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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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The ride to police station was quiet, peaceful almost. When they made it to the station, the cops took Malcolm's belongings (including his Pokeballs) and checked them in at the front desk. They also gave him a pat down to be sure he wasn't carrying any weapons or hidden Pokeballs and had to have him take off his shoes (to everyone's dismay).

There wasn't a bed to sleep on in the holding room; it was just a wide open room with nothing in it but a bench that was attached to the wall and ran its entire length. There was no privacy either, as the doors and front wall were steel bars painted white, and the lights left no shadowy corner. In one of these well lit corners, a sleeping man with a rising and falling beer-belly would be Malcolm's temporary roommate.

Still, at least he wasn't out in the cold...


"That's okay." Samantha answered back. "I spent the last few days camping by a river. I caught two Pokemon while I was out there. This will be their first battle." She then stood up from the table with her now empty tray. "Come on, there's a little park outside around the corner. I saw some people battling out there earlier. We better hurry, it's going to be to dark to see soon."

A few minutes later, the two trainers were outside. They stood across from each other on a grass field. "Come on out Clauncher!" Emerging from her Pokeball, the little Clauncher looked around, slightly confused, before realizing what was going on and snapping her claws together in anticipation. "She's not used to traveling by Pokeball yet. Anyways, who are you gonna use first?" Samantha smiled, wide and friendly.


"Why yes we do." The kind lady behind the desk answered. She then took Bryan's trainer card for a quick scan. After scanning it, she came out from behind the counter and motioned for Bryan to follow. "Right this way." The lady then led Bryan to the nearest elevator, where she stopped and gave him general directions on how to get to his room. "Check out is at 1pm, unless your staying another night with us. Of course, like all Poke Centers, we have a two night maximum. Breakfast will start at 7am and stop at noon. And... yeah... That's pretty much it. Any questions?"

Bryan's room was on the tenth floor. It was small but cozy, and it had everything he needed. By all accounts, it was like any economy hotel room, including a shower, a TV, and a full size bed. It would be enough for him and his Pokemon.

I'll post soon! It'll probably be another training post. Im trying to practice my writing so I can paint a clear picture of the appeals xD

Sounds good. :)
"Well sure I do. But shouldn't you be able to tell me what I'm here for? Do you want to take a look at my palm and get a better reading on why I'm here?" Margo was joking, but she still placed one of her hands face up on the table anyways. She smiled politely at the older woman despite her borderline mocking comments.

The old lady lowered the hood of her cloak and smiled. A purple flower stuck out of the back of her long grey hair. No longer did she look like a mysterious witch. She now looked like anyone's grandmother, albeit a very wise one.

She spoke softly. "Put your hand away dear. I'm not that kind of psychic. I'm more interested by that strange object in your backpack. I can feel its energy. If I had to guess, that is why you came to me, correct? .... Well, let's see it then."
Okay, everyone, I might respond to private messages tomorrow, but I just got home from a double, and I work another double tomorrow. My next IC post won't be until Tuesday, and if I don't wake up early enough, I might not be able to respond to private messages until then either.


Samantha smiled at Faye's enthusiasm. "I've only been a trainer for a few weeks. I don't know if I'm qualified to give anyone advice, but if I had to say something... maybe... your Pokedex. That thing can do almost anything. You can call for rides, answer help wanted adds, and ask it questions about pretty much anything. There's even a feature where you can name your Pokedex. I named mine Izzy. Once it has a name, you can say "Hey such and such", and it will listen to anything you have to say.

"And I haven't decided what my favorite kind of Pokemon to breed are yet. I only have five Pokemon so far... Hey, you wanna have a friendly battle? How many Pokemon do you have?"


The car that arrived for Bryan was plain looking enough. It was solid white, but with the Pokemon Association's Logo on the hood of the car and on the roof. The man driving the car, stopped on the sidewalk right in front of Bryan and rolled down his window. "You Bryan, right!? I'm your ride! Hop in!"

Twenty minutes passed without much excitement or talking between the driver and Bryan. Traffic was horrible, but somehow the driver didn't seem bothered. He was a stone wall of no emotion.

The whole trip took 40 minutes, (only twenty minutes quicker than it would have been to walk). "This is you." The driver said over his shoulder. The courteous, obligatory smile on his face was fading fast.


Malcolm was literally freezing to death. His stubbornness was the only thing keeping him moving. He hardly even noticed the car pull up behind him, until the blue lights flashed, and a spotlight was on him.

"Sir." The officer spoke out of his rolled down window. "You can't be out here in this weather. You'll die." Very carefully the officer got out of his car, and another officer got out of the passenger side. "Let me take you to the station. You can stay in holding till the sun comes up." The officer was careful not to approach to quickly or seem aggressive. His body was shaking in the cold, despite many layers.

Hey, sorry for the mild delay on replying to your most recent posts. I'm currently working on things behind the scenes, like approving of two new people to join us very soon: @Entlein & @ouTland01

I'll have a post up tomorrow. :)
As a player, I hope you don't mind me talking about some of the things that I think would be fun!

Id love to turn move tutors into like quests or something interactive like that. I don't know if you've played zelda or breath of the wild, but doing little side or mini plots or missions to earn stuff like new moves or TMs would be fun!

Also, I was thinking about this... If there's a concern for pokemon knowing too many moves, maybe we could let pokemon learn however many moves they want to learn, but we could just pick four moves in battle to use? I could definitely see official league rules or something being a part of that. Or maybe its just that they only have the capacity to use four moves in battle until they've had a long rest or something? Im sort of getting my idea from dnd here, where they have something called spell slots.

(Essentially, spell slots refers to how many spells you can cast, sort of like the number of arrows in a quiver. Once you're out of spell slots you cannot cast spells from that specific spell level until you take a long rest.)

I guess I just wanted mention this because I really don't want a limit on moves we can learn, but I also realize how easily that can be abused. That said, id love if we could do something like movesets. I really think they could work!

I hope Im not coming off as rude or anything. I just wanted to be open and communicate about what I think would be engaging. Thank you for listening! :)

No offense taken.

For TMs I'd still rather have them available at Pokemarts, BUT you can earn TM vouchers from Gyms, Contests, and side quests. Indy beat Mbali back in shamba correct? That means, aside from money and a ribbon, he should have gotten a Grass TM voucher too, good for any grass-type TM at a Poke Mart.

As for move tutors, I like your idea. Move tutors will be more abundant and side quest exclusive.

I don't mind Pokemon knowing many moves. That's all up to you. Whatever feels most realistic.

At the moment, I'm going to let @iKatamalicious go next. I don't see a need to reply to that fun training post.
@Balthazar007just wanted to make a quick training post. I was wondering... will indigo and margo have chances to teach their pokemon tm moves or move tutor moves? I'd love for his pokemon to learn some moves outside their typical level ups, just so I can really get creative with appeals. xD

You can buy TMs at Poke Marts in any location, but I'd rather you do this sparingly. I'm not going to set their prices or anything, but pretend they are quite expensive, especially the stronger, more desirable ones.

There will be a move tutor introduced at some point, one in each section of Septoh actually.

PS: I liked your training post. It was a fun read.
"W-who are you? Do you read tarot cards or something?" Her eyes scanned the table for anything else besides the crystal ball and found nothing, an arched brow towards her new companion. "The whole crystal ball thing is a little over-played at this point, don't you think?"

The old woman across from Margo, wore a deep purple cloak that hid most of her features. In fact, it would almost be impossible to tell she was a woman. It was her grandmotherly voice that gave her away. "I suppose it is." The lady agreed calmly. "But this is not a crystal. It's a pearl. So it's fine... Please, have a seat." Upon saying this, the woman waved at the chair across from her, which moved on its own to allow Margo enough room to sit. "You have more pressing questions to ask. Do you not?"
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