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Current Muscle girls are great. That is all. Move along.
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I have a desire to play a witch of some sort in an RP now.
9 mos ago
Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
9 mos ago
Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l
1 yr ago
I am in fact, not from the UK nor do I think my ancestors were either, but I can say that these pokemon things are factual stereotypes and should be respected as truth....
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Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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Mana was not quite satisfied by Suzuka's comment but she didn't really have time to complain before she heard a smack and say Suzuka fall into her chest. "Uwawawa!" Mana exclaimed as she caught the corpse body falling into her and falling onto her butt. "Uwawawa! S-suzuka! Are you okay?!" She wasn't sure what to do, so she hugged the fox tightly.

When Suzuka regained consciousness, Mana hugged onto her tightly. She started to tear at the eyes a small bit while the fox spoke her mind. "Suzuka!" The girl cried out, almost practically strangling her servant as she closed her arms around the fox's neck and started to swing her back and forth. "I thought the bird girl killed you!" It was most likely hard to take Mana seriously since she seemed to be straight out of a manga. Perhaps she was even acting out a scene from one.

"It's okay, I forgive you." The girl added with a sob. She stopped swinging the fox and relaxed her grip so Suzuka's head wasn't absolutely buried. Mana seemed to relax a little as she blushed pretty heavily. She sort of did all that in front of a group of people didn't she? "Just... Umm... N-not a-again..." She added, her face a terrible shade of red.
As Mugi fell, she made some cute "Atatata!" noises before landing in the spider girl's chest with an "Ufu!" She went limp for a little bit as she somewhat didn't listen to a word Tomoko said. Soon though, she started to wiggle her head back and forth as her head rested into it's spot in the spider's chest and slowly turned up for air. "Fuwafuwa." The Yuki-Onna muttered aloud as she had a disgustingly contented face. "Fuwa Fuwa~" She reiterated as she started to listen half-way through Tomoko's speech.

She turned around some more, slowly, as she rested her head in the soft clouds until she could look at the person that had tripped her. Of course, she hadn't quite figured that part out. "Thank you for the soft landing zone." The contentedness hadn't left her face at all. She then continued to pay attention to Tomoko until she heard... "Wait, spirits?" The contentedness left her face as she gripped on to Kaori, "Ghosts?" She had heard ghost stories from the Elder in the past. "G-g-ghosts can be a good idea right? I mean, they do bad things to people right? Like, haunt houses and cause blood to fall from the walls right?!" Mugi didn't quite understand the Ghost Stories the Elder told her, and so assumed that this were all absolutely true. The more she mentioned and thought, the tighter her grip on the spider got. Kaori would also notice that Mugi's skin was cold to the touch.


Mana went bright red at the revelation that Kaguya-Hime gave. Thighs? Internet? Millions? What did she mean? Her grip on Benienma weakened as she looked between Suzuka and Kaguya-Hime. "I-I-Internet?" Her grip on Beni fully loosened as Suzuka started to pull her away. She had no sense to resist at the moment. All she could really do was look back on the new master and servants she just met and looked confused, particularly at Hakuno.

Either way, she was dragged out towards the door. "Uwawawawa!" Mana seemed rather confused, perhaps because it was said MILLIONS of people saw her thighs and Suzuka said that they agreed with her that they were nice. That seemed unreal to her since she had a rather low opinion of herself. "Su-suzuka... W-what did she mean by millions of people liked my thighs." She didn't sound mad or anything of that sort. Just confused... It'd be a wonder if anyone could make her see sense but they were more than welcome to try. Especially some fox servant.

Oh jeez! She was late for the meeting! Well, that much should be fine, right? They'd understand if she told them that someone was helping a teacher carry some boxes far too heavy for one person and she, in turn, helped them. Right? Well, she was cute too so that didn't hurt. She was briskly walking back to the room they held club in when she took note in the hallway that there was no one around. "..." She took another look around to make sure. "Well..." She took a step forward and used her power to create a small icey pathway that she started to slide across with a step.

The Yuki-Onna slid easily across the surface and came to a stop in front of the club room with a wide grin across her face. She opened the door and started to slid on in. There wasn't much clearance but she was fine with that. She could always stop herself if she needed. This room was filled with people she didn't need to hide from really. Tomoko had invited her to the club after Mugi mentioned her search for her "fated one" and the Yuki-Onna thought it would be a good place to search for someone. Of course, she wasn't really sure of that yet. Tomoko seemed to be talking about something serious.

Seven children kidnapped? That seemed like... What was that? Police? Yea, Police. Something for them to deal with. Right? Human society was still weird to her but she supposed they didn't have the resources to deal with the "paranormal" or something. Well, either way, it wasn't relevant to her was it? She just kept skating around the room until the girl finished what she was saying and even beyond that.

"I don't know anything about kidnappings. Sorry I was late though. I had to help this cute girl carry some heavy boxes to the storage room." The Yuki-onna just continued skating around the room with a smile on her face. She seemed to be getting out some energy. "Was it a "big bad wolf?" I heard a story once of a little girl trying to bring goodies to her grandmother only to fall victim to a "big bad wolf!"
Wakana and Tinkermon

"I see..." Wakana mentioned as she listened to all of Wisemon's words. All these digimon sounded like... What? Myth? How odd, really. She would have asked more questions lending to how these books could spur digivolution as it were called but something... Weird happened.

"W-woah!" Tinkermon yelled in reply to the screams of the library keeper. "He's going berserk!?" The small pixie seemed very concerned about that.

"Take the books?" Wakana questioned, not really caring much for the state of this digimon. The scream was not something that bothered her much. This felt like some weird story more than it felt like real life. She quickly reached for the one with the diamond on it. It felt odd that the very thing that had accused them of stealing a tome was now telling them to take them but she won't complain. "What's even going on?" She asked as she started to turn around to run for where they came from.

"Data corruption!? I-I don't know exactly! There's a few things it could be!" The little pixie said as she followed after, taking peaks at the ultimate level digimon. "Do you know where we're going?" She questioned as she followed behind her friend.

"No idea. Just hoping we can go back the way we came, to be honest!" She looked at the others in the room. It seemed Estelle grabbed a book too. Perhaps she heard the talk Tinkermon and her had and was interested in the possibility of digivolution? Well, that much was fine then. "Grab a book and run, idiots!" It was too good a chance to pass up. Might as well make sure the others grabbed something.
I got the character sheet done.... Pretty much.

There's such a very small step between love and lust. I think I'd have Wakana grab Plutomon's book when I get to a post

Mana was still surprised overall. She was a slight bit frightened by Suzuka's change of character. The least threatening things to her right now were her new Master friend and her servant. The adorable girl that made her think of a bird, though... Suzuka didn't seem to share the same opinion. Then there was the scary girl that she was about 75% sure was going to eat her. She didn't directly call out to her or anything, but she could feel a gaze on her. She didn't know what was the worst thought in her head right now. The fact she thought that she might have royally pissed off Suzuka or the fact she was afraid of being eaten.

She had a chance to make her happier now! "T-totes b-besties?" She questioned a bit... Making sure she knew the slag right. "I... Well, I'm pretty sure Suzuka is my best friend..." She muttered as her servant showed the little bird girl pictures. Then she saw the devastated look on Suzuka's face. Mana raised a curious eyebrow at this as she shuffled over next to Benienma to take a look at it. "ten out of ten thiccest booty master, change my mind"

She blinked a few times before her face went massively red. Her mouth flapped wording nothing in particular. "Thiccest booty!? Ten out of ten!?" There were two parts yelling at her internally. One was saying that this was just a mean joke and that the fox didn't mean it. There was another part though. A lot quieter, of course, and it said "This is a compliment, you should thank her~"

She just spurted out the first thing that came to mind. "W-w-when did you take that, Suzuka!?" She questioned, not really sure what she was saying. This would look really bad for Suzuka with someone she knew, right. "I-i-it's a well taken picture! T-thank you for the compliment!?" She was unsure of what the proper reply was other than maybe, "How dare you!" But that's not what she did. She wasn't really sure how to react anymore and she was super embarrassed so she grabbed the nearest thing... Benienma, and hugged her not even realizing who she was hugging.

Depends on how the next GM post goes /shrug
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