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Dead Factory

(Rosemary's Conversation Check is successful! She must remove a Madness Point from a Fetter.)
(Yuno's Conversation Check is successful! She must remove a Madness Point from her Fetter towards Rosemary)


"Who... is there?"

"Wha!? Someone there?!" The knocking and banging stopped and a reply came from the locked door. "Hey! Hey! Thank the Lordie, I thought I was gonna be stuck here forever! Please, whoever you are, please open the door. The way I came in collapsed for some reason so this door is all I got." The male, accented voice pleaded. "Don't worry, I ain't dangerous. I mean, I'm carryin' a rifle and all but trust me, I won't bite so long as you won't."
[Action Check to open the door can be attempted.]
@Skyswimsky @GreenGoat

Actually, Rosemary was not supposed to be able to initiate a Conversation Check the guy on the other side of the door since he's not known but since the guy's actually Greene, I guess it's a'ight.

To be clear, Conversation Checks can only be initiated on people you know but I guess I should've made that clearer earlier.
With the player base low, I'll probably be opening the interest check again. Although with the way things are right now, I'll put it on hold until the tournament arc is over (when Seleth is done fighting Varjan and the ending ceremonies are finished).

Also, don't forget you can have two characters.
Luminous Citadel


~~~ @CitrusArms ~~~

"Thank you, Kieth. That's all I've got for you, though... No, there's one other thing. This card. It's one of the ones that was thrown at you, brother to the ones that killed Juan. Do you know about who used it?"
Lumina Lusteria

"That's Hisana's. Enishi's girlfriend. Enishi being the guy beside you." Keith answered, motioning to the Eastern swordsman. "She'll like you, you know? Although, I don't think you'll like her."

"Anyway, good luck with your little disaster hunt. You're gonna need it 'cause you don't even know what it is nor any clues or leads about it." The mercenary added. "Me? I'll be outta here. Don't have to worry about it if I get far enough."

Northern Gate Town

Suspicious Gym

~~~ @CitrusArms ~~~

The man on the box took out a corked vial. He popped off the cork to drink the contents within but you clocked him straight in the face, putting him out of the fight. Your beam burst forth to the sky, blasting a hole through the first floor and through the roof. You already hear fighting on the upper floor.

"Beastkin! Watch out!" Vitalion warned while you were gathering strength and powering up. A cudgel man had approached and brought his weapon up for an overhead swing. It was time to fight.

Seraph Academy

Main Arena

Varjan did not see your dazzle coming and relented his attack, allowing you to send a sharp uppercut at the boy. The grip on your neck released and Varjan was knocked a few steps back. He put his hand on his chin, not from pain but from surprise.

You saw him smirk, you shattered his illusion that you would go down with a fight. Varjan returned his gaze to you and raised his hands to the sky. The dark clouds overhead heeded his call and sent several lightning bolts to his palms. With hot plasma burning in his grasp, Varjan then turned his arms sidewards and shot out the bolts in all sorts of angles.

The lightning hit the arena's invisible protective dome, bouncing from it and all converging towards you. The bright, blinding bolts surrounded you and you had seconds to react. Being always on the defensive was unwise, but you had advice from a certain knight. You knew you just had to weather the storm, literally and metaphorically.

Yes. You are all with your Reinforcement Parts.


Dead Factory

Yuno and Rosemary may not know where they were exactly but they were perceptive. By examining the features of the room, they were able to realize that they were in a basement of a factory. A factory for what? How did they end up in a factory in the first place? Where is this factory? They did not know. They will have to move forward to find more. There was nothing else in this room.

The two Dolls move for the single iron door that lead out of the room. It was not locked and a turn of the knob was all it took to open it. Beyond the door was a corridor was a wide and long corridor of similar theme to the previous room. The human voice they have been hearing was clearer now. The words could be discerned.

"Stabilize your centre! Do not break your focus!"
"Work is sweet, What are you doing?! Do not rest!"
"Do not rest until you win!"
"Do not attack! Continue with your work!"

Rosemary and Yuno can attempt to listen more closely to the voice and music and get more info about it.
[Action Check for this action may be rolled!]

At the end of the corridor there is a large metal door. The sounds were coming from behind this door. The door is not heavy but there is no key. A doll's muscle strength should be able to force open the door without difficulty. Before that, however, there are obviously different doors than before.

One was a damaged door with a plate stamped with 'Factory Manager'. The damage was too much that the door was likely to come off the hinges if one were to press against it. There were a number of black stains on the floor around the door. The door was forcibly pushed open and the twisted metal fittings are scattered on the floor. The door itself was broken from the inside out, as if something came out of the room. Yuno and Rosemary can investigate this room first before heading off for the metal door. They can also try to identify what the black stains were.
[Action Check for this action may be rolled!]

Then there was a more regular door. It was damaged too but not as much as the 'Factory Manager' door. More than that, there were sounds of knocking and bumping on the other side. Someone or something was trying to budge open the door and get through. The door was obviously locked but Rosemary and Yuno can try to open it from their side and let in the mysterious entity. Would that be a wise choice though?
[Action Check for this action may be rolled!]

[Conversation Check available]

I thought your character's name is Yuno?
Recruiting Forde Briar
~@Lmpkio (TCA), @AzureKnight (VRA)~

"Where? Who is he and where did he go?"

"My partner! My boy, my man!" Forde cried. "Mordus Jain."

"I don't have the facility to tell you what I would have done for that man..." He lamented. "...and what I would do to him now!" The tone was suddenly angry.

"Why?" Haley piped in.

"Because he stole half my damn map!" Forde impatiently answered. "The map, girls. The map that tells me where it is. Heeheeheehee." Whatever 'it' was, it made the boy giddy.

"Where what is?"

"I ain't telling you that. I ain't, heh. Don't make me tell, girls." Forde refused to reveal, hiding behind the gravestone. "Hehehe! It's mine! It's mine, all mine! Hehehehe."

The Siren rolled her eyes. "Okay, sure. Now like what the large fella asked, where's this 'Mordus' guy?"

"He's at Coldstep Pass. Escorted by some knights, caught him for exhuming." Forde answered seriously and honestly. "Some people, they feel differently. Not Mordus. He and me... are the same. The self same."

Haley sighed. "Then stop hiding and let's get Mordus. And maybe you'll help us."

Forde, surprisingly, was agreed to the offer. "Alright, girls." He stood up from behind the gravestone. "Let's go."


The small party was heading towards Coldstep Pass. The road began to incline and the very air that was inhaled grew cold. The snow-capped mountains were close and the winds that blew chilled even scales and feathers.

"You said you needed me, girls. What for?" Forde asked from atop his horse. And by 'horse', it was really a sickly mule with legs as thin as sticks. "And how did you come to know me? I worked real hard hiding myself from the world."

Herbal Medicine 2
~@Lmpkio (MOR), @Stern Algorithm~

"What ingredients do you use to make this 'Huwana'? Why did the Alchemist's Guild ban it? As the authority on medicinal safety, they must have had good reasons. How will we know that your anesthetic works unless pain is inflicted upon us?"
Sylvia Altissima

"Those are all very good questions, miss." Darren replied. "But before I answer, let me warn you first." The fragrance finally reached the monster girls' noses. The aroma was nice and soothing as was advertised and began to relax the nerves. "There may be strange entities abound but don't pay them much attention. Now then, to answer your questions--"

It was then that Morgan and Sylvia would hear Darren's voice become incoherent grumbling. Their surroundings distorted and warped, becoming too overwhelming for the eyes forcing them to close. Meanwhile, Vivian was also affected but not as much, having taken protective measures. Even to her, Darren's words were murmurs but the room was still intact and she had control. Then Morgan fell heavily on the Liliraune and Vivian lost her grasp on the petal.


Morgan and the Altissima sisters then woke up in a grassy clearing surrounded by thick, impenetrable fog. As they regained their senses, the fog would recede a bit before a whistling sound was heard coming closer and closer. The monster girls would narrowly dodge a strange-looking, red-feathered bird that was flying at them at a quick speed. The bird lands on the grass and exploded into a flurry of red feathers.

The fog receded more and revealed a quite elevated area with three huge slingshots sitting atop it. Around them were more strange birds of varying colors but one thing was common, they all glared at the monster girls angrily. Three red birds mounted the slingshots and their fellow birds prepared the avian shots.

The girls must defend themselves from these angry birds!

Liberation At Any Price
~@ShwiggityShwah, @Restalaan (YNG)~

With the decision firmly made and in their disguises, Ozzy and Yang made for Sonarra and into the dangerous realms of Varjan territory.

Surprisingly, the trip to Sonarra was without incident but the duo could feel the air slowly darken the closer they got to Varjan lands. The sun itself, though bright back at the Guild, appeared to dim the more Ozzy and Yang went further south. After a couple of hours trudging through the desolate landscape, the town of Sonarra was in sight.

With just one glance, one could tell that the town was poor and probably dying. The buildings were out of repair and look to be crumbling, ready to fall down at any moment. Some structures and houses were simply ruins and the smell of smoke and burning wreck was in the air.

Right at the town entrance, the duo could see a group of men who took notice of them and began to approach. The first one to meet you was a man who appeared Varjan-like. His helmet concealed the upper half of his head, he wore little armor beside some pieces on his shoulder and arms as well as animal hides and he has an axe slung behind his back. He was no doubt a warrior, although whether he was aligned to Varjo or to Sonarra was unknown.

"What do you want, you two? What are you doing here?" The warrior asked you as he was flanked by two other warriors. "Have you heard? There's a war goin' on." His tone was not welcoming, threatening even.

~@13org, @Restalaan (DIT), @AzureKnight (NAG)~

(@13org will be GMing this quest)

I sense something... elusive.

Off to a great start, I see.


@GreenGoat @Skyswimsky

Next time though, please post your check results in your IC posts instead of in the OOC.

Also, please continue posting until you two have properly introduced each other.
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