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6 mos ago
Current Fishing? I thought it was boar hunting season out here. ;P
6 mos ago
...Called in the cavalry but y'all still couldn't come correct.
6 mos ago
I will be taking vows of both silence and celibacy, as well as getting clean and sober so that I may redeem myself in the eyes of our Lord and Savior, God Almighty.
6 mos ago
As the Con-Dar-troversy continues, one is inclined to ask why anyone gives a fuck what we do on the Internet anyways. More on this at 11…
6 mos ago
“Dying costs extra.”


Oh, right.

I assume La Bamba knows he'll get got if he gets in too deep so

On to Plan C, ladies?

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Physical Description

Empty eye-sockets emitting the sickly-green glow of burning souls
Black hair, elaborately braided and ornamented
Scar-sigils carved into her skin like seams in clothing

Personal History

"How terrible it is, to live forever..."

What wicked will binds Ne'Hekara to her flesh, whether it be her own or that of something yet more powerful and horrifying, is anyone's guess. Either way, Her Work must be completed, and she's lost so much time already.


Physical Description

Indigo eyes
Hair of the same shade, falling just past her shoulders

Personal History

Some would say that Thessi and her brother were born with silver spoons in their mouths, whatever that means. They certainly didn't want for anything, including knowledge. Tutors of both academia and the arcane frequented their elaborate family home, training up the twins into elegant and noble Mage-Scholars who make their regal ancestors proud. Most of the time, anyways.


Physical Description

dark, curly hair, cropped to frame her face
yellow eyes w/ horizontal pupils
short horns, long ears

Personal History

As one of Nessioi's many progeny, Antigone was born into the assassin clan and has grown into one of the Old Goat's most beloved weapons. Her life has been made up of moving from one mission to the next.

Why did I always think it was "Ms. Barker" X-X {not Carter lmao}

"Thanks, Pat."

I know. :3

Oh, no...

Whatever shall I do?
"...My God's will-
Becomes me.
When He speaks-
He speaks through me.
He has needs-
Like I do.
We both want..."

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