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If it wasn't for the fact that his legs were still wobbly, Eris might have actually slapped the guard. Did he have any idea who he was talking to? Royal guard or not, there was a murder, not a drunk! For a mortal he was taking all of this rather calmly, and had absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever. Eris would've been furious, but he had to admit that getting his bearings together took up much of his focus. Maybe he had given himself too much credit, it had been some time since he shifted and it clearly required some fine tuning. He'd have to fix that during his time here.

Finally straightening himself out, he ignored the sensation in his chest as he managed to level a glare onto the guard. Biting back the urge to yell, he opted for something of a calmer response. "I didn't say drunk. If it was a drunken student, no one would even look in their direction considering this is the first taste of pseudo-freedom in their lives and it's inevitable that they're indulging themselves. I wouldn't have come in such a rush to report an inevitability to a royal guard," His voice was low but much steadier now, no longer leaning on the wall completely. "In case you didn't hear me clearly, there has been a murder."

It was hard not to be annoyed, but he didn't appreciate not being taken seriously. Pushing himself off the wall entirely, he started walking in the direction of the ballroom. "Assuming my mage and Plant Boy have managed to keep the coast clear, we better hurry before more people notice," He insisted, quietly hoping Alderman hadn't strangled the kid or made things worse.

Not too happy with the AUDACITY of this guard @Achronum.

Please let me get one of the hot teachers, please let me get one of the hot teachers, PLEASE let me get one of the hot teachers...!

Of course the only thing that would suddenly get Kiku's attention would be seeing that two out of the three potential future team leaders were beauties. Not that he knew who they were. Or their names. Did they mention their names yet? The possibility of getting any teacher that wasn't as boring as Hatake-sensei hadn't crossed his mind, but this was probably the highlight of his day. Having a pretty teacher would definitely help him focus, or so he thought.

Turning himself from the window to the front of the room at some kind of attempt to look like he was paying attention, Kiku managed to catch wind of the brunette immediately dismissing the class. Hah, her and his dad would get along just fine, the two could get to know one another by making up a list of what they didn't like about other people. He had to hold back a snicker as the thought crossed his mind, although he was in bigger trouble than he thought when Tsume jumped up. She didn't seem too happy to be dismissed, expressing herself openly--and Kiku had put a hand over his mouth to try to hide the giant grin he had. Welp, that was one way to make a first impression.

Oh well, that was her problem, not his.

At the very least Kiku was fully paying attention now, chin in hand. Apparently the three up front already knew Hatake-sensei, and something about serving in the war? Admittedly, he was a little more interested in the team assignments, his free hand impatiently tapping the desk. If he was lucky, he'd have some cute teammates, but he didn't think he'd get his way. Once the names were passed out, however, it looked like at the very least he'd have a friend on his side, even if there was the tiniest hesitance at having to be under Lady Critical's future guidance. But even with that, there was no hiding his giant smile, his eagerness apparent as his neck practically snapped in her direction. Throwing her an excited thumbs up as his name was called, he practically rushed to stand next to her.

"Look at that, look at that, we ended up on the same team!" He managed to keep it to a whisper, straightening up.

Kikipu pursed her lips, rolling her eyes as she tried to think. She didn't seem to appreciate River's comment, though she would hold back any retort she would have had as Kajin dealt out justice on her behalf. There was something of a fond smile on her face, watching the interaction with unbridled amusement. The two lalafel were much livelier than the poor padjal, and she seemed to take pity on him as she sighed.

"Tillman over there--the guy that apparently rented out that bodyworkin' cat--would have seen him last since he tends to deal with the goods directly. He would've inspected everything before giving the okay to sell," She gestured over to the building opposite of them before looking up at the horned humanoid. "What troubles you?"

A grumpy Tillman and his mate continued to exchange glares, although Tillman tried to wave him away once or twice. Finally, the wordless argument seemed to cease, his companion choosing not to hover and instead deciding to throw J'torha one last look before occupying himself at the bookshelf. Tillman himself sat down at the desk nearby, giving J'torha a dark look.

"Had your fun? Or are you still planning to make a bigger fool of me?" He asked him, unamused with the scene that was caused.

Outside, Lyveva caught up with A'lythana, slinging a rucksack across her back as she looked around. Her look softened as she watched everyone converse before turning her attention to the miqo'te. "Hehe, glad to see everyone taking this so seriously! We might just regain our bearings sooner than later!" She said, running a hair through her bangs. "How about you? Any luck on your end?"

The hyur paused, thinking carefully as he mulled over the description Isabella gave him. "Otkar...can't say I've met the man, but I think I know who you're talking about," He spoke slowly, snapping his fingers as he thought of who she was talking about. "He usually comes by boat, but I think I saw him when he came to drop by what he wanted to sell."

He motioned for Isabella to come closer, lowering his voice. "Most around here go by a 'don't ask, don't tell' creed, but I'll be honest, his character was mighty questionable," He admitted. "Don't judge a book by its cover, but that cover basically screamed 'suspicious as all hells'."

Straightening up, he looked towards the bazaar. "There's this persistent rumor about a up-and-rising group of thieves doing some real shady shit," He said. "Some...'merchants'? Can't remember. But dressing up as an Immortal Flames soldier seems right up their alley.

Meanwhile, the handler was having a difficult time trying to corral the pair of chocobos. The two seemed awfully mischievous today, pretending to be compliant until the attention was off them and scurrying about. At X'gihl's approach, he whipped his head around, eyes wide.

"Ah, they're good birds, I swear!" The panicked response came out, calming down when he realized he didn't recognize the miqo'te. "Sorry, thought I was in for a scolding! A-Actually, maybe a scratch with this one would help," He sheepishly apologized, the chocobo currently in his reach letting out a chirp of glee. "They're feeling more playful than usual! Which, given I've only one last trip, is alright, but...I just need them to behave a little longer!"

The pair of Brass Blades standing nearby had apparently enjoyed the show, muttering to one another and passing commentary before noticing Theodore's approach. They were almost completely at ease, in uniform but obviously more slack than the ones usually stationed in Ul'dah.

"...that's what happens when you try to swindle a cat," The Hyur of the pair chuckled. "Can't blame the bloke, been itching to try one out for myself, but the female variety tends to be a little more slippery."

"The Wood Wailers are more experienced in catching those," The other, a Highlander, mused.

Suki carried Rika in her arms as she looked around the rest of the ward. Its size wasn't terribly huge, but considering how crafty the children were, it was difficult to know where to start. Rika let out a quiet, muffled whine, practically burying her face in her mother's shoulder, though hesitantly curious eyes did occasionally glance up at Byssu. Suki'a seemed more grumpy than anything, arms crossed tightly as he let out a huff once in a while, though he offered no help and hovered near his mother.

"Honestly...where could those two be hiding?" Suki seemed exasperated. The sound of a slight whimper caused her ear to twitch, Rika looking up and letting out a gasp. Her jaw dropped as she followed Rika's gaze to the roof. "By the gods! Nikulas! Is that you up there?!"

A young boy slowly got to his feet, now in full view. A young hyur with dark, messy hair and a pair of serious-looking blue eyes inspected the small group, unimpressed as he watched Suki'a shrug at him. "Foiled, were we?" He sighed.

"Nikulas!" Suki's voice was sharp. "What in the world are you doing up there?!"

Nikulas crossed his arms for a moment, though he dropped them as he hung his head in defeat. "...I can't get down," He admitted sheepishly.

8) I prefer to play with people who have NOT RPed with me before. This does not include the people who I have invited.


The vampire watched the hobo work his magic and stay true to his hippie self--of course he'd be a plant mage--although he did have to put a cap on any observations he could have had as he watched the grass surge upwards. At the very least, it'd hide the body, but before he could even think to compliment or applaud the effort, the scent of alcohol hit him. His eyes darted to the flask as it was brought out, quirking an eyebrow as the hippie/hobo-plant mage took another drink. Still, it was a handy trick, but he couldn't quite pat the kid on the head as the murmuring of a few nearby people caught his ear.

Taking a quick look back at the crowd, Eris held back a scowl as he looked at the pair, surprised by Alderman's deduction. "Leverage or balls, either or. If there was ever a time to pull something like this, now was as good a time as ever," He surmised. "The guards are more fanned out than usual since some of them have time off for the Revel. If I had to put myself in their shoes and guess, they probably did this knowing that."

As for the sigil mentioned, Eris shook his head, fiddling with the clasp holding his cape to his jacket. "I don't know much about magic, but I'll take your word for it," He sighed, handing over the thread to his mage for safekeeping. "Change of plans, I think I can make it to the guard station faster if I just fly there. Hang tight and try to ward off any curious eyes; I should be back in a minute or so."

Taking a few steps back away from the pair, Eris mentally mapped out his path. The nearest guard station should be a minute's walk away on foot, so he should make it there rather quickly. The actual flying wasn't his worry, though; transforming back and forth was still a little shaky on his end. Oh well, this was an emergency, he'd just have to deal with the shakiness. Turning towards the direction he hoped was the right one, the transformation from vampire to bat was quick and efficient, and soon he was airborne.

Fluttering above the pair, the bat flew in the direction of the closest guard station. Fortunately, it didn't take long, the flight mercifully uneventful. Deciding to land as close as possible, he flew in, deciding to transform back in front of the first guard he saw. Once his legs hit the ground, he was certain that he had nailed it. And why wouldn't he? Transforming was just one of his many talents, after all! That said, he didn't even get to take a step forward before feeling like he had gotten steamrolled over. The entire world seemed to spin all around him, and before he knew it, he had landed less-than-gracefully face-down on the ground. His nose in particular felt sore, but his body was sending him all sorts of mixed signals as he made his first attempt to get up. This talent needed a little more practice, it seemed.

He could hear someone ask if he was alright. "Hnng..." Shit, even talking was a little harder than it should have been, the dizziness getting the better of him as he pushed himself off the ground. Shaking his head, he forced himself to get up, swaying to his left and having to grab the nearest wall for support. "Behind ballroom...body...urgent!" He strung together the words, slightly slumping down before catching himself. Good grief, this was embarrassing. "There's a murdered mage behind the ballroom!" He spat it out, much more focused this time.

Rolling around at the speed of a bat and leavin' @Scribe of Thoth and @Trainerblue192.


Wowee, the hobo was a rebel. Were it not for the seriousness of the situation, Eris would've inquired exactly why the kid was clearly bending the rules. He had assumed he was straight-laced, goody-two-shoes, all about saving the earth and whatever. Eris never did see the appeal of alcohol, seeing as all it did was make mortals even sloppier than they usually were, but they swarmed anytime it was around. The smell, the vomiting, the attitude shifting--it was bizzare, to say the least. But from what he had been told, the effects themselves made the drinker feel better or something.

Either way, it wasn't his business whatever the hobo did in his spare time, though he did remind himself to keep an eye on his own mage. And speaking of which, they didn't get a chance to leave without Alderman grabbing something from the table. A fork, it looked like. First a belt, now a fork, what was up with this kid? Weren't knives sharper, anyway? Mages were so damn weird.

But that wasn't his focus, instead Eris strode towards the back of the ballroom where Alderman had claimed to have seen the body. As they got closer, however, the scent of freshly-spilled blood all but confirmed it even before he laid eyes on it. Just as Alderman said, it looked precisely like someone had taken a snack and carelessly disposed of the body. At least, he thought it was careless, but considering so far no one had yet to scream that there was a murderer on the loose, either whoever did it wanted to get caught, or they were just that confident.

Kneeling down, Eris wrinkled his nose as the smell of alcohol mixed in with the scent of the blood. She was pale, young, probably didn't see it coming at all. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the bite mark and blood on the wall, assuming the perpetrator had been a messy eater. He noticed the girl's open hand, carefully plucking what looked like a knot of thread. Something she grabbed in an attempt to stop the vampire?

First and foremost, he figured the best thing to do was to alert the guards. "One of us should go get a guard, while whoever stays tries to make sure no one else sees this," Eris said, the thought of any drunken mages spotting a dead body and causing unneeded noise crossing his mind. "Green and silver...I don't think I noticed anyone wearing those colors when we came in."

If word gets out that he's some kind of responsible person the blame is entirely on @Scribe of Thoth and @Trainerblue192.

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