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Current Old Discord got hacked. Forgot to add everyone from it, so if I didn't, add me @ Cu (New)#7754
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I am the moe of my sword.
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If you're here because I viewed you, I admittedly just like clicking people on the status bar randomly.

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Malphas could not believe the audacity of his allies, betraying him as such! He was held aghast by such a rejection of their role. They were sent by the Goddess to round up these primates, after all! All Malphas could do was cross his arms and pout, not accepting of such double-crossing. At the same time, Malphas did not choose to argue against such hesitancy to claim their divinity. These two were truly blessed... all Malphas had to do was show them to what extent they were. They will indeed learn in time.

As the guardsman began to describe what had happened, Malphas took quick note of these other less-than-human races. He wasn't quite keen with the idea of things such as elves or smelly mountain people. Malphas would even raise an eyebrow at Leannah's apparent heritage too, had he not known she also came from the same place he had and possessed the soul of a man. While he did somewhat expect that these lands would have such fantastical races, Malphas knew that the throne of the world belonged to mankind alone, and he would not be content to share the throne with such monstrosities. Perhaps the Goddess's wishes were to subjugate these fools in service of man? Or perhaps their strange, perhaps alien mindsets would be easier for Malphas to induct. He thought about his gift for but a moment, looking over to Leannah. He would have to perform some experiments on this, but if his ability would work on her, then perhaps he can convert even those monstrosities far detached from man into true followers...

Malphas's attention was drawn once more to the guard's words, looking over to the house of the one named Enli for but a moment. Three potential allies... or three rivals. Either way, if they were powerful enough to defeat such a monster as that in the center of the town with apparent ease, they are definitely a group to keep note of. Perhaps they could serve as new followers, as Malphas had noticed Leannah and Narkissa scheming with one another, perhaps against himself. Or perhaps they could be a common enemy Malphas could rally his conniving companions against, rallying them for a reason to follow his lead. Only time would tell...

And it seemed as if there was no time at all, as Malphas noticed one member of the talk of the town make their way out of the house he was pointed towards. It was a woman with... animal ears? Again? Her hair wasn't dark, so it likely wasn't the hero herself, but one of the aforementioned companions instead. While Malphas considered introducing himself, he figured it would be in his better interest to see what else this hamlet had to offer first before he made any moves. If anything, he was sorely undergeared.

"Scheme and plan to yourselves if you wish. I shall partake in the fruits of this town, however scarce..." Malphas huffed to his allies, still upset at their lack of cooperation before making his way further into the town. While he wished to find a place for room and board, he also believed that obtaining new gear would be in his best interest. At the moment, all he has are what appears to be a magical knife, and a magical bow... and yet, no arrows. While ammunition does sound nice, Malphas knew what he could also use was some armor to protect himself with. These guardsman were also equipped with such armors, so all he needed to do was, what, some convincing, perhaps the gathering of apples, and maybe slaying a crab or two? Isn't that how it worked in those fantasy video games of his old world?
Yes we are! Still looking for a Blue Rider and two more Red Masters to round things off!

Tobin and Plutonis are the remaining vacant Masters on Blue Team, currently.

Servants on the Red Team that need a Master are Meleager and Akhenaten.
Sure thing! Was working on a fill-in for Rider, but I've just been tapped out of sheet writing this past month, so the slot's still open.

If you make both a Master and a Servant, you get a gold star

HP 575/575 SP 368/368 MP 410/410

The rush of adrenaline began to fade, the stinging pain on the skin healed away, and all that was left was the crackling of thunder. Lew wasn't sure exactly what happened, himself. While he was wholly confident he would survive the death throes of the beast, Lew wasn't expecting something so explosive. Feeling the surging electricity gather on his left arm, Lew looked down to see his new accessory. It was a bracelet surrounded by a miniature storm, eternally crackling at his wrist. Lew opened up some menus to read up on his loot before gazing at awe at just what he achieved.

"So this is what a Nuclei feels like huh..."

Another change came within Lew, and with it a sense of pride. After reading up on his newly achieved object's abilities, Lew quickly began to experiment. At first, he tossed his borrowed sword straight into his wrist, followed by the flowery shield he never bothered to use. Finally, he retrieved his staff that he had briefly discarded, also placing it into his nuclei. Taking a deep breath, Lew struck a pose as he raised his left arm up into the sky, like some sort of lightning rod, before bellowing out a call to the heavens.

"Thunder: Henshin!"

As he had screamed, the thunderhead flashed with a thunderous applause. Lew lowered his left hand before moving his right towards it, procuring an object from the Nuclei crackling with lightning. It was the kodachi he had been given earlier, now with a silvery sheen, its ito bound in silver, and its same a shade of blue. He raised the kodachi in a high stance before lightning struck it again, the object changing shape into his trusty staff. The silvery rings jingled on their own as bluish lightning crackled around them. Lew planted the staff to the ground, imitating the casting of a grand spell. Once more, lightning struck the staff for a second time as it shifted forms once again, taking the shape of the blooming shield Lew had worn, its petals of alternating silver and blue. Lew spun it in his grasp as he imitated a defensive stance, before finally raising the shield up in the air once more with a third and final crack of thunder, the items returning to the thunderhead.

"Neat. Can't wait to test this out in action." Lew quipped, retrieving his staff back from the thunderhead free of its shocking reskin, and instead replacing it with all of his attack talismans. Lew then turned to the others, scratching his head in thought

"Looks like Ari's safe for now, but we don't know where the others are. We should probably find someplace to regroup, message them our plans on Discord hoping they'll get any notification. Town could be a good idea, at least for the moment. After all..."

With the speed granted to him by his talisman, Lew quickly shifted places right behind Ari, pinching her by one of her cat ears.

"I don't know what kind of Job requires solo killing someone, but you're definitely not fit to do that with your current stats and lack of abilities, Ari, nothing personal. We're grabbing you one of the starter classes, or at least something with easier requirements to meet. Otherwise, we'll all be held back trying to protect you."

With all that said and done, Lew pulled Ari by the ear towards civilization... or at least where he thinks Nyu-Taro's probably directed to. Hopefully they don't get lost.

Malphas strode onward with a confident swagger, excited to explore such new horizons. However, it was only after they reached civilization that Malphas truly felt ecstatic. It was good that the people of this land were truly humans, albeit primitives. Malphas didn't know what he would do if all he was left to start a cult with were slightly evolved chimpanzees. At least he had something to work with, in any case... and it seemed like something interesting was held within the confines of the village as well.

Seeing Leannah attempt an introduction, Malphas raised an eyebrow at her attempt. Others like them? Preposterous! It was only the three of them that escaped, to his knowledge! Still, perhaps if Donovan did survive and end up here, that would be advantageous for them. Still, whoever had slain that ferocious beast was surely one that was worth allying himself with. Having powerful followers will only make his cause stronger, after all!

"Ahaha! Jest not, Lady Feline. Of course these humans have yet to see beings quite like us! Don't be so silly..." Malphas quickly interjected towards Leannah, before turning to face whoever it was she was speaking to. His movements were flashy and exaggerated, not unlike the ones he had used to speak to his children in another life.

"Rejoice, monkeys, for you have been graced with the divine! I am Malphas, sovereign of the skies, and these are my fellows, the rulers of the Earth and the Sea!" Malphas had attempted to sprout his iridescent wings as he introduced himself, as well as Leannah and Narkissa, respectively. "Alas, we have had a long journey here. Would your squalid hamlet happen to have any place of respite for our weary souls? And more importantly... that beast over there. Who among you was brave and strong enough to slay it?"

HP 371/550 SP 35/350 MP 370/370

"Wait, that was a ref-"

Crunch! Lew was suddenly crunched down inside the monster's mouth, slammed around like a basement dweller's meat. This wasn't quite the monster girl experience Lew was looking for... Or at least, not before he was hardened from his experiences in the River. Feeling any sort of pain invigorated Lew's still, numb heart, and this was the most he has felt in ages. It was almost enough for Lew to do something quite drastic, something he would do if his allies weren't in danger. Sadly, Lew has to focus on defending his allies, which means he could not be as inhibited with the artificial pain this game provides nor could he properly admire the inner anatomy of the centipede woman's maw. Instead, he needed to act now, and he wasn't going to allow himself to just be a wailing target for the beast.

Lew considered drawing some of his talismans, his range of movement limited by the beast's jaws crushing down on him. However, such a thing felt wrong in this circumstance. There was something more he could do, something greater... something he could trust his sword in accomplishing.

Instead of equipping his talismans, Lew pulled his arms closer together, allowing bones to break and tendons to tear so he could wield his sword in both hands. He gritted his teeth at this agony, but muscled through nonetheless. To aid in this endeavor, Lew switched his Combat Stance to focus on his inner strength, boosting his STR in place of his DEX. If this would end up causing him to be engulfed by the monster, then so be it. In fact, Lew would propel himself inwards if that was the only path available to him. Whether he was in any position to wield his sword properly or not did not matter. In battle, a swordsman would suffer many wounds, but is still expected to press on despite this. Lew would not count himself as an exception to this, embracing his roots as a Warrior further. While Lew did not wholly believe in this mindset, this was only a video game in the end. A perfect outlet for him to indulge into his fantasies and to become something he wasn't.

And so Lew swung his blade through the monster's mouth in any direction feasible so long as he struck flesh or even teeth. He continued to swing for as much as his body and speed would allow, welcoming the damage that would be inflicted onto his body doing so. A warrior must not give up no matter the circumstances, accepting even death before surrender. All he could do while he ripped himself and this beast to shreds was scream with all his might.

HP 523/550 SP 262.5/350 MP 370/370

The sensation of his flesh being rend by this toxic gas, the instinctual fear of facing off against a giant and seemingly insurmountable foe, the rush of adrenaline that surges when one first takes damage. This feeling, this pain... this was why Lew fought, why Lew truly played this game. The mere notion of a man facing against a beast much larger, stronger, and crueler than he is a common inspiration for stories of the past, and it continues even now in contemporary times. It is a theme that Lew admired, although one shouldn't get too far into the scope of how much Lew admired such themes. The best thing that could be said is that if they were not so pressed to act quickly, Lew would raise his pain settings even higher than his measly 20%.

Even still, this fight might be one worthy enough to release such inhibitors altogether.

Instinctively, Lew caught the short sword without even turning or flinching, dropping his staff to equip the blade in his main hand. He clenched the blade in two hands as he took a short moment to look at the sword in his hand. For a while now, Lew has accustomed himself to learning the way of the staff to better suit his life as a priest. However, this did not mean his skills as a warrior stagnated. If anything, the path of the sword laid the foundation that lead him to his faith. In the end, Lew learned that he was not wholly limited to the cloth, and he should stop playing as such. After all, the Fair Lady encouraged one to follow their own path.

"I used to think that my faith would serve as my sword. Not wielded by hand, nor used to spill blood." Lew stated, holding the kodachi in a high stance as he prepared to attack. "But now, I'm not too sure. And besides..."

With a flash of movement granted from his sun-swept speed, Lew made a Double Strike, slashing at each side of the woman's jaw. And just as quickly with a mighty leap, Lew finished his combo with a Sundering Blow straight for the monster's forehead, aiming to prolong its inability to move, but also to cleave straight down the woman's face. To defile such a face wasn't at all something Lew was ashamed to do, either... he had seen better mugs, and her most beautiful features were her many legs. Something else he'd have to cleave through with the blade he had been bestowed. Such a sin against beauty itself is completely fine for Lew, however. After all...

"This isn't my sword!"

Whatever came from his flurry of blows, Lew had stayed within the woman's reach, unworried about the poisonous mist that would afflict him. He needed to serve as a selfless vanguard for his allies, after all, and his END would mean that he would be able to stomach such pain for much longer. If doing so would only make him more vulnerable against such damage, he had more than enough talismans. After having solo-grinded the riverlands, Lew was far accustomed to being torn apart before putting himself back together. Even then, however, Lew would not put his life on the forefront as his offhand hovered over his item pouch, keeping Raime in mind as he prepared to draw another talisman.
Acceptances, Final Round(?). All of the following character sheets are considered accepted, and may be moved into the characters tab as they are currently written in-thread. Most likely the final round, we shall shift the scenes momentarily. As far as the final Rider slot goes, it will most likely be filled by one of us for the sake of keeping things somewhat timely.

HP 550/550 SP 350/350 MP 370/370

Sensing how fast the centipede monster was in relation to himself, and noting that its preferred target is both Raime and Ari at the moment, Lew knew he needed to act more quickly if he wanted to save his friends. This meant that he needed to use that talisman. Taka-Ryu's words echoed into Lew's mind, his suggestion of taking a Swiftness Talisman truly was a good one to take. Drawing the talisman and saying a quick prayer, Lew activated the talisman onto himself, his movements filling with newfound speed. He was certain that with this boost, he will keep up with the monster more properly.

Now, filled with the winds of Zephyrus, Lew leapt towards the monster's ugly head, his staff wound up and clenched in two hands. If he hadn't abandoned the path of the blade, he would easily just save Ari's life with one slice of his blade. However, pursuing this new path is what allowed him to reach such speeds in the first place. As he reached the monster's head, he struck its jaw twice in opposing directions with a Double Strike, aiming to get some sort of reaction from it so that it may retract its tongue away from his companion.
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