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I've got a Berserker in mind.

EDIT: Actually make that a Saber.
ok zoomer

"Carrying a spear, huh? Emmett Tattle sounds about right..." Cinder stroked his chin as he thought about the figure that brought them into the world. Despite the god, their mission must be important if what happened to be a god of this world assigned them new bodies to accomplish this goal. And based on the memories that continue to flood back into Cinder's head, it seems that it was more than just bodies that were granted to himself and his newfound allies. Grasping a handful of wheat from his satchel, Cinder began to think of some of the new capabilities he was granted in this form. He wondered if everyone else had to ask permission to use them, however...

"Oh, going to the estate sounds fine! I was wondering if there were any friendly animals around for me to... borrow, for a moment. I need to try something out, first!"

Cinder walked along with the rest, humming the tune of a popular (and annoying, to a few) pop song from a different world. Strange as it may be, Cinder had hoped that they would run into something like a bear on the way, and if not, if he could find one nearby. Animals had always interested the boy, his thoughts currently occupied with fond memories of going to the zoo. For some reason, he couldn't help but think about running into just about any wild animal, with a nagging voice somewhere in the boy's head telling him to chase 'em all.

"... Wait, do we need food? Oh, I think I can make that! I think I can even make it taste better if anyone else knows how to prepare it..."

Interactions: NPCs

Ukkonen yawned as he made his way into town, spinning his newly attained poison daggers in his hands. Once he reached the town's gates however, he decided it would be best to put away his weapons. He's heard that the NPCs of this game were quite advanced, but he did not want to test the patience of the guards, especially when he's trying his best to save his money at the moment. As he entered the town, he was impressed with how lively it seemed, although it did not surprise him too much. The combat was quite advanced after all. As much as he wanted to try interacting with one of these NPCs, Ukkonen knew turning his quest in as soon as possible and getting the reward was paramount, both so that he could progress through this game faster and so he could have more coins to buy better gear. To him, it was important to stay as ahead as possible especially if he wished to top the PvP rankings at some point.

Ukkonen did his best to avoid any other NPCs as he searched for this "Tu Tauri Al" so that he could turn his slime jellies in as soon as possible. Although at the same time, it didn't hurt to keep an ear out for any information he would overhear regarding a "Thief" class. According to that one chat mod, Ukkonen had completed a prerequisite needed to take on a new class, and any potential class advancements were more than welcome to the ambitious rogue...
Class: Rogue
Level: 3


The first slime was a piece of cake! It took too long, and it clearly wasn't the most optimal enemy to attack, but to Ukkonen it was both a life lesson as well as a nice way to level up. In any case, he was sure that the next few slimes would have been a piece of cake with this new party of his! All they had to do was aim for the lower-leveled ones and head back to town, and this tutorial quest would be over in no time...

If only they hadn't invited more people to tag along. What was worse is that they were both Rangers who had trouble bursting down a Blue Slime together. All Ukkonen wanted to do was kill the lower-leveled ones so he could level up faster, but the goodwill that came from the leader of his party lead the team to inviting more people. What Ukkonen thought was his three-role dream team turned out to be a much more sluggish experience. The time they were taking against this one blue slime was enough for the Rogue to briefly join another party and finesse one of the newer players for their weapons before joining his original party once more, only to find them still fighting the same slime.

Sighing in irritation, Ukkonen acted in muscle memory, positioning himself behind the slime once more, and delivering his usual combo. What surprised him however was how much damage he was dealing with just one of these Poison Daggers. The sight of this damage gave Ukkonen a sudden realization: If he could deal this much damage in such a short amount of time on his own, then dealing with the lower-leveled slimes solo would be easy! He did not have to be held back by the expectations of his party anymore. All he needed was to upgrade his gear and continue grinding these slimes until he was at a level where he could be comfortable enough in soloing the rest of this starter zone...

"You all are just slowing me down! I'll see you guys later, when I get your stupid hats!"

And with that, Ukkonen left his party in search of greener pastures... or greener slimes.
Class: Rogue
Level: 2

If we don't find a GM, I might just run Fall of PLaguestone. I'm a terrible GM tho so pls no

"Good work!"

Like a flash of lightning, Ukkonen appeared behind the blue slime, his crimson eye glinting in the sunlight. With a dagger in each hand, the Rogue prepared his attack for the slime's behind... or well, the part that counts as a behind, anyway. Truthfully, Ukkonen wasn't too far away from Neres and the slime. Instead, he spent half the time observing her damage and tactics, and the rest figuring out a cool and unexpected way to enter the fray. Of course, none of this mattered for their currently mindless-looking opponent as flanking it would offer little advantage to Ukkonen in this specific situation. It was already stunned, after all. Despite this, the slime was still able to dish out an attack, which meant that Ukkonen would need to look more into what a stun does and doesn't do to mobs.

"Cunning Art: Midnight Triple Fang!"

Shouting a line from a popular Shounen that aired the previous season, Ukkonen lunged downward, embedding a dagger into the slime with a frightful Backstab before delivering two swift strikes with each of his daggers. Whether his own attacks landed or not, Ukkonen kicked away in order to leave the slime's aggro range before it could attack once again. While it might have been completely possible for Ukkonen to dish out another backstab, he didn't want to burn all his stamina at once. Plus, he needed to confirm something, and dealing too much damage to the slime at this moment may impede on his research. Performing the proper calculations in his head in correspondence to the slime's current health, Ukkonen strafed around slowly.

"Draw aggro, and stall for the cleric! I need to see that Smite for myself..."
Class: Rogue
Level: 1

[Attack x2]

Kalevi was already displeased at the valuable time he wasted. An hour was spent on character creation perfecting the character he would spend the rest of his time in first-person view playing. As much as Kalevi wanted to make a demonic character, one of the chat moderators mentioned that the "Darkin" race would very much be prejudiced for their appearance and origins. Because of this, Kalevi instead decided to roll a human and load up enough cosmetics so that he looks demonic. Once that was done, the process of picking a class was a simple one for Kalevi as Rogues had very high damage-per-second and attack speed. Because of their unique status within the starting class roster as a "Melee DPS", it was only natural for Kalevi to gravitate towards the class since it was the best way for him to display his established skills at VR combat. It was also the best class for ganking from what he interpreted based on their skill list. The last thing he needed to do was name his character.

Ukkonen, based off of his current screen name username, ukk0nen. Named after the Finnish God of Thunder, Kalevi decided on this name as a way to avoid the fans from his stream, who normally know him by "th0r". Of course, whoever knew enough about Finnish mythology may draw parallels to Kalevi's streaming identity, but he didn't care too much about that. As long as he was able to avoid the masses, then all is well. Worst case scenario would only be Kalevi buying himself a name-change, anyway. Security issues like these weren't too worrisome for Kalevi, after all. After taking a class in Computer Security as an elective for his major, covering his tracks to avoid getting doxxed was second nature to the gamer. He even went so far as to utilize voice-changing software on his streams and never once showed his face. As far as Kalevi was concerned, his identity was a complete enigma to the fans of his stream.

As soon as Ukkonen was in the game, he started looking through the various menus available to him, keeping track of all the features he can use as a player. From map sidebars to group and party tags, such things were important to familiarize with early on so the overall gameplay experience wouldn't drag on. He also kept mental note of the stamina costs his basic attacks and Backstab use, for future reference. Once that was done, Ukkonen was quick about equipping his starting gear, including that trashu cape he got as a "compensation" for showing up to the game during its original scheduled launch. It was gross, but it gave him a sense of pride and accomplishment wearing it. Once that was done, Ukkonen opened up his friends list, sending a friend invite to that one healer who was also looking for a group, "cherryblossomblues". Despite this, he did not send a party invite just yet, instead writing up a private message.


Ukkonen began to make his way to the bloodshed... or oozeshed, whichever one prefers. He made sure to follow one of the other new players- preferably one who chose the tank starter- towards the slime fields first so that he will be able to properly judge the aggro range of the mobs, if any. While studying the damage of the mobs and seeing their animations was Ukkonen's first priority, he also had more devious intentions in mind. He wished to see if stealing last hits would properly allow him to leech off XP and loot from the mobs without working too hard to kill them himself. If such a thing was possible, then leveling up in this starting zone would be easy. Even if it wasn't possible, he would at least know enough about the numbers to crunch up the most efficient way to do these first sets of quests and hopefully get himself out of this tacky starter zone...

Who even names their starter NPC 'Tu Tauri Al', anyway?
Class: Rogue
Level: 1

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