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@TheMystic Did my thing.

I'll watch this. Here's hoping I can join an RP that actually goes somewhere.
It is truly frustrating that every interest check that gains this level of following seems to never get off the ground.
I personally don't feel more factions would help the problem. See, if we split people evenly among multiple factions and then witness a large number of people drop out, we could be left with factions with a single person sitting alone. I believe a better solution would be to have multiple teams within a faction. That way, even if a large group of people leave, we can just balance out the teams within the faction.
Wouldn't mind joining in here too.
Did my thing.

I shall join too.
Character Name: Brandon Argyle
Time of Day: Early Morning
Location: Dormitory
Interacting with: Proctors and Co.

Marius' blustering was practically predictable by now. Not only had he raced to be the first to show off, but he made a complete mess with his obnoxious display. He not only displayed a complete lack of concern for having left fires for the proctors to put out, but even took the opportunity to spit upon the schools of magic he did not personally partake in. Had he been free to do so, Brandon would have slapped him down on the spot. The fact that the proctors barely reacted to his downright disrespectful attitude spoke volumes of their permissiveness. It was ultimately their prerogative to treat their students as they saw fit, but Brandon did not believe any good would come of sparing the rod with this entitled egomaniac. He would only push his boundaries further if left to assume there was to be few if any consequences for his acting out.

Speaking of acting out, the next one to leap and twirl her way into the limelight was Sylvanna. The moment she started mimicking Dumb's characteristic flair he knew this was going to be even more of a mess than ever. Sure enough, her demonstration ended with her effectively assaulting one of the proctors. Brandon buried his face in his palm at the sight of it all. At least for this one they were actually planning a punishment, although Brandon would have preferred to have the girl put in the stocks. It would be fitting not only for being more severe, but also for giving her a taste of her own medicine. One would hope that after being publicly humiliated, she would learn some empathy for the people she subjected to a similar humiliation. He was certain the human institution's chosen punishment would not be nearly as fitting or enlightening, however.

With the end of the Sun Elf's nonsense, a return to normalcy came upon them. The first to deliver such normalcy to them was Artemis, the Moon Elf that Brandon had assisted earlier. There was no announcing of her name like it was some great and noble title, nor any dancing around like she was preforming a play. Just a good, honest display of her magical talent, as should be expected on any good student. It was practically refreshing after having to endure Dumb and Dumber. The next one, Rahele, was equally straightforward in her demonstration. The lull in unwelcome excitement was precisely what Brandon had needed before getting ready for his own display. Not to say that either of them lacked in spectacle, but they were certainly less rambunctious than the two that came before them.

Finally, the time came for Brandon to put on his own show. He had the perfect idea in mind to give a sense of his capabilities and turn a few heads, although hopefully not in any way the same fashion as the first two. "I am Brandon Argyle, of the Republic of Bergen. I am versed in the schools of Evocation and Abjuration." Saying it aloud reminded him that his fields of interest were akin to those of Marius. It was disconcerting, but he was sure he would prove to be set well far apart from him in time. The opening move of his demonstration was for Brandon to stomp on the ground, producing a modest stone from the ground. It might seem beyond underwhelming at first, and it certainly wasn't all that impressive a feat, but it was not the end of his maneuvers. His next move was to create a small yet sturdy barrier in his right hand. While it was still midair, Brandon slapped the stone he had produced with his barrier, sending it flying forth, embedding itself in the ground a short distance in front of him.

Brandon then began stomping his feet rhythmically, producing more stones before slamming them into the ground in a sort of pattern. But as he did so, he began his final flourish. He began to sing.

"~Merck toch hoe sterck nu in 't werck sich al steld~" Marius and anyone else familiar with the Dawrven tongue would at least recognise the language.

"~Die 't alled tijd' so ons vrijheit heeft bestreden~" He continued to sing, loudly and clearly, as he produced his work of art upon the ground.

"~Sie hoe hij slaeft, graeft en draeft met geweld, om ons goet en ons bloet en onse steden!~" As he finished his song, he stood back to allow a better look at his work. It was a bit hard to see at a distance, but anyone coming close enough would be able to see he had made a clear image with all the stones he had embedded in the ground. "It is the rune of house Argyle, so that you know." He spoke aloud. The whole thing was a sort of training exercise that his teachers back home had used. It was a demonstration of concentration and magical merit to do so while singing perfectly and making an icon. Back home, they tended to use other objects to do so, but as Earthen Evocation was one of his fields of interest, he saw it only fitting to work it in.
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