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C-3 was just excavating herself some Flint, when she heard the familiar squeaks and squeals of Charlotte rejoicing over the screaming of the intruder falling, possibly -- hopefully, perhaps -- to, her death. By curiosity, she found herself overwhelmed, and looked over to see Charlotte hugging some man with an impossibly impassive expression. “So unfaithful,” she narrowed her eyes, and extended her arms; a shortbow and quiver of arrow equipping to her. “I will have to teach you, a stark lesson in stepping out a dragon...

Beneath her feet, a massive transmutation circle appeared, as her slime bubbled, her torch oil blood boiled, and her flash powder spikes ignited. A phantasmal choir started to vocalize a haunting melody, as she drew an arrow, and a trio of transmutation semi-circles appeared; they pressed together flush, at the fletching, and became one. The semi-circle was jagged at the bottom, like a fanged mouth.

I am the Shell of my Bomb. Flint in my Body and Oil as my Blood,” she chanted, as she formed a matching semi-circle at the shortbow's arrow shelf, which was jagged at the top, completing the fanged mouth motif. “I have created over a Thousand Explosions; Unknown to Slime; Nor known to Man.” C-3 linked the two semi-circles together, and drew back on the nocked arrow; the singular circle becoming a trio again. “Have withstood Trial to create many Explosives; Yet these Hands will never hold Truth,” she continued her chant, as the shortbow and arrow were covered in slime, and her flames roared and brightened.

So, as I Craft --” C-3 loosed the arrow, now, a hardened mass of slime, and it sped through the air with a draconic roar; straight at Charlotte. A slumber rage awoke, a faint memory resurfaced, and her magic burst, as she invoked her spell:

[Carbon Dragon's Fang]...!

Attn: @The Irish Tree & @Guess Who
It was with a bubbling sigh, that C-3 found herself walking through the forest. Breakfast was in short supply, since Charlotte kept selling off her flash powder and flint to any pliable, rookie Rogue that thought themselves getting a hot deal. Numbers could get confusing, if your merchant had a silver tongue and a black heart. Sure, it was genuinely frustrating to have to go out and gather more, but the things we do for love(treasure), no? As such, she found herself at her favorite, little spot; a plain cliff that overlooked the village, and was hardly bothered by monsters.

Hardly, being the operative word.

Today, unfortunately, it saw the presence of some babbling nutcase.

Not for long, mind. For a dragon did not suffer fools that stood proudly upon their cliffs; nor entertain the insane, as they trod upon their flint nodes; nor idly allow loud trespassers to damage their property.

Move,” C-3 offers, bodily shoving the strange woman towards the cliff's edge. “Pray, be reborn as someone taciturn,” she offered in prayer, before moving to the flint node that the swordswoman had been stood upon, her sword sheathed inside, “[Excavation: Ore]

And, most importantly: did not miss breakfast.

Attn: @Suku
A sleeping Slime was a peaceable creature; easy to transport, easy to manipulate. However, an awoken Slime was less so. C-3 was sound asleep, and Charlotte had made the mistake of awakening her -- no, awakening a Dragon. Shifting inside the lute case, the black pool of slime rippled; large spikes of solidifies flash powder swirled, and rose up, as she formed herself. Sternly set, her expressionless eyes roved the room; literal lupid pools of blue-tinted torch oil fashioned into her “eyes” searching for her noisy savior/roommate/teammate(/future mate).

However, she was angry at being woke up.

Scenting the wood-smoke, C-3 formed her legs, and stalked out of the inn; clad in nothing but her slime, and spined. “Charlotte...” she growled. “Charlotte...” C-3 pressed her hand to her belly, and a [Transmutation Circle] etched underneath her hand; gathering flash powder, flint, and torch oil towards the surface. “Gather. Shift. Sift. Stir,” she chanted, “Mix together, [Explosive Ball]!"

Drawing her hand back, she pulled her own slime away in the form of a apple-sized ball, and reared back. “CHARLOTTE!” she roared, fastballing the explosive, aid by her [Foresight]. Even in the middle of her whining and rolling around, the potential Demon King/Queen/Lord/Lady(/Dragon Mate) would be able to hear the whistling of the winged sphere, and the shatter of the solidified slime, as it hit the ground.

There was a massive detonation that followed.

"Fuuuwaaahhhh...~!!!" C-3 yawned, stretching out, before trudging back to the inn.

It was breakfast time -- plus, cool people didn't look at explosion, and Dragons were totally cool people.

Attn: @The Irish Tree

Lv10 ThiefLv15 AlchemistLv5 Sabotuer
Cecilia Camilla Charr; a.k.a. C-3
Lv30HP: 150MP: 180
Gender: FemaleAge: UnknownRace: Slime

Adventurer Stats

Strength3 / 10
Speed9 / 10
Constitution5 / 10
Intelligence6 / 10
Charisma6 / 10
Luck9 / 10


An Advanced Class fusing the explosive(-making) talents of an Alchemist with the deceptive (and thieving) wiles of a Thief. Being an Advanced Class, C-3 comes with some of the perks, albeit, not all the functions


C-3, It’s Not Just A Nickname: Able to using her own slime as a transmutative material, C-3 mixes the receptive, living gelatin with her diet of flash powder, flint, and torch oil. By semi-solidifying these materials into a moldable mass, she can toss them as bombs or design them as traps that explode as a high-yield explosive when introduced to oxygen.

This unlocks the Advanced Class: Saboteur.'s 3:16 AM, for me, and I'm just wondering where people's posts are...

<Snipped quote by The 42nd Gecko>

punch him. That's never worked out and also exactly the reason you should do it.

Pfft! Love it.

I'm just waiting to introduce my second character. Impatiently.


Good luck with your job though! Also, that's not lame!


May have to open the int. checks again.

Thanks, man. And, good luck.
Regretfully, I have to drop out before I can start anything new. Honestly, I don't have to for another week or two; however, earlier is more professional than aburptly at the beginning of February. The restaurant I work at has our trio of yearly inspections and reviews prep starting, and I'm going to have to cut down fun until it all blows over. I do apologize, but management is pushing for us to make what they call, "AAA"; meaning we pass all three inspections with Grade of A.

I know that's lame, but, it's the honest truth, and my job. I looked at objectively at things, and I'm Co-GM to another RP, co-creator of another, so, sadly, this is one that's getting the cut, since I'm just a PC. Annalise hasn't done anything of note, so, her absence won't leave any holes in the plot, at the very least. Small blessings, I suppose.

Anyways, I ramble; hopefully, y'all can finish this out, while I'll return to lurking. Thanks for everything, though.

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