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posting this even tho its 1 year+ old bc i have come to the realization that i have so many characters who would wear this exact same dress

my jade princess
<Snipped quote by Hero>

Using the same version of any noun repeatedly is always risky!

Seeing 'cock' or 'pussy' repeatedly isn't really that interesting either, I must agree.
Expressing interest here! I also can't possibly tell you how much the Amegakure backdrop tantalizes me.

Amegakure gives me a hardon. I've driven other roleplayers insane with my focus on Amegakure, so I figured, why not make another RP about it. << for all those interested, this is where we're currently convening.
I've been stalking around the Advanced RP section to find something I want to play and this sounds like it.

I do have a question though. Are we doing the Genin Exam or are we already Genin? The answer will cement me wanting to join up since I refuse to start another Naruto RP that we attempt to due the Genin Exam and 50 IC posts later everyone is bored and the RP dies.

.. genin exam? No, you'll have already graduated.

Are you talking about the chunin exam? That'll take place during a timeskip later on that skips ahead some 3-4 years, and the RP assumes everyone makes it unless the person playing a character states otherwise himself.

@Odin Are we going to be organized into Genin teams as well, or does Amegakure have its own system in place for training Genin?

Yeah, genin team. Which is why I want themed teams/teams with backstory which we will need to discuss later on when the OOC is made. So far I've heard some talk of a poison/gas team, so I'm looking for something like that or a team that has a backstory together like Ina/Shika/Cho formations-type ordeals.
Yeah, this thread isn't really meant to discuss Naruto (I'm more than happy to, but just not here) so I'll ask you guys kindly to uhhhhh: not do that.

To answer the question: we're gonna have a little bit of both. We're starting as genin -- but there are definitely some big baddies out there that wanna destroy the world, reshape it in their image, or just have a really fucked up idea of righteousness.
@Sunbather Yeah no problem at all - the Narutopedia helps a lot because I honestly don't memorize all the jutsu anyway. Anything you can't find the answer to (or just need more clarification on) feel free to PM me for.
This looks like some thought and care was put into the lore, and I do quite like the aesthetic and mood of the little bits of Naruto I've seen (plus, ninjas are cool!), but I have basically no clue what happened within Naruto after the Gaara vs. Lee fight, which I think is quite early in the lore? Is there a lot I HAVE to catch up on to write up to par?

No, I have a timeline for canon + our universe in handy image format. I don't really want to ruin the thread, but you can basically find it if you look at my threads/posts so I'll just post it here;

0 M.E. is the year Konohagakure was founded, anything before that was Sengoku Jidai/Mythical era of Kaguya Otsutsuki, and the Sage of the Six Paths/Indra & Asura. If you really want to read more about this universe we have here, and get started on thinking of a character, read here. Otherwise I expect the thread to be up in like, 3 days?
What is the tech level you will be using? Are Ninjas on the internet, or is it safe to say things have stopped at Boruto?

It's somewhere between Naruto Shippuden and Boruto, but like, that says literally nothing since apparently we had long range communications and guns (yes guns) in Naruto part 1 already, so..
@Odin Can I ask for what is the writing requirements that you are looking for?

I'd say writing 3+ paragraphs would be enough for an average post. I know I can be a bit wordy and so I'm probably gonna exceed that but I also am well aware that the Naruto roleplay scene is usually a bit more short format. Either is fine for me, so long as people remain active and driven.

Post-frequency wise I wanna adopt a more balanced advanced level approach. One post a week at a minimum, and more if you feel like it and are able to.
@Terminal We'll be tackling a organization akin to the Akatsuki but slightly worse and while the opponents might veer into shinobi-godhood territory I like to think they're somewhat grounded in a more smart, rational approach to existing Naruto ideas and techniques -- as opposed to 'hehe i'm a moongoddess time to fuck the world up' type things.

The moon mind control thing will definitely be something that is integrated however since it's a canon event -- but we're like.. 150 years past that when the RP starts, so it's to our characters what the battle of Vienna is to us.
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