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Collab with @The Irish Tree

After shaking off the understandable mortification of Rodias coming across her laying eggs and their very long talk, a very exhausted Chuunitrixx was snoozing around the small, nested clutch; the quartet of eggs well-guarded by the encirclement of her arms and legs, met at elbow and knee, and warmed by her own body heat, blankets, and her jacket that covered them. Around her, Expedition Team Alpha's Survivors of the Apocalypse were gathered, and watching their Hivequeen sleep; be it out of an instinctive need to be her guardians or an abject curiosity to meet their new Overlords -- their aunts and/or uncles, to be more specific. Chuunitrixx had only laid one egg in all their known years; the city-sprawling Mimic that was Enderall, their mother. As such, a new egg -- even more so, four new eggs -- was something of spectacle that they could only fully appreciate in this New World.

They conversed between each other; all wondering what their new additions would be like, if their Hivequeen would lay more eggs, and other manner of logical thoughts they'd never had the faculties to dwell on. As the Expedition Team of Chateau Gothika, this was fair practice for their assembling skills and forward-thinking; it helped that their [Barbarian] and [Assassin] Classes had been replaced with the more adaptable [Adventurer] and [Organizer] Classes, respectively, so they weren't focused on strict combat, but many things. They were the only ones, so far, but Chuunitrixx had imbued Enderall with the Racial of [Alexander] to change herself and all things of her freely, so, perhaps, there would come to be more of them.

They were sure that the new Mimics in the eggs would have the Racial of [Alexander], as well, or something that would function on the same level. It was a mystery that agonized them, but they had their own tasks to fulfill, and started to organize Survivors of in groups that would comprise end that each Settlement was comprised of three Concreep Mixers, ten Sentries, thirty-six Template Survivors of the Apocalypse, and the egg that would hatch into its intended leader for a total of fifty units -- the agreed upon measure that Rodias permitted. After that, they set to raiding Kath's Library for supplementary knowledge.

Chuunitrixx had left explicit instructions to gather tomes with anything that pertains the Classes of [Warrior], [Ranger], [Sorcerer], [Wizard], and [Alchemist]. Each Settlement was going to have an explicit focus, which she would decide when she awoke; the tomes would stand as building blocks and guidelines for her children to follow, once she sent them out into the world with them. Surely, Kath would understand the greater good that losing an armful of books would gain the Chateau. Knowledge secured, the Alpha Survivors returned to Chuunitrixx's Chapter... without even checking out a single book properly.
Chuunitrixx sighed; not in annoyance or contempt, but exhaustion -- unadulterated, pure exhaustion. Instinctively, she reached for her gun, but her hand paused. "No... you aren't worth it..." she says, looking at Mamoru's clone and Flan. "None of you are worth it.” Chuunitrixx straightened out, pocketing her hands, “Who are you to stand against the crashing tide? A kitchen wench and a glorified scullery maid? I should blow you open, scatter you across the walls; this disrespect for all I have done in the service of the Chateau, when you all fail," she trembled, angry, "But, no. I will not fall. I have never fallen. This disrespect is intolerable..."

Chuunitrixx shrugged, suddenly, as if something had changed in her. An epiphany of sorts; more to the point: the creation of apathy.

"Whatever... I'm going home..."

Taking her leave, Chuunitrixx returned to her Chapter, and pressed her hand to the elevator console -- suddenly disconnecting her Chapter without warning. Across the Chateau, Chapter 4 became the new Penultimate Chapter, as Chapters 5 and 6 were offline.

...however, Chapter 6 was still very much operational.

"Enderall," Chuunitrixx announced, "Operation: Necropolis is approved. It's time to dust off Lady Traptrixx's Sacred Treasure..."
I am waiting on Flan to post, so I can see if she authorizes Mamoru's clone's assassination or if Chuunitrixx's just shoots the clone for bueing rude.
I, honestly, don't think Chuunitrixx will ever have a fight scene. There's almost no feasible means to combat Chuunitrixx without dropping a Nuke/Ultima on Enderall to just erase her and all her Mimics, and remove Chuunitrixx's armies and body-doubles.
Probably super-useful in most fights. Chuunitrixx will "seed" a room with Proxies and Sentries, and turn the room into 'Prey' with explosives and bullets that walk around.
@Lucius Cypher

Makes sense. It's just an extension of her will, after all.
@Lucius Cypher

You know, if the clone of Mamoru is gunna be that hypocritcalhangry to call out Chuunitrixx for beating her to food... she should, at least, have a name that isn't the same as her original. That legitimately confused me, tbh.
In the span of the evening hours, Chuunitrixx had locations established, and villages set up; each could hold a population of fifty, which would be divided from her Mimics. By time the sun was tempted to rise, Chuunitrixx was yawning and sluggish, as she rummaged the kitchen for something to eat. All she knew to make was [Basic Toast], so she set to making it with every single loaf of bread she could find.

"Sniping evil by moonlight! Shooting villains in daylight! Always ready for the real fight! She is the one named Sniper Trixx!" Chuunitrixx sang, largely in the company of herself, and loudly, because of it, "She would never turn her back on her friend! She always there to defend! On her, he can always depend! She is the one named Sniper Trixx!"

Chuunitrixx tossed her arms out in a large flourish, which, in any other situation, would have hit no-one and nothing, as melee wasn't her forte. However, being a -- return -- victim of sleep and the -- restored -- waking cycle of life, now, the back of her hand thwack Rodias on the cheek for the minimum dealable damage of 1 Non-lethal Health Point -- which just regenerated in a literal second. Still...

Almost with a comedic creak of her mixed Mimic, Doppelganger, and Human parts, the Homunculus turned her head inhumanly to peer back at Rodias, and watched her comically placed "Critical Hit 1!!!" bound off his cheek and away.

"How long have... you been there," Chuunitrixx asked, as she loaded Ariamis out of pure tsundere instinct.

Rodias paused in full as the back of someone’s hand slapped against his cheek, face instinctively following the motion to make it look as if he’d actually been punched in the face. Though, he’d realize right away that he hadn’t taken any damage whatsoever. Well, as far as current damage. He’d taken SOME small smarm of pain, but that quickly subsided, eyes turning with his head to see the sight of Chuunitrixx loading her gun, a drop of sweat rolling down his face. In truth, he’d been lost in his own thoughts...but he’d still very much heard her say: “She is the one named Sniper Trixx” as the hit landed.

Stooping to pick up the “Critical Hit!”, Rodias would clear his throat.

”What do I even say? She’s going to freak out if I say that I heard any of that...but she probably wouldn’t believe me if I said none, since I was so close. Uh...think...think…” Rodias would think, before saying: ”Longer than you might have preferred.”

...Then the gears started turning.

And turning.

And turning.

And then he realized that he’d done the opposite of what he intended.

"I see. I see. Ara Ara... That's a problem..." Chuunitrixx's says, as a hand-loaded Ariamis with silver bullets baring an engraving of the Russian Orthodox Cross and the Kanji for the word, "Soma," upon it. "Why do you look so nervous, my Lord?"

Rodias took a step back. ”That...would be because I fear I’ve embarrassed you. My apologies. ...Gotta go!” he would say, before sprinting off down the hallway, trying to avoid getting a faceful of buckshot. Chuunitrixx couldn’t one shot him, but...guns were still, in his brain, a tiny bit scary.

"Why are you running my, Lord? I'm just trying to defend you!" Chuunitrixx growled, as she fired the Engraved Revolver Ariamis at him; his Evasion just high enough to Dodge anything short of a Sneak Attack or a Critical Hit. Still, the HOLIER THAN THOU BULLETS OF SMITE smashed into the walls and floors, and created fonts of angelic singing -- pure pockets of concentrated Heavens.

It would probably suck to get hit by that spell.

Rodias was careful to dodge every bullet that came, while also directing Chuunitrixx’s fire away from the various skeleton butlers just trying to make their way around the halls of the Chateau. After he started to realize that running was only going to get someone caught in the crossfire...or call the wrath of Mamoru on the both of them for making work for her, Rodias would dodge, then duck under Chuunitrixx’s arm to gently grab her wrist, coming face to face with her as he let out a nervous chuckle. ”Let’s...cut this game of cat and mouse short, shall we?” he asked, really, really hoping Chuunitrixx would give up the run-and-gun.

"Fwaaah... Haaa... Haaa... Fi... Fiii... Fine... Fine... Tru... Haaaa... Haaa... Truce... Oh, God....!" Chuunitrixx panted and huffed, sweating her ass off. "Can't breathe! Dying! Haaa....!"


Chuunitrixx was flat on her ass, a mess of suffering the realistic rules of cardio and exertion. Lying on her side, she just pitifully gulped air, and whimpered. Running was never this hard before! Ariamis was lying just out of reach, and just within Rodias's range of theft.

Rodias reached his hand out, and as if the world itself willed it, the gun flew into his hand. Theft was an especially useful skill, especially now. He’d come to learn that he didn’t need to touch objects to “steal” them, due to his Shadow class extending his range to anywhere his shadow touched. And in the halls of the Chateau, the Lord’s shadow stretched far indeed.

Offering the gun to her with a smile, Rodias said: ”Let’s forget all this and start over. What were you on your way to do, Chuunitrixx?”

"Breakfast!" Chuunitrixx nearly vomited her paltry breakfast of toast up. "I was... I was going... going to get... get breakfast... Running sucks ass! This is why I'm a sniper! I don't move!"

Rodias had to struggle to maintain a straight face from how...silly this all was. ”I see. Care to accompany me to Flan’s Kitchen then? I was feeling a bit peckish myself,” he would say, trying to restore a smidgeon of Chuunitrixx’s dignity by ignoring her dorky singing. And complete lack of stamina.

Food...” Chuunitrixx nodded.

Rodias offered a hand for Chuunitrixx to pull herself up with.

Chuunitrixx took it; using her overleveled [Sleight of Hand] skill steal the Engraved Revolver Ariamis back, and held it against Rodias’s heart. “Bang, Vampire Boy,” she smirked. “Take me to the food!

”You’d need these for a sneak attack like that,” Rodias said, opening his hand and revealing every bullet Chuunitrixx had on her person was in the palm of his right hand. ”But, let’s go.” Rodias would say, taking the elevator with Chuunitrixx to spare her from the agony of cardiovascular exercise. Again.

I know.” Chuunitrixx smiled, as several of the paints on the walls and the lightning fixtures settled back into being inanimate objects with teasing, musical hums. Chuunitrixx hummed back in the same tone, and Rodias could get a sense of being teased from what sounded like musical laughter.

It would serve to remind him that Chuunitrixx had spent almost an entire day singing.

Rodias sighed, simply leading Chuunitrixx to the elevator and taking her directly to Flan’s kitchen. The “elevators” were more like teleporters, given that they could move horizontally as well. It seemed that this formerly being a video game with some conventions such as that remained. Which was oddly convenient if one needed to get around the Chateau quickly. As the elevator moved, Rodias asked: ”How are your scouts doing?”

Uuuh.... well,” Chuunitrixx offered with a massive LADDELING of uncertainty. She’s never undertook such a degree. “How... um.. Should they be doing... you know, out of curiosity. I’m asking for a friend.

Rodias would pause, place his hand upon his own face, and slowly drag downward. ”Didn’t you say that you had plans of expansion? I’m just trying to see if your plans are coming together at the start of it all. Have there been any problems?”

Kiiinnnddaa...” Chuunitrixx poked her pointers together. “I had some die to a stupid elephant. I wanna send more there, especially, but... also, to... the other places...” she looked up, “How much can I send?

Rodias was just kind of staring blankly at Chuunitrixx, before his cape formed into a black question mark that loomed over his back, head tilting as he quizically asked: ”Well, how many do you have?”

I made teams of 20, and I lost, uh, two from one, though,” Chuunitrixx says. “There will be elephancide.

Rodias paused, looking down just a bit. He looked...almost sorrowful at the idea of two dying. ”I see...if that is the only region we’ve incurred losses in then, I believe it’d be best to pull out from it.”

Retreat!? Surely, you don’t suggest we just give up!?” Chuunitrixx nearly lost it at the notion, as she fluxed in-between personalities. “Ridiculous! Preposterous! Ludicrous!

Rodias would shake his head, stating: ”No. I’m not saying that we give up. I’m simply saying that putting your mimics to use in other locations would be a better investment. But, that’s merely a suggestion. They’ll only listen to you. make sure to send back resources from the scouts. Traptrixx always was a fan of that strategy to bolster the forges, just as the door to the elevator dinged open.

What I just spend more? Instead of a small place, a bigger place? More protected? And, more people to bring things back!” Chuunitrixx says. “So, maybe, I can borrow some horses...? I totally don’t wan’a pony...

Rodias paused in exiting the elevator, turning back to say: ”If you think you can make that work to make up for the casualties, then I’ll allow it. Well, at Kaldorna’s leave, anyway. They’re her horses, after all. But, I’ll approve of increasing protection for the scouts. Also...why do you want a horse? You don’t plan on leaving the Chateau, do you?”

I could never! I am to defend the whole. I could not leave,” Chuunitrix says. “I could still ride it...” Chuunitrix pouted, before stepping off the elevator. “Of course, I could spare the Mimics, no problem. I just cannot spare the attention, so I need them to be small enough that looking in would distract me form the whole, but large enough I can leave them in a safe autonomy.

”I see,” Rodias responded, fully leaving the elevator. ”In that case, I’ll talk to Kaldorna about the horses once she returns. For now, allocate resources to fortify your scouts’ encampments. And, do try to not kill all the elephants. Kaldorna may want a few for the Pens.

I promise nothing.” Chuunitrix says. “I wonder, what’s a good number for a population cap? 50? 100? 2000? Hm...” Rodias would be reminded, again, that Traptrixx loved RTS games.

Rodias crossed his arms. ”If you manage to do well, I’ll consider getting you that pony. Also, definitely not 2000. That’s not even scouting anymore…”

Well, what should I do then?” Chuunitrixx asks. “Fiifffttyyy...?” she offered, trying to be slick about it.

”Fifty for each, or fifty total?” Rodias asked, wanting specifics.

Each...?” Chuunitrixx was testing the waters.

That’s a bit much for the time being,” Rodias stated. It seemed he intended for Chuunitrixx to keep them below fifty in each scouting squad, at the very least.

Chuunitrix took that as a bad thing. “So, not fifty per settlement...?

Rodias sighed softly, rubbing the bridge of his nose. ”Chuunitrixx, you need to keep the scouting parties small for now. A large settlement cropping up will draw significantly more attention, and put them in danger. Fifty PER settlement is a good cap to have, but any more and you start jeopardizing their cover.”

Chuunitrixx gasped, and nodded. “Nnhn! Nnhn!” she understood. “I’ll arrange them in a small, village-like fashion. If my population cap is fifty, I can divide that among my unit types,” she hummed, “I know what to do!

Rodias’ expression lightened, glad that Chuunitrixx finally understood. And she even repeated it back, to reiterate. ”Go ahead and visit Flan. I need to take care of something at the archives.”

Chunnitrixx nodded; confused as to why she needed to visit Flan, but more than willing to visit food. She’d a massive need to feed -- Flan was a second-hand thought, if anything.

And, so, with gusto, she burst into Flan's Kitchen, and started consuming everything in sight that she could put her hands on.

Collab with @The Irish Tree
'Eyo, just a post to make mention that I edited my last post with the actual song in my head that Chuunitrixx is singing.
Freedom granted, Chuunitrixx turned stood upon her balcony, and looked out to the cityscape before and beyond her. Raising a fist to her mouth, she cleared her throat, and her voice rippled across the town.

Harken on to my image, and hear my words, clear. Today, we are free; behold of all that is ashen stone beneath our feet. Enderall City Corpse is a misnomer, henceforth, because this city is no more a corpse than you or all. Enderall, she breathes, as I, as you, as we all! And, because she breaths, she grows. Lord Rodias has sought fit to allow her growth go unstinted, as long as we are controlled.

So, shall we be.

For you children of her womb, precious and many, her Swarm, her Hive; her love is all given to you, freely and copiously in the very lands that nurture you, shelter you; her love in intellable in depth. For she is the child of my womb, precocious, yet mature, my daughter, my gift; my affection is all her to command, so she many share it so; infinite and everlasting.

As was that of my mother. For, as the sun rises, sets, and days dawn and dusk, we are all children of Lady Traptrix, for whom my Hivequeen title was given before out Matriarch stepped down, and left us. Yes, left us; not somber children, shedding wasteful tears of loss and regret, but determined children -- eyes towards the future. A future, we can, here and now, dare hold in our hands, and take for ourselves.

So, stand, children of my daughter, loyal, brave, and gather yourself against the coming storm. Enderall, my child, you may yet see another sunrise upon your stones of ash and blood. Tonight, we prepare! In the morning, we move onto this new world!

As Chuunitrix spoke, her subjects did listen, and they did receive... adulation, jubilation, adoration, and understanding that they were of a higher, greater purpose. No longer confined to their city, alone, but the world at large. And, it was so very large. In service of their Hivequeen, they would explore it restlessly and ceaselessly; unless they were pulled into their proper service.

As the night waned, and Chuunitrix assembled five Exploration Teams of 20; 10 Survivors, 4 Sentries, 4 Proxies, and 2 Concreep Mixers. Each listed: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, and Gamma. Each dispatched in the cardinal direction; Beta to the East, Delta to the West, Epsilon to the South, and Gamma to the North; Alpha was hers, and would move as she did.

The plan was simple: Scout and Settle. A night march of twenty miles, gathering information, supplies, and understanding of the layout of the land in all four directions, before settled to raise a forward base in the disguise of a fledgling village. Traptrixx had been an avid strategist, and Chuunitrixx would use the knowledge passed onto her.

Or, at least, attempt to.

In reality, the mind games we saw, theorized, and planned out weren’t promised to us. There was failure around all corners, and Chuunitrixx was gambling on none.

Rodi, I wish I knew... if I’m doing this right...” Chuunitrixx says, standing on the steeple roof of the Chateau Gothika.

Within the space of twenty miles, the mimic scouts would come to find that setting up the fledgling village would prove a simple task in the midst of the night. The distance from the village that Kath and Ashara were sent to survey from any other civilizations in the area was easily over a few dozen miles and thus no resistance would be offered, save for the few wild beasts that would attack in the dark of night. But, miles away from prying eyes the mimics were free to supplant themselves in the countryside. In fact, each squad save for Gamma would encounter little to no difficulty in their search.

Beta’s eastern march would take them near the area of the village which would give them an idea of what a settlement of the world would probably look like, if emulated appropriately.

Delta’s western march would take them further over the mountains and along the coast, letting them feel the temperature gradually shift towards a slightly warmer climate. Despite this, there was little in the way of civilization along the shore, save for the occasional shipwrecked mass.

Epsilon’s southern march would take them along the mountain range that the Chateau now found itself a part of. The high mountain tops proved to be an excellent place from which to survey the entirety of the countryside. Settlement would be difficult atop the mountains, but the slopes contained enough resources to fashion them a suitable shelter. For now, at least.

Gamma would encounter the great obstacle of water, a sparkling sea covered in patches of ice to the North. Judging from the temperature and the boreal forests dotting the landscape, they were far to the North of this world. Far into the distance they could see the presence of a pristine continent of ice, a gargantuan landmass some hundreds of miles away that appeared as if a glittering diamond amongst the sapphire sea. Far across the ocean, however, they could see a gleaming castle that seemed to be sculpted of pure snow and ice, towering higher than any mountain they’d seen so far. Further examination would let them see a small city had grown around the tower, built of the same materials.

For miles and miles, the day would be filled with music; a grand symphony played at length from the sun’s rise to its set. Standing upon the steeple roof of the Chateau Gothika, its conductor and star vocalist: Chuunitrixx. Harmoniously, with her Exploration Team Alpha, the Hivequeen sang and sang; voice carrying grandly, and conversing with her other teams.

Immediately, Beta would settle in; replicating what they saw. Delta would do likewise, but appropriate themselves abreast the wreckage for culture and material. Epsilon would meet their challenge, as Delta had theirs, and dig in to what they had. Gamma would settle more cautiously, and explore the iced-over sea when they’re firmer roots.

Once settled, one and all, Chuunitrixx would start to funnel resources to them; a village was more than ten, and their protection, while adequate for the wildlife, would do little against properly arms foes, if they case in mass -- a new village cried weak against Raiders.

Raiders would be the least of the survivor’s problems. Rain would come in halfway through the day, blanketing a large amount of the area surrounding Beta and Epsilon’s area. The bitter cold that Gamma faced was matched by the fierceness of the land itself. Kaldorna’s party should they arrive there would have found it a far more savage, hostile land blanketed in snow. Beasts of mass and fur, tusk and fang, savagery and might towered over the Gamma team. Safety lied in numbers, and by the end of the day, two had died from wounds delivered by the beasts; a Proxy and a Survivor. This place was certainly not safe, but it was the firmest foothold to the ice of the north one could gain.

Epsilon would fare the best of all the teams, their destination being of fair temperament and more human contact than they could anticipate. Raiders weren’t present, but in the shadows of the brush they could feel themselves being watched as they made a clearing to start their village.

Chuunitrix would continue to sing and generate her resources. It was all she could think to do. She knew her plan wasn’t perfect, but the needed a foothold in their world that was under their control. It was her job to supply such a thing.

Even if she didn’t know how, beyond building territory.

Collab with @The Irish Tree
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