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Current I just learned what pizzle sticks are. *shudder* I touched it first. My hand's gonna drop off. ;/
7 mos ago
Brooklyn Nine Nine > anime. I've almost been cured of my affliction.
7 mos ago
Project Cure Friend's Depression is a go, niner niner!
7 mos ago
Mark Watney's online username = FlaminStamen
7 mos ago
RPGuild Theme Song:…
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What do I RP?: D&D,fantasy, post-apocalyptic and some fandoms
My Current Fandoms?: Eragon, HP, RWBY, Fallout, Skyrim, D&D 5e Forgotten Realms, Familiar of Zero, Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Yona of the Dawn, Star Trek (canon/post-Voyager), & Absolute Duo).
Favorite Games: (in descending order) >> SMITE, Heroes of the Storm, Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, Dragon Age: Origins (I REALLY suck at it though), and Minecraft for when I am completely bored to tears, which isn't too often anymore).
Preferred Method(s) of Contact: PM on this website or find me on Discord, Selah#5277

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I know I already beat the game (on Very Easy, SHHH!), but this song has gotten stuck in my head again.
Wow! 8 parties member! We're Critical Rolling it up! (Role-ing? O,o)

God I wish this happened IRL.
Whoa, there was a development! Allowed to kill each other? Elya's heartbeat suddenly increased in thumping from calm assurance to flighty fluttering that she felt sure must be audible somehow. She swallowed, a lump suddenly forming in her stomach. With her size, and her being seemingly unable to transform today, this day suddenly got a LOT more stressful.

Elya attempted to calm down, to center herself, and distract herself with the hope against hope that maybe the general was just joking. Surely this wasn't that kind of event? There had to be some mistake! The guard at the entrance seemed bored and unconcerned, like the event did not include anything more than every day mundane failures. Fighting and injuring seemed fair as a fiddle, but killing? The gnomish druid settled into a running stance, trying with all her might to transform, but whatever it was that was her mental block today held fast and she let out a very bear-like snarl of disgust. Being so short on stature, there wasn't really much she could do except stick to the high ground and stay ahead of the stampede for as long as possible. The barrier in front of her disappeared and she tunnel visioned, pumping her arms and legs as fast as she could without looking back.


I'd say Elya needs the ability score more. Although Resilient is officially my favorite feat in the game. :)


What's the plan, stan?
Obligatory Squid Girl gif:

You're welcome! I shall be stalking you all your story now. *makes random reefback noises* ^,^
Where to even start... Hello there, I'm Strange. I'm actually VERY new to roleplay, but I am not new to writing, or forums for that matter. I've written and published a few books whose names will remain anonymous, so I'd like to think I'm pretty okay at it. I'm obviously not a God tier writer, but I couldn't imagine roleplay being horribly different right? Same concept, similar mechanics, etc. I'm kind of rambling, but uh...

That being said, I'd like if someone were to show me the ropes? Maybe do a practice run with me, something of the sort?

Guys, we found Sarah J. Maas's alias! *gasp*

Pfft! I wish...

Anyhow, CSes (character sheets) are probably the biggest hurdle to get over if you're new to RP). Check out @Lady Amalthea's CS templatesto start. They are amazingly detailed and I love them. If she wore a ring IRL, I would kiss it as if I was meeting the Pope instead.
I'm dealing with @Cu Chulainn

Poke me if you want a post; otherwise I'll let it Bee for now.
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