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Current Muscle girls are great. That is all. Move along.
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I have a desire to play a witch of some sort in an RP now.
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Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
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Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l
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I am in fact, not from the UK nor do I think my ancestors were either, but I can say that these pokemon things are factual stereotypes and should be respected as truth....
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Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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Despite Isidore's warning, Augusta watched the sight. It was a modern world they use to live in. She was not stranger to the odd video of someone being shot. Admittedly though, a melee kill such as the young man performed was a slight bit more gruesome. Still. It felt like movie more than real life. Yes, that thing, the poor wretch, was definitely real to her senses. It wasn't some CG monster in a movie. It looked and sounded real. When it seemed Isidore had the situation under control, she moved from her spot behind cover. She closed distance as Isidore delivered the final strike to the monster. "Good work." Augusta praised, looking to the sword in the creature's hand. Yes. They should take that with them.

If Isidore performed the kill, then she should at least remove the weapon from the creature's hand. She knelt down, rubbing the odd but beautiful dress, that she just noticed she wore, against the floor. She hesitated touching the creature for a second but bite her lip and, perhaps easier than expected, released the weapon from it's grasp. When she saw that they were in peak physical condition, she wasn't expecting how much easier of a time she had prying the creature's fingers from it's weapon than she would in her prior life. Pushing that discomforting thought and any others to the back of her head for now, she took the weapon and stood. She gave it a practice swing as if she was a profession in swordplay. It seemed lighter than expected. That goddess was something else. "Right then, gentlemen, shall we make our way out and to somewhere safe?" There was an obvious way out from where they were. "Of course, we could always scout the rest of this place out but... We could always just come back. This place gives me the creeps but... Well, Isidore, Nick? What do you two think? Oh, and do either of you want to use this?"

It's not that she was leaving the heavy thinking to Nick and Isidore but Isidore was the one leading them physically and really, it didn't hurt to get everyone's opinions. Of course, she wouldn't be adverse to leaving but there was some merit in trying to find an actual weapon for everyone. "I wouldn't mind using this but if either of you have actual skill with this weapon, that would be best." Despite appearances, she wasn't just some dainty princess. It was survival now. She came back after being stabbed to death. There was no way in hell she was going to sit down and die.
Augusta gave a slight cringe when Isidore mentioned it was a "nice prison". "If you like this sort of thing, I suppose." Looking at the same wall carving he did. As they moved along the corridors of what definitely seemed like a prison complex the more they explored, Augusta listened to Nick's self introduction. "Yes, you may call me Augusta. A pleasure." She half-heartedly mentioned as she kept her attention on her surroundings.

She wasn't too sure what she should think of her surroundings. It seemed like some sort of hellish game that they were thrown into. These cells were all opened as they passed by and that was putting it lightly. One looked like it was ripped open. And that was probably at a time when they weren't all rusted. Was it an empty prison? Devoid of life because of whatever it was that was making that shaking? Well, reality struck sooner than later it would likely seem. A growl of some sort combined with the sound of metal scraping on stone.

The elfen eared beauty got a good look at the creature. It's wretched appearance was more than enough to disgust her to her very core. Still... It would seem the gift she received from the goddess worked on creatures like this too. "I see... This thing is called a wretched experiment. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but it's weaker than us." She mentioned, taking a second to swallow her spit. "Burns easily, Sensitive to Light, Sensitive to Loud Noises.... Cursed by the Moon?" She questioned to her companions, looking slightly perplexed. "This being earned the Moon's Ire. Cursed with madness. Wretched being, failure.... Weak individually, dangerous in a group. It has a tendency to lunge quickly towards opponents with 'surprising agility' to try and incapacitate them."

If there was anything obvious about her expressions and glances. She seemed to think Isidore was a bit more trustworthy in this situation than Nick was. Perhaps it was the rather calm way he talked rather than the constant jokes. "Hmm. That sword is probably in bad shape, but it would probably be useful to have. My eye doesn't say anything about it's skill with the sword so your guess is good as mine, Nick." Augusta told him, "But... I think one of us should be able to overpower it rather easily as long as we're careful. Perhaps a sneak attack so we don't call a horde. I don't hear anything else but considering it says they're dangerous in numbers..."

She would leave the decision to Isidore. His 'boon' as he put it, was probably the best for this sort of thing anyhow. As for Nick's last question. "That's something I've been asking myself since I woke up. This body is more... Glamourous than mine was before all this." And she meant that in just about all the right places. "I suppose I have the ears for it now. Though..." She shook her head. She'd bring the homunculus thing up when they were safe. "Anyway, Isidore, do you want to take a crack at this thing?" She asked, pointing to some nearby broken cell bars. Hopefully there was a piece that was just long enough to be used as an improvised weapon.
Bella's eyes narrowed slightly as she gave a small frown when the man had rejected her help. The woman retracted her hand, wondering if he rejected her help because she was a woman or because he didn't want to accept help in general. She gave a light sigh before he asked her a question. Was she human? Did she have an ability too? Well. She couldn't say she didn't have an ability with this odd information box in front of her. Name: Isidore? Similar strengths? "Of course I'm human! Don't I look it?!" She asked, unaware of the odd size of her own ears. She sighed reading the first bit of information in the box again. "As for an ability... Name: Isidore. Physical and Magical Attributes, similar. Ability: Undying Will: A special talent attained through unknown means. Coats ones' body in tough, durable armor the more one sustains physical trauma and prevents further injuries. Seems useful..." She read the bit on his personal information until one part.

"Thinks my ears are humongous... What? You want to nibble on them?" She questioned taking a step back from the man before trying to cup an ear and finding them much larger than expected! "What in heavens...!?" They were rather large. She tried pulling them but got a similar sensation when she tried pull her hair off. "OWOWOWO!" She screamed. Quietly rubbing them a small bit, she looked at the man next to her. A small swallow later the elven woman had to question him. "W-why does it say you probably want to nibble my ear?" She blinked blankly. "No, no. You probably don't want to and this is a joke played on me. My name is..." Hmm. Perhaps she didn't need to use her real name. If this was another world like every unlikely thing was pointing to, she didn't have to be Bella. "Ahem. I mean to say, you may call me Augusta." She figured she might as well have fun with this. "And please, don't nibble my ears."

Now then. It would be best to get out of here right? With everything rusty, perhaps a little bit of force would cause anything to break pretty easily. Then there was a voice. "H-hey! You guys all right in there?"

Was that another person in this forsaken place? Perhaps he was in a similar situation to them. From what she could see of him, he seemed young. She glanced over at Isidore but decided to speak for both of them at the moment. She cleared her throat before speaking. "Yes, we're fine. Just fine." She studied this other person peering through the window. She had a feeling on how to use her ability now, so she should try to use it to learn whatever she could about people.

"I think I need some fresh air. It's a bit musty in here. Plus, I'm a bit interested in whatever made that thunderous noise and if it's something to worry about. We just need to get to that door over there, probably. Seems like the only way to go." It seemed reasonable to her. She just hoped this Isidore wasn't a cowardly type of person who would cower at the thought. He didn't seem quite so, at least.
There were plenty of things to be scared of in this world. A truck hitting you while crossing the street. Food poisoning. Knives flying at you. And spiders tying you up to suck the marrow from your bones later! "W-w-wait!" Mugi exclaimed as she felt tough spider silk wrapping around her and Asahi both. "A-are we going to become urban legend food bait together!?" That said... Asahi pulled her close. "Eh-heh-heh..." She muttered as she basically cuddled back. Well, it's not like Tomoko would let the spider eat her... And she was probably too old to lure in the target. So she just took the time to try cuddling with this fluffy Class President.

"Hehe... President feels all soft and cuddly." The Yuki-Onna muttered aloud as she rubbed her face against Asahi's innocently. One thing Asahi would notice is... For all the lack of actually touching Mugi, this is the first time she noticed just how much cooler she was than a normal person.

Mana was somewhat a bit more down by what Suzuka started directing comments at her. Not like there was much more down she could go at the moment. She figured that the girl was saying it on purpose. It felt like it was directed at her anyhow, so she was unsurprised by that. What did surprise her was Suzuka telling her that she could be proud of summoning her. Well, that didn't really surprise her, but the extremely close contact did! She swallowed hard as she could feel the physical contact between her and Suzuka.

"Date to finish?" She questioned before Suzuka pulled her quickly out of the store. She didn't even take the time to see if the master and servant from earlier were there. She was too taken with Suzuka's pace, though she wondered where they were heading. "Uwaaaa!" She cried out as she was taken out of the store and back out to the street. "S-suzuka!" Mana complained, "W-where are we going? My legs aren't cut out for this!" She complained, trying her hardest to keep up with her fox eared servant.
Bella coughed as the cylinder opened. The mild nausea she felt caused her to fall to her hands and knees out of it as if she were about to heave, though this passed quickly enough as she stood. As she rose, a hand went to the throbbing feeling in her eye. Goddess? Power? What in the hell did she drink to have a dream like this? Vodka? Lots of Vodka? More Vodka than previously imagined? There was no way she thought of something like this. "I don't even remember drinking anything last night to get a headache like this!" She exclaimed, swatting at the air with her free hand in an irritated fashion.

The woman clenched her teeth and closed her eyes. This seemed to make the headache and throbbing disappear as well at least. "Good." She added, thinking on what the hell was going on. She was in some sort of pod from a sci-fi movie? That was odd, to say the least. Given the surroundings it seemed more like some escape game her parents forced her into since she never took much time to just relax. If one could call an escape game a way to relax. Now that she really got to look at her surroundings... "Where the hell am I? A jail? No, this feels like a dungeon from that castle we went to look at." Where-ever this place was, time had not been good to it. Not that rusted chains were an uncommon sight, but they would be able to break easier meaning no one cared to maintain them or there was no one to do so.

Bella let out a large sigh as slowly removed her hand from her eye and that was the first thing that she noticed weird. "Heh?" She question, holding her hand out to look at it better. First off, her hands were almost immaculately manicured. Her hands had never been like that before. She had all different sorts of marks and blemishes from the constant typing, writing and other sorts of menial work she tended to do. The fact that the only marks on her hand at the moment was dust from the floor was astounding to her. "What?"

Then she noticed that her hair was a hell of a lot longer than she had it. And it was blonde to boot! "What is this!? Who put this wig on me!?" Frowning, she dusted her hands off and tried to remove what she thought was a hairpiece but was surprised to find it quite firmly attached. "Ouch!" She exclaimed with the quick tug. "H-have I been in a coma for a while and they just thought this was funny?" No, that didn't seem quite right. Maybe that goddess thing in her head wasn't quite as made up as she thought. Unsettled, she glanced around the room still until she noticed a pod like hers was laying on the ground and there was a man in it. Whatever color was on her face disappeared as she realized she wasn't alone. "H-hullo!?" She flubbed, speaking in English this time with a fairly light accent.

It felt like she hadn't spoke English in a long time, despite having used it a couple days prior to the last time she remembered. "Are you okay?" She asked, extending a hand to the man. Her eyes narrowed as she was worried that this person was going to do something bad... But she was in some odd place that she had no idea about. She could only hope he had a similar thought process to her. "Let me help you up." Before she could really help him up though, the entire place shuddered! It was like something BIG was walking around! She couldn't even think about what. She looked up, somewhat frightened by the incident before she extended her hand again. "Come now, up you go." She seemed calm enough as she did so though worry was lightly painted on her expression.

Army management and forming the phalanx is the most interesting part though ~~
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