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Current I ate an almond joy and have been dealing with coconut residue for two hours now this is why no one fucking likes coconut candy.
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Also the school is going to be underfunded and half the teachers have given up and have to work a second job. The sports team has a big budget but only the football team. They never win a game.
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I'm going to make a high school SoL RP where the only problem characters have is that they forgot to turn in homework or study rather than have more issues than a 40 year old alcoholic.
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It was me I said the outlaw word


Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.

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Anyone see the new Chip n Dale movie yet?
I wish Chrono Cross Remastered didn't run so poorly because Chrono Cross is fantastic and deserves to be played by more people

Hohsiko did, of course, still feel bad about the whole touching a corpse thing but having Shirasawa-senpai give a little pep talk helped Hoshiko rationalize the fact that it was really likely they were going to be questioned as witnesses in the first place. Regardless, it was clear to Hoshiko that going forward she was certainly going to...not touch any dead bodies. Of course, she didn't expect to come across another one any time soon - or ever, if she had her way. It was still creepy and she had even washed her hands at the police station. Twice. Some things just stuck with a person, she figured.

Unfortunately what was sticking together was the study group - not that them being a group was a bad thing, moreso the fact that after their interrogation it seemed they had every intention of studying. At least that was what Hoshiko thought before she brought up the rear of the gang upon arriving at the house to the sights and scents of a home cooked meal. If Hoshiko was down in the dumps before all it took was smelling something hot and ready to get her practically jumping to the front of the line to get a peek and, more importantly, a plate. The others were, naturally, thankful and excited for the smorgasbord and while Hoshiko was as well she just couldn't help herself when she saw Chen's father and the spread.

"Do you have any burgers?

She did not get burgers but she did proudly boast that she would eat more spring rolls and dumplings than anyone else. No one even challenged her, she just made the claim as she placed no fewer than six of them on a single plate and that was also before she grabbed a generous portion of chow mein. Whether or not she won her boastful claim, Hoshiko was no stranger to eating in excess; her reasoning was solid enough: if it was on someone else's dime or time, it would be rude to let things go to waste. Leftovers never tasted as good so she was doing Akio-senpai a favor by helping reduce the amount of leftovers his family would have. It made sense to Hoshiko. But then so did touching a corpse.

It was because of her little feast that Hoshiko entered Chen's room holding her stomach with one hand and secretly chomping away on a spring roll with the other. Dessert would have to wait, though, unless there was parfait in which case she would happily jump at the chance. Still, while the others were settling on snacks or looking for games to play, Hoshiko was, rudely enough, looking around the room - specifically near Chen's bed.

"I thought guys had magazines in their room. Did you hide them before we got here?" Yes, Hoshiko said it aloud, and no she didn't seem to care if it embarrassed the host. "They must be pretty steamy if you hid them, senpai."

For better or worse, Hoshiko was no longer moping around.
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If ever there was any doubt in Mila's mind about her grand plan of inviting Hana along to the festivities, they were swept away like dirt from a broom when Hana said she was having fun. Fun was a good start. Fun led to wanting to go to more places with people which, in turn, led to friends and the like. The contented blonde took another bite of her pizza, still piping hot and baked to a meaty, cheesy, saucy perfection that it was impossible for her to stop with just that bite and promptly took another, savoring the flavor, the taste, the everything. Was there anything better than pizza? If there was, Mila would like to meet it. She was about to crack into her drink when Hana lightly pulled at her wrist and they were on their way closer to the stage.

It was fortunate for Mila that she had managed to swallow her bites; had she not then when Hana grabbed Mila's wrist, Mila might well have choked or had the sausage delight go down the wrong tube. Mila blinked as she was pulled along, willingly her steps trailed beside Hana. Her eyes flitted, darted, swirled about. It was nothing, the touch to the wrist, quick and effortless, a gesture shared between friends, and yet Mila was thinking about it. About if she could ever be bold enough to touch someone's wrist - about why she was thinking so hard about it. She knew Hana was having fun, was expressing her desire to get closer, to mingle with the crowd, but for Mila the only thing that mattered to her was the fact that...hands sure were soft. In the best possible way. She spent so much time around rocks and old textbooks that sometimes she forgot these things.

What she did know, though, was that seeing Hana smiling at the suggestion of going closer in turn made Mila smile - though hers was a shade dimmer thanks to her mind racing at a thousand thoughts a minute.

The scream of a woman and the faint rumbling of a distant explosion capped off by the rising of smoke into the night sky snapped Mila from her confused reverie. When beige-clad...beings descended on the crowd around the concert stage, Mila's pizza dropped from her hands, the plate splattering to the ground and the pizza immediately getting trampled to the dirt by people desperately fleeing from the commotion. Mila's first instinct was simple enough. As Hana had before her, Mila grabbed for Hana's wrist not to pull her towards but to try and pivot so Hana was placed behind Mila. "Hana, RUN!" The safety of her friend was more important right now.

Mila watched in horror as someone close to her was scooped off the ground and thrown aside like garbage. She shook her head at the thought. Not garbage. That was a person. The head shake turned to a full body shake. That was a person. A person was tossed aside. A person made a heavy thud as they were thrown away. And there were more people being approached by the strange beige figures.

Instinctively, Mila started moving side to side, the fundamentals of her capoeira training. As one of the beige men lunged at her, she performed a rolê, narrowly avoiding the lance. "Didn't you losers get the memo? Halloween is in October!" Mila taunted as she performed a second rolê to the other side, avoiding a second attack. The third time she wasn't as lucky as one of the attackers was quick-witted enough to not go for an overhead lunge but a sweep.

Mila found herself landing with a thud on the ground, unsure if the wet feeling on her back was blood, water, or... "...I think I landed on my pizza..." Mila groaned out just as she was, quite literally, kicked while she was down. Spittle with a little fleck of blood coughed up from her as she rolled on the ground, rolling onto her side. She wasn't quite ready to just ball up and take the hits, but the wind was certainly knocked out of her. If she'd had a pain like this before she hadn't remembered it. Not a physical one anyway.

"Come on, Mila...get up...get up..." But for the moment, no matter how much she said it, her body was refusing to cooperate.

I wanna be a magical girl

For some reason, Hoshiko felt responsible for everything.

Well, not the dead body, that wasn't any of their fault. But Hoshiko, in a rare display of silence within the group, spent the trip to the police station with her head down and her mouth closed tight. She couldn't even bring herself to look towards any others in the cruiser with her, and she knew if she looked at Shirasawa-senpai at any point then Hoshiko probably would've felt even more guilty than she was presently. She didn't mean to say 'Shirasawa did it', she meant to say that Shirasawa found the body! Like those old games people played a couple years ago, only without any of the fun arguing between friends. How could she apologize adequately? Hoshiko had never really been part of a group this big and she was already clearly making a strong case to be excluded from future hangouts.

The silence continued from Hoshiko even as she was brought into a room by herself and sat opposite Miss Saitou. It wasn't until Miss Saitou clapped her hands in front of Hoshiko's face that the first year finally looked up and blinked like she had been woken up from a deep, comatose slumber. "Huh? What? S..Sorry." Hoshiko shook her head but her smile was gone for the moment. She was still stuck in the feeling of deep apology.

"Ebina...that's not the most common family name. Any-"

Hoshiko knew what was coming. It was asked more than she'd like to admit. "Yes, Ebina Habiki is my brother. We're...not close."

"Who's Ebina Habiki?"

Hoshiko paused, blinking, an awkward chuckle escaping her mouth. "Oh uh..well...he' actor...right now he' doesn't matter, you must not be a fan of his. You'd probably think he's handsome, so many other women your age do."

"How old do you think I am?"

"Oh it's fine, my brother is twenty three, he's totally -"

"Best you don't finish that sentence. I was going to ask if there was any sane reason why you decided to put your hands on a dead body."

Hoshiko knew the question was coming but there wasn't really an answer that could be considered good even as she was thinking of one the entire time. How could someone really justify every action they took? Sometimes people just did things because their bodies moved without thinking. That was human nature. " police dramas they look through the body to find identification. I wanted to know who it was. And I wanted to know if he know...really dead. He could've just been really, really drunk or something. It's's not illegal to touch a corpse is it?"

"Actually yes. Destruction of evidence if you took something or willingly damaged it. Fortunately you didn't do that, you were just stupid."

"That's...that's kind of mean."

"You were just being stupid. Is that better?"


"Why did you say Shirasawa-san did it? Isn't she your friend?"

This was the other question Hoshiko expected to be asked of her and this one at least she had a more prepared statement for. "I didn't mean that she killed the guy! I meant she found his body. It was just...I panicked. I freaked out! I...I don't think they're gonna wanna hang out with me anymore." Hoshiko slumped in the chair, again pointing her head downwards as she sighed. "I'm sorry for touching the body. It's my fault they're here so you can let them go. They didn't do anything."

"It doesn't work that way Ebina-san. But I do have more questions for you..."

When Hoshiko's interrogation was finished, she was brought back to the waiting room she almost dropped down to her knees in apology, but instead simply stood by the door and looked at everyone whose day she had made somehow worse - and given they were going to study that was a monumental feat. "I...I'm sorry. I'm really...really sorry. When we get out of here I'll go home and I won't bother you guys again."

Hoshiko took her seat and awaited judgment, saying nothing else on the matter. When everyone was free to go, Hoshiko thrust her hands into her pockets and walked with her head down. When the talk of getting food still was broached, Hoshiko took that as a sign. "You guys...enjoy it. I'm gonna go home. Sorry...sorry again...for ruining the day." A final apology as Hoshiko finally ran out of something to say.

She didn't leave the group but she wasn't moving in any hurry to do so either. She was just...moping.
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At first, Mila wasn't planning on going.

When it came to the holidays, Mila Doehring's relationship with them were complicated to say the least. The last Christmas was spent in the lobby of student housing just because nowhere else was open long enough to spend more than an hour or so inside; she could've bitten the bullet and made an attempt to go see her parents, her family, but she made a promise and she was going to stick to it even if that meant spending a Christmas bouncing between reading about an ancient civilization and humming along to Here Comes Santa Claus. This Christmas, at least, she managed to spend with people at a little party hosted by her favorite teacher at the University. But that was Christmas and now it was New Years Eve and that meant a festival and with a festival meant people celebrating another year gone and another year to come. She didn't go to the festival last year with the excuse of having an excessive amount of homework. She had, of course, been lying, she always made sure her homework was finished at a reasonable enough time. She just didn't want to go. And she almost didn't go this year. But then she went to a cafe.

Going to a cafe was nothing special, Mila went regularly enough when she wanted a change of pace from the library. Normally she would think little of it, except on this particular trip she noticed one of the employees was new and seemed to be a bit in over her head. Mila could empathize, there was a time when Mila didn't know anyone and had a hard time breaking that ice. It might have been an assumption on her part, but that didn't stop her from asking if the employee was new to Angel Grove, and it wasn't long after that that Mila had met Hana Song.

It was Mila who invtied Hana to the festival believing that it would be a good way to end the year without having to worry about if a party was with the right crowd or not. Free music, food from trucks, attractions, what wasn't to like? And if Mila had her way, by the end of the night Hana would have expanded her circle of friends. Just because Mila often chose reading and history over dates and hanging out didn't mean she wasn't still a social butterfly when it mattered. What Mila didn't want to do was force Hana into an uncomfortable situation. Yes, the blonde wanted her friend - associate, whatever the term - to meet more people, to find her voice so the speak, but it was important that it be on Hana's own terms, not on Mila's. As long as it took.

"Keep the change. Happy New Year." Mila paid for a slice of sausage pizza and two canned beverages. One she popped open and took a sip from, the other wasn't for her. The other she offered to Hana. "I probably should've asked if you wanted anything, but I wasn't thinking. Still, it's yours if you want it." Mila took a bite of pizza and her expression could only be described as...intense. Her eyes closed, she sighed deeply, and she savored the bite. What was it about festival food that made it taste better? The perfectly melted cheese, the slightly spiced sausage, the warm sauce holding it all together...Mila couldn't help herself and took a second bite as her ears pricked up from the sound of a police siren whizzing past in the distance.

"Probably some drunken brawls or something." Mila shrugged. It was that time of the year. Plus big gatherings of people always had a tendency to have a few rowdy jerks making things worse for everyone. Mila didn't want to focus on sirens, she wanted to focus on music, on the live performances going on. Some bands were clearly better than others but that didn't matter given the atmosphere of it all. "Do you want to get closer to the stage? Wait, better question: how are you doing? Having fun, right? I told you it wouldn't be so bad." If nothing else, Mila hoped Hana would come away from the night not regretting being there.
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