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Very Brief Bio:
Male, 25 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Have played basically every sport, and I do play games. Mostly, Heroes Of The Storm.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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I'll try reading them all tomorrow, and post reviews/criticisms and my choice (if I have a favorite.)

Edit: (My Reviews. Current work in progress. Taking far longer than I expected, may end up taking another day to get through the other stories.) Story paragraphs will be highlighted in yellow.

It was anything but quiet. Despite his quickness to strategize. The amalgamation of smoke, light and noise made everything too cluttered to comprehend. Asher observed the encounter growing more chaotic, teeth pressed against his fingernail. Struggling to apply what he believed was his greatest strength. If their battle was a chessboard, the pieces would be tossed about with abandon. Except this wasn’t a game. Real lives were at stake, because their opponent was a mere pawn.

“How exactly are they being controlled? Is the manipulator nearby? And why? Is this a distraction from their true objective? I don’t know…” Balling his fists, stepping forward with an determined expression. “We need someone to step up as leader.” Then another person dropped amidst the combat, striking red with a mature appearance. Resembling a warrior descending from the heavens. Asher’s heart skipped a beat. Was this what they needed? Asher felt the briefest sense of relief. A slight smile converting to a frown the instant he witnessed the figure reacting like a deer caught in the headlights and curling up. Returning to grinding the gears inside his mind.

“Come on! Think. What would minimize the risk to ourselves and the digimon? We shouldn't attack haphazardly. What if our attacks cause friendly fire? We could pull back and approach with a more constructive method-” Stopping his train of thought hearing Impmon’s suggestion, and her response. Asher shook his head. “Champion? Shouldn’t she reconsider? If we can switch in the odds further in our favor, it should be worth doing! But if you won’t, I will.” Asher pulled out his digivice, feeling the residual warmth and clenching it with both hands. Shutting his eyes, focusing harder than before when he successfully digivolved his partner. But he didn’t even feel a spark. His eyes opened, looking into the sky where Vulcan flew.

“Stop! You’re hurting my head.” Vulcan called out. Asher sighed, shoving the digivice in his pocket. Realizing force of will would only get them so far. Receiving a moment of unexpected commendation, the teacher acknowledged they made the correct decision. The longer the fight dragged on, a kid and his partner continued to suffer. Giving Asher some clarity and calming him.

“I argued that we shouldn’t have rushed here because we’d be disobeying orders. I had to be coerced here by Vorvomon, but I’ll concede I made an error in judgement. Maybe, actions speak louder than words.”

Not faltering, even while an intense fire surrounded them. Protected by an invisible barrier. Following in the footsteps of his classmates, partners calling out their attacks. “Vulcan, land and focus your power! Give it everything you got!” Asher exclaimed in the boldest tone, surprising himself. Vulcan smirked.

“Now those are orders I’ll follow.” Plummeting to the ground with impact, leaving an impression in the earth. Getting incredibly close to Hackmon, wing folded with heightened stance. Several attacks zipping past, barely avoiding his own allies attacks. Inhaling, the flames growing in intensity. With every intention to be the finishing blow. Vulcan swung his head back and forward. “Petit Flame!” The flames took form, making its aim precise, hurling toward the digimon.
Today is just not one of those days where I'm going to get anything accomplished. Will be posting tm. Hopefully feeling less like I was beaten with sticks throughout the night then. <.<

Edit: Well I ended up, crashing and taking a nap. So I got some energy to write. (Well, hey. 1 am is technically still tomorrow. No lying coming from me.)
In terms of writing. I suppose, we're going to wait for @Tsukoreyu to drop in. Then @Renny will post?
@Tsukoreyu That's an old-looking 17 year old. Guess that's anime for you. XP

(Also huzzah, a fellow edgy character. ;P) Well a bit unexpected, but happy to have ya on board.
Posted. I ended up writing half of it last night at 3 in the morning. So crossed fingers that I didn't make any stupid typo's that I missed. Though I'm glad I did, because I guess I may be hanging out with my friend this Sunday/Monday.

Vulcan was experiencing sensory overload. He didn’t listen, unconsciously letting out a snarl and pushing Asher away causing him to stumble a few steps backward. Jumping out of Asher’s grasp, landing with an audible thud. Stomping on the ground, as his wings flapped once. Sending a burst of wind past those in front of him, going against the breeze. Vulcan immediately made an off-handed remark, coming off crueler than intended.

“I forgot how fragile humans are compared to digimon.” Piercing through Asher’s outer calmness, clenching his fists but relaxing within seconds. Vulcan stared down the other digimon in an aggressive stance, watching their digivolutions. Releasing puffs of smoke between breaths, turning toward Salamon. Asher’s thoughts were too jumbled, ending up inaudibly muttering a rational response. “Speak up!” Vulcan exclaimed, causing the reverse to occur.

His back claw scratching into the dirt, moments from lunging at Max’s partner the instant Cinderella spoke up. Asher felt indescribable. Sensing a burning itch underneath his skin, persistent yet it wasn’t painful. “What exactly am I experiencing right now? Is it possible that I’m undergoing Vulcan’s some kind of Empath? How deep of a connection does the digivice allow?” Recalling subjects that he’s studied.

That feeling disappeared like it had never happened. Vulcan’s mood swung back like a pendulum, in a laid-back posture, head tilted and staring up at Asher. A chill rushed down his spine. Placing his hand over his heart, checking his pulse. The following boom didn’t reside in his chest. They both turned around and saw the blackness towering in the distance sky. Watching the class instructor running toward the smoke, telling the students to stay behind.

“No way! I want to go too!” Vulcan moaned. Asher shook his head and sighed. Sitting down underneath the clocktower, beckoning his partner with a hand motion.

“No, we’re going to do what we were instructed to and wait for Lilac and Yaa to return-” Vulcan frowned, only becoming more hyperactive noticing the pair that already left.

“You’re kidding me,” Vulcan argued. “Someone might be in danger!” Asher was taken aback by his partners words, fire burning in his eyes.

“Someone’s- But what can I even do? You’re still clearly too tired to fly…how can you expect to help?” Asher asked in a critical tone, looking for affirmation but everyone else seemed to be on a completely different page. Another digimon from their group headed off, making Vulcan grin.

“Yeah. I’m no student either! I’m going!” Asher simply crossed his arms.

“Then go. It’s clear I’m not stopping you,” Asher uttered. “Ow!” Vulcan lunged right up to his face, literally butting heads. “Geez! Don’t cave my skull in-”

“But I want you to come with me. I might need you.” Vulcan said sternly, his tone less rowdy and serious. Maybe it was the acknowledgement that he was needed. Perhaps, the fear that acting passive had already cost him something valuable, or the possible brain damage he received from being bashed by a skull harder than volcanic rock. Asher clenched his fists, doing something he hadn’t imagined in years. Willingly disobey an authorities order…

Hearing a high pitched screech coming from Salamon. Asher rushed forward, breaking a sweat. Vulcan clutching his shoulders and riding on his back, smiling. Both witnessing the unfolding events, it was clear a battle had started. Once Asher had gotten close enough, Vulcan raised his claw in triumph.

“Let’s set some things ablaze!” Vulcan exclaimed oozing excitement, using Asher’s shoulders as a launch pad to jump through the air. Wings outstretched and soaring straight at the Hackmon, fire building in his jaws and spewing out flames. “Petit Flame!”

“I hope that’s not what you meant by needing my help.” Asher complained in his head, with a furrowed brow.
Well Asher is bound to be dragged by his heels, since he was told to stay put. :P (I'll be trying to post something tomorrow, most likely.)
@datadogie I thought you may have been being selective and just found the perfect amalgamation of people who post separately. But after seeing at least 7 other users with at least two roleplay checks. (not even made that long ago yet separated.) I'm now just as perplexed at their existence...
@Crimson Flame Icey what you did there. ;D
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