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And I'm supposed to care because…?
4 yrs ago
Well, that's illegal in the civilized world, so I hope someone doesn't own you. Unless you both consent and have a safe word.
4 yrs ago
@Inkarnate— The symptoms are most evident in long-term Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit users.
4 yrs ago
Being (insert oppression olympics qualifications here) isn't a personality either, and yet I see that all the time.
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4 yrs ago
Oh, I thought wiccans were witches, but more emo and into goth stuff.



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If interested, please send me a PM instead of posting here in the thread. All posts in this thread will be ignored!
Bump. Still looking for a Monster Hunter RP. Perhaps even make it a small group effort.

Bump. Crazy as it may seem, in the mood for some Monster Hunter.

I thought people were exaggerating the Reader's skill, but it seems that's not the case.


Bump. In the mood for a RP similar to Log Horizon, but with a setting similar to Gun Gale Online, complete with gun porn (link is safe, I swear).
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