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Current tfw you’re alone on valentine’s day and you get a job where you have to deliver flowers
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There’s a carman waiting in the sky~!
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How do birds work?
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When DIO scratches his butt, is he scratching Jonathan's butt, too?
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If you're here because I viewed you, I admittedly just like clicking people on the status bar randomly.

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If it isn't obvious, the Fate series is one of my favorites.

I like to play video games. I also am a fan of comics, action movies, and anime. Pretty geeky if you ask me.

Soulsborne games are my absolute favorite kinds of games. Ever. I also am a trash person, and therefore like to play MOBAs

My favorite genre is High Fantasy, although I also like other flavors of medieval fantasy, as well. Steam/clock/cyberpunk is cool too. Sci-Fi, well, it depends...

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>When you take ages to do your first post because you have to look like you know what you're doing...

And woo! There we go... last person to summon a Servant.
The Egyptian fortune-teller known as Muhammad Avdol had finally finished preparing for his own summoning ritual, perhaps being the last Master to summon his Servant. Without a proper catalyst, Avdol believed he could summon a formidable Servant using the power of the tarot. He had decided beforehand to prepare only three cards in order to keep a proper control of the aspects of the Servant he wishes to summon, as well as to avoid drawing too many bad cards. Avdol looked at the cards he had drawn, once again, thinking to himself for a brief moment. "Hopefully, these will serve as a proper catalyst..." He mentioned to himself, looking over each one before a look of worry washed over his face. After a few more moments of thought, he had arranged the cards neatly on a pedestal standing before the summoning circle he had created prior.

The first one that was placed on the pedestal Justice; a card of fairness and truth, and one that reminded the fortune teller of the very reason why he joined this war... to ensure that no sinister Magus will take hold of the Holy Grail's supposed wish-granting powers. Avdol had placed it with confidence, believing that this may be a sign that he will be able to summon a Servant from the powerful Saber class. To be doubly sure that he would summon such a Servant, Avdol placed this card in the center of the arrangement.

The second that was put up was The Chariot; a symbol of control and victory. This had further assured Avdol that his Servant's goals will be aligned to his, and that he won't have a problem with a incompatible or rebellious Servant. This also could be interpreted as a sign that he may also summon a Servant of the Rider class, known for their superior mobility and powerful Noble Phantasms. Avdol had placed this card left of Justice.

The last card was one that Avdol had hesitated on placing... Death. The symbol of both endings and new beginnings. A card that is misunderstood for being negative, yet also brought a chill down Avdol's spine for its other connotations, namely the possibility of Avdol summoning a Servant of the Assassin class, a Servant specialized more in eliminating other Masters, and a Servant that Avdol feels he would be least compatible with. Nevertheless, Avdol still had to place the last card in the arrangement, placing it on the far right side.

Stepping back after his catalyst was properly arranged, Avdol examined his arrangement, once again, pondering for a moment what else was required. Sticks of incense and candles were placed around the circle, which was drawn out of chicken's blood. "Everything's now in place... It is time to go on with this ritual." Avdol had said to himself, confidently, putting his dominant hand out and clearing his throat.


Manifesting next to Avdol was his stand, Magician's Red, in a burst of flames and a mighty caw. The avian-like spirit released a puff of flames, lighting all the candles and sticks of incense surrounding the summoning circle. Once this was done, the Stand began to imitate its user's movements, with a hand pointed out towards the circle. Avdol grinned at the display of his Stand's power, confident in the control he has over his Stand. And with the candles being lit and the catalyst being prepared, Avdol began to finally chant.

"Fill, fill, fill, fill, fill..."

As Avdol continued the incantation, the circle itself started to glow with a luminescent light. As he poured his own mana into the incantation, a howling gale began to fill the room centering from the circle itself, as if they were testing the resolve of both the Stand User and the flames he has lit. As the ritual proceeded, the room continued to be brought into disarray, all three of his cards slowly beginning to drift into the air. First was Death, then The Chariot, and finally, Justice...

And so comes forth a Heroic Spirit from another world...
@Rikudo Ayy, just curious to know what you think would be the best tarot card of the Major Arcana to serve as a catalyst for Saber. Death is what I currently have in mind, as it stands for both the end of something and the beginning of something new, but if you think any of the other cards make more sense, let me know~
Reninds me of highschool...
Tis fiiiine.
-Master of X-

"Tch. Tch. Yes I am!"

Name: Muhammad Avdol

Age: Late 20s

Description: A fortune teller from Cairo, Egypt, Muhammad Avdol stands at 188 centimeters and weighs 90 kilograms, sporting a medium-heavy build. His Stand, Magician's Red, appears as a humanoid figure with a bird-like head. It has a heavily muscular upper body and its feathered legs are sometimes covered in burning flames. Its arms have claws instead of nails and it wears dark bracelets on both of its wrists.

Gifted with his Stand from birth, Avdol was already raised into the lifestyle similar to that of a magus, learning all sorts of occult knowledge as well as studying other sorts of Stands. Avdol is best described as a serious, responsible, and overall righteous individual. Once he had heard of the Holy Grail War, he had joined in order to ensure that no one sinister would get their hands on such a powerful relic that is said to grant wishes.


Magician's Red:

Muhammad Avdol's Stand, a psychically generated entity that is said to be a physical manifestation of the user's fighting spirit, is bound to his person. Stands can only be seen by other Stand Users, as well as Spirits (such as Servants), Psychics, and most Magi. More information on Stands, in general, could be found here.

Magician's Red, specifically, is a medium-ranged Stand capable of generating and manipulating flames. These flames could be hot enough to melt even metal, and Avdol is able to manipulate them without restraints. Avdol utilizes a multitude of techniques with his Stand's flames, such as firing salvos of ankh-shaped flames, tying his opponents in a rope made of flames, and creating a heat-based "radar" used to detect others in his immediate vicinity. Because the flames are a part of Magician's Red, those who cannot see Stands also cannot see the flames, although they can feel the heat from the Stand as well as see the waves of heat emanating from it. Magician's Red also sports notable physical strength, although it has no special close-ranged techniques, and is best utilized in a wide area at a medium range.

Esoteric Knowledge:

As a professional fortune teller, Avdol is knowledgeable in divination, notably the symbolism of the tarot cards which he uses. Avdol also knows a great deal about Stands and their powers, although this knowledge seems to be limited to only most other Tarot Stand Users. Avdol's knowledge also extends to Magecraft, and while he isn't a Magus, himself, he has enough knowledge on the subject to know about most other schools, such as Astrology.

Wish: Muhammad Avdol currently has no wish for the Grail, with his overall goal of joining the war being to prevent more sinister individuals from possessing the Grail.

@Guardian Angel Haruki@0 Azzy 0

Mirdas gritted his teeth at the Captain’s rebuttal, preparing to find a way to rush in and save the girl from his grasp. Before he could act, however, everyone rushed in to attack the bandits head-on, some paying no heed to caution as a blade had laid bare against a child’s neck.

The brash fools, Mirdas thought, as he braced his shield, charging into the fight and making his way to the one named Bernie. He knew he had to at least get him away from the girl before he could attack her, especially with the chaos that this battle has brought. If an innocent were to die and Mirdas could have done something about it, what sort of knight would he even be?

”Run, child!” Mirdas shouted as his shield made impact with Bernie. Having almost tripped on a pebble, Mirdas was afraid he’d have lost the momentum of his charge. Luckily for him, however, the Bandit Captain’s bearings seem to be quite broken, with Mirdas successfully pushing him away. Now that he is in a perfect position to apprehend all these lawless heathens and bring them to justice...

”By th’will of Persana, all of thee shan’t not pass!” Mirdas declared, followed by a warcry in Aquatic; a declaration of some sort of challenge, to those who understand. And so, quite suddenly, a divine shockwave of energy erupted within the camp, stemming from Mirdas, with fading, faint golden light pulsing out from him in a circle. This dimly glowing light had surrounded all the bandits near him, compelling them not to flee from the finned fighter. For the Captain, however, the light seemed to dim, a sign that he has overcame Mirdas’s divine challenge.

Alrighty! Gonna write my post now, and I’ll save my reaction for Opportunity Attacking Bernie should he try to run, anyway.
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