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Alright, Nagare's accepted. I'll write them both in on the next update. Is there a particular way you want them introduced? You can just PM me if you want it to be a secret.


Speaking of the next update, I'll try to get it up tomorrow to allow Silver to post.

Vara's good. I'll have her written in on the next update.
Eddie Cage

"Oh, yes. I guess you could call us sisters. And you are correct, the Gray Garden is one of many worlds governed by a God and Devil. Me and Arbus serve under Lord Kcalb as his eyes and ears, also we just love to lay in his lap."

"Kcalb huh?" Eddie's encountered many unique names across his journeys but this one was definitely one of the unique-er ones. "Not looking forward to spelling his name anytime soon."

"The festival should be starting soon, if you want to check out some of the stands you can."

"Well, I would but... there's so many stands here, I don't know where to start." Eddie remarked, scratching the back of his head. He had seen stands that interested him but like he said, there was just too many that interested him. He knew he could pick one and go from there but he Eddie thought he could just do this. "Well, is there a stand here that you recommend?" He asked Ater.

"Oh and, you still haven't told me your name."


The smell of apple pies was a good indicator that one was near Dialo's place or the Demon herself. Sure enough, Dorma had arrived to Rawberry pestering Dialo for the latter's signature pies. There was also Yosafire and Chelan who amused themselves at the situation. But wait! Where's Froze? Dorma looked round and around and did not find the ice Angel. Could it be? Could she actually be absent? This was an opportunity for Dorma!

Dorma coughed and composed herself. Don't want to make a fool of herself in front of Yosafire after all. Then she brought her first step forward and continued on until she was near the near-legendary group. "Hello there." She greeted the group. "I... wanted to buy an apple pie but it seems you guys are a little bit busy right now." Dorma remarked at the scene.

"Oh, hello Yosafire. What a pleasure to see you here." She then said to her idol. "Would you like me to buy you an apple pie?" She then offered.

She's accepted. Yay ghosts~!

I'll write you in on the next update.

I'm still judging your characters 'cause their personalities might make them hit narrative "landmines" if you know what I mean.


Yes, we've got space. Almost full, but there's space.
~@13org (BST & FYR), @The Irish Tree (NEP)~

"Bast, Nephele. You've got Talia, right?" Bart went over to the aforementioned who were tending to Talia's wound. Then he addressed the Cyclops. "Talia. Thanks."

"Yeah... Don't mention it..." Talia muttered for a reply.

"Freyr! Are you okay?" Bart inquired about the Viera. "If you are, can you help out Bast or Nephele? Or you can come outside and help me secure the area." He told Freyr. "But if you really can't, don't push yourself, okay?" Bart then left and out of the newly-made hole on The Guild's entrance.

"I hope you know what you're doing..." Talia remarked to Bast who was assisted by Nephele.

~@Lmpkio, @The Irish Tree (MAG), @Restalaan (DIT), @Silver Carrot (ELD)~

The leader was undeterred when Titanica showed her back to him, holding Haley closer. It was only when Ditzy's flying sandbag hit him on the knee did he err. "Ack!" The sudden pain made him shoot his gun but it was fortunately not aimed on Haley's head. In a moment, Titanica has seized the rebel leader's neck who had fallen unconscious from the pain.

"Aaaaahhh!" The Harpy screamed as she put her wings on her ringing ears. She was snatched away by Magnus but she did not pay attention too much to that. Her pained ears demanded almost all of her attention.

"Y-You alright?"
Magnus Eissenhoeff

Haley saw Magnus talk. She only saw and nothing else. "W-What?! I can't hear you!" She yelled at Magnus. She could not even hear her own voice.

Meanwhile, Eilidh had approached Titanica and suggested that they throw the intruder leader in the guild's cells. "We don't have cells, Eilidh." A familiar voice corrected her. Bart emerged from the hole in the guild building that Titanica created. "We either kill him. Or let him go." Bart continued. "We don't have anywhere to put him in. Not even anywhere temporary to turn him in tomorrow. We either kill him, or let him go. It's one or the other.

"I'd say we let him go. He knows our strength now so he'll probably not come back." Neil approached and entered the conversation. He looked exhausted despite not doing anything. "Then again, that could end up backfiring. Who is he and his gang anyway? Raiders? We're not that famous to be targeted, are we?"

"No. I don't think they're raiders." Bart replied. "I think they're hitmen."

"Hitmen?" Neil repeated. "What?"

"I... kind of messed with a con operation in Ambran." Bart began to explain. "I was going to buy supplies but my friend discovered I was being scammed. A... little hustle broke out and I got away. They... probably wanted some payback."

Neil was in disbelief. "Bro, really?"

"Hey, you can't fault me for it." Bart defended himself. "Am I supposed to just get conned?"

"Alright, alright. I understand." Neil put a hand up before an argument ensues. "Anyway, what're we going to do to the guy? Whatever our decision is, we need to make it quick. I already feel raindrops on me."

"Oh and before I forget..." Bart had more to say, gazing at the hole on the building. "May I know who was the fine man or woman who created this lovely hole in our Guild?"

~@Restalaan (YNG), @Eviledd1984 (LIL & MAR), @Silver Carrot (REB)~

The knight squadron offered to help bury the dead old woman, saving the guild time. Once the business was done, the guild members all went back to the guild. The dark clouds have completely rolled in, blocking moonlight and starlight. It did not take long for the rain to come. Unfortunately, it had come before the Guild members could make it back.

By the time they reached the headquarters, they were likely drenched from the downpour. An annoying situation to be sure but they then saw a huge hole where there was once the Guild's entrance. Peering inside, they would see sitting on a stool and half-asleep although he jolted awake when he saw them.

"O-Oh, hey guys!" Neil greeted. "Welcome back. You guys were pretty late, you know? You missed an entire fight that blew a hole in the guild. As you can see." He motioned at the hole. "What happened to you anyway? You know what? Never mind that. You all must be tired and freezing. You all should probably change clothes for now. A bath too if you'd like." Neil advised the girls. "The rest of the guild are asleep by the way."
I'm busy today so the update might come tomorrow.



Welcome! I'm still staring at your sheet although there is one problem with it.
Switching the RP's status to 'Full' since I have deemed I cannot accommodate anymore players.

You guys can still make secondary and tertiary characters if you want to. (Although I'm not sure if they can join the tournament anymore. I guess I can make it work somehow.)
@Darkmoon Angel

Waiting on you then.
Seraph Academy

Practice Halls

~~~ @AzureKnight (LIS) ~~~

Zev'jul's spell was not interrupted but fortunately, you had already moved away from your previous position where a fireball shot up from the floor. Meanwhile, the sorcerer was forced to take cover from the lightning strikes that you summoned, not seeing that you had already began moving across the field with your flash step.

With you almost a blur, Zev'jul could not follow you until it was too late. He could only look in surprise as you delivered your attack, a heavy slash across his body. "Argh!" He almost fell to the floor but he managed to keep standing still.

The sorcerer retaliated with a right hook that was easily evaded. But that was just a feint, Zev'jul immediately followed it up with a spell. His arms glowed with magic and he made a pulling motion at you. You felt your magical essence was being sucked out, your physical body also reacting a bit to the pull.

At that moment, Zev'jul was covered in orange light and once it dissipated, you saw... yourself. Zev'jul now assumed your form, down to the last detail. This garnered an 'Ooohh...' from the audience. Even your brother looked impressed at what happened. Their eyes could not be more focused at the fight.

"Let's see you take this!" Zev'jul said in your voice before shooting a lightning bolt at you from his (her?) palm.

~~~ @AzureKnight (HIS) ~~~

You dodge her arrows and also snatch away her bow. Things have been going well for you so far.

But that ended when you attempted a kick to her gut. Primera caught your foot and with surprising strength, she threw you over her shoulder. With you on the ground and some distance away, the Wood Elf used this opportunity to pick up her bow and aim another arrow at you. You were back to square one.

But you see light green magic gathering in Primera's arrow. This shot was not going to be ordinary.

"Hmmm..." Sir Eats-A-Lot was unsure as to how to deal with your current tactic. With a shrug of resignation, he swung his axe at the multiple Seleths and hitting, not one, but two of the clones.

Having hit two, the traps he activated were twofold: Dark Javelins flew at him, making him recoil from the point-blank attack. With him distracted, Shadow Weights stuck to him and began doing their job. Namely, pulling him down and preventing him from moving. Despite the Lot Knight's strength, he could barely move the dark orbs with him.

He was open to attack. Give him everything you've got. And hope it will do at least something.

~~~ @Polaris North (RVL) ~~~

The staff you threw missed Galmore but at least you were not there when he landed with the force of a meteor.

Seeing that you were some distance from him, Galmore did not rush you this time. Instead, green magic enveloped his right hand. A ball of magical energy was soon in his hand which he then threw at you.

You probably don't want to be hit by it. Although, now that you have seen Galmore fight, you notice he moves kind of slow barring some short bursts.

Having evaded Ecthel's arrows, you used your burning claws to try and do damage to the student.

But Ecthel dodged and evaded your swipes and slashes. He was nimble, being out of the way before your claw was even halfway towards him. It all culminated when he crouched to evade a horizontal slash and did a sweeping kick that knocked you off your feet.

Ecthel then stood towering over you, his bow in his hands and an arrow at the ready and pointed at you. Poised to be shot at point-blank range. "Looks like checkmate to me, Mister Wolfman." He said to you with a slight grin on his face, believing he had won and had you cornered. The audience cheered loudly at Ecthel's apparent victory.

But was it checkmate? Will you accept that?

You swung Hellia's halberd mightily but she proved to be mightier, catching the pole and stopping the halberd with one hand. She then followed it up by one solid punch to your face. Whether this hurt you or not, it did make you let go of her halberd and maybe stagger back a little bit.

With her weapon back in her hands, Hellia raised her halberd and yelled her war cry again but this one was not to stun you nor to empower herself. That one was dedicated to the battle itself. 'Let battle be joined!' was practically what her war cry meant.

Hellia charged at you again with her halberd at the fore, ready to be thrusted into you.

~~~ @Frozen0Titan (KAZ) ~~~

While the Tozen facing Maldur got his feet frozen, he still managed to stop the ice pillar with one powerful slash from his blade. The ice exploded into obscuring snow which was used by Tozen to deliver an unavoidable slash at Maldur.

When the snow cleared, it revealed that the Tozen that attacked Maldur was different one. The one whose feet was frozen was now chipping away the ice with his sword. It appeared that one of the Tozens left his fight with Kazudain and tranferred over.

Meanwhile, the Tozen facing Kazudain could not stop the lightning attack and was hit, sending him flying to the wall. That Tozen then disappeares in a poof of smoke. An indicator that the clone was defeated.

There were two left. The numbers were even now.

Rielle dodged the two greatswords hurled at her but was unprepared when you rushed at her with dual swords. You scored a hit on her shoulder and another one when you managed to knock her scimitar off her hands.

Rielle rolled across you to evade an attack and was back at her magic circle. The dimming circle then waxed, it grew bright again. Rielle saw this and grinned, picking up one of your swords then motioning to you to come at her.

Since you now knew the effects of the now-active magic circle, your approach must take these into account.

Luminous Citadel

Meeting Room

~~~ @Frozen0Titan (TIB), @Polaris North (FAY), @AzureKnight (ENI) ~~~

(I'm a let y'all continue talking)
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