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1 day ago
Five Years. 11,403 posts littering countless characters and stories. Thanks to Mahz for building this community. I'm happy that I've met every single person here. Even those who dislike me.
4 days ago
Shitposting. It sees shitposting.
5 days ago
Presentation strengthens appeal and the content itself, but if you have no content to present there's probably a problem.
8 days ago
Y'all need to let things go and live your life. Ain't healthy to be fixated.
2 mos ago
Back in my day you didn't need absurd text lengths to make a good story. You just needed AOL Instant Messenger and some people. Interesting how the younger generation cannot write outside of a forum.


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i think you're a joke

but i don't find you very funny

Formerly the user known as @Gowi. 29-going-on-30. Sarcastic to a fault; a lot of faults. INTJ. Sagittarius.

As you may be able to infer by the snark and vitriol above, the person behind Inkarnate is an asshole. Some find it endearing, others don’t. I’ve lost friends over it, though I’m not sure what to do about it outside of reflect and accept the mistakes I’ve made.

If you were one of the few that either can stand me or wants to give me a solid go, the most I can tell you is I’m an experienced writer and roleplayer of seventeen years who started doing this hobby on a pretty mediocre message board when I was in elementary school. I love writing. I love writing more than music or anime or cinema. It’s my passion and the hobby that keeps me going. I’m really collaborative, but my activity fluxes constantly due to obligations in my day-to-day life away from the computer. Sometimes people think I vanish or hold up a roleplay, othertimes my pacing is on point. I try to communicate whenever I cannot post, which is an improvement over how I used to be some amount of years ago. I will write in any project that I’m interested in and I will give 100% if everyone else is. As an asexual I don’t find sex writing (smut, erotica, whatever) interesting or fun to write, so that’ll never be an interest for me, but that’s about one of the only big “no’s” I have when it comes to writing with other people. I’m down for the mature, dark, gruesome, whimsical, and everything in-between.

If you want to write with me, check out my partner search for some of my parameters or my character concepts or testing forum to see what kind of shit plagues my brain. It’ll give you an example of my writing level and creative influences, though trust me when I say this but I don’t exclusively write females or anime-inspired settings even though a lot of the time it kind of looks like it.

Beyond writing, I’m an avid enthusiast of anime, cinema, and music. I’ve spent the most time into music and I’ve kind of fascinated by the contextual, historical, and technical sides of it. I’m spent a stupid amount of time researching things informally and I know what I like. I’m most into traditional R&B, alternative rock of the 90s and present, and conscious rap, though my taste and knowledge goes well beyond those three. If you ever want to talk about music, anime, or whatever I tend to be pretty down for a conversation though I admit I can be pretty opinionated. I’m welcome to any conversation, really, as long as I have the time to discuss things! If there’s anything you want to know or you want to reach out to me my PM box (and discord) is always open. I know I can be a problematic guy, but I’m trying to be better and being more aware of people and their perception of things.

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Alright, here's the CS. Let me know if there's anything needs to be fixed.

Nah, looks great. You can move it over.
Hello, is the RP still available?

Ye. RP will remain open until we have a certain amount.
On another note here's what I've been working on. I can only do so much until we get a OOC proper, but ya know:

oooo yeeeeees fam

I'm really behind outside of Batman and Spider-Woman, TBH.
Girl incoming.

I really don't have any issues with Midori. But oof. She's bound to have a lot of drama...
In Kakumei 15 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
After six days of discussing the issue, the GM staff have decided on accepting @liferusher and @One True Doge. Unfortunately, this caps off our teams and we'd like to thank everyone who applied and wish them the best of luck going forward.
Yeah, I definitely would not start the next season with an event, if I were you. But having one a couple weeks in or whatever to "begin" things with a bang would work.

True. At this point it would probably be best to not throw in the wrench just yet. I have no preference as I haven't gotten very far in any of my plot progression - but I do know some people still have a lot more they'd like to go with something before "shit happens".
Not the action in and of itself but the idea that it could attract a wide array of players all responding to a scenario that doesn't match the scale or intended audience of the interested and invested parties.

Multiplayer Events may be intended for multiple players but if we look at our only example currently, if any more than those who participated had done so, the event would have been stalled and simply overcrowded.

Starting a 'new game' with such an event could lead to too many contributing players whereas having it around fifty posts would provide adequate time for people to find grove or hash something out IC before simply jumping in what's provided or convenient.

I mean in a Justice League (ala the Pilot Episode) scenario it works fine enough. But I suppose it all depends on the group and the plot specifics.
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