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Here is my tentative interest - you know that I am actually going to join, but shoosh let me pretend I am thinking about it.
June 26th, 2018
Breaking news, young man and young woman hit by oncoming traffic in a horrific motorcycle accident. The say the young man was speeding down the highway when he took a turn too quickly. The name of the individuals have been released, the young woman's is being withheld due to her family request, while the other is a known convict -

Urafuji Yoru

She doesn't need you anymore.

Can't you tell she's a grown adult woman now.

But you left her in this world

You failed to protect her

You failed to provide

You failed

[Personal Info]



A rescue mission, he’s never been part of one of those before. Well, he guesses that statement is no longer true considering their current destination. Akito must be very sad to have been separated from his family for so long. That’s why he thinks this is a good thing, to rescue Akito, reunite them, and then, “Maybe we should go for hotpot afterwards?” Kakyo suggests, “Hotpot is a good family meal.”

There’s so many hot headed students in this car. Hot headed or entirely loner types. He wants to make friends with them all, but he has received many different messages. He’s pretty sure Fuyuhito-senpai is glaring at him every time he has attempted to approach him. It’s hard to tell because the hood obscures so much that he cannot tell if it’s a furrow from his actual brows or the fur lined hood. He should really think about getting a hood that fits better on his head.

He’s pretty sure Minato-san thinks he’s trying to start a fight with him every time he brings him an origami piece. He might think he’s actually sending him complicated challenges through paper. He’s not sure, but he makes him nervous sometimes.

Sekiguchi-senpai; Agito-Senpai probably thinks he is a puppy. He gets exceptionally close and likes to mess with his hair. But that must be because he is very lonely without his brother, so he’s fine with providing him peace of mind.

The car finally stops. All this rain isn’t going to be good for his paper, it’s damp, wet and soggy. The smell of rain is pungent, the fresh earth soaking in all of the moisture. The trees breathing in all the wet air, it’s a good thing he brought an umbrella with him. Though he’s not sure how well he can hold an umbrella and fold paper. Maybe he should think about lamenting them? Waterproof bags? Wait, how would he fold them then?

“I think Gojo-sensei has done his best, and we should appreciate his driving skills,” Kakyo smiles, attempting to motivate the group, “Do you think we will actually have to use curse energy?”

He’s actually starting to feel somewhat nervous about this situation.









It isn’t like he hasn’t done this before. Doing something entirely reckless. Something that could get him killed. But it feels different when it’s an order he’s been given. Sitting in the shuttle, waiting for them to land, feeling a little sick from anxiety. Trying not to show it though.









The shuttle lands. The doors swing open. While everyone was likely preparing their weaponry. He fit a small bag with whatever medical equipment he could. But there was a likelihood that he’d have to fight as well. No one likes a guy sitting on some containers, cheering them on, while sipping tea.

The alarm is what he hears first. Brings him back to the Citadel:

Then the sounds of gunfire register.

It isn’t like he hasn’t done this before.

His objective primarily has to provide backup whatever way he can. This isn’t the same as being on the Citadel where his primary objective is to heal the injured. If the team needed the support, he’d be there swiftly.


Looking at his omni-tool.


Get to cover.

While Keavius and Roxy-

-apparently come in guns blazing and start showing up everyone. Cool. Cool. At least if he’s going to puke, no one is going to notice while Roxy is tearing through mechs. Now then, a situation like this requires mood mus-

-Click. Whoomp.

I mean it was obvious he was going to get shot out by someone. If you’re going to shoot someone, don’t do it with your pants down so to speak. This guy is just trying to get away from Keav and Roxy. Then tried to pick Riegel off, while cowering?

Riegel puts up his finger, “Can you give me one second? I am just trying to fiddle with this.”

Man’s finger pressed on the trigger. His shields can take it and he just-


Can this guy piss off? Don’t go running from the Turian clicking his mandibles, Keavius is going to shove a rifle up his ass if he heard him say that - that’s why he’s thinking it, angrily peppering you with bullets. Then try to pick off the guy wedged in the corner trying to take cover to make you feel bigger about yourself because of the big bad Quarian.

Got it-



Can’t rely on his shields forever and this guy is irritating him. Feeling the surge of energy. It courses, pulling, and tugging around his arm. Extending out, like a leash, wrapping around the man in front of him. Lifting him into the air, “I asked for a second. And because you were pissing in your armor, you thought you could pick on me. Buzz off.”

Tugging at the leash tethering the man. Then pushing it away. He goes sailing across the railing. To splat somewhere to his doom.

Seriously though.

Who said go into the facility and start blowing up mechs?

Some of us are over enthusiastic. But he’s been sitting here pissing in the wind. Go team. Go. No one likes a guy sitting in the corner, Riegel. No one likes a show off either, jumping over the cover. So, what are we looking at for a facility?

Ducking behind another grip used to anchor down a shuttle. Nice dome shape. Landing pad. Long narrow hallway.

Long narrow hallway likely leads to the big dome. Big dome leads to an elevator. And running along the ship grips trying to stay as low as possible, looking down over the railing from the landing pad. There’s an underground portion to the facility as well. And they have 8 minutes now? Is this a death trap? Should the Captain count her losses and pull back?

There are a ton of outcomes to this situation.

One of them being they all die in a burning inferno.

All right they are going to waste time if they just keep shooting at the facility of guys. So? What are their options?

If I were Cerberus, where would I keep highly secure data? If I was smart, it would be down below - so underground. And there are still Cerberus guarding the hallway to where the elevator is likely. It looks like they are going to have to make a door then?

Pushing off the railing. Looking around. Trying to keep as low of a profile as he could, he doesn’t have one of those cloaks. He could kill for a cloak right now.

Sneaking under the grips. Finding cover behind whatever piece of plaster he can find. No one has noticed him in the frenzy. Looking around, what is the perfect device for ramming through them and to get down that hall? There’s the shuttle they came in. That would be bad they wouldn’t be able to leave-

-but you know what wouldn’t-

I spy with my little eye a little shuttle with Cerberus’ name on it. It’s hideous, white, and yellow. Yeah that would do. While gunshots ring out. Whizzing past him. As he continues to crouch, fuck his knees. No one has noticed him since landing. Good.

Sneaking behind their own shuttle, to double sure he hasn’t been noticed. He’s just using the chaos to not be noticed. Okay here goes nothing, this thing is a lot bigger than it looked from all the way over there on the other side of the landing pad.

But if Roxy is going to blow up mechs, then he might as well show his hospitality too.


He feels the force surrounding him like it usually does. He imagines it wrapping around him.

Feeling the kinetic force pulse and pull. Hard to control. Wanting to be released.


He imagines reaching out. Tugging and tightly gripping the shuttle. This isn’t the same thing as a person. And the two forces repel each other. Pushing against him. Fighting him in fact. If this works it's going to be so worth the migraine after.


It’s fighting him. It wants to be released and he doesn’t think he can hold onto it any longer anyway. Open palm, sliding it across the land pad-

-now everyone is notices-

-but it's a bit too late when the shuttle goes skidding across the cement. Making a horrendous screeching sound. Sparks under it’s metal belly. He couldn’t quite lift it, but there was enough forced he punched through it to push it through-

-Now Cereberus’ soldiers are trying to get out of the way-

-you guys might want to!” Riegel calls out, I mean it’s kind of obvious they’ll want to move.

Cerberus’ soldier go toppling over onto each other, some go over the railing-

-the shuttle being slammed and pushed into the hallway leading to the center, rips through the metal, the door goes bent, the hallway begins to cave in and under.

The shuttle continues sailing for a bit, spinning from the momentum and force. Breaking through the hallway and coming to a stop. Teetering halfway between tipping over between the outside edge of the hallway, now collapsing on the right hand side, and hanging for dear life partially inside.

“So, I, uh, no more Cerberus guarding the door,” he gives a sort of half smile.

Yeah he’s going to get chewed out for that one. I mean, the base was going to be blown up anyway.

“Venom Rose to ALCON, Citadel-aligned vehicles have arrived at the shuttle bay, and are likely arriving in force. I’d suggest exfiltrating through the same way we got in, and get the fuck out through there. Venom Rose out.”

This entire thing has had set up written all over it since he got here. Now they are evacuating? Did they even get the data? Probably. She wouldn’t be telling them to get the hell out of dodge if that were the case. His men, of who were alive, had been fighting their way to get to the landing pad. The original plan, his plan was just to take what wasn’t his and take a Cerberus shuttle and get the hell out of dodge. Tch, If he didn’t respect her enough he would just ignore the order and go with his plan.

“You heard the lady-

-What in fucking spa-

-the hallway they had been trying to seize from Cerberus to get to the landing pad-

-what crazy son of a bitch chucks a shuttle-

-the thing spins-

-fish tailing, ripping through metal, sounds like they are going with Venom’s plan then.

Kaiser immediately begins pivoting on his heels, heading towards, which way? The hall or? Take the elevator to the service tunnels underneath? Shit. Citadel is going to be on their fucking ass if they don’t hurry up, he saw their damn shuttle through the windows.

Fuuuck. Nathaniel you idiot. Why would you joke about AA in front of Tony-Fucking-Stark? Good job you. In my defense I was nervous, oh great that’s my defense. Could you regulate your emotions just for once, maybe even for five minutes? Quit cycling and think like a functioning adult for half a second.

Breathing. Inhaling. Then exhaling. Think calm happy thoughts. Maybe you shouldn’t. They didn’t have enough time with Viral, but he seems like he’s going to be a pain in ass. A sentient brick if you will. Which is great when you want to break windows. Not so great when that sentient brick goes levitating and breaking windows with a will of its own. Especially when you’re trying to be stealthy. Hope, this Micheal guy has enough control over his sentient brick that it won’t break windows.

Only briefly turning his head to Chie as she introduces herself. He gives her a thumbs up every now and then. See she’s doing great. One of the crew. She’ll fit in nicely. Even if she doesn’t think so. Encouragement, encourage her Niel. See you’re already being normal. Good job. You. Okay maybe take that down a notch because it’s getting sickening.

Right. There is still that kid. How old is he? Like eleven?

That’s a bag of trauma waiting to be stuffed full of nightmares.

“What’s AA?”

This is a chance to redeem himself. He’d let the young man continue his introduction. Niel is your chance to sound serious and also like you haven’t lost your marbles. You think so me, because I am pretty sure the moment I kicked out an elevator control panel and threatened to sell it for parts, my marbles scattered everywhere.

“That’s so cool, Excalibur, like the sword,” Niel pipes up, “You wanted to know what AA is. I mean I really shouldn’t be the one to explain this. FIrst off, I’d like to declare that the joke was in poor taste. I see the error of my ways on that. Oops. No pun intended with the taste comment. Okay. I am overthinking the answer.” how do he explain this in a sensitive way, “You see when someone loves alcohol very much.” that sounds like sex, just roll with it by now, “they um - drink too much of it and can become violently self destructive and or environmentally deustrctive.” Looking at Tony Stark, “I mean that only in the factual sense, you, you are an admiration. Um. Anyway, AA is where they go to um heal from their extreme drinking.”

That could have gone a hell of a lot better.

Niel claps his hands and laughs nervously, he sounds slightly unhinged doing so, “Rooms. We all should be getting rooms, right? Unless we don’t. I could be wrong. When are we going to our rooms?”

Save me from burying myself a bigger grave.
Smells like gasoline in here - huh wonder why

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Why have you done this to me. I don't know if I can add another RP under my belt but I love Jujutsu Kaisen. Let me think about it. And get back to you
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