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Current I believe there's a warrant for my arrest in Minsk for Premeditated Loitering.
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Is that the Rangetsu Style?
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I'm wanted in Prague for Aggravated Jaywalking.
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They ordered the family sized God with extra garlic cheese.
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"Hey, yo my man. You-uh... *sniff* You lookin' to taste the rainbow, my man?"


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Bedtime Bump!

Nighty night.
Welcome to Kuroneko's new original Ero-RP "HynoApp: A Harem Roleplay" As the title implies, in this story I Intend to RP multiples and a huge theme will be Hypnosis, so if that sounds like something that tickles your pickle go ahead and drop me a line.

And as always, remember to wash your hands.

The Plot

You never had much luck with the ladies. Always something of a loner. But all that changed one fateful day. One day whilst surfing the net, perhaps visiting some websites of ill repute, an ad caught your eye. A brand new smartphone app from a tech company you'd never heard of before. Ordinarily you wouldn't look twice at some shady ad on a seedy website, but something about this one drew you in:

Behold the wondrous new HypnoApp!(TM), a fun an easy to use application that can, and will, change your life. By simply presenting the Hypnotic Gaze Spiral on your smartphone screen to another person, you can easily send them into a trance like state, enabling you to influence them with everything from suggestion, programming, to outright rewriting their very psyche to something more appealing. This fun to use app operates on a level reward system, becoming more effective and unlocking new features the more you use it. Download this app to your smartphone and start rewriting your life today!

1- Hypnotic Suggestion: Influence the actions of your subjects without forcing them to act too out of character. The subject will have no memory of anything that takes place while in the trance.
2- Complete Hypnosis: Take full control of your subject's will. At this level, you can even make them take actions they normally wouldn't ever consider. The subject will have no memory of anything that takes place while in the trance.
3- Preprograming: Program your subjects with instructions to take effect upon hearing trigger words or phrases that you decide on. The subject will have no memory of the programing or of the actions they might take when it is triggered.
4- Reprogramming: Rewrite the subject's psyche from the ground up. The subject will behave as instructed without the need for a trance, believing their behaviour to be completely natural.*

New plot bump
Bump before bed
Welcome to Kuroneko's patented "Close Encounters of a Smutty Kind!" Your one stop shop for all the extra-terrestrial adult fun times that you can shake your stick at.

Just wash your hands afterwards.


Additional Alien based plots will be coming soon to an Interest Check near you.*

*Specifically this one.

Sakura Softworks

It's was practically a dream job. A relatively new company in the adult video game industry, Sakura Softworks, attained popularity among the otaku culture, specialising in Yuri productions. Despite the appeal of their projects, no one from SakuSoft had never made any public appearances at Comiket or any other otaku conventions, adding a certain mystique factor to the company's popularity. Recently the small company announced their decision to expand into Hetero projects and placed an advertisement on their website, for an intern. As an avid fan of SakuSoft's work, you applied. By some stroke of luck you succeeded in getting the internship, and arrived on your first day, excited to get to work. How surprised you are to find out that Sakura Softworks, an Eroge company, is staffed entirely by six young women.


Character Sheet

My bump is the bump that will pierce the Heavens!
Yes @Khyron Shadowfang I see your PM. I'm working my way through my PMs and can't get to everyone all at once. Please have a little patience.
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