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Oh, so is this a Bleach RP, then?
Discord is up. Real important for review and planning purposes.
can i app berserker gilgamesh

Antique Store

CRASH! Yoshirou swung his club into a nearby vase, causing the man behind the counter to shutter back in fear. The shop itself seemed to be a rather small one, with various old treasures on display, from jewels and various bits of pottery to even pieces of old samurai armor. The owner of the store seems to be a middle-aged man with graying hair, sporting a more western business suit. It would be all white if not for the bits of yellow that stained the lower portions of it, likely caused from Yoshirou's successful act of intimidation.

"I better have yer' investment by the end of the week!" Yoshirou looked down at the shopkeeper, his chin raised and his club leaning against his shoulder.

"Y-you damn brat! I already said I'll have your money ready by then! Just how do you expect me to-"

"Brat?" The Fortune Pillar's cub hit the ground rather heavily in a sudden clink, startling the shopkeeper once again. "I'll have ya know I'm well near 30! Do I need to teach ya how to respect your damn elders, old man?!"

"I-idiot! I'm older than you! Hell, I'd be old enough to retire if I didn't have a family to feed! You'll have your money by tomorrow, just stop breaking my stuff!" The store owner, despite being frightened by Yoshirou's acts of aggression, continued to hold his ground, crossing his arms and puffing his chest out with confidence.

"... Tsk. Whatever." Yoshirou turned away, starting to get annoyed. "Just think about the debt ya said you owed me... Grand opening's soon and yer contribution would be greatly appreciated." As he made his way out of the shop, the store owner breathed a sigh of relief.

"Dumb thug... of course I didn't forget. If it wasn't for you, my son wouldn't be leaving to study at Kyoto by now." The shopkeeper knelt down, pulling out a crate full of vases identical to the one that the Fortune Pillar smashed moments ago. It was a good thing that the market's full of forgeries, and judging by the amount of vases left, this wasn't the first time Yoshirou came to visit, it seemed. As he replaced the shattered vase, he began to think back to the night he met the Fortune Pillar... the night his family's life was saved.

"I do wonder, though... why's a brute like that looking to start running a restaurant, anyway?"
Wait... this isn't a Bleach RP?
I made this blessing purely because want to catch a Dragon-type late game

But uh can I start a cleric or does I gotta find a god first?

EDIT: FC changed for important reasons

Yeah, you know where I'm going with this.

Will make changes to fit with the lore better and flesh out the "Magic" section once things are more established. Open to suggestions for the Blessing, too~

I've got a Very Special™️ Summoner in mind for this.
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