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8 days ago
Make Casual Great Again! #MCGA
14 days ago
This is 30.
2 mos ago
A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it.
4 mos ago
Five Years. 11,403 posts littering countless characters and stories. Thanks to Mahz for building this community. I'm happy that I've met every single person here. Even those who dislike me.
6 mos ago
Just got a phone call that told me my Uncle Steve died today. That’s a hoot. Love you, June.


i n k a r n a t e .
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by the way don't think i didn't notice you never talking about magitek inky

stop right there criminal scum

what ever do u mean
Decided against Charmed after realizing lack of content, working on a sheet sporadically as I have the time.
I'll try, at least.
we rise from the dead
@alexfangtalon All memeing aside, it looks good to go to me.
Who else would I be referring to?
Good job at almost being as obnoxious as @Hero with your headers. I see no issues with the content.
Not sure how it'll impact the future but the GMs have decided that people who drop are thrown into other classes.

Or become mild NPCs in the same classroom.
We probably still need to update the roster, but yes. More active and dedicated posters will make me a happy man.
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