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And I'm supposed to care because…?
3 yrs ago
Well, that's illegal in the civilized world, so I hope someone doesn't own you. Unless you both consent and have a safe word.
3 yrs ago
@Inkarnate— The symptoms are most evident in long-term Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit users.
3 yrs ago
Being (insert oppression olympics qualifications here) isn't a personality either, and yet I see that all the time.
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Oh, I thought wiccans were witches, but more emo and into goth stuff.



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Rui gave the newcomer a quick inspection. Armor was a good indicator of a Rider's level of skill, and this Katya apparently had enough skill to go to-toe-claw with an Ebony Odogaron. Her words and tone made her come off as rough around the edges. The Guildmaster gave a slight frown at Katya's words. "I prefer 'cozy'," she said flatly. "And yes, we are waiting on--"

The door opened again, and another Wyverian woman came in. Adorned in light armor and a wide-brimmed hat, all colored a rich shade of red, she looked quite professional... until she spoke, anyway. "How's my favorite sister?" she asked, a wide grin crossing her face.

"I'm your only sister," the Guildmaster replied. Her tone had a hint of irritation to it.

Artemia playfully pouted. "What, no love for me, Hana?"

Hana chuckled, ruffling Artemia's hair. "You have to wait your turn."

The Guildmaster gave a sigh, as if she'd done this a million times before. "At least try to act like we're here for something serious, Hana." She turned her attention to the two Riders. "Now that we're all here, we can start.

"Welcome to Milasai, Riders. My name is Lieren, the Guildmaster of Central Redan, as well as the head of the Omna Isles Council. I apologize for not being able to explain why you were summoned in the letter, but for the time being, we're being cautious."
Sorry for the early bump, but here's one looking for a smut-heavy RP.
Currently trying to get my computer to work so I can type up a response (just how I am). If it doesn't, I may just go out tomorrow and buy a Bluetooth keyboard for my phone.
Bump. In the mood for an In/Spectre-inspired or Jurassic World RP.
I am plotting to destroy the world. Phase four is about to begin.

Explains the fuck out of 2020.
Despite having my feet firmly planted in reality, I indulge my inner chuuni by listening to music with lots of electric guitar, and wouldn't be out of place as a battle theme in a video game or anime.
Bump. Still looking for… well, anything really.
Bump. Kind of in the mood for a Jurassic World survival story.
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