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3 days ago
Current Turns out my son was actually a daughter. Whoops!
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16 days ago
i got a job and a (canine) son on the same day, holy shit
1 mo ago
first meal of the new year is a sloppy mcdonalds breakfast for the hangover. hell yeah.
1 mo ago
Starting a petition to officially change "Noise Marines" from Warhammer 40,000 to be officially called "Sound Marines" instead. You know exactly why.
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1 mo ago
yall really passionate about the blue man group's second comeback
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Will level 3 limit breaks let us do a page-wide cutscene of each of the planets in the solar system being destroyed?
Safe to presume that due to Solitude's radio silence, Seeds embedded deep in the other regions haven't heard from the Garden for some time either?
Would the Garden train/teach Black Mages? The more I write about my character, the more I realize being a child soldier would make sense.
Blacker Mage
Black Materia Mage
Dark Mage

what else.....
I've got the notes for my character mostly written out. Will try and squeeze some time in to get my sheet up while I'm at work.

Does Ether exist in this world btw? I'm thinking of making my casty boi addicted to it.
Two questions.

Is materia limited to the spell types, or can we have the more passive, "stat"y materia like MP Turbo?

And do Faye age similarly to Sollans, or are they long-lived like Elves in other media?
We ride.
Too late, my character's tragic backstory novella has already been written and published.
I guess to clarify what I intend to be for those unfamiliar with the thing, Black Mage is a Final Fantasy class that denotes a caster with beeg magic stats and shit physical stats who specializes in casting offensive/debuffing spells. Think a Wizard from D&D. I'm mainly just announcing my interest to play whatever this roleplay's analogue of said class is, tho it seems Black Magic exists in this world.

Basically, I want to be the nerd.
I live only to spam Fire and Thunder.
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