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thnks for contributing see u next time bb
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imagine if tolkien used quality =/= quantity in the same way that many roleplayers do. "frodo walked to the edge of the volcano and throws in the ring, the end."
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how much quality can you put in 2 lines of dialogue lol come on


in the end i always feel alone

but the sun is also alone
and he still shines
so why not me

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i missed the past updates apparently but 1.0 here now
@Lord Wraith I'm gonna do it for the sake of uniformity anyway but I might give it my own spin, if I think of something.
@Lord Wraith I'm guessing you want us to copy your formatting, or at the least the header, right?

@Eleven ay bro just wanna let you know the image is throwing up 404's and gang signs so it's probably behind a sign-up wall on a website that disallows hotlinking

try saving the image and reuploading it to imgur

EDIT: wait it's ezgif, you can't directly hotlink from ezgif
@Odin As promised, some commentary on your sheet.

The first thing that attracted me to your sheet personally is the amount of detail presented in your abilities section. As that is a very key component of the RP and due to the effort that I myself put into designing Hyperhumans and how their abilities work, I love seeing someone else put that same effort into explaining their character's abilities. The ability section covers not only how Jiao's gifts work but also discusses them and lends itself to explaining development and applications. The limitations and weaknesses are also equally thought out and everything is well said, no leaps in logic required to follow your thought process.

His skills stand out, like his abilities they are well detailed and lend themselves to helping explain the character and your characterization of him. This is particularly noteworthy with his final skill of dissimulation. The appearance description isn't long or wordy, not that it has to be. You've clearly and concisely described Jiao's appearance in a way that doesn't repeat the other information on the sheet but rather enhances it to give a fuller picture.

Jiao's backstory is sweet and concise, it doesn't waste details nor does it lack them. There's still plenty about Jiao that can be discovered in the IC but nothing that's apparently lacking or would make the reader wonder about the character. His personality sets him apart from other characters in the RP and I fully expect him to cause nothing but friction but that's a reason why he was accepted because he does have a three-dimensional personality and it only further enhances the cast which for the most part is made up of less abrasive people.

thamk u boss

I've knocked down one essay and have 2 more to go, so I'm still out of the running for a week or so (maybe?) but I'll try and keep track of what's going on OOC wise.
I will be busy this week due to having to write 3 essays on goon-ass topics, so if I seem AWOL, fear not.
<Snipped quote by Odin>

Apologies, I don't generally make those mistakes. As for commentary I can get you some tomorrow when I have a bit less Jack Daniels in my system.

Cheers, and no worries. These mistakes are easy to make anyway, I just wanted to avoid having it seep into the IC (at that point I'd probably change his name to Jai, tbh).
@Lord Wraith I was hoping for some commentary on what you liked and what you didn't like as much, but an acceptance is an acceptance and I'll take it. Before I move it into the character bin (that's what you want, yes?) I would like to add that the name is Jiao-long, to avoid any long term naming issues before we even start.

◼ W E E K 0 0 1: The world of Crestwood shows Hyperhuamns as being possibly one of the most oppressed races in history, they're unable to hold positions of authority nor able to use their gifts without fear of punishment. How does this affect your character and their relationship with society both as a whole and within the confines of a highschool social heirarchy? How has discovering that they are a Hyperhuman changed their worldview?

In psychology and criminology there is a widespread theory called the theory of the self-fulfilling prophecy of which the application is quite widespread and, honestly, applies to most things if not all. It is one of the major social influences that we put infants, children, teens and even adults through without realization -- this in itself is not neccessarily a bad thing as this 'power' can be harnessed for good, such as forcing someone to become a better person through imprinting it on them through 'prophecy.'

It can also be bad -- tell a child that they are good for nothing, useless, or criminal often enough and they will in turn start believing it and, eventually, begin acting like it too. Through this methodology you can essentially condition someone to become a criminal, an emotionless husk of a person or a robot.

To think that this was, and is, not the case for hyperhumans would be missing the point.

Jiao-long has gone through extensive imprinting during his childhood, like most other children, whether he realizes it or not. The decision to study finances was not his and, before he realized his power, the decision to 'take over the family business' like he was expected to was also not his. They were imprinted on him like a prophecy and eventually he began believing that this was what he was meant to do.

After the discovery of his dormant powers as a hyperhuman, Jiao-long was regarded differently. Not neccessarily a threat, as his powers were relatively 'low' on the actual danger scale given how many people occupied the area, and the effect of this on the electromagnetic fields in the area. Rather, he was regarded as a curiosity, a 'thing' much less a 'human,' much less a teenage child trying to find himself.

His power meant that he could not reasonably take a seat on the board in the family company any longer (something that he resented at first, since his 'destiny' or 'prophecy' was taken from him -- something he later began to enjoy as he realized he never truly wanted to spend time there anyway, a direct effect of the self-fulfilling prophecy he had been subjected to). His power also meant that he was 'special,' and while this meant a wild variety of things, it also meant he was not like the others, and in a society driven by prestige and wealth, he now possessed both of these.

Yes, being regarded with fear and a mistrusting eye everywhere you go was not always positive. But fear is a form of power too. And being able to grasp that power was, in turn, empowering.

He grew out of this mindset eventually, particularly after he realized that people seemed to generally mistrust him more and more, especially his own family who had originally taken great care to meticulously groom him and had now cast him aside -- a failed project -- and replaced him with another cousin of his, or something to that degree. Fear was empowering in a way but it also shuns people.

Well, if they said he was dangerous, he might as well become it right?
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