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If it isn't obvious, the Fate series is one of my favorites.

I like to play video games. I also am a fan of comics, action movies, and anime. Pretty geeky if you ask me.

Soulsborne games are my absolute favorite kinds of games. Ever. I also am a trash person, and therefore like to play MOBAs

My favorite genre is High Fantasy, although I also like other flavors of medieval fantasy, as well. Steam/clock/cyberpunk is cool too. Sci-Fi, well, it depends...

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Province of Ilagorn -- Adventurer's Guild a.k.a. The Delipitated Duck
12th Hour of the 2nd Day, Summer

Nimr began to contemplate the info obtained about Fogmere. It was almost a mistake not to have an actual ranger with them, given how stuffy it gets when traversing through the woods. Nimr was not a fan of having his face hit with branches, after all. That would not be very economic. Still, however, the bard-to-be got the information he wanted, merely nodding with a smile before turning away and crossing his arms. Nimr resolved to silently following the knightess... at least, until he was addressed.

"Oh, right. I don't think last minute shopping would be ideal for me." Nimr stated plainly. "I'm dirt broke, aside from having enough money to pay for the essentials such as room and board. Even then, however, I only have enough coin to pay for two weeks at the most.

"It might be a good idea for us to pool our funds for equipment that would benefit all of us equally after we return from this job, yes? I can help with the calculations, if you desire. I can assure you all that you can trust me with your funds. I've managed the coin of my family's inn and have brought it up to some semblance of prosperity... at least for an inn, after all."
I was, but I had a bit of an awkward time writing it out and got distracted by other things. I'm fine for a scene change if I'm holding things up too much, sorry about that.
Emil Simonov

Emil didn't bother to mourn for the dead, instead seeing it all as a mess caused by those who relied on dark sorceries. Silently condemning the ones responsible for such a cruel act- despite himself being a product of black magic- Emil began to look through the field, working on retrieving his bolts. Some of them were well beyond repair, but some of the others still looked like they were salvageable, just requiring a bit of heavy cleaning. Of course, setting your crossbow bolts on fire with a blood curse isn't the best way to maintain them, but Emil has learned to work with whatever he has, especially when he's out in the wilderness on hunts for days on end. After retrieving what he could from his expended ammunition, Emil turned back to the others who had helped him fight off the dead, giving them a curt nod, before turning to the woman who had given them this assignment.

"If you're working on sorting a bounty for us, how about you just give me that ring? Don't care too much about getting paid, myself, but that ring could help me track down the witch responsible for this shitfest. You already know what a Krusczek could do, and you've just seen me in action. I feel like that ring is proper insurance for a job well done..."

Protelo nodded as strategies were discussed, acting like he was paying his upmost attention. In truth, however he was only half-listening, hoping that the others wouldn't hear his stomach grumbling . Of course, he made sure to take heed of the secondary objectives given by the Envoy. The first one seems rather standard; defend the ships since they've got some of the best shit in 'em, and find some "important" person the Empire wants alive. Neither of those tasks seemed exciting to the Lieutenant, though the second one did give him a rather sinister idea. What sort of person would the Empire want alive, anyway?

Before Protelo could ask his question, however, Captain Aria began to chime in with her own questions. Out of the two ways she suggested taking the city it seemed that the sewer method might be best. Using siege tactics may prove troublesome, especially with one of their objectives requiring that damage must be minimized within a certain portion of Felmont. The sewers were one of their best bets, though Protelo was not keen at all with the idea of having a victorious battle whilst smelling like piss. In the end, while Protelo does believe that the sewer idea was a good one, he decided not to say anything about it just yet.

"Might just be a good idea to send only two or three of our flyers, Cap." Protelo stated as he was addressed, adjusting himself to look more attentive. "It's a good idea to focus on taking a look at how the harbor looks as well since that's where we'll be doing most of our holding out. One thing I recall the Zuiterrans doing when we're closing in on their encampments is resolving to scorched earth tactics, shit like burning their food and throwing out their water. Those sandeaters were used to the heat, but knew we'd have a harder time finding water... Point is there might be some really nice shit they've got on their ships that they might not want us to have, so we should be keen on making sure they've got no way to get rid of it.

"We might want some of our men on the inside, too. One or two, the ones that are good at sneaking around. I might take a step in as well, take the guise of some traveler and get a good look at how Felmont looks from the inside. Maybe you should send me in, as well? Might be a good idea if one of us had our own ideas of just how the city looks and manages, especially from a veteran's eyes..."

Protelo grinned, suggesting only slightly that he had ulterior motives to volunteering himself into Felmont. For one, it would mean that he wouldn't need to crawl in through the sewers, if there were any, to make entry into the city. Two, it'd mean he'd be out of this sweaty, boring tent sooner. Three, and most importantly, however, it would mean that he could finally eat some real fresh food. The thoughts of freshly grilled fish filled Protelo's mind, a vast improvement from the travel rations he's normally forced to eat. Surely he should be allowed to indulge himself a bit before it all goes to hell, anyway, right?

"Ah, right, before I forget," Protelo cleared his throat before looking at the Envoy, his expression being one much more serious. "You said you wanted someone very important alive, right? Just what sort of person are they? Actually to be frank, I don't really care who they are... but I am right when I say it's important that they're handed over alive, right? We could get them out for you, sure... but if you want to guarantee their survival, like having, say... the White Streak himself escorting this VIP out, we may need a bit more incentive for the job."

With a smug expression filled with pride, the Lieutenant raised his neck high as he looked down at the Envoy. In reality, Protelo was mostly bluffing, using this opportunity to "flex" his reputation just a bit rather than trying to weasel out a bit of extra cash. He cared more about fighting a good fight than getting paid, anyway. Still, Aria had a point; with such specific objectives needing to be met, the company was entitled for an increase in payment, provided they meet their objectives. It would mean better equipment for the Red Branch, after all. Maybe they could use the cash from this job to buy out their own personal master chef, actually...

Just gonna throw up a WIP for now. All I need to do is the sample post, which I'm working on atm, but for now, I just want to see if the mechanics are cleared if anything >_<

I'm not sure if I went past the max on equipment slots, and I definitely don't know how to make personal weapons qq. Also he has two skills because I figured I'd go with the standard level 10 progression from tier 1 to tier 2, with him having just promoted. Sorry if I presumed too much things.

What I'm not sorry for is the facelclaim. This was my original plan from the start.

Eh, I'll just go with my original and painful General/Hero idea after all since we lack tanks. Going to flip a coin and then go with the flow. Whoever wanted to make some sort of Archer can go ahead if they want to, I think we'll need one.
The youthful man glanced around the room. Not only a second has passed for everyone to introduced themselves and accusations are already being thrown. Ruffling his fingers through his blue hair, the man let out a long sigh. He figured that something should be said in order to clear the air of any further disputes. Raising a hand in order to draw attention to himself, the young man cleared his throat before explaining coherently:

β€œI didn’t do it.”
I could always go Strategist if there’s no overlap ^^
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