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5 May 2017 17:52
Current Guardians of the Galaxy 2, in addition to being a mediocre movie, really made me fucking hate Groot. Like even more so.
29 Apr 2017 21:41
I'm glad 2017 is the year the internet agreed that it's okay to want to fuck dragons. Thanks, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.
25 Apr 2017 21:22
Beli best Hunie
25 Apr 2017 21:18
If you don't get a gross you're not really living up to your donut potential. Make those bakers work for it.
25 Apr 2017 20:44
Yes hello I'm here to throw my hat in the pervert arena I think I earned it.


Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.

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Kenzi's back
I'll port Kenzi over tomorrowish
Diana didn't find the little quip humorous, given the severity of the situation at all, but she could at least understand the gesture behind it. She might've arrived in bad shape but she had recovered well enough to be mobile, and the anger at what transpired counted for a hell of a lot. There was something to be said about Amazonian physiology indeed. When they took off, Diana was keeping pace with her fingers clenched into a fist and her face scowling the closer they came to Themyscira. The memories were still fresh; it hadn't been that long since she left...she only hoped she wasn't too late.

It hurt to see her home in such a shape, but she had to remain strong for their sake if not her own. The smoke still billowed, the scent of it almost too much to bear. Bodies on the stones. Buildings broken and ravaged. She didn't want to assume the worst...didn't want to imagine her home as being lost...but it was hard to see it any other way. But she still had hope; and it would be what she clung to.

As they touched down, Diana closed her eyes a moment. A small bit of remembrance for those fallen, a silent, solemn vow to make it right. Clark's voice roused her even after her ears picked up the emergence of the attackers. Clark had his under control, but she was not going to let him do all the work. A blade-wielding attacker lunged forward, thrusting his blade for the Amazon; thinking quickly she brought her arms up, parrying the blade with her bracers. With the attacker off guard, Diana followed up with a fierce right, hooking the attacker hard in the face and sending him toppling to the ground with a harsh, hard thud. "That...felt good." She mused, almost willing to crack a smile but refraining.

Another assailant was met with a heavy kick to the plexus, and another downward punch, the impacts serving as extensions of her fury towards them. A third attacker ran towards her, hoping to gain the element of surprise, but Diana was quicker on the draw, and used his own momentum to send him head over heels in a lifted toss. As she was finishing off the third attacker, she turned her head in time to see the Man of Steel himself charge into a would-be surprise assault.

"I had him, you know." A small bit of banter, though her tone was thankful all the same. The light hearted response was severed by the revelation. "The League of...but why would they attack here? I don't-" she was cut off by a scream and turned in time to see a sight that made her eyes widen. "That's Hippolyta's Chambers...our Queen...Mother." Diana could not have run any faster. "If they take her...we can't let that happen. Her Artifacts...we have to stop them!" Diana called to Clark, knowing he'd be following, if not ahead of her already.

It had gone from bad to worse. Defeating their Queen would be terrible, stealing the magical Artifacts of the gods...that would have further reaching implications than just Themyscira. "Assassins to assassinate a populace...." Diana was muttering, trying to figure out just...who...and why...and how to stop them altogether.
Sounds good to me. I'll have a post up today - either on my break or after work!

Third character coming tonight or tomorrow, but here's number two

We can get to the island. Island adventures
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