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Join Date: Long time ago

Writing Level - high-casual to advanced.
Guild Forums: Casual, Advanced, 1x1's -

RP interests/Genres/Categories:
  • Fantasy (medieval, modern urban, high, heroic, dark, epic)
  • Sci-Fi - (hard sci fi (Ex: Interstellar), loose sci-fi (Ex: stargate), near future (Ex: Stargate), space opera (EX: Star Wars), Future sci-fi (Ex: Star Trek))
  • Superhero (X-men, Marvel, Heroes Unlimited, Champions, etc)
  • Military
  • Spy/Espionage/Assassination/Intrigue
  • Semi-historical
  • Post apocalyptic (largely zombies, but others are also good)
  • Survival (not just surviving the badguys, but using true survival/bushcraft skills in the RP)
  • Mystery/Investigation
  • Mix - I am a huge fan of mixing genres, especially if you can give plausibility
    1x1's (all of the above are doable, including a number of fandoms)

Active Roleplays:

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- None

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Other Information:
Age: 32
Occupation: None, presently.

Other Notes
I like action, plot, adventure, and fun, but I also like detail, and adherence to world-conventions, accuracy, believability.
I'm pretty creative. Don't give me anything you don't intend for me to use, or adapt to a use you didn't expect.
I haven't run that many games here because I feel I would intimidate a lot of people, and I'm also a little nervous about it.
I love 1x1's - not for smut (which is fun, but just for the sake of it gets old), but for development, interaction, and keeping a story smaller and more manageable.

Feel free to hit me with PM's if you want to RP. I always respond to PM's, if I can, and usually quickly.

Understanding Textual CQC/CQB for the Aspiring Duelist
Formatting Tips Int Checks and OOC threads
So You Wanna Make A CS?

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Anyone still interested in this?

I think so? It's been a couple of months though and been busy because of holidays and the like. I see that most others have not added anything.
I suppose I should @Dynamo Frokane mention. Just so there's awareness of nibbles.
I'm very interested in this. It sounds like it could be quite good. Do you have an idea for CS format, or is that just sort of 'wing it'?
In Tearstone's Gallery I 7 Jan 2017 3:41 Forum: The Gallery
A basic gallery to avoid some frustrations here and there.

In Phantom Crew 20 Dec 2016 0:46 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Guessing this is dead.

I'm binge-watching Dark Matter right now, and it reminds me of something that I was putting together years ago... the setting anyway. The story elements I also love. If it is dead, I might consider putting together another rogue-crew type RP.

  • Is this going to be low casual or high casual?
  • How far in the future/sci-fi are we talking? (Ex: Near-future where most things are just an extrapolation on existing tech, or farther future - Cyberpunk, mecha, and advanced directed energy weapons, etc)
  • What kind of posting rate are you hoping for?
  • How much creative freedom do you plan to give your players?
  • How developed is your world lore and/or head canon?
Name - Alias

Theme I/|\Theme II/|\Theme III
~"A quote from the character."~

Name - Alias

Theme I/|\Theme II/|\Theme III
~"A quote from the character."~

In Maps! 21 Nov 2016 21:58 Forum: Articles & Guides
Saderan's Google Earth style Maps

Atlas Style Maps Tutorial

Hand-Drawn Mapping (for the Artistically Challenged) - Love this.
jacristi's Incarnate map making process

Acriaos' battle map tutorial - applicable for Photoshop and GIMP too.

How to Draw Fantasy Maps - Very pretty, and well made.

These are just a few tools that I have on hand I thought worth adding. I have more if anybody wishes me to keep adding to this list.
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