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Current Have you tried NOT being a douche-canoe?
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After some soul searching, I've decided to let a lot of things go. It's just not worth it anymore. Let bygones be bygones, I'll carry on with my life and focus on me.
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Sometimes people become unrecognizable, doing things you never imagined they would and changing for the worse. It's a shame, but you can't help everyone.
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Whoever says "the customer is always right" has not worked with atual customers.
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"The flower that blooms in adversity. is the most rare and beautiful of them all." "Sir?" "You don't meet a girl like THAT every dynasty."


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For some reason, Lilie felt a little sad that the princess thought more highly of her than her own vampire did. It was also weirdly embarrassing? Like, she wasn't really someone that Her Highness should go out of her way to even talk to, let alone express real concern over. Still, it was nice to hear that she had an actual basis in her concern, a majority of her own fears and worried soothed over. A lot of the things she said were true, even as her own tiredness from trying to switch up her sleeping schedules tugged at her. Maybe she really was overthinking things, or at minimum owed Ben an apology for not initially believing him.

The princess' story also brought up something that Lilie never really gave a lot of thought to. She was so used to feeling liberated and attuned to her affinity that she never really considered it to be something to be wary of. It was a stark reminder that as much as she lauded it, magic had limits. Or rather, she had limits. It was a little scary to think about, but she supposed the princess was reiterating what she learned a while back about primaries. Something in the back of her mind whispered that it was just another shackle, but she ignored it; for the first time in a long time she really felt like she was being cared about by a vampire.

Princess Ryner's hand made Lilie blush, humbled and a little embarrassed if she was being honest. "I'm sorry," She actually had no idea why she was apologizing, but it came out anyway. "I mean, I'm...I'm really flattered that you care so much. But thank you, I'll do my best to make you proud. And I know there's not much someone like me could do, but I hope you can count on me for anything."

Her Papa always said, 'If something is too good to be true, then it usually is'. It wasn't like Lilie went out of her way to ignore what he said, but it felt especially true right now. Maybe she was more surprised because it was breaking news, but really, it was the disappointment that got to her. Count Sinnenodel was alive, and apparently it wasn't much of a surprise if the princess mentioned it to casually. It must be a vampire or a noble thing to just fake your death like that and then just go back to normal like nothing happened. But if it was faked, why wasn't Aaron told? Unless he was pretending the whole time?

She wisely chose not to comment or even think about that--she was already down as it was, she didn't need to get depressed thinking Aaron was pretending to be someone else again. Thankfully the princess presented another topic that reminded her of something else to get her depressed! Boy oh boy was she in for a ride today. At least the lows meant there were going to be some good highs, or at least she hoped so. It was her own fault, really--the first day back was always hard and took time to shake off.

Instead of dwelling on that, she figured the third topic was a much safer one. "Um, my break was good, though the folks around town are starting to treat me kinda weirdly. I mean, not in a bad way, just...different. But at least going home was good, my mama and papa are always happy to see me, and it's like nothing's changed when I'm there," Catching herself, she gave the princess a sheepish look, laughing nervously. "Not that it's bad here! I'm glad to go back to class!"

As much as her conscious told her not to ask (and the vague horrifying thought that she'd get in trouble for it) Lilie teetered on a question. Princess Ryner ended up agreeing with Ben, after all, so she probably shared his opinion. On the off chance that she didn't, though, she'd get some satisfaction at being right, even if it was a moot point now. "Oh geez, I hope you haven't been keeping tabs on me for a bad reason! But I'm really glad Esi thinks so, I'm eager, too!" Lilie replied, albeit her usual giddy smile was muted a little.

After pulling some of her impulsiveness to the surface, she couldn't help herself. It wasn't like she was going to get any other chance after this. "But, my magic not good enough yet?" She ended up asking. "I, um, initially asked to take on more challenging classes, but B--Count Eve said the request was denied. By you," Her voice did get a little meek, but she managed not to shrink down too much. "I mean, if it isn't, then I'll make sure to try harder, of course!"

> Try to relax, I'm sure there's a reason for it :)
> Sleep well! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥
> I'll be arriving kinda late, but do you wanna meet up? The cafe in town is really good ᕙ(^▿^-ᕙ)
> I'm here, wanna get dinner?
> I thought it'd be nice if we got together before classes started, wanna meet up?
> Hey, you're not at your dorm, where are you?
> Are you here?
> Did you make it to school? You're here right?
> Is everything okay?
> I'll see you when I see you (✿◠‿◠)

Reluctantly pocketing her phone, Lilie let out a sigh, raising her hands upwards and letting herself fall back to her bed. She wasn't really sure why she bothered; Aaron hadn't replied to anything for two days now. It was a stark contrast from the consistent back and forth they had over the break, but she supposed it wasn't going to last. Then again, she hoped it wouldn't fizzle away this fast! She should've known that stupid announcement would make Aaron sick with worry, but she didn't think he'd just block her out like this. Then again, maybe it was her own fault, it wasn't like she was saying anything helpful to him.

Maybe she had been too optimistic. While she wouldn't really admit it to anyone but Max, she was kinda glad to hear about the accident. Varis Sinnenodel was literally the worst, she had no idea why anyone in their right mind would actively want to be around that guy. Aaron was always so stressed out and constantly on edge, and he just got worse and worse as time went on. He should've been glad to know he didn't have to deal with such a stuck up tyrant anymore. Maybe the princess would take him back! Wouldn't that be better? She genuinely couldn't wrap her head around it, though she gave up quickly. Thinking about it too much would just make her sad.

Rolling over to her side, Lilie stared at the wall for a while. It felt like her first night all over again--an empty dorm, no one responding to her messages, and the dread slowly sinking in. Nothing really had changed, had it? She had been here for months but she didn't feel any different. She still felt helpless and weak--and apparently it wasn't just something in her head. If Ben thought that, she wondered how many others agreed with him. Was it really that obvious?

Catching herself before she went down a slippery slope, Lilie forced herself to get up. Classes were starting soon, that would be a good distraction from...everything. Ironic, yeah, but it wasn't like she had anything better to do, and being all doom and gloom would just take her to a dark place she'd rather not revisit. Walking out of her room, she remembered that she hadn't gotten the mail yet. Then again, she had been all out of sorts coming back and worrying herself to death. Well, no time like the present!

After slipping on her coat, she let out a tiny squeal of displeasure. Goodness it was cold! Hurrying to the mailbox as quickly as she could manage without slipping, her fingers protested as she opened the mailbox. She thought about getting gloves when the faint crunching caught her attention. To her surprise, Princess Ryner was casually just walking away from the cul-de-sac. Her hair and shoulders were full of snow--had she been waiting for someone?

Hurrying to catch her, Lilie let out a much more audible squeal as she nearly slipped, waving her arms around for balance. Once she caught herself, she proceeded a lot more cautiously. "Your Highness?" She greeted her, pausing as she wondered what she was doing here. It'd be rude to ask, though, wouldn't it? "Um, good evening! Are you looking for someone?"

Dates: December 7th - December 21st

Dates: December 22nd - January 5

Kazuki wasn't entirely sure why he was so calm at the moment. He was so sure he was going to lose any and all his composure the second he had laid eyes on Luci, but even now as they awaited Graves, he was fine. Not perfect--he could feel his guilt already trying to climb up his throat--but he didn't want to leave. No, even that was a lie, he wished he could have turned right around, but he had a sneaking suspicion the umbrella toting witch would have just as easy dragging him back, if not outright had turned him back to face his fears. Seele was truly dangerous indeed, swaying him so.

Still, as much as he would have liked to slip back into comfortable fears, an entirely new one had come out. What the hell was he supposed to actually say to Graves? Seele had suggested friendship, but was he even capable of giving such a thing? Would Graves be receptive? Would he get laughed at? It was more likely he'd just get chewed out or finally get that punch he had been anticipating anytime he spoke to him, but he had no idea. He figured at the very least that whatever he came up with should be direct and to the point with no excuses or attempts at flimsy reasoning. Now, if he could think of what he would actually say, that'd be amazing.

Unfortunately, the Japanese man wasn't able to think of anything by the time Graves showed up. He was just going to have to improvise and hope it didn't come off as complete bullshit. He would have liked to think he could fall back on Seele if he messed up, but truthfully, he didn't feel it was wise to expect other people to clean up his messes. On the plus side, Graves didn't seem as angry, even if it was obvious he didn't look too happy to see him. Whatever, he wasn't exactly happy to be here of all places either, but if he could suck it up and be here, then he could talk to the guy.

"Hello. I'm here to ask you to reconsider," Kazuki said as plainly as possible. "Things escalated quicker than expected and although I won't go making any excuses for my brother's actions, he isn't normally like...that." Actually, he was like that a lot according to his mother, but he wasn't about to backtrack right now. "Regardless of anything that was said in the tavern, this world is changing, and whether we want to admit it or not, separating like this isn't the best idea. At the very least everyone could come together for a plan or something." 'Or something'. Why couldn't he come up with anything better than that?

Letting out a sigh, Kazuki nearly turned around but stopped himself from looking back at Seele even if he felt like he was floundering. Should he try to get sympathy? Maybe he could lie about something that sounds like him being vulnerable to elicit a reaction. No, that wasn't the way to go. But he couldn't leave things like that. Leave? Actually, he did think of something that could tip the conversation in his favor.

"At the very least return for their sake--for Alex, for Alja, and everyone else. If you really can't stand the sight of me, then I'll go my own way if it would get you to help them," He offered. "They're in need of someone of your skill to look out for them."

Dates: December 7th - December 21st

Dates: December 22nd - January 5

It was hard not to notice Shev locking the door behind them. Had things progressed that way already? Kazuki figured it would take a little more time until the masses started to panic but he supposed no one could really predict what was going to happen next. An unsettling thought, that was; the idea that the world was trying to kill them was bad enough, but would other players join in and present their own problems? Then again, he was the prime example of that, even if it was relatively mild compared to other things. Perhaps he was overthinking the situation and Shev did it for ease of mind.

The inside of the guild was quaint, albeit he had no idea what to expect. The only experience with a guild he had was Vulcan's Hammer and their modus operandi was primarily for crafting, so it was usually chaotic and had constant socialization between everyone in an effort to get projects done and clientele attended to. He supposed the quietness was due to still mourning their losses. His mind automatically jumped to Luci, but if he was honest, he was glad that he didn't see her around right now.

Of course, no sooner had he relaxed and paid attention to Shev did the world decide to punish him for letting his guard down. It was a little too sudden to react to, though he felt like time had slowed down as the two locked eyes. He wasn't sure what he had been expecting, only that he didn't think they'd be coming face-to-face so soon. Was that naïve? Probably. But there wasn't any time to say anything, and Luci made it clear that they--he, better said, wasn't a reason to stick around. Still, in some strange way, he was relieved that she was up and active. At least she took his words to heart or something, even if he couldn't deny it stung.

Closing his eyes for a second, he shook his head in response to Shev's statement. There wasn't any need for an apology, but he figured getting into it now was pointless; she'd hear about it sooner or later, he supposed. Of course, that begged the question of what the rest of the survivors thought, too, but he wasn't going to jump down that rabbit hole right now.

"Whatever is more convenient, we've imposed enough as it is," Kazuki replied.

Kazuki managed to hold it together for the most part, albeit he'd be lying if he said he was completely calm. Of course, if he had the time to worry, then he had the time to think of what to say to Graves when he saw him. He had already apologized once, would another work? Perhaps he could try appealing to him again. He could apologize on behalf of his brother and probably make sure he would keep him our of any future fights. He supposed he also owed the rest of the group an apology, one blanket one should do the trick. Possibly.

In truth he actually had no idea, he usually walked away from people that disliked him. Then again, this was the first time he needed to interact with anyone out of necessity for survival. There was also the very real possibility that Graves would reject him and his second apology--what then? He didn't want to rely on Seele too much, but even she could probably only go so far. Just thinking about it was starting to get to him. The hell was wrong with him? Was interacting with people always this much of a pain? Why was he asking himself that, of course it was, it was the reason he went out of his way to interact with as few people as possible.

At the girl's question, he realized he had been unintentionally rude, forgetting to introduce himself and ask for her name. Her question was as good a time as ever to remedy this. "I met him yesterday," He admitted that much, figuring there was no reason to keep it a secret. "I must apologize for forgetting to introduce myself. I'm Kazuki, and my traveling companion here is Seele."

Erianda? Seele must have been talking about the NPCs. Kazuki couldn't say he really knew much, he didn't pay too much attention to the lore of this world...which would probably come back to bite him in the ass sooner than later, he bet. Locations were one thing, but knowing who people were was another. Maybe he should brush up on the little lore he did know, though he wasn't sure what he remembered and he couldn't consult the guides anymore. It couldn't be that hard, could it? He was pulled out of his thoughts as Seele mentioned she was proud of him. It was a weird thing to say since he hadn't actually done anything yet, but he supposed she meant coming here and resisting every urge to turn around. Considering she had stepped behind him, she definitely expected him to go in as well. It was too late to turn around, anyway.

There was definitely a part of him that hoped no one would be around, but fortunately he didn't recognize the face that greeted them. He didn't think the guild was so big that they even had a receptionist. At least Fiona hung out Vulcan's Hammer to take orders, but he didn't think a battle guild needed one. Well, maybe they took requests from denizens? Is that how that worked? Her hat reminded him of the one Seele wore and he felt it was safe to assume she was a mage of sorts.

His eyes darted around as he made sure that no familiar faces were nearby, only clearing his throat when he could assume no one else was around. "We're looking for Graves, has he passed through here?" He figured asking directly would be the best course of action.

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