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Region: Thanalan
Location: Western Thanalan - The Silver Bazaar

One interesting carriage ride later...

Hopping off the carriage with wobbly legs, Lyveva nearly drops to her knees as she hangs onto a nearby post. She mutters something about a bad trip, straightening up shortly after. The Silver Bazaar is surprisingly bustlling at this time of day, with people scattered about in almost every direction. A pair consisting of a Roegadyn and a Lalafel are conversing while a Hyur pours out water in a trough for a chocobo to drink from, though the majority of people are gathered near the center of the hamlet, with a few perched up on the well waving around products to sell.

Despite barely hanging on the post and looking remarkedly pale, the Hyur made an attempt to lead the way. " where I had heard...excuse me," Lyveva let herself sink to the floor, shaking her head. "Ugh. Okay, I think it's gone..." She forced herself to her feet, fanning herself with a sigh.

She cleared her throat once again. "Ahem. Alright, I heard a peculiar rumor that an auction for a 'valued home' was going to take place here. The man who stole the title was a Highlander named Otkar," Her voice shook slightly but she powered through. "He was wearing a fake Flame sergeant uniform when he came to the house. I remember noticing two scars on his face--one over his nose and a tiny one on his left cheek--but he didn't really stand out otherwise."

She then gestured towards a small campfire nearby. "If anyone's going to be buying property, then Spotted Meadow would definitely be one of the first to try to snatch it up." The Hellsguard Roegadyn mentioned stood away from the well with a pair of women, eyeing the crowd through a monocle before speaking to one of the women.

"I wanted to ask Galfridus if he knew anything, but he might be away fishing." Lyveva looked towards the port, but she didn't seem to see the Hyur. "Fafafono might be willing to help, but he'll probably want something in return." The blue haired Lalafell scoffed at the crowd, crossing his arms as he muttered something to the Hyur tending to his chocobo.

After taking in a few long breaths, Lyveva steadied herself, dropping her head. "I still feel a little dizzy...but no matter--" She stopped as she noticed one of the items being sold looked awfully familiar. The tome was a dark blue in color, the seller boasting on its craftsmanshsip. "Oh no oh no oh no! They started taking things from our home, too?! And that's one of--uh, uh, let's split up and search, okay?! I have to try to buy everything back! Lyveva went running into the crowd without another word, hurriedly waving down the seller.

Region: Thanalan
Location: Ul'dah - The Quicksand

Oh, she was losing traction very quickly. The thought didn't seem to deter the girl as much as it should have, taking in whatever questions were thrown her way very seriously. She crossed her arms, expression concentrated as she considered an appropriate response. Well, it looked like there were a few charitable if concerned souls willing to help out, so worse case scenario, they could get the title back and she could pay them for their kindness. She nodded to herself, brightening up once again as she decided to field some questions.

Her eyes darted to the side as she let out a nervous laugh when asked about any healers. "We do!" Lyveva replied hurriedly, trying to ignore the pit in her stomach. "We have an excellent healer for that!" She stopped talking as the door burst open, with a Miqo'te and books spilling on the floor. "...and I'm sure she can heal that, too!" She rode off the wave, giving the poor girl an apologetic smile, realizing it might have come off as a little mean spirited.

The other Miqo'te helping her with her books asked about the FC's current members. "We technically still have about ten members," She brandished the fact somewhat proudly. "Some people we just haven't seen in a while. They still count since everyone else handed in their resignations. Suki, Koko and I keep things afloat--well, mostly the other two, this recruitment would be my first official order of business if I'm being honest!"

As the rest of the room cleared, with those who remained (or were still on the fence) Lyveva did a quick head count, apparently satisfied."This will do nicely. Momodi! Put everything on my tab, once I return I'll make sure to settle it!" Lyveva said cheerfully, snapping her fingers as she pointed to the exit. "We've no time to waste! To Western Thanalan--the Silver Bazaar's tavern awaits!"

Lilie waved sheepishly at the receptionist as they were greeted once again. She wasn't sure if it was a good or a bad thing, but it definitely painted them as freshmen. She decided to let Salem ask what he needed to, deciding to take out her phone to occupy herself. She had somehow missed getting Kanalie's text, probably more occupied with talking to Salem and Aaron, so she decided to get back a response right away. She was really starting to lose it, barely stifling a yawn as she typed out her reply.

Once she pocketed her phone, she frowned at the conversation. Oh yeah, he's the one that got Eris Samael. The excitement died down almost immediately as he spoke, scratching her cheek as she watched him talk rather rudely to Aaron. His earlier comment cemented her opinion, and she crossed her arms as she listened. Why the heck was he so mean, anyway? She was momentarily distracted by Salem's wince, giving him a concerned look.

Despite knowing it wasn't any of her business, she bristled slightly at Max's tone. Reminding herself to be cordial, she tried to be more optimistic. Maybe he just had a bad day. She waved to the small dog, who seemed to be having a good time under Max's arm. "We're just tagging along with Salem," She decided to reply pleasantly in Aaron's place. "I didn't know Eris Samael had a dog." Maybe she was recent? He hadn't posted anything to any of his social media about getting a pet. Then again, he didn't post anything about coming to Noila Academy, either.

Region: Thanalan
Location: Ul'dah - The Quicksand

The miqo'te's cheer had a positive effect, the blonde haired girl nearly driven to tears. She managed to keep herself together, arms pumped as her eyes shined with vigor. At the Padjal's question, she hesitated for a second, debating inwardly for a moment. After dropping her arms, she took in a deep breath and put on a smile again, this one looking much more genuine.

"Oh, yes! Of course," She replied, her hesitance melting away to pure enthusiasm. "You see, I've had something very important stolen from me. And if I don't get it back, then we'll probably lose our home."

Lyveva seemed a little nervous, finger tapping her cheek as she bit her lip. "You see, a few days ago we were informed that the tax for our home in the Goblet was due. At first Suki--one of our members--had the paperwork all drummed up, so all I had to do was bring it here to Ul'dah and make sure everything was sorted out," She sighed as she paused, shaking her head. "And apparently there was some sort of mixup--some people thought the company had been disbanded, and several people had started bidding. They said that all I had to do was give them the title, so I did, but when I went back to the house, there was someone outside asking for coin for our taxes! And apparently they were official, not the person I had given the title to! It was fraud!" She huffed, riled up momentarily as she remembered the details.

"I have to get that title back so we can keep our house!" She said, stomping her foot. "Suki's counting on me to get it back, and if I don't, then--" She let out a small squeak, clearly panicked. "It'll be all my fault that we lost everything!"

Having to bust her ass to hurry up and set up wasn't the hard part; at this point the employees were well versed in getting their shit done quickly and quietly. What was difficult was trying not to trip or run into people.

Farah lost count of how many times she had nearly gotten hit with any props, focusing more on getting herself ready. Apparently the old stereotype of hard-drinking party animals still rung true, moreso for the people that Rachel had invited. No judgment, just an observation, but it wasn't really any of her business anyway.

What she did make her business, however, was the same hot guy from before sitting nearby.

The blonde raised an eyebrow--a happy coincidence. They called him Theo if she remembered correctly, though she put down the glass she was cleaning to watch him for a second. He was talking to Rachel Ashford herself, though he seemed a little exasperated. Farah didn't notice she had been staring, though she managed to snap back to attention in time. When she dared herself to look again, she thanked whatever luck she had to see him walking to the bar. Alright, then, time to see if she could get to know him a little more.

"If you spend too much time at the bar alone, people are gonna get the wrong idea," She teased him lightly as she placed her elbows on the bar, perching her chin on her hands as she looked at him.

Interacting with: @spooner

May you ever walk in the light of the crystal

Region: Thanalan
Location: Ul'dah - The Quicksand

The streets of Ul'dah were quieter than usual, a rare lull in the usually bustling city. It was the time of day where most mercenaries and adventurers were still out hunting, hoping to accomplish their tasks before the sun completely dipped into the horizon. Within the Quicksand, adventurers from all walks of the world were taking seats and ordering their drinks. Momodi cleaned her bar without a care in the world, only ocassionally tossing a glance to the blonde haired girl seated before her. On the cusp of adulthood, the Midlander bore tanned skin and golden eyes that were determined to keep staring down at her lap. The beige shirt and white shorts gave her a casual sense of dress, balanced out by leather thigh-high boots and gloves. She could have looked just like any other adventurer, if a bit on the young side. Once enough people had gathered, she had decided to stand, leaning back as she scanned the place for any familiar faces. The disappointment wasn't obvious, but she did focus on keeping on a nervous smile.

"Presenting all by yourself?" Momodi asked her curiously.

"...unfortunately," She let out a tiny sigh, her grip tightening for a second before loosening. "But..." She trailed off before letting her head hang for a few seconds. It didn't last long, the girl bringing her head up despite her nerves. Without a care for her actions, the blonde turned around and leapt on the counter, ignoring Momodi's protest as she steadily turned to the small crowd. Fortunately, the buzzing stopped as all eyes were on her, though the sight nearly paralyzed her.

Gathering her bearings, she took in a deep breath before putting on a much more convincing smile. "Many warm greetings to all, and thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to come today," Lyveva's voice came out clear as she spoke, a practiced speech on the tip of her tongue. "I am Lyveva Gwennael, current leader of The Blessed Twelve. Your interest is most appreciated, but before I continue, there is something I feel you should know. The truth is that this Free Company is in dire straights."

She probably should have paused, but she forced herself to continue. "Once upon a time, we were known far and wide, our numbers easily reaching triple-digits with quite a few accomplishments under our belts. But after the Calamity, after Aidric--" She cut herself off as she squeezed her eyes shut, pushing away a painful memory before she continued. --after a majority of our company went to the Battle of Cartenau and lost their lives, our numbers dwindled. Three--six of us remain. So...if you're looking for fame or glory, you won't find it here. In fact, I actually need help from you today to reclaim something that was taken."

"If you find this unacceptable, you can go with no hard feelings. But if you find it in your hearts to stay, then I'd certainly appreciate it!" She finished, clasping her hands behind her back as she grinned.

Last reminder that CSs won't be accepted after today!!!!

Location: Rushford, Ohio -- Jenkins' Diner
Date: May 15th, 2019

I wonder if this is a good time to admit I don't really know the area.

The thought came to the young woman as her green eyes followed the ranger's finger. Sure, she had gone out with the team and was a social person, but it wasn't like she was an expert. Such was the curse of a college student in a situation way out of her league. At least she was alive, which was more than she could say for anyone unfortunate enough to have gotten caught by those freaky monsters out there. Yup, the world was going to shit and they were all probably going to die. Whether it be from getting ripped apart or shot or even just starving to death, things looked really, really bad.

At least the burger she was finishing off was amazing.

After carefully wiping her mouth, Isla licked her lips as she turned in her seat, left hand tapping the table as she looked outside. She wasn't entirely panicky, but she figured it was because the heaviness of the situation hadn't hit her yet. Or that was what she told herself, her leg jittering as she tried to think of what they could do. And here she thought she wanted to be captain of the team, but shit, she wasn't really good with responsibility, was she?

"I wonder if it's, like, any noise that attracts them," She spoke up as her gaze was at something outside, not really looking at anything in particular. "Because maybe trying to sneak out to the car would be easy if we timed it so that the noise from the announcements could cover our tracks. Or something, I dunno." She shrugged at the end, perching her chin on the palm of her hand as her eyes widened.

@Flood - So the only thing I'm having a little trouble understanding is that the appearance used for the character is Xaela, but the naming convention and what's listed on the CS is Raen. I'd like a little explanation on this as I don't see any on the CS (though if I have missed it feel free to point it out).

@Alfhedil - Still on time! I think there's a minor typo in Soul Crystal section, but otherwise everything looks good and she can be moved over!
@The Irish Tree - I like him a lot, please move him over!

@Amalyra and @Trainerblue192 can also move their characters over (the former I had asked on Discord and just reiterating just in case), this is the second to last reminder that no more character submissions will be accepted after the 25th.
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