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I originally got into forum roleplaying on the official Bethesda Game Studios Forums in 2007 or 2008. When the forums were replaced with, I was one of several close-knit Fallout RPers who came here.

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Fleuri Jodeau

On the child's advice, Fleuri headed to the tavern. If he wasn't on duty, he might consider getting a drink; it had been quite a day. But the day wasn't up and the culprit had not been caught, thus it'd be wisest to keep his wits.

If it's a tavern, there are no doubt plenty of people who may have seen the puppy. On the other hand, with the lifting of the siege, most of them are probably drunk, celebrating the defeat of their assailants. I suppose the first person to ask should be the tavern keeper.

As he and Klaus walked off, the other knight asked a curious question. One about whether the first child, the one with the pointed hat, knew any magic. He wasn't sure if Klaus was serious or joking, he ought to ask Klaus about it later.
Ah Red/Blue Golbat sprite. That thing terrified me, in part because whenever I did the Missingno glitch, I had a chance of being attacked by level 128 Golbats.

It's not as scary now, probably because it looks like he just smelled Spongebob's sundae breath.
Zealot Thiel- Fort Independence

Theil looked closely at the rods, radiant with Atom's glow. She hadn't been sent to exact tribute, and it was a pleasant development that their allies had been willing to pay. The Pontiff would be pleased with this gift.

More pressing, however, was the revelation that this was being used as a staging point to invade Point Lookout, a hotbed of Cult activity that the Children of Atom had learned to avoid as they sailed up and down the coast. Boats in that region were given a wide berth, and many even avoided sailing past the place at night despite- or because of- its still-functional lighthouse.

"We thank you for this tribute, Colonel Samuels," Theil said, looking back up at the man. "I will relay these to my superiors and inform them of your mission. We will not hinder those who seek to strike at the cult. But before we go, allow me to give you our radio frequency so you may communicate with Megaton if need be..."


Grand Zealot Richter- Megaton, Cathedral of Atom

Richter sat in Tektus' office, regaling his story to the Inquisitor.

"This disrespectful insolence cannot stand," Tektus announced as the Grand Zealot finished his account. "If these heathens do give the proper respect to Atom and his faithful, they cannot be allowed to persist in Atom's kingdom."

"So long as hide in Raven Rock, it will be extremely difficult to remove them. The best we can do is to isolate them and deny them passage into or around our holdings" the Grand Zealot spoke.

Tektus nodded silently, acknowledging the Grand Zealot's assessment. He tried to keep stoic demeanor, but his countenance betrayed the anger hidden within, anger born of the blasphemy that was the Brotherhood's fortress, built to withstand Atom's power. "What about what you said about the computer, Grand Zealot? Do you think we could use it against them as you suggested?"

"I'm afraid not," Richter answered. "The Brotherhood has full control of Raven Rock's defense systems, meaning Eden must have been destroyed or shut down. If he existed in their systems in any capacity, that warning shot of theirs wouldn't have missed. Eden would not have suffered a deserter to live." Richter appeared to be slightly pained as he spoke these words.

"It is of no matter. We will find..."

"Inquisitor, Grand Zealot, the Pontiff has requested your presence," a ragged acolyte of Atom interrupted.

"We will continue this conversation later," Tektus instructed as he rose to his feet. "Let us not keep the Pontiff waiting."


Pontiff Cromwell- Megaton, Cathedral of Atom

The Pontiff sat on a scrap metal throne in his quarters in the rear of the cathedral. His quarters were adorned much as the rest of the cathedral was- radium-embedded banners hung at the walls, illuminating the symbol of Atom, suspended above tables that displayed a variety of canisters and cylinders, many of which glowed green. A heavy book of aged material sat atop a desk in the corner, its radium writing standing out from the brown pages. Near throne sat two hastily placed chairs for his coming meeting with the Grand Zealot and Inquisitor.

There was a knock at the door and an acolyte peeked in.

"Pontiff? The Grand Zealot and Inquisitor are here, as you have instructed." The acolyte's soft words reverberated across the room, demonstrating the lack of consideration for acoustics when it was constructed.

"Excellent, acolyte. Bring them in," Cromwell commanded. The Grand Zealot, clad in the heavy armor of one of Atom's zealots, and the Inquisitor, wearing the robe and headdress of his station, walked in.

"Take a seat, my sons," the Pontiff greeted them warmly. "We have much to discuss, about the Brotherhood and about the Free Commonwealth. I have read your reports and have been communing with Atom as to the next steps we must take."

"Yes, Pontiff," replied Tektus as he sat down. "The Grand Zealot and I are already working on a plan to deal with the Brotherhood heathens. I assure you, they shall not be allowed to threaten what we have built."

"No, Inquisitor, I have no desire to fight the Brotherhood" Cromwell gently rebuked him, "They may have fallen on hard times and adopted a hard stance, but did much good for the wasteland, and for Atom's faithful, when they were in power. Their presence was a boon to us, as misguided as they may be."

"Forgive me, Pontiff," Richter spoke, "But they do not come in peace, not anymore. We cannot trust them to respect our authority or our role in the Capital Wasteland."

"The Brotherhood are prideful beyond reckoning, there is no doubt to that," the Pontiff conceded, "But I can assure you, they are not the enemy. Their presence means a safer wasteland, and I would even say a windfall to us. For it shall allow us to focus on spreading Atom's glory and opposing His true enemies."

Tektus raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean, Pontiff? Are you referring to the Commonwealth and their plans to crusade upon Point Lookout?"

"Yes, Inquisitor," Cromwell answered, unsurprised that Tektus already had gleaned that conclusion. "Sister Theil's account was enlightening, and I intend to reach out to our allies in the Commonwealth to aid them. Once our affairs with the Brotherhood are straightened out, we may commit to aiding them."

"Pontiff," Tektus protested, clearly agitated, "I still do not see how the Brotherhood can be made to aid us. They are a prideful, godless lot with no respect for Atom."

"I assure you, Inquisitor, I have dealt with the Brotherhood before." Cromwell patiently reassured. "I remember when they protected Megaton, they never harmed us or hindered our worship of Atom. To the contrary, they protected Megaton from Super Mutants, raiders, and other threats at the risk to their own lives. They may not worship Atom, but they always respected our right to do so, and if they are willing to help protect the wasteland as they once did, it will allow us to oppose those who would not allow us to worship Him."

"But let us focus on other matters, my sons," Cromwell continued. "What do you know of the Obelisk?"

"I've never seen it, but I know it is a holy object of the Cult," Richter answered. "I don't know if it spreads their madness, but they seem to think it does."

"It is the Cult's most treasured relic, a stone monolith of unknown origin," Tektus explained. "It only appeared after the Cult overran the Capital Wasteland, and I believe they came here to find it. The Cult believes it has evil powers, powers that are an affront to Atom."

"Yes," Cromwell nodded. "But we are building a holy relic of our own, a conduit of Atom's might, and a symbol of His glory. It is a standard carved from the wondrous material recovered from Three Mile Island, thanks to the gracious aid of our Commonwealth allies, and I wish to see it brought to Point Lookout, to cleanse away the Cult's taint and inspire Atom's faithful to carry out His will."

"So we are truly doing this," Richter spoke. "We will be heading to Point Lookout?"

"Yes, Grand Zealot," Cromwell answered. "In fact, I wish for you to lead the expedition. Let me worry about the Brotherhood. As for you, Tektus my son, I need you for another matter. There are rumors of piracy off the coast, and I need you to take the submarine and investigate. I need you to ensure that the coast is secure, both for trade, and for the liberation of Point Lookout. I will brief you further on the matter later, but for now you are both dismissed. Go with Atom."

Tektus and Richter exited the Pontiff's quarters. There was much work that would need to be done.
Grand Zealot Richter- Megaton, Cathedral of Atom

"Evasive maneuvers, pilot!" Richter commanded as the Brotherhood fired their warning shot. The Vertibird banked hard and dove, intend on getting out of the AA gun's range of fire. Richter struggled to maintain his balance in the Vertibird as it maneuvered away.

The Grand Zealot was livid. It may have been just a warning, but the Brotherhood showed blatant disregard for the Church of Atom's de facto sovereignty over the Capital Wasteland. The cowards fled from the Cult and left Atom's faithful to set things right, and now they sought to assert their long forfeit dominance over the wasteland.

If only we had a mounted minigun, I might have been able to disable that gun, Richter bitterly thought to himself. On the other hand, doing so may have been unnecessarily risky and brash, he concluded as his fury slightly subsided. Once they were out of range, he approached the cockpit, intent on giving his response on the radio.

"This is Grand Zealot Richter to the Brotherhood of Steel. Be warned that you will no longer be welcome in Atom's lands. If you trespass on our holy sites or encroach upon our holdings, you will be divided. We will never allow the Capital Wasteland to be ruled by cowards who fled the Cult."

"Pilot, switch us to Fort Constantine's frequency." The pilot complied, turning a knob on the cockpit dash. "This is Grand Zealot Richter to Fort Constantine. Do you read, over."

"Grand Zealot, this is Fort Constantine. We read you, over."

"Fort Constantine, the Brotherhood has refused to parlay with us and has fired warning shots on us. Repeat, the Brotherhood of Steel has fired a warning shot upon my Vertibird. Place the fort on alert, and fire on on any Brotherhood knights that approach, over."

"Which Brotherhood, Grand Zealot? Lyons' Brotherhood, or the Midwesterners whom we have allowed passage, over."

"My apologies, Fort Constantine," Richter answered, having realized his mistake. "I am referring to Lyons' Brotherhood, who now occupy Raven Rock. The Midwestern Brotherhood remain our guest, but my orders remain the same, do not let any Brotherhood knights from any Brotherhood in Fort Constantine without orders from myself, Tektus, or the Pontiff himself." The Midwestern Brotherhood may not have caused any trouble, but their mission to destroy pre-war nuclear weaponry was an affront to Atom and would not be allowed in the region.

"I read you, Grand Zealot. We will be on alert until further notice."

"Go with Atom's blessing, Fort Constantine. Over and out." There was much to do. Tektus and Cromwell would need to know of this insolence.


Zealot Thiel- Near Fort Independence

"Atom's blessing to you, Colonel Samuels. I am Zealot Thiel of the Children of Atom, acting on behalf of the Grand Zealot."

"What business do our allies in the Commonwealth have here in the Capital Wasteland, so close to our holy city?
Please understand, we do not wish for trouble, but we must remain appraised of all goings on so close to Holy Megaton. If your intentions are noble, we intend to follow through on our side of our alliance by providing communication and coordination while you remain in the Capital Wasteland."

Thiel hoped that they weren't looking for trouble. It'd be a great blow to lose the Free Commonwealth as an ally.

Fleuri Jodeau

"Yes sir," Fleuri spoke, a bit relieved that he was being sent to help find the puppy. The knight turned and headed to the town square, intent on helping to find that puppy. There wasn't much else to do while the Captain and her handpicked team dealt with whatever was at the ruins. I wonder how Tyaethe and the Captain will react when they find out we've been searching for puppies and entertaining children while they've been likely risking their lives against orcs and whatever else is out there.

When Fleuri stepped into the town square, he observed Klaus speaking with a child, no doubt the first girl's aforementioned friend. The knight approached the two from behind, not stealthily, but not particularly noisily either.

"So, Klaus, have you found anything about the puppy from our little friend? Lilianna sent me to help out."

Fleuri Jodeau

I suppose I wanted to know what our order's tactician thought, and whether or not I am seeing shadows where there are none, so to speak. Fleuri paused. There was more he wanted to say.

"I suppose there's more to it," he continued after a brief hesitation. "It's the thought that someone wants to kill the captain. And it's the realization that they want to do it by taking advantage of the fact that when a town was in danger, she'd personally lead the charge to break the siege. I guess it finally hit me that we're dealing with those who would try to exploit our duty, and our captain's valor, that if they're willing to do that this time, they'll put innocents at risk again if it means another shot at decapitating our order, if given the opportunity. And the more I think about it, the more it makes my blood boil." Fleuri's heartbeat increased as he grew angrier at the thought. He quickly composed himself, however, not wishing to make too much of a spectacle to a superior.

"Sorry," he said, shaking his head as he calmed down. "I guess it's my Reonite upbringing, and all that about going out and hunting down evil rather than reacting. Best defense being a strong offense, that sort of thing. I know I wouldn't be much use where the Captain has gone, I'm not really trained to fight witches or sorcerers. I suppose the most I can do right now is help with that lost puppy, unless you have something in mind."

As he finished, it occurred to him that it may not have been the wisest thing to do, effectively volunteering himself to someone whom he so recently slighted.
Grand Zealot Richter- Children of Atom Vertibird

A brown-painted Vertibird, several passengers in tow, approached the Brotherhood-controlled bunker. Richter stood in the back, wearing a suit of Hellfire Power Armor, also bearing the livery of the Children of Atom. He would never let anyone see it, but he had mixed feelings and was perhaps even a little uneasy about seeing Raven Rock again. It had been his home once, before his disastrous scouting mission brought him to Atom. It was a relief that he did not have to twist his face to display a calm facade, hidden beneath his power armor's distinct helmet.

"Grand Zealot, we are in radio range," announced the pilot. "Establishing radio contact with Raven Rock's hangar control." Richter snapped back to reality. "And, radio contact established. It looks like that frequency is still good."

It was fortunate that the Verbirds at Adams still had the frequencies to contact hangar control in Raven Rock. The Brotherhood wouldn't be foolish enough to open the hangar's blast doors to anyone with the frequency, but it'd provide a direct line of dialogue with them.

"Very good, sister," Richter said, lumbering forward to the cockpit. "Open the channel, I shall speak to them." The pilot pressed a button on the console and nodded. Richter hesitated. He still couldn't believe he was coming home. If anything, it was a relief to know that his old family wasn't waiting for him, and that he wouldn't have to worry about being court-martialed for desertion. John Henry Eden might still be there, but if the Brotherhood was running the place, Eden must have been taken offline or reprogrammed, for he would never work with them. On the other hand, his records would still be in Raven Rock's computer system, and unless Eden erased them at some point, the Brotherhood would sooner or later figure out that he was once with the Enclave.

"Raven Rock, this is Grand Zealot Richter with the Children of Atom. Do you copy?"

"Raven Rock, on behalf of the Children of Atom, I must speak to a representative of the Brotherhood of Steel regarding your order's return to the Capital Wasteland and your proximity to Fort Constantine. Will you comply?"


Zealot Thiel- Near Fort Independence

Thiel approached Fort Independence, accompanied by three Zealots. They were not a large force, as they did not expect trouble with the Free Commonwealth, but they were well-equipped enough to handle themselves if things went south. Thiel was more concerned about Richter, having gone to confront the Brotherhood of Steel, flying right into a lion's den. Whatever a lion was.

"Holster your weapons, brothers, our orders are to come in peace," she commanded. The zealots complied, putting away their radium rifles. She did not want to cause a mishap with their ally so close to the holy city, especially now with the simultaneous mission to Raven Rock.

The Zealots marched up to the gate, where the Free Commonwealth's soldiers stood guard. They did not seem particularly alarmed at the small group of zealots, although Thiel could not tell whether it was more due to the soldiers' numerical superiority or the Free Commonwealth's relationship with the Children of Atom.

"Atom's blessing to you, Commonwealth allies. I am Zealot Thiel with the Children of Atom, and we have come from the Holy City of Megaton. May we speak to whoever is in charge of this garrison?"

I'm interested in joining. I'll submit a character when I have the opportunity.
Grand Zealot Richter- Megaton, Cathedral of Atom

Grand Zealot Richter walked through the hallowed halls of the holy cathedral, down the nave crafted from division-formed glass, past rows of steel benches, past the radium-painted banners of Atom's symbol lining the walls. No sound passed through these chambers except the Grand Zealot's footsteps and the soft whirring of an aircraft turbine that provided ventilation to the cathedral. To the ignorant, this holy place would no doubt seem crude with its scrap metal construction, but to His devotees, this was the holy of holies, where men and women came to contemplate the nature of Atom, and of Division. At the altar sat Megaton's namesake, the bomb from which the town had been born around. The Grand Zealot paused when he reached the altar, looking up at the holy avatar of Atom's glory. Once, it was nothing more than a reminder of the tragedy that once struck this nation, a hazard to be disposed of when the Enclave reasserted its rightful place as the rightful rulers of the Capital Wasteland. But that long ago, back when the Grand Zealot foolishly placed his faith in young, earthly powers, godless masters who sought only their own glorification. How foolish and unenlightened he was back then, he mused.

But he did not come to the cathedral to worship. He stepped past the altar into a doorway, leading into the office of Inquisitor Tektus. The Inquisitor sat behind a desk in a massive, impressive chair, almost more of a throne, his hand resting on a number of black-and-white photographs.

"Greetings, my faithful Grand Zealot," Tektus spoke. "Please, have a seat. There is much for us to discuss." Richter wordlessly sat in a chair- an old airliner sea- in front of the desk.

"I must commend you on the information you have provided on the so-called Adam's Air Force Base. What we have recovered has been an indispensible boon to our cause, Grand Zealot," the Inquisitor said, looking down at the photos. While the Children of Atom had gathered many useful items from the air force base, such as Vertibirds, weaponry, and a few suits of Hellfire Power Armor, the Inquisitor was no doubt referring to the Eyebots, which the Children had used to broadcast the Pontiff's words, but some of which the Inquisitor had modified for surveillance and scouting. "In particular, the Eyes of Atom have beheld new threats that may face our flock," he continued, handing the photographs to Richter.

The first photograph was of one of a group of soldiers entering a pre-war fort. "Those who call themselves the Free Commonwealth have been seen entering the Capital Wasteland and occupying this fort. Fort Independence, I believe it is called. They have yet attacked our flock, nor have they made any communication with us. We must find out why they have entered the Capital Wasteland, and if they have betrayed out good will, we must remove them."

"Yes, Inquisitor, I shall look into it." Richter replied. "Will that be all?"

"No," Tektus answered, shaking his head. "There is more, and I fear it is far more dire. Tell me, what do you know of this bunker?" He presented another photograph, this time depicting an entrance to a very familiar installation- guarded by what appeared to be power armored soldiers". Richter's eyes widened as he beheld the photo, as memories of his old life came flashing back.

"Grand Zealot, is something the matter," Tektus asked, tilting his head curiously. "Is this perhaps related to your old life, before I rescued you and brought you into our flock?"

"Yes, Inquisitor," Richter spoke, his normally calm demeanor visibly shaken. "This is Raven Rock, formerly the headquarters of the Enclave, before the Cult came to the Capital Wasteland. These soldiers, however, they are not Enclave. From the look of their power armor, I would guess the Brotherhood of Steel, and not the Midwestern branch. Are they here with the Midwestern Brotherhood?"

"I do not know, Grand Zealot," the Inquisitor answered, "Our guests have not informed us about this incursion. The Brotherhood of Steel maintained a presence in the Capital Wasteland before the Cult came, perhaps it these are the survivors of those dark days. I do not know their numbers, but this must be investigated thoroughly. You were formerly one of them, would you perhaps have knowledge of this Raven Rock, should we need to dislodge the Brotherhood?"

"I know the layout of the installation, Inquisitor. It was meant to ensure continuity government in the event of a nuclear war, meaning that its exterior will resist any attempts to inflict Division. It is large enough to house a sizable number of soldiers, scientists, and support personnel, as well as several Vertibirds. Additionally, it houses a ZAX supercomputer linked up to its defense and power systems. Should we need to remove the Brotherhood, it may be an option to initiate Division from within through the supercomputer, should it still function," Richter explained.

"An interesting option," Tektus concluded. "I trust you will not have trouble returning home after all these years."

"It is not longer my home. The Children of Atom are my family now," Richter responded, speaking with conviction. "I will not hesitate to carry out His will, whatever the cost."

"I am pleased with your conviction, Grand Zealot. That will be all. Investigate both of these incursions and report back to me. Take one of my Eyes so that their blasphemies may be recorded and our judgment may be sound."

Richter nodded, stood up, and exited the office. There was much to be done.
Fleuri Jodeau

Fleuri approached Lilianna at the gates. He glanced around, not wanting to be eavesdropped on, but unsure as to what to look for. In all likelihood, he was probably being needlessly cautious.

"I apologize for dragging you here like this," Fleuri began, speaking softly as to not draw attention, "but I need to ask you something. Does this whole situation with the orcs and this dark lady with seem...suspicious to you? If the Dark Lady wanted the orcs to get into the city, why didn't she charmed a guard to open the gates, or simply blast the gates apart with magic? Instead, as far as we know, she clouds the earl's mind to ensure he can't lead a defense, then waits as the orcs try to smash their way in for several days, and then ambushes us when the orcs are on the brink of defeat. An ambush that, if I have my facts straight, was aimed at the Knight-Captain, fired from a vantage point that had been scouted out before the siege began."

Fleuri wasn't a mage or a strategist, and it was always possible that his limited understanding of magic failed to take into account the limitations of what magic could or could not do, or perhaps he did not understand the strategic implications of clouding the Earl's mind, but he knew better than to underestimate a foe, especially a magic user, or overestimate one's success.

"Don't get me wrong, we had no choice but to stop these orcs before they broke through into the city, because they certainly would have eventually done so if we had not intervened, but I fear that up until that ambush, everything was going exactly as our enemy intended it, and," he said, looking concerned, "that raiding the city may not have been this dark lady's goal."
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