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6 mos ago
Current starting off 2022 with COVID LESSGOOOOOOOOOOOOO
4 yrs ago
Whoever says "the customer is always right" has not worked with atual customers.


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Rosenrot 5 mos ago
Your signature is the funniest fucking thing I've seen all day. Gold Star for you.
Dark Cloud 2 yrs ago
I recruited every student possible during my play through of Fire Emblem 3 houses. Golden Deer playthrough btw.
MrLester 3 yrs ago
Ew, Namine.
Jurassic Weeb 4 yrs ago
Mirror mirror
I'll tell you something
I think I might change it all
metanoia 4 yrs ago
I'm case you didn't know this, I love you lots! ❤❤❤
Venus 4 yrs ago
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