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Current my favorite thing about the NBA that i like to do is laugh at lebron choking
15 days ago
Just got a phone call that told me my Uncle Steve died today. That’s a hoot. Love you, June.
20 days ago
Or better yet – let go of your grievances because they are likely short-sighted and petty.
21 days ago
It’s pretty cathartic apologizing to someone you have wronged in the past and hoping that this is a step forward to me not being a despicable human being.
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I’m not a good writer. I’m just good at pretending to be.


i think you're a joke

but i don't find you very funny

Formerly the user known as @Gowi. 29-going-on-30. Sarcastic to a fault; a lot of faults. INTJ. Sagittarius.

As you may be able to infer by the snark and vitriol above, the person behind Inkarnate is an asshole. Some find it endearing, others don’t. I’ve lost friends over it, though I’m not sure what to do about it outside of reflect and accept the mistakes I’ve made.

If you were one of the few that either can stand me or wants to give me a solid go, the most I can tell you is I’m an experienced writer and roleplayer of seventeen years who started doing this hobby on a pretty mediocre message board when I was in elementary school. I love writing. I love writing more than music or anime or cinema. It’s my passion and the hobby that keeps me going. I’m really collaborative, but my activity fluxes constantly due to obligations in my day-to-day life away from the computer. Sometimes people think I vanish or hold up a roleplay, othertimes my pacing is on point. I try to communicate whenever I cannot post, which is an improvement over how I used to be some amount of years ago. I will write in any project that I’m interested in and I will give 100% if everyone else is. As an asexual I don’t find sex writing (smut, erotica, whatever) interesting or fun to write, so that’ll never be an interest for me, but that’s about one of the only big “no’s” I have when it comes to writing with other people. I’m down for the mature, dark, gruesome, whimsical, and everything in-between.

If you want to write with me, check out my partner search for some of my parameters or my character concepts or testing forum to see what kind of shit plagues my brain. It’ll give you an example of my writing level and creative influences, though trust me when I say this but I don’t exclusively write females or anime-inspired settings even though a lot of the time it kind of looks like it.

Beyond writing, I’m an avid enthusiast of anime, cinema, and music. I’ve spent the most time into music and I’m kind of fascinated by the contextual, historical, and technical sides of it. I’m spent a stupid amount of time researching things informally and I know what I like. I’m most into traditional R&B, alternative rock of the 90s and present, and conscious rap, though my taste and knowledge goes well beyond those three. If you ever want to talk about music, anime, or whatever I tend to be pretty down for a conversation though I admit I can be pretty opinionated. I’m welcome to any conversation, really, as long as I have the time to discuss things! If there’s anything you want to know or you want to reach out to me my PM box (and discord) is always open. I know I can be a problematic guy, but I’m trying to be better and being more aware of people and their perception of things.

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I have also not slept and have been working on my sheet.

Making me regret not doing a certain female Green Lantern, but alas, I am committed to Bekka. Maybe I'll think on it when second characters are opened in the future. Looking forward to how you determine Iris' ultimized origin.
The typographical errors are more concerning, I think.
@Eddie Brock

Been trying to convince a friend, but other than that, no clue.

“The universe might not care what happens to you, but you should care what happens to the universe. How else would you build a better one?”
Personal Dossier

Bekka, Princess of New Genesis

Wonder Woman

Powers & Abilities
Advanced Close Quarters Combatant: Due to her experience, longevity, and training it is hard to argue against Bekka’s place as one of Earth’s finest martial artists and melee combatants. She is an expert in the art of swordplay, hand-to-hand combat, and advanced galactic weapons like power staves and energy rifles [though Bekka herself finds them a last resort].

Advanced Technology & Equipment: Bekka’s sword allows her to travel between “dimensions” through the use of the Mother Box attached to the hilt of her sword. The metal alloy it is comprised of is near weightless material and through science fixed to Bekka’s “genetic frequency” thus making only those of New Gods origin able to wield it. Beyond that, her armor was forged by the finest blacksmiths on New Genesis and a good deal of their technological innovations left New Genesis when Bekka departed using her sword’s mother box. This includes a holo-tool that allows her to store data with an artificial intelligence that aides her to perceive it.

Master Tactician and Strategist: The “New Gods” of New Genesis are ingenious albeit arrogant beings – their training is rigorous and results any less of perfection are scorned. Bekka grew up in the training colosseums to prepare for her role among the hierarchy of her people. Even amongst her fellow Genesisians she is above the curve and as the heir apparent Bekka has had more expectations than anyone else and she has always had the nerve to rise to the occasion. Her tactical analysis is on par with her abilities as a combatant, though most often her strong emotions and irrational impulses tend to make her forget to critically perceive a situation. However, when determined and focused Bekka will find a way to out-think her opponent, especially if she needs to rely on her brains instead of her brawn.

New Gods Physiology: The denizens of New Genesis [and Apokolips] are physiologically superhuman and as such they can dish out damage equivalent to that of others of superhuman magnitude. This extends well beyond their physical abilities as New Gods are hyper-evolved beings that have been enhanced by The Source granting them phenomenal reflexes, perception, and intelligence. These attributes are susceptible to be weakened when under the influence of Radion energies much like Kryptonians when introduced to Kryptonite in its various forms.

Origin and Backstory
Bekka’s story reads like a Greek Tragedy. But most stories involving “gods” tend to. Bekka was born as a member of the hyper-evolved beings that have come to be known as the “New Gods”, a humanoid race of aliens that assert their design as being the absolute definition of perfection. Separated into two factions, New Gods have fought each other for centuries in a bid for dominance over the primeval energy known as “The Source”. These factions are attributed to two planetary designations: Apokolips and New Genesis. Bekka was born into the latter and as such has been taught to fight for the needs of others, to represent the best of godliness, and to see the best in others before seeing the worst. Throughout her childhood she would come to struggle with these ideals in an everlasting battle with her own personal faults.

Eventually the war between the two factions came to a head – Bekka was still young, only into her twenties as a supposed god, an age that had yet to see growth through wisdom and experience. That’s when she met her equal, a man named Orion, the son of her people’s sworn enemy, though her father encouraged their meetings. Bekka was no fool and saw it for what it was. What her meetings with Orion meant. The two of them were to be partnered in a ceremony to bring a much needed peace to both Apokolips and New Genesis. Though she did not give out her hand easily or without challenge. However, in time they grew to respect one another mutually. For a moment Bekka thought those bred on Apokolips were not inherently evil. Though, reality would soon rears its head on the day of her wedding.

As luck would have it, Darkseid planned to use the wedding as a ruse and upon the beginning of the ceremony used it as a tactical advantage and brought Bekka’s family and the benevolent rulers of New Genesis to their knees through his wicked technologies. Orion rejected the notion up until he himself was killed by his own flesh and blood. Bekka fled, fighting through soldiers of Apokolips, realizing that Darkseid had only seen his own son as a tool and a bastard of little merit. She hated running from it. She hated not fighting to her last breath. As she was cornered she used the mother box that was built into her sword to escape. This would begin her journey away from everything she had ever known and to a world that would come to help her find purpose once again.

The place that would show her purpose was the planet known as Earth. It seemed so archaic and inadequate at first, but in time Bekka found solace. On her first few years on Earth she met Steven Trevor, a man who had nursed her back to health even though she assured him several times that he in no way could help her recover from her supposed injuries. He was stubborn and so were others who came to rally around her. Bekka wasn’t sure what to think of them, but she was glad they were around when at the time she felt so very alone. It is now some years later and something has changed in the world and in Bekka as well; something so important that Bekka has remembered her Genesisian values and to stop hiding from not only the world that has sheltered her but more importantly, herself. Upon the first sighting of Bekka in her angelic-like armor, Gateway City reporter and news pundit, Lisa Abernathy, has given her a name.

Wonder Woman.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?
The ultimization relies on the concept introduced in “Justice League: Gods and Monsters”, though it is not entirely an imitation of such word-for-word. I’ve read the comics and watched the film that spawned the concept, but I think I can take it to another level by incorporating Wonder Woman standards as well as New Genesis ideas into setting the tone of a different Wonder Woman for the One Universe we’re molding together here. Diana of Themyscyria no doubt exists, but here she’s not Wonder Woman. And I find the idea of Bekka taking up the mantle a little interesting. There’s a lot to do with that idea.

Classic Wonder Woman antagonists and supporting cast alike will be present. Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, Deborah Domaine, Veronica Cale, Edgar Cizko, Cylvia Cyber, Valerie Beaudry, Catherine “Cathy” Perkins, Timothy Trench, Helena Sandsmark, and others will be present in some form or another. By extension intergalactic “gods” such as Darkseid, Mongul, Thanos, and Infinity Man also are included to represent Bekka's unique cast of foes, friends, and everything in-between. With this in mind, Wonder Woman is not going to be limited to Earth that much is for sure. With that said, I’m also really looking forward to not needing to research Greek Mythology all that much like I did in New Frontier, though I suppose researching Jack Kirby’s New Gods is a whole different picnic. I’m absolutely fascinated about the directions and avenues this opens up, so I hope you guys are as well.

Supporting Characters
Dr. Adrianna Anderson: Another pillar of Gateway City. A former child prodigy and one of the leading experts in the field of cybernetics and robotics, Dr. Adrianna Anderson is a transhumanist first and a capitalist second. She believes the only way civilization is going to win the “superhero arms race” is to transcend humanity. Critics consider her a little too eccentric, but her products are currently outselling competitors for their ironclad security and smooth user interface. The “Cyberwalker System Guarantee” is a trademark of her products. Word is she’s onto a new breakthrough that could change everything.

Milo Armitage: A “professional businessman” that makes up the second pillar of Gateway City’s corporate magnates. CEO of a weapons manufacturer and chemo-industrial development firm, Milo operates out of Gateway City but his operations include the other two of the jewels of Northern California – Star City and Coast City. Steven Trevor once likened him as “some kind of twisted mix of Bruce Wayne and a young Carmine Falcone”. For some reason it seems the police and government agencies haven’t gotten enough dirt on him to bring him down. Perhaps his fall begins with Wonder Woman’s appearance on the scene.

Veronica Cale: One of the three pillars of Gateway City. A natural born leader and independent thinker, Veronica Cale is a self-made woman who has been disingenuously compared to that of Lex Luthor and others of similar vision and success. She designed her first cellphone at sixteen and became a giant of a new Silicon Valley movement by the time the technological revolution was underway. She has her hands in the pockets of so many prominent figures it’s hard to count. She’s also extremely ruthless and sees the rise of superhumans and vigilantism as a threat to the “American” business model. She’ll do everything to stay on top.

Timothy Trench: A smarmy private detective and former police officer for the Gateway City Police Department.

Catherine Perkins: A young teenage girl who idolizes Wonder Woman.
Sample Post

Gateway City – A city of the gods. A city of opportunity. A city of progress.

After all the years of adapting and learning about Earth, there was still a lot Bekka truly didn’t understand. The world she had found as a sanctuary from her past was archaic beyond belief. There were things the unevolved and unenlightened would do that disgusted her, which in no way she could relate to. New Genesis and many other members of the intergalactic community had shown progress and technological genius without destroying their planets they called home. But humans kept digging their hands into the earth, raping the soil and stealing what they could until they could steal no more. She imagined they would do so until the planet had nothing more to give them.

And that was just one of the many flaws humanity held. The distinctions between race, nation, class, and creed was a disease with no cure that she could see and the more she looked at the bigoted and craven the more she despised them. Earthlings were still primitive. The few that had shown promise could not save the rest from spreading like a plague.

But Bekka? She could.

She could represent those who were too scared to be the best version of themselves. She could inspire them and remove fear from the equation. She could be to them like she was to be to other Genesisians before Darkseid’s vicious betrayal. She could be their “Wonder Woman” like the papers wanted. With her technology, abilities, and values she could bring out the light in an era where an everlasting night was the reality. The more Bekka thought about it, the more she was certain that she could do it – the more she wanted to do it. It was one of the core reasons why she was standing in her “off the books” apartment in Gateway City, facing a mirror, while she smiled widely after donning her armor like it had been the first time she had done so in centuries.

It’s been long enough.

It was time to get to work.

Nah I’m already playing them in CAH, more or less haha

It's not the same.
If it weren't guarantee Henry would be rockin' the Teenage Mutant Ninja Gods.
@Master Bruce That’s pretty ballsy – handicapping Barbara from the onset. I don’t know how to feel about that as a Batgirl fan, but I’m definitely interested in seeing how that plays out in your story.
I hope this RP gets far enough along I can actually play a Year One Kara-El, that's my dream.
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