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Oil diffuser on, warm tea in my hands, snow falling outside...I might actually have a relaxing evening.
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Maybe a clean slate will do the trick.
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Fool me once. Fool me twice. Fool me chicken soup with rice.


𝑩𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉 Should I take a deep
𝑭𝒂𝒊𝒕𝒉 Should I take a leap

𝑻𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒆 What a bittersweet

𝑳𝒐𝒔𝒆 Soon have nothing to
𝑺𝒑𝒂𝒄𝒆 This is what I choose

𝑨 𝒎𝒊𝒍𝒆 Could you walk in my shoes?

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Ugh. Self Defense.

Eris was thouroughly unimpressed with the rather clunky suits, raising an unamused eyebrow as he looked down at himself. Shapeless, cushioned, uncomfortable, and totally tasteless. Someone may as well light him on fire now, being seen like this in public was an absolute travesty. His beautiful figure was all covered, but for once he was actually slightly more concerned on movement than appearance; how was he supposed to move around in this ugly hunk of junk?!

Rolling his shoulders back, Eris let it go (for the moment) and decided now was as good a time to size up his little grouping. He wished he had gotten paired with a mortal, but he supposed the point of the class was proper self defense; no doubt Monsieur Mustache over there would let him play around too much without having an aneurysm. Brushing his hair out of his eyes, he caught a few onlookers watching him, indulging them with a small wave before turning his attention to the female of the group.

Five seven, dark hair, pale, little bulkier than what he was used to, an unmemorable face--he managed to keep his lack of interest to himself, deciding that causing a commotion in every other class he was with was enough trouble for the night.

“Eris Samael, pleasure to make your acquaintance,” He replied, completely neutral in his tone.

Amaris’ naturally icy eyes dulled ever so slightly as the realization hit; she could not escape him. It seemed every class but one so far had featured his irritatingly sculpted face and vexatious attitude, a wearisome thought for the young woman. But after all that, unless the attention loving gnat was acting intentionally thick, he had gone and forgotten her entirely.

While they might not have exchanged anything closely resembling pleasantries, it was incredibly poor taste to not at least acknowledge the commonality of one another’s presence. The battlefield cared little for rank or title, something the man known as Dracion had made quite clear. Still, the airs he was putting on was starting to get rather old.

“We’ve met.” She responded back shortly, brushing past him to secure the protective gear they had been provided. It wasn’t a perfect fit but it was close enough to get the job done, especially if the teacher was as strict on his policies as he claimed to be.

“I didn’t think the rumors about you were true, my condolences Mr. Samael.” Amaris glanced over at the man while she awaited confirmation that they were cleared to begin the exercise.

Her response actually managed to surprise the vampire, the blond raising his eyebrows slightly. So much for not causing any more trouble. The woman was outright offended, but unless she happened to have been in bed with him the week before, he wasn't entirely sure what she was referring to. She claimed they had met and Eris had to take a second to think. Had they? He didn't have the chance to meet and take any names of note just yet, his mind going through a number of names and faces. No, he did not seem to recall, although once he managed to get his own gear on, his eyes darted to the woman once again.

“Have we now?” Eris decided to be direct, feeling he had little to lose by doing so. “You'll have to be more specific on what rumors you've heard, I've heard so many that it's difficult to keep track of what they're talking about from week to week.”

“Indeed, we have. Although at this point, I would much rather you keep my name off of your tongue. I doubt that’ll be a problem for you seeing as you didn’t bother to learn it before injecting your input.” The countess maintained a cool expression, refusing to let her annoyance show in her face. She shot a quick glance to the other member of their group, recognizing him to be the Embraced from her earlier course. It was a great opportunity for him to learn about what he could do with his newfound strength and speed. However, it didn’t seem like he was ready just yet for a hands on lesson.

Ignoring Eris’ request for the rumor she had mentioned, Amaris motioned to the open space they had to spar.

“Why don’t we let our friend here warm up and get situated. Just hand to hand, or would you like to practice footwork as well?”

It looked like Eris was on his own, shrugging at her denying him the chance to know her name. Betsy? Rachel? Abigail? She looked like an Abigail, but the Abigail he knew was currently vacationing with her new husband. Unless she died her hair. Or maybe she was Abigail's sister? No, he usually remembered the women he slept with.

Tapping his chin as he went through the list of names he had heard recently, he gave her an earnest shrug, slowly widening his eyes. Oh, now he understood why she was so annoyed at him. Letting out a small chuckle, he sauntered a little closer to the black haired woman, closing the space between them as he gave her a sultry smile.

“I can't believe you actually followed me all the way here, you naughty minx,” He told her in a low voice, his hand trailing down her arm before snaking around her waist, pulling her to him. “If you wanted more, all you needed was to ask, Isabel.”

A disgusted shudder ran down the woman’s spine as Eris stepped in, the look on his face and the tone in his voice unsettling her in a way she could not describe. Amethyst turned to sapphire as his arm slithered around her waist to draw their bodies together.

“I think I’m going to vomit,” She hissed, fighting the urge to recoil now that the distance, or lack thereof, opened the pest up to an elementary take-down. Sliding her leg around to brace against the back of her opponent’s, she placed her palm directly against his face and shoved forcefully to push his body toward the ground.

“Isabel could do better than this weak game.”

Eris was mistaken, the vampire frowning as he tried to remember a name. There wasn't much time to think as he was suddenly pushed, any protest caught in his tongue as he felt himself fall. Out of habit he grabbed her wrist, hitting the ground with a slight “oof!” and bringing the woman down with him.

Despite knowing she would be less than pleased, he was more focused on trying to remember who he was dealing with. “Not Isabel? How about Joanna? Or Marcy? No, Marcia!” He continued their conversation despite their current position.

Amaris was caught somewhat off guard by Eris’ reflex to nab her arm on his way down, her stance now working against her as his momentum carried her with him. She landed on top of the boy, somehow closer to him than they had been whilst standing. Staring down at him, she raised an eyebrow as he started listing off names. Joanna was a laughable guess, the name not at all fitting in her opinion. Marcy was a bit of stretch too, but it was the follow up of Marcia that had her interested. It was almost as if he was remembering pieces of her first and last name, mixing them together in an attempt to put face to half-assed memory.

“Didn’t give you enough credit. Seems your reflexes are sharper than your mind, keep going. You’re getting close.” She was interested to see how many more names he could possibly roll through before he figured something out… or didn’t. Either way, it might be entertaining to her. In the meantime, while he tried to figure out whatever thought trail he was on, Amaris twisted her grip to brace her arms against his and twist her body to the side. The move risked a pin, but her goal was to curl her legs up between the pair during the shift in weight and use them to push him away from her.

Putting his thoughts aside for the moment, Eris clucked his tongue as Amaris moved, though he couldn’t quite resist the temptation as much as he should have. Tilting his hips towards her, he used the opportunity to bring his knee up between hers, moving with her to flip himself over her and pin her under him.

“A proper hint would be nice,” Eris chided her, shaking his head. “Or where we met, when we met--something other than ‘you’re getting close’ because at this rate I’ll have to go through my entire list of dark haired lovers, and you won’t enjoy that, will you?”

“The assumption that my name would be among any of your lovers is repulsive on its own. Now do me a favor, and get off. You’re far too heavy.” She snipped angrily, driving her knee up toward his groin angrily. Amaris should have noticed his weight when he dragged her down the first time, an oversight that had her momentarily pinned in an uncomfortable position. There had been many a romance novel she had guilty hid away to enjoy that detailed this very sort of scene. Heated banter, rough housing in the dirt, a well timed pin of the woman by the man which inevitably resulted in some sort of moment. Sometimes it was just a look, other times a kiss… for her, a burning sensation at the back of her throat she had only felt before having accidentally tasted her own blood from a wounded finger.

Squeezing his legs shut to prevent her from injuring him in a way he didn’t like, Eris leveled an annoyed look at her. “If it’s so repulsive, why not humor me?” He was insistent on getting something out of her, though he was starting to think dangling her name was some sort of attempt at her getting back at him for--

“OH!” It suddenly hit him,the blonde letting out a laugh before shaking his head. “It seems our paths are destined to intertwine, Sonia.”

The countess returned the shake of his head with a sigh. Clearly the menace had far too much time on his hands, and waaaay too many willing distractions. She felt pity for those caught up in the excitement generated by his fame, a waste of time and energy in the end if no impact could be made. A dull existence really, one she had no interest in partaking.

“So it would seem that I just can’t get rid of you, Airhead.” Amaris said before promptly slamming her forehead into his, the sensation of pain radiating from the middle of her own… She would have to learn to better tilt her head for such a move if she wanted to minimize the damage to herself for future reference.

“Ugh, I thought thick-skulled was supposed to be a figure of speech. Do you have rocks for brains?” The young woman groaned, thoroughly displeased.

Eris winced, squeezing his eyes shut as the pain surged through his forehead. He pursed his lips as it dulled into a slight throb, opening his chartreuse eyes through heavy lids as he eyed the woman warily.

“Uh, ow,” He muttered. “How about we cut a deal before you go hurting yourself? A name, and then I’ll get off. I’d joke that you secretly love the feeling of a strong man pinning you, but I would rather not suffer through another headbutt.” He offered a peace treaty, sincerely hoping that the headache wouldn’t last for too long.

Amaris hesitated a moment, staring back at Eris through slightly watered eyes. Defeat was not something she was excited to admit, but the match up had not played to her strengths. Two roads lay before her, accept the deal and learn from the mistakes she had made or try her luck with an unsportsman tantrum and likely lose anyway.

“I’m not one to miss an opportunity to learn, I’d like to figure out where I went wrong. But I can’t do that from down here.” She exhaled slowly and tapped his shoulder to be released.

“Amaris. Amaris Marivaldi, we have three classes together. A pleasure to make a proper introduction.”

The countess? No wonder she was so uppity; at least now Eris could tell why she was annoyed. His expression relaxed somewhat before making due on his promise. Choosing to stand in case she decided to take a last second swing at him, Eris dusted himself off. Now, how should he go about this? Civil? Catty? A mix of the two? Something resembling neutral? For the moment, he didn’t have any reason to be wholly antagonistic--at least, not yet. He offered his hand, pulling up the countess to her feet.

Reaching into his suit, he managed to pull out a handkerchief before offering it to her, free hand gesturing to her eyes. “Getting a little red, there,” He informed her. “Countess Marivaldi, and here I thought nobles preferred to watch things from a distance as opposed to getting down and dirty like the rest of us grounded to the earth.”

Amaris dusted herself off once she was back up on her feet, accepting the handkerchief gratefully to clean up the small trails of blood attempting to drip down her face. As she dabbed gently at her face she gently shrugged her shoulders at Eris’ comment about her fellow nobles.

“I suppose you aren’t necessarily wrong, I can think of a few that would match your expectations. To be perfectly honest, there are many things that I much prefer to observe at a distance… but you can only learn so much from a book. You see how well theory did me in a warm-up tussel against you. Some things require hands on experience.” She glanced down at the now stained handkerchief with an apologetic expression.

“Thank you for this, I can have it cleaned before returning it to you if you’re not opposed?” She asked, before glancing around the space. A couple of the other groups were still at it with their private matches.

“Looks like we might still have some time left too, fancy another go? Grappling is clearly not my strongest skill which means there won’t be much for you to learn from me. How about we switch up the style some and try again?”

What a tempting offer. As fun as it would be to put Amaris in her place again, Eris figured leaving out their third member would be in poor taste. He adjusted his sleeve as he let out a small hum of thought, his free hand motioning to the handkerchief. At least she was a little more open now, even if he felt she went on longer than needed. For now, civility.

“Return it at your leisure,” He waved the concern away, focusing instead on her proposal as he looked over at their third member. An unfamiliar face, although he didn't see him in Mortal Psychology. Dark haired, pale, looking like life itself deprived him of every joy. Turned, Eris assumed; no late entrance like the Astorio and every other freshman vampire had been in that class, so he was certain his assumption was correct.

“And who do we have the pleasure of meeting today?” He asked in what could be seen in a friendlier tone.

Luckily, Joyrlidin had already had plenty of time to gush and freak out about the fact that he was sharing classes with Eris Samael of all people. When the actor finally introduced himself, the fledgling was able to refrain from squealing like a valley-girl and act in a somewhat respectable manner. “Joryldin, Joryldin Nailo.”

The turned youth returned a small, tired smile, the most he could muster after the night he had thus far. “I’m a huge fan of your work; but, well, who isn’t?”

Eris’ expression turned into one of genuine surprise, lips forming a small ‘o’ as he registered the name. There was only one Nailo he was aware of, though as far as he knew, it was a woman with a heavenly voice, not a young vampire. He didn't resemble her in the slightest, either, a few ideas popping up into his head as he tried to figure out the connection. If interesting enough, he'd make sure to try to keep this one close. Still, as much as he liked to finagle around, he would be more direct this time.

“Nailo as in the Nailo? Have you any relation to Widow Nailo?” Eris asked, his interest piqued.

“The one and only.” Joryldin let out a chuckle and averted his eyes down to the concrete. “We watch your films all the time.”

From piqued to outright captivated, Eris had to admit that there was hope for this class after all. He nodded slowly, taking a second to examine Joryldin. So he was related to Widow Nailo after all, but just as he noticed, he looked nothing like the woman. As far as he was aware, she didn't have any children, at least not since the death of her husband. His eyes narrowed just a touch, a small chuckle escaping him as he smiled at Joryldin.

“I'm flattered, really,” He replied with complete sincerity, eyes flickering to Amaris for a second. “Being in such company is always a treat. Now, seeing as how we're supposed to rotate, what do you say to a slight partner change?” He motioned to the countess.

“Sure thing.” The fledgling yawned, and rubbed his right eye with a thumb. “I could use the exercise.” He took a moment to look at the other sparring groups. The almost gladiatorial aura of the arena had him feeling melancholy from the moment he walked in. “Want to use weapons, or no?”

For a moment, he considered in his head ‘How much trouble would I be in if I scratched up a famous actor’s face?’ but he quickly realized that he could probably chop Eris’ nose off and it would look like nothing happened mere moments later, so he wasn’t worried.

“Eager, aren't we?” Eris tilted his head, wagging a finger at the turned vampire. “Hand-to-hand for the moment, as instructed.”

Eris turned away from Amaris and took a few steps, rolling his shoulders. The boy's eagerness did stir something in Eris, the blonde swiping his hair out of his eyes as he placed one hand on his hip. He wanted to know more about the boy and his relation to Widow Nailo; there was a story there, that's for sure. But for now, a little tussle would do.

“Alright, then,” He put himself in a proper stance, chartreuse eyes bright with anticipation. “Show me what you can do.”

Joryldin’s crimson eyes darkened slightly as he watched Eris’ teasing finger. He crossed his arms and let out a sigh, but it quickly turned into a small smirk. “As long as you promise not to run off crying when I beat you, Sunshine.” The fledgling’s posture was much less refined, but there was something simple, feral, and dagnerous about his low stance.

Eyeing Joryldin warily, Eris subdued the smirk threatening to break through, forcing himself to focus. Okay, time to see what he could do. Keeping himself low was smart, at least, though Eris decided to keep going with the direct approach, closing the gap between the two and taking a swing at him, a simple right hook. Joryldin deftly ducked it, and backed away in the same motion. Clucking his tongue, Eris was a little more aggressive with his next move, this time swinging with his left, though he followed it up, not wanting to let him slip out of range again.

The Turned, while weaker in almost every way, gave a vicious response. As Eris swung for his side, Joryldin turned to step to the side, and simultaneously grabbed the Pureblood’s wrist. Joryldin yanked Eris’ arm in the direction it was already punching, sending the celebrity stumbling forward. A sharp boot to the ass put Eris flat on the pavement. “How’s that?” the Turned freshman asked with a little smirk. He held out a hand to help Eris up, and asked “What’s the win-condition again? I’m pretty sure one punch from you would have me writhing on the ground, but if the old lady in Vampire Biology wasn’t just talking out of her rear end, then we could both just keep going at this forever until we got hungry.”

Welp, there went a bit of his dignity. Shaking whatever possible dirt there could have been out of his hair, Eris pulled himself up with Joryldin's hand, taking a moment to undust himself. Underestimating the boy was a mistake on his part, though it didn't stop his amusement breaking through. Turned after all; though there was another difference between them. “What, you get lucky once and then call it?” He joked, brushing his hair back. “At least let me try to regain my honor.”

The Turned was starting to thoroughly enjoy himself. “Sorry, I plan on making you eat dirt at least a couple more times.” The layers of sarcasm in his voice made him sound like a proper coy vampire for a moment. “Not gonna lie, I’ve gotta be careful. I wasn’t joking about you probably being able to take me down with one punch.” Joryldin took a different stance, almost like a trained boxer, but again with a more loose and feral posture.

Eris gave him a slight shrug, letting his arms drop. “Oh, I don’t know about one punch,” He admitted, taking his own stance. Once again the pureblood rushed in, albeit this time, he went in straight for the metaphorical kill; he dropped down, and swung his leg out, nailing the dark haired vampire behind the knees and jumping up as he toppled over. “But with a kick, yeah, I can do that.” He grinned, putting his hands on his knees as he raised his eyebrows at him.

Joryldin blinked a few times. He was ready for a second round, and then he was on the floor. There was no in-between.The depressed red glow in his eyes slowly began to fade to their natural blue. He chuckled lightly to himself, but in mere moments grew to proper laughter. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that felt personal.” He sat up and rubbed the back of his neck.

What a good sport. Eris nodded in approval, giving Joryldin a small shrug as he held his arms out. He couldn’t quite resist the urge to tease him just a touch, though. “If it were personal, I promise we would be having way more fun and have way less clothing,” He winked.

In an instant, Joryldin’s grasp of the situation shattered. He had zero clue how to come back from that. Eris Samael giving him a comment like that!? What the hell was he supposed to say?! “Uhm-O-Ok? Glad there’s no hard feelings…?” Were he still human, Joryldin would be bright red in the face.

Eris’ grin grew, though he wouldn’t give any further comment as he instead enjoyed Joryldin’s expression. Between the adorable turned vampire apparently under Widow Nailo and the uppity Marivaldi countess who he had apparently met before (he would need to confirm that at some point), at the very least he couldn’t complain about a lack of entertainment in this class.

Tussling with: @WeepingLiberty and @Jade Blades

Aaron's question was a little surprising, and for a split second Lilie thought she was mistaken in assuming his element was light. No, it was, but maybe those elements belonged to his parents. He was from an actual mage family, so maybe it was common for everyone in the family to have an affinity. For a moment she tried to imagine her brother with magic, wondering what different affinity he would have gotten. Maybe earth? She had to suppress a laugh as she pictured him purposefully putting up a wall anytime she tried to annoy him or someone tried to talk to him. A fun thought, though it was shortly followed by a tiny prick of wishing she could go home.

But that wasn't possible, and she wasn't going to let herself get depressed in the middle of class. Instead she put herself to pay attention again, going back to taking notes. It seemed like even the theories were just guesswork at best, consistencies being recorded as a guide as opposed to being actual rules. The thought was actually exciting; she'd have to figure things out on her own at her own pace, which was a little more comforting than thinking she had to adhere to a standard. Experimenting seemed a lot more fun than trying to replicate what others could do, at least when it came to her affinity. And apparently using her emotions to channel her magic was a good thing. She had to keep herself from giving out a bitter laugh at that, but she guessed that now she technically had prior experience, no matter how bad it was.

Despite having a primary affinity, the idea of foci was absolutely fascinating. The idea of waving around a wand and casting spells greatly appealed to her, making her wonder if she could have one anyway. Was there harm in it? Before she could go further with the thought, Professor Hayes mentioned the downside and risks of magic, causing Lilie to frown as her dreams of freely casting magic as she pleased were put on halt. Having a limit made sense, the drawbacks a little more scary than she thought. Dissonance seemed to be the biggest issue, but her potential problem seemed to be on the other side with Resonance. Who knew being too into your magic could turn out to be bad? She had to admit that as worrying as it seemed, the prospect of mastering her affinity far outweighed the fear. As long as she was the one in control, there wouldn't be an issue. At least, that was how she saw it.

Finishing up her notes and scribbling down any other thoughts, once Professor Hayes opened up the floor to questions again, this time she had one. Raising her hand, Lilie waited until she was called on to ask, "Um, what forms do foci take?" She decided on starting with a simple one before moving onto the next. "And is it possible to properly control Resonance without a drawback, like with the help of a focus?"

Interacting with: @Obscene Symphony

Staring up at Feliks for a moment, the blonde could hardly believe that the forger had actually worked in the palace. How the mighty have fallen--though she supposed she was no better, being a nobody in the streets actually thinking she could pass as royalty. This was crazy, right? Her eyes flickered back to the tapestry behind Feliks, briefly lingering on the oldest once again. Her face gave her an odd feeling, constricting her chest.

Truthfully, she was full of doubts. Doubt that the Dowager Empress would recognize her as Katerina. Doubt that despite Feliks' assistance she could pass as a fake princess. Despite her initial thought that they would get turned away at worst, honestly it could be worse. Could they go to prison? What was the sentence for impersonating royalty? What if Feliks' direction was wasted on her?

And yet she couldn't bring herself to actually say 'no'.

Drawing in a shaky breath, Katya nodded, hardly believing that she was agreeing to this. "Yeah. Yeah!" A flurry of both nerves and excitement fluttered about in her stomach. "So, when do we start?"

The bell was a mercy, liberating Eris of the crowd as he would depart from the cafeteria. He'd have to be more careful not to get trapped like that, the thought of being suffocated by the multitude of vampires and mages not an attractive one. Fortunately he wasn't the only one moving, the opportunity to excuse himself coming sooner than later. His eyes roamed the area where he had last seen Maxwell, disappointed that he had lost track of the mage. Probably for the better, at least for now. He didn't want to rush their introduction and leave the thing in a confused state for the rest of his classes; there was no fun in pulling out the rug from under him if Eris wasn't around to watch, now was it?

Speaking of which, Eris needed to know where he was headed himself. Pausing to take his schedule out, he felt his phone vibrating in his jacket pocket, his watch giving him a bright screen with a contact shown as ☆Mona☆ flashing on the screen. He rolled his eyes, letting the call go to voicemail as he pulled his schedule out. Just as he had found where he needed to go next, his watch flashed again, this time stating a more professional looking Pandora S.. What did she take him for, a fool? He was more curious to know how she got her hands on his mother's phone. Still, there was little time for dealing with her antics, choosing to ignore that call as well. If it really was his mother, he'd apologize to her later.

Strolling into Mortal Psychology, his entrance was decidedly less flashy than in Treaty Law, taking a seat gracefully as he readied himself. Whatever time was left before the lecture started was spent observing those that walked in, trying to match some names to faces. Eventually, he would have to better familiarize himself and see who was worth knowing and worth investing his time with. Extending his network was never a bad thing, and a surplus of contacts was better than lacking. Once the actual lecture began he was attentive to Dame Patel, eyebrows raised at her title. Celestial Court, that sounded interesting.

Oh, no wonder she looked familiar--it was the little countess from before. He should have known from that awful top she wore. Carefully putting aside the repeated insults from her choice of attire, he listened to her inquiry and couldn't quite hold back a laugh. The Marivaldi truly were a soft bunch, weren't they? It could have been considered adorable had he not already made his own judgment earlier, but he had to admit he was disappointed to see how naive she was. Ah, to be ingenue, she must not have had much experience with mages. Or rather, the Marivaldi reputation of being a house of amoureux de mage rang clear.

Either way, Eris raised his hand slowly, deciding to give the countess a gift. "Seeing as how we are their betters, I think it's obvious that whatever personality they have is irrelevant. Mages can hardly control themselves without our intervention. If anything, that question should be followed by another, simpler one: what can I, as their superior, do to break them in as quickly as possible so as not to linger in the transitional phase for too long?" He cheerfully added on to her question, grinning unabashedly.

Bothering: @WeepingLiberty

The dining hall was abuzz, just the way Eris liked it; the variety of students and vampires seemed to intrigue him as he casually strolled around, playing observer. Despite seeing no familiar faces, he felt completely at ease, a rare chance at blending in playing to his benefit. It was rather lively, and while he always preferred the quiet elegance of a private dinner, he supposed seeing the hall like this wasn't the worst thing in the world. He raised a fascinated eyebrow at a few sights that stood out, though one vampire reminded him that he needed to get a leash himself.

Taking an unoccupied seat at the end of the table, Eris settled his bag down next to him as he contemplated his schedule. He seemed to have missed Mortal Biology and some Treaty Law, but there was still Human Psychology and Self Defense. The latter seemed like an unneeded requirement, though he supposed that it was better to know something than nothing. The former was always fun to look into: the inner workings of the little mages were never a dull topic to study and dissect, especially since he now had another one to mess around with.

Speaking of which, the mage of the hour walked past him, likely heading over to get something to eat. He was more lithe than Eris had thought; there was some semblance of a build on him, but not too much. His face was a lot more youthful than the picture, his hair a lot messier in person. His face had a lot of the same features his own mages at home had, which made continuing the lineage one less thing he needed to worry about, but he was going to have to do something about that 'constantly-pissed-at-the-world' look ingrained onto his face. Eris already knew that was going to be a challenge, but he'd have to see about any other potential issues.

Deciding to introduce himself, Eris grabbed his bag as he would stand, hesitating as a girl nearly bumped into him. "Excusez-moi," He pardoned himself, not giving the interaction a second thought as he would move to continue, only to find the girl frozen in place. Did he actually hit her without noticing? "Are you alright--"

"A-Actually!" She cut him off, presenting him with a notepad he didn't notice she had, hands shaking as she held it out to him. "Do you think--could I--?"

He really needed to pay better attention. Putting on a smile, he nodded as he took the notepad from her, accepting the pen that bounced between her hands. "Of course," He hummed to himself as he signed, though when he looked it, it seemed the innocent interaction had encouraged a few others, all lingering behind as they watched him expectantly. Of course. He figured he couldn't blend in forever, politely beckoning the next person to come forth after handing the notepad back to its owner. A mistake on his end; he ended up drawing up a crowd, burying himself in autographs and pictures.

Settling her hands on the table once she finished speaking, Lilie was pleasantly surprised by Cassandra's arrival. The white haired girl gave the other a pleasant smile, eager to socialize. A new face was always interesting to people, and it would (hopefully) bury her own debacle while talking about other, more happy topics. Though she really was glad to see her partner outside of class, taking a second to look at Aaron and Salem excitedly. Did they really all seem like friends already? The thought perked her up a lot more than she wanted to admit, but of course she would be happy if everyone else considered her a friend, too.

"This is my partner from Affinity Mastery, the fire mage I was just telling you about," Lilie cheerfully introduced the girl. "Cassandra, this is Salem, Aaron, and Max." She motioned to each guy as she went about matching names to faces, deciding to introduce Max even if he was seated away from them.

As she wondered on Cassandra's question, Lilie paused. Would admitting she was popular in high school be seen as bragging? The alternative wasn't exactly better--she didn't want to admit how lonely she was, either. She didn't want to make an even bigger fool of herself, so instead she took the compliment as humbly as she could. "Aaron was the first friend I made back at the opening ceremony, I met Salem at the arena, and I don't know Max too well yet, but I'm hoping to keep up the trend," She smiled hopefully at the latter.

Stupid Lilie stupid stupid so stupid--

What started as a rather innocent attempt at a nice conversation deraveled faster than Lilie anticipated. She had mistaken Aaron's adorable reaction for one due to the topic at hand, entirely distracted by the color on his cheeks and wondering if his gentleman upbringing had led to a lack of experience in gossiping about this topic. But he hadn't reacted like that because of the topic per se, it was because the rumor she had heard was supposed to be about him. Aaron was a Noila mage! But how did she not know this? Well for one a Noila mage was usually assigned to a Noila, so that was confusing as heck already.

Still, the confusion behind that was overwhelmed by how utterly mortified she was, talking so blatantly and making a fool of herself. Now Aaron probably hated her and Salem would think she just liked to gossip like an old lady at the supermarket. Why did she have to open her mouth?! She dropped her gaze to her lap, unable to look Aaron in the eye. If she could just dissolve into a puddle right now, that would be great. Her face was flushed with color, her eyes focused more on her hands as they pulled at the hem of her skirt in mute horror. Wait, no, she should apologize. Or laugh it off? Was it too late, was the damage already done?!

Fortunately, both Salem and Aaron were eager to move on from the topic. Her phone buzzed and Lilie jumped in place, an audible squeak of surprise escaping her. She fished through her pocket for her phone, seeing a text from Cassandra as Salem changed the topic. It didn't take long for her to respond with a quick > Come on over! before she was addressed, looking up from her phone to Aaron. For just a quick second she was hit with her embarrassment again, though she tucked a stray hair behind her ear as she cleared her throat, hoping her blush had gone away.

"Oh, yeah, um--water, yes, but..." She stumbled over her words, squeezing her eyes shut for a second as she recollected herself. Once she opened her eyes, she was a little calmer, deciding to try again as she perked up. "Yes, water is my affinity, I'm so glad you remembered! And the funny part is I got paired with a fire mage in my class. She seems nice, so if bonding is needed, I think we'll be okay!" She genuinely liked interacting with Cassandra, so she didn't foresee any issues on that end if what Salem said was correct. Still, something about what Salem said was a little weird--he did mention that he and Aaron didn't see eye to eye, but was that really going to affect them bonding? It was a shame, she thought they would get along fine.

Lilie paused for a moment, scratching her chin as she contemplated Aaron's other question. "Well...there aren't any mages in my family, so no, I haven't done any magical training until now," She was a bit crestfallen for a second as she thought of her family, though she mentally slapped herself as she continued, "But the exercise today wasn't too bad! If I concentrate, it's easy. But I, um...get too excited, so I need to get a better handle on that. I wish I could take a crystal home just to practice." That much was sincere, her hands pretending to hold the crystal in her hand as she spoke.

Salem's anger subsided at last, with his words confirming that he had every intent to carry on, much to Lilie's relief. She watched him curiously as he scribbled something down, eyebrows raised as he folded it into a triangle. Boy, did that take her back to freshman year. Once finished, she followed him out of the classroom as she listened to Salem talk about the mage that had left with Aaron. Right, she never did get a response about the comment he made about Aaron. Salem thought that his partner was the Astorio, but that didn't seem right. Then again, why would he bother talking to them if that wasn't the case?

"You really think that--?" Lilie's question didn't reach completion as she cut herself off with a "Hey!" as Salem ran off. And boy, was he fast! His legs were longer than hers, and he had a decent start by the time she had finally leapt into action. She broke off into a run, giggling like a schoolgirl as she sprinted after him as her heels clicked along the ground in a rapid pace. Her ponytail bounced behind her as she sped after Salem, skidding to a halt and lightly bumping into the guy.

Aaron didn't seem too happy about getting something chucked at him, though he took it in stride. She was about to make a comment when she noticed the butterflies above their heads, surprised. Squinting at them, her jaw dropped as she realized that they were made out of paper: magic! More magic! Was that something she could do someday? The thought brought up her mood significantly, though she nearly bumped into the table due to the distraction.

She gave the grumpy-looking mage a small wave as Aaron introduced them. Remembering Max's comment on Aaron being shameless, she stopped herself, though seeing as how things were calmer for the moment she decided to put that aside as Aaron spoke, raising an eyebrow at his question. Oh, so the two had class together? That must have been fun! She smiled to herself as she remembered her own experience with Cassandra, knowing that the two guys probably had a blast, too.

"Mmm...speaking of talking!" Lilie perked up as she looked excitedly between Salem and Aaron, knowing just the ice breaker to spark a conversation. "It's only the first day, but there's already a hot topic going around. Apparently some girl got sent to the mines for having...relations with a Noila mage," She grinned as she looked at Aaron. "I didn't even know there was a Noila mage attending! Or that you could get sent to the mines for that...think they got caught and that's how everyone found out?"

Once the teacher's aide had intervened, the tension seemed to have died. Lilie watched nervously as Aaron approached, his bright eyes darting to the door. If that wasn't a signal to get out, then she didn't know what was. Aaron had left with the first initiator of the conflict--shoot, she never did get an answer or a name out of him, did she?--and the Astorio seemed either satisfied with what happened or didn't care to continue, she couldn't tell which. The casual mention of breaking someone was alarming alone, but it was also the nonchalant way of just saying it.

Honestly, the entire situation just left her confused.

Letting out a breath she wasn't aware she was holding, Lilie shook her head at herself. The vampire was right about one thing; if she was going to freeze up anytime there was a vampire, she was going to end up useless. At the thought of that, she looked around to see if she could find Mariette, only to see very few people left. Maybe she was avoiding her.

Patting Salem's arm, Lilie motioned for him to follow her as she began to walk, burying herself in her thoughts for the moment.

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