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I'll have a look through and commentary on her Wednesday.

And, since we're pretty much about full, save for a Caster, I'll go ahead and make the OOC Wednesday as well.

I like it. Welcome to the team. XD

Cool, cool.

@The Irish Tree

@Silverstein, @SSW

Pretty much what Rez said.
My sheets are all set.

I will look at this after I get off work, and have a written up thing ASAP.
...Y'know, in all likelihood, I think Samson is due a few nerfs to keep things fair @Enkryption.

I'll look him over, then.
Lol! XD

It was the first name I recognized on the Wiki for Magic Resistance. XP

So, off the bat, I don't have any outstanding issues that would hold this bat. However, I do have some issues from a technical standpoint, so I'll just run them don't quickly, since this is a very serviceable sheet.

Independent Action: The Skill is fine, so long as you aware, if your Master does die, you have to be the one that replaces them with a new Master.

Subversive Activities: I'm not against this on principle, but functionality. This isn't really on the same scale as an Apocrypha RP, where there's mass amount of enemies to deal with in the form of Servants and Caster Minions.

This is very situational, but overall acceptable; just understand it won't always be useful - especially in situations where it used against another Servant. Also, I would reword it to says, "a majority of established, non-Servant-class forces," because 60% enforces a strict math problem at all times, including when you prep against a single opponent.

Golden Rule: I won't lie, I don't fully understand this or its usage. Are you able to "save" on Charges for your Master or...? Money isn't a thing in this, in a traditional sense. It can work with the casino theme of the RP, but nothing holds over when a Singularity is cleared. So, no million dollars for you.

May King: I do like a sniper Noble Phantasm. I will have to say, though, it's not going to one-shot, one-skill any Servant with [Magic Resistance A] or better. So, Artoria (Sabre) is going to take a mad chunk of damage, but she won't die outright, with her [Magic Resistance] Rank A, however Medusa (Rider) would be sniped dead with her [Magic Resistence] Rank B.

Lastly, because it is one shot, and, definitely, 1/Singularity, I would say, you can bump it to a B+ - just to eek out that little bit extra from the sneak attack factor.

And, that's it, as far as my concerns go. Like I said, little, technical things, but nothing damning to your sheet. Nice work, over all.

I don't see anything off about either Master or Servant, and I gotta say, I absolutely love how much of a dorky goof Chabi looks with that pose, and I like the idea of a cornucopia as a Noble Phantasm.

All in all, approved.

Looking forward to seeing how she tries to game the system with her spooky space power of divinity. Can aliens help you cheat at Blackjack? Let's find out. XD
Just a poke, and check up.
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