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Current ♪♫♪ Don't climb up the rope. Dont haul up the mast. And if ya see a sailin' ship it might'n be yer last...♪♫♪
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Does yo' chain hang low? Does it hang down to tha flo'?
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I'm still alive, I promise
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I trust everyone. I just don't trust the devil inside them.
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Name: Tearstone
Aliases: Tearstone
Age: 33
Birthday: March 13th
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: Resides in western Oklahoma
Major/Minor: Associates degree in Occupational Studies - Massage Therapy
Occupation: Unemployed/Under-employed Cert. Massage Therapist, freelance writer
Languages: Fluent in English, Bad English/Profanity. Knowledgeable of Japanese, Spanish, and Latin.
Current Bio Theme: None
Years Rping: 20 years
Preferred Rp Section: Typically casual or advanced.
Rp Level: High casual to advanced.
Dedication Level: I don't know what yardstick to measure this with. It all depends on my interest, if I'm enjoying the writing and my partners.
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: If you one-line me and use chatspeak where it doesn't belong, I will CUT you. Pay attention to lore and genre conventions. DO NOT fall silent on me. IF you're bored, say so. If something happens, freaking tell me. I want to get to know my partners out of character too.
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Yes. Very much so. I love teaching and doing what I can to improve people's skills, and challenge their ability. I love fostering growth.


Height: 5' 7"
Weight: Overweight
Build: Ectomorphic, athletic. Built like a tank... or a tall dwarf
Eyes: Hazel-gray, but color shift with light and mood.
Hair: Chocolate brown, collar length currently. May grow out again.
Skin Tone: Light, tan decently in summer, but I live like basement cat.
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: No tats or piercings. Scar, right wrist (1 cun (3 finger widths), medial from hand crease.) Sits across radial bone on anterior, 45° angle, looks self inflicted, but is actually from fending off an attacker in middle school. Burn scar left knee, the size of a quarter. Stuck knee against hot muffler of lawn mower on accident around 2004. Burn scar torso lower right quadrant inferior to navel and one inch lateral, spilled hot-ass ramen on self last winter. Some of the liquid got lodged in waist band of shorts and caused burn.
Personal Style:


Intelligent * Procrastinator * Intuitive * Apathetic * Flexible/Adaptable * Cynical

Sexuality: Kinsey 2
Relationship Status: Semi-open longterm relationship/domestic partnership
Personality: INTJ/P, Turbulent quality. Swings to INFJ/P at times. Born a Pisces, much of Tearston's personality has been altered by their experiences, bu thtey still posses a deep emotional reservoir. Highly creative, great with abstract reasoning and special reasoning, Tear spends much time considering many problems. The overall personality has lead to a life of creative and intellectual pursuits.
Hobbies: Reading, writing/RPing, PC gaming especially MMORPG's, graphic design work. Trained in martial arts from the age of 7. Is a firearms and explosives enthusiast. Is enthusiastic about all things militaria, and has a keep interest in law enforcement as well. Music - listening, spinning records and live mixing, writing music and producing in digital audio workspaces such as FL Studio (Fruity Loops). Tear has been a musician since the sixth grade, and is self-taught on a few instruments not learned in school. Singing is another hobby band while somewhat skilled, they are terribly self-conscious about singing for others. Hiking, bushcraft and survival skills. Cooking is a joy and passion, and is considered to be an art form.
Fears: Tearstone has arachnaphobia to a moderate degree. Blame watching the movie by the same name when they were little. Fears physical trauma especially surgery. This gives them the heebie-jeebies. They don't care for needles but will endure some poking and prodding. Tearstone fears leaving behind a negative legacy for their loved ones.

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Gming: None on RPG
Rp's Currently Enjoying: None on RPG. Play by post Tabletop game on FB for Storm King's Thunder though.
Past RP's Enjoyed:
Other Places Of Interest:
Favorite Posts: Stay tuned.
Upcoming Works: The Raptor Company (a fantasy novel), Crucible, (a sci-fi novel)


What Brings You To Role Player Guild: Roleplay
Life Before You Came To Role Player Guild: Tearstone was a member of several play by post, forum RP's and chat RP's as well as in-game RP groups in various MMO's including World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Neverwinter Nights, Champions Online, and so on.
Life Since You Came To Role Player Guild: See above, not much has changed. Tearstone has made it through two major site crashes, but is still confident in Mahz.


Quotes or Sayings:
Theme Song: Really?
Advice To The World: Stop. Think about what you're doing. Think about the consequences and repercussions. Love each other.
Anything Else: - Nothing right now.

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1000 points

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Is this still going?
Name: Given name
Age: Lets keep it above 18 please.
Gender: Your character's gender
Nationality: Neo-Japan? Somewhere Else?
Alias/Handle: Nickname/Street Name your character goes by- It is assumed that Given names are generally fairly valuable and secretive.

Psychological Analysis: Fancy talk for 'Personality'. Give me a good paragraph or so describing your character's personality. Rule of thumb: the more detail, the better.

Employment Record: Your Character's background, up to his/her beginnings as a Ronin or joining up with the crew. Again, give me a few good paragraphs describing your character's history. Again, the more detail, the better.

Enhancement: Cyber/Biotech Your character has installed, list grade and price(so its easier to calculate your 50k).

Equipment: Any equipment your character carries on his or her person or owns. List grade and price(again, so its easier to calculate your 50k)
Well, living in Oklahoma. But I'm from Texas originally. I miss my home state.
Welcome to The Walking Dead, Miami. We are planning for two main groups, one based around an asylum, and one based around a boat, like a yacht or shipping vessel. Slots are currently open and accepting. The players will be a group with a little chemistry and a small amount of resources, the group will have to hunt and scavenge food, supplies, ammunition, fuel. Survival will be part of it, but not just keeping the zombies form killing you, but also dealing with starvation, hunger, hyper/hypothermia, and so on. How will these rag-tag survivors handle this new world they've been thrust into. More information is to follow, and documents will be added.

GM: Tearstone
Co-GM: (closed)

  • ((Special Mention)) Do NOT make a sociopath unless you can explain in no uncertain terms, exactly how they became that way, why they became that way, how they operate, what things set them off, what they value, AND it had better work/make sense. I do not want a thinly veiled Dexter Morgan clone from the series Dexter. I've seen it more than once here. If you're going to make a sociopath or psychopath, make sure you have them wired down tight.
  • 1. Respect your fellow RPers.
  • 2. Take all adult stuff to PM's.
  • 3. No fighting in the OOC or you will be kicked.
  • 4. No character look alikes, Rick, Daryl, Carol, Carl or Michonne
  • 5. All injuries should be realistic, example if a character sprains their ankle it should slow them down and be painful to walk on and would take time to heal. Guns are deadly.
  • 6. Most have one disability or fear, can be anything you can think of no one is perfect.
  • 7. Most importantly have fun!
  • 8. If a player drops and their character is removed from play, there is a chance they may be re-encountered as a zombie or a corpse. If so their equipment may be up for grabs. If a walker, they may be an adversary survivors may have to face. If a player wishes to bow out and decides to do so "on screen/in play" then their fate can be determined by the player. Walking off into the sunset may be acceptable, and they might be able to return as a character later on, depending on the circumstances. Characters dropped or abandoned by players may also become NPC's and used as such for a variety of purposes. Just because the player left them behind, doesn't mean they aren't still out there in one form or another.

CS as follows, improvements are welcome. Keep it easy to read.

Walking Dead Miami player scratchpad/sketchbook/document thing

Active Characters/Players - will be sorted into asylum and boat later.

Unsorted or tentative

Linc Myles - Tearstone

Asylum Crew

Brant Harlow - MouseKing
Daisy Morris - liah
Damien Maddox - Hellscream
Ellie Haft - libbypt
Isabel Torrez - Fallenreaper
Thomas Harris - Verdant

Boat Crew

Boyd Jager - Svenn
Chris Williams - Tearstone
David Schoenberg - Polyphemus
Robin Hunter - Fiddler
Zephy Daniels - Hakai

The Graveyard
(dead/removed characters)
Maribeth Kane/CallaLily180 - Dropped on Request
Mike Zimmerman/Sturmgewher - Dropped on Request
Sarah Zimmerman/Sturmgewehr - Dropped on Request

Maps, locations, other info

Tide Runner - Photo Gallery
Tide Runner - Ship Specs (also has pics)

Spring Grove Psychiatric Hospital

Spring Grove main floor plan

Asylum notes:
The asylum dates back to 1915, it served for quite a number of years as a sanitarium and psychiatric ward. Due to hurricanes repeatedly bashing it, the place became run down. A lot of patients were removed either by their family or case workers. In an attempt to revitalize the business (it is a business after all) they applied for renovation funding with the state. They were awarded a good sum of funding and construction began. Many of the patients were removed, but some of the more docile and clearer ones were allowed to stay if they chose. The place ran on minimal staffing, nothing more than a skeleton crew. It was a relief for some, and they did have the ability to get way from the banging and sawing and noise.

The new construction seems to be building on the old which had been built quite sturdy to begin with. Construction crew abandoned the project as soon as the outbreak started, seeking to get home to their families. A couple staff members may still be there, looking after the small population left over, no more than five or six... However.. they might have been overrun and turned into walkers. The staff could have fled, and could have taken the few remaining residents with them to somewhere else.

I do intend for there to be a grounds keeper/landscaper still on the property, holed up in a small workshop, sectioned off. The entire compound is surrounded by a chain link fence, topped with barbed wire angled in and out on the top. There's also an iron square tube bar fence running around the property set into a low one foot wall of brick and concrete,, with two-foot high crenelations every ten feet. It's decorative in look, but it's hard to climb, even for the living. The top features arrow or spear type tips an inch or so wide and about two inches long. Not exactly sharp on the edges but the points would not be fun to slip onto. This fence, again, is hard to climb, is much sturdier than the cyclone fence, and could possibly hook and slow down any geek that did manage to get to the top. Fence is 10', both of them. There's an iron gate at the front with a buzzer, but that's not active now and would need to be secured with a chain and lock or carabiner or something.

Also, if power can be restored, there are security cameras inside and outside the building. There are some radios too, some food supplies, water, showers, so on. There is a generator on site. If it's run on natural gas it could still be operational, or you might have to find some fuel for it if not.

As has been stated in other parts, the Asylum was under renovation, so it is likely there are tools on site, such as sledge hammers, saws, nail guns (electrical, battery powered, or compressed air), as well as nails, hammers, possibly crowbars, saws (power and hand), and more.
Update on fencing, just so everybody is on the same page. The spiked fence here, I would say the poles are set into the concrete, making the fencing even stronger. In looking at the fence, I think the Asylum group could possibly defend the perimeter quite nicely atop the platforms with something like axes, bats, maces..anything that gave them a decent reach. Geeks couldn't reach them, but the group could reach the geeks and knock 'em out one by one. Of course, you could always spear through the fence too.

The main gate is decorative but made out of the same material and is flanked by a guard shack and visitor check-in building

The chain link fence about ten feet or more behind the main exterior fence is just a typical perimeter fence.

Full Name
"Character Quote"
- Meaning of quote

⚘ Looking Inside
Delving into the characters mind. How do they think and feel. Their overall general perception of the world and people. One or two well developed paragraphs that show how a character thinks. (Not why they think that way)

⚘ A Brief History

⚘ Relations


Gender Age Ethnicity
Height Weight Build
Eye Color Hair Color Skin Tone






Character Trivia


Character Name

Character Summary

Name:(Full Name)
Aliases:(Nicknames, previous names, maiden names, etc.)
Birth Place:
Current Residence:


Skin Tone:
Personal Style: Minimal 2 paragraphs


Trait * Trait * Trait * Trait

Relationship Status:
Personality: Minimal 2 paragraphs
Habits: Minimal 2
Hobbies: At least 1
Fears: 3 real fears that make your character unhinged

Likes: 6 minimal

Dislikes: 6 minimal


A Memory: Minimal 1 well developed paragraph of a memory
History: Minimal 3 paragraphs about your characters life up until this point.


Character Quote: Something they say a lot or live by
Theme Song: What would be playing when they walk up if we were in a movie?
Anything Else:
I didn't know other RECON players even existed.
Name: Nein Sonda
Race: Sullustian
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Ht: 5’ 6”
Wt: 165 lbs

Nein is an unremarkable Sullustian to look at, other than he seems a little more gaunt than most, but for most humans it might be hard to tell that because as a race, Sullustians are a heavy-set race. Almost always does he carry several kits with him, making him look like some sort of repair man, but his clothes are always neat, his manner precise, as is his speech. Carried with him are always several styluses, as well as a number of mediums to record information on, from flimsiplast prints, to his datapad. His large eyes always give him a slightly surprised expression, as if life itself was full of mystery and surprise at every turn.

Nien’s upbringing, education, and intelligence give him a thirst for life, and knowledge that is rivaled by only a few, but instead of cloistering himself in data-libraries all the time, he prefers hands-on experience, and experimentation. Finding one’s own mind to be the best teacher, this is the route he prefers. Quick to indulge, but never to excess, he makes life as best as he can, having long ago realized how short and bland it is, without taking the time to experience it as well. Combined with his appearance, and his light demeanor, one would find it hard to guess on a random meeting that he was one of the galaxy’s foremost weapons and warship designers.

Occupation: Nien is a tech-specialist, specifically in the area of weapons and starship design. Can design anything from a vibro-blade, to doomsday weapons, though he doesn’t have the ability to build anything on that scale. The biggest he could build alone is a capital-class weapon, such as a heavy turbo-laser, Mag-Pulse Cannon, or the like.

As for ships, he can design anything form the size of a speeder-bike, to a Super-Dreadnaught. Again, making anything larger would be out of his scale, without fellow researchers of the same caliber.

Notable Skills: Above genius intelligence, High end mathematics (All the way to astrophysics, and Vector Algebra), Head for electronics and mechanics, computer engineering, electronics engineering, weapons engineering, metallurgy, advanced chemistry, theoretical applied sciences, masters in material sciences

Weapons: Custom made sonic shock rifle, flash pistol (both are just-in-case things)

Technology: (do we really wanna do this?) Fusion cutters, laser welders, plasma torches, hydrospanners, if you can think of a tool he has it, or can make it, or can come up with something to supplement it. The galaxy is his oyster when it comes to tech, and if he needs something, but can’t find it, he can make it or invent it.

Brief History:
Nien Sonda was born on Sullust. It was one of the worlds that did not survive the Vong War so unscathed as others. It didn’t take it the worst, but didn’t weather it the best either. Many pilots work the galaxy’s trade routes as pilots, be they legit or otherwise. Nien was different though. He was always looking for solutions to problems, rather than simply marking time. He was possessed of an inquisitive mind, and curiosity that would make some feline races look self-absorbed. His parents always fed his curiosity, and encouraged him to learn by trying and doing.

Once his regular education was finished, he traveled to several technical colleges, and had quite the ride, fast-tracking into many classes that according to his age should have been out of his reach. Being of a very sharp mind, he put himself through colleges on his own, through various HoloNet scams, as well as applying for governmental aid from several governments, businesses, and foundations.

Graduating and completing numerous degrees, he began to garner resources, using his cashflow to create even more revinue to support himself as he began to design ships and technology, submitting them to companies like Merr-Sonn, Taim & Bak, Slayin & Korpal, Kuat Drive Yards, and many numerous planetary and subsidiary shipyards. It wasn’t long before his success began to pay off, and now over time, his works are very sought after.

Currently, he is adrift, or at least that’s the rumor. He was last spotted along Belkadan, and seemed to be checking on several holdings there. Who’s to say what he is really doing though.
Race: Human (Corellian)
Gender: Male
Name: Merek Nigel
O.C.C: Smuggler (Gunslinger)/Jedi Guardian
Occupation: Combat Instructor (former), smuggler/mercenary (former), Jedi Knight
Location: Nar Shadda (formerly), Ossus
Favored Weapon(s): DL-44 Deathsingers
Vehicle: Skipray Blastboat (in storage), Baudo star yacht (used, active)
Credits: 8,000

Str: 17
Dex: 18
Con: 15
Int: 14
Wis: 16
Cha: 15

Skills: Basic Electronics, Pilot Starship, Tracking, Read Sensory Equipment, Weapon Systems, W.P.: Sword, W.P.: Energy Rifle, W.P.: Staff, W.P.: Chain, W.P.: Blunt, Cooking, Literacy, Escape Artist, Astrogation, Navigation, Pilot Repulsor Craft, Gaming, Mathematics: Basic, Persuasion, Body Hardening, Conditioning, Athletics, Running

- 30 magazines – 30 shots apiece
Neural Mace
DL-44 Deathsinger heavy electronic blaster pistol (2x)

Personal Equipment:
2 Sets of Storm-trooper Elite armor, a compact personal computer, an R2 astromech, small fusion reactor for recharging droids and weapons, 2 comlinks, spare blaster carbines, power packs, power cells, nergon-14 charges, concussion grenades, ion grenades

Skipray Blastboat
Name/Model#Skipray BlastboatDesigner/ManufacturerSienar Fleet SystemsWeapons3 Ion Cannons2 Laser Cannons1 Concussion Missile Launcher1 Proton Torpedo Launcher The Skipray Blastboat carries a wide array of weapons, enough that it is suitable for any situation where a fighter would be used. It carries both concussion missiles and proton torpedoes, along with both laser and ion cannons, usually matching the weaponry of opposing starfighters, whether they be escorts, strike fighters, or bombers.Skiprays are heavily armored starfighters designed to be fast and powerful. They are long, streamlined ships, about twice the length of an X-wing. They never became as popular as TIE fighters, and became obsolete in the mind of the Empire. They are now found in many smuggler defense fleets. They have rear-mounted engines, and have a rotating ventral fin for stability.

When the Remnant was walked all over by the Vong, Merek had fled. He hadn’t deserted, in actuality; he simply fled to survive as he was on the edge of Remnant space. He had leaped to hyper-space only moments after spotting a leading wave of Skips. Sad thing was, his jump was blind after taking a swipe at the Coral Skippers. By the time he had managed to get his bearings and head to Bastion, the wave was on. He was forced to leave for survival, and then after the war was over, he thought the Remnant was wiped out, as he was on the far side of the Galaxy, on Nar Shadda, working a business as a personal attack and defense instructor. He also taught Teras Kasii in addition to his other classes. He made a decent living, enough to afford the upkeep of his Blastboat, and buy occasional upgrades, or extra ordinance. Occasionally, he would do a smuggling run as well, for Nar Shadda thrived on smuggling still.

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 170
Hair: Close cut, Silver (Dyed)
Eyes: Blue
Other: Mustache (black), goatee (silver – dyed)

Merek has a slightly muscular build, giving him a fuller appearance and better definition. His frame is well toned from frequent exercise and combat. His teaching and training have left him in excellent physical condition and he seeks to keep himself in top shape. His silver hair is close cut, in a stylish but not over the top spacer’s cut. His blue eyes are somewhat steely. His mustache and goatee contrast with each other, but the contrast only accented each other. His movements were graceful as well as powerful, like a predator, but this man did not give off the impression he was hunting, at least at the moment.
Name (Full): Jahzra Rocvard
Aliases: Prafra Shobrut, Kifarrane Fisass
Nicknames: Jazz, Jazzie, Jasmin, Rocker, Rockie, Rockhard
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132-139
Build: Well built
Measurements: 36D-25-34

Hair: Long, midtoned
Species: Zeltron
Birthplace: A hospital. (Zeltros)

Force Potential: Yes. (top 20% in natural strength/affinity of those that are Force Sensitive)

Physical Appearance:

Click for full-size version

Baudo-class star yacht. (Modified) named Swift Horizon- Ship status: Active.
Skyhopper - (Made by Incom) - Status: Mothballed
Swoop bike - Status: Active

Weapons: DL-18 blaster pistol (modified, barrel - protective guide rod so does not catch in holster), vibro-shiv, holdout blaster pistol.

Armor: Nerfhide jacket

Life Savings: 2500 creds
Pocket cash: 250
Weekly income (average): 400 creds
Line of Credit: 5000
Inheritance: $100,000 (Jahz gets half, sis gets the other)

Jahzra is a middle child born on a party planet to a middle-class family in a small farming community. She has proven to consider herself nothing special. With myriad faces coming through her life, and being the middle child she is good at making friends. Often she prefers to make new friends rather than enemies. Jahzra has a strong independent streak, which often leads to her being rebellious as well. She is resourceful and cunning, as well as socially intelligent. Despite this, she has her own securities. She also has a secretive nature. As a natural negotiator or mediator, this aids her in her entrepreneurial attitude, especially for negotiating contracts. A people pleaser, she thrives on friendships and connection with others. This often comes easily due to her Zeltron heritage. She can be competitive at times. Jahzra is almost always open to new experiences and is unafraid to try new things. Unafraid of authority, she refuses to back down. This is especially when it comes to protecting friends, or in regards to what is fair. She is generous and giving when she has the ability to be. Her skills, ability to adapt, and attitudes make her team-player rather than a complete loner. She is, of course, perfectly happy on her own as well. She enjoys mental games, such as puzzles, as well as though exercises, and figuring people out. She also enjoys physical pursuits, often sports, as well as other physical...hobbies. It is often easier to motivate her by telling her not to do X-thing. Or she might see it as a personal challenge, which she is also unafraid of. She cares little for long-odds. With her resourcefulness and other capabilities, she is often able to do things others would consider quite hard.

  • Mother: Pedella
  • Father: Kigios
  • Sister (older): Drakina
  • Brother (younger): Okrend
  • Extended: Several aunts, uncles, cousins, along with grandparents.

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