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Current New beginnings mean an end to old starts, and that is never a bad thing.
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Finger Nails or Toe Nails???
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This is my second profile on here, and I have been Play-By-Post RPing for about nine years now. I do my best to see every RP to the end or at least let my character come to his/her own dramatic conclusion when I feel like signing off. Just like novel writing in real life, I tend to find myself on long hiatuses. Since writing is a great way to work out your brain, I try stay engaged as much as possible.

My favorite genres include futuristic worlds, mysteries, and super powers. Any mixture of these three elements will peek my interest.

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@Balthazar007 Looks good. I'm guessing the darker greens are heavily forested areas and the light green are plains. The light greys and dark greys however are a bit harder for me to guess. I'm slowly building on my character in my mind but waiting for an official CS before putting him down in great detail in any one place.

How's everyone else doing in that department?

Correct on the greens. The light greys are snowy areas (wouldn't let me choose white). The dark greys are swamps/marshlands. Light grey areas without white trees are tundra biomes, with white trees are forested. There are dead trees to signify swampy areas.

Possibly interested. I'll take any excuse to make another mage.

Cool, I'll tag you when the official RP thread goes live.
I'm working on the new thread still, but here is a sneak at the world map. I used a fantasy map creator, so it's not sci-fi, but I liked the tools it offered, so I used it anyways. It gets the general ideas across. Here. Have a look...

@Renny@Spin The Wheel@Vec@Neianna86@Crimson Flame@Sanity43217
Considering an Rpers burnout is refreshing. Has this worked out in a different RP you ran?

This is the first time I'm using this method. I've ran many RPs and that seems to be the thing that kills them in the end, no clear ending or break in sight. I believe this will solve that problem.

Also, it gives new and old players clear join-in / jump-out points.
Pace & Timing

Here are the important dates to come:

Dec 2nd: The main thread for this RP goes live. I'm visiting family for a Thanksgiving, and all my responses here are from my phone. When I get back home Monday, I'll need a few days (between working and everything) to make the RP look clean and impressive. Till then, you can ask questions here and drop rough drafts of character sheets it you want. I will respond whenever I have a moment; I check in frequently.

Dec 5th: Our story will officially begin on the following Monday. I'm hoping to have a good number of characters ready to go by this time, with everyone having a clear idea of what they want to do / what they can do.

Dec 12th: Time marches on. The first week (Dec 5-11) will begin with a sunrise. All posts in that week will take place in the "morning". All posts from Dec 12th to Dec 18th will be in the "evening". Dec 19th to Dec 25th will be the "night". We won't keep track of in-world hours within this RP, only whether it is "morning", "evening", or "night".

Dec 26th to Jan 1st: Down Week. After three weeks of posts there will always be a down week, where no IC posts are allowed. This should help prevent burnout, in myself and you all. I'll still respond to OOC questions.

Jan 2nd: The next day begins. The month of January will be the following day, resuming where we left off, with the next morning. Then Jan 30th (aka the Monday that kicks off February) will start the next day.

Feb 20th to March 5th: Double Down Week. After three consecutive "days" within the RP, we will skip forward in time. This down time should be used wisely, to both recharge your writing batteries and to plan your character's next three day adventure.

Mar 6th: Let the flowers bloom. The three consecutive days we cover in December, January, and February will be in the middle of "winter" on the Sutisu and Riotifu continents and reverse (i.e. summer) for the Mutrenu continent. The three days covered in March, April, and May will be in the middle of "spring/fall" accordingly. We will follow this pattern for the entirety of the year.

I'm pretty interested. Probably going for a giant foot tribe minotaur "philosopher" who's curious about the human world...

I like that! Very cool!
@Balthazar007 I'm leaning towards someone from the poison fang tribe. I've been wanting to play some kind of snake being. Could you elaborate a little on how beastfolk use magic? Strengthening would be one aspect. Would they be able to eventually control it, like how humans do?

Yes, absolutely. But they learn spells/magic quicker if it has anything to do with their animal traits. Like, a snake person could use magic that was embude with venom. Or earth magic, if they're based on a tunneling breed of snake. Again, this is mostly up to you.

If type of magic had nothing to do with their animal traits, they can still learn it. It's just not going to come easily to them.
Do you have a char sheet with what you wish to know of the character specifically? How much free reign will you allow us concerning our specific backgrounds. Is there anything lore wise that is fixed? For example historical events, lands, appearance ect?

I will be very flexible with all these things. When the main thread goes up in a couple days, I will answer in more detail.


Ahh. My apologies, then. This is definitely not the rp for me. I do wish you the best though! You've got a very interesting concept on the table.

Thank you! And Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm leaning toward the yellow crystal. Not too sure on the specifics of his personality yet besides him being soft-spoken and decisive. Still battling with myself on the arrogant part.

I'll mark you down for the yellow crystal, and don't worry too much about the arrogant part. Lean into his decisive nature. Those that disagree with his decisions are the ones that will be calling him arrogant.
I reread the opening post. We’re expected 3 posts a week?

At least 2 a week, if you want to have a crystal. More if you can. Post length is not as important. There is nothing wrong with being a regular character, if you don't to post that much.

Mainly, since our stories will revolve around crystal holders, I want those writers to be responsive when others mention them in their posts.

However, as the blue crystal holder (the crystal of loneliness, if you will), you probably won't have lots of people trying to interact with your character.
I'll create a regular character probably. Can you talk a little about "magic" as you said in the OP? All organic beings have this "magic"?

Yes, all organic beings can use magic.

It lies dormant within humans. They must train and learn to use it (like standard wizards and such).

Beasts use it too, mostly by instinct, to enhance their normal survival mechanisms and physical prowess.

Elves are gifted in all natural elements from birth, but they can specialize in certain areas.

What exactly do you have in mind?
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