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FFXV is amazing. 'Nuff said.
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*Pets.* Maybe life is just catching up to many of us @MissGallagher. I haven't trusted myself to be able to devote any time to writing because I've been so incredibly busy. :c
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#feelsawfulman @Mae :c
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I may have a crippling addiction to ramen.


Male ║ Heterosexual ║ 27 Years ║ Australian Timezone (GMT+10)

First and foremost... Welcome! I suppose this is the part where I tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm a PC-based videogamer, and have been for several years; mostly shooters and RPGs. Ask to find out more!

I'm also into the occasional Anime and TV series. As of late, Altered Carbon has caught my interest greatly. Anything futuristic and dystopian tends to catch my fancy these days... though I don't adhere solely to those particular genres (don't even get me started on Game of Thrones).

In terms of writing ability, I'd say I'm somewhere between a High Casual to Low Advanced writer; being able to churn out three and up to five or usually even more meaty paragraphs depending on what I'm given to work with or my current mindset (and if I can be bothered; quality over quantity, though).

1-on-1 Role-plays via PMs tend to best suit me, or even via a medium such as Skype for the short 'n' sexy.

Being Male myself, I write only as male mains... although I can churn out side-characters of either gender if necessary. Any pairings will be MxF only. If it matters, I'm primarily DOMINANT... but I'm not opposed to switching up - to an extent.

I enjoy dark, slick, action-packed Role-Plays - usually with elements of romance thrown in ... and am also purrrfectly comfortable with more Mature, Adult (R18+) themes - from excessive gore and profanities to general naughtiness or straight up bangin' - whatever you'd care to call it. I can be pretty darn graphic and explicit... so if you're in the same frame-of-mind, we'll get along brilliantly. Romance can be thrown in - I do have a sweeter side, although I'm not one to shy away from flings either.

Sample posts are warmly welcomed, so if you're the type who likes to kiss and tell... feel free!

I'm primarily after partners who are 18 years or above only - preferably female.

Having said all that, I'm perfectly approachable and enjoy chatting and getting acquainted with peeps. Questions? Credit card issues? Anything and everything - feel free to drop me a line. I'm purrrfectly open to chatting, even if we don't wind up role-playing together.

. . . I don't bite. Much.

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*Casually moseys in to peer at the abundance of ample cleavage.* OwO
Just wanted to stop by to say I approved of your acronym. Carry on as you were!~
@Didgeridont Dafuq did I just read? Be right back, need a... Cold shower.
In case it wasn't clear, please don't reply to this thread as I'm likely going to forget entirely. D:
Hellooo folks. So after a long period of being on and off on the site, I've tentatively decided to kick-start this thread and see if I get any hits. I'm a very experienced role-player and have been writing for something like 10 years now (give or take), though I've been absent from the scene for a good long while and am considering making a reappearance. Something nice and easy to start with would be ideal.

In case it matters, I'm 25 years of age and have a pen- I'm a guy, 'kay? Please be 18 years or over, as I'd prefer to be able to vigorously hit on you without going to jail use all manner of colorful language without reducing anyone to tears. And there will likely be naughties, so consider yourself warned!

As a role-player, I don't particularly care for the use of CS (character sheets); I'd much rather get to know someone's character through their writing or via interaction. It's more organic and flows better that way. I also write at a Casual to Low-Advanced level, though generally I'm not fussed. Give me a couple or so good paragraphs to work with and I'm happy - though of course, write several if you wish! I write as male mains, but if minor secondary characters arise... gender is not an issue.

Contrary to what you might think when first meeting me (and I am a pretty nice guy in general), I'm actually quite comfortable with all manner of vulgarities and darker, gory, sexually explicit situations. What does this mean? Torrid amounts of cursing, violence and smut are completely okay with me. All role-plays will be conducted via Private Messages... though I do have a Skype as well. For OOC banter and whatnot.

Chatting to me on the side is encouraged. Not only does it help us to better get to know one-another, but who wouldn't want to get to know me doesn't enjoy making new acquaintances?

In terms of plots, I had nothing concrete in mind... so if you've got any ideas you'd like to throw at me... my door is always open. No matter if it's cliche or short, cheesy or odd or may just seem plain boring. You never know! And even if we don't wind up writing together; at the very least we can still have plenty of banter! Medieval, steampunk, futuristic, post-apocalyptic... I have no issues with technology or magic, so have at it. Slice-of-life, one-night-stand, battle royale? Throw it out there!

Just to demonstrate... here's something vague that I just thought up on the spot! Some sort of action-packed, slick, sexy spy romance of sorts.

Off the top of my head... YC (your character) and MC (my character) have been working together for the same agency for several years now. Now not only are personal feelings frowned upon in this line of work, but YC is not only MC's protégé but they are also *Cue drum-roll* L-O-V-E-R-S! Anywho. So one fateful day... a mission goes sideways due to unforseen circumstances. YC is saved by what appears to be a selfless act of sacrifice by MC. Believing MC dead, and not wanting to go through the pain and trauma of losing another partner, YC becomes a solo operative from then on out... quickly climbing the ranks as a formidable field operative. And then one day, a few years later perhaps, YC encounters MC on an assignment... only it appears that MC has defected and is now working for a rogue organization. Naturally, old feelings blossom... conflicts of duty arise... blahblahblah sexual tension la-dee-dah. Anyway, that's all very vague... but it gives room to be expanded upon and planned out together! This is what I mean by throw your ideas at me!

So... in summary:
- Pretty fly guy
- Violence, lots of swearing, lots of sex: A-okay!
- Private Messages only
- Character Sheet not necessary
- Throw ideas at me!
- Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Modern, Futuristic, Steampunk - all OK

Anywho, if keen (and to ensure that you've read through this deluge of nonsense by me)... please drop me a Private Message and include a spirit animal of choice in your message, and why you chose it!

Apologies in advanced if there are delays in responses; it's nothing personal, my schedule is just pretty cray.

Anyway, thanks for reading if you got this far!

*Hat-tips.* I leave the rest to you, ladies.
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Overwatch in my pants.

That actually sounds a tad creepy...
@Suzy Blue Probably.

@NightStar Hey there and welcome back! I, too, was a member of the good 'ol RPGuild prior to its collapse. Lots of well-written Role-plays and meaningful Private Messages lost. Alas. Following this, I went on hiatus for a good long while afterwards and have only recently tried to get back into the swing of things - so I completely get your angle.

That being said, hopefully we'll see more of you around.

Feel free to drop by and say "Hello!" or if you'd like to exchange tasty snacks and nibbles.


Stay groovy.

@NightStar Wow. You are supah-gorgeous. Like... whoa. Them eyes. :D

I particularly like that last one where your hair is a little wavy.
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