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~ The Bandit Camp ~

Interacted with: @VitaVitaAR

The battle had been fierce. One-sided, but fierce.

The Iron Rose Knights cut, sliced and stabbed. The bandits attempted to put up somewhat of a fight but not only were they caught by surprise, but they were hopelessly outmatched as well. The clash of blades sang in the air and the ripping and tearing of flesh joined it. Guarding the vanguard's flank, Jarde lost himself in the fighting. His entire focus was in taking down bandits and surviving.

The bandits... were not fighters. At least not good fighters. Jarde easily moved, dodged and avoided their almost-clumsy swings and thrusts. His counterattacks were quick, too fast for any of the bandits to react to. Although, the young knight found himself going for non-lethal takedowns instead of the clean kills his fellow knights exhibited. He had kicked bandits into tents, his sickles struck limbs and his knees met faces. Jarde wondered if his sparing would change these bandits' ultimate fates but he supposed that was outside of his concern.

Jarde soon ran out of bandits to fight. The respite allowed his thoughts to return to the battle plan. Surveying his surroundings, he realized he was still at the vanguard flank protecting it but someone was missing.


He called out. Fanilly was nowhere to be seen. Jarde's eyes darted to and fro the battle, trying to spot the Captain. A burning log caught his attention and beyond, he saw who he was looking for... and someone he was definitely not looking for. Fanilly had separated from the battle and found herself facing a large, imposing man wielding a blade of enormous size. Jarde's feet were already moving, covering much distance thanks to him being light and agile.

As the Bandit King charged Fanilly, Jarde made one great leap over the burning wood. The young knight delivered a bold, flying kick at Jeremiah but the Bandit King saw it coming and blocked with his huge blade. Jarde's foot landed on the blade's broad side and he quickly hopped off before Jeremiah could do anything, landing just beside Captain Fanilly.

"You okay, Captain?"

He threw a short question at Fanilly, his gaze still focused on the Bandit King. With a blade as large as that, blocking was out of the question. Jarde will have to utilize his speed to avoid the swings. Like his fights earlier, but the stakes were higher this time. While he could take a painful hit from a bandit's weapon and survive, there was no surviving this blade should an attack be successful.
No update this week, guys. I'm just out of my funk but at least it'll give the others time to post.

~~~ @AzureKnight (HIS) ~~~

Hmm. What would you say if I refused to gain your enhancement magic, but still offered my services to your cause? It's just that I'm rather cautious when it comes to introducing foreign magic into my body.💧 If you still have doubts about my base skill level, I could perhaps prove myself in a...contest of sorts?❤️

"I see. Suit yourself then." Varjan stood up. "And no need to prove yourself. I just need you to do what I ask."

"Untie her, Anesh." Varjan told his maid who did as he asked. "Call the others. We're going to begin the Transfiguration." He ordered his maid again who dutifully followed. "Congratulations, Hisana. You get to bear witness to my second-most greatest spell I have learned. Follow me."


The small group had assembled in a clearing lit up by bright torches surrounding the area. In the center was an empty patch of ground save for a coal-drawn circle containing intersecting lines and inscrutable words within. "My friends, my stalwart allies in the coming fight. Welcome to your greatest change in your life, your Transfiguration." Varjan began.

"The process is not complicated for you. All you need to do is enter the circle and I'll do the rest." Varjan pointed to the shape on the clear ground. "The process will not be painless but it is guaranteed success. So then, who shall go first?" Before anyone could answer, Varjan continued. "On a second thought, why not let our newcomer choose? So she could participate in our little group."

All eyes turned to you, awaiting your answer. "Go on. Pick one of them."

Those presented were the angry blonde called Orne, the beautiful girl in the red dress, and the bespectacled boy with the scarf.

Luminous Citadel

~~~ @AzureKnight (ENI) ~~~

I'm sorry Vitalion-san. Is not something I really wish to speak of, as it is a very private matter. Just know that she'll pay for her crimes in full force! And yes, her bounty is quite high as you would expect."

"Hey no worries, friend. Sorry for bringing it up." Vitalion apologized. "Rest assured that the City Guard will help you any way we can."

"So since things went well with Orlov, I imagine Lumina-kun is doing fine? I know she wanted to hunt Hisana down as well, has she decided to stay in the capital and continue the hunt?"

"Err, I don't know about her. I did hear that she's here for other than Hisana. I don't know the details."

The two of you then reach the Luminous Citadel. Despite the dead of night, the fortress was lit up like a beacon in darkness. The soldiers there stood a vigilant guard, ever ready for anything. Past the great doors that served as the entrance, you and Vitalion entered the central structure of the Luminous Citadel.

The Head Captain led you through the wide, defensible halls of the citadel. The fortress felt like a maze with the amount of halls and corridors within it but Vitalion navigated them without difficulty, as if he was a regular here. Finally, the two of you reach a seemingly normal corridor with a set of double doors at the end of it. Vitalion approached the doors.


The doors were answered and Athos was revealed on the other side. "Ah, Sir Vitalion. What brings you here?"

"Lord Athos, I bring Sir Enishi. He wants to speak to you." Vitalion said. "Er, are you busy perhaps, my lord?"

"Oh, uhh, yes actually but we've just finished. Please, come in you two." Athos beckoned you inside the room. It was a simple chamber containing a couple of windows on the side, a warm fireplace burning at the fore with two high-class, velvet chairs facing it and a low, glass table in between the two pieces of furniture.

Athos and another figure, a dark-skinned Elf of red eyes and young age, was inside. The Court Mage spoke to the Elf a bit before sending her away alongside Vitalion. Athos sat on one of the chairs and motioned to the other. "Please take a seat, Sir Enishi."

"So, what did you want to talk to me about? Have you caught your target Hisana?"

"...this spear was in my family for generations. A holy relic. Said to have been gifted to us my Lady Aylama. But some generations ago, its power was lost. Some charlatan thought to steal the spear for his own selfish purposes. He was hunted down and dealt with, but the spear lost its luster. He also destroyed many important records in the family, detailing the spears use and its exact origins. It is my hope that...perhaps I can get help returning this relic to its former state."
Seleth Thenri

"It's a unique relic, eh? Well, our library at Seraph Academy has a ton of books detailing magical relics and artifacts of the known world. Maybe you can find something there about your spear." Vitalion suggested. "Just talk to the Headmaster. Even if you weren't the winner of the tournament, I'm sure he'll help you out with your spear."

You and Vitalion reach the Radiant Cathedral without incident. And with that, the day has ended.

Seraph Academy

~~~ @AzureKnight (LIS), @CitrusArms ~~~

"I thank you both for coming with us. It means a lot to know we're not alone." Alicia then looked at Lisia with uncertainty. "But uhh, shouldn't you be at the graduation ceremony? We at least can be excused for not being there but you... you're the Princess." The redhead pointed out.

"She's right. We'll be gone for a week or two, Princess Lisia." Mira piped in. "Don't get me wrong. I'm glad you want to come with us but how are you going to... you know, not be at the graduation? As the Princess, I'm sure you're going to be a speaker there."

Radiant Cathedral

A few days passed without much happening. You were simply informed about the date of the graduation ceremony and you were advised to come up with a speech and a flashy spell demonstration to bedazzle the audience. But those could be at the back of your mind right now for your parents could be arriving any day now. You had to be ready to receive them.

There was also the matter with Varjan. You have not heard anything about him ever since your meeting with Athos, not even from--

"Seleth? There are two girls who want to see you outside. Alicia and Mira."

A Light Elf priest told you. You went outside to see the two aforementioned girls. Both of whom were dressed more than usual, as if they were going traveling. "Hello, Seleth! Have you been resting well? Are your injuries healed up?" Alicia greeted you. "Listen, we're going to Varjan's home which is several days from here so we'll be gone for a while. We're here to ask you to pray to the Twins for blessing in our trip."

"We're also here to congratulate you properly for your victory in the tournament." Mira said. "Sooo, congratulations! A lot of people didn't think you could make it this far but you showed them, didn't you?" She chuckled. "Well, pray for us okay? You have any parting words?"

"Oh man, I make it sound like we're not coming back from this."

Southern Gate

~~~ @AzureKnight (LIS), @CitrusArms ~~~

Days passed and Ecthel found a caravan that the group can join to get to Varjan's home of Pinsilpi. The caravan was assembling at the southern gate of Zauberheim, and Lumina had arrived there only to see Ecthel and no one else from their group. "Hey, Lumina. What's up?"

"You might be wondering where the others are. Well, Mira and Alicia went to the Radiant Cathedral first to see Seleth and pray to the Twins for blessing for... whatever we're gonna do." The boy rogue said. "As for the Princess, well I haven't heard from her yet but if she's coming with us, she'll be here."

I do believe Titanica and Nagare's confrontation occur before the dinner.


It wasn't really explicit IC so Titanica can go on thinking he's young as a kid.
I love how Titanica thinks Neil is a kid when he's at college age. Although, Titanica IS a kaiju after all.

Anyway, @AzureKnight and @Lmpkio can continue posting until the conversation is over.
~@Lmpkio (MOR & TCA), @Stern Algorithm, @AzureKnight (VRA & NAG), @13org, @Restalaan (DIT & YNG), @ShwiggityShwah~

"Oh jeez. Not so okay, apparently." Haley remarked about Ditzy's injury on the Hobgoblin's side. Seeing Morgan help out and the others offering aid, Haley's concerns lightened.

The party then returned to the guild headquarters. The hole Titanica made remained its entrance and the sight of it was almost getting normal, although everyone knew that was not the case. Bart was the first to greet the party, who appeared just at the entrance. "Oh, hey all. I was just about to check if you guys were here. What a coincidence. Also, what a coincidence that you all arrived here together. Unless you all took the same quest..."

"Anyway, come inside for dinner and we can talk about your quests today while we eat. Yang and Ozzy's cooking." The guildmaster beckoned the party inside.

As the guild assembled in the dining room, Neil was stopped by Bart who blocked the way. The bad blood between them resurfacing without provocation. Neil was unnerved by the sudden confrontation but stood his ground. "I'm invited to the dinner too, am I not?"

"Of course, Neil. You're part of the guild, aren't you?" Bart stepped aside but the sarcasm in his words were plain as day.

Neil looked to the rest of the party and sighed. "You know, I'm kind of full right now. I think I'll eat later. Tell me how's Ozzy and Yang's cooking later, you guys." And with that, he left. Not wanting to cause drama or make the dinner awkward. Haley could only sigh at the display and chose not to intervene, too tired to do so.

The dinner was soon prepared and the guild was ready to feast, save for Neil and Talia who was also apparently not present. Bart sat amongst the guild members, his previous rudeness towards Neil gone as soon as it came. "So everyone, how was your quests today? Oh and make sure you give your compliments to the chefs today."

"Cold. If I had known we were going to Coldstep Pass, I'd have brought some extra clothes. Good thing Vară and Titanica were with me to keep things warm." Haley was the first to reply. "We also had dinner back at Ambran so I'll just take a small serving tonight. Don't know about the other two though."

"Oh, well more for us then." Bart laughed. "And I see we the Altissima sisters have come to join us. Welcome, you two! Sorry I wasn't here to when you arrived."
Come now, you're not a terrible host. All GMs face real life issues and I am glad you're keeping this alive.
~ The Bandit Camp ~

Interacted with: @Click This, @VitaVitaAR

Fanilly Danbalion

The flares from the magi lit up the sky and the Iron Rose Knights charged forth, catching the entire bandit camp completely by surprise.

Jarde attacked with the rest of the vanguard. He was speedier than most but he had learned his lesson earlier, he was going to be sticking with his allies and not get outnumbered and surrounded. Still, he was the first of the knights to reach the camp. Jarde leapt atop of one of the wooden spikes that served to protect the bandit camp and used it to launch himself into the air and landed on a brigand with such force, it knocked the bandit out.

The rest of the Iron Rose knights poured into the camp and the battle had begun. Jarde knew he did not shine in frontline fighting and so relegated himself to protecting the flanks, sticking close to Fanilly and Narcissa and watching for anyone attempting to strike at them and the rest of the vanguard from the sides.
Changed Athos' font to be easier to read.
Seraph Academy

~~~ @AzureKnight (LIS), @CitrusArms ~~~

"he lives that far? He could easily outpace us, what makes you think he'll spend days there? I suppose they are his parents, after all. He might well spend days reasoning with a hot-tempered man like that."
Lumina Lusteria

"I have no guarantee that Varjan will stay there for an extended time, but I don't know where he could go next and so we must attempt to catch him there. Thus, we cannot waste time and must leave as soon as possible." Alicia replied.

"Right. We will begin our preparations for departure immediately." Mira said. "We will appreciate it if you would come with us..." She told Lisia and Lumina.

"...but if not, then pray for to the Twins for our success, alright?" Ecthel continued. "Well, it's nice meeting you two and I hope our little private chat here has proven useful for the both of you. Let's go, Alicia and Mira."

The two girls nodded and the trio left the room to start on their trip to Varjan's home. Lisia and Lumina could elect to go with them or do something about their newfound information about Varjan's life.

Luminous Citadel

"If I am able, I shall clean up this mess you made with my own two hands. Is that all, Or was there something else you wish to confess aside from your foolishness?"
Seleth Thenri

You saw Athos visibly wince when you called him a fool twice but he pushed that away with a chuckle. "Well, I must also confess that I did not expect you to be brutally honest for a Dark Elf. I have heard the rumors about you, Miss Thenri, but now I might have mistaken you as a Light Elf. A typical Dark Elf would be more polite in their misgivings."

The Court Mage then continued, the talk was apparently not over. "Although, I did meet a Furred One with black hair and golden eyes." The appearance was familiar to you. "I believe her name was Lumina. She told me she was here because of a prophecy that foretold of a disaster--"


"Ah, excuse me, Miss Thenri."

Athos got up and answered the door, revealing a figure in knightly armor and a man in Eastern clothing. After a few exchanges that were audible but not enough for you to decipher, Athos returned to you. "I'm afraid we must end our talk here, Miss Thenri. However, please do feel free to come see me at anytime you like. Especially if you have something new about our... problem." He then motioned for the knight to come closer. "Miss Thenri, this is Sir Vitalion. Head Captain of the Zauberheim City Guard. He shall escort you out of the Luminous Citadel and to the Radiant Cathedral if you so wish. Farewell for now, Miss Thenri."

You were out of the room and back into the halls of the citadel with Sir Vitalion. You knew your escort. Almost everyone in Zauberheim, maybe even Razelia, knew him. He was a famous knight, a master in both the arts of the sword and the magics of Amalya. He was one of the greatest Arcknights of Razelia, even friends with the King himself. However, one day he suddenly left the Arcknights and signed up as a simple city guardsman in Zauberheim. No one knew why but regardless, he was soon made Head Captain as he was better leading guardsmen than serving as a grunt.

"So you're the Seleth Thenri everyone's been talking about lately." Sir Vitalion started. "She who has defeated both Varjan Caldeyron and Princess Lisianthus of Zauberheim. Quite the achievements, ain't it?" He remarked. The Head Captain talked to you like a good friend. "How'd you do it? Got a trick up your sleeve? Although, I admit you've gotten a bit too far on Varjan."

"Anyway, as the winner of the Grand Academy Tournament, you got an idea what you want for a reward? You gonna join the Arcknights?"
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