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Current "An apology is a promise to do things differently next time, and to keep the promise." - Ging Freecss
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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla
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“I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right.” – Albert Einstein
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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi
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“Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and asks the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer.” ― Javik
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O'Menus was unaccustomed with company, be it divine or mortal, and even worse it appeared that battle had rattled something in him. The roar of far away fires seemed to sing in deep tones somewhere. He tightened his hand around the handle of the white blade, thinking for a long moment on what to say and what bothered him. He sensed, heard, and felt his surroundings in a way that fed his understanding preternaturally. From the axe-swing onto the fanatic soldier to the mute grieving of the mortal-priestess. Flower was her name... right?

A light exhale left him, "This era's mortals have become more dangerous than any I've seen..."

And that phrase drew a unexpected chuckle from him, one that became a hearty laughter. Never ever in his existence had he believed he would consider mortals of all things dangerous. As his rich crowing rolled through the sky and died out in the aether, the shape of his eyes were wet with humor, he turned to the priestess and finally addressed her. His tone was as kind as it has ever been, soft yet demanding in fact. "Dry your tears, Flower. For the sake of us Divines, explain the situation clearly... grieve as we move forward."
@ZxyxZemon Understandable, I've said this before but keeping people in the loop is a dope thing to do. When you make an interest thread for that original idea, I'd love to be tagged or even PM'd it just to see if it'd catch my attention. It certainly sounds awesome but details and a CS would help me better place my interest.
@Blade17 Ahhh but I shot some of your fangs down before. Do you have enough for a flurry of snow? The Baelstrom’s gonna be malfunctioning anyway, anything will hit the poor thing. Next posting round I’m sure Crimson will think of something for the finale

@Double And yeah, that’s what I was leaning towards with the WMG. But I THINK Crimson is trying to keep things clean. He has a line of thought he’s following.
@Blade17 No problem man. The Baelstrom is actually a Testament Gundam kit but it’s run it course. He’s neglected it for a while, time for a new Gunpla.

I get that train of thought, Ryoicihi is a seasoned player though those fangs weren’t gonna distract him too bad.
@Crimson Lion Well If I gotta lose, I'd rather it feel legit. @Blade17 sorry man but I honestly can't see Blade beating Ryoichi 1v1 yet (stat wise or skill wise). Let me be clear, I don't mind losing long as we do it right. I don't want Ryoichi to feel stained to me if that makes sense.

I figured this might happen, which is why I've started peppering some of the Baelstrom's problems throughout my posts. We'll have a Gunpla malfunction stall the Baelstrom and let Blade take the win that way. Though the Wave Motion Gun wouldn't have been a bad way to go out either lol.
@Blade17 I would say just take out the chest stab and decapitation lol. Also you’re right but I’m factoring In other things as well.
@Blade17 Lol no way. I think we should leave the decision up to @Crimson Lion since he’s kind of the referee. I personally think Ryoichi would win considering his battle sense, experience, and perception. I only posted again because last time it seemed my character had taken extra damage because I hadn’t responded to one of your posts.
Kishimoto Arcade, Local Tournament.
@Crimson Lion @Double @Blade17 - Transparent Moments

A lesser Gunpla Fighter would have lost sight of the white Wing Gundam; Ryoichi, however, let his instincts and experience guide his sight along the path of the Gunpla. The Baelstrom kept the white machine within his overlays along his jarring flightpath over the enemy flagship. Absently, he admired the crippled make of the white Gunpla. He could still see the silhouette of the machine before his Baelstrom had dug its claw into it. The Baelstrom on the other hand looked neglected. Its paint was peeling, the plastic around the missing optic and leg were being pulled away by the velocity, and he could feel through the controls the shakiness of his damaged Gunpla.

Ryoichi furrowed his brows at the annoying voice of the pilot, 'This team is just a bunch of cocky no names. Is this the battle you envisioned for me, Ryojiro? or am I just wasting my time here? critically injured, torn apart, and still hoping... this kid is letting me down.'

It was the sudden disappearance of the enemy that flashed awareness for the near-future. His mind touched on the past, old enemies under performance boosting mechanics. They were often back-beaters. From what he could gleam so far, his opponent was skilled though childish. It was like fighting a novice and now that he had settled on that, Ryoichi could begin to see his eventual victory. Less than a moment passed between the white Wing Gundam's disappearance and reappearance, and still, the Baelstrom had completed its movement. Streaking through the lightning battered background, the Baelstrom slashed its beam saber into a barrel roll, arcing about its personal space.

Ryoichi cut the thrusters then, and with quick wrist and finger movements, snapped the Baelstrom to face the white Wing. His saber was close to his chest while his beam handgun was training on his potential enemy.
Kishimoto Arcade, Local Tournament.
@Crimson Lion @Double @Blade17 - Transparent Moments

Ryoichi could pinpoint the moment he submersed himself into the battle, no the WAR. As the Baelstrom's claw raked through the white Wing Gundam the artificial mangling of metal drove him to focus. He worried about the accumulated damage Baelstrom had taken; cursed himself for not taking better care of it. Now the dark and gray Trikeros Kai Shield was useless to him. The Baelstrom equipped its beam hangun before loosing the shield and launching it in the Wing Gundam's direction in hopes of scattering his opponent's attention. Ryoichi pushed on the thrusters, brandishing his green beam saber while darting the Baelstrom away and upward.

He took a lightspeed moment to reflect. 'I have my grappling arm, my beam saber, my beam handgun, and Me. I can do this, WE can do this, Baelstrom... carry me till the end partner!'

The Baelstrom, in its tarnished state, suddenly gain a fluidity to its plastic-form. The Divine Striker pack fixed itself into Flight-Mode as it rocketed off into the distance; becoming a pillar of blue jolting through the glittering black. Ryoichi succumbed to a cold malice, his mind sharpening to a point. 'I'll kill him this time...'

The Baelstrom begun to close the distance, it was a metallic shadow moving in erratic bright lines in search of a hidden moment.
Hinata & Haku

Shinjuku @mattmanganon

Haku dove through the dense fog towards the enemy digimon but a minor shadow flickering within the gray caused him to dodge. The white armored dragon realized his mistake a moment too late. Hinata was likely close behind... and in the path of the flying-enemy. 'Hinata!' he roared, rushing over to his partner.

Hinata had felt the connection though it was vague. It felt like a nudge in the right direction and once he recognized the Digimon's defensive stance, an odd, heavy feeling dropped into his stomach. A hot gust rushed through his thin jacket and sandy hair. "Haku, don't attack!" yelled, Hinata.

It was a jolt of decisiveness. Hinata's cry had reached him over the raucous sound of incoming Digimon. Closer then the others, he leapt in front of the wild Digimon, his draconic form partially blocking her. A disruptive yet deep bellow accompanied his words, spurts of fire falling from his lips. "Wait! Hinata is behind her!" he urged.
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