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So I started Master Duel and my opening gacha set me up for Infernoble Knights...
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it's like soccer with a nice snack attached to it
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adventure fantasy rp where you start out as a small fry and get bigger and better with a well thought progression system please and thank you


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HP 2160/2160 SP 2133/2370 MP 60/160 (3060)

Leif growled at annoyance at his particularly stubborn catch, quickly realising that trying to lug her around would only be a waste of time. More than that, he saw that two of her allies were already closing in. One was some sort of musician with a... stringed axe as their instrument. Classic. The other seemed to be a more traditional mage, probably the larger threat of the two. No matter the case, it seemed that at this briefest moment, they were outnumbered. Leif clicked his tongue in annoyance to this,

"Keep the lady busy, Ames. Gonna get us some help!"

At an instant, Leif's arms shifted back to their normal human shapes. Alongside that, Leif would release the Samurai from his net. As soon as the weight of both the enemy party's tank as well as their own spellblade both lifted themselves, Leif would accelerate once more, howling wildly into the air, as if calling out into the unknown. A series of howls from the wind would call back to the Shaman as thirteen ghostly wolves appeared seemingly from nowhere. Leif clapped his hands, ensuring that they possessed the speed of the winds themselves.

[Spirit Wolf x13, 100 AGI]

"Oi, Mags! Fight's starting without you! Come kick their asses before we do!" Leif barked at the beefcake of a brawler, both figuratively and literally, directing his ethereal pack to his slower ally. They would run like the wind, running at speeds ten times that of a normal man. Alongside them came the invigorating energies of Leif's barked commands, carried along the air. Hopefully, Mags shlild be able to get to the fight sooner, her strength being put to good use as early on as possible.

"Raime, two backliners! One's got a hefty axe with with strings on it, other's throwing up gangsigns! I'll try and get you a clear shot!"

Leif would turn to the casters with a hungry look in his eye. With his bonuses to speed afforded by his kilt alongside Arion's already monstrous engine, the Shaman would start to charge towards the one in the back prepping up some incantations. He had just one more round of enhanced strength from his ritual beads. Hopefully he would be able to make the most of it.

"Alright, Amulak! Blow some shit up on me, or whatever the fuck you do!"
Shigenaga Nomura
Flash of Fans

Nomura could barely contain his mirth of the two Oni poking fun at him, knowing full-well that they were unaware of the powers given to him. It did help that he had a mask to cover his face, at least. His interest was piqued, however, at the unmasked Oni. A strong and stoic man, he was, and he did not underestimate Nomura like the other two had. A slight shiver ran down Nomura's spine, briefly filled with a sense of fear. It was always the quiet ones who carried the biggest of sticks. As he approached the arena, the fear that filled Nomura began to turn into resolve as the Oni drew his massive blade, for it raised an opportunity for him.

Indeed, Nomura realized that he could show the Oni, show Lady Mie, show all these beasts the strength of Man.

Nomura did not falter as his opponent approached him. It was good that both his mask and the fan was covering his varied expressions, something he would note to take advantage of during this fight. With a deep breath, Nomura allowed the magical energy within his soul to permeate within his core once more, preparing to move at a moment's notice. The Oni, however, started the battle with a simple attack, as if he was gauging Nomura's response. With that being the case, he would quickly close the fan before merely stepping to the side in order to avoid the brunt of the brute's blow.

If he wished to test me, then perhaps I shall test him, as well!

However, rather than avoiding the attack entirely, Nomura would meet the Oni's attack in kind, clashing the blunt end of fan against his opponent's blade. The goddess had blessed him with the strength of his world's greatest athletes, after all! To not use such a blessing would be merely squandering one of his many gifts. Of course, Nomura was not completely foolish. Alongside his own strength, the magical energy gathered within him surged into his arm, enhancing his own natural strength further. All-in-all, it was the perfect opportunity to test the limits of Nomura's power against what appeared to be a superior foe, as well as show to the Oni the extent of humanity's resolve!
<Snipped quote by ERode>
Cu is mostly done with play-by-post (only really up for another RP we are in), so it does present an issue there. I think it might be best to shelf this one for some time in that case. Honestly, I want to work on other projects myself so it tracks. Love this setting but it is very situational in when and how it can work.

To clarify, I was only done with pbp in the sense of full-on tabletops in a forum setting, like 5e. I was vibing with this, but I'm cool with us taking a break if you aren't up for it anymore.

HP 2160/2160 SP 2370/2370 MP 3060/3060

With the roar of an engine and the howl of a mad man, Leif quickly rode for the wounded beast without a second thought, running it down with a decapitating strike. As the beast shattered into pixels, Leif would start to slow Arion down with a squeeze of the brakes, slowly skidding into a halt. As soon as they were at a full stop, Leif exhaled in disappointment, slamming his fist into the bike's display.

"Don't think we'll find any low-health players around, almost forgot how fast you healed out of combat. We could maybe crash someone else's fight, ourselves, but it'll more than likely end up with our target bailing before we get there."

Taking a moment to see how much EXP and loot (if any) that monster had, Leif would start to chomp on more of those lotus roots, fueling his bike with more MP as he did.

"Would be best if we regrouped with the others, maybe stuck to the mountains. Didn't realize how slow all of you were." Leif growled, before revving his engine back up once it was all topped off. "Might as well find something on the way to make this worthwhile, tho." The Shaman grinned, looking down at his net with devious intent.

Without warning, the Shaman would press on the gas once more, howling again as his mouth shifted into a snout once more. Using the logic gained from his prior observation, he would instead begin to follow the nearest thread whose health would be healthy in about the same rate it took himself and Ames to heal up. Seeing that his tactic would make their approach rather obvious, Leif knew he had to make a decisive blow on their target from the start.

As he would get within sight of this thread's weaver, Leif's fists would begin to clench tightly as the ritual beads around his arms began to tighten. At the same time, the hair on Leif's arms would begin to grow at an accelerated rate, thick silver fur bustling over the increased musculature underneath. When he was close enough, Leif would cast his net out to whoever his unfortunate target would be, looking to pull and drag whoever it is he would catch back to his allies!

Of course, should this fail, Leif would instead use this opportunity to charge in with his nearly doubled strength, looking to start a fight on his own! Of course, he wasn't truly alone, for he had the strength of the pack backing him up...

... Oh, and Ames was there too. Dude, stop holding on too tight, no idea how homo this is.

HP 2160/2160 SP 2370/2370 MP 3060/3060

The rugged mountainside and the wide plains were both a sight for sore eyes for Leif, who had quickly found a way to tie his bike into their schemes. While hunting and tracking down other players would be a bit of a headache for the average Immortal, it was here where Leif's abilities as a Wolf Shaman would truly shine. One of the wolf's strongest aspects was their sense of smell, after all, and Leif was able to tap into that ability perfectly, capable of snuffing out the weak and the bloodied for his pals to make quick work of. Not only that, but the terrain was perfect for Leif to show off the limits of his new toy to his friends.

"If we're going too fast, just hold on tight, Ames!" Leif hollered to his passenger as he procured a handful of lotus roots. They were simple mana restorative herbs scavenged in the Pearl Bloom, and served both as a nice snack as well as a good way to keep his mana stores decent in distance rides. He would need them to be ready for combat, after all, seeing as he was about to chew up a good portion of his MP with what he's about to do. Shoving some of the roots in his mouth, Leif revved up Arion's engines as he prepared for his trek throughout the mountains and into the plains. At an instant, the lower half of Leif's face morphed into that of a wolf's snout, the Shaman letting out an excited howl before accelerating at an instant. The scent of blood filled his nostrils as he quickly caught onto many different trails, following those of the most bloodied.

The plan was simple: ride around a perimeter of the designated PvP zone, getting as much trails as he could, before closing in on those who are particularly low on HP. Ganking those who are already weaker would be easy earnings for the gang seeing as their only goal is to kill the supply runners for their loot. And if they happen to come across any other Mora-Sho, it'd be good to coordinate with them to learn of any other easy pickings in the area, as well as any threats they'd need to keep an eye out for. Of course, the main downside to this plan was that Leif would end up with heavily reduced MP in whatever fight they find themselves in, but it didn't matter too much to him. Even without MP, he was still capable of holding out his own due to the sheer versatility the Shaman class had to offer him. If anything, he'd be just as useful barking out orders as he would be blasting the few spells he has to his team.

Perhaps he should figure out ways to boss his pals around more easily...
Seeing the nice influx of characters and my decreasing love for PbP, I'm likely going to sit out. That said, I'd be happy if you need someone to consult for ideas and the like @Dark Cloud
Shigenaga Nomura
Insert Fan Pun Here

Nomura admired the pair of fans he received, holding one in each hand. He took note of their weight, and how they felt as he swung them around. They were surely heavier than normal fans of similar make, that much was certain. With his blessed form, Nomura was capable of moving them around easily, but the heft of these fans were still something to keep into consideration. After all, these sorts of weapons rely on momentum. Directing the weight of these fans to hit right where he wanted, directing the weight of the fans into the spikes, things of that nature.

Of course, Nomura had never wielded such weapons before, so this was all gathered from quick observation.

"Ah, right. Didn't realize they were waiting for little old me. Sorry about that~"

Nomura took a brief moment to get used to the movement of opening and closing each fan, taking note of any changes to the weight while doing so. Afterward, he put the darker fan away, holding the lighter one in his off hand while he reached for one of the curved blades carried around by much of Mie's workforce. As much as he wasn't interested in learning the brutal art of the sword, Mie had a point when she suggested picking up a blade. The fans, elegant as they may be, were also quite short. A longer weapon may be of more use to Nomura, especially as he acquaints himself with combat. He hung the blade's sheath by his hip before making his way to the arena. Looking at the Oni he was supposed to train with, Nomura gave a confident stare, hovering his main hand over the sheathed blade as he opened the fan in his other, wafting himself lightly as he awaited the Oni to make the first move.

"Shall we begin, then?"
I'm probably just going to app a new character, if at all. Honestly a lot of my hype for 5e has dampened down by a lot, so we shall see.
@Dark Cloud Sorry been busy, school just started and all. I'll have to think about it, honestly. Anything new or different going on?
Shigenaga Nomura
It's dangerous to go alone...

Nomura examined the flute with piqued interest, admiring both its craftsmanship and functionalities. A flute would indeed be an unassuming weapon, perfect for the sorts of confrontations Nomura would find himself in. Not only is it inconspicuous, but it could also serve as a distraction or spectacle to draw others in. It goes without saying, but Nomura was quite aware of the charming effects of music. Perhaps he could use such effects to his advantage, especially with the magical charms given to him? He wondered if his silver tongue also extended to music. In any case, it was almost the perfect weapon.

There was only one issue, however.

"Ahh, what a wondrous weapon indeed, Lady Mie. The weight of the flute, the carving of the grooves... it is an excellent instrument indeed, both for slaughter and for mirth. Perhaps it sounds as good as it looks?" Nomura remarked as he brought the flute up to his mouth. Of course, his mask started to get in the way, the elongated beak-nose not helping with the positioning of the instrument. Of course, all this was quite exaggerated, but it was to make his point clear on the awkwardness of such a weapon in his disposal.

"Maybe if I held it like this? No, that would be extremely painful. Hm... perhaps I should move my mask out of the way? Of course, others would expect me to, with an instrument like this. No, no, it'd be counterproductive to reveal my face, wouldn't it? That's what the point of the mask is, after all. Love the design, just not a fan of using it, personally."

A bit after the words fan left Nomura's mouth, he quickly came to a realization.

"Ah, yes! A fan! You wouldn't happen to carry a war-fan, would you? Ah, yes, that would be quite fitting, indeed. It'd make sense for a merchant to have on their person, and it could even serve as a blunt instrument when folded up in the event bloodshed isn't the answer. And not only is it inconspicuous when it needs to be, but it also could add a layer of mystique to my disguise, hm? It would even allow me to direct others in combat, should the need arise. Yes, that would be a perfect weapon! I don't suppose you would have such a thing in your possession, no?"
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