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@honorandpride any preferences?
Would you be up for continuing / restarting our roleplay?
I shall work on something this weekend then.
@Hitman Updated some of my character sheet, really just the Bio and any edits you need me to make left. Once the spells are ok then i have an idea how to flesh out his backstory in how he got each.
Work in Progress for now:

The Basics

Name: Lucan Malcazzar

Nickname/Alias: N/A

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Rank: A Class (Can drop if needed)

Physique (brief description of your physical description. include guild mark location.):
To describe Lucan in a single word would require the use of the word: Gaunt. He is tall, standing at 6 foot 2 inches tall with a lithe build that lends himself to looking like a scar-crow in terms of his proportions. If Lucan was able to put some more fat on he would look more normal but with dark hair, eyes and a pale complexion he could often be said to looking like being One meal this side of the grave. He doesn't really mind though its just what he looks like. Lucan's guild mark is on the back of his right hand and is colored in black.

The Persona

Personality: To those that do not know him or after the first meeting people might consider Lucian to be distant and aloof but he is infact far from it. He just enjoys the sounds of others talking and often considers his own words before giving his input. A patient man he enjoys taking his time over things so that they can be as close to perfect as such a thing could be, to this extent he is able to deal with - Sabine's - chatty nature without it grating on him like it does with others. To those friends that he does make he remains loyal and always offers to aid them when they need it.

Likes: Chocolate, Cats, The Cold, Reading.

Dislikes: Deep Water*, being too warm / hot weather, Bullies. Spiders*.

Fears: Spiders due to not enjoying the way they move, their many eyes and in general creeps him out.
Deep Water, he dislike the unknown of what is below as water like oceans means its too dark to see.
Loneliness, which despite his somewhat appearance of being aloof he is scared of being without friends or family.

Brief Bio: To come soon.

The Mage

Magic: Devil/Satan Soul.

Description: A Caster Magic and a form of Take Over, This particular form of Magic allows the user to Take Over the powers and forms of different Demons. These forms give the user a variety of different abilities such as flight, enhanced speed, strength, reflexes etc.


Devil Soul - Azariah.

This Devil/Demon Soul was the first one that Lucian was able to become, with it being the Devil/Demon that he encountered when he was younger, having been infected by its demon magic upon its defeat.
In this form Lucian strength and durability are enhanced at the cost of speed and utility in the terms of spells he can use as it relies heavily on a longsword made of pure fire.

Devil Soul - Morelion

Morelion was the demon soul that came into possession of, some five years after he acquired Azariah when he was 14 years old. Morelion's form is all focused on speed and its ability to fly as it relies on speed and maneuverability to allow Lucian to get behind his opponents or towards weak spots that his usual question companion Sabine, points out to him.

Items: To come soon.
Dnd tonight, will work on a sheet tomorrow.
At work at the moment, and will be asleep for 6 hours the moment i get home, ill try to have it up before dnd tonight if not expect mine to be incoming tomorrow, just got a few more things i need to discuss with @Fabricant451 for common ground between our characters backstories when she has time.
@Fabricant451 Will do, have a good night and ill talk to you in about 11 hours.
@Fabricant451 Discord or PM's?
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