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Current Any interest in some good ol' fashioned Trek rp?
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Reading some Heinlein and getting some good writan' inspiration.


Peculiar creature. Sometimes drawing or writing, but usually lurking.

General Info
⁃ Generally online mid-afternoon to evening EST.
⁃ Twenty-something.
⁃ Long time roleplayer, recently off hiatus.
⁃ Interested in sci-fi, tabletop games, art & beekeeping.
⁃ Message for discord. : P

Writing Info
⁃ Prefer writing in groups via forum.
⁃ Heavily prefer drawn character art or written descriptions over faceclaims.
⁃ Okay with writing mature themes incidentally, but not as a focus.
⁃ Enjoys chatting & plotting OOC.

I can be a bit scatterbrained and struggle with perfectionism, nudge me along if I'm being slow!

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In Sk8te 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Oh man, Livewire looks great. Here's my guy, I'm away from my pc this weekend but plan on drawing a character image (and adding a bit nicer formatting to his sheet) when I get back.

I'd like for him to have his neural brace removed and possibly join Sk8te over the course of the story, as well as aquire more drones (gradually).
In Sk8te 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@TheNoCoKid How much time has passed since the corporate wars?

@Tellukka Get well soon!
In Sk8te 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hype! I'll start working on my character this evening.
I'm also concerned about post length requirements if this is moved over to advanced. Digging all the ideas so far though.
I'd be interested in playing someone affiliated with Sk8te, or even a clueless wagie who got dragged into the plot. Possibly a repairman or hazmat/biomatter disposal worker who has intimate knowledge of how to get around via tunnels/railways/sewers. Possibly a tattoo artist or unlicensed pharmacist? I'm spitballing ideas, trying to avoid my usual habit of making cyborgs & transhumanist characters LOL.
Seems like Silverwind might have gotten caught up in irl stuff. I'm still here & happy to continue whenever they get back. o7
@jorvhik Sad to see ya go. Come back when you got the time. o/

@gunther Poooooooooost Kayliss to the sheets tab. *shakes fist at sky*
Yesssssssssss. I dig the retro trek-esc alien art as well.
The cockpit hatch shut with a ker-clunk, and there was a soft hiss as air was siphoned from the chamber. The outside sounds; the blaring klaxons, the shouting and bustle of the fighter bay, all faded away. All that remained was the vibration of the Thunderbolt's engines, and the occasional crackle of the radio. It was like a spacewalk in that way. She found it comforting. That, and knowing she wouldn't be forced through a hole the size of a credit if a stray shot breached the cockpit.

Hazel sat strapped into the seat in the cockpit’s center, illuminated by the glow of consoles. Having just finished the last few stages of her checklists, she glanced towards the small holo-projection of Saint Gagarin fixed to the dashboard and muttered a few words in pidgin—inaudible in the vacuum—but spacers are creatures fond of ritual.

Asura’s voice crackled over her headset partway through the prayer. Hazel didn’t respond until she was done. “Understood, seventy-three.”. Out of the side of the cockpit she could see the magpult spooling up, and could nearly imagine the deafening whir of it. Hazel leaned forwards in her seat (the little that her harness would allow) in anticipation of what was to come.

And they were off! The robotic pilot cackled gleefully as she was launched, plastered against her seat like a fly on a windshield. With the perfusion fluid supplying her brain sealed into a closed system, she was at no risk of G-LOC. There was little to do but enjoy the ride, that which she intended to do. Hazel waited a few moments, allowing the gravity to subside before upping the throttle of the forward thrust, and nosing slightly downwards, falling into the rear of the formation alongside Hatchet.
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