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I'm beginning to understand old GMs I had who I used to think were pushy, or at least, understand where they were coming from.
3 days ago
Originality is overrated. Bring on the tropes!
5 days ago
Hawks eat snakes.
7 days ago
Functionality and accessibility are more important than aesthetics in character sheets.
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Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.


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Eh Jill's new voice actress is kind of bland. Not as bad as Claire's in the last remake, but its pretty off. Face model doesn't give me Jill vibes either. Lot of design/casting choices I don't vibe with.
we back but mostly the wookiee stops the attac
RE3 was always a bit shorter than RE2, even back in the old days. They did seem to cut an entire level (the clocktower area) and just decided to do a spectacle boss section for... reasons. Weird writing choice. I wouldn't have made it, personally, but it is what it is.

Location: Ishin Academy, Sapporo, Japan -- April 7th

She was tempted to turn back around, grab the chair she was sitting in and swing it at the girl's head.

In fact, strands of her hair had already went to grab the rim of the chair as she thought so. Had not for her thoughts reminding her to not waste time and act inappropriately she might’ve been in the process of doing so already. But how would it look to anyone here if she flew off the handle and beat one of her “peers” to death? She wouldn’t look like a hero, even if the sidekick deserved to be put in their place. She would look like a villain and she certainly wasn’t comparable to the type of people who had put her life into ruin. She knew it was probably better that she looked “presentable” to any instructors that could have noticed her as they walked by; not that she cared about how things “looked” when she knew she was in the right. Being a hero wasn’t meant for fun and games or caring what other people thought. Being a hero was doing your best and giving your all. Beyond 100%.

Like her parents.

Though, she had to admit, the girl's insistent comment on comparing her to a tokayi-stand mascot hurt her pride more than a great deal than the girl likely intended. After all, she seemed too dumb to be that malicious. It wasn't at all like when the kids in the orphanage called her tentacruel as a torrid nickname to deflate her ambitions. In Yoshi's mind such a event would never happen again.

She let out a light breath as she calmed herself.

“You’re kind of oblivious, aren’t you?”

It was a light remark as she noticed the energy the girl had come in the auditorium with. Before the girl could reply however, the sound of another student stumbled into the row meant for the first years. Yoshiba raised a brow; were all of these idiots going to be her classmates? This was the high bar Ishin set?

Location: Ishin Academy, Sapporo, Japan -- April 7th

So annoying.

A strand of Yoshiba’s hair twitched, swaying back and forth like as if were the tail of an upset animal, as she heard the incessant mumbling next to her between the other first year students. It was a harmless introduction to some and it was decidedly polite, but Yoshiba was already in one of her moods. She didn’t immediately turn to speak to them, though they still already gave off a poor first impression by being annoying; similar to nails on a chalkboard. A light whiff of breath escaped her mouth, albeit quietly.

Yoshiba did wonder how long it would be until the headmaster demanded silence and everyone’s attention to go on about their pointless introductory speech. Why not just get to the point? This wasn’t a normal school, this was a hero academy, so why operate like it was some sort of basic primary school for the quirkless? Why waste everyone’s time with spectacles like this? If it were up to her, none of this would even be a “thing” and students would be ushered into their classrooms to get real work done. Had Yoshiba not wanted to be seen as the best, as indicated by her front and center appearance, she would’ve skipped out on the ceremony outright. She could tolerate sidekicks acting like idiots and being bored if it was going to get her recognized as the only hero worth noting. Which was exactly, in her mind, the truth of the matter.

As if asserting her dominance, she spoke clearly to the student who had asked if she was nervous without even turning to look at them.

“Why would I be nervous?”

It was a façade, or at least in part.

Yoshiba obviously was excited to get her hero career started and the anxiety of living up to her mother and father was a big task. The air in Sapporo was cold, frost-laden, and uncomfortable. There was no doubt in her mind she would make it in Ishin, no matter the obstacles, but she didn’t know what kind of pro-heroes or discarded has-beens. Her future was uncertain, or rather how she was going to get to her future was. She didn’t like that. Everyone in the orphanage spat on her and called her names. Told her she would be nobody. Just the thought of her time in that place made her blood boil. Her hair reacted to this emotion, as she then turned to the girl with a certain look in her eyes.

“The only people who get nervous are sidekicks. Do I look like a sidekick to you?”

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Unless it is something that motivates you and improves your ability in a collaboration.*
I don't think I'm that good at these Total War games anymore, lmao.
Financial Stability.

I’m thirty-one-years-old and I don’t think [as an adult] I’ve ever experienced it. I know it’s a very non-roleplaying related answer, but it’s the most on my mind. I don’t have a large or lavish education to fall back on, so my experience at this point has been chasing opportunity where I can find it. It’s always dead-end, temporary engagements and I’d just like a little bit of a stability so I can start planning around my life a bit better. I don’t want to be forty and still doing temp work with no security. Especially, so if one day I’d like a family proper. I am not chasing dreams anymore, but rather reality. Seems to me that I can never have that stable reality. It sucks, but I just need to work harder and hopefully I'll get lucky.

My next question would be, hm, What keeps bringing you back to role-playing as a hobby and how do you sustain your interest in it?
I probably drink more coffee than cocoa and tea combined.
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