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Male, 29 years old. (So I'm practically dead, as we speak.)

Likes (other than writing and roleplaying): I'm into all genres of music. I love to cook. I love the outdoors, and walking through the park near my house. (Yes, really.) I read a lot of thriller/mystery novels. And I usually watch seasonal anime. (Or cooking shows. Because Western Media provides even fewer things that are worth watching.)

But as for my many other neglected hobbies, I've played basically every sport. (Soccer and Bowling being my favorite of the bunch.) And I'm trying to play more video games. (Currently grinding in Warframe.) Plus, I've dabbled in making electronic & metal music, and I used to play a number of instruments. (Guitar, French Horn, etc.)

My 1X1 Interest Check: SleepingSilence's Tavern (Want 1x1 RP's? Please come in.)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Banned since you asked for it.
Apparently the best Spotify Discovery could give me this week.

“N-no. I’m not—my name is Chomps.” Croconaw introduced himself, still sounding and looking concerned at how Fifi was behaving. Oh no. The poison is making her act loopy- Chomps theorized for a moment, until he found himself being squeezed tightly by the rowdy Eevee. “No I. Well I guess I am, but…” He stammered out to explain. Finding himself rendered speechless and in awe by the river of noise that continued to flow from the little fox's maw. Wow. The princess could probably match the old man in a talking contest. Chomps thought, not really absorbing much of what Fifi said. Since the gator was too focused on wriggling backward in vain to escape her clutches.

Soon rescued by the sound of her roaring stomach, as he stood back up and tilted his head in confusion at her next question. Immediately envisioning how many crops were sprouting all over the fields near his house; as he realized that she managed to travel in the most dangerous direction first. I-I don’t think she’ll survive out here on her own. Croconaw noted, with another thought. And if she was hungry. She coulda’ at least waited to leave after- Chomps pondered, as he frowned at the realization and held onto his plump belly. Breakfast! Aww man. I haven’t eaten yet either... He whined.

But the uneasy feeling in his stomach would only get worse, when Fifi finished speaking about her missing parents, and how much she didn’t like other humans because of it. Wait. I know what we can do.” Croconaw suggested, with a confident smile. Feeling the passion in her hopeful stare, as he pointed in the direction of his house. “You’re looking for your parents in the human village, right?" Croconaw asked her, pointing backward a few more times for good measure. “Well, I know how far it is to travel by foot. So I have a friend who can help us get there salac-duper fast.” Chomps offered, trying to sound as smart as possible. Despite not having a single clue what the outside village was even like; since he had only heard stories about it from their Resident Transport. “And somewhere with plenty to eat too.” Croconaw added, with his own stomach gurgling mere seconds later.
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Would you settle for turkey sausage?

It's a little on the repetitive side. But SiM never makes bad music.

And of course this is already an upcoming anime OP.
I practice and encourage the motto to pass the good around.

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