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Send you a pm Cara, let me know if you like the idea's.
Sent you a pm awhile back and never got a reply, but still interested if you are.
Sent a pm.
@NyancCaxx Sent you a pm.
Sent a pm.
Was checking stuff before i headed to work. This week im currently on a 12 hour shift at work but im not working this saturday so finishing my character sheet and posting up will be my first priority :)
Extremely busy, ive been doing even more hours at work so have even left time to post at the moment.
Name: Lucian Kalistarion

Age: 310


Personality: Coming soon.

Bio: Coming soon.
No problem, ive been very busy for the last couple of weeks and havent had time to get anything done, i have a half finished character sheet that ill try to finish tonight when i get home though as i don't get home until 7pm each night and only have 3 hours to get everything done (cook, clean, eat, shower etc) it may take abit.
Sent you a pm.
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