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Current Had my first therapy session today :D
6 days ago
Tonight’s M O O D is brought to you by the letter “F,” for F-F-FADED. :D
7 days ago
@Kaiju: I think we also found a recipient for the “Absolute Zero Dick Energy Award.”
11 days ago
Dealing with a lot of IRL frustrations rn. Responses will be spotty for a while; considering hiatus.
13 days ago
DOOM MARINE FOR SMASH 2019 *fingers crossed*


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Lua smirked at her mentor's retort as they followed Shiara out of the crypt. She stopped immediately at Lucian's command while he retrieved the head. The apprentice gave a quick nod and another “Yes, sir” at his order to investigate the hanged man's home. Thankfully, the air was growing fresher with every step the group took towards the exit. Finally, the only stench remaining, Lua realized, was themselves.

When they stepped back into the drizzle, Lua's eyes widened. Her ancestors had told tales of giants and demigods, though Lua had never before believed in them until she laid eyes upon the mountain of a man waiting for them outside the catacombs. Her mother's bed-time stories seemed all too real as she surveyed Kapti. His initial tone of hostility caused the young raven lord to tense. The crossbow raised slightly in reflex but Lua hesitated to aim. He was still far too docile to be one of the Cursed. His thick accent, however, was difficult for her to interpret and she wasn't sure if he was friend or foe.

Her evident insecurity was soon replaced with a sudden frown once his words began to process. He certainly wasn't dressed like nobility, nor a constable, so by what authority was this person demanding to know their business? Was everyone in Kenfort determined to question them? Mergoux stepped forward and bid this new stranger to call the law or get out of their way. A rare smile, different from her subtle smirk, flashed across the apprentice's face. Lua was liking this woman more by the minute.

The massive man's demeanor changed and Lua visibly relaxed. He offered to have their armor cleaned on his own coin, and her suspicion returned. She glanced at Lucian to see if he appeared to share her apprehension. The man reiterated his question about the contents of the still-moving bag hanging from Lucian's belt. She bit her tongue barely in time to keep from spitting a remark about minding one's own business at their interrogator. The question had been posed to Lucian and she would let him answer, though she resented wasting their dwindling time.
Damn near bailed on this one, but thanks to some much-needed confidence from @Lord Wraith and @LordOfTheNight... I followed through, for better or worse.

Good luck to you two, @Gwynbleidd and @Calle!
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