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hellion my DM's are open for you to request my booty pics <3 friends of chai are friends of mine <3 i'm dummy thick
6 days ago
I'm gonna chill in bed lmao see y
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6 days ago
Leave the guild, it's the only solution.
6 days ago
stop calling me out volen


in the end i always feel alone

but the sun is also alone
and he still shines
so why not me

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My Valentine's Day Peeps

āš‘ۊ↛You Are Homo↚ۊāš‘
  • â˜ŧ @Odin â˜ŧ
    • I'm a god and deserve love.
  • â˜ŧ @J8cob & @Hillan â˜ŧ
    • We go back about ... 6 years? Where all of our other friends have dropped off the face of the earth, like that baguette @Savato you guys remain persistently present in my life, sometimes to my grief.
  • â˜ŧ @Persianversion â˜ŧ
    • Probably the only one that can actually get me to write something at this point.
  • â˜ŧ @Tuujaimaa â˜ŧ
    • We had uhhh.. bad history. But I could say that for most of RPG. I think you are one of the few people I've misjudged as opposed to vice versa and I'm glad we could rectify that since I wouldn't want to have missed you breathing down your mic when you go in on some goons in League, sounding like you're somewhere between an orgasm and an angry breakdown.
  • â˜ŧ @Silent Observer â˜ŧ
    • Internet friends are fake but if they weren't you'd be one of the bestest.
  • â˜ŧ @Chai â˜ŧ
    • Mahal kita, magandang bebe, ikaw ang pinakamahusay an tita.
  • â˜ŧ @Lord Wraith â˜ŧ
    • A voice of reason and an interesting new look on roleplaying. You don't take yourself too seriously, but serious enough for me to respect you.
  • â˜ŧ @Midnight Howl â˜ŧ
  • â˜ŧ @Spanner & @Starlordess â˜ŧ
    • The undercover BR HUEHUEHUE's sopa de macaque we need and deserve.
  • â˜ŧ @Asura â˜ŧ
    • We make gravy with packaged powder here <3
  • â˜ŧ @Ayzrules â˜ŧ
    • The Manchu Mami of my dreams and the Jade Princess we all deserve.
  • â˜ŧ @Bee â˜ŧ
    • I don't like wrestling but if wrestling meant I could put my hands on your ass, I totally would because you're dummy thick.
  • â˜ŧ @Architect â˜ŧ
    • Brothers in arms and sphincter. IBS bro's for life. We ride together, we die together.
  • â˜ŧ @Kaijubaragon â˜ŧ
    • We needed at least 1 minor in the group to fulfill the nonce quota, so here we are.
  • â˜ŧ @MesuOkami â˜ŧ
    • You're the fishpond to my Sakana, you beautiful Mexican you.
  • â˜ŧ @Nytem4re â˜ŧ
    • I think playing Aryan battle men with you has been one of my favorite gaming moments online, so that's pretty good.

I know of at least one good SW RP to have existed at some point. And I don't even follow those RP's because I never saw SW. I think Ruby ran it.
Oops, and because I edited in that tag because I'm a moron and so it won't work, I'll tag him again @Hank.
@Hank can help you maybe.
You can't have a 20 IC topic spread when you have 20 (barely active) players. :^)
they're holding my user bio hostage until i write a post, so i suppose an introduction is in order. i'm arabella (the 'e' is what is meant in place of the 'x'), not my real name but you'll get nothing more and nothing less. variations thereupon are acceptable. my playlist regularly contains arcade fire, arctic monkeys, chet baker and car seat headrest. up-and-coming contenders would be declan mckenna, coin and bastille. anything in-between is a lottery.
it's windy outside as i write this. the wind's quite loud, actually — i can hear it over the sound of car seat headrest's 'high to death', though it's set to a mild volume anyway. i had to google for the em dash used in that sentence because i can't figure out how to efficiently insert one myself. this laptop doesn't have a numpad, you see, and i think the requirement of a numpad for alt codes is ridiculous. do any laptops have numpads? did microsoft not consider the laptop-using plebians such as myself when making their alt codes? any help with this predicament is much appreciated.
now in my series of unfortunate events is the frustration at a lack of a justification button. i like justified text. it makes me feel like a proper author, even though i'll never reach the standard. then again, they let j.k. rowling and anne rice into the cool kids' club. what's one more? i've got a moving backstory to back it up with, too.
when i was a child, i was caught in a freak accident, wherein i swallowed a thesaurus, dictionary and the entire series of derek landy's 'skulduggery pleasant' books simultaneously. i've found myself incapable of writing without sounding like a sarcastic hipster twat since. or perhaps this entire passage of an already too-convoluted introduction is utter horseshite, and i'm just feeding you bravado to make myself look like less of a nervous wreck. that's something relatable, right? i'm sure anxiety is a unique trait on an internet roleplay forum. i might even gather a crowd with this little soapbox display. have you read this far? i hope you have. i'm an interesting person, really.

my laptop has a numpad but it's a heavy duty gaming laptop so that's why

if you're on a notebook then no you won't have one

nice word vomit, i rate 4/5 stars
@Liseran Thistle Look at other threads too, to get a feel for how they organized it. Pick threads you like, press ''view raw'' top right and see how they coded it. If you ask nicely they might even let you borrow/steal it.
@Liseran Thistle I had a look at your thread and while I'm sure the general content is done well enough the formatting absolutely makes my eyes bleed. Also you put it in advanced and while I won't comment on the level of writing the OP presents, advanced is like.. one of the less active subforums. Consider putting it in casual.
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