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Current Kobe Bryant is among those dead in a helicopter crash outside Los Angeles, a source confirms to ESPN.
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If you want to fix your reputation, you're gonna have to remove your bad habits.
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Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.
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I’m not a good writer. I’m just good at pretending to be.


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In Shelter 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
MissCapnCrunch and DystopyanKing have been removed from the active roster due to inactivity. The characters will be worked out in the next scene transition and should be considered NPCs for the time being.
I'm sure explanations will come in time. Right now, all we can do is keep this afloat and discuss options when the time comes.
Yeah, I'd like to carry on regardless.

However it only has been one day offline so not quite jump the gun before it's even been loaded.

That's true. It's just a question, though.
So I guess therein lies the question of what we, as the remaining playerbase want to do?

Somehow ive lost the discord.

Can someone send me a new invite.

Same, actually. This is foreboding and concerning.
I will have my character sheet finished… eventually. I’m taking Sunday off mostly for RP things unless I get the mood later on.

Iceberg Terrorists Fire Emblem Gang, Rise Up

Charles Jonathan King
February 2nd | 18 | Caucasian
Single || Aromantic Hetereosexual
High School (Senior) | Student
Physical Profile

Miscellaneous Items
A p p e a r a n c e D e t a i l s
By all appearances Charles is the overachieving, clean-cut perfect student. His clothing choices have always been tailored to perfection and he’s never been one to be seen in anything beyond that measure.

But it’s all a façade. A trick of the mind, permeated by domineering parents and overbearing tutors. Before arriving on The Promise, all that Charles ever knew was to present himself as the family and the corporation needed him to, never risking endangering their perfect reputation. He has gotten used to it. But having some actual agency has allowed Charles to change some things up here and there despite the psychological impact on his being from a young age. He’s grown out a beard, a straggly mess he had kept under the blade of a razor since he was fifteen-years-old. His hair, while short, is rarely over-combed or over-cut. He cares enough about himself to appear as he wants to, but is still subconscious enough about his parents to never doubt the conservative attire that he's worn basically his entire life. Tanktops are too revealing. Hoodies are too casual. Flannel is tacky. He has reservations about wearing hats. Denim is itchy. The list of nitpicks permeates his appearance as it does his personality.

But the public perception of Charles is neutral in part due to his perceived notion of charm, though he understands that some find him unapproachable for the same reasons others don’t. He permeates an aura compounded with his meta-biology that makes people nervous. He’s good at giving a fake smile, ingenuine as it is, though some people can see the lack of sincerity and earnestness from a mile away. He’s not sure what to think. He’s still trying to figure out what “genuine” is.

Perhaps The Promise is the best place to help him to do just that.
P e r s o n a l i t y
Charles is not quite there. Not really.

While he appears the average corporate heir, his charm and ability to communicate is a byproduct of social programming by his mother, his mother’s money, and his mother’s money’s influence. Coupled with such things, Charles' general thought process has always been strange, unconventional, and left-field. His mother noticed this when he was very young and as a result of perceiving Charles’ social issues, Charles was groomed by private tutors and subtly reprogrammed by experimental pharmaceutics without his knowledge or consent. When it came out that Charles was a parahuman on-top of this, it made things even more complicated. Being a borderline sociopath was one thing. Being diagnosed as a parahuman was another, larger thing.

He was ten years old when it happened. His mother closed herself off more to him while also demanding more, medicating more, suppressing more. Truth of the matter was that he resented it. Resent being one of the few emotions Charles could grasp as he grew older, wondering often why god had punished him in such a way; why god had cursed him with a mother who saw him as equal parts robot and equal parts test subject. But he was a parahuman and society had told him from an early age how parahumans were viewed, even if his extranormal abnormalities were quite mundane compared to other parahumans that he knew of. Perhaps god viewed parahumans similarly? He loathed the thought, but the thought crawled into his mind quite often.

One of the thoughts he could fight. Faith is probably one of the few things that kept Charles from fulling diverging into sociopathy, and in a lot of ways still guides a lot of his decisions. For someone whom was overly medicated and socially programmed, he can only really conceptualize things on facts and faith. He doesn’t have gut feelings or emotional guidance like many others do. If people get upset by a lie he said, he doesn’t understand. Without faith Charles wouldn’t be able to get a sense of right or wrong because throughout his life he hasn’t had friends to help determine his personal morality. Being charismatic is just knowing how to talk, not contextualizing feelings or ethics. It’s another reason why The Promise is probably the best place Charles could be. Meeting people and using their feelings to guide right and wrong is the only way he’s going to keep his head above water. But until that day comes… he can pretend.

He’s good at pretending.
C h a r a c t e r S y n o p s i s
A short history of your character's life before coming to The Promise.

A b i l i t i e s & S k i l l s
Unstable Augmentation
Charles is a ‘charger’ type that has intricate control of the “wiring” of the meta-biology of people he can see and feel.

The problem is there is no ceiling.

To explain this aptly, one must think of Charles like a paranormal amplifier. An amplifier that has no control over the “wattage”. While active this allows Charles to continuously, sometimes unconsciously raise the energy levels of paranormals he is in contact with. If focused on long enough, this can cause said energy levels to reach their maximum threshold or in problematic cases, beyond their maximum threshold.

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