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Current Finally got my Thousand Sons Codex!
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School's fine, smooth sailing so far!
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Just finished a Caregiving course! Just need to write up a speech and presentation for my class and I will be a certified Home Health Aide!
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Black Templars teaser had me crying honestly. I cannot wait to see what's in store for the sons of Dorn!
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Sorry to everyone I'm in RPs with currently. I've been having a slow month. A lot of my writing juices have been drained. Been struggling writing anything new.
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Jun grinned at his widely amassed crew, arms crossed in confidence as he gazed upon the group he had gathered. Some were... more questionably attired than others, but he could tell there was some sort of spirit in all of them. His ship would confirm just as much, after all. With its robotic voice, it would keep count of the number of "magical persons" entering the ship as they did, almost as it was taking a toll. Another voice booming through the bay, however, would bring a visible strain on Jun's face.

"I was just about to do that, you kung-fu brat..." Jun said to himself, with annoyance. "Judging by my calculations, no, you were not." The ship had replied, aloud. Getting even more exasperated, Jun stomped and punched on the Argo's wheel, shouting various obscenities involving finding a bottle big enough to fit "this lousy piece of firewood" in.

Of course, when Jun remembered once more that he had company, his demeanor had shifted once more to Grand Admiral "J."

"Yaaahoy~!" Jun said with terribly broken English, saluting the four as they made themselves more comfortable in the Argo. "Sadly, the ship didn't come with cannons, but with our combined firepower, we'll be able to take care of that torii in no time! Just gotta pick up one more pe-"

The yokai's combined attacks at the ship had thrown Jun off-guard, almost causing him to fall on his own behind. Catching his bearings, Jun looked around to see the ship being swarmed, with potential attacks from a rather enterprising group of yokai stacking themselves together.

"It seems we are being attacked."

"No ship, Sherlock! We need them off our tail! Release the boarding plank!"

"I do not believe that is wi-"

Before the boat could complete its protest, Jun pulled a wooden lever next to the Argo's wheel (was there always a lever there?) as he had activated his magic once more. Unlike other magical children, Jun's abilities were centered upon the Argo. While Jun himself was barely capable of utilizing his powers on his own, it is through his ship that he truly shines. Capable of summoning not only his ship but the many parts of it, it could be said that Jun's magic encompassed "everything that is contained within the Argo." This magic was limited in scope, and it is because of this that Jun cannot fire any magical projectiles, as the Argo indeed did not have any cannons at the time it was sailing.

That said, it did possess a massive gangplank. As it extended from the side of the boat, it swung swiftly, batting away the roiling ball of energy like a baseball before slamming into the tower of monsters trying to board. Seeing as the rest of the magical children were taking care of the other surrounding yokai, Jun would guide his boat through the icy bay, propelling it with his own magical power almost like a jet. Of course, the gangplank would also drag through the ice, once more smashing into any yokai on the way.

"We've got one more of ours to pick up! Get ready for a bumpy ride!" Jun shouted as he kept the ship steadily across the bay, flying towards a certain witch. The boarding plank would be hanging on the side for her to jump on.

"Hey, miss Witch! Think those cocktails of yours would be better suited up here with us!"

Whether Jasmine- or anyone else- chose to board or not, the Argo would begin to take to the skies once more, reaching full speed.

"Opening detected. Focus on my coordinates..." The boat had stated, before directing Jun and the others towards the opening left by the biker's bike.

"You heard the thing! Fire at will! Show them just who the hell we really are!"



Shinichi yawned, standing atop a rusted railcar in the quieter parts of Fuyuki's rail-yard. The tracks themselves were cut off from any of the main train routes, and were filled with abandoned cars. Why Shinichi had climbed one was nobody's business, really. Perhaps he wanted a better vantage point to spot any opposition, or maybe he just wanted to stand above the unkept masses who made their homes in these railcars.

Speaking of those unkept masses...

"Feel free to eat up until you're satisfied, Berserker. These malcontents are naught but a blight to this city, anyway." Shinichi stated with disdain, looking towards a plume of smoke not too far off, emitting from a flaming barrel surrounded by vagrants. A look of disdain washed over his face. "I'm sure there are others hiding around, as well. Like rats, really. Be sure to check every nook and cranny."

As Berserker was let loose, the Matou heir began to get to work as well. He clutched his staff in his right hand, softly waving it in the sky and allowing the bell atop it to ring a gentle song. As he had done so, dozens of larvae would begin to fall down from Shinichi's right pants leg. As they squirmed around on the ground, Shinichi would bend over to pick a handful of them up, softly soothing them like they were his mere infants.

Shinichi would then crush the worms together, molding and shaping them like clay until they took on the form of winged lifeforms. Even with one hand, the Matou was able to shape their flesh with ease, their forms made perfect up to the very detail. Their membranous wings would flutter lightly as many large, almost human-like eyes would open around their bodies. Familiars made with the purpose of scanning out the rest of the area.

Shinichi had a feeling that the ruckus Berserker would cause might draw some attention, after all.

Whatever berries were left would find themselves stuffed in Junichiro's jacket pocket as he prepared to move on ahead towards the direction of the waterfall. The familiar feeling of the pot lid was comforting to a degree, the mere act of lifting it reminding the young man of a happier time when he was a mere youth. The pleasant feeling of sharing a hot pot with loved ones. With Kaoru. Junichiro clutched the pot lid tightly as if it were his conviction in a tangible form. He would resolve to live, to power through whatever ill-fortuned situation he found himself in until he reached civilization once more.

It'd also probably help if his clothes didn't smell like piss.

Junichiro marched towards the waterfall, clutching the pot lid in front of him like some sort of makeshift shield in one hand, and his false firearm in the other. He looked ridiculous, really, like some sort of child playing pretend with cutlery and toys. Still, the false sense of safety his ensemble entailed was enough for him to continue forward.
Shigenaga Nomura
Macar-Oni and Cheese

Nomura stroked his beak at this offer. Such a thing wasn't of his purview by any means. At the same time, Nomura's instincts as a salesman made him aware that such a proposition could be a potentially lucrative one. It seems that either way, he should consult with Lady Mie on such a matter before he makes any offers. Still, it did not hurt to see what Bolcha's offer was, so long as he made it clear such a thing wasn't quite in his power.

"Unfortunately, I do not have any authority over the oni, much less to offer them as hired blades. However, I will bring your proposition up to Lady Mie at once, if you give me an initial offer to forward to her. I cannot promise anything, though." Nomura stated, standing up and taking a proper bow while awaiting Bolcha's offer. Whatever it was, Nomura would make sure to keep a mental note of it before taking his leave for now. He still held Enli's delivery within his cloak, however, as while Bolcha seems to be trustworthy, Nomura isn't quite sure of Lady Mie's delivery policy.

Plus, there was a troublesome fox Nomura needed to watch out for.

Leaving the longhouse, the bird-masked fellow would walk towards where the fox had beckoned him to, curious of what this creature had to say. Of course, he clutched Enli's commission tightly in case this fox once again felt mischievous enough to take the merchandise.
Shigenaga Nomura
An Imposter Among Us

Nomura would make his way into the longhouse, curiously so. The explanation of this Kyrnith had caused his stomach to turn, his discomfort easily hidden behind his mask. It seems that Nomura would have to appease this Elder Beast at some point, assuming his employer would return to this village. At the same time, perhaps he is already 'absolved,' Malphas is gone, after all, and only Nomura remains.

That said, it's better safe than sorry. Nomura will ask about appeasement later.

For now, Nomura would take his seat at the fireplace, listening to Bolcha's plight. Someone was after Enli's life? Nomura may have a few ideas of just who this person, or persons, may be, but he would refrain from saying anything about it. After all, this is all information Malphas knows. Instead, he will cock his head to the side, curious about such claims.

"Ah, someone's after Enli? Well, that's no good at all." Nomura said, acting appalled by such an idea. In his belief, Enli is one of Lady Mie's trusted associates, allowing her to pedal her goods in this village. Therefore, his reasoning to stay here and listen is to ensure that further business in this village remains secured.

This also extends to any future business ventures Nomura may have in this village.

"Mmm, but of course. A loyal customer like Enli deserves to be protected, after all." Nomura stated, stroking his beak. "I do have other errands to run, but if it's to save the life of a loyal customer, then those can wait."

While he would listen to Bolcha's plea, Nomura would also be sure to keep an eye of wherever this fox would be hiding. He did not want to hold such a valuable product for long, but he also did not want it stolen. He could not help but wonder if this was a test to gauge his loyalty or not...


The clouds themselves would begin to part as laughter filled the sky. An antique ship pulled from the pages of history would make its descent from the heavens above, its golden-trimmed hull covered with a light frosting of snow. At the quarterdeck stood a young man in a dazzling officer's outfit, his hands confidently resting on his hips as he laughed heartily at the yokai below. Grand Admiral "J," as he was known to the general populace, or Chihaya Junnosuke to his true fans, has entered the battle fashionably late and with a wide grin on his face!

"Sorry for taking my time, ladies and gent! Most of my morning is dedicated to 'me time.'" Jun said, with a grin. Of course, he is referring mainly to the time between 6:30 - 7:00 AM, where he would stare at himself in the mirror to ensure there were no blemishes on his perfect face. Only true fans would know this, it's on his Wiki page. As his ship, the Argo, continued to make his descent, the ship's bow began to glow faintly.

"The monsters seem to be originating from the gate. Primary target identified." A voice spoke to Jun with a neutral tone from the ship, its voice androgynous. "Yup, could see that from a mile a way." Jun replied, his brow furrowed. "Calculating the best path towards primary target."

As the Argo's systems scanned through the hordes of monsters, Jun watched as the other magical children of Tokyo fought their way through the hordes of yokai, waves of fire and ice crashing through the frozen riverbank! It also looks like someone has... started their own concert in the middle of all this? Either way, it seems that most of Tokyo's eyes were on the ground, rather than the skies. The consequences of being late. Jun already knew just how to make up for all that lost time.

"Optimal path calculated. Proceed to-"

"Don't care, didn't ask!"

Jun grasped at the ship's wheel in front of him, spinning it dramatically as the ship made its nosedive towards the closest, biggest yokai in the horde; a giant hungry skeleton! Jun would cackle heroically as his ship's prow into the poor Gashadokuro, earning him another perfect strike on his bowling record before crashing into vast assortments of possessed furniture. Spinning the wheel into the opposite direction, the Argo would soon come to a screeching halt tearing through bits of the frozen bay and crushing any unfortunate yokai in its wake.

"Hop on, everyone! It's time to bring the fight to them!" Jun shouted to the magical children on the ground, giving a valorous salute to them all. Cue the title card.
Park, Shinto Town


Perched atop a tree, Archer spun his sling nonchalantly, awaiting the promised time to come. It seems that his Master's current strategy would be to let their prey come to them. Archer had no qualms about such a tactic. A hunt was a hunt, either way. Should their targets be weak, they will simply be let loose as chaff for the rest to cut down. It was not Archer's job to thin the herd, after all. Should they be strong, however, then Archer will have a new quarry to hunt down.

Hopefully a quarry that isn't as troublesome as that hag...

“Archer, send it in.”

"... Understood, Master."

Archer opened his empty hand, revealing stones inscribed with runes held between his fingers. He filled his sling with those stones, standing upright on the branch he stood on as he began to swing his sling. As the momentum built up, Archer took a deep breath.


The Sun. Guidance. Confidence. Most importantly, Victory.

The flare that Archer had fired glowed brilliantly, like the rays of the Sun that had just set moments ago. To most others, they would merely see lights of celebration, fireworks for no real reason but to uplift. To those of the moonlit world, however, a different meaning would be interpreted. It was a flare that had signaled victory, that the battle was complete and that they were the victors. That everyone else should go home knowing that they were defeated.

A declaration that there was no more war to fight, for they have already won.

Once the trap was released, Archer leapt out of the tree he was in, landing on the ground like a feral animal. He knelt to the ground, feeling the land beneath him. It was as if he was becoming one with the Park, in harmony with the natural land he and his Master have chosen as their battlefield. Opening his eyes once more, Archer exclaimed once more.
Throne of the Wild God, of Oak and Holly
"Carn Clonhugh!"

The land would remain undisturbed. However, Archer would seem to have become "one" with it. The entire park had been designated as a place to hunt, yet it was not different to what it was before. It was only common sense, after all. If the hunting grounds were any different from the rest of the forest, what would stop the hunter's prey from just avoiding it?

Of course, it should also go without saying that those not within the park would notice any change in the world whatsoever.

Junichiro crumbled as he reached the campsite, raising a triumphant fist in the air. While water was surely at the top of his priority, having some berries to keep him fueled up on the way to the waterfalls was also great. Standing up and dusting himself off, Junichiro wandered towards the camp slowly. The more he walked towards the camp, however, the more the hairs behind his neck raised.

Could this be a trap? A ruse? Some sort of ploy to keep him vulnerable? Perhaps those berries were poisoned, and would knock him out if he tried eating them! Maybe some hobos were hiding in the nearby brush, just waiting to take his wallet. Heh... jokes on them, he dropped it on the way here! Many paranoid thoughts filled the deadbeat's head, thoughts only someone as deranged as himself would have. He'll have to show whoever's hiding out there that he was the bigger threat...

Pulling back the slide of his airsoft pistol in a dramatic fashion, Junichiro raised his gun into the air like some sort of declaration of war.

"Don't you try and jump me. I'll blow your brains out!" The young man hollered, his hand slumping back to his sides before he continued towards the campsite. Once he reached it, Junichiro would instinctively sift through the discarded pots, looking for something to sufficiently defend himself. Perhaps a pot lid big enough for him to use as a shield, to protect from any hobos who tried to jump him?

Whether he'd find anything of that sort or not, Junichiro would then try and taste one of the berries. Poison or not, he was more concerned if they tasted any good. Perhaps one isn't enough to gauge properly however. He would indulge two, or three, or five more while he still had the chance.

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