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Current "An apology is a promise to do things differently next time, and to keep the promise." - Ging Freecss
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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla
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“I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right.” – Albert Einstein
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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi
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“Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and asks the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer.” ― Javik
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Perhaps he had been too quiet or Holly simply too entranced to acknowledge his presence but before long, he found himself seated in the infernal-looking mobile suit. Thom studied the controls, they looked by design to be more complicated but felt familiar too. It wasn't until he had dared to hook his "Whiskers" up did he know the difference. Never had the AV interface been so intense. It seized his muscles and mind with such violence that it froze him before he fought off the assault on his senses.

The red Gundam's optics flashed emerald with new life.

Thom placed a clammy finger on the name on his broad-screened console. "...Gundam Beleth, what a monster you are," he smirked. Then a set of voices came through his speakers, a bland pop-up that said "SOUND ONLY" appeared on screen. A dignified voice first, requesting surrender. It was unfamiliar yet possessed an undeniable confidence. He wondered how Holly would respond but should have known better than that. Course, it was Martyn who spoke up first.

Thom couldn't explain how but he knew how to operate the Gundam Beleth. He closed his cockpit and the hatch hissed closed soon afterwards. He spared the idea that this Major was Martyn's "Uncle Charles". He shook his head, attempting to really pound in the placement of the Gundam's controls. Sure and my Grandpa is on the ship he flew here on, he morbidly joked.

Suddenly the ship rocked violently, Thom moved the red mobile suit to catch itself before falling face first, a red palm keeping him steady. Debris was shaken loose from above. "Crap... is it us or Gjallarhorn?" he murmured. Finally after a time, Holly's voice registered. He spoke through the comms the Gundam's were using, "No way, I'm not going back," Thom replied harshly. "Normally I'd agree but I get the feeling now's our only chance for freedom."

Now he had something to say to Martyn, whose impulsiveness again was throwing them further into chaos. "Martyn ease up and think before blathering. Throw too much out there and you might give him a reason to capture us. I'm tired of being a prisoner because of others... We should wait for Kurt."

It was exactly after that declaration that Thom had begun to check his fuel and weaponry seriously.
“Damn it. Hold on,” shouted Kurt over the comms.

Thom had believed he was the kind of man who would face his death with open eyes. He usually told himself this while laying battered and bruised in his rusted cot. Trying to convince himself that he was tough enough not to shy away from the fear. But he was wrong. In that moment, the fear shut his eyes from the barrel of the rifle.

And he found whispers of shame and self hate in the darkness of his eyelids. He waited for the hot shells and crumpling shards of metal to erase him.

..."Familiar Two, brace yourself," Fox warned.

Not a moment too late, dense rounds flushed the space between them. Loud pieces bounced against his Graze-Z, echoing the pelting into clear noise. The flashes of hot orange blinded him a moment before he instinctively boosted away from the action. Once clear, he watched with hard eyes as Fox twisted the veteran Graze into submission. A cool one-liner tossed in for good measure.

After spotting his missing arm and shield floating slowing between ship plating wreckage, Thom dared to thank Fox and Kurt but Holly's voice came over the line first. Thom spoke up, "Yeah, thanks to Fox. It pays to be crazy sometimes."

Her next response furrowed his brows. "Copy, Familiar One. I'll come back you up... not much else to do here."

Thom pulled on his controls, following Holly's Ahad-Wave.

He found her bulky "Big Boi" nestled on the ship, his own mangled Graze-Z landing next to her Man Rodi. He noticed that her cockpit was empty and relayed that info to the others. "Holly's not in Big Boi... I'm getting out to check the hull. Those new signals got me worried."

Thom unlatched himself from his harness and felt the pressure-release of his AV system. He slid his console into its rest position and opened his own cockpit. An electric glow lit the rented hull, that was suspicious. Then he thought seriously of Holly and knew it was just enticing enough to pique her curiosity. He pushed off the metal with tense legs, floating through the hull, and knew his eyes had went wide with shock.

"Stolas..." was blasted from the cockpit of one of mobile suits.

Thom floated on quietly, eyes baring down on a red infernal mobile suit. "Holly that you?" he asked aloud, feeling stupid but close enough to the empty suit to defend himself if needed.
From his place in the dead of space, amongst his comrades and the wreckage of rocks and ships, Thom watched with cold interest. Fox's wild maneuver was met with a skillful offset, he eyed the enemy's Graze with renewed purpose. He's experienced. Good enough to hold his composure against bad odds, he determined, hands gripping the controls. This is all falling apart because of Martyn's impulsiveness.

Then Martyn's words tore through him like a punch from Bosun. It was invasive and tasteless but it brought him back to reality. Reminded him that as member of the Mercurial Witch's mobile suit team; results were demanded. It pushed out the remainder of his doubt, the scorch of battle sharpening his focus.

In a sudden burst, Thom drove the Graze-Z towards the enemy Graze. His shield which had been in a ready position was brought closer to his chest, just enough to anticipate the aim of the lance. Thom exhaled the tension building inside as the distance closed. He eased on his boosters, knowing impact at that speed would harm him just as bad as a direct hit. Martyn was closing in too, trying to play the hero as always, risking everyone's life for his own goals. It was infuriating.

Time collapsed on itself for Thom as the yellow Graze reached him with its lance. CLANG!!!

Thom swatted aside the lance with his shield, a hole tearing through the slab of metal and its wielding-arm. Without skipping a beat, his Graze-Z raised its axe and aimed to decapitate the enemy Graze's lance-arm. The screech of metal reverberated through his machine as the arm was chopped off. But he found dread filling his chest as he peered through his screen. The pilot of the yellow Graze was hardened, his rifle raising to open fire on Thom's cockpit.

"Come on!" he grumbled. "Don't let me die!"
Thom's stomach settled as his 'Whiskers' dialed in, attempting to wash away his discomfort. An annoyed breath punctuated the comms after Martyn's request and bluster. The ambient hum of his machine took back over while he lingered on whether to dig in or simply carry on in typical Thom fashion.

A heavy pause rested on the line while he gathered an understanding of their situation. "You don't think of anyone else but yourself... I'll do my part."

He retreated into his mind. Thom had known so little and felt so much. He wasn't intelligent, his education was put on hold by the Jolly Rogs that day. The nausea was back now, another knot in his gut.

"Something big is going to happen." Thom said in a low, assured tone. He closed in on the target with the others, keeping the space between himself and the enemy in mind. He brandished his battle blade and readied his shield. Martyn had spat out some orders, Thom hesitated to give himself room to adapt. He maneuvered his Graze-Z out the way of the others and eyed the Schwalbe Graze's reaction to the attack.
The smell of old metal bugged him more than anything else. It scarred his nostrils with its rancid scent and yet he felt the most comfortable around those space coffins the others call mobile suits. His Graze-Z was reliable, he thought while staring at its looming frame from the catwalk. Buzzing Human Debris set to work completing repairs. Somewhere nearby, Holly was badgering Lefty and the old mechanic was giving it back to her. He glanced this moment later, the gold of his eyes moving independent of his whole head. For some reason he couldn't place he found himself sliding back into the sleeves of his pilot suit; perhaps he was getting cold, there was a certain chill crawling along his spine.

A muted sigh escaped him, They're so loud, though I guess Holly's always had that infectious energy.

Thom went back to absently scrubbing the railings with the dirty rag in hand. As he did so an alarm rang out, a familiar one. It cut through the noise of the hangar though that paled to Bosun's voice. It was harsh but Thom turned a blind-eye to the smack that bloodied Holly, though his jaw tightened instinctively. An echo of the pain he knew accompanied Bosun's fist.

"Tsk," he hissed before floating off towards his Graze-Z. Out the corner of his eye he caught Martyn moving too.

"Pawn, get your ass in gear!" Bosun yelled towards him.

Thom made sure to put some pep in his leaps as he hurried to his cockpit. The younger kids scurried away, one in particular taking his time. "Good luck," he mouthed, rubbing snot from his nose.

He dared a nod of avowal to the kid before leaning back and feeling the sudden, searing pain of his 'Whiskers' interfacing with the machine. He jerked slightly as the pain eased into a more bearable sensation. His dark bangs fell over his face, his voice seemed to be faraway, I won't die, I won't die, I won't die, I won't die, I won't die... I'll face what comes and survive.
It could be a thing where Stolas' weapon was a reimagined or an improved version of Beleth's. Not something too far out of the realm of possibility. I think that could be a nice angle to take. Just a suggestion incase you really wanted to keep the Spear weapon.
@Gisk It slipped my mind that it was something that could be installed on other suits. Plus I was basically going about the creation pretty linear, didn't see it on the equipment so it became one of those "out of sight, out of mind" things. I'm glad you pointed it out.

And which weapon you talking about? If its the Giant Spear-Sword, I had a couple of combinations I had thought off for a Gunpla game I was on before. So I could probably substitute it if it was important to your custom Gundam.

Been working on mines for a few hours. I believe he's done but I wasn't sure about a few things. Let me know if I need to make any adjustments.
I'm interested as well. In my opinion IBO has the most emotional impact and is probably my favorite in the franchise.

IF this is acceptable I'd like to call dibs on this mech design for my Gundam. ASW-G-13 Beleth
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