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in the end i always feel alone

but the sun is also alone
and he still shines
so why not me

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@Valgaerd Heil ogg Sael.
In regards to the skill—thank god I'm not counting numbers, being skill accountant is lame is heck. You'd still have a higher STR gain that everyone else though. Basically, it's the perfect flavour town ability.

Thanks to @vox I got a nifty excel sheet that balanced the stats for me, although I was sorta surprised I could max out str and have otherwise high stats simply by dropping int to 1. Rest assured that I accountancy'd the stats for you and they average out to a neat 13 (which should be like, the average).

Also I should warn I have no idea what the anime that this is based on is about so that's why my sheet probably seems like I just wrote something random and called it a day.
@Renny I'm always here. Waiting. Watching. Lurking. Judging. Nutting.

I don't usually feel the need to say this, but somehow the sheer idiocy of this character makes me feel the need to remind you that yes, this is a serious application.

TIME: Present, 5AM | LOCATION: Orphanage | INTERACTION:@Halvtand, @Solotros, @Vox, @Vexxed Vex

The rest of the diner went about as well as one would have expected. Frankly, Sadako felt a little out of place, but did her best to try and fit in. That said.. 'fitting in' for Sadako was a lot of awkward bursts of random yelling when her true self came out before realizing that it was out of place half the time. The other half were shy agreements with whatever the topic at hand was, with Sadako being too afraid to really interject for fear of scaring Masae and Hikari away. Ultimately, Sadako excused herself after a few hours, preparing to go back to the orphanage now that the prospective parents had all gone away.

When she returned, she quietly slipped into the orphanage to avoid rustling the elders, who would no doubt be on her case about missing 'adoption day,' and berate her for her careless attitude. In reality, they were probably mad that the adoption fees wouldn't go to them now. It was fine by Sadako, just a few more days and she'd never have to step foot in this ugly building again.

Over the next few weeks, Sadako spent her time lazying about, training, and going on 'dates' with Hikari, who made a point of it to spend time with Sadako (and seemed to not take Sadako's subtle 'no, it's fine, we don't have to!' for an answer). Truthfully, Sadako enjoyed Hikari's companionship, although her overbearing social skills made Sadako nervous more than once.

After a day of forced shopping with Hikari, Sadako was on her way back to the orphanage wearing a pair of brand new shinobi sandals, which she was forced to purchase on Hikari's dime, when the sudden thud of a kunai alerted her. Unfortunately, the kunai was sent low, and hit the wall close to Sadako's ankles, after which Sadako stepped forward just in time to catch her foot on the kunai impaled into the wall. “W-waah!” she yelled, promptly engaging her 'groundpound headbutt no jutsu.' Normally, she'd have fallen face flat on the floor and received a large bump on her forehead for her clumsiness, but with the new forehead protector firmly mounted on it's place on her forehead, she only received a heavy metal clank for her mistake. “Aiaiaiai..” she whispered to herself while grabbing her forehead.

Once she'd spent a few minutes laying there holding onto her head, she took the kunai out and read the message attached to it. “Hnggg.. sensei.. couldn't you find a better way to let us know..” she continued, getting up slowly and turning around, continuing her way to the orphanage while holding on to her head.

Three days after | Location: Lumine building

It was early, but Sadako was used to it. Her days in the orphanage prepared her for this kind of schedule, waking up early for forced training with the other kids. But now, she wasn't waking up for training, she was waking up to earn money and perform missions for the village. Finally something with an actual practical goal in mind for her to do! She was up by 4AM, doing her morning routine, such as getting breakfast, showering for five minutes, brushing her teeth and getting dressed. She probably triple, if not quadruple checked her gear. She patted down her pouches numerous times even as she was heading to the window to escape the orphanage once again, making sure she had everything she needed.

And then she leaped out of the window, the cold breeze hitting her skin before the rain did. Luckily it was a small drizzle today and not pouring like usual. Not yet, anyway. Trailing over the rooftops and industrial pipes going everywhere, she made her way to the Lumine building, an old industrial site that had been used for various purposes over the years. She wondered why the sensei had chosen this location, but didn't pay too much mind to it as she was to focused on not falling off the rooftops.

As she landed, she noticed she was the first to arrive, and waved hello to the sensei. “G-good morning, Unmei-sensei!” she proclaimed, but was met with a stoic silence. Sadako took this as a sign that her sensei wasn't really willing to talk, so she just stood around and waited for a while a distance away from the sensei.

When the rest came around, Unmei-sensei started questioning them after explaining that she was an inexperienced and new jonin. Frankly, Sadako hadn't put much mind to whether or not they'd get an experienced sensei. “A-ah... me first.. uhh, well, I'm Sakamachi Sadako, I'm from the orphanage, and uhh.. I don't have a clan, so I don't really know anything else about myself. Ummm, I like reading history books, and uhh.. that's it.” She stared around at the rest of her team rather blankly, knowing that Kyosuke's explanation would probably be sort of the same, but she still wondered what else he'd have to add. As for the other team member, Sadako had no real idea of what he'd say.

She waited a few more moments, not realizing that Unmei-sensei had asked another question. “O-oh! And I want to be a shinobi because I want to..” she said, trailing off a little bit, maybe pondering the question, although in reality she was looking for a way to frame it just right. “I want to be a shinobi so that I can make sacrifices so that others do not have to make them.”

Osuushi Akumako, 'Kuko'
The Borderlands Terror

TIME: 7 days ago | LOCATION: Academy Courtyard > Saito no Kareraisu | INTERACTION:@Vexxed Vex, @Vox

Sadako stared at Kyosuke as he spoke, knowing what he was talking about full well without really wanting to acknowledge it. Rather than huff and puff at his sudden dismissal, she only gave him a firm nod. She knew what he was going to do -- and she was doing the same in her own way. “Hm! I understand,” she told him as he hurried off, before she was forced to turn back to Hikari, who was blabbering on about having saved up. The truth was, Sadako really didn't have any money since the orphans didn't exactly receive an allowance, and being an academy student didn't pay.

But she wasn't going to make a point of that to Hikari. For all her virtues, she didn't exactly seem to understand the life of an orphan in Amegakure. And educating her on the matter wasn't something Sadako was going to do -- the hardships of the orphans were better left to themselves to process. Or at least, most orphans seemed to believe so, since all of them were adverse to the otherwise friendly showings of empathy that 'normal' people seemed to give them. It was then that Masae arrived on the scene, politely confirming Sadako's name, to which Sadako once again nodded to indeed confirm that that was her name.

“I see,” Sadako replied to her patting her pouch, smiling at the girl with a glimmer in her eye, “I won't say no to a free meal!” A-ah.. was that too callous? Was that rude of me to say? She played it off with a smile while her eyes trailed off into the distance as Hikari continued her little rant on Kyosuke. She really doesn't understand.. does she? Sadako pondered to herself, but she gave Hikari an empathetic smile regardless, understanding that Hikari didn't particularly dislike Kyosuke either. She was just ranting off about something, making small talk, something like that. A skill that Sadako had never seemed to master, or at least so she thought.

The inquiry towards Sadako's plans was unexpected, and surprised Sadako a little bit. Someone wanted to know about her? And her plans? “Uuh.. well, like Kyosuke said, it's graduation day.. so..” she slowly said, considering that maybe it was better to do the same as Kyosuke and just run away, hide in a corner and wait until the genin-auction was over. “So... I guess being an orphan means I have all the time in the world to celebrate with you, since I don't exactly have.. uhh.. parents.. to come home to. You know?” She said it like a joke, but it wasn't exactly funny. In order to mask her own idiocy, she laughed at her own joke like a madman, as if she thought it was the funniest thing in the world, before simmering down a little bit. “I mean.. I mean to say I'll come with you!”

Better to hide with a free meal than in a rainy corner somewhere doing nothing, right?

Talking about the teams made Sadako both nervous and excited. To be honest, being in a team with Hikari and Masae would be awesome -- the both of them seemed really nice from their short little interaction just now, although Sadako had tried to befriend them both a few times before, before isolating herself once again. Hopefully they hadn't held that against her, although it seemed like they didn't. Masae barely remembered her name. The compliments on her black rod release made her blush a little, raising a hand to wave the comment away while smiling at Hikari. “I-it's nothing, I wish I could use water like you do, that's way more versatile and cool! Besides, you look like a dancer when you use it! I just look like a weird girl with black poles coming out of her hands.”

The bell rinkled as they entered Saito no Kareraisu, a restaurant owned by the family of one of their peers. “HELLO!” Sadako blurted out, before realizing that that was totally uncalled for, and she rushed to cover her mouth in embarrassment with her one free hand. The other was still trapped in the confines of Hikari's potent elbow lock jutsu. “Ahh.. Hikari, why don't you.. take the word?”

Location: Uragiri Clan Compound [Koi Breeding Pond] | Time: 9AM [9:12] | Post Theme: GRILLABEATS - Kanji
Interaction: Unmei -- @Ephemeral

“Trespassing is illegal, and punishable by death, don't you know?” The voice came from behind, on one of the walls that surrounded the compound of the Uragiri clan, which was established in one of the middle class areas of the village. If Unmei were to look back, she'd see the same figure standing there in the shade of one of the nearby trees, rain falling down on him as if he were unbothered by it. Luckily for her, the area around the koi pond was covered by some roofing, with a gap where the pond was. The pond was massive, as there were easily a thousand or more koi in it. The pride of the Uragiri clan.. well, the pride besides Sakana, that was.

The young chunin set himself off from the wall, and landed behind Unmei, taking a few more steps forwards so that he stood besides her. “Although I suppose you come here so often you might as well bear the name of the clan. Unmei Uragiri,” he said, referencing the fact that he'd seen her sitting here more than a few times by now, although this would be the first time he'd said something about it. Had he been spying on her, or was he just very attentive?

He glanced over her shoulder at the paper folders in her lap, immediately making the connection. “Sakamachi Sadako, Shoma Kyosuke, and Ueda Tadasu,” he said to himself, slightly hushed. His dark, black eyes focused on the koi pond ahead, seeking for the characteristic prize koi that were in there -- the yin-yang koi.

He sat down on the edge of the pond, putting his hand into the water and swirling it around, instantly attracting several of the large koi. Strangely enough, any strangers that tried doing this always failed, as if the koi were only attracted to those of the Uragiri clan. “Interesting team,” he said to Unmei, “I've seen them around the academy. They look dirty.” How much did Sakana even know about random people? It was almost creepy, the way he managed to conjure up information so randomly.

“I suppose that's to be expected from orphans. They look average, and disgusting half the time. But the training they receive is pretty good. As for the Ueda, he's a nobody. Hmph. I suppose we'll see what comes of them,” he informed her, before standing up and shaking his hand to get rid of the water on it, shaking a few of the drops of muddy water in Unmei's direction. He turned around and jumped off towards the wall again, landing on it nonchalantly. “Tell them Uragiri Sakana says hi. Let's hope they survive their first mission.”

He jumped off in a random direction, before uttering his catchphrase to himself. “If the sage wills it.”
@FourthKing You've been accepted as well, and this completes our teams. Please move him into the char tab!
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