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And as Valentina conducted her ritual, light began to gather within the summoning circle. A white and warm light, one that seemed deceptively divine. Yet, from such a light one'd not hear an angelic chorus but the far-away crackling of ignited wood. The distant sound of heavy iron chains being dragged on the ground. The sounds of approaching footsteps. First of one person. Then of three. Then of five. Then of many more. Grave footsteps on a stone floor that'd be heard only by the Phantom Thief. The distint jingle of a very populated key ring coincided with the light gathering in the shape of a spire, and the slow creaking of a wooden door being pushed open had it grow and glow brighter and brighter until it finally receded and faded away.

And where that light had once been now stood an affable, smiling blond man clad in priestly garbs.

"My, my. To think that I'd be called upon the earthly kingdom so soon. You must be quite eager to redeem yourself to His eyes, Master" said the bespectacled man of the cloth in an amicable voice as he made a few steps towards Valley. "Rejoyce, wayward lamb, for you've been given a unique chance to attain Salvation". A hand was offered for a friendly shake. "Don't worry about any titles or protocol; my class and moniker for our hallowed quest will be Assassin".

Unprepared for the tsunami of magic that was born from the pebble she tossed into the ritual circle, Valley was engulfed by its wonder and spectacle for a moment, as the spire forged and the army of sound marched upon her. However, all manner of mystification was shattered upon the conclusion of the executed summoning, and the appearance of her Servant. So underwhelming, he was, that she was sure she'd been forced ownership of a Caster or, perhaps, something was flawed with her summoning; yet, when he bespoke his Class, her wishful thinking was just that.

His presupposition bore an arrogance that was like ash in her mouth; his wishy-washy preacher's cadence like a knife twisting in her back. To what God should she answer? For what reason should she seek Salvation? Such bold assumptions from one that now relied on her to exist.

'Wayward lamb? How disgusting,' A sheer greeted Assassin, upon extending his hand amicably in introduction. "Spare me the rhetoric of the cloth," Valley swatted his extended hand aside. As she made contact, Assassin would feel a spark race through him from surface to circuit, and back to Valley as the contact ceased; yet, he couldn't shake that he was, irrefutably, connected to her, as if synchronized to her existence. "Assassin. Synchronicity Rate: High. Higher than expected," she says, her voice was notably different; a contralto, not a soprano. "Does it matter? He's tasked to do as I please," she stated, soprano again. "The heist is yet to begin," the contralto Valley spoke, now, to Assassin, It was explained that Servants have special abilities and unique powers. What are yours,"" soprano Valley joined contralto Valley to create a mezzo-soprano, as they both added: "And, no riddles, Preacher. Plain English."
Prologue~ Two Days Ago...

By the thousands, the sound of fingers typing upon keyboards rang out. By the hundreds, the sounds of pens scribbling across and stamps slamming against printed pages echoed. In the tens, chattered those with phones, landline, and almost glued to their ears of conversations innumerable.

All the sounds of business at peak hours and overtaxed efficiency.

And, in that myriad of noise pollution, was an unassuming woman with her eyes, narrowing into a hard squint, as she proofread a PDF from an email that was tagged with [Urgent] via the priority function, and, furthermore, in bright red, block capitals within the body of the text; centered and double-spaced from the top and bottom, even. Simply sending the email with the "urgent priority" option would have sufficed, but, clearly, that didn't seem good enough for her middle-manager.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Valentina Lupin clicked and typed, clicked and typed, clicked and typed, until she suggested and corrected every glaring error from syntax to grammar; making sure to even annotate the proper usage of a colon and a semicolon, when fusing sentences together. Sure, it was going to result in another write-up for "insubordinate behavior" - a frequent write-up that HR would dismiss on grounds of insufficient evidence of said insubordinate behavior, as her job was to do what she was being written up for - and a very tedious dressing-down, before she could shuffle back to her deck, and open, dollars to doughnuts, the same email, and start a new round of corrections.

Such was life, when you were in hiding.

For you see, Valentina - Valley to her friends - wasn't a normal woman in the slightest, in spite of her plainness and overachieving ability to stand out in no way what-so-ever. No, she was quite peculiar, if you knew her well enough and her heritage.

Valentina Lupin was a Thief, a Phantom Thief; first-born and fourth generation of the ignoble name and disavowed family.

Hers was a bloody past of skulking around and stealing items of incalculable value scoring back nearly a century and a half. Back to the height of Arsene Lupin's change in career that would see his family's name blacked from the Mage Association records, removed from their protection, and, eventually, placed on the list as enemies to be captured, if possible. For most of her adolescence, Valley had refined her trade while staying under the radar, by working as a common burglar and occasional bank thief.

However, this was a miserable existence, as, "A Lupin is destined for greatness," so she was always told as a child, until her father was mercilessly killed before her eyes, and her world was uprooted from a carnival-esque happiness to a mind and soul crushing, nine-to-five at various temporary agencies as a receptionist, proofreader, or other manner of soulless corporate drone, until she cracked from the monotony and ran away to another part of the United Kingdom.

Another name.

Another life.

Another turn on the wheel.

However, this turn was something special. All too suddenly, Valley felt a burn against her right hand; the back of her palm ached for a moment, before it felt like someone was tattooing her. Pausing her work, Valley watched as the tattoo formed, and settled as a thickly outlined, stylized card suit spade in three parts. Confused, Valley maintained her composure, before hearing a whisper in her mind, “The war has begun. Here my call, Master. Find me at Çanakkale. Summon me to your side.” and she felt herself drawn to do just that...
Current Day...

Valley arrived in Çanakkale by way of plane, and touched down without issue. Constantly on the run, Valley was always ready to boogie out, and, by robbing her middle-manager, and pawning his stuff, a plane ticket was no challenge to acquire. In the back of her mind, she could hear the woman, desperate and mewling, as she followed that impulse like a GPS. Eventually, she found herself as one of the first to arrive at a large mansion to face her destiny.

Before she even planned to settled in, she intended to push to free her mind of the third voice that occupied it by summoning her Servant...
Man, I really wanted to do this. I wanted to try my character out.

Tossing my app in, at long last.


We can hash over PMs, if you like. I have a preset power-balance and a backstory, since this is a rehash of a pre-existing character. Should be simple enough to work into your power structure.
Is Time an acceptable element? Inquiring minds would like to know. Have an old D&D character I'd like to convert into this, if it is possible.

If not, I can think of another element.


EDIT I: Edited Arachne's Skills

EDIT II: Full Redesign of Valley

EDIT III: New Power Set, Who Really "Needs" Magecrafts
You already know my answer.
Right, thanks for your answers then, both of you.

No problem.
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