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5 hrs ago
Current The Pervy Hermit (me) does not wish to be the voice of reason once more. The Pervy Hermit would prefer to sit quietly at his computer/tablet/phone and going quietly insane while finding hentai.
8 hrs ago
Ah, the irony of playing a game for fun, but you wind up cussing out the people who kill you the most. Such is the life of a FPS fan with a relatively short fuse.
11 hrs ago
Remember that anime film fest I mentioned? Well guess who had a MASSIVE panic attack and missed it because he hyperventilated so much he passed out?
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24 hrs ago
Decided to check out "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet" on Netflix. I'm hooked now. Amy would be perfect waifu material… if she wasn't fifteen.
1 day ago
The step sister who was over all day today is a genki girl. Please, God, give me the strength to not lock myself in my room with a six-pack of booze.


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Bump! Added a new fandom to my list: Yandere Simulator! The main idea features the adorkable Oka Ruto!

Seriously, how can someone not love someone who's part Tharja, part Mokocchi, and part Hex Maniac? I mean, look at her sleepwear!


That said, I'm quite in the mood for a forbidden romance (siblings, step siblings, etc.).
Bump. Crossed out the ideas I'm not interested in at this time.
What? It's my 22nd birthday? Lemme try to get excited.

Nope. No good.
One of my favorite YouTubers just liked my comment on his video.

How sad am I for that?
Waiting for RP partners to post be like:

Minus being in the same room, of course.
Sorry for the early bump, but I'm incredibly bored. I also tweaked the first post, including adding some pairings under the "Cage of Eden" section, as well as a crossover with my favoritest franchise of all time.

Bump. Updated the list.
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