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Current I'm very sorry to everyone I've left in the dark up until recently, but I'm going through a difficult time and will be indefinitely quitting the guild
3 mos ago
I'm finally back in the country, so I can finally work on some responses
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To all those currently involved with an RP I am taking part it, be it forum or PM, I will post what I can when I can but I plead that you be patient with me.
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I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that I am one inconsistent MF, as evidenced by all my abandoned hiatuses
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I've finally got my internet back, so I'll be working on responses ASAP


My Name is Shadow Daedalus, or 'Dae' for short

I like to RP things with fighting and grit, but chilled out RPs are good too. (Just nothing fluffy like sunshine and rainbows, ick)

I am a fairly literary person and I like to write stories in my spare time, so my RP style is quite descriptive.

Wide range of tastes, like Sci-fi, Modern, Fantasy and Historical

I don't usually play more that one character at a time, and I'm more comfortable as a male character, but I might try to expand more in the future, you'll have to wait and see...

Not very interesting, so feel free to ask me questions :D

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Seems interesting, any particular theme/setting?
My life is slowly spiralling out of control and I want to crawl in a hole and sleep forever... so a minor improvement

Interactions: Aeschel Aspro @DrTwit

Daedalus was quiet as he listened to plan proposed by his newly minted partner, nodding once in approval. He mentally amended his statement about his shield though, as the shield that Aeschel saw wasn't his semblance but instead merely a feature of his Icarus System. Not seeing the point of arguing semantics, he instead lowered his body slightly and bent his arms as he got ready to act.

"Try to match my timing."

With that, he sprinted forward, aiming to circle the King Taijitu while also veering closer. He had the closest arm extended, firing a hail of hard-light bolts at the closest head, splitting the creature's full attention between him and his new partner. When he was close enough the black-scaled head lunged at him, intent on swallowing him whole. The cyborg, having expected this, forced his legs in front of him as he slid underneath it, peppering the underside of it's head with gunfire from both arms. Feeling himself slowing, he flipped himself over so he ended in a low, predatory crouch. The Instant he was stationary, he stood up from his crouch and charged a High Impact shot. Whole ordeal that taken less than 6 seconds, and he paused briefly before moving again. That was Aeschel's first window, and the Atlesian hoped he noticed it.
My new work schedule is killing my free time, but I'll try to have a post up by tomorrow
@Agent 47 I've been pretty swamped with my new job, but I'll try to get something up tomorrow
@DrTwitI'm going to hold off posting now, otherwise we'll leave everyone else behind
@DrTwit Well, I mean, kinda... He's engineered to be a bit OP but As a trade off, he's got no real semblance anymore, and his limbs aren't protected by his Aura (they're machines, and machines don't have souls)

Interactions: Aeschel Aspro @DrTwit

Without knowing it, Aeschel had managed to back Daedalus into a proverbial corner with his greeting. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't think of a way to respond without either offending him and thus earning animosity for a snubbed greeting or making eye-contact and thus locking him in as his partner for the next four years. Mentally exhaling, he resigned himself to the reality that he had, in fact, no means of escaping this and thus had to bite the bullet. He turned and shook the faunus's hand briefly, making mildly intense eye contact for a full second before letting go and turning back towards the King Taijitu. "Daedalus Atsali."

As he listened to the faunus's proposed plan, he had to stop himself from glaring at the faunus in total bemused exasperation. A King Taijitu, completely healthy, was an enemy that a single first-year student could take down alone, with a responsible amount of skill. The one in question was heavily wounded, half-blind. By all accounts, it would be child's play with the two of them, yet he wanted to lure it away and trap it like a major level threat? This wasn't a Death Stalker or anything close... Staring unfazed at the Grimm in front of them, he instead offered his own plan as he glanced at Aeschel out of the corner of his cybernetic eye. "It makes more sense to take it down now, instead of risking it escaping and catching another student off-guard."

He readied his Icarus System again, setting it to Rapid Fire and disengaging the Dust Excitation units. "One of us draws its attention while the other aims for a vulnerability like one of its remaining eyes, switching when they get its attention... Or I can just take it on myself, your call." The last statement came out a little sharper than he had intended, but the faunus's reaction had cause a falter in Daedalus's confidence in his abilities.
@DrTwit Well, Daedalus is like 3/5th Terminator/Iron Man Hybrid so...
@DrTwit He recognised Aeschel's skill, but he still doesn't want to partner up
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