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Current Proverbs 20:15: There is Gold, and a multitude of Rubies: but the lips of Knowledge are a precious jewel.
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lol gay haha
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Matthew 9:34: But the Pharisees said, "He can cast out demons because he is empowered by the prince of demons."
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*rawr xD*
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This riot is getting out of control! Call in the Roof Koreans!


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lol rip
UwU the plot thiccens
Being involved and being directly involved are two different things. Being not involved in the slightest would imply a lack of all involvement, information, and connection. I was involved the moment I was dragged into the situation . . . Being involved and being directly involved are two different things. Being not involved in the slightest would imply a lack of all involvement, information, and connection. I was involved the moment I was dragged into the situation. I think you misunderstand what I mean by confrontation; that or you and I have two different definitions of confrontation. Merriam-Webster describes it as “to face especially in challenge” and Cambridge describes it as “to deal with a difficult problem, situation, or person” – both of these definitions describe the situation.

. . .

An indirect and direct confrontation may be different, but both can cause uncomfortable feelings to be unearthed. Both are still objectively confrontations. You obviously think direct confrontation is better and I don’t entirely disagree, but in this situation I felt an indirect one was better for all parties involved. What is done is done, I can’t lament over what would happen if I had confronted it directly instead.

dude it's the internet not the palace of versailles there's no need for all this pseudo-intrigue

lol u guys are overthinking things xD
<Snipped quote by Fabricant451>

I think some blood and a firm handshake afterwards is better than infinitely throwing shade in here without ever coming to a resolution, only coming to the conclusion that 'the other side is a retard and I'm mucho smart' but hey, what do I know. The real bother here is that people not involved with the given situation are commenting on it as though they were and are, behind the scenes, saying shit that I find to be pretty damn disrespectful - if you said them to their face, that'd earn so much more respect, but here we are.

its just more funny to throw shade, lol
@Mariana Collie

oh i guess that was lost in translation but it's not meant to be the end of a sentence. i meant as in not!Earth or not!Japan, but i guess it was obfuscated by how i left "(Geographic Area)" there to leave it open to interpretation.
<Snipped quote by Didgeridont>

gr8 b8 m8, r8 8/8

what a pristine argument. whatever say what you will it still gets me flustered at the state of this site.
When someone makes an interest check that explicitly lists so much of its information yet is still unable to properly convey the premise of the rp aside from "its uhhh anime in blahblahblah or something i guess".

And then they add inane jargon and blatant not!(Geographic Area) to inflate it more than a dead pig that's been left out in the sun for a few days.

And THEN the fact that people will probably buy into this sort of drivel hook, line, and stinker.

How far we have strayed from the path of literary introspection and actual effort being put into our roleplays.

Eh . . . 4/10 - not bad, but not too good, either

The instrumentation is varied but perhaps to a fault. It definitely feels like it should be a powerful background track, but there isn't any real focus on one instrument to serve as the support. This leads to the beat feeling flaky and uninteresting as all these different tones compete for the listener's attention. Add to that the fact that most rap songs are very reliant on their beats to provide support, groove, tempo, catch the listeners attention, etc., the lack of any real consistency or strength in the instrumentation definitely undermines the potential of the song.

The vocals aren't really my cup of tea either but I do appreciate the varied inflections of the voice and the concerted effort to actually try and rap. I think that the meter of the piece is too brief, which results in the phrases becoming choppy with strange pauses that feel like they come too early. I also think that the vocalist's enunciation could use work, as due to his speed it becomes difficult to understand what he's saying (the fact that alot of the things he's talking are often based on strange and otherwise disconnected topics/ideas doesn't help either)

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God no. World wars are catastrophic wastes of precious resources.

I think he meant this in the sense that war can allow nations to accrue very powerful economic and military hegemony over certain areas, essentially leading to a net increase in the resources at their disposal.
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