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Current what the fuck
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can you look over my resume? not even memeing i need a job
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idk if she got it ''alongside'' lucian but they both have cowboy skins, and tbh, the cowboy senna skin was kinda cool but disappointing that they didnt have matching backs
1 mo ago
i hope they do rakan-xayah shit and give them a duo-back animation bc the skins they have atm are kinda.. eh
1 mo ago
damnit i dont like those


your hate means nothing cause i hate myself more

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Do you ever bond with your RP colleagues to the point you consider them family?

absolutely not. i'd never even consider treating anyone on RPG with a smidgen of friendliness.
The problem is, is that I'm a girl and it's likely no one wants to do roleplay with someone basically pretending to be a guy.

I thought this was a roleplaying forum, dedicated entirely to playing things we aren’t by pretending to be. I’m not a cool suave medieval swordsman (much as I try to be) but I still play one in roleplays. I think sex/gender is one of the easier things to crossplay. I have a better idea of how to play a woman than I’ll ever have of how to play an alien in a sci-fi idea.

In short: nobody cares if you’re a woman playing a man.
I shall bump once more.
@Kalleth unfortunately my master thesis has kept me quite occupied for the last few days and I was intending to use this time to write for the contest. Turns out reading academic articles in the number I'm trying to takes much more time and energy than I had anticipated (and while this is a rookie mistake, I've been around the block, so I should've known better). Apologies to Calle for promising my entry and having to renege on that. :-(
hi new im dad
My least favorite category because all of them were really cool and I really needed a way to spread the points evenly after eliminating my own dog.

Category: Dog
1st Pick: Kotoru
2nd Pick: McKenzy
3rd Pick: Elin

I'm not a cat person so.. this one's hard.

Category: Cat
1st Pick: Suki
2nd Pick: Hiro
3rd Pick: Nymeria
Honorary 4th: Heimdall (awesome name)
Honorary 5th: Onyx (funniest photo out of all of em imo)

Category: Misc
1st Pick: Peep
2nd Pick: Danica
3rd Pick: Enigma

very cool
Another succesful fanfic that invoked Godwin's law.
Bumping again.
As much as I appreciate the interest, I think it's rather rude to ask people to PM you in their own thread.

That aside, I want to bump this thread. I am looking for a few more RP's in this universe. Perhaps something focused on the civil war in Broacien, or perhaps something to do with the northern tribes. I'd also be happy to play in the new Khalyfate.
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