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@Raineh Daze

Okay. I guess I can have her at rank 4.

But yeah, that's going to be Jane's main problem in this RP. Trying to stay anonymous versus helping people to the best of her ability because she's a good person. I imagine her problems snowballing once someone suspects something.


Also, we're at a 1000 now.
Honestly it kind of came off to me as racist to make "dark elves" have dark skin anyway, it's kind of always bothered me a little.

0 to a 100 baby, real quick.

So to move on, is my ex-Guard Captain character good or what?

"I'm alright but we really need to get you back to a medic."

"Miss Hyouka, I AM the medic. Hahaha!" Gordian laughed. "I'm a Hospitaller, remember?" He laughed some more.

"Hey, sorry for being harsh earlier. You did great. Let me get Gordian to the medbay, and we can visit the engineers together and get your weapon repaired."

"Thanks." That was Camille's sole reply. "And it's okay, it was the heat of battle. Things get a little stressful. "


The caravan gathered their bearings. The damaged vehicles were repaired, wounds were patched up and the casualties being organized for transport. Gordian was already busy reporting the situation to the authorities as well as drafting letters for the families of the fallen while the rest of the Knights repaired and prepared the vehicles. Some of them, however, took the time to grieve the dead Knights who were laid down in the grass fields and covered with a clean white sheet.

The Knights killed in the battle was not numerous but it was still beyond a dozen. You recall that almost half of them were slain by that small green robot ace. Camille joined the Knights mourning the dead but she did not cry, instead she stood there looking baffled and confused. When you approached, Camille noticed but did not turn. Her gaze still fixated upon the dead Knights.

"Why?" The robot asked quietly. "Why do they do this? We're here, aren't we? We can die as much as we need. But not them, they can only die once. So why are they still here? Protecting us, no less?"

"You have been far more trouble than your abhorrent life is worth, cooperate as much as you can while you still can."

When your tail pierced the glass, the scientist freaked out. "What the hell are you doing?! Didn't I tell you not to break the glass?! Stop this right now! It's the only thing keeping me safe!"

"How smart are these things? Can they communicate? How do you neutralize them without killing them?"

"Wait, you want to keep one?" The scientist was baffled at your intentions. "Weren't you listening?! We couldn't keep them in! We thought we could but we were wrong. What makes you think you can?! They have the intelligence of humans and the precise coordination of the Swarm. No cage will keep them!"

[quote=Vilkas][color=8dc73f]"To where do you think they want to escape to?"[/quote]

"I don't know! Somewhere other than here, I'm sure. If I had to guess, I'd say they'll be trying to rendezvous with any Swarm presence." The scientist replied. "Wait, what are you--"

The scientist could do nothing when you wrapped your tail around him and dragged him out of his cell. He screamed and struggled but his flesh was no match against your steel. With the scientist in tow, you made your way to the facility's hangar. All the while being careful with your escort, slowing your progress a bit.

As you traveled through the tunnels and got closer to your objective, you detect movement. Right at the end of the tunnel that split off to left and right, you saw them. Humanoid creatures with four arms that ended in sharp claws. Their exoskeleton was white in color and appeared quite hard. They were not any Swarm alien you have ever seen or learned but you were sure these were Swarm.

You soon realize these were the human-Swarm hybrids the rogue laboratory was breeding. You could definitely see the human influence in their appearance but that was the extent of their humanity. There were three of them and they all say you and your escort, wasting no time to get close to tear you apart.

"Oh, we are so dead..." The scientist muttered.

""How did they even GET here?!""

Your question went unanswered as Dia focused in taking the VTOL to the air and escape the incoming aliens. The Swarm aliens evade your shots but one of them still gets hit, a large wound opening up in his chest. But it was not deterred that much, more was needed to take it down.

The craft made it into the air but two of the aliens still managed to get on it, clinging on the hull. "Damn it, we have to shake them off!" Dia made the attempts but the Swarm creatures were fast, immediately crawling onto the windshield. With their sharp claws and immense strength, they punched through the glass and made Dia cover herself.

One of them had entered the cockpit and slashed at the retreating Dia, taking off the Support robot's right arm. But Dia was not helpless, her remaining arm grabbed a steel bar within the craft and broke it off. Dia used the makeshift stake to stab the alien in the neck, red blood spilled but the alien was not dead and struggled hard against Dia.

The other Swarm creature had now also entered the craft, ready to join the fight. "Visalz! Help!" Dia yelled at you.
@Raineh Daze

Alright. I've scrubbed any mention of the Iron Roses and as a Mayonite Paladin and just being a devout follower (but I can change that too if needed).

Also made her more of a loser.

You know, since your character is from Thaln and a veteran in the civil war, my character would be scared of him the most.
Fake it 'til you make it!


Let me know if I can be allowed that rank, if the backstory's okay (I can change it a little and the character would stay the same) or if something else is wrong.

Alright, second version out!

Ummm, who's Myra?
@Raineh Daze

Alright. I'll get to work on my character.
@Raineh Daze

Alright. Maybe I'll settle with a disgraced Iron Rose or maybe just someone from Thaln or wherever who had to run away to Estival.

Say, are the ranks given or do adventurers rank themselves? My plan was for my character to take the lowest rank possible and stay that way to avoid attention.
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