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1 day ago
Current But doctor, this girly magazine IS doujinshi!
2 days ago
Always puts a damper on a day when you meet with a medical professional who mentions the words "Stage Four" in whispered tones. Not what I was hoping to hear today.
6 days ago
Wake up to find Eminem released a new album. Can't wait to listen to that and inevitably be disappointed in how the mighty have fallen.
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1 mo ago
Anyway I'm gone until the New Year. Smell ya later, nerds and normies.
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Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.


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Then by default I'll take divination
@World Traveler Come on down to the price is right
Sliding towards interest
<Snipped quote by Fabricant451>

If we eat a steak dinner together, for you, is that cannibalism?

Oh I get it you're calling me a cow. I'm no longer flattered.
@Callousqueen I'm not sure if I should be flattered or confused. Flafused.
@IceHeart I only paid $7 for it so it's not like it was a huge loss but yeah it looks like DBZ and sounds like DBZ Kai/Super but so much of the game up to where I stopped (Gohan and Piccolo training before Nappa/Vegeta show up) it was 90 percent "fly to the quest marker or fly around collecting orbs or materials/ingredients for a food cooking system that so far you really have no need to partake in because all the best food is clearly gotten later on anyway" and sometimes do a fetch quest for fan service characters. Like hey, there's Nam or Eighter or Baba or the Martial Arts Tournament announcer oh look there's Pilaf and Mai and Shu! But then as you're flying around you keep getting harassed by fucking robots and then the combat starts and it's boring and everyone knows the best part of DBZ is when the characters kept fighting generic robot drones.

You don't even get to do stuff that might be fun to do in a DBZ RPG like run the Snake Way or fucking train with King Kai or Piccolo, you know, things that in a better game would serve as tutorials or introduction to systems for the combat or exploration. Instead they do the open world thing of dotting the areas (because this isn't open world, it's open sections, you can't fly from Goku's house to Roshi's house you have to open the world map and select the water zone where Roshi hangs out) with fucking enemy bases to destroy because that's what you want to do, take out more dumb generic robots in shit that even Ubisoft realized wasn't fun anymore.

But like, if you're going to make a game called 'Kakarot' why not just go all the way and go from Dragon Ball through to Super? At least Dragon Ball and Super haven't been done to death in video game form so it would be something relatively new instead of Piccolo killing Raditz and Goku again, Vegeta and Nappa again, Freiza again, and so on.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot seems like a game designed to test the fans of the series at every possible turn to see how much bad game design they will tolerate just because it's got Dragon Ball Z in it. Poorly designed controls for flying? Yep. A stupid system where flying through a ring of collectible orbs doesn't collect them meaning you have to actively slow down and fly in an awkward circle? Totally. A combat system that isn't really explained requiring you to pour through menus to understand literally any of its mechanics other than punch, not that there are many mechanics anyway? It's in there. A weirdly cumbersome skill tree AND multiple pinboard-esque 'community boards' where you slap tokens featuring your favorite characters in a silly excuse to get buffs by putting Goku next to Gohan or other characters who are friends? Yes sir! An 'open world' that is really just bland areas that are a chore to explore because of bad flying controls, random encounters taking you out of the resource gathering thing and disorienting you, side quests that even an MMO would think is too banal, and more orbs than a Crackdown game but infinitely less 'fun' to gather? Buddy you better believe it.

It's weird that there are people who are readily admitting that the game as a game is bad but are giving it a pass because it's DBZ as if DBZ fans don't already know the story of DBZ to the point of exhaustion.

Like I don't understand how you make flying feel so shit when flying in games has basically been perfected. Especially in a game where the main mode of transportation for everyone is fucking flying.
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is out on Switch now and includes the option to pick whether or not the childhood friend character wears glasses or not so really it's the best Fire Emblem experience on Switch. Also, Reincarnation slaps.

In Sentaku 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Majoras End It's gotten/is getting ports but the 'Nintendo console' requirement kinda died when they put Cloud in it since, until the Switch, FF7 hadn't been on a Nintendo property and no, the pre-7 entries don't count. Hell, one could argue it died when Sonic and Snake got in. Also considering the whole spirits system, Smash is less about Nintendo specifics than ever.
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