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Male, 29 years old. (So I'm practically dead, as we speak.)

Likes (other than writing and roleplaying): I'm into all genres of music. I love to cook. I love the outdoors, and walking through the park near my house. (Yes, really.) I read a lot of thriller/mystery novels. And I usually watch seasonal anime. (Or cooking shows. Because Western Media provides even fewer things that are worth watching.)

But as for my many other neglected hobbies, I've played basically every sport. (Soccer and Bowling being my favorite of the bunch.) And I'm trying to play more video games. (Currently grinding in Warframe.) Plus, I've dabbled in making electronic & metal music, and I used to play a number of instruments. (Guitar, French Horn, etc.)

My 1X1 Interest Check: SleepingSilence's Tavern (Want 1x1 RP's? Please come in.)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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@Fabricant451 In action movies and scenes that are supposed to be tense. Completely predictable outcomes do hinder the experience a wee bit. Especially when its a longer "when will they be saved" scene. But I don't have a problem with a story/plot being cliché. If its done well—and the movie does do most of its scenes well.

In fairness to it, I haven't seen anything better in theaters. And there's nothing wrong with a crowd pleaser. (It's almost refreshing to see a movie being made for the audience to enjoy.)

Maybe I'm just too hard to please. :P
I've heard a bunch of decent/listenable tracks over the past few days. But I keep finding myself listening to music from prior years instead.

A movie doesn't have to kill characters to up stakes or tension.

Maverick is far and away the best theater experience I've had in recent times and Tom Cruise is saving cinema once again what a crazy motherfucker. It's not the best movie I've seen this year (but it's a solid third), that honor goes to Everything Everywhere All At Once.

My mixed feelings about Everything Everywhere All At Once aside.

I do agree that killing off any of the characters, probably wouldn't have fit what the movie was going for. But it easily could've been a little less predictable in places. (The last 'protags saved at the last minute scene' was one flashback away from being a Shonen anime.)

My boredom (and youtube's shitty search algorithm when I was looking up music) made me watch "Origin". (Another bad "The Thing" knock off.) Which is another TV series that IMDB has scored way too generously.

But I'm still holding out hope that this seasonal anime will have something worth watching.

On a side note, the 2000 words I wrote for my book over the past two days did not save. /boo frickin' hoo! :(

Oof. I know that feeling. What's the book about? :3

I've been considering going back to read some of my old RP's/more in general really, in an attempt to inspire myself back into writing. (We'll see if that method happens to help me or not...)
There's plenty of other payment sites/apps available. (CashApp, Ko-fi, personal websites that accept crypto-currency etc.) You just have to explain that to them (the person you're seeking a commission/product from), and ask for their alternative options. (Smart artists/creators will likely have those options.)

You can also have them send you a money order through your email (using their paypal). And you can send them a payment that way, w/o using an account yourself.

Using a group of characters that never got their time to shine. (Edited: Because another question was added.)

Questions answered by: Asmoday (The God Of The Underworld) & His Five Sons.

What do you like to do for fun?

Asmoday: Ah-ha! Now that’s a tremendous question! You should be greatly rewarded for your curiosity, and desire to know more about me. Well…it’s war. War for any reason at all. The more casualties, the better. So long as I get to fight on the front lines…

What qualities do you like in a person?

Lokotos: Like people!?! What the hell is there to like about people!?! Stupid miserable cowards, the lot of them are. And you’d have to be weak and foolish yourself—to even consider that worth pondering…what? Answer the question? Egh. Fine! I like mortals who lack qualities…and a pulse.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Thryce: Hmm…I don’t wish to speak out against my father’s will. But…I suppose my appearance is considered—frightening—to those I intend to help. So, if it was possible to be—more human—I’d…I’d change that…even if I’d lose my brothers’ respect in the process. Besides, a body is simply a means to achieving my goals...

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Ebiinate: Do you seek escape from your suffering? Come. Take my hand and we’ll go somewhere. Wherever your mind can be put at ease. Hmm…? Where would I go…? I…I’ve gone everywhere before. So it all feels the same to me. Just another destination, is it not?

What is your favorite food, and why?

Krawle: Ehehehaha. Feed. Feed Feed Feed Feed Feed Feed. HAHAHA! Don’t recall!

When do you do your best work? In other words, are you an early bird or a night owl?

Rytram: A night owl. I…I can barely sleep as it is anymore. Though…my work isn’t something that I often trouble myself with anyway. Not since...nevermind. Was that—all you wanted to know?

Who's had the biggest influence on your life?

Lokotos: Ugh! I suppose my father has given me my true purpose in life. Much as he’s faltering as of late. But I’m not my father! So be sure to remember that!

What gives you purpose in life? What drives you?

Thryce: I offer retribution for the victims of society. For I am, but an entity who gives those who feel wronged, another chance to make it right. To hold those responsible—down onto their knees—and let the oppressed wield their penance…

How do you feel about your family?

Ebiinate: I don’t feel too strongly one way or another. Though Rytram is…different from the rest of our family. I suppose you could even say that—he interests me.

Do you have any particularly noteworthy Allies or Enemies?

Krawle: *points to reader and approaches* Hehehehaha…

What's your pet peeve?

Rytram: My father and his obsession to be in my life—is certainly among them…

After a stressful day, what calms you down?

Asmoday: Alcohol, ofcourse! Red wine is the best way to unwind, after all…

What is your favorite animal?

Asmoday: Oh no. I’m much more of a people person, you see. Animals basically serve little purpose, other than to be eaten. Maybe Rytram, Ho-ho-ho! Just kidding. Don’t tell the others, but he’s my favorite son! Ha-ha! Or…is that just the alcohol talking again?

What are your hobbies?

Asmoday: Aside from fighting wars and ruling over the dead, you mean? Well sure! I have plenty of other interests, thanks to my ever-so curious mind. In fact, I’ve probably spent more time dabbling in your own hobby than you have. Ha-ha…like what? Well…

If you suddenly came into a lot of money, what would you spend it on?

Asmoday: Oh look. More questions. How delightful! But I can't say I've ever had to worry about the cost of anything. Being immortal and all. Which reminds me...

How much time to do have left to live?
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Rumor Empowerment

F**king seriously?

The amount of rumors I've had spread about me throughout my life...

I'd be a god.
@Dark Cloud
Save for Hollow Knight. :P

Yeah, MHGU is content rich as well. Though I don't know how it compares to other games in the series. (I enjoyed World and kinda hated Rise.)

Most comments I'm reading about the game (via Reddit thread, "if its worth buying") say yes. For its sheer amount of stuff to do/hours you can put into it. Though it does come with a lot of caveats. So it'll depend on how little graphics matter, and if you can accept simple level design and more clunky/'old school' controls.

The online is apparently less populated than Rise. But it's still fairly active. According to the threads I've looked at. (Plus, if its on sale. You might get an influx of new players.)
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