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Male, 28 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Played basically every sport. Mostly play multiplayer video games, and MTG occasionally.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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@Crimson Flame Hey. Just thought I'd give you poke, and see how everything's going on your end. Since it's been a while.

I ended up doing some petsitting for my folks this week. So I've been busier than I expected to be, anyway. But I didn't want keep you in silence for much longer. As I usually don't let threads go unused for multiple weeks, less something of mine is put on hiatus.
"My top stove cupboards are leaking." Might be the stupidest goddamn sentence - aside from my freezer is currently set ablaze - that is still a factual statement regardless.

Homeownership is an adventure.

I don't really get cold too often but-

It was fucking freezing in my apartment in my place this morning. (Clearly I haven't woken up yet either. And wrote 'apartment' as a force of habit. Because an additional fact is I finally turned in the apartment keys yesterday. So everything's in my house now.)

And of course the first time I ever felt that cold, is long after winter and a day after a major heat wave. But unlike apartments prior, the heating/cooling system works quite well in any room. So my pattern of always being in the hottest room, no matter where I live, has finally been broken. Huzzah! :D
Banned, because somebody has to.
I've had one hell of a week. So pardon the delay. But as busy as I'm sure to be this week too. My schedule shouldn't be as difficult on me in the future. (Meaning, it shouldn't take me so long to post next time.)

Edit: Actually, I got most things done today. So aside from helping out the folks tomorrow/Saturday. I should be relatively free.
The boys were left staring at their fainted pokemon in disbelief. Both showing looks of guilt and disappointment when hearing Conner’s countering remark. Returning the defeated pair to their pokeballs, shortly after they realized that neither one was going to get back up. While at the same time, the young girl jumped for joy and exclaimed. “We did it!” Proceeding to miff the teens further, by her joining in with Skitty happily dancing along with his Breloom.

Frolic’s quite the lady’s mon. Miles thought, cracking a smile at the sight of Frolic playfully spinning the other two around in circles. As the two teens turned their backs and started muttering things to each other inaudibly. Though he could probably learn to be a better winner. Miles noted, while fidgeting with a long strand of his hair. Seeing Breloom and Skitty do their best to copy the girl's 'serves you right' taunt. Pulling down her eyelid and sticking her tongue out at the boys.

Yet Miles’ attention had eagerly shifted elsewhere. Prepared to view the rest of Conner’s battle, as the Joltik tried to String Shot the multiple images of Pickachu in her descent. However, in the midst of what would’ve been calling out their pokemon’s next attacks. There was a sudden piercing shriek from the skies—and it was enough to strike fear in the eyes of his friend’s opponent.


Causing the young hooded kid to quickly rush over and scoop his little yellow bug up within his arms, as soon as she landed. “Ehehehe. Sorry man—I think that’s my sister.” He explained, with an awkward laugh. “Let’s battle for real, next time.” The kid said, with a kind smile, before making a run for it.

While Miles glanced down to see that Breloom had returned to his side. “Good fight, buddy.” He praised, extending a thumbs up to Frolic’s delight. As he pulled out the Breloom’s pokeball and brought him back inside. Feeling the sudden breeze blowing across his backside, as he walked over to Conner and put a hand on his shoulder. “You were doing great.” Miles said, grinning at Conner.
I'm having some professional movers coming to grab my stuff tomorrow. (Even though I expected to get this done on the weekend. Oh well.) So I have to get everything packed. Meaning I'll likely be using my phone for updates/writing posts for a bit.

Edit: Well I got almost everything moved in. Just need to figure out the internet situation tomorrow.
I can add some simple drawings to the posts, if you need any visual references as to what happened in the battle.

I've been packing and moving stuff for five days in a row now. (Though I finally got some free time today.)
“Jump first, Joltik!” The hooded boy exclaimed, when he saw the Pickachu make a beeline toward his pokemon. As Joltik had swiftly hopped up into the air, and seemed prepared to take on the opponent’s hit. Effective in swapping their speeds, once Storm’s head had directly collided with her belly and sent the little bug flying at a forty-five degree angle. Becoming a harder target for Conner or his Pickachu to see clearly, during Joltik’s high ascent into the clear blue skies. “Now, Bounce!” He shouted out with a smile, performing an excited hop in the process. Watching his Joltik land and use her enhanced speed to promptly spring back up even higher, until she became nothing more than a speck. Not seen by anyone else participating either, as the rest of them were focused on their own battles. Or at least trying to stay awake…

“Raboot, get back up and fight!” The trainer yawned in frustration, seeming to snap the charmed rabbit out of his stupor.

“Skitty, move out of the way!” The girl cautioned, with a worried tone. Causing her Skitty to scamper away from the standing Raboot, while Breloom was simultaneously being chased closer by Bouffalant's fuming charge. Getting Raboot to do a double take, as he noticed them both beginning to approach. Wondering who his trainer would tell him to attack next.

“Forget Skitty, use Ember on Breloom.” The trainer clarified, as Raboot turned his back to the cat’s clumsy sprint.

“Frolic and Skitty know what they’re doing.” Miles interrupted her with a confident smile, keeping the girl from giving out conflicting orders. "Trust me." He added, as the girl reluctantly nodded in response. With her worried eyes focused on the four pokemon’s inevitable collision. As Skitty ran up close behind the Raboot, who had built up fire in his footpaw to strike at the approaching Breloom, who was several feet in-between the bunny and the stomping Boufflant’s snorting nostrils.

“Boufflant, why aren’t you listening to me?” The kid hollered, with clenched fists.

“Bre-loom!” Frolic called out in the midst of his dash. Shifting his head sideways to avoid the Raboot’s small flame shooting out of his kick. As the Raboot felt those tiny claws climbing upon the back of his head, before looking up to see himself being used as a springboard by the Skitty. “Breloom.” Frolic offered, while leaning his head in. Letting Skitty jump from one head to the other—until Miles and her trainer saw the cat jumping onto the buffalo’s afro.

“Ah! Now I get it.” The girl realized. As the anxious Skitty proceeded to cling onto the Buffoulant for dear life. As the Buffoulant ignored the trainer’s orders to wait and immediately used Stomp—angrily slamming its front hooves onto the ground. Surprised at Buffoulant’s lack of concern for friendly-fire, as both Frolic and Raboot were forced to hastily dodge backward on either side of him. Knocking the pair on their rear ends, as the ground shook underneath them. “Skitty, use Sing!” She declared, as her Skitty began to meow melodically and cause the Buffoulant to stop and waver where it stood. While Breloom had already begun to move away without hesitation. In contrast, the stunned Raboot only turned his head toward the two clashing boys.

“Dumbass, you forgot to feed him this morning, didn’t you?” The darkly-dressed boy chided, putting his friend in a headlock and grinding his knuckles against his orange head.

“Ow! Stop it, Fritz!” He complained. "You're going to be the reason we lose to a girl-" Before they were interrupted by the crashing sound of Boffulant’s sudden fall. Getting them to notice the slumbering buffalo was lying flat and had pinned the knocked-out Raboot partially underneath him.

I really need to read the rest of my grandfather’s books... Miles noted, continuing to scribble the last of his notes down on his other arm.
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