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Current If you can't say what's on your mind, don't get mad when you're misunderstood. Be clear, be upfront. No one's a mind reader.
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Violence is my crack.
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“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is wing’d Cupid painted blind.”
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How easy things come when you're motivated. If only everything else was as enjoyable.
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Aimed for the moon and landed among the stars, got as far as I had hoped to be, yes!

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Where is everyone?

LOCATIONHorton Household
INTERACTING WITHGrant, Messaging all Horton Siblings @spooner @SpicyMeatball

Humming to himself, Lorenzo danced his way through the halls to the beat of his own song. There was that feeling again, the call of the song, the urge to let go and do nothing but dance and drink until the sun came out. For many years, Lorenzo considered himself a creature of the night, coming alive only when the moon hung in the sky. Admittedly the club scene hadn't quite gotten old just yet, though he did prefer the end where he would take a lovely lady home, but right now he just wanted to go have a good time.

After picking up Jess, Lorenzo had chosen to loiter around the house. And by loiter it meant emptying the cupboards of anything that had chocolate in it, raiding the fridge, lounging on the couch, and loudly complaining. He tried not to annoy his sister too much (as he figured getting hurt was tough as it is) but the boredom started to seep. After hours of nothing, finally the night had come, and he was alive.

Bursting into Grant's room without hesitation, Lorenzo strode in and threw himself onto Grant's bed. "I'm bored!" He whined, letting himself sink into the comforter. At the lack of response, he propped himself onto his elbows, only just then noticing Grant with his head in his arms. "Oi, wake up!" He called, lobbing a pillow at the napping figure.

Jolting awake, Grant rubbed his head, confused as the sleepiness clung to him. "What?" Grant mumbled, pushing himself away from his desk. "What time is it?"

"Time to get dressed and go," He grinned, watching Grant stretch.

"Go? Yeah, go to bed," Grant let out a groan as he dropped his arms.

"No! Go out! To party!" Lorenzo rolled off the bed and onto his feet. "The night is young and so are we!"

Wrinkling his nose, Grant seemed abhorrent to the idea. "So you can ditch me once you get someone to grind on? No thanks," He declined.

"That happened once."

"That happens every time," Grant corrected him. "Remember Memorial Day? With that new coworker you got?"

Lorenzo definitely remembered Miss Booty. "She was coming onto me, was I supposed to decline?" He asked, offended.

"And St. Patrick's Day?"

"It was the luck of the Irish!"

"How about my graduation?"

"I was talking to her for you!"

"By making out with her?"

Oh yeah, he had forgotten about that. "Come on, we haven't hung out in a while," Lorenzo frowned at Grant as his younger brother would begin to organize the mess of papers he had at his desk. "You could use the break, you've been working nonstop!"

Lorenzo's observation seemed to have hit the mark as he saw Grant hesitate for a moment, though he returned to his papers. He wasn't quite saying no just yet, though he seemed to be contemplating things. Giving him his space, Lorenzo sat down on Grant's bed and simply watched him. Grant was very organized, to the point that he was convinced the guy had OCD and just didn't know it; his room was so spotless it looked more like a showroom than someone's living quarters. Grant didn't even have to look where he was going, his eyes on his work as he walked around putting everything away.

Finally, he came to a halt in front of Lorenzo, who perked up upon seeing him. "I'm serious about my job," Grant said, crossing his arms.

"There's nothing wrong with that, but you need to let loose before you wind yourself up too much," Lorenzo replied. "We can see if the rest of the clan wants to come along!"

Rolling his eyes, Grant shrugged in defeat. "Fine, whatever," He gave in as Lorenzo cheered, immediately whipping out his phone.

"Time--To--Party--Who--Is--In--?!" Lorenzo said out loud as his fingers mashed the buttons, quickly sending out the message before looking back up at Grant with a stupid grin on his face.

Aurelia was usually expressionless as it was, but she had absolutely no reaction to Aquarius' pun, even as the girl laughed at her own joke. She understood it. It was just really bad. Luckily for the pair, her new partner would then shift the topic to more urgent matters: moving on with the test. As Aquarius would jog, Aurelia followed suit. Admittedly, she was faster than she looked; Aurelia found the thick of the woods impeding her heels, the uneven ground giving little leeway and surprise slopes. Still, she managed to keep up as she got used to it, knowing that if she was going to have issues running through the forest, she may as well go home.

Aquarius then inquired about her staff, and Aurelia's eyes lit up. Did she want a full explanation? "By optimizing the metals used to construct its build, Rampion employs Dust to its fullest potential down to the last speck," She stated rather proudly. "You would think utilizing a substance would come naturally, but after some meticulous research I found that control starts with the weapon. Of course, that isn't to say the weapon is more important than the user, but considering that preparation before a mission contributes to success, it's one less thing to worry about when you're out and about and not have to consider restocking right away. Saving time, saving money, saving a hassle. Now, the expulsion of Dust was also something I put time into, though I found that the more power you want, the more careful you have to be with the foundation of the weapon. Sure, you could ignore all logic and have as much Dust as you wish, but that would require more maintenance on the weapon than usual, so it was all about finding that balance. Personally I feel Rampion has another .0631 percent that I could optimize, but it is a work in progress, so we shall see."

She seemed embossed in her ramblings, though she would finally come to a close. "In lesser terms, it expels Dust at whatever quantity I wish. Either by smaller spells or greater blasts," She nodded to herself.
Welcome to the guild!

Neither of the blondes had taken any notice of the situation until it was much too late. Beatrice had gotten up, letting out a shriek as Kalder had bolted upright. Just a cup or pitcher of water would have likely done the job, but no, it was two barrels worth. It was definitely a wake up call, though once the shock wore off, Kalder finally noticed a rather triumphant looking Demi standing near them. When the hell had she entered? When did she even see them? Trying to wrack his name to try to remember, he realized he was dizzy. It was like he had been slapped awake, disoriented though he did manage to assess the situation.

Kalder couldn't help but scowl at Demi's words, having to bite down on his tongue. So what, it as fine for Demi to go around with whoever the fuck she wanted? What kind of injustice was this? Fine, maybe he was inebriated, but what the hell?! Letting out a cough, he glared at Demi as she would turn her attention to Beatrice. It was actually quite shocking for him to hear her talk to Beatrice like that, especially after the two were on good terms only a short while back.

As Demi pointed her wand at them, Kalder stared at her in disbelief. What delusions had gotten into her head? No one was trying to humiliate her, where the hell had she gotten that idea? She ended things with him! But for once, the universe seemed to agree, as Jomana had decided to intervene. She made it perfectly clear she hadn't done it for either one of them--going so far as to agree with Demi that they were egging Demi on. Caleb and Kalder locked eyes for just a moment, but he couldn't read him at all.

Standing up as they left the room, Kalder slicked his hair back, letting out a groan as the music pulsed through the still open door. As he walked over to close it, he was stopped by a giggling girl and a clearly excited Benjamin, who had been trying to push her in. His expression fell immediately as he noticed the soaked Kalder, and he let out a small whine as he looked at the girl.

"Wait for me," He said, placing one last kiss and having to pull himself away from her before she would entrap him. "So, uh--why are you all wet?"

"It doesn't matter," Kalder said, slightly shaking from the cold starting to hit him. "I didn't bring my wand, do you have yours?"

"No, but stay here, I'm sure Blake has hers," Benjamin assured him, making sure to close the door as he left.

Running his hands through his hair, Kalder sneezed. Great, he'd probably catch a cold. As his thoughts began to calm themselves, however, he remembered the other girl in the room. Beatrice sat on the couch, barely registering her wet self as she had her knees drawn to her chest. In all the excitement, he hadn't even asked how she was, though it was clear that she looked completely miserable.

At the very least, he could help her dry off with a towel. Kalder began to look around the room, he noticed a small closet, and was immediately relieved to see a towel on the rack. Grabbing it, he walked over to Beatrice and draped it over her shoulders. His touch made her look up at him, her eyes following as he knelt down in front of her. "I'm sorry," He apologized.

"I'm so stupid," Beatrice muttered, pulling the towel closer around her as she shivered in place. "I shouldn't have--don't apologize."

He wasn't quite sure where she was going with this, but he couldn't help but smirk slightly. All things considered, he probably shouldn't have been as giddy as he was, but maybe Demi had a point. He had certainly enjoyed it a lot more than he would have expected. "You regret it?"

"It's not that, I mean, I liked it--" Beatrice blinked for a moment, processing her thoughts, though her face turned beet red as she realized what she said. "But wasn't something you wanted. We're just drunk. By tomorrow we'll have forgotten all about it."

"What if I don't want to forget about it?" He asked her, his voice low.

Beatrice tore her gaze away from him, shaking her head. "It doesn't matter, Kal. No matter what I feel, no matter what you feel, at the end of next year you'll be getting married to someone else."

"So you didn't mean it when you said you would wait?"

"Of course I meant it! I just...I'm clearly in the middle of you and Demi--" She began.

"She ended things with me. If it were up to me I'd be doing whatever it takes to be with her, but I'm not going to waste my time on someone who doesn't want me!" He argued.

Beatrice laughed, shaking her head at him. "See? You still have feelings for one another, why else would she do that?" She pointed out. "Whether you want to admit it or not, the truth is as plain as day. Everything is complicated, and I'm just making things worse by adding another issue on top of it all."

His heart raced as he thought about what she said. Now that he thought about it, Demi's actions made more sense if they were due to a fit of jealousy. Still, it didn't make it right. If she was going to take it out on anyone, it should have been him. It was wrong of her to include Beatrice, though admittedly he was also mildly annoyed they were interrupted. He could still feel Beatrice's lips on his, and he had to quickly distract himself before any inappropriate thoughts popped into his head. He was always convinced that Demi had been the only one for him, but now, he wasn't sure anymore. Not if she was going to go out of her way to attack him like that. But Beatrice had a point; the feelings lingered whether he wanted them to or not.

Looking over at Beatrice, he noticed she had taken off her heels, her hands rubbing her feet in an attempt to get warm. He found it cute, though any positive emotion he had at the moment immediately dissolved as the door would open, Benjamin walking in with Noel and Deva in tow. Of all the people he could have pulled from the party, it had to be the last two people he wanted to see. Benjamin you idiot! Kalder mentally yelled, though after his little shower he was much more aware of things.

Deva pushed past Benjamin and stomped over to Kalder, promptly slapping him across the face. "I can't believe you!" She screamed in his face, furious. "Do you have any idea who the hell you're messing with?! You blow me off for that little Mudblood slut and think you can get away with it?! If it wasn't for Noel--"

To his surprise, Noel placed his hand on her shoulder, pulling her away from Kalder. "And you snogging Lucian Georgeson doesn't count?" He couldn't help but point out her hypocrisy, giving his wand a complicated little wave, and steam blew out from the tip of his wand. The warmth was very welcome, although Kalder couldn't tell what was steaming more: Noel's wand or Deva, especially when she stomped out of the room. Once he was fully dry, Noel motioned for Beatrice to stand, and once he was finished, he pocketed his wand.

"Why the hell would Benjamin--" Kalder started, though he realized Benjamin had snuck out among the commotion. This night hadn't gone at all as he had hoped. There was a part of him that blamed the alcohol, all he accomplished was pissing Demi off further. His head pounded against his skull, the alcohol still swimming in his veins.

"Thank you," Beatrice muttered, crossing her arms against her chest. "I think I'll...just go now."

Noel nodded in acknowledgement, though as he turned to leave wordlessly, Kalder grabbed his arm. "I'll be right out," He told Beatrice. She lingered for a moment, looking between the two, though she would take her leave, and Kalder decided to clear the air once and for all with his so called best friend. "Cut the crap, Noel. You've been suspiciously quiet this whole night."

His friend smiled at him, shrugging. "Yeah, I admit I've been enjoying watching you make a fool of yourself," Noel admitted. "But lo and behold, you and Balthazar shacking up--I called it, didn't I?"

He could feel his temper flare up for a second, but he managed to stay in control. "What is wrong with you? I thought we were friends, but here you are practically laughing at me," He snapped. "I know you're the one that brought Deva along, don't try to hide it."

"I thought it'd be funny. You're engaged to one girl, messing around with another, and your heart is still with a different one. And they call me the playboy," Noel stated, revealing his knowledge. "You and Demi definitely have a history, the way she acts around you is much too obvious, and I'm not an idiot. But I mean hey, she's clearly chosen the better of the two, and you seem pretty content with Balthazar so...all's well that ends well, right?"

Kalder was in shock. Noel knew. Noel knew, and he still had the nerve to fool around with Demi. Narrowing his eyes, Kalder slowly nodded. The joke was certainly on him now, wasn't it? "Sure. Except...I can promise you it's not a two way street. She'll be with you--and she'll be thinking of me the whole time." He stated coldly, ending the conversation by walking about and shouldering Noel out of the way.

As the music returned in full force, Kalder realized he needed to get the hell out of there before he took out his anger on the wrong person. Pushing through the crowd, he got through to the exit, ignoring his friends and any others that would call out to him, though he was relieved to see Beatrice waiting for him. She looked at him, her arms crossed. He shook his head, though he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and together they walked away in silence.
Fiona definitely appreciated Emily's compliment--she did have a point. Well, they had all been changed, for better of for worse, and Fiona only hoped that she was right. Perhaps once they got to the bottom of...whatever was happening, maybe Fiona would do her part for the team. How ironic, considering she wanted nothing to do with any of these shenanigans. Shenanigans, and yet she was roped into fighting for 'the greater good'. How good could it be if it continued to disrupt her life? Would she ever know what normal was? She had managed to fight fine, all things considered, though she was only so active because chasing around her kids took a lot out of her. That and she was unemployed; taking care of her kids only took so much time, and she had to keep herself fit for her husband! But she never imagined staying fit for this.

"I'm glad," She replied when she would mention her own daughter. She must be so big by now. When it came to the topic of cars, however, her face flushed red. "I-I can...considering I may have totaled my own..." Oh man, she still hadn't called the insurance or let Aster know. Geez, how could she be so irresponsible? "Lead the way."
I was thinking of starting an open pad for a collab for this scene if anyone's interested.

If you do let me know, I'd definitely be down for it!
Yeah look at my tiny posts compared to everyone's! If that's passable you can do whatever you put your mind to.

LOCATIONSalem University Hospital
INTERACTING WITHJessica Horton @SpicyMeatball

There was no hiding it, Lorenzo outright snorted as Jessica would tell him her tragic tale of eating pavement. He wasn't a stranger to it; if his teeth could sue him for physical abuse, they would. He blamed trying to master the scooter. Still, his snort turned into a chuckle as she would continue to inform him that she couldn't use crutches. So she was going to hop around everywhere? The thought alone would make sure his grin was now permanent even as he controlled his laughing,

Truthfully, he loved all his siblings. He knew his fair share of ungrateful older brothers, but he cherished the relationships he had with them to the point that they were a source of pride for him. Olivia was still a brat who would rather expose his more embarrassing sides to the world, Elliot was still a vanilla kid trying to find his way, Grant was still a emo punk who had yet to get past the phase, and Jessica was still Miss I-Won't-Change-My-Mind-Because-I'm-Bullheaded, but he could honestly say he wouldn't change any of them. Well, except Grant. If it were up to Lorenzo, he would make him less moody. And maybe Olivia. Her decency for privacy flew out the window so long ago he missed when she was still innocent.

Not perfect but he still loved them.

Taking Jessica's bag in his left hand, he offered his right arm for support. As she would thank him, he scoffed. "Don't thank me yet, I blew him off helping Grant to come get you," He grinned mischievously, letting out a satisfied sigh. "It's almost too easy to rile him up. But, uh, I'll need you to talk him down so he doesn't cry or cut himself when I get back to him."
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