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3 mos ago
If you have a group who will stick with you through three month posting pauses, don't lose that group ever. They'll never drop and are the best people around.
5 mos ago
Sixteen years ago, my mother passed away in her sleep in her fight against cancer. She’d be seventy-four years old if she had survived to today. Time to celebrate her life as I work on things.
5 mos ago
Sometimes a RP dying is a good thing. Makes you aware of GM habits you need to change, adjust, and be aware of. Having a conversation with your players is useful post-game even if it did not work out.
8 mos ago
Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.
1 yr ago
I’m not a good writer. I’m just good at pretending to be.


Inkarnate (in·kahr·nit)

A hobbyist writer of mixed reputation and ability.

And by ability, I definitely mean reliability.

I’ve been role-playing online for about eighteen years, a hobby that I’ve enjoyed incredibly despite all of the baggage that comes with it. As of 2019, I’ve acknowledged a lot of my issues as a writer, roleplayer, and person. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, social gaffs, and fundamentally failed to read the room on multiple occasions. This has, of a sort, given me a reputation to be an impulsive, overzealous, authoritative, and unreliable writing partner. Such a description is not incorrect, which is why I’m addressing what I can with it going forward.

That aside, I’m not as bad as I make myself sound.

I may be impulsive and blunt, overtly so at times, but I’m undeniably loyal and overeager when it comes to my friends and my creative expression through this shared hobby of ours. I joined RPG without much context in the winter of 2013, and the culture has changed quite a bit and as a result so has my writing. My ability lands me somewhere between casual and advanced depending on my level of commitment, inspiration, and interest; a category that makes me flexible. This flexibility extends to what genres and styles I enjoy writing, as I have always believed that no genre is distinctly unenjoyable if executed correctly and with the right amount of creative effort. That said, I do often gravitate towards anime-oriented styles, superhero fiction, and the various kinds of fantasy. You will see me just as often writing Batman as you will see me writing some deconstruction of a tsundere heroine. If you have an idea I will generally go for it if it has something I like at its core.

You can find my interest check here.

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Location: New York City, New York -- City Streets

As she blasted one of the aliens back into the ruined laboratory she shouted out to the three natives she could see despite knowing they wouldn't be able to understand her, “They seek only destruction! Help your people!”

It was a futile effort, but maybe these natives could also decipher tone. However, just as she ended her sentence a loud snarl left one of the Gordanians as they realized that their intervention into New York was drawing too much attention on top of wasting their time.

But they were not afraid of a boy with the strength of a flamop, nor did they have reason to be. The Gordanians had feuded for centuries with beings of great strength and they had adapted to it. Tamaraneans, Thanagarians, and many others had been their sworn rivals. The ferocity of Gordanians was known to all of the races surrounding the Tamaranean Empire. As she fired several starbolts at her enemies, causing one of the Gordanian staves to explode in a burst of ion. As a group of Gordanians began to access the threat of her accidental rescuer one of the veteran hunters of the pack let out a loud snarl-like command, and it send a chill down Kori's spine.

Destroy them! The princess is mine.

It was then, in a instant, that all of the Gordanians minus the leader aimed their staff weapons and fired them at once while the one who had singled her out leaped through the air, his staff nearly hitting her square in the head. Her worries had been going to the people around her and her ally of convenience and it was beginning to effect her battle awareness. The warlord who trained her would be screaming at her if he could see her now. The Gordanian twirled his staff, his finger slipping across a trigger and a blast of energy hit her in the face at point blank range. A blinding, bone chilling pain was the only thing she felt for a few seconds before she felt the Gordanian clutching her hair.

Before she knew it she had been spun around and tossed like a ragdoll, her body colliding with full force on one of the lightposts below.

However, before she could get her bearings, she could feel the feeling of the staff slamming into her stomach. The blunt strike while she was dazed caused her to regain her faculties immediately, though not in the most ideal circumstances. She began to channel the energy she had left, drawing from the deepest of her reserves and in a few seconds her enemy was flying across the street from the expulsion of energy she had unleashed from her body. For a few moments she had time to compose herself, but she probably didn't have much more energy left. She coughed in pain before breathing long and deep.

It wasn't over yet.
Yeah, I should be ready to finish this post soon.
P ʏ ᴛ ʜ ɪ ᴀ

• Ifrise Forest, Sovereignty of Dryadalis •

Pythia rolled her eyes at the remark.

However, condescending tone aside, the blonde-haired woman was correct in her assessment and Pythia preferred someone to be rude and correct than polite and oblivious when she was forced to work with someone else. Months upon months of working by herself had its benefits, though given the krovar and the birds the red-haired magi knew that they were in a particular situation that benefited from being in a group. She saw that pretty clearly as everyone else continued to lick their wounds and regain their energy. What she also saw was one of two options that didn't involved running away and leaving innocent barge passengers to the elements. They weren't complicated options, but both had the same element of danger and both had the same conclusion that they would have to fight a moderately powerful and deranged individual. A weak magi would not be able to conjure both an antimagic field and keep threats at a distance by controlling magically corrupted wildlife.

Turning back to face the group, Pythia spoke again as she sheathed her blade before anybody could get a closer look at it.

“We either find the person responsible and stop the magical nexus outright or we destroy the foci and draw them out.”
The RP will begin, otherwise, when all genin sheets have been posted in the tab.
should be back to basics now my time is all freed up

Posting expectations will be, well, the usual but hopefully someone can hold me accountable when things get too slow. I've got a lot to do, but you know how it is. I'll working on a updated new introduction post when I am not going to be at D&D in an hour or two.
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