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Gotta love it when you spend two whole sessions dealing with a succubus charming one of your allies against your character ;;
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~Fate/Iliou Persis~

The Year is 2004. Decades ago, during the Third Holy Grail War, the conflict ended prematurely as the Greater Grail was taken by one of the war’s participants. The blueprints of the ritual were spread around, and many lesser grail wars have sprouted up all around the world, as various mercenaries and magi fight over these imitations.

But now, the stolen Grail has surfaced, in the town of Çanakkale, in Turkey. Near to the ruins of the ancient city of Troy, the value of its spiritual land is excellent. With a collection of outcast Magi, the Grail’s thief has summoned an entire team of Servants, leading to a failsafe that allows a second team to oppose them.

There is the Blue Team, gathered by the mysterious magus Hektor Bahadir to complete a grand ritual that will change the world. The team’s aim is to utilise the Holy Grail system to recreate the Trojan war, but this time, have the defenders win. The cursed ritual designed to end the age of heroes - reversing it might even bring back that lost age.

A gathering of visionaries, idealists, fools and mercenaries, united in the will to change the world. But will their dreams really go as planned?

Opposing them is the Red Team, put together by the Magus Association to stop this threat. Though it isn’t considered the highest possible priority, a team of powerful Magi have been assembled to dismantle this ritual and return anything salvageable to the Clock Tower in London.

But is maintaining the status quo as mystery continues to die really the best idea? And is their summoning of Heroic Spirits simply playing into the enemy’s hands?

From stealthily stealing away the Palladium, to delivering a payload of soldiers to the gates of Troy, many key objectives were performed by the Achaeans to secure their victory. This war will also have these Side Objectives as the Blue team attempts to complete the ritual and the Red team attempts to disrupt it. Specific examples include claiming and keeping territory, stealing items, etc. In other words, if a normal Grail War is a Deathmatch, and an Apocrypha style war is a Team Deathmatch, this war will also have Capture the Flag, Payload, and King of the Hill game modes, among others.
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Malphas ran for dear life, hitting the dirt hard as the giant fired its magical blast towards the gatehouse. The use of magic to accelerate his movements were really getting to him as well, but Malphas knew that such inconveniences were the least of his worries. Quickly getting up and restoring his footing, his body started to run only on adrenaline as he continued his pace forward. Looking back at the giant, Malphas surmised he would be able to outrun it. He just needed to anticipate its next attack.

Like Narkissa, Malphas also made his way out to the gate. After being spotted and focused on, it seemed the best course of action in Malphas's case was to just cut his chances and leave while he still could, following the woman's lead and running opposite of where she is. Hopefully he'll be able to find his own out there in the wild, for there was nothing left here that might interest him in the slightest. As he picked up the pace, he began to think on himself, his capabilities, and his core beliefs. His physical prowess, while among the best a human could be, was quickly draining, and the use of magic surely would make things worse for him. This meant that Malphas could only do what he had done his entire life.

At this moment, Malphas began to put all his faith in himself.

HP 110/110 SP 100/100 MP 100/00

Lew nodded once again at Shirin once more, scratching behind his head. It seems that he'll have to do the tried-and-true-method of training that most other games entail. First things first, Lew will go ahead and get one of his prerequisites out of the way. Being lead towards a shrine room just behind the donation box, Lew was told to place his hand on the polished ivory disc, gleaming with a prismatic sheen. A feeling of warmth traveled through Lew's body as he felt the energy being sapped from him as he donated his MP to this relic. The feeling was quite strange, one he was too embarrassed to describe. Once his MP was successfully donated, the next thing to do was to buy new gear...

After going through the process of exchanging his silver coins to Rishi, next on the list was procuring more equipment. In this case, Lew decided to grab himself a staff at first. While Lew cannot cast spells just yet, being comfortable with fighting using a pewter staff would help him out in the long run. Lew also purchased a few player-made talismans, purchasing a couple of basic talismans and a few healing talismans. After a bit of bargaining and budgeting, Lew ended up with 10 basic attack talismans, 5 burst heal talismans, and 5 regeneration talismans,

Happy with his purchases and his jingly jangly staff, Lew finally made his way back to the Keystone, making his queries regarding the classes offered by his faith. After being enlightened as such, Lew decided the best thing to do now was to look for somewhere to solo level. He'd might as well make up for the lost time he spent while his allies were likely doing their own thing. While Lew was a bit worried about Ari, he figured in the end she was probably fine. In the end, he did not have any more catgirls to worry about. He now has a snake girl to simp over.

Seeing that Donovan's plan to sacrifice himself ended up backfiring, the group's options of survival seemed limited. Surely if they split up, they could more easily ensure their individual survival. Still, there is the risk of at least one of theirs to get caught out. As much as Malphas wouldn't mind another one of his allies to take such a sacrifice, he knew he had just as much of a chance to be that unlucky fool ending up getting crushed by that giant. With a similar mindset, doing that would be less than ideal as well.

Malphas knew that in this specific instance, they would have to stand together.

"O, Goddess, please grant us your second miracle! One of celerity, of mobility, of swiftness! Aid us in our plight and hasten our flight!"

As he uttered his miraculous words aloud, he attempted to imitate what Donovan had done just earlier. Pushing the limits of his Goddess-given form and further enhancing his abilities with his magical gifts. While doing so, he also deviated his movement to the far right side of the field, beginning his split with the rest as they make their way to the gatehouse. Hopefully his two companions will catch on to his enhanced speed, and believing that his ability to "make miracles" is something to truly take note of.

It wouldn't be a complete lie, either. These poor lost souls truly do have the aptitude for greatness. All they had to do was believe.

This will be a Seven versus Seven, Apocrypha style team war, co-gm’d by myself and @SSW

The premise is that, rather than Darnic’s Yggdmillenia, a different Magus stole the Holy Grail after the third war, and plans to use it in a grand ritual that recreates the Trojan War, but reversing fate to allow the Trojan side to win. With a team of Magi and Servants supporting him, the Magus association has responded in kind, sending seven of their own Magi to disrupt this ritual.

The first important note is that Servant slots will not be reserved. Everyone’s interest in certain slots will be logged, and since there are two for each, there shouldn’t be much fighting over who ultimately gets in. Multiple simultaneous applications for a Servant spot are allowed, but each person will only be allowed one Servant slot in the end.

Each person is allowed a Servant slot and a Master slot, though playing just one is fine, too. The GMs will not be taking Servant slots, but may fill Master slots if necessary.

The usual suspects of Gilgamesh and Herakles will be banned, and others will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The only other limitation is that only one Servant that participated in the Trojan war will be allowed per team, to avoid it being too overloaded.

A vote will be made on whether players make their Servant and Master on the same or opposing teams to avoid potential metagaming. Waiving this restriction will also be permitted if everyone is fine with it and aren’t too worried about the meta.

The driving force of the plot will be the players. Though there are NPCs involved in the premise of the war, and there will be a handful of NPCs for players to interact with, these interactions will be driven by the players. There will also be additional side objectives in the fight, relevant to each team, to mix up the nature of the combat a little.

Both teams bases will be assumed to be secure areas, as an effort to cut down on disparity between offscreen base preparation that can sometimes happen. Magus preparation is still allowed and encouraged, but will be more focussed on active items such as Mystic Codes and potions.

There are some other minor details to hammer out, but that should be all the important information. Tell us if it sounds good!

HP 110/110 SP 100/100 MP 100/00

Lew nodded as Shirin explained the faith's beliefs surrounding monsters. It was good that this religion wouldn't get in the way of his goals, especially since they-

Wait, did the priestess just say the worship a snakegirl?

As Lew made his way into the chambers with Shirin, his suspicions were truly proven correct. It seems the object of this religion's worship is, in fact, a snakegirl. Such prospects filled Lew with a new excitement for religion that he had never once had before. As he was asked to kneel, he had quickly done so, surrendering himself to this higher power. As he had done so, Lew wondered if this afterlife entailed his bones getting crushed...

Once his indoctrination was complete, Lew opened his eyes slowly. He wasn't entirely sure what he had experienced, although there was one thing that was certain. Lew felt more free, more liberated from the shackles and expectations of life. Lew was almost sure that if he didn't know this was all a game, he would have definitely converted in real life as well. Bowing his head once more to the idol, Lew sat up straight and turned towards Shirin.

"I'm ready for my training, now."

Wherever he would be led to, Lew wondered just how he'll be equipped and, more importantly, if he would receive a uniform more fashionable than whatever it is he started with.

Hearing that harrowing roar alongside everyone else running for their lives caused Malphas to pause, briefly. A thing that massive going after them? He wondered how his allies even expected him to help against this "Guardian" without anything like arrows or even a decently sized weapon. Still, Malphas didn't dwell on that question too much as he finally made his move.

Seeing that Donovan decided to provide a well-enough distraction for their escape, it meant that Malphas didn't have to resort to that to make their clean escape. As he ran outside with the others, he slipped his dagger into a sleeve in order to conceal it for now. All that was left for now was to run with the rest of this little ensemble. Malphas made sure to keep note of where the Guardian's attention is currently held as they made their way out, just in case he'll have to do something more drastic to keep himself alive.

For now, Malphas just ran, silent and in shock.
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