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Thought there was something I needed to fix, lol. So we can move our sheets over to the Character tab? I'm ready whenever.

Well... there is. But I'm sure you can figure it out.

And don't worry, I'll post your character sheets myself.

Start the RP, I mean. Unless there are some things we want to go over first.

Very well. I shall await your post then.

Things are getting juicy at the guild.
@Stern Algorithm

Accepted. Yay flowers!

I'll write you in on the next update.

Are you still interested though? Willing to continue?

I can give you a second chance but I hope you'd be more active to avoid issues like these.
@Chiro @DocRock

They're both good in my eyes. There's just one problem with your character sheets.


Shall we start say... tomorrow?
1. I'm a little daunted by reading through the IC. Is there a summary for the main quest so far?

Here it is!

2. Can I just jump in? Does it make sense for someone to join the guild this late (assuming my character was invited by Bart)?

Yes. Other player characters have joined late before.

3. I'm thinking of coming in as a Liliraune, which apparently can move around by uprooting itself, but for the most part, stays immobilized in soil. This slow movement may explain the late arrival, but might create difficulty when it comes to adventuring.

Yeah, it could create difficulty during adventures but you're free to play as a Liliraune if you so wish. We'll be like life, we'll find a way.
~@13org (BST)~

You and Eilidh managed to outrun the manor's guards and hide within one of the many dark alleyways of Ambran. The family's personal guard had informed the town's guard as well and a long, hard search for the two of you ensued. Fortunately, you and Eilidh were practically hiding beneath their noses and none of them found you and the manhunt died down.

As day turned to dusk, the search was all but over. There were still people on the lookout but you and Eilidh could be out in the open and not be in much danger. Once the coast was clear, you and Eilidh inconspicuously exited the town since neither of you wanted to push your lucks. Leaving without raising an alarm was quite the feat considering Eilidh was a very noticeable Centaur.

At the town's edges, Eilidh stopped on her tracks. "So Bast." She called out to you. "The bad news is... I didn't give the message." She said. "Well, it's more like I didn't manage to. I was about to give it to them when the shouting started and they basically told me to return on another time." She explained. "I'm sorry, Bast, for... ruining your plans." She ashamedly apologized.

Eilidh looked back at the town, then back to you. The setting sun giving the two of you an almost golden glow. "Bast." The Centaur started again. "I... I don't think I can return to the Guild." She revealed to you. "It's... not for me, you know? I'm... I guess I'm more of a traveling type. Not one to stay put in one place." The confession was serious and you did not dare to interrupt her.

"I..." Eilidh continued. "Do you want to come with me?" She quickly blurted out as if she forced it out of her. "I... I'll understand if you don't. I mean, I can't offer you the things Bart and his guild offers you. B-But I'll..." She could not find the words but you knew what she meant. Eilidh the Centaur really wanted you to come with her. To have you beside her. To keep adventuring with her. Perhaps more.

It would certainly break her heart should you refuse. But accepting would mean the end of your tenure in the Guild. Then again, perhaps traveling with the proud yet bashful Centaur could prove a more interesting adventure.

~@Restalaan (YNG & DIT), @13org (FYR), @AzureKnight (VRA & NAG)~

When all was said was done, Talia offered to cook the guild dinner with Haley tagging along since Bart had not returned yet. Neil offered to look and talk to the girl in armor hiding in the bathroom. "Hey uhh, I couldn't find that armor girl. In fact, I couldn't find her anywhere." He said, scratching the back of his head.

"That's weird. Perhaps she has left?" Talia guessed as she and Haley set up the food on the table.

"Probably." Neil was about to sit on the table along with the rest of the guild when the doors to the dining hall slammed open, revealing Bart the guild master. However, he was far from happy. There was anger in his face as his eyes darted to each of the guild members present, silently judging them for some unknown mistake. "Uhh, hey Bart." Neil nervously greeted, also noticing Bart's fuming mood.

"Did... did you really undertake a Varjan quest?" Bart coldly asked, venom in his voice.

Neil was a bit intimidated but answered honestly. "Yeah, dude. We needed the money right?"

Bart seized Neil. "Didn't I tell you not to do that?! Didn't you guys listen to me?!" The guild master yelled at the boy though his words were directed at everyone. "Are you guys deaf?! Do you all want to die?!"

Neil was momentarily shocked but retorted. "Let go of me, man!" He shook himself off of Bart. "It was more of a suggestion, by the way. You didn't exactly make it clear." Neil continued. "Besides, we needed the money. We can't have that hole in the entrance forever." He added as he recomposed himself. "Also, we're not gonna do it ALL the time. We'll lay low after a while."

That seemed to agitate Bart. "You're not the master of this guild, Neil!" He seized Neil again. "I am! I AM! NOT YOU! ME!" He yelled for everyone in the guild to hear. "I'm the guild master! That means you follow my orders and my rules! If you got a problem with that! You can take a f***ing hike and go back singing at f***ing bars!"

"Hey, hey! Let's all take it down a notch, okay?" Haley tried to get in between the feuding parties.

"Stay out of this, birdbrain!" Bart told her off and the Siren herself was taken aback from the insult.

And that agitated Neil. "You can't talk to her like that! What's wrong with you?!" He pushed off Bart.

The shouting match continued and it was up to the guild members to do something about it before it devolves into something much more nasty.
Seraph Academy

Tournament Arenas

Seleth went for the finishing blow but Lisia had one last trick up her sleeve, also a finishing blow. The audience watched intently as the Dark Elf and the Princess clashed one last time.

Lisianthus summoned a bolt of lightning directly at her, hoping to lessen the effects of the dark orb as well as to hit Seleth with it. Dark clouds quickly formed in the sky, crackling as a quick strike of hot lightning hit the Princess, yet she was not harmed. It was her element, after all. The Dark Elf, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Seleth was blown away from the lightning blast and crashed into the rocky surface of the arena.

However, fortune was not entirely with Lisianthus. Not at all, in fact. Seleth's multitude of Dark Javelins hit the Princess also, her lightning blessing hitting too late to dispel it. Lisianthus, too was sent flying into the ground from the dark attack. The clash had no victor as both fighters lie motionless on the stone-themed arena.

The lightning blast from the Princess had sent you flying from her. It was all darkness for you from that. But consciousness soon returned to you. You stirred from your dirt nap and you opened your eyes. Your body was sore and hurting from the hits you took from your opponent but you had enough strength to at least raise your upper body.

You hear the audience gasp in tandem and soon see why. Your opponent, Princess Lisianthus of Razelia, still lied on the ground unconscious. You realize what this meant. You both may have been knocked out but you rose first, making you the winner of this match. The audience was quiet, in disbelief that their beloved Princess was defeated. Perhaps there were some that wanted to cheer for you but they did not want to break the air.

The match's referee confirmed Lisia's condition and confirmed it. "Princess Lisianthus is unconsious! Seleth Thenri is the winner!" One of the audience began clapping, he was distant but you could swear he looked like Raviel. Then another followed. Then another. Then another. Soon, you were a given a round of applause from the audience. Not a thunderous one, but more of a solemn acceptance that you were the victor.

Lisia was soon escorted out of the arena and the audience followed. You were free to do what you wish, but the pains from the fight was still there so you should probably not exert yourself in anything.

Academy Infirmary

~~~ @AzureKnight (LIS) ~~~

You had cast your lightning blessing upon you as Seleth closed in with her Dark Javelins. You hoped it would blow away the Dark Elf and dispel her dark magic but it was not to be, you see the multitude of Javelins launch at you and darkness overwhelmed you. You briefly felt a small surge of power after but it was too late, you drifted into unconsciousness from the hit.

You soon stirred, slowly opening your eyes to a white ceiling. You rise and see that you were in a bed of sorts and surveying your surroundings, you realize you were in the Academy Infirmary. The implications may have troubled you but nothing was certain for now. Did you even want to know, though?

A figure appeared from the side. A Beastkin of long orange hair with a pair of canine ears, short of stature, wearing a white coat greeted you as she noticed you were awake. "Ah, Princess!" You knew her as Doctor Elma. One of the many accomplished doctors within Razelia. This one in particular chose to practice her medical expertise in Seraph Academy.

"Princess, are you alright? Does anything hurt?" She concernedly asked you. "The fight sure was something, you and Miss Thenri were evenly-matched." The Beastkin remarked. "But ultimately, the winner was..." She trailed off as her ears drooped. You knew what that meant.

Southern Gate Town

~~~ @Frozen0Titan (KAZ) ~~~

With Maldur's distraction, Kazudain and Ecthel approached Juan's carriage. The boy opened the wagon and found the target cowering in the corner. Ecthel tossed some strange dust at Juan and in moments, Juan fell unconscious. The rogue boy threw Juan over his shoulder and exited the carriage. "Alright, I've got him. Let's go!"

But then a few razor-sharp cards were hurled their way. None hit Kazudain but two hit Ecthel on his shoulder, making him drop Juan. "Agh!" Ecthel fell to the ground as his shoulder bled from the cards buried in the flesh.

~~~ @AzureKnight (HIS & ENI) ~~~

The knight braced for impact from Hisana's attack but it never came for Enishi had frozen the sticky magic Hisana employed.

While that was a failure, Hisana's other attack fared better. The cards she hurled at Kazudain missed the intended target but they did hit a brown-haired boy in rogue-ish attire who was in the middle of carrying an unconscious Juan. It appeared you were almost about to fail your objective.

Meanwhile, you see Keith drop his sword and surrender to the Beastkin girl and the hooded man Keith mistook as Enishi. With the fight going downhill fast and finding yourself quickly getting surrounded, it might be a good idea to make yourself scarce for now. Annabelle may not be happy but you doubt she would lash out. She did not seem the type.

Also, you may find the opportunity to finally murder Keith.

Rimlian deflected the shield back to Keith, who did not see it coming. The shield hits the mercenary on the torso causing him to flinch and allow Lumina to sweep him off his feet. With the staff pinning him down, Lumina continued the interrogation.

"You can't just leave me with an omen like that and expect me not to bite. C'mon, now, you gotta tell me."
Lumina Lusteria

"It's always the same! Every time!" Keith, surprisingly, answered. "Great magical kingdom! Too big to fail! Then it does, then hell breaks loose. Next thing you know, no more Humans or Dwarves." The mercenary continued, only making sense to himself. "But hey, at least the Elves and you Beasties get to inherit the world right?"

Keith slapped the staff away and got up, intending to retaliate with his sword. "And I'm not staying to see all of it. I'm only here because Belle bailed me out. I should really just throw her--" The mercenary stopped, as if he realized something. He wordlessly dropped his sword and raised his hands. A gesture of surrender, ice suddenly forming around to entrap him. The fight was over.

"Yeah." Keith whispered to himself. "Why didn't I think of that?"
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