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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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@Balthazar007 Thanks for the list, and for approving my second CS! Will try to post soon.

Awesome opossum!
Hello Everyone!

I'm looking for one more person to join the Pokemon RP that I've started. I guaruntee that this RP will be very interesting. The plot is unique, but at the same time, relatable. And I have tons of content to keep this RP active for a long time.

Again, I only have room for one more person. Please, check it out:

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Okies, and sorry with this snow storm things have been hectic, I promise I post when I get home tonight

It's all good. Take your time. :)
@Zarkun Oh wow, those two would clash so much. Lani's Drampa might have to play his peacekeeper role (success not guaranteed)...

@Balthazar007 Working on the Earth character profile and just wanted to know, which Pokemon can be found in the south of England?

Let's see, currently (at 55% of all Pokemon being placed on the planet)...

  • Pidgey [Rare: In urban and suburban areas, day]
  • Rattatta [Uncommon: In urban and suburban areas, night]
  • Clefairy [Uncommon: In wide open spaces, night]
  • Jigglypuff [Common: In wide open spaces, day]
  • Psyduck [Rare: Around large bodies of water, anytime]
  • Machop [Uncommon: In secluded areas, anytime]
  • Tyrogue [Common: In secluded areas, anytime]
  • Mr. Mime [Uncommon: In urban areas, anytime]
  • Ledyba [Common: In parks and other green spaces, day]
  • Snubull [Common: In parks and feilds, day]
  • Lotad [Super Rare: Near lakes and ponds, anytime]
  • Skitty [Uncommon: In suburban areas, anytime]
  • Sableye [Super Rare: In caves, night]
  • Corphish [Rare: In off shore waters, anytime]
  • Tropius [Common: In forests, anytime]
  • Combee [Super Rare: In forests, day]
  • Buneary [Rare: In parks and feilds, day]
  • Audino [Uncommon: In secluded areas, night]
  • Scraggy [Rare: In urban areas, night]
  • Gothita [Uncommon: In urban areas, night]
  • Solosis [Common: Anywhere it can hide, anytime]
  • Pawniard [Uncommon: In urban areas, night]
  • Swirlix [Uncommon: In urban areas, day]
  • Pumpkaboo [Uncommon: In suburban areas, night]
  • Togedemaru [Uncommon: In urban areas, anytime]

So the list above is for ALL of southern England, but when we start RPing, I need a more exact location to narrow down what Pokemon are closest to your character.

@Zarkun and @Cerces22: The last lists that I sent you both were for more exact locations and from when I had less Pokemon on the globe. I assure you, it's not like South of England has way more Pokemon than the regions your characters are located.
Loading Arc...

...And now, here they were, sitting in a luxury hotel room waiting to begin an adventure on a new world. It was both exhilarating and terrifying, but he also knew that he had his team, so his fear was minimal.

The man on the phone explained to Jason, "All you need to do is attend a meeting tommorrow at 14:00." Naturally Jason had a few questions...

Apparently, the plan was to be picked up tomorrow at 13:00 by two vans. The first would take him and all his Pokemon besides Crunch and Prankster. The second would take those two and follow closely behind. They would arrive at a French governemt building about five miles away. His Pokemon would wait with the other Pokemon while he sat through the meeting. When it finished, he would recieve six Pokeballs (one for each of his Pokemon). From there, he would be free to wander the city and think over everything that was discussed.

(Quick Note: He will also be given a credit card like Liz was.)

...Still, as he finished his lunch and was shown to the interview area, he was confident. Can't believe I'm going to become a real life trainer. Man, mom's gonna flip when I send her the news.

Forest seemed to be doing well in the interview. His interviewer, Jacob, was very welcoming... dissarming even.

After a few minutes, Jacob finished with his regular line of questioning and opened up a laptop on the desk. He then turned it around to reveal a paused video. "Now, I'd like to show you a couple short clips. After each one, I would like you to talk about what you've seen, how it made you feel, that sort of thing. Okay?" The videos were high definition clips of Pokemon in the real world. In some clips, they were mearly walking across the screen. In others, they were eating wild native animals or fighting. And in others, they seemed to be communicating, with each other or with the person behind the camera.

(Quick Note: Make sure you read the next part targeted at @Cerces22's character, Circe. It applies to Forest as well.)

...Do you have any other questions ma'am??" She had given this a lot of thought long before this and knew this is what she wanted most in life, and answered with the conviction to back it up.

Circe's interviewer, Kathy, calmly nodded her head and pulled out a laptop. "Yes, now I would like to show you a few things..."

She was shown multiple videos, some pleasant, some disturbing. Kathy watched her reactions very closely and listened carefully to her responses. Then finally, she closed the laptop.

"Okay then, now, one more thing..." Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, a red light flashed. As she turned, she found herself only six feet away from a three foot tall Beedrill that hovered at eye level...

(Quick Note: Make sure you read the above section targeting @Zarkun's character, Forest... Also, @Zarkun, Forest's surprise Pokemon will be Kingler.)

Liz bought several items, and after a quick lunch at a place called "Mick Donals", they went back to the site and awaited further orders. Liz took the time to train with her Pokemon; now they were weaker, but the shift to a new world didn't diminish their fighting spirit.

Liz's training took place in the middle of a large emptied out warehouse. Three government scientists observed her training from above, through the window of a second story office.

(Quick Note: I know this doesn't give you much to go off for Liz's next post, so it's up to you to decide where to go next with her. If you get stumped, you can always time skip.)

I haven't responded yet, the baby was sick yesterday and we have a party to go to, I will have a post tonight

Oh yeah. I hear ya. I'll wait for you first. :)

In a few hours I'm going to respond to both of your latest posts all in one post.

I am at work right now, I will have a post up around 7ish 830 at latest, I want to give @Zarkun a chance to post if he is ready

Heard that. No problem.

Side Note: I have officially placed 50% of ALL Pokemon on the globe. Pretty much every corner of the planet has Pokemon now. From here on out, I'm going to slow down and only add like 4 Pokemon per day (IE: about 1% per day). So that means, not every Pokemon will be available for about 50 days.

Awe yeah!
Loading Arc...

..."Looks like we about to start an other adventure in a brand new place, are you guys ready?? Her pokemon nodded with excitement, they were estatic to be reunited with their Trainer after so long. "Right, well let's do some shopping first get some new clothes."

One hour later...
Liz walked through the city with the help of her translator/friend Ronald. For a Monday, the sidewalks were quite busy. Soon she would arrive at a local shopping district, one suggested to her by a front desk worker back at her hotel. Here she would find many clothing shops to choose from.

...As she crossed the finish line she noted she was in the top thirty. Not horrible, but not great either, Circe hoped that her written test and the next section would make up for this part.

The lunch provided for the 100 canidates was good but nothing too special. At least it was an all you can eat buffet. When the lunch hour was finished, they were led back outside. On the other side of the obstacle course, there was a large building, built very much like a school. Inside the main lobby, everyone would wait while others would be taken to rooms for a "final interview". Circe didn't have to wait long, as she was a part of the first group.

Up two flights of stairs, she arrived at her room. The room was large and empty, except for a desk with one empty chair in front of it and a woman sitting behind it. A camera was set up off to the side on a tripod and pointed mostly at the empty chair. The woman stood up to welcome Circe, and introduce herself as Kathy.

Just a few minutes into the interview, it became apparent that Kathy wasn't any old interviewer. She was a professional phsychiatrist and damn good at her job. She asked normal questions like, "Why do you want to be a trainer?", "What are your life goals?", and "Before all of this, where would you have seen yourself in five years?". Yes, the questions were normal, but the unwavering eye contact, that was the unsettling part.

(Quick Note: Don't end the interview or leave this room in your post. There's another part to this interview.)
Well, I primarily meant could he start in, like Tokyo and such is all.

Yep. Anywhere in the world. :)
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