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Seraph Academy

Practice Halls

The second round of matches had begun and two fighters would find themselves facing each other this day. One was the Crown Princess herself, Lisianthus who was just done sending her brother back to the audience. The other was the outside competitor Vuldur who had quite the incident yesterday with an upstart mage.

"Fighters!" The collective attention of everyone was called by an adult Human male, a Seraph Academy staff and the match's referee. "This is your second match for the Grand Academy Tournament. You should all be familiar with the rules by now but I will repeat again just in case you are not." The referee cleared his throat. "Both fighters will duel until one of them is incapacitated. All spells are permitted in the fight but! Fighters must not have augmented themselves before the match. Any blessings that needs to be cast will be cast during the match itself."

"Now then, begin!"

~~~ @Frozen0Titan (KAZ & MAL), @A Lowly Wretch ~~~

While Kazudain and Maldur stood by for the moment, Thessir made the first move. The Rogue Elf used the darkness in his pocket and the shadow of Kazudain to cut the latter's tendon with a dagger poisoned with a paralytic.

The attack was almost a success. The knife managed to indeed cut Kazudain's heel but it was not deep enough for the poison to work immediately. However, Kazudain could already feel his muscles having difficulty moving. He will need to maximize the time he still has before the paralysis settles in completely. Fortunately, Maldur was still a hundred percent capable and can carry the fight for his master in the worst case scenario.

The fight goes on, with Thessir with the advantage.

Seleth made the first move when she and her clones rushed Raviel, intending to put him in a 'lose-lose' situation. However, the Beastkin student attempted to get the first strike in, swinging his staff around to perhaps hit one of the oncoming Seleths or at least stave off some of them if they were inclined to evade.

Raviel hit two of the Dark Elf's clones and attempted to teleport away but the true Seleth managed to hit Raviel on the head before he could teleport, sending the Beastkin dazed and stumbling a few feet away.

Seleth had the momentum and she could very well keep it up. Meanwhile, Raviel has mostly recovered from the first hit of the match and could respond. Perhaps take advantage of an opening or pull out a trick from the sleeve and catch the Dark Elf off-guard.

~~~ @Grape, @Lmpkio ~~~

The two fighters have assumed their combat stances. Gamora had gestured to come at her but Nilfrenda did not accept the offer, preferring to remain in her stance and let Gamora to make the first move and perhaps create an opening.

However, neither fighter had made the first move yet. The small audience, mostly composed of fans of Gamora, watched the fight intently. The air was tense as Gamora and Nilfrenda waited for each other to make the first offensive move, their eyes looking and anticipating any move the other would make. There was none so far though.

But sooner or later, one of them must move. There can only be one winner in this match after all.

Northern Gate

~~~ @AzureKnight (HIS) ~~~

You had accepted Keith's offer and forfeited your match with Varjan. Leaving via the north gate of Seraph Academy, you saw Keith waiting for you on an unremarkable corner. He sat on a barrel in an attempt to blend in. Emphasis on 'attempt'. "I knew you'd make the right choice." The mercenary waved at you. "Okay, that was a lie. I just always wanted to say that."

"Anyway, as for your down payment." Keith got off the barrel and opened its lid, revealing that the container was filled to the brim with gold coins. "Looks shiny and nice, right? We're actually supposed to split this but you can keep it all. It's going to be worthless in the near future anyway." He said. "Let's get to a more secure place so we can talk details."

Keith brought the barrel to its side and began rolling it. "First order of business though, what's your opinion on drugs?" He asked you. "You know, the stuff that helps enhance the magical abilities of a person? Or I guess you can include meth and coke there too."

Eastern Gate Town


~~~ @Frozen0Titan (TIB), @AzureKnight (ENI), @Polaris North (FAY) ~~~

Faye's silencing spell affected the warehouse as intended so when Enishi's bird familiar flew in, the ones inside all bought the ruse. "It was just a frigging bird. False alarm people, you can all continue working." Keith announced. "Ragnar? Nah, he'll figure it out sooner or later. Don't bother."

However, Ragnar and the other thug would find themselves in a quite different situation. The two of them were pulled into the investigators' position by Faye and found themselves in a fight. "KEITH! We have intruders! Keith?!" Ragnar attempted to alert his allies but he found that the people inside the warehouse went about their business as if nothing was happening. "What the-- Argh! It doesn't matter!"

While the thug was simply armed with a longsword and armored with leather, Ragnar looked more like a competent warrior with fur and leather armor and wielded a large axe. His helmet had a unique style so it was beyond doubt he was a simple thug. "I can handle you all myself!" He yelled at the investigators.

The fight had begun.

I'll update it soon. Don't worry.

SUPER sorry for the super delay guys. Apparently I can't move during the weekdays.

Anyway, here's an update. Also, welcome back @ShwiggityShwah!
The Long Road Home
~@Lmpkio (MOR)~

"After I heal your friend, Can you take me to her, please? Or at the very least tell me where she is so I can go there myself...?"

"Uh, umm... okay, I guess? Sure." A little startled from your sudden excitement. "She's at a quest right now but I think she'll be back at the guild once we return."

"Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Miss Morgan." He said with a sincere smile.

~@The Irish Tree (NEP)~

"Our room placement was decided at random. Though, he has proven to be a rather good roommate. He keeps it tidy, and was kind enough to lend me clothes to use."
Nephele Francine Megalos III

"...I see. At random, huh?" Talia replied. "Well, I hope there haven't been any... awkward moments between you and Neil." There are though but it was up to you to reveal that or not.

"Would you tell me of some of your other inventions, sometime? I've never been a tinkerer myself, but I'd love to see your work in action."
Nephele Francine Megalos III

"Oh, I haven't actually invented or tinkered anything major. Or minor, I suppose." The Cyclops corrected. "Kyle's flying machine was my first big work. I was introduced to many new concepts working on that thing. I still like forging, by the way, but I'd like to... you know? Branch out."

~@The Irish Tree (NEP), @Lmpkio (MOR)~

"Hey, Neph! Talia! I'm back!" Neil returned to the parked wagon with Morgan. "This is Morgan. She can help Talia with her infection." He then turned to Morgan. "Talia's the Cyclops on the wagon. I'll leave her to you, okay?"

Neil then went over to Nephele. "Hey, how's Talia holding up?" He asked first. "Listen, I-I think I should apologize for suddenly striking out." Neil continued. "I-I know that you are much more knowledgeable in this world so... that was kinda idiotic of me to go look for help. I'm sorry." The boy sighed. "I guess it was all so fast. I wanted to get help for Talia as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, with Talia and Morgan. "Hello, Miss Morgan." The Cyclops greeted. She looked like any other Cyclops, although Talia here looked pale and clearly sick "I... We, kinda got into a little scuffle last night that resulted in... this." She motioned to her injured shoulder. "It was supposed to be healed but... I guess it didn't stick."

"So you're a healer around these parts, Miss Morgan?"

Just Business
~@Lmpkio (TCA), @Silver Carrot, @13org (BST), @AzureKnight (VRA)~

"If you're lying, I will not hesitate to flay you alive. Now, where to the Shrine of Eos?"

"Oh no no! If they see me, they get very mad." George waved his hands and shook his head from the ground. "They not big fans of what I do or what my products are. They surely put me in jail or at least do something that will be very annoying."

The drug dealer stood up and dusted himself off. "What I am saying is: We make plan and prepare to take down Ravager's Rest for good. We contact Shrine Of Eros only when it is time." George explained. "I know people who can help break open the fortress. Although, I will need help gathering them all. Your help, specifically, if you want to get paid."

"I will not lie, this might take long time. But I assure you reward will be great. Your names will be famous throughout region." George continued. "You will be loved by Eros Shrine and maybe even get discount from traveling merchants."

George walked to a covered, rather large object near the barricade. He then took off the tarp covering to reveal a living horse hidden beneath it Embarking it, he continued. "I contact you for the first step, okay? I will introduce you to acquaintance who you need to recruit for plan. But first, I must know his whereabouts. I tell you where he is once I contact you." With that, the drug dealer rode away.

The quest was done. The guild members were free to return to the guild or do something else.

One Man's Trash
~@13org (FYR)~

The competition began and everyone began shooting their targets. Some were pathetic, some were decent and some were truly skilled. You were one of the more skilled ones but not the best, however. After the first round, some of the competitors were thanked for joining and dropped from the competition. You were pretty safe from being one of them but you needed to be better if you wanted to duel Saburo.

A break was called to give the competitors some rest before the next round. You saw Ditzy and Nagare conversing to a guard, likely about Saburo, but suddenly you were poked in the back. You were probably surprised but it turned out, it was a familiar face. "Heyo, Freyr!" Haley greeted you happily. "Sorry for being late. There were some stuff back at the guild that delayed me. Nothing to worry about though."

"So! What're we doing?"

~@Restalaan (DIT), @AzureKnight (NAG)~

"Excuse me, is mr.Saburo free? I have a question for him. I want to ask him more about arrows."
Ditzy Stoneclub

"Why do you want to know about his arrows?" The guard asked. "Regardless, you cannot see him. He is busy watching the tournament." He rebuffed Ditzy.

However, a hand on the guard's shoulder startled him. "What? Lord Fujikiyo?" Indeed, it was Saburo Fujikiyo. He was in his Eastern armor of red and black colors with a helmet and mask to conceal his face. He pulled away the guard who understood that he would be dealing with Ditzy and Nagare himself.

"Why do you seek my arrows, little one?" Saburo asked Ditzy. "Do you intend to replicate them? Steal my style?" He also had a long nodachi with him so Ditzy and Nagare need to choose their words carefully regarding Saburo's accusations.


You returned to the guild after abruptly leaving for a while. Whatever the reason was for leaving, it has been dealt with and you have returned. The guild building looked the same as ever although there was a glaring hole where the entrance used to be. It appeared something punched through it though as to what you had no idea.

The dark clouds hung over the night sky, preventing the Moon from shining what limited light it had. Thus, the area was almost as dark as pitch. The only source of light was the guild headquarters. It almost looked like a beacon in the darkness. You approached the building and you saw a familiar face looking over the hole in the structure. "Damn, this is gonna be expensive."

Bart noticed your presence and was first to speak. "Ozzy? Ozzy, it's you!" The guild master recognized you. "You left abruptly when you were last here. I... can't remember the reason though. What happened?"

~@ShwiggityShwah, @The Irish Tree (MAG), @Restalaan (YNG)~

Magnus and Yang returned to the guild by nightfall. The dark clouds that hung on the sky the entire was still there, obscuring the Moon and making the whole place very dark. Only the guild headquarters provided light, shining like a beacon amidst the darkness.

The two approached the entrance only to see their guild master talking with what appeared to be an owl-looking Harpy. "Hey, you two! Welcome back!" Bart noticed them and waved them over. "Ozzy, this is Magnus and Yang. Magnus, Yang, this is Ozzy." Bart introduced them to each other. "Ozzy here is..." The guild master attempted to find the right words but ultimately could not. "I'll let him explain."

"What about you two? You were going on that 'flying machine' quest, right?"
Eddie & Dorma

"Not really... Dorma looks up to Yosafire but there's clearly something more to it... But Yosafire is already with another so... I don't think things would work out..."

"Oooh. Girl's got it rough." Eddie replied, cringing a little.

"Anyway, time to take a bite out of your famous pie." The actor took a bite and chewed a little, immersing his tongue on the pie's flavor. Apple was certainly a part of it but it was baked in such a way that the flavor was enhanced. Freshly-baked meant that it was also warm so that helped too. "Hey! This is pretty good. Certainly better than the pies that you could buy around the corner." He complimented Dialo. "Compliments to the chef, of course." He added.

"May I know the name of the chef though?"

"Well... I heard that they come from the sea... But that's uh... All I really know, sorry..."

"Ah, is that so? Macarona said so too earlier." Dorma replied. "Perhaps they shall bring some new and exotic music to the festival. I shall certainly look forward to it."

Dorma was still quite down from earlier but she was a bit better. No use dwelling in the past, she thought. She'll get another chance. And hopefully not screw it. The thought of that began to weigh Dorma down again so she shook them off. Got to focus on the positive.
Posted the info for the first batch of NPCs. Will get to work on the others.
I am not always doom and gloom like how many people and poets perceive me. I most definitely can be cheerful. I can be amiable. Agreeable. Affable. And that's only the A's.

Just don't ask me to be nice. Nice has nothing to do with me.

Central NPCs

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