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Current Welp, let's see if this Digimon RP will go through XD
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Considering trying to re-run a digimon RP that didn't really take off. Dunno though. Digimon rp's are met typically with a terrible fate. :l
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I am in fact, not from the UK nor do I think my ancestors were either, but I can say that these pokemon things are factual stereotypes and should be respected as truth....
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Sometimes I can't tell when I've done too much in a character's background.
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I wasn't here when that party girl talk started, but I don't get it. Traps are far superior. You all should check yourself.


Hello. . . Umm, I'm Pyro. How do you do? I'm not really sure about what to say. XD

I like lots of the less serious (especially Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) anime out there and super actiony games. I rather like Touhou and Hyperdimension Neptunia too! If you want to talk about those at all send me a PM or something!

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Manaka seemed surprised by all the pushback she got. It was most obvious that she did not expect everyone to disagree with her so much. "Wha!! Hold on, hold on! One question at a time!" The woman said, trying to get all the questions in her head. "Geez, I was hoping you all would be happy enough to learn from the best Hacker in EDEN..." Manaka muttered to herself before looking over everyone. "Alright, first thing first. I'm not an "old lady" like I think I heard from someone in the audience. Repeat offenders are subject to heavy penalties." She said, glaring at the direction of the gun toting Digimon.

The hacker cleared her throat and continued. "Now then. I'll address that question first. I actually sent out more invitations, but all the males aside Issei decided to not show up." She shrugged and moved on. "That aside, I suppose you don't know the behind the scenes of Hackers? I vetted you all very hard, I'm sure you all figured out. Do you all realize how much of an iron grip that Thor has on the major hacking groups and the higher tiered hackers?" She looked to the faces of her perspective members. "I can't just pick up anyone. Thor has their hands in way too many cookie jars. I'd rather not have a spy in here. The only reason this place is safe is because I have more than a couple of measures to make sure it was tough for you all to get here and this place was forgotten even by EDEN's programmers."

She sighed a bit. "Anyway, I'm more than sure you all wouldn't betray me for any small reason." Then she looked at Harumi and Shion. "Now, you have some issues with us being "evil" was it?" She then looked to Issei, "You as well, right Issei?" She added, remembering he said that as well. "Well, what can I say? Good, bad, Evil... They're just human concepts aren't they? Back in the day, some members of Jormungundr did some account raiding and other things, I snuffed that light out as soon as I figured it out. I didn't do that out of some sense of justice, I just didn't want other hackers to group up and beat us down. What good that did." She chuckled to herself. "I won't lie, I've done some less than scrupulous things in my day as many of you have." In particular she looked to Harumi and Ruruka as she said this.

"I'm not too worried about those sort of things though. Do what you want, that is what it means to be a hacker. Freedom. Even at the expense of others. Right? Well, Thor intends to regulate us all and put us under their thumb. Wouldn't that be terrible? Duchess, what if Thor got on you and forced you to dig up information on the Prime Minister and blackmail him to commit injustice?" She looked to the Duchess with a smile. Then to everyone else. "And this comes to Reiko's question. Why should you help me? Freedom. I mean, you also get to learn from the best hacker on EDEN and you can get a bit of money while working."

She hoped this would be enough to convince them. To be fair, she was a little hyperbolic. Thor would likely never do something like that, but things happen when people let power get to their head. "And before anyone asks, I'm sure we can win this time. We lost last time because of one deciding factor." With that, she brought up a terminal. Terminals were something familiar to any hacker. Much like the menus available, Terminals were what hackers used to bypass security and other things. The Sistermon seemed worried for a little until Manaka finished and nothing major seemed to happen. The woman put her hands on her hips as something fell from the ceiling and landed behind her. After that, something else slowly fell from behind the group and touched the ground.

"Say hello to my friends, Ophanimon and Raguelmon." She introduced them. "Digimon. When Thor did their takedown on Jormungundr originally, they had Digimon. It was a mass of confusion. We didn't know what hit us. Now though, with some Digimon at our side, we can win. Of course, we need to build our support and strength. I doubt that we could just go in guns blazing and win. The first thing we can easily do is hit their vassal groups and destroy or turn them."

In an attempt to not seem too threatening, Raguelmon waved at the group and gave them a smile. Ophanimon seemed a bit bothered with the entrance. "Manaka, don't you think that was a bit too dramatic?"

The woman looked at the Digimon and rolled her eyes. "Just go with it." She then looked back to the group. "Anyhow, what do you all say now? Are you with me? Or are you against me? Or are you in the group of not caring one way or another?"


Sorry >.<

Sorry, we're actually full right now. The six characters we have right now is over what I was wanting originally too so I'm going to decline for now. I can put you on a list if we need to fill a slot
"I'm not sure about what exactly she does, to be honest. We merely give her a place to settle." Noir mentioned again. "We do not pry. She tells us what she will and she doesn't really tell us much." She continued.

Before anyone else could do anything, the lights went out in the room. A small scream could be heard from where the nuns were followed by a sigh. Ruruka would feel someone put an arm around her shoulder and drag her slightly and then Kotoki would feel something similar. "Now, now. It's not like I'm keeping you out, I just don't need to let too much information leaking." A woman's voice said. Kotoki and Ruruka would feel something grabbing their chest slightly. "Ah, not too bad." Not much longer after, the lights came back on and if everyone followed, they'd notice that there was a woman among them, one that wasn't there before.... And she was... Doing something not exactly kosher to Kotoki and Ruruka.

"Ah, those came on a lot faster than I expected." The woman was standing with her arms around the two girls and feeling them up. "Oh, I mean... Howdy! How's everyone today?" She asked looking around the room. "Thank you all for coming~"

From the doors where the two Sistermon came from originally, another one came through looking out of breath. "Miss Manaka! Don't mess with the server settings like that!" She complained.

"Take it easy, Ciel. Not like I'm hurting the server or anything! Hehehe." The woman, apparently the Manaka that they were all brought here by, teased.

Sistermon Noir cleared her throat loudly to get Manaka's attention. "Regardless, perhaps you could stop such acts in a Cathedral." She requested, pointing at where the woman's hands were.

Manaka rolled her eyes and took her hands off the two girls, backing off slightly to prove she wasn't doing "such acts" anymore. "Alright, I can never win against your on that subject Noir." Manaka added, looking over the group of people. She seemed rather pleased with something. "Well then, welcome to the Cathedral everyone. Temporary base of operations for now until we can make a foothold in EDEN. She continued. "My name is Manaka. No one probably knows me at all since I tried to keep myself rather secret, but I am the original founder of Jormungundr years ago. A pleasure to meet you all. Now, you may be wondering why I've invited you all here."

She started to say everyone's name and pointing them out in a crowd. "Ruruka, Kotoki, Shion, Issei the lone male here, Harumi and Reiko. I want everyone here to help me. First, to rebuild Jormungundr. Second... to destroy Thor. I can never forgive them for shutting down Jormungundr years ago. You all are aspiring Hackers in some way shape or form and while I'm probably the most experience and most skilled Hacker in all of Japan, even I can't solo the entirety of Thor. So I want your help to erase them from EDEN." She looked very confident. "Any questions? Concerns? Oh! But, Ruruka, Kotoki, don't worry... B-cups are beautiful in their own right!"

"Manaka's Digimon? Oh, no! We are not. We're what you might call... System Digimon? Us three Sistermon were stationed here to fit the setting." Noir mentioned, motioning to the area around them. "This place was originally created and populated with us three and Seraphimon about a year ago for in system marriages. They decided against implementing us into the public servers so they shoved us in the back effectively. We are happy to have company after a year. Seraphimon disappeared so it's just been us Sistermon."

Blanc stepped forward a slight bit. [b]"Yea! Even if it's been one or two people and their Digimon... It's been nice to talk to people! Like... Umm... Manaka has mentioned that his place is 'out there'. Is that true? We've never left!"[b]

Noir giggled a little bit. "At ease, sister. We'll have time to ask them questions later if they allow us. Remember, calmness is a virtue." She patted her little sister on the head and looked back to the Hacker-to-be asking questions. "That aside, Miss Manaka is indeed the one trying to recruit you all. You might say she's..."

"Odd!" Blanc mentioned abrasively.

"Blanc! Take care that the woman herself doesn't hear you say that." Obviously, Noir shared a similar opinion. "But yes. She is a bit on the eccentric side. She's a good person, I think." She didn't sound amazingly convinced of that though. "If you ever are in need of help, or had questions, we are here." Noir added before resuming her position she had very slightly moved from since they started talking.
"Well, I would love to say my success is all due to my thousands upon thousands of fans out there!" Akihabara was as one would expect. Otaku central some might call it. An interview with the famous idol Yuzurin of KuroYuri resounded in the area. She frequented the area, so she was extra popular here. That wasn't the reason that six people were invited to the area. Particularly, there is a casual EDEN Cafe.

"Now then, Yuzurin, what is the next stage for KuroYuri, the most popular all-girl group in Japan?" The interviewer asked. It was about this time that the meeting was to take place. The location? The aforementioned EDEN cafe.

Yuzurin smiled to the question. "The next step? Well, there's only one more step for us. We may be the most popular all-girl group, surpassing even AKB of the past... But of course there's one group ahead of us and we challenge them earnestly!"

Background noise, something to listen to as aspiring Jormungundr members walked to the cafe.

There were six different invitations, all sent over Line. Each slightly personalized before a default body.

Net Sheep Cafe itself had a sign up front with the name spelt out in English letters with a cute little sheep picture of it's mascot Meep-chan. The inside was set up so that each customer has their own cubical as to give them privacy. The cashier was what one might consider a pretty boy. He'd welcome customers with, "Welcome to Net Sheep Cafe."

The boy was nice and quickly pegged each of them as one of the "special customers" that were to get free sessions from "a mysterious patron" of sorts. That aside, he pointed out the reserved spots for each of them and let them on their way with nothing else but a smile on his face.

From there, it was a simple scan to get the URL and enter Eden to go find the server. Once there, well, it was probably something they wouldn't expect. Especially with the name of Jormungundr. It looked like a huge Cathedral, oddly. "Oh! They're here! Sisters!" A girl's voice could be heard off in the distance, though nothing to be seen.

"How correct you are, sister! Mostly on time aren't they? Ciel, would you kindly go and fetch Manaka? Blanc and I will go greet the guests."

"As you wish sister."

From a side door, two girls walked toward in nun outfits. At least, it looked like that at first. They had a similar look to nuns, but they definitely weren't if the animal faces on their headpieces were to tell anything.

The one in black spoke. "Greetings, dear guests, to the Forgotten Cathedral. A place forgotten to EDEN save those few brave souls who venture here. I am Noir, and this Blanc."

"Gr-greetings!" Blanc added in with a small bow and a large smile.

Noir smiled at the group as well. "Miss Manaka will be here shortly. I would suggest ntroducing yourselves to each other. You're as likely aware as I am that Miss Manaka probably doesn't need any introductions from you as you do from each other." She waved at the area behind her. "This place was originally intended for marriages, however, that idea itself was scrapped yet the Cathedral still remains. Miss Manaka and Jormungundr has been very kind to us so feel free to come and go as you please." With that, they step back and stand as if NPCs in some game, waiting for a player to interact with them.

I'm always up for a Discord.

I do have a character coming by the way; just rethinking some things.

You're good, if I wasn't lazy and started replaying Cyber Sleuth I'd get started on the first post since I have most of what I need anyhow.

Anyhow, I've generated a discord

Go ahead and join my friends!
Hey everyone! Did you all want to make a discord for this so communication's a bit easier?
Hey everyone! Did you all want to make a discord for this so communication's a bit easier?
@KingOfTheSkies Well, if that's how you wanna play it I'm not gonna stop you.
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