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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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Question: Assuming we plan on using one OU and Uber in the later stages of the tournament, will our team consist of four members until those stages, or will we be allowed to have two additional 'mons that we can switch out for that OU and Uber?

Yes to the switch out.

Hmm... Pokemon RP, and what promises to be an interesting plot. A chance to use Chandelure. The only problem being a piles of rules that I'll need to learn, understand, and adapt my brain to. I would like to express some interest but at the same time I am very wary and uncertain.

Understandable. Things should be more clear and concise after I get the actual RP thread up and running. I'll tag you from here on out until you say otherwise.
I think it makes more sense to drop that tier thing and keep the base stat restriction.

@King Cosmos@Sketcher have been pretty involved in this conversation so far. If the decision is unanimous, I will lift the one Pokemon per tier restriction and re-implement the base stat restriction. This does not apply to the one Uber and one OU that you will be allowed in later rounds of the tournament.

EDIT: Off to work now. I'll check on this briefly tonight after work.
Sorry, I'm standing firm by these rules and restrictions, besides the base stat restriction; I'm dropping that one so that people don't have to bother with adding things up.

These rules are in place to force your hands with Pokemon that don't get used as often.
It seems a little silly to have a Base Stat Total restriction AND make it so that we can only have 1 Pokemon per tier...

... yeah. I had the base stat total restriction first THEN decided to add the tier restriction (which I think is more important). I don't mind dropping the base stat restriction if someone wants to second your opinion.

Those in favor? Those against?
So, when do we put up our UU team for the qualifiers, since we're not posting other pokemon up just yet?

EDIT: Also, small note: UBs and most legendaries aren't unique, if we're going by anime. They're super rare, but there are multiple legendaries (perhaps with the exception of space/time/void trio and Arceus), and the UBs are basically common mons in different dimensions.

Oh. And to answer your main question. You can reserve your opening team of 6 as soon as you like. As long as it abides by the rules, I'll approve it right away.
So, when do we put up our UU team for the qualifiers, since we're not posting other pokemon up just yet?

EDIT: Also, small note: UBs and most legendaries aren't unique, if we're going by anime. They're super rare, but there are multiple legendaries (perhaps with the exception of space/time/void trio and Arceus), and the UBs are basically common mons in different dimensions.

Hmm... I just did some research. You're right. Still, I don't WANT people to use the same Legendary/Mythical Pokemon. There is a deeper reason behind this that I don't want to discuss yet (a spoiler if you will). I'll allow multiple Ultra Beasts though.

I have to get ready for work now, and I work a double tomorrow and Monday, but I'll have something up ASAP.
<Snipped quote by Balthazar007>

Ok, fair enough. Though the BL in those cases stands for banlist rather than borderline, which was throwing me off. Smogon does have all of these tiers in that case.

So just for clarification, I know you said that we must mega-evolve during the battle but how does that affect the tier of a Pokemon? For example Gengar-Mega is in the Uber tier, while regular Gengar is UU tier; so is a Gengar holding Gengarite considered Uber or UU?

Good question, I'm going with Uber.
That's... so many rules o.o

It is! Lol. I'll consolidate it to make it easier to understand though. That was just my mind being let loose in paragraph form.

@Balthazar007 I still don't like the idea of allowing the higher tier Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. It's not a balancing issue, it just seems weird to use those Pokemon, mostly because I'm still thinking of this RP as being set in the anime world where those kinds of Pokemon tend to be literal Gods. It's clear this is set in a world closer to the games however, so if no-one else feels the same it's fine with me.

I just want people to have a really good explanation for how they caught Arceus because that it not a small accomplishment.

So, the rule about not using more than one Pokemon from the same tier is interesting and I appreciate the attempt to add diversity to the teams. However, it doesn't seem like Smogon or Showdown use the borderline tiers anymore and if you exclude Little Cup that leaves only six tiers including Uber and OU, which are banned in the first couple of rounds. Can you link what resource you are using that has the borderline tiers for Gen VII?

Everything else seems fine.

So if you read the first sub-paragraph to rule 3, you'll see where I was going with the whole Arceus/legendary problem. Instead of having caught Pokemon like that and carrying them around in a Pokeball, it's actually that your character gained the Pokemon's trust somehow, and they have gained some sort of special ability or item that allows them to call upon that Pokemon for help. I hope that makes sense.

As for your second question (the tier list that I'm using), simply go to the team builder page on Pokemon Showdown. Start building a team in the "Anything Goes" format. There you will find the tiers that I'm using.

[Edit: Actually, ya'll can use multiple Pokemon from the PU tier.]
@Sketcher@King Cosmos@GarlandDaHero@Tenma Tendo@Chev@DocTachyon

Alright, I've taken everything you all have said into consideration, and here are my final rulings on bans/party restrictions. I'll start with a picture that summarizes all the rules, but details can be found below.

1st: No Mega Evolutions or Z-Moves allowed in round one. In round two, I will allow Z-Moves. Of course, showdown (as in the games) will only allow you to use a Z-Move once in the battle (for those that might not know). In the knockout rounds, I will allow both a Z-move and a Mega Evolution (and you must mega evolve via the item during battle, you cannot choose the already Mega-Evolved Pokemon).

2nd: In the qualifying rounds, Ubers and OUs are banned. Those that make it into round two (the group stages) can then "reveal" their OU Pokemon; after those trainers have "revealed" their one OU Pokemon, then trainers that didn't make it into the group stages (but are still in the region) may then "reveal" their OU Pokemon. And finally, those that make it into the knock out rounds may "reveal" their one Uber Pokemon; again, those that didn't make it, may then "reveal" their Uber Pokemon.

Okay, before I continue, let me explain why I kept saying "reveal". The reason why I use this term is because, we're assuming that these trainers already had these Pokemon (either tucked away in a Ball, or "on-call" with some sort of psychic connection, which I'm sure would be the case with more celestial Pokemon such as Arceus). BUT I don't want everyone calling dibs on these Pokemon now. I want to reward those that are doing well in the tournament with first choice (really the main incentive to do well in the tournament).

That being said, you DON'T have to use your OU or Uber Pokemon in the tournament if you don't wanna, and you don't even need to have one at all. Why not use your OU or Uber Pokemon in the tournament? Simple, those Pokemon use up a lot of your base stat limit for your party, but they could come in handy outside the tournament, in the hidden plot of this RP.

3rd: Once a Legendary or Mythical Pokemon is claimed, nobody else can claim them.

4th: I want to see some unique team combinations. As such, no Pokemon in your party can be from the same tier in Pokemon Showdown besides the PU tier. Also, once a character's party is approved, nobody else can create a party that shares three of the same Pokemon. And finally, you can't have two of the same Pokemon in your party.

On a side note: The grand prize for this tournament is a Master Ball, the renowned title of "Grand Master", a fancy priceless medallion, a wish from Jirachi, and LOTS of money (What's a lot of money in the Pokemon world? Ya'll tell me. LOL). There will be runner up prizes, but that's all just for flavor anyways. I'm only adding this so that you can give your trainer a motivation for participating in this tournament. Oh yeah, since I'm using Jirachi as a reward, no one can put Jirachi on their team (sorry Jirachi fans).

I figured that I would get all this out in the open so that everyone can start working on their teams while I work in the actual thread. I can approve teams separately from your characters (so that you have a better chance of getting the Pokemon that you want).

And if you are reading all this for the first time. This RP is open for applications until I hit a max of eight to ten definitively confirmed users. I want to start off strong with the expectation that people will drop out as the tournament progresses, but I won't complain if everyone sticks it out to the end. In my experience however, this never/rarely happens.

@Balthazar007 I'm interested, but I'm not very competitive when it comes to Pokémon, so I'm a little worried about the Showdown aspect of the rp. Would it still be alright for me to join?

@Balthazar007 I'm tentatively interested as well, but like Tenma I'm a little worried about the showdown aspect. I'm concerned that we will be somewhat forced, or at least encouraged, to create a team that is 'meta' rather than one we want to make in order to avoid being eliminated in a battle.

I understand your concerns, but I feel that Showdown is the fairest option to sort out battle results. I don't want to impilment a dice rolling system (too much luck involved instead of skill). And I don't want to just RP battle the whole thing, as that can degrade into aurguments that I want no part of. Showdown is (at the least) fair and true to the games.

I did impliment the 3000 base stat total for your party of six though. This should address the concern of people just picking a bunch of tanky Pokemon.

In the end however, the league play is truly just a plot device, not the point of the whole thing. If your character gets eliminated from the tournament, it doesn't mean they are out of the story. They can still participate in the plot. They may even be able to focus on more important things if they get knocked out of the tournament.

I hope you both decide to stay, but this is enough support for this RP to get started on it. I'll have something posted by tomorrow morning.
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