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Current Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.
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People really need better things to do.
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I’m not a good writer. I’m just good at pretending to be.
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Originality is overrated. Executing tired and proven ideas in fun ways that interest you are more important than being different for the sake of being different!
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I’m just saying, I’m not sure the Old Republic originally intended heavy repeating blasters and thermal detonators to be included in the second amendment.


“It was then he realized she was never Switzerland. Switzerland never existed. He was a fool.”

“The person who is so conceited not to see their own flaws will see their flaws in others.”

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Euph said I should read this.

Outside of issues with adhering to the formatting of the sheet, there’s actually a lot of issues me and Maxx seemed to recognize.

I can summarize this into several key points:

Tone. Your character is not written as a protagonist or even a deuteragonist. While characters who can be typified as “edgy” are more than acceptable for the cast, they need to inherently good-natured and have the ability to mesh with the character roster. This means having a sociability, even if they at times can be confrontational or disliked. The people who treat the chaos of their new existence and new consequences as a means to be a worse person than they were are more suitable to enemies for the cast to overcome rather than being comrades-in-arms.

Incomplete Application. There are missing or invalid fields. You list only one domain, suggest a profession like raider (which I honestly don’t see how it could be a profession in-game), list an incomplete array of benchmarks, and so forth.

Invalid Appearance. People in Pariah Online do not design an avatar, they are represented by their inner self and psychology. I find a pale-faced, vampire-fanged ghoul to be not something that makes a lot of sense and I’m not particularly keen in accepting it. I’ve accepted gender changes, age changes, and some minor things, but I think this one is a whole different level that isn’t appropriate for what I am looking for.

So with that noted, I’m just going to have to reject the application. I’m sorry.
@Ruler Inc

I may have a character concept down the road, but right now I'm catching up on my RPs after a fortnight of an annoying flu that kept me from RPing consistently. Keep me posted on how things develop.

Fixed, there were two HR tags and a unfinished indent tag.

Somebody mind telling me how hiders work?

Your code is probably just broken due to some interference of some sort. Not sure where it falls apart, but I'll take a look at the RAW.

New York City, Manhattan
City Streets

Kori pushed her hand against the concrete underneath her, her vision was blurry, and there was a dull, reverberating, pain coming from the side of her head. Had she been at full power when she arrived on this new planet, she would’ve been in a far better position for a battle of such a scale. But beggars couldn’t be choosers, even if the beggars were beggar princesses. She was just glad she had timed her attacks against the “leader” of the group of Gordanians, otherwise she probably would’ve been in far worse shape.

She gritted her teeth and tried to refocus, looking in the direction her enemy had “flown”. Archaic buildings of steel and brick stood in the path with a Gordanian shaped hole in place of an exterior wall.

In a few seconds, she saw the silhouette of her captor-to-be, though before he looked at her he looked at his comrades-in-arms to see how they were doing. Gordanians didn’t have much facial muscles to express emotions, but Kori knew he wasn’t pleased. She didn’t even need to hear him snarl, his body language was all she needed. As his eyes re-met hers, she scrambled to her feet, remembering her training from her time with the Warlords of Okaara, changing to a defensive stance. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could last. But a Princess of Tamaran never went down without a fight; even if they were on their last breath.
A seasonal gushing thread? Feh! The cynic in me wants to fight it, but just like everyone else there’s a lot I owe to people on this site. Mostly for putting up with my overzealous bullshit. Biggest nods for those closest to me – @Ladypug, @DruSM157, @Sloth, @Nuttsnbolts, @McMolly, and @Euphonium – for sticking by me and weathering the storm so to speak. I would do anything in my power to help you if you ever needed it and you know that. You are the people that keep me writing and interacting with the community.

For everyone else that stuck with my RPs or just kept close interaction, thank you so very much. Specifically:

I'm still hella sick so a post will be going at the speed of smell.
My flu is coming down so I can probably finish my character soonish.

Your CS seems serviceable. I see no issues with it unless Supes does. Feel free to stick it in where it belongs.


Same rules apply to all my RPs, but yeah, we've got a shiny 'apply' button and everything.
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