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Very Brief Bio:
Male, 27 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Played basically every sport. Mostly play multiplayer video games, and MTG occasionally.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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The Writing Process:

Taken from internet with no shame.
Plenty of them. For basically the exact same reason as what was posted above. Having almost nothing but bad luck when it comes to the character creation process eating up so much of my time, only to then scarcely use the character sheet in any meaningful way. It's so much wasted potential. Using and randomly modifying the same character for someone else's world or RP? That would feel a little cheap and artificial to me. But then again, I've thought of retooling my failed group endeavors into solo stories countless times. In fact, I've nearly made a campaign and written an entire RP itself to fulfill that dream of giving good creations of mine their due. Perhaps, one day that will be realized...

So, to give someone a meaty question worth answering. How's about we continue down the roleplaying avenue...

Have you ever had a single in-game moment that completely changed an RP that you were apart of? Whether it was something that heightened it to greatness, or ruined it all. If so, what happened and why was it so impactful?

Defeated Writer's Block! ^_^
Been listening to a few tracks from these guys, they're fun.

My search for new good music has been coming up fairly short this month. (At least I have Testament's and Igorrr's new albums to listen to.)

Best thing I found today. Guitar backed pop + sad lyrics = Just happens to be things I enjoy anyway.

Me and my roommate using oil while cooking always seems to lead to catastrophe. >.>

First time I remember my roommate cooking in oil our first year in the apartment, he decided to not wear a shirt or protect himself in anyway from the sizzling oil. And yeah, that turned out well for a large portion of his skin.

And my midnight snack decided to erupt my apartment in smoke for a bit. So fuck me for trying to make some fried Mozzarella Sticks, I guess. (Though all's well/nothing else happened.)
Not banned because you came to my rescue. :D

Ok, fine. Banned since your ban didn't come fast enough.
Banned because judging people is wrong.

So I judge you and ban thee on the spot.

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