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3 mos ago
Current Fishing? I thought it was boar hunting season out here. ;P
3 mos ago
...Called in the cavalry but y'all still couldn't come correct.
3 mos ago
I will be taking vows of both silence and celibacy, as well as getting clean and sober so that I may redeem myself in the eyes of our Lord and Savior, God Almighty.
3 mos ago
As the Con-Dar-troversy continues, one is inclined to ask why anyone gives a fuck what we do on the Internet anyways. More on this at 11…
3 mos ago
“Dying costs extra.”


Oh, right.

I assume La Bamba knows he'll get got if he gets in too deep so

On to Plan C, ladies?

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Dark Cloud 7 mos ago
All hail the empress I suppose.
Mistiel 3 yrs ago
Har har, I'm your senior by a year. I can rent a car out-of-state in the U.S. and you can't! Neener neener! :D
Miraboreasu 4 yrs ago
As a manga fan, I understand your pain. And when manhua is involved, my brain requires a reboot. Anime art style, but read left to right? It's MADNESS!
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