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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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@Darkmoon Angel
So the way battles work, is that you have your Health (which lowers as you fight), your Base Power (which usually stays the same and is equal to your character's full health), and your Attacking Power.

Your Attack Power is the key here. For now we're learning the basics, which is that any time you attack, you can use up to or less than your Base Power to attack. The thing is, you will automatically take damage equal to 10% of your Attack Power used. So right now, Ivan the Russian is already going to loose 2 health points.

In your response post, you will decide how strong your attack will be. You can do anything from 10 to 100 (in multiples of 10 to make the math easier). Then, I will roll two dice equal to our characters' Attack Power (doing at LEAST 20% of your Attack Power in damage to your opponent). EDIT: Upped guaranteed damage to 20%

If that doesn't sound easy to understand, don't worry about it. Just pick a number between 10 and 100 (divisible by 10) and watch what happens.
The preliminaries were going fast. It was now apparent that talk of more people being invited to compete in this tournament didn't exactly mean higher quality fighters. But after the first round of the preliminaries the massive crowd was now cut in half, making it much easier to breath in this giant room.

After the medics used their high speed healing technologies on the injured victors, it was time to continue.

@Darkmoon Angel
"Hello little girl." Said the large Russian man as he stepped up onto the stage, opposite of Angela. "I saw you fight. It was good. But you will loose now." The man gave off an intimidating aura as he slowly and confidently raised his fists in front of his face. It was clear by his stance. He was a grappler of some kind, and a good one at that.

The bell rang, and he began walking forward. "You will get no mercy from me little girl." He said from behind the cover of his fists.

Health: 20
Base Power: 20
Attack Power: 20

Okay you two: @Darkmoon Angel@FalloutJack

You can go ahead and make your opening posts. In your opening posts, I want you to show us what's going on inside their heads. Your post can start whenever you like and end with defeating your first opponent in the preliminaries, with ease I would assume.

Then you'll both have to beat a stronger (but still "easy") opponent controlled by myself. Then we'll time skip to your last preliminary battle, also against a character controlled by myself. Then we'll move on to the next day.

Once we move on to the next day, if we have more people wanting to join this RP, they will be able to join at that time.
World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Friday, July 15th, 2500

Five years have passed since the last World Martial Arts Tournament, and this one is set to be the biggest, best one to date! This is the 50th edition of this grand competition, and to commemorate the occasion, more contestants than ever have been invited to compete, and the prize money has been more than doubled! Even still, only sixteen competitors will make it through tonight's preliminary rounds, and one of those spots is already spoken for by last tournament's champion, MICHEAL MIOCIC!!!

As always, preliminary rounds will be held behind closed doors, and the round of sixteen will be held on the main tournament stage in front of a live-crowd. Of course, not everyone can attend this prestigious event. For everyone else in the world and beyond, we will be broadcasting highlights from the preliminaries as they happen and showing a live feed for Saturday's main stage fights! And for the first time in tournament history, thanks to new broadcasting technologies, our signal will reach 100% of even our furthest stations from Earth. In other words, this will be the most watched tournament to date!!!

Without further adieu, let the fights commence!!!
So basically, until an actual threat appears, our characters are super human? XD

Well basically, yes. As far as this world martial arts tournament goes, I'd like one of the players to win it. But those contestants with a power level of 80 could still give you a run for your money if you're unlucky.
@Darkmoon Angel@FalloutJack

I like both of your characters. I'll make the opening post tomorrow morning. The. You two can make your first posts.

And just an FYI, to get an idea of the "power scale", someone with a power level of 5 is basically a well trained fighter by real world standards, and 8 would be the best fighter in the real world. So a power level of 10 would be a few notches above what is physically possible by real life standards. So with your power levels at 100 is basically ten times that.

Non-player controlled contestants, the (ones I control) will be from power level 20 to about 80. Only your player controlled characters will be at 100 (for now).
Judging by the introduction, I can assume that you are still open and you can even wait for me to get through the convention I'm in before trying anything? I have certain interest, but I will not have immediate time, you see. I'll just leave this here with a question: Technology's grown to the point of curing severe inhabilitation (lost limbs) with ease, but do we still have cybernetics?

Also, Bal, quick fix: You meant Earth was saved from becoming uninhabitable.

Yes. I'm going to let this RP be constantly taking in new characters. I want people to be able to come and go as they please.

As for your question, yes cybernetics can be a thing, but only for two reasons I would think. Basic cybernetics would be a cheaper fix for poorer people (the lower class if you will). A robot arm is cheaper than a genetically engineered human arm. Still, people with money, might look to cybernetics as a way to "upgrade" their body.
Just a quick one, after the initial arc do we keep our human character with our alien character if we decide to make one or can we/do we completely switch?

You keep all the characters you make, you decide how you implement each character
Hello, you three: @Darkmoon Angel@JrVader@Vongola_Hasayo

Welcome to the beginning of this RP. You can ask questions here, but if everything makes sense to you so far, you can go ahead and create your starting character sheets in the Characters section.
Character Guidelines
Note: All the following information has to be in your character sheet, but you can format and stylize your character sheet however you see fit. You can also add extra information if you like.

Name: This is their "official" name. You can also add a "nickname" or title as extra info if you like.
Age: You can either give their actual age, or you can give the age at which they "appear to be".
Species: Human (All starting characters should be human.)
Max Health / Power Level: 100 (All human characters should start at this level, thus making all our player controlled characters very strong (by human standards).

Appearance: Your character's picture should be a headshot only. You can either search for headshots online, or you can crop one out of a picture. You may use a real life person's photo, though I have a preference for anime style pictures. But don't use a character from the Dragon Ball Anime, so as not to cause confusion. I prefer you use, lesser known characters from other animes or characters made by independent artists.
Underneath your character's headshot, you can give further description as to what they typically wear, their body build, and so on.

Biography: Give us about three paragraphs of backstory on your character, and answer at least, the following questions: How did they grow up? Why did they become a fighter? Why are they participating in the "World Martial Arts Tournament"? (Prize money? Recognition? Something else?)

Special Techniques: Go ahead and start thinking about special techniques, but for now, leave this blank.

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