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I originally got into forum roleplaying on the official Bethesda Game Studios Forums in 2007 or 2008. When the forums were replaced with, I was one of several close-knit Fallout RPers who came here.

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Fleuri Jodeau

After some searching without any results other than some odd stares from bystanders, Fleuri noticed small gap underneath the deck at the tavern. It was easily overlooked, and it was only after meticulously searching around the tavern that he managed to discern it. The knight knelt down, further dirtying his red attire, peering under the deck, still calling the puppy's name.

This time, his call was answered- while his eyes could not perceive anything in the darkness, he could hear what sounded like a small dog under the deck. Fleuri breathed a sigh of relief, both pleased at the seeming success, and content that he didn't make himself look like a fool for nothing. The space was too cramped for Fleuri to squeeze in, so he would have to get the puppy to come out.

"Ennifer, come her girl," he softly called into the darkness and beckoning with his armored hand, hoping that it would be enough to coax it to him. He was unsure if it would come to a stranger like himself, but if it hesitated he could always step into the tavern and fetch some food to ease it out.
Fleuri Jodeau

Fleuri was a bit bewildered that the girl would bother to come here to deliver a note. Why isn't she looking for the puppy herself, if she can come over here? He didn't have too much time to think about it, however- once Klaus was done with her meal, she headed back, intent on speaking with the children again. The fact that Klaus did not finish her meal indicated how worried she was about this whole witchcraft thing. Fleuri rose from his own seat without ordering anything and followed her out, glancing one last time at the note as they left.

"You go on ahead, I'll catch up," he told her as they stepped out of the tavern. "I'm going to search a bit around here for a bit." It might have been unwise to let Klaus go off on her own as worried as she seemed to be, but he didn't want to disappoint the child either. Listen to myself, he thought, treating this silly puppy errand as some sworn quest.

Fleuri circled around the tavern, looking closely to see if there were any holes or nooks that a puppy could've gotten to.

"Ennifer, Ennifer," he spoke, hoping that if it was around here, it'd respond to its name.


Pontiff Cromwell- Megaton, Cathedral of Atom

Within the Pontiff's quarters, Cromwell and an acolyte stood in front of a weathered two-way radio. Among the holy relics in the quarters, this represented pre-war reverence of Atom, as indicated by the faintly still legible "Radiation King" engraving upon its frame. And as the Pontiff later learned, once properly repaired and hooked up to an antenna that adorned the cathedral rooftop, it allowed him to communicate with his flock from within the cathedral.

"According to the Grand Zealot, this signal should allow us to communicate with Raven Rock," the acolyte explained, adjusting the knob.

"Excellent. But why have we never contacted them before?" Cromwell asked, curious.

"We never knew the frequency, or the encryption they used, your holiness" answered the acolyte, still fiddling with the radio. "Fortunately, the Enclave left behind all that information in Raven Rock. And...there we go. All you need to do is hold the button and talk into the microphone, and if I did everything right, it should work."

"Fine work, my child," Cromwell praised the acolyte. He took the microphone in his hand and held the button down.

"This is Pontiff Cromwell to Raven Rock. Do you hear me?" He looked at the acolyte, a bit confused.

The acolyte whispered to him. "Try asking it a few times. The message may not have gotten through, or they may have missed it."

The Pontiff cleared his throat and spoke again "This is Pontiff Cromwell of the Children of Atom to Raven Rock.
I must speak to Sarah Lyons. I repeat, this is Pontiff Cromwell of the Children of Atom. I must speak to Sarah Lyons of the Brotherhood of Steel."


Inquisitor Tektus- Potomac River Docks

The Inquisitor, flanked by two masked underlings, made his way to the docks south of Rivet City, where the Vessel awaited. He made his way up the pier and into the interior of the submarine. A wetsuit-clad Children of Atom mariner greeted him as he stepped inside.

"Inquisitor, I received word of your arrival. What are your instructions?"

"First, my child," Tektus began, "What is the status of the Vessel?"

"Engines and ballast are fully functional," the crewman answered as they descended. "We are nearly fully fueled, and the remaining missiles and torpedoes are ready to fire at your command. A few lights have been malfunctioning, but nothing more serious than that."

They finally reached Tektus' quarters where his throne stood, awaiting the vessel's master. Tektus sat down and sighed, pleased to be back in his seat. "Set a course for the Island. We depart immediately."

"Yes, Inquisitor." The crewman hurried off to relay Tektus' orders. A a few minutes later, the Vessel stirred. The engines fired up, and Tektus could feel it pulling away from the dock.

"We're off, Inquisitor. Setting a course to the Island," spoke the voice on a grainy intercom. There was nothing quite like the feeling of this metallic leviathan bring brought to life by Atom's power. And through the Vessel, there would be nothing quite like what Atom's power would bring to His enemies.
Fleuri Jodeau

Fleuri averted his gaze from the arriving knight, having been taken off-guard by his boisterous enthusiasm. While he had seen plenty of knights and fairies today, he did not recognize these two. Was this fellow an independent knight-errant? He certainly didn't lack for enthusiasm.

"We're not exactly vagabonds," he responded as he sat down at a stool at the bar. We are both of the Iron Rose Knights, having come to break the Orcish siege," the knight explained. "And...erm...yes, we're currently looking for a child's lost puppy." There was no proper way to properly explain that part, that they had gone from slaying orcs and trolls to looking for a little girl's pet. If it weren't for the fact that they had recently saved the town from a besieging army, Fleuri and Klaus would no doubt be the laughingstock of the tavern. And they still might be, depending how deep in their cups the patrons were.

"And who might you be, good sir? Are you of our order, or a wandering knight-errant who was caught in the siege?" Halfway through asking his question, Fleuri realized that he was going to get an earful.

@Foolish Errant

Children of Atom FOB, SE of Washington DC

Southeast of the Capital Wasteland, not far from the Free Commonwealth's forces, stood a hastily constructed outpost of scrap metal, walls engraved with the symbol of atom and lined with charms and fetishes. Within the base was a plethora of Atom's faithful, ranging from volunteers in ragged robes to power armored Zealots. Several power armored figures were currently hoisting a small radio tower, while other men and women worked on the walls with welding torches. A few Brahmin sat in a pen near a few crude wagons formed from automobile chassis, next to a pair of mostly intact military trucks.

When a Vertibird was seen on the horizon, carrying some sort of cargo on a hook underneath, the ranking Zealot barked orders for those within to assemble. With the exception of those working on the radio tower, and those standing guard outside, all within the base dropped what they were doing and scurried to the center of the outpost. By the time the Vertibird had landed, most of the outpost's inhabitants were neatly assembled and awaiting the arrival of the aircraft's passenger- the Grand Zealot himself. It first dropped off its cargo- a wagon covered with a heavy tarp- and then landed next to it. Somewhere in the base, a geiger counter began ticking, indicating the arrival of something steeped in the Glow.

Richter stepped out of the Vertibird and looked over the base and those standing before him. These were merely the vanguard of Atom's forces- more Zealots were mobilizing, and he had no doubt that many fanatics and flagellants of Atom would answer the call to arms as well. The men and women before him were hardly the conquering force needed to liberate the swamps from Ug-Qualtoth's dark influence, but they would form the core of it. He walked to the front of where they stood and removed the helmet of his Hellfire armor.

"Faithful sons and daughters of Atom! We have come here for a purpose- to free the swamps of Point Lookout of the foul Cult, to cleanse this place of their corruption in Atom's holy Glow! I must warn you, however, that this will not be easy, and victory will likely be costly. These lands were not subjected to the Great Division, and as a result, the corruption here is ancient and deeply rooted. The inhabitants within are mutated by Atom's light, changed by His disfavor for their evil ways, and utterly steeped in the ways of the Cult. They are killers and hunters of men, who know these swamps inside and out and will fight to their last breath. This is not a war of conquest, this is a war of cleansing, where the only victory is when the last of the swamp folk breathes no more! The Free Commonwealth stands with us against this foe, but we cannot rely on them for victory- we must do what must be done to scour these lands of corruption, at whatever the cost!"

The assembled Children of Atom cheered vigorously, inspired by the Grand Zealot's words. Richter wasn't much of a speaker, but his words had definitely moved them. After the cheering died down, Richter spoke up again.

"To instill the resolve to carry out Atom's will, we have assembled a standard, built from the blessed material of the power plant that the Free Commonwealth has graciously given us access to." Richter gestured at two Zealots, and they pulled the tarp from the wagon, revealing a standard in the image of the symbol of Atom, rising out of a sculpture of Megaton's bomb.

"This was crafted from the remains of a lesser Division preceding the Great Division. With this standard, you can be assured that we carry out Atom's will and carry His favor with us!" The crowd broke into another cheer. Richter feared that this would be an ugly campaign, and Atom's faithful needed all the inspiration that they could get.
Fleuri Jodeau

Fleuri followed behind Klaus, content with the child's answer and desiring to take care of this quest, as trivial as it may be compared to their usual duties. Trival to a knight, perhaps, he mused, but not to a little girl that had lost her best friend. If anything, it was a bit of a humbling experience, not only because of how low the task seemed, but in the realization that he lacked the skills to make himself more useful. A trial from Reon, no doubt, and a necessary reminder to keep him from becoming prideful again.

As they proceeded to the tavern, Fleuri took note of Klaus' agitated state. She seemed worried, her suspicions of those girls having grown since they had scurried away, and now she seemed to think the tavern was a trap. He himself wasn't sure what to think- he thought she was acting paranoid, yet Fleuri didn't want to dismiss another knight's instincts. Best case scenario, she'll need a minder. Worst case scenario, she'll needed someone backing her up. Either way there could be trouble.

"Don't worry Klaus. Whatever happens, I've got your back," he reassured her. He was probably being melodramatic, but whether they were stepping into a trap or the much, much more likely case of simply stepping into a potentially embarrassing situation, the Iron Rose Knights stood together.

Reserving Denver as the Eastern Legion.
Fleuri Jodeau

On the child's advice, Fleuri headed to the tavern. If he wasn't on duty, he might consider getting a drink; it had been quite a day. But the day wasn't up and the culprit had not been caught, thus it'd be wisest to keep his wits.

If it's a tavern, there are no doubt plenty of people who may have seen the puppy. On the other hand, with the lifting of the siege, most of them are probably drunk, celebrating the defeat of their assailants. I suppose the first person to ask should be the tavern keeper.

As he and Klaus walked off, the other knight asked a curious question. One about whether the first child, the one with the pointed hat, knew any magic. He wasn't sure if Klaus was serious or joking, he ought to ask Klaus about it later.
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