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Current If you have a group who will stick with you through three month posting pauses, don't lose that group ever. They'll never drop and are the best people around.
3 mos ago
Sixteen years ago, my mother passed away in her sleep in her fight against cancer. She’d be seventy-four years old if she had survived to today. Time to celebrate her life as I work on things.
3 mos ago
Sometimes a RP dying is a good thing. Makes you aware of GM habits you need to change, adjust, and be aware of. Having a conversation with your players is useful post-game even if it did not work out.
6 mos ago
Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.
1 yr ago
I’m not a good writer. I’m just good at pretending to be.


Inkarnate (in·kahr·nit)

A hobbyist writer of mixed reputation and ability.

And by ability, I definitely mean reliability.

I’ve been role-playing online for about eighteen years, a hobby that I’ve enjoyed incredibly despite all of the baggage that comes with it. As of 2019, I’ve acknowledged a lot of my issues as a writer, roleplayer, and person. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, social gaffs, and fundamentally failed to read the room on multiple occasions. This has, of a sort, given me a reputation to be an impulsive, overzealous, authoritative, and unreliable writing partner. Such a description is not incorrect, which is why I’m addressing what I can with it going forward.

That aside, I’m not as bad as I make myself sound.

I may be impulsive and blunt, overtly so at times, but I’m undeniably loyal and overeager when it comes to my friends and my creative expression through this shared hobby of ours. I joined RPG without much context in the winter of 2013, and the culture has changed quite a bit and as a result so has my writing. My ability lands me somewhere between casual and advanced depending on my level of commitment, inspiration, and interest; a category that makes me flexible. This flexibility extends to what genres and styles I enjoy writing, as I have always believed that no genre is distinctly unenjoyable if executed correctly and with the right amount of creative effort. That said, I do often gravitate towards anime-oriented styles, superhero fiction, and the various kinds of fantasy. You will see me just as often writing Batman as you will see me writing some deconstruction of a tsundere heroine. If you have an idea I will generally go for it if it has something I like at its core.

You can find my interest check here.

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If Bethesda manages to bungle another sequel (Dishonored 2, Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein: New Colossus), I will RIOT.

Name: Yseline Lelles
Race: Breton
Age: Adult
Birthsign: The Lord
Family Origins: Anvil, Cyrodill

Appearance: Yseline is a young Breton woman with dirty blonde hair and a warmer complexion due to her years of constant travel and brokerage. She stands a little taller over other Breton women at 5’6”, which is three inches past the general approximation of racial standards. Long past her childhood where she was afford fine gifts and finer prospects, Yseline has taken to her lifestyle as a traveler quite well. Her hair is tied into a loose, rough tail-knot, and her eyes of auburn have not faded into gray-browns quite yet. Her figure is athletic from a lean diet and the constant wear-and-tear of traveling beaten roads and weathered galleys.

10 days until they release classic, 12 days until most people realize they don't have the quality of life things and stop playing it.

No but for real the absolute state of WoW that they have to use Classic as an incentive because the current expansion is sub-WoD. Bless them and may the next expansion be good.

A lot of those people don't remember how much of a chore vanilla was, lol.
The horror sidequests are the best ones in Skyrim, don't @ me. Good concept. Don't know if I have the time, but I wanted to support the idea regardless.
Man, what kind of Batman interpretation can't you do?
I feel like if we don't get any of the spider-people in we have the makings of a future spider-verse thing, lmao.
You used the wrong song there, Maxx.
I'll probably be finalizing my concepts Saturday.
"What is you favorite genre to write and why? What is you least favorite genre to write?"

My favorite? It’d have to be medieval fantasy.

I love pretty much every genre I’ve ever written, but medieval fantasy is about the easiest to write because I have been writing it the longest. I grew up on Arthurian myths, Tolkien & Jordan, sword & sorcery films, and roleplaying games. My first short story I wrote in elementary school was within this framework. You can do pretty much anything you want with a good medieval fantasy story, you just have to be interested in applying the themes that move you and tell good character stories.

My least favorite has recently become Slice of Life, not because I'm disinterested in telling modern drama stories but rather than the community that comes with it. I won't go into it more than that, but I have never been in a more toxic space than that genre in all of my eighteen years of participating in this hobby.

Smith's Rest | HQ Tram Station
January 16th, 2677

What were the odds?

The plucky, red-haired teenager pressed her tongue against her uppermost canine, thinking over the situation she found herself in. A bunch of would-be pilots, some she recognized, and the “boss” or one of them, she guessed, was meeting them on head-first. Of all the things she had experienced her lifetime as a pilot, this one made the list as the strangest. But Ryn wasn’t a corporate hire. She barely recognized executives and commanders due to the fact that throughout her time as a pilot she mostly had generally found employment in the midwestern territories or in the deep end of the divide. Most of the jobs she took were in the more chaotic, independent north; the stretch of land between what was once called Iowa and Saskatchewan.

She had once told a friend that she preferred working far and away from corporate oversight. It was “easier” she had said, though the truth of the matter was she didn’t understand it.

Yet here she was. Her first real “corporate” assignment, or well, tryout. The message on her holotool several weeks ago had mentioned there would be secondary interviews and trials going forward, though there was no real information on what they were looking for in New Anchorage. Just load your NC on a train to Alaska, do the trials, make the grade. In her mind she had little doubt that she could handle it. But Kathryn Dradht was not a girl who was lacking in confidence.

“So. What’s the deal with this place?”

The comment was blunt, lacking respect or manners, but as far as Ryn could figure it was a question that was on everybody’s minds.

The dark-haired commander remained silent for a moment as he considered the question.

“New Anchorage?”

As he explained his answer the other man began to escort the non-pilots out of the depot, leaving him with the Ryn and the rest of the prospective pilots. Ryn wasn’t really a master of reading people but she could tell that her new maybe-boss had a lot on his mind that he wasn’t exactly disclosing.

“To strip it down into the basics? It’s a coalition of settlements that want to push back against key threats surrounding the region. I suppose it’s not very different from places like Blackstone Harbor or Dead Springs. A place that has survived on the skin of its teeth and only one or two NC pilots for the last few decades. I intend to take a proactive approach in making New Anchorage safe and secure.”

As he clipped the datapad that was in his hands to his utility belt, he moved his hands behind his back and continued speaking.

But Ryn's attention wasn't on his posture, but more of the fact that he decided to mention Blackstone Harbor. She wasn't sure why he went out of the way to compare Blackstone and this new place in Alaska, but it wasn't going to make her feel like she was finding a new home. This was a job. Nothing could replace what she had in Blackstone. She raised a brow as he began to lead the group outside and toward the base itself.

“But, no. This isn’t an army. Don’t expect me to be training you all to be soldiers, only capable pilots who follow orders and live up to expectations, and the only expectation I've been asked to test you for is if you can fly, shoot, and protect a handful of settlements. Any other questions?”

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