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Current I'm in a post GBF Guild War state. Happy it's over but overly tired.
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Muscle girls are great. That is all. Move along.
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I have a desire to play a witch of some sort in an RP now.
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Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
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Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l


Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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Camila was unsure of what exactly Yasu would tell them. She could stand and listen to the girl tell more, but she could just leave that to Isla and make a call or two. She had someone in mind at the very least. "Pardon me, Yasu. Do you mind if I look at those records and make a call? I'll see if my friend at the lab could assist me any bit." Without a word, she took the chance to go look at those books and records the girl mentioned. Perhaps there was a written accord of the Pokemon they were looking for.

She pulled out her phone and looked through her contacts for Freida. Perhaps her lab mate would be able to give her some information, and Freida was probably one of the best people for it. Well, hopefully. Once she found her number, Camila hit "call". The phone rang and she waited for Freida to answer. When she did, Camila gave a smile. "Hello there, dearest Freida. How have you been? Well, I hope." Taking a breath and giving Freida some small chance to speak before continuing. "Would you perhaps know much on the Legendary Pokemon Celebi and it's potential habitation in the Forest on Route 1?" She asked, a bit of hope in her voice as she asked. "Sorry, I figured either you or the professor might know if anyone but I'd much rather contact you."
Camila couldn't help but show a small bit of surprise on her face when Yasu asked if she would be able to search and find Celebi. Was it a possibility? Well, Celebi was more than just words of rumor but she had no idea where to even start on that. Heck, she didn't even know if Camphor would have any information on that. "Finding Celebi is a rather tall ask, Yasu." Camila stated before listening to Isla's statements. She seemed rather tense for some reason. This caused Camila to raise an eyebrow a small bit and pat the girl on the back. If her train of thought was anything to do with what she was saying, well, she needed to relax a bit.

"Isla, take a breath. I can take a guess what you're thinking but just take it easy for the Hatterene." She said, wanting Isla to not worry so much, and concerned how the Hatterene might react. She then turned back to Yasu, "First thing first, Yasu, Celebi is known as the Guardian of the Forest so if we were to find it we would probably need to scour the forest the town here borders. If it's there. I don't have a magical tool that points me to where Celebi likes to hang out all day." Camila mentioned to the shrine maiden with a slight frown for the briefest of seconds. "I have little to no information on Celebi even being in the forest so the best I can help you with at the moment is educated guesses. If you want more help, I'd probably need a bit of a nudge in the right direction from you." Camila said, looking a bit more serious than her countenance usually showed.

Camila wasn't sure how much Yasu would be willing to share, so it was hard to say what the girl would even mention next. Even then, it wasn't sure how much Camila would be able to help with such a variable such as Celebi. It had plenty of legends and rumors that it was hard to sort the fact from fiction in the best of times. Even if Yasu gave her some really good information, there was no guarentee that Camila could even do much to help so she had to just wait to tell.
Camila was fairly impressed with the artisanship she witnessed as the entered the temple proper. She managed to not look all over the place like a tourist and kept her looks and musing as professional as possible. She was glad that Yasu allowed them permission inside the place all things considered. "I'll respectfully keep my hands to myself." Camila replied to Yasu's request to keep calm and not touch anything. She didn't quite understand the request about not being excitable until she saw the Pokemon Yasu called out to. "A Hatenna? I can see why you wanted us to not be excitable."

Hatenna as a species senses emotion and strong emotions make them run away or it makes them tired. "I can respect your care for such a cute thing." Camila mention with a gentle smile. "I rather like fairy-type Pokemon so I'm a small bit jealous of you having such a cute friend." Nothing with too much emotion behind it.

Then, Yasu asked a question. "A Pokemon with a small, green body and two antennas?" Camila pondered it for a small bit. She thought through a few of the more typical options but none of them fit realistically. After, she moved on to some of the descriptions of legendary Pokemon and one finally landed in her head. But Isla beat her to the punch, suggesting Celebi. "Yes, exactly my thoughts as well. Of the many Pokemon I know, only Celebi really fits the bill for this one. Well, as for known Pokemon at the least. There's always the possibility for some unknown Pokemon being out there I suppose, but Celebi seems the most likely. May I ask why you ask that question? Is this temple, perhaps, related to Celebi?" She asked in response.
The walk to the place wasn't all too long. It was down a worn dirt road with scenery that at least Camila thought was beautiful. Totems of Pokemon at the entrance surrounded by a field with Pokemon all around. The assistant had to wonder if they belong to anyone or if they were wild. None seemed to be especially afraid of her or attacked as she walked the path with Snow so she assumed they were very use to humans if they were wild ones. That's when Camila and her fox arrived at the front of the old, wooden building.

“...we’re closed.”

Well, Camila was sort of hoping to be able to visit this place a little more closely. It was a place she'd not had the chance to see before but what seemed to be the caretaker of the place seemed to be saying the place was closed. That was... Odd. No, it almost seemed like she just didn't want people around the place for some reason. Like she didn't want to bother. At least, that was sort of a gut feeling that the assistant had. "What do you mean by closed?" The place didn't seem to be in disrepair and it seemed to be rather busy around here, though it was mostly Pokemon and not so much the people. "I'm one of the assistants at Professor Camphor's lab. I was on my way through the town and thought I'd come visit the place since it was here, but if it's closed... Well, could you at least tell me when it'll be open again? Or why it's closed down?" The woman asked with a smile.

It was then that she heard another person before she saw them. From behind was a familiar face. One of the workers that Professor Camphor brought in. "Oh! Umm, Isla, was it?" She felt like she had used that exact same wording not all too long ago. "I'm surprised anyone came out this way toward Pine's End." The assistant mentioned to Isla. "Is your Eevee doing well?" She asked before her eyes lit up remembering something.

"Oh! Sorry Isla, one minute." She then turned to the girl with the glasses. "So, yes, apologies. When will you reopen? I have a scientific curiosity... Not to mention a personal one at that."
As Camila found herself stepping out of the forest, there was a town, Pine's End, an aptly named little place that had a cozy atmosphere. "Man, it's not been that long, but it feels like it's been all day." The assistant mentioned to herself. Her Pokemon were a good bit stronger now. Training was always a good thing to have, but honestly it didn't matter too much to Camila. It was better to have Pokemon that could handle a bad situation, but her biggest focus in this adventure was studying Pokemon. With that in mind however... "I think I'm going to go see that shrine that's suppose to be here."

For now, she started off towards where the Shrine was. It was quite pleasant how peaceful it was here. Behind her was the forest she just exited and past the town itself was a nice grassy plain. "I wonder what kind of Pokemon is suppose to be worshipped at this shrine. It's leaving me a bit giddy with excitement. I remember hearing about this but I've never heard much details on it." She mentioned to herself, thinking aloud.
Katherine frowned, the demon was quite the powerful one and the small demon on their side was right. Outlasting her was probably not an option here. And her dolls... Her mouth turned into a scowl. She cancelled her binding magic for a second, concentrating the magic through what remained of her link to her soldiers. Fine. If she could use the guns to cast her elemental magic, of course she'd be able to use the binding chains with them. The magical chains would fire from the dolls' guns, wrapping around the demon in a fashion much as Katherine had done not long before. "I was irritated before, but now I'm just mad at what you've done to my dolls, Demon."

The firbolg herself would raise her hand, controlling the very air itself. Her hand moved as if she were stirring the air as a small wind started to blow through the room, ruffling small bits of clothing. Then, around the vortex of fire, a weird sound could be heard as the the air surrounding the vortex began swirling itself not allowing more to enter it's confines in an attempt to suffocate the fire before it could manage to continue building. Fire needed oxygen to burn, much like a living being. So if there was none to burn, then it would itself die. She wouldn't be able to do this to most of the fires, but she could to this one. She was definitely dependent on Eliz to take care of most of the other things.
"Oh, it should be fine Clara. I already used a potion on her, I'm just letting her rest for the moment." Camila said with a smile. "But I'll head back to the main road with you all. And I'll take you up on that offer if I find myself in Greivor. Hopefully at that point I won't need anyone to defend me from gangsters." Camila said with a small giggle.

After they reached the road again, Clara and Sable mounted up on the bike and started to ride off. Camila was in awe of the second woman's odd and dangerous riding of the bike as she waved back at the woman. The assistant scratched her head after the faded into the distance. She wanted to say something, but her voice would be drowned out by the bike at this distance. "I hope they don't get into an accident or anything of the sort on their way home." She voiced to herself before shaking her head and heading in the direction of Pine's End.

"Let's just get safely to Pine's End for now Camila. Perhaps I'll find another cute Pokemon to catch along the way." She mentioned to herself as she walked down the road. This wouldn't be her first time to Pine's End, but it would be her first time there with no constraints in time getting in her way. No need to be in a rush to get there or when she got there. "I wonder what the rest of my journey will be like if the first day was this eventful..." She mentioned to herself, walking the path. "Guess I'll see."

The battle was over pretty quickly from that point. "Yea, that's right. Go tell her that you failed your job. I'm sure she'll be really happy with you!" Camila yelled after the retreating men. Hmph. She knew the Casino was all sorts of bad, but this was a step beyond. However irritated she was, her attention soon fell on Snow, having taken quite a beating. "Hey there, girl. Good work." She reached into her bag and retrieved one of the potions the Professor had provided her with. She applied the healing item to her Pokemon before pocketing the used up item and grabbing the Vulpix's Pokeball, returning the Pokemon to it's resting spot. "You just get a good rest for now." The woman mentioned with a smile. Vulpix, exhausted, didn't complain much.

With that done, the assistant turned to Clara. "Well, nice to meet you... I suppose. Clara, Sable and our little hero, Koko. Situation nonwithstanding." Camila said with a smile to the small Pokemon. "So, you couldn't have just come and got her in the first place?" She asked Clara, crossing her arms. The assistant supposed that the woman just wanted her as a distraction so she could sneak about and get the Pokemon to safety? Perhaps that's what she would try to convince herself to keep from thinking ill of the woman in front of her. "Well, regardless. All's well that ends well. Though, Snow's a little worse for wear. Nothing a little nap and a little treatment won't fix at least."

The assistant looked like something had just dawned on her. "Oh, but where are my manners. Camila Willow and my Vulpix Snow." The woman said, motioning to the Pokeball the fox Pokemon was resting in. "One of the assistants to Professor Camphor, currently on field work one might say." Camila mentioned, still almost wondering if she was being exiled from the lab for some undiscernible reason. "I just started out not too long ago and I run into such nonsense. Perhaps I'll have to reconsider having quite strong Pokemon." The woman mentioned, seeming disappointed that her journey that should be a bit relaxing ended up seeming like it would not be quite so easy.

Camila shook the thought from her head and turned to Clara and Sable with a smile. "So, what brings you two out here? Shutting down a Pokemon caging group or just here for a ride and you just so happen to run into one?" She asked, not sounding accusatory or anything but with genuine curiosity.
"Snow!" Camila would exclaim as the Pokemon would roll into a nearby puddle. "Are you alright?" She asked as the Vulpix defiantly stood, though visibly weak. She wouldn't be able to go on much longer with this fight, though her little fox had done quite well for itself in a one versus three fight. If only she could have hit them all at the same time, perhaps it wouldn't have mattered too much. For now, she would have to continue with the fight. The one thug mentioned something about her having another Pokemon which, she did technically have but it too was unable to fight at the moment. A frown appeared on her face before she almost calling a move for Snow when something unexpected happened. The very ground started to rumble and a reptile Pokemon burst from the ground, grabbing hold of the weakened Vullaby before using a critical Crunch on it before throwing it down. This... Was on her side, right?

Her thought was confirmed when the woman from much earlier had appeared, freeing those Pokemon from the cage. She called her cutie and asked her to finish up the fight with the Kokorok which.... She assumed were the woman's. "Cutie? Me?" Her frown changed to something akin to a puzzled confusion. "I'm going to just... Ignore that." She mentioned, focusing on the battle once again. "Alright, Snow, lets help out the Kokorok. Let's get that Starley out of the fight with Powder Snow! Kokorok, glad to have you here with us." Camila said, sounding relieved.
The woman she was trying to helps seemed... Nonchalant about all of this, really. Tossing her hands in her pockets before moving behind her and tossing her a thumbs up. Camila wasn't sure about the woman and she had to take a fight for her. She better get a big thank you for this later from her and her motorcycle riding friend.

Onto the battle, the Vullaby seemed to have something wrong with it. It didn't seem to be able to use leer for some reason. Though, gust was something that seemed to be usable. How odd. "Snow, try to dodge and attack with Powder snow. If we can knock out one, then we might have a chance. Focus on the birds!" Quick attack would not be something easy to dodge so Snow might have to take a bunch of hits by the end of this. Damn. They might have to head back to the city early. That would be fine but she was hoping to be getting to the next place she could.
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