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5 days ago
24 hours ago I tried to send somebody a business email. I just found out today that they didn't receive it because I accidentally sent myself the email instead of them. *facepalm*
16 days ago
Last status I swear. Pic is worth a thousand knuckles.…
16 days ago
In case you were wondering, knuckle sandwiches are an actual thing now (not just the fist variety). The actual food itself is quite bitter. 1/10 would not recommend
16 days ago
Subjectively speaking, Red Dawn is the worst movie I have ever seen. It can go rot in hell. If its writers are not deceased, pray they like gourmet knuckle sandwiches. Open wide! -,-
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22 days ago
Wow, Made in Abyss is, well, really deep. O,o
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What do I RP?: D&D,fantasy, post-apocalyptic and some fandoms
My Current Fandoms?: Eragon, HP, RWBY, Fallout, Skyrim, D&D 5e Forgotten Realms, Familiar of Zero, Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Yona of the Dawn, Star Trek (canon/post-Voyager), & Absolute Duo).
Favorite Games: (in descending order) >> SMITE, Heroes of the Storm, Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, Dragon Age: Origins (I REALLY suck at it though), and Minecraft for when I am completely bored to tears, which isn't too often anymore).
Preferred Method(s) of Contact: PM on this website or find me on Discord, Selah#5277

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@Chai I'd be willing to RP either a post or a PM 1x1 scenario with you. The content wouldn't change at all between either one. It just depends on whether or not you want the world to see how much of a better writer you are over me. I take all the constructive criticism I can get. (Come at me, Grammar Nazis!)

Our shared genres of interest are: sci-fi, action, fantasy, and murder mystery.

I prefer to not start threads, so if an idea in one of those genres strikes your fancy, tag me in a post or PM and I shall reply within a week (and keep doing so as long as you do). If you have a CS planned out, then that's fantastic (but if not, I'll just throw something together off the top of my head that makes sense in the world you've created).

As far as romance goes, I have never done smut or ERP, nor do I give a crap about it. I am a fade-to-black kind of person at most (call me a pansy or a puss, whatever, I've heard it all).

Lastly....ugh! I was going to say something else and then I coatally lost my train of thought. If it comes back to me, this post will be edited, or I'll just mention it.
Got this off a Hyundai commercial. Don't look at Otaku's avatar while listening or you WILL lose your s***! :D

OFCOURSE! No one needs an AR-17. OFCOURSE! What's next people are going to assume arms in the 2nd amendment means access to nuclear arms? What about landmines!? WE NEED TO HAVE A DISCUSSION.

Lasers are the future?! End of discussion.
Sorry, the only (first person) shooters I've ever played are CS:GO, Insurgency, and some America's Army game WAAAAY back on my army soldier friend's original Xbox back before he ever joined the army. Now if you just wanted to play a more general roleplay about, say, a squad of Marines or army people, etc., on a mission, then I'd be somewhat interested. I'm not too interested in the whole guns and grit part, but the interaction while in foxholes (that is what they're called, yea?) and/or back at base sounds mildly intriguing.

You made me Google what Rainbow Six Siege even was. I was expecting something as hardcore as Arma 3, but apparently it's more like League of Legends and CSGO had a baby? (I only know what Arma is from SovietWomble's YouTube channel. Shows what I know about this genre lol).

Anywho, I'm really just replying because you sounded sad in your status and I wanted to fix that.
Monica was sitting in the middle seat quite a few rows down and across the aisle from the entrance/exit on the right side of the plane, hands under her thighs (to keep them from visibly shaking with fright) just above her knees, constantly switching between staring at the plane's still open entrance and studying the locked, upright tray table in front of her. The plane's flight attendants closed the big door after about five minutes of waiting and began to explain the safety procedures onboard the plane. All of a sudden, a loud metallic thud sounded and the plane rocked so badly that, unbeknownst to Monica who was fixated on the large person-sized dent that had just appeared in the main passenger exit, the plane's right wing dipped almost to the pavement.

It was in that instant that everything seemed to stop. The flight attendants' faces and hands froze in positions of shock as they held the demonstration oxygen masks and sample seat belts. The plane's engines, which had begun to whine slightly, now stopped. Even the rushing air that circulated among the cabin through fans and ventilation system stopped without so much as a whoosh.

A woman who Monica could only describe, a...commanding woman, stalked down the aisle with a grace that was somewhat disproportionate to the fangs that protruded from her mouth when she stopped in front of Monica's seat and smiled. Monica shrunk back into the window seat on her right, pressing up tightly against the seemingly frozen middle-aged man sitting there, his expression unblinking as he stared out the window. The woman reached out her hand and introduced herself as a vampire at which point Monica stared horrified at the proffered limb and clutched the frozen man next to her like it was a lifeboat, momentarily forgetting what she was even grabbing so long as she could get away from this shape-shifting thing that had chased her.

Monica tried to open her mouth to answer the other's summons but all that came out at first was a strangled yelp. "What did you do to all these people and why am I not frozen? Are you...are you the...t-t-thing that ate that guy? Y-y-you are aren't you? Are you going to turn me into a v-v-vampire too, then? Come to take me back to your castle?" Her eyes were big as saucers as she maintained the death grip on the frozen stranger next to her, its eyes staring unblinking out the window.


((At this point, due to her heightened adrenaline and fear, her passive vanity aura that affects demons, Children, and others may kick in here. Depending on Lusy's willpower, I intend for her to at least notice it even if she shrugs off the effect. This is mostly to at least give her a clue for later about Monica's powers.))
I agree that their solution was impractically simple. As much as I love simple solutions, gun control has no easy, simple, quick fixes like, say, a travel ban might. If a country bans the use, sale and distribution of firearms, then it's going to be like America's Prohibition all over again and black markets will THRIVE. Not to say that black markets aren't handy in some ways, but a free market that finds itself with sudden restrictions placed on it is going to find a way to become a freer market again.
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