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Current ye my yeezus
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in the end i always feel alone

but the sun is also alone
and he still shines
so why not me

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@Ominae not an admin/moderator but this game is allowed -- typically it plays out in here and not in free roleplay. That said, nobody is going to care -- the problem (for you) is more that you probably won't get any players in free roleplay.

the above is the souljaphone but it doesn't even have any branding
@coeur nice aesthetic bro
@Rundvlees Do you live in the Netherlands, or is just a passing interest?
@Rundvlees ligt aan het gerecht, maar kip is meer 'all round' als je het mij vraagt. Rund daarentegen vind ik lekkerder. Interpreteer dat als een flirterige advance of als een opmerking over vlees, wat jij wilt.
*tips hat*

@Rundvlees Ik denk dat kip over het algemeen geprefereerd is, maar rundvlees is meer smaakvol, medunkt..
Being on RPG for more than a day typically helps. A lot.
Hinata is my wife but Sakura will do.
In blep 30 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
from the resident sad boy king to the new depressed ho, welcome
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