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If you're here because I viewed you, I admittedly just like clicking people on the status bar randomly.

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Lew had his eyes closed, awaiting a very expected kick to the groin. Instead, it seemed their fight was cut short due to the protests of some of their group. Opening them and seeing Raymond standing between the two, Lew only frowned. How was he supposed to learn about the mechanics of the game is his friends were preventing him from experiencing them firsthand? It was at the point where Lew just wanted to learn how the rest of the game worked now. Be it from PvP or actual questiong, Lew wanted to do something for him to get familiar with the mechanics. How else is he supposed to know if this game truly will provide that realistic monster girl experience he was hoping for?

Ignoring Mags' taunting dance and Raymond's protests, Lew turned once more to the rest of the group, his attention being grabbed by the now bishounen Amelia. His- Her-... god this is confusing, their suggestion to grab items had given Lew an idea, one that would allow them to solve their issues while he was able to learn on his own!

"Getting our gear arranged is a good idea, yes. Since I don't believe I have any stats I need boosting up, I'll go search the markets for some gear I could use to protect our more fragile members. Maybe I'll find myself a nice sword, or shield... It might be best if we have multiple people cover ground around this 'hub' city just so we can get familiar with all the important locations, maybe learn of some starting quests as well. We could all meet up at the West Gate and actually start the game out once we're more oriented to the game. Sounds good?"

Lew spent only a minute or two of waiting for a reply before he wandered off by his lonesome to look for any markets selling starting gear. He was eager to get started, and wanted to get his hypothetical bestiary started as soon as possible. As he walked off, he began to think of the next class he would get. The four choices all interested him, although Drunkard drew him in the least as he began to think of the difficulty of getting drunk if his endurance was three times that of a normal man. Kekkaishi seemed interesting, but that would involve a heavy investment into MP early on, and if that lagged Lew behind from the rest of the party, it wouldn't be a good idea in the end... Although using what Lew would assume is "barrier magic" to more safely examine monsters was something that did tempt Lew towards that path.

The two easier options to go for were Samurai and Shieldbearer, though it seemed he won't be able to achieve either goal on his own. Samurai involved joining a clan, and Lew knew he would have to talk with his group about what clans they planned to join before making such a dedication. Shieldbearer on the other hand involved actively defending his groupmates while they did the damage, which is what Lew would likely end up doing regardless given his current stat spread. In the end, they both seemed to be the most plausible of choices to take. Drunkard was sadly out of the question, and the investment Kekkaishi required might be too much for Lew to invest in at this time... Perhaps if he knew about the leveling system better, he'd have a better shot.

And so, Lew searched the starter city for any starter gear to use so he could finally get on with the game. There are dungeons filled with monsters Lew has yet to encounter...
sounds lewd
Drunkard, huh...

So if you obtain a class, is it stuck with you for life, or are you able to hotswap it, especially in the case where you start to reach the limit.

Going two days worth of sleep deprivation atm so if I missed this mentioned, I'm sorry.
Regarding the stat boosts a class offers, is it a flat boost when taken or a constant + x% bonus? Like if we level up and get more stats, would the percentage boost raise our new base stat up as well?

Asking for sheet calculations.

Lew counted the number of players, then started to count how many he remembered were in the group all with his fingers. He had to do a few recounts because he was admiring how detailed his hands were, but once that mission was accomplished, he turned to the rest and nodded. A complete group was good, very good. Now all that was left was to see if they would segment themselves into parties or travel as one whole guild. Did they even have enough to make a guild?

Seeing as mostly everyone else had chosen their class by now, Lew figured it'd be best if he did as well. No one bothered to really look up a guide either seeing as they had to resort to asking an absurdly tall 12 year-old advice on where to go. Before he could turn back to touch the stone once more, his attention was quickly grabbed by... wait, what?

Was that an anime version of Raymond?

Lew was momentarily befuddled before remembering that he had the anime setting on. Knowing Raymond, he probably didn't even bother with character creation too hard. Once that was cleared up, Lew crossed his arms and shook his head with a stoic nonchalance he was known for when topics of interest weren't brought up.

"No, no. When I was selecting my stats, I read that END was a stat that governed both durability and SP regeneration. I had just thought it would be a good stat to invest in while I was still learning the mechanics of the game. Never really tried a full-dive of this scale before. That said, I should probably get ready to fill that role regardless. Maybe I should lower my pain settings from a '4' to a '0'?"

Shrugging at the notion, Lew had touched the keystone once more, solidifying his class selection as 'Warrior'. Feeling the minute amount of vitality fill his body, Lew had also decided to ask one question while he was here.

"What are the 'tank' classes of this region?"

Once that was complete, Lew turned away from the stone, resolving to investigate their immediate area for any shops. Unlike the others, Lew felt like he didn't need the talismans too much. Dealing damage may be an issue, but if Lew was the one tanking for the group, it wouldn't matter anyway. All he really needed was some sort of shield in case his END wasn't enough. Thinking on it more, perhaps it would be a better idea to test his limits in battle first before he made any unnecessary purchases...

... And where to test them better with than Mags' open invitation?

"Sure," Lew quipped at the tryhard's offer, stepping forward with his arms spread out and standing in the shape of a 'T', "hit me as hard as you can."

It wasn't until it was too late that Lew would regret his decision, both from the damage he was about to endure as well as the reinforced beliefs that he may be a masochist...
@Searat Oh right we're both canucks. Uh if they're IRL friends then Lew would try extra hard to hide his monster girl memorabilia because people would raise a few eyebrows if his real life profession was known since he doesn't want people to mistake him for being into bestiality or anything like that. He's a vet-tech.

Definitely more outward with his weeby interests at least.
@Searat Ayee just a clarification but Lew's weird monster girl fetishist side isn't something he has openly broadcast to his online buds unless they have specifically DM'd him about the stuff and are also fellow compatriots to his true cause. Left a good explanation on how much of his interests are public in a previous post. He's probably more of that one benign P---mon fan boy in the group than anything.
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