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Current Metadude - same tbh. I have contemplated whether or not humanity is worth saving.
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Not having the internet sucks. Don't let anyone tell you any different.
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I have a confession. I am a grown ass man and I am in love with my blanket. I went outside to check mail today in my blanket cape. Totally forgot I was wearing it.
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Its cold in the house and the blanket does nothing. Blanket you had one job with your fuzziness.
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Server issues may be a foreseeable thing. But the mods and admins nor did Mahz actually update us on this happening or what is going on. That's a bit different than just server issues.
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Technology in 2033 is sensible, there have been great improvements in certain aspects of technology itself, while most of it remains the stable same. Smarter smart phones, smart building designs, and assistant robots that transports goods to different office suites in sky rise buildings or deliver food on the street to hungry patrons, etc. Holographic assistances are smarter than they were in their primitive states back in the early 2000s, though nothing Skynet worthy. Computers are still dumb smart needing programmers to tell them what to do and not being able to derive from their programs or algorithms. And no this doesn't piss computers off.

Better facial recognition technology. Smart buildings that act like nervous systems, buildings alert to a security hub where damage or structural integrities may lie. They also report directly to emergency services once they detect a threat level or an emergency level.

The greatest big tech to come out of this time is the Remity machines. They were designed to be Therapy Machines. When Cognitive Behavioral Therapy doesn't work or can work. It works similar to hypnosis except that it directly attaches itself to the neural network of someone's brain and targets abnormalities. It's painless. Basically a more advanced form of Neurofeedback therapy.

Black market groups stole bits and pieces of the patent technology and made themselves illegal machines, that don't quite work as well, but were used as ways to disguise crime or criminal activity. Currently the Government is looking into ways of catching these gangs and Black Market individuals.

Despite it's isolation there is a beauty in Mirage City. Something about it reminds you of the great cities in America. Classically built to mirror both London and New York in its street design. It lies abandoned, but not truly in the middle of nowhere, encased in ice as snow blows in the February winter.

Welcome to Reflections Resorts. We take pride in both providing you privacy and luxury. Or so their slogans says. It seems odd here though in this case. In an alleyway, away from the "noise and bustle" of the city is a single lantern and an unmarked hotel that sits in a lonely state. Empty rooms and empty hallways. A large lobby with no furnishing. The dining table is in the middle of an empty dining hall, a single table, forced to close proximity with another individual. The rooms are tight and yet spacious at the same time. Exactly is this ludicrous idea.

Today is - February 14th, 2033

Weather 14 degrees Fahrenheit, -10 Celsius
Snow is likely later in the evening, freeze warning in effect for the morning

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Occupation: NA

Staring outside to the January snow it seemed as white out there as it did in here. You would assume it's as cold in here as it is out there as there is no refuge from winter in here. Though there is frail raven lurking in these white walls. Dressed in all black, a black t-shirt, and black sweatpants usually. Concealed in black, black hair, and black slippers as if he were a crow in this facility.

In the walls of Lakeview Mental Care Facility a thin young man sat on a chair looking out the window, interacting with little to no one. Though he was muttering to himself something invisible, perhaps the spirits of winter? He as thin that even though you believe his t-shirt was small, it was baggy on him, his sweatpants didn’t fit either. His neck was narrow and thin. He almost had the appearance of a doll, still and posed on a chair.

His collarbone visible, his hair though black and straightened. His wrist were tiny. There was a cut on his lip. His skin anemic and pale, his irises brown.


No response. He didn’t react at first. Nearly catatonic. You placed a hand on his shoulder and he flinched. Looking at you with a dazed, far off look. At first he didn’t seem like he recognized you, well of course he didn’t. Though he had this far off look, like he was staring off into the distance. Towards a world others could not see.

“A strange touch,” Skye mumbles to himself, his lower lip quivers in a bit of anxiety.

The Remity Therapy should have taken away his memories of a tragic past. Yet, his body reacted and flinched in a way that almost said that his instincts didn’t forget.

“I am your new therapist,”

“Word magicians,”

The way he speaks reminds you of wind. It lowers and highers. At times. Sometimes it's inaudible, other times audible. Whispering, mumble, and muttering. Low and quiet, it sounds smooth like the chill of the winter outside.

Diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder it is hard to tell where Skye is or who he is. On the surface he appears dissociative from reality. Muttering to himself and conveying things in odd speech that maybe he only understands.

His personality seems completely muddled in the condition of the state of mind his dementia causes him, but that would be unfair to Skye to not mention who he is outside of defining him from the diagnosis.

With that said Skye is still an odd bird. While his condition comes with paranoid thinking, the inability to express emotions, the inability to socialize well, sometimes occupied with extreme social anxiety. Even if you took all that away Skye would still probably be an odd little bird.

He can spend hours staring out the window, finding amusement or entertainment out of the changing of the seasons. All though there is a strict dangerous material code in Lakeview Mental Care Facility, Skye is fascinated by glass making and all the colors glass makes.

He’s not allowed to keep glass with him, for fear of harming himself more than anything else, but the therapist [word magicians] started collecting the glass in a display for him since it seems to sooth him in some ways looking at it.

He likes to bird watch, thus the nickname of an odd bird. Perhaps that’s what he’s looking out all the time at the windows? He can name different birds based on their cries and mimics them as well. Skye says sometimes he believes he knows what they are saying. But people just roll their eyes at Skye when he does so.

Anything that seems personal Skye emulates well. It’s clear his therapy has allowed him to be able to express sympathy or empathy, even if he may feel it dully. Despite it Skye doesn’t mind people, he just doesn’t like touch, which he will flinch from.

There’s a lot of Skye that seems meek and shy, but he will engage with others if they can snap him out of his trances.

What Skye is most afraid of feelings of claustrophobia. Not claustrophobic spaces, but feelings of claustrophobia. Stimuli around him crowd him in. People’s voices are muffled with the sometimes maybe voices he hears in his mind like murmurs in the depths of a body of water. He expresses his depression as a feeling of drowning and that’s an isolating, claustrophobic feeling as well.

He has aversions to sexual and intimate touches. It sends him into panic that he cannot quite control. Skye’s not really violent. In fact most of the time, it's him trying to get away from the uncomfortable, rather than him starting conflict.

Major Skills:

Dissociative Detail -

Skye sees the world in an unusual way. His dissociative reality gives him the ability to identify details other people have missed. He sees the world in such an unusual way that he is allowed to see into things other people might otherwise miss.

Wandering -

Skye is pretty small and is easy to miss, despite his oddities they aren’t really anything that would point him out right away. So Skye has the ability to wander without being noticed, while some would argue this is called sneaking. Sneaking sort of requires the individual to intentionally be sneaking around. Skye merely wanders and people lose sight of him when he does so.

Bird Identification -

Skye has always liked birds. He can mimic their cries and can classify most of them just upon looking at their markings. While identifying birds may seem like an unusual skill, Skye can at least tell you, your geographic location based on the birds he sees. Because birds all have different homes.

Minor Skills:

Glass Blowing -

At first they were adverse to Skye taking the Glass Blowing classes. He’s the type of person to be convinced he cannot feel pain and place his hand on a hot stove not noticing he was in fact burned. But Skye became proficient at a skill taught in the care facility’s craft class.

Noting the improvement it had on him, they continue to allow Skye to work in the workshop as long as another individual was watching him. Not that Skye really minds, he’s so easy and laid back at times like that.

Sewing -

Skye isn’t the best and again the care facility doesn’t let him use glass equipment or needles unless he is closely supervised. But something in the interwoven, forgotten, remembered, and forgotten again memories Skye retains some capability of sewing things with his mother being his close mentor.

Pianist -

Skye plays the piano with the proficiency of an intermediate pianist. Actually to be truthful this might be some muscle memory of a past skill he's gotten a little rusty doing. His theme song is a representation of how he may play. While he can fake professional, a true professional could see his lack of skill.

Your Lie:
Skye grew up in a happy loving family. He had perfect parents that never did anything wrong to him. They loved him so much and were very proud of him because he always got good grades. They would always go on family vacations. And they would always play board games late at night. He was never spanked or hit. He was never yelled at. Then one day he got sick. He started losing time. He started losing his grip on reality. His parents were very sad and ended up crying when he had to be taken in the back of an ambulance van to Lakeview Mental Facility. They were very sad that he tried to hurt himself. And that he was very sick. There was nothing wrong with his childhood or the way he grew up and yet he ended up sick in the mind.

Your Truth: You lie.

Misc: I'm the GM I better be accepting the terms I made.

Slot 1 - Angel of October
Skye Ashton Elsen

Slot 2 - LemonZest1337
Marcus Faraday

Slot 3 - Old Amsterdam
Anya Pharmercy

Slot 4 - TheRedWatcher
Morgana La Fraya

Slot 5- Gardevoiran
Magdalene Camiron

Slot 6 - Knifeman
Violet Greene

Slot 7 - Akayaofthemoon
Olivia Cole

I know what you did. You thought you kept it well hidden. Well not from me. I know what you did, even if you don’t remember.

It is late January, snow had stuck to the frozen concrete blanketing the city in white. As little lights illuminated the dark distance with man made fire. Frosty breath of two individuals could be seen to rise towards a gray cloudy sky. The two men huddled together in a corner. The street cameras could not see their faces.

“These are them?”

Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Your demons are calling. Your sins wish to be rectified. Did you think redemption would be easy, if no one knew in the first place? Did you think you could forget forever? How long would you sleep in this dream? Do you think you are happier now?

“And the funding?”
“You have full funding,” -screen glitches- “You’ll find the money has already been wired.”
“Thank you for your cooperation,”

He keeps his head low, wearing a fedora and a billowing trench coat. A manilla folder is stashed inside the warmth of his coat. Sheltering its contents. They are gone. All that is left is an empty parking lot and snow.

There’s a procedure the doctors can perform now. They can take away your memories and store in new ones. It’s been awarded as the newest and greatest invention used for therapy purposes. But there are illegal uses as well. Some have been used it to create themselves a new life.

Outside is fairly cold. Snow has buried the streets in snow. Inside is fairly just as cold. Probably funneling in the snow into the venting system. A laugh in a white walled building. Busy with people in white. A white society.

“Do you understand?” a man in a black trench coat ask in the lounge room with a vending machine.
“Sinners sins on a chess board,”
“I am going to take that as a yes,”

“So this is them,”

“Seems like it,”

“What made them think they could get away with it?”

“They would have, if we didn’t exist”

Sins Committee Bureau was bustling with activity. People moved quickly from desk to desk. While they sat in a cramp room staring at monitors. Couldn’t tell a bunch of people they erased their memories. They needed to remember on their own. Watching from cameras placed deliberately in the city they called Mirage City.

Couldn’t believe the government would fund a fake city to put these people in there. But they wanted to catch these bastards misusing Remity machines. Only problem was someone with false implemented memories could deny their true reality for as long as they didn’t remember. Lie detection software didn’t work when their memories didn’t exist.

“You don’t think they’ll kill each other?”

“Well it be less people to detain, but more paperwork,”

“Don’t worry, we’ve chosen them to test the system, if there are a few bumps in the road, well, we’ll fix it for next time,”


I don’t like being a stickler, I don’t often like addressing rules, but I am writing a few;

First off I am going to go off of what I go off of to Accept or Deny a character, I think of the three Cs. Clarity, Comprehension, and a Concrete idea. Of course our characters will develop and evolve, but you need a clear Concrete idea in order for that to happen. It makes life easier for you and me. Because this will be such a heavy character piece, you need that solid initial idea. Beyond that I look for;

Interesting Character or an Interesting Narrative they bring

I also look for people who are open minded and understand a character may go over an edit or two if I do not find the sheet follows the above. It’s not a slight against you or the character, I want you both, so let’s work together to make that happen.

Sheets are rarely denied, unless you prove to yourself you are unworkable, not open minded to new ideas or criticism. Or show a lack of respect.

Which goes into my last points;
Be respectful
Be kind
Be helpful

Be Communicative and this is a big must. I don’t have posting rules, I do not say you need to post in X amount of time. I ask for a post once a week, but if you cannot do that I am reasonable. As long as you Communicate. You will be given 2 warnings before your character is Off’d. There is no GM character death in this RP, but if I must write it in a story it will be, because someone didn’t Communicate and hasn’t posted in say A month or Two from their initial post.
If you cannot Communicate with your fellow members or the GM, then don’t join this RP. I expect Communication. Especially if you know things like, “I have a busy work schedule and don’t know what my work schedule will be week by week” Thank you that’s all I need to know, “I will be out of town for a few days”. I understand Emergencies and as long as you get back to me as soon as you can after the Emergency has happened and tell me, then we will be fine.

If you have read, and understand these expectations Please write on your sheet; I Accept these Terms.

Player Death; Player Death will not be enacted by the GM. Instead it will be enacted by your fellow players in a sort of PVP scenario. And will only be implemented if both members agree to the death of said character. Your enemies or your allies are each other.


And a Stripper Disguised as an Assassin - Asterisk

At least there was cooperation. Something in a kid’s show would emphasize how cooperation was good or something. Getting up from the seat of the bar he inhaled and slowly exhaled. There went his money, on two vodka cranberries. Teammates, huh. He was use to these kind of setups in the Grand Church, usually a senior priest with a junior one, teaching them the ropes. Or big clients that needed more manpower.

“Someone going to have to sit in the back,” he said, “Sorry. It’s a sport car. But there it is, my Purple Chariot.” He gives a dramatic hand reveal to his purple sports car, that has been parked crooked in the gutter of the bar.

“She volunteers to sit in the back.” Asterisk said it with a wave at the other member of their team. Her mind was more occupied with how aggressively purple the car was. She'd say it looked like it had been driven through a berry patch, but she still wanted to get laid tonight. “Do you have a thing about valets?”

The purple was a fine color to Abigail. It wasn’t too obnoxiously purple, and it was a good shade. Of course, Abigail’s fondness of the color was likely due to her just liking purple in general. She was a bit miffed that Asterisk volunteered her to sit in the back, but that’s where she wanted to sit anyway. Eh, she’d be okay with it. “It’s not that bad. Kind of nice.”

Kimber looked at Asterisk and forced himself a laugh, “No. Not really. Purple is the color of my family crest. Plus, its a royal color.”

He smiles at Abigail, “She’s got the right idea. Plus there’s a black patch.” He moves away from them to eagerly rush to the driver’s side of the car.

“A gentleman would open the door for his lady guests,” Asterisk pointed out. Not that she couldn't open the door. It was the principle of the thing.

Abigail calmly opened the door and climbed into the backseat after folding the chair forward.

“You're undermining my entire point here, you know!” Asterisk stuck her tongue out at Abigail.

Abigail reached for the door and closed it back, putting herself alone in the car. “There.”

With a huff, Asterisk let herself in. As she sat, she replied, “No, now you've ruined the whole thing. Onward, Handsome. I'll give you directions.” The footwell wasn't as roomy as Asterisk would have liked, and she had to rearrange her legs a few times before she was comfortable.

Kimber put out his cigarette in his ashtray. At least the situation was resolved before his quick tongue got him in trouble. He would have told her she had two choices to stay on the corner where it seemed more fitting for her or get into the car. Abigail at least showed him off this cool rose flower thing. She’s been mounting and kissing him all night, like he paid to be at a strip club. True it would have been a better locale, but that’s not really the point.

Turning the ignition on it was the first time in a long time the Chariot purred instead of giving him trouble. That’s his sweetness. Kissing the steering wheel real quick, thank you for working,0 you beautiful thing. He put up his hands.

“There are two rules,” he said mildly, “The radio is my domain. And we’re going to go lightspeed. Got it. Hope your stomachs can handle it.”

“I reserve the right to sue you if you crash the car and kill us all.” Asterisk remarked. “Left onto the highway, then third exit.”

“I mean… I can’t do shit, so…” Abigail held onto the side of the seat. The driver was reckless, and the passenger wasn’t really helping the situation by basically harassing the driver. Hopefully they wouldn’t die.

“Luckily I have not crashed and you’re lucky I only had two drinks,” Kimber tells her, “Normally I am driving with a lot more than that under my belt.” He kind of gives a childish laugh, before taking the car out of park. The Chariot lurched forward and shot fast out of the gutter. A small scream of surprise marked the first time Asterisk had lost control all evening.

“Jesus fuck!” Abigail muttered under her breath as she felt the car jet. It was crazy and scary… but it was something… kind of fun. It was a good adrenaline rush.

Asterisk put her hand on her chest to slow her beating heart, though the grin on her face belied her surprise. “I've been in planes that haven't accelerated that fast. Remind me to give you a key to the test track.”

Kimber laughed. “You haven’t seen anything yet,” he accelerates to the point of riding someone’s ass, before looking to his side as he does a merge without pause. As he accelerates down the highway ramp at 60 and cuts in front of another driver. The car aggressively challenges anyone in front of it. A roaring engine, as he goes in between traffic.

“Next left!” Asterisk blurted out.

Climbing, the speedometer is climbing in the passing lane, from 60 to 80, as he cuts in front of another car, another merge without pausing as it reaches 85 up to the next left ramp. Soaring, He takes the turn tightly.

“Second right, then stop by the blue light building!”

He never lets on the brake, instead he coast the car to a tight right, the car slides in a perfect angle, nearly sideswiping someone else in another lane before it completely straightens out. It races up the road and comes to a decelerating stop, before a harsh brake. Stopping rather crooked in front of the building with a blue-lit facade.

Asterisk cracks the door open as soon as they stop, spilling out onto the tarmac and taking a deep breath. “You don't assassinate people with car-fu, do you?”

“I mean there was this one time the Priest of the Grand Church was dealing with this client, and the guy talked a lot. Didn’t feel like getting out of the car by the time I came for backup, so I just rammed into him,” Kimber paused, “The car repair was astronomical. And my mother wasn’t too fucking happy about how much it cost. So short story, no. I learned my lesson.”

“Reeves!” Asterisk called for the valet. He helped her up, then went around to the driver's side for the keys. “Penthouse time, kids!” Asterisk remarked

“Ah nah, Reeves is it, no one touches my car,” Kimber said, “Tell me where to park it and that’s what I do.”

Abigail climbed out of the car and began to take off her armor, placing each piece carefully into her bag. The dress underneath remained on, but the armor was significantly uncomfortable during that car ride. It dug into her skin and such. “You… you can really fuckin’ drive…”

Kimber smiles at her widely.

“Yeah I can,” he said, “Hope you had a good time. I always have a good time.”

“Why the hell are you not a getaway driver?” Abigail asked.

“Oh sometimes I can be,” Kimber said, “But you haven’t seen me with a gun yet. Or the other secrets I hold.” he laughs, “No those aren’t strange euphemisms either.”

“To be fair, everyone’s like that,”

Kimber shrugs.

“But not everyone has my history,” he tells her, “I look forward to working with the Maiden of Bones.”

“Same to you, mister Magnum.” Abigail smirked. “... where the fuck is the other one?”

“She found a suitable corner,” Kimber replied quickly and laughed.

Asterisk waved to them from inside the building. She looked slightly shorter, less curvy. “Oi, lazybones, stop flirting and get in. We’re taking the boss elevator.” She pointed them to the express elevators at the left side of the foyer. “Second one from the entrance, press the top button. I have some business to check out before I join you.”

Thank god my internet is back up. Am I right.


All right so anyone who has expressed interest before this message I have a little update. We now have a discord channel;

@Infernal Flame@ineffably@vertigh0st@knifeman@TheRedWatcher

You three have expressed interest before this current update. I have been out of net for at least 4 days. And have not gotten a PM from at least two of you. No one has discussed anything. And no one has said anything.

With that said, the deadline for me accepting sheets from the three of you will be Sunday. I ask for a level of participation and a level of engagement, that has been lacking. These are pretty clearly stated in my rules. Ineffably has given me a reasonable explanation, but at least two of you have not communicated with me. Whether or not I had the internet.

This project lives or dies based on the participation of the members. Thus those who want to be part of this RP participate. Per the rules. Thank you for understanding. And I look forward to speaking with you further on the manner. And will make exceptions where they need be.
It's probably because this isn't the first time that was an issue. I didn't have any internet when I first started this rp. It seems to be a recurring theme.

Oh. I just didn't want anyone to think I gone dark and will no longer come back. I'll see what I can do to get sone wifi. Like at a Statbucks or something.
Idk what the laugh is for. I'm using the data on my phone. But I have no inrernet itself.
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