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Current “For pride is a spiritual cancer; it eats up the very possibility of love, or contentment, or even common sense.”
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I was a young boy that had big plans, now I'm just another shitty old man. I don't have fun and I hate everything.
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November: When great RPs go on hiatus because of a ridiculous, overhyped writing challenge that nobody likes but they do it anyway.
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“To make mistakes or be wrong is human. To admit those mistakes shows you have the ability to learn, and are growing wiser.”
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Don't mistake activity with achievement.


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I don’t know, sometimes I get bored, too.
I feel like I should've led better.

One Week Ago
Manhattan, New York City, Earth

“There’s a shipment moving in from Gotham, so you know it’s going to be big, cat. Real big. But are you sure you want to steal from Wilson Fisk? The fat man has paid a lot of money to keep this on the down low.”

A coy smirk ran across Felicia Hardy’s lips, her pupils glistening like sapphires for a moment as she perused the thought. Wilson Fisk had been a present force in her life since her first year of college and despite the meddling of Spider-Man, her desire for revenge on The Kingpin of Crime had not diminished with time. And while she knew that her friend in Gotham was more than aware of her “relationship” with Fisk, it was still a question that had to be asked. Questions had made Felicia stop and think about a situation before going headfirst into trouble before, but for the first time in several months she had no doubt and no restraint. She was not scared of The Kingpin or his connections. She had suffered too much for him to not suffer a little back—and this time she had the upper hand.

“And the fat man is going to lose a lot of money.” The metahuman thief cooed, hands buried in her winter coat.

“If this falls on our asses? I’m running to a monastery in Bhutran. I don’t want The Kingpin’s dogs on me. I saw what happened to Lester Witz.”

Margaret Pye wasn’t the only one who remembered Witz’s fate at the hands of The Kingpin’s top enforcers. Felicia vividly recalled the “message” sent to New York’s underbelly after Fitz made off with something close to The Kingpin with a fleeting idea that he could make the bank by selling it to the global market or the feds. Lester Witz didn’t know The Kingpin had ties to actual, one-hundred percent, authentic ninjas. Lester Witz was tortured in Chinatown for sixteen days before he broke. Lester Witz didn’t cover his tracks or understand who The Kingpin was. But then again, that was the difference between a professional like the Black Cat and an ignorant schmuck like Lester Witz. Felicia knew better. But that didn’t help her associate in Gotham’s nerves any less. The Kingpin was a horror story a thousand times worse than Harvey Dent or Oswald Cobblepott. It made sense to be nervous.

Felicia may have been devil-may-care about the whole thing, but she wasn’t stupid; and she sure as hell didn’t want her associates to end up on the other end of a yakuza wedding. No one would work with her if she was that reckless. And she knew she needed people to want to work with her. Especially if she was going to head into New Jersey and tempt fate by committing a robbery in Gotham. A crazy idea without The Kingpin added into the mess.

“Magpie. It’ll only happen if you think it’ll happen.” She moved her right hand out of her coat, placing it on the brunette Gothamite’s shoulder. “Besides, all of the risk is on me. This cat is doing the legwork.”

Margaret nodded. “Unless The Caped Crusader screws everything up.”

Felicia let out a stifled giggle, “If I can handle Spider-Man, I can handle The Batman and his little pet bird.”

To anyone but Felicia Hardy it may have sounded crazy to hand wave the dynamic duo as a non-issue. But Felicia had heard enough stories and watched enough footage to notice that the prestigious Dark Knight of Gotham was getting slower. The key factor for this robbery was doing it carefully and not bringing either vigilante into it if at all possible—though she knew to prepare for the occasion.

“Besides, they won’t even be an issue if we time it right.”

“Holy shit. You’re worse than Catwoman.”

If Felicia had a tail it would've been trailing behind her. She couldn't wait for November 17th.
L r o n é E r o n o s s
Nar Shaddaa - Refugee Sector
The Refuge Cantina

Lroné nodded as she moved a strand of mahogany hair from her face to the back of her ear, “I don’t care who I’m partnered with as long as we can get this job done as quickly and cleanly as possible. I have worked with Taan, though. So that might be the best fit for me.”

The comment was her opinion about Cas Eelen’s suggestions, though she wasn’t sure what to make of Faryn or the wayward scoundrel that gave her the impression of some sort of hired gun. But then again, everyone with the exception of the seeker gave the impression of hired guns. That’s what they were, all things considered. It was a little difficult for Lroné to gauge the people around her, but she wasn’t exactly in the business of trusting people in the first place. The only one she had relied on that got her through countless scrapes and tumbles was herself and she doubted that was going to change because The Exchange needed some “commissioned” help. Though Lroné was just excited that the price of admission was a possible one-way ticket off of Nar Shaddaa.
You could always ask your applicants for sample posts, Pep.

Such a great reception.
If only The Darkness had an actual fan club. Maybe they would be good.

Present Day
South China Sea, Southeastern Asia, Earth

It had been a bad year for violent tropical storms, and in the South China Sea, it had been no different than the Caribbean. But unlike the Caribbean, there was no Lex Luthor or Tony Stark stepping in to help the region stabilize. The dependence on intervention was much higher in independent republics like Madripoor, Singapore, and Rheelasia. It was one reason why Kara-El had stopped what she was doing in Jump City and took flight for Southeastern Asia instead of New York City. As pertinent as the assault on the United Nations was, she knew how densely populated the superhero community in New York City was and who was watching over the summit itself. Wally West had once called Kara a “human calculator”, and right now that was exactly what she was doing. Kara had to determine where she was needed and not where she wanted to be, and the odds right now were telling her that the United Nations needed her less than the people in the crosshairs of the typhoon in the South China Sea.

Fortunately, Kara was no longer an impulsive, inexperienced superheroine; she hadn’t been one in many years. Kara was familiar with her “weight class” and all of the limitations that she had inherited as a daughter of Krypton. Her hands weren’t shaking and she wouldn’t need any help to take on a storm of this magnitude. The typhoon that had been forming in the South China Sea wasn’t going to be another Maria or Irma, in fact it would be over with before the people in Madripoor could even finish their breakfast.

As a loud crack cut through the sky her eyes finally met the eye of the storm. Her brows narrowed as she recalled a situation where her cousin had done the same thing in the past. Though, that scenario was a little different considering her cousin was also fighting against the supervillain known as Hurricane, whom had been hired by the Society of Supervillains to distract him from a greater plot. As far as Kara knew these storms were natural and not born from metahuman, magical, or extranormal sources. Part of her was glad they were natural. Not just because she didn’t want to go toe-to-toe with Weather Wizard or whoever, but the sooner she was done here she could get to the next place that needed her; though she suspected New York would be handled by the time she was done with this magnitude five typhoon.

Push harder, Kara. Push faster. Show this storm who’s in charge of the situation.

Madripoor and Singapore were not going to be repeats of Puerto Rico or Sri Lanka.

Not on her watch.
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You’re giving me mixed signals here!

Why not just retcon the Titans into Young Justice at that point? I feel like the team’s growth is tied a lot into them being in the same age demographics, but apparently that’s just me.
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