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Very Brief Bio:
Male, 26 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Played basically every sport. Mostly play multiplayer video games, and MTG occasionally.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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Been on a nostalgia trip and finding random songs I remember from the radio.

I nailed down my 'New Years Resolution' early. Take advantage of my new apartment location (after I spend my December moving shit in.) and go to one of three supposed gyms near my place and get a membership. So I can get more active again.
@Fabricant451 Isn't it just the slightest touch ironic to feign offense over not being @'d and then not do it yourself?

If you wanna keep on misrepresenting my very obvious point of "if you haven't experienced something yourself, your opinion on it critically is about as useful as screen doors on a submarine."

You literally can't, or haven't, been reading a lick of my writing have you? <.<

Okay, I'll be blunt and simple, so you understand me and continue to pretend to misunderstand better.

The only two arguments you had, and why both are wrong.

1. I can't say anything about pokemon, because I don't own it/play it myself.

(I watched my roommate play it and comment about it directly. Then I posted about it. He then bought it for me. So I not only *firsthand* watched it be played, I played the goddamn thing myself. How incapable can one person be at making a timeline or basic inferences?)

2. You can totally accept criticism.

(You spent this much time lambasting accurate observations made by my roommate. By pretending they couldn't be his comments. So yeah, malarkey.)

*God another person hiding behind a new name. But since it's starter packs, I can give it a guess.*

*And I'm almost stunned by how inaccurate and lame a meme can be at the same time.*

Fine, I'll bite...Uh, Relevance?

Cuz, even pretending this about the previous conversation, that I might need to remind others that I'm not apart of. The critics are about the *lack* of diversity, (in the removed features from previous games/national dex), technically speaking.

Social/Politically. We have...things I don't recognize or care about.

The Joker, which was literally a pro-Antifa/class warfare movie at worst, or more likely just a movie about mental health.

And the only 'relevant' thing about social justice that I can conjure up, is Anita Sarkeesian, making whatever few defenders she had left criticizing/dismissing her shitty take about the new dumb star wars show on Disney Plus.

Because I can only imagine how stupid the replies are going to be. I'll post something my brother showed me that might actually be fun. (Even if it's also not entirely on topic) The video is mildly amusing, so I don't know, check it out I guess.…
Yet you're making a judgment all the same.

I'm going spare myself reading whatever else you cooked up and simply point out. My judgement is only pointing out the obvious fallacious crutch of your argument. That you very likely continued making. (Took a second glance and you certainly did.) "Oh, tut tut, you're being mildly snarky about a game you haven't played." aka being wrong and also welcome to the internet where that happens. That you're making personal attacks about my roommate's first impression playing the game. If you can accept critical takes, actions would go farther than the words expressed here.
Just tidying this up bit.

Yes and? Thank you for agreeing with me, I guess?

Helps when I'm not trying to argue quite as desperately as you are at the moment. ^-^'

Your room mate isn't here giving his opinion. You are. And I got called a shill because I said "I'm having fun with it, it's not my favorite but camping is cute" so you know, takes all kinds. Says the king of parade shitting.

So, are you trying to turn this into a personal argument? Like, what does, "I got called this" have to do with what was replied to? It seems to imply I'm the one that said it. Same with the former statement. (While most of your complaints boil down to how if I don't play, I can't say "Yeah, that's texture pop-in alright.") But no, you're wrong. I am saying, what my roommate is saying, and only confirming what I saw with my eyes. You can't make a "you aren't playing it argument", for more reasons than one, almost like my roommate got it for me or something. But ignoring that, your argument (which at this point I'm not sure what it is anymore.) is purely dismissive and erroneous.

It's got an 81 on Metacritic. 'Near perfect' scores is more like 'It's good because Pokemon is a baseline of good'. Guess what? Critics are people too, and chances are they at least have an informed opinion on something well before anyone else does.

Originally, first reviews were all 90's. But one thing I would've stated in the original post, was how literally all pokemon games are. And even fans would admit they vary in quality. Popular Nintendo IP ratings are rather kind pretty much all the time, to say the least.

And critics are more frequent proof that they *don't* have informed opinions on games.

Games that aren't rushed often do have those problems. Case in point, Bloodborne, or Red Dead Redemption 2, or a handful of others I could easily mention. What evidence do you have that the game was 'rushed' other than the fact that they announced the game being in development PRIOR to Let's Go even being out and then a year after Let's Go it comes out in the Nintendo Holiday Slot. It's easy to say something is rushed when you don't have anything other than belief.

That last part is contradicting later statements about you permitting people to have opinions or reservations about a game. But no, Bloodborne and RD2, didn't have the same problems this game does. But this is steering farther off topic.

I'd be wrong for...defending a game without comparing it to older games? Uh, no I wouldn't. Am I wrong in saying you're getting your information second hand? Because you're literally saying that. Unless your room mate is imaginary.

Yes. I feel like explaining why would be wasted time. Not that having trusted people giving you their takes is bad anyway...I mean you're literally defending the critics...

I am saying that review bombing something with criticisms that aren't helpful.


Especially when those same people buy the fucking game anyway.

I guess would you prefer people pirate the media? Suppose that's neither here nor there. But why can't you criticize something and buy/try it anyway? That really seems to be the contention here. I'm questioning if you're only stance, is "that's fine, but the volume and scope of it is bad though." And then I ask, well it's Nintendo's most lucrative franchise, what would you expect exactly?

I wouldn't. The only time in recent memory where there was any justification was Battlefront 2 and guess the fuck what, before the game came out they did away with the loot box business.

There's quite a bit more than that. But again, off topic.

There's a difference between criticism and analysis.

Because criticism is occasionally negative sounding, and you can't have that ruining the fun, can we?

If can TDLR this: This whole thing is "You can't talk about a thing, if you didn't see/play it. Insert insults and rage here."

I have played the now you're okay with the criticism that my roommate gave it right?

Well, the last conversation I had this in, was about that shitty Ghost In The Shell remake, I watched it. Time passed by and now it's mostly agreed upon sucks.

I guess time will tell with this game as well. Yeah, the game doesn't appear as polished or content-rich as the previous titles and I could put $5 that the release date was forced to be out before Christmas. I don't know, but no one will for months at least, as most companies avoid giving out that information in the first place. (The pre-order stuff that ends around then feels like it backs that assumption up. Again, I digress.)

I wasn't calling or saying anything about you, or what you have to say about the game. And *my roommates* opinion and observations are so mild as is. That the over the top reaction seems to highlight that you (if this isn't just been all for my sake.) can't accept the lightest issues brought up about games you personally enjoy. But that isn't my judgement to make.
>Any time I want to write anything.

When it comes to people enjoying the game even with its flaws (which range from minor to 'blown out of proportion' to 'actually wrong') or the people who would bring up Iwata as "THE GAME WOULD NEVER BE RELEASED IF HE WERE ALIVE" or the people petitioning for the government to stop selling it, I'm gonna go ahead and side with the former. People aren't out here saying the game is a perfect, flawless masterpiece. They are saying that it's a fun game because it's fucking Pokemon and Pokemon is a fun game. You're allowed to like a game despite its issues. That doesn't make you a shill and it makes you sound far more reasonable than people who post the same gif of a turning legendary or "DEXIT DEXIT DEXIT" or a fucking tree on every post about Pokemon.

Game critics are giving it near perfect scores. But yes, yes you can like or dislike something for pretty much any reason one chooses. *I don't want to spam more examples of the white knighting, because we'd be here all day.*

Jedi: Fallen Order was rushed. That game could have used six more months to sort out its stability issues, its load times, optimization, and hiccups. It's still a good game. SwSh runs at a consistent frame rate when docked (other than the Wild Area which also has hundreds of other people all running around and Nintendo has always struggled with online connectivity) and part of the reason it keeps the framerate is the render distance. It's not bad graphics or lazy development or whatever because the game pops in 3D models when they come into render distance: that's how game development works.

Kay? And games that aren't rushed, don't have those problems. Games can be fun, rushed. Bad movies can be fun ironically. Until we can argue complacency with laziness is good, don't think we're getting anywhere.

How did he explain it, with a fucking powerpoint? It doesn't take longer. You don't even have to load up the game and it deletes data FASTER.

Granted, he's not exactly the most tech literate. Though, it 'deletes faster' because of the Switch.

I can defend this game without having to compare it to old games. I also don't get my information second hand. Disssssssss.

Well, you'd be wrong. So...

Yeah, that's so funny.

You can fun ticket him later, Chief.

If the past six months have taught people anything it's that disappointed fans both can't help themselves from shouting and also still buying the game anyway. No one is saying fans don't have a right to be disappointed; but people can enjoy the game without being demonized because of it.

This statement seems a bit confused, the former sounds like you're mocking fans for fandom. 'Because of their lacking willpower.' And the later you're lambasting those that demonize fans who usually buy things because of nostalgia. (A thing this game does pander too, by adding a lot of 1 gen pokemon in the Dex.) Why can't you enjoy or dislike something & rightfully criticize it?

And if you didn't happen to read my thing, or just forgot already, there's literally people saying you can't be sad about the game. But I digress.

You know what's a bad precedent? Shouting at people to make them change something you don't like. People can certainly have opinions, but we're dealing with an audience of people who disagree with high reviews on games they already told themselves will suck (vice versa for games they convinced would be amazing and then aren't). Outrage culture is a vocal minority that acts like a majority. But if you don't play a game because you personally think it's not worth your time/value/whatever that's fine, but you also waive the right to make informed personal opinions on the quality of the finished, purchased product.

Well you still could, but I'd sooner trust the opinion of someone who has actually played/experienced the product good or bad.

Sure, outrage culture bad. But then again, it's an erroneous comparison, as most of the time, the people hating something for social/political reasons would've never purchased the thing in the first place.

Because you say this like it's a universal rule, but it's not at all, and I'd argue most "angry gamers" incidents are almost always justified grievances. (Bad apples aside.)

And the last bit seems oddly doubtful for some reason, maybe because my roommate has it, and I can literally watch him play and everything. (I can even play it myself.) And you don't seem to thrilled about him having an opinion, or was one of the gazillion (estimated figure) people who played pokemon who called their rival a bad word.

Though to make this conversation more mild. I and my roommate aren't really apart of either extreme. And after playing, "it's fun" has been said. So, there's no one spoiling anyone's fun, but it seems odd that certain people can't have fun (or enjoy things less) when things are criticized. Aren't the very best things in entertainment, even better when you think or go into detail about them and analyze what they got right?
Yeah how dare people enjoy a game! Fuck those guys! They should be mad because Dexit!

More like, people claiming they can't be disappointed about the entire list of missing features because there's kids starving in Mozambique.

I heard that if something's not on screen they don't even render it! How lazy are these devs? I can't believe they would opt for a smoother gameplay experience! Other games don't have pop in!

Yes, more polished games with better graphics, on the same console. I took at look at it and yeah, you can't tell me it was the best they could do. The idea that this game wasn't rushed to get it out before Black Friday (or more likely Christmas) is something I very much doubt.

It's really hard to delete your save data, you have to go through TWO separate Switch menus! The horror! Unlike before where you had to do a button combination that wasn't ever told to you, that's definitely preferable to just...deleting save data or making a new profile!

The process simply sounded tedious when he explained it in greater detail. But your witticisms don't really matter to me, as I really haven't played/been a fan of the games. So this new critic obsession with "people don't like the new thing because of changes that take away the value from a previous experience, so I'm going to defend this one by saying old games suck now/more." doesn't really register with me. (Though the three button press, I looked it up, takes one google search and a few seconds. So yes, the new option certainly takes longer. So that point seems a bit moot.)

Well he sounds like a hoot.

Yeah how dare he have a sense of humor! Fuck that guy! They should be consuming the product!

I paid $120 for both versions step up, yo.

If only you were a true fan and brought over 3,000 bucks worth of merchandise, or merely put it in a shopping kart. (If you don't get that joke, someone claimed to spend that much on twitter to 'stick it to the haters', but never actually showed proof of purchase.)

But eh, live and let live. If people have fun, or decide to criticize, good for them. I don't think there's anything wrong with not caring and enjoying yourself. In the same way I think disappointed fans don't have to be merely complacent.

And the idea (expressed a lot by others, not specifically yourself) that people can't have opinions either way "until it comes out/purchase it themselves" is obviously fallacious. As the people wouldn't have gotten something like the new less shitty looking Sonic. (Not that, that will improve the movie itself, but hey good PR and it won't give the kiddies night terrors anymore.)
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