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Very Brief Bio:
Male, 24 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Have played basically every sport, and I do play games. Mostly, Heroes Of The Storm.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

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To be fair, I watch no news anymore or read political stuff much. So I rarely know anything about my local politics either...

@POOHEAD189 Do you mean against? :3
@POOHEAD189 I totally get the lesser evil voting thing. You do you. I understand in how screwed up politics tends to be that's almost the default mindset for anyone who isn't blind. And I feel like those may be over generalizations. :P but I don't really want to defend Roy Moore.

@mdk Not really needed to look up. His policy opinions are incredibly vague and like...very very predictable to the point it feels like this guy has no real opinions of his own and he is in a democrat talking point hivemind. From just a cursory glance. Including not knowing how the 2nd amendment works, and thinking "background checks at gun shows" will solve any problem. And doesn't know they already exist. <.<
@POOHEAD189 It's such awful (and very racist)'s getting into Hillary Clinton "I carry hot sauce everywhere" levels. (It's not "true" either. It's not even saying "black person", it's saying specifically "black man." Which might as well be a Freudian slip with text. Does that assume that a woman would be hired in that case?) It's just stupid. Not saying Roy Moore needs to be your (or anyone's) choice. Just I wouldn't be jumping to vote for either of these people.

Policy wise, hard to find them really. But he seems to be someone who doesn't actually know anything about guns. But *shrugs*
@POOHEAD189 Oh you never saw the ad thing? This was an ad, this guy actually made. Something trying to get votes in Alabama...made this. -goodbye voters-…
@POOHEAD189 Not exactly great options to pick from...both have career suicide in their sights. One for accusations up the ass, and one just being legit unbelievably out of touch with reality.

(I probably shouldn't get too deep into discussion when my back is as sore as it is, distracts me from making points as well as I could.)

So you went to church since you were 8 with your family (catholic church?) and you kept going to the very same church, even though you never believed until you were 25? That seems a little strange to me, especially if you're relatively opposed to it for the whole/most of the time. I stopped going to church with my family the very first time, it got into an argument that my parents vehemently disagreed with as Christians. I guess, it's really hard to get into personal experience and faith really is just something more personal and can't really be pushed on anyone. (Though, I honestly never felt the appeal of the church either.)

I don't disagree that atheists in america treat Christianity like there's some kind of war to be won. But I feel like it's antithetical to the idea of not wanting to impose your beliefs on others. There isn't discrimination towards non-christian's in law. Honestly the idea a certain group is ruling the world and that's why they need to be taken to task, really feels like some "Jews run the world" type of stuff. Not saying that your implying such, in anyway. But I just don't see people happening to be religious, like most of Americans claim to be, automatically a problem, if no actual harm is coming from it.

I'd absolutely disagree that it's not a problem here, and if not dealt with elsewhere it certainly will become one here. (Some want sharia law in america and no go zones are starting to become a danger. For instance.)…
@Xandrya Well I can't say what you did or didn't believe, when you're younger it's sort of hard to really have any perception on life. Religion doesn't really mean much to most kids, because they just don't know better. Their beliefs are heavily influenced by the love or hate toward their parents. Though I don't think judging either/or if nothing is actively hurting society. I find Catholicism has many problems, but it's problems with the people themselves.

But if you're someone who actively wants to fight the fight against religion, Muslims/The Quran are the actual problem. I'd like to see more religiously motivated atheists not tuck the tails between their legs and be just as venomous, if not more so. Though I rarely see such proclamations. But that's just me spit-balling.

Though if I can point out a correction, America absolutely did get founded on Christian ideals. (I don't disagree about gay marriage being progress, though the fabric of american society is hanging by a thread from the slippery slope fallacy becoming tangible and running rampant. There's so many examples I hope I don't need to spend time clarifying.)…
@Xandrya I didn't want to jump in this discussion, because I didn't have much to add. But if I can answer that through a religious lense. Honestly, the idea of the corrupt nature of church or not feeling a presence there. Could easily go hand and hand. Not to preach, but you usually can't find something if you never intended to seek it. (You admit you only went to please your family. You never wanted to seek spiritually.) Church isn't how you have a relationship with god, at least as Christian's are concerned...

And on a non-religious answer, in modern times Christianity has given far more than it's taken. Especially through charities. I've always seen this online about Christian's barging into people's life with ideas. But I really don't see Christians doing any of barging in people lives, often I see atheists doing it. I certainly find many atheists struggling to be consistent with their dislike of religion when anything other than Catholicism is brought up. Not stating anything personal mind, but comments like "god has to be uncaring because rapists exist/god can't exist because bad things happen" are so bog-standard teenage atheist philosophy 101, that you can't get anywhere discussing religion, spirituality, faith and whatever else.
Aspartame used to give me a migraine. Diet coke especially. Clearly not anymore, since all I drink is diet pop now. But I've seen some baffling arguments against diet pop. There's an asinine argument saying it would make you gain weight faster than normal pop, because it assumes the person drinking is such a fat stupid bastard. They'd think 0 calories in pop means they can eat even more food now and that's how they get fatter. <.<

I could go on forever on dieting and how badly the internet will fuck you up, if you take half the shit it says trying to give you advice seriously...there's a fucking video about like starving yourself "fastening" for days and days at a time to get "healthy" weight loss. >.>

@Altered Tundra You're a stand-up philosopher?
@Traps My only advice, is time management shouldn't be done unless you're absolutely committed to it and have it be a part of your roleplays theme.

For example, I once did a slice of life werewolf roleplay that used only the concept of changing days and nights, so after a certain amount of posts, it would just shift into a day/night phase (with obvious indications when it would take place) with nothing in between and it changed who the characters were. There was a little more than that, but nothing more complicated than that. It made a clear difference in the roleplaying.

Standard roleplays that can do without time crunches, that don't really have a narrative purpose, are probably best without them.
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