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Southern District

Wayland Keep

"Detect: Magic. Eye of Oros, grant me sight."

It was revealed to Vanessa that Wayland Keep was more magical than it appeared. Protective wards and detectors were practically everywhere, and the notable tower contained the most amount of magical energy. As for the inhabitants, the Dark Mage detected that there were about two dozen people inside the keep that were magically-attuned. And they were all looking at her direction, having immediately sensed Vanessa's spell. Despite that, they all seemingly elected to ignore her and continue with their duties. They likely knew that Vanessa wasn't there for them and thought that whichever Lot Knight that was her target could take care of it himself.

"Mass Invisibility."

"Whoa. This is pretty weird." Iskah remarked at not being able to see herself because of the invisibility spell.

"There we go. Now we just wait for them to find Aun and for me to suss out where to go, what and who to avoid, and then we'll be in and out before the day's over."

Vanessa's wisps infiltrated Wayland Keep, and went along unhindered even though probably half the keep knew they were there. It wasn't difficult for them to find Aun; they only had to zero in on the only thing that emitted Demon Energy in the entire castle. They found him in one of the buildings, in a large chamber that appeared to be the dining area since there were a lot of tables and the table that Aun occupied was filled with cups. Getting to this place required getting past the main hall and past the courtyard, and past a lot of the knightly inhabitants.

The Incubus Knight was not alone, there were several other Lot Knights with him including a couple who were magically-attuned as Vanessa detected. They seemed to be discussing something quite serious.


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Terauchi Temple

~ @AzureKnight (HIN, ATS & SHI), @Enkryption (ALI & CRL), @The Irish Tree (EUL & LIL), @Rezod92, @Crowvette, @Restalaan (SKA & GRI) ~

"Ready for the fight, underboss? ... How to maintain armor? Only know leather and bone. Also, how to make more?"

"You should ask yourself that question, Gringor." Takeshi playfully replied. "It's these guys that made you retreat, right?"

"That Varjan armor you wear and mine aren't exactly the same. Mine is quite more special, you see, forged especially for Order Legionnaires." Revuel clarified to the questions made at him. "Still, maintaining it is the same... in theory. Polish and clean after battle, take it to an armorer to fix any dents or cracks that appear. As for making more, I'm afraid it isn't that easy. Like I said, this Legionnaire armor is special and requires specific materials and particular forges to make. And those specific and particular requirements are located very far from here."

"How special is your armor, Sir Revuel?" Takeshi was curious.

"Well, it is able to withstand blows from a Minotaur's hammer for one, and can shrug off most of your run-of-the-mill spells." The spellcaster answered. "Some armors also help in channeling your magics, making casting spells easier and more efficiently. Like the one issued to me and what I currently wear right now."

After seeing Eula and Carroll return to the temple grounds and looking for breakfast, Takeshi was compelled to speak up. "Hmm, it seems the taskforce is still preparing for our excursion. How about a nice breakfast of fish?" The young lord offered.

"With all due respect, my lord, I believe we have had enough of fish for now. I think a change in cuisine is in order." Revuel immediately interjected. "How about some eggs paired with peppered rice? We have the necessary ingredients although I admit, it's not much of an improvement over fish and rice. It is still a change in dishes, though."

"A fine idea, Sir Revuel. I shall help in the preparation!"

Unfortunately for the young lord and his enthusiasm, the refugees insisted that Takeshi rest while they prepare the simple breakfast feast for the taskforce. The drizzle overhead was increasing as the winds continued to blow.







Southern District

"So, if we're only here in town to nab him for you, I don't see any reason to hold back this time around~"

Iskah was unnerved by Vanessa's big smile that wanted to unleash the grandest spells imaginable on their target. Still, a single swoop to get Aun out of Wayland Keep and out of the capital would be worth breaking all the rules for. "A-Alright. Just keep in mind that if we fail, we're probably never setting foot in this place for maybe a month or worse, half a year."

The duo soon reach Wayland Keep, a relatively small castle situated next to the river. It featured its own walls and from what Vanessa could see, it contained a large courtyard or backyard to the side of its structures. Likely, the main training grounds of the Lot Knights. One of the more notable structures inside Wayland Keep was a tower that Vanessa could feel magic emanating from. Probably where the knightly order kept their spellbooks and magic scrolls and the like. Speaking of magic, Vanessa could also feel anti-magic wards from various points in the keep. Although, they could just be the weak ones that the Dark Mage could sense.

"Well, here we are. Wayland Keep." Iskah said to Vanessa, as the two monsters gazed at the place. The entrance to the keep consisted of a set of tall, wide and wooden double doors that led into the main hall. "Is going inside to say 'Hello' gonna be a part of your plan?"
Terauchi Temple

~ @AzureKnight (HIN, ATS & SHI), @Enkryption (ALI & CRL), @The Irish Tree (EUL & LIL), @Rezod92, @Crowvette, @Restalaan (SKA & GRI) ~

"Your Lordship, I fail to grasp how you can be so calm about this!"
Shizuka Kannazuki

Takeshi was actually taken aback from Shizuka's outburst. "I-I thought this was normal behavior for yokai. They are obsessed with sex and pleasure, after all." The young lord scratched the back of his head.

He then watched Shizuka tell off Kerry about the irresponsible pregnancy. Takeshi was surprised that the Hornet yokai answered back, declaring that she would be staying here with Alice even with a child incoming. The young lord was not sure... No, he was sure this was foolish. Raising a child in a warzone was one thing, raising a yokai child in Shizuyama in front of his father? Takeshi could not imagine the wrath that would visit the nascent family.

Still, that was the future... and the future could change. The island was supposed to be doomed, and that did not come to pass.

"But, right now, I need some time to rest. I also haven't eaten anything all day..."
Shizuka Kannazuki

"Food, eat. Need strength for fight."

"Ah, well, how about some good old rice and fish then? Sorry there isn't much variety. We don't exactly have access to classier goods and Komatsu Bay had just been liberated so it'll be a while before your Lady Kyouko's supplies get here." Takeshi explained. "But don't you worry! I'll prepare the feast myself and you will all have a taste of the heir's culinary skills."

Despite his confidence, Takeshi's dishes of steamed rice and fried-to-a-crisp fish were nothing out of the ordinary.

Eula and Carroll attempted to dine and dash... but as the defenders of Terauchi Temple, the dishes they ate for the night were free of charge. Which was fortunate for the Automaton.


The taskforce rested until morning, the day they would take on the students of The Heavenly Strike technique. But the sun did not greet them when they woke, instead they opened their eyes to cold winds blowing across the temple. The breezes were not strong but they carried the occasional raindrop. Dark and thick clouds blotted out the sun, preventing the heavenly body from warming the land. At least, the clouds weren't thick enough to completely block sunlight.

Takeshi and Revuel stood next to each other as they observed the bad weather, the latter wearing his full armor to stave off the cold. "This land's weather drives me crazy..."

"Well, the frequent downpours of this island do make the soil fertile." The young lord responded. "We're used to it.

Indeed, the refugees of the Terauchi Temple went about their day normally as if it was any other morning.







Southern District

"Looks like we're walking from here on then. Good thing we aren't in a hurry to get a room at a decent inn or anyhting, right? We wouldn't want to spook the locals with our man-eating summoned horse after all."

Iskah could only laugh sheepishly, sympathetic to Vanessa's magical plight but can do little to the city guards' orders. "L-Look, they said we can still cast magic. Just... not anything grand and flashy like... a lot of your spells." Well, at least the Lizardman tried her hand in consolation.

The city guards said nothing more to Vanessa's sarcastic remarks and resumed their patrol, allowing the Lizardman and the Dark Mage to enter the capital and head towards Wayland Keep.

Nothing major happened to the duo as they walked through the bustling streets of Linirea, only that the crowds became thicker and thicker as they passed through the walls. Unlike in the other Ortusian towns and villages, Iskah and Vanessa spotted monsters walking with the crowds. No one noteworthy, just monsters like Holstaurs and Kobolds. They even saw a stall selling general goods, managed by a crew of Goblins. This crew even had a couple of people browsing their wares. Perhaps because of this, Iskah seemed more relaxed here than in the previous towns.

The walk continued being quiet until the duo encountered a commotion in the streets. A small crowd had gathered and blocked the duo's way, before something darted to the air and hovered there. It was a pink, angelic figure holding an equally pink bow. Heart-shaped decorations adorned her revealing clothing. Short, pink hair, brown-skinned with a white cap, she was undoubtedly a Cupid - a servant of the goddess Eros.

"You are all in pain! The Goddess only wishes to bring levity in your trying times! Do not let your hearts be fully darkened by the war! Lest they become as dark as The Order's whom you fight!" The Cupid declared to the crowd before flying away. "I shall return..."

The city guards accosting the Cupid all shook their heads and told the crowd to disperse. Iskah could only sigh at the scene. "I think I already said this before but ever since the Chief God and The Order betrayed Ortus, divinities and their servants are no longer welcome in the capital because of their association with The Chief God. Eros' Cupids and Houris, Bacchus' Satyrs, the whole lot. The royalty thinks they could be spies for The Chief God." The Lizardman then bit her lip. "To be told that your feelings and convictions aren't real, I know all too well..."

"Anyway, we're getting close to Wayland Keep." Iskah changed the topic. "Got any plans in mind? I know we're restricted in magic, but something like invisibility is totally fine. Also, if we can nab Aun in one fell swoop, then that's worth getting thrown out."
"Well, no time like the present. Let's get moving before your friend realizes the only thing at the orphanage is your boy's lingering stink and a gaggle of his little siblings."

Iskah stroked the summoned steed as it nuzzled against her cheek. "...Yeah. Let's."

The Lizardman-Dark Mage duo set forth. It took them a day of travel before finally reaching their destination...

Linirea: The Lunar Capital

Southern District

"Here we are. Linirea, Ortus' capital."

Iskah and Vanessa trotted to a stop at a hill overlooking the aforementioned capital. The sprawling, metropolitan city was vast and situated next to a great river, befitting the capital of a kingdom. The stone walls looked quite high, even from this distance, and farms, workshops and homes flowed out of the city walls. The most prominent sight was the castle that sported unique blue roofs in the middle of the city, the seat of Ortus' royalty.

"We're entering from the south, and Wayland Keep is at the western part near the river." Iskah said, but not pointing it out. Spotting the keep from this distance was futile anyway. There were plenty of large buildings but only the castle stood out in appearance. "Hopefully, the guards don't recognize me when we approach."

Of course, the first thing that Iskah and Vanessa encountered upon descending the hill and onto the southern outskirt town of Linirea was a patrol of four city musketeer guards stopping them. "Halt! You're one of those lizard monsters that's been harassing The Incubus Knight!"

Iskah cringed from atop the horse. "Err... Yes, I am." She answered honestly, albeit reluctantly. "Wait, why am I singled out--!"

"We have orders to bar your entry should you continue harassing The Lot Knight." The musketeer guard cut Iskah off. "Are you here to harass The Incubus Knight?"

"Uhh... no?" A bald-faced lie from a shrugging Iskah.

The guard shrugged and the tense encounter suddenly relaxed. "Good enough for me. You may pass." He then suddenly raised his hand to stop the two monsters. "Before I forget, try not to cast too much spells in the city especially flashy ones. With the war against The Order flaring up again, anti-magic sentiments are on the rise again. Careless casting of magic inside the capital might set off a riot, something me and the other boys don't really wanna deal with."

"We'll keep that in mind. Thank you." Iskah was unnerved at the warning since magic was Vanessa's main strength.

"That also means no summoned beings either." That caught Iskah by surprise, and she sheepishly looked at her Dark Mage partner to see what she would do.
Terauchi Temple

~ @Restalaan (SKA) ~

"Huh, so what made you change side Revuel? Usually you folks always scream to high heaven and hell that you're gonna kill us all. Well, welcome to Shizuyama, it's the current rainy season so bring an umbrella wherever you go."

"That decision was made for me, Sir Skarsneek." Revuel cordially replied. "It's a rather long and complicated affair but let's just say that once my Legion swore loyalty to Varjo, they did not consider me and many others as one of them."

"And worry not about me concerning precipitation. If I am sufficiently inconvenienced, I can simply conjure a simple barrier to drape around myself and ward off the water." The spellcaster smirked. "Although I have to say, the weather in Shizuyama is quite erratic."


~ @AzureKnight (HIN, ATS & SHI), @Enkryption (ALI & CRL), @The Irish Tree (EUL & LIL), @Rezod92, @Crowvette, @Restalaan (SKA & GRI) ~

<O’ FRABJOUS DAY~! You [Recipient Name Here] are so cordially invited to the Alice and Kerry’s Bachelor/Bachelorette Double Feature Heavenly Strike Reclamation Party For Tying Up Loose Ends Before A Big Rescue Mission!! RSVP! Or, be a loser, and don’t!>

A magical invitation sent by Alice materialized in front of the taskforce members, detailing an excursion to finally deal with the traitorous students of the Heavenly Strike technique once and for all. The sender was still somewhere outside Terauchi Temple with Liliana so a rendezvous will be needed if any of the taskforce members wanted to inquire about the details.

"A-And......hehe......I'm also carrying.....our unborn.....c-child."
Kerry Maros

"Ah, so Alice is a guy? Wait, that's not right, that's my stick."

"Ahh, so that's what Revuel was being cagey about." Takeshi emerged from behind Shizuka. "And yeah, Revuel also thinks that Alice is a guy and I guess, this is what he meant about that. I may have to recontextualize and reconcile some memories if that's true..."

"Anyway, not even a week has passed and you two already have a child coming? I've heard the thrill of battle stimulates our reproductive instincts, but this is on another level!" Takeshi then laughed at his own remark before his gaze at Kerry became concerned. "But seriously, though. Like, really seriously. You're going to battle while pregnant? Don't you and Alice think that's... You know, reckless?"

"And yes, I know that you and the taskforce are potentially heading off to battle. I snuck a peek on the invitation on Shizuka." Takeshi casually revealed. "And it looks like Alice wants to go after the Heavenly Strike students with all of you. Hmm, it's about high time that threat gets dealt with. Let me tag along and let my blade be of assistance." The young lord suggested.








"Hunting a single man with a pack of half a dozen... I thought I'd heard somewhere that you salamander-girls were very keen on the whole honor and fighting fair-schtick. Guess those're just rumors after all, huh?"

"Oh, those kinds of Salamanders do exist. You know what we call 'em? Single!" Katelyn then laughed out loud at her own joke, but Iskah and Rie only sighed.

"Well then, are we done scoping out the competition, or do you want to see the rest of this one's crew before we leave?

"Leave? Isn't Aun just at the orphanage?" Iskah sounded genuinely confused by Vanessa's question.

"Orphanage, huh?" Katelyn immediately picked up on the detail. "Well, don't mind if I do!" The Salamander patted both Iskah and Vanessa on their shoulders before speedily taking off to Pagras' orphanage, where the latter two met with The Incubus Knight earlier.

Rie boarded her wagon and was about to go follow before realizing that Iskah made no other move despite Katelyn heading out. "...He's not at the orphanage, is he?"

"Nope." Iskah shrugged. "There are children to sell toys to, though."

"...I'll go get my boss." Rie tugged the reins of her horses and the wagon took off at a steady and gentle pace. The streets of Pagras was still full of people after all and the Gyoubu Danuki knew there was no point trying to salvage the situation for her Salamander employer. "I'll see you two around. Don't forget to pick up the saddles of your magic horse."

After doing so, Iskah turned to Vanessa with a satisfied smirk on her face. "Well, best get moving before Katelyn and her crew catches on. Aun should be at the capital which should only be a day or less of travel from here."

"Curious. I've never seen a merchant who so readily abandon her livelihood to the hands of complete strangers. Was the smell of the knight that intoxicating?"

The Gyoubu Danuki shrugged, appearing not to catch the jab. "Definitely intoxicating to my Salamander employer." She replied. "She paid a pretty penny to help her snag The Incubus Knight, you know? Didn't know there's be rivals though, but I suppose that really shouldn't be a surprise considering the target." Putting her hands on her hips, she continued. "That said, that shouldn't be a detriment to business, you know? I'm still setting up shop in the capital and you can come buy stuff from me anytime."

"I assume you're just gonna sell them shoddy goods to sabotage them?" Katelyn piped in.

"Sorry, boss, but you're gonna have to pay extra if you want me to get in the way of love." The tanuki monster shrugged again.

"Anyway, this is Vanessa. I've hired her to help me with Aun." Iskah decided to introduce her Dark Mage ally. "Well, it's more like she answered my fliers at the promise of a reward."

"That's also called 'hiring'." Rie pointed out.


Katelyn the Masked Salamander then wrapped a friendly arm around Vanessa. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Vanessa! Cool hat, by the way!" She remarked. "May the best team win, eh? I hope you're playing for keeps 'cause my group isn't going to let up until I get to duel Aun." She told the Dark Mage.

Iskah picked up on a word in the last sentence. "Group? There's more than you two?"

"Yep! I've got, like, four companions including Rie!" Katelyn happily replied.
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