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The family we choose for ourselves is more important than the one we were born into; that people have to earn our respect and trust, not have it handed to them simply because of genetics.
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You run the race, you blurt your lines, they put your face on shirts and shrines, and giant signs a thousand feet tall.
And don’t stop dancing, don’t stop dancing 'til the curtain call.

Shows are a never-ending life of course--a silhouette that stays when you are gone.
What use is the struggle and the strife, old horse?
End it and your legacy lives on.

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The nobles, huh? They did technically qualify as the top of the chain so to speak. So Countess Lavette was around probably holding her nose up at the rest of the plebeians and convincing people she didn't need anyone's help, Count Treetrunk probably walked through the crowd to get to Flower Boy if he didn't run over him too, and Count Magelover was probably feeling up his own mage--huh, he could not remember that girl's name for the life of him at the moment, he should probably at least try to remember his primary dogwalker's name--while the poor thing was probably trying not to burst into tears. Of course, there was also the redhead of the hour kicking up a fuss as expected, but Eris knew better than to comment on that.

Eris nodded for a second before scratching the back of his head, unconsciously rubbing his eyes. He stopped when Alderman told him to hold out his arm, and he hesitated. Should he ask why? Was it a trick? No, if there were people around, the kid wasn't going to do anything. Not yet, anyway, once they were away Eris was screwed. But until then, he was fine. Probably.

After a few seconds of hesitation, the vampire slowly extended his right arm in front of him. "You're not going to hold my hand, are you?" He asked hesitantly.

Less appreciative of this whole blind business with @Scribe of Thoth.

Ben's words brought Lilie out of her thoughts as she looked up at him. Was it that obvious that she was upset? No, he assumed that she was nervous about the practical. Maybe it was better that way, if she admitted what was actually bothering her then she'd get more distracted. As sad and mean as it sounded, she couldn't think about Cassandra or the new Marivaldi mage--this was the time to actually focus up. Ben was probably nervous, too, so if she was nervous, he would get worse, and she didn't want him losing confidence in her. He already had little confidence as it was!

Taking in a deep breath, she shook her head, stopping when she remembered that he couldn't see her. After he called out to Aaron, Aaron returned the good wishes. When she looked at him, he threw her a wink, and Lilie froze up for a second, the stupidest grin on her face before she hurriedly looked back at Ben. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, her heart felt like it was a rock skipping across a lake! Ack, no! She had to focus! And thinking about Aaron wishing her luck wasn't going to help! Even if it did make her feel better. She dared herself to look back at the blonde, giving him a thankful smile before tearing her gaze away, closing her eyes.

"I'm okay," She said, taking in a deep breath to calm herself.

But of course, as soon as she let herself get a little happy, it was ruined. Professor Varis came over and started snapping at poor Aaron. She frowned, moving a little closer to Ben as the redhead went off about how mad he was and how he disliked what the princess was forcing them to do. Uniting against the princess didn't seem like a very good idea, especially when it was just for a test of all things. If the princess did something wrong, maybe, but even then, Lilie couldn't really picture it. Going against vampires in general was just a bad idea all around, even if it was other vampires doing it.

She threw Aaron what she hoped was a sympathetic smile, quietly scratching her cheek. What could anyone even say to that?

Staying close to @Bert Macklin and wishing @Obscene Symphony luck with @Achronum huffing and puffing all over the place.

"Bless your heart."

Miriam Ismaela Azoulai

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Born one year into a loving and righteous marriage blessed by the Lord, religion had been drilled into Miriam’s head since birth. There was little to fear so long as she lead a righteous life, and that was exactly what she did. She was opinionated since the day she could talk, unafraid to let anyone and everyone know exactly why they'd probably end up burning. To absolutely no one's surprise, it left her with few acquaintances and fewer friends--not that she cared. All she needed to do was get through school, graduate, get her teaching degree, and then she'd travel the world spreading the Lord's name as intended. Easy, right?

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As a child of God, studying the bible and learning from it is my utmost priority. I dedicate myself to charity work to spread His glory to those less fortunate. If I have free time, then I practice my piano playing.

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The Lord is always first in my heart. Secondly comes my two cats--I love them more than any person. As for what I hate, the character limit prevents me from listing every sinful instance in the world.

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"A gracious woman gets honor, and violent men get riches." Proverbs 11:16

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I've been told that I have a penchant for being judgmental. It isn't my place to judge--that is up to Jesus.


“Fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalms 139:14)

Hm, was that a high seven or a low seven? Eris looked at where he thought the voice was coming from, but realized that he was probably off with absolutely no way of knowing. Huh, without seeing Alderman's expression, he couldn't tell if the kid was serious or joking. The tone was about as bored-sounding as could be, but it wasn't like he could hear a shit-eating grin. Once upon a time he swore he heard that losing one sense was supposed to heighten your other senses, but aside from his already decent hearing, everything else felt the same. Except for a weird kind of dull throb in his head, but he blamed the spell for that.

Eris was snapped out of his thoughts as the kid pressed something to his chest, and after a small amount of fumbling Eris held what he assumed was a bottle. Oh how nice, he went from multi-award winning acting to pack mule, his mother would be so proud. He made an attempt to hand in back in rejection of the idea, the intent being to press it back into Alderman's chest, but he missed. Ugh, he hated this already and they hadn't even started!

"Considering other vampires' reactions, I'm actually one of the calmer ones," Eris told him with complete sincerity, taking the pendant around his neck and carefully plucking his collar so he could drop it in his shirt--they expressed how important the thing was, so he might as well do what he could to keep it safe. He didn't really feel like holding this bottle for hours, so he slipped it into his pants pocket.

He squinted again as he tried to look around, stopping once he realized how stupid he probably looked. "People are always watching me, that's nothing new," He said, flipping his hair off his face on cue. "Anyone important around?"

Less appreciative of this whole blind business with @Scribe of Thoth.

Standing in line was probably Eris' least favorite thing to do. It was bad enough having to wait, but the longer he had to stand there doing nothing, the more dread built up in his chest. No phone to distract him, either, he was left alone with his thoughts like some kind of poor person who couldn't afford the internet.

All he could think about was Alderman and how he was probably revving for this stupid exam. As much as he hated to admit it, Count Benson did hit the nail on the head with the kid's temperament. But he wasn't petty enough to flunk an exam just to get back at him, right? And it wasn't like he had done anything bad to him recently. He barely made a comment during feeding anymore. He didn't acknowledge his existence when he stayed up late talking on the phone for hours two nights ago. No reaction was better than any reaction. They wouldn't be holding hands and skipping through a meadow anytime soon, but it wasn't that far-fetched to think that there was some semblance of a neutral relationship between them.


"I am so fucked," Eris muttered to himself, absolute horror gripping him as he realized it was his turn. The only thing that kept him from turning tail and running in the complete opposite direction was that he'd probably be mocked until the end of time for it. Raising his chin, he stepped forward, burying every single doubt and every single terrible scenario deep, deep down in the depths of his thoughts. "Alrighty, hit me with your best shot," He told the mage cheerfully, ignoring the screaming going on inside his head.

Honestly, the blindness wasn't so bad. The dizziness he could do without, though. He blinked a few times (as if that would help), squinting once, but nope, no sight. "Be a dear and hand me off gently, would you?" He joked, letting himself be led away as he put on a smile.

Eventually, they came to a halt--he assumed that his mage was in front of him. He hadn't dropped the smile for a second, but it was clear he was dead inside. "Here I am, completely at your mercy. Isn't it great?" His voice betrayed him at the last word, though he covered it with a much-too-loud laugh. "Just give it to me straight, on a scale of one to ten, how screwed am I?" He asked, grinning.

Pls be nice @Scribe of Thoth I am fragile flower.

Perking up once she spotted Ben approaching with a mage guiding him, Lilie had to contain her excitement. He didn't look too happy, making her giggle a little, but she made sure to keep quiet once he got closer. He was walking kinda weird, which since they were blinded was understandable, but he was acting like he was avoiding glass or trying not to fall down the stairs or something. He couldn't see anything so it wasn't like she needed to hide her face, but she didn't want him to know she was kinda laughing at him.

Once the guard let him go, she thought it was weird that he nearly knocked off her earmuffs, but apparently he wasn't going to stop there. Her eyes widened as he ran his hand over her face, squeezing her eyes shut as he touched her lips and nose before settling his hand on her head. Oh man, he smudged her lip gloss! And they didn't let her bring it in, how was she supposed to fix it?! But Ben wasn't done being weird--he touched his head to hers, mumbling something about being uncomfortable. He was the one making things uncomfortable!

But it was so silly she couldn't help her laugh, shaking her head. "That was my lip gloss," She told him gently, carefully taking his hand in hers as she tried to wipe away any gloss that wasn't on her lips and smooth out her hair again. "What, did you think they would lead you to someone that wasn't me?"

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the second vampire coming--the Marivaldi countess. She watched as she was lead to the spot next to hers, and Lilie felt her jaw drop as the realization hit her: that was Cassie's replacement! What the heck were the odds?! She felt a tiny lump in her throat as she focused on Ben instead, turning fully away from the pair. No, no, no, she needed to focus. Now was not the time to get all emotional and burst into tears or anything stupid like that.

Lilie stole a glance at the pair, looking away quickly as she grabbed Ben's other hand. "W-We should be starting soon..." She mumbled, keeping her eyes firmly on the ground in front of them.

Fixing herself up after getting manhandled by @Bert Macklin.

Lilie practically bounced to her spot with thermos in hand, pausing only to take in another drink. She really did think she would've been nervous, but then again, maybe it was because she started thinking of it as a competition. There was nothing she liked more than competing, too--just something about testing her mettle against others always put her in a good mood. Even if she did poorly, she could always compare notes to her friends and see where she went wrong and improve. Not that she had any intention of losing. Her goal was to finish as quickly as possible, though she would compromise only if she could figure out how to finish with the added ten percent bonus.

As she exhaled, she heard Aaron call out to her, and admittedly Lilie didn't know how to act. Ever since her revelation, she felt like she completely forgot how to be normal, feeling like everything she did and said was silly or too out there. Of course, all she had to do at this moment was just return the greeting, but her brain was having a hard time thinking straight, especially as she was a little distracted by his smile.

"You--uh, you, too!" Her initial squeak was a little too quiet and she corrected himself, making sure he heard her the second time. Argh, what was wrong with her?! She needed to focus! After mentally slapping herself, she cleared her throat and gave him a proper, "I'll see you at the finish line!" before hastily taking in another drink. Great, not even two seconds in and she threw herself out of her groove!

She sighed, looking to the other side to see who she was next to. Lilie thought she had seen the girl before, but she couldn't say she knew who she was, even after peeking down at her name. Madalyn was a pretty name, but she didn't think they had talked before. Where had she seen her? Oh well, she could always ask later. Lilie did make sure to give her a small smile and realized Max wasn't too far down. Huh, what a coincidence, they were basically all together! Not that she would want to run into anyone, but if she had to run into anyone, then running into friends was preferable. Except Max. If their group studies were any indication, she was pretty sure he would just ignore her if they ran into each other.

What a condescending asshole. Eris kept himself from rolling his eyes, a low groan at the back of his throat. Way to run away from the conversation! If Benson over here thought that he was going to get rid of him that easily, than he had another thing coming. The smile on his face stayed rigid as he took a step in front of the count, turning around and making damn sure that he was following him. The conversation would end when he got the last word, not some pompous, low-brow, lanky, limp dicked son of a bitch who couldn't tell the difference between actual quality and the knockoff coat he wore. Eris knew how to be the bigger person, and if Mr. Hoity-Toity thought he got the best of him, then he had another thing coming.

But first to address that bath comment because that was just stupid. "Oh no, dirt in a forest, call the Royal Guard!" He gasped, clutching his chest before dropping his hand and leveling a look on the guy. "Do I look like I normally dress like some boneheaded gym rat? Please, I'm more than prepared for today." Not that he still wasn't worth a small fortune as these 'workout clothes' were still thousands of dollars, but that wasn't the point right now. "And just so you're not nearly as misinformed for next time, Wells isn't going to purposefully fail if only out of spite as a giant fuck you to the institution that expects him to act unprofessionally. He actually likes magic, what with it being the one thing he has some semblance of control over. Do your research before dipping into topics you don't know about, at least that was you don't make a complete ass of yourself."

Now that that was out of the way, Eris continued with, "You know what, though? I can get why you're a little on edge. You've been here, what, two weeks? You'd think people would be buzzing about another Eve joining the ranks, but no one's so much as acknowledged your existence yet, huh?" Eris grimaced, shaking his head. "It's not even about what house you're representing anymore, you're so forgettable that I don't even think people know who you are. Do you need help? 'Cause I can introduce you to some people, make you some friends. Unless you're shy, but then I can just hold your hand in comfort the whole way."

Whatever nerves he had about the stupid practical were gone now, and Eris could honestly say he felt completely at ease. He should probably thank him. Nah, but they really did need to get going. He flashed a smile at Benson, patting his shoulder. "You're going to have to do a lot better than that to ruffle my feathers, Benson," Eris winked, happily walking ahead.

Dealing with Count Asshat @Bert Macklin.

Lilie let out a tiny sound of protest as Salem messed with her hair, taking a second to fix her earmuffs and ponytail. Well, at least he gave her a compliment, so she would give him a pass there. As she smoothed out the top of her head, she thought about what he said. A lot did happen in a short amount of time, didn't it? She hoped she had improved, but she felt like she had to work on it every chance she had single day just to keep up with everyone. Her affinity was still super clingy, and if she wasn't careful and got too comfortable, she'd probably end up regressing or something.

But that kind of thinking was only going to slow her down--she still had every intention of having excellent grades across the board with one class as an exception--so she put those thoughts aside as Salem admitted he was nervous. "Hey, we've worked our butts off, and this practical is the time to shine. You already have the right thought process, all that's left is to just do it," She told him. "You're gonna be great."

As she took a tiny pause to drink more, she flashed another grin at him. "Now that you've given me some of your famous secret magic tea, I've got no worries. Everything will be fine," She winked.

Once Dr.Arjin's announcement was made, Lilie felt the excitement come rushing back: it was showtime! "Hey, look, this is you," She told Salem, pointing to his name. "I'll see you at the finish line, then!" She said, spotting her own name nearby.

Having some great tea with @Trainerblue192.

Salem coming over made Lilie grin, happy to see a familiar face. Once she made sure she had what she wanted, she stuffed everything into her bag before following him. At the mention of tea, her eyebrows shot up, her grin widening a little as she gladly took the thermos in hand. She couldn't believe he actually remembered! Honestly it did make her feel a little better, more of her excitement taking over as any nervousness over arcane magic she had was whisked away with the wind. Getting away from the crowd helped some, and she felt the tea was just the cherry on top.

"You didn't have to do that!" Lilie told him, grateful for the little gift. "Thank you, that's so sweet of you. It'll help with the cold, too."

Taking advantage and taking a sip, she exhaled happily, looking up at him. "That feels like it was forever ago, right? It's funny to think about," She joked lightly. "I'm so glad we're such good friends now. If it wasn't for you and Aaron, I'd probably be super depressed or something." She giggled, lightly nudging him. "How are you feeling about your magic? Think you have a handle on the spell?"

Having some great tea with @Trainerblue192.
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