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Saber slowly peeked from the door of the bathroom of the suite once his Master called out to him. He seemed hesitant to leave, as Tenryuu had already completed a portion of the Demon Prince's punishment for killing Moses when she had requested for the opposite. Who would have known that woman would have an outfit that was fitted almost perfectly for Saber's surprisingly petite form?

"... I understand that I need to be punished, Master, but isn't that nickname along with wearing this outfit for the rest of the war a bit much?"

Rosy-Cheeked Monster Slayer
The Core
Facing Punishment, The Ritz Hotel


Stepping out from the bathroom, Saber revealed the entirety of his new uniform to both his Master and her golem. Wearing such an outfit reminded Saber of the strange requests of his senpai, of whom he spent his time within his (her?) court when the Demon Prince's uncle had displaced him from his throne. It was moments like these that Saber had wished he was summoned in his older form, at his moment of exile, instead of the Slayer of Beasts that encompassed his youth. At the same time, imagining himself in his older form wearing this outfit only made Saber blush more, his hands moving behind his back.

Perhaps Saber kept himself armored to hide the cutesy looks of his younger self from his opponents?

"Perhaps a different name would suffice? How does Theo sound?"

Much of Saber's discomforts were partially alleviated by Chii, who was also wearing the same uniform. Is this how Master treats all her familiars? Saber thought to himself. At the very least, it was an outfit that was surprisingly easy to move in, despite the uncomfortable breeze it provided. Perhaps the lack of armor can easily be made up by the mobility this new outfit would provide in conjunction with the use of Nagelring...

"... Shall we go shopping then, Master?"

Saber of Decimation
Latin District
you're my favorite customer, Arènes de Lutèce


"I'm sorry, but I cannot do that, Master..."

It was a strange reply from the wrathful Demon Prince. To refuse his Master's order, especially against such a boastful foe, was uncharacteristic of the otherwise impulsive Saber. This refusal of orders should not be mistook for insubordination on Saber's part, however. Much like his Master, Saber was also angry at how presumptuous this Caster had conducted his negotiations especially after dealing with a similarly overconfident Caster just moments ago. At the same time, unlike Tenryuu, Saber's anger was more along the lines of a feeling of annoyance rather than actual hatred. Because of this, Saber was unable to follow his Master's command because he actually cannot perform it.

Instead, he cleaved through the beastmen with a single slash of his mighty greatsword, aiming to bisect the group of foes before him. With a flick of his wrist, Saber would see that the mere annoyances that stand before himself and his Master would both be easily rid of.

"... If you wish to have my Master's leyline, then seek us out directly as I have no desire for a cowardly Caster who would send dogs to do his own dirty work. Otherwise, keep your garbage away from our property."

Foreign District > Latin District
Opportunities In Chaos

@Crusader Lord@ManyThings@SSW@Danchou@SubjectVision@KoL@1Charak2@Sunglass

Isidore's hunch was right; an alliance of a dangerous magnitude truly was forming between two apparent Knights and a Caster-class Servant. In particular, the alchemist found interest in the beauty that was Caster, taking a good moment to observe the strange gauntlet that she sported. It seemed that only two of the three Servants were accompanied by their Masters, with one of them being easily recognizable from his manner of speech and attire: the heir of the Sun, Triswich. The Master of Caster, however, sounded like a local of sorts and, judging by what she wore, perhaps a French patrician.

Despite its own limitations, it is honor that grants those who call themselves 'knights' strength in their conviction... and what else makes a human more than their principles?

As Isidore exchanged quips with Autolycus through their mental link, he began to think of his ideals once again. His desire from the very start was to save humanity by sacrificing his own, but at the same time, did Isidore really sacrifice the sole thing that made him human? Even without flesh and with dulled emotions, has Isidore, who still clings to the very same ideals that he had dedicated his mind, body, and soul to, really abandoned his humanity? The alchemist began comparing himself to the Triswich knight, an honorbound Magus tied to the will of his Lord. They both have dedicated themselves to their ideals. At the same time, they also had one fundamental difference...

... Yes, it was that Isidore was not bound by honor.

As his Servant returned, Isidore opened his gym bag, opening it up so that Assassin would pour in the results of their plunder. Not only information was taken that night- including the knowledge of two Knights of the Round Table- but actual physical treasures. While Isidore had no direct use for the treasures at least for the moment, he was sure that based off his calculations, what was stolen would inhibit the parties involved. With what his Servant has successfully obtained so far on the first night, Isidore was sure he had more than enough leverage on a few of his potential enemies.

"Excellent job, Assassin. For our next course of action, it may be in our best interest to follow the fleeing pair of ladies, at least until you can nail down where their Workshop or place of residence may be. Once that's done, I'll be sure to inform you of our point of rendezvous afterward."

And with those commands issued, Isidore packed up his spoils of war, making his way across the city once again. He made sure to avoid other opponents to the best of his ability, as he had one particular goal in mind that he wished not to be interrupted from...

The Gavros grinned to himself, the night reminding him of his love for humanity.

Latin District > Bois de Vincennes

Oh, so you approach me?

Saber of Decimation
Latin District
oh hi johnny i didnt know it was you, Arènes de Lutèce


"... I'm starting to get sick of Bible verses."

Almost instantaneously, Saber had appeared, materializing at the entrance of the amphitheater and in the way of the canine congregation. He held Nagelring in his hands tightly, imposing the giant blade in front of the entrance like some sort of makeshift gate. Red eyes glared at the hound-headed men, glowing more with curiosity than complete menace. To face another Servant immediately after killing one seemed like a hassle to Saber, but in this case, this group of figures didn't carry the same presence that a true Servant did. Their dog-shaped heads reminded Saber of the unruly Wild-Men he had to eliminate on his path to rulership, but these hooded figures did not carry the same crazed nature; they seemed more refined, if anything. Saber deduced that these men could either be a strange set of familiars, or magi altered to be monstrous in some way.

"Dogs are supposed to bark, not preach." The Demon Prince stated, his eyes locked onto the sole familiar who chose to spoke for the gathering. The grip on his blade tightened, making sure to watch their every move in case they attempt an attack. Saber had no intention to kill another Servant tonight, but these seemed like little more than lowly minions, chaff meant to be cut down. The thought of dealing with another Caster made Saber feel a bit annoyed, but at the same time, it could mean they could utilize the fallen leyline properly.

"This leyline belongs to my Master. State the business of yours.""

Saber of Decimation
Latin District
His Master's Side, Arènes de Lutèce

@GreenGoat@Seirei no Hai

Saber looked down at the dying Caster, his rage smoldering away at the sight of the object of his wrath fading away. He picked his monstrous blade up, letting it dematerialize in his hand before kneeling down to Moses. As the cottage slowly burned down in the fires constructed out of the Demon Prince's anger, Saber began to contemplate this "victory" to himself. Sure, he might have achieved one of the first deaths in this Holy Grail War, if not the first death, but at the same time, it was a potentially powerful ally. If Saber were a better man, he would have been able to hold back his rage from such a boastful Caster. At the same time however, he felt the need to bring this Caster some semblance of humility, which was strange given his identity. To laugh at the face of the Demon Prince in such a vulnerable position would be the worst thing to do, ally or not, and Saber expected better from a man whose own legend encompassed modesty to a higher power.

"Where's the strength of your god now, prophet of YHWH? Know your place, for you are merely a wandering slave."

With his final words spoken and the last of his anger quelled for now, Saber faded into spiritual form, leaving the cottage as it continued to burn down. Almost at an instant, he would find himself at his Master's side, silent. He could not bring himself to tell Tenryuu what he did, which was in opposition to her own wishes. At the very least, they were able to take in another Master under their complete control, but it was all but meaningless if their own Servant was dead. In the end, this was but another hollow victory that Saber had achieved.

Saber could only hope that he would find at least one other worthy opponent tonight.

Foreign District > Latin District
Observing Potential Opposition

@Crusader Lord@ManyThings@SSW@1Charak2@Sunglass

Like a black streak in the evening, Isidore hopped between the rooftops like some sort of urban shinobi. Originally, he had been looking for other familiars within the area, though his search in the end bore no fruit. In the end, Isidore figured it would be best not to worry about such small trivialities while the night is still young. Instead, the alchemist began to finally work on seeking out his enemies instead. Part of Isidore's objectives were to ensure that an artifact with as much potential power as the Holy Grail does not end up in the wrong hands should he be unable to obtain it himself, and accomplishing that would require him to be proactive in learning his opponents.

Of course, Isidore also had a wish of his own.

Dipping into an empty alleyway, Isidore removed his helmet, placing it back into his gym bag before he began to slip on the same stylishly gray hoodie he was wearing just moments before. The alchemist figured that it would be in his best interest to at least look normal enough, especially given that his own Servant would trail behind with their presence concealed. It would be troublesome if the cyborg, in his armor-like frame, was mistook for that very same hero the Gavros had sought to emulate from afar. In any case, Isidore began to take the streets, the calculations in his head deducing that The Core would likely be where most activity was taking place. As he made his way due north, however, a stinging feeling would surge in Isidore's wrist.

What's this? A gathering of that magnitude?

Isidore quickly made his way towards the anomaly, the pain stemming from his Command Spells becoming more apparent as he made his way towards a mass congregation occurring at the border between the Latin and Residential districts. At the same time, however, the surge of magical energy was not grand enough to assume that combat was taking place. Rather, based on Isidore's own calculations, it seems that either hostilities are about to take place, or negotiations are taking place. If it were the latter, that would be especially troublesome to Isidore's objectives. It would be in his best interest that such an alliance would be nipped in the bud. More than one strong Servant working together may prove to be a large obstacle, after all. Finding a nice alleyway far enough from the group to conceal himself in, the alchemist found a nice place to settle in, concealed from the public eye as he began to take off his hoodie once again, transferring his consciousness into Assassin to allow himself to see through his Servant's eyes.

Assassin, observe the congregation and listen in to what they are discussing. Trail them if they leave, but do your best to stay hidden. I'll follow you to the best of my ability. If they come rushing for me, I'll let you know.

Saber of Decimation
Latin District
???, Arènes de Lutèce

@GreenGoat@Indra@Seirei no Hai

The earth trembled and quaked,
and the foundations of the mountains shook;
they trembled because he was angry.
Smoke rose from his nostrils;
consuming fire came from his mouth,

At the moment of Caster's counter-attack, Saber had accepted defeat for that single time. It was imperative that the Caster was cooperative in order for Saber's Master to do what she needed to do. And thus far, everything seems to have worked as planned. Now that Tenryuu was able to bend the crying homunculus to her will, it was clear that they were the true victors of that encounter. In the end, the homunculus and her impetuous Caster would end up with a few powerful allies after the first night of this Holy Grail War...

... However, the Caster just had to boast afterwards.

As the Masters of both Servants began to arrange for peace, Saber stood up. Standing above the laughing Caster, the anger that welled up within the Demon Prince had seemed to reach its apex. The enemy Caster, who not only panic-attacked like some sort of fool, but afterwards bragged about his own strength like this was his absolute victory. To Saber, Caster was nothing but a cockroach who needed to be put in its place.

And without warning, just like the pest he was, Saber stomped his foot down on Moses's chest with all his strength. The strength in question that Saber demonstrated was far higher than what was originally stated in his original parameters. Indeed, this surge of Saber's physical parameters was not too different from the Mad Enhancement skill of a Berserker. Crushing his opponent with the intent to obliterate him, Saber inhaled sharply as a small compartment on his helmet covering his mouth slid open. Despite opening with an attack that would decimate lesser Servants, it seemed that Saber's true intention was to hold down the enemy Caster. What came next, however, was a true display of Saber's wrath.

It did not matter if Caster was fast enough to evade Saber's original attack, nor did it matter if he was able to defend himself in some way despite the effects of the Command Spell preventing him from fighting. Whatever Caster had planned to save his life at that moment was all but for naught, as even the angels that sung to him would merely sing a song of how unwise it was to anger this particular warrior. As soon as the Masters were both out of the cottage and in safety, Saber had began to exhale.

Fires of Machmet

The Demon Prince of Slaughter, Dietrich von Bern, had brought his fire down onto the defenseless Caster. The wave of demonic flames that would overtake Moses burned wit the intensity of Saber's own anger for the ill-fated prophet. As Caster had delivered unto Saber the "Strength of YHWH", Saber in return delivered unto Caster the "Wrath of The Devil". It mattered not if Moses was fast enough to avoid the gout of hellfire, as it came pouring out of Saber's mouth in a wide angle encompassing whatever happened to be in the rage-filled warrior's sight. Saber, too, made sure to follow Caster's every movements to ensure that he received as much of the Demon Prince's wrath as possible, going so far as to burn down the cottage if it meant his hated enemy would be reduced to ash.

The only thing that would sate Saber's anger now was the death of Caster.

Foreign District
Abandoned Subway Station, Paris Metro Underground

@Crusader Lord

Isidore waites for his Servant's first move, his mind calculating all possible opening moves that Autolycus would perform. Indeed, as an alchemist of the Giant's Pit, Isidore's level of prediction borders precognition. And because the opponent he is facing uses the same fighting style that the Gavros had sought to perfect, it could be said that Isidore should, in theory, know Assassin's every move as well as the right countermeasures against such attacks.

In other words, Assassin's simple opening move should have been simple to counter.


That speed-!

At first, it seemed as if the old man standing before him wasn't taking any of this seriouslt, even relaxing for but a brief moment. Then at the blink of an eye, moving faster than a normal human would be able to think, Assassin's punch flew right at Isidore. Quickly bringing his arms up to defend against the punch, Isidore braced against the impact the blow, nearly knocking him away if not for the fact he had absorbed most of the impact. Isidore was sure that if he hadn't defended himself properly, he would have easily been defeated. Even now, he can tell that major damage has been done to his arms. The alchemist predicted that if his Servant were truly serious about this bout, his arms would have easily been blown off.

Suffice to say, it is clear to Isidore that his body is unable to aggressively fight those exceptional human beings known as Heroic Spirits.

Stepping back, the alchemist took a knee, raising one arm in defeat while supporting himself up with his other.

"I concede, for now," Isidore replied, slowly bringing himself up to his feet, "I have gathered enough information for now."

Moving his arms around in an attempt to assess the damage done to them, Isidore began to observe his Servant through his Master's Clairvoyance. To truly stand alongside a shining example of humanity was a thought that only now began to sink in Isidore's mind. In his head, Isidore saw a plethora kf graphs and charts denoting Autolycus's parameters. Even while weakened in part due to Isidore's small amount of magic circuits, Assassin's strength and skill were nothing to scoff at, even under a such a class container. To Isidore, this meant that if he were to face off against a Knight-class Servant, he would truly have a harder time coping with their physical capabilities.

"My apologies for doubting your identity, Assassin. I had only desired to analyze both my own capabilities as well as the skills of my Servant. It's clear to me, now, that you truly are the legendary thief who was said to have trained the greatest of heroes..."

Walking back to his gym bag, Isidore pulled out two things; a shining blue sphere engraved with an ancient script that Isidore embedded into a vacant slot in his chest, and a sleek black helmet that roughly resembled a Greek soldier's, with a futuristic design fit to fully protect the wearer's head. The helmet, specifically, seemed to have been a matching set with the armor, which was made apparent as Isidore placed it on.

"On another day, I wish to truly train with you as well, Assassin..." Isidore stated, as he began to walk towards the exit, "but for now, the night is young, and we should not waste the time we have. It will be in our best interest to secure as much of this district as we can, so that our enemies may not make an attack on our base"
Heading to > Foreign District, Surface

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