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3 mos ago
Current That's... not quite how you do it...
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3 mos ago
I feel like everyone has an RP or two that they want to revive. For me, I want to go back to 'The Magical Plight', one of my first decent-length RPs. Not sure how many of the others would want to tho.
3 mos ago
I'm making a hesitiant return after quitting 3 months ago. My life is in a slightly better place, so maybe I can make it through the year without any new scars.
7 mos ago
I'm very sorry to everyone I've left in the dark up until recently, but I'm going through a difficult time and will be indefinitely quitting the guild
8 mos ago
I'm finally back in the country, so I can finally work on some responses


My Name is Shadow Daedalus, or 'Dae' for short

I like to RP things with fighting and grit, but chilled out RPs are good too. (Just nothing fluffy like sunshine and rainbows, ick)

I am a fairly literary person and I like to write stories in my spare time, so my RP style is quite descriptive.

Wide range of tastes, like Sci-fi, Modern, Fantasy and Historical

I don't usually play more that one character at a time, and I'm more comfortable as a male character, but I might try to expand more in the future, you'll have to wait and see...

Not very interesting, so feel free to ask me questions :D

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This seems interesting, I was thinking of a fairly young Knight of the Round (early 20's) in support of the Progressive Faction? I'd like for him to have a personal connection to the Empress (maybe they grew up together) but I don't know if that's pushing it.
@Lumiere It's a shame you're pulling out, but tbh this RP had ground to a halt and I'm not sure it'll ever start so I don't think it matters too much
This seems chaotic and insane and I love it
@Vongola_Hasayo Speaking of, my character is interacting with her in my last post
I'm still knocking around, but idk how many of us are left
My Uni work has just slaughtered what little free-time I had left, so I'm gonna have to drop this too so I can work on RPs I'm more invested in
@The Jest We should probably round everyone up and get started on the IC, lest we start loosing people
@Liotrent I've been busy with real world stuff, mainly job hunting and Uni prep, but I'll try to have something up tomorrow
@krismer22 don't know, don't really care. Could have been drifting in and out of consciousness with loss of short-term memory between to give the illusion of 5 minutes of solid unconsciousness if you're that desperate for an explanation
@Liotrent Ah, maybe a few mentioned interactions with the support companies or avoiding enemy patrols but nothing substantial. I'll leave my post as reactionary, so do whatever you had planned and I'll work off of that.
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