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Port Algec

Mess Hall
Tyr Fin, Everin Skye, Roose Tadmoore, Nathanial Hesse

Nathan loved the fact he had such high praise from an older soldier was a good sign for him, and an Armen as well. Having him call him his grace was a bit much, he wasn't a Hessen but its been forever since he was called such a name. When they joined the Empire such tiles like Grace, King, Prince were no longer used in Hesse to represent his family as the crown was politically destroyed and the kingdom shattered into smaller administration zone, it was easier to control them that way.

"Well, it a pleasure to meet you as well, wish I was here a tad earlier, been forever since I had proper meat." Nathan said who showed his dismay as they were feasting on to him the most divine meal in half a decade, it was also depressing to here Skye have trouble figuring out what she was calling her meal and had to correct her, "Its a steak Skye. Pork chop is from pigs, boars may look like pigs but pigs don't have the meat to have steak cuts like boars do. And if you want to compare kill counts, you would find your count woefully under mine Skye."

He was a fighter, a soldier, an assassin, he was sent to battlefields were the fighting was the most brutal "Your skills as a pilot are well known even out in Gol, but there is a reason I was top dog in combat out there" it brought him back to the days were he would run wild, stalk the enemy commanders and cause havoc behind enemy lines before the true assault would start. Some would say his kill count was a bit over blown, about two hundred. Of course plenty of them were surprised enemies who had no chance to form a defense and them them apart.

"But I hate to say it and laugh it up, I'm woefully underprepared for space combat. Three training missions is what I have underneath my belt, hate to say it but I might be a bit outmatched by those who have had experience in space. Also yes I will be deployed in the HMT, thing moves like butter in space compared to terrestrial combat." They were more sensitive as well, without gravity he has to be be more conservative with his movements mainly the HMT's main thrusters, a single mistake and he is flailing in space for a few seconds to re-adjust himself. It was something he would need to work on if they were going to be facing any Canners or Ghosts, thankfully his last training mission he did great, or so he thought not a single crash or unintended thrust.

"Also Skye, I saw what you did to that one guy in a nice outfit, what did he do to have you bash his head open? Did he fuck with your machine? Did he comment on your legs?" he was curious and had to know, also not to mess with the poster girl.

Port Algec

Mess Hall

As he left he made his way towards the Mess hall as he hasn't had anything since breakfast and wanted to get something to eat before launch. When he entered, he noticed the smell of something he hasn't had in years, meat, cooked meat, real meat, and ran towards the table. Sadly for him they had just ran out of easily prepared meat and would take too long to get one prepared for him so he went with something hand held for his lunch as he didn't want to waste too much time with something that required a utensil and went with a sandwich with vegetables. It wasn't the best food but it would do better then that "Meat" they were serving and left the line as he looked around for a place to sit and maybe sulk over his bad luck.

While he was searching he noticed that Skye was with some guys, they both looked older then her. They seemed to be having a good time, well at least her and the older Armen guy. The man with the headphones seemed like he was serious, or it was his resting expression he couldn't tell. He was also extremely jealous that they got the meat, even though it was charred it still smelt divine in his nose. God when was the last time he had a meal that good? Too long and he missed his chance to enjoy himself with good food before the mission briefing, this was turning out to be a bad day to be him right now. He would hope that getting out into combat would lighten up his mood up significantly though.

He looked over the tables and decided he would crash Skye's party and joined them in their conversation sitting down next to Tyr, "So is this were the cool kids sit Skye? Carius Nathanial Hesse, its a pleasure to meet you two as well." he said introducing himself before taking a bite out of his sandwich, it was crunchy and dry, he wished he had gotten water as well.

Port Algec

George Eltz's Office

Nathan the ton in the General's voice, yeah he did it again, foot up in the mouth. He needs to work on that still, which is funny he had ten years to work on this but there are still times where his pride and upbringing still show through. He straighten up realizing his mistake that was his mouth and listened to every word the general said as he nodded in confirmation. But best not to tell him about the guy in the infirmary, let him find out about it himself.

"I will be there sir, and I won't let you or my commander down." He said plainly as he got up and saluted the general and took his last statement as a sign that he was dismissed. He turned around to leave the general's office, opening the door he let out a silent sigh on how poorly he read then room, he figured this was informal and let his les professional side through, have some fun. He forgot who he was in the room was with, and it backfired on him.

'Oh well, at least it was better then being chewed out verbally, but best not push it any further.' as he left the office he noticed a man waiting in a seat outside the Generals office, must be here to see the general as well.

"You're here to see the General? He should be free to talk." he said as he kept the door open to allow them in before leaving the admin building.

Port Algec

George Eltz's Office
George Eltz, Nathaniel Hesse

Nathan was quiet for a moment as he sat down, he thought about what the general said. He felt comfortable about this mission for the most part, he wouldn't admit it but he has some butterflies in his stomach, this is completely new for him and would be a bit anxious if it wasn't for the liquor. But he can trust the Eltz to put together a team of the best the empire has to offer, after all he is here how could they not be the best? Nathan found pumping himself up or feeding his own ego helped keep his cool and his head straight.

"Besides a lack of experience, not really anything that I can think of that could hold me back from preforming my duty. Besides you asked for me, you know my record, I do my job and I do it well. But if you think I can't handle this I can go with my dad back to Gol and kick their asses across the snow wastes. But you want me here, me and my HMT for this incursion into space."Nathan leaned back in his seat and copied Eltz's posture putting his own arms behind his back. He always wants to impress and his language always reassuring if not selfish, he has gone through nearly a decade of war how could he not feel a sense of pride? He is a perfect example of a soldier in the field, a monster in combat, and a great officer...or he thought he would be. The commanders never let him command any mobile suit teams primarily because of how he waged war, apparently they didn't have any other MS that could keep up with him and never gave him a command. A shame, if they had five of him then the war in Gol would have ended years ago.

"I trust you to choose a great commander to lead me and whoever else is in this premiere squad for this Space Force of yours. And, out of the goodness of my heart I will be the greatest squamate he shall have.... But if he gets himself killed because he is a moron, I call dibs for the squad leader position." Nathan said in good humor with a smile on his as he repositioned himself in a more dignified posture. Even in the presence of a general where he should be the most professional he tends to be lax and humorous.

Port Algec Barracks->George Eltz's Office

Over in the barracks nearby the hangers were two men, one an old man whose blonde hair had started to grey and the other a young adult whose blonde hair was more vibrate compared to the older Hessen. The room was sparse, everything in the room was furnishes supplied by the military, the main things that popped out in the room was a German forged short-sword and a reproduction acoustic guitar. The two men were talking with a bottle of scotch and two shot glasses between them.

"Are you sure you want to do this son? Going into outer space is a great honor and all but I don't wanna lose you to something up there if I can help it" The old Legate Fredrich Hesse asked his son and hopeful successor to his Position to Legate Nathanial Hesse. His Father was proud of such a move towards something prestigious like the Beloth Space force, but never liked the fact that leaving Earth Atmosphere could be so dangerous. He by no means was a dumb man but his studies never involved aerospace engineering or advanced physics and looked suspicious to the old King.

"I'm doing this Father, if this get my military career kickstarted in high gear under General Eltz, I'll do it. Mind you I don't like working under a commoner whose younger then me but he has some experience in space so I'll have to deal with that." He paused to take a drink of scotch from his shot glass, it was a good burn.

"And besides aren't you underestimating my skills Father? I know you worry about me but its gonna be a milk run compared to Gol or Arman, and if there are anyone up there that wants to kill us I think I can take them with the HMT. The Nerds in Intelligence say it operates more smoothly in space so I get to use it at its full potential," Nathan loved the fact his father was still loving even though he is pushing him to even higher heights then his own, as well as try to find a girl to find and marry, something to worry about later"Also your training has gotten me through thick and thin, Its time to see if it will serve me well in space."

"I've been told on multiple occasions, I've been keeping an eye on your career young Lion, your arm hasn't been bugging you much?" Referring to his sons arm injury some years ago. Nathan stretched his scarred arm like it was nothing,

"Like nothing happened, the doc said it was sheer luck that the shrapnel damage wasn't permanent, and the help of modern medical technology. But enough about me how's the homestead? The girls miss me since after my medical leave?"After his tour he was put on medical leave and was given the ability to go home to recover.... It was overwhelming as he hadn't seen his family in a few years and his sisters greedily hogged him for most of his time to catch up.

"The girls miss you the most and hope that you can come home soon as Maya Recently got engaged and sends her regards and best wishes that you join for the wedding next Spring."

Nathan was ecstatic for his younger sister, she may have been the youngest of the three but seemed to be "Good for her, is it that nice young Regular Trooper I saw you evil eying when I was there?" the old Hessen nodded solemnly, he may have not thought the man was good enough for his girl but understood their relationship was pure. The young Hesse chuckled and checked his watch, "Can't have everything go the way you want... Oh crap I got to meet up with the General. Father its been a pleasure to see you again"he stood up and saluted his father who returned it by lifting a glass to his son,

"Take care son, oh and tell the General thanks for allowing me to visit." Friedrich stood up and hugged his son as he opened the door and the two left the unit and headed outside the barracks before the two went their separate ways.

When Nathan left the heat hit him pretty hard as he wasn't used to the humidity and higher temperature of the Mediterranean. What caught his eyes as he walked over towards the Admin building was some medics stretching an fancifully dressed man with bandages on his head which made him chuckle and had to ask what happened. He ran up to the medics who were focusing on transporting their injured cargo towards the Infirmary and he asked the question that has seemed to be on minds before him

"What happened to this guy here? Looks to well dressed to be out here." Nathan asked curious, the medics just sighed in annoyance as they really didn't need to answer stupid questions right now.

"Ask Skye, she did this to him. Now if you don't mind Carius I need to get this man to the Infirmary." The medic said plainly as they kept going nearly being hit by a muddy vehicle which caused the Carius to flinch in sympathy, last time he was in a stretcher was in the heat of war and those guys were bad-asses being cool and collected getting him out of the battle lines. Hearing Skye caused a head injury to such nicely dressed guy made him laugh and had to hear the story on that one, but first he needs to see the General before heading to the chow hall which was nearby. In front he saw the same dirty jeep he saw nearly run over some medics. As he got closer he noticed an object in the jeep, an animal carcass? Questions for later.

The young Lion entered the main building which has seen better days of course but wasn't ramshackle like certain buildings he has been in. He made his way towards Eltz's office, when he arrived he knocked on the door before opening and getting back into focus "Sir, Carius Hesse of Delta Team Reporting!" saluting his superior and commanding officer.




Carius Mobile Suit Pilot

Hesse-Beloth Empire-Natural Human

Driven, sarcastic, prideful, Competitive, aggressive. Smooth talker, party animal, brawler.

Known Features:
Short blonde high and tight hair. Scar on his left arm which he got from shrapnel during his first tour of duty in Armen during a counter attack against barbarians.

He got a tattoo of his family's Military Crest before it was integrated into the empire located on his right shoulder blade, a Lion.

while in Hesse he would where his best clothing a councilor could afford in current fashion, nothing fanciful or load, but stylish. Otherwise he is either in military fatigues, or Pilot suit. While he isn't in fatigues he has a short-sword for protection, a gift from his father for when he joined the military.

Born in the homeland his surname is named after, Hesse which was known for its strong military that it would use as a mercenary state and at times was seen as the major player which made it the richest kingdom in the region. At its peak in had its own small Mobile Suit Army as it gained them trough conquest and payment for the service Hesse provided. Nathan was born right after they were integrated into the empire, which they did peacefully, as they saw the benefits of joining the empire and negotiated a deal that they would have their army stay in the Region as they knew it better and could keep the peace for the empire.

His Father Fredrich was the "King" of Hesse, military dictator sounded more appropriate for his position. He Lead the country's military while his mother Leina was a local governor he married as a political marriage, it proved to be a health relationship giving birth two four children, Nathan and three daughters. She became her husband's advisor, when they joined the empire she became the regions Councilor while Fredrich became the Legate.

Nathan got the best training he could get when it came to military training, his father. When Nathan was growing up style his father taught him much to become a soldier, military theory, combat, weapons and mobile training and maintenance. His father hoped one day he could be as great of a leader as he was if not better, which Nathan took to heart.

Nathan's time in military started out rough as he was taken to Armen, which meant constant combat as the city was attacked often. He lead a squad of infantry thanks to his prior military training as he showed the most potential in leadership. He made his promotion out of squad leader during a large enemy assault on Armen. He joined in an empire counter attack where he was ordered to break through the enemy lines so they can open up another front in the assault.

He took his squad and infiltrated enemy lines that weren't heavy and made his way into an enemy camp where he spied a mobile suit, an old ZAKU I. He hijacked the Zaku and thanks to his fathers training able to pilot it and surprise the enemy by opening fire on them. It took them some time before realizing his was not an ally and opened fire on him. With their efforts fully on him he had to bail from the Mobile were shrapnel was lodged into his arm. Luckily some of his surviving squamates were able to pull him out of danger as his carnage opened a new front imperial counter attack.

After some recovery time he was transferred to the Gol front where thanks to his family they got him a mobile suit delivered to him, the GINN HMT. Piloting it showed skills in Mobile suit piloting from his youth and excelled in the machine's form of combat, melee combat. Once he joined the front lines of Gol he used the same tactics during the Armen campaign, break through and battlefield assassination through targets of opportunity and decapitation of enemy officers. With his skills in combat and his family emblem he gained the code-name Lion.

After a time in the eastern front he was transferred into the new Space Operations as his skills and machine were sought after for space combat. He needed time to acclimate to the new Zero-Gravity environment he wasn't used to, when he finished his training he was transferred to Delta squad under Centurion Tyr Fin.

Soldier, Close Range Mobile suit pilot, Battlefield Assassin. Decent swordsman, he is not a duelist but he can use it as self defense. And if he doesn't have any weapons he is a good brawler.


Mobile: Suit Ginn HMT (High Mobility Type)
Acoustic Guitar
Tickets: G- S- C-
Gothic Style short sword
Cool, I was curious and wanted some things cleared up for me so I should have the character done soonish thanks for the answer.
Hey Does the Empire have lower nobility? I assume the Empire have some sort of Royal Family, but how big or a lower class of Nobility? Thinking of making my Character a lower Noble and if so does it follow the Count, Duke, and the such nobility Ranks or something else entirely?
Then GINN high mobility type just screams “Char Clone” to me for a character.
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