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Current Belief is essential. It harms and grows, one only needs to be led towards greater knowledge to succeed. I'm lacking that guide.
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Can't assume what you know little to nothing about. There's a whole ocean beneath the surface of everything.
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@AHeartlessNobody Forgive me for the long wait. I was writing something separate from the Roleplay genre and was giving it all my attention. Give me another day or two to see if my juice is empty.
@vancexentan Its cool. Thanks for telling me.

Isamu gave Akira a giddy smile. The appearance of one of them were good news; that meant the rest had gotten his message as well. When Takahashi appeared grumpy and tad annoyed by his persistence, Isamu only smiled weakly. He didn't know what it was that made people irritable, besides perhaps a shitty father-like his own-but he only wanted to partner up with them. And, Takahashi, was perhaps the first one to ever make an impression on him. He had a subtle reservoir of experience that he was humble about.

"Sorry, Taka. Just thought we could do one of those team ups you were talking about." Isamu shoved his hands in his pockets. "I'm really good at picking days apparently, Meijin wants to do something with us all."

The rest showed one after the other, each receiving a warm greeting from Isamu. "Hey, Takatora, over here. Want to team up today?" Mimi even more so: he ran up to her and stared at her face. Something about it, he was sure that parts of her looked o' so familiar. "Waiting on you slowpoke." A piece of him was disappointed, he had a detailed stream of missions for them to go through today. Meticulously picked to build up there teamwork. That was ruined by the Meijin.

Finally, Daigo put away the blurred screen of menu. It was as if he pulled it out to kill time. The tall man entered their midsts. Like before, Isamu felt subtle strings of insecurities being pulled to the surface. He smiled to hide it, a light excitement to hide the unease. Daigo, scrutinized his expression before turning to everyone else. His menu reappeared and a birds-eye-view of a flat plateau appeared, a torrential ocean on the left of it, a great forest around the rest.

"I've asked a friend to meet us all here. Think you guys can stop being suspicious enough to actually meet me there. The servers special, personally created for someone special. Its called the Lost God's Stoop. Its hard to discover because of 'reasons' and impossible to enter thanks to this next bit of information. You need to be brought in by someone already invited. I'm one of four."

Daigo soothed a crick in his neck by rubbing it. "See you guys in ten."

He vanished, supposedly to the Gunpla holding area to enter his own suit.

Isamu faced them now. "Soooo, fun right?"
@AHeartlessNobody It should be fun. Still, I'm skeptical about thinking too far ahead. I have a concern at the moment, while I'm down with playing minor roles or parts, I'm primarily invested in playing Ben's part. If its possible to keep the cast small, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Kylo Ren
29 | Dark Side User | Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

His lightsaber sizzled, still inches from her throat. Her question, her resolve, pulled at an organ he believed was gone. A dried husk, empty shell of what it was suppose to be. He fought vehemently against the urge to comfort her and it showed on his face as slight twitches, uncomfortable turns, and not-unkind glowers.

As Supreme Leader it was his duty to set the galaxy in order. To right the wrongs of the Jedi and The Rebellion, he could see it now... if he accepted the reemergence of these feelings, it would only be a downward spiral from there. Kylo gritted his teeth and slid his red blade another inch forwards.

"Yes, Odette. I hate you! Wholly and completely, without restraint. I despise everything you represent and care about. The Order, Luke, The Light Side! All of it," he yelled.

He deactivated his lightsaber and hooked it to his belt. Kylo Ren turned his side to her, the Dark Side offering him sedatives for his anguish. "I loathe you so much, you're not even worth slaying. Now tell me what you know? A ghost is nothing if not invasive. Where are, Luke and The Resistance?"

Kill the past.

"If you have no answers for me then you're useless to me. Just another vestige of my discarded past." Kylo could feel the vision shifting, the connection beginning to crumble. He narrowed his gaze at Odette, the ghost of past. He moved to touch her, pulling his glove from hand. He wanted to know if she felt like a ghost, if her skin felt the same as before. He warned, "Don't move."

@AHeartlessNobody You're not throwing anything on me. Your mind is flourishing, brimming with ideas, its pretty interesting to watch. All of those are good ideas, while I do believe a baby will complicate what we have planned, it could make for something amazing if done correctly.
I'll get a post out later today guys. Good job getting those posts out.

Yu Yu Hakusho: The New Agency | Arc 1. They Gather for the Cause

Saturday - Weather: unusually strong thunderstorm, lightning visible and frequent
Objective: Defeat the demon Raigeki.

Yuunmei kept calm throughout the ensuing battle. He ran around the construction site, finding a cavernous hole to hide in. There was mistakes of where he sat on the totem pole. He had strength, strength enough combat normal people, even to dispatch of an adult or two. But going against a demon literally chucking and controlling lightning, that was where he drew the line. He was content on letting those fools down there sacrifice themselves and hopefully go unnoticed. Crouched low, holding his knees to his chest, Yunnmei hid beneath an overarching portion of the lower-steps of massive site.

A unnerving calm in his eyes.

Despite reaching out for his supposed-to-be charges, Genkei had found a mirth in there recklessness. It would make sense that Yusuke would be as vain to choose apprentices like himself. He bounded backwards to create space between himself and the conflict against, Raigeki. If nothing else, he would make good use of their distractions. He charged his finger with three powerful spirit shots. It bulged and the flickering light became a hopeful star in the gray stormy skies.

* * *

Raigeki, old as he was, ambitious and hungry as he was, disliked his odds. He held no qualms about the strength of numbers, four hyenas could, with time and teamwork, conqueror a lion. One of the humans as fast a dart, approached and yet kept her distance. Amongst them, beyond her pitiful attacks were those golden light attacks. He despised those like one would the bite of gnats. They stung and annoyed him. And that annoyance made him wary of these humans. They poised a danger to He Who Slumbers. A infant danger but a danger nonetheless.

With an ease unfitting of a c-class demon, Raigeki dodged away from, Ayame's spinning-blades. Yet he was distracted, so distracted that he missed the pink petals drifting on the wind. The demon spun on his feet, catching the earth just in time to feel the danger. Surely he would have died, though not from the orbs of light or the dying blue flames, but from the hidden blade.

The attacks surged forward, many of them in range of him. Instinctively, he hunched over and tore the air asunder with his roar. A shockwave of stunning energy boomed outwards in a sphere, it was quick: the bellowing thunder after the lightning. Almost as if spent of his energy, Raigeki stuttered and fidgeted, his red eye, white with power.

Genkei vaulted to the ground, erecting a shield of spirit energy to protect, Tatsuya from his own molotov. The sudden spirit bomb from Raigeki had broken the bottle, igniting the fire mid-air, and pushing it towards him. Genkei managed to block the concussive attack and fire for Tatsuya, yet the others would have to deal with their recklessness. It would not kill them but they'd be knocked off their asses for sure, he imagined a bit stunned too.
Kylo Ren
29 | Dark Side User | Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

Every step that the apparition took towards him caused a tremor of fear in him. The woman that he had considered a mistake for near a decade, the girl that had been his light, was waltzing towards him. The image of strength and Light Side power. He steeled himself, staid the impulse to run away. That was not the way of a Knight of Ren or The Supreme Leader of the galaxy. She closed the distance between them, Kylo hushed his stuttering breaths.

"Enough," he muttered in response to her greeting.

He moved away from her, ignoring her to a degree. "ENOUGH! Luke! Leia! Cease this now!"

A sizzle and crackle cut the serenity, his lightsaber brought ignite. He hid his face now, the locks of his black hair concealing him. Lamentation broke his voice. "This," he started, jabbing a harsh finger towards the ghost. "That is cruel! And you call yourself a Jedi..." The Supreme Leader's voice descended to obscurity. His shoulders rose with his quickened breathing, his ire.

Then suddenly, it all came to an eerie calm. Even in the presence of her ghost, Kylo Ren refused to lose control. He turned his tear-dampen face towards her, his recent experiences too harsh to allow all-out sadness on his face. For a instant, unbidden and unwelcome, Snoke's words reached through to him. As dead as Snoke was, they left a painful scar; they whispered his greatest flaw.

You have too much of your father's heart in you, young Solo.

...Kill the past.

Kylo raised his lightsaber towards her. Through a deep scowl he stepped towards her; a predator on the hunt for answers or blood. "What's the meaning of this? you will answer me, whether you be ghost or fabrication. Where's Luke and Rey? I know you know, I can feel them lingering on you. If you've searched out a shell of your past, then surely you've looked for, Luke as well. Or maybe you're just a puppet being controlled by, Luke? Where is she? they?"

His raced at breakneck speeds, searching for answers through his studies. A Force Ghost perhaps?

@AHeartlessNobody I can't wait to read it. About to dive in now.
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