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Partner Digimon: Zubamon
Digimon Lvl: Rookie
Location: Witchelny, Nyttliv
Tag: @Crimson Lion @Shiyonichi @Duthguy

Phase felt his vision blur. He remembered the way the Golden Digimon had dodged his gaze, the way his eye shifted downward ever-so faintly. "Gilt, what did you do?"

Liollmon nudged the nosy furball away until it understood the meaning behind it. At first her questions were incessant but eventually she moaned and was led away. Gilt pulled himself up onto the bench, sitting beside Phase and finding his long claws to fiddle with. "I'm not exactly normal, Phase. I was going to tell you, really I was. But as you can see, I don't exactly adhere to normal when danger is around. I didn't forget to... I just didn't care at the moment."

"Tell me now then," Phase mustered through the aching in his back and shoulders.

Gilt released a houseful of tension. "I'am of an exceedingly rare kind. My type or family is called the Legend-Arms." He knotted his claws together forming a hammock of reflection in his golden palms. "Essentially we are weapons and normally I could be used by another Digimon. But you changed that... Think about it like this, when you swing a sword you exert energy in that pursuit. Well, I told you I'am yours. Every attack I make drains you, every mote of damage recoils against your bones if only a little. You are my Tamer and that makes our Bond ironclad... In exchange for that degree of exhaustion, our attacks are all the more stronger."

Phase rolled his shoulder blades, rebelling against the pain. "Which explains why you were capable of hurting that Kuwagamon."

Gilt nodded. "That and being a sword-weapon gives me certain properties."

Phase looked towards the corner of the cafeteria and let out a long sigh.

The Golden Digimon's hammock tighten. "Don't throw me away because of my burden... Please. You're all I know."

Phase smiled, he could hardly see himself living without a few burdens now. His father, his promise to the Digimon and Norn. They were all in some form, in some teensy way worrisome. But Gilt's burden, that was something he would hold without guilt or regret. "Relax, Gilt. You said you were mines. I guess this trade off makes us even. Besides, this is nothing if it means its us saving the others."

Phase and Gilt sat in that comfortable silence again. Liollmon and Nyaromon, who hadn't been too far away were suddenly next to him. The yellow puffball found its spot in his lap, Liollmon was at his feet, providing warmth for his throbbing calf-muscle. Gilt helped keep him rigid, from showing the telltales of aches and pains.

The white-haired Kid asked him a question. Phase disliked the situation, though he knew his mask would hide the pain of the battle, he wasn't so sure his voice wouldn't crack or falter. He swallowed in preparation to speak. "What? you worried about me now? I'm good. Go eat."

Adam was pressed tight against one of the van's windows. It was just his luck to be the shortest straw, to be the one with all the weight on him. He bit deep into his gums, holding in his ire at been pressed so tightly against other people. They didn't ask for permission, hadn't begged for his approval. They hadn't deserved to touch him, and yet, this Misato women had forced interaction upon him.

I... Hate... Her," he muttered low into the window.

He pushed against the others as a loud raucous sound assailed his ears. "You're touching me! Get off of me dammit!"

Name: Astral Diamonia
Location: Junon
Tag: @Sudkurve @Tenma Tendo

The ruckus overhead was shaking the interior. Astral's brows fell together and yet he maintained a mostly stoic expression. Alain was having trouble, he told himself. Too much trouble. "Change of plans. Let the Turks fend for themselves. We move together."

With that said he rushed up the steps. An experienced practitioner could take advantage of any surface, whether it be ruined, leaning, or broken altogether. He touched only two parts of a singular floor before bounding up to the next. It was demanding but it had brought him to the highest floor all the more quicker. He burst onto the scene from the accessway leading to the massive barrel. There he caught sight of a red glow that had severed the symbol of Shinra's innovation.

Another First Class was on the scene with Alain, which meant he had time. Astral took a moment to catch his breath. Whether Alain had died or not was of no concern, he refused to dive in with one-foot in the grave. He would wait for Laphicet and Cyrus to join him before making his move.

Name: Beryl Vagrant
Location:Bone Village
Tag: @Karl Kadaver @Sarcelle Renard

Beryl was happy to finally have orders; especially ones that had went along with his wishes. It had taken him so many favors, so many connections to have actually obtained the chance to join SOLDIER. He wasn't keen on letting that all slip away because he jumped the gun. That was easy to think. He could never predict how he would react when The Lion pounced from the flames.

He gritted his teeth just thinking about it.

Either way, he had his orders. Sticking close to The Commander's shield, hoping to use her as extra cover, he touched his hilt and readied his [Water III] magic. He waited for her to strike down one of the betraying SOLDIERs before leaving cover and drawing his blade in a fluid motion. With its brandishing came a massive serpent's tail of water from its edge. He slashed it up and over, hoping to whip-lash the fleeing helicopter and the gun-toting enemies in front of him.
@Crimson LionIts cool, you're doing a great job moving this along. You deserve this.

Location: 8th Ward, Tea Lounge
Tag: @Fathomless @Old Amsterdam

"Thank you," he uttered, cupping the delicate cup in his hands, wrapping himself in its satisfying scent. For a moment, he stared at it, unblinking and completely isolated. There was a gratifying bubble that expanded in existence during that rather unnatural time. The time between death and survival, between having to kill and being able to choose.

Slowly, he let that hot liquid touch his lips, then it slide down his throat, filling his gut. There was fulfillment for a intimate moment. One that provoked a sigh of both relief and thanks. He placed the coffee down, unknowing that he had completely missed/ignored the pokes and prodding of one of the Doves. He looked at the young man who had served his coffee and smiled that tiny but charming smirk.

"This is hand-downs the best coffee I've ever tasted," he told him softly.

Partner Digimon: Zubamon
Digimon Lvl: Rookie
Location: Witchelny, Nyttliv
Tag: @Crimson Lion

Liollmon and his cute admirer appeared, just seeing them had lightened the load on his heart, but with that came a burden he hadn't been expecting. Why had his limbs become so heavy? his mind was a bit hazy. He frowned but maintained his stance and composure. "Gilt," he whispered.

"I got you," he reassured him.

For some reason, he had noticed Gilt basically holding him together. He let out a shallow breath, "I feel exhausted all of a sudden."

Gilt and Liollmon was propped on either side of him. His voice may have been mute but he could feel Liollmon's worry and stoic resolve to protect. Phase looked towards Gilt, who appeared bothered by something, agitated at the most. Nyaromon bounced at the table.

"Come, come. Bring the Tamer here."

Partner Digimon: Zubamon
Digimon Lvl: Rookie
Location: Witchelny, Nyttliv
Tag: @Crimson Lion

Finally things had came to an end. Phase made good on his promise and found it surprisingly invigorating. Where had that strength come from? Gilt strode beside him, that glare in his eyes were gone, now misplaced by that alien coldness. It was hard but not fixed, it could shift, Phase knew that now. He and Gilt departed from the rest, striding into the cafeteria to check up on the others. They had matters, that couldn't be changed nor improve, to discuss. The smaller Digimon needed to be check up on.

"Is everyone okay?" he pondered aloud, ignoring the scrapes and bruises that had accumulated from hail of rocks. "Its okay, Everyone. Come on out, we all protected you just like we said we would."

Location: 8th Ward, Tea Lounge
Tag: @Fathomless @Old Amsterdam

"Good," he breathed with suppressed relief. "Any will do, so long as its hot."

He moved in tandem with boy, walking with an unnatural silence he couldn't control. He unraveled the yellow scarf from his neck, laid it on the clean island table and took his seat. The ambiance of the Tea Lounge was affable, a subtle reminder that their peaceful times hiding in the war zone between Doves and Ghouls.

He sighed, the telltale smell of a Dove's Quinque seeping out had assailed him. Naosada placed an elbow on the island table and awaited his cup, hoping to not draw any attention; though, their conversation had sparked a tinge of anger in him. Takamochi had showed him his deeds, made he read through all the headlines his carnage had inspired. "Rabid dog, eh?" It slid from between his lips like fading thought.

Partner Digimon: Zubamon
Digimon Lvl: Rookie
Location: Witchelny, Nyttliv
Tag: @Shiyonichi

Phase landed with Gilt who almost instantly released him to face the giant insect Digimon. The Golden Digimon was really tenacious when it came to battle, Phase had discovered. Kiba and his pelt-wearing Digimon came then, followed soon after by the other boy and a bi-pedal brown insect Digimon. Only it wasn't just an insect, It had a powerful physique, deer legs, and a rather unique appearance. It painted the image of power.

* * D * *

The attacks surged through the air at Kiba's command. Who Phase had found to be a rather natural leader in the heat of combat. He knew that calm attitude of his would come in handy. Gilt readied himself suddenly, touching his four paws to the ground. The white-haired kid and Danny's Digimon both launched ranged attacks. They had did fatal damage to it, but just to be sure, Gilt had rushed forwards to deliver the final blow anyway. His cloak fluttered with his speed as he headed straight for the thunder-struck beast. It was shocked that it stuttered and shivered.

Gilt rocketed up, twisted once more, then flew down. [Twenty Dive!] It yelled, impaling the Digimon in the head with a deafening thud.

Phase let out a knowing grunt. "Nice," he said, admiring the golden gleam that had struck down the monster.
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