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Current Can't assume what you know little to nothing about. There's a whole ocean beneath the surface of everything.
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Work tonight but tomorrow, I'm all fingers and eyes. Maybe thoughts too.


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Alrighty guys

shall we talk ...
@jynmi88 Alright, so I switched up my Shikai ability, since I was incapable of fitting my image onto Yidrias, I went with my second choice and is going to have it being a lightning-type Zanpakuto.
@jynmi88 I fixed the first mistake. As for the abilities, its not adhering to a single class of Zanpakuto. I did change his enhanced strength to be restricted to his armored arm though. And also switched up his Shikai ability.

@jynmi88 Sorry for disappearing. I was taken on a two day excursion lol. I'm back now.

A shuddering breath escaped him even as he looked for other things to distract his racing heart. The tawny flowers, the weeping greens, the reflecting lake, the mountain air drafting down on them. The basic reality that surrounded them seemed concocted compared to the hyper-realism between Odette and himself. The Force was at work on him. It was typical for the Force to weigh heavily on his current mood, usually keeping him chaotically on the line. His life for the past three years had been one long balancing act, with occasional moments of profound peace or dreaded fear.

However, just last year, without Odette's knowledge, he had found the key to jailing his frustrations when with her. They had a tendency of melding together in a sense, while not completely, it felt as if something just locked into place. And it was in that place that he strangled his uneasiness while deep within her light. Making her feel as if the world was perfect, without fault, and mistakes.

Ben found her unending beauty intoxicating, nearly as much the Force's pull on his machinations. Almost as much as his grandfather's scarred voice in his visions. He smiled at her tender face and held her in a gentle hug. Their lips brushed against one another innumerable times and every one of them were hard doses of reality. She was indeed content with this illusion and now he wondered how he could break the spell. It seemed impossible.

Ben told her his truth in that moment. "Odette, I love you." He placed his forehead on her shoulder, a habit he still hadn't broken whenever embarrassment took hold of him. "I always will. Always." Another shaky breath fell from him as he pulled away and wrenched her arms from his neck. "You know how ... erratic I can be. I nearly ripped you from your robes," he joked.

@AHeartlessNobody Its going good lol.
@AHeartlessNobody I ended up sneaking in one more post. Might try to get another in if you can post quick enough lol.

It was her smile that shook his resolve the most.

How content she was in the lie that made him weak. To shatter it with him leaving would devastate her, just as hearing her proclaim how completely happy she was had devastated him. Even in the middle of such a serene place, Ben could see the distortion. Jedi were the heroes, his uncle the savior ... but his grandfather the villain. How could she be happy with such utter nonsense. Darth Vader had fought to bring peace to the galaxy. It was the Rebellion; his mother, his father, his uncle, the Jedi, that caused turmoil to spread ... that had created the madness and chaos that ransacked tranquility now.

His grandfather had once echoed in the Force that love was worthless. That it was nothing but a weakness. Ben disagreed; it was his love for Odette that verified his truth. For he could look beyond the tremendous force that was his love for her, and still know his destiny lied ahead--with Luke and his order far behind him.

The trek to the lake had yellow flowers greeting them within the weeping green and the actual lake, bordered by that very same green, was the very picture of nature's hard work. As usual he found himself lagging behind Odette, content to bathe in her overarching light and dim shadow. His smirk was a very faint approval of his woman's form within the lake. She was stunning. Luke's training had honed her body to perfection and the Force sustained it indefinitely.

A sadness crept onto his smile. You must come with me, Odette. Luke, the Jedi, they are a scourge on the galaxy. They won't fix it, only I can. Heir to Va- He paused his impromptu rehearsal. Mentioning Darth Vader would almost guarantee she'd stay. He bit his lip while thinking far too hard.

Then she splashed him.

His stern confusion turned into a soft rebuttal, with a crooked smile dashed in between. "Am I? I didn't notice," he answered before gesturing with the Force to splash a barrel-full onto her. "You seem a bit more wet than me ... Y'know how, Luke is, why do you always get us in trouble with the Old Man." He said this while attempting to wipe away the damp spots on his robes. A bit of agitation slithered into his tone; more so at the thought of Luke than Odette. "Now I'll have to hear his mouth during our solo session today. Thanks, Odd."
@AHeartlessNobody Same. I got a post out but I have trip to go to tomorrow. Won't be back till the day after.
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