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Male, 26 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Have played basically every sport, and I do play games. Mostly, Heroes Of The Storm.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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Raargorgathan kept his posture straight with his arms crossed, quick to respond to both inquiries with a critical tone and a shaking head. “I understand your concerns. But my fuel source shouldn’t be a problem for a while. I never go to space unprepared. Besides, the likelihood of finding parts on this barren planet, let alone searching for fuel in a different dimension which seems like a lot of wasted effort. And no, I don’t have the need for vehicles.” He said lightly pointing to the wings suddenly spreading out wide to unleash a dirt cloud behind him. “Think these are just for show? If I wanted to carry you two and take you for a ride, I could easily and probably do it faster than these vehicles you speak of.”

The rest of the specifics of the questions went unanswered for a reason, but it certainly didn’t sound like it was doubt in his words. His boldness went past his grin and left them with the question of do they wish to argue against this? But depending on how well one read somebody, that same confidence might’ve been a little lacking in another explanation that was given. Was the sun turning off and on again really a natural illusion? He sighed and dropped his arms down and casually scratched his side. “Keeping The Ingentis repaired and fueled is solely my responsibility since it’s my vessel, I won’t accept others expending energy when I should do it myself.” He pointed over his shoulder and finished his proposal. “I’ll search the darker area of the land, because it's more likely to be there. You can stay here and guard my ship. If you find that acceptable?”
Writing with Depression.
Banned because it was me, Dio.
A ramp descended from the docking bay, exposing the trio to the desert atmosphere once they all stepped out of The Ingentis. Giving them both an opportunity to gaze at their surroundings; the only activity was the swirling red clouds above and the sun that hurt their eyes if they focused on it too long. If either were curious, one look could confirm that the ship’s exterior contradicted with how spacious it appeared to be from the inside. Rhaegar hadn’t spoken up yet, instead his wing shaded them as he swung it over his head and peered toward the horizon. Was he seeing something they weren’t? His posture and expression seem tenser than it had been moments beforehand. His narrow focus glanced down at the two of them when Bri began running an analysis on the planet. His wing returning to his side as he passed in-between them and stopped moving just ahead of them. Seeming to be bothered by a particular part of her suggestion as he crossed arms and gave an assured reply. “There’s not any water below the surface that we’ll be able to access.” He cleared his throat and tapped his claw against his chin. “At least that’s my best guess...”

He turned to face them with a grin as his tail swayed from left to right. “Resources aren't an issue. We have plenty of hydration and food. In fact, I've already calculated the approximate amount of days we have before we need to worry about lacking essentials. So I'd suggest that we search for further communications-”

But the sentence cut off suddenly along with the life of the planet. Everything around them became pitch black. Rhaegar’s vision wasn't affected, but it brought him similar confusion as he muttered inaudibly. It was the fastest day to night cycle Ali or Bri had ever seen. The shimmering glow had switched to darkness like a lightswitch. But they'd feet an unsettling chill rush through theirs backsides as the same intense light returned like the world reset. Then again it shut off — and back on. The drastic changes might’ve induced a migraine as it repeated several times until it stayed shining. Nobody had time to really react to what the hell happened, but the artificiality of the source had come into question. Rhaegar quickly inserted his explanation and motioned with his hands to return to the ship. “Don’t be alarmed. I believe we merely witnessed a natural phenomenon of this planet. It was likely nothing more than an illusion.” He reassured while walking up onto the ramp. “Still — it wouldn’t be wise to lollygag and stray too far. Remember, the point of our landing was to find a way home.”
I'm going to try getting a post in for you tomorrow.
@Lugia Stuff happens. If it lingers and there's anyway I can help spark some creative interest, feel free to let me know. I could throw suggestions your way. Maybe we could collab something? (Assuming that isn't a problem.) ^-^
The hospital parking lot was busy as it always was lately. Flu season meant more sick people and hypochondriacs with enough animal-related diseases to make the place a circus. But what made it even worse was somebody had smashed all the streetlights in the lot, and they only finished cleaning up the glass. Shortly after the Mika had parted ways, a pair of paramedics were heading back in an empty ambulance for the end of their shift. Suddenly a mysterious bright white smoke cloud appeared floating in front of their windshield, simultaneously catching both of their attention, as they ended up following it and pulling up to the hospital sidewalk. Seeing her bloody friend lying near the door as a mysterious bright light shined on her. The strangeness was then ignored as they immediately sprung into action and went to help Kiyoko. The light and smoke vanishing when they had brought her inside the emergency room for urgent care. Eshu was able to peer through the open window to confirm they had found her a room. Able to take her in right away and finding Kiyoko’s name with her school ID and contacting her relatives.

But Eshu wasn't done yet. Holding his stick up high as the light from the two lanterns fused together and beamed straight into the air, creating a signal that was only visible to those that possessed the light. “If one of them are able to get here soon. Her friend should recover overnight, though her memories of the incident will be gone. For the better I'm sure.” Holding his stick closer as the lanterns dimmed to a mere flicker, his concern reflected back in the window. “I fear the demons activity hasn't been as significant tonight. Which means they may be onto us and trying to hide from our light. Lurking and waiting amidst the shadows — planning for a darker time to strike.” His eyes slowly scanned the whole place, the darkness surrounded him. A sharp gust of wind blew by that sounded more like cackling laughter. Malevolence was in the air. His assistance was no longer needed here, so he quickly flew off to handle unfinished business.

He watched the red flashing sirens from the skies above. Multiple police cars had parked besides the school grounds, with officers exiting their vehicles and heading into the garden. “I wonder if this is her doing...or it could be somebody else that had gotten suspicious. Suppose it doesn’t matter, since nothing traces back to her. Now, best check up on my newest hero.”

One moment can both save a life and kill her phone’s battery. Hearing more than the familiar creak of her house’s gate unleashed as she stepped through it. The chirping crickets couldn’t compare to the loudness drumming in her head. Approaching her the porch didn’t provide the same sense of normalcy that was there yesterday. Her thoughts would be hard to keep closed, like leaving the “welcome mat key’ stuck inside the knob. Perhaps the reason was right under her nose, the smell of blood overwhelming the squash scented air freshener she was usually greeted with when opening the door. Taking a hot shower wouldn’t wash away what was deeper than skin, and returning to her bedroom wouldn’t help kept her sheltered from the outside darkness. But it would prove to be a blessing in disguise that she didn’t live alone as it provided her a dose of comfort akin to a morphine shot, that let her heart rate slow before crashing onto the bed. Magical girl or no, her limitations were reached and she needed her sleep...

“Rest and have peaceful dreams…” A whisper coming from a soft smile that frowned slightly. “For tomorrow will have enough nightmares that you'll need to fight…”
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