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Current we've bashed politicians for ages, it's not new just because it's being done when your favorite is in office
1 day ago
The long and short of it is that if you don't want to play it, don't. If you want to play exclusively in RP's that don't contain smut, don't apply for RP's that contain smut. It's simple.
1 day ago
On the other hand RPG is not and was not ever meant to be a PG13 site. The rules regarding smut/18+ content are pretty clear and laid out and that alone indicates it's accepted here.
1 day ago
I just want a Dragon Age like DA1 with modern graphics and weapons that don't look like they're made of plastic like they did in DA:I.
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Uebok, gotta run!
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get lost, lose my number, stay gone forever

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Escape from Tarkov was great before the twitch event but between the 15 minute queue timers and the fact I'm 20 levels behind, I have to say I'm not having much fun anymore getting my ass whooped by guys that can afford 95-round magazines and the ammo to unleash all of that 300-rubles-per-bullet ammo on me.
@WhatsUpItsLiv I can only imagine that it is similar to other IM roleplaying system which honestly are not exactly what I'd consider high tier roleplaying, but to each their own. I had a read through your profile and saw the character sheet you posted and it looks like you're definitely on a much higher level than I'd expect from a facebook roleplayer so you've managed to impress already. :)
@WhatsUpItsLiv Hi Liv, I have to wonder what Facebook roleplaying is like since I don't think it's a lot like how we roleplay here! Best of luck finding something, but I'm sure you'll find what you seek. Feel free to PM me for any questions you may have!
@Hexaflexagon Just want to give a headsup that the second image linked doesn't work -- font meme?
I am definitely looking to throw my hat into the ring for this RP.
@pugbutter Yeah I find a good place to get character art is from LARPs/reenactment/amateur cosplay or even middle popularity musicians dressing up for what they do (i.e. the band dArtagnan). You get real people often dressed up for what you want of them, but they're not models or some shit. Art is generally supposed to be pretty but you know most of the time it's not representative of what people actually look like so any vaguely realistic RP will have trouble making use of art when you're trying to imagine a scene in your head anyway.

I mean I am roleplaying because I like to play out a role I enjoy, and sometimes that means being a pretty guy who can also kill shit really good.

If I wanted to live out a realistic version of medieval life, I'd probably join a reenactment group and not spend my days writing fiction on the internet. If you're just looking for realism why not just... do research and read about the topic.

To each their own but I can 100% understand why people prefer to play pretty people most of the time. Similarly, a lot of movies feature pretty people.
Hi there, can I have everything I posted from June 20th 2014 to May 30th 2015 wiped? My apologies if I'm setting anyone a task, I just don't have any interest in retaining some old work and have it linger over me. I'd have done it myself, but there isn't a delete button, and old posts don't seem to allow edits.


If you are that worried about old work, make a new account?
To be entirely honest, why would I play an ugly bastard when I can play a really handsome dude? Live out the things you can't in real life, right? ... right?
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