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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Saturday, July 16th, 2500

Thanks to the incredible medical team, all the victors were able to wake up in the morning feeling like new. Even broken bones had been mended. Today would be decision day. Only one person would walk away from this undefeated. Even still, just making it this far was enough for many contestants. They would all be walking away with a cash prize, but the more rounds you survived, the more your money grow, exponentially.

The tournament grounds were already starting to fill up with people who had stayed on the island's hotels. A few enthusiasts were already sitting in their seats, even though the tournament wasn't set to start for another two hours.

Inside the main building, in a separate dinning room from the public, the sixteen remaining contestants were sitting around a large dinner table. It was customary to have a silent breakfast with everyone together, before being excused to prepare for the opening ceremonies. And so, everyone started standing from their spot at the table. They would have one hour to themselves or to socialize, before they would need to gather back in the same room where the preliminaries were held.
I didn't forget about posting yesterday. I was interupted by a bit of an emergency, not of the health related kind, everyone is okay, but an emergency none-the-less. I will be able to make another post today before 3pm EST.
I'll post this Thursday and move the plot forward. If there is anything else you two want to post before then, go ahead.

Hope all is going well in your lives!
Nice posts! Introductions can be awkward, but it's gotta be done sometime
@FalloutJack oops. Lol. I'll fix that
@Balthazar007 Yeah, sorry. I meant to post before but life got a hold of me for a while. I'll have a post out tomorrow. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries. We all understand.
@FalloutJack@Darkmoon Angel

If you two would make one or two posts reflecting on your preliminary battles, that would be perfect. You can even have your character's exchange dialogue. Just let me know when you're done and ready to move on to the next day.

P.S. Even though your the victors, your rooms aren't extravagant. They are traditional rooms, with only the basic necessities. This marital arts building is old and humble, and it has only seen the lightest of renovations, only what was necessary to maintain a clean and presentable appearance.
Eclipse vs. Ryan

Ryan's wild attack was a desperate attempt, as agreed on by everyone watching. His raw power and speed nearly faded, all that remained was his sloppy technique. Luckily for him, Ryan was looking worse for wear as well and not moving so smoothly. But at this point it no longer mattered.

With both combatants drained of power, Niko's proper technique made short work of Ryan. Ryan only managed to land one or two glancing blows off of Niko's back as he rolled under him and took his legs out. Crashing face first into the ground, Ryan fell unconscious... eyes still open with intensity.

"The winner is Eclipse!" Announced the judge who stood off to the side of the two fighters, as the room lit with applause and medics ran out with a stretcher to take Ryan away for treatment.

The preliminaries had finally came to an end. All that remained were the top sixteen combatants. By this point, only a few powerful contestants looked unfazed, but perhaps that only meant they had favorable draws. But now, with only sixteen remaining, everyone would have to give it their all.

The sixteen survivors, stood upon an elevated platform, with the announcer. While the crowd of other contestants who had lost, stood below, some still nursing their wounds. "Those that did not make it through the preliminaries, we congradulate you on making it here today." Said the announcer, using a stage voice and no microphone. "You should be very proud to have even been invited to this great tournament. For your efforts, you will be provided with free accommodations in the best hotel on this island and of course free entry to watch tomorrow's tournament."

"And for our victors, you will be staying here, in this main facility, on the second floor. Please, get yourselves a good night's rest. Tomorrow, everyone in the world, and beyond for that matter, will be watching you. You'll want to be on the very top of your game!"

The room lit up with respectful applause at the end of the announcer's speech.

@FalloutJack I'll respond to your latest post in the morning. It will definitely be a win for Niko, but I'll still roll the dice to see how much damage each combatant takes.
@FalloutJack@Darkmoon Angel

Here's another modification to battling. When you're attacking after having taken damage, 50% of that damage is taken away from how much Attacking Power you can produce.

For example, Ryan took 40 damage in the last exchange. Which means, he takes a loss of 20 to how much attack power he can use. That is why the best he can do is attack back with 30 attack power.

As for Eclipse/Niko, he took 55 damage last turn. Therefore, his total attacking power has been lowered by 27.5. This means his maximum attack power will now be 72.5. And since we only attack in multiples of 10, his strongest attack is actually 70. Of course, he only needs to deal 7 damage to defeat Ryan, since Ryan is about to take 3 damage from recoil.

I know this all may sound a little complicated, but I think it makes it more realistic, because if you have been damaged, you clearly shouldn't be able to attack at full strength. On the other hand, the more you battle, the more adrenaline kicks in and the more you learn your opponent's weaknesses. That's why your max attack power doesn't lower by 100% of the damage that you have taken.
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