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If Marvel was acquired by Disney - Does that mean Jean-Grey, Mystique, and Storm are all Disney Princesses now?
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You can't fix stupid. But you damn sure can muffle it with duct tape. And you can numb it with a 2x4 or a baseball bat.


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I haven't run that many games here because I feel I would intimidate a lot of people, and I'm also a little nervous about it.
I love 1x1's - not for smut (which is fun, but just for the sake of it gets old), but for development, interaction, and keeping a story smaller and more manageable.

Feel free to hit me with PM's if you want to RP. I always respond to PM's, if I can, and usually quickly.

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@Dynamo Frokane

Wellllll... First, are you using Earth as your realm?
Name: Zepheria ‘Zephy’ Daniels
Player: Hakai
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 8in
Build: Athletic

Tanned and toned, with the physique of a life-long swimmer, giving her powerfully built legs from the waist down, with a tummy in a flat 4-pack, with well defined neck and very strong shoulders and upper chest. Her arms are fairly cut from wrestling with large fish on deep sea lines in battles that can last for over an hour. Living mostly on a marine diet has left her with little body fat, but does leave her deficient in some things.

Family - Status

Mother: Karen Daniels - Unknown
Father: Jacob Daniels - Deceased before Outbreak.

Personality: Independent, strong willed, a bit of a loner, without being anti-social.

Occupation Before: Self Employed: Sports Angler. Recreational Fishing Guide, Freelance Free Diver

Notable skills:
Spending most of her life on a boat she is a strong swimmer, is able to navigate the waters easily. She is able to survive in coastal and oceanic environments fairly comfortably. Fairly good cook when it comes to fish and other marine life.
Coastal & Oceanic Survival Skills:
Deep sea fishing, spear gun fishing, bow fishing. Able to set lobster and crab traps. Knows how to hunt for clams, oysters, octopus and squid. Knows some uses for marine life in a medicinal fashion.
Water extreme sports - surfing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, and water skiing.

Being the only child of her parents she spent most of her days with her father on the boat as he ran a small business of taking people out on the weekend trips deep sea fishing. Her mother worked out of the home, handling the office duties for the family business, even after Zephy took over. They were a happy family that allowed their daughter to grow and learn what she wanted. Growing up in Miami she was use to being out in the heat and humidity all the time, though the cooler air on the ocean was always welcoming.
As she grew from a child to a young teen her father gave her more responsibilities on the boat, mainly being in charge of making lunch for the men and women they had on the boat with them. Learning how to prep and cook fish as well as lobster, crab and clams gave her knife handling skills. She picked up free-diving while learning to inspect the hull and for doing minor boat repair. SCUBA diving, spear and bow fishing came later as she got into her late teens, and quickly became a divemaster, adding scuba-diving tours to her father’s business, which soon became her business. Her father passed away in an unfortunate incident on the water with a shark.
Not long after her father passed away, her mother and herself chose to sell their house and invest more into the family business by moving to live on the boat at the marina itself.

In her free time, she took to sport free-diving as well as surfing, windsurfing, and jet-skiing. Needless to say she is almost more comfortable in and on the water than she is on land. It almost doesn’t move right to her.

When word of the outbreak started, Zephy and her mother had pulled away from the marina to seek the safety in the open waters they were use to. After a few days had passed they headed back into the marina to be able to get a few things they needed but didn’t grab. During their resupply trip Karen and Zephy got separated, leaving Zephy to get back to the yacht herself. Returning every so often, hoping to find her mother. She makes a few runs now and again for supplies she can gather from other boats, using the tender boat and leaving her yacht anchored a ways away from shore.

Suffers from Diver’s Ear now and again. She has a healthy fear of large sharks, most over the 5ft she doesn’t tangle with.

Weapon of Choice:
Spear Gun, A dozen spear rods.
Compact Bow with adjustable draw poundage used mostly for bow fishing, generally having somewhere in the range of twenty to thirty fishing arrows at all times.


64' Viking Enclosed Flybridge “Tide Runner” - GM Has info on this
--Watermaker in need of repairs.
--400 Gallons of Fuel Remaining

Deep Sea Fishing Equipment:
6 - G.Loomis Rods, Graphite and glass light weight balanced rods.
Assorted Reels
Assorted Lines and Trolling lines. In assorted poundages.
Assorted Hooks, lures and weights.
Assorted pliers, wire cutters and lip grips for fishing.
Catch Nets of varying sizes
A few Gaff poles for hauling fish in.
Six Crab Traps

Free-diving gear: Flippers, Masks, snorkels and weight belts.
Fish bag for placing speared fish in when diving.

150 gallons Fresh water, stored in on board tank.
20lbs dried Rice
10lbs Dried Beans.
6lbs White Flour
6lbs Corn Meal

Several changes of Clothes

Always carrying a Mora stainless steel knife.
When off boat: A pair of bolt cutters, wire cutters, pry bar.
2 - 32oz bottles of water.
A dozen mixed snack bars, energy bars.
15 Assorted Arrows.

My apologies folks... I had to move suddenly and didn't really have time to get the word out to everywhere at once... But having just got internet back this morning...
@Foster - nibble nibble nibble
I think I am going to go with a more normal color instead of whatever weird almost fictional sounding (at least to me) color I suggested earlier.

I am thinking either silver or gold.

<Snipped quote by TheUnknowable>That is what I did for another RP I am in.

DC hero Guardian
*has the Guardian suit from Supergirl
*Captain America's powers but...
*given to him temporarily by a serum like Patriot from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
*the guy is paralyzed like the main character of M.A.N.T.I.S. (1994-1995 Fox TV show)

I just realized there is very little of him that is Guardian. Pretty much Guardian in name and appearance only.

I loved M.A.N.T.I.S. when I saw it as a kid. I wish I could find it again and rewatch!
<Snipped quote by Tearstone>

They were killed by Snart, so I am thinking not a lot. The Legends and Rip's new Time Bureau may have something to say though.

Ok, wasn't sure if we were using the continuity of the time masters being destroyed.... Also the Time Bureau thing is a spoiler.. I haven't gotten into Season 3 yet.

okay, so here's a question - What do the Time Masters have to say about this?

Also, I'm down for the idea. I've got some ideas to go with it.
@jaybreezy - I just tagged you, and everybody else so you guys would see that at least something was happening here. Post mostly aimed at OP, but I'm starting to think this thing is DOA.
@DepressedSoviet - Hey uhhhh... so is this actually gonna happen or were you just being a c*** tease? Not to be rude or anything but.. it's approaching two weeks with no word from you, OP.

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