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Very Brief Bio:
Male, 28 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Played basically every sport. Mostly play multiplayer video games, and MTG occasionally.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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Miles Green ♂

Age (Birthdate): 20 (April 18th)

Brief Personality

Brief History
Just an unremarkable working class family, with little in the ways of struggle and hardships that many others hadn’t experienced too. However, unlike his smarter siblings and parents. Miles was always considered a below average student. With handwriting too sloppy to make notes and study well. While also finding himself disinterested in learning about most subjects. On the other hand, put an orange ball inside his hands and watch him work his magic. Deciding to be a hard worker for his one specific goal to become a well-known athlete — and so he worked on it every day. Working out with weights, doing cardio, learning different plays and moves to conquer his opponent. There was very little he was concerned with, aside from getting better.

So when his most supportive grandfather gave him a couple of pokemon, and insisted that he have some training partners. Miles was reluctant to accept, but ended up with some of his closest friends. Which helped Miles greatly in his time of need, mourning after the grandfather that had passed away peacefully in his sleep. Though Miles didn't know how to react, when he alone had been given his Grandparent's small home and all his accumulated wealth that nobody in the family knew of. Suddenly being blessed with a generous inheritance, and garnering the ire of most of his 'more successful' siblings. So needless to say, he had something to prove. But his grandfather's belief in him, only gave Miles another reason to be proud and goal focused. Having a pair of Pokemon who were equally determined to be the best, and perhaps even widening Miles ambition to be the greater at more than just Basketball. As he’d become a world famous pokemon trainer on top of it! The problem was — he was kind of terrible at it...

Pokemon (And Their Names)
Breloom ♂ (Frolic)

Heracross ♂ (Paragon)


  • Miles also inherited two backyard stray cats that have always seemed to adore him. (Jonah and Foster) But they never liked to stay indoors for very long. So he fed them in dishes outside, and bought them little dog shelters to sleep underneath.
  • Miles has two older brothers who he barely saw growing up. One older sister who hated his guts. And a younger sister that watches over the cats whenever Miles travels. But only because she's working to be a veterinarian and likes animals too much to let them go hungry and unloved.
  • Miles can’t really cook either. So cup noodles are his favorite food to ingest.
  • Miles had only learned to swim very recently, because of a friend who surfed.
  • Miles doesn't like to wear the color Green.

Whortleberry City

It was a good thing for Miles that Route 25’s paved trails were so smooth. Since his daily ride to the park could’ve easily ruined his new plaid button-up jacket. Due to the large bowl of breakfast ramen - that while once delicious - wasn’t settling very well in his stomach. Yet the young man’s vibrant smile would never seem to falter. Looking up with awe to witness an older trainer soaring across the partly-cloudy skies on a Pidgeot. As he would feel a mild spring breeze blowing against his face and styled hair. Calmly breathing in a strong flowery aroma—which signaled that he was close to arriving at his destination. Thus, he had an extra reason to stop at the side of the road, and take a swig of his peach iced-tea. Pausing to soak in that the overcrowded city noise had long faded again, and was now replaced with a peaceful stillness...

At least until the silence got interrupted by the vibrating and buzzing sounds, coming from within his wrinkled pants pocket. Causing Miles to put the orange sports jug back into his bike’s detachable bottle holder—and then pull out the smartphone just to confirm that it was an accidental button press. Briefly squinting his grayish-blue eyes at the screen, and adjusting its brightness to account for the morning sun. Quick to notice that his texts were read recently, as he checked his two sent messages.
No response. Wonder if he’s still in bed- Miles reasoned, with his index finger slowly twirling the dark-red strand of his hair. Before shrugging it off and sliding the phone back in the opposite pocket, where his several pokeballs were kept. Ah well. I’ll see him soon enough, I guess. He concluded, proceeding to pedal onward until he reached the park.
* * *

But within minutes of getting there, Miles had another temptation in his sights. Riding his bike over a sturdy redwood bridge, arching above a flowing stream of crystal-clear water. As he had begun looking for an unoccupied bench—with shade. Utterly surrounded by lush greenery, bright-pink trees and fields of oh so many colorful flowers. Even able to go elsewhere in the area, if he wanted to see the wishing fountains, or its shrubbery that resembled pokemon. Though that’s when Miles overheard the boys mocking laughter, and a girl’s shouted response.

“Why won’t you battle me?!” She hollered out. Turning his attention was toward their conflict—as he stopped to set down the bike and approach them. Receiving a pair of weary stares from the teenage boys who noticed him first. One dressed in all black - including the pokeballs clipped to his waist - with dark circles underneath his eyes. And the other young trainer that was wearing some loose dirty clothes and fake jewelry.

“We said no already. So buzz off toots.” The latter boy retorted, resting his elbow on the other’s shoulder, as they stood together. Clearly frustrating her further—for she hadn’t even noticed Miles walking up from behind.

“I’m not a toots!" The girl exclaimed with a stomp. "I’m only a few years younger than you are!” She countered, pointing her finger at the louder boy.

“Excuse me. But what’s going on here?” Miles asked from a short distance away. Briefly surprising the girl, as she turned around to face him.

“Look. I didn’t do anything.” The gloomy kid prefaced in a blunt tone and dismissive posture.

“But his friend called me a bad trainer! And then they both laughed at me, when I told them to battle me two on one!” She asserted, pointing to the other one. Prompting Miles to nod his head in understanding—with hands stuffed down inside his pockets.

"Alright. Then how about this..." Miles negotiated with a determined smile. Soon pulling out a pokeball and his fat leather wallet. “A single pokemon double battle - us versus you two - where the winners get what’s in here.” He stated, with his hand casually waving the wallet out in front of them. Immediately catching the two boys interest, and causing the girl to smile. Months in. And I'll still never get over how normal gambling is for pokemon trainers. He reflected, before expanding the pokeball in his grasp. I just hope you're ready for this pal. Miles thought, before unleashing his ultimate tour de force...
I've been playing for two days and I'm already knee-deep into a new gacha addiction.

Don't let it steal your soul. D: (Or all your cash through microtransactions. Picture looks like a "I paid money for this." screen.)

I spent a day's worth of time playing some Diablo clone on my phone a few days back. But it was slowly starting to show off it's "timers" to me. And like most mobile games, its elements that insist you need to play "PVP" or as a group, always turn me right the f*ck off. (For good reason, as it's always a cheap and unreliable gimmick in the latter case.) So I uninstalled it, to save myself from wasting more time, or the money it was attempting to cajole from me.

Though in more surprising/enjoyable news, I actually got my family to play something on console over Easter Sunday. Since I've only gotten them to play Jackbox games on their phones before. So I was pleasantly surprised at how much I got them into it. (Ultimate Chicken Horse, to be precise.) Meaning I'll have to get them into trying others in the future. *twirls mustache*

And now, there's some actual new games out there that I want to play with others. (Not like I don't have plenty of those already.) But I've only heard good things about Monster Hunter Rise. And, It Takes Two. So there's two more games to add to the ever-increasing list. (And maybe Outriders too, if it can get its shit together.)
2021 should allow me to finally improve on my (admittedly comfortable but) stagnant circumstances. Since unlike years prior, I think my life might actually change in a significant way. (Which at this point, I could use a little adventure.)

For I've been house hunting as of late. And I'm more than likely going to be purchasing a house this year. Preferably sooner, rather than later. (But regardless, these next couple of months are certainly going to be revealing, and potentially a great opportunity/redemption for others.) Time will tell.
Dead Cells has the best graphics for a Switch game, by far the best graphics I've seen.

I have those two games on PC. (Hades/Dead Cells.) But I could certainly believe it to be in the upper echelon on the Switch, with how its art design is. Honestly, the Switch's games can look quite pretty. Hollow Knight looked fantastic on it for example. (To me.) (Though can confirm that Switch's version of Risk of Rain 2 is a bit uggo. But graphics have never been that big of a deal. (To me.)

Good luck on your gaming scavenger hunt.

I've never pre-ordered games or consoles. (And you shouldn't either, person reading. :I) But the only game that I've ever had an issue finding at release was "Until Dawn". (The so-bad-its-well-probably-still-bad horror game, that I enjoyed playing regardless.)

Checked most of the stores in my area with no luck, and finally, I find a copy of it at Target. (I think. Maybe it was a Walmart.) Though since the employees didn't know if a single copy existed or not. I ended up looking for the thing on my own. And the poor box wasn't even on the shelf with the other games. Its lying on the bottom shelf, all on its own, with no price tag to be found. (So among everything else that happened with its lack of PR at the time. Sony really wanted that game to die, it seems.)
Why the fuck is Kingdoms of Amalur: the Re-Reckoning sold out, like I mean it's sold out and out of stock everywhere. Why?

As the gaming version of the McRib. I can tell you-

I remember this company went bankrupt or close to it at some point. And this game had a bunch of overpriced versions of it, that were also notoriously difficult to find. So old habits die hard?

A PS4 game that I'll likely be playing again with some friends this weekend. ("Dragon Crown Pro") Which is good, since nothing else of interest has cropped up as of late.

I lied. Instead we played Risk Of Rain 2 on the Switch. And surprisingly, it runs fine, menu loading aside. Quite immediately engaging, actually. So I can see why everyone this past year has gushed all over it. Though the level design and 'its the same-color everywhere' stages can absolutely drain one's enthusiasm if you get stuck/lost.
More "wondering what I'm doing with my life" than "listening". But eh.

I appear to be in the minority of people, when I looked at the comparisons between these games. But I'm finding Dead Cells to be far more engaging in its challenge than Hades is. Even if I've only just scratched the surface of both.

Mainly because it feels like Hades' gameplay and subsequent deaths are inevitable in a way. Where as in Dead Cells, I always feel like I have an honest shot, in spite of the higher difficulty curve. But I'll certainly be playing more of both of them in good time. (Maybe that feeling will change, we'll see. I know Supergiant's Pyre got me to care about the characters over its gameplay.)

Though what hasn't changed, is how little I want a new game console. Now that the highest praised release that I've seen was for Horizon: Zero Originality. (This time with wings.) "Immortal Fenyx Rising" is an unmemorable title that I had to look up. And that essentially boils down to "Yeah, it's an open world game alright." or "You know all those increasingly dull Asscreed games they've been spewing out ad-nauseum? This is better than those."

But I digress. The other game that I've been playing as of late, which I'm much closer to completing, is "Hand Of Fate". Though let me tell you, that its unique gameplay premise, is far better on paper than how its actually executed. Because it's combat/maze sections (or more importantly, its camera during those parts) is frustratingly bad. Like something on the level of "if I had access to their unity engine, *I* could improve this." However, I don't tend to engage with things for long, if I completely dislike them. So I suppose I enjoy it enough for what its trying to be. (But maybe it's obvious for a roleplayer to enjoy storytelling.)

Lastly, I recently/reluctantly traded my 2DS for all my roommate's Switch accessories, and a PS4 game that I'll likely be playing again with some friends this weekend. ("Dragon Crown Pro") Which is good, since nothing else of interest has cropped up as of late. Even if a part of me wants to buy Jank Souls. ("Hellpoint") because it's Co-Op. And I want them to pay for the terrible movies that I had to watch last time.
My sincerest condolences to the family. (Will be in my prayers tonight, for whatever that's worth.)

Despite my many conversations with Catchamber/Polymorpheus, I didn't know her very well. But she always seemed eager to have a discussion with me. So it's a real shame that I won't get the chance to have another one.

I'm sure you'll be missed by many. God bless.
Discord often moves too fast for important updates to be posted. You can do an announcement tab, but it's just easier to keep up with stuff in the OOC. Can't tell you how many times I've come to an active discord with 400+ messages to read, only to see there's virtually nothing important going on.

Keeping the discord up was a fool's errand. No one used it, and it was much easier to type out long announcements without a 2000 character limit. Not only that, but OOC posts bump your RP. So randos can see your player's banter and don't have to wonder how active things are in the discord. It's better for getting more players.

Frankly, this take is fairly similar to most of what I was planning to add. With the addition of, that you can't even guarantee that those you roleplay with will want to use Discord. Nor is it as easy to format potential OOC information, in anyway that isn't just big ole' blocks of text. (Why do a forum style roleplay at all, if you don't take advantage of it from time to time? Ya know?)

It shouldn't be a case of "Versus" at all. Discords and OOCs compliment each-other.

Though, if done correctly, I'd fully agree with this too. Say one half could be in service of what goes on in the roleplay. And the discord could serve as banter, brainstorming, and maybe even additional character building. (I.E I've heard about one roleplay that had a D&D-style campaign. With their 'home base' being a sub category on Discord that was used exclusively for IC chat.)

It also could be a less terrible way to tell those in your RP group that you aren't going to post. Instead of putting it somewhere like the status bar, where no one will read it. (I'm not even in a group. So directed at no one. But yeah, just saying.)
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