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9 hrs ago
Current I suppose being struck dead and being reincarnated in a fantasy world like some cliché manga character is too much to ask for Christmas, huh?
12 hrs ago
I won't lie, if I had a Death Note I'd go to town with it.
15 hrs ago
Just one of these days:…
19 hrs ago
The more time I spend in meatspace, the more I think it's a horrible place.
23 hrs ago
Well, Mr. Grunt, you pissed me off. I'm gonna have to hurt you. And by "hurt you," I mean "curb-stomp your ass". :3


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I don't take criticism too well, constructive or otherwise.
. . .

… What's that, Jerry?
. . .

Well f*ck you too, Jerry.
Ignore. Posted in the wrong thread.
Now a little more awake Ryūko fixed a magnetic mirror to the inside of her locker and fixed her hair. As usual she forewent makeup. Usually that would make a girl feel like a troll (or at least, she thought) but she felt confident enough… or what passed for confident for a socially awkward girl obsessed with video games, anime, and manga.

Maybe I can reboot the Gaming Club, Ryūko mused. The majority of the club last year had been seniors, so once they graduated there were less than five people left. Then again, Akademi's gaming clubs of yesteryear had always been the butt of jokes by students and teachers alike. I mean, Dad said that one particularly stupid member outright tried to murder a game developer for a casual remark about her idiotic emails…
@Poi Unfortunately that'll probably involve a Switch since USUM has been confirmed to be the final game for the 3DS.
I'll get a post in when I can. Ultra Sun is so good I can barely put it down. I give it a 9.9/10 (too much water).
I have a feeling it's gonna be one of these days.

I see no waifus. I was told there would be waifus!

The waifus are a LIE!

Joking aside, I'm interested.
Calling it now: Aiko's dad is Marshmallow-kun from Crush Crush. XD

Some Rawst Berries. :3
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