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We consider it to be a service just like any other. You need your cork popped? Drop into the local brothel. Wham-bam and you're onto your next business of the day.
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Prostitution's legal where I live, as long as it's in a licenced brothel. It even contributes to tax revenue.
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What if you get paid to get laid?
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Blue Eyes Wight Dragon
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@Assallya If I had to come up with a justification for that it would probably be that the whole point of a Houri is that they are unnatural. Unnaturally beautiful. Unnaturally long lived. Even their parentage is unnatural as it's apparently extraordinarily rare for a Nymph and an Elf to produce a child.

On the meta side of things, from what I was saw while reading up on Houri, they seem to be somewhat of a Mary Sue race, though I could be wrong there. I think the whole point is that they're supposed to be these eternally perfect and pure things.
@BrokenPromise The potentially magical nature of a Lich's decomposition is certainly an interesting point that I hadn't considered.
I'm a DnD noob to the very bone, but I've always been interested about tabletop gaming. (I guess you could say i'm "die-curious" lol) So I figured I'd make a post to fill in with any questions I may have about DnD and TT Gaming.

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How does tracking dice rolls work through an online medium, like in the tabletop section of this site? Does the DM make all rolls and tell players what they got? Or is there some kind of dice roll program that players use, so that everyone else can see what their roll was?

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