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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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Tempum City (K7), Night at the Docks

...The brown furred minotaur snapped out of his reverie as instructions were yelled. Right, work. Perhaps the exhaustion was getting to him. He quickly got back into the groove, picking up boxes and handing them down to the forklifts. When there were no forklifts he moved them himself, drawing a little strength from the earth to alleviate the burden. The work was somewhat easier than this afternoon's, so he had a little more strength to spare. He paused whilst holding a crate and scanned the area, wondering how his fellow workers were doing.

While Mr. Silum and the man in all black combat armor stood off in the distance talking quietly among themselves, Mougin and the two others unloaded the ship.

The bald man with cybernetic arms handled the smallest crates, though he kept insisting that the heaviest, densest materials were always in the crates he chose. After the first twenty minutes he had to stop to rest his legs. While resting he was sure to let everyone know what he would be spending his money on, a set of cybernetic legs to match his arms.

The pale skinned lady in all black clothes was actually the one carrying the largest crates, and she made it look effortless. Without a sound, she would grab entire crates with one hand each and slowly walk them off the boat. In fact, she typically took two at a time, one in each hand. The way she carried them, made no sense given her size, and the way she gripped them. It was as if she were escorting giant balloons, not solid metal containers.

As the ship was nearly unloaded, blue flashing lights appeared on the docks. The source of the lights were two police officers, each riding their own hover cycles. One of these officers looked familiar to Mougin; it was the same officer that spoke with him the day before. The other officer, was clean shaven with a standard haircut.

"Sorry to bother you Mr. Silum." the clean cut officer called out, as he turned off his lights and dismounted from his bike. Officer Charles, as he had introduced himself the day before, did not turn off his flashing lights as he dismounted his bike.

Meanwhile, back on the boat, Mougin heard a feint thud coming from inside one of the larger containers...

Tempum City (K7), Night at the Docks

... In any case, the minotaur had regained a healthy stock of mana over the sunset period. Tired as he was, he never forgot to save some his resources for an emergency. With that stockpile he should be able to complete the task fairly easily. That was what made the man's request suspicious. Even so, the man had treated him to dinner.
"Very well." Mougin said, getting up from his seat. "In return for the meal, I will cooperate."
Effort for effort. Goodwill should be reciprocated, even to the most suspicious people.

"Wonderful!" proclaimed Mr. Silum, as he placed his utensils on the almost empty plate in front of him. He then stood and motioned for Moujin to join. "Let's get going then, if you're done. We're in no rush as of yet, but if the boat arrives early, I'd like to get started right away."

The two walked in relative silence back to the docks, with desert pastries in hand. The sky above still relentless with fireworks and music still dancing in the air. It was a joyful veil of ignorance.

As assumed, the boat arrived early, as others were pulling away from the dock. Mougin waited for the ship, along side two others. One of whom, Mougin had already worked with earlier today, a brawny man with no hair and cyborg arms. The other was female with pale skin and a frail looking body. She wore all black casual clothes, and did not look prepared for heavy lifting.

As soon as the boat docked, the doors slid upward quickly, and a ramp descended just as fast, down to dock where Mougins and his coworker's stood. A man with a fresh cut on his bearded face appeared in the ship's opening. He wore black armor and was armed with a large assault riffle and a visible sidearms as well. "Things went as planned Boss." he announced.

"Wonderful" Mr. Silum replied, before directing his orders to Mougin and the others. "Alright everyone, you know the deal." The doors on the warehouse behind them also opened, revealing workers on floating forklifts, that would be meeting them as they got off the boat.

Tempum City (K7), Night at the Docks

... Mougin snorted. Well, he couldn't exactly say no to that, could he? Not with his current financial situation.
"Lead the way, and I will listen." He said to the man.
It wouldn't hurt to hear what he had to say afterwards, surely.

The festivities were still going at full blast, as Mougin and this wealthy new character walked to the restaurant he claimed to own. Along the way, the man introduced himself properly, "My apologies, I've been all business. My name is Conner Silum. What is your name?" Mougin responded with only his first name. "Well Mougin, what is your favorite kind of food?" Mougin's response was vague, along the lines of "anything works for me".

The short answer didn't slow Mr. Silum in the least. He pressed a button on the side of his neck, and began speaking with someone unseen. "Rudy, I have a guest." After a moment of silence Mr. Silum continued. "He is beastfolk, vegetarian I believe. Whip something good up for him, and I'll have my usual." In another moment of pause, Mr. Silum looked over at Mougin and smiled, but when he spoke, he turned back to the sidewalk ahead. "Yes, thank you."

The entire walk, from the docks to the beachside restaurant, took about ten minutes. The restaurant was packed with party goers, but the two avoided this by entering through a back door. The smell of delicious food greeted them as entered. The clinking and clanking of dishes could be heard at the other end of a short hallway on their right; that was the direction to the kitchen. They, however, kept walking straight, through a single door, and into a small empty dining room.

"Please take a seat." Mr. Silum said, motioning to the table. There were a number of different sized chairs circled around the table. Mr. Silum went straight to a medium sized one at the head of the table. The largest chair, halfway down the table from where he sat, was already pulled out. Cutlery was placed in front of it, along with a large, pitcher sized glass of water.

Mere moments after taking their seats, a man in a white kitchen uniform entered the room, pushing a cart of food. He placed one covered dish in front of Mr. Silum and three covered dishes in front of Mougin. "Let's eat first, then talk." Mr. Silum said, after a quick nod of thanks to the man that delivered the food.

The two ate in silence for about fifteen minutes. Mr. Silum's plate was filled with seafood and vegetables, while Mougin's large dishes were a variety plates: one of vegetables, one of fruits, and one with warm pastries.

Setting down his fork and knife, Mr. Silum got straight to business. "In short, I need your help doing exactly what you've been doing all day. In about forty five minutes from now, one of my boats will be arriving with some heavy and quite precious cargo. We'll need to have it unloaded and into my warehouse as quickly as possible. With your help, things should go quite smoothly."

Tempum City (K7), Night at the Docks

..."...No." Mougin said, after a pause. "I am hungry."
To be frank, he wasn't. He was tired, hungry, and worried about his savings. One and a half times what he had yesterday. If wealth was enough to attract predators, then more wealth was surely more attractive. Unfortunately for him, he still had to travel back to his lodgings to eat. The food there was... well, it was at least edible. He could have gotten something to eat with his money, but he wanted to save every penny he could. He didn't know what he would need it for.

Mougin sighed and began trudging away. He didn't really have the energy spare to think of anything other than dinner.

The man in the pinstripe suit wasn't used to being turned down this way. His face went a little red as Mougin turned and started walking away. His voice, on the other hand, rang confidently. He sounded completely unfazed. "Of course you're hungry! I am as well to be honest.", the man proclaimed. "Luckily, I own a restaurant close to here. What do you like to eat? My chef can cook anything."

Tempum City (K7), Night at the Docks

...With a start, Mougin was shaken out of his reverie. Fireworks exploded in the dark sky. Before he noticed, it had become night. He was sitting on the stone floor, panting heavily. There were no more ships in the harbor, no more crates on the dock. He was exhausted, but somehow in a good mood. He slowly stood up onto his feet, and his stomach rumbled. He was also hungry, apparently.

Mougin's stomach wasn't the only thing that was empty. He hadn't been paid yet. His fifteen golden "coins" were still quite lonely.

"Hey, Big Guy!", the supervisor said in a loud deep voice. He was walking to where Mougin was resting, and by his side was a new face. This man was as tall as the supervisor, but much thinner. This man wore a suit that screamed, "I'm important!".

Another firework exploded in the distance as the supervisor came to a stop a few feet away from Mougin. "You did pretty good today, fella. Here, take this." In his rough hands, he held out a single gold disk. "This here's got thirty coins on it. I was going to give you twenty, the normal starting rate, but you impressed me." The man next to the supervisor cleared his throat, prompting an introduction. "You also impressed my associate here. He says he's got more work for you, if you're willing."

"Why thank you," the man said in a measured voice. "I can speak for myself now. You can leave us be." The large framed supervisor grumbled an indifferent response and walked away. The new arrival continued, "Now, would you be interested in making another 30 coins, for only a couple more hours of work?"

Tempum City (K7), Morning

...Mougin sighed and rose to his feet. As his master said, it was better to strike while the iron was hot. This was what he wanted; to experience life in a city was to be a spoke on the wheel as it turned. As for the money in his pocket, he would have to take that risk. Surely he wouldn't be targetted again today. The minotaur carefully inched around the myriad moving humans as he walked towards one of the supervisors he had identified previously.
"Hello. I wish to obtain work." He said to the man.

The large framed supervisor (large for a human at least) eyed Mougin cautiously as he approached. When Mougin stopped to speak, the height difference between the two was more pronounced, at least four or five inches.

The plump man contained his excitement behind a calm, almost indifferent fa├žade. He knew this hulking creature would speed up productivity on his dock, but if he let on too much, the beast-man might ask for a high wage.

He adjusted his foreman's hat as he began to speak. His voice was rough like gravel. "Lookin' for work huh?" He looked around the dock, as if deciding where to put this newfound muscle. In truth, if this beast-man was as half as strong as he looked, he would be a great help at any spot on the dock. With a sigh, the supervisor pointed at a ship that was currently being unloaded by one of the cranes. "Go help over there. If you don't get in anybody's way, I'll pay ya."

Tempum City (K7), Early Morning

...An account was a record. It was supposed to be a record of his finances, then? That was indeed what he wanted. He needed an ID for this, whatever that was. Sensors... Related to senses perhaps, therefore what this man used to sense things. A strange way of speaking, not that he could throw stones in that department, but also, it wasn't very relevant to his current issue. Well then.
"What is this ID you speak of?" The minotaur asked.

That seemed to be the most pertinent question at the moment. The rest would have to wait for later.

The android, bank teller took a few seconds to process Mougin's question. In those few seconds, one hundred and twenty three different simulations were taken into consideration. After all, this was the first time that someone had not known what an ID was, or at least claimed not to know.

The android spoke with little clue as to how much thought he put behind his answer, "ID is a short term for identification. You can receive one from any government building. Conveniently, there is one across the street. However, you will have to pay a 20 coin fee." The teller took a thoughtful pause, to allow his guest a moment to process everything he had just said. "If I may, I suggest you find some temporary work down by the docks. Surely, there will be people there that are willing to pay for your assistance unloading ships. Last minute deliveries for tonight's festivities are still arriving."

Tempum City (K7), Early Morning

... Ultimately, he pushed his thoughts aside and decided to go about his business.
"I wish to deposit my currency." He said, still holding the coins in his hand. "I currently possess 15 golden coins."

The bank teller's eyes lit up at the sight of the golden coins presented before him, and not figuratively. His eyes literally lit up, with a light blue, artificial color. It was only for an instant, but it was unmistakable.

Then his smile faded just a tad, regretfully informing Mougin that... "There aren't enough coins on these disks to start an account. Also, do you have an ID with you? My sensors don't seem to detect one anywhere on your person. You will need a valid ID to open an account."

The "man" waited patiently for Mougin's response.

Tempum City (K7), Early Morning

...It was early in the morning in Tempum city, but it seemed that the festivities from the previous day had yet to conclude, judging by the amount of drunken revellers that still prowled the streets. The bank was mercifully empty, so hopefully he would be able to finish his task quickly. The minotaur sauntered into the bank with sure steps.

At the far side of the empty room, the only sign of sentient life stood in the form of a well dressed, dark haired, pale skinned man. He looked unassuming yet inviting at the same time.

As the doors slid shut behind Mougin, the man waved. "Hello sir!" His cheerful voice carried well, across the room, with little to no effort. "How may I help you today?"

The bank teller's gaze never faltered, as Mougin made his way across the pristinely kept room. In fact, the man barely blinked, and when he did, it wasn't quite... normal. And his smile...

@Spin The Wheel, apologies for the late reply. It was a busy weekend.

To expedite the process, here are the things the officer is after by approaching Mougin alone.

1. He wants to introduce himself (Officer Charles), and in doing so, learn Mougin's name.
2. He wants to apologize for the city and it's inhabitants, and in doing so, learn where Mougin's from.
3. He wants to ask where Mougin plans to rest for the night, and in doing so, tell him about the free hotels offered by the CSC.
4. Finally, he wants to give Mougin his extention number, which he can use at any public telephone to reach him directly. He predicts that Mougin will run into more trouble, and while he remains in this city, Officer Charles will help (if he's available).
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