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Current There's a sense of dread when you log on after like two weeks to see every notification at double digits. It's like "Oh fuck what did I not do this time"
2 mos ago
Why go for Lola Bunny when you can go for Jessica Rabbit who, bonus, isn't actually a fucking rabbit.
2 mos ago
One time I got kicked from an MMO guild because I was vehement in my belief that Space Jam is a pile of shit and sometimes I think that's why I never get invited to parties.
2 mos ago
I know that wasn't the point. I thought it would be better to be purposely obtuse and funny instead of rude and mean.
2 mos ago
You want your hypothetical future wife to dress as a character from Highschool of the Dead? I'm pretty sure that's a crime against nature. It's definitely a crime against taste.


Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.

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<Snipped quote by Fabricant451>
Is this the Regina George defense?

People hate COD, GTA, Battlefield and Madden because they are popular too, and they sell good just like FF.

Yes no one is denying the appeal of the games, its the McDonalds of RPGs, a lot of people know it and purchase it, doesn't make half the mainline series any less tepid. I feel like 'decent' is misleading and setting the bar a little to low. I don't think any of the games outside of 2 and 13 are outright crap, but the non-great entries are really just average, enjoyable sometimes, kinda dull, if 1,3,5,8 and 12 didnt have the name final fantasy in the title they would be as throwaway as the Shin Megami spin offs (barring persona).

People hate COD and Madden because they have very minor changes from release to release, moreso in the case of Madden since COD players are divided if they like the Advanced Warfare style or the more classic style when it comes to mechanics and movement and such. But despite what it seems, COD is still a pretty well regarded franchise; it's just easy for someone to flex their 'real gamer cred' by saying fuck Call of Duty. Call of Duty 4 was basically the FF7 of modern first person shooters.

If I said half the mainline series was 'great' you'd have the same response gif anyway. Half the mainline series is great and the franchise is important to the world of video games as a whole, and I don't just mean FF7. You can't honestly claim that if 1 didn't have the name it would be throwaway because when 1 came out literally no one had heard of Final Fantasy and the game itself was like a revelation back in the 80s. It was one of the most influential games within the genre and helped popularize the genre as well. There's nothing throwaway about it unless someone plays it today and takes it only at surface value.

5 was popular back in the day too and it wasn't even widely available. 12 was widely acclaimed and was the first Final Fantasy game to get a perfect score in Famitsu. 8 followed in the footsteps of 7 and still managed to be accepted in its own right. If the games didn't have Final Fantasy in the title they probably would not have sold as well, no, but they'd still be as widely regarded. But the franchise has earned its name and place and recognition because it's one of the few franchises that has been consistently decent since its inception.

You can count on one hand the number of genuinely bad mainline FF games.
A lot of final fantasy fans seem to gravitate to roughly the same number of games in the series, with being lukewarm or extremely critical to the rest

Yeah, that number sitting somewhere along the lines of 10. 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14. That's over half the games in the franchise and if we include non mainline games that number increases. Over half the games in the franchise are regarded well by the fanbase and even the diehards will defend shit like 2 and its actually broken systems. The fanbase is critical, yes, but being critical doesn't mean negative and the series is highly regarded outside of the fanbase - as in critically and commercially. Even Final Fantasy 13, the one most (wrong) people call the worst in the franchise got rave reviews.

RPG fans in general seem to only like a couple of the games I've never heard a non-final fantasy RPG fan give any significat level of praise to 1,2,3,5,8,12,13,or any of the god awful spin offs.

Then you should spend some more time on some RPG forums and communities because boy. There's a subset of RPG fans that hate FF just because it's popular so the numbers are wonky all the same.

Point is, the series was and pretty much still is the top of the ladder in terms of the genre and appeal. It's one of the landmark franchises in gaming because it's got far, far, far more decent entries in its history than bad ones.

I would, but only because I can't afford to lose anyone. And it would come with a lecture like a mother to a child even though I'm pretty sure our characters are within the same age range.
<Snipped quote by Fabricant451>

FF8 has a dog. You can name it. You can use it as a projectile weapon. I was saying Silver and the FF franchise already have a dog because FF8 has an actual dog. And FF6 has Gau who can copy the attack style of a dog and is basically a rabid dog boy. Kinda like Ruff in Dragon Quest 7 but he's an actual wolf/dog boy that was once an animal but got turned into a boy.
@Fabricant451 The comparison was because it's a genre where a small number of decent games in the franchise has tricked the fanbase into buying a lot of shit.

Most of the games in the Final Fantasy series are decent, to the point where it was only up until 13 and 15 where people started turning because they're flakey fakes. Sonic had one good Genesis game and managed to convince people that its 3D games were good because of a fucking whale.

The Sonic comparison works better with the Atelier or Disgaea series but no one gives a fuck about those.
I play(ed) WoW and even managed to survive the Moon Guard server can this be a recovery center.
<Snipped quote by Silver Carrot>

I wish you two an amazing life together, let me know when you buy a dog.

That would be Final Fantasy 8.

Or 6 if you want to count Gau.
If one of THE most overrated RPG series in the world 'is your shit' then I truly feel for you. Final fantasy is the Sonic the Hedgehog of that genre.

I wasn't aware that Final Fantasy was Dragon Quest.

Also considering that Sonic the Hedgehog has had like one good game and was always second fiddle to Mario I'm not sure the comparison applies to FF. FF is the most well known JRPG franchise for a reason and that's because most JRPGs are total shit aimed at a certain demographic, like the Neptunia games or any of Gust's or Nippon Ichi's shit. All niche games for a niche audience that are bad games. Final Fantasy is one of the few franchises that make JRPGs palatable for a wider audience. Final Fantasy 7, despite being one of the weaker ones, made JRPGs mainstream and brought them into the 3D era and practically solidified the game as a landmark title because of it. Which is more than can be said of anything Sonic related.

Final Fantasy is pretty much the reigning champion in the genre, like it or not.

As long as no one gets into any trouble harassing the other hunters is okay by Raini. It just makes the part where the hunters win all the more satisfying.
@Dynamo Frokane I'd put Demon's Souls and Bloodborne at 1 and 2 with a very close gap. The other three are fighting for scraps but it's probably three then one then two but if you've played one Souls game you've played them all except for Bloodborne. Which is why it's number 2.

I did see Gowi's list. They put Zero near the top and that's good enough for me since that's my favorite but I'm not exactly a Resident Evil fan or aficionado whereas Final Fantasy is my shit and thus I have more of an opinion there since I'm caught in the trap of that entire franchise and I can't escape.
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