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Very Brief Bio:
Male, 26 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Have played basically every sport, and I do play games. Mostly, Heroes Of The Storm.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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My vacation took away my time to get a proper entry. But I'll eventually get around to reading and reviewing these, might be after the weekend.
I'll eventually get around to reading and reviewing these, might be after the weekend.
Well I'll be returning today.

Looks like we're waiting on a post? @Lucius Cypher
@Lucius Cypher Just wanted to give you the heads up. I'll be on vacation and away from a computer for a week to visit my sisters. I'll be gone from the 6th to the 13th. I'll try to still keep up and maybe write something on my phone, but I just wanted you (and everyone else) to know.

On paper, it should’ve been a painless process for Ravi. Planning to will his desired element into being, by believing that there’s a hidden power lurking from within. In practice, it made the fear of failure all the more agonizing. “I can’t allow myself to be the one that failsss...” The last word trembled out like his tongue, before it flicked with determination and he quickly shifted focus. "Don’t whine. If a method I chose is failing, I’ll find another way to get results...” His thoughts then fractured into conjuring every possible option until something happened, but only produced a splitting headache. His pain fortunately fleeted fast, but this moment killed him slowly like poison when he realized nothing was accomplished after a whole hour had passed.

That was when Seraph’s advice suddenly struck at his core. “That’s it! I can’t be stubborn in this situation. Maybe I don’t know anything about this world — but I have to learn for everyone’s sake.” Closing his eyes and heavily sighing away his preconceptions, becoming very quiet and still. “Don’t think about how I’m channeling my energy. Don’t assume what element I need. Stifle your desires. Be entirely..." His speedy pulse was now under control.




Remaining motionless even as strange static shocks surged through his body. Was this an Electric current? His eyes and smile sparked to life, letting a short laugh escape. Feeling like he earned his peace of mind, he overcame any worries about Honey heading in the same direction that lead to the dangers they’d previously faced. It might’ve been too risky for her to go alone, but he could place his trust in her, himself and his friends new-founded abilities. Taking big gulps of water to save time, then slithering forward to meet up with the ones that had already entered the forest.
Dungeon Crawling
Rule Breakers (Ones built to subvert the typical generic rules and make them the point of the RP.)
And Digimon because I just want to finish one without it getting blue-balled.
@Jorick So, I wanted to double check something that's probably unnecessary. So the topic is about mythology, but most of the rules are about a myth. Both make me imagine rather different things. So what scale does this story need to be? If the story simply *includes* some kind of mythological creature. Would that fit the rule? Would a modern myth fit the prompt? (Like Santa Claus or Urban Legends?) Is folklore separate from mythology? (It's usually done so in scale.)
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