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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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This is the plan regarding currency:
* Everyone starts off with zero Pokedollars (0).
* Pokedollars are digitally uploaded into your Pokedexes and digitally removed when earned or spent.
* There are four ways Pokedollars can be earned.
** 1) At the start of each new day (at the stroke of midnight) 5 are loaded to your character's Pokedex.
** 2) Your character can sell items to the Pokemart or anyone with a Pokedex.
** 3) Your character can search their Pokedex for missions. Missions reward successful completion.
** 4) Gambling on battles has been banned in Septoh, but Pokemon Showdown battles will reward money for a win (which is explained as having an "official / competitive" battle). The looser does not loose money. The winner only wins money. Your character can only earn money battling someone once per day (to prevent broken farming). I will reveal how much money is earned after the battle's conclusion.

I could see the above information being explained by the cashier at the Pokemart. For more information, have your character open their Pokedex in an IC post. Remember; the Pokedex knows ALL (or most things at least).

Based on the first way of earning Pokedollars, Daniel and Indigo should have 20 right now. I'm not sure exactly how many days Margo has on the boys, but if I had to gues, I'd say she started two days sooner? If that's the case, she would have 30.


That settles it. Regular currency is now a thing, BUT I want everyone to be honest and mindful. You are in charge of keeping track of your own character's money. I will not help in that regard.

@Balthazar007 i'm casting my vote for regular currency, but i'm okay with whatever you guys pick ultimately.

It's between the three of you. I can make either way work just as easily for me.
hmmm, i'm okay with either guys! but actually, i might prefer the regular currency. only because i just remembered indigo is trying to pay his parents back for all the expenses he piled up from cinnabar xD but i can make either work! lmk what you guys think.

It's up to you three.

@Balthazar007either sound good to me, but could you explain the voucher system a little more? I might be leaning towards that since it's less to track, but just a quick example?

Say you beat a trainer. Instead of giving you money, they can give you a voucher that can be redeemed for a certain item or certain number of items. You'll store vouchers in your bag just like other items. Basically they would be items that are meant to be traded in for functional items. In a sense, it's just a more simple form of currency. Also, items like your pearls would have trade in value.

PS: I just updated the music. :)

Also, would you all like to start using a monetary system that you have to keep track of, OR would you like something more like a voucher/barter system that would be less trouble to track but is not cannon/classic. I ask since you just arrived at a town that has a Poke Mart.
finally, balth would you mind putting a day counter in the first ic post? today marks the fourth day of their journey I think. it just helps me gauge how fast things are going for character development purposes!

I shouldn't have to. It would feel redundant. We started on May 1st, and I'm keeping track of the days as we go.

Also, it's totally cool if ya'll want to train a little more, but your Pokemon aren't that far behind what the Gym Leader and Head Coordinator will be using. They will be using three Pokemon each at levels 11, 13, and 15. I just don't want you to spend tons of time training only to find out that you didn't NEED to do so. Of course, this information is purely for your discretion; there is no way your characters themselves would know this.

Good posts everyone. I'm excited to see our third starting to enter the story.

On a side note, has anyone seen the "Zach Morris is Trash" series on YouTube? If Indy keeps having exchanges like this one, he'll need his own series. Lol. No offense to prettydrops; he's written well. He just needs a lot of growing up. Lol

Also, I'm emplimenting a new policy. Starting now, Pokemon can only gain a level by significantly lowering their stamina (i.e losses, close battles, consecutive easy battles, intense solo training, etc.) If I decide to give your Pokemon a level, that means it should be too exhausted to battle for a while. You'll have to either visit a Pokemon Center, use a potion/healing item, or wait about 6 IC hours for them to rest in their Pokeball.

The daily limit just didn't make sense after a trip to the Pokemon center.


Lol. Your posts be like "That girl's interesting." Then "... squirrel!: And "...maybe I should talk to her *kicking up dust and rocking from side to side*)


Guess the ball's in her court as far as breaking the ice and saying the first words.

Solid posts everyone. I don't see a reason for me to post yet.
I am an undead elf, but welcome nonetheless!
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