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It sounds like it could be a neat little project, should try to make it an official thing.
@Hero I'd greatly appreciate the help. I won't have too much trouble world-building, though I may lack some witty FF references. What I'll need most of the help with would be items and ideas for growth in the adventure.

And whew got a decent amount of interest already. It'll take me a few days to cook up a proper OOC first post. But I'm confident it'll go well.

Sounds like a plan!
Please yes. FFCC is my second favorite, I'd totally love to help out with lore and stuff and whatnot!
It was only in this moment that she realized that Kai wasn't going to give up until she smiled. Smiling wasn't really something she did often, less so under these sorts of circumstances. Yuffie always said Cielle's face was permanently stuck frowning. She couldn't help it, she wasn't the type of person that was all sunshine and rainbows. Her face was starting to hurt, though Anna granted her some mercy as she told Kai she had enough.

As he looked at her, she couldn't help but scowl again, though as she felt his fingers pulling at the corners of her mouth again, she couldn't help but whine. "We need to get going!" She tried to remind him.

That statement of hers seemed to make Anna realize something. "Going? Oh...Oh noooo..." She placed her hands on the sides of her head, slightly panicking. "What do I do now? I can't go back without Elsa! She needs to unfreeze everything!"

Recomposing herself, Cielle tried to assuage the princess. "It isn't ideal, but...perhaps withdrawing for some time would help the Queen. Going back now would only alienate her further."

"You can't be too comfortable with that ice on your shoulder," Kristoff pointed out.

"An inconvenience, but solved with fire," She said, though she didn't know any fire magic. She did, however, get an idea. Trudging over and bringing out her keyblade, she pointed it at a fallen log. "Thunder!" The log was zapped, a spark engulfing the part where lightning struck and forming a small fire.

Huddling over it, Cielle felt the warmth comforting. After a moment, however, she did not find the ice on her body melting, even if the snow around the log had all but melted. "...interesting..." She murmured.
Hi time skip will be on Tuesday because I lack time management skills 🙃😂 Sorry for the delay!

Correction, time skip will go up on FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT EST. Thanks for the understanding!

What the hell had she gotten herself into?

Motivated by the notion to not starve to death as well as a myriad of mixed personal feelings, Hotaru Tachibana thought joining the military was a good idea. They were brave, they got free food, they learned to kill titans, they got sharp weapons and skills they could carry for the rest of their lives, they died in a blaze of glory...what's not to love? A lot, actually, but food was a very strong motivator considering she no longer had a legal guardian to speak of and there were only so many times you could go around begging before either getting chased out or getting unsavory offers.

But that was neither here nor there, as right now at the age of seventeen, Hotaru had absolutely no idea what she was getting herself into. As she watched poor Gabriel get kicked, she had to admit she had no idea how she would react if she got kicked. The best thing to do would be to stay strong. Or something. Why the hell was the instructor yelling so much? Supposedly Schulz was the best of the best, but she genuinely didn't think constantly screaming at people was going to get him anywhere. Or...was it? Just as she was trying to figure that out, the two locked eyes. Oh no. He rounded on her, insulting nearly every aspect of her physical appearance. Her jaw would have dropped if she hadn't forced herself to keep it shut. Disappointment? If her mother was around, the two would have gotten along swimmingly.

"Hotaru Tachibana, sir," She replied in earnest, watching him somewhat warily.

Jason barely looked up to see who asked if he was alright. When he saw who it was he threw his head back. The last person he should see right now was the girl he wanted the most to be at the party. An hour ago he might have been secretly delighted to hear her. Now he just realized it would be another thorn in his side. He just lifted his bottle with a deep sigh and looked how much there was still in it. “Not particularly.” He said with a truly careless tone. If he was sober, he’d realize that in his current he should probably let her move on. But there was a strange curiosity in his heart. He turned to look her right in the eyes and asked: “Have you ever felt such a profoundly stupid feeling that you wish you could cut your heart out?” It was a question that had to be posed. Though Jason had no idea why he asked Nadia.

Frowning slightly, the redhead studied him carefully. After a moment, she knelt down, taking a seat next to him. “Yeah. Worst part is when it happens repeatedly,” She replied, giving him a slight shrug. “The good thing is that most stuff blows over quickly, so it's easy to move on if you don't stay too hung up on it.

Jason offered the bottle to Nadia. He let out a deep, defeated sigh. She was right, in a way. If you didn’t care then it always passes. But this had shaken him. He loved Catherine. But that kiss, that infernal kiss was burned into his memory. It wasn’t even the kiss that bugged him that much. It were the feelings that came with it. The moment of carelessness right after he realized it couldn’t have been Catherine. In his right hand he kept twirling his phone like he had some nervous itch. The guilt felt less heavy now, sure. Yet the sick feeling remained. “And what happens with the stuff that doesn’t blow over quickly? The stuff that can’t help but get hung up on?

Taking the bottle, Nadia chose to take a swig. Once she finished, she placed the bottle down in the sand between them. “Alcohol helps,” She couldn't help but joke. She sort of wanted to ask what happened, but he was so down she wanted to cheer him up first. In truth she hated seeing anyone down, regardless of affiliation. “In all seriousness, spending time having fun and relying on friends is one way to go about it.” She said, motioning towards the party.

He couldn’t help but smile at her joke. It felt good to laugh just for a second. With Nadia nearby, he realized he was dancing on the razor’s edge. Too drunk to feel anything real, too sober to do anything too stupid. For a few seconds he kept quiet. His friends, yes they could help. Maybe not Penny, she’d be woefully bad in the same situation. But Santiago, maybe Santiago could help him. “Maybe.” He answered. “Though right now I’m fairly sure I’d just bring the party down.” But the more he talked, the more he just ached to say what he did. Above everyone else, he wanted to tell his girlfriend but he couldn’t. Still, it had to be said. “So you probably want to know what happened.

Nadia seemed pleased at seeing Jason smile, counting that as a small victory. When asked if she wanted to know, she paused for a moment, watching him closely. “Do you want to tell me? You don't have to,” She said, frowning slightly. The last thing she wanted was to make him feel worse. Her phone buzzed, though she pressed the volume button, silencing the call. First she would take care of him, then she'd see what her phone wanted. “Only tell me if you want to. It's none of my business.

Sol and I kissed.” And there it was. The truth. In all it’s disgusting glory. It felt good saying it. Like a weight lifted from his shoulders. But no two seconds later and all that weight returned. Like he suddenly fully realized what he did. Almost angry at himself he threw his head back against the dune behind him as he took another big swig from the bottle. “It was so stupid. I didn’t even think it would ever happen. Everything was perfect!” he exclaimed, but then looked over at Nadia and realized that it was a lie. “Almost…perfect.” He corrected himself, with a calmer voice.

The redhead nodded, scratching her cheek for a moment. She hadn't been at King's very long, though at the very least she was familiar with matching names to faces. Marisol was sort of infamous throughout the school for being tough, so she could maybe understand why Jason was upset about it. “Not your type?” She joked, though she looked pointedly at the bottle he had. “That's what that does if you have too much, you go and do silly things like that,” She grinned, nudging him. “Well, if she didn't beat you up afterwards, I'm sure she'll just leave you be if you don't want anything out of it.

The face of Jason was a strange mixture of confusion and disgusted. Did she really just say all of that. His brain couldn’t wrap itself around it. But then the gears turned. Of course she didn’t know. How could she. They never really talked. His confusion turned to laughter. It was a hopeless laugh though. After which he took a rather big swing from the bottle. “I don’t give a shit about her!” he announced. There was a bitter irony in his entire situation. “But my girlfriend will if she ever found out what happened.


Nadia's jaw dropped slightly, feeling somewhat embarrassed for only now understanding Jason's dilemma. This was quite the predicament all things considered. What do you even say to something like that? Wracking her head for some kind of answer, Nadia tried to stay positive. Though if she was being honest to herself, she had seen this situation happen too many times before to know it wasn't going to end well. “I'm sorry,” She apologized. No wonder he was such a mess. “That...really sucks.

After a few seconds of thinking to herself on any way this could be remedied, she decided the best course of action was to focus on him. “Are you upset because you feel like you betrayed your girlfriend or is it because once you did it you realize's something you wanted to happen?” She asked slowly, choosing her words carefully.

Jason opened his mouth to answer. But right then his phone went off. The tune, a happy one (will add link to some song), made him turn pale like a ghost. It went on and on as he kept his phone in his hand. Eventually he bit down on his tongue and answered.
Hi sweety.

Are you okay!?” Came from the other side of the phone.

I-I am?” He sounded less than convincing. “Why are you asking?

I got your text! It just said: ‘We need to ta-’. Like it got cut off mid sentence. Are you sure you’re okay?

Yes. Yes. I’m okay. Stupid phone must’ve… been stupid. Don’t worry, I’m okay.

A sigh of relief came from the other end. “Good. But you know you can always call me right? No matter what.

Yes. Yes I know. I love you, bye.” The second his thumb hit the red button he just dropped his phone in the sand. “Strike number too. Lying about it.” He threw himself back against the sand. “If you got a gun or something, you might as well shoot me now.” He joked, in the most defeated, hopeless tone one could use.

Listening to the call had been a little awkward, though Nadia stayed quiet. It was his own problem; he needed to handle it himself. Still, the conversation she heard only made her want to ask again.

...It's a tough situation, isn't it?” She asked quietly, frowning slightly at him. “But you're going to have to face it sooner or later. So...why do you feel guilty about it?” She repeated her question from before.

Because-” Should he just say it? What more was there to lose? No, there was always something more to lose. Still, he could not hold all of it in anymore. It felt like he was keep poison in his mouth. “Because I wanted… something to happen.” The second he said it he realized just how profound his mistake was. “I-I gotta go. I’m sorry. Forget… everything.” He almost jumped up and even left the bottle. Staying near Nadia, near anyone right now was just a big mistake. After a few taps on his phone his uber was already underway.

21 || Musician
Bard ○ Songstress | Kilika Island | Bow
Whimsical | Optimistic | Flirtatious | Unflappable
Appearance Details
A tall, somewhat lanky fellow, Rio is never seen without his signature, charming smile. His chestnut colored hair sits messily on his head, and he describes his eyes as 'golden brown like a sunset', despite them just being hazel colored. He dresses very casually, sporting a black and red kimono adorned with a dark sea-green sash that holds his quiver. His brown shoes don't look too comfortable, but he never complains. His kimono flows with him, his long sleeves never getting in the way of drawing an arrow or even playing any of his instruments. He hides a small flute in his sleeve, his gorgeously adorned lyre also coming from his sleeve, though it's speculated that he forms it through pyreflies.

No one actually knows where Rio comes from, nor does he ever make any mention of it. He has no family to speak of, though he did once admit he was from Kilika, and the locals do recognize him, even if they can't remember who his parents were. A majority of his life was actually spent in Bevelle as a temple acolyte until he decided to join the Crusaders. Upon proving his skills in battle, he met Shion, and for him, it was 'love at first sight', though no one actually knew if she returned his feelings.

When their squad was disbanded, Rio and Shion stayed together for some time until Shion went her own way. Whatever happened that day haunts Rio, blaming himself for the disbanding, but he never says why. Despite his guilt he carries on, traveling through Spira as a wandering musician and performing in several places to make a living. He does unintentionally run into Shion, and while they have become civil, it's clear that their relationship--a previously intimate one--is shaky but cordial at best.

Fighting Style
Rio plays the role of support in battle, focusing more on aiding his teammates and providing covering fire. He wields a bow, covering a rather wide range as nothing is too far for him to hit, his frightening accuracy ensuring he always lands a hit. That being said he is always able to communicate their surroundings, making sure to keep an eye on the battle and assisting wherever he is needed most. His songs often grant passive buffs, ranging from resorting health and magic to powering up physical or magical attacks. His white magic is also fairly impressive.

Rio's Overdrive- Pulse of Life - is an absurdly powerful wave of magic that spreads through the battlefield, fully restoring all injuries and magic, and reviving any fallen allies and restoring them as well. The display of white magic is his strongest suit, firmly cementing his position as support as opposed to offense.

Rio is a very talented musician, playing a variety of instruments. His voice is extremely pleasant to hear, though he tends to try not to sing too much as he has been told it has a mesmerizing effect on people. His travels have let him become well-versed in Spira's locations and wildlife, though he has been thrown out of a bar or two due to causing a commotion. Said commotions may or may not be female related.
He started off his career as a healer before picking up a bow to better help his allies. He actually taught Shion how to use white magic and holds it over her head, much to her dismay.

18 || Al Bhed
Monk ○ Alchemist | Bikanel Island | Gauntlets
Authrative | Haughty | Mischevious | Polite

Appearance Details
Despite being on the shorter side of the height spectrum, it doesn't deter from her natural beauty--nor does it stop her from being threatening if the situation calls for it. Her brilliant, gold colored hair sits in several layers, pouring down her back. Her skin is somewhat on the fairer side and she possesses the typical green Al Bhed eyes. Her outfit consists of a deep-collared cream vest worn over a low cut black shirt; both are covered by a dark gray shrug with a raised collar, three-quarter sleeves adorned with a single black stripe down the outside of each sleeve, and gold cuffs. A black miniskirt is worn under the cream vest. A pair of crooked black belts with gold accents are slung around her hip, with a purple piece of fabric attached to the left-rear section of the lower belt. She wears thigh high stockings attached to her miniskirt by garter-belts on the front and back of each thigh, decorated with four golden studs above her knee and her emblem on the outside of each thigh in gold. She also wears black ankle boots with multiple buckles and white ribbons on the back tied in a bow. Around her neck is a purple pendant set in silver.

As Jaakuna's younger sister, their upbringing was identical. Her days were often spent cleaning up after her brother, assisting her father whenever possible, and doing her own personal experiments. The girl was fascinated with explosions, often writing formulas and mixing ingredients in an effort to blow things up. Her expertise in fixing machine eventually became a necessity thanks to him constantly breaking her father's creations, though it has resulted in her knowledge expanding greatly thanks to Jaakuna's rather...unconventional ways.

She liked to spar with her brother plenty, even if she would often fight dirty just to gain the advantage (much to his ire) but she was often jealous that his range of magic was so much better than hers. Her relationship with her family is rather tight-knit, admiring her father's talents but wishing he took things more seriously, breaking up him and her brother anytime they argued.

Fighting Style
Nadeline has always liked to work with her hands, so it comes off as no surprise that she prefers close-quarter combat. Much like her brother, she is agile, often using magic to aide her movements. Where they differ is their opponents--Nadeline has little issue barreling through any enemy. Be they big or small, cracking enemy defenses with her powerful hits is her forte.

When push comes to shove and Nadeline gets serious, she triggers her Overdrive - Desert Blossom - putting all of her energy and willpower into one single, powerful blow that ignores all sorts of defense--physical, magical, and anything in between--and deals massive damage to an enemy. Alternatively, if she is feeling creative, Nadeline can whip up a concoction of her own original creation with Mix. What comes out varies depends on what she uses, but be warned--she tends to go for anything explosive.

Nadeline has very little talent for magic, much to her dismay. She secretly holds a lot of jealousy towards her brother for doing more than she could. Her thunder magic is basic, used mostly to power up machina or her gauntlets. She doesn't know how to swim, holding a fear for most bodies of water.

20 || Mixed heritage
Samurai ○ Dark Knight | Macalania | Longsword
Quiet | Serious | Determined | Adaptive
Appearance Details
The first thing people notice about Shion is her very long blue hair that she often keeps up in a ponytail, often adorned with a traditional clasp. The second thing is her eyes; colored amber with thick eyelashes, they look like they have the ability to look right through to the soul. Her height is average at 65 inches, her skin somewhat pale, her body toned. Her, ahem, assets are rather noteworthy, though don't be deceived; she was born for the battlefield. She wears a revealing, sleeveless robe decorated with black lace, a black and gold patterned cloth trailing behind her. She wears arm-length gloves with armor on her elbows and shin accompanied with sharp, violet heels.

Her mother told her that the reason Shion exists was to bring about a change to Spira.

Born in Macalania, Shion's mixed heritage was one of ire. Her mother had been a mistress, driven away from her previous home but she found a second love from a Yevon Crusader named Ushio. From a young age Shion held an interest in the blade, her adoptive father all too happy to oblige. A talent for fighting as well as having an adaptive eye for constant changes made the girl a force to be reckoned with. Her independence was often a boon with her military father, and she ended up following in his footsteps once she became of age. Her prowess became infamous, earning her the title of 'The Violet Rose'.

Two years ago, Shion and Rio would meet for the first time. While the nature of their relationship was ambiguous, together they formed an elite squad within the Crimson Raiders along with two others. The squad eventually fell apart, the official reason stated as the squad was disbanded, but the actual reason was shrouded in mystery. Shion soon parted ways from both the Crusaders and Yevon, eventually going her separate way from Rio as well.

Shion has spent most of her days wandering Spira, although recent rumors of a new summoner being blessed by Yevon has driven her to find them for unknown reasons.

Fighting Style
Shion was born for the battlefield--and her skills show it.

The woman is peerless with the blade, her skills in battle well known throughout Spira. Her technique is refined, but where she shines is her quick line of thinking--in one fell swoop she determines her enemy's weakness and goes straight for it. Her abilities specialize in exploiting those weaknesses and work on weakening her opponents when raw power alone won't fell them. Her strength extends to her physical fortitude, able to take more than a few hits without slowing down. She is also able to heal herself and allies with white magic.

Should an opponent find the ability to bring her down, Shion has one fallback move up her sleeve - Zanmato - her strongest attack. Channeling energy to her blade, Shion becomes one with the land. A small, violet flower is taken out, the petals scattered around her by the wind. She takes a stance, a hand on the hilt of her blade as she waits for the last petal to touch the ground. Once it does, she withdraws her sword in a flash, quickly sheathing it. When the hilt hits the sheath again, the strike cuts through anything in its path.

Shion is not aware of who her birth father is, only knowing he is of Guado heritage. She does not like to speak of her time in the Crimson Raiders, having developed a disdain for Yevon as a whole. Her current goal is unclear, but the return of summoners has alarmed her somewhat--though not as much as her intimate knowledge of them.

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