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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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"No, Anu. We're not in Sunsay, we aren't gonna scare Liz. Yet." Slipping their Pokémon Whistle back into their utility belt, Rin's eyes gleamed as they shifted back to the Shuckle. "We are gonna catch us a pokémon though, so use Water Gun!" Opting to go more aggressive this time around Rin nodded proudly as Anusobeket lit up in excitement at the prospect of a fight before turning around to try and dowse the Rock Type.

When Totodile turned, Shuckle recognized the look in her eyes. She was about to attack. He wasn't just going to sit still and take it, no way! So he brought his head back into his shell almost all the way, reared back with this other appendages, and shot forward, using Rollout.

It was a brilliant display of rock type strength, absolutely. But it also wasn't the right call. Anu's Water Gun pounded down upon him as approached. This slowed his momentum, disoriented his sense of direction, and caused a good amount of damage all at the same time. He came to a stop a few feet away form his target, having missed wide to the right... He needed to rethink his approach.

Result: Super Soak That Oh!


Liz could not believe it, that damned Nuzleaf was nothing more than a highway robber!! Completely annoyed she huffed and went on her way, she had more important things to do than hunt down a couple berries, she knew the next town was coming up fast. She needed to get the ability to make it through that overgrowth behind her!! But taking the side of caution she called out Hephaestus to keep an eye on her back.

The shade of the forest made it difficult to tell time as Liz walked. She's been walking for a while. It was early afternoon now.

No Pokemon jumped out to say hello the whole time. As she turned another corner she came face to face with a berry tree with two ripe Wiki Berries hanging from it. It seemed as if the forest was oppologising on behalf of the Nuzleaf.

The Nuzleaf approached with extreme caution, eyes darting from Liz to Arachne. She understood, an attack from the spider would be devastating to the grass pokemon.

"I want to help if you need it, so how about I very slowly and carefully call back my Spinarak??" She very carefully reached for her pokeball to recall her Pokemon, hoping the Nuzleaf wouldn't get spooked, she kept her free hand extended to the wild pokemon. Arachne went back into it's pokeball without a fuss. "There, better?? Now show me what you have in your hand. I only wish to help." Liz said sweetly.

Nuzleaf smiled wide as if to say thank you. He held his hands up further. Liz was too tall though, she had to bend down to his level. Carefully, he began to open his hands to reveal... a leaf.......

It all happend so fast. A sudden weight fell upon Liz's backpack, and as her instincts told her to twist around, the second Nuzleaf was already running away, with a berry in each hand (1 Pecha Berry and 1 Iapapa Berry). The Nuzleaf that she had been talking to used this moment to run off into the brushes as well.

With no Pokemon ready to battle, Liz was left alone (two berries poorer).

"What's done is done. Just do better, geez," Rin spat already annoyed with their own whining. A World Champion didn't waste their time getting bent outta shape over one loss, ten losses, or even one hundred! They just learned and did better. So while Rin may not exactly be the strategic type, they knew in spades about determination. So with another blow of their whistle, Rin winced at the screeching notes, and looked forward to whatever they'd face off against next. Rin would do do better.

There was large rock at the edge of the tall grass where Rin stood. Burrowed into the side of that rock was a wild Shuckle. He heard the melody of the whistle, and crawled, just far enough to peek his head out of an opening in the rock.

He really didn't want to leave the rock; he was very adamant about that. But he just had to know what that sound was.


I see what you mean and in reference to the Rare Candy, if you direct your attention to the Characters page section you listed the items as raising one pokemon 2 levels

I did, I did! I forgot about that. lol

I got you now. ;)

"So it seems you don't want to do battle?? Is there something you want to show me?? I can help with whatever you need." She extended a hand to the Pokemon, hoping it understood she was just trying to help it. She gave a reassuring smile to help.

Nuzleaf rose to his feat and walked forward carefully. In his left hand, he appeared to have something clutched in his fist. As he approached Liz, he was sure to be aware of Spinarak's position. Finally face to face (or face to thigh, due to height) he held out his fist with his right hand covering the top of it, as if to keep whatever was inside from escaping.

So if I read that right it looks like (20-10)/2=5??


20 - (30/2) = 5

Don't forget I gave Hephaestus a rare candy that boosts her to 16, you have her as 15 on the stat sheet

And I did use the Rare Candy. It raised his level from 14 to 15. Remember, when Monferno evolved, it was because we didn't realize that he was already at a level to evolve. He was never used in that gym battle and I'm pretty sure you haven't used him since either. So he's been at level 14 for a while, and then you just now used the rare candy on him, making him 15.

Unless I'm just forgetting a battle where you used him. Give me the link to that battle, and I'll make the change.

Here's the TM/HM formula:

20TP (Starting Price)
(Move's base PP) divided by 2 (rounded up to nearest whole number)
Move's actual cost.

In the case of CUT, that means cut costs 5TP.
"Yes, yes I know I cannot go that way just yet, I want to really badly too!! Instead how about a battle with you?? I want to see how strong you are!!" She tossed a pokeball and Arachne appeared beside her. "What do you say?? One on one, if we win, you will join us.
But if you manage to knock out Arachne I will let you!!"

Nuzleaf gave Liz a confident smile before jumping out of the tree. He landed superhero style: one knee and one fist on the ground while looking down. He then raised his head dramatically. "Nuzleaf." He held eye contact with Liz, not Arachne. What this sassy, wily Pokemon was thinking, only he knew...
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