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Current So of course it's the beginning of the month so we don't have internet. Wonderful.
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Update to those I RP with I told you he doesn't ever tell you when he hasn't paid the bill. So that's the issue
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I'm getting sick of our constant unreliable net. I was never the guy without net
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Woke up to having no internet. I don't know if it will correct itself out or I'm just stick with no net for awhile
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Discord, Imgbb, Twitter, Pinterest, GwentDB, and other random websites are still not working. But Google Docs, Google, Facebook, Youtube, and the Guild still work. Is still my situation.
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@Akayaofthemoon thanks, but i guess i can't access it anymore. can someone please pass me a link?

So, there will be some changes to this RP, I will be rebooting the RP. But I have also kicked you from the discord, as your computer issues have continually been extended further and further I didn't exactly know when you were available. Other members such as Polaris and Neo have also been kicked. You're more than welcome to join the reboot. However, I am not on the Guild. My OOC is more for organizational purposes for CS. I just host the IC on the Guild and the CS. I prefer discord as my main method of contact, and thus I require discord for my RPs.
Name: Cheshire

Nickname: Chess

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown



Likes riddles and puzzles. Talks in riddles. Is a prankster and mischievous in nature.


Oldest Wonderland member. May have existed before Wonderland. No one knows where he has come from. Likes Alice because she was the only person who understood him. Now without Alice he is alone.
Just want to throw something out there, if folks want a Code, per Jest rule and what not come talk to me. I have no qualms about someone coming up and discussing with me details. Because there's somethings our profiles would have to share and diving into the Codes relationships with each other.
@AngelofOctober I wonder how a Code compares to an AI, aside from the fact that AIs are created manually and aren't technically sentient life.

Think the movie Weird Science. 3D Printed Data.

Race: Codes/Code

Job: Engineer - though I want to make a distinction between Rem and an Engineer who works on wires and parts. For the most part, Rem's primary function is an internal engineer with the ship's software and inner technology.

Somewhere out there is a machine they simply call The Xerox. It is not seen as a God nor is it seen really as a parent. Though The Xerox became aware of itself and gained some form of sentience. It desired what humanity had, the ability to have family, connections and relationships. They say The Xerox stores whatever junk or deleted data and reprints it into a being. Some humans question whether this being is even considered sentient or living. They seem to be alive, they seem to be human, they aren’t necessarily digital data, but they don’t necessarily have human biology either. They don’t reproduce, they don’t age, they don’t require food or sleep. Yet, they have desires, a sense of self awareness, what seems like complex emotions and a sense of self identity. Codes as they are called are a fascinating wonder of science and unexplainable creation.

Codes have a physical body, well it seems physical, though instead of having flesh like humans their bodies seem to have a strip of data as body. Almost like looking at a motherboard with human parts. Though most Codes find ways to synthetically modify their data to appear to have some skin. And later forms created by The Xerox have more and more human like skin seemingly being made, however, most can still faint blue veining from even the most human looking Code. Most of the Code’s personality is determined on their own. Like children they go out and gain new experiences in which they adopt into their personal memory banks.

Which brings in certain unique features for to the Codes alone. Most do not have limited memory like a human being might. For a Code, not only can they have internal memory the way another lifeform might have stored inside their head. It also seems Codes are capable of storing their memory in external sources, usually that’s the way a human might store their data from computer to computer. Via USB, or via other electronic devices that act as an external hardware for the Codes.

They have the ability to upload themselves physically or merely through their conscious into the networks of other electronic devices. Though are susceptible to all invasive software prevention techniques, such as virus killing software, and can be deleted with. Though it is in the internal network Codes modify themselves, using what they have learned to extend their further development. They may change their accessory appearance, not their core appearance. What that means is they cannot change their face, height, or core features. But can change things like hairstyle, clothing, eye color, and what not within the network.

It also seems while they may be physically susceptible to trojan software or could be deleted alongside other data inside a computer. Codes are immune to hacking. It seems whatever data has created them is nearly as complex as human DNA, and not as simple to crack as merely hacking into a Code.

One final feature is that most Codes take jobs in tech positions. Some Codes have been able to better manage electronic companies, ships, by incorporating bits of themselves into the software the company, ship, etc. uses.

Codes themselves are not immortal. Not only can they be deleted within the computer’s network that they sovereign. But Codes despite not possessing a heart or have blood, can be killed. People have seen Codes get shot or blasted, breaking into pieces of binary bits. Some have been melted. Though a Code can be fixed from mild to moderate injuries through their external hardware.

Age: Ageless - Appears 19 or so

Gender: Genderless - Male



He’s a pirate? He doesn’t seem to be what you’d picture for a pirate. Not the way he’s dressed. Though what does a pirate wear? An outfit made of edge?

Attachment 1: Basic Skin

Bodysuits seem to be a very popular type of outfit among people who work on ships. I am still wondering their actual practical use, unless it’s merely out of laziness. Putting on pants in zero gravity can be difficult, maybe the functionality came in the fact it isn’t in pieces. Comes in black or white. Though I wonder if my wardrobe needs a bit more color to it.

Attachment 2: Practical Travel

Sometimes when you travel bodysuits aren’t what people wear. Mysterious characters wear cloaks or even coats with hoods, so I added one of those. White with green trim will make me look less like a shady character. Shady people prefer lots of black. If I choose white it makes my concealment less obvious. Black seems less scary when accuentated by softer color cues such as green and white, which gives me a soft, graceful appearance. I have decided to add a braid to my hair to give me a more flamboyant look, the more effeminate you look the more people will less be driven to attack you on your travels. The eyepatch was for mysterious affects.

Attachment 3: Cold Weather

Some places are cold and therefore sometimes you have to dress according to the visual cue of snow. That’s what this outfit is for. It portrays someone innocent, a child like demeanor means I pose no threat to anyone if someone wants to harm me on the road. This outfits portray innocence fairly well and child like sensibilities.

Attachment 4: Extravagant

Not everyone is going to be from the same place. Maybe I am an aristocrat. Maybe I am someone important. Or maybe I come from another planet. This outfit is inspired by elements that answer those questions. People are likely to not see you as a bad person if you’re dressed in a certain matter. Here I channel an exotic, but fairly angelic look. The powder blue and the white conceal my intentions if I have any. I have chosen to keep my eyes the way they appear in online mode to give me some intimidation factor and have shortened my hair to shoulder length to keep the air of nobility I exude.

Core Features:

Height - 5’7”, 170cm

Build - Lithe

Hair Color - Silver

Eye Color - Variant green, blue, sclera

Data Sequence - 4998586054 - 8QFZghFedBZVgBKD

Passcode - *****************

Recognized Rem - Online

“I’ve recognized the problem with this world for a long time, the Xerox believes you are the answer and I perceive you as the flaw. You lack any unison. It is ironic that you seek individuality, but survive better in groups. Look at any city, any town, any planet, any form of government. Those are not individuals, they are people mirroring what the other says in order to be popular, liked and safe. But then you reject the notion. You are a broken and dysfunctional group. With no unifying banner. Thusly people do whatever they please because they have no real cause to their existence. Is this some declaration that I will wipe you out of existence? No. I find you a source for amusement.”

Rem as he appears in the computer or in the network or some form of software.

Comprehensive Personality Information [CPI]:

First let’s clear somethings up, I am not some robot who’s brain works with little beeps and flashing lights, nor do I upload personality into my brain like a little USB. My personality is merely stored in an external memory bank that allows me to revisit core ideas and experiences the way you would recall memories. What shapes my personality is what shapes yours, through experiences, and the influences I acquired. Unlike you though, I have more control over what I want to delete as core information and what I want to keep.

While most of my personality is formed by a recollection of memories, I have a few core features that I cannot seem to access. These core traits are likely due to the resulting data string that created me. These traits are not often fixable, nor am I allowed to readjust them. Another distinguishing factor between me and a AI. I can act AI like, but that doesn’t mean I share anything in common with them.

Core Traits -

My core traits are more like what people would say is instinct in other species. I am not necessarily in control of most of my instincts. They are things I do naturally for self preservation as all species do, They are innate survival and social mechanism that allow me the ability to observe and connect with my environment in the way I do.

As Codes we are inquisitive, a part of what drives us to seek experiences and new environments, and that allows us the open minded to seek out new influences is our inquisitive nature. We often have a self aware intuition that helps us at least pin point where an adjustment needs to be made within ourselves. In order for self improvement and betterment of ourselves.

We also have imprinting behaviors that allow us to seek other figures of authority and those we determine are source of valuable information. We use this imprinting behavior to learn social norms and acceptable forms of behavior provided by the group that we are currently involved with. As well we have behavioral failsafes that encourage seeking other experiences and activities.

Unlike an individual we have the ability to tailor our behavior, but that tailoring comes from the ability that we have seeking behavior that encourages us to seek out new activities and experiences. Our brains are wired in a way to accept knowledge and our intuition tells us when to seek another group and imprint onto another leader or authority figure. Unlike an individual we don’t necessarily hold onto the concept that a certain belief, idea, or experience is the only experience to be had.

User-Replicated Traits -

URT are traits we have imprinted and adopted from our personal experiences. Though there is a bit of personal choice as to what traits we would like to seek. I have had a preference for hedonistic nature. Decisions based on quick fixes for pleasure, and permanent life decisions based on temporary decisions. That doesn’t mean I haven’t sought comforting skills as well. Ones with less negative connotations. Nor ones with more substance. I feel like a balanced personality is one with flaws, and one with positives.

Agreeable +

Even in the worlds that I have explored it seems people prefer agreeable people. Thus I have adjusted a replication of agreeableness that doesn’t make me come off too much of a pushover, then you lose respect from others, but one that makes it easy for me to go along with certain task or duties without much fuss.

Ambitious 0

In the lucrative world’s I have seen, I have seen ambition be praised. If you want to get somewhere in the world, then you must have the drive and purpose to do so. If success is your goal, than you take every step to gain that success. Those who lack ambition never get very far and are treated with disrespect. I learned though that some people mistake ambition as arrogance and some people really frown upon ambitious people.

Devious 0

I am not human and I am well aware I am not human. I am self aware enough to know that some people don’t think I am a person. So sometimes you need to create traits that will protect you from those who may seek to harm you. A defense mechanism is the technical term. I am a devious and play up my natural perceived Code naivety. This makes others see me less as a threat. Some might find this a bad thing to do and say I am being dishonest, others can respect and understand the reasons why I chose to protect myself from harm.

Loyal +

People like to know they can rely on you. It is a balancing act between being ambitious and being loyal. You can’t be too ambitious that it strikes the ire of those whom you deem allies, but just enough that they encourage you without realizing they are elevating your status. Being loyal to others gains you perks in the long run. Thus you have to sacrifice a bit of self individuality by being loyal to others, so that way they may see you as someone they can trust.

Manipulation -

This one is a bad one, people don’t like when you manipulate them. But I find the trait necessary in order to get the things you want and not have others notice the things that you want. It’s not a nice thing to manipulate your allies and those that have earned your trust and loyalty, however, sometimes it is a necessary evil. Especially when it comes into play of self preservation. In truth every person I have met has some form of ulterior motive, whether or not they express it outwardly.

Mischievous -

Sometimes I like games. But these games other people don’t necessarily like to play with me. They describe this behavior as mischievous. I found it important that I should have a mischievous trait to my negative actions instead of a cruel one or an aggressive one. It allows me to continue to play up the naivety of my personality better than if I went out in an opposite direction.

Creative +

People honor those that have creative ideas, and like those who can think outside the box. It is important that you provide creative solutions in situations that require them. Therefore I am creative at solving problems. But also people like those who can do creative things that are artistic. So I have taken up being artistic as well. It makes me seem less like a threat in the end. Some people may grow envious of your creative ideas though, so it's best you don’t show off your creative skills all the time.

Naive 0

While naturally Codes come out naive to the world. I think it is important to underst and keep the trait around, because it makes you less a target to people who might find your otherwise behavior appalling. Naivety means you can feign ignorance to things you can be quite aware of. By keeping the trait around as an adoptable one I can always remember what it feels like and understand its nature in order to make it more believable to others. Some people will obviously be annoyed by this trait and it can have the opposite effect on some, they may think you need to be babysitted and treat you like a child. But you cannot expose your self awareness, even in these circumstances. Others will provide you knowledge and say too much believing you don’t understand.

Some notes; while most of Rem’s personality is merely artificial to simulate traits that make up an individual. It should be noted that Rem has a very disillusioned view about life, something about spending his time around criminals and trying to figure out the darkest parts of the world’s negativity has left him somewhat disillusioned from Xerox’s goal which he questions. And his true colors can be quite cold, logical. It might expose that he is in fact someone aware of the things he’s doing in the attempts to deceive others.
Taking an engineer position.
@Zoey White

-You didn't have a PC
-Akay didn't have internet
-Leon is going through some family issues
-Neo has net issues

It hasn't slowed down, people are unable to access the RP at current. I plan to update the RP, when You get back, Akay gets back, and Leon gets back.

Any ordinary person probably would have heard about the Orphans searching for the Dark Witch and thought it a joke. He too is still certain this is all a practical joke or some prank. Especially considering a few things, people were still unsure if the Dark Witch even existed. Some crazy, powerful witch, gets through the barrier, tricks the Clementine family and takes their Golden Set and fucks off for eighty years. Why had she not done anything with the set? Why had she vanished with the tea set as well? Talking about jokes is this group. First, managing to not inspire any confidence in himself or his skills is the youngest a half vampire. Oh what is his name again, chicken, no, he had a name name, scaredy cat, close. Oh right Archibald.

Out of the group he seemed the least experienced. Without combat experience and with his magic still develop, Valeo had no faith in Archibald’s skills. It probably take being melted, or burned, or some other kind of horrible tragedy to get his brain the mental fitness it required to survive the forest. Especially these forest. In truth he isn’t entirely sure they are ready for the challenge at hand. Rumor has it that the Crystal Grove had recently been taken over by a Bearon by the name Hallbjörn. By recently, give a take a year or two.

It is the ultimate challenge for this group of kids. There is Noble number 2, what’s her name, Rhaya, someone who has the face that shares remarkable resemblance to a doll girls would play with. Yet, has the muscular tone of a boy. He prefered to call her Girl Francis because of it. She prefered he did not. With all that said she and three of others of the group had some talent. He would never tell that to their face. Less they get a big head.

Prissy Pants suited Francis better than Francis. And sometimes if he felt like being respectful, he addressed him as Majesty. Is probably the most qualified out of this group, though for someone with remarkable balance, you’d think to yourself, now here is a guy who is going out wearing what could possibly also be his funeral clothes. With instructions that say, just sew up the holes, this coat is probably more than this funeral. He have some exciting magic up his sleeve. Instead it is the same trick, done differently enough that you’re only half asleep when he’s casting instead of full asleep.

If he didn’t know any better of this world, he’d probably say Bird Girl is the weirdest thing he ever seen. How a bird and a human ever did the naughty together to create her would be the strangest thing this world could ever conduct. Unfortunately that joke did not last long when he knew exactly what Astraea is,a Half Celestial. The same twisted, cursed bloodline, yet they were erecting Half Celestial statues up under the name of purity. Half Celestials were used as the design for twats who believed they were speaking under the guise of virtue. Order of Purity more like Order of Pricks.

Furry rat Maybell is not living up to her true potential. Staring at the opossum of illusions and trickery magic, who liked puzzles, and is tiny enough to fit into spaces. She’d probably make a bandit very happy. The deadliest tool they could utilize was a small fuzzy creature. Perhaps it break her delusional fantasies of her home or the people that once loved her. Break her little psyche and she’d come out of it tougher, maybe some spikier hair, a leather collar to replace her pink scarf and a bald patch of fur with a tough looking tattoo to establish her role.

The only person that bothered him is Sítheach. Too many things did not add up with him.There isn’t really a joke he could make that would make the situation better. He had his theories, after all it is Conveniently Lost his Memories and looking for them back that has them stuck here. Well he’s the one who planted the idea to Francis about even looking for the tea set. Suspicious much. If Valeo knew anything about lies and manipulation it is that he is very good at them and Sítheach got something to hide. Exactly what that is theories were possible. His main theory right now is that he needs virgin orphan blood for some dark ritual and needed to lure them out of the city. Crystal Grove a pretty nice place for said blood ritual, got get rid of the Bearon first. Then at least the rest would die with a nice view of a rainbow.

Certain the ritual required a dead language and probably drawing some crude magical rune in the dirt, with grooves to allow the blood to run from the wood of the trees into the earth. Because ancient fae and earth stuff.

Magnar had been sent ahead of the group earlier this morning when all the kids were prepping for the trip. One or another he would get out of this. It is not like he isn’t grateful for “Grammy” Sweet Tooth, more or less death is death and it is the future of life. Everything will rot and go back into the ground. If the Orphans were smart they would have taken the chance to die by surviving and learning how to live on their own. Or get into that nice school if they could bare their face being mauled off. This seemed like an extreme leap in most of their capabilities. Make her a nice card, a sad poem, a sad song, say goodbye, host a party. But sacrifice for your life for someone else who barely did the same for you. The actions were not quite equal. Gertrude never threw her body into the line of fire for them. Never took an arrow for them. Why they chose to waste their lives on this little adventure baffled him.

Better to book it now. Less the likelihood of dying sooner than later. Sítheach mentions something about his memories and the key looking familiar. Valeo ignores the comment to make his own, “Hey I forgot to mention a little while ago the Bearon who has made a home out of Crystal Grove."
No one wanted you. No one ever really wanted you. Discarded like dried leaves on the forest floor. No one reached for you. No one called out your name. Because those things didn’t matter. What mattered to them was the color of your hair and the color of your skin. What mattered to them were your horns and your claws. Or your canines. Do you fear me? Do I make you afraid? Do I make you uncomfortable? How about you get closer and I show you what I really am made of?

Age: Between 15 and 16 - You think I counted?

Species: Half Deamon - Abyssal energy flows through his blood. Though Deamons have no relations with their Brood. They are often a byproduct of rape, a curse, sometimes it’s even a choice. A Deamon does not love the one who summoned it, nor do they care about the Brood that which they spawn. Though no two Half Deamons are alike, just as there is no Deamon that is alike either. A Half Deamon’s features and appearance are often based on the Deamonic lineage that spawned them. Igni, Aquarius, Grimace, Miseri, and so and so forth. Valeo’s “father” if it can even be called that was the burning Abyssal. Igni, Demi Spawn of the Oblivion.

Igni was forged from magma, or so the stories go. That churning in a volcano, was the core of Abyssal energy that birthed the lord of flames himself. They say it is Igni’s presence that called for volcanic eruptions, and that it is Igni’s presence that created wrath in mortal men. The 10ft abomination that is called a Deamon who carries a warhammer and punished sinful men by boiling them alive, that is Igni.

Igni was known for his hatred of the Celestials who banished him back from the Mortal Plane into the Oblivion. Where Igni stays, sealed away from his wrathful, destructive forces on the mortal plane. For this Igni vowed to get his vengeance on a Celestial being and break free from his Celestial bonds.

It is this heritage that flows in Valeo. Which is probably why personally he is so fiery and difficult to deal with at times. It is Igni’s heritage that gives his Brood either ashen pale skin [uncommon], reddish clay skin, or a yellow orange skin. Those who are the children of Igni often have rust colored eyes, golden, or often they are completely blacken. It also means his children have a high tolerance to heat and fire in general.

Normal fire pulls away from Valeo, he could stick his hand through a campfire, or on candlelight and like a magnet with two negative forces being put together they repel instead. The fire pulls or wraps around him and doesn’t even harm him. With elemental magical fire, Valeo takes half damage and is not as easily burned by fire that some others might. Valeo wouldn’t be able to walk in a volcano or a smoldering inferno, but he has some defenses against the heat. What Valeo doesn’t have is defenses against is the cold. Due to his hotter temperature, he has trouble staying warm in sub zero temperatures.

However, all Deamon children often share similar traits, vestigial or not. Usually horns, wings, tails, cloven feet, claws, etc. Every Half Deamon child is different and they may have one or two of these features, but they often share these commonalities.

Valeo had horns, if you pull back his bangs you will two see black, worned down spots, where his horns use to be. They have been cut, cauterized as to not grow back. Leaving black, boney spots on his forehead where his horns use to be. Valeo tends to hide these spots with long bangs. He has claws and with that a natural swipe move with his claws. He also has sharp teeth, nothing like a Vampry, but enough to break skin and leave a bruise. Which gives him a natural bite attack as well. Has dark vision as well and can see up to 60ft in night.
Some of Valeo’s personality traits are not by choice, but by nature. Common instincts for a Half Deamon child and are often traits of their father. Dominant traits are not chosen by their fathers. It is like a tiger cub knowing how to hunt at birth, but a parent still teaching them to perfect it. The dominant traits passed on by his father are wrath, a fiery tempting spirit [portrayed in his free spirited nature that doesn’t obey rules], and the will to survive.

Red. Red hair. Tufts, no a mane of red hair. It blew in the wind, flickering across his face like dancing flames. He stared at you with ferocity, even if he were not angry with you, the look of annoyance on his face was enough to know you were not welcomed in entering his personal space. His eyes were bright, golden yellow only made more stark in comparison to the fact his eyes were blackened, with rusty reds. His gaze, no his scowl at you were like having a staring contest with a volcano.

Neither of you blink, well you eventually blink, but his eyes remain fixated on you with hyperfocus. He may have looked like a teenage boy, but there was a path of destruction in his eyes that seemed more like a feral beast than that of a loving, innocent child. His eyes burned through the back of your head, curiously studying you with an ocular observation that you trapped in his gaze. As sweat rolled down your forehead, he continued to study you. It was like he knew your every thought before you could say anything or that was what he was trying to figure out.

There was a pressure about him. A force. A strong force, that would not bend. He would not be made to do anything you said and the truth was you wanted to leave. Something about him made you trapped in a place, and you could easily have taken this boy down, you were sure of it when he stood at 5’5”, 165cms, and probably weighed on the extremely light side, consider how his robes hung loosely on his body. You couldn’t guess, but he seemed easy to take down physically. Yet, you felt weighed down by his presence, his stare alone. How were you afraid of such a small, fragile looking child?

His robes were black, though fading, almost gray, with patches woven into the sleeves. A pair of breeches were ballooned, gathered at the shins, underneath black riding boots, also worn down to the heel, with fur lined trimming. A sooty colored brown capellette hung on his shoulders, with tattered, worn fingerless gloves, gray, with blacken parts from being burned perhaps. Most notable were his stark features, nonhuman features. Despite his human silhouette, his skin was a light, ashen gray, hints of white the way you may see peach in someone’s skin.Bruising under his eye, gave him an unusual age to his otherwise youthful appearance. He was human, but not. He just scoffs and lifts up his hood attached to his capelette.

“Not worth my time,” he says turning his back. Yet everything about earlier exchange remained in your head, like he was still gazing at you or really through you.

His voice was smoldering, husky and smoky, with a boyish charm. It was young, not too deep, full of youthful cockiness.

Personality Strength

“Do not think you can pull a fast one on me. I am not easy to lie to. And I am not a simple child. I know more than you think. So be careful with what you say”

Intelligent and cunning Valeo is not some child to underestimate. While his appearance would give off the impression of some weak boy. His gaze and his sharp tongue would not. While he may not have read books and been educated in the schools, what he lacks in proper education, he makes up for street smarts and his quick learning capabilities. Valeo is observant and very aware of his environment around him. He picks up on things and uses those things he has picked up against those he knows it will work on. He’s not easily gullible nor is he easy to trick. You can’t slick a slick and Valeo tends to know when someone is trying to lie to him.

Despite what it may seem Valeo has a strong sense of self. Some people might see him hiding his injured horns as some kind of insecurity, though Valeo makes up for it in pompous arrogance and high self esteem. So much so you could say that self esteem is a flaw in Valeo, we will get there in time. Valeo won’t and doesn’t accept others disrespect, though how he handles it could be considered over the top to others. Valeo doesn’t necessarily care.

A free spirit, who does want he wants and doesn’t obey the rules of others could also be considered a flaw in Valeo’s personality. Though it is this free living that inspires others to take risk. Valeo is bold, candid, and very clear in what he thinks of a person. While he may not be very emotional, and is more analytical, observant about the things around him Valeo may let others in at a comfortable distance. It will never be an emotional relationship. The lack of a nurturing figure in his life or a loving embrace leaves Valeo’s affectionate side very dull.

That doesn’t mean Valeo won’t show gratitude or be grateful. Even if it doesn’t read that way. He’ll always come off sharp tongued, mean spirited, and a bit of an asshole. Though somewhere that asshole probably has a heart of gold. Valeo is patience with others, despite what it seems. He has a long fuse, for someone who abominable blood gives him wrath as a natural trait. Usually when Valeo explodes in the way he does it is because he has given someone so much rope that it eventually all burns away and he can’t take their stupidity.

Valeo personality is a Do or Don’t kind of personality. In truth he’d probably never expose him going to get the Golden Set with the other kids because he wants to say Thank You to Gertrude, not out of love, but respect. Which Valeo has an abundance of for those who take action and don’t idly sit on their hands. His wrath and anger usually pushes Valeo to action, and he’ll take things in his own hands if he has to do just to get something done.

Loyal to those who earn it. Trusting to those he deems deserve the truth. These strengths are all layered under the disguise that most of his strengths could be painted nearly all off as flaws to others who do not understand his complicated nature.

Personality Flaws

“You don’t really think you can compare yourself to me. I won’t let you undermine me in such a way.”

Valeo is not the type of child who accepts consoling words from those who hear his story. In fact the truth of the matter might be he looking more for validation than he is looking for consoling words. This is what makes Valeo personality hard for others to understand. Not easy to bend and not easy to tell what to do, most give up on Valeo at this point due to his nature. They see a person who disregards others, who thinks highly of himself, and is selfish.

Without understanding that everything about Valeo is earning things. You earn the right to get close to him. You earn the truth from him. You earn your respect. Otherwise you’re a waste of time and not worth the effort. Life is about survival and those you let into your inner circle cannot be ones who betray you.

His true flaw is more likely the walls Valeo puts up. All the walls that make Valeo a maze to deal with. He’s self centered and cocky, but then he tells you a truth, or does something for you that would be considered kind though refuses to show any affection afterward. He’s violent and aggressive, but then he’ll give you a smile your way and tell you he is just joking.

Which is it Valeo? Harder to put up with his do what he wants attitude. He has no respect for laws. He has no respect to follow rules. Most of his life has been in the forest, where choices were his own choices and living in a city rules be damned. He has certainly gotten Gertrude and some of the orphans in trouble because he doesn’t follows rules.

And while most of his flaws seem like innocent folly. There are two types of anger Valeo can show. A “I’m annoyed with you” anger which is probably the side of his angry you want to be on. At least he can get over that. Or you can smooth things over by trying to get on his good side without further annoying him. And then there is Valeo’s wrath. Though hard to spike, he can be vengeance seeking and quite cruel, malicious to those who have pushed him too far.

This side is malicious and demonic. It is the side that has pushed Valeo to do terrible things in his past. None of which he feels ashamed for or regret. Rather pride. He’ll even boast about it without recognizing why others might find it wrong.

Valeo is also sharp tongued, and can be quite rude to others because of his candid bold personality. Sometimes he doesn’t care what he says to others. Other times he will beat himself up for allowing himself to say such a stupid thing. And for those who do not earn the truth from him. He is a sharp liar and manipulator. With little to no remorse for doing so. To survive is his will.


Poetry, despite lacking education and probably the neatest handwriting, however, he likes to sit down and write his thoughts. They aren’t necessarily good pieces either;

Babbling brook
Honestly why are you called
A babbling brook
More like peeing brook
Because you make travelers
Feel the need to pee
Isn’t that how that works?

Coffee not because it taste any good, honestly it was his favorite part of Cosmo City was the coffee because it made him feel more adult. And there is nothing more important than looking more adult in front of the other orphans. Had to understand the difference between him and them.

People watching there is nothing more fun in the world than watching other people make a mistake. Watching other people a mistake is probably one of the greatest joys in the world. Because they tried so hard to cover them up, not self aware enough to realize when someone else has witnessed them making a slight.

Dislikes babies. First off they look weird, anyone who thinks a baby looks normal is just been tricked by their baby magic. Second off they drool. Seriously I have seen Alpine Lions cubs more sophisticated than how much actual mucus comes out of a human baby. Also they are loud.

Dislikes compliments. I seen enough people to know why they compliment each other. To feel less insecure about themselves. It is rare to see a genuine compliment, so just don’t compliment me. Show me gratitude with something. Don’t try to kiss my arse.


Forest Navigation -

Growing up in the woods of Aeflstan has made Valeo adapt to their changing paths and corridors. He understands the nature of the forest is fickle and thus he understands the nature of how to travel through it without becoming dead, dinner or lost for all eternity till you die. His knowledge of the forest seems uncanny to the elves, but that’s merely because he’s passed through the forest with knowledge bestowed to him by the creatures of the forest.

Identifying Flora and Fauna -

What Valeo may lack from actual textbooks, he learned living in the forest. For the most part Valleo can tell you what you can eat, what you shouldn’t eat, and what you could try to eat. He can identify what a beast is and the nature they present.

Intimidation -

So some fuckhole won’t let you into the gate or someone is giving you a hard time. Don’t worry I know how to deal with these types. Despite being a teenager Valeo has the skill to intimidate others quite well. Probably something he picked up in the look of animals of the forest. Imitating the most fearsome. He also picked up words bandits say and rogues say to intimidate others. Coupled with his look of a beast he can surely make another person wee themselves a little.

Forest Friends -

Not every beast of the forest is tameable, but not every beast is ferocious. Being raised by the forest Valeo has few friends in the woods and has an uncanny knack of knowing what animals mean. He can “talk” to them or engage with them. As well as smooth over any mistakes the idiots create. Though not every situation can be fixed and even if he is friends with an Owl Bear doesn’t mean that if you done something to royally piss it off he’s not going to sit there talking to it in a soothing voice. He’s running and you better run too. His alliance with them is fickle as fickle as the nature of the forest.

Manipulation -

Valeo is a pretty good liar. Since he’s observant and aware of the world around him, he picks up on things others do not. He knows how to subtle pick up on how to make others bend to do what he wants them to do. Shit he’ll go as far as blackmailing someone important if he has in order to get his way. It is a good technique to have when you’re trying to survive the city.

Perceptive -

Valeo can read the air very well. Since he has a natural observant personality and he is smart, able to pick up on subtle things. He also notices when someone is trying to pull a fast one over him or someone trying to lie to him. I mean he’s not foolproof there is always someone out there smarter, faster or stronger than you or all three. He also quick to notice things around him. Snapping twigs, surprise attacks. He’s often the one who feels the mood before everyone else picks up on it.

Focal Crystal: A what? All I have is this piece of stone. Found it near a spell stone that was crumbling and thought it looked cool so I picked it up. I don’t need some fancy glitter rock to cast magic. Rest of the magical people are just showing off. I wonder if there is a competition on who has the shiniest focal crystal.

Special Equipment:

Pointy Compass

I don't know what it is really called. Some guy dropped it out of his bag into the mud, finder’s keepers. Seems it changes different colors depending on the direction someone goes, blue for north, green for west, yellow for south, orange for east, then a blend of those colors for northwest, southeast, etc. Also a really neat feature is if I think of where I’d like to go, I can put the pen part on a map and it draws the safest path to get there on said map.

Mimic Bag - Muris

So it isn’t cuddly and some of my stuff is dripping in saliva afterward. But it is great robber deterrent. And it has a great personality. Sometimes if you pet my bag just in the right way it starts to pur like a cat and it’s kind of great. It’s the companion that you’ll never tire of and it doesn’t annoy you. Unless it decides that it’s going to put your poetry in its actual stomach. You think it’s trying to tell me something.


Magnar [Mugn-ar]

Perks of being raised by a tiger mom is that one day the tiger cub you played with decides to follow you. The second perk of said tiger cub is that you can ride him and he doesn’t put up much fuss. Simon fixed the armor. Don’t ask me where it came from. Don’t ask me how I afforded it. It was a gift, okay, from a friend.

Ring of my Animal Friends

Don’t ask an old woman gave it to me for some reason. It’s not important.


Haha. You actually thought this was a spellbook. No it is my poetry holder. All my poetry goes in this little binder.

Weapon: One handed axe - cause sometimes an asshole is brandishing a sword at you, or a knife, and you have to get in close.

Special Attack: Blessing of Falsehood - so it may not be an explosive spell or even one that is fiery and eternal doom for all. But it can be fairly useful in a lot of scenarios. While Valeo is a gifted liar, naturally, it is enhanced due to his Deamonic heritage. Igni being the Father of Falsehoods, grants Valeo the ability to make most people believe his lies. Exceptions being those with high willpower, those who are highly perceptive, and even then some might simply feel something isn’t entirely right, but can’t spot the lie.

Magic Lv: 5

Spellbook: My brain, don't need a dumb book to keep them in my head, read the stones.

School of Focus: Primordial Magic - before there were schools of focus, there was simply the magic that existed in the forest. It is the magic that makes the forest alive, the animals and creatures somehow connected to it’s life, and it is the secret behind the Spell Stones. Valeo had no teacher, he had the stones and met many creatures in the forest. Many whom magic was not bound and chain by a mere study of focus. The concept is alien and is what makes wizards in the city weak.


The next action the target will take is slow down by a few seconds. A spell that might take a caster 5 seconds to cast, make take up to 15 seconds. A nice way to get in and take an advantage. And any physical action may take longer as well, unsheathing a sword may take up to 1 second, but with this spell it take upwards to 5 seconds. The spell is not permanent, it is temporary and is considered a counterspell. So the target must be making some kind of action before he can actually cast this spell on his target and he can only target one individual at time or really counter one individual at a time. It works one one action, one target, they must be making an action before he can cast the action and can miss the timing of countering their action.


Causes whatever is targeted to break. That is non magical items like glass windows, even non enchanted weapons, non enchanted equipment to shatter or break by merely pointing at it. Any living creatures targeted by the spell will not be affected at the surface, instead this spell affects living creatures at different levels of defense. Ordinary people will have their bones give way without much resistance. Has to be a specifically targeted bone, it’s not all the bones. Spell affects what the user is pointing at specifically. Can’t target the same object or person after breaking something or the object in question.

{Demonic Inherited}

Inside Valeo is a storm of Abyssal energy, being half Deamon makes him close to his nature, or perhaps that is because he was never shackled down to a single school of focus. This Abyssal energy comes out as crackling, red lighting, surrounded by a pitch black flame that has no shape or silhouette beside look like a black shadow that flickers like flames. It crackles, it sizzles. While one who is touched by this energy feels heat like burning fire, it also eats away at their flesh like some super form of gangrene dealing necrotic burning damage. Valeo can use this energy in various forms, and it is the main use in combat or an effective killing blow.

This spell can be used in various ways;

- small baseball shaped fireballs that can be lobbed upwards to 30ft, the cinges the ground or its target, blackening the earth or eating away at their flesh.

- with swiping motions it can come as crescent shaped strikes, slicing it’s target with burning, and melting effects. Can be thrown upwards of 15ft.

- he can channel the energy into a small focus, i.e. being his claws and can come up close and personal with a nasty scratch. Or he can channel the energy into his hands to hold onto his targets and give them a nice surprising grip.


Valeo can target one individual at a time and mark them with a symbol. Unbeknownst to the target marked with this spell, when they cast their next spell Valeo can cast exactly the same spell they are casting as a clone version of the spell. This spell affects one person at a time, requires the original owner of the spell to cast a spell first, and dissipates after use. He cannot target the same target again for 60 seconds.

Misc Battle Info: Valeo is not your traditional caster, not only does he not have a spellbook, but he also gets up close and personal. His main use is in the utility of his abyssal energy, which means he is more free to move than most casters. Butterfly kicks, and acrobatic gymnastics, mixed with casting abyssal energy to wreak havoc on his foes. And if the fancy footwork doesn’t catch you off guard, he always has the brutality of his axe. In truth he moves freely like an animal, with a “combat training” he otherwise should not have be able to perform. Valeo's magic is more primal and more tied his mental and emotional being and state of mind. Spell strength is determined by emotion, connection, and the mental focus of an individual. Versus the tailor that a school of focus gives. It should be noted that Rupture is affected by various things as well. Large massive creatures may not feel near the same affect as an ordinary human being with low defenses. Rupture cannot break through enchanted armor or break natural magical defenses magical creatures have. Size can also affect the Rupture spell, a broken leg for a human, might just be a hairline fracture for a giant.

"A child never wanted, a child never loved. Passed on by the next and the next. Feared by many, scorned by everyone. The only acceptance was with the ones already scorned and not loved."

Trigger Warning - I did not hold back on this chapter. If torture is something you don't like to read then you have been warned

Theme Song:

Kei had not gotten all the names of the kids yet. He could not quite remember the name of the reddish hair colored boy. Or maybe they never spoke before. Looking Nasaneiru and Reicheru, then back at the other kid. He could feel a slight nervousness in the pit of his stomach, he manages to step forward.

“Reicheru-san, this is Nasaneiru-san, he will be helping us,” Kei said, he looks nervously at the red hair boy, “I um...I am Himura Kei. I know this is a weird time to introduce myself, but we have not quite met.”

Kei nods his head and shakes it with slight determination.

“We are currently split from the rest of the group,” Kei said, “So we need to find them.” His face goes hot for a second as he realizes they are older than him. Maybe this is something Reicheru-san should be saying. He looks at her. He looks back at the rest of them. Where did Sebun-san go? Kei shakes his head. You got this.

“We should split into three teams,” Kei said, he points to Nasaneiru and the other boy, “You two should look off in that direction.” Kei points to the east of them, “We are looking for Sebun-san, and Kyasarin-san, Kaba-san, and the other girl. I didn’t catch her name.”

“Reicheru-san and I will look over in that direction,” Kei points to the South of them, and he points to Dorumon, “And you will look over in that direction.” he points to the North of them, “This clearing will be where we meet up once again. Then we should head to this Blossom Town as soon as possible. If we were attacked they must have been attacked too by those….bad Digimon.”

Kei stares at them for a second. Again he realizes the gravity of this situation. They are older than him. Kei nervously flails his arms.

“O...of...course you do not….have to me,” Kei tells them, “Reicheru-san, she is probably better suited for this. I...understand if...if nobody wants to take suggestions from a 10 year old. Sorry. Reicheru-san, what do you think we should do?”

They are going to think he is bossy. He should have let one of the older kids give out the plan. Specifically Reicheru because she knew the most about the situation as he did.
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