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Don't mistake activity with achievement.
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If you think any genre is dead or stagnant, you don’t listen to enough music to have a valid opinion worth reading.
2 mos ago
I always knew your bankai would be a baboon snake.
2 mos ago
If they do it often, it isn’t a mistake; it’s just their behavior.
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The Confederate Flag is not a symbol of racism or states’ rights. It is a flag of treason.


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My discord account is Inkarnate#7620
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Collaborative Writer for 16 years.
Flexible writer who likes Casual and Advanced.
More logical than emotional; but still emotional.
Transparent GM who tries to be on the level with his players.
Inconsistent posting habits; sometimes fast as a shark or slow as a sloth.
Communicates well, most of the time. Can be a sarcastic jerk.
Large network of peers on RPG. Probably because he's been on the site since 2012.
Due to said longevity has a mixed reputation. Kind of polarizing.
Highly opinionated; tends to ramble about subject he’s familiar with.
Joins/Hosts too many RPs at a given time. Hard habit to break. So many ideas!
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Absolute Magnitude Advanced, Player
The Elder Scrolls: Swords & Septims Advanced, Player
Forest of the Future Casual, GM
Iquenos: In Nomine Domini Casual, GM
Minutes to Manhattan Casual, Player
My Hero Academia: Evolution Casual, Co-GM
Pariah Online: A Voyage into the Intangible Aether Casual, GM
Polaris: A New Anchorage Story Advanced, GM
Saint Hirst Academy Casual, Player
Saisei: The Crimson Dawn Advanced, GM
Star Wars Casual, Player
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StarRiders: Hoshizora no Riders 1x1
Team Battle Roygal Arena, Player
Notable Peers

@DruSM157 - One of the people I hold in the highest regard, a trusted friend and reliable collaborator. I’ve known Drew since we started writing together online around 2003 or 2004, so we go way back. If you need someone who if affable, cooperative, and diligent then Drew is the best look you can get. I owe him a lot.

@Tergonaut - One of the earliest writing and role-playing influences and sort of an on-and-off again mentor for me that still likes to write stories with other people. Part of my connection to my very first online forum and really some of the fondest memories of my life. Glad to be writing with him again.

@Sloth - The first person I met on RPG that sought me out. I love how many multiple genres of things he’s open to and his brainstorming ability is pretty great. Really funny to think it was DC Universe superheroes that brought us together and by proxy he introduced me to a lot of great, awesome people. Though sometime the memes drive me a little insane.

@Dervish - One of the two people who got my feet wet in the advanced section, and probably one of the few people who creates such imaginative prose in RP format that I have to read it even if I’m not a participating writer. Great writer, even better friend.

@Lord Wraith - In terms of formatting, thread design, and a bit of literary technique, Lord Wraith is probably the most important people I’m still in contact with on RPG. Sometimes we don’t get on right and seem to run in different RP circles, but when we do work together it’s a dream. Also responsible for introducing me to wonderful people by proxy.

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I'm just glad this nasty business of dealing with evicting someone isn't ending on as bad terms as I thought. They'll be out in two weeks and I've been preparing the house fairly well. Can't wait to RP more often once it's over with. Thanks for everyone's patience.
I keep forgetting that people like 9, that game is so by-the-numbers its painful.

Cue the tired defense of: ITS SUPPOSED TO BE, ITS A THROWBACK!

8 is more by the numbers, but you’re welcome to think however you think.

M a x
Southeastern Mir - The Fall

“It’s not my fault you lot want to play escort!”

Max grumbled as he began to look cautiously around the forest as he kept his ears open for any slight disturbances. With the others focused on the nonsense that was going around him, he was not only debating with himself on the right action to take but also to keep a pointed ear out for the approach of anyone or anything. He didn’t like how two random mutants had come out of The Fall nor did he feel comfortable around the cryptic seer that had addressed him by his birth name. Maybe the “ghost stories” people told him about the damned forest all his life had some merit. But he had more things to worry about than some spooky bat lady who needed to shut her fucking mouth and get as far away from him as possible. The Red Star sky pirates were not fools, and if his experience in dealing with them told him anything it was the fact that they didn’t pick on random transports without any information on what they were packing. His travel route was premeditated and that means whatever package he was carrying was worth going the full mile for.

And Max was pretty sure that this group he found himself part of didn’t have the experience or mettle to go the full mile with them. Taffy understood how quick they needed to get their shit together, but was that enough? If Max cut himself from the group he wouldn’t endanger them and he could deal with the pirate all on his lonesome; it was faster do travel solo and while all the dangers of The Fall were freaking him out he had a feeling he could get far enough away from everyone else without risking their lives. They could head out to Taffy’s uncle’s place and be safe. As long as he was with them they were in danger. His brows narrowed as he looked at Taffy engage with the others before turning towards the opposite direction and moving without mention. As he did so he drew his revolver, taking deep breaths as he moved away from the group and possibly towards the pirates who were hunting him.

Why do I even care?

As he kept himself quiet as he moved through the brush in the darkness he could hear the screaming from his sister back home already.


you've activated my trap card motherfucker

Now, this shouldn't be an issue (if you aren't a total moron, that is), but; different people have different methods of doing things. Whether it's gming, or rping itself, long as it leads to a fun and enjoyable experience, there is no "wrong" way to do it.

I agree with the central point here, but I tend to disagree that there is not a wrong way to do it. For example, if you’re alienating your playerbase or not very good at creating events or integrating characters or some dozen or so other factors—you have a very real problem and you cannot just wipe it away with “it’s my style, so it isn’t bad because it is my style”.
That's pretty much my reaction to everything said in this conversation.

Also, 9 is typically seen in higher regard than 10, by the way.
Due to the preceding reasons, there is not much I can do until Stormflyx reacts anyway.
@Stormflyx I might actually back out of this as I'm going through a lot right this second, I would be happy if you took my spot. Kenneth was Chief Science Officer. Perhaps you could fill that void?

I hope you stick around, even if it's in less of a central role.
I too am wishing you the NobuNobu, @Inkarnate

I would prefer a post.
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