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Red lights reflect on the surface of water puddles imitating pools of blood. A woman is sitting on the curb of the pavement, whimpering softly, attempting to hide her tears from the homicide department of Hokkaido. Togura, sighs, and scratches the back of his head. There is definitely a serial killer in Japan. Killing teenagers nonetheless. This makes what 9, in the last three months? And just like the rest, mutilated. Multiple cuts, wounds - somehow seeded with upright plants. This time, a young girl, brown hair spilled out onto the steps of her apartment complex like water cascading down them. Higabanas growing inside of her. And shoved in her mouth. Turning on the heels of his worn, leather shoes, he looks over to her mother.

“Shizumei-san,” he attempted to reach the woman, “I’m going to need to ask some questions.”

She says nothing at first. Sobbing into her hands and choosing to be voiceless.

“Shizumei-San,” Togura calls out again, stepping to the side of the gutter, “I need to ask some questions about your daughter.”

“Shoko,” the woman utters in devastation at no one, but herself.

“She was missing, like the rest, for a week you said,”

He’s done this job enough times that it doesn’t even phase him any more to see the devastation of the family. In fact sometimes it irritates him more than he cannot get a clear answer. First it was five students from Sakuna Academy, then it was two from Orimea Academy, one from Ryadon, and now one from Naishado Academy. All kids between the ages of 16 and 18. Is this jealous killing? Revenge? None of the fucking parents can give him any answers. They are all either too devastated or convinced their precious children are innocent of any wrong.

People don’t ordinarily kill teenagers because it’s fun for them. Yet, he cannot find any fucking motive. Togura sighs, “Here’s my card. Get some rest, and call me in the morning so we can talk.” he places it onto her lap. Guess the only thing he can do now is go to Naishado Academy and talk to the students.

The Premise

In this RP you will be a student between the ages of 16 - 18. You go to Naishado Academy and you are a member of the Mystery Club of the school. For how long and the reasons you are there are up to you, but all the students will have known each other at minimum for a few month and it can be longer too with no max. A serial killer is roaming streets of Hokkaido, taking teenagers, they disappear for a week, and return with flowers and plants growing or planting inside of their wounds. And whole the Chief Director of the Homicide Department Togura Hideo is investigating the case, he does it from a disinterested, lack of empathy, and lack of genuine compassion for his job. Teenagers going missing isn't really worry as it is more the distress to the community. A student of your class Shizumei Shoko has been found dead four weeks ago on March 7th, 2021. It is now April 8th, 2021 and another student in your class Shinjeki Hasami is missing and it feels like none of the adults are doing anything to resolve the case. Afraid for their classmates and wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery. The Mystery Club of Naishado Academy has agreed to investigate the murders and perhaps unveil the mystery that the adults seem so lax on resolving.

Rules and Expectations

I am not going to harp on the rules so much, you all agreed to the rules when you made an account on this website. It's all the general respect, and no inappropriate behavior you expect. With on exception that I am going to add;

This is a Mature RP, there will be cursing, drugs, murder, descriptions of gore, but there will be No Sexual Element to this RP period. I do not need people describing in vivid detail about how sexy a 17 year old young lady is or a young boy is. Thank you.

As for posting expectations. So, this is the dreaded place where RPs die to be honest. Once a week doesn't give people time, especially when they have emergencies suddenly show up and now people are waiting for one person forever and the RP cannot be moved because of a singular person so I have come up with a system since its so important when telling a collaborative story, and I do not like the concept of just killing people off just for the story to continue;

Preferably, I'd like to see a once a week post, but that's not reasonable for time obligations, so at least make an effort let's say every two weeks to post.

Secondly the next thing I am going to endorse is a Haitus and Pause system. Because I will be writing this as Chapters in a way, what I am going to ask is for Communication [the scariest darn thing about this RP]. And to get with me directly, to ask for a Pause or a Haitus.

This will be Written, in Blue on your latest posts in the IC; Pause is defined as you asking me to pause your characters activities and that character will be in the background of events. But you will not have to post for the time that you have asked me. The character will still be involved in events and written, upon agreement, to be there or implied to be there.

Haitus is defined as you needing to be completely, for an extended period of time, removed for the RP for X amount of days or weeks or even a month. The characters on Haitus, will not be involved in any background events and we will work together in figuring out how to not involve these characters. It may mean me writing in dramatic scenes like hospitalization, family vacations, or even honestly the biggest cop-out you have a cold or flu. These characters will not be involved in any activities until you return.

Hopefully this will keep things moving, clearly communicate with each other who is and isn't involved and not have people waiting on others as much.

Character Sheets

I have no specifics on how you should organize your sheet, just make sure its legible and that it's not a nightmare to navigate. You do not have to use the graph I provide either. And some parts of this sheet will be filled out with me. So please be patient thank you. Just follow the prompts.

Legend; Name in large type face
Type: Active, Pause, Haitus
Role: *What is your role in the mystery club - remember it doesn't just have to be a member, event coordinator, second in commander, etc., what is your role in life i.e. high school student, maybe you work as a clerk too, etc.
Age + Pronouns: 16-18, He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, etc.

While I find a good majority of these fairly explain themselves I will explain posture and gesturing;

Posture, do they slouch, do they walk stiff as a board, how do they carry themelves
Gesturing, do they talk with their hands, do they point, do they avoid using their hands, etc.

*The most important aspect of the Relationship portion is your relationship with each accepted member of the Mystery Club. If you want to add siblings, other friends outside of the mystery club, if you want to add parents, those are completely optional and a welcome addition.

Theme Song is Optional

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