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My Name is Shadow Daedalus, but I will accept pretty much any diminutive form you can come up with.

I like to RP things with fighting and grit, but chilled out RPs are good too.

I'm a little out of practice, so my writing style falls anywhere between Low-Casual and High-Casual.

Wide range of tastes, like Sci-fi, Modern, Fantasy and Historical

I don't usually play more that one character at a time, and I'm more comfortable as a male character, but I might try to expand more in the future, you'll have to wait and see...

Not very interesting, so feel free to ask me questions :D

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Hey, Sorry about dropping off like that, I've been pretty busy so RPing feel off my radar for a bit... I've got two ideas, one of which I need a little clarification on. I have an idea for an Ex-Imperial Pilot, but I also have a second idea for a non-pilot character

Sounds pretty interesting, but I'm more of a Casual writer and couldn't handle it if you went Advanced.
@HEAVY METAL I'll give it a look
<Snipped quote by Shadow Daedalus>

You play DnD ? Just started a campaign, we could use another player.

Yeah actually, I do. Hit me with details
I'm looking for a good RPs to join, groups or 1x1s
Thanks, I'm gonna try and get back into the swing of it as quickly as I can lol
I'm not necessarily a new member, but as the title states I have been away for about 2 years and recently decided to jump back in so hello again, fine people of the guild.
I'm certainly Interested. What's your policy on non-human races? I have a few ideas but they're not hinged on that detail
I have an idea or two for this, but I'll need a bit of input on the concepts.

Animalistic Races - basically anthropomorphics, but what about wings and tails? does that adhere to the 'no special powers' rule or is that too many limbs?
AI - I've yet to see a definitive answer, but would they be acceptable if they're contained within humanoid chassises?
Cyborgs - A stable part of sci-fi, how far along are cybernetics/prosthetics? can yet perfectly replicate a human limb or even out-perform them?
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