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~@13org (ADA), @Restalaan (DIT), @AzureKnight (NAG)~

Ditzy took the captive man and tossed him over to Nagare's back. His hands and feet were bound and had a cloth sack over his head, preventing the guild from identifying him for now. After that, the guild embarked on the Ice Dragon's back and she took off. The band of warrior monster girls left behind could only watch and curse the fleeing group.


The flight to the Guild HQ was peaceful, giving the group some much needed respite and even a nice view of the setting sun. Reed crawled forward to get close enough to Nagare's head. "Hey, uhh, I just want to say that I'm sorry... for all that earlier." He began.

"I... I knew that you wanted to face that band alone but I, uhh, suggested that the rest of us help you out with a surprise attack." Sir Reed continued. "Err, I know that was dishonorable and uhh, you probably didn't appreciate that 'cause that looked like we-- I didn't believe in you, but rest assured I did it all to ensure that all of us comes back in one piece. Mostly."

"I-I'll make it up to you, okay? Anything you want to do, just name it. I'll fulfill it as best a I can."

~@Rezod92, @Restalaan (YNG), @13org (FYR), @Stern Algorithm~

The group all gathered to the entrance doors after hearing the sound of armored boots. The doors opened, and only Yang and Kira were on their guards. A figure entered, a familiar one.

"Huh?" Bart was confused at the crowd on the doors. "Is this... a welcoming party? If it is, it's pretty bad." He remarked, confused at the whole situation. "Are you all waiting for me to tell me something? Well, I'm here now."

The guild leader's boots were of leather, not a single part of it was armored. And it appeared that Bart had arrived alone. Or did he?


~@Rezod92, @Restalaan (YNG & DIT), @13org (FYR & ADA), @Stern Algorithm, @AzureKnight (NAG)~

The group riding Nagare's back had finally arrived at their HQ. But as they neared their destination, they would see a large, hooded figure walking away from the Guild. The obscured figure would spare the Ice Dragon a brief glance before continuing on the way.

After Nagare landed, Reed would be the first to disembark along with the hostage. "I'll handle this guy. You all head inside and get some rest. Gods know we all need it." He told the others as he began untying the captive. "I'll catch up, okay? Say hi to the others for me."

They had arrived several moments after Bart had.

Help, Wanted 2
~@AzureKnight (VRA)~

“Neil, please forgive me. I don’t think that the mayor or the Blue-Eyed Savior are going to be too happy with me...”
Vară Riemsianne

Neil took a look at the rubble that was once the town hall and winced at the sight. "W-Well, I-I'm sure they'll understand... I hope. Besides, they called us here to deal with Ian, ri--" He stopped suddenly, realizing the error he made.

"No, no they didn't. It was Ian who called us here. It was him who wrote the request, didn't he?" The pieces weren't lining up for Neil. "Typically you'd want your theft to be discreet as possible, right? Why would he then call us here to investigate? He even pointed us to the witnesses who definitely pointed to his direction. Why didn't he bother to cover up his tracks?"

The townspeople were still digging through the debris when Ian burst out from a pile of rubble, covered in dust but seemed no less for wear. He shook his head, shaking off the dust from his helmet, before seeing Neil and Vară. "Oh! Hi, you two!" The armored man happily waved at the two guild members.

Neil parted from the Flame Demon to walk over to Ian and seize him by the neck. The robber made no attempt to resist. "I demand an explanation, you little sneak!" The townspeople of Ambran gathered over to watch the exchange.

"What do you need an explanation for? I stole stuff, you caught me, quest over!" Ian made no attempt to deny his crime, happily confessing it for all to hear. Like what Neil said, his actions as a thief made no sense.

"Don't play dumb! The things you did don't add up!" Neil continued to interrogate Ian.

Meanwhile, the Dhampir witness that Vară met earlier arrived and approached the scene. "Whoooaaa. What happened here? Looks like I missed something big." She asked the Flame Demon.
The Journey Begins

~ Liven(?) ~

Interacted with: @Rune_Alchemist

“Eh? Danger, what are you-”

The snow around them rustled and shifted. Rising from the frozen sheets were decaying the corpses of the undead, roused from their slumber by the presence of the two living beings. They shambled to their feet, numbering too many for Elisette to fight off. Nick was a little disturbed that his premonition vision was correct down to the small details. Although, there was that maid dress...

“Wah! They just popped outta the ground! I don’t think zombies are flowery enough for that! There’s a lot of em too! Is it zombie season or something?!”

Elisette's crude humor aside, she drew her sword and stood to Nick's defense. Although, that might not mean much considering they were about to be surrounded. They may just be zombies but Nick still wished he had a weapon on him. The broken sword he had way back when was lost when he... simply left it back in the snow, believing it wouldn't be needed anymore. What a foolish decision, Nick thought himself.

“Nngh, alright we need to get to the village. We can probably hide there! Don’t fight unless you have too!”

"I couldn't fight even if I have to!" Nick replied, watching the undead come closer and closer to them.

Elisette took down a zombie lunging at her, sidestepping the lunge and bisecting the undead into two with her large sword. Another went for Nick, who imitated Elisette's moves to evade it. But lacking a weapon of his own, Nick simply kicked the zombie down back into the snow and quickly followed the warrior woman as she cut a path through the horde into the village. He wished he could have been more help to Elisette but right now, all he could do was kick or push away any zombie that got too close that Elisette didn't dispatch.

"How farther is the village?"
Keeping It Real 2
~@13org (ADA), @Restalaan (DIT), @AzureKnight (NAG)~

The plan behind Nagare's back was executed, Ditzy went first. The male monster gathered enough speed to bowl over the Orcs who were too busy on the Ice Dragon's tail to notice. He then caught the Minotaur, also by surprise, and put her in a tight body lock. It was Ada's turn now and she made her way towards the fallen Orcs to slash at their tendons and heels. Once that was done and the Orcs were immobilized, she did the same to the Minotaur.

Meanwhile, Reed fought like he never fought before. It was said that it would need five normal men to take down one Lizardman or Salamander, but here Reed was outnumbered by two of them. Still, he held his own and yelled at Nagare. "Nagare! Freeze these two lizards! Ice breath!" He basically ordered her. Reed then slammed the two reptilian monsters' heads together and used them as a shield against the Ice Dragon's breath, flash-freezing them.

The Ogre then grabbed Reed by the neck and lifted him into the air. "Hey, I thought it was us against just the Dragon? Was that all just a trick?!" She was furious, the last one standing in her troupe.

"Uhh... Oh my gods, what's that?!" Reed pointed to the nothing in the sky, which the Ogre heeded turning her head. He then pinched a certain area on her neck and the Ogre suddenly fell unconscious. Taking the monster's hand off his neck, Reed sighed. "Whew... I seriously did not think that would work."

The fight was over just like that, but Reed was still panicking. He quickly made his way towards the transformed Nagare. "I should reprimand you for not doing this earlier but never mind that, we need to get out of here before any of them gets up and follows us!" Reed was making all sorts of gestures with his hands. "Nagare, if you can fly, you need to get us all in the air and back to the guild pronto."

He then glanced at Ditzy and Ada. "I hope neither of you has a fear of heights."

Help, Wanted 2
~@AzureKnight (VRA)~

“You wretched mongrel! How dare you ruin my clothes!”
Vară Riemsianne

Vară scrambled for her weapon while Ian struggled to lift the barrel of water above his head so he could hurl it at the Flame Demon.

But the barrel was too heavy for Ian to throw properly and Vară was able to easily evade it and recover her polearm. She then charged at the criminal, swinging her polearm axe with tremendous force. But Ian was deft, neatly weaving and evading each swing. Still, Ian could not retaliate and Vară pushed him back further and further until the two of them burst through the kitchen door and into a hallway of the building. The flames Vară ignited earlier had already spread far, the wooden ceiling burning in a roaring fire with parts of it falling down.

After one more swing, Ian saw an opportunity and closed the distance between him and Vară. The next swing he caught by the handle and with a sharp elbow to the face, he knocked Vară away stumbling from the blow. She was once more disarmed, with her weapon in Ian's hands. "Oh, how the tables have tabled." The criminal chuckled darkly. He raised the axe up to swing it down on the Flame Demon.


Suddenly, a huge amount of debris landed on Ian and buried him in rubble. The building's structural integrity had already weakened from the inferno to the point that it was falling apart. Vară saw other sections of the hallway coming down and before she could attempt anything, the ceiling above her collapsed and crashed down on her.


"...ară! Vară, please..."

"...wake up! Please, open your eyes!"

Vară would soon wake up, her body aching but very much alive. "Vară!" Neil was beside her and immediately pulled her into a tight hug, joyed at her survival. "Vară, are you alright? We tried to get into the town hall but the place was on fire so it was dangerous to go inside. We could only act when the entire place had fallen down."

Indeed, Vară's battle with Ian had torn the entire town hall down, leaving it only as a scorched ruin. People of all striped gathered around it, but Ian didn't seem to be anywhere.
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The Journey Begins

~ Liven(?) ~

Interacted with: @Rune_Alchemist

“Ahah, but don’t worry about it. The Apostles of Rheane vow to save humanity so I’ma do just that!”

Nick resisted a sigh. Looks like he was heading back into danger, not that danger was uncommon in this world. Heck, he was even inserted into this world in some ruins filled with those scary, black, gooey things. Well, at least he had Elisette as company - A woman who fought off three giants. Surely she could handle a couple of skeletons.

The subtle meditation Nick did for guidance yielded results at least. He was granted another form of vision, clouds parting in the east with a ray of sunlight shining down upon the land some distance away in this vast expanse of snow. It was a direction, and that was all Nick needed. When they were ready to go, Nick subtly shifted their walk towards east. He trusted the guidance given to him, even if it lead to his possible doom.

The trek was fairly long, Nick and Elisette trudged through the snow with the latter making chatter about where this place was and where she came from. Nick thanked God she took the initiative, not only did the chat help pass the time but it also filled Nick in about some things in this world. Elisette herself was part of the 'Apostles of Rheane', a group of humans who protected the humanity of this world since the Moonless Era.

Then she spoke about the other races. There were the Elves and fey of Tamaln Forest. Not the friendliest bunch to the humans. Then there were the Bastelians, cat people who attacked humans for plunder and loot. They had a sun goddess named Auset-Kythet and were apparently building a temple. Bottom line, they weren't people Nick would want to meet. Hopefully, they would not have anything that Nick would need in the future. The Giants were creatures Nick had encountered. Apparently they had a four-armed king with traits straight out of an Earth myth. Not very mythical here, Nick guessed.

It was Nick's turn to talk after, with Elisette asking about where he came from and what was life north of the mountains. "Well, I already told you about Dawn. But I didn't come from there, I..." He scratched the back of his head. It was not that he didn't trust Elisette, but he felt now was not the time for the truth. "...came from somewhere else. Somewhere... far away. I'm trying to get back, you see."

The midday sun was in the sky when Elisette and Nick found their destination. It was still a bit far away, though, but Nick was glad that they made it without any trouble on the way. However, a silent dread fell over the atmosphere as they approached.

“Ah~! We’re here! Ahaha, you really came through huh. Not that I doubted ya. C’mon, its getting late and my feet are freezing. We’ll see if we can find anyone...and keep an eye out for anything bad, huh?”

Elisette strode over confidently but Nick trailed slowly behind her. He was feeling it again, that anxiousness, that he was in danger. He had decided to call this power his 'spidey-senses' because really, that was what it was.

It was then Nick realized that he had seen this sight before. In that dream...! His heart fell as he quickly grabbed hold of Elisette's hand to stop her. "Elisette, we're not alone here." He told her before his gaze turned to the still snow around them.
The Journey Begins

~ Unknown Mountains ~

Interacted with: @Rune_Alchemist

“Wah! Yea! Undead! That place! Rheane asked me to come look into it. Something about undead and stuff!”

The warrior woman lit up at the mention. She ran over in order to exclaim herself, almost knocking Nick down from all that energy. He found it quite amusing, but it looked the village in his vision was the place she was looking for.

“Uh...I should have already been there but uh, there was a snowstorm and I got turned around...Oh! Right my name! Elisette. So uh, if you’ve been there before that’d be great if you could help me. Don’t worry, I’ll keep that cute little face of yours safe from any other scary giants. Or wolves. Or Bears. Or a giant flying snow scorpion.”

Nick suppressed a laugh. "Nice to meet you, Elisette." The warrior woman was a bit awkward but he was more than glad that he had someone powerful looking out for him for now in this dangerous world. But at the same time, it felt shameful to be needing a bodyguard in the first place. Well it wasn't his fault, Nick thought. He was just a normal human thrust into a world of magic and mythology. Although, his fellow Earthlings seemed to be also normal but were doing quite well for themselves.

His objective to reach the mountain folk and inquire more about their Sage would be put on hold, he had a debt to repay to the warrior woman named Elisette. Besides, he might find even more leads in this venture. Hopefully more friendlier leads if what Elisette said about the mountain folk was true.

If Nick remembered his power correctly, he can only find the things he was looking for every night. He wondered if his vision earlier already spent his daily chance, which meant he and Elisette will have to look the hard way for the undead-plagued village until the next nightfall. "Alright, then. Let me try to remember where the village was. In the meantime, do you know what this village is called? Any landmarks that are notable?"

He then looked upward and saw the morning light. Yeah, his power was specific about this but maybe it was still early morning that it counted as night? After Elisette's reply, Nick would close his eyes and attempt to medidate to the now-invisible stars. Where was this village in his vision?
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~@Rezod92, @Restalaan (YNG), @13org (FYR), @Stern Algorithm~

It was fortunate that the lasagna the Altissima sisters had made was enough for both their uninvited guests and their fellow guild members. Of course, none of the guild members knew that the cheesy dish was made specifically for the verminous monsters but that was up to the Liliraune to reveal that if they wish so. At least, Haley didn't seem to notice the lower quality of the meal.

The unexpected banquet ended not long after and the Devil Bugs and Giant Mice were satisfied with the meal prepared specifically for them. "Your lasa-- Lasan-- Your cheese food was really good, plant lady! We'll definitely remember it and tell everyone we meet about it!" That... might not bode well for the Guild considering the company these monsters kept. "We'll keep our word and will be going now. Bye bye!"

"Aww man, I really wanted to take at least one man from this place." One Devil Bug complained, which made Haley's brow raise. "I haven't had a man for a long time now."

"It's fine, it's fine!" A Giant Mouse assured her. "Look at that guy." She pointed to Freyr. "He's practically covered by the bird girl's scent. I bet they already had lots and lots of sex." The comment left the Siren a red mess and an annoyed look on her face, but she said nothing.


In a matter of moments, the Giant Mice and the Devil Bugs evacuated the Guild HQ. Hopefully never to return. When they were all gone, a still-embarrassed Haley turned to the Liliraune. "Were they also here looking for men?! Thank the gods I've already taken Freyr while Neil, Bart and Reed still aren't here. We would've had a real problem on our hands if that wasn't so! How'd they find this place anyway?"

It was also then that the stomps of hooves and the neighs of horses was heard outside. Bart had apparently arrived... but then the Guild heard armored boots land on soil.
The Journey Begins

~ Unknown Mountains ~

Interacted with: @Rune_Alchemist

Nick gasped as he woke. He was panting as he stared at the white snow, yet his mind was elsewhere. He saw something when he was unconscious. Dreams? No, they seemed too... mystical to be dreams. Visions borne from his power? The likeliest reason. He saw a snow-covered village in the vision, but it wasn't Dawn. There was also that French maid dress, which Nick found quite out of place but then skeletons rose from the snow and came at him. What did it all mean?

“Wah! You’re awake! Jeez, I thought you were a goner! You had a bit of hypothermia and you look like you had been walking forever! You northern folk are crazy! Anyways, carried ya down the mountain. Should be pretty safe here. Ya should probably eat something. Them scrawny arms of yours probably aren’t gonna help ya a lot if ya don’t.”

Nick looked all around him. He just saw snow, really, but it appeared he was indeed down from the mountain and on the other side it seemed. The warrior woman's shouting rang Nick's ears, but he didn't mind. It was like an angel screaming at him in concern. She then handed him a bowl of cooked bits of meat. Nick didn't care what it was and immediately dug in, savoring the feeling of simply having prepared food in his mouth.

It hasn't even been a week into this world and Nick found himself already down in the dumps and barely surviving. He couldn't wait to get back home.

“So what’s your name anyways? And why ya traveling them mountains? Don’t suppose you’re from that village I’m supposed to be looking for, do ya?”

Nick swallowed the food in his mouth before answering. "Uh, my name's Nick. Nicholas Gallagher, but just call me Nick for short." He answered the first question. "I was looking for the people who live in the mountains. Got something I have to ask them about." Nick showed off his black, diamond-shaped artifact to the warrior woman without hesitation. "I heard they might know a lot about it."

She then asked about a village she was looking for. "Well, I did come from a village. A fishing village called 'Dawn'. It's a nice little town and it has a god, an Elder Beast, sorta friendly with them. A deer deity named Kyrnith." Nick replied earnestly. Nothing but the best for his savior. "There's trouble afoot there, though. But... it's got people already on it. Capable people, I would think."

"Then there's this village that had a... skeleton problem." Nick decided to also reveal his vision. Albeit, in digestible terms. "I... only caught a brief glance at the place before I... ran off. Not exactly sure where it is, either."

"A-Anyway, you have my deepest gratitude for saving me, Miss--" He indirectly asked for the warrior woman's name. "If there's anything I can do in return, let me know. If you'd like, I can help you look for this village."
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