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Current I'm just a slut.
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Tea is just bad whether hot or cold.
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That's not true, Bee. Disregarding the fact that it was, quote, "the only way", taking it off wouldn't have done anything but delay the inevitable.
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Internet popularity is the only popularity that matters. Like and subscribe for more epic content.
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I love when people dislike something because young people like said thing.


Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.

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Full Name: Sophie Clarke
Alias: Dr. Clarke
Age: 29

Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Species: Human

Personality: Sophie likes to consider herself "too smart for academia" which is mostly an excuse for why the technology and particularly robotics field have all but laughed her out of the fold. It wasn't without reason, of course, as Sophie even from a younger age had a habit of asking questions and trying to answer them herself rather than take one at face value. It was this pursuit of finding an answer that led to Sophie throwing herself into the applied sciences of artificial intelligence and robotics, earning her degree but missing out on her doctorate since her thesis was on the possibility of created life as a potential next step in human evolution.

Sophie is not the most graceful when it comes to conversations, a byproduct of her spending a good portion of her formative years in and out of labs and junk piles for scraps, tinkering and soldering and seeing what wires did what. She's not completely helpless, she doesn't devolve into mumbling and stuttering when faced with crowds or the like, but at the worst of times she lacks a proper filter, often calling certain things "stupid" when they deserve to be referred to as such. And yet despite her fondness for artificial life, which she defends as still being life, Sophie does have a strong empathy towards humans and wishes that they could be greater than they are. Sophie sees how many humans see androids as 'easy alternatives' which she believes to be dong harm to both android and humankind.

Sophie tries to see the good in people, though she's not above petty grudges. She is still human, after all. When her ideas of an android that had the concept of choice, of potential free will, she was dismissed as crazy and it was because of them that she put so much of her heart, soul, sweat, blood, and tears into making sure AVA was a success. She had thought she would win the Nobel Prize. Sophie's empathy extends to AVA but she is constantly afraid that she's a poor teacher and influence. Sophie is quite well meaning though her humanity and the stubbornness associated with it so often rears its head.

Abilities: Sophie may be more intelligent than many people but she's still merely human. While an android might be able to process and think faster than she can, she doesn't count out her brain and the mechanical skills that come with it. Mathematics, engineering, mechanics, and computing have gotten her to where she is today, moreso than the mandatory self defense class she took in her first year of university. Sophie is the type who would sooner try and think or speak her way out of a situation rather than brute force it but brain power can only get her so far.

Relatives/Relationships: Creator and self appointed guardian of AVA

Portrayed By: Gabriella Wilde
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Gravity owns
It was quite telling that the most powerful man in what was supposed to be the most powerful country in the world could scarcely do much other than speak in vague assurances and non-promises. Laura supposed it was true what they said about politicians: the only thing you could trust about them was that you couldn't trust them. Sure, by all accounts the aging man meant well but when she was looking for assurances only to be given platitudes it wasn't exactly making Laura want to take part in someone else's battle. She didn't belong in Mexico, she didn't belong in America, and Canada wasn't much better - and risking her well being for vagueries and shitty pizza was sounding like a raw deal. Sure, Juliet might have had a point about Laura healing but that didn't mean there wasn't pain involved.

Despite the clear fan bias from Juliet, from what Laura could tell the mood of the room and of the unhappy campers was largely down. A precedent was surely being set. Do this, please. Then another knock a month later for another thing. Then another. And before long everyone was wearing brightly colored, coordinated costumes that were less about comfort and more about hugging the skin. The funny thing was, Laura wasn't asking for excuses or runarounds. She was looking for a simple yes or no answer and she couldn't even get that much. At least she would extend the courtesy to President America.

And that was when the windows exploded.

Instinctively, and once she recovered from the sudden reeling and disorientation, Laura popped her claws to carve her way through the wooden wall that had knocked her off kilter, only to find that the situation was as much confusion as it was loud and angry. Even if she didn't have the vague knowledge of what the attackers were, anything that could cause such cacophony and fury was not something to take lightly. There were questions - something that seemed to be a common sentiment - but Laura wasn't about to stand around and ask. The sound of metal churning, the horrific roar of technology, might as well have been an alarm clock. A klaxon.

"Hey, Bubble Boy," Laura coughed up sawdust and saliva that had flecks of blood mixed in, her gaze narrowed at the one who was shielding himself. "Can you use that on others? If not, at least get some of this crap off people." Laura dug her palms on a hot piece of debris, hoisting it up just long enough for a pinned secret service agent to roll free; when Laura dropped the rubble, her palms were red, irritated, and burnt.

"They mentioned a jet? We have to run for it." Juliet's words from earlier were ringing in Laura's head. Laura healed. That meant she could afford to help even if that just meant trying to cut through wood and glass and foundation. These were her good clothes and now they would be ripped, torn, and covered in rubble. "We're not dying in this craphole forest."
Incoming on the morrow.
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I don't know if anyone's seen 3 idiots, but it's a great example of how to actually write a goddamn movie.

As opposed to?
Having recently finished Final Fantasy 12 thus ending my long drought of not having finished every non-MMO based main line Final Fantasy game I can firmly say that the major problem with that game is the fact that the story happens away from the player. Nevermind the fact that Vaan is kind of a throwaway character after about the four hour mark or that Ashe is kind of a poor leading character, the fact that every bit of important information happens in passing and while you're busy walking is kind of stupid and makes it really hard to care about the goings-on. We're just told that Vayne is bad but the only time the characters actually interact with him is right before the final battle - I honestly forgot he was the main antagonist because for the back part of the game the antagonist is someone completely different and who has more of a personal stake for the secondary lead character.

I'm not saying that the main villain should constantly be in the way of the protagonist but the central antagonist should at least be present. Half the game is spent doing random fetch quests for people who play the cryptic game. The most egregious example of the story happening in the background is when you arrive at this big sacred location and this minor character from the not evil kingdom that's at a stalemate with the supposedly evil empire shows up just to tell the main supporting character news that would and should have major ramifications for the entire continent. But it's treated as a throwaway and it's just an example of the actual plot and interesting stuff happening in the background while you go dumpster diving in old ruins.

It's not a bad game but I dunno I was kind of underwhelmed.
"I hope this is descriptive enough really what I want out of this rp is a 'against the stereotype' style roleplay. A lot of the time we see a lot of bright faced teenagers, and inexplicable plot armor."

Not gonna lie, but what I've seen of that series so far, it's totally a cliche animu-styled adventure with all the over-the-top gasping, the overly bouncy fan-service, and Japan's favorite faux-European aesthetic. Like, I personally think G.S. sucks, but my point is more that I don't think the source material is really what you're trying to do here. Maybe I'm wrong though! But I feel like you'd probably be better off just using Berserk as a template or maybe make something similar to it with new names etc. Sorry if I'm adding to an unwanted discussion, just felt like it was important to note for your own consideration.

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@Fabricant451 but I favor one because it had no obvious agenda.

Yeah, the agenda that video games are bad was a bit heavy handed I agree.
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