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Current That's funny. Well I'm guessing not too many people are interested in Power Rangers. Anyway check it out if you're interested, we'd love to have ya
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There's this Power Ranger's RP i'm attempting to join in the casual int area. We need a female rper, any takers?
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Belief is essential. It harms and grows, one only needs to be led towards greater knowledge to succeed. I'm lacking that guide.
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Can't assume what you know little to nothing about. There's a whole ocean beneath the surface of everything.
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Just pinging in here. I haven't disappeared or nothing like that.

Byleth had started forward but stopped abruptly. There was a pulling in the Force. A kind, mesmerizing whisper. Where was it pulling him to and why? In this situation wrought with chaos, blaster fire, and a terrible, bone-numbing chill, could he afford to trust so completely in the Force? That was perhaps the first time he had ever asked himself such a obvious question.

This is crazy but if its the will of the Force... I'll seek it out.

He had been told to guide the younger Jedi deeper into The Temple yet the Force was tugging him back towards the battle. Towards something... no, someones. Byleth dashed to the corner of the hall, the three Troopers from before slain behind him. He peeked around it, seeing blue bolts stream, burst, and strafe far and further down. He reforged his confidence and ducked out of cover, avoiding the busy Clones before turning into a empty hall. Byleth had known the Temple pretty well, he hoped to use that and his skills to uncover the will of the Force during such a horrendous ordeal.

"Careful. Don't overdo it."
Sorry guys. Getting a post out right now.
I don’t mind helping out in that department, Sep. It does leave a bitter feeling in the air when you visit the not so active OOC. Even if we all are interested and kicking out posts. So did anyone see that Clone Wars trailer? not gonna lie, it’s looking GOOD.

The youths were tightly compact balls of fear in the Force. Many already being led by capable, if not lucky, Jedi already. Byleth found time to pace his thoughts and departure. He gathered what little he could gleam; the chaos, the fear, the panic. It sickened the Force. And the deaths, the deaths were tiny holes in its infinite fabric. He tried to ease the throbbing in his head, a physical manifestation of the drama playing out around him. Master Elda Beh often urged him to act on his feelings but not even his former Master had experienced such crippling confusion in the Force before.

A tiny voice and its pulling on his lower robes brought him back. Byleth blinked once, clearing his thoughts. Behind him, shaking and trembling was a human girl, a youngling with black hair and frightened brown eyes. He sensed the danger a short moment before she vocalized her warning. "Troopers behind me!"

Byleth flipped the switch on his lightsaber, its green blade hummed. "Go, Youngling. I'll hold them." She hesitantly agreed before scurrying off and once she was out of earshot, Byleth continued, "I think."

Three Clone Troopers stepped into view, far down the dim hall. Byleth took a step back before willed him to stay put for the Youngling that went ahead. He hoped that no more were behind them, cause he felt three was his limit. The first that saw him pointed. "Jedi in sight."

Byleth chuckled nervously. "Padawan actually, does that exempt me from your genocide?" He raised his lightsaber at the ready even as the Force surged within and around him. "I'm going to have to initiate," he told himself. "If I let them overwhelm me with their blaster fire, they'll mow me down." Byleth rushed them, deflecting blaster bolts in route. He reflected bolts into the rear Troopers before closing in, ducking under a blue burst, and diagonally bisecting the remaining Trooper.

Byleth stood and checked his surroundings; all clear. He fixed his robes, moving aside wayward strands of hair. "I'll survive this. I'll make sure to survive this," Byleth told himself, the Force taking the place of his exhaustion. "Gotta keep saving, keep running."

The images in his head were too raw, too surreal. Blue blasterfire melded with the cries of Jedi he had known all his life. The once comforting sound of a lightsaber became a death-song for the fearful and determined. In all the chaos Byleth once again found himself alone, not quite afraid, but very cautious, very anxious of his surroundings. Wherever he was, there was a chill that permeated through his every pore, a scratching at the back of his neck that he couldn't reach or ignore. It drove his mind up a wall. Made him question every little detail he could peer-out.

Then they came. The echoes of heavy footfalls. The ignition of a lightsaber. The blue hue of a light source from directly behind him. Byleth wheeled around, his own green lightsaber coming to life; hopefully he would finally confront the specter of this nightmare, but, like always, he awoke in his living quarters. He was drenched in sweat, heart pounding inside. A second later however, and his expression very quickly became placid.

I hear you, I can feel you whispering. But what does it all mean?

Byleth sat up and realized that his anxiety in the Force had only intensified with his wakening. His brows furrowed as he searched for his garments; finding them beneath his lightsaber hilt and utility belt.


A moment after dressing and attaching his accessories had placed Byleth outside of his room. He strode down the halls aimlessly, worried by the festering dread growing in the Force. He realized with a student's eye that that dread wasn't very loud. Instead it was a thin, wispy sound that would be heard only by those actively listening for it. Not a second after that realization, alarms were occupying the usually docile halls of the temple. The noise drew all manner of residents from their quarters. These various sentient species looked to one another and a quick-read of the Force told him that many of them were confused, others more annoyed than guarded.

Byleth picked up the pace, heading from out the obscuring temple walls and onto one the outcroppings that would provide a view of the impossibly busy Coruscanty scenery. He needn't go too far for an explanation though. A bald, stern-looking Jedi ran up to him, his robes and parts of his skin marred by scorch marks. "Wrong way, Padawan. You want to go deeper, follow me."

Byleth nodded in agreement as the Knight briskly explained the legion of Clone Troopers sacking the Temple. The Knight had been charged with gathering Younglings and leading them to a safe location. "Do not worry, Padawan, we will not let this get out of hand!" he said through gritted teeth.

The man paused in his hurried steps then suddenly ignited his yellow saber, two bolts were deflected at great speeds. "Keep moving Padawan, gather up any Younglings you find and delve deeper into the Temple!"

A bolt flew past his face but he kept his calm, only ducking slightly. "Yes sir," he barked over the conflict.

Unclipping his lightsaber from his belt, Byleth dashed down the halls of the Temple searching, with help from the Force, for young survivors.
Eventually his guilt urged him to become involved with the ongoing investigation, that he was at first, hesitant to assist in. His fear of this gaunt man, draped in a too-large robe of black, was palpable in the Force. And yet, oddly enough, it also became the catalyst for change. Back on Kiros, with a handful of Jedi Knights and a singular Master, Byleth found himself speaking out during the investigation. Guiding them along their path to the cove with an expectant, yet calm demeanor. A part of him wanted nothing more than to see this being again. This man with shiny black-skin and a red lightsaber. This man who had infected his Master with some Force Disease. This man who possibly had the cure.

At once, the Master staid his steps at the entrance. He wobbled slightly and mentioned a shudder in the Force. Byleth was quick to remind them of his Master's awkwardness at the beginning of the battle. "Guards up, Jedi." The Master was no slouch, certainly not foolish, and above all else, he was cautious.

It was terrifying to step back into the cove. Like stepping back into a nightmare, only this time Byleth was prepared. The gaunt Dark Sider rose to his feet and again Byleth remained a few steps behind the others, lightsaber ignited and trembling. Again that nausea echoed through him. The Jedi seemed unaffected... at first. Very quickly it became apparent that the Knights were slipping, making mistakes that led to two of their deaths. The Master was holding up well, beating back the Dark Sider until he was desperate enough to take a hostage.

Byleth was held prisoner by the glow of his bloody blade. The horrid stench on the Dark Sider assailed him with each of his panicked breath. "Let me be, Jedi! Do that and this welp livess. Move an inch. We both die." His voice was dead, coarse and quiet.

There was moment between the Master's reply, hard to detect, that he pleaded sternly, through eye contact, for Byleth to defend himself. "What are you? Sith?"

That plea calmed his mind for a second, just long enough for him to realize who and what he was. He was Byleth Tes, a Jedi Padawan, strong in the Force but weak when it mattered. When the situation required grit, he usually folded. Not this situation, he decided. It was mystical, a serene whisper in his heart but he knew it to be the Force. It showed, not with images but intent and feeling, what needed to be done.

Byleth directed his palm towards the Dark Sider and exerted. It was only a stillness that lasted a single moment but the Master had noticed it and quicker than was thought possible, acted. He sped forward, stabbing his blue lightsaber through the Dark Sider's skull. The blade sung so close to Byleth's ear that it stole that sense for several minutes.

The Master explained on the way back to Coruscant that Byleth's latent ability was both rare and powerful; Force Freeze was its name. It spoke on the soft nuance with which the Padawan used the Force. It also appeared that the Force Disease was directly tied to the skeletal Dark Sider. With his death, the remaining Knight and Master found its effects fading. That gave Byleth hope, that the eight standard-days it had taken to defeat his Master's adversary was worth it.

When he returned, that hope was dashed. The Force had been stripped of his Master, that was the last stage of the disease, an irrevocable detachment from the Force. It killed one's Midi-Chlorians, depleted them. If not for them slaying the Dark Sider, it would have eventually killed all infected. In the end Master Elda Beh was 'released' of his duties as a Jedi. That singular outcome carved Byleth inside-out for a time, he never even said his goodbyes.

So this is the conclusion to Byleth’s interaction with the Dark Side wanderer. I like it. the story came easy enough and I was actually kinda surprised. Hopefully, it satisfies your critiques from earlier.

@Sep Well I didn't realize that would affect my chances of joining the Rp. The Dark Side user is kept ambiguous specifically because I believed it would enrich Byleth's character simply by experiencing the macabre and unknown of the Dark Side as well as the brutality of the Clone Wars. I know I used 'angst' sardonically but It wasn't meant to imply that I wasn't taking the character seriously. Of course I put a lot of thought into Byleth and his future developments. If you'd like I could attempt to expand on the Dark Side user but it might not seem as organic or genuine as the rest of his profile.

As for the 101 plausible reasons, I simply didn't consider them as I explored his story in my mental before writing it down.
@Sep Honestly the Dark Side wanderer serves little purpose to Byleth's overarching plot. His real purpose was to get Elda Beh out of the picture and Byleth to the temple. But he ended up providing some "angst" for young Tes as well. Internally, the Dark Side wanderer will probably play a minor role. Externally, unless you wanted to use him or something, I wasn't expecting him to make another appearance.

Also the illness on Elda Beh was an experiment by the Dark Side wanderer.
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