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I like to play video games. I also am a fan of comics, action movies, and anime. Pretty geeky if you ask me.

Soulsborne games are my absolute favorite kinds of games. Ever. I also am a trash person, and therefore like to play MOBAs

My favorite genre is High Fantasy, although I also like other flavors of medieval fantasy, as well. Steam/clock/cyberpunk is cool too. Sci-Fi, well, it depends...

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Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar

The Vale, Fighting The ARMY OF DARKNESS

@The Harbinger of Ferocity@Hekazu@Gordian Nought@JBRam2002

”Your world?! I watched my world torn apart by this dark army moments before I ended up here! The feeling of dread as I watched millions of lives lost because I wasn’t strong enough, because I didn’t act fast enough... Watching another world torn apart is the last thing I want to do!”

Cesar knew that his allies needed him. Watching them struck one by one as the Green Man stomped forward, while the others are overwhelmed by the encroaching Shadows was painful for Cesar. He needed to call off his bluff, and get serious. Cesar needed to bring this light to fight back the darkness...

Cesae took another quick glance at the sacred fire. There was no time to drag the whole brazier to the other side of the room, not with the Green Man harassing his allies with his great blade. No... Cesar needed a faster way to bring the fire to the shadows.

An insane idea came to mind...

Cesar kneeled before the altar, whispering a prayer of healing he’s heard his more religious allies say whenever they utilized their curative magic. He needed to be healthy enough to make his idea work. Cesar did not want to end up a burnt husk before he reached the Shadows who approached ever so steadily. Cesar believed the quickest, most efficient way of extinguishing the Darkness is by bearing the Light upon himself...

... even if it meant dying in the process.

Cesar felt it would be a fair way to go. A martyr not only to the tenets of the Light, but to his own personal beliefs and morals. To be courageous and steadfast in protecting his allies, even if it would result in his own demise. To safeguard all he has left from his world from the encroaching Darkness. To be a good and honest man.

Cesar nodded to himself, with a smile, before stretching his arm out to the holy flame, letting its radiant heat consume him. He did not merely let his arm out to the flame, but allowed it to overtake him. Cesar accepted that he may die, and the only thing he could hope for was that he lived long enough to drive back the Darkness...

Cesar felt a strange feeling as the radiant fire slowly sheathed him. A soothing, yet somewhat painful feeling surged through his body. More invigoriating than harmful, it was nothing as if he had expected... in fact, Cesar felt vitalized, filled with purpose, to march forward. To bring Light to the Dark. Turning around as the flames continued to cover him, he looked into the eyes of the Green Man with conviction in his eyes.

”I serve the Light to protect my world from the dark forces that wish to consume it. Stand aside, Face of the World, and allow me to save what’s left of my home!”

Cesar proceeded forward, letting the flame to control his movement for just this moment, in order to march for the Darkness and stop the Shadows from harming his allies any further. As he marched along, he avoided the Green Man, both to reach his destination as quickly as he can while showing him his true intentions, to stop the Darkness from killing us all. Cesar hoped that the warrior would finally be compliant with their pleas, if only for this moment, so that he could fulfill his duty...

And if not, Cesar hoped that his allies would have his back.


The Genasi briefly glanced at each of his companions, sighing to himself. Either they’re too busy flirting with each other, or they’re in some matter inhibited in speech. Seethe almost missed Bar’s company, as he seemed to be one of the more grounded ones in the group. Seethe does seem a bit perplexed at the Changeling’s antics, however, specifically... he isn’t sure what sort of Transmutation they employ, or what exactly their true form is, as he wasn’t paying attention when they were currently acting as the one known as Cas. Either way, it’s another curious magic to take note of along with the Silent One’s...

”What would you all do without me?” The wizard sighed, whispering a few faint magic words while stretching his arm outward, resulting in a flame appearing within the palm of his hand. As he shines his light around the cave, he takes one look at Bar’s corpse.

”Oh, that’s what...” Seethe sighed, tossing his current flame on Bar’s corpse as a means of cremating it. It makes him sick just looking at the poor idiot, and it most likely would be the best memorial service he would ever recieve. Once that’s all said and done, Seethe continued on without turning back. conjuring another flame in his hand.

The Genasi continued forward, right by the Goliath, one arm outstretched and holding a flame to light the way, and the other plugging his nose to keep him sane from the putrid mix of Bar’s burning corpse and the Goliath’s... special scent. Squinting his eyes, the Genasi’s elemental heritage allowed him to see well in the darkness to some degree.

”I’m able to make out a passage on the right, although it is a bit caved in... You’re able to move it, I presume, Brim?” The Genasi asked the Goliath as he continued to mold rock into his whim.

”If not, we could send in our smallest and quietest to scout, for what it’s worth. We might have even been able to get the jump on them if you all didn’t provoke those wolves. We’ll have to work with what we can.”

Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar

The Vale, Fighting The Angry Green Giant

@The Harbinger of Ferocity@Hekazu

”Now I believe that you are a ‘Face of the World.’ It explains why you are so slow and fat!” Cesar hollered, mockingly, as he continued for the sacred flame. He believed he could use whatever power it may have to offer to help him and his friends fight this strong enemy.

Once he reached the shrine, Cesar gave a quick look over it, trying to figure out how to evoke it. Despite his quick thinking, however, Cesae was unable to figure out its latent power, although it does seem quite familiar to him. Perhaps his allies can aid him...

”Uh... what do you all make of this?”

Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar

The Vale, Fighting The Angry Green Giant

The expression on Cesar’s face was that of pure anger. Not only does this knight think of his challenge as something so small, but he goes on to attack his allies, as well? And despite their pleas of peace, he continued to press on like some aggravated boar. Cesar knew that taking out the shadowy invaders was the biggest priority, moreso than this petty squabble. And the least he could do was somehow draw the Green Man’s ire long enough so that his allies could take care of the main threat at once.

So the scoundrel, for once, began to think like a scoundrel.

”You call yourself the Face of the World, yet all I see is an Ass! If you won’t face me, then I will piss and spit all over your sacred shrine!”

It was a bluff, unlike any other. Despite his iffy beliefs on religion, he knew well enough, especially after hanging with the Templar, that one should be respectful in such hallowed grounds. But Cesar needed to draw the knight’s strong emotions towards himself. Cesar could only hope the rest of his allies could interpret this taunt as a mere ruse.

And so, the swordsman dashed towards the shrine.

Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar

The Vale, Fighting The Angry Green Giant

As the towering knight approached Cesae, he faltered ever so slightly at his imposing nature. He had looked alot smaller from afar... The bard was reminded of the countless islands he missed on his previous adventures due to this very same reasoning. Cesar gritted his teeth as he continued to brace for impact, quickly fixing his stance, in order to show his opponent he has no fear...

The warrior then broke the distance in a quick charge. Cesar raised Jarlbane to defend the mighty attack to little avail, the menacing blow breaking through his defenses. Cesar instinctively raised his forearm in order to defend against the attack, screaming something in Elven as a disc of blue, watery energy shimmered on his arm, like some sort of shield. This magical shield managed to successfully deflect the knight’s devastating blow, leaving Cesar slightly bewildered...

... Mother?

Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar

The Vale, Et tu, Brute?

Cesar’s tightened the grip on his blade, a look of anger on his face. He had Jarlbane already drawn, in case they encountered more dangers within these Crypts, and from what he’s witnessed, he was right to keep it ready. It seems that had betrayed them and lead the Shadows here! While the Bard could go all day cursing the arrogant little scamp for what he has done, he is aware that there is a much bigger threat to be aware of, in a quite literal sense. The Green Man’s anger towards those who intrude upon these crypts is well received, indeed, but it seems like this very same anger is clouding his judgement.

The swordsman unbuckled his newly obtained gauntlet, throwing it on the ground while giving the Warrior of Nature a fierce gaze.

”In my land, the throwing of the gauntlet is a challenge to a duel!” Cesar exclaimed to the enraged knight as he made his approachc forward. He gave his allies a quick glance as he proceeded, hoping that they will understand what he wants them to do, before turning back to the Green Man, preparing to cross swords while watching for his immediate attack, preparing to defend himself.

”So come, then! Face me!”

And with Cesar’s shout of challenge, Jarlbane ignited with a golden light...

... Like an unwavering flame against the treacherous dark.

Perhaps, although the new system does open up a few ideas I haven’t thought for this before. I do plan on still filling the out of combat utility our group may require.

And this is more of a nitpicky suggestion, but is Dexterity the stat related to the strategic skills? Judging by the current affinities listed, wouldn’t something like Cunning be a more appropriate name?
Still onboard. Just gotta read how the new rules work. Maybe make a new character again.
Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar

The Vale, At The Hall.

The bard looked around the room once the last enemy was felled. These apparitions... these Ysgardians, were sworn to defend their inner sanctum from unwanted intruders. Their dedication to defending the last of what remained theirs served as a grim reminder to Cesar of the fate of his and his allies’ own world. If only Cesar was more vigilant to defend against the darkness... No, if only he were stronger...

One by one, Cesar’s allies arrived into the room soon after the fighting reached its end. Cesar wiped Jarlbane off with his wrist, dismissing the dazzling lights that danced around his blade. Sheathing his sword, Cesar kneels down to the spirit they had just fought. He admired how they fought, letting their armor take the blows instead of avoiding them, powering through whatever pain or injury they might have suffered. Admiring their fighting spirits, Cesar had decided to pick up the fallen warrior’s off-handed gauntlet, strapping it onto his own hand.

”You may be busy defending this tomb, honored warrior,” Cesar began to speak, as he worked on putting on the gauntlet, ”But now you may also aid us in taking the offensive against the forces of evil.”

When that was all said and done, the swordsman stood up, looking at his recently arrived and rejuvenated allies.

”We had managed to prove ourselves as worthy warriors to the guardians of these crypts. You all managed to rejuvinate your lost energy, now, did you? Looks like we took care of two things at the same time, and with none of us worse off from it. And now we are all together. Whatever lies ahead, be it ghosts, ghouls, or goblins, our combined strength and resolve will push us through these crypts and uncover whatever lies ahead!”

Cesar Lorenzo Tidesong Bolivar

The Vale, At The Hall.

Cesar gritted his teeth, flourishing Jarlbane as he recovered from avoiding that blow. While the bard was rather impressed by how easily he avoided that blow, je feels like if he continues dodging attacks like that, he’ll kill his back when he’s older.

Cesar will have to end the fight, soon, then...

”You hit pretty hard...” Cesar said, before raising his blade to the air. ”Jarlbane!” The swordsman evoked, his already dazzling blade slowly being sheathed in green flame. A second later, Cesar swung Jarlbane in a downward cleave with all his strength, with the intent to cut through his opponent.

The breakthrough in fortune at last turned the tides, so fittingly for the man who was once captain. His glinting sword striking one foe, its blade now aflame, the armor failed to shrug aside the assault as it had done to the lesser blows; it cascaded to the ground in a heap, the phantom exorcised from it. Perhaps to the man's surprise, the leaping fire from his sword dashed itself against the other which too surrendered its ghost. Javelins, arrows, bows, swords, armor, all of it fell with a loud clatter throughout the underground of the crypt, some of the odd bits rolling down the stairs just beyond the bard.

Both spirits fading, the first moaned pained words in its echoing and otherworldly voice, "How I have... failed... all of... my brothers..." only then for the second, as the flames engulfed it before winking from existence, to give another dying breath; "... they are righteous..."

”... But I hit harder.”

Cesar smiled proudly at his mighty strike bringing both spirits down. The swordsman turned back to the others, brandishing his sword as he approached the remaining soldier’s flank.

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