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Current yeet?
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@ me I'm bored on: aint festive but $20 is $20#2896
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Thanks for joining my fanclub
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When you have a hard time telling someone how important they are to you
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Gobble gobble


I need someone to talk to.

If you're here because I viewed you, I admittedly just like clicking people on the status bar randomly.

19 / Leo

If it isn't obvious, the Fate series is one of my favorites.

I like to play video games. I also am a fan of comics, action movies, and anime. Pretty geeky if you ask me.

Soulsborne games are my absolute favorite kinds of games. Ever. I also am a trash person, and therefore like to play MOBAs

My favorite genre is High Fantasy, although I also like other flavors of medieval fantasy, as well. Steam/clock/cyberpunk is cool too. Sci-Fi, well, it depends...

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If I can't think of anything special for Rider Lily aside from him using one of his skills just to talk to his mount, I'll probably just submit to peer pressure and app Astolfo.
D-don't tempt me into apping Astolfo. I've held back for so long already!
@Cu Chulainn

Him evolve one way or another?

Is this Cu lily but if the master is evil he becomes cu alter, but if the master is good he becomes Cu culainn, or if the master puts extra emphasis him using his runes he becomes Cu caster?

Funnily enough, I do have a Rider Cu drafted up. Only issue is, well... he's a bit awkward to app in this.
So the Rider I'm working on currently is a Lily of a canon Servant... and has a skill that lets him "evolve" once he reaches a certain threshold in one direction or the other. Just wondering if opening up the possibility to app said sheets in the future is fine once we reach that threshold!
Depending on my current situation, I might be back! Thinking of doing a Rider with lots of NPs... and no, it isn't the one in my profile pic. Maybe.
Sorry for the doublepost, but will there be something like a Discord for easier communication?
Ah, I might actually have to bow out of this. Sumanai.
Ahh, at the very least, I probably don't have to do Ilya Muromets anymore~~
Actually on second thought, I may not make a Master due to how busy I currently am ;;"
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