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3 yrs ago
I have come up with the ultimate pansexual name! Drum roll please! Roryana. You can thank me later.
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3 yrs ago
TFW you realize your SW character somehow turned into an anime character. I didn't even use an anime avatar. Damn you Japan! Freaking brainwashed me.
3 yrs ago
Look away, look away. My profile will ruin your evening, your whole life, and your day. Every single pixel is nothing but dismay, so look away, look away, Look Away!
3 yrs ago
Ghost mode disabled.
4 yrs ago
As of the end of March, I'll be a fully trained 5e dungeonmaster. Gird your loins, termagants and knaves!


Look away.

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MissCapnCrunch 3 yrs ago
If only I was getting paid!
vancexentan 3 yrs ago
I appreciate the offer Mistiel but that's really unnecessary I didn't post that to try and get charity I'm just frustrated over something so dumb is preventing me from playing a game.
Lord Wraith 3 yrs ago
I'm more of a bacon wrapped scallops kind of guy.
Mistiel 3 yrs ago
F.B.I stands for Fuck Boys Incorporated. This message brought to you courtesy of the NSA.
Cu Chulainn 4 yrs ago
Welcome back! It's been a while ;w;
Todd Howard 4 yrs ago
Ataraxia 5 yrs ago
Jurassic Weeb 5 yrs ago
I know what "shoehorned" means but my brain can't help but phrase that as a euphemism/innuendo.
Jurassic Weeb 5 yrs ago
Shall I fetch the riding crop?

BrotherAurelion 5 yrs ago
listen to this fam. the Lord crunk dis beat errvry nite. youtube.com/watch?v=ecV1NHmELuA
Tearstone 5 yrs ago
To answer your question about S.P.D.Q.
Speedy-que is Stupid People Die Quickly. It's kind of a quick rule I introduce people to for some RP's and for my tabletop groups. Don't jump off a cliff and expect to fly without some kind of reasonable preparation. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. ^_^
Jurassic Weeb 5 yrs ago
*le gasp!* A RWBY fa--! *sees I posted before* Well... this is awkward. XP
The Cleaner 5 yrs ago
When did you hit your head? I would definitely go see a doctor ASAP. Concussions are serious problems.
Heckno12 6 yrs ago
For the record, Louise is indeed best girl.
Utrax 6 yrs ago
Pizza Alternatives in order of deliciousness- Hot pocket pizza flavor, pizza rolls, bagel bites, cheese sticks, a slice of tomato on a biscuit with cheese wiz (absolute Struggle™ food).
Jurassic Weeb 6 yrs ago
No, not robbing you. I know what happens if I answer that. XD
Rain 6 yrs ago
Your pickup lines have served me well, miss. I thank you.
Zapdos 6 yrs ago
Not sure if anyone answered your question, but you typically can post in people's OOC threads to ask if their RPs are open. Or just look at their first post, it'll typically say so there as well.

I hope that helps!
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