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Sure. So far both character sheets up are looking good.

@Enzayne @Stern Algorithm

1. Be nice to each other out of character even if your characters do not like each other.
2. Any problems speak to me first via pms.
3. 18+ Stuff, blood guts and gore at fine. 18+ Physical interactions are to be taken into pms. Any questions please ask.
4. Try to post atleast once per week. If you need more time then let me know.
5. Characters need to be approved 100% by me on the ooc section before you can post in-character with them.


The world of Shal'var is a world teaming with life that makes itself known from the northern frigid pole to the southern great desert. The life itself comes in many different shapes and forms ranging from simple animals like cows, sheep, dogs and lizards to the great beasts such as Dragon's, Chimera's and Manticore's. Scattered across each of the vast continents, making them homes in the places most suited to them are the mortal and elder races; Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Giants, Elves and many more. Each race as distinct from each other as a flower is to a tree, and while most of these races live in peaceful co-existence with battles and wars thought only for some ancient slight or fresh bout of conquest from risen tyrants, there is one race who have set their sights upon total dominion of all life through conquest, trickery, seduction, bribery and what ever means they have at their disposal.

This race is known as Devils.

Rumor has it that the Devil's were once Angels, turned dark by their eternal war with the Demons that come from the outer realms intent of consuming all life and souls. Some say that Devil's are the very embodiment of sinful and dark desires made manifest to test the world at the whim of Deities long since departed from the mortal realm. While there is much speculation on the origins of these fiends what is universally accepted is their dark desire for dominion.

The devils make their home on Kali'dar, the largest of the continents of the world with their cities scattered about the volcanic mountainous range known as the Dragon's Teeth, where their cities of obsidian, iron and brass rise from the darkened earth and stone to form towering cities of dark beauty.

Each city is ruled by a Devil Lord or Lady who was the founder of their city when Devil's first step foot upon this world. To aid in their own goals of expansion and conquest, each fiendish ruler has a court of devil's almost as great as themselves to do their bidding as they set their sights on ever expanding their own borders through military, magical and diplomatic might.

Our story see's us within the fourth oldest and greatest of the devil cities, Shadowshaw. Located on the northern most range of the Dragon's Teeth where the Emerald-Sea meets the frozen wasteland of the Expanse this city is ruled by Devil-Lord Morelion. A fiend whose appearance and arrogance offers some hint to the origins of the devil race, bearing a striking resemblance to the Celestial Angels that dwell at the heights of the world in more temperate climes. A towering humanoid of pale white skin and muscular build, his crimson and black armour framed by midnight black wings suggest a 'man' of martial and physical might but the deep crimson eyes that stare out at the world also suggest deep intellect and cunning. The kind of intellect and cunning that may see his and his subjects fortunes grow great in the years to come as plots seeded long ago begin to come to fruition.

Now our fiendish sire sits upon his obsidian throne, his claw like finger tips tapping out a four beat rhythm upon the arm rest, sending sparks from the contact of steel hard nails and hard wearing stone he awaits the arrival of his court; his most able if not loyal followers, to arrive so they may yet begin the next stages of their own and his great plans...

- - - -

Character Sheet:

Name: What is your character called.
Nicknames / Titles / Alias's: What is your character perhaps known by?
Age: Not so important for a devil, but somewhat in the range of 200-800 generally works best.
Gender: Male, Female, Both, N/A. The options can be many and varied.

Height: How tall do they stand?
Weight: How much do they weight?
Build: Lithe? Athletic? Muscular? So on and so forth.
Appearance: Description + picture if able.
Miscellaneous Appearance Notes: Anything that doesnt fit into the above category.

Personality: What are they like? Looking for atleast 1 decent (4-5 sentence) paragraph for this.
Specialty: Physical Combat? Magic? Diplomacy/Charismatic?
Dominating Trait/Sin: Any of the 7 Deadly work, or you may have something different like Loyalty / Zealotry, anything you can find of really.

Background: What brought them first into Morelion's employment / his court? What did they do before hand? What major events have their been in their long fiendish lives. Looking for 2-3 decent sized paragraphs again for this, if you need help then feel free to send me a pm.

- - - -

Hope you all look forward to this as much as im looking forward to see where the story takes us. :)

Below is what Morelion looks like:


Also about 1/3rd of the way done with the ooc thread info and such. Expect it up by sunday at the latest as I'll be busy over the next couple of days. Thank you all for your patience.
It is still a thing, ill be getting the ooc thread up sometime this week.
Bump again.
Sounds good guys and gals. I'll begin work on an OOC and IC thread sometime this weekend, at the latest it will be up by next friday as im currently abit busy with dnd prep on most weekends. Also means with the interest check will be up for abit longer if more people want to join aswell.
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