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After some soul searching, I've decided to let a lot of things go. It's just not worth it anymore. Let bygones be bygones, I'll carry on with my life and focus on me.
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Sometimes people become unrecognizable, doing things you never imagined they would and changing for the worse. It's a shame, but you can't help everyone.
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Whoever says "the customer is always right" has not worked with atual customers.
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"The flower that blooms in adversity. is the most rare and beautiful of them all." "Sir?" "You don't meet a girl like THAT every dynasty."


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The next few days passed without incident; the most activity was the sudden investigation of the broken mirror in the gym, though that concluded with the blame landing on a stray cat that had somehow gotten into the school. The clubs were up and running, the animosity among the students lessened, and for a short time, everything felt normal. There were a few middle school students that had taken an interest in the school, but considering a majority of them were third years, it wasn't strange. No blue butterflies were seen, either.

Until April 13th, at least.

Hinotori High School
Kyoto Prefecture
Vice Principal's Office
APRIL 13TH, 2018

Grumbling to himself, Taniguchi straightened the papers on his desk and placed his hands down. He had been feeling particularly restless since he woke up this morning. A streak of bad luck had hit since the moment he tripped over his dog, and he wasn't looking forward to his meeting with the visitor today. Damn kids and their issues, what happened to people minding their own business? This woman was a pain in his ass every time she visited, too. He had considered himself lucky that she wasn't hovering today, but she had given him notice that she would be showing up to check in.

And so once the knock on the door came, Taniguchi wasn't surprised. He leaned back in his seat as he told her to come in. The woman stepped in with too much confidence, taking a second to adjust her glasses before striding over to his desk. "Good morning, Taniguchi-san," She greeted him cordially. "Thank you for seeing me."

"Of course, Aoki-san. It's good to see you," He replied.

"I'll be direct, if you don't mind," She said, placing a hand on her hip. "How are the students doing?"

"I haven't heard anything, so presumably, all is well," He said with a sigh. "Wouldn't personal interviews rid the need of you and I meeting?"

"An adult's perspective is valuable," She told him. "I'm planning on seeing Hoshino-kun sooner than later to see how he's adjusting. Has he been sociable?"

"He's been helping out the student council."

Aoki widened her eyes in surprise. "Really, now?"

"Is that surprising?"

She paused. " is. It also means he's likely to be interacting with Nakano-san," She mumbled, though she cleared her throat. "I'm not sure if it's a good idea for those two."

"Nakano is a model student who was happy to oversee Hoshino," Taniguchi stated.

Aoki wasn't convinced, although she let it go. "Speaking of which...Nakano Sumire has been trying to get in contact with me again, so I thought I'd let you know, just in case she shows up here."

Taniguchi openly scowled at that, dismissing it with a wave. "That nut was already warned not to harass anyone here," He huffed. "More importantly, if you're going to linger, I suggest making sure Hoshino is busy. A busy student is a productive student, God knows these damn kids have nothing better to do than to start vandalizing whenever they get bored."


"Eh, forget it. If you'd like to meet with Hoshino today, the students will be having a shared gym day to promote some of the physical clubs' activities."

"I'll catch him after school, I wouldn't want to disrupt him from socializing," Aoki declined.



One of the gym teachers was having the time of his life forcing the freshman in his section to leap over hurdles. The senior members of the track club could only watch in dismay as the freshman struggled to overcome the heights, wincing as a few outright tripped and knocked down the hurdles. Sakuya watched them from a distance wearily, letting out a disappointed sigh as she turned back and looked around. The student body had been split between indoor and outdoor activities, with track, baseball, soccer, and archery taking place outside and basketball, volleyball, and kendo taking place indoors. The swim team had some interest as well, though most were leaving them for the end of the day to avoid having to change in a rush.

Sakuya herself was mostly drifting between clubs, exempt from the 'squadrons' that had been formed in an effort to promote inter-year interactions. It made some sense on paper since the clubs weren't limited by year, but all it really meant was that there were even more groups being formed since most people just stuck to the ones they already knew.

Letting out a sigh, she ended up returning to her own group consisting of her class, 3-B, 2-A, and 1-C. They were currently indoors and playing basketball with one exception. She did wonder if Ueno-san got bored sitting on the sidelines, though at least the club members were making an effort to include her in some capacity as they swarmed the poor girl. She didn't recognize most of the second years except one, though she didn't want to suffocate him by hanging around. She swore she saw some redhead hanging around him, anyway.

Stifling a yawn, a quiet mew caught her ear. "A cat?" She swore she heard it, but when she looked around, she didn't see anything.

Her attention was directed elsewhere as the whistle was blown, and the group were told to sit down as one of the gym teachers explained the benefits of basketball. As they spoke, a light wind blew through the gym, the sun coming in through the windows. As the wind died, however, the lights suddenly flickered off. An assortment of protests and a small panic ensued, though within the darkness, a single, blue butterfly was seen on the doors leading to the rest of the school.

Maybe jumping into a lake was kinda excessive, but Lilie did think Max had the right of it, all things considered. She did have to work on separating her magic (again) from herself, but having her element nearby would ideally help her better. Fortunately for her, she already ended up dedicating most of her bathtimes to playing around with her magic, so she was sure she was going to get the hang of this in no time. Not that she would tell anyone that since the last person she admitted it to ended up laughing so hard he ended up falling off the couch, but her brother was a jerk and he definitely deserved that.

As Lilie decided to reply, Max cut her off with a dismissal. Aww, didn't he want to talk about the perspective differences in their approach to their affinities? Who wouldn't want to? Closing her mouth shut, she ended up gathering her things quickly. She didn't really want to linger too much here, this teacher scared her and she thought that maybe if she caught up to Max, she could bounce some ideas off him.

Shoving everything into her bag, she ended up having to squeeze past some people, quickly catching up to the brunet. "See, it's interesting that you would mention a sphere because I can't even get my magic to project in front of me," She picked up the conversation where it was left off. "It makes me wonder if maybe there are advantages to projecting all around or if it's better to focus on one particular direction when it comes to your magic."

If there was any literature on it, Lilie would have to look into it. As she pulled out her phone to check her schedule, however, she caught herself. She would have loved to continue theorizing, but lunchtime meant she was going to go meet up with Aaron. "Actually, I'll just text you my theories, I have to go meet up with someone," She gave him an apologetic look, practically skipping away in a hurry to get to the cafeteria.

Arriving in another huff, Lilie took a second to catch her breath as she pulled out her compact. Every hair was in place, her makeup was perfect, and she couldn't stop smiling. She'd have to work on that last one, she didn't want to come off as weird. Even as she put away her compact to look around, however, she was way too giddy, especially as she found the blond first.

Swelling with a combination of excitement, happiness, and a flutter of butterflies surging through her stomach, Lilie walked forward comfortably. He'd probably see her approaching since he was looking around, but she wasn't really looking to surprise him, so that was fine. Once she reached him, she took a hold of his hand, lacing her fingers in between his.

"Hi," She greeted him. "Waiting long?"

Michail half-listened to the lecture, though in his defense, he had already been made aware of what would be said. He had gone over the night countlessly in his head, and about a dozen times out loud for Tomai to listen to, but no one had any concrete answers for him. To Tomai's credit, the man had a handful of theories that could explain things, but the least important aspect of the event had left everyone befuddled. According to the mage, teleportation magic could ideally work to kidnap someone, so there was no question that had likely been the source. However, it didn't explain why the spear Michail had thrown had disappeared. Either it should have landed on the mysterious kidnapper and interrupted the spell, or the spear should have rebounded on contact with the spell. The fact that it had been swallowed was what was stumping Tomai, since such magic shouldn't exist.

The buzz did little to snap Michail out of his mood, albeit he wasn't exactly trying to hide his displeasure. He looked over at the much calmer Kalliope, watching the woman casually stride over to Sirius. He wanted to chalk up her calmness to her position, but he was a little annoyed. She was as casual here as she had been when he had made his report. Never mind the fact that was apparently the fourth person to disappear without a trace, but he expected something out of her. A reprimand, a word of advice...but no. Not a word other than acknowledgment and to inform the Archbishop.

Letting out a sigh, Michail decided to straighten up a touch as Euphemia approached him. "You're going to make people worry if you keep scowling like that," She couldn't help but tell him.

"Anyone that thinks on it for more than five seconds will understand how serious everything is," He replied. "I don't disagree with the curfew, but the kid might as well have told everyone that the Knights failed."

Euphemia's expression softened. "It wasn't your fault," She told him quietly.

"It was. But that's not what's bothering me right now," He looked around, making sure there wasn't anyone lingering around. "Damage control is fine, but it makes me feel like this is advertising how incompetent we are."

"I think that honesty is the best way to handle the situation," She replied. "Do you think it would've been better to keep everyone in the dark and see them get caught off guard?"

Michail didn't have an adequate response to that. Instead, he looked over to his Lions, watching Lienna. He supposed that maybe he should address that wanton anxiety that was basically radiating off her. At least Auberon and Derec seemed alright, just concerned, and Kellen...well, not much he could do over there.

The Archbishop watched the room at large, quietly taking in a deep breath. He could tell Lysander wasn't too happy about the situation, but he'd be surprised if anyone was actually happy. Sirius stood at his side, as unreadable as ever, but he was certain that the man was in agreement about this direction. Truthfully, there was no shaking off the uncertainty now. The only thing they could do was remain as prepared as possible and hope for the best. At the very least, they wouldn't get caught off guard again as he was certain that keeping people alert was much better than keeping anyone in the dark.

As the thought crossed his mind, for just a second, Ioannis watched as everything became blurry. Blinking rapidly, he shook his head quickly, though his hands shot up to prevent his headpiece from falling. Lysander frowned, gently adjusting the tassels. "Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yes," His response came automatically. "I must not have rested enough."

"Then you should retire to your room for the day," He suggested.

"Having the Archbishop around will ease everyone's worries," Sirius pointed out. "Even you have to admit that you can tell there is concern all around."

"It wouldn't do for him to push himself too much."

Ioannis shook his head again. "You're both right. For today, I will leave my duties to you, Sirius. But I will remain down here to comfort everyone that needs it," He offered a compromise.

"You still look pale," Lysander frowned. "Maybe a break beforehand would help?"

"Excellent suggestion. I will take a break for tea," Ioannis perked up at the idea. "Please inform Clarissa von Edmund and Auberon Galatea so that they may join me at their leisure."

Sirius looked ready to protest, though he said nothing. Lysander seemed much more approving, giving the pair a bow before deciding to approach the students mentioned. Once he was out of earshot, Sirius placed his hand on Ioannis' shoulder. "Try not to push yourself."

Ioannis kept his expression relatively neutral, raising a hand to his head. "I shall try," He replied quietly, gently pushing away Sirius' hand before approaching a nun and instructing her to get the gardens ready.

The redhead wasn't sure what to think of the Archbishop's words if he was being honest. Auberon had an opinion and words of wisdom as usual, though Derec only offered a nod in response. He wasn't going to be making the same mistake twice, especially one that almost cost him his head. If it wasn't for Isolde, he was pretty sure he would've been headless. Speaking of which, he never did get to thank her, did he? He turned in his seat to look over at the Deer, though he was surprised to see them considerably more jovial. He wanted to think that maybe he was just overthinking things, but shouldn't they be a little worried about this? What if one of them disappeared? He looked over to the Eagles, who at least, they seemed normal, if Veronica's disinterest was any indication. These people had nerves of steel!

For now, he decided to focus on his own group, figuring that maybe it was better to protect themselves. "Lienna looked frightened," He frowned. "I think she's been on edge for a few weeks now."

He paused as he noticed Lysander approaching the group. "Sorry for the interruption, but the Archbishop wanted to extend an invitation to you, Auberon, and another classmate as well," He said. "If you'll join him, Sister Margaret will be happy to lead you to the gardens for tea." Choosing not to linger, he gave the trio a smile before leaving.

@Scribe of Thoth@ThatCharacter
"If you keep scowling, your face is going to get stuck like that."

"This is my natural face, if you'll believe it," Tomai replied wearily. Why the Captain of the Knights of Seiros decided to bother him was a mystery, but he figured it might be interesting. He did at least stand from his seat, placing a hand on his hip as he gave her his attention. Actually, now that he thought about it, this was probably the second time they've spoken directly. First time, if you didn't count an introduction.

Kalliope seemed amused by his response. "You don't seem happy," She noted.

"You don't seem concerned," Tomai replied dryly. "Are we going to keep pointing out the obvious or did you need something?"

"Fair enough. I had brought up a plan of action to the Archbishop regarding your abilities," She decided to get right to it. "From my understanding, you dorm with the other professors. I'd like to move your sleeping quarters to the cathedral in order to better protect him."

"The professors sleep closer to the students' dorms. If you're telling me that the Archbishop would prioritize himself over the students, then I think you're either ignorant or he already turned down the suggestion and you thought it better to come to me to see if my agreement would have him agree to your plan," He guessed.

"The attack happened outside the Reception Hall, much closer to the church than the dormitories," Kalliope reminded him.

"And a student was spirited away without any entrance to the church," Tomai crossed his arms. "What, are you demoting Michail because he failed?"

"To be prepared is half the victory, Mr. Malathice," Kalliope sighed. "No one is getting demoted, I would prefer to just cover my bases."

Hearing that people were disappearing was rather unsettling. Isolde frowned to herself, though she didn't know what to say. Imogen's random laugh character, though she didn't really have much to say in response to Clarissa's offer. She didn't really have any reasons to be out late and normally dedicated her evenings to studying and prayer. Absently brushing her fingers through her hair, she supposed so long as she followed the curfew, things would be okay.

She did look up as Professor Roland approached them. "Your spirit is admirable, Miss von Edmund," He complimented her first. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but Archbishop Ioannis has extended an invitation for you to join him for tea. If you have the time to spare, Sister Margaret can show you to the gardens."

Oh, right, no fun allowed. The only thing that kept Eris from outright booing at the terrible excuse of an "explanation" was common decency. He tilted his head backwards and let out a silent chuckle before looking back at the elder vampire, his eyes barely glazing over. While the lessons were a joke, maybe he would actually need them--this guy was so boring! Some of the things he was talking about was a little interesting, but wow, Eris could just as easily doze off any second now. Maybe he could credit it to being more interested in his dismissed question, but since there was no "evidence" he probably wasn't going to get a proper answer.

Great Anastasia, he couldn't believe anyone could make history so dull. Eris let himself relax a touch, figuring he could just mentally go over his to-do list and quiz the Eve kid on any interesting points. Maybe he could record the lecture in the future discreetly and have Maxwell--no, all that would do is have a crumpled recorder pressed into his forehead. Or worse, he could tell him the wrong information on purpose. Man, that kid was an unreliable dick, but at least he was entertaining.

Eris tuned in just in time for ol' Benji to pipe up. His lips widened into a smile, the blond staring directly at the Eve. "I happen to know him very well. Here, I'll introduce you," He rummaged through his pockets, pulling out a mirror compact and placing it on Benji's lap. "He's kind of an asshole and doesn't really stand a chance, but between you and me, I'm rooting for him."

Ugh, this was hard. Why was this so hard?! Lilie didn't want to admit it, but she was struggling. Why was she struggling so much?! Actually, she knew the answer to that since her previous semester had basically drilled it into her head that her affinity was stubborn when it came to being apart from her. Still, she was just as stubborn, refusing to give up. Still, it was like peeling away wet clothes that clung to her skin. It was possible, and the clothes were heavy, but the water made it more difficult than it needed to.

When Max spoke, Lilie lost all concentration. She opened her mouth to respond, though he quickly retracted his question. She closed her mouth, looking back to the front of the classroom. Okay, rude, but she supposed it was fair. Still, his question turned the gears in her head, especially as she remembered the last time they talked about their respective affinities.

"I would think yes in your case," She told him slowly as she tried to concentrate again. "After what you said before, though, I'd think that maybe you should try the opposite of what everyone does. Affinities usually have to have magic pushed outwards, but since your magic consistently pulls everything to you and you'd have to consciously push everything away, it'd be harder for you to learn the way everyone else does. Maybe try it outside or something to get the hang of it better and then try it slowly in other places that have less metal, like...a gym or an empty room that only has wooden furniture."

Lilie exhaled as she let her magic collapse back into her, letting out a sigh. "Why are you so clingy...!" She whispered to her magic in frustration. It was her affinity lesson all over again!

Fourth Bell, 19th Day of the Great Tree Moon
His heart thundered in his ears, the noise around him completely drowned out. The place was unfamiliar, dark, and frightening as he could barely make out his surroundings. Still, the red of blood was always an unmistakable one and had captured all of his attention first and foremost. It pooled out towards him, reaching his knees within a few seconds. He could see a variety of Crest symbols forming and fading all at once. Once he lifted his gaze, he watched Michail clutch at his chest. To his abject horror, the knight had only been the most recent tragedy as a variety of bodies surrounded them. Their faces were all too familiar, his heart dropping as he realized the same students he had gathered now laid about, lifeless.

As despair came to claim him, he lifted his gaze and saw Her seat. For the second time in his life, a girl sat there, offering her hand to him. Even if he knew he couldn't possibly reach her, he found himself reaching for her anyway. If he could just talk to her, if he could just see her, he knew everything would be okay.

He didn't feel the sword through his chest, but the warmth of his own blood felt strangely comforting. His blood being spilled was the last thing anyone wanted, but it felt...liberating. No longer was he shackled to responsibilities he never asked for. There would always be the part of him that truly wished to fulfill Asclepius' wishes, but it was hard to deny his resentment at the moment. His only real regret was that he couldn't protect them. None of them deserved this. He should have tried harder to make sure that he was the only one that had to suffer. And as he looked back at the seat, he couldn't help himself from cursing her.

What was the point of a Goddess who would let blood spill like this and do nothing?

"--up! Wake up!"

The sudden shift from nightmare to reality was enough to make Ioannis dizzy. The entire room spun, and he could barely make out what Kaira was saying. He was somehow cold and hot at the same time, his entire body shaking. After a few seconds, however, things started to clear up. He was surrounded by an assortment of people, all hurriedly attending to him. As his breathing settled, he waved them away and slowly sat up. There were about five or six protests, but he ignored them, wiping his brow. He was drenched, his lungs finding it difficult to breathe.

Fortunately, the fussing lessened as Kaira came back into view, shooing away a few people. "You're going to suffocate him, give him some room!" She scolded them. "Theo, please escort everyone who isn't in nursing out of here."

The boy had been standing out of the way, though he complied immediately, slowly emptying out the room so that only Kaira, Sirius, and a pair of nurses were left. "I'll inform the rest of the clergy that the Archbishop is alright and have the guards return," Theo offered, giving the room a bow before closing the door behind him.

Kaira nodded in his direction, though she placed her hands on her hips and threw Sirius a look. "If you don't stop hovering, I'm going to have to ask you to leave as well," She warned him.

Ioannis nearly jumped out of his skin as he had failed to notice the man right next to him, looking exceedingly worried. He clearly wanted to protest, but as he met the gaze of the green-haired girl, anything he could have said was not worth it, and he chose to take a step back. "Are you feeling alright?" He asked.

"Yes," Ioannis was a little surprised at how raspy his voice was. One nurse noticed as well and immediately brought him water. "Thank you. I'm sorry to have worried everyone."

"There's no need to apologize," Sirius insisted.

Kaira dismissed the nurses, waiting until she was sure they had left before turning back to Ioannis. "Did you have another dream?" She asked him.

The silence that followed was greatly uncomfortable for him. Brushing his hair off his forehead, Ioannis nodded. "The circumstances were unclear," He admitted. "But Michail was...stabbed. Or at least, I think it was him, and the students were all on the ground around me, and--"

"Easy," Kaira tried to calm him down. "If you let it overwhelm you, you might not remember everything."

"I remember everything," He clarified. "Everyone was dead. I joined them and cursed the Goddess, our blood was spilled somewhere, I could see the Crests but I don't know what it meant."

"An ill omen..." Sirius muttered.

Kaira shook her head, kneeling down next to the bed. "For now, rest. I'm sure Lysander will want to hear about this--"

"Send for him," Ioannis cut her off, shaking his head. "I need to see him immediately."


"Please. He'll understand once he is here."

Despite her hesitance, Kaira nodded and stood. She lingered for a few seconds but ended up taking her leave. Ioannis listened for her footsteps, waiting for them to fade away before looking up at Sirius. "Request more guards from the Northern Church. I want there to be more protection here," He said.

The older man hesitated for a moment, closing his eyes. He wouldn't leave Ioannis wondering for too long as he replied, "I had come to find you for that very thing. There has been another disappearance."

Third Bell, 19th Day of the Great Tree Moon
Chionne stifled a yawn, leaning against the balcony as she stared over the courtyard. Maybe she should have listened to Kalliope and went on patrol instead of plain old guard duty. At least walking around would be good for her health, standing around here was just so dull. The church bells didn't ring until dawn, so it was difficult to keep track of time. Not that she would complain--she wouldn't be happy getting woken up every hour, so it was a good decision. Maybe next time she'd grab a candle clock and make sure the wind didn't blow out the flame.

As the thought crossed her mind, the clinking of armor let her know that she was just about to be relieved for the night. Unfortunately for her, they had decided to send the most annoying knight. Michail flashed the all-too-familiar grin at her, and she couldn't help but huff at him.

"No games tonight, Michail, I'm exhausted," She stated.

Michail's jaw dropped. "And here I was, doing you a favor by coming early," He feigned hurt. "This is what I get for opening my heart to others."

"I'd be flattered if it was kindness and not your desire to bed me that was your motivation," She replied dryly, waving him away. "Come back when it's your time, I'd hate to be indebted to someone like you."

"Aww. Okay, that one stung, so I'll just stick around and let you know when to go," He grinned again, looking down at the courtyard. "Or were you hoping to watch the couple on your own? That's pretty scandalous of you."

Chionne followed his gaze, spotting the pair underneath a tree. She had noticed them a while back, though all they seemed to do was talk. "I'm here to look out for any threats, not play babysitter," She said.

Michail chuckled, though he shook his head. "Still, it's not good for them to be out so late," He reminded her. "I'll go tell them to go back to bed."

"Oh?" Chionne was surprised. "Here I thought you'd overlook any degeneracy."

"I'm a professor now, I have to be responsible!" He boasted.

"Which I still can't believe. Or rather, why did you volunteer?"

Michail lost his smile, shaking his head. "I didn't volunteer. I was asked," He corrected her, frowning.

Chionne raised an eyebrow at him, though the pair's conversation came to a halt as a scream filled the air. The two nearly collided as they looked down to the courtyard, spotting the two students running. Before she could question what they were running from, she noticed the shadow underneath the tree stretching out. No, that wasn't right, it was a trick of the moonlight. Someone came out from the shadows, though they must have been wearing a cloak or something.

"Sound the alarm!" Michail called as he broke into a run.

"The alarm? No, we--wait!" Chionne followed suit.

The two ran down the steps, the corridors devoid of anyone until they descended two flights of stairs. Michail barked orders at them, though he skidded to a halt next to the window. Before she could question him, the idiot jumped through. "Michail?!" Chionne sprinted to the window, watching as the knight broke into an impressively quick run.

It didn't take long for Michail to close the gap between him and the cloaked man, though the same could be said about the unknown enemy. They had reached the two students faster than anticipated, their cloak billowing out. From Chionne's perspective, it looked like the cloak had swallowed the three of them. Michail threw his spear at them, though to both his and Chionne's surprise, it didn't hit anything. It, too, was swallowed, and once the shadow stopped, only one body remained.

Chionne hastily descended, meeting Michail at the courtyard, though she wasn't nearly as fast as he was. The student was male, clearly shaken up, but the girl he was with and the mysterious intruder were gone. "Was that magic?" Michail asked, staring at the ground. "The spear I grabbed is gone, too."

"Everything happened so quickly," She couldn't help but mutter, though she knelt down beside the student. "Did you see their face?"

Despite his trembling, he shook his head. "There wasn't a face or a was just darkness..." He managed to speak. "It swallowed up Suzanne...!"

Michail kicked the ground, turning to face the approaching guards. "An enemy has kidnapped a student. Inform Sirius at once!" He ordered. "Spread out and search for anything that could hint at where the student was taken!"

Standing up, Chionne crossed her arms. "Don't beat yourself up over it," She told him.

"They're targeting female students," Michail replied, looking at Chionne. "I have to go wake Tomai, that had to have been some magic of some sort. We saw an enemy use teleportation magic at Luin, if they're connected somehow, then..."


Taking in a deep breath, he calmed himself down. "Then we're dealing with the same enemy," He replied bitterly, walking past Chionne.

Twelfth Bell, 21st Day of the Great Tree Moon
The news of the disappearance had been successfully kept under wraps. While it pained him to think of such a thing as a success, Ioannis couldn't fight the dread in his chest. Lysander had agreed that they needed to move faster, and while he was in agreement, he didn't think someone would be taken in front of a Knight of Seiros who was powerless to do anything. If that information got out, he was sure there would be a panic. For now, they were forced to keep everything under wraps, though he supposed the introduction of a curfew and the increased guard would eventually have people wondering what was happening.

For now, he leaned back in his seat, staring up at the Goddess' image in the stained glass. He hoped the idea of having tea with Clarissa and Auberon would have lifted his spirits, but he couldn't help his somber mood. He had even made sure that the students would be dismissed early in his previous assignment, but all he could feel was dread. Not that he would dare reschedule--his free time was so limited as it was.

For now, he would wait.

The bell rang throughout Garreg Mach, signaling the beginning of an early dismissal. Instead of letting everyone wander free, however, the students all gathered in the Cathedral. They had known ahead of time where to go, though not why. Once everyone filed into their seats, the Archbishop was ushered in. He kept himself relatively neutral, standing at the podium and looking over the student body. The various professors sat together in the front with the exception of the knight, though he put himself towards the entrance. For the better, Ioannis thought; Michail's grim expression perfectly mirrored how he felt.

Clearing his throat, he waited until the buzzing died down before he would start. "I apologize for the disruption of your day, but there is something that needs to be addressed," He decided not to mince words. "While I want to thank everyone for a seamless transition from your usual lives to living here at Garreg Mach Monastery, I would also like to extend a word of caution. While the Church of Seiros has done everything in its power to prioritize your safety, there have been rumors of disappearances that cannot be ignored. I've requested assistance from the Northern Church to assure the best guards are around the clock. But until we can be sure that even the most formidable threat cannot breach our walls, I am implementing a strict curfew."

He tapped his fingers against the podium, collecting his thoughts. "This is not to say that there shouldn't be confidence in the Knight of Seiros. Captain Kalliope has worked effortlessly to ensure that both the Church and Monastery are well guarded. I simply wish to have extra caution," He explained himself. "We will discourage anyone from walking outdoors after the tenth bell and urge people not to be alone. The doors to the Cathedral will always be open, of course. I thank you for your time, that will be all."

The entirety of the student body erupted into a buzz as Ioannis stepped down. Michail let out a small sigh, though he agreed with almost everything that was said. He supposed the kid was doing damage control at this point--no doubt there'd be a wave of panic if it was revealed that people were getting dragged into the shadows. As he looked over at Kalliope, he was surprised to see her calm. Well, she probably thought the same thing.

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