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[b][i]Name[/i]: Amalie Harris[/b]
[b][i]Sex[/i]: Female[/b]
[b][i]Alignment[/i]: Chaotic Neutral[/b]

[b][i]History[/i][/b]: [hider=History][/hider]
[b][i]Magic Circuits Quality[/i]: [/b]
[b][i]Magic Circuits Quantity[/i]: [/b]

[b][i]Magical Affinity[/i]: [/b]

[b][i]Attribute[/i]: [/b]

[center][b]Primary Servant Install[/b][/center]

[center][b]Servant Active Skills (Install)[/b][/center]
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[center][b]Servant Passive Skill (Include)[/b][/center]
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[center][b]Noble Phantasm[/b][/center]

[center][b]Magecraft Abilities/Items[/b][/center]
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ATTN: @The Irish Tree (Eula) & @Rezod92 (Kerry)
As Carroll was princess carried by Eula, and Alice was caveman carried by Kerry, the Sword Devil would maintain a thoughtful silence. As Dinah, they had access to their memories of old - all of them - for weal and for woe.

It was harsh... remembering who you were in anger, in sadness, and grief...

Carroll remembered all her hosts, including her Paladin. However, she also remembered walking away from her family for revenge - walking away from Io to strike back at her mother for striking at her. Tit for Tat had cost her happiness, even if in destitution and isolation.

Alice remembered her life, her Human life as Cecilia, and her Mamono life as Hatter - the vengeful, yet cowardly Mad Hatter that sought only to burn everything stolen from her, yet couldn't leave her cave until power fell, quite literally, into her lap, and allowed her to create a braver self that could fight her battles.

But, for all the harhsness of reality, there was goodness interspersed.

As Kerry set Alice to rest, the Mad Hatter would awaken, and sit up. Sighing, she held up a finger to keep Kerry from speaking, as her form changed to the blonde that Kerry knew, before shifting away into someone else that felt warmly similar to her Alice.

"My name is Cecilia Lewis, and..." Alice extended her hand, to which Carroll took. name is Carrollynn Wunderland, and this..." Carrol says, before forming into her True Form.

" the story of a would-be Queen and her Blade," Dinah says, before telling the story of Alice and Carroll from start to end..

"...and, that's how I got here," Dinah says, looking at Kerry and Eula, lying in bed like a sick patient in an anime, as she told her life story.

Dinah spoke of her last five centuries; from the time she landed on another island and began to her campaigns to amass power to the great wars that earned her to the title of Barbarian Queen of Summerheld - a title that she used to secure her two-hundred-and-forty-nine-year rule of the nation, until its capital was overturned by the united forces of those she left defeated, and all she had was lost to roaring flames that consumed her Castle and only daughter, Tekelili.

A great loss that brought her to her knees before Lady Kyouko, and set her upon Shizuyama to seek asylum, and renewed purpose to take her revenge, under the guise of aiding the plights of Terauchi Temple and the people of her island...

"...and, all that to fuck up at the finish line. Four-hundred-ninety-nine-years. I fell short with one year left on my exile..."

"Now, I can never go home..."

Dinah sighed, rolling into her side. She looked ready to crumble, burdened with memory of all that she'd lost, as she reverted to Alice and Carroll.

Looking away, Alice pulled the sheets up to her chin, and stared at the wall, as she transformed back into the pale redhead with her floppy hat, while Carroll sat opposite of her, and faced the floor with her hair over her face.

All the two could do was trust that Kerry and Eula wouldn't deem them selfish monsters for all they'd done and failed in the name of revenge...

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@Enkryption She looks great! Feel free to put her in the Characters section. Just know that if you copy her over, the hider still says "One Poisoned Rose".


I guess I should fix that, eh? XD

Changed Rose's Title to "The Canary", her Name to "One Wilted Rose", and edited her section on how she gained it.
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