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Current If you think Sims 5 will not be too pricey you're fooling yourself.
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Don't give EA any ideas to gouge their fanbase more, thanks, lol.
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If people aren't interested in your idea, maybe there's more at play then just unluckiness. Maybe you need to present your idea better to the audience of that idea.
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Functionality and accessibility are more important than aesthetics in character sheets.
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Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.



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I have no idea how the Cleganes survived The Long Night when their two only sons of the line that we know of obviously aren't procreating. Unless we're passing it through the unnamed daughter. That said, I have no strong opinions on the fate of their house.

Dunno how @Asura feels about the Umbers.
@Sloth I have faith in you, but also at least finish the sheet if Nina wins in the arrow-war.

nice, thinking of doing the Boltons or Reynes

“Intergalactic Space Crusaders”

“Hold on.” The Green Lantern paused, holding up her hand as a bright green light flickered from the power ring on her hand. “I gotta take this.”

“Lantern Mullein, there is a critical Class 3 extranormal threat on route to your destination.”

Even after half-a-decade, Sojourner Mullein still hadn’t quite gotten used to the Green Lantern Corps’ artificial intelligence that she had come to know as AYA. Wearing the ring gave her access to not only the powers given to her by Ion and the Guardians, but also it gave the supercomputer’s AI access to her brain. It was invasive. Kilowog said she would get used to it eventually, which wasn’t really the case.

That said, it was good to know when there was extranormal threats inbound to the planet she called home.

“Class 3? That’s an unidentified object of dangerous mass and velocity. A NEO?”

“Correct. I would advise you to immediately move to contain it. You do not want it to reach its target vectors.”

Giant space rock. Collision course with Earth. It was a classic science fiction trope. But this wasn't Hollywood and being a space cop and member of the Justice League meant these sort of things were her bread and butter. Though she really wished these sort of things happened when she wasn’t in the middle of therapy. Being a space cop didn’t exactly pay in American dollars and the whole Justice League gig was very pro-bono. All of her Earth-based income was from public appearances and needing to protect an entire sector of space cut into a lot of her time. Still, it was better than the alternative.

“Sorry Doc, I've--”

“I heard. Unidentified object, right?” The psychiatrist smiled warmly as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“We'll continue this later.”

Awkward. She supposed she should’ve responded to AYA in her head, especially in the presence of her psychiatrist, but it just wasn’t something she consciously thought about doing. Besides, thinking wasn’t something she did a whole lot. She was more about acting, even when it wasn’t in her best interest to do so. Was one of the reasons the NYPD kicked her ass out of the door without a second thought.

A green hue surrounded the superheroine as she got up to her feet before moving to the nearest window. Green energy split through the gap, forcing it open after releasing the lock. In a matter of seconds she was gone from the Gotham City office and lighting up the sky as a trail of energy followed her as she headed toward the stratosphere, leaving her therapy session inconclusive. But as they said, she had bigger fish to fry. While she was still in communications range she made a quick mental note to explain the situation to any of the other members of the Justice League that were listening. Not that most of them could help. Hell, only one of them probably could assist her if she needed any.

Still. It had to be done.

All things considered, she had to hand it to the king of brooding. The network he had established around an old satellite had come pretty useful for coordination and coordination was something useful. She still wondered about all of Batman's connections and resources, but generally she had more fish to fry. She didn't make a habit out of interrogating her allies.

“Justice League, this is Green Lantern. We’ve got a problem with a wild piece of space rock that's on a collision course for, well, us. I’m responding as fast I can.”

The message seemed clear enough.

“If things go wrong, someone's going to have to catch debris with their face.”

Silvio Manfredi is the head of the Maggia as a whole, but he is currently indisposed for reasons I haven't bothered to elaborate on. In his place, Hammerhead is running New York, and Tombstone has broken off to start his own syndicate. Hammerhead's group are your more prototypical gangsters, while Hammerhead is using more creative methods for trying to deal with Spidey. I haven't touched Wilson Fisk since I figured that would be under the purview of anyone who wanted to take a crack at Daredevil, but since nobody has yet, we can assume he's out there and currently "above" the street-level gang war.

Sounds like a future Moon Knight and Spider-Man special event.
The untouched Maggia angle was for my shitty Spider-Man concept. So, I believe, that wouldn't be the case now. Judging from @AndyC's character notes, there are a lot of separate crimelords in NYC. Including Tombstone and Hammerhead at the top.

Yeah I noticed some of the defections and the like. It is in my notes section of my MK sheet.

S O J O U R N E R M U L L E I N S E C T O R 2 8 1 4 L A N T E R N C O R P S
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

“I’m the one causing the trouble. Just by existing. But what else is new?”

Sojourner Mullein grew up in the shadow of September 11th, and perhaps was the key reason why she was dedicated to serve. Dedicated to the core tenants of the ideals of protecting those who needed it. She rose in the ranks to become a well-decorated NYPD officer until the dominos began to fall around her. Corruption in the force, her refusal to acclimate to the “thin blue line”, and circumstance led to her removal from the line of duty.

However, it would be her stance to oppose great fear that would draw her to the injured body of Abin Sur when his ring selected her as his successor. To succeed him as a Green Lantern.

The Green Lanterns. The police of the greater cosmos—interstellar agents of peace and justice. It would be an honor that took her through the trials of Kilowog and Sinestro. A large task, but if being a regular cop had taught her anything it was to expect the unexpected and to prepare for the worst. If a Green Lantern died on Earth against an unknown threat, then the Lanterns needed the very best, even if they had no clue how the greater galaxy worked. All Sojourner knew was she intended to give it her all. And so began her story.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

The crux of this concept is Sojourner Mullein in the role of Hal Jordan.

Unlike her comic, The Far Sector, I’m intending to have the newer addition to the Green Lantern mythos play a more traditional role within the corps. No special assignment or special ring, just a lot of the basics. With the death of Abin Sur, his ring finds itself with a down on their luck police officer from New York City after extrapolating circumstances has struck her removed from the NYPD.

Unlike past versions of the Lantern Corps in these games that I've tried, I’m not planning on over-complicating it. The goal is to try to lean on old police serials and films like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon and tell a variety of stories in a space pulp format. Should I get accepted I will keep room open for all sorts of development on this end, including legacies, adjacent characters, and so forth. I tried doing this for the Year One game but I lost out due to heavy GL competetion, so let's try to rectify that by bringing up this Year One concept to a few years later. That way I don't have to sort out all of the basic fixtures of a year one space cop story and get into the meat and potatoes.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

This space will be periodically updated as characters are thought of and established, I don't like to plan fifty-five steps ahead so don't expect this to be fully loaded from the start.

S A M P L E P O S T:

“Duty” Part 1

“Sojourner Mullein, you have shown the ability to overcome great fear.”

It had been a statement that would pull the New York native from the bottom of a bottle.

A statement whispered into the very center of her soul. By a thing. A shiny green ring that fell out of the sky and into her lap. It sought her out. As if she was the only one who had overcome great fear in the entire world. Her instincts didn’t embrace it. If anything, her instincts told her that she was dreaming, because there was no amount of alcohol that would make her visualize a shiny green ring snapping on her hand and taking her halfway across the planet. This wasn’t normal. These things didn’t happen. Not to people like her.

But it did happen.

The universe didn’t care about the color of your skin, or what planet you were from, or who you thought you were.

She still didn’t understand it. But the choice was not hers or even Abin Sur’s to make. It was the ring’s choice. The Guardians built the ring, but they did not orchestrate it. It moved like the wind and sought out who it knew was the right fit. Turns out that despite thinking little of herself Abin Sur’s ring thought differently. Believed in her. Knew that she was the only choice to make when it came to recruiting a new intergalactic arbiter of peace and justice. A new Green Lantern.

Even with all of the training that came from being a new member of the Green Lantern Corps, she still wasn’t entirely sure how to process everything. She had been flung half-sober across the planet to meet a dying alien before being flung off across the galaxy to be educated what exactly being a Green Lantern meant. Her entire world changed in no less than fifteen minutes. Not many people could come to terms with something so massive in that kind of time. She certainly couldn’t. At the very least she could rest easy knowing while she was learning intergalactic protocol that this was the best case for everyone. Maybe she could return to Earth after she got acclimated to the job, see how she could help now that she had the ability to do more than she ever could before.

But first, she had to get the hell off of Oa.


That is, the planet the ring had taken her to for her preliminary training and education as a Green Lantern. The headquarters for the Guardians of the Universe, a bunch of short blue men who observed the conduit to which gave the Lantern Corps their powers. Or at least that’s what Jo could understand from the information she had gathered. Information that she was still unpacking. Information that made her time in the army, Princeton, and the NYPD all seem like one of the summaries books had on the back to give you a clue if they were any good.

Kilowog, the veteran in charge of teaching pretty much everybody, told her that the time would be soon enough. God, she hoped so.


“Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps, Sojourner Mullein.”

“Thanks.” She managed, as she crossed her arms, looking toward the streets below.

It was a weird thing to hear out loud. But she was starting to get used to weird.

“The ring is trusting you. So don't let it down.”

“Yeah...” Jo looked down at the ring on her hand, thinking about what Kilowog had told her. “...right.”

P O S T C A T A L O G:

A list linking to your IC posts as they're created. This can be used for a reference guide to your character or to summarize completed arcs and stories.
Thanks for believing in me, chief.
I'm going to also see about going all in and trying to contribute to this game at 200%. We'll see if I can pull it off.

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