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2 days ago
Current Well the best waifu is Sae but she's not an option so you either go with the bronze medal prize that is her sister or you go with Kawakami for the taboo or Chihaya for the dark horse
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2 days ago
The explanation is simple: Futaba is a garbage tier waifu who appeals to people with the basest desires i.e. 'little sister (but not really) and gamer girl who immediately loves her fake oniichan'
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2 days ago
Literally anyone but Futaba.
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2 days ago
So what people are just going masks off on the status bar now?
3 days ago
Bro Code stops being a thing once you reach like 26 anyway. They take away your license and your Natty Ices


Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.


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The worst stuff in those conversations are the people acting like Duke Nukem as a character is worth salvaging.
It didn't have to go full comedy to shit on them

Maybe not but I'm glad it did. Because fuck 'em. Tarantino makes abhorrent people out to be jokes before having them die horrifically and that same energy works in a game. Maybe you're there for the story but I'm there to find fun ways to shoot, stab, blow up, and otherwise fuck up some dumb Nazi assholes. The first reboot was not a game that I enjoyed for its narrative. Sure it was there and fine, but much like DOOM 2016 it was just some fudge over an already indulgent sundae.

When they went to comedy (which the series wasn't particularly known for), it reviewed badly. Because that isn't what anyone wanted.

But it reviewed just as well, if not better, than New Order.

Youngblood, though, has issues well beyond the writing though so that one reviewing worse is not shocking.
Also, the plot went from a grim story of nazi occupation with a depressed protagonist realizing that he's but one man, to almost a hopeful comedy with a bungling fat nazi woman, your wife fighting nazis while pregnant with her shirt off, and a literal toilet humor scene that was thrown into the mix

What's the downside to this tho? Wolfenstein is the game series that had you fighting Mecha Hitler, zombies and mummies, and a medieval German warlord who was once defeated by an actual wizard and has a parallel dimension whose energy powers a Nazi superweapon. It is not the series that is better off with a grim story about B.J. being sad man especially since New Order basically opens with a comatose B.J. immediately being able to murder a bunch of Nazis without issue and ends with you fighting a guy nicknamed Deathshead who is inside a mech.

It going the route of comedy and shitting on Nazis for being dumb shitheads is basically the natural progression of a series whose main theme is "It's super fun to kill the shit out of Nazis"
@MissCapnCrunch Wooo!

Also hopefully the image is now fixed
If Bethesda manages to bungle another sequel (Dishonored 2, Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein: New Colossus), I will RIOT.

Well those would be the responsibility of Arkane, Tango Gameworks, and MachineGames but also those game were good? Evil Within 2 was better than the first at least. IF anything it's Zenimax's non-Bethesda studios that are putting in the quality work.
If I can't be a princess I will still be a cool npblr heiress
If I can't be a princess I will still be a cool noble heiress
I lied, here's a sheet

10 days until they release classic, 12 days until most people realize they don't have the quality of life things and stop playing it.

No but for real the absolute state of WoW that they have to use Classic as an incentive because the current expansion is sub-WoD. Bless them and may the next expansion be good.
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