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Current How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, Seabiscuit
2 mos ago
If there's anything that brings this community together it is dunking on people who bring their own shit onto themselves. It's like schadenfreude!
2 mos ago
So how bout that <local sports team>? Pretty good season, right?
2 mos ago
Pretty sure someone unaffiliated with the Smarty drama got banned as well. That's like getting caught in the crossfire. Pour one out.
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2 mos ago
No shot we got a third member of the brigade. I refuse to believe it.


Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.

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well other than keanu being bad but he always is
<Snipped quote by Fabricant451>

Is it Dunkirk loud or is it just loud for the sake of being loud? If that makes any sense. With Dunkirk, you could practically feel the rumbling of planes and other such things in your body. It's the only movie I can really think of off the top of my head where the sound design has had a noticable, personal effect on me when watching it in theaters.

Kind of both? It's definitely loud for the sake of being loud but that only enhances it when a dude gets shot in the face or a dude punches wood really fuckin hard.
Working on my post!
John Wick 4 is a certified banger go see it and see it on the loudest screen possible because god damn I practically fell out of my chair with how loud it is in the best way
Okay, here it is. Hopefully it's all fine. I wasn't sure the level of tech since it's 50s era and all so if its higher tech than I assumed then I'll change it from radio to whatever accordingly

Re: Assassin's Creed

I like Valhalla a lot, enough so that I 100 percented the map and objectives but also that game cured me of my brain worm need to complete all or as much of an area in the first visit before moving on because at some point I both became unstoppable but also every new place had like a dozen shit to do and it became too much. Still did it. But I haven't played the DLC even though I want to before the new game comes out because if nothing else I still like these games for the dumb story going on and Valhalla somehow got even dumber and I love it.
The funny thing about Ant-Man 3 is how they changed the ending probably on account of the leaks which is why the actual ending that makes sense
is blown past and the tension is gone and replaced with more Baskin Robbins bullshit.

Also maybe don't let this guy write Kang Dynasty if he could barely write a movie revolving around five characters.
Sorry I've not been around, been busier than expected, I fully intend on getting my sheet up by Monday at the latest
So, what are people's thoughts on the new Pokemon series? First main line season without Ash.

I might actually watch the first episode and then promptly not watch it ever again as I assume most people do since I've never met a single person, Pokemon fan or otherwise, who genuinely watched the Pokemon anime week to week.
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