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Male, 26 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Played basically every sport. Mostly play multiplayer video games, and MTG occasionally.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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There was no escape from the sound of water hitting the ground. But how could rain fall from above without there being a single cloud? No — something even more amazing was right in front of his dilated pupils. It’s purpose was a mystery that was shrouded by a warm fog. Yet he still saw himself in its shine. Was it meant to be a noble’s shrine?

“I’ve never anyone so intensely interested in a toilet...”

Raiden lathered some shampoo into his hair, and watched Zues admire his porcelain reflection with a childlike zeal. Not used to wearing swim trunks in his personal wet room; though his morning shower didn’t usually have the company of a large grey hamster with spikes protruding out its body. “I’m - eh - almost - eh - there!” Zues puffed, making several attempts to jump and reach the lid with his stubby little paws. Before he successfully climbed atop the shut seat, proudly standing with a toothy grin, as if he conquered a mountain. But as fast as Raiden closed his eyes to thoroughly rinse, the bundle of energy had already leaped off and started to run across the spacious floor. Suddenly plopping on his rear to effortlessly slide around on the slip resistant material, spinning in circles and giggling to himself.

“Be careful buddy, I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” He warned the Pusurimon, taking a few steps closer to his tray loaded with twenty different men’s care products. Grabbing a conditioner bottle with added herbal extracts and oils that probably justified the price he paid for it. As Raiden casually reached down to catch the approaching fluffy head, colliding into his palm harmlessly. “Oof.” Zues blinked and stared up to Raiden smiling beyond soaked hair partially covering his face. Zues beamed with delight and sat by his feet, albeit while bouncing eagerly. “Are you ready? You promised to let me explore everywhere today.”

“I’m almost done.” Raiden reassured, as his eyes shifted to the side, as he rubbed his chin. “Wait, did I remember to apply my facial cleanser twice?”

“Yay! You’re done.” Zues cheered, performing a gleeful hop, swiftly spotting a new fascination and zipping forth. Jumping into a filled laundry basket and burying his upper-half inside the clothes and towels, as he squirmed about. Raiden sighed, as he carefully examined his fingernails for dirt, recalling his previous conversation with Mari. “Perhaps I should try to call her back and set up a meeting...we are in the same situation after all.”

The phone would go unanswered both times. Hanging up the phone on his nightstand and shrugging with a bothered expression, Raiden began dressing himself with the clothing he’d taken out in advance. Using his mirror to simultaneously fix every wrinkle, adjust his shirt’s collar, and watch Zues in the background curled into a ball and treating his bed like a trampoline. Admittedly, reaching impressive heights in the process and increasing concerns that his spikes would soon puncture the ceiling.

“Is something troubling you friend? Want to talk to me about it?” I want to talk.”

“Clearly. You’ve been a non-stop commercial for batteries since you evolved last night.” Was a response that crossed Raiden’s mind, but the words sounded bitter upon consideration, as he shook his head. “That’s not fair, he sounds so pure and honest. Don’t take our frustrations out on him.” Raiden took a deep breath and turned to face him. “I’m just used to staying on a very particular schedule...and now I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

Zues stopped moving in order to give him a stare that was brimming with enough confidence to share between them. “I see!” Zues said, giving a firm nod. “Let’s play together!”

Raiden cracked a smile and cautiously patted his backside. It was the life advice that he expected to receive from someone who hatched only a day prior. "His cheerfulness really is contagious...” Then an idea sprung to mind — as he approached the bed and picked up Pusurimon without reluctance. “Alright. I know the perfect spot.”

Zues’ eyes lit up with excitement while being held up, lightly slapping his paws on Raiden’s upper chest. “Well, what are we waiting for?”

Both spontaneously laughing together, as the D-Loader had gone unnoticed, blinking on the nightstand.

Transferring To Digital World...25%

Pusurimon’s imagination ran wild, gawking at the decorative arches, pillars and their bright wall fixtures that were illuminating a sprawling red carpet. Traversing the wide hallway for the first time was already a magical experience of incredible brevity, given that the bathroom was next-door. So getting the opportunity to soak in the view from a higher angle, for what felt like an eternity, made it harder for him to keep calm in Raiden’s arms. As his anticipation was building with each passing door, serving as a portal to the unknown and craving to venture into all of them. So once they finally reached their destination near the opposite end of the hall and pulled the door open — Zues gasped and fell silent — overwhelmed by the flashing pretty colors and playful melodies that permeated the entire room. His arcade was a nostalgic paradise; packed with the classic machines in mint condition, lined up in many vacant rows. “Here we are.” Raiden said, promptly setting the stunned furball down on the rainbow glow of the floor. As he stepped in and let the door swing close on its own. Zues’ body inflated for a moment before he let out a deep exhale. “This is amazing!” He began running around and dashing in-between Raiden’s legs as he walked. “How do we play? Show me! Ooo! What’s this one do?”

“Hmm...which would be the easiest to teach?” Raiden thought, pointing over the air hockey table closer to the center of the room. “Let’s try this.”

“Yay!” Zues bounced up, then dashed toward the table, causing Raiden to rush to the table himself. “Just being near him makes me feel a bit like a kid again...” Raiden helped lift him up onto the top, as he proceeded to take out the puck and two mallets inside his goal's compartment, then slide the yellow one over to Zues, who put a paw on it. “Okay, the rules are simple. You stay on that side, and use that to hit this into the goal.” Raiden explained with accompanying hand gestures, though he noticed that Zues was too busy looking mesmerized by the mallet, clasping it in his paws and holding it like a trophy. Raiden rubbed his hair and shook his head, speaking in a positive tone. “You sure do appreciate the little things in life...”

Zues’ looked at him and grinned, answering with a sincerity that pierced straight to his heart. “I’m happy because I’m with you!”

Putting his hand over his heart after it skipped a beat. That response was an emotional gut punch that required a second for the adolescent to recover. “...has anyone ever said that to me before? I guess — that’s because I just never had time for friends.”

“Friend?” Zues interrupted, his voice sounding concerned.

“Oh, um, I’m fine. Just-” Raiden stumbled over his words, noticing Zues quivering slightly as he pointed. Raiden turned to look and his eyes widened. “What the-” The fighting game machine’s screen behind him was surging with an ominous black lightning.

“I-Is it supposed to spark like that?


Suddenly the room’s bright atmosphere became a lot less colorful, as every screen at once replaced its vibrant colors with dull greys. As a mutual feeling of dread sank in their guts when the sounds of screeching radio static abruptly filled the area. Raiden clamped his ears and groaned with clenched teeth, as Zues curled up into a ball and ducked underneath the table.

“Zues. Come on. We need to leave.” Raiden instructed with urgency, quickly getting onto his hands and knees, his reach for Zues heeded at the touch of his pointed and hardened fur. He was quivering and not going anywhere. A plan to avoid becoming a pin cushion was formed on the spot, as he pulled off his shirt and used it to scoop Zues up. “Don’t be scared little guy. I’ll keep you safe.” Raiden assured with a passion that he didn’t know he possessed. But the pressure only increased as he stood, as the grey machines seemed to blackout in an intentional order, as he saw the entire back row of lights suddenly shut off.

“Don’t be scared. Don’t be...scared. I’m too scared.” Zues whimpered. Raiden bolted for the doors, swearing he heard a voice beckoning him from beyond the noise. As the encroaching darkness seemed to chase after them, consuming the surrounding light sources.

“Not good. I can’t even speak...and it feels like I’m pushing against a strong wind current. What happens if I can’t run fa-”

The clamor was gone. As Zues suddenly hit the ground and spread out onto his stomach, eyes opening to see the front door a foot away from his face. He stood up with wobbly legs, turning to see the arcade returned to normal. He gasped and froze with terror; his friend was nowhere to be seen.

“Huh? Where’d he-why did-I didn’t even try to help-” Zues trembled at the thought, and let out a desperate shout. “Friend?!” But there was no answer, and that revelation caused tears to flow from his eyes. “H-He’s gone...I-I’m alone.” He blubbered through sniffles, having the same isolated feeling he’d felt inside his digi.egg. But then his ears perked up, as he felt a rush of newfound energy that had him pushing through the door.

“Dangerous! Everything's dangerous! I have to protect my friend from danger!” Those words were stuck on repeat, as his hastened feet made a beeline across the hall. “Go faster! Don’t stop running!” Static shocks sparking from his golden quills, as they started to glow and grow out. His silhouette started becoming more hedgehog-like in appearance; getting pointed features from his sharp crimson claws, to a spiky silver coat of fur that covered most of his chest, cheeks and his whole backside. The transformation only aiding his speed to rush into the bedroom, and yanking the D-Loader off the nightstand. Clenching the glowing screen within its claws and hoping to find answers, but only seeing a displayed message.

Digital Evolution Successful
Meet Heriss.mon!

“Take me where my friend is! Please-Oh Please!” Zues cried out. As the D-Loader seemed to respond to his plea, by letting out a bright flash. His body started to immediately distort itself until it became an amorphous mass of data and warped into its screen, as both vanished from the room in an instant...

“I never expected to feel this awful after failing at something...isn’t that just what happens when someone strives to achieve anything? Businesses, people, we all fail constantly, and we have the tenacity to then tell ourselves ‘there’s always another day’ where this infinite cycle goes on. Because ambition is an ultimately foolish endeavor...shooting for the stars that are well beyond our reach. And yet...for the briefest moment...I felt like I could defy the odds in order to keep a friend safe. And that’s why it stings...”

“Hey. Hey! Wake up!” A familiar voice called out in a slightly deeper pitch. Raiden lunged forward in an upright sitting position with his hands outstretched. “Zues!”

But his arms then dropped to his sides, after seeing nothing but a long stretch of blackened sand and a strangely colored ocean. The sky and everything else was completely foreign to him; believing this was some long twisted dream. Doing a 180° as he was carefully prodded into reality by something sharp, like the prick of a needle. “Gah!”

“Oh! S-sorry. You startled me and I d-didn’t-”

“Zues?” Raiden interrupted in surprise, certain that it had to be him, even before he observed the same colored device the digi.mon was carrying. Zues’ expression was unmistakably joyful, and so was the hyper manner in which he flailed his arms while trying to elaborate, speaking incomprehensibly fast. Raiden took an obvious deep breath, successfully getting Zues to mimic him.

“Yes, yes. I found you! Are you hurt?” Herissmon said a bit less quickly, holding out the D-Loader’s message. Raiden let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m that you’re with me.”

Zues blinked and held his claws up to his face, happily giggling. Making Raiden feel a wave of embarrassment, as a real one hit the shoreline. He stood up and thoroughly brushed his clothes off, having a single question. “ do we get back home?”

Confidence beamed from Zues, as he held the D-Loader up. “Take us back please!” As the device’s screen went blank and dimmed, not doing anything. Zues waited in confusion for a few moments, before he started rattling off many differently worded versions of the same statement. Raiden shook his head. "If only it were that easy..."
@Lucius Cypher Forgive me for being so blunt. But the last post was almost a month ago, and the last OOC update was 9 days after the post. (One day after I gave the 2nd reminder.) I think a good general rule is nothing active should have a week long gap of posts (or explanation as to why it's taking this amount of time.) And it doesn't strike me as IRL stuff, when posts are happening frequently, elsewhere.

As a GM, it really wouldn't hurt to roll call and @ everyone when these types of delays occur. Especially, if there's no activity for days after you post. (Because I didn't even know the follow up post happened until just now.) I kind of want to know if everyone's even still aware of this. And if you're just running low on creative fuel for this, it might be nice to officially say so. (Basically, I'd likely kindly drop out myself, if this kind of thing happened in future. Not meant to be rude or personal, but it's a pretty hefty time sink for the amount of actual progress made and I'd start to have my doubts that it would reach a conclusion.)

Flying Colors, generally, pretty eclectic sound. Probably my favorite of the ones I've heard thus far, because it's very Prog Rock.
@Lucius Cypher Friendly poke.
Goliath’s eyes were shut, but he was wide awake and had been static for a while. His poofy blow-dried fur was curled up on the carpeted floor at the foot of the bed. His dampened spirit listening to the clouds weep until the sudden noise of exhaustion entered through the front door of the apartment. A lumbering giant was failing his best to walk on eggshells across the narrow hallway, moving ever closer toward his princess’ bedroom. The beeps from his cell phone were likely notifying him of the thirty-eight more missed calls and voicemails all sent from the same anonymous number. A heavy sigh came out before it was stuffed back in his pants pocket, jingling full of loose change, followed by the subtle turn of the doorknob as he stepped into the room.

It was a nightly ritual for the father; checking on his sleeping daughter illuminated by the dim-blue hue of a lava lamp on top of her tall dresser. The room’s bed, shelves and everywhere in-between was adorned by various sizes of stuffed animals. Smiling genuinely for the first time since he left home, he approached to kiss her forehead and wipe the tears off her cheeks. And even when Goliath expected it and braced for impact, his head involuntarily jerked away from the feel of the human’s sweaty palm. Thankfully, the father’s whispered apology would always make him seem understanding. But it was difficult for both of them to keep up the facade of slumbering peacefully for any longer, as they eventually heard the man collapse onto his mattress with a loud thud. Goliath promptly stood up and headed into the bedroom on the other side of the hall. The father was lying on his stomach and vertically in his bed, fully dressed in construction clothes, with his feet dangling off the edge. Goliath quickly went up to the bed, pulling the man's shoes off and covering him with the comforter, ignoring the taste of dirt. Returning to his partner by hopping on her bed and sitting there with his usual stiff posture. The girl didn’t respond, but the heartbeat and hair twirling gave her away.

“Ellie? You haven’t slept yet either have you?”

Her eyes opened and she sat up to look at him, shaking her head, speaking in a hushed tone. “No, but — I don’t have school I’ll just sleep later.”

“Princess, I insist that you get your rest. It’s not healthy to stay up so late-” Goliath spoke sternly, causing him to be interrupted by Ellie swiftly springing up from her bed. Her face getting really close to his, as she shot him a serious glare that made his straight face turn rosy fast.

“Oh yeah?” Ellie sassed, cracking a smile at Goliath’s surprise, “Then why do I always see you staying up, huh?”

“U-um. Well it’s a soldier's job to-” Goliath sheepishly muttered, sighing after he recognized the playfulness in her voice as she plopped down. “I’m fine Goliath. You worry too much.”

“But you’re still growing, Princess.” Goliath pleaded, trying to resume his proud stance.

“Well my D-Loader says you’re a child too.” Ellie rebutted in a teasing manner, scooching over and reaching out to gently stroke his fluffy chest. She giggled as Goliath’s tail wagged much to his own chagrin, choosing to make an offer he couldn’t refuse. “If we stay up, I can rub your belly.

Goliath's ears perked up as he predictability flopped backward and assumed a joyful puppy-like pose in preparation. “My princess always drives a hard bargain...and I suppose it couldn’t hurt. At least she seems calmer now.”

“You’re too easy.” She teased, before speaking with a certain conviction that surprised Goliath. “I’m going to talk to my dad tomorrow, and tell him why I’m upset — do you think that’s a good idea?”

Goliath gave her a reassuring nod and a happy wag. “You’re quite mature for your age, Princess.”

“I know.” Ellie yawned.

This soon lead to a mutually sleepy and playful bickering about who was more tired. Devolving into the classic retorts of, ‘Yeah-huh and nu-uh’s’, going back and forth, with maybe a ‘times infinity’ thrown in there for good measure, until they both drifted off to sleep. But as a soldier, Goliath was intent on winning the battle, as he muttered while in his sleep.

“Yeah-huh, times infinity plus one...”

But a bigger war was on the horizon...

The stench of black coffee and orange juice was the smell of the following morning, as the family had gathered in the kitchen for breakfast. Two simultaneous yawns emit from the duo, as the father began pouring the homemade blueberry pancake batter into the frying pan. Ellie sat quietly and exchanged a look of concern with Goliath. The father was still wearing the same work clothes that he wore yesterday and also slept in. Usually he was talking up a storm, but he seemed to be focusing on the local news station, as it was currently describing the forecast from their kitchen’s small flat-screen television hanging above their fridge. The T.V remote sitting beside his ‘Number One Dad’ mug on the table across from where Ellie fidgeted with her silverware. The father moved quickly, setting a full glass of O.J and water bowl near them, promptly taking out some pills from the organizer and swallowing them, gulping down his entire cup afterward.

"Everything's okay." Ellie thought with a smile, glancing at the kitchen’s calendar, seeing today’s date was circled with red pen. The words ‘Called Off Work. Doctor's Appointment.’ written clearly. Goliath was intently watching the father pulling out the pre-cooked sausages out of the microwave. No, it wasn’t because of the heavenly meaty aroma in the air. He soon noticed the warning signs early, as the father grabbed out only two plates to start dishing out the food. Pausing with his one ear lifted to overhear the breaking news, ‘Superdog Sighting? Mugger thwarted.’

“Not good.” Goliath thought, immediately dashing underneath the table to the other side and jumping up on his forepaws to press the button that changes the channel. The unsubtle shenanigans go unnoticed by the father, too busy inside his own head, putting everything on the plates and checking the time on the T.V screen.

“And foods ready.” He said turning around and smiling at the pair, going around the table to set the pancakes and syrup bottle down by Ellie. She frowned slightly as the father bent down to lay the sausage plate by Goliath’s agape maw. The digi.mon gazed at it, in a moment of brief admiration, “It’s beautiful…” before gobbling the contents up.

The father stood upright and noticed his daughter’s gloomy expression. “Are you alright? I made some extra sausage that’s still in the microwave. If you’d like it-”

“You’re not eating?” Ellie softly interrupted.

“I don’t have time.” The father answered, his next words spoken with haste. “Oh, and I’ll be back late again. So promise me you’ll go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. And you don’t need to stay up for me.” He said making his way out of the kitchen and opening the front door, ending with his parting words. “I love you.”

Both Ellie and Goliath silently looked back at the door closing before another word could be spoken. It was followed by a short silence and a sudden flood of emotions. Goliath turned to her and witnessed the heartbreaking sight of his princess breaking into tears.

It’s the worst feeling in the world to lie to your child. But it was worse to feel like a coward. That's how the father felt, sitting there inside his car, realizing whoever said the phrase of - ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’ - was probably not staring at his online search results for...
‘Can antidepressants make you hear a dog speaking in their sleep?’

Meanwhile in Toyko...

This was the first time in months that she woke up to her morning alarm without abusing the snooze button. Mari impatiently paced around her apartment living room still wearing her pajamas. Plopping onto her reclining loveseat, opposite to where her colorful electric guitar sat. Taking a bite out of the cold vegetarian pizza that was inside the open box that had been sitting on her coffee table since yesterday. Missimon was hovering awkwardly back and forth to clean up all the empty soda drinks and fast food boxes that littered the place and dump them into the big garbage can in the corner of her kitchen. Repeating the same phrase with an equally passionate voice every round trip, that Mari was doing her best to ignore, while glaring at the message that left her with a cracked cellphone screen. “Pick up already. If this number isn’t right. I’m so getting a refund for this.”

“Trash eliminated!” Missimon said dropping the aluminum can into the bin.

The called number answered. “Hello?”

“Are you the blonde bloke that met Missimon?”

“Oh, uh — yes. You must be Mari.”

Missimon floated on by with starry eyes. “Mari is clever. Secretly interrogating the enemy!”

“Order given. No more talking.” Mari rebutted. As Missimon scratched his head with his claw, seemingly conflicted whether or not to acknowledge it. As Raiden’s response could be heard sighing in the background. “I thought I was on his side now.”

Look. I’ll pay for whatever damages he caused. But on the condition that you’ll keep this shit to yourself, got it? Sounds like you received one of these things too-”

“You don’t need to worry about paying me. I’m not going to say anything — but should you really be calling them ‘things?’ They’re living creatures-”

“I’m gonna cut you off there. I don’t care.” She interrupted, eating another bite of pizza and continuing, “In fact, that’s precisely why I contacted you. You actually have the resources to waste on babysitting and you sound far more qualified to raise 'em-”

“I’m afraid I don’t follow.” Raiden uttered with a pause, his voice raised and spoken from a distance, as if he tossed the phone down and put her on speaker. “Hey. Zues, come on buddy. Don’t touch that.”

Mari rolled her eyes and started sending texts to her band mate and manager, before he returned. “Sorry. Zues seems to have a cat-like curiosity.”

“I don’t know who that is.” Mari spoke with unfiltered disinterest.

“Oh right. That’s just what I named the digi.mon. Less of a mouthful. Plus, he really seems to like it. Have you named yours yet?” Raiden’s tone was far friendlier and brighter in contrast. Missimon eyes glanced over to Mari, who was rubbing her forehead in irritation.

“I’m not keeping it. I want you to take Missimon off my hands. How much would you be willing to take him for?”

““Th-that’s awful. You got the same device that I did right? Missimon is meant to be yours. You can’t just give-”

Mari hung up her phone and tossed it onto the other cushion with a frustrated sigh, as she leaned back and kicked up her feet. “Guy’s so damn preachy that he should be a door-to-door pastor.” Staring up longingly at her ceiling, as she eventually had to respond to the Missimon sheepishly floating directly above her legs. She then shot Missimon a weary glare and pointed to the pizza box.

“If you’re hungry — eat the rest of that and throw away the box.”

“Order Received.” Missimon exclaimed, going over and quickly devouring the last half, making a sudden realization. “Missimon made mistake. Permission to speak?”

Mari sighed. “Granted. But speak softly. What do you want?”

“Missimon desires ‘Name’.”

“Rejected.” Mari answered coldly, as she stared at Missimon who looked emotionally unaffected like a robot. “I don’t know why this M dude sent you here. But you made my life hell by showing up out of the blue yesterday. And the only reason you’re staying here is because you refuse to leave me alone.”

“Correct. Missimon not leave Mari.”

““In that case, it’s time to lay some ground rules listen carefully.”

“Listening.” Missimon agreed. Mari started raising her fingers to the corresponding rules that she laid out for the digi.mon.

““One, don’t repeat the words and actions of the television and music playing in my bedroom. This world is not actually at war. Two, don’t take my words literally. So I don’t have you crashing through my bedroom window and forcing me to drive in the middle of the night to come pick you up. That follows to three, don’t break anything or harm anyone. When I say I want my asshole upstairs neighbor and his bed that’s made out of balloons to be silenced. That is not a call for you to act upon. Now repeat what I said back to me and tell me if you understand.”

“What I said back to me-” Missimon began as Mari groaned on the inside.

““This day is going suck too isn’t it?”

I'm finding some good music today. Why can't this be the pop that plays on the charts?

The window wall overlooking Tokyo's nightlife was his bedroom’s backdrop; illuminating the black leather recliner where the adolescent sat hunched over his laptop. His headphones began playing ‘Beethoven's - Moonlight Sonata’, from his classics playlist, as he strained to read one of the two dozen browser tabs on his dim screen. The piano’s soft melody cancelled the sounds of his usual late night thoughts of loneliness, only becoming distracted by the growing soreness in his abdomen. He then sighed after glancing at the time, and rubbed the dark circles underneath his eyes, realizing his afternoon had been eaten away on an empty stomach. Leaning his head back into the cushion and stretching his arms upward, accidentally knocking off his headphones from his ears. Returning to a reality with a world of information at his fingertips, yet failing to find relevant research regarding the monster-sized egg that was currently bundled up on his king bed. Nor how it, and the rectangular device that laid beside it, showed up in his locked bedroom before he got home from his private school...

“Whether I face what’s outside my window or in my bed, it seems like I can’t escape the unknown.” He thought with a half-smile. Softly chuckling to himself while running his fingers through his messy blonde hair, and casually pulling off his headphones. "Well — I shouldn't let myself get frustrated. I’ll just call Archibald, and have him bring me a snack that will help me stay awake." He quietly closed his laptop and set his electronics aside in his seat, swaying himself forward to stand up on his bare feet. Walking around to the other side of the bed, turning on his vintage lamp and using the rotary phone on his nightstand. Holding the receiving end up to his right ear, and turning to gawk at the strange device as its screen suddenly lit up. Skipping a heartbeat, as the device somehow resumed the song that he was previously listening to, but during its faster parts while the volume was twice as loud. His shoulders jumped up at the gentlemanly voice speaking up.

“Do you need something to eat, Sir?”

“Uh-um. S-sorry, Archibald. You’ll have to call me back.” He stammered, stretching out the cord, as he quickly bent over the bed to pick up the device. The music continuing as he stood up, haphazardly pressing all the buttons and fidgeting with it to no avail. “I-I wasn’t even able to turn in on earlier. And the buttons are still doing nothing at all...”

“Sir, I believe you called me. Is something the ma-”

“Please make me some spicy ramen noodles! Thanks. Sorry.” He hastily exclaimed, before hanging up and feeling instant guilt. He pleaded in an exasperated tone, Please shut off the music already!”

He didn’t expect this to actually work, or for the device to respond in an artificially feminine voice. “Digital companion ready to emerge.” Displaying a loading bar about a ‘Digi.mon Arrival’ downloading fully.

He paused, kneeling against his bed and carefully reaching out his hands to gently unwrap his fluffy white comforter from the silver shell. “Is it saying whatever's inside is going to hatch soon? Wait — is the egg wiggling?” His left palm hovering above the egg and feeling the intense warmth radiating from within. It oddly brought him the same sense of comfort that hearing his music would. His gaze captivated by the egg’s subtle movements, as his arms dropped to his sides. The first piece of the egg cracked in the shape of a lightning bolt, followed by a bright flash that had him briefly shutting his eyes. Seeing two baby blues attached to a soft silver fur ball creature with two thick stray yellow hairs sticking up top, staring at him and audibly suckling a pacifier. His eyes twinkling at the epitome of childhood innocence. “I think I just died of cuteness...”

Without a single clue about how to react, he warmly smiled at the little one and then checked the device that he was still holding onto. Correctly assuming it had other things that he needed to read, even if it only raised many more mysteries in the aftermath.

DIGI.mon hatched!
Pusu.mon – Fresh – Slime Type – Male

“Pusumon?” He uttered curiously, noticing the creature’s fur seemingly poofing out in recognition. “Does that mean it can understand me?”

That message was quickly replaced with a different one.

Hello, Raiden.
This creature is a Digital Monster, or DIGI.mon for short. No matter what happens, you must watch over it and you must trust it, and it will do the same for you. I'm sure you and this DIGI.mon are a perfect fit. Prepare and be strong.
Have ambition,

“I get it. So I’m meant to care for this digital monster...I suppose he doesn’t seem to hard to handle.” He took a deep breath and set the device on the bed, observing the Pusumon sitting idly by. Slowly sliding his open palms across the bed until his fingertips were an inch away from the increasingly curious baby. “Don’t startle it. Let him come to you…” Pusumon promptly hopped straight into his open palms. The furball felt practically weightless and his joyful expression melted the adolescent’s heart.

“Hello there, Pusumon.” Raiden gently murmured, starting to lift him. This mistake lead to a swift punishment, as Pusumon’s happiness suddenly switched to alarm, as his body inflated. Raiden stopped moving, but before he could recognize and amend his error, Pusumon’s pacifier fired out of his mouth. Unable to prevent the moist projectile bouncing of Raiden’s forehead harmlessly, and dropping to the floor below. Raiden blinked at the Pusumon’s pouty face and gently set him back on the bed. “Duly noted, you dislike getting picked up.” This did not calm Pusumon down, however, as his attention shifted to looking around on the bed, visible distraught, as his face began to well up with tears. Raiden smartly went to pick up the pacifier and popped it back in Pusumon’s mouth. “You only lost it because you hit me, ya goof.” Pusumon returned to his pacified state as he curiously watched Raiden picking up the phone and rotating the dial.

“Hey Archibald. Could you also bring me a baby bottle of chilled milk — for research…” Raiden requested. “That sounded less suspicious in my head.”

“I’ll be there shortly, Sir.”

“Thanks.” Raiden added before hanging up the phone, climbing onto his bed and sitting beside Pusumon, with his legs folded. “Well, Pusumon. Welcome to the Tsuchiya household. It appears you’ll be under my watch, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Nobody enters my room without explicit permission...” Raiden greeted him formally with a smile, self-aware of how silly it came across, but he seemed to have Pusumon’s full attention. “Excluding this ‘M’ character, anyway...whoever they are.” He disregarded that for now, and put both his open palms by the Pusumon again. “Go on. I won’t pick you up again.”

Pusumon’s glanced down at his palms and back up to him, seemingly reluctant to move, but then hopping over his palms and landing onto his lap.

It was the sound of something violently smashing through his window. Shattered glass spilling onto the floor, as Raiden crossed his arms and shielded the shivering Pusumon. “What the hell is-” That was when he saw the intruder responsible for breaking up their peaceful moment of bonding, hearing its passionate yet robotic chant.

“Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!”

Raiden almost couldn’t believe what he was standing above. A missile with silvery robotic eyes and claws had careened through his window, leaving a gaping hole, repeating the same word while flat on its back amidst the broken glass. The device had lit up and was somehow able to recognize and display the creature’s name and basic data, Missimon. The potential threat of the situation had significantly diminished when it had become apparent that this digi.mon was becoming increasingly flustered that he couldn’t move and was essentially ignored, as Raiden finished vacuuming. It was like watching a toddler throwing a tantrum and exhausting themselves of all their energy, as the creature got quiet.

“So have you calmed down? You made quite the mess, and scared my new friend half to death.” Raiden lightly scolded with a casual tone, setting the vacuum cleaner and small trash bin off to the corner in front of his closet. “Well, let me check on him first…” He went up to the shaking pillow on his bed and lifted it up slightly to find Pusumon sniffling and quivering. “Yep. Still alive.” Only for Pusumon to burrow himself deeper into the pillow after the sound of Raiden’s bedroom door being firmly knocked upon thrice. Raiden set the pillow down and sighed softly, going up and opening it enough to squeeze his body through. Putting on his best straight-faced smile at the family’s sharply dressed butler sporting a curly mustache, grateful that Archibald wasn’t asking questions and only carefully handing Raiden a large bowl of spicy ramen that had been put underneath a pot holder, and then gave him a cup carrier with two baby bottles of milk and an eight ounce can of lemon-lime soda. “Thanks again! Sorry for calling you this late.”

“It’s not an issue, Sir. My apologies for taking so long, I had to fetch those at the very back of the cabinet.”

Raiden awkwardly chuckled and paused, "Well — have a good night.” Breathing out a sigh of relief when the door was closed and locked, he sauntered over to put everything next to the device that was also on his nightstand, then slowly approached the petrified Missimon. Missimon’s glossy white pupils glancing at him quickly, before returning to gaze at the ceiling fan. Raiden accepted the risk and bent over to scoop the Missimon up and cradle it in his arms. Missimon remained entirely stiff, even as Raiden carried the digi.mon to the other side of the bed. “Hmm. Expected him to weigh a lot more than he does. But it’s not trying to attack me, and it’s clearly still young. I doubt he means to do us any harm...” He sat on the bed near the nightstand, with the Missimon in his lap and reached over to grab one of the bottles.

“Missimon? I’m not going to hurt you and neither is Pusumon-” Raiden assured right before Pusumon poked out with an inflated belly and eyes filled with tears, firing his pacifier and pelting Missimon right on his forehead, before promptly ducking back underneath the pillow. Fortunately, Missimon didn’t seem to have much of a reaction. Raiden sighed and shifted the immobile Missimon around and held him in one arm, and reached under the pillow to goad Pusumon out. Reluctantly getting Pusumon to scoot himself out with big sad eyes, likely at the tragic loss of the object he purposely shot out again. “I have no idea how I’ve gotten myself into babysitting two digital monsters from another world. But my best guess is that Missimon’s is someone’s digimon. Meaning they’d probably worried sick about him. How am I supposed to find them in this city? Wait, maybe Missimon can tell me...”

“Missimon I wanna help you. How’d you get here? Is your owner nearby? You can talk to me...” Raiden said without any other ideas, deciding to insert the bottle into Pusumon’s mouth instead, which proved to be an instant success. As Pusumon’s mood pulled a 180, as his eyes lit up, hungrily sucking it down.

“Answer. Mari. Not nearby.” Missimon coldly calculated. “Received order. ‘Destroy somebody’s else's stuff why don’t you?’ Mission completed. Awaiting new order.”

Raiden had to admit, he had no idea how to follow that up. But at least, Pusumon had fallen asleep in the middle of drinking, milk dribbling from his mouth. So Raiden popped his pacifier back in and set the bottle down beside him, trying to solve this predicament. “Can you not move unless Mari tells you too? Is there anyway to contact Mari?”

“Answer. Negative. Missimon can move. Fuel required.”

Raiden grabbed the second bottle off the nightstand. “Can you drink this? It should give you the fuel to move.” His words sounding just as uncertain as he was, but Pusumon seemed to drink it okay, so why not?

“Rejected. Missimon accepts nothing from his enemies.”

Raiden sighed. “Why am I your enemy?”

“Answer. Missimon held captive-” Raiden interrupted this explanation by setting him down, right side up with the bottle beside him. Standing upright to massage his forehead with his thumb and fingers. Missimon continued to lay there.

“I’m not your enemy Missimon. I just want you to go back to Mari.” But, then Raiden was startled and dumbfounded by Missimon’s sudden alert tone and his loudness from earlier returning.

“Mari! Order received! Fuel required!”

Missimon suddenly ascended, as data-like flames spurted out of its rear engine. His eyes locked onto the nightstand, and he immediately dived for the bowl of ramen and slurped it all down. “Fuel acquired! Consider yourself lucky that your on my side!” Missimon exclaimed, spiraling out of through the hole in the window.

“Your welcome...” Raiden thought scratching his head, shrugging it off for now. His heart melting again after noticing Pusumon, still fast asleep. “How are you still asleep when you get startled by a knocked-on door?” He yawned and rubbed his weary eyes, suddenly aware of how exhausted he was. “Nevermind. Least I can finally get some sleep...” He climbed into bed, laid down and closed his eyes. “Goodnight Pusumon.”

Unbeknownst to Raiden, Pusumon’s body began to glow as did the device while it displayed the message.

Digital Evolution Successful
Meet Pusuri.mon!

Missimon had rocketed down to the streets below, and into the back of parked hot-pink pick-up truck. “Mari. Missimon acquired ally.”

A young adult loudly groaned with her forehead against the steering wheel, flooring the pedal with her tires screeching as she drove away. "God. Just kill me." The device sitting in the passenger seat, with an on-screen tracker and compass blinking.

“Order denied. Not kill Mari.”

"This is been the worst day of my 18 year old life..." Mari muttered.

Reality had become his nightmare. The princess had disappeared from the living room couch. Yet nothing appeared out of the ordinary; the throw pillows, her blanket, and her afternoon colored pencil drawings of him spread out on the coffee table were still in the same spot. And the window was wide open and letting in the cold breeze!? He sharply inhaled and smelled that rich vanilla shampoo that she washed her hair with every morning — except on weekends. It was clear that he needed to rescue her! Dashing himself across the entire length of the room and jumping out the window, the burning glow from his eyes fearlessly falling two stories and sticking the landing onto the asphalt below. Continuing his full speed run on all fours without faltering, exiting the parking lot and heading through the sidewalks. His senses keenly focused on following that trace like it was a colorful streak in the sky that lead directly to her. The drop of rain hitting his muzzle brought instant fear. “What if she’s drowning? What if she’s hurt? It will be my fault that I couldn't protect her!”

The ongoing chaos inside his head was a far more threatening presence than the vagabonds and drunkards that roamed these dampened New York streets. Looking forward as he ignored the crowd's passing glances, only seeing the blur of a large white beast that zigzagged past the civilians. He moved without hesitation; dodging the overstuffed trash can on the left, and splashing through a puddle on the right. Quickly approaching a group of drunk men and women pouring out of the bar and cutting off his path. One wasted man stumbling in the front, wearing a ridiculous wig and shades pointed at him out along with the obvious.

“ that giant stray dog charging at us?”

Refusing to slow down, as his floppy ear was lifted to listen to the sounds of car horns blaring at the taxi cab driver for not moving after the light turns green. Meaning there was too much traffic to safely cross and he decided to use an alternative solution. He effortlessly leaped above and beyond them, zooming off before they could comprehend where the mutt went.

“I know I’m getting close to the princess. Just another block-” His thoughts were interrupted by the distressed cries of a young woman heard from the other side of the road. A purse snatcher that was fleeing with their ill-gotten gains. A growl escaped from his bared fangs, as the warrior lost the battle of selective morality. He changed his direction on a dime and bolted in-between the thankfully stopped cars. The target’s stench gave his guilt away, dressed in black everything and carrying a hot pink handbag, shoulder checking and shoving anyone in his way. The thief receiving all barks with no bite from the bystanders. In fact, most people were actively distancing themselves from the danger. Taking his final steps in front of a store’s window display of many fragile glass objects, making the mistake of glancing back at the pursuing beast. The shimmering death glare made the warrior’s intentions apparent. "Evil that preys on the innocent. Deserves no mercy!”

He skillfully lunged forth at his now terrified target, standing on his hind paws and sinking his teeth into the thief's arm. Drawing blood and slamming his body into the ground with enough force to knock him unconscious. Immediately returning to his retrieval duties, “And the rest is up to the police — I just hope she’s alright. I hate it when she runs out on me.”

The truth was that he knew exactly where she was. The distraction oddly serving as clarity from his earlier panic. Knowing that he would’ve heard her if she was truly in trouble, and even in circumstances where that wasn’t the case, he lacked a deep pain in his gut. He was finally slowed in his approach, watching her sitting alone on a bench facing the waterfront. Wearing her bright blue raincoat that was lit underneath a streetlight. He let out a softened bark that made the young girl turn around.


He walked over to her and noticed her nervous smile and swollen eyes. Speaking up in a hushed and calm manner. “Princess Ellie, please allow me to escort you back home. Your father will be worried sick about you when he comes back and can’t find us.”

Ellie couldn’t stop playing with her long blue hair, and looking anywhere but into his concerned eyes. She gave him a quiet nod in response, then stood up as they both started to walk. Goliath carefully minding his pace and making sure he was visibly by her side. “I’m sorry for leaving so late. I know you get scared.”

Goliath blushed. “I wasn’t. I mean. I was concerned for your well-being, yes. Why’d you leave the window open, if you just snuck out the door while I was sleeping?”

“The window’s been stuck since yesterday, remember?”

His following silence and puzzled expression said that he did not.

“You aren’t going to tell my dad are you?” She mumbled.

He shook his head and sighed, speaking sternly. “Far as your father knows, I’m just a stray you found two weeks ago. But that doesn’t mean you’re free from consequences Princess.”

She stopped and softly crying with her hands failing to stop her flowing tears. Goliath’s head and body lowered as his scolding tone was short lived and turned to a disheartened plea. “No. Don’t cry. Is it because of my face looks scary again?”

“I’m a burden...” She weeped.

“That’s not true. Your my Princess. Never once have I thought-” He corrected, rendered speechless by Ellie wrapping her arms around him and holding onto him. She smiled and spoke softly. “And you’re my wet warrior.”

Letting him go and seeing his blush return, as they suddenly moved faster in unison. It was an eventful night for the pair, and neither wanted to be outside in the cold any longer. But for everyone else, it was a typical night in the city that never sleeps. Both had more to say, but they weren’t supposed to talk in public. Wouldn’t want them to realize that he’s a digital monster with attributes far exceeding the ordinary puppy...right? Regardless — they chose to save their energy for when they got back to the apartment, hopefully before the father got home from his late night shift...
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