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Current Doki Doki Literature Club is a gem. I really like hanging out with Sayori!
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Long Island Iced Tea.
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traps are okay I guess
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Woke up to at least 10 birthday notifications o.o
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If you're here because I viewed you, I admittedly just like clicking people on the status bar randomly.

Call me Jerell.

18 / Leo

If it isn't obvious, the Fate series is one of my favorites.

I like to play video games. I also am a fan of comics, action movies, and anime. Pretty geeky if you ask me.

Soulsborne games are my absolute favorite kinds of games. Ever. I also am a trash person, and therefore like to play MOBAs

My favorite genre is High Fantasy, although I also like other flavors of medieval fantasy, as well. Steam/clock/cyberpunk is cool too. Sci-Fi, well, it depends...

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@Raineh Daze

Berserker appeared at his Master’s side and yawned, stretching as if he had just woken up. He had taken his time to get his bearing before finally taking a gander ar the maps. Clearing his eyes, he yawned once again, after hearing Johanna’s plan.

”Sounds pretty boring,” Berserker confessed, a leg behind his head. ”Then again, I guess in wars like these, all the exciting things either happen indoors or at night...”

“Sure, why not? But I want breakfast.”
Berserker grinned, resting his chin on his hand as he schemed to himself about what to eat. There are many modern foods that he’s seen as they made their way through the city, last night, that have been on his mind. Taking another look at the maps, Berserker thought, again, to himself for a moment, before suddenly placing his finger on a place downtown.

”Let’s go to this Waffle House!” Berserker exclaimed, before making a quick hop, exchanging legs so that his other leg would be resting behind his head. ”It had a sweet smell when we passed by it. Sweet foods are always a good way to start the day off! Let me just get into something more... this era.”

Berserker hopped back, lowering his other leg to the ground before taking a deep breath, suddenly shifting in a puff of golden smoke... into the form of a dog! Berserker took a look at his arms, er, front legs in this form, a displeased look on his face before he shifted forms, again, to... a moose? Baring his teeth at annoyance, Berserker tried a few more times, only to shift between a myriad of different animals, with the only things staying consistent being his monkey tail and golden chain necklace. After a few moments, Berserker shifted back into his normal form, a look of annoyance on his face as he sat himself on the floor, arms crossed and pouting.

”Can’t even change clothes in this stupid class container...” Berserker grumbled, resting his chin on his fist as he glared to the ground. He let out a sigh, as a more downtrodden expression appeared on his face.

”If you have any clothes I can borrow, then I’d appreciate it... staying in spiritual form all the time gets boring, you know?”
Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar
The Vale, At The Hall.

Cesar grunted as his attack bounce’s off his opponent’s. With a tipsy sway, however, Cesar managed to avoid the retaliating blow of the spirit’s attack, grinning confidently. As he opened his mouth to rebuke with clever words, the spirit swung once more at the bard, almost surprising him. The spirit with the axe went on to attack Valmjr, this time, leaving Cesar’s grasp, but not without an opportune strike, its back facing the swordsman. Despite this, however, its armor still managed to deflect his strike.

These are skilled warriors, indeed.

Cesar raised Jarlbane to strike the spirit he is fighting, once again, focusing his might in order to strike a blow mighty enough to go through its armor. Alas, however, even one of Cesar’s stronger blows were no matcn against its armor. Cesar cursed to himself as his eyes darted the room to find some sort of tactical ground. Aside from the warrior they were facing, two other spirits had positioned themselves at the rear, with only Bourbon’s conjuration to confine them in any way.

Cesar braced himself before making a dash towards their rear formation, swinging Jarlbane in a complex matter, managing to deflect the warrior’s attempt to stop him from proceeding.

”I’ll take the ones in the back!” Cesar called, giving the two ranged warriors a fierce look as he continued to break the distance.

”Come on! Strike me! Cesar hissed, gripping Jarlbane with both hands as he prepared to deflect any of their blows.

tl;dr berserker poof's to ryuudou temple

(wait tohsaka's back)
I shall never forget Sigurd. He made us happy when he... He um... He was very...

Alright honest? I dunno shit about him, but he was prolly cool.

nah he broke into my house and stabbed me because my brother told him to

But seriously though, RIP Sigurd. Sad we won't get to do a Dragon vs Dragon fight.
Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar
The Vale, At The Hall.

Cesar had mostly put the concerns and arguments of the others in the back of his mind, knowing well that he didn't need to have anger cloud his better judgement, especially when it’s already clouded by alcohol. He needed to steel his mind, especially after seeing that these ghosts will not be negotiated with. Taking a deep breath, Cesar flourished his blade with luminescent light, rushing in to attack.

”If you won’t falter through words, then surely, it is steel that will change your minds!” Cesar hollered, raising his sword as flames began to surround his blade, manifesting as if purely out of Cesar’s ardor. When he reached the phantoms, he swung his sword, blazing in light and fire, down at one of the guardians of Ysgard.

Alas, however, Cesar’s hand seems to be guided by alcohol, as well, causing him to stumble and miss his attack. Cesar could only brace himself for the retributivebflurry of blows these phantoms may make.

Hasabe Evans
Last night

Hasabe parked his car a few yards away from the church, trying not to look as inconspicious as possible, and knowing that other servants may be around. The large crater he saw on the way to the Church had surprised him. According to Saber, she sensed a few other Servants around the premise, as well. If this is the power a Servant holds, then, well...

It explains why Saber needs a lot of pizza

Taking what he thought were necessary precautions, Hasabe tightened the glove on the hand that bore his command spells. Saber said the glove wasn't able to hide the magical essence within his seals, but he figured his glove will serve fine enough to hide them, anyway. Once he got out of his car, he pressed his hands over his clothes, making sure they're straightened properly. He didn't want to look sloppy in front of the overseer, now, did he?

"I'm going to walk up to the door, first, Saber. Just watch my back, in case any other Servants are around."

Walking up towards the church, Hasabe looked behind him to make sure Saber was with him. Whether she appeared or not, Hasabe nodded his head, turning back towards the church doors and knocking a few times. Time to get to finally meeting this overseer...

Seven embers burn away. Seven buildings lead the way. Seven coffins for seven strangers. Seven flowers for seven sinners.

The mantra ringed in the man's head as he emerged a few paces behind the others, almost consumed by the treacherous mist. He had been there, appearing with the rest, a bouquet of white flowers, Lilies, clutched in his right hand. If not for the heavy, leather apron that he wore over his otherwise fine set of clothing, and the imposing hammer strapped to his back, the rather charming young man looked like he was dressed for a date.

"Sweet Harvest, my head feels like scrambled eggs on a smokin' hot skillet!" the young man hollered, rubbing his head with his empty hand, walking for the others with a dumbfounded smile on his face. His accent was... peculiar, to say the least, making the man look and sound like some sort of country bumpkin. His eyes scanned the others, having a particular interest in those whose less-than-human heritage showed so obviously.

"I reckon we should hunker down somewhere an' get out of this mist soon. Between that an' those flower children laughing behind us, I'm startin' to get the heebie jeebies..." The craftsman added, stuffing the bouquet back in his pack, almost catching up the dwarf.

"Heya, there, kid. What're you doing here all lost and by your lonesome? Ain't that axe too" He called to the short, stout figure, not catching a glimpse of his rather bearded face. "Here, Boris'll you a hand with all that heavy gear o'yours."

With that being said, the craftsman whistled loudly, looking around the treacherous mist for this Boris. And a moment later, the sound of stomping can be heard approaching the duo from behind. Some sort of beast treaded forth from the mysterious mist. An amalgam of bone and steel, the beast, once making its way to the craftsman who had apparently summoned it forth, nodded its head, steam exhaling from its apparent nose.

"Ah, thought I almost lost ya there! Gotta make sure you stay outta the mist over yonder, Boris. Might rust yer' gears and all..." The man had said to the beast formally known as Boris, petting its skull-for-a-head, before turning back to the dwarf and extending a hand to shake.

"Th'names Jaxson Hammersworn, on the count of this big ol' hammer, 'ere. I fix things. You got a name, kid?"
Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar
The Vale, At The Hall.

Cesar grinned once he had entered the hall at the mention of alcohol, and goes on to have himself a well deserved meal. Different varieties of meat, with half a loaf of bread, and, yes, a flagon of ale. Despite the fact that his needs for sustenance are naught in these realms, having a full stomach always feels nice, especially when eating in a mead hall like this.

"I've had the privilege of visiting a longhouse such as this in my adventures to the North in my lands. None of them were as large as this, though." Cesar added, taking a swig of ale. He grinned at its all too familiar taste, taking a bite from a chicken leg. After having completed his meal, Cesar had stood up to take a look-see around the Hall. There was something he noticed in the Hall that he didn't really mull over until after his stomach was full.

Their weapons, their swords and their shields, had strange inscriptions in them. Strange, harsh letterings were inscribed into them. What's stranger to the sailor was that he's seen these before, in his travels. Whatever it may have been, Cesar had assumed that these letters may serve as good-luck charms for the warriors of Ysgard. There's plenty of these weapons in the hall, and the shadows weren't able to enter the hall, so of course it had to have been from these blessed arms!

"Valmjr, new friend! Mind if I take one of these swords for my own? Sinking this ancestral blade into those fiendish shades... it's the best honor to give to these fallen heroes, don't you agree?" Cesar had requested, before looking for an inscribed sword of comfortable length and heft for him to fight with. A swordman of his caliber should have the best of swords, after all!

After spending a reasonable amount of time looking for the perfect sword, Cesar returned to the rest, admiring the blade. As he returned, however, he's noticed thst everyone seems to be disputing over heading down to the crypts. Was it to locate the ever-elusive Green Man? Or was it a darker threat in the lower levels of the Hall for them to take care of? Either way, Cesar felt a bit of disappointment at everyone's reluctance in the matter.

"What is this, I hear, about all of you wishing to stay?" Cesar asked his long-time allies. "What happened to your sense of adventure? Your thirst for excitement? The agents of darkness could be lurking at every corner... and it is our job to thwart them, even in the darkest, deepest of crevices, is it not? This unwillingness to act, this hesitation... it's the reason why our own world was consumed by the darkness! I cannot just stand by and watch Bourbon and Valmjr, our new allies and, as a matter of fact, brave men I would be proud to fight side to side with, be left alone to brave the darkness of these crypts! Is this our way of repaying them?"

Cesar shook his head, once again, at his companions, before walking with Valmjr and Birbin.

"I won't allow another world to fall in the clutches of those shady putos... Valmjr, Bourbon, you will have my blade! Let us extinguish these dark invaders, wherever they may hide themselves! Santiago!" Cesar exclaimed, raising his sword, proudly.

Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar
The Vale, At The Hall.

"Ysgard? Well, my new friend, that sounfs like quite the place to have a nice drink!" Cesar exclaimed, stretching his neck. While he was disappointed about not having the opportunity to lay out some hurt on more of those wraiths, he was still quite glad to see another friendly face. Marching up the stairs, the bard grabbed the healing potion given to him by Katia as he made his way toward Valmjr.

"I am capitan Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar! But mi amigos just call me Cesar. Well met, Valmjr. Your skill with the axe is quite impressive! Here, have a drink, on me." Cesar remarked before offering the vial of healing, with a light chuckle. Indeed, Cesar was glad to have another warrior to fight alongside. He has felt quite lonely, for some odd reason, fighting in melee while much of his allies supported by providing ranged support. Either way, Cesar did have quite high hopes for the warrior, especially one from a land as interesting-sounding as Ysgard.

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