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Any interest in some good ol' fashioned Trek rp?
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Reading some Heinlein and getting some good writan' inspiration.


Peculiar creature. Sometimes drawing or writing, but usually lurking.

General Info
⁃ Generally online mid-afternoon to evening EST.
⁃ Twenty-something.
⁃ Long time roleplayer, recently off hiatus.
⁃ Interested in sci-fi, tabletop games, art & beekeeping.
⁃ Message for discord. : P

Writing Info
⁃ Heavily prefer drawn character art or written descriptions over faceclaims.
⁃ Okay with writing erotica incidentally, but not as a focus.
⁃ Enjoys chatting & plotting OOC.

I can be a bit scatterbrained and struggle with perfectionism, nudge me along if I'm being slow!

Most Recent Posts

Hey there. I'm Kersel, and as you may guess, I'm searching for writing partners. I'm a twenty-something medical lab tech who's into sci-fi (hard-ish, fun over accuracy), tabletop roleplaying games, digital art, gardening, and a whole bunch of other hobbies.
Writing Details
⁃ Heavily prefer drawn character art or written descriptions over faceclaims.
⁃ Okay with writing adult themes incidentally, but not as a focus.
⁃ Ditto with romance.
⁃ Casual to advanced writer.
⁃ Enjoys chatting & plotting OOC.
⁃ Happy writing one on one or in a small group.
⁃ I am not comfortable writing with a partner under 18.
As you may have figured from the title, I've had a mighty craving for Titanfall roleplay! I love the aspect of pilots being mind-linked to their titans, of simulacrum and artificial intelligence, etc. Writing about the lives of average people during the war interests me more than writing big damn heroes saving their planets. I've got a couple semi-baked oc ideas, listed below:

As mentioned, I'm more interested in small-scale plots than saving the planet type stories. I also adore the trope of two characters who hate each other being forced to work together. Throw tragic simulacrum at me and I will melt.
Other Fandoms
I'm most familiar with the IDW comics, but okay with writing other continuities/some blend. Heaaavily prefer something other than human-centric plotlines. I have a couple vague oc ideas.

Star Trek
Something small-scale on the edge of Federation space a la Deep Space 9. Scummy characters contrasted against a utopian setting. Throw me an idea!

Stalker/Roadside Picnic
Uhhhh uhm uh. I have not actually played a Stalker game but I have read Roadside Picnic (the book it's based off) and know a good amount about the setting. If someone were interested in this I'd finally have to play the games. Daily life/domestic stuff in a grim setting is appealing to me.
Misc Ideas/Themes
Specifically set in space. Chunky, beige consoles. Floppy disks. Little grey aliens. Asteroid miners, starship captains and pirates. Characters surviving cartoonish violence or wacky space hijinks. If you've ever played Space Station 13, that is the vibe I'm aiming for.

This is a half-baked setting that I plan on developing further (possibly with your help). Weird bio-mechs with lab grown nervous systems, used to fight a proxy war guerilla-style. Gritty industrialism. Heavy focus on transhumanism and genemodding in an unforgiving environment. This idea is hard-ish sci-fi but with some suspension of belief for the sake of actually being fun to write.

Occult Investigators
Three-letter-agency suits investigating crime beyond the veil of the paranormal in post-Cold War, 70's-ish setting. Think X-Files, Men in Black, or Constantine. I just really love detective partners. There's a ton more lore for this setting that I can share if someone were interested.

Winged/Tailed Humanoids
God okay, this is trashy. I have a craving for something in a setting where humans are winged and/or tailed.

Deep Ocean
Horror(?) in an isolated, deep ocean research station. Because I really, really love Barotrauma, Subnautica, and The Thing. Could be set on another planet like Europa, Titan, or etc.

Fantasy Western
Wizards, gunslingers, and cryptids. Americana folklore combined with traditional fantasy. Also have a slightly more mundane version of this setting where all the characters are insect-people.

In case that wasn't enough word vomit, here's a word cloud of miscellaneous themes/settings/tropes I enjoy writing:

Thanks for reading through all my rambling. Shoot me a DM if you're interested & we can talk through that or discord!
Count me as intrigued.
Seems dead, yeah. Would anyone be interested in migrating characters over to a new thread with more of a mech focus? I've been tossing ideas around recently for a similarly rebellion-themed sci-fi mech story (something like The Moon is a Harsh Mistress meets Titanfall or Brigador).
I can't take on new stuff rn but wanted to poke my head in to say this concept is insanely cool. o7
In Sk8te 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Keep moving! I'm still thinking on how my character fits into all of this, sorry for the delay.
In Sk8te 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Sk8te 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
You reminded me I should probably get a proper map made of all the major naeighborhoods/districts. Anyone know where I can either make/get one made?

This procedural generator makes neat stuff, wish it had a blueprint-style color scheme though. Had 'Rivet City' as another idea for a neighborhood. Also, about to post Raf to the char tab & start brainstorming a post.

@TellukkaCOOL ENBY BARTENDER! COOL ENBY BARTENDER!! Is it alright if I write Raf as a regular at the Gas Leak? It's perfect for his sort of work (and also seems like a cool place).
In Sk8te 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Oh man, Livewire looks great. Here's my guy, I'm away from my pc this weekend but plan on drawing a character image (and adding a bit nicer formatting to his sheet) when I get back.

I'd like for him to have his neural brace removed and possibly join Sk8te over the course of the story, as well as aquire more drones (gradually).
In Sk8te 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@TheNoCoKid How much time has passed since the corporate wars?

@Tellukka Get well soon!
In Sk8te 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hype! I'll start working on my character this evening.
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