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Current It's asking a lot for anime fans to have good taste in animated entertainment. I'm allowed to say that, I have an anime avatar.
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But provoking arguments is the fifth rule in the Shitposter's Creed! I took an oath, dammit.
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Of course RWBY has bad writing, it comes from RoosterTeeth.
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Nah, man. Shotgun approach to 1x1s. Just load up a bunch and eventually you'll find ones that stick. Works for group RPs too.
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My favorite part of Boruto was the gaiden manga chapters where it was about Sakura's kid being unable to accept that Sasuke would settle for Sakura over fucking Karin.


Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.

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Yeah, depending on need I'll fill human or monster girl role.
If there's an abundance of humans now I can be monster girl instead
What a rather unhealthy family we have.
Can't imagine why everyone fancies Maddox instead.
*cue nosebleed gif*
I'd imagine she got the Pokemon via Pokeball.
Alice would try to plot, but probably would lack in the whole 'keeping one's composure' department and whip out a sword to potentially go ballistic.


I'm a little jealous all ya'll have gifs to use. I kinda want to change the images to my character, but I have noooo clue who to use. Any suggestions? I do want to keep the blonde hair though.

EDIT: Unless I should just keep the images the way it is and not include the cool aesthetics to my posts :(

Trust me when I say that sometimes it's better not to worry about having gifs. As someone who generally prefers to use relatively unknown/unfamous sorts when I have to use a real claim it makes gifs next to impossible to find (as well as claims in general). If you're happy with what you've got, use it.
If Silbah wants to truly end the feud all we'd have to do is send a legion of fangirls at Maddox and he's bound to get taken out in the ensuing catfight for his approval.
Well, hell hath no fury like ladies wanting kings.

@Lady Selune@Bee

Technically, no one bumped into her, though almost as soon as she started the needlessly long march down the hall towards the stairs, something entered her field of vision - which was a rather impressive feat considering her gaze was practically glazed over. She wasn't exactly anti-social on the best of days, but given the nature of her 'quest' as it was, how could she really face the more early risers of the complex? Then again, why should they care how she spent her money? She was over thinking it. It was early. She should've been asleep. Or at least building up the caffeine rush to have the appearance of being active and awake.

Fortunately, the wave didn't belong to the landlady who would probably have some choice words for her, like any other landlord, but rather the unmistakable vibrant hair of Jeanne. Vern would recognize the hair anywhere. Well, almost anywhere, depending on how cognizant she was. At least it was Jeanne, there was a friendly sort of rapport between the two of them, thanks in part to Vern giving the vibrant med student a place to vent. It was a give and take sort of thing. Vern took up Jeanne's time -which was surely precious, or moreso than Vern's own - and in return Jeanne gave Vern amusing anecdotes.

While she hadn't known every resident of the hall (nor did she probably want to), Jeanne had always been decent, even with Jeanne's relatively new arrival. It seemed like longer than a month. Clearly Vern had enjoyed the bitch sessions.

After once again glancing down at her...garish attire and glad that she opted against the more unclean variant of shirt, Vern shuffled her way towards her friend and the stranger that she was talking with.

"Yo, J.J.," Vern's voice was still in that early morning rasp, with a scratchy tone. Turning her head from the two, she cleared her throat, fixing that unfortunate problem easily enough. "You workin' today? Don't they know about weekends?" Her voice was normal now, the rasp to her voice less scratchy and full of phlegm and more husky as one would assume a smoker to have. "Who's your friend and is Adidas paying her?"
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