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Current I've said my thoughts on Star Wars so many times I don't want to talk about Star Wars anymore.
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Black Font is inherently evil. It also causes blindness in infants. Don't use it!
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My thoughts are with everyone in Jacksonville today. America is sick.
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My goal currently is to make sure my power doesn't get shut off due to some financial issues this month.
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Hot Take: Collaborations are overrated and are a relatively modern convention of play-by-post role-playing and most people do them wrong even when they are needed.
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Formerly the user known as @Gowi. 29-going-on-30. Sarcastic to a fault; a lot of faults. INTJ. Sagittarius.

As you may be able to infer by the snark and vitriol above, the person behind Inkarnate is an asshole. Some find it endearing, others don’t. I’ve lost friends over it, though I’m not sure what to do about it outside of reflect and accept the mistakes I’ve made.

If you were one of the few that either can stand me or wants to give me a solid go, the most I can tell you is I’m an experienced writer and roleplayer of seventeen years who started doing this hobby on a pretty mediocre message board when I was in elementary school. I love writing. I love writing more than music or anime or cinema. It’s my passion and the hobby that keeps me going. I’m really collaborative, but my activity fluxes constantly due to obligations in my day-to-day life away from the computer. Sometimes people think I vanish or hold up a roleplay, othertimes my pacing is on point. I try to communicate whenever I cannot post, which is an improvement over how I used to be some amount of years ago. I will write in any project that I’m interested in and I will give 100% if everyone else is. As an asexual I don’t find sex writing (smut, erotica, whatever) interesting or fun to write, so that’ll never be an interest for me, but that’s about one of the only big “no’s” I have when it comes to writing with other people. I’m down for the mature, dark, gruesome, whimsical, and everything in-between.

If you want to write with me, check out my partner search for some of my parameters or my character concepts or testing forum to see what kind of shit plagues my brain. It’ll give you an example of my writing level and creative influences, though trust me when I say this but I don’t exclusively write females or anime-inspired settings even though a lot of the time it kind of looks like it.

Beyond writing, I’m an avid enthusiast of anime, cinema, and music. I’ve spent the most time into music and I’ve kind of fascinated by the contextual, historical, and technical sides of it. I’m spent a stupid amount of time researching things informally and I know what I like. I’m most into traditional R&B, alternative rock of the 90s and present, and conscious rap, though my taste and knowledge goes well beyond those three. If you ever want to talk about music, anime, or whatever I tend to be pretty down for a conversation though I admit I can be pretty opinionated. I’m welcome to any conversation, really, as long as I have the time to discuss things! If there’s anything you want to know or you want to reach out to me my PM box (and discord) is always open. I know I can be a problematic guy, but I’m trying to be better and being more aware of people and their perception of things.

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I want to point out, that the Imperial Policy on Callsigns is that they don't exist. Superior officers should be addressed by rank/name and rank or Troopers of equal/lower rank should be identified by serial number on duty, in private they can be referenced too by name by their squadmates.

I'd take it up with Heat. I invented a Callsign/Nickname because it was in the Character Sheet. I don't care when and where it is used or used at all.

While Naboo was Palpatines Homeworld, they were notably very pro-Republic. As her family was a ruling family before the Clone Wars, how did her family/she take the declaration of the New Order.

Considering her family was kind of pushed out of prominence and they were on the lowest totem of the Naboo political sphere of the nobility – they'd probably see it fairly neutrally. You have to understand that the House of Tapalo made deals and concessions with the Trade Federation as a prominent example. That's all based on the canonical information.

As for the Clone Wars and Palpatine's elevation to emperor? I imagine her family has mixed feelings due to their strong democratic beliefs, but democracy at the same time failed them due to a spider-web of Naboo politics. Aysie herself would have been around twelve or eleven at the time the Clone Wars ended so her indoctrination to imperial beliefs would've been an easy go especially since she was already dissatisfied by her place in Naboo society. The Tapalo's likely adapted as adeptly and mindfully as Panaka did when he became a Imperial Moff.

You got anything on her deployment record? Just a little taster of what she's like while serving the glory of our Emperor.

I was leaving that vague for determination by GM and for collaborative viability. I didn't want to take any liberties with assignments.

So, because we are lacking a Marksman

Since fucking when?
@Inkarnate You seem to be missing the move list for each form. Once you include them, you can move Cheryl and Betamon over.

Despite linking to the wiki where that info is readily available?

Got'cha. Will do it when I get home.
@Altered Tundra

I think my sheet was finished unless you wanted me to write out more in the Digimon's sheet.

Tanaka Residence, Kurosuoba, Japan
April 3, 2018 | 6:06 am

Kazuto smiled as his aunt grimaced at Tsubasa's antics. It reminded him a lot of when him and Tsubasa were kids with her always acting outlandish or weird. One of his friends had once called her annoying, but he didn't exactly agree. He knew he missed his life in Kurosuoba but he didn't exactly realize how much he did. As the minutes passed by he remained seated as he finished his meal though it was obvious that Tsubasa had obviously beat him to it. It was her mistake, he presumed, eating that fast was just going to make her feel naseous and bloated. Hardly becoming for a girl who wanted to be a idol.

“You're going to get a stomach-ache if you keep eating like that, Tsu-chan.” He commented as he moved from the table to look over his backpack and what he had prepared to take with him to school for his first day.
Still here. Technically due for a post, but I just kept putting it off.

GM Team's radio silence probably didn't inspire confidence, but I'd like to move us forward if we can.
Sorry for the month of hectic inactivity, but I need a headcount. I believe some schedules should be clearing up.

Saimoto Residence, Kurosuoba, Japan
April 3, 2018 | 6:07 am

Saimoto Mitsuko moved her hand to her head, with a quiet sigh left her lips. Not that she was trying to be quiet. She lived alone. It was one of the main reasons that her mood was always so dour when she woke up to face the day. As confident and hard-working as she was, sometimes she just hoped her father would come home one day and tell her he got a job in the city, close enough where he didn’t have to travel all the time and pretty much exclusively talk through a web camera or phone. She knew he loved the work he did and she respected it, understood it, but it didn’t stop the desire for things to be different.

When food was handled, dishes were put away, and lunch was prepared she left. Perhaps it was early for most students, but Mitsuko was probably one of the very few members of her class that actually had to be 100% self-oriented. She didn’t have an older sister to look after her, parents to wake her if she slept through an alarm, or close treasured childhood friend to make sure she was okay. She wished it wasn’t like the way it was, but she couldn’t change the fact her dad worked overseas and her mother had been dead since she was nine years old. Nobody could change that. The best thing she could do was give everything one hundred percent and do the best she could.

Fujioka High School, Gates
April 3, 2018 | Present

Mitsuko pressed her foot against the base of the wall that separated the premises of Fukushima High School from the streets of Kurosuoba. It was still thirty or so minutes until the school opened its gates and Mitsuko was stuck flipping through her phone as she waited for the new school year to offically begin. She had been sure to be perfectly ready when she arrived, so it was just a matter of waiting and dealing with any of the students that decided it would be a good idea to talk to the her at seven thirty in the morning. As she continued to wait for time to pass and the day to begin she pressed her fingers down on her phone, cycling through the albums she had downloaded to her cellphone, trying to figure out what particular band interested her at the moment. She smiled warmly as she found a record that she hadn’t listened to yet and was in her queue.

For the last few years this was Mitsuko’s “ritual”, a choice made to make the first day of the school year something different and something she’d remember for the rest of her teenage years. Perhaps it was a silly thing to celebrate a mundane existence with fresh experience. But for Mitsuko it made sense.

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