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I, genuinely, don't agree with the bulk of this, for reasons I'm not going to drag out in OOC. However, I'm more than willing to take this to PMs and settle it amicably with yourself, myself, and @The Irish Tree. I'm sure we can do something to fix it with relative ease, and make everything kosher.

EDIT: I meant, what was directed to me, not Xalt. I'm responding to all this and I'm at work.

Honestly? Maybe. Just speaking from my experience, I kinda thought you outright hated Chuunitrixx for the longest, until you explained your position on her.
It's a bit of Column A, Comlumn B.

On one hand, @Xaltwind is right. Graft's lack of foresight to keep Open Line running in this situation is going to result in problems through a lack of communication; such is the expectation of the living walkie-talkie. And, while I'm aware that maintenance of the active glyphs does have a magic cost, there's no reason not to think Graft would chug a magic potion or two, and keep it going.

However, it is unfair to assign blame by proxy to @Lugubrious, for a collaboration that was done between @The Irish Tree and I. He wasn't to know that Rodias would address Graft's statement and Salem's proposal in my post. That's the downside of a collab you aren't in. Equally fair to Rodias, there is a lot going on, and Graft's very technical assessment of the situation was bound to be indirectly addressed.

QUICK EDIT: I am aware, Xalt is probably joshing, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, and not have a fight break out over technicalities and could-have-dones.
Rodias does make a general address to those in the Climax Hour at the end of my latest post. I totally forgot to mention that. It's been a mind-numbing few weeks with this coronavirus shit..

If anyone is going to interact directly on the situation with Chuunitrixx, lemme know, so I can work you into my post, or loop you into the collab that it's bound to be.
Light would LOVE to help with making a giant mech since that sounds so cool. The only problem is that there is nothing she can really do.

Hey, all good mad science requires a pinch of insanity. And, who better to provide that than the personification of insanity, itself?
@Lucius Cypher

I'm positively giddy at the thought of possibly doing this.
Bone Daddy: Bone!
Graft: Flesh!
Salem: Junk!
Chuunitrixx: Copy!
Talim: Heart!

"By your powers combined, I am Captain Plane- WAHT THE FUCK AM I!?! OH GOD, THE PAIN! MAKE IT STOP!!"

This might be the single greatest thing I've seen all year. I wish I could thumbs up, laugh, and thank it all at the same time.

@Archmage MC @Lucius Cypher @Lugubrious

Now, this is the kinda bullshit I like waking up to. XD

If Chuunitrixx, Graft, and Bone Daddy pooled their resources and skills together, they could, actually -- theoretically -- fashion something to that ideal.

Bone marrow has a shockingly large amount of health benefits, so if Bone Daddy can raise some beasts from the pens as Skeletons, I'm figuring that Graft can probably wrap them in a suit of flesh and blood that focuses on the optimization of their Health. This is to make them healthier than other options, so Chuunitrixx can lay a [Parasite Egg] into them, that parasitizes the beast; as Chuunitrixx's [Reproductive Capability] skill requires specific DNA types, she can use Graft's [Flesh Golem] from Papillary and her own [Homunculus] and [Automaton] to create a foundation for the "Titan", and other DNA types to create them tailor-made to a purpose.

Effectively, the beasts are kept "alive" and "docile" by Graft and Bone Daddy, respectively, but as soon as they put to the sword, they can undergo the Titan transformation, by the egg hatching inside fhem, and the larvae rapidly eating to grow into their Titan form.

Very befitting the secretive and body-horror-centric nature of the trio.

There would be a few obvious failures, as Graft and Chuunitrixx literally stand at opposite ends of the same spectrum with Bone Daddy in the middle, so they wouldn't work well together without a little (see: a lot) of mediation and good reason. But, after a few test runs, I could see that being the climax to Act III or something, if we get there.
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