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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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By 5 pm however, Indy and his pokemon were exhausted. The day had been fun, but tiring. It was time to head back to the center and wind down for the day. Making it back to their room in the pokemon center, Indigo and his pokemon promptly fell asleep.
May 28th, Jimmal City, Pokemon Center

The early morning sun woke Indigo once again, this time at 8am. "Early to bed, early to rise." as they say. Indigo shook his fist feebly at the blinds before letting out a groan and sitting up in bed.

Some freshening up later, he was headed down the stairs to grab some breakfast and be on his way. 'To where?' he thought, uncertain. Maybe the next city that was having a contest? Or maybe just stick around a few days longer? He didn't know what he wanted to do.

Down in the Pokemon Center's cafeteria, Indigo ran into two familiar faces, the rich and famous twins, Jack and Jill. The two blonde haired siblings sat at a table, looking a lot more miserable than the last time Indigo saw them, which felt like years ago. How long had it been? Days? Weeks?

Jill stirred a bowl of cereal. She'd apparently been doing this for a while, because the cereal was soggy. Jack's normally pristine hair was clean, but not styled, and he had bags under his eyes. He bit into an apple, a bit of aggression in the bite.

Jack noticed Indigo first. "Well if it isn't the great Indigo Rose." He said, then took another bite of his apple. He then stood and spoke a little louder, food in his cheeks. "I bet you'd love to rub your victory in my face, but if I would have been in that silly little tournament, I would have been the winner, not you."

The other trainers in the cafeteria tried to ignore the scene Jack was creating. They kept to their breakfasts, only taking occasional peaks.

Before Jack could say anything more, his sister stood up and put a hand on his shoulder. "Jack, stop." Luckily, this worked. "Look at him. Does he look like he wants to mock you? Hey Indigo, where are you friends?"
@Darkmoon Angel
You're up! Just waiting on your final reaction to the battle's end. I know it ended suddenly, but it felt right at the time.

After you go, everybody else can comment. Then we'll be on to the next stage of the tournament!
... "Hey, uh, Indigo Rose. I've got my ID right here," he said as he fished his pokedex out of his pocket and held it up. "I heard there's a package for me?"

"Why yes!" Said the cheerful front desk attendant, who wore a bright blue suit. "One moment." The man then bent below the desk, out of sight. When he resurfaced, he held a simple brown package in his hand.

The man passed the package across the counter with a smile. It was from Margo. There was nothing written on it besides her name and trainer number and his name and trainer number.

"Well, might as well get some rest." There wasn't much sense in traveling while the day was so late, especially with his pokemon having expended so much at the contest. They were all tired, as was he. "Let's go," Indigo sighed, and shuffled away to the pokemon center.

Check-in at the Pokemon Center was surreal. All the other trainers and staff members were congratulating Indigo on his victory, but he would have traded all their praises for the praise of a real friend. He was alone in a crowd, one of the worst feelings in the world, for sure. He would have trouble sleeping tonight for sure. Then again, it had been a long day, and he was tired.

The Next Morning

At 9:00am in the morning, Indigo received a notification on his Pokedex, but it wasn't from Margo like he hoped. It was from the front desk of the Pokemon Center where he was staying. Apparently they had a package waiting for him downstairs.
World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Saturday, July 16th, 2500
Round 2 Concludes!!

It was a beautiful dance, but with very little contact. The two woman went from one side of the ring to the other, ducking, dodging, and weaving through each other's attacks. It was hard to follow every movement, but spectacular nonetheless. It was like watching a mirror match, where the two sides of the reflection may not look the same, but their movements were identical.

When the two fighters finally broke from their scrimmage, Ace found herself with a hand in the air. Her mouth was moving, and she didn't even know what she was saying. Then the sound of the gong hit hard.

"And there we have it!" The announcer's voice echoed throughout the stadium. "In a surprising turn of events, Ace has conceded the match!" He then ran over to Angela's side and made a grand gesture with both hands. "And here is our winner!"

Ace walked out of the stadium, dumbfounded at her own actions. Still, she had to trust herself. This was best. It just had to be...
"Millennial Ball"
“The Huddle”
written by @Cerces22, @ZAVAZggg, @Aqutanama, and @Balthazar007
Link to Google Doc

Mrs. Warren’s psychic readings turned up no suspects. All of the guests had already left, and she had just finished with the last of the staff that were working the event.

She huffed. Her pale bosom rose against her black dress. “Well, I’m sorry detective.” She said as she walked over to Zazriel. “At least you know it wasn’t someone who was supposed to be here, someone not on any list.” Her eyes were red with exhaustion. “I wish you the best of luck, and please let me know if you find anything else. Oh, and can I have one of those cards you’ve been handing out, if you have any left?”
@Darkmoon Angel

Just a reminder. It's your turn when you get the chance.
"Millennial Ball"
“Meanwhile: Throughout the City”
written by @Cerces22 and @Balthazar007
Link to Google Doc

Glass shattering, police sirens, and theft alarms of all kinds: these sounds could be found all throughout the city. It started shortly after the heist at the Millennial Ball, after the city's finest detectives had already been assembled at the isolated mansion on the hill. First it was the federal reserve bank, as well as several other banks across the city. Then it was the jewelry stores and other shops with high value items. Then, finally, all chaos broke loose.

The blaring noises only stirred the looters into action, which provided cover for rioters, which in turn, brought out the city’s tactical forces. Still, even with all their preparations, the police were severely outmatched. There were simply too many fires to put out at once, some figurative and others quite literal.

New Years Eve always carried a stigma for violence, especially the turning of a century. But the turning of a century, they should have known; they should have been ready for something like this. Sure, it didn’t happen often, but this wouldn’t be the first time in history that the turning of a millennium brought about a new age of destruction.

Now, you were either a criminal letting your vices run wild, an officer of the law in the fight of your life, or a “normal” person praying for the night to end…

Relka Tir Lohig sat upon a simple leather chair, engrossed in another book with the peaceful city skyline dotting through her large bay window. She took a small sip of her tea and rested the cup peacefully back down on the small end table. Before the woman could turn another page, the only seeable technology in the large library-like room blared to life, causing an annoyed sigh to escape from her mouth. Relka stood and placed her book on the table next to her tea.

As she walked over to the massive computer, the screen flared to life. A report was coming in from one of her cops inside the station on the higher end of the city. He spoke in hushed tones, so that the other officers couldn’t hear who he was talking to.

“Freeze Frame,” he said, using the code name she gave to keep her identity hidden. “There was a massive heist at the millennial ball tonight. Most of the city's forces have been dispatched to the area to help the investigation.”

“Has anyone been taken into custody yet? Can you give me a name?” She asked inquisitively.

“No, at this time we have no clue who committed the crime, although the only clue we have to go on is, the thief or thieves left behind a single fingerprint. We are running now, but witnesses from out of the city said that this won’t tie in to anyone in any system. As well as that riots and looting have begun to spread throughout the city shortly afterwards.”

“So what you are telling me, is not only did someone rob the millennial ball without my knowing, but the city is now embattled in civil unrest? How did I not know about this chain of events?” Her angry breath came out in clouds as she spoke. “What do I even pay you for? Get me substantial information.”

“Miss, would you like us to send some forces to your area, to help quell anything that may happen?” The cop asked, with a slight twinge of nervousness.

“Boy, my territory will face no looting or riots. Nobody is fool enough to try anything here. Hell, even your elected officials sleep here in peace, knowing that the only crimes committed here are the ones I allow. No no, get someone to take your men out of here to help quell the city. My men won’t need sleep tonight.”

“I understand Freeze Frame. Officer Diggs out.” The man hurriedly hung up the phone allowing Relka to make another call. The voice on the other end was gruff and deep.

“Ma’am?” He answered respectfully.

“Something is happening in the city, give it five minutes and the police will have left the area. I want you and your men out tonight making sure nothing happens here.”

“Anything else ma’am?”

“Yes, one more thing Goose. The millennial ball was hit, as well as a rash of other robberies around town, the timing is no coincidence. Get me names.” She said hanging up the phone. The world of literature would have to wait tonight. Relka needed information first.

No more than ten minutes later, a mob of protesters entered Relka’s neighborhood. They carried torches and banged on drums. They chanted their displeasures, knowing that the majority of the city’s politicians called this district home. They vandalized the sides of buildings and attempted to break as much property as possible. At least in a neighborhood as high profile as this one, most windows and doors were supremely secure, built out of sturdy material and protected by advanced magical wards. So while the protests were loud and unsightly, this area would still be the safest place in the city.

Vincent Feathers made sure that his people were watching the streets, it wasn’t so long ago that he owned this part of the city. Everyone here feared him as an unforgiving boss, drugs, extortion, prostitution. You name it, he ran it. But a few years ago Freeze Frame appeared.

When she came to him he had half a mind to turn her towards the streets, thinking she could walk into his business and start making demands like she owned the place.

But the more she talked, the worst things got. Somehow this ice queen knew where all the bodies, literal and figurative, were buried. He had no clue how she did it, but when she demanded the gang from him, he demanded she be killed immediately. Before anyone was able to react though, the room’s temperature dropped twenty degrees in seconds. The woman with that cold emotionless smile told him that if he killed her, his and all his gang members' dirty secrets would be released.

“Not to the police, no, I am sure you are semi-intelligent enough to own a few cops. I have it set to go to your biggest rivals. You know the ones that have been just screaming for a way to take your turf. They will know where your hideouts and stashes are, where you make your drugs. They will have the names and pictures of the biggest players in your organization to target. Now, I understand if you don’t believe me, that is why in the next twenty four hours your second-in-command will die. If he doesn’t then you have full permission to kill me, here is my address, I am sure you will have your… ruffians follow me home anyways. But once your man dies, I expect a visit from you personally within the hour after that, telling me that I will assume control of your organization.” She turned her back and walked out of the room, taking the cold with her.

Vincent might not have been the most powerful man in the underground, but he didn’t take overtly unnecessary risks. Despite every fiber of his being screaming out to kill this woman, he had to make sure she was lying. Twenty one hours later, he was standing outside the tallest building in his district. Five minutes later he was telling the woman that he was giving her his gang. That emotionless smile was once again on her face seemingly mocking him.

“What now… boss.” He had to force the words out of his mouth, he would find out how she did it, then kill the bitch and gain control back.

“Now you will tell your men that your current business ventures stop. Men like you are a plague upon this city. Sapping the life force from those around you. No more drugs, no more hookers, no more senseless killing. We are going to rebrand this section of the city. But don’t worry, Vincent, I will be counting on you and your men to keep the place safe. We are going to build an empire. We will own the police, the underground, the politicians, everyone. I will make you and your men filthy rich, in a way you could only dream of with your old ways.”

“What’s in it for you?” He asked, curiosity now getting the better of him.

“The knowledge, I want it all. I care not for money, sure I have plenty of it, but just enough to get what I want. See, when picking which territory I wanted to reform, it reminded me of a children's game I saw others play. They would sit in a circle while one kid walked around patting heads saying duck, eventually they would pat one child's head and scream goose. They would then be chased around by said child who needed to tag them before they made it back to the empty spot in the circle. You just happened to be the goose this time, and I made it back to that empty spot. Your territory is as good a spot as any to put my plan into motion, we will change the world my little Goose.”

That was a few decades ago, and she was right. His old territory was the safest in the city, everyone prospered here. There was virtually little crime, aside from what she allowed. Drugs and prostitution where a thing of the past. The only other place making more money then here was the business district. Politicians, police, even celebrities choose to live in the area. The only murders that took place here were those that broke Freeze Frames rules. The only extortion that was allowed, was information. Everyone was expected to bring any tidbit of knowledge to one of her boys and they were often rewarded with money.

Which is why Goose and his men were now trying to organize the protesters. Damage to this territory would upset the boss, who now had his undying loyalty. She would overlook the graffiti, and small damages. But Goose knew if anyone was killed, or any businesses or homes looted, it would hurt her reputation. So while his best guys were off guarding the politicians and celebrities. Others were trying to calm down the crowd, with scattered success. A lot of people knew who Freeze Frame was, and didn’t want to cross her.

Freeze Frame could see out her window to the streets below. The mobs were becoming less hostile by the minute. The very mention of her name was cooling them down. They didn’t stop their marching or shouting, but they kept it to that, a loud but peaceful protest.

That’s when her computer came to life once again, pulling her away from the window. It was Captain Mullins from the police department. He was calling from the Millennial Ball, and from the sound of his voice, she could tell that he needed her help.
@Yoru very possibly. Just message me through PMs about any ideas you may have.
World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Saturday, July 16th, 2500
Round 2 Concludes!!

Angela blocked Ace's simple punch with her crossed arms, but there wasn't much energy in that punch to begin with. The attack was never meant to be a finisher, but rather, an opening jab. When Angela went for her tackle, Ace was ready.

Ace had never been one to go to ground, to grapple, but for some reason it felt like the right thing to do. So she absorbed the tackle, allowing herself to fall backward while holding onto Angela. Their fight lasted for only a few short seconds on the ground, before they were able to return to their feet. In that short time, both combatants had to use their knees and elbows just as much as their fists and feet.

During a split second of rest, Ace spit out blood and wiped a great deal of sweat off her forehead. A deep look in her eyes revealed a blank stare, as if her mind had gone blank, and they were locked onto Angela, like a shark.

She then charged forward, muscles tensing up, readying themselves for anything. It was as if her muscles turned to steel.

- Serious blacked out assult
- Secret Technique: Iron Defense

Remaining Health: 44
Available Power: 67
- Attack: 10
--- Speed: 30 x2 = 60
-- Defense: 27 x2.5 = 67
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