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Current I wish losing weight was easier
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My apologies for being dead for a while. I've been working on a few things now that I've recently graduated.
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Getting my life together
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I'm now officially done with high school!!!
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Contrary to popular belief, that isn't my car in my profile picture. I hired an Uber.


If you're here because I viewed you, I admittedly just like clicking people on the status bar randomly.

Call me Jerell.

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An official A-Dolt!

If it isn't obvious, the Fate series is one of my favorites.

I like to play video games. I also am a fan of comics, action movies, and anime. Pretty geeky if you ask me.

Soulsborne games are my absolute favorite kinds of games. Ever. I also am a trash person, and therefore like to play MOBAs

My favorite genre is High Fantasy, although I also like other flavors of medieval fantasy, as well. Steam/clock/cyberpunk is cool too. Sci-Fi, well, it depends...

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Aye aye, relocated! It was jarring seeing that the Characters tab was always unread, but my post seemed to fix that!

Sounds interesting. Could always use a good ol' fashioned DnD styled roleplay without all the mechanics and dice.
Added Odysseus's entrance to the end of my last post.
Matsunaga Hisoka and Cao Cao

Potluck (Crashed), Eastern Field

"Well, it'd still be a good idea to check it ou-"

Hisoka was rudely interrupted the moment that thing crashed into the ground. Luckily for him, however, he finished his second burger, and was almost about to grab a third. Assassin looked up to the thing that landed, and after anticipating an attack, dove into Hisoka and bringing them both out of the way from its oncoming tower strike.

Once Hisoka got his bearing back, he began to observe the golem more. It was a great and imposing structure, worthy by appearance alone to be called a Demonic Castle. Its very being threatened to destroy every single one of these Heroic Spirits, to unravel the very fabric that is this Holy Grail War. This was most apparent by the shields surrounding it.

Do not attack it directly. We will need to find a way to bring those shields down. Hisoka communicated to his servant, Assassin, who nodded back in agreement. Hisoka took a deep breath, preparing to use his magecraft.

"Enhancement of Self; Celerity!" He uttered, his magic circuits flaring as prana surged through them. His body felt faster, his reaction enhanced, and his body feeling lighter; not that his spell gave him a lighter frame. He was just filled with a sense of speed. He needed it, in order to react quicker to its attacks.

Hisoka looked up to the golem, seeing it prepare an attack. A punch. The way it winded it up, the way it prepared its attacked... it was as if the golem fought using a style of martial arts... whatever style it was using, however, was unclear to the magus. Still, he was certain enough what it was going to do...

"It's about throw a punch! Get out of the way! Hisoka exclaimed, before Assassin went over to save his life again, bringing him out of the way. The attack was faster than Hisoka would've avoided at this state. Now it was clear to Hisoka that this golem was more than impressive...

Assassin brought Hisoka a few good pces away from the Demonic Castle, somewhere where he was away its reach.

"Looks like we'll have you hold back here, for now, Matsunaga." Assassin uttered, as he drew bejeweled jian. While his Agility scores were high enough (as expected of an Assassin class Heroic Spirit of Cao Cao stature,) his other physical attributes were average for a Servant. Assassin figured a hit-and-run strategy would be best for this sort of opppnent. They just need to take out its shield somehow...


Crashing a party, Eastern Field

Archer whistled, his hands in his jacket pockets. It seemed that Alex didn't feel like going, although his response wasn't too clear. Well, whatever reason it may be, Archer knew one fact; he was late for the party. He was sure he was late enough to be considered crashing it, even though he had no real intention to, not that it mattered too much to Archer. They were going to talk about that Black-Haired Man, again, more likely than not. And unless his Master decided to transfer his consciousness over to his own eyes, Archer is afraid there was a missed opportunity in collecting more intel on enemy Servants...

Disappointing, really.

Archer saw the party, being about 50 yards away. It looked more like an actual party than a meeting to Archer, almost reminding him of another party he, technically, crashed as well. One with nine distinct partygoers... Eh. No need to cry over spilled blood.

Suddenly, however, something came crashing from the sky. It was a goliath, whatever it was. A living Castle is the best way to describe it... if it even was alive, after all. The Castle began attacking the partygoers indiscriminately. It had the speed and power of a Servant, yet it seemed like none of the Servants had summoned it.

"It looks like there's another interloper on our little War, huh?" Archer chuckled, his clothes glowing with a shimmering light as they changed from his casual attire to his original outfit, fit for battle. Next that appeared was his bow. A long, black bow. It looked almost impossible to be fired, let alone drawn, as the bow appeared to be far too rigid, yet Archer effortlessly knocked an arrow formed of prana back its string, the bow bending back from a mix of both his strength and flexibility. It was a bow that could only be used by one man, and it was such a bow that his status as a King was put on the line for...

Archer focused his shot first before he let it loose, making sure his attack was the strongest he could muster without using the full capabilities of his Noble Phantasm. After the Demonic Castle let loose its second wave of attacks to split up the group, Archer let loose his arrow, aiming dead center at the Castle. His intentions weren't to hit it exactly, but to test its defenses from a direct attack. He didn't have the reliance on his Master supplying him mana, so he had to know exactly what sort of defenses his opponent had so he didn't make any wasteful attacks.

Which side would Team Cao Cao be seperated towards? Writing my response right now.
Comment: Odysseus's NP might be able to break through the shielding?

Possibly, although I'm not too sure how he'll handle the mana cost on his own. While it would be ideal to have Alex around, if Beloss doesn't reply or decides for Alex to stay on his ship after all, perhaps another Master could help Odysseus with the supplying of mana?
Just a quick question, by the way, but as someone who isn't as well versed enough in Typemoon's Magecraft system to be a good judge, what would be the proper spell length to reinforce a Servant in order to increase one of its physical parameters, if possible?
Gonna bring Odysseus into this now, seeing as Beloss hasn't replied his preference. Hopefully he won't get penalized too hard for being super late.
I structured my skills that way just to show what he's more specialized in since we're going with the lines of being around "Level 10," just to clarify he isn't the best smither archer alchemist assassin man in the world xD
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