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29 days ago
Current New Limp Bizkit album dropped today and it uniroincally fucks
2 mos ago
Venom is a gay icon now thanks Andy Serkis and Tom Hardy
4 mos ago
Six months after a nasty sudden hospital stay and rehabilitation I am finally back to normal. Better than normal, even. God it feels good. Whew
8 mos ago
Discharged from the hospital and on home care, slowly but surely recovering. Soon enough I'll be back in full to contribute shit opinions with an unreasonable amount of confidence.
11 mos ago
lmao imagine having more impeachments than terms


Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.


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Guardians of the Galaxy is the surprise hit of the year and is a better rendition of those characters than the MCU is.

I've never played a game with so much ambient dialog, it's insane how many different conversations happen. Also the characters make fun of you for exploring off the beaten path to find like 60 upgrade materials so that's cool too.
I recently re-played through Mass Effect thanks to the Legendary Edition and boy...a lot of the characterization in that game hasn't aged the best between Garrus basically being a trigger happy cop with some real pro-murder of criminal vibes and the first game especially being an advocate of the "good cop with a gun" mentality.

Also for years people have gotten on Ashley's case for being 'racist' while forgiving actual racists on your crew just because they're weird aliens and I will never not die on the hill that Ashley is the only well developed character in the first game (likely out of necessity given the events of that game) but a lot of people were taken in by the weird alien that human characters are seen as 'boring' just because they're familiar.

Also Mass Effect 2 is the worst of the trilogy especially now that you can see all three of them back to back to back in the same package.

<Snipped quote by Fabricant451>

Same; I've probably spent countless $$ between WoW, SWTOR, and other MMOs too lol

Honestly, I should probably get back into playing MMOs again, but I haven't found much that isn't a) total trash or b) something I'm interested in. Like, I've tried Final Fantasy, but the game never clicked with me during my stint of playing it. Though, that could also be because I was/is never a huge Final Fantasy fan. After all, other than the MMO, the only FF game I've played is Tactics.

The weird thing about FF14 is how this is a perfectly reasonable opinion because the game absolutely takes a stupid long time to click (god help you if you play a lancer with your two buttons for like 40 levels) but everyone in the community has to always be like "No dude trust me stick with it it gets so good I promise just stick with it honest it's great" and it's like you don't have to be so desperate, not everyone's gonna like it, relax, it's fine.

I'm curious about New World but not curious enough to buy it because that game kind of fascinates me on the level of 'they literally tried making a PvP/Crafting focused MMO then had to go back and add PvE shit because PvE is the biggest appeal for the genre' and I can't imagine the end result worked out super great
(If only partly because, no single game is worth hundreds of dollars.)

Meanwhile I've spent hundreds of dollars over time on FF14 and other MMOs


I think the only actual backlash is on the Fire Emblem characters specifically. (That just so happen to play far more similarly to each other, than most.)

I mean sure in the way that Ryu and Ken play similarly but there's a reason people play, say, Lucina or Roy more than they do, like, Ike.
I never understood the sword character hate considering that apart from the obvious mirror characters, the sword characters are all pretty unique in how they play - as unique as a game with a smaller input list can be anyway. Like yeah, they have counters but it's not like Robin plays like Sephiroth plays like Hero plays like Corrin plays like Link plays like Shulk, etc.
Far Cry is a series where I wind up buying the game for like 15 bucks six months later in a sale, playing it for like 5 hours and then never touching it again which is also the story I have with Watch Dogs Legion except I keep telling myself I'll play that and even bought the expansion for it.

I make bad decisions a lot.

Thanks, Sakurai, very cool
I might re-tool one of my old republic era RP characters for this.

She was an iridonian zabrak mechanic/engineer who fixed swoop bikes and speeders for gangs but remained neutral in their constant gang wars. Spoke like a really bad cockney git, carried a broken blaster just for intimidation and a false sense of security, and was Force sensitive because why not.
I am...tempted
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