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Current The most interesting part is that she has a landline in 2017 to me, not missing the call.
2 mos ago
Discord has done more harm to the community than Mahz being inactive has. It's most amusing.
2 mos ago
The status bar isn't for immature bickering. Most will advise you take it to PMs.
3 mos ago
The Confederate Flag is not a symbol of racism or states’ rights. It is a flag of treason.
3 mos ago
It is wise to not trust everyone you converse with, else you should prepare for the wickedness of humanity to reveal itself in due time.
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@reiko Cool, I will endeavour to have one out this weekend if I can :D *crosses fingers*

What is Merak up to these days?
This is totally unexpected. I had no involvement in this at all.
I maintain that Lost Odyssey and Operation flashpoint: dragon Rising are two of the most underrated games of the last generation(360 era).

Lost Odyssey is a bit of a gem that a lot of RPG fans have seemingly forgotten about, I agree. It’s been a long time (since launch) since I’ve had a hands on a copy and played it to completion but I remember that at the time it was the better RPG of the two I was playing and I really ought to find a way to play it again.

Well I do believe the point of an in joke is to be in jest, so yes, I am joking.

I can never tell with those "anachronisms".

Heh. Worse comes to worse and the dean Agatha Smith could come out and lecture them about her own upstanding daughters over some Crackers.

Please tell me you are joking.

They are here to learn how to be ladies, not lechers, and the most important distinction between them is knowing the time and place with which to act upon their impulses. Something which Dana, Blake, and Tillia seem to woefully lack :3

Oh my. All of the broken formatting tho.
@Inkarnate There is no inverse here. I am not in the wrong. Supposing there is a possibility that I might be wrong for the sake of equal measure to words is critically flawed. I can be wrong on subjects, I'm not infallible. But to suggest I'm in the wrong here is a demonstration of ignorance to the topic at hand. The question becomes if its willful or benign and with you I'm not sure.

You personally? Probably not. From the information I have I think I generally agree that you’re right about the lack of procedure that led up to your ban. That said, I disagree and agree with people on both sides of the fence on this dispute. Nyt seems to think my intention is to incite fear, which I don’t agree with but like I said I might need to critically review my initial thoughts on the subject – but I’m not ignorant on the events that led up to these issues and how they escalated. How is it not possible that this situation, as complex as it may be, can't have a different conclusion than the “opposition” being right? Most have admitted that this is kind of a two to tango escalation.

Also, for the record I have no real problems with you and in the past I have only thought your decorum exhausting and a bit too antagonistic at times. I have been removed from you in the time since so I really have no issue despite some of your estimations of my character being less than favorable.

EDIT: I know I owe apologies and explanations to certain people, and I have been slowly trying to meet those but that seems to be more difficult for a variety of reasons. If anyone wants those answers, they know where to find me.
Well, the Nazis were the ones who exterminated/ousted anyone with differing ideologies...and you're currently defending the people on this site who issue unfair bans on the basis of these banned parties "setting dangerous precedents" and "sowing dissent"... and you're seemingly doing this purely for personal gain while pretending you're doing it for the good of the site (your "nation," analogically) ...

so yeah it's pretty accurate.

Also, literally using "muh holocaust" to make people feel sorry for you, classy move.

Not as classy as calling the mod's fascists, I guess.
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