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Very Brief Bio:
Male, 25 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Have played basically every sport, and I do play games. Mostly, Heroes Of The Storm.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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8/10 Certainly need to be a certain mood for stuff like this. But I enjoy the bombast of the track. The layering of the vocals make them a little drowned out in the music's "loudness" at times.

Another song out of my usual listening experience, kinds of sounds like something you'd put to a Disney movie, hopefully will be an enjoyable experience.

@Landaus Five-One


“Not what I expected when I woke up this morning.” Tristan responded to Katheryn, giving her a reassuring tone, helping that he genuinely believed his own words. “But I’m sure we’re not in any danger.”

After experiencing everyone actions firsthand, Tristan felt like he was in a crowd stranger than he was. Perhaps, more the merrier? He couldn’t really see a downside to having so many potential new friends, hopefully a few actually appreciated ventriloquism. Listening and staying in the background, as all the kids finished making their introductions and interacting with the strange creature. Dorumon had explained that they entered another world entirely, somehow believable coming out of something equally bizarre. His jovial naivety could almost forgive that he technically kidnapped a group of minors and wanted them to do labor, comparing them to chosen heroes. But still deep in consideration taking everything Dorumon said at face value, Tristan appeared calm with a gentle smile across his face. He couldn’t shake the feeling of a noticeable burden of weight behind him...

“What do you think?” Tristan spoke softly staring down at puppets, while the others continued chattering among themselves.

“I’d trust him. Anyone who’d knock some sense in that kid-” Luci quipped, as Angi slapped Luci in the back of the head to keep him quiet. Angi pointed at Tristan’s pocket, seeing the light and reaching inside, picking up the red and black device that took from the counter. He looked in surprise, watching multiple small creatures appearing from the devices as they each picked them up. He waited in anticipation for the same thing to occur, the screen was on but nothing was happening. His burdens weighed on his shoulder...wait why just one?

“What ya looking at?” A squeaky high voice questioned, causing Tristan to turn noticing wiggling a strange red creature its butt on his shoulder. Exchanging blinks and friendly grins, she hopped down to the floor and never stopped, bouncing like a rubber ball. Tristan kneeled down closer to the ground, his puppets following the digimon with their heads.

“Nice to meet you-” Tristan greeted politely.

“Tristan, I heard! I’m Gigimon! I’m your partner!” Gigimon said before Tristan could even ask, she carried on, speaking at the pace of her kinetic movement. “I’ve been in the hidey place on your back since you picked that up.” Tristan felt the back of his jacket’s hood, rubbing his neck. “Feels like all I’ve been doing is waiting for a partner.” Luci stuck out forward, arms crossed.

“You can do something other then bounce?” Luci quipped. Gigimon without skipping a beat, plopped down and started rolling around, circling Tristan in continuous momentum. She started letting out childish giggling, making Tristan chuckle a little.

“I can do plenty. I’m tough!” She replied standing up on all fours, with a prideful stance. Luci hung over Gigimon as they stared at one another.

“Bet your bark is worse than your-” Luci snarked. Being abruptly silenced by Gigimon widening its maw and clamping down on the puppet and yanking it off Tristan’s hand. Gigimon nommed on it for a moment with a satisfied expression. Angi looked up at Tristan.

“I like her.” Angi commented. Gigimon spat out Luci and looked at him for a while as it laid motionlessly, looking up at Tristan with a concerned and upset face which brought Tristan pause. A moment of melancholy and silence. Did he say or do something to upset her? Tristan reached his hand down to comfort her.

“Did...I kill him?” Gigimon asked. The silence broke with the sound of Tristan’s laughter, it had been a while since he laughed that loudly. Gigimon blushed a little, giving a pout of confusion.

“You’re not teasing me too are you?” Gigimon whined slightly, sounding even more like a child. Tristan picked Luci up shaking his head, putting the puppets into his pockets and then wiped his eyes. He reached down then pet her head, causing her to freeze like a deer caught in the headlights. Her pupil inflated like balloons, mouth hung open slightly like she’d been rendered speechless.

“Looks like we’re partners now, Gigimon.” Tristan said picking her up, not any heavier than his siblings. Gigimon eyes sparkled like diamonds, snapping out of her petrified state. She began to wriggle within his grasp like an excitable puppy. Pondering over Dorumon’s words saying that they could refuse his request, but implored them to accept this undertaking. He could feel the desperation, seeing the passion in Gigimon’s eyes wanting to help those in need. Deciding then despite an unpredictable series of events that preceded and would likely follow…

“I’ll do what I can, Dorumon.” Tristan proclaimed, stepping forward.

“Me two!” Gigimon added.

What makes this online thing more secondary or outside to another online thing, is it not all just online? Where are you drawing the distinction?

I literally explained this. But to be nice, I'll explain it again. I don't get to be in the discussion, it's a passive one. Hence, outside. And it's also hard to come by in general, if I need specific podcasts to get this kind of civil, long form discussion. Hence, secondary. Not complicated.

Well it's a bit of stupid point.

Coming from someone who doesn't seem to understand the point I made in the first place.

Also you know that a thread isnt one all encompassing argument. Its a series of many different debates and topics. And yes you did engage in debates that were civil on there. So my point stands.

It was/is right now, hence why I'm commenting on it.

People can do those things. You are literally ignoring all the discourse that has happened in all the threads that has happened in a civil manner, you're only focusing on the big arguments.

...Forest from the trees.

Yes, my comment about stop getting threads closed and ignoring moderators. Happens to solely referring to the specific people disobeying those rules...and? That is literally the point. It's not personal. It's not a comment about the thread. It's specifically condemning the repeated dismissal of ignoring things your instructed to do. (Not *your*, as in you. Mind.)

You say you are speaking generally but you engage with things you disagree with just like everyone else does. Your approach doesn't really differ to most of the approaches on here to begin with, but you seem to like to talk down about these threads while repeatedly enaging with them. You would think you would just stay away but you can't help yourself.

This isn't a political disagreement. It's an opened imploring to obey the outlined rules in this instance. But this entire conversation is just bleeding too much irony. So just going to cut it off, if you don't mind.

The argument seems to be more about the politics of the legitimacy of a national language, it also seems like the people 'arguing' are actually friendly with each other and aren't taking anything too personally, who are you to decide how people should react to civil discourse? If they feel it's getting out of hand they can say something.

If calling everyone stupid is friendly I guess. Thanks for the kind words. (And they did, the person who made this said that. And they also happen to be a discord mod...)
You've been granted nothing as far as the eye can see. Just hope you didn't have any clothes, or worldly possessions at the time.

I wish writer's block was no longer a thing.
Considering this podcast is online, I think you clearly can get the discourse you are talking about.

I can...through secondary/outside means.

If you are talking about dicourse that specifically invloves you, then you have a short memory. Ive seen you disucuss topics in a civil manner, it doesnt happen often, but you are capable of it.

Kind of my entire point, yes. And that's unbelievably rich. But it's clear literally everyone is ignoring what got this closed the last time.

Also when you say 'online' thats a very broad net, because if you are only attempting debate on an RPG forum and discord where you have bad blood with the people you keep trying to engage, then your problem is quite obvious.

That people can't learn to not hold grudges, and speak like human beings and follow the rules? Not a personal statement mind. I don't directly engage most people who make problems with me. I've always spoke broadly and generally, and those people throw themselves upon me. (I rest my case.)

And, it's "broad" because that's on purpose. In my real life, no one really even follows politics enough to have a worthwhile discussion about it. This forum ain't the only online barren wasteland of political dialogue.

There's literally an argument, happening with a moderator present. So I guess it makes it okay. About scorning someone for not being helpful in their workplace. What does that have to do with politics? Do you -have- to like/know me, for my point to be anymore legitimate?
I know you guys are probably memeing but let's tone it down. This is a thread for discussions.

So, I'll just do Poohead a favor and literally repeat the "this thread is for discussion."

I know I was literally lambasted for making the point of "hey, maybe you should follow basic guidelines set." like I was the villain. Because -I- can never be right. But, yeah...maybe stop the ad-hominem stuff.

Also, who cares what someone else does for their own job? That isn't remotely relevant to politics...

And now the subject will magically drop, and that discourse can happen now.

Since I can't get real and/or civil political discourse online anymore. I got the occasional podcasts to fill the void. I still wonder how many people would be willing to have real discussions about politics? Face to face, or even voice to voice. More personal and human conversations that aren't sound bits like the news media. Podcasts are fantastic tools for politics and entertainment. But I digress.

My question if people wish to discuss it, is how do you consume politics in your life? And should politics matter to the average person as much as they do? Does it matter as much as people think it does? Is it just culture? Is culture heavily influenced by politics?
7/10 Solid song. I need more good southern rock tunes.

Electropop. So take it or leave it. I was tempted to post one of their newer tracks, but this chorus though. (Their music videos are enjoyable in a surreal way, forgive the 2009 style lesser quality.)

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