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Current To all those currently involved with an RP I am taking part it, be it forum or PM, I will post what I can when I can but I plead that you be patient with me.
3 mos ago
I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that I am one inconsistent MF, as evidenced by all my abandoned hiatuses
4 mos ago
I've finally got my internet back, so I'll be working on responses ASAP
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Hiatus is on hold for the next month or so, while I have a little more free time
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Officially on Indefinite Hiatus


My Name is Shadow Daedalus, or 'Dae' for short

I like to RP things with fighting and grit, but chilled out RPs are good too. (Just nothing fluffy like sunshine and rainbows, ick)

I am a fairly literary person and I like to write stories in my spare time, so my RP style is quite descriptive.

Wide range of tastes, like Sci-fi, Modern, Fantasy and Historical

I don't usually play more that one character at a time, and I'm more comfortable as a male character, but I might try to expand more in the future, you'll have to wait and see...

Not very interesting, so feel free to ask me questions :D

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@Agent 47 you should probably invite Ebil Bunny back if Aura is dropping out
Given the explanations provided, I rescind my previous comment.

Also, I've got so many ideas, I'm not sure which one to choose:

My first idea is a mute hunter, maybe a Deer Faunus, that uses a compound bow/double-bladed glaive. He's used to working alone, and has a semblance that allows him to see the world around him in black and white, with people and creatures identified in colours denoting their intentions. White is neutral, blue is a friend, pink is someone in love, red is an enemy etc with gold being a target he has deliberately selected for tracking purposes and Grimm showing up like they appear physically except with a mild glow. He can also identify their remaining aura by the intensity of their glow.

My second idea is an Atlesian military project: a cyborg. Son of an Atlesian weapon designer is heavily wounded, resulting in the loss of his arms and legs, and is given experimental robotic limbs with built-in weapon systems by his father. He can use hard-light blades for melee combat and built-in energy rifles for ranged attacks, both of which can be modified using internal dust distribution systems, or hard-light shields for defence. His semblance creates a rotating electromagnetic field around him, which is used to charge the robotics via magnetic induction and thusly can't be utilised outside of his body. Instead, he can release the power output limiters as a pseudo-semblance that increases his speed, strength and weapon damage but drains his internal power stores faster than he can recharge them. He can also overcharge his systems, which increases them even further but risks fairly serious damage to his robotic parts.

My third idea is a Wolf Faunus armed with a Battle Rifle/Hand-and-a-half sword, with a semblance that summons spectral wolves made of aura that he can fuse with to increases his speed, strength, senses and aggression. He was raised by criminal parents, ran away as a teenager and ended up leading a street gang of similar teens, where they lived by stealing valuable items and fighting off rival gangs. The group was nearly caught by the police after a huge fight broke out with another gang, but he gave himself up to let the others get away. To avoid prison, he accepted a deal to enroll at Beacon.
I feel like the two people that posted don't know about the colour naming rule
I've got four ideas, which one sounds the most interesting? Lightning Ronin, Silent Hunter, Wolf Sniper or Atlesian Cyborg?
I'm in, if you'll have me

@Agent 47 You don't have to accept it, I just had the idea and needed to write it down somewhere. Feedback would be appreciated though

Interactions: Gwyneth @Blackened World

Icarus turned his head as Gwyneth spoke, his mismatched eyes settling on her crimson ones. A small smile settled on his face as she told him of her faith in her self and in him, and he tried to make it comforting as she apologised. He wasn't too surprised that she did, it was simply how she was; underneath the calm and patience was a kind heart that was clouded slightly by a guilt he didn't pry into. It wasn't his place, after all.

"You needn't apologise... I cannot forgive myself for the things I have done, but you have a point. I am unable to see it myself, but if you believe that I still hold the potential to use the powers of the Tyrant's Heart for good, that I can save people, then I owe it to you and anyone else to try." He paused briefly to close his eyes and roll his shoulders with a small pop and a light sigh of satisfaction. A bad night's sleep, which was pretty much the norm for him, and the stress of the mission had gotten his arms and shoulders tense. His eyes slid opened again, but gone was the normal mismatched silver and pale copper colour, instead replaced by bloody red with cross-shaped pupils. To someone unfamiliar with his Imperial Arms, it might appear that the Tyrant was waking up but that wasn't the case. Instead, it was a declaration; he would fight, with Fafnir as his weapon."For the longest time, I've been fighting to kill, but never thinking beyond that. Kill the Empire, Kill those that took my family, Kill the mistakes I've made... I should have been fighting to save this country and it's people. It's about time I started, if you'll help me? If I'm ever lost, point me back to the path. If I let the Tyrant in, stop me."

He blinked and the dragon's eyes were gone again. He leant back into his chair with a sigh through his nose as his gaze softened a little."Now it's my turn to apologise. You just wanted to relax here and I come in and drop this on you..." He laughed softly, a sliver of a derisive tone weaved into it."Tell you what, when we get back from this assignment I'll treat you to a meal to make up for it. Deal?" As the last word left his mouth, he began to fear for his wallet. He wasn't exactly tight on gold, far from it in fact, but Gwyneth's appetite could still take a heafy bite out of it. Still, it only seemed fair given the mood-killer he had dropped.

Interactions: Gwyneth @Blackened World

Icarus was quiet for a moment as he formulated his answer, a particularly dark image settling in his mind. His eyes went to his hand, palm up on his knee, and his mind flashed back to a memory of that same hand, only beaten and blood-soaked. "It's ironic, really. The thought that lets me resist the Tyrant's Heart is the same thought that drives me to use it in the first place. I've seen despair, lost everything; my home, my family, everything and everyone I loved... and I refuse to let it happen again, to anyone. I will do whatever I can to make sure no one has to go through that again." He went quiet for a moment, one hand clenching into a fist as the other lightly brushed the scar maring his cheek. In his mind, Flashes of his past mingled with those of his new life in Night Raid, the faces of his comrades superimposed over the corpses of his family and fire consuming his new home the same way it did his old one. He let his hands relax as he adjusted himself in his seat, leaning forward his arms resting on his knees as he calmed himself with a slow exhale through his nose.

"I've lost control before, not enough to permanently fuse obviously, but it was still enough to build this fear inside me. It's why I went into hiding before I joined up with Night Raid. There was a small town not far from one of the Imperial garrisons near the northern border, I was hiding out there to recover after I was pretty badly wounded in the attack and this family took me in. I was there for maybe 3 days before soldiers came knocking at the door. Without thinking, I used Fafnir to take them out but... I didn't realise that the man was still nearby. He saw my dragon features and attacked me, but my instincts took over and I killed him. Put my claw straight through him, up to the elbow. I hear the man's wife scream, and people came running... It didn't take long for the shouting to start and suddenly they were attacking me with axes, farming tools, anything they could find in order to get rid of me.

Somewhere in the confusion, something took ahold of me and when I finally regained my senses I was surrounded by blood and destruction, starting at what was left of a little girl, maybe 9 years old. I didn't know it at the time but that was the Tyrant, it had been threatened and attacked so it slaughtered everyone it saw as a threat."
. By the time he stopped to breath, Icarus's head was in his hands, fingers tight in his hair as the Tyrant stirred at his emotions. With Fafnir in it's inactive state the influence it had was minimal so there was no risk of him losing control, but that didn't stop him from feeling the slight presence even now."I killed innocent people that day; men, women, children... Everytime I use Fafnir's powers, I do it to prevent the Empire from doing the same, but the thought of repeating that terrifies me. I'm Pathetic...". He whispered the last two words, lifting his head and leaning back in his seat as he gathered his thoughts. He couldn't afford be distracted during the mission, so it was best if he gathered himself now.
@Blackened World Forgot to tag you in my IC

Interactions: Gwyneth @Blackened World

Icarus watched as the other members of Night Raid filtered out of the kitchen before pushing himself off of the counter with a sigh and did the same, grabbing another apple as he passed. Walking the halls, his hand idly went to rest over his heart, or more specifically the mark symbolising the presence of the Ultra-class Dragon feared as the Tyrant. It was always there when he used Fafnir, tugging at his mind to give in to the primal instincts and be reborn as the new Tyrant, some days whispering louder than others. It wasn't something he could really talk about with the others, something that they would fully understand. He looked at the fruit in his hand as his grip tightened slightly, pushing the thoughts away. This wasn't time to get hung up on this, just before his first real mission in over a month...

Lost in his thoughts, he drifted into the living room of the hideout but stopped just over the threshold. He looked up and spotted Gwyneth, absorbed in a book and saving her strength, as a small smile came to his face. He was glad she was able to relax somewhat, maybe it might help him do the same. He looked at the apple in his hand and shrugged before speaking up. "Hey Gwyn, Catch!" Waiting a second for her to react, he tossed the fruit to her in hopes she would catch it. She probably wouldn't turn it down, given her insane metabolic rate. Instead of walking out to train, he crossed the room and settled into one of the adjacent seats.

"How are you feeling? First mission since a month ago... Say, Gwyn, do you ever worry about what might happen when we use our Imperial Arms; you, me and Kyy?" He trailed off, uneasiness settling into his eyes. During the almost-failed mission, he'd felt the Tyrant's presence frighteningly clearly, a primal tugging to slaughter and feed, but other than that it'd had been quiet. Unusually so. He wasn't even sure why he'd stop to talk to Laevateinn's wielder over everyone else. Maybe it was because he felt she was the one that could come closest to feeling the same, given the draconic nature of her weapon. Whatever it was, Icarus felt like he needed to talk to someone about it, and she was the only one that might understand. Kyy was similar, true, but demons are pure and simple evil and, in a way, that makes it easier to deal with. But Dragons aren't evil, they're just running on instinct, and that grey area of morality is harder to push aside.
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