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Male, 31 years old. (So I'm practically dead, as we speak.)

Likes (other than writing and roleplaying): I'm into all genres of music. I love to cook. I love the outdoors, and walking through the park near my house. (Yes, really.) I read a lot of thriller/mystery novels. And I usually watch seasonal anime. (Or cooking shows. Because Western Media provides even fewer things that are worth watching.)

But as for my many other neglected hobbies, I've played basically every sport. (Soccer and Bowling being my favorite of the bunch.) And I'm trying to play more video games. (Going through my never-ending Steam library.) Plus, I've dabbled in making electronic & metal music, and I used to play a number of instruments. (Guitar, French Horn, etc.)

My 1X1 Interest Check: SleepingSilence's Tavern (Want 1x1 RP's? Please come in.)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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@BrokenPromise Heh. Well it's better and borderline way too easy with friends. Just wished I would've played with friends from the beginning. (Instead of completing it solo first.) Though I really should finish Elden Ring for the DLC.

What are some deck builders that you've played?

I've certainly played more card games than roguelike deck builders. But, Deep Sky Derelicts, Slay The Spire and Hand Of Fate (all have deck building elements.) And I very briefly tried Roguebook recently. Do not recommend.

Welcome to roguelite/like games, enjoy your stay.

You're not wrong. The problem is, I usually don't enjoy how Roguelike's keep you trapped in the same gameplay loop through RNG and incredibly slow progression. (If Dead Cells wasn't a roguelike. It probably could've turned into one of my favorite games.)

My third eye has opened.

Well finding nerds and cute animal pictures is about all Reddit is good for. So take advantage of what you have.

The cards you unlock in the puzzle box are largely irrelevant for progression, and more are added to the current game and can be found again in later runs. The talking cards (and items for getting the talking cards) will always be in your hand on a fresh run and are the only thing that's essential for progression. You'd know that if you played more than a handful of runs. But it doesn't sound like you enjoyed it, so you probably shouldn't. I'd find a nice Metriodvania to snuggle up to, or something in the vein of "Dust: An Elysian Tail."

Though Metriodvanias are certainly more in line with my tastes. I'm sure backtracking can annoy some. But at least there's always something being accomplished. (At least in good ones.)

But I understand that the game is purposefully wasting your time in the early game. (Since you *can't* solve everything in the cabin right away, the game doesn't let you.) So worrying about losing and winning a run isn't really the point. More so than "experiencing the narrative". I just don't find that concept terribly appealing. (But maybe the mods you played it with, make the actual deckbuilding part more substantive.)

I think Inscryption has plenty of elements that help it stand out. (That ARG puzzle sh*t that it included, certainly helped market it through FOMO.) But you can experience it's art style and music (its general aesthetics that make it unique) in a Let's Play. Least in my two cents.

How many deck builders (or meta games) have you played / how would Inscryption rank amongst them?
I waited to respond, because I usually only post when I play new games. But all I’ve played recently is helping others through Remnant 2. So I’ll just respond now.

I'm not sure if you're talking about Inscryption, card games, or games in general here, so I'll answer for all three.

SYNTHETIK has been the game I boot when I want a gaming fix.

I was asking you what you’ve been playing recently. (As our opinions and experiences in this game obviously differ.) Haven’t heard of that one. But the youtuber sphere seems to like that game (and its sequel) a lot too.

Card games aren't for everyone.

It really, really has nothing to do with my liking of the genre. Inscryption is more specifically a "deck builder" game anyway. And not every card game is a deck builder. (And very few deck builders are anything like Inscryption.)

You didn't encounter a scripted loss. Unless your game "glitched out" and a wall of grizzly cards appeared.

Even so, complaining about scripted losses is a carry over from RPG's where you'd jump into a long, tedious battle and waste resources trying to beat a boss that you absolutely can't. You aren't making progress, and you're dragging out a fight when you could be experiencing the rest of the story.

Yes, a bad concept is a bad concept in every genre. I agree. (So whether or not I got to the point where that scripted loss happened. I would’ve and it wouldn’t feel fun. And I’ve seen several different let’s plays of this game. It’s not RNG. If you play Inscryption. You will get guaranteed failed runs.)

Most times when you play a game, you want to make progress. So when you play and actively lose progress instead. It can feel like a tedious experience.

The thing with Inscryption is, your progress against non-game objectives carries over between deaths.

Unless you’re mistaken, or I suffered a glitch. I did not get to keep my rewards for solving the puzzles between runs. I lost those cards when I lost my run. So that is *not* my experience playing Inscryption.

The game also has an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam. So if we're going to listen to the court of popular opinion (not something I typically do) then the game is absolutely worth playing.

If you find a game that isn't well-reviewed on Steam. You'll seldom find anything that doesn't have notoriously bad PC performance, or isn't obvious shovelware. (It's like arguing that an app game is good, because it has a lot of five-star reviews.)

My statement about “the internet’s criticism” is on reddit or other gaming forums that go into pedantic detail about things they like (or don't) about certain games. But even before I played the game, I've seen the general consensus about Inscyption. (That's why I tried it in the first place.) Yes, most people like Inscryption. And then, most of those people claim the first act is the best part.

So because I wasn’t really enjoying it. (And my reward for solving the game’s puzzles were cards that I lost forever due to unfair odds.) I chose not to stick around.
@BrokenPromise I've done that in the past with others and even with my own statements. It's my way of saying "I knew what you meant."

Anywho. Yeah. If anything, the internet seems to criticize the other acts of the game instead. Saying the first part/act is so much better than the latter parts. But I disagree with how knowledge of the game helps you, when it quite literally has planned losses/unfair scenarios as part of its narrative. So you literally cannot win the game/round when you're unlucky. Versus a "magical perfection" that you could "technically win" in other Rogue-lite games. (With an emphasis on action combat.)

(I played the PS5 version w/o mods. For added context.) I only think that you don't miss a lot by simply watching it being played, over playing it yourself. (Also, I don't think most people enjoy the "you're supposed to lose boss fight" in any game genre. As well implemented it is in the narrative or not.)

But I'll also admit that my critique of Inscryption is surface level. (As I didn't make it past Act 1.) And I don't really have many games that I can easily compare it to. (And say, "this did it better" "this was done worse in" etc.) But I *do* usually like Meta games (with a heavy puzzle emphasis.) So maybe I just wanted the game to be something other than it was...

(Like Superhot, it would've been so much better as a full-fledged game of its concept, or a meta game with plenty of puzzles mixed in with its shooting sections. Instead of the awful "OmG tHis GaMe Is rEAl" sh*t that made up its story. That also has several "supposed to lose" sections. But I digress.)

What are you currently playing (or were until you stopped)?
Anyone who doesn't like Inscryption probably doesn't like card games in general and should stop spreading their wrong opinions on the internet posthaste.

Inscryption is a neat concept, and was probably a much better experience when it was a shorter ITCH.io demo. But the act one gameplay loop is unbalanced and repetitive. (And the statement that you can't get any better at the game is a fact actually.) Your run is dependent on RNG alone. (At least in the first act. Since you're not aloud to build your own deck.) And games like 'Slay The Spire' are incredibly RNG as well, but you have far more variety of build potential there.

If anything, the Rogue-lite genre tends to be something that I don't care for. Because I don't typically find it's attempts to inflate gameplay length appealing.

Jedi Fallen Order was surprisingly entertaining for a time. Buggy ass platforming and all. But it had plenty of problems that only got worse as the gameplay went on. (And it waited far too long to give you the more interesting moves that you had available.) But after the Ninth Sister fight, the narrative aspect completely collapsed in on itself. And I kind of loathed how lazy the gameplay/story got.
Blasphemous 2 was disappointing and feels unfinished. (The levels and bosses only get worse as it goes on.) To keep it brief.

Anyway, here's some impressions on other things that I've tried recently...

Killzone Shadow Fall: Titanfall 2 this is not. But it certainly wanted to be a tech demo for the console. (Tries to show off its graphics a lot in its introductory levels.) But it feels pretty dated gameplay-wise. With retarded AI & stealth mechanics that I swear were not functioning properly. (But I haven’t played a lot of modern FPS’s. So I’m probably not the guy to get your shooter reviews from.)

Immortals Of Aveum: Invisible walls, unskippable cutscenes, the worst dialogue imaginable, and an incredibly boring intro level, made me give up on this one pretty quickly. (Honestly, Forspoken had a more original foundation.)

Inscryption: Just watch someone else play this game. (Believe me. You’re not missing out.) The actual "meat" of this game is a purposely unfair card game that isn't particularly fun to play. And you can't "get any better at it". So the horror vibes and puzzle elements are the only thing that kept me playing & it wasn’t plentiful enough to keep me engaged. (Maybe play, if you’re a streamer with a higher tedium tolerance.)

Mortal Shell: I've never given up on a Souls-like this quickly. What an awful tutorial/start to a game. Might be the worst combat feel of any souls game that I've played thus far. Lords of the Fallen (The original) included.

Ashen: The atmosphere was pleasant. Your companion AI is retarded and suicidal. The hitboxes of ranged attacks are broken. And I was already bored of fighting the same three enemies over and over again.

Superhot: A really good idea that isn’t helped by being a meta game. (The pretentious story/last level is fucking obnoxious.)

Skul, The Hero Slayer: An actual fun game? Hallelujah. I won't say it has better combat than Dead Cells (which is still probably the best 'Roguelite' in terms of a fair challenge.) Since everything in Skul is a DPS check & if you don't have a fast-attacking character, guess what? Every boss is fast, has borderline undodgeable attacks, and self-heal, so you're going to lose. Making certain playstyles/skulls feel laughably useless. But it does have an enjoyable build variety. So I’ll keep at it.

Stellar Blade (Demo): It’s decent. I’ll see how the game does with reviews though. (As if I pre-order anything.) The game feels very scripted, and it can get you killed. (For example: You cross a bridge to learn how to plunge attack and it automatically shifts your camera and pulls your character toward the edge.) But it’s certainly easier to get into than Nier Automata… (And it’s a reminder that I need to try more game demos.)

Um. Happy Easter Everybody.
I watched an episode of "The Gentlemen". Something Guy Ritchie made twice for some reason (like Sherlock Holmes and the fucking awful live action Aladdin apparently.) Because people said it was good. (Looking into it, he supposedly only made two episodes of this show.)

And uh...the first episode is every single western media plot that's ever been made. You have a dying father. Drugs and drug-use. An asshole loser brother character. Sarcastic "witty" dialogue conversations. Every characters an asshole. There's a will that drives the conflict of episode. And some random ass bullshit happens for normies to find quirky. (That being watching someone dressed in a chicken suit sing.) And someone is killed for a cliffhanger.

It was obnoxious and not particularly engaging. If you like this, you'll like any show that's been made in the past ten years.

I watched Succession for longer.
Blasphemous 2 answers a lot of the niggling complaints that the first one received.

Pros: Your character moves faster, you're given a fast travel method much faster, having three weapons instead of one improves the combat variety a bit (Ignoring that the mace is so much better than the other two weapons), you're given a more concrete direction on where to go, (via immediate waypoint markers to your first few bosses), you don't die instantly in pitfalls & spikes anymore, and magic is usefully overpowered. (Among other things that I'm sure I'll find worthy of praise.)

Cons: This is starting to feel like the Dark Souls 2 of Blasphemous. (In that, the design of Darks Souls 1 is unforgiving. Being challenging in unexpected and cruel ways. Versus DS2's design philosophy of "this was made by assholes".) And so far, these bosses are fucking obnoxious. The tutorial one pushes you to pick one of the faster starting weapons (to match its own speed) only to give you the much more useful mace later on. The next two each have a 2nd phase that have an unavoidable attack that will kill you, that made me resort to 'Unga bunga'ing' my way through them/abusing the magic fire attack. (So the less strategy/thought I used, the better off I was.)

Both having their own obnoxious gimmick on top of them. (One giving you a side companion that offers help. Whose only there to trip up players of the 1st one, who knows the side companion dies if you allow them to help. And this one apparently *needs* to help & is completely useless in the actual fight.) The next one CAN instantly kill you and push you off her tiny boss arena. Genuinely, fuck this boss.

Now I'm on my way to the three-phase/duo boss, after finding every other available route closed off. Only to get halfway through the level and receive a fucking tutorial tip on how to open certain doors with the sword that I fucking started the game with (that were spread throughout all the other previous areas.) So this fucking game is forcing me to back travel (once again) through all the areas I've basically finished.

Eh: I'm sure the cartoon/anime cutscenes ate up a decent chunk of their budget. But I don't know if some of them fit tonally to the game I'm playing. (Don't think they're an improvement over the pixel art of the 1st one.) Also, I don't think the music is as good as the first one either.

So, it's been a mixed reaction thus far. (But if it's both *supposedly* easier and shorter than the first one. I'll likely still finish it.)

Edit: The duo boss did indeed suck too. The third phase is just a clusterfuck. Had a glitch where the boss health bar remained on my screen until I restarted the game. Saw something on Steam say the same in February and the Devs responded with a "we're definitely fixing this issue" lul. Yeah, sure you are. And I randomly started to drop frames in the next level which was completely empty. So yeah. Nowhere near on par with the first one, which didn't have these problems.
This is on hiatus.
Tales Of Arise tries its hardest to start its story in an interesting in-media-res. But it was so boring that I didn't want to continue. (Where it supposedly "falls off in its later half".)

Dinoblits is very cute. But it feels like I bought a phone game by mistake, and I have fuck-all idea what I'm supposed to do.

So maybe I'll get around to Blasphemous 2 at some point.

Helldivers 2 (a game everyone bought, everyone likes, and no one fucking plays for some reason.)

The new end screen being faster is appreciated. Crashing almost every mid-game and taking twice as long to load into a mission is not as great. The patch also apparently nerfed the railgun into oblivion on the very next day from when I purchased it. ;-;

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