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Current "That's a sharp outfit, Chan. Careful, you could puncture the hull of an empire-class Fire Nation battle ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea. Because... it's so sharp."
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No one deserves to be ghosted, people should just be up front and not be cowards.
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Oil diffuser on, warm tea in my hands, snow falling outside...I might actually have a relaxing evening.
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Maybe a clean slate will do the trick.
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Fool me once. Fool me twice. Fool me chicken soup with rice.


𝑩𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉 Should I take a deep
𝑭𝒂𝒊𝒕𝒉 Should I take a leap

𝑻𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒆 What a bittersweet

𝑳𝒐𝒔𝒆 Soon have nothing to
𝑺𝒑𝒂𝒄𝒆 This is what I choose

𝑨 𝒎𝒊𝒍𝒆 Could you walk in my shoes?

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Her hand reached towards the older girl's face, Katya's eyes trained on the tapestry. Looking at its state made her terribly sad, wondering how this could have happened. Or rather, what exactly happened. She was sure if she asked around she could get them, but did she want to know? Was it her business? Taking her hand off of the tapestry, she tried to make sense of her thoughts, wondering why this place stirred the strangest thoughts, ones she couldn't bring herself to properly understand and filling her with an insatiable curiosity.

Feliks' voice caused Katya to jump, the blonde whirling around immediately as her azure eyes were wide. She would have screamed if she hadn't been so frightened, her hand clutching her chest as she had to take a moment to remember how to breathe. Good God, did he have to sneak up on her like that?! There was a small part of her that wondered how she hadn't heard him coming, but she had just been so absorbed in her thoughts that she just plain didn't hear him coming.

As she opened her mouth to retort, she was hit with the smell of tobacco, causing her to hesitate before she would let out a sigh. Of course he was a smoker, but did he really need to do it indoors, too? Taking in a slow breath to steady herself, she leveled a look at him. "I was just admiring the tapestry when you decided to come along," Katya replied dryly, shaking her head. "Were you trying to give me a heart attack, or do you normally like to sneak up on all your clients?" She probably shouldn't have been so curt, but his smoking displeased her greatly.
Abandoned by partner. :(

"Raise your chin just a touch, please."

Doing just as she was told, the familiar, blinding set of flashes would follow. Once they had died out, the photographer sighed happily as he would murmur something to one of the lighting crew. The light behind Nadia turned off and she was finally able to relax, exhaling a breath as she would carefully step down off the elevated platform. She blinked a few times in an attempt to clear her vision, resisting the urge to rub her eye and ruin her makeup. After a few seconds one of the interns approached her with a water bottle that she gladly accepted, resisting the urge to down it in one go as she walked towards her agent.

The photo shoot had gone well; a last minute change, but not unwelcome considering she had nothing better to do. She stopped in her tracks as a tall, redheaded woman strolled towards her, head held high and moving with a grace that couldn't be taught, only emulated if you were lucky. The billowing dress added to the visage, the material flourishing with every movement. Anyone who may have been in her way moved immediately, no one questioning her presence. Her expression was neutral, though her eyes were concentrated on Nadia.

"Mama," Nadia was surprised to see Elizabeth on the set, her grip on her bottle tightening. "What are you doing here?"

Her expression remained still, if somewhat stony. Instead she gestured towards a less populated area, and Nadia had to hold back a groan. Was she in trouble? She didn't do anything! Still, there was no escaping, so instead Nadia would follow her mother, waiting until she would speak. Fortunately, she didn't keep her in the dark for too long. "What time did you get home last night?" She ignored Nadia's question, instead giving her own.

"Oh, um...maybe around four?" She honestly couldn't remember off the top of her head.

"Lucas and Victoire arrived before you," Elizabeth frowned at her daughter. "Who were you with?"

"I was in the hospital, my friend got hurt," Nadia replied in earnest.

"You could have come home and left him there."

"I didn't want him to go alone." Now it was Nadia's turn to frown. "Hospitals are frightening when you're by yourself."

Elizabeth looked somewhat resigned at her comment, though she recovered, bringing her hands together in front of her. "That's kind of you, Nadia, but you didn't consider that getting dropped off at that time--by a boy, no less--has...implications," She chose her words carefully, trying to see if she could get Nadia to understand what she was trying to say. "People are always going to assume the worst, they always think of bad intentions before thinking of good ones. Do you see what I'm trying to say?"

Nadia wasn't quite sure she was understanding. "No," It was a little more blunt than she had wanted, but she didn't get it.

Elizabeth closed her eyes for a moment, opening them to give Nadia a much more critical look. "You coming home at that time is unacceptable. You have a reputation to uphold, and I won't have the media catching wind of any escapades you might have. Do you see what I'm saying now?" She met Nadia's bluntness with her own, using it much more effectively.

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, Nadia took in a deep breath before she would respond. "There was no escapade, Mama. If anything people would wonder if I was hurt, it was a hospital, not a hotel room," There was a slightly bitter taste as she remembered hearing something like this from Kavi, but she ignored it as she pressed on. "Why do you always have to assume the worst of me?"

"I'm not assuming anything. You came home late, and I'm telling you, as your mother, that I won't tolerate you coming home past your curfew," Elizabeth replied, crossing her arms.

Nadia shook her head slowly, though she seemed to give up. "Sure, Mama, whatever you say," She knew the conversation wasn't going anywhere. "Is that all?"

"No. We need to schedule a fitting for the dress you'll be wearing to the wedding," Elizabeth continued. I've already gotten your plans for the week from your agent but I need to know if you'll be doing anything in school."

Ugh, the wedding. Nadia wrinkled her nose at the thought, glad to have escaped getting involved in any of that planning early on. Her eyes landed on the diamond ring Nathaniel had given her. Flashy and too much for any normal woman, perfect for her mother. But she kept that thought to herself; Nathaniel was a good man, and the two were clearly in love, but going all out for this wedding was just ridiculous. But that was the kind of woman Elizabeth was: over the top, grandiose, too much, and needing everything exactly the way she wanted it to be.

For now, Nadia would digress, mentally going over her plans. "Yeah, but just let me know when, I can just move things around," Best to just get it over with.

Elizabeth nodded, pausing for a moment. She looked like she had more to say, but instead she approached Nadia, gently kissing her head before taking her leave. Nadia let out a breath she wasn't aware she was holding, instead returning to the changing room to get out of her uncomfortable outfit.

"No promises on that last one," Katya replied rather cheekily, giving Feliks a rather lazy wave once she was sure he wouldn't say anything else.

The warning was probably appreciated, but she figured exploring was better than sitting there watching. The palace had this allure about it, a forbidden place that she had always wanted to unravel, to see why it was always off-limits. Nothing in particular seemed to stand out as she traversed the hall, the previous sadness of seeing the place in shambles returning as she looked around. In its day, everything was probably sparkling, filled with light and bustling with people. The brown carpets were probably red at one point, her muffled footsteps being the only thing that accompanied her through the halls.

The cold returned the further she went, though it still wasn't as bad as it was outside, thankfully. Katya walked comfortably, her pace slow as she looked around for...something. Her lips curved into a frown as that thought crossed her mind, wondering why it even came to mind. Being here was becoming confusing, stirring some odd feelings within her. Maybe she was the daughter of a servant? Well, they had executed anyone associated with the royal family, so she could understand why she was forbidden to approach the palace. But that didn't seem right, like she was missing something.

Turning the corner into another hall, the faded architecture suddenly improved. Still in shambles, but the quality shifted even in its disarray. As she looked back to where she came from, she wondered if maybe she had come from the servants' quarters. So if she kept going, she'd reach where the royal family lived. The realization didn't sit too well with her, azure eyes darting around for something as an unfamiliar anxiety popped up.

Go! Get out of here!

Clearing her head of that thought, she ignored that odd feeling as she continued onwards through the hall. It opened to what looked like what could have been a grand ballroom. It was huge and empty, the windows barely hanging onto the hinges as the wind threatened to further crack the glass. A large tapestry had managed to hang onto the wall, albeit in disarray with a majority of it having been stabbed or torn. There was a rather thick layer of dust on the floor and on what little furniture remained; there was no reason to be here, nor did it have anything to offer. Disappointing, but what was she expecting? The palace had been abandoned for years, it was surprising that Feliks had chosen to take refuge here, anyway.

Deciding that she should probably stop wasting her time, Katya turned back to go the way she came, stopping before the tapestry. Two adults, one man and one woman, were surrounded by five children, four girls and one boy. The man's face had been left a mystery, the area surrounded his head having been torn to shreds, though it chilled her to see that the tears didn't look as old as they should have. Part of the woman's face had been obscured as a result, though the children's faces were mostly intact. Their hair colors were all on the lighter side, with the youngest girl's locks being a bright blonde color and the oldest girl sporting a sandy color.

Katya couldn't stop looking at the tapestry, her hand gently touching it. Her heart was racing in her chest, eyes glued to the oldest girl. Why?

Lilie had never straightened up so quickly in her life once she heard Kanalie, whipping around quickly to face the older girl. She came back! Wait, why was she surprised, she was one of the TAs, of course she would come back around. Maybe she just hadn't expected her so soon? Her praise did wonders to encourage her, giving Lilie a small, bashful smile. She really couldn't tell if Kanalie was just saying it or if she meant it, but being told she was on the right track made her quite giddy. She looked to Cassandra excitedly, happy to see her first class going so well. She felt a little bad she hadn't addressed her burn, but Cassandra had taken it in such stride that she didn't even notice.

Listening intently to the advice given, she couldn't stop her frown. So magic really did run on emotion. While she wasn't entirely surprised, she had hoped it wasn't the case just yet. Well, at least she had a guideline, and figuring it out couldn't be that hard, right? Lilie looked down at the crystal, eyeing it warily before she would decide to go ahead and try it out. Hmm, her life was rather tame considering she didn't have any crazy memory like jumping off a cliff, but she figured maybe something that made her happy would be along the right mindset.

Placing her hand on the crystal again, Lilie took a moment to think. Happy, energetic...she supposed the thrill of the spar match with Aaron would definitely count. Going up against someone more skilled had been a rush, keeping up with his strikes and feeling the strength behind his attacks, the amusement in his expression--all of it combined had resulted in an entertaining fight regardless of the outcome. And the memory seemed to work, the glow from the crystal brightening. Okay, now the opposite direction. Her initial thought had been the phone call she had received from her brother in the morning, but that seemed to count as excitement as the crystal went brighter. Relaxing, relaxing...well, she didn't have to go too far, drawing onto her hangout with Salem before classes, getting to have tea with him and being forgiven had definitely counted.

Wanting to see if she could repeat it without the additional spike of excitement, she furrowed her brow as she thought of another moment. The very first time she had managed to best her brother in a spar--despite his insistence that he had purposely gone easy on her--definitely counted, the illuminating glow accompanying it. And the relaxing moment...maybe when she had seen Aaron at sunset? That adorable smile of his had certainly put her at ease at the time, and to her delight, it followed through as the light dimmed.

Exhaling, Lilie relished in her victory, practically bouncing in place as she let her excitement overtake her for just a second. She was actually getting it! She actually understood! And all this time she had thought magic was this foreign, strange sensation. Granted, she did still have to think a little more than usual, but hey, practice made perfect. She wished she could take the crystal back to the dorm, she would have loved to practice more. "I think I'm getting it--" Her words were cut off as she swayed, the brightness of the crystal shooting out before fizzling. Removing her hand, that weird dizziness returned in full force as she slumped back in her seat, a hand to her forehead as she let out a small whimper. "...the 'relaxing' part is going to take a lot of practice..."

Feliks' silence was a little concerning, but he wasn't calling her crazy, so that was a step in the right direction. As the silence stretched between them, she made sure to follow his lead and stay quiet as well. Not that she was complaining, it wasn't uncomfortable, he was probably just as focused as she was on warming up. The blonde was greatly enjoying the break from the cold with a forlorn sigh of happiness. She had half a mind to curl up on the floor and sleep, the idea of having a warm nap greatly enticing the woman as she hugged her knees. If she caught on fire, so be it, at least she would die warm and not frozen.

Once he would speak, Katya perked up with hopeful eyes. Maybe this meant she would be leaving sooner rather than later! She stayed where she was, turning to watch as he would make his way over to the shelf, curious to see what he was doing. Not that she knew; she had no idea how he would go about giving her the paperwork needed, but she wasn't going to question it. The less she knew, the better, anyway.

At his comment of having to fabricate the information, she gave him a shrug. Not like she had much choice; she didn't know anything, anyway, so it was best to do as he said. She did, however, brighten up immensely as he mentioned he would be able to have everything ready in a day. He was fast! She nodded enthusiastically, though she hesitated as he mentioned the picture-taker-man wouldn't take it for free. Well, she did anticipate this costing her something, so hopefully it wouldn't set her back too much.

"I usually spend the day doing odd jobs, but I can just stay here for today if it's easier for you," Katya said, her eyes wandering once again around the unfamiliar room. Actually, as long as she was here, she wouldn't mind exploring the place. "I'm going to take a look around the place." She wasn't entirely sure why she was even telling him, but the room alone wasn't enough to satiate her curiosity, her now-warmed legs energetic enough to at least take a peek back the way they had come.

The white haired girl had nearly missed Cassandra's greeting, sitting up slightly as she would ask if she was alright. Lilie's eyes were still dazed, though she realized trying to shake off the feeling was doing more harm than good. Right, the professor had warned them about putting in too much. Exhaling a sigh, Lilie closed her eyes for just a moment, waiting for the feeling to subside. Waiting for her magic to recover. Magic. Magic! Just the thought alone revved her up, the girl opening her eyes as she would sit up properly.

Cassandra's concern was appreciated, and Lilie would focus on responding to her. "Y-Yeah, I guess I overdid it," She admitted sheepishly, offering up a shrug. She had underestimated the exercise, or maybe she just let her excitement get the best of her. Either way, she had to admit she was having a blast. "Why don't you go ahead and try, maybe you'll be better at this than I am," Lilie suggested as she decided to see if the other girl would have more luck than she did.

As Lilie fell quiet, she wondered if she should ask what happened after she had turned tail last night. Would she even know? Mulling her thoughts over for a moment, she debated internally for a moment, weighing the pros and cons. On one hand, it was a good way to make another friend--and they were encouraged to have a positive relationship with their desk partner. On the other hand, it probably wasn't any of her business, and she wasn't entirely any of her business anyway. Cassandra probably didn't even know more than she did. Still, just ignoring that something happened didn't sit well with her.

"First neighbors, now partners, what are the odds?" If anything, some small talk never hurt anyone, right?

Once she had sufficiently bruised Lucas' arm enough, Victoire had decided to leave the pair in his room and be on her merry way. Or at least she wasn't stomping out like she usually did. As she passed the kitchen she spotted her father and her mother-to-be speaking, the former giving some sickening lovey-dovey eyes to the latter as she held his hand. Neither noticed her walking by, either choosing to ignore her or just not noticing as she slipped into the garage. Her eyes searched for her Mercedes, only remembering once again its fate before climbing into the lesser Bentley. Truthfully the car was fine, she was just attached to her old car.

But there was little time to linger, and once she was settled in, she made sure to connect her phone via Bluetooth before opening the garage. Once she was in the clear, Victoire drove off, going up the familiar road. Her phone beeped with a message, and she assumed it was Mara until she was informed it was a photo from Jun of all people. A gif, actually, but she wasn't able to see it until she came to a stop at a red light. Of course. Why the hell was he able to get under her skin so easily? She wanted to blame stress, but really, she was just frustrated with how insistent his annoyances were.

"Text Moron," Victoire said, waiting for the little sound before she would continue. "Call me whatever you want as long as you leave me alone." Lame, but for fuck's sake she was going to get a permanent migraine if she had to continue to interact with him.

Once that passed, she would speak again. "Text Mara," She sighed, happy her phone was used to her exasperated tone. "I hope you're up already, otherwise I'll be your wakeup call. I'll be as loving and gentle as an old timey alarm clock so be up so we can have brunch, I'm starving."

After that was sent, she ran her ran through her hair, relaxing against the seat as her fingers tapped the steering wheel. Shit, she never did run into Stella at the dance. The girl was odd but she meant well, and with the Kavi disaster as well as dodging Jun all night she didn't even try to look for her. "Text Stella," She said, clearing her throat. "Hope your night went well." She probably should have said more but eh, good enough.

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