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Very Brief Bio:
Male, 27 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Played basically every sport. Mostly play multiplayer video games, and MTG occasionally.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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Random things I've played or am playing instead of FF14. Mostly to delay the eventual return.

Ori's Sequel was okay. But a lot of its concepts (regarding story, approach to exploration, progression, combat etc) felt pretty half-baked.

Late Shift (an interactive b movie) was an okay time sink, I guess. But I got a pretty poor anti-climax for an ending. And it's one of those games that really pushes the "your choices matter" shtick, which was hilarious, because the first two choices that I selected proved to be pointless right away. Since it was clear that the opposite choice was what it wanted out of the player. Not sure if I'd recommend, even to people that like this kind of schlock like I do.

Now, I'm playing Blacksad. But I don't know how much I care for it, on first impressions. Since it's basically a Telltale game. But as a general mystery fan, the "investigation" elements are really not engaging. (Though unsurprisingly, there's a lot of references to the comics its based off of. So maybe I'd appreciate it more, if I just hadn't looked at them after the fact. And yeah, art work in the comic is great.)

Though whether or not it holds my interest to reach its conclusion, I'll probably play Hades next. (Unless friends get me roped into another game first.)
What are some games you actively have enjoyed but after you've beaten it once you have no desire to return to it despite liking it a great deal?

Most recent and best example that I could think of would be "Curse of the Obra Dinn." Great and fairly challenging mystery. No real replay value. (Solve it once, you've seen it all.)
datacenter? If primal, hit me up some time. I'll help you run content whenever I'm on at the same time.

Looked it up, though I'm on Aether unfortunately. Thanks for the thought. ;P

But my brother's been playing it non-stop for months, in his efforts to push through the new content's story. So I'm sure he'll be able help me with whatever ridiculous quests that I may receive in future.
MMO's give you a goal to play toward and just boring enough to force you to make friends. That's my final say.

Because that is the one and only thing you can NOT get from any other genre. And that's just that.

Not to stir the pot. But what you described is literally every single F2P mobile and Facebook browser game. And those aren't MMO's (usually).

Also, that's almost every modern online cooperative and multiplayer game too. Battle Royales, the newest example of how incorrect that is. Since most of those have chats and "a shared goal with other people playing the game". So better luck next time.

But I get it, you don't like WOW. We can hate it together.

On a separate note, a question for everyone who makes FF14 their addiction. Just how much "I'm a final fantasy fan, I know the lore, I played the games" are you on a scale of one to ten?

Because with my very cursory glance, having played a single game in the series, I wonder if that's impeding my enjoyment of the story/experience. (Which if it does, I only have myself to blame. Though it make more sense to why it's so popular still, besides the fact that its had so long in development that it has an absurd amount of content.) In the same vein, of how that alone is why that Elder Scrolls Online is still around.

Since my favorite MMO's are combat or exploration focused. Older Guild Wars 2. Firefall. Atlantica Online. Even things like Blade & Soul or Tera in those specific places. Etc Etc. But FF14's biggest pluses that I've been told, are its story. And the end game content/dungeons. (The latter, which I honestly rarely do in most MMORPG's.)

I mean FF14's fighting is fine and all. But the click/cooldown combat isn't exactly my favorite. And really, the exploration feels kind of purposely obtuse and held back for newer players. (It's perfectly fine at my current level mind, but it still could be much better with its sense of direction. I.E, quest markers anywhere with multiple floors/indoors.)

But I guess my brother literally paid for more of my sub time, so I guess I'm stuck with giving the story content another push in the near future. (And the prior encouragement was appreciated, btw.)
If you play an MMO in order to sit alone and play a game without or with minimal interaction with other players than you are the strange one.

I spent more than a decade of my life playing MMO games. And I played more than 10 of them during that time and different periods.

Basically a good MMO is fundamentally not a game you are supposed to have fun with but something that's meant to facilitate social interaction.

To be clear on a few things.

1. There's plenty of people that play MMO's for a single player experience. Especially, as time rolled on and the games exploded into popularity. So, if you played enough of them. You'd know that many of them designed themselves to make that more than possible. From niche ones, to the more popular and mainstream ones.

But if I needed to see evidence for why you believe MMO's aren't designed to be too engaging. (Like they're bad free to play mobile games or something.)

2. "10 years of playing + I played 11 (more than 10) MMO's. (Means you played a single MMO on average in a whole year.) Which is certainly not the appeal to authority counter that you may think it is. Since it's the equivalent to saying, "I know I don't like any Asian Cuisine, I've had take-out at least twice this year."

But let's be clear, one game a year isn't even close to scratching the surface, in any genre. (Though admittedly, that also depends significantly on the window of time. Since according to sites that track this stuff, around 250 MMO's were released in 2016 alone. Which probably isn't even the highest year either...)

However, from how you've described it, I would assume that you've simply played the wrong MMO's. And had the wrong reasons to play on top of it. (As if you were socially pressured into playing them with others. But then consider, how fun it is to do anything under those circumstances. Though my guess stems from how dismissive you've sounded to Diablo and other RPG's too.)

So if that isn't the case, I'll stand corrected. Though playing a few (and yes, ten is most definitely VERY few.) The argument should boil down to your taste, versus some general statement on the "mmo genre" itself.

3. Because, here's the secret, MMO's are (or I'd at least argue were) incredibly diverse games. So putting it in a box, is already likely doomed to inaccuracy. Since there were too numerous to count back in their more popular days, and basically included every single genre. Sports, JRPGS, Western RPGS, Slice Of Life, Sandbox, Simulation, RTS, Shooters, Mystery, name a genre or theme, it existed. And even within ones of similar genres, didn't remotely play like each other.

Something that likely couldn't be said as easily for other genres that garnered popular and attention. But, really, if you name some of your favorite games out there, someone else could very likely boil them down to a simple gameplay loop. Though like the best open world games, an enjoyable variety of content, is what the best MMO's provide.

So, I'd be curious to know what games you do primarily enjoy. (Then I could very likely point you to its MMO counterpart that exists/existed.)
To avoid repeating things I've said before. If I do a direct comparison with roleplays I started and track how long they lasted. (Total word count.) In comparison to 2019. The difference is staggering. From more roleplays in general (albeit PM/off site) and from what was once months at most, became almost a whole year for at least a few of them.

But in 2021, I may focus on different avenues. Novel writing, maybe. Personal fitness? Haven't quite nailed down my "new years resolution" yet. Though it might turn out to be a very different year for me, regardless.
I have not and will never shop online for groceries.

My roommate did, and I got to put away what little did arrive. The highlights include a single bag with the following, a single small green banana, 5 avocados, dish soap, and a single dollar's worth of ham slices.

(Coincidentally, I happened to go grocery shopping for the *third* time this month. And I stepped in a big ass puddle on my way inside. Because 2020.)
@Ammokkx Yeah, that's fair enough. Like I said, I'm sure that I wouldn't have burnt myself out in the way I did. If I wouldn't have even bothered with the job stuff. I just figured that it was something to do, because I was told that they're quite useful to have. (Though I have done some of those tribe quests, if I've not mistaken.)

Also, related and unrelated to prior statements. My friend's obsession for Final Fantasy 12, has saved me from playing more Prequel Borderlands. So I can't help but be thankful for that.

Now I only need to actually be in the mood to start playing video games. '>.>
I didn't die.

This, but without any irony?

Well, uh. I certainly did the things that I tasked myself to do. Thus, I was more productive and optimistic person than I was last year in almost every way. (Not that it amounted to very much in the end.)

Though through my wasted efforts, Christmas went better than last year. (And many other things were going better until recently too.) So I won't lie, my highlights kind of got drowned out by everything and everybody else. But least I had a few this time?

And I'm sure that I'll be having an enjoyable/extended time with a friend of mine tomorrow. So there's something to look forward to, at least.

Plus, unlike many years prior, I won't have to worry about moving in the most inconvenient season. So there's one burden that I avoided. But then again, I suppose there's still a few more days for something to come along and burn it to the ground.

(Oh, and my dark sense of humor is still intact. Does that count for something?)
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