and took the seat next to her. "Give me something too, though not too strong. She's paying for me like the good sister she is." Katherine said. Ohh boy did her legs hurt. She was glad to sit at all really.

"But yes, let's agree not to go down there if we don't have to though I think I have a good feel for the place now." The woman added, making a mental map of what she could remember. "That aside, maybe we should drop off what we have now so we don't lose them between tonight and tomorrow somehow? This town is all sorts of messed up if you ask me and I wouldn't put it past someone to try and screw with us."
I'll see about working on a character sheet. I don't know how long it'll take me considering I work retail and Black Friday is coming up xD
That's weird, I thought I posted... Maybe I forgot to actually post it :l
Alrighto. I was thinking of character ideas and had about two or three ideas and some of them relied on certain time periods. The first is an Echani force sensitive who was a padawan to a Jedi at the end of the Clone Wars and somehow escaped to what I'll assume is the Outer Rim. The second is some form of Mandalorian mercenary. The last is my friend's suggestion of a badass Gungan (bounty hunter?) that loves explosions "Meesa make you go boom-boom now." Add a hysterical laugh after that. Not sure what I want to do but they all sound fun.
@SepHow long after the clone wars would you say this takes place? Apologies if I missed it somewhere.
Alright, I might be quite interested in this. I'll have to think of a character for this. So many things to choose from.

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

"Me? A tale to tell?" Katherine asked, somewhat surprised. "Well... I was abandoned as a child because of my tail supposedly. I was picked up by a wizard and we lived together for some years. He soon died but first pulled favors with a noble family he was friends with." She mentioned, motioning back to Livia. "Her family. Supposedly a better life, but I could never quite get that old man out of my mind." She mentioned looking a bit melancholic. It quickly passed though as she continued to follow along with the blonde. She felt that for now, it might be best not to mention the voice that guided her from time to time. "I just so happened to find myself following my sister out here." She stated. She didn't seem exactly like that was the reason but didn't seem like she'd budge on the subject.

"Why show such an interest in me? I might be a rare breed but I'm little more than a failure of a wizard with nothing but beautiful women on the mind." Katherine asked, curious in Selena's reasoning. "Unless you happen to swing that way and wanted a little 'night-time fun' with my sister and I... There's little else I can offer."

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

Katherine watched as the woman introduced herself. Selena Riovas. A name she'd likely need to remember. Her eyes drifted over to Livia as she was handed a vial of Snake Venom. If that's what that even was. At this point, did they even need to talk to this Lucilia woman? They had the snake venom the teacher had requested. "Well, if you wish to dispense of coyness I suppose I can oblige. With that said, we had come down here to purchase or otherwise obtain snake venom from Lucilia. It appears though that our groups meeting has been a greater bless than I had expected. We meet a beauty and obtain what it is we had sought. That said, with that we have no special need of Lucilia." Katherine commented. "Though..." The Aasimar mentioned, trailing off though as her eyes started to meet Selena's. It felt like... Hmmm... Nothing good. Definitely not. Nope. She tried to break a small bit of eye contact with a look to the side. "But we could head top side with you all and keep an eye out for her as we do the rest of our business."

It's all she could really manage at the moment, though it was more than she would have had they not been chased down. That definitely gave her an entirely different perspective on the entirety of the Underhaven. Mostly that she was not a fan of down here. It was also probably best she DIDN'T tell this woman what exactly she thought of the Underhaven at the moment, though she was mostly biased from being chased. Realistically though, the majority of her encounters with the folk down her has been slightly positive. Ever so slightly.

Katherine Lindall-Fiore

[Odd calling someone 'angel' and then talking to them in Infernal.] Katherine mentioned, eying the girl coming in. Whatever smile she had dissipated. [But of course, I suppose I could make time for you and your boss. And don't worry about a drink. I don't think I could keep it down at the moment.] She peaked over at the... Very attractive blonde waving to her at the moment. [Oh, well. If that woman there is your boss I'd definitely be happy to talk.]

Livia leaned over to her sister. "I found us some interesting folks to talk to." She added, pointing out the Tiefling she was currently talking to and then to the beautiful blonde, the Pink Haired Gnome and the Snake man. "Come along with me if you want. Your current conversational partner seems to have left anyhow." She then whispered. "Of course, let's not trust them a hundred percent. They probably expect as such." With a smile, she turned to the Tiefling. [Very well then. Let's go.]

With a smile, she followed the Tiefling over with her sister following behind is she decided to come with her. "Hello there. I'm Katherine Lindall. I heard you wanted to see me?"
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