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Al'nehak is already waiting with the hunting party.
Al'nehak returned the bow. "Thanks again for everything Kumiko. I'll see you around."

She left the guild hall. The streets bustled with activity despite the delays in the festivities. "From what I read, the rendezvous place is over there. I still have some time until then..."

Setting down her backpack she browsed the contents inside; a day and a half worth of provisions, cooking utensils, dirty clothing, her journals, and a few trinkets and gizmos she picked up along the way. Two empty healing vials were tucked in the side pockets. A third was halfway full.

She sighed softly. "Some shortcut that turned out to be," she muttered to herself as she took the half empty vial out of the bag and placed it in pouch around her waist. "At the very least, I still have my spellbook and quarterstaff with me. Hm...might as well finish some of these provisions, going to treat myself tonight after this after all!"

Al'nehak stood up, putting on her backpack, her mouth chewing on some meat jerkies. It was time rendezvous with the other adventurers.

After walking for a while, she arrived at the gathering. Indeed, it was a rather large gathering of adventurers. "Hoh, this looks a tad bit serious," Al'nehak remarked to herself. Judging by how everyone was still waiting, she reckoned that whoever who was suppose to lead them wasn't here yet. Al'nehak sat down on some steps and with a keen eye, began to observe those who would fight alongside her.
Ok, Al'nehak will be arriving on the day of the hunt then.
According to Rowan, the hunt starts tomorrow? Where does this put my timeline with Al'nehak arriving? Just want some clarity as I thought it would be

Al'nehak arrives > signs up > joins the hunt immediately

Otherwise I think the progression would be

Al'nehak arrives > signs up > waits for tomorrow > goes to hunt

You want to do a short dialogue with Al'nehak and Kumiko?

Should we do a collab once the monster hunt begins?

As she traveled down the dirt road, the outskirts of a town became visible to the wanderer. Al'nehak rustled her coin purse in her hands again. She had heard the sad clink of a few loose change once more and sighed.

"Might be enough for room and board for a day or two. Tch, traveling is rather difficult without money. Seems like I'll need to stay here for a bit and earn some coin for the road. Frontier Village eh? I'm looking foward to this place. There's a festival going on too from what I've been told."

She continued to walk without any particular direction, her gaze darting left and right to familiarize herself with the surroundings as she followed the flow of the ever increasing crowd towards what appeared to be the center of the town.

There was energy in the crowd of people she was walking among yet there was tension too. Had something happened? She stopped by a fruit stand and peered at what the vendor had to sell. Wild berries, apples, the usual of course.

"Madam," Al'nehak asked as she picked up a bunch of berries to inspect, "What's the occasion today? Seems like a lot of hustle and bustle today."

"It's the trade festival! Lots of merchants from both Sechs and Norad are displaying their wares here. Well, that would've been the case were it not for the monster's sudden appearance. Hmm, your not from around here are you?"

"Is it the clothes? Must be the clothes. Yes, I've been on the road for some time now. It's a shame, I'd like to see this festival in action. I hope it isn't canceled?" Al'nehak inquired as she put down the bunch of berries and picked up another one.

"Just delayed. The Guild has already sent out a subjugation notice. I'd expect the festival to go back up within a few hours."

"I see," Al'nehak stated plainly, "How much for these berries?"

Al'nehak paid the vendor. She plucked a berry from the vine and plopped it in her mouth. It was firm and sweet, freshly picked. "Any inns you'd recommend? And where would I find the local guild?"

"You're in luck. The guild and the best inn are right across from each other! See that street? Follow it and make two rights. You'll see the Golden Hind Inn and the Guild right across from each other!"

Al'nehak gave a small bow. "That's convenient. Thank you. I wish you the best in your sales."

"Hey, you aren't-"

Al'nehak had already disappeared back into the crowd and followed the vendor's direction and in no time at all, came into view the guild and the inn. Upon entering the guild hall, chaos was an apt description of what was happening. From all the shouting and hollering, there was one voice that stood above everyone else and there was a hint of authority with this one.

Al'nehak continued to gobble up her berries and her gaze fell upon the one shouting, organizing and directing people. It was a receptionist...a kitsune! How interesting! She wasn't the first Kitsune she had seen but it was certainly a surprise that there was one out this far in the mainland.

I should get to know the guild better. Yes, especially if I want the good paying jobs. Get chummy with the guild. By that token if I'm close enough to that kitsune, she'll let me fluff her tail? That'd be exciting. Hah! I wonder if there will be more people showing up for this hunt?"

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