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Current Can't assume what you know little to nothing about. There's a whole ocean beneath the surface of everything.
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Work tonight but tomorrow, I'm all fingers and eyes. Maybe thoughts too.


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Dagongere held tight to the hilt of his longsword. For all of his perusal over the incursion of Camelot, he still had very little clue on what to do. On where to trek. On one hand he had the birthright of a king, in the other he held the lives of his men -- a kingdom really -- whom all expected to return Camelot to its former golden glory. In the midst of his men training, consisting of young farmers, anything between, and veteran knights, Dagongere flourished his skills with a mock-battle finesse.

I wish for the same miracle, Dagongere thought. It's not beyond the realm of possibility. If I continue to excel, blade in hand, hope in heart, then I can bring the golden kingdom back. He could revive his birthright.

"Your Lordship," called out Palon as he approached.

The veteran knight had rustic skin and kind eyes, though his scars spoke a different story. They zigged down his hard arms, bulky, near the size of a tree trunks. It could be intimidating for most; Dagongere simply saw the man as a tall hill; strenuous to overcome but doable. It was Dagongere's sparring with Palon that had earned him his men's admiration. A risky and enticing battle from what he could remember.

"Palon, how may I be of assistance?"

"Bebon and Cairet are engaging again," he sighed with a shaking of his head. Forgive me but only you can separate those two blunderbutts."

"Right." Dagongere strode forward, his voice rising with authority as he ushered into the bed of chaos. "Cairet, Bebon, this best not be another foolish argument over a wench."
@Ciaran Would you like to post first or should I?
@Zahrale I just got home from work so I'm super excited to get reading.

Should be tired but I'm literally smiling at having to read all the IC posts.

EDIT: And I just noticed I've held most of everyone up. At least if we're considering the posting order I have.
@Zahrale Oh okay. I'll be eagerly awaiting the list :)
@Zahrale I've been looking through the zeroth posts and I haven't gotten a clear view of the posting line. I think I saw that it was going to be freeform in the beginning, I'm not too sure. Can you clear this up for me?

Name: Astral Diamonia
Location: Junon
Tag: @Sudkurve @Tenma Tendo @Zarkun @Double

I don't intend to prattle about. This mission is no longer mines, thought Astral while he observed the chaos from a spot not as clearly visible below. There was a wild wind so far up. It pulled at his strands of hair, hoping to grasp them and whip in front of his mako-imbued eyes. But they did very little in that regard.

Astral was far from afraid of Scarlet but he also didn't particularly enjoy being scolded. His 1st Class rank gave him certain liberties, one of which was an entitlement to the illusion of true freedom. A freedom that allowed him to vanish, to disappear and reappear whenever he liked.

"Its too ... crowded." he mused, sitting himself down on the very thin beam of rustic metal. There wasn't much room for a dragon of his size to step about.

Name: Beryl Vagrant
Location:Bone Village
Tag: @Karl Kadaver @Sarcelle Renard

Beryl nodded once. "W-Will do, Commnader."

He started off in the direction of commotion, where SOLDIERS were either finishing off the traitors or fussing amongst themselves.
However, he paused in his tracks; thinking about that lone, hurt figure his Commander had become in those baffling woods. His brows furrowed a bit but he straightened them out before leaving and said, "Good luck, Commander."

* * *

A dozen or so minutes later and Beryl had assembled the remaining SOLDIERS and with a bit of authority and effort; got them to stand in a line. He followed suit as well while awaiting the Commander's return.
@Sleeth lol your enthusiasm is contagious.
@Zahrale I figured you would know lol. Just thought I’d mention it just in case.
@Zahrale His name has been changed from Dagongere du Lac to Dagongere of the Lake. Also added the Ring of Clarity to his character sheet. I might mention that "du Lac" actually means "Of the Lake". I think its the French translation though.

However, I'm completely fine changing it to "Of the Lake" as well.
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