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2 days ago
Current I would collapse someone’s fucking jaw if they spit on my floor and so much as thought about even asking me to clean it up like what the actual dog-fuck
2 days ago
So, apparently 3,248 songs is where I draw the line and start organizing my music into legitimate playlists. :D
3 days ago
I"m not intentionally depriving myself or anything; I just wake up after 4 hours and am generally disinterested in food until my stomach growls so I'm just leaning into it and taking the free W.
3 days ago
So, like, how long do y'all think I can keep up this 'one meal a day/4 hours of sleep a night' pace? Because like gaht damn I am so much more productive this way.
3 days ago
Damn, Blaze, learn to build a birdhouse or something, man. You need a hobby besides this shitheap, obviously lmaooo


You were supposed to be my friends.

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Dark Cloud 1 mo ago
All hail the empress I suppose.
Mistiel 3 yrs ago
Har har, I'm your senior by a year. I can rent a car out-of-state in the U.S. and you can't! Neener neener! :D
Miraboreasu 3 yrs ago
As a manga fan, I understand your pain. And when manhua is involved, my brain requires a reboot. Anime art style, but read left to right? It's MADNESS!
Lord Wraith 4 yrs ago
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