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3 days ago
Likes & Dislikes are the single-most useless section in a character sheet.
3 days ago
History is the most important part of conceptualization in a CS. Personality can be summed up with a few listed traits. Ultimately the use of these sections is 50% information and 50% writing ability.
22 days ago
Sixteen years ago, my mother passed away in her sleep in her fight against cancer. She’d be seventy-four years old if she had survived to today. Time to celebrate her life as I work on things.
25 days ago
Sometimes a RP dying is a good thing. Makes you aware of GM habits you need to change, adjust, and be aware of. Having a conversation with your players is useful post-game even if it did not work out.
4 mos ago
Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.


Available for writing on most days not called Tuesday and Friday, but sometimes my schedule fluxes.

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Is this true love?

No, it's fantasy.
Two of you may have noticed I'm using this hiatus to catch up with the IC I've missed. I'm also reading characters in blocks from start to the most current post so that I have a better through-line and can keep track. It's like binge-watching a netflix series vs watching the newest episode every week.

Anyway, as I'm doing so I will be taking notes and drawing up summary points and feedback when I reach the end. @Inkarnate and @ComradeMaxx, as you were the first ones to be caught up, I've got your feedback ready if you'd like it. Give me a shout if/where you want it.

I'm all for communal stuff. If you want to share I would love to see a different perspective.
My timing is impeccable, as they say.

While Mackenzie hadn’t seen Stella since the beginning of the school year, she didn’t exactly anticipate to be immediately glomped upon her return. But then again, Stella was predictably unpredictable, so by the time Stella was shouting she wasn't surprised.

“Mate, it’s not like I was dead!” She exclaimed as she brushed herself off after Stella ended her impromptu hug. “See? Totes not-a-zombie. I'm not about that life.”

Mackenzie chuckled as her eyes moved to Stella’s date? Had Stella finally found someone to pounce in the time that Mackenzie had been stuck in Hollywood? If that was true then she hated her father even more. How could she have been left in the dark about something like that? Going to gather a drink of her own, she commented about the recent development in tandem. After all, she had to know about all of the finer details.

“So. What’s new with you and your boytoy? Last I checked, when I left for Hollywood in September you were single and well, it looks like you’ve got a date. Gotta say, I’m a little bit jealous.”

Mackenzie’s comment wasn’t facetious, which was a surprise for her. She hadn’t realized how much she missed the get-up-and-go of Palm Beach and all of its teenage residents until she was stuck in Hollywood with her father for close to two months. Sure, there were people her age there, but it just wasn’t the same. The idea that she missed hanging out with Stella, Kavi, Diablo, and Chanel had hit her like a brick and she was a little bummed out that she didn’t have a plus one to bring. As she took a drink she wondered if some of her favorite targets were about, or even any one of her newer acquaintances. If they weren't she was sure she would find something or someone to have fun with.

She turned her attention back to Stella, another drink in hand.

So what was her answer? Were they going to be flustered because she said boytoy or were they going to take it like a boss?

interactions // stella, oliver

“Do make sure you tell Bruce he’s still a twat, yeah? Catch you next time, Liz.” Mackenzie Davenport smiled as she hit ‘end call’ on her cellphone.

It had been a year since her father, in all of his collective wisdom, had decided that Palm Beach was a better fit for the two of them rather than sticking with London. But if he was so stuck on family and all of that other crap, why was he schmoozing at a Hollywood party on the other end of the country? Why hadn’t he come back to Florida with Mackenzie? The answer was pretty simple as far as she could make out, though by this point in their amazingly strained father-daughter relationship Mackenzie didn’t really give a shit.

If her dad got to be at a party, well, there was no reason she couldn’t be at a party either.

Fortunately, for Mackenzie it wasn’t difficult to find a party given none other than Kavi Salvador had decided he was hosting one, with refreshments provided. As it was no surprise to probably anybody ever, Mackenzie was all about free drinks and awesome parties. Finding a costume wasn’t hard considering the fact she had too many to count and most of them were “party-friendly”. After all, trick-or-treating was never really her thing. The one outfit she had decided on for this particular party fit her almost perfectly. It was simple with long crimson and black colors, hugged her like a pro, and gave her the impression that she was just a bit devilish.

Just a little bit.

Mackenzie checked her makeup in her rear-view mirror of her car one last time as she put aside her phone and her keys. It had felt like a long time since she had been to a party like this. She had missed Homecoming and Diablo’s party due to obligations with her father, though after hearing how the former went down she was kind’ve glad she had been excused from the event. Not that she would’ve had any problem being someone’s forced date, but the fact that another group of old men were trying to dictate her life. Dictators were definitely not her aesthetic. Missing Diablo's party was definitely a bummer, though. But regardless of that double-edged sword she was here now and she definitely wasn't missing this specific rager. She just wondered what kind of shenanigans were going to happen.

She smiled as she opened the car door and took a step outside, with eyes forward.

“It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?” She muttered, thinking the last time she had been inside Kavi's place of business as she began walking toward the front door. It appeared she was as fashionably not-on-time as usual.

It appeared no time at all as she passed the “security” that Kavi had apparently hired, entering the party with a full-bodied wave of energy hitting her like a brick. She wondered where the fun was at, or more importantly, where the alcohol was. She hadn’t had her fix in quite some time. Last year’s run in with the cops had put her in a “dry county” for a good amount of time and her father had screamed at her like he hadn’t done since the one time she was caught with Liz in London with something a lot worse than a few beers. She was just happy she got away with that shit and everything was basically back to normal again, or what qualified as normal in Palm Beach.

As she shifted through the dark corridors as loud music blared around her she tried to make sense of her surroundings. Soon enough she would find what she was looking for... and maybe some additional things that she wasn't.

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