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I thought I was past the days where video games would consume my life but I also have let Shadowbringers take over my life so here we are
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Words aren't the only way to tell someone how you feel.

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Lilie jumped in place as her phone chimed at her, nervous hands fumbling as she nearly dropped her phone. Her clumsy grip resulted in opening a message, and once she properly had a grip on herself she saw it was Cassandra's text. Oh, she wanted to hang out! But the way her heart beat against her chest, her aching back and shoulder protested. She did have a lot of excitement for one night, but she would feel bad turning her down.

Satisfied, Lilie finished in time to receive a response. Aaron texted back pretty quickly! Boy, were they different, he wanted her to go say hi?

Taking in a deep breath, Lilie begged her nerves to calm somewhat. Okay, if she could master the silent saute and float like a swan, she could just talk to a vampire without running away. Even if the vampire was royalty and could snap her in half for daring to talk to her since she was just a commoner and--no, no, no need to panic. Not yet, anyway. Lilie took in several deep breaths, stuffing her phone in her pocket. She could do this. She had to do this.

"No magic studying for a week if you don't do this," She scolded herself, her legs finally moving. Even as her walk became timid she kept going, pausing a little before the trio. She forbade herself from staring at the princess for too long, no matter how beautiful she was. Swallowing hard, she clasped her hands in front of her as she made some attempt to look formal despite feeling the redness in her cheeks building already. "Um...he-hello," She announced her presence, forcing herself to give something resembling a pleasant smile and not a look of terror.

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Boy or girl?

After bidding farewell to Salem, Lilie felt like most of her energy had been spent. What a day, she had a lot to think about and too much to tell her brother the next time they spoke. Maybe she would leave out the arena stuff, she didn't want him worried. At first she thought that maybe getting to hang out with someone after class would be nice, but she felt exhausted. Well, there was nothing wrong with going back to the dorm and just sleeping for the next ten hours, right? There was homework to get started on, but she wasn't too worried. Speaking of homework, Salem had a good point about Max, but she didn't have his number. She'd have to ask him for it tomorrow. For now, she was content with a nice, hot bath.

She was still invigorated by her idea of a get together, and rather than wait, she decided to jump on the idea. She pulled out her phone, deciding to send a text to Cassandra first. She felt like they would get along easily, with the fire mage setting a good precedent for Lilie to look up to.

"And...sent!" Lilie smiled to herself, relatively pleased as she scrolled through her new contacts. Sitting on Kanalie's name, the white haired girl tried not to get too giddy as she decided to text her as well.

Lilie didn't know what it was about the older student that made her heart race, but she was eager to get to know her, too. Maybe she could give her a little more insight on trying to properly socialize with vampires. Admittedly she was definitely more curious about the nature of her, uh, relationship, but she seemed genuinely nice. Putting her phone away for the moment, as she looked up, she stopped in her tracks as she saw the Astorio sitting on a bench. He looked like he was waiting for someone, stern as he was the last time she saw him. There was no way he didn't see her. Slowly raising a hand, she gave him a small wave with a somewhat tight-lipped smile, though she continued on her way, picking up the pace. She didn't mean to be obvious, but she wasn't entirely sure she was ready for another talk with him. Not yet.

Turning the corner, she slowed down as she tried to calm her frayed nerves. He really was right, wasn't he? If she let her fear get the better of her, she was going to give herself an anxiety attack. But she couldn't help it, she was scared! And she had the right to be! It was just the first day, she could give herself that leeway. She'd try to work on that going forward, she had years of academic education to learn how to talk to vampires without quaking in fear.

As the thought crossed her mind, Lilie spotted Sariel with another mage and a vampire. Her eyes widened as she realized it wasn't just any vampire, it was Princess Ryner! The universe really had a funny way of throwing more people she didn't like at her, didn't it? She frowned as she watched the princess from where she stood, watching her interact with people. She seemed so casual, it was so different than when she had seen her at the first night. Was it easy for her since she was the one that got to pick and choose who got to go to her school? If only she was braver, maybe she could ask why she picked her of all people.

Letting out a sigh of defeat, Lilie pulled out her phone again. Well, even if she wasn't happy to see the princess, she could think of at least one person who might be. She had no idea where Aaron was at the moment, but he would probably be happy to see someone from the castle.

After sending the text, Lilie lifted her phone, zooming in to Princess Ryner. Once the familiar shutter sound went off, she went to forward the picture, though she must have moved at the last moment since it was blurry. The princess still looked gorgeous despite her features being fuzzy; go figure, vampires could make a potato sack look amazing, even messed up pictures couldn't make them look bad. Focusing a little more, she made absolutely sure her hands were steady as she took a second picture. As she opened up her texting history with Aaron, the image preview showed that the princess was looking right at the camera.

Lilie didn't dare look up, though the shock on her face was still obvious. Did she see her?! She must have, she's looking right at the phone! Daring herself to lift her head, Lilie slowly looked up, nearly screaming as she caught an amused look on the princess's face. Yup, she saw her. She totally caught her. Lilie was paralyzed, unsure whether to laugh or cry, her face red with embarrassment. Day one and she had already made a fool of herself, go figure.

The fact that he didn't get an eyeroll or his third exasperated sigh was surprising enough, but Varis managed to knock Eris on his ass with his response. Eris' expression seemed to be stuck between disbelief and glee. He wasn't actually serious. Or was he? He was! As Eris fought his internal questioning, on the outside the star was struck by clear surprise before long. A laugh out of disbelief escaped him, his reaction barely contained as he covered his grin with his free hand. Well shit, he got him good.

That said, he had forgotten Maxwell's existence until he spoke, and Eris' amusement took a nosedive for the worse, immediately closing his eyes as his irritation got to him. Tripping over the finish line, rookie mistake. And he was doing so--actually, he wasn't doing well, but Eris had mistakenly assumed the mage would know better than to come up with a retort in public. At the very least, staying quiet meant he knew how to shut up, but no, Eris had expected too much out of the kid since apparently he thought it was okay to talk like that. And in front of Varis, no doubt, which only made it worse. It looked like he would have to dedicate more time than he wanted to properly socializing this one.

The small whine of discomfort from Maxie seemed to snap Eris out of his thoughts, not having realized his hand had squeezed the pup in his irritation. Despite not meaning to, she gave him a proper idea on how to deal with the kid. Looks like she'd serve more of a purpose than just a gift. Keeping his eyes closed, he mentally counted to three before opening them once again, flashing a brilliant grin as the usual shade of chartreuse came back.

"Oh, you know how hard of hearing little ones are. Comprehension isn't usually their strong suit, either," He replied cheerfully, free hand petting Maxie in comfort as he walked. He supposed a muzzle wasn't the worst idea, but if a little public humiliation would teach him the needed lesson, then so be it. He might need that second leash after all.

As they arrived, Eris cast a glance around the place. It was bigger than he anticipated, reminding him of the small grocery mart near his own place. Several rows of plants, powders, and bottled liquids could be seen right away. A sign marked 'Modern Medicines' pointed to the far end of the store, a section dedicated to wands and other magical items close by, and a locked bookcase behind the counter. Magic was alright and all, but since he couldn't use it, it wasn't as interesting to him as it used to be. That said, he did want a little payback to make himself feel better. He motioned for Varis to stay back, knowing the vampire wasn't a fan of Eris' little displays.

The blond then perked up as he looked at his dull minded mage, patting his head as he looked at him lovingly. "Whenever you decide on what you're getting, let me know. Try not to be shy," Eris spoke to him slowly, his tone sweet as he pinched his cheek. His entire demeanor had changed, putting on a show of a caring, nurturing vampire. After all, if Max was going to act like a child, he would be treated like one. "Should I have one of the associates help you out? You know what, I'll get you someone to help."

The blond looked around and spotted an employee, waving them over. "Excuse me, could you help out my poor mage?" He called, giving the guy a pleading look. "He really needs a focus for his affinity, but all this magic stuff goes completely over my head! I'd feel so much better knowing he was in your capable hands."

He looked back at Max, smiling. "Be nice to the employee, okay? They're here to help you," He assured Max, giving him a wink as he would step back, leaving the mage with the employee.

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Salem's hug was unexpected--two in one day! Night? She would need that terminology cleared up sooner than later. But much more importantly, she was able to properly comfort him, the relief felt as she quickly hugged him back. She meant everything she said, too. As he thanked her she gave him a sheepish smile, trying not to get too flustered. Goodness, she didn't know how nice it was to see the feeling was mutual. Fast friends were good, anyway! Aaron, Cassandra, Salem...maybe Max if he ever came around, too.

It looked like they were thinking the same thing as Salem would bring Max up, too. Right, they were all in the same study group. Even she could tell that the guy just hated everyone from their first conversation alone. Her expression fell slightly as she remembered what she had overheard before getting confronted by the vampire, his comment towards Aaron. She never did get an answer to what he meant, but it gave her an uneasy feeling the more she thought about it. These vampires were unpredictable and she didn't know what to expect from any of them, let alone her own partner.

As for her vampire, she appreciated Salem's concern, but she seriously doubted it. "We can always hang out at the Eve dorm, pretty sure Mariette forgot I exist," She couldn't help but joke, deciding to shift the focus back to Max. "He reminds me of my brother," She ended up replying wistfully. "I guess this is how he comes off to everyone else. I'm sure at the very least we can all get along, we can start there and see how it goes." If he really was anything like Ren, then being polite was probably the best they could hope for.

Clapping her hands together, she threw Salem a grin as an idea hit her. "Maybe going out for lunch--dinner--something would be good, too!" She suggested. "We can hang out and get to know each other better!"

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Eris rolled his eyes at Maxwell's predictable response to Antigone. Such a socially awkward kid, he could have at least pretended to care. Another in a growing list of improvements needing to be made. He'd have to get that Astorio contact on reserve. "Of course pets are allowed, why else do you think they allow mages to dorm with vampires?" He informed Wells with an air of nonchalance. "It would be too much of a hassle to have a separate quarters for immature mages. Can you imagine the pandemonium, letting them roam free and mingle alone without any guidance?" Not to mention the actual consequences of fights and unauthorized hookups. If either one of those situations would happen, it would be because he wanted it to.

Varis' comment caught Eris' attention, his jaw dropping at the accusation. "A rat? How could you say such a thing with this adorable face?" He nuzzled Maxie happily, much to her delight. "She's small and cute and absolutely perfect for lessons, and once I'm done with her, she'll make a great gift." He cast a wary gaze on Antigone, who didn't seem to react much to Varis' comment except to bow his head. Eh, being second best should be something he's used to by now.

Actually, since he still had his mage here, he figured he could do one last thing for him. "Before I forget, Wells here could probably use an idea for a focus," He jabbed a finger Max's way. "Why don't you and Josette show him what you use?

The woman took off her hat and tugged on the bun until it unraveled, holding the golden orbital hairpin in the palm of her hand. Antigone seemed surprised by the request, but complied just as quickly, turning his collar up slightly. A small, gold stud glinted as he prodded it with his thumb.

Eris seemed satisfied, dismissing the pair with a wave of his hand. Hopefully seeing them would help the kid choose one faster so hey wouldn't have to linger long. The woman wordlessly tied her hair back up, once again opening the car door for Antigone. Oh, right, before he would forget, he did want one more thing. "Wrap up any lingering work you have today, tomorrow I need you to look into something for me," He told him, throwing him a wink.

"Yes, sir," Antigone said, once again bowing to Varis and offering Max a slight wave before getting into the car.

Holding Maxie happily, Eris looked around the street, stopping when he spotted the apothecary. They could just go over and get something mundane, but there was another option to consider. Looking at Max once again, he gave him a rather cheeky grin. "You know, I bet you'd prefer a focus that isn't so easy taken," He said. "That said, pretty sure a Prince Albert would do nicely. We could get matching ones, too!" He swayed his hips for a moment, raising his eyebrows.

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Her fingers continuously pulled down at the shorts every time they rode up, making Farah feel like she was at a Halloween party with an uncomfortable costume instead of her job. The outfit certainly looked cute--a pair of high waist black overalls and a button down white shirt--but it felt tight on her barely-there hips and the shirt felt stuffy. The outside heat didn't help, her torso feeling like she was in a sauna. Her creative liberties helped a little when she decided to roll up the sleeves and unbutton the shirt down to be able to breathe better, and once she was ready for the horde her focus was more on the bar than what she was wearing.

Running a hand through her ponytail, Farah perked up as she saw one of the students approaching. Okay, customer service smile on. Tall, blonde, and blue eyed, probably looking to relax a little before the party actually started. He didn't take long to look at the menu.“How many of these drinks can I order at the same time without you hating me?” He asked her, giving her a direct look into a pair of eyes that felt like they were looking right through her. It was slightly jarring; she was used to serving people, but maybe it was because he was probably more around her age that it threw her off guard.

His question was funny, though she didn't get a chance to properly respond before a second student would make a comment. She was cute, carefree, and her sunhat was adorable. "How many do you think it'll take before she pretends to be impressed?" Five, usually; that's when most people lose their cognition and start looking for validation. Farah nodded in acknowledgement, putting herself to work. Right, it wasn't a good idea to get distracted right off the bat. She mentally thanked the girl for reminding her of that. The order for a gin fizz kept Farah in motion, nodding once again as she put herself to work on it. At least they were easy. She wouldn't mind a casual day.

”Theo!” The call of the name followed by the entrance gave her a name to match a face, at least. This bundle of enthusiasm would jump over, taking the seat next to his friend. Farah took advantage of the moment to look him over as well, quietly pleased with what she saw until she was acknowledged. ”One whiskey sour, please.”

The last but not least was quieter; Farah nearly missed his arrival, but she offered a polite smile nonetheless. She almost did a double take, wondering if it was happenstance or if it was intentional that he was cute, too. Jesus, this school was filled with hot guys. No wonder Miss Ashford was throwing this wild get together, it was a jungle of hot, single guys. Hopefully single, anyway. "Water, if you don't mind." He said to her, offering her an awkward smile. "Thank you."

Finishing up with the initial gin fizz, she plucked one of the tiny paper carnations from the stack, topping off the drink. She always thought the drink decorations were a bit much, but as everyone who worked around here said, Rachel's orders--and she wasn't about to get in trouble over a damn paper flower. "Sure thing. One gin fizz," She replied, placing the girl's drink on a coaster in front of her. One whiskey sour," Placing a cherry on top, she littered it with several little dots of flavor before placing it in front of the guy. "And one ice cold water." As if not to let him feel left out (even though she was convinced no one would throw a fit over their water not being decorated] she took a small carnation flower and laid it carefully on the ice.

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The look of initial unease on the receptionist's face was an ill omen. And rightfully so: Lucan wasn't Salem's partner anymore, it was Victor Astorio. As in the guy Salem had mouthed off to in her defense earlier in the day. Her initial thought was a correction on a thought she had earlier, as it looked like she did know every mage belonging to a noble. But the humor in that died off quickly as she watched Salem's reaction. She didn't know if he was defeated or worried or what, the smile on his face throwing her off for a second. This was terrible, and there he was taking the news relatively well. Better than she would have, anyway.

As he asked if she needed anything else, she shook her head. "No, but..." She trailed off as she tried to find the right words to say. What could she say, really? 'Sorry you're getting stuck with one of the worst vampire families'? No, that wasn't right. If it was the other way around, she was more than sure that he would be comforting her. But she didn't really know what to make of the vampire; on the one hand, he was absolutely right in what he said about her fears, on the other hand he had leered on her and tossed her like a ragdoll, so she wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

Clearing her throat, she gave Salem a genuine smile as she touched his shoulder in comfort, trying her hardest to look on the bright side. "It'll be okay, I'm sure that maybe if you apologize, it'll smooth things over," She tried to be as positive as she could. "And me and Aaron and Cassandra--all of us are in the same cul-de-sac, so if you need anyone, we're all here for you. It's times like this that we have to stick together, you know?"

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