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Current It sucks when you realize how powerless you really are.
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Aren't our feelings right now mysterious?
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I have a knack for ruining everything important in my life.
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When you buy a bottle of Malibu and everyone finishes it before you could try mixing it
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You looked at me like I was someone else. Oh well.
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I need someone to talk to.

If you're here because I viewed you, I admittedly just like clicking people on the status bar randomly.

19 / Leo

If it isn't obvious, the Fate series is one of my favorites.

I like to play video games. I also am a fan of comics, action movies, and anime. Pretty geeky if you ask me.

Soulsborne games are my absolute favorite kinds of games. Ever. I also am a trash person, and therefore like to play MOBAs

My favorite genre is High Fantasy, although I also like other flavors of medieval fantasy, as well. Steam/clock/cyberpunk is cool too. Sci-Fi, well, it depends...

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Sorry for being a bit late to the party. I’m fine with whatever the verdict is.
Well, I went a pretty different direction from what I pitched earlier. Still a rogue, but quite a silly one. I do admit I got a little carried away, but it could have been worse. At least we've got a rogue, for now!

As far as classes/jobs go, I'm thinking of making a more agile sort of Swordsman, or perhaps a Rogue. As far as characterization goes, however, I'm thinking of making some sort of brazen glory-hound. Never played a character particularly like that in this sort of setting, so it should be fun!
Been looking at this for a while wondering if I should jump in or not given rl things. Was wondering if there are still slots available.
It's a shame, even my eyesight's deteriorated in this form.

Arthur's Servant was standing atop one of the towers within the military compound they have chosen to reside in. While he was in a quite imposing position, it wasn't something nearly as dramatic as one would inspect. Aside from his long, black coat, the lithe Servant was also obscured in shadows, the morning sun's rays threatening to pierce through this umbral cloak.

An Archer should always be a few steps ahead of their opponents, Master. If not, then we lose the advantage of fighting at range. The Archer-class Servant leaped off the watchtower, making his way toward Arthur. That aside, it seems I won't be able to do any reasonable scouting from here. Not at this time. Because of this body, I can only fight closest to my true talents under the light of the moon, let alone scout. I'll be departing at night, after all.

Archer didn't seem too keen on speaking with his Master aloud. As a matter of fact, it's something he's never done as soon as the contract was made. To Arthur's companions, it seemed like his Servant was nothing but a muted shadow who skulked behind the Freemason. Of course, it was all for a good reason...

Houyi was ashamed of his current form.

Balancing on the topmost beam of the unfinished skyscraper was a figure garbed in black, cloaked with the very night sky, itself. To most onlookers, this figure would blend into the night. Of course, even to those with keen eyes who knew exactly what they were looking for, they wouldn't find it when gazing upon this specific being. While it was clear that he was a Servant- a Heroic Spirit drawn by the Holy Grail- the exact nature of his being remains hidden. What was apparent, however, was the glowing arc held within his hand; a bow, seemingly made out of light, itself.

A Rider-class Servant? Well, whatever it is, it shall be brought down.

The figure's eyes opened, softly glowing with the light of the moon. Imbued with moonlight, it allowed this Servant to see and track whatever was illuminated by the moon's guiding light. While it had its own limitations that sets it apart from the superior Clairvoyance, it still allowed him to spot that disc soaring through the sky. Raising his bow and pulling back on its string, a shaft of light coalescing in this Archer's hand, knocked by the bow. With one effortless motion, Archer released the arrow as it flew across the night's sky, like a shooting star.

It was an arrow released by a god among archers, though this did not grant it any intrinsic qualities on its own. Rather, the shot itself would be best described as "freakishly perfect". There were only a few archers, barely a handful in the Throne of Heroes, who would match with the skill and technique that this particular Archer displayed. Even this Archer's own concealment is incapable of hiding this flawless technique.

The arrow, however, was rather unique, as while it took the shape of one, it wasn't even an arrow at all...

It's as if this Archer had fired the Moon, itself, towards the flying vehicle.
Pyrrhus of Etryca & Rultay Denlark

The Road to Tinwe, South of Tinwarren

"... I'm honestly worried."

Pyrrhus looked at the old sign pointing out that their destination is close, his face paling just a bit. It was an odd sight for the brute of a man to look afraid, especially for one such as Pyrrhus. The Etrycan sellswod had braved many different jobs from across the world, but Orzamar was a new land to him. Perhaps the unfamiliarity of these lands scared him? Whatever the reason, Pyrrhus crossed his arms and grunted, looking to the rest of his party.

"Has anyone else been in a mine before? Because I have not."

"It's not so bad. The kobolds are quite civilized," Devie answers, stuffing a reagent bag full of what looks to be a growing collection petals and weeds. "It's a little damp, though, which is not to my liking."

"Oh, I'm not afraid of kobolds. They are small and easy to crush under my boot, like you, little gnome. What I am more afraid of is if my muscles are too big to fit in such a cramped space." Pyrrhus replied as he stroked his chin in deep thought.

Devie pursed her lips. β€œHmph.” She jammed her hands in her pockets. β€œMaybe you ought to focus on earning the coin we’re paying you instead of your muscles.” She looked up the winding path. β€œLead the way, big man.”

Pyrrhus nodded as he marched forward, though the expression on the barbarian’s face conveyed that he was genuinely concerned. β€œIf I am too big to fit in the little mines, I guess I will just carve my way through...” Pyrrhus resolved to himself, patting the large axe strapped to his back.

How Pyrrhus intended to cut through solid rock with a mere axe is just one of the many mysteries of the multiverse.

Rultay quietly bit her lip, resisting the urge to refer to the gnome as 'little woman'. "So, li-Devie, was it? How far do you think we are to the mines proper?"

"Maybe an hour? It's a short way. I've only been to Tinwarren once, nearly a year ago now," she answered the half-orc. "I was studying the properties of orichalcum with Professor Newtman at the time. It's quite incredible, actually. With the right chemicals you can create a compound that can substitute for a wide range of reagents. The College is on the verge of some incredible breakthroughs in the study of arcana because of our work here," she said, the words spilling out of her mouth at a rapid clip.

"We think there's a huge orichalcum vein under the mountains in this area, so the College awarded Tinwarren a large grant in tools and money this past winter to help them get at it," she continued. "We were hoping the red orichalcum they found recently might be the results we were hoping for. I'm sure Professor Flexner will have an exciting report for us once we find him."

"An exciting report, huh?" Rultay almost regretted asking, the words entering one ear and out the other. "That's certainly quite... interesting." Turning to the large man in front of her, she decided to mess with him a little. "Why are you going to carve through the mines? Why not just get everybody in the mines to push down on the floor hard enough to make it go down so you can fit in?"

Pyrrhus took a glance at Rultay and the rest of the party before laughing loudly.
"Please, even with everyone else's combined might, there's no way you all can bend the earth to your will! Only I am strong enough to accomplish such a fea-..."

A metaphorical lightbulb appeared over Pyrrhus's head, a glint in his eyes revealing that he had just made an amazing revelation.

"Interesting," Rultay dryly replied. "I certainly hope this legendary strength of yours can be put to good use saving these students. Speaking of, what reason do you think might cause them to go quiet all of a sudden?" Rultay presented the question openly, curious to hear the opinion of anybody who had one.
Since the first option makes things like readied actions awkward, I'll go with Option 2
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