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Current My favorite lie is when no one lies, but just tells the truth. Wouldn't that be great. No instead we get lies, no matter how major or minor they are.
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Both! You should watch Drive and Kingsman then Baby Driver
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Laundry takes forever.
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Ah yeah. Scaring people is the most satisfactory job in the world.
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You only love rainy days because they are not snow days. I am not ready for the snow. I hate the snow. I do not like sudden coldness. We didn't just go slightly warm, slightly chilly. No straight Cold
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Kristian eyed the other girl for a second, she was in a dress. He didn’t see how she was so comfortable in it. Hearing the compliments just made him sink in further into embarrassment, he wanted to hide. Here he had been reduced to a toy. He was staring at the man who had appeared out of nowhere, he was wearing an odd sort of garb that he had never seen before. The Wolves. Which meant, the woman and him were quite powerful.

She was talking about Ward 8. About them joining and making peace with the humans. He didn’t know about that. It wasn’t that he didn’t know about making peace with humans, but he had only feasibly got here recently. He didn’t know any of the politics and couldn’t agree to their ideals because he didn’t really know what was going on.

Feasibly he could argue though that if he joined them that he would know what was going on. But it was not the main directive that ran in his blood. Kristian looked at Travis’ cup of coffee while everybody else already was joining up no questions asked. He needed security. He knew that.

But he was worried that he might not be able to give them what they wanted. He didn’t know what his ideals were. He just knew, he was suppose to kill. He could also argue that’s why he was here.

“I’d like to join,” he mumbled in the smallest voice he could possibly muster. Honestly getting on the good side of this group would mean he have protectors in the long run. Just in case that ever happened, but he made sure it wouldn’t.
This is going to be an interesting team I gather.
Kamon Surge

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Role: Legendary - Have a greater chance of bonding with more Pokemon at once than other trainers. Support Pokemon have the power of your Partner Pokemon

Trainer Class: Psychic Gym Leader

Region: Johto


Kamon has always had his looks handed down to him by both parents. Sharing Sabrina’s eyes and Lt. Surge’s hair color, albeit a bit more darker than his father’s. He never took on his father’s impressive height. Standing at 5’6”, 167cms, and weighing 119 pounds, 53kgs, he’s smaller in comparison to his father though that’s never really deterred Kamon.

Kamon probably be more popular and more handsome with the ladies, if he didn’t wear a permanent scowl on his face. He always seems to have a look of annoyance that tells people to steer clear of him and his impressive aura doesn’t really help that. When you’re outside the norm of human capability people tend to shy away.

His hair is often unkempt and shaggy, though groomed. And he doesn’t really fuss about clothing style. Often seen wearing all styles and manners of clothing. Though often he appears in unkempt, baggy clothing as well. A wrinkled button down shirt, with a barely tied tie, and cargo pants give the impression of someone not willing to sit still for too long.

His eyes have always been a great stir of controversy. As they tend to be two different colors at once. Often a pink, blue marbling iris, that has irregular spikes of energy that flow when he activates his psychic capabilities.

Kamon often speaks in a very quiet, but husky and smoky voice, that again would mean he’d make a great ladies man. That is if he didn’t scare people away with a brash and abrasive attitude.


He’s definitely grown over the years, when Kamon first started training as a trainer no one could approach him at all. He was guarded and very defensive and would not let anyone in his walls. Over the years this has mellowed and Kamon will listen to people, albeit he keeps his distance from them and doesn’t get any closer.

He can often be described as very prickly on the surface, but inside he is warm, compassionate, and a very kind individual. Even if he doesn’t express it very often. Kamon will not act warm and fuzzy even with people who do earn the loyalty of being his friend.

You’ll simply know you are Kamon’s friend if he does something to protect you or does something that would otherwise suggest that he likes you. Like giving you a blanket to sleep with. Kamon speaks in his actions not his words.

Cutting, abrasive, and blunt Kamon doesn’t really make people like him either. He says what is on his mind and you either take what he has to say or you don’t. Eitherway most don’t like Kamon upon their first meeting with him.

But when you begin to realize that he isn’t all that bad, when he is with his Pokemon or Pokemon in general. It’s probably the only time anyone will see Kamon genuinely smile or laugh is when he is with Pokemon or his Pokemon.

He’s loyal. Honest and trustworthy. Just not very open and abrasive. He doesn’t really care for his time to be wasted and because of his gifts he sometimes comes off with a superiority complex about fixing problems with or without help. Not always a team player, Kamon can open up to people. It just takes time and effort.

Motto: “If you plan to waste my time, then I really suggest you reconsider your tactic.”

Trainer Stats:

Bond - 4

Technique - 1

Style - 1

Offense - 0

Defense - 2

Communication - 3

Special - 5

Unique - 9


Survivalist - Kamon has dared to venture in places other people wouldn’t. Over the years of his experience and travels Kamon has learned how to tough out the most extreme of environments. Though his least favorite was probably every snowy mountain cap ever. Typhlosion didn’t appreciate it much either.

Camping - Kamon knows how to set a fire, and set up a tent. He knows the how to and basics of camping. Where to camp. What time to set up camp and when it should be ready.

Powerful Psychic - Kamon took over his mom in this department, to his father’s disappointment, he is quite a powerful psychic. More so then those third rate hacks you find on the road. You can lift a few Pokeballs in the air with your mind and you think that’s psychic. Sit back and watch real power at the snap of a finger.

Kamon has shown in the past;

Kinesis - the ability to lift objects up with his own mind, from pokeballs, to much larger objects though it causes a bit of mental exertion to do so.

Telepathy - more empathic than reading your direct mind, he can sense others emotions and Pokemon’s emotions as well.

PokeSpeech - Kamon can hear Pokemon speak as if two humans were sitting down having a chat. Problem is then no one knows what Kamon is saying to Pokemon.

Bonding Link - Kamon has the ability to link with his own Pokemon who hold strong bonds with him and share his power with them to increase their power.

Mild Deflection - And Kamon has shown in the past to create small shields that deflect or reflect abilities. But they are often weak and shatter upon large impact.

But with great power comes great limitations. Kamon likes to think he’s invincible, but he’s prone to mental strain and overexerting himself. The more exertion Kamon wills the greater the consequences later. From aggravating migraines and mild vertigo, to blacking out, and the inability to focus well on a given situation. It can leave him wide open and even break the contact he has with his Pokemon, till he gain his bearings.

Equipment: Beside some Pokefood, Potions, a Pokedex that he doesn’t even use, and some Pokeballs that he also doesn’t use Kamon doesn’t really carry anything


“This is a pointless waste of time, I am leaving.”

-watches Kamon walk off stage-

“What do we do now?” the cameraman stares at the director with disappointment. The Director glasses shine, and she flips her hair.

“We are in show business, the point is the show must go one,” she said, “Use stock footage. If you have to get me a cardboard cutout of Kamon. Hurry it up we have half ‘n hour to shoot this film and then release it to the world.”

I’m Kamon. I’m the son of Sabrina and Lt. Surge. Both my parents are powerful gym leaders in the Kanto region. I have beaten the Victory Road and Elite Four to become the Kanto Region Champion, but refused it because I am humble modest guy.

Because when you’re the strongest trainer with the strongest powers and strongest Pokemon you have to be so humble like me.

I have amazing Pokemon. Like my Typhlosion who’s name is…..

-whispering in the background- “what’s he call his Typhlosion,”


-clears throat-


“Blaze is the strongest Typhlosion out there and he burns so hot he can evaporate lakes. Water pokemon has nothing on my Typhlosion.”


“If you think you’re the strongest trainer there is, then you should come down to my gym in the Johto League. You won’t beat me,”



This video sucks that’s not Kamon. That’s a cardboard cutout.

Why is a woman voicing Kamon?

Why does he sound like a little kid?

Team: Blazing Glory


I suggest you bump the trainer stat points to 30.
I'd like to reserve the Legendary role. I am working on the character since you already hit me up in Discord.
I hope you have that collar I gave you @Akayaofthemoon
-sneaks in-

Arturo Vito Kittler

“Anyone who is familiar with the lessons we teach children, know that they are always mixed messages. You have villains who songs are often light and upbeat, always enjoying life. And hero songs about strife and having to go through personal growth to become a better person than the villain who seems to be enjoying life. We’re told don’t be like the bad guy. But when real people climb from strife, the bad guy wins and continues to sit in an ivory tower.”

Age: 27

Alias: Affliction

Alignment: Villain

Loyalty: Reflections - “Take a good hard look at yourself. Everyone is so scared of being the darkest part of themselves that they strive entirely for an imperfect vision of purity. They strive to be a hero or some sort of good person. Hard work on their back. They point to someone they determine is evil and go, well I’ll never be like that. But we’re all a little good and a little evil. And anyone is capable of being like that.”

Reflections was only a dream about a year ‘n half ago. Something designed and dreamt about after lengthy complex discussions constructed by individuals who were disillusioned by the current system. A lost sense of belonging and a dream to fix a current broken system with the gifts lended to them through tragedy. This was their strife, but not one to become heroes. Instead to become villains. Why? Maybe even the founder himself doesn’t really know.

Reflections was formed in Littleton, Colorado about a year ‘n half ago. Though the first year of activity was less activity and more like the construction of their desires, goals, and what this group was to achieve and accomplish. Arturo likes things in order and most of the first phases of Reflections was simple setup. Victor called these stages “Arturo’s Little Seminars”.


People are so brazen when you have a physical ailment, more so than they are brazen when confronting someone with a mental wound. Those with mental wounds tend to be shamed for their conditions or stunned into silence by surface advice. While people see those with physical ailments and feel they have the right to ask about another person’s personal life.

“I just have to ask, but what happened,”

“You’re so brave, I could never live like that,”

“Do you, down there….can it….feel it”

Worse is you’re expected to entertain them with answers. Most of his youthful years were cut short due to an accident that left him marked with over 80% of his body burned. Though he likes to dodge as many questions as he can, what he can cover he does so with gloves, or long sleeve shirts. It’s a bother, but he prefers the stares to be the next sucker, in this urban jungle, to be their spectacle and not him. He’s is not to be spectated.

He doesn’t mind his face being seen though it always ends up getting more questions like;

“Are you burned anywhere else?”

“80%, did it….man I’d be so pissed if that happened to me”

Arturo seems more uncomfortable with the rest of his body being viewed than say his face. Though he doesn’t always like those looks either, but it is much easier to manage. He even tends to cover parts lower part of his face with something such as a scarf usually that matches the suit he has chosen to wear.

The only thing more noticeable than his burns is his ice gray blue irises, they often appear more gray or blue depending on the lighting he is in. And if people aren’t talking about his burns they are talking about his unique eyes. Which he sort of prefers more than exploiting his burns for their own entertainment.

Arturo himself stands at 5’8”, 172 cms, and weight 140 pounds, 63 kg. He tends to walk slowly a bit like a shuffle and Victor calls it his “zombie walk” which he greatly dismisses, usually. Most people think he has an aura of calm or serenity that surrounds him.

He speaks in a low tone, often with a calm cadence, he doesn’t speak very loudly and tends to have a rather husky voice. His voice can be middle range and doesn’t sound like a typical American voice, as there are hints of a ghosting accent from speaking another language at home.


“Sometimes I don’t know what to think. Sometimes I think I have lost my mind. Sometimes I think to myself that’s what death does to some people. Some become overtly religious and others lose interest in life. I wonder where I fit into those two categories. All well, now isn’t the time to concern myself with such a thought.”

He walks slowly in the dark, the so called aforementioned “zombie walk” does him an advantage, as he takes a step forward his footsteps are paved by the looks of what seem like flesh, the inside of an intense or something like it. Veiny, sinewy,muscle as he walks with an eerie step, doesn’t say anything, you watch as he steps on a piece of glass without even flinching, His face is covered by a mask of ivory, blackened eyes.

While he wears an unusual robe, with tattered and burned ends. He’s barefoot, and doesn’t seem to mind the chilly cold air. Not even a shiver or shake. In that moment you freeze, you’re unsure of his intentions. All he says to you is

“You will make a good world.”

Vague and eerie, his voice tends to be even lower register than when he’s not in the mask. An audible whisper, that creeps inside your eardrums like cold winter air, a voice that brushes across your cerebral understanding like mental cobwebs.


Motivations: A world of goodness. Though not necessarily a world where good and evil do not exist. But in Eastern philosophies, ying and yang is a balance. And Arturo believes it is a balance, but he doesn’t believe evil should win over good. He wants the right people where they belong and the people he sees need punishment where they belong. He wants to fix the world from the right and wrong he sees, to the one he envisions for the world.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Was Engaged, Single or it’s complicated really.


Trivia - Ever since he was a kid he use to collect odd bits of information about the world. These bits of knowledge became minor bits of trivia that he enjoyed sharing when he found it relevant. He still enjoys doing so. The thrill of learning something fascinating and holding onto is a little satisfaction of life.

Stamps - Another habit he had as a kid was to collect postage stamps from different eras and keep them in a yearbook. A habit born when he had a bit of a pen pal from Italy after his trip to his heritage land. From there he liked to collect stamps from different countries and different times. He’s not a fan of patriotic stamps though, he often likes unique stamps.

Politics - Seems to be the only person who actually might enjoy talking about politics with others. It’s fascinating concept to think how many people see the world. He doesn’t like to debate politics. More gather information about what other people think. If he wants to change the world’s model, he must see what is most important to everyone for equal fairness.

Eastern Philosophy - In his teen years of discovery, one of those discoveries and things he explored was religion. His family not being very religious allowed him the freedom to explore other religions on his own terms. From paganism to Christianity, to Judaism. But the one that resonated the most with him was most likely the Eastern philosophies, less a religion and more a collection of ideas about how to make peace with the world and others around it.


Litterbugs - Everyone was born on one Earth and their job should be to protect it, keep it clean and respect mother nature. While not generally a person who starts conflict, ironic consider his choice of villain, he will stop individuals who trash this beautiful Earth.

Disrespect - Just like you are born on one Earth. You are stuck with the individuals on this earth. You should treat others with respect. Be kind and courteous to others. Show them compassion. Everyone believes that another person’s life could not happen to them. But anyone could go bankrupt, anyone could lose their job or go homeless. So when you treat your neighbors with respect, they tend to remember that and will help you when you’re in a tight spot.

Talking Plush Toys - Now this might sound odd to anyone who is not him. But everyone has that one story that gives them an unusual dislike or healthy distance from something. In this case it’s talking plush toys, as a kid he had one of those talking plush, with the big eyes that stared into your soul. Story goes like all kids story go, about one night the talking toy going off. Just continue to speaking. Just to shut it up you reach for the batteries and realize there is none. Every kid has a story like that and that is why he prefers not to be near talking plush toys.


Spacing - Arturo never been a space case though it seems as of late that has become a habit. Where he could be in the middle of a conversation and completely space on what he is saying or where he is in a certain location. He often has these moments that feel almost out of body and seem loosely connected to his territoires.

Often having flashing or some kind of experience of being in one place and another at the same, and the other place he often is called to is his territories or experiences his territories when he is far away. And the greatness of this effect happens the further away he is away from something he has overrun.


“Meat Space”

Major Skills:

Teacher Credentials - You wouldn’t have guessed or most people probably wouldn’t have guessed that at some point in his life Arturo had wanted to become a teacher. Graduating college in hopes to gain a teaching job in his respective field. People also probably wouldn’t have assumed that he was a great artist as well.

Except that extracurricular activities have been drastically cut from school systems, so it was difficult to desire an art teacher in a school with no art subjects to offer. He was also part of a few teacher groups to lobby for more extracurricular courses in schooling, signifying the importance of these activities to children. Trying to better the world and the education system through the law back then.

Painting - Arturo always been artistic, idealistic as well, but artistic. Drawn to unique imagery in postcards and stamps, that furthered his collections. When he was a kid he went through art classes, and greatly excelled in them. Especially in his efforts of landscape painting with acrylics and different types of watercolors. While a brilliant student he was drawn to the color and beauty of the world.

Intelligent - Arturo has always been intelligent. Not genius or savant, but intelligent nonetheless. His mind has always been critical and it has always worked on things that he wanted to see change in the world. He was a deeply thoughtful child and as an adult he was a deeply critical, and analytical individual. He wanted to help the world with his intelligence back then, that maybe if people just listen they can understand the importance of the manner. Appeal to them and their sensibilities. It was of course all in vain.

Minor Skills:

Anatomy - A more recent subject that Victor has been teaching him, about the human anatomy. It helps him construct the stuff he constructs in the meatspace territory that he controls.

Basic Combat Training - Small things like how to deflect a blow or how to block an attack. Or how to sweep someone if he has to. Most of his fighting though is about capture and release so it wasn’t to important that he learn anything than a few basics like how to defend oneself.

Classification: Stiker/Shaker/Master/Thinker

Meatspace Overview

“That’s a terrible name”

“What should we call it then? Zombie Rot….hmmm you know that’s not that bad either,”

“We’ll keep Meatspace,”

Arturo has the ability of spreading an area with a parasitic flesh. That is somewhat sentient. The spread of flesh that surrounds him is often within a 10 cm circumference around him, that spreads at a rapid rate. Though generally has a will of its own.

But bits of Arturo can control or will some of the meatspace. More like encourage it to grow or spread further than what is inside his normal control. Though the more Arturo learns to use his capabilities the more him and his meat space seem connected.

In this territory of flesh Arturo’s capabilities come out. In his meat territory Arturo can;

Infect inorganic material with his meat flesh, which is often how the territory spreads in the first place.

When another person comes into contact with his meat territory or him, Arturo can encase them in meat, until they are “consumed” in a meat sack pod. These sack pods keep their victims alive, but it's the equivalent of keeping them on life support.

Yet to be discovered by Arturo is that he can essentially replicate an individual who was inside of his sack pods. They are completely linked to his will as a meat slave meant to carry out his will and motivational desires.

“Please stop naming things”

With his limited control of his meatspace territory it can influence it to a few basic things, such as “creating” tentacles out of the veins of the walls. These tentacles are limited to whipping, slashing, or grabbing though. And they are limited in range, each branch at least 5 ft in length, but they cannot really stretch far being attached to walls.

He can also limit where things can go in his territory, at least where the territory has spread. So he can essentially have pods of his victims moved anywhere within the territory. Except he tends to have to focus on where he wants it to go visually and that’s a lot of work.

He can create external organs inside the meat territory, though he’s not quite sure the purpose of these yet. As he’s still getting to learn the dimensions of his own capabilities.

Yet to be discovered by Arturo is that if he dies in his meat territory, is that he can essentially create a copy of himself in his territory. This should not be mistaken for immortality, as Arturo can still die in the pod, he ages and gets sick, can die of illness.

Also this process is still rather slow, it’s not a “i died and I am back” type of deal. It’s like being recreated, and reborn and takes up to a couple of days. And even then it takes him a while to gain his sense of self back and can be a kind of disorientated experience.

As a last resort option it is possible for Arturo to actually infect the clothing he is wearing with his parasitic flesh. But he doesn't necessarily do it otherwise because he prefers not to have to wear clothes out of flesh.

Something Arturo has yet to discovered is the ability to morph or form meat minions, even further these meat monster minions could be made from the mind slaves he already has simply by pushing the mutation of his flesh mutation inside of them to the furtherest limits of its power.


The extent of Arturo’s capabilities is greatly impacted on how much meat territory he has. None of the things he can do is possible if he has say a strip of meat territory, a lot good that will do. Though his territory spreads quickly within the next 48 hours, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will have enough territory to do anything.

Also Arturo himself is greatly limited. He relies heavily on his territories and intelligence, because he was a man who was learning to become a teacher. He’s no soldier, had no interest in physical or combative sports. So Arturo himself is a sitting duck without his territories.

Beyond that it seems Arturo and his meat territory are highly susceptible to fire. His meat territory is flammable.

To some extent Arturo and his territory are connected and he can feel pain through his territory. If someone hurts a vein tentacle, then he can feel it in his own body.

He also has a habit of spacing out at moments, if he’s not within his territory.

It should be also noted that Arturo doesn't necessarily feel pain, he won't respond to minor to moderate injuries with much reaction. But often tends to ignore them because of it. These wounds when not taken care often lead to infections he could have otherwise avoided if he did take care of these minor scrapes. He also still can get things like hypothermia, it's simply that some parts of his body are dead to external stimuli.


Meat-Space Infected Knives - Inside his coat pocket, he keeps them hidden, but he has a few knives that he has infested with his territory. If anyone’s gets too close or if he has to infect them without getting hurt himself he can stab them with the knife in order to infect them.

Two-Way Radio - Arturo and Victor have the downgraded version of an earpiece communication device, as in two-way radios to hear each other and communicate over a distance.

Meat Car - Punky - It's less a car and more like a roaming puppy dog that comes out to play. It's the very first thing Arturo has overrun. Like a lost child it tails Arturo around and hangs out in any territory he has overrun.


His mother use to call him a “bundle of thanks” or “her bundle of thanks” born on a cold November day in Littleton Colorado in 1977 he did not come into this world alone. They still have the pictures of a hospital room filled to the brim with family. His older brother, his mother, his father, his grandparents, his aunts, and uncles.

All celebrating his coming into this world. His grandmother would tell him things like the snow blessed him and that’s why he has such icy eyes. He didn’t really know what any of that meant, but it was artistic and creative metaphors like that, that sparked his imagination fairly early.

And that’s probably why he had labels fairly early on in life. His family kept closely to their rich Italian heritage. His grandmother teaching him, his oldest brother Italian, like they had taught his father. While his mother tried at least to keep up with the family conversations.

The feeling of never really belonging never went away. He felt more out of place every time he went to school. All the other kids thought he was a show off, and he never had fun at school because the teachers spent most of the time talking to the early grades as if they were dumb. He liked the books his brother brought home, about Huckleberry Finn, and Peter Pan. He didn’t like the books they made them read because to him they were baby books.

And he was starting to garner labels. From the other students it was show off, know it all, it was vague acknowledgement that he existed. While from the teachers it was smart, bright, and intelligent, and other teachers it was troublemaker, problem child, and poorly behaved.

When he was six his baby sister Kaylyn was born. Which just left him and Fabian to their own devices. They walked to school together, well reality was Fabian ditched him when they got close enough to the school.

Samuel after a while stopped being friends with him because Samuel was considered “cool” by some standard. Kids at school liked Samuel, well at least the ones with the same interest as Samuel. And Arturo made a few friends here and there, but nothing that stuck.

He was weird. He was too outside of the norm and after a while he was just alone. Unless someone wanted to pick on him.

But school always taught everyone they were special in their own way. They tried to make the abnormal seem normal, but that couldn’t be the case if he didn’t have any friends. While at home, a lot of his family believed if someone worked hard enough they would rise up from their troubles. He wanted to believe it too.

That’s why he never fought back.

And sometimes things felt like rewards for good behavior. Despite the negativeness from school, when he was twelve he was promise when he became thirteen that he’d be able to visit his other relatives in Italy. Something to look forward to, in a school system that felt more like a suffocating prison.

During the winter holidays and just like he was promised, when he was thirteen he was able to visit Italy with his family. His father after the party incident seemed worried or concerned, but didn’t say anything he just looked it. While his mother must have heard the story over, but didn’t mention it. Fabian didn’t seem to care, in his own egocentric universe, and Kaylyn would be too young to understand anyway. His relatives were nice. All those lessons from his grandmother came in handy being able to communicate in Italy. Their poor mother lost, unless someone decided to speak English.

It was beautiful in Italy. It felt like an escape. Something away from all the damage in America. He never really wanted to leave, but was promised by his cousin Emilia that she would write to him. And that’s where his stamp collection really began to shine.

His family in Italy also brought something with them, that he could take back to America. Catholicism. His parents weren’t ever too big on religion. They brought up god from time to time. But in Italy, prayers, church on Christmas.

It ignited a curiosity in his teenager mind and so he went out to seek other forms of religion. Which his parents who were always big on independence and allowing their kids to experience the world firsthand allowed him.

Christian church on a Sunday, Paganism, Wicca, Judaism, and so and so forth. He suppose he was looking for a community. But the one philosophy that ever stuck with him was his general experience with Buddhism and Eastern philosophies. Finding inner peace. Not letting one be perturbed by desires and wants.

That the only way you can find peace within yourself is by letting go of the desirable. People wanted cars, wanted to be rich, wanted to be famous. They lived for themselves because that’s what individualistic what America’s secret formula was. But here was a thing, that told you kindness unto others. By accepting one’s self, you found an inner calm.

Though he wouldn’t at eighteen consider himself a Buddhist, he just took some of the philosophies for himself. Instead of wanting and desiring, he instead accepted, and gave to others. He volunteered for soup kitchens, volunteered for an animal shelter, even tried to volunteer for the red cross. It was then perhaps he sought a better world and for once believed the adults telling him it would get better.

It didn’t matter what happened in high school or middle school he was about to enter college and be a teacher. A mentor someone to guide other students. He got a lot of funny looks for blatantly telling people he wanted to be an art teacher. Don’t you know they are cutting those from a lot of schools. But he still wanted to try for something.

His parents might have also thought his choices were a little odd, at sixteen he gave up meat and began to go on this vegetarian diet. As it began to be talked about more. Did it get him to be made fun of more, absolutely. But he decided to kill them with kindness. He’d show them all the power of virtue.

His first entry into the adult world was a college student, he had a plan, a goal. To be a mentor or guide. Completing his schooling in 1999, but never really the type of person to be settled by a degree and always striving to learn something new. Knowledge was his passion and it saved off a lot of the defeatism in his early stages of life.

He never quite impressed schools that he was qualified for hire. Mainly because they all ended being schools he use to be a student at and their impression of him was less than stellar most of the time.

In the end he landed a small secretarial job in an office. Not quite art teacher, mentor, and more a modern job he wanted to avoid. There he met his future wife, well there still engaged at this point, Claudia.

They gave each other pieces that the other didn’t have or needed. Claudia helped Arturo come more out of his shell, experience new things. For their Winter Holiday on their first year anniversary they want logging in a log cabin. While she taught him how to engage with people more. He taught her how to look more in.

But that didn’t necessarily fix any of the problems Arturo had. He was still invisible to most people and they tended to often forget who he was. Or at least they pretended to pretend to forget who he was. He watched his colleagues in the same field as him get promoted. While the only promotion he ever got was taking calls in a cubicle than the secretary.

He made more money at least. But he wondered when his dreams would be realized. When other people’s dreams would be realized. Claudia was a successful cook, and baker, and her dream was to open up her own restaurant. Instead she was filing copies in the same office firm as he was. All about appliances. Broken down ovens, broken down refrigerators, ordering refrigerators from their website.

He tried not to let that bother him. He would remind himself that desires like that would never allow for clear, open mind. He tried to block it out. See the good. Give to others. One day, one day soon it would mean something.

Life seemed oddly mundane. He achieved nothing like everyone else in the world achieved nothing. Marriage and work was the goal. But he was in a job that gave him no life or passion or direction. He was with the woman he loved, and appreciated that. He was glad for her in his life. Their families got along well enough and they got along well enough.

But where was this going? Bad people were still running the world. He never really feared Russell and his goons and they left him alone after that night in the bar. So he always assumed it to be drunken ramblings. He found himself experiencing fog from this world.

His paintings took him out of these surreal cages. But nothing he was ever told ever came true. Good people rarely won and when they did, the more genuine and honest you were the more you were questioned. While great liars were praised.

Over the years Arturo felt imprisoned in his life. There were things that people could or should accomplish and doors were often closed in front of them. Perhaps he should have taken more cues from his sister Kaylyn who had never taken No to mean No. She forced doors open, she made opportunities happen for herself, she worked hard to get where she wanted to be, so much so that she may have been considered to have selfish desires from others.

His little he was proud of doing the things to better her life, then be stuck in a life that people would constantly reassure you is a good thing or they would tell you things would get better as a way to reassure that this is a milestone everyone has to pass. But there are plenty of people stuck at that milestone later in their lives.

His relationships with his co workers never really panned out. Something about people seeing someone behave in a genuine manner of compassion always sparked their insecurities of their own selves, which placed labels of a self righteous, uptight individual, who thinks he’s better than everyone else. When the truth was far from it.

Claudia and him spent time together, eventually they moved in together and eventually they were engaged and that felt like a good milestone to pass. It felt good. And he felt connected to an individual, something difficult for him when other people avoided him.

In April of 2003, Appliance Press burned down to an electrical fire. The building built in the 80s was not up to current code and lit fast before the fireteam could reach. Just like his metaphoric prison Arturo was locked in a physical prison, a true symbol of his imprisonment in this world. And the struggle of being able to get out of the prison created for him by societal expectations.

In all tense and purposes Arturo was near dead on arrival to the hospital. A lung full of smoke inhalation and secondary drowning nearly killed him before the flames reached him. Though 80% of his body was also burned during the process as well. He was in and out of conscious and struggled to live for a while, until he miraculously returned.

People will always paint those circumstance and that event like a miracle because there is no other way for them to explain it. No other science, no other medicine could tell you why he survived when he shouldn’t have.

He spent months recovering in the hospital. His family trying to keep his hopes up with hopeful conversations. Hopeful to them perhaps, about getting discharged, going back to a world that he didn’t know if he could touch. He didn’t care so much about the burns, but going back to a life that did not make him happy.

Further he was isolated from the only woman in his life that he had truly loved. She had rejected him for some underlying reasons. And he as forced to move back in with his parents with no other options. But the hospital did bring something. A connection with another individual, one Victor Warren. Who would become a door to a whole another world, one that could be a new future for him and others.

But before that door could open, Arturo would fall helplessly and deeply into depression. His family trying to force every option they could down his throat as “support”. Telling him about jobs hiring. Telling him about looking towards his recovering and re-entering the world. The medical professionals would tell him depression about his burns was common. But that what the fire symbolize to Arturo.

It was the symbol that his old life was going to kill him. It was a symbol that meant something more. And there was an instinct that bothered him. Sometimes after his therapy he would visit Victor and they would discuss lengthy conversations.

But no conversation would ever be more freeing than the one they would have about Parahumans. As Arturo’s frustrations with Victor’s leading never went anywhere because he kept teasing the answer. Finally Victor decided to reveal the story. It was the most liberating conversation he had and sparked a new life focus in him than before.

Rediscovering his instinct and the awakening of his powers was a liberation for Arturo. He saw a door, an opportunity before him and he decided to follow in the footsteps of his sister this time and open that door. He no longer wanted to be trapped in a surreal cage. Instead he would make a new reality.

He began to grow even more distant from his family when they felt that he was becoming unstable, is how they worded it. They begged him to see therapist. His mother desperately wanting the Arturo before the fire, even set him up a few appointments. He was not inclined to listen because they did not understand or know what he was now capable of.

His powers would take practice and even today, he barely has a handle of what he can and cannot do. Still discovering new additions to his capabilities. The theory Victor came up with, which sounds the most plausible is that his instinct never kicked in because the first time it did he was already half dead. The second time it did, he was on so many drugs and in and out of conscious he might have forgotten.

Still Arturo was set on changing the world. With Victor at his helm. Thus created Reflections. His parents frustration with his lack of concern for his mental health eventually had given him an ultimatum. He either gets the help he needs or find someone who else would take him in. Believing that he had no one else in his life.

Using his lack of social contact with others beside Claudia, who grew more distant from him. Something unattainable to him, despite loving her so much, as a weapon to get him to be the way they wanted him to be. Back to normal. Back to the person he was. But the person he was had no voice. Had no presence. Had no one in his life. The person he was arguably naive. Maybe that’s what they liked about him, his innocent naivety. The one that kept him docile and tame.

But like Kaylyn he supposed when you saw a truth and wanted something else you grabbed at it. Instead of grasping at straws because life was quoted to be unfair. Life didn’t have to be fair. It just had to be unfair to the people who truly deserved it, not the people who did not. Life is unfair was is a model for the weak who thought they deserved punishment for their hard work.

Not to Arturo. No hard work would truly be praiseworthy. Instead of begging to Claudia to come home, he called Victor about his dilemma. Asked him if he could set him up somewhere. Victor being Victor told him, why don’t you just live with me.


Reflections started on the age of the internet. It was an easier and cautious way to start a movement, than something loud and boisterous that could get them caught. Videos did no one harm, especially when they only questioned viewpoints. They didn’t influence or tell someone to do something.

The videos have been widely successful, though some criticize that it sounds like a bunch of crazy conspiracy nuts. Though it has lead to some people claiming they have felt strength from the videos and have committed a series of pranks based on the videos. Since the users do not really suggest actions the videos have been kept up and gain daily traction.

The trio has recently moved to Denver in the last few months. And are looking to gain more traction now that the videos have seemed to gain wild success.

Arturo has also recently landed a job in a Middle School as an art teacher.
@Old Amsterdam

Kristian stared at the dress blankly for a mere second. The man in red, being addressed as Katashi by the woman in charge, corrected the mistake. But the woman in charge told him why should it matter and that he should wear the dress. The girl with brown hair and smelled nice like a garden of flowers just continued to stare at him with increased intensity. Was it him or was she shining?

He hesitated to answer for a second. How does he even get a dress on? Why was he even considering it? They had boys here, so why couldn’t they find another boy’s clothes? He didn’t think he looked that much like a girl, did he?

He had never thought about it. None of these questions were things brought up when he was younger, learning, gestating, and so and so forth. And now they were just rising to the surface from the depths of some collective culture he did not know about.

It crossed his mind that this was some kind of initiation of theirs. They couldn’t be this brazen about a boy wearing a dress unless they were trying to test his compatibility.

He grabbed the dress wordlessly, “Is there anywhere I can change?” he mumbled quietly and nervously. He was embarrassed by the very idea about what he was to do.

He gave the woman in the charge, “My options. I don’t…..”

Know. The last part was uttered so under his own breath that he barely caught he said it. He wasn’t use to being put into this much of a corner. He felt rather frustrated with the situation. Having to run with his tail between his legs.

Being undermined by an older person who clearly thought they knew better and didn’t even acknowledge their existence. He had failed every drive that steered his DNA today. Letting prey get away like that. Now about to put on a dress because some Ghouls had a weird initiation rite.

He was humiliated and disgusted in himself for not being strong enough to tear that thing apart today in the park. He should have ripped him limb from limb. Let blood soak into the very earth they stood on. Instead he was here. And that frustrated him. Made him ashamed he existed.
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