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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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I hope my post was okay, Will make one for my other character tomorrow. Sorry for not posting!

One small issue. If you look through the districts map, you'll see that the downtown district isn't right above Spero District. There are unnamed districts in between and each one of them are the size of a major city on Earth. I don't mind if your character did run that far. After all, our characters are definitely capable of such feats. But I was just making sure you knew.
Ten Minutes After Sunset
Somewhere in the Southwest Downtown District

The underground hideout was filling up fast. The top of this hideout served as one of Downtown's most prominent nightclubs. But through a side alley door, one could descend into the warehouse style basement. Here, members of The Disruption were told to gather. Most knew the reason, but some of the newer recruits were still confused.

The Monk (leader of The Disruption) was sitting in a back room with two of his trusted angelic advisers (influencers). There were couches in the room, but no one was using them. The Monk sat on the floor with his legs crossed while his angels stood behind him. They were discussing tonight's attack on the Annual Political Gala, an event that would start one hour from now, at a large mansion on the north side of the Governing District.

Discussing, in this case, meant meditating while the angels stood silently, bowing their heads. They were communicating telepathically, running through countless scenarios of tonight's events. After many minutes of silence, The Monk opened his eyes and the angels raised their heads. It was time. They were ready.

So The Monk stood from his meditation and crossed the simplistically decorated room. The angels glided along behind him, faces without expression. They emerged from the room through a door to the left of a small stage. The crowd of rioters, who had become more restless in recent minutes, were now hushed by the sight of their leader and his assistants. Even the demonic possessor hiding in the shadows tamed their blood lust.

The next ten minutes was inspiring. The crowd roared its approval as The Monk gave his speech, which outlined their plans for the night. The Monk himself, along with a small group of rioters and a few demons, would infiltrate the party disguised as guests. Everyone else would disperse in groups and take different paths to surround the building where the gala was being held. Their movements would be guided from high above by the angels.

One hour after the party starts, after all the major politicians arrived, the attack would begin. The demons would possess unknowing party guests. The riot would begin inside the gala itself, and when guests would try to escape, the rioters outside would keep them contained while fighting off the police. If all went according to plan, many dirty politicians would either be abducted or have their lives ended tonight.

With one final roar, the meeting was finished, and everyone split into their respective groups, as directed by the angels. The Monk and his group left first. The rest would follow in waves to avoid attracting too much attention.

This would be the largest coordinated attack in the history of both The Disruption and Pandemonium as a whole.

I just finished my latest IC post. It's a long one, but it does wrap up my involvement with this short lived (albeit fun) Kanto filler arc.

Remember, everyone's Pokemon gained a level for battling.

Also, one of the bags were left behind, so at least the efforts of our young heroes weren't totally in vain.

EDIT: You will find a new Major NPC Trainer listed in my NPC Characters post.
As the Mr. Mime was recalled, Indigo looked around. His other friends were engaged in battle. What was the best thing to do-?

Margo's voice floated into his head. Call the police!

And that was exactly what Indy did.

Margo wasn't even sure what to do now, stepping away from their battle field and glancing towards Dan and Indy. Dan was in the midst of battling another thief while Indy was on his Pokedex, calling the police no doubt. She felt a slight wave of anger wash over her--that's what they should've done in the first place, instead of letting her poor pokemon get beat up.

One karate chop on the shell and it was over, it felt like everything was in slow-motion to Dan as he watched his massive Pokémon fall to the ground, feinted, his legs straight out on each side, and his shell cracked and his bushes split.
"Grotle..." He said faintly as he reached ever so subtly to Grotle.

"I...Lost?" He said, as Grotle withdrew into his ball, Dan fell to his knees, holding back tears.

"I'm sorry." He muttered, to Margo and Indy, looking towards the Thief.

Richard had been waiting in the nearby forest, watching his wristwatch. The new recruits were pulling off their first heist. This was their test. As long as they stuck with the plan, they would be in and out of the museum in no time.

But they were late, 45 seconds late to be exact. He waited another 15 seconds before standing in a huff. 'What the hell is taking them?' And so, Richard began his walk through the forest. At first he walked leisurely, contemplating how he would scold the new recruits for being late.

That's when he heard voices, the voices of his men and the voices of teenage kids. 'Oh no, don't tell me they got mixed up with young trainers. Those idiots.' Richard picked up the pace, and one minute later arrived at the forest's edge. His men and the teenagers were in the midst of battle. 'Why are they battling? Those morons.'

But instead of jumping to their aid he decided to watch their battles from the shadow. After all, these things (however annoying) do happen from time to time. This would be a good judge of their battle skills. He would interrogate them afterward regarding WHY they thought it was necessary.

The first battle to finish ended in defeat for one of his men. This was the loudmouth of the group, ton's of energy and enthusiasm, but not the brightest recruit. The second battle to finish was a victory for what he had identified as the "smartest" one in the group. And the third battle was another victory that went to the strong silent one. It was finally time to step out of the woods.

Richard emerged from behind a tree while Indigo was on the phone with the police. "Hey, newbies." He said to get the attention of his new recruits. "Grab your bags and go. I'll stall for you."

Shocked by Richard's appearance, the 'smart one' began to ramble. "I'm sorry boss. I know we weren't supposed to engage in battle. Don here wouldn't-"

"Quiet!" Richard snapped. "No names. You should know that. We can talk later. The police will be here any second."

"Right. Sorry boss." The thief apologized.

Then, as commanded, the thieves began to pick up their bags. "Not you" Richard said, pointing at the thief that lost his battle. "Leave your bag and take this." He tossed the man a Pokeball. "If you run into anyone that tries to stop you, call that Pokemon out and use Sandstorm. Got it?" The man nodded fiercely his understanding.

And so, the three men ran off into the woods with two out of three of their bags. Richard, who had kept the teenagers in his peripherals while he was talking, now focused all his attention on them. And the first thing he noticed was Dan. "Well, well..." He grumbled to himself.

Just then, the sound of a police officer speaking to another officer came from around the corner of the museum. With his right hand, Richard reached for a Pokeball. With his left, he put a finger in front of his face in the universal signal for "be quiet". He made sure to scan over every one of the teenagers when he did this, but he trusted Daniel would know this action was meant for him.

As the police rounded the corner, a Weezing emerged from the Pokeball in his hand. It did not wait for a command to release it's frighteningly thick and expansive Smog attack. The police only caught a glimpse of Richard through the Smog, but they couldn't follow as he made his escape. They knew that this was no Smokescreen. This gas was poisonous... and spreading slowly.

@iKatamalicious your post was great! I really liked how you subverted it at the end, instead of making it this heroic venture, you made it very realistic

@TheForgottenArc enjoyed your post too! Also liked the ending

Balth, are you gonna post as the thieves/police next? I assume they stalled long enough for the police?

I will post tonight. I have an idea.
Sorry wall of text for my most recent post, my bad

It's okay. I enjoyed reading it.
I'm guessing your user is the same as it is on here? @Balthazar007
EDIT: I'll be checking periodically until around 9!

Hey, sorry for the delay. I got caught up in a writers circle. I'm ready when you are.
4pm tomorrow. That will work.
Anytime before 5 PM and 12 PM,

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I just saw this. 4 works for me (i.e. almost now). I'll stay online till 4:30 to hear back from you.
Okay, When can me and YOU @Balthazar007Do a battle on showdown for Dan's battle?

Tomorrow (technically toda. I should be off work unless they call me in. When works for you?
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