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Dead Factory

Greene walked through the carnage of the battle, the last of the Soldiers felled by Rosemary. The human approached his Doll allies and whistled. "Ain't gonna dance around this, girls, but you two look like s***." He remarked about the mangled bodies of Yuno and Rosemary. Greene then inspected the fallen undead's parts. "You know, some of these parts look still okay and usable. You think you can patch yourselves with these?"

[Battle won! Repair 5 Basic Parts and 3 Reinforcement Parts]

The undead hostiles were not everything. Many labor zombies were still working in the factory and unfinished Goliaths were still on the factory floor. They ignored the battle completely and will likely continue working even if they are hit or damaged. "These guys are dedicated. I'll give 'em that." Greene pointed to them. "What should we do with them?"

The Dolls could opt to destroy them, but that would shred at their innocence and sanity. Though at least they would stop the production of these infernal Goliaths and gain some more parts to repair themselves. Alternatively, they could just leave them alone and move on.
@GreenGoat @Skyswimsky

Yeah, I'm working on the update now. Should be up later today.

By the by, we're doing a full campaign next. It'll still be a practice run but this time you'll get to utilize the karma system and other long-term stuff.

If you want to play a different character, I advise to begin building them now. Reusing Yuno and Rosemary is fine too but they'll begin from scratch. You can also make adjustments to them if you like.
@Skyswimsky @GreenGoat

For a bunch of dead guys, these Soldiers sure can aim.

Anyway, neither the Soldiers nor Greene will be moving anymore for this Turn which means Yuno and Rosemary can technically move twice.

End the fight, my friends!

Dead Factory


Battle Map




Soldier (x3)







Player Data

Yuno Current AP = 4

Rosemary Current AP = 4

NPC Data


GREENE (AP = 1, HP = 8)


Yuno, despite the immense damage she took, surged forward with newfound strength and anger. With her Lightsaber, she made her move against the Goliath monstrosity and hacked off its remaining intact parts. The undead giant had sustained too much damage and that which animated it failed, falling to the concrete floor with a loud thud. "It's down! It's down! Thank the Lord it's down!" Greene cheered.
[Goliath has been defeated!]
[AP = 6 -> 4]

But the fight was not over, there were still undead Soldiers left. Rosemary opened fire on them with her Dual Pistols and took two of them down.
[AP = 6 -> 4]

Greene was the next to shoot but his Sniper Rifle shot narrowly missed the undead mob.
[Attack Check: 5]
[AP = 4 -> 1]

The remaining three Soldiers attacked. Their Simultaneous Fire aimed at Rosemary, the bullets hitting the Doll right in the head.
[Rosemary's Eyes and Kung Fu parts have been damaged!]
[Attack Check: 10]
[AP = 4 -> 1]

Rosemary's AP went from 12 to 6.

It was the Goliath's AP that went from 6 to 3.

Doesn't Rosemary have 6 AP currently?
~@Lmpkio (TCA), @AzureKnight (VRA)~

"Greetings and salutations fair traveler. Brace yourself, for you now stand in the presence of none other than Vară Riemsianne, heir to the esteemed Riemsianne clan of noble fire demons. It doesn't surprise me that your ears have caught wind of our doings, any group that I am a part of can only expect greatness to follow! However... I do believe it is proper etiquette to introduce yourself before asking various questions. Tell me sir, what would your name be and what has brought you to these lands?"
Vară Riemsianne

"Oh my. I did not know I was in the presence of nobility." The mysterious knight replied. With a quick flick of the wrist, he produced an alluring red rose seemingly from thin air and offered it to Vară. "For the beautiful Lady Riemsianne. Whose looks rival that of Lilims."

"To answer your questions, my lady, I am but a simple traveler. Many men live and die under the same roof and above the same ground. Not I, I say. I want to see how big the world is. I want to see how many things are within it." The knight answered. "As for my name, I'm afraid I am not very blessed in that regard. I am Sam Scout, pleased to meet you ladies."

Haley looked uncomfortable in her seat, still staring at Sam with suspicion. Sam did, or appeared, not to notice this and eagerly awaited a response.

Liberation At Any Price
~@ShwiggityShwah, @Restalaan (YNG)~

Before the Varjan leader could swing down on Yang, Ozzy struck from the sky. The Owl Harpy had one claw holding the axe's heft while the other attempted to slash at the eyes of the leader.

The leader screamed in rage as she released her shield and grabbed hold of Ozzy's leg. She then pulled the Owl Harpy with surprising strength, slamming Ozzy on the ground over and over again before tossing him into a Sonarran. However, Ozzy had succeeded somewhat, the Varjan leader's eyes were scratched a bit, distracting her for a moment trying to deal with her injured eyes.

An opening to be exploited.
For some reason, dying men keep asking me the question they know the answer to.

Maybe it's so they can die being right.

South Of Zauberheim

~~~ @AzureKnight (HIS & ENI) ~~~

"Keith, I witnessed you get stabbed in the face. You fell dead to the ground and your blood spilled out. How can you be here alive?"

"I told you, man. I've got respawn." Keith gave Enishi a thumbs-up. "And by 'respawn', I mean I'm not a guy that can be... killed easily." As always, the mercenary was vague with his answers.

"I suppose I should thank you for your cooperation, but this woman's fate ends with me I'm afraid. You should do as I said and leave this kingdom at once, before either the city officials or myself change our minds."

"Took the words out of my mouth..." As Enishi approached the frozen Hisana, he suddenly felt a small prick upon his nape. Turning around, he found Keith with a small pin coated with a purple color. "...but then, that notion is a little lacking." Keith said. Enishi's body then stopped completely, not a shred of movement. Not even a twitch. "You see, my departure from Razelia got delayed because someone knew I was going away. I'm not making that same mistake twice."

With a push from a finger, the bounty hunter fell to the ground still unable to move. "Now you might be asking, 'How does that work? I'm not gonna stop you from leaving.'. Trust me, Enishi, that's not how it works. So now I'm not leaving any loose ends." Unconsciousness began slipping and Enishi's sight darkened into blackness. "Nighty-night."


~~~ @AzureKnight (ENI) ~~~

"Hey. Hey, you. Wake up."

Light slaps on your cheek was enough to bring you to consciousness. You awaken to a clear night sky with several city guards around you and a familiar figure. "Are you alright? Here, let me help you up." The person who took you up was the knight who helped you during the Juan de la Cruz incident. "A few minutes ago, we found you unconscious and the criminal lady frozen solid but also a maid girl. She ran off with the criminal to who-knows-where. We couldn't follow her."

"What happened?"


~~~ @AzureKnight (HIS) ~~~

You awaken. You instantly remember the last time you were awake. You were about to be killed.

But now you were tied to a large tree under the starry night sky. You did not know where you were save that you were in a forest, but you also had a long katana resting on your neck. Holding the blade was a green-haired girl in a maid outfit. Her presence in a forest in the middle of the night was questionable but you had a feeling she was asking the questions here.

"You are a wanted criminal, Miss Hisana." The maid started, her voice was dead serious. "However, to have evaded the authorities this long means you have ability. Tell me, do you have a good reason for me not to hand you over to the authorities?"

Seraph Academy

Academy Infirmary

Despite being confronted by three women leagues above him in ability, Varjan's father remained steadfast. "Like I said before, this is MY SON. No one has the right to barge into our business. Not even the Princess of Razelia herself." He sternly declared, glaring at Lisia. "And the doctors have told me that my son has may have cheated on his match so you girls better watch who you're defending here."

"And you." The father snarled at Seleth. His anger and hatred bare for the world to see. "Don't think you're getting away scot-free for what you did. Me and my family know who you are, Seleth Thenri. You can run, you can hide, you Elven b**** but we will find you and we will catch you. And nothing, not even your little Cathedral, will stop us from getting justice."

"So you better--" He was about to heavily poke Seleth but his arm was stopped by another. Varjan held his father's arm, saving the Dark Elf. "Varjan!? What--?!"

"Go. All of you. Never come back." Varjan told, nay, ordered Seleth, Lisia and Lumina.

In the span of a single second, reality shifted in the room. Varjan and his father appeared to have been sucked into each other and they were gone, just like that. Others arrived at the scene. Doctor Elma was the first. "You three! What happened?! Where's Varjan?" She asked frantically.

"Seleth! Lisia!" A panicking Mira came. "I saw what happened! Is Varjan alright?! What about his father? What did he do?"

Alright. Hit me!

"Well... I think the others are backstage... You might get to see all of them."

Eddie clapped along with the crowd at the conclusion of Wadanohara's performance. "Eh, maybe I'll see them later." He replied. "You, on the other hand, may be busy with your master soon so I'll take my leave for now. See you later, Sam." He bode farewell at the shark familiar. With Wadanohara done, Eddie figured Samekichi would want to see her and he did not want to get in the way.

"Oh wow... Her music is so peaceful..."

"It is, ain't it?" He approached the witch with an agreement. The witch appeared innocent enough but Eddie never knew which witches were good-natured or which ones were a hundred percent dangerous. Their general appearances were unreliable in telling so he kept his guard up as he initiated a talk. "No doubt that's her favorite tune. The girl's been through a lot so peace is very special to her." He explained. "Not that she wasn't peaceful back then. She's a good girl then and now."

"Eddie Cage. Not a native here." The actor introduced himself, with a hand extended for the witch to shake.


"You know who... I know we made peace and all... But those fire freaks are still... Well... Freaks."

Dorma had no problem picking who Yosafire was talking about. "They were invited? Why?" She asked in disbelief. "We... You beat them, yes? Along with Kcalb and Etihw. Won't they seek revenge for that? And now we're inviting them here willingly?"

The demon was worried. One invasion was bad enough but to have another was... She got lucky during the invasion of the Flame Demons but she doubted she would be lucky again if a second one was to occur. Sure, she could show off to Yosafire should such a thing happen but she'd prefer the Gray Garden stay peaceful.
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