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Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need.
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I’m not a good writer. I’m just good at pretending to be.
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I am reliably unreliable.


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Honestly? I don't think so. RE4, for better or worse (in the fandom, anyway, I've heard many a fan who dislike RE4), was a monumentally influential game both for the RE series and games at the time, and its legacy is such that it is constantly ported to the point where RE4 is pretty much on any system out there and for relatively cheap. Unlike the PS1 games which were products of their time, RE4 is still fairly modern so what's there to remake in it, really? If anything I'd assume next on the list for remake is Code Veronica.

It'd be great if the best Resident Evil game got a remake proper, but then they would ruin it by making a bad actress try to replicate Alyson Court just like RE2, and I'm still happy with the remaster I got for the 360. I'd love if they just ported that to the PC, ngl.

So, with the Game Awards tomorrow and the year quickly coming to a close I figure now's a good a time as any for everyone's favorite topic.

Hey, guys, what is your Game of the Year for 2019? If it's too hard to pick one, feel free to make a list. Or make a list anyway. What games from 2019 are the ones you look back on the most fondly?

My top contenders per my personal taste would be The Outer Worlds, Dead or Alive 6, and Trails of Cold Steel II, though I would be the first to admit I've missed a lot of indie games.

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If it says 'applying' and previous posts indicate I will review current CSs friday a redundant question should probably not be asked.
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Alexa Demie is a 10/10 FC.
Alignment: Chaotic

Well, Aera is sure to have her own problems. What with being a Lawful Neutral being with actual free will now.
Location: Tarashima Forest, Dawn

As the two girls got to their feet, Ipharia remained utterly terrifed, for it was she who understood what was beyond the wood. She was low on energy, but at least she found others even if they were unarmed.

“We h-have to hide! We can't s-s-stay still!”

Before any of the three strangers could address something, a loud screech came through the woods, followed soon by inhuman chattering. It was hard to decipher, but if they listened closely soon the distorted noise became filtered into a language they were familiar with—as if it jumped from something indiscernible to their native Japanese. The tone was still coarse and brutish. But the words were simple. “Boys, we’re going to have fun with this one!” followed by innate, schoolyard-like cheers.

Any further listening would be cut out by the sound of a string pulling back and the sight of several arrows flinging themselves into the brush around them, barely missing the three and hitting the trees nearest to them instead.

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Damn, that's an impressive CS. I'll read it a bit more closely.

At any rate I'll probably be doing first run reviews (proper) around Friday, folks.

Location: The Classroom of Hatake Toshiro, Konohagakure Academy

Fukushu nodded to her newfound sensei’s answer, though she could not be described as being particularly agreeable.

She had considered to push Tensai forward, annoyed by the circumstances she had been expected to put up with for the foreseeable future. However, before she could do such a reaction, Kimura of the Inuzuka Clan, an eccentric nobody decided to take Tensai’s hand and rush forward, leaving Fukushu with her arms crossed as they took to the paths leading out of the village and toward said training grounds.

“Whatever.” She scoffed under her breath as they left her sight, “You can have the blind bastard.”

Fukushu considered turning around and screaming at Toshiro-sensei, demanding why he had put her on a team composition that was designed to make her fail, to make her mother cast scorn over her even more. She would’ve preferred a team with Ria or Shunpei over this annoying, terrible situation. She cared little for Kimura and everyone in her class year, perhaps the whole academy knew of her rivalry with Tensai. Of course, she knew that yelling and crying like a child on a tantrum was no way to fix her only situation. She would just have to outlive Tensai and prove that her being next to him just was a testament to how much faith the late Hokage had in her. For if she could endure being the comrade of her most hated rival, who or what could possibly defeat her?

It brought her some degree of contentment as she walked forward, moving toward the training grounds at her own pace.

Location: Throne Room, Chateau Gothika

“I understand. By your command.”

Aera couldn’t help but smile as Rodias addressed each individual quickly and calmly.

The lupine demihuman was lawful by nature and due to this tended to favor order and organization above all else. Chaos disheartened her and this was a chaotic situation they had all been put in. At least she could find comfort in that Rodias had composed a plan and found a way to comb through the personalities present in such an effective manner. She envied that kind of skill. She wondered if she too could have such an acumen for organization. Her chapel was always clean, maybe the cleanest fixture in the entire chateau, and she made a strong effort to appear as perfect as she could will it to be. Still, she was no maid and most definitely no leader. Had she been put into Rodias’ position she would’ve gone mad. She was certain of that much.

She moved her hands behind her back, holding herself at attention as Rodias instructed her to her task: to accompany him to the beast pens and help him with his tutorial--a term she had not heard used in many years.

Until he would lead her toward the beast pens she decided to follow him. Being trusted to work with him closely excited her, though she wasn’t quite sure why. Perhaps it was that everyone else had been tasked with another servant rather than the surviving master? She mentally shrugged, shelving the thought for the time being.

Is Gromgard being smart or arrogant?

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