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1 day ago
Current Discord, Imgbb, Twitter, Pinterest, GwentDB, and other random websites are still not working. But Google Docs, Google, Facebook, Youtube, and the Guild still work. Is still my situation.
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2 days ago
Quick update to those I am RPing with. Currently for damn reason my Discord, Imgbb, Twitter, Pinterest, are not currently accessible. But my Guild, Facebook, Youtube, Google Docs sure is.
2 days ago
Because I love being forced to update my computer because Windows purposely disabled your drivers until you update. Fuck you. I got work to do. Updates take forever
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18 days ago
I am not responsible for your lack of communication. And I should not be damned because you didn't speak up in a calm manner.
19 days ago
For those I RP with, I'll be making a note right now the likelihood I don't have internet. I was staying the night at a friends and when I get back to my place, I may not have it.


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@Burning Kitty

The personality is a non personality. I don’t know who she is as a person.

A true tactician and firm believer in the teachings of her father. She was also very reverent of her father. She planned her missions carefully and patiently, considering every angle to ensure the best chance of success. If necessary she would adopt jump into the situation without carefully and patiently planning her missions, when this was necessary she survived because she was very good at thinking on her feet.

True tactician, how? What are her father’s teaching? “Perception is reality” “An eye for an eye” Second sentences sounds more like a summary of her actions or what she does. She was very good at thinking on her feet? She isn’t now? This needs another lookout and needs to have more meat on its bones.

Skills: Blending, Eavesdropping, Freerunning, Interrogation, Lockpicking, Social Stealth, Swimming, Whistling

Skills are to be relatively non combat related, if they tie somehow into the mundane parts of their life, then you need to write in how. Like I put Viorel is a tactical thinker, but how it affects him in the mundane parts of his life. These skills need defining, because even they have limitations to their function. This is a list.

Hobbies: cats

What does this even mean? Is she a vet technician when not working for SYNBAD? Is she a cat breeder? Is she a crazy cat lady collector? Does she train cats?

Weapons: Throwing knives, dual gauntlets with built in brass knuckles and hidden blades, kukri

Equipment: smoke bombs, each gauntlet has a rope launcher

Fighting Style: Stealth elimination: the killing of a target without drawing attention of anyone who could pose a threat

Another list, but no explanation in how she uses it. And that fighting style makes absolutely no sense. I noticed the Baritsu. But Stealth Elimination? That is the vaguest explanation of a fighting style. How? What methods and techniques and the limitations? Etc.

Ability Information:
Name of Ability: Assassin’s Dogma

Class: Psychic

Character Theme: Stealth

Ability Capabilities & Qualities:
Assassin’s vision: able to instinctively sense how people and objects relate to them, which manifests as a colored glow, much like an aura. Red indicates enemies or spilled blood, blue indicates allies, white indicates sources of information or hiding spots, and gold indicates targets or objects of interest.



Strengths of Ability:
Assassin’s vision: grows more powerful with use. She can mark targets and see them through walls.

Invisibility: activated automatically

Healing: activated automatically

Weaknesses & Limitations of Ability:
Assassin’s Vision: it is not infallible, if someone presents as a friend completely hiding their true intentions they will not have a red aura. Cannot run while in use, if they run it turns off.

Invisibility: Only works when crouched and still and takes a few moments, automatically becomes visible when bumped into or when in motion

Healing: it takes time and only when not physically engaged in life or death scenarios.

This whole thing doesn’t relate to a Tier 5. Tier 3 or 4 more than likely and I’d go with Tier 3 to be perfectly honest with you. Invisibility and Healing would need some rework. How much time does Healing take a minute? What level of healing are we talking here? Major or minor wounds? What about severe wounds how would they affect her? You cannot just write down a sentence and expect this to be considered clearly defined for abilities.

Invisibility “works when crouched” sounds a bit silly like a video game and I’ll be honest it can be reworked that she has chameleon like skin and can sort of change her skin to the environment around here, but out in the open she cannot go invisible. I don’t make invisibility interesting because right now, it’s not. The only part of the abilities that I find actually clever and interesting is the Assassin eye and the ability to mark her targets with a psychic aura she can only see. I also said that powers are to be specialized into a branch. So how does Invisibility and Healing relate to the assassin eye?

This is not a world where a New Breed is Superman and gets super strength and Xray vision and frost breath and heat ray vision. Their mutations are specifically specialized in a focus or area that fits their theme.


Quote: there is no quote

Reputation: non-existent

Theme Song: there is no theme song

I get where you’re trying to go with this. But the biography comes off hokey and nonsensical. Quotes are still required and so is a theme song. I don’t mind the non existent reputation as much, but the other two things are needed.

What this character needs is a breakdown and some flesh to their character. They need to be plausible, breathable and more focused. I’ll be honest with some of the skills you could cut them down to about half. I don’t do power play. I ask for this level of detail so that way if someone explodes someone’s leg off, you can’t say “my leg heals” like magic.

It was a toss up between physical & psychic. I went with physical because of the invisibility but that could be psychic. It’s done-ish, little light in places but couldn’t think of anything else.

Okay. Well hit me up when the sheet is done.
@AngelofOctober you want me to summarize situations from here on out for ya, Champ? Lemme know what I can do to help.

That help. i know Akane went through the portal and helped carry the money and is being ready to transport. I'll post when I wake up. But for future reference that be uber helpful when we're making decisions.
I'll try to space out my lines more.

However Angel this is not the type of roleplay where I intend to lead it. I don't even have a character. There is no Paul Lyons from my gundam rp to lead the assault, and there is no Lord Grey from the Overlord rp to take the reigns. This is a player driven roleplay. If you need more information about the setting, or what the area looks like then you can ask me nicely to do so and I will do my best to describe the scene in more detail in the OOC. Otherwise I intend to let free reign go throughout the missions. As I stated I would have liked the help of a Co-GM to step up to help me plan out missions but since there is no one to fulfill that role I intend to run this to the best of my ability on my own. I am a step by step type of gm. Arrive at place A look around to establish setting move onto place B and so on.

For Angel's part he specifically chose a power that hinders his ability to perform actions around the other player characters. He can chose to use his ability now but it will likely just prove more a hindrance to the overall mission if than he chose the ability to shoot lightning like Emperor Palpatine. While Midnight has yet to move I'd say he has the best chance to actually fight King on his own due to the inherent flight ability that king has making him a hard target to hit when combined with his plant based abilities. That's if all of you decide you actually want to get into a big brawl with him in the first place you have the seat with the hostages its all on how you want to come up with a way to use them, and the soldiers with the timer you have unless you help the captain upstairs with the swat.

But Akane is balanced in other areas that do allow him. But I am a step by step person in a different way

-Stern character will do X
-Renny character will do X

As said I'll post now that I know what I am doing. But vagueness doesn't work for me.

I agree.

I also think the GM should take lead. Instead of telling us what to do. Also it stumps me when I am not giving clear. I'll write up a response with Akane stealing money in bags here in a second.

I can still do so. I just need to make a bit of a big post of what Akane did.
Get the Discord app on your phone. Unless you don't have a smartphone...

I wish. Iphones won't let you upload a Free fucking app without billing information. And my private situation I don't have any billing information to give sooooooooo.
@AngelofOctober That is kinda annoying... In terms of able to access browser based sites and not discord and etc. That is pretty strange and very irritating.

I use browser Discord. And I can't access Pinterest, Imgbb, I can't access any website beside a Google based website and this one. So I can access the Guild, I can access Facebook, I can access Google and Google Docs. But I cannot Pinterest, Imgbb, I cannot access any website off of the Google search though.
@Burning Kitty

Is this the final sheet?

The Assassin Ability seems more Psychic, with the Aura ability of it, than it does Physical. Is there something that makes it more Physical than Psychic?
@Mike the Bloodwolf@Crimson Flame

And that's not an issue. I am rarely on the Guild physically itself. I am more on Discord. but right now I still cannot access it. WTH.
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