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23 days ago
Current Ah, That makes sense. My thanks.
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23 days ago
Been here 2 years, still have no idea what a VM is...
5 mos ago
That's... not quite how you do it...
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5 mos ago
I feel like everyone has an RP or two that they want to revive. For me, I want to go back to 'The Magical Plight', one of my first decent-length RPs. Not sure how many of the others would want to tho.
6 mos ago
I'm making a hesitiant return after quitting 3 months ago. My life is in a slightly better place, so maybe I can make it through the year without any new scars.


My Name is Shadow Daedalus, or 'Dae' for short

I like to RP things with fighting and grit, but chilled out RPs are good too. (Just nothing fluffy like sunshine and rainbows, ick)

I am a fairly literary person and I like to write stories in my spare time, so my RP style is quite descriptive.

Wide range of tastes, like Sci-fi, Modern, Fantasy and Historical

I don't usually play more that one character at a time, and I'm more comfortable as a male character, but I might try to expand more in the future, you'll have to wait and see...

Not very interesting, so feel free to ask me questions :D

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WIP, I'm just posting it so I don't lose it or something. Feel free to review what I have though, make sure the Imperium is alright
So much for waiting patiently for everyone else to post... I'll probably work on my Nightmare and Gunfighter concepts and have a CS up for each in the next day or two

Edit: A few questions btw, how much time has passed since the Imperiums fell and where is this RP based? Is it the same as it was in the interest check?
@The Fool When you say 'Imperium Name', what do you mean? Do they have given birth names, or is it more like names/nicknames given by the hosts as a sort of identifier?
@The Fool That's the problem though: They're all semi-developed and all seem pretty fun to RP I'll just roll a dice and work it out that way

Edit: Or I'll wait for some more people to post their CSes and choose the one that best compliments the group.
I have a couple of ideas, from the fairly mundane 'enhanced physicality' (based in adrenal enhancement) to full on Nightmare Enducing Demon-form (Hormonal/pheromone based). If I had to condense them down, I've got:

1) John Wick on Speed, Steroids and Endorphines (A physically enhanced gunfighter)
2) Kaminari and Raiden's angsty lovechild (Lightning based powers)
3) Human Darkrai with a liberal dash of Scarecrow (a combination of fear and transformative based powers)
4) Nanomachines, Son (seamless Biological integration and interaction with technology)
5) Unlimited Blade Works (blade-based Psionics)
6) Angery Dragon-boi (draconic mutation)

So pick which sounds the best and I'll go with that, I guess.
I've got a question about the types of powers that the Imperiums can grant; Are they more mystical and fantastical, like magic or The Force, or are they more based in pseudo-science like X-men-style mutations?
curious. I'm interested.
This seems interesting, I was thinking of a fairly young Knight of the Round (early 20's) in support of the Progressive Faction? I'd like for him to have a personal connection to the Empress (maybe they grew up together) but I don't know if that's pushing it.
@Lumiere It's a shame you're pulling out, but tbh this RP had ground to a halt and I'm not sure it'll ever start so I don't think it matters too much
This seems chaotic and insane and I love it
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