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i wanna rp in broacien come on guys
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this is dwarf fortress, after all


life is a prison and death is the key

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The world of Broacien, as far as we know it. There exists more lands to the north, east, south and west, but this is as far as the titular kingdom has explored it's surrounding realms. Where will you strike your mark?

This RP will be based off of Broacien, so reading the linked thread is a requirement, not a request. If you think there's too much info in that thread, feel free to click the back button on your browser now; we won't be a good match. I expect effort from my partners and actually reading what I wrote/write is a start. Once you've read through that, we can continue.

Now we get to the juicy bit, which is the plot. In short: it's up to you. I have an entire world for us to play with, and we can do anything we want in it. I'm not picky about what we do. Wanna introduce some new civilization, then send me a concept for it and a rough idea of where they're from. Want to play around in Broacien, or a small village there? Let me know. Want to write about grand politics and court intrigue in the civil war of Broacien? Dope.

Either way the whole world is there. If you don't have any ideas directly but you have something that you find incredibly interesting about the world let me know and perhaps I can help set us on our way.
come ON
it has been 300 years. please.
Gonna have to revive this thread, also.
Please it's been so long, I just wanna write dawg
From experience in dealing with the staff in the past to extreme lengths on both sides as the reporter and the reportee, a small subsection of the community has always gotten to decide what's best for everyone else regardless, that will never change, it's the nature of the beast and it comes down to whomever can best rules-lawyer their way into getting other people in trouble and/or who has the best friendship/rapport with a given moderator. The only case where this isn't the case is where two completely unknown people in the community are involved and there can be no friendship nor rapport.

The succinct lack of features to support a) holding community members accountable, b) holding staff members accountable and c) streamlining the actual bloody process you need to go through to report anything or anyone means that this will never get better.

We can make rules all we want.

Fact of the matter is rules are flaunted left and right as is. Being friends with the moderators, as unfortunate as it is, helps quite a bit in doing so. This is simply an undeniable truth at this point and while moderators may be remiss to admit as such in public, I've spoken to many (ex-)moderators and admins who have shared this view with me and agree, so I don't think I can be moved from this stance in the slightest.

Something else I've struggled with for a long time in the context of moderating content is that art is stolen left and right (whatever, we RP, it's sort of just what happens) and that when an artist (sometimes in a foreign language, trying their best) posts about this or makes a remark, they have been ignored in the past. This, back then, really soured my taste of the moderator in question and really consolidated my view of the moderator team

Either way the point I'm making is -- none of this matters if the rules are just a small blip on the radar of literally anyone, lol. We can beg for all the representation we want, it's gonna be irrelevant because nobody gives a rats ass about the rules anyway and as much as we've asked for the rules to be streamlined, we basically still have the rule of Fonz Cool. Just in more words. And, if we go by the letter of the rule, you are already represented.
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