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6 days ago
Current Spring Cleaning! ..ish
6 days ago
Both are good mediums for play-by-post. It is wise to not create a 'us vs them' mentality by shutting out iwaku users.
8 days ago
One’s subjective opinion on a chat platform is not indicative of fact.
11 days ago
Discord has done more harm to the community than Mahz being inactive has. It's most amusing.
11 days ago
The status bar isn't for immature bickering. Most will advise you take it to PMs.


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Brain's a bit sparse right now, so I'm going to take a short nap before I get to posting. Still got intention, just energy isn't with me right at this moment. Long day. Bear with me!
Seems I got plenty to read, at least.
You're not my real dad!
Waiting for the finished sheets like:

Gon' be waiting a whole lot longer.
Should have something up soon. Give me a hour or three. Busy week and such.
I was also not online for two days, so maybe that was part of it.
I didn't eat the pasta.
It appears I was out of town since the IC got launched, so I'll be getting on it asap.
@Jay Kalton: Any update on your progress?
Due to a mass influx of drops, we'll be moving to a new thread in a sort of soft reboot-continuation. Sound off if you'll be coming with us. Mucho appreciated.
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