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Miles Rockbell

Training Grounds

The sound of Miles' boots hitting the dirt of the training grounds was a vicious cycle in how it bored his senses to the point of almost falling to sleep while they jogged. Being one of few males in his house had the unpleasant benefit of having all the heavy lifting and rigorous movement tossed onto him. So he was no slouch, but that didn't stop this exercise from being a drag on his body and mind. Not to mention there were the higher ranking officers watching from the sidelines that would give a harsh glare the moment Miles showed any signs of slacking off. This hostility most certainly had something to do with him fidgeting at the ceremony earlier. "I really didn't bother to think too far ahead did I?" he thought to himself with a self-deprecating smirk on his lips.

Miles, seeking someway to escape this reality for a moment, turned to his fellow punished Cadets. From what he had gathered, their names were Gabriel, Rogers, Ezra and Grant. There didn't seem to be any common theme for why Charles had pointed them out. Just a case of random bad luck. With nothing left to go off of, Miles spoke without hesitation after listening in on Gabriel and Grant's conversation, "Yeah, having a goal at the finish line helps. But, lets be real for a moment, it's pretty outrageous for us to be thinking about goals right?" Miles couldn't help but give off a small and short chuckle after that remark. As he had expected, his comment hadn't been one met with agreement.

That being the case, as Rogers had spoken up next "H- hey, just what are you trying to get at?". The uncertainty in Roger's tone brought some entertainment to Miles, who he answered without much delay,

"All I'm getting at is that a long-term goal is for someone who doesn't think they're going to die tomorrow. To keep sane and push yourself that's all fine and dandy, but as (soon-to-be)soldiers we don't know when our time is up." Despite the topic at hand, Miles spoke those words as if he were simply commenting on the weather.

"Is that really the kind of depressing thing you should be talking about on the first day!?" Spouted out Rogers in concern. Miles' eyes shifted to the side. He understood that way of thinking could be considered gloomy but to him.....

"I like to think of it as being realistic. Maybe having a big goal just isn't good enough to motivate somebody. As an alternative I say we should focus on short-term goals. The type of goals that you have from day-to-day. That way even if you bite the dust tomorrow, you'll be satisfied from having completed the goal previously. Get what I'm sayin'?" Miles wasn't entirely sure if they got the picture or not, as he paused to let his gospel sink in.

"You sure talk a lot,...." Roger finally said hesitantly as the sweat from their workout became more and more apparent.

"Really? I didn't notice. Anyway, here's my goal for today; to talk to atleast one of the cute girl cadets. So what about the rest of you guys? Think of this as an exercise to help bond with your fellow unlucky cadets..." To that little speech, Miles' eagerly awaiting their responses while trying to take his mind off their tiring jog.

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Miles Rockbell

Training Grounds

Miles assumed the same position as everyone else within his class. Well, at first anyways. Every so often he would make small movements here and there. At times he needed to scratch something, or maybe straighten out his foot inside his boot. Oh and there was a creek in his neck that he absolutely needed to stretch out. And who could blame him for chuckling a bit at Roger getting teased?

Well that would be the advisers who's unpleasant glares we're almost burning a hole into Miles. Perhaps he didn't notice them considering how humid it was. All this stiffness just wasn't for this young lad. Going into the military was his plan but actually going through the academy was a thing he dreaded. So just like with life in general, he decided not to stress about it too much.

Although, that may have bitten him in the butt. As perhaps it was because of his small movements that he caught the wondering eye and finger of Charles. In other words, he was going to have to do some extra exercises after all of this. 'Ah well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. I don't know if I'll be able to take it easy here if guys like those two (Charles and Maurer) are around', Miles thought to himself, his demeanor still relaxed while holding onto his posture. There was nothing personal he felt about the matter, that was just the way misfortune worked.

He had figured to himself that the point of all this was to test the waters with each of these potential soldiers. That may be the case but he did find their instructor's verbal decimation of his fellow cadets rather amusing. So much so that a smirk slid across his face as he waited.

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Hamazura Ginshi
[Super Highschool Level Judo Master]

Ever the patient and receptive person that he was, Ginshi didn't interject much despite their possible impending doom. However, his receptive nature allowed him to have some keen intuition. That focus of his, happened to zero-in on Aurel's statement. "...I see,..Chikako huh. It's funny you say that, Aurel." The martial artist rubbed the back of his neck. Just what made Aurel think the blackened was Chikako? Ginshi had a feeling that he knew why, or at least partially.

"If I recall, there are multiple sets of CDs in your Lab, Chikako. I wouldn't be surprised if those CD pieces came from there. Sure, they could have gotten it from somewhere else but if the killer wanted a CD of all things, the obvious strike would be your lab that comes to mind first," The boy declared without hesitation. He assumed they were for Rhythm Games, but he didn't know too much about them. Is there still a chance he could have her teach him about this after the Trial? Putting that aside, he returned to the topic, "Now I can anticipate your next attack, you're going to say that the labs are accessible everyone and not just you. Well that would be true, but there's this odd maneuver this blackened threw out,..."

The Judomaster looked at and stretched his fingers before continuing on, "The Blackened tried to frame our little Maiya over here by putting the CD case in the lab of her trash bin. If they wanted to get rid of it, they could of just thrown it in the lake, but they didn't. But, why frame Maiya? The only reason would be to turn suspicion away from Chikako, whose lab the CD belonged to. And if you say they're trying to frame you, then why not just put the CD case in your trash bin instead? See where I'm getting at here?"

Ginshi spoke on in his usual laid-back and proud manner. "But I'm sure our Ultimate Thief has a more solid reason than even I do,"
Hamazura Ginshi
[Super Highschool Level Judo Master]

"Hold it right there, Snow" Ginshi interjected with a stern tone of voice. The martial artist lifted his hand gently as he continued to speak,"Yukimori wouldn't do something like that, I just know, but more importantly, she's my partner," It was after that when Ginshi looked over at Yukimori, as if to reaffirm his assessment of the girl.

"After all this ME we're talking about here. I would have noticed if she were doing anything strange." Soon enough, he turned his attention back to Snow. "Besides, her and I were outside at the back behind the cabins last night. So she was too busy to try anything," assured of his abilities as always, Ginshi did not waver in his declaration as he put on a smile.

"Our personalized labs are accessible for all. So any one of us could have went in there to take whatever they wanted. Just like Izo said, there are more suspects." The Judo master finally explained while scanning around at the other students around him. Then lastly, his eyes landed back on the one at the center of discussion, Yukimori, "But, I'm not the hero of justice here. I've learned that it's most important for someone to help themselves. All I can do is support, so let them hear what you have to say Yukimori Maiya!"
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