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The Journey Begins

~ Dawn ~

Interacted with: @Rune_Alchemist, @Guy0fV4lor

Entering the Chief's longhouse was easier than Nick expected. A sole hunter stood guard and was quick to let them in once they stated their purpose here.

As they entered, Nick felt warmth emanate from within. Probably coming from the big fire pit sitting in the middle of the longhouse. It was a nice change of temperature from the cool outdoors. Trophies from hunts hung from the walls with tables and chairs under them. Bookshelves filled with scrolls and papers could be seen at the far back. Nick was honestly amazed at what he saw. Not even the museums back home managed to capture the aesthetic of life in early civilization this vividly, and here he was experiencing it first hand.

Lord Enli then presented himself, an old man in robes with a notable emblem on it.

"More travelers? The Goddess is certainly planning something isn't she? ...and one so young and inexperienced seeming. I welcome you to Dawn. What can I do for you two? We don't have much, and with the forest getting more and more dangerous these days I can offer little in the way of hospitality."
Lord Enli

"Uhh, hello." Nick waved. He was not at all prepared to meet someone who lead an entire village. "Umm... I-I'll get to the point. I'm Nick and this is Donovan and we're here to help out in whatever's troubling your village." He introduced themselves to the Chief. "More particularly, Donny over here met with a deer god in the forest. Kermit or Kernith or something. Anyway, the god said this village was about to blow and we're here to help stop that."

A sinking feeling came over Nick. Enli mentioned 'more travelers' which meant that he and Donovan were definitely not the first ones here. Could there be a possibility that maybe, just maybe, the situation was already being resolved? Well, that would put a damper on things, wouldn't it?
~@13org (FYR)~

"Good morning! I'll get down first and get us something to eat before choosing what we will do today."

"Hrrrmmm... can't it wait, Freyr?" Haley whined in the bed, still wanting to sleep. "Can't we cuddle some more in the bed? Last night was pretty... tiring. Hehe~"

Once she saw her partner get up completely though, the Siren had no choice. "Ugghhh... Fine!" She buried her face into her pillow for a few moments before completely waking.

Keeping It Real 2
~@13org (ADA & FYR), @Restalaan (DIT), @AzureKnight (NAG)~

“Ditzy-kun, I know you’re strong, but perhaps we should excerise caution on this quest. After all, they’ll have us outnumbered!”

"Why don't we join in then?" Haley joined the conversation along with Freyr. "We might still be outnumbered but some extra heads will even the playing field somewhat. We can even include Ada, since she'll need something to do and someone to watch her now that her main caretaker, Ozzy, is gone."

A furious Sir Reed then stepped in. "Have you heeded nothing of what I said?!" He scolded the assembled party. "If you take on these warrior monsters, no doubt they will fall for Ditzy and Freyr's combat prowess. The monsters will swarm over them." He said. "You, Haley. Your beloved bunny man will have a harem of warriors formed around him. Are you okay with that?"

The Siren was taken aback. "W-Well, I-I mean... if that's what Freyr wants then..."

For The Cause
~@Rezod92, @Restalaan (YNG)~

The two women made their way south, not stopped by Bart at all. Yang might want to explain in detail the situation to Kira about Bart and his wariness of Varjo on the way. Nothing of note happened during their trip. Thankfully, as they will need all their energy for this quest.

Once they arrived at their destination by midday, they were met by several large boulders by the road from where a squad of five men jumped out and surprised the duo with spears at the ready. They wore leather and fur armors, their faces hardened and gruff. Even the younger ones in the squad had that veteran look. They were Tribal Spearmen, usually in the service of Varjo.

However, they did not attack the duo. "Taas niyo kamay niyo! Taas! Sabi ko, taas!" One of the spearmen spoke Sonarran, ordering Yang and Kira. Sounds like these were rebels the Guild was aiding this day. "Up! Up! Hands!"

Help, Wanted 2
~@AzureKnight (VRA)~

While you were walking towards Ambran, a wagon suddenly pulled up beside you. Aboard this wagon were the familiar faces of Talia and Neil. "Hey now, it won't do for noble Demoness like you to be walking on foot. Hop on aboard, Vară!" He would then help you up the wagon and the trio made their way to Ambran.

"I'm actually just going to Ambran to buy building supplies for the Guild. I'll be dropping you two off and then we'll be parting ways." Talia said from the driver seat. Wait, did she say 'two'?

"Yeah, I-I'll be joining you for this quest Vară." Neil scratched the back of his head. "I-I know I'm no figher, and I'll probably just get in the way but... it's kinda lonely to be tackling a quest by yourself, right?"

Regardless of your answer, the wagon galloped on under the clear midday sky. Nothing incidental happened during the trip, just small talk between Neil and Talia before the former remembered something and turned to you. "Ah, that's right. I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you much during the festival. My hands were kinda full that day sooo, sorry." He smiled sheepishly.
@Raineh Daze

Heh, sorry for the late reply. I'll try to get one out soon but you don't have to wait for me. Jarde has nothing to add to convo anyway.
The Journey Begins

~ Dawn ~

Interacted with: @Rune_Alchemist, @Guy0fV4lor

“N-no, its fine. I should not speak out of turn.”

Nick had to stop himself from laughing. This girl was taking this joke way too far and way too seriously. He wanted to stop her and explain but it looked like she managed to stop all by herself to explain further. Still, the concern she showed for a stranger's sister's well-being earned her a good first impression from Nick. She might just be some guard for someone around here, Lady Mie from what he heard, but Nick now at least knew a contact he could count on.

“I apologize again for not being more help in whatever trouble is plaguing here. I would need to get Lady Mie’s permission before I could, and she’s currently busy. I would suggest meeting with lord Enli. He lives in the longhouse up there. He’s this towns...Chief, I think they call him.”

"Alright, me and Donny here will go see this Enli guy. Thanks for the help, Miss Haruno." Nick finished. "...Hmm, you don't happen to be free to join us, are you? We sure could use the company of someone familiar with the place." Haruno didn't seem to be a local of this village, though. But even so, she definitely knew more about this place than Nick right now.

Regardless of Haruno's answer, Nick would head to the longhouse where this Lord Enli resided. From there, questions would be asked regarding this settlement's problems and Nick would add if Lord Enli knew anything about this deer god named Kyrnith.
The Journey Begins

~ Dawn ~

Interacted with: @Rune_Alchemist, @Guy0fV4lor

“...uhm, and if you’re concerned about the village’s safety, you could probably talk to lord Enli. Lady Mie m-may also be able to help. Though... I don’t think Lady Mie has any inclination to help with whatever is ailing Dawn. And uhm, forgive me for my inquisitiveness, but are you traveling with that short, black-haired girl with the fox-tailed companion?"

"Okay, first of all, no more of this 'Lord Nick' thing, alright? It sounds weird and I'm not a lord of anything." Nick held a finger up before raising another. "And secondly, that whole sister thing was just a joking metaphor although I won't be surprised if she's actually possessed by an evil demon. And lastly, I should be the one seeking forgiveness for using slang that only confused you. So, uhh, sorry about that."

Looking over to the people the girl mentioned, Nick saw a long-and-black-haired girl with a snazzy costume that had a red cape and a military hat and another girl that had white hair, had a white foxy tail, a pair of white foxy ears and wore what seemed to be Japanese attire of olden times. "No, I don't know them. Are they outsiders too?" Nick observed them more and concluded that they looked several years younger than him. Though, they looked far... fantastical than him. "...They look like trouble though so I'll probably say hi later. I'll stick with you, for now"

"So anyway, about this village blowing up. Do you know anything about that or are you just, like, a guard around here?" Nick continued talking to this horned woman. "Who are you, by the way?"
Why do I always get ninja'd?
~ Candaeln ~

"Is that they always have a vast mana reserve before replenishment comes into it. All vampires did even before being turned. Even if a vampire is starving and can't possibly replace what they use, what does this tell you about the type of enemy you're going to be fighting?"
Tyaethe Radistirin

"It means that they have a lot of magical power, right? Does that mean that only those with sufficient stores of mana are capable of being turned into vampires?"
Fleuri Jodeau

Jarde attempted to follow the conversation, but he simply knew too little of the world at large to effectively learn anything. If he was not mistaken, then the first circle Tyaethe drew were beings that could act independently and the second circle were classified as 'undead'. That meant that vampires and some particular undead had wills of their own, while their skeletal brethren needed a master. Jarde was quite envious of Gillian and Fleuri for knowing a lot about this.

Tyaethe's next question was that since vampires were wells of mana even before being turned, what did that mean when fighting them? Fleuri answered before Jarde could, echoing what he was about to say. Vampires had vast amounts of magic on them which means one should always watch out for magic when battling these bloodsucking undead. That said, it seemed only people with high mana reserves could be turned into vampires.

"I guess that means I don't have to worry about turning into a vampire then." Jarde quipped with a stupid grin on his face, implying his lack of magical potential. "No need to resist attacking the innocent, I'd just die immediately!" It was good to know he had a brush with actually dying when he was fighting that Damon guy.
~@Stern Algorithm~

"Try to beat that, Neil!"
Vivian Altissima

While the Altissimas cooked their meal, it appeared Neil was busy doing the same. His pan crackled with oil and he could be seen grabbing eggs and condiments to add to his creation. When the Liliraune was done with their beef wellington, Neil was also finished with his dish: A very basic plate of three bacon strips and a couple of eggs conjoined with each other with a bit of seasoning on top.

"Okay, so I lied about being a great chef. Sue me, hahahaha!" Neil laughed at his obvious defeat. "I never intended to challenge you two, much less beat you. I just wanted you two to enjoy the festival." He explained. "...Aaand maybe to get a super delicious meal prepared exclusively for me. Hahaha!"

Whether or not the Altissima sisters did something about Neil's lighthearted deception, they would dine on the results of their little competition before heading back to the Guild with Neil once again being the pusher for the Liliraune's cart. Boreal Port still flared with celebration but the Guild would be done for tonight.

~@13org (ADA & FYR), @Restalaan (DIT & YNG), @AzureKnight (VRA & NAG), @Rezod92, @Stern Algorithm~

The Guild reunited in the dead of night back in their headquarters. Vară and Nagare would see the Guild's entrance repaired, although with a bit of difference. While the rest of the structure had the perfect architecture of Dwarven design, the entrance seemed to be a crude imitation of that design. Regardless, it was an entrance of double doors and the difference couldn't be seen from a distance anyway.

Yang and Kira greeted the other guild members but also broke the news that Ozzy had also left with Margaret, the Owl Harpy they were with during the incident back in Boreal Port. The news of having one less member was a bitter way to end the night of what was a day of celebration and relaxation.


~@13org (ADA & FYR), @Restalaan (DIT & YNG), @AzureKnight (VRA & NAG), @Rezod92, @Stern Algorithm~

The morning dawned and the Guild was back to work. Breakfast was served and most of the Guild had assembled in the main hall to pick out their quests for the day.

-----MAIN QUESTS-----

-----SIDE QUESTS-----

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