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Discord is very helpful for if you are doing Tabletop rpgs on sites like Roll20 so you can gather your friends abit more easily, but yes the character limit for text based can be a bit annoying.

However Discord has allowed me to stay in contact with a roleplay partner from rpg for the last 2 years despite alot of things going on in both our lives and we are still rping today thanks to Discord. They are the single best rp partner ive had when it comes to text / forum based, and she knows who she is.
@Fabricant451 Happy beyond measure.
Awaiting partner's return.
Talked with a few friends to get opinions. My head isnt in it at the moment due to medical stuff so would people be ok putting this on hold for a little while and when i've got everything sorted i'll message you all and see if you are still interested in it?
Abit of good news and bad news everyone.

Good news: If you have any edits / extra's you want to add to your characters you have till saturday/sunday for them.

Bad News: I had some bad medical news today so its going to take a few days to get my head in the right place for a major opening post, i hope you can all understand.

Thank you all for your patience.
Feel free to post it in the character list. I'll have the first post up either monday or tuesday now. Thank you all for your patience.
Feel free to throw up a character sheet, ill delay the first opening post by a day or two to give you time if everyone is ok with that. And i have a friend who wants to join aswell its just taking them a little while to work through their sheet and decide on stuff.
DnD today / Tonight. Opening post tomorrow (sunday.)
I'll have the in-character opening post done this upcoming weekend, hope you are all looking forward to it.
That would be good, yes.
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